G.I. Jane (1997) - full transcript

When a crusading chairperson of the military budget committee pressures the would be Navy secretary to begin full gender integration of the service, he offers the chance for a test case for a female trainee in the US Navy's elite SEAL/C.R.T. selection program. LT. Jordan O'Neill is given the assignment, but no one expects her to succeed in an inhumanly punishing regime that has a standard 60% dropout rate for men. However, O'Neill is determined to prove everyone wrong.

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« Of course, women have
always been a vital link... »

« in the lifeline
that supplies combat units. »

« The last few years have brought
real progress... »

« in the interests of women in
all aspects of naval service. »

« What's more, the Navy has instituted
special sensitivity courses... »

« for all its male recruits,
demonstrating even more progress... »

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Hayes.

If a cannibal used a knife and fork,
would you call that progress too?

Well, perhaps, if I could just finish,
Madame Chairman, your questions...

Oh, I'm just an old dame
without much time left...

so you'll pardon me
if I jump right in here.

I'm deeply concerned over the Navy's
seemingly incontrovertible attitude...

toward women in the military.

Case in point: the Lark Report.

Uh, Madame Chairman,

this is an internal document
of the U.S. Navy.

The Navy's analysis of that F-14 crash
at Coronado last year.

Female aviator, it just so happens.

You were party to this report.
Am I right?

I am really not prepared
to go into an in-depth...

If you are vying for the office
of the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Hayes...

I'd like to think
you were prepared for anything.

Especially if you're lookin'
for my confirmation.

I'm struck by the ill-spirited tenor
of your report:

degrading remarks by other aviators...

innuendo about her performance
in unrelated situations.

There's even a reference here
to her sexual activity the weekend prior.

These are not unrelated circumstances.

In my seven years on this committee...

I have never seen a downed aviator
treated like this, never.

I'm deeply disturbed
by this report, Mr. Hayes.

Not just what it bodes
for the future of women in the Navy...

but your future as well.

Do you expect to take criticism
for using this confirmation hearing...

as a pulpit for women's rights?

Look, nearly one-quarter of all jobs
in the U.S. military...

are still to this day off-limits to women,
and that has gotta change!

What about those
that say women aren't suited for all jobs,

they're physically weaker?

How strong do you have to be
to pull a trigger?

That was quick. Yeah, she did great.

Are you kidding? She's always great.

Private meeting. That's what we want.

Are you worried about the next round
of base closures, Senator?

- As long as it doesn't affect me.
- Defense boys already called.

They want a private meeting with you.

I'll act surprised.

Senator, this is a contingency program
for 100 percent integration.

If female candidates measure up
in a series of test cases...

the D.O.D. will support full
integration within three year's time.

We get our man.
You get your gender-blind Navy, Senator.

Surely you're not gonna balk at that.

I have to pick the test cases.

The Navy'll want approval over the women.

- So I'll approve their approval.
- Come on, Senator.

Let's concentrate on the steak
and not the peas.

If women measure up to the men,
they've got the job.

That's what's on the table.

You're not having second thoughts,
are you?

- Well, Doug?
- Congratulations, Mr. Secretary.

So, what program?

I'd go C.R.T.
Combined Reconnaissance Team.

Sixty percent dropout rate.

No woman's gonna last a week.
I don't care who she is.

Then I suggest we start there.

Good work.

¦ Hostile activity. Mined area. ¦

¦ I say again: ¦
¦ hostile activity, mined area. ¦

¦ Maintaining holding action. ¦

¦ Carrying one wounded. ¦

¦ Extracting to new location ¦
¦ secondary P.Z. Over. ¦

¦ Bravo Six, this is Avalanche. ¦

¦ Negative on secondary rendezvous. ¦

¦ Strongly suggest new location. Over. ¦

¦ Stand by, Avalanche. ¦
¦ Will consult team leader. ¦

¦ Bravo Six. ¦
Go to sea level.

¦ Say again your last. Over. ¦

¦ Bravo Six, this is Avalanche. ¦

¦ Bravo Six. ¦

We've lost the horizon.
¦ Bravo Six. ¦

- You didn't account for that?
- Yes, sir, we did...

but we didn't count on the SEAL unit
being delayed for five hours...

and then exfiltrating this close to
this high terrain.

But Keyhole-5 will be L.O.S.
in 18 minutes, sir.

Launch base will need that much time
to key their gear.

Advise launch base accordingly, Goldstein.

Sir, I'd recommend against it.
These are skilled operators.

They've grasped their problem by now
and will take action to get back on-line.

It's just a glitch in the net changeover,

I'll have it ironed out momentarily.

Advise launch base, Goldstein.

Something to add, Lieutenant?

If we keep the primary satellite,

the unit can negotiate its way down
to this plateau here.

Reestablish comms. It's a clear shot.

What about those two areas inland?
That's closer to their position.

But that's behind them.

They'll wanna keep moving seaward, sir,
yet find a spot...

that gives 'em the line of sight
on the satellite.

This plateau here.
That's where I'd head, sir.

Last I checked,
you were a topographic analyst,

not an operations specialist.

- Why don't you just let it...
- If they have wounded...

they might be inclined to stay put.

Wait till the new bird comes into L.O.S.

But they also know
the tides are slipping out

under their recovery sub.

They'll hump their wounded out.
They'll reach this plateau in ten minutes.

Make that nine now.

We can't switch the net, sir.
We'll be listening for them...

on the wrong channel
with the wrong crypto.

Give it exactly nine minutes.

FarangSiam thanks you. Enjoy!

Okay, let's see what the cat dragged in.

They've preapproved all these candidates.

Top scores, marksmanship.

Distance runner.

Took fifth place in some
intra-service marathon. Age 27.

Perfect, till they do a chromosome check.

Some impressive fitness reps here.

Holder of several records
for female power-lifting.

Is this the face you want to see
on the cover of Newsweek?

She looks like
the wife of a Russian beet farmer.

I like this one.

Triathlon, winter sports,
Olympic contender...

winner of the Arlie Burke essay contest,
works Intel.

- Too much of a think-tank soldier.
- No, no, show me, show me.

Well, this really is top drawer...

with silk stockings inside.

- We've waited about as long as we dare.
- Do it.

Change the net.

Launch base, this is N.I.C. control.

We're going to conduct
a net changeover...

to Keyhole-5 at
the following coordinates.

¦ This is Bravo Six. ¦
¦ Still got six heartbeats here... ¦

¦ holding on some kind of plateau. ¦

¦ I say again, ¦
¦ six passengers looking for a ride home. ¦

¦ We're good to go. ¦
Belay my last.

¦ Copy that. Maintain perimeter. ¦
¦ Advise further hostile status. ¦

« They've heard what you said. »

Thank you, sir.

I'm glad we could get involved
and do some good.

Now the problem is,
Intel officers don't get involved.

We monitor, analyze.

You need to learn
the fine art of detachment, Lieutenant.

« Excuse me, there's a call
from the Sec Nav's office. »

- I'll take it inside.
« - No, sir, excuse me. »

Lieutenant O'Neil, the call's for you.

I'll take it inside.

« Thanks for holding.
I'll put you through. »

I'm thinking about redoing the place.

It's beginning to remind me
of an old whorehouse over the years.

- Good evening, ma'am.
- Good evening, Lieutenant.

Ma'am, may I ask what this is regarding?

- Didn't they tell you?
- No, ma'am.

Well, this'll be a toot.
You read, I'll pour.

It's just a test case, Jordan...

but if things work out,
if you can go the distance...

it could well change the military's
official policy on women in combat.

Or, actually, its official non-policy.

Begging your pardon, Senator...

but you do understand this
involves SEAL training?

I do. I also understand...

that you applied for active duty
during the Gulf War and got turned down.

Yes, ma'am, there was an Intel slot
available aboard the U.S.S. Polk...

but they told me that submarines
had no bathroom facilities for women.

- Did that piss you off?
- Yes, ma'am, it did.

Good. I like pissed off.

- Sit down, Lieutenant.
- Yes, ma'am.

Have you got a man?

- Ma'am?
- At home?

Fiance. Steady beau.
You know, some kind of solid heterosexual.

I hate askin', but I don't want
this thing blowin' up in our faces...

if you happen to be battin'
for the other side.

Yes, ma'am, there's someone.

Well, wonderful.

« Honey, come on. I survived jump school,
dive school and three brothers. »

I think I can take care of myself.

The only thing that scares me
are the sexual politics.

I'm just not interested in being
some poster girl for women's rights.

- What?
- Hmm?

- What?
- Nothing.

You don't have anything to say about this?

I guess I don't.

Honey, this is just a career opportunity.

You don't want me sleeping my way
to the top, do you?

But the SEALS, babe?

These guys are world-class warriors.
They see you coming...

- I mean...
- I'm aware they may not want me there.

- "May not"?
- Yes.

They will eat corn flakes
out of your skull. Okay?

To tell you the truth...

I don't get it.

I mean, you're doing shit-hot at Intel.

Why do you wanna go off
and play soldier girl for?

Royce, we're the same age.
We entered the Navy the same month.

Which one of us is wearing more ribbons?

Oh, come on. This is just 'cause
I got lucky during the Gulf War.

Yes, thank you.

Operational experience
is a key to advancement.

Yet anyone with tits can't be on a sub,
can't be a SEAL, and don't even think...

Hey, whoa.
If you made up your mind to do it, go.

You always do what you wanna do anyway.
Don't ask my permission.

You wanna go off

and live with a bunch of
cock-swinging commandos

for three months...

Three months?

What if I make this and go operational
for three years? What then?

Oh, man, did I just miss
a decade or something?

Will I wait if you go off to war?
Is that what you're asking me?

Yeah, something like that.
Exactly like that.

I didn't know I was gonna have to decide
the rest of my life tonight, Jordan.

Maybe we should just let this happen.

Get your dick back in here.

Don't ask me to tell you how
I'm gonna feel in three years.

I don't know.

I mean, neither do you.

Right up until you said that,
I thought I did.

Carry on.

« Put it down! Here we go! »

Lieutenant O'Neil
reporting for training, sir.

Yes, of course.

Please, Lieutenant, have a seat.

Thank you, sir.

Would you care for a beverage?
Tea? Soda?

- I'm fine, sir.
- You sure?

Well, we're still coming to terms
with the exact protocol...

for the integration
of our SEAL C.R.T. training.

- Barber was my next stop, sir. I...
- Don't worry about it.

As long as it's off your collar,
out of your eyes,

that's all I'm going to ask.

Sir, I'm not looking
for any special treatment.

We're not trying to change your sex,

You'll have a separate bed,
a separate head.

If you have any special medical needs,
inform the infirmary.

If your classmates or a superior
acts in a harassing...

or otherwise unbecoming manner...

you are to inform me immediately...

so that I can deal with it immediately.

It may not always run smooth...

but we're trying to make it
as painless as possible.

Thank you, sir, but I expect
a certain amount of pain.

- Any questions?
- None at this time, sir.

Then we're done, Lieutenant.

Yes, sir.

Permission to speak, sir?

I'm not here to make
some kind of statement.

I care about completing the training
and getting operational experience...

just like everyone else, I suspect.

If you were like everyone else,

I suspect we wouldn't be
making statements...

about not making statements...

would we?


Aye-aye, sir.

« Come on. »

Average woman, 25 percent body fat.

That's a quarter fat, man.
I mean, think about that.

If she pulls her own weight,
I got no problem with it.

No split-tail's getting through
this program.

No way, Jose.

Oh, man, doesn't she know
it's rude to point?


Look, I don't know
what she did to get in here.

I hate to speculate.

I know I petitioned for two years
to get into this program.

Two years of letter writing,
two years of pulling strings...

and I finally get here,
and it's gone co-ed?

Elite combat unit.
Whose genius idea was that?

That's bullshit.
I mean, they can't do what we can.

How's it happen?

All I'm sayin' is one night, Lord.

Give me one night,
and I'll set her straight.

Slovnik's feeling good
like a hard man should.

Stow it, gentlemen.
You heard the policy.

Attention on deck!

Stand easy.

Welcome to SEAL C.R.T. selection program.

You have volunteered for
the most intensive military training...

known to man.

You are all proven operators
within the spec ops community.



Army Delta, Marine Force Recon...

Naval intel community...

and so on.

In spite of your expertise...

many of you will not successfully
negotiate this program.

Those that do will experience
an operational tempo...

that far exceeds that of any unit
within the U.S. arsenal.

That is all that is to be said...

about the special nature
of the C.R.T. training program.

I now turn you over...

to my Command Master Chief
John James Urgayle.


Instructors, stand easy.

I never saw
a wild thing sorry for itself.

A bird will fall frozen dead
from a bough...

without ever having felt
sorry for itself.

The ebb and flow of the Atlantic tides...

the drift of the continents...

the very position of the sun
along its ecliptic.

These are just a few of the things
I control in my world.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, Command Master Chief!

- Is that clear?
- Yes, Command Master Chief!

Instructor Pyro.

Aye-aye, Master Chief.


Boat crews, stand by your boats.
Move your asses!

Get 'em up high! Move your asses!

Get 'em up high!

Forward, double time! Hut!

Hold them up, girls.
Come on. Don't you embarrass me.

« Get that up! »

What are you people, handicapped?
Get your feet up! Move it!

This day hasn't even begun!
Move it around!

Move the boat around!

Prepare to down boat!

Down boat, and don't you bruise
my sensitive fanny!

I will run your butt
all the way to the beach!

I have had better boat rides
by your mothers!

Worm sperm, every damn one of you!


get these spoon-chested pencil-necks
out of my face!

All yours, Master Chief.

Take a good look at your new home.

Clarkson, get your boat crews!
Fall out by the fenders now!

Move it, move it,
move it, move it!

Sixty percent of you
will not pass this course!

How do I know?
Because that is an historical fact!

Now for the bad news!

I always like to get
one quitter on the first day!

And until I do,
that first day does not end!

Look around! Look to your right!

Look to your left.
I just wonder who it's gonna be.

Who's got the hair to stick it out?

Come on!
Be a part of your crew's solution!

- There's one goin' down!
- What are you doing on your knees?

- Stamm, are you hurt?
- No!

You wanna quit?

Then get the fuck up, Stamm!
Get back on that fender!

- Get up, guy! What the hell is going on?
- Flea. Flea, you all right?

- What the fuck you doin' with him?
- Whoo-hoo!

- What's your name, pancake?
- Flea! I mean, Montgomery, sir!

Don't call me sir, moron.
I work for a living.

How many names you got anyway?

It's F. Lee Montgomery,
but that just gets whittled down to Flea.

- Are you my quitter, Mr. Flea?
- No, sir, Master Chief!

Nothin' to be ashamed of, sir.
Do you wanna quit?

Not me, Master Chief!
I'm full of joy!

What the hell is going on down there?

Move that fender!

Class! Class, stand in line!

Drop down, bent over push-ups!

Quit playing with your hair,
O'Neil, and drop down!

If you can't do these right,
O'Neil, do 'em on your knees!

I like these just fine, sir.


Halfa night, Lord.
Just give me Halfa night.

- Cortez, stow the shit!
- I'm just having a sexual fantasy here!

You have to be harder
than the average man...

to even get in this program!

But I know some of you

are already thinking
seriously about quitting!

Get in this program, Stamm!

Come on! You don't need this abuse!

Stamm, I think I have a quitter!
Do I have a quitter?

Be ashamed for the rest
of your fucking lives!


Get out of that water!

Roll! Right there!


Pain is your friend, your ally!

It will tell you
when you are seriously injured!

It will keep you awake and angry...

and remind you to finish the job...

and get the hell home!

But you know the best thing about pain?

I don't know!

It lets you know you're not dead yet!

I've seen Girl Scouts
move quicker than this!

You people are pathetic!
Down boat!

Mr. Wickwire, you have four minutes...

to secure swim gear and down chow!

Your entire class will be
severely penalized...

Get your asses going!
Get moving!

Goddamn it, what the fuck are you doing
sitting in my chair?

Get the hell out of here!

Scrape your plates!
Get the hell out of here!

Get your ass up! Get your ass up!
Get it up, boy!

Get the hell out of here!

Scrape the plates
and get the hell out of here!

I want you to stroll!
Drop down!

Bear crawl, goddamn it!
What the hell's wrong with you, shithead?

~ ♪ I love the way you walk ♪ ~

~ ♪ I'm treated by your walk ♪ ~

~ ♪ I love the way
you walk to that beat ♪ ~

~ ♪ I got my eyes on you ♪ ~

« All right, sewer trout, everybody out! »

« Move it out! »

« Get in line and get up here, people! »

« Keep the whole line long! »

« Move it, move it, move it! »

« Get on line!
Get on line right here! »

- Get on line!
- All right, fall in! Dress it up!

Get ready for your med check!

They're all yours, Lieutenant.

What's your name?

- Newberry.
- What day of the week is it, Newberry?

It's fucking cold.
That's what day of the week it is.

Follow my finger.

That's good.

- What's your name?
- McCool.

- Uh-huh. Where are you from?
- San Diego.

San Diego. Follow my finger.

- What's your name?
- O'Neil.

All right, follow my finger, O'Neil.

- Let me see your fingertips. Cold?
- Yeah.

Way to gut it out, Lieutenant.

« All right, corpsmen, they're gonna live.
Get the hell out of there. »

Class, fall out for chow.

« Move. I said move, goddamn it! »

« What do you want to do,
take another swim? »

« Maybe we don't want chow tonight. »

« Move your girlie butts! »

« After you pack grits,
report to Alpha barracks on the double. »

« Get them dick-skinning hands
out of my garbage cans. »

« What the hell's goin' on? »

« I told you, get your chow
and report to Alpha barracks! »

If you feel you cannot carry on...

If you now care to admit
that you are woefully out of your depth...

that bell is your salvation.

Strike it three times, and you're out.

Free to get a hot shower
and a good night's sleep.

I know you're saying to yourself...

"I'm an experienced operator."

"I've put up with
19 straight hours of this."

"Do I really need another 12 weeks?"

If you don't know the answer
to that question,

you do not belong here.

- Back up, guys. Back up.
- That's all right...

'cause this program is not for everyone.

Just step up to the bell,
save us all a lot of trouble.

Go ahead.
Any takers?

Goin' once.

Goin' twice.

All right, welcome to a brand-new day.

~ ♪ I was lost ♪ ~

Come on, now!
~ ♪ In a world of light ♪ ~

~ ♪ I always did ♪ ~
I did it, y'all!

~ ♪ What was right ♪ ~
Hang on!

~ ♪ But now I sing ♪ ~

~ ♪ A different song ♪ ~

~ ♪ And I found joy ♪ ~

~ ♪ In doing it wrong ♪ ~
Sing it!

~ ♪ I found a friend ♪ ~

~ ♪ In Satan ♪ ~

~ ♪ I found a friend ♪ ~

~ ♪ In Satan ♪ ~
Stamm, don't do it, Stamm!

~ ♪ I found a friend ♪ ~
Come on, Stamm! Don't quit!

Come on, Stamm!

There goes Stamm.


- Slow day at the office.
- Dropped on request.

In no less than
500 neatly printed words...

tell me why
you love the United States Navy.

There will be no time limit
for this evolution.

Put that pencil down.

Get your fucking feet together
and sit up straight!

You will write when I tell you to write.

When I come back,
I'll be countin' open eyes. Begin.

Master Chief.

Rock and roll.

Favorable weather conditions
for the next evolution.

Are you ready, Lieutenant?

Pencils down! On your feet! Get up!

Are you ready for the next evolution?

Hoo-yah, Instructor Pyro!









Class! Halt!

Right face!

Sling arms!

- Fall out! Close it in!
- Evenin', cupcakes.

Twelve minutes or less.

That's all you need
to know about this course.

Group one: Newberry...

Hampton, McCool, Wickwire,
Slovnik and England.

Group two: Miller, Flea, Powell,
Ayres, Cortez and O'Neil.

You will find a white step
that is mandated female aid, O'Neil.

You will find and use them
on every barrier obstacle.

- Sergeant, I don't wanna use any step.
- Keep your mouth shut!

I wanna go through like
the rest of the guys!

Shut your fucking hole!

Group three: Marshall, DeLuise,
Brown, Simons, Flynn and Stow.

Group one, stand by!

Bust 'em!


« Group two, stand by! »

« Bust 'em! »

« Group three, stand by! Bust 'em! »

Move, move, move, move,
move, move!

« - Move it! Keep moving!
- Faster! »

O'Neil, let's go!
Let's move it on down!

« You want me to get you a dress? »

« - Keep it moving! Let's go!
- Do you squat when you pee? »

« Come on! »

« - Go, go, go! Go!
- This way! »

« - Go, go, go!
- Keep it clear! Move it! »

« Flea! »

« Let's move! Let's run! »

« Move, move, move! »

« Into the tunnel! Now! »

« Get up! Come on! »

Cortez, get over here!
Drop down. Come on!

Come on! Come on, Flea!

Come on!

- Come on!
- Go!

- That's it!
- Help me up, Jordan.

Come on.

Grab my hand.
Give me your hand.

Why don't you quit, O'Neil?

Quit now.

« Let's go, children. Come on.
Let's go, Cortez. »

It pays to be a winner.
Come on, move your fat ass.

« Oh, this would be a fine time to quit,
wouldn't it, gentlemen? »

« How many quitters we got?
Come on! Move it! »

« Get on up here, mud muffins. Come on.
You guys look like sea slugs. »

« O'Neil! What are you waitin' for,
girl? »

« Get your fine fanny down here! »

« Come on, move it! Move it, O'Neil! »

« Oh, my God! »

« O'Neil just tripped the trip wire!
Thank you very much! »

She is responsible
for killing the entire class.

- Hoo-yah, O'Neil!
- Hoo-yah, O'Neil!

« Newberry: 13:08. »

« Cortez: 13:10. »

« Hampton: 13:15.
Blake: 13:22. »

« Presley: 13:47. »

Pretty boy: 14 minutes flat.

« You are the blue-ribbon loser. »

« These six have failed the "O" course. »

« - These six will run the course again.
- No, don't do it! »

Come on, man! Hang in there!

« Come on! »

Anybody else?

All right.

The rest of you wanna-bes have two hours
before the next evolution.

I strongly suggest you spend it
in your racks...

or sick bay.

- Mr. Wickwire.
- Ten-hut!

Muster back here at 0800...

in your greens.

Haul out!

Class! As you were.

Sergeant Cortez...

however brief your stay
with this command might be...

there are two words you will learn
to put together:

Team... mate.

Carry on.

Wickwire, you heard him.
What are you waitin' for?

Fall out. Move it!

« Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! »

« What do we have here,
you hesitant bunch of harlots? »

« You thinkin' about ringin' that bell?
Don't think! Move! »

« Come on, somebody ring that bell for me,
please! »

Come on, honey bun, walk!
Get your bell-bangin' balls a-rollin'!

You can be home curled up in bed...

« in less than four hours! »

« Ring that bell! »

« That is music to my ears.
I'm gettin' emotional here. »

« Anybody else? »

« What's the matter, O'Neil? »

Come on.

Come on.

I'd like to see the Master Chief.

Lieutenant O'Neil requests
to speak to the Master Chief.

He's not home.

Excuse me, Master Chief.

Cortez finished ahead of me in group two,
but he failed and I didn't. Why?

Instructor Pyro, educate the lieutenant.

You received an automatic
30-second deduction...

which put you under the wire.

It's called gender-norming, O'Neil.

It's standard procedure
for all females in physical training.

What "all females," if I'm the only one?

I think I should have the choice.

Stand at attention.

Lieutenant O'Neil,

when I want your opinion,
I'll give it to ya.

Did you take this matter up
with my Command Master Chief?

I believe you instructed me
to come directly to you, sir...

if I felt I was being mistreated
in any way.


All right, Lieutenant.

I want names.
I want specific grievances.

Permission to speak frankly, sir?

It's you, sir.

- It started the moment I came here.
- Oh? Really?

It's the double standard.

The separate quarters,
the deferential treatment.

It's the way you practically pulled
my chair out for me when we first met.

Because I was civil,
now you're complainin'?

I can't afford civility, sir.

How am I supposed to fit in
when you've got me set up as an outsider?

You've given me a different set of rules.

The answer is, I can't.

Why don't you just issue me
a pink petticoat to wear around the base?

Did you just have a brain fart?

Begging your pardon, sir?

Did you just waltz in here...

and bark at your commanding officer?

If so, I regard that
as a bona fide brain fart...

and I resent it
when people fart inside my office.

I think you've resented me
from the start, sir.

What I resent, Lieutenant...

is some politician...

using my base as a test tube...

for her grand social experiment.

What I resent...

is the sensitivity training...

that is now mandatory for my men...

the OB-GYN I have to keep on staff...

just so someone can keep track
of your personal Pap smears.

But most of all, what I resent...

is your perfume...

however subtle it may be...

competin' with the aroma
of my fine $3.59 cigar...

which I will put out this instant...

if the phallic nature of it
happens to offend...

your goddamned fragile sensibilities!

- Does it?
- No, sir.

"No, sir," what?

The shape doesn't bother me, sir.

Just the goddamned sweet stench.

One standard.

Just treat me the same.
No better, no worse.

You're gonna get
everything you want, O'Neil.

Let's just see if you want
what you're gonna get.

Hoo-yah, sir.



Anybody here?

~ ♪ Just didn't wanna tell you ♪ ~

~ ♪ Oh, see, this way I'm ♪ ~

~ ♪ Havin' fun with my new song ♪ ~

~ ♪ Wild circumstance ♪ ~

~ ♪ Who would've guessed ♪ ~

~ ♪ Forced my hand ♪ ~

~ ♪ When I was homeless ♪ ~

~ ♪ Just didn't understand ♪ ~

~ ♪ If you saw me ♪ ~

~ ♪ Holding his hand ♪ ~

~ ♪ I fell ♪ ~

~ ♪ From your grace ♪ ~

~ ♪ Isn't that insane ♪ ~

~ ♪ I'm jealous ♪ ~

~ ♪ I didn't wanna tell you ♪ ~

~ ♪ To your face ♪ ~

~ ♪ But I left claims ♪ ~

~ ♪ That you couldn't refuse ♪ ~

~ ♪ Obvious ♪ ~

~ ♪ Your friends will see ♪ ~

~ ♪ I knew you'd get
the word eventually ♪ ~

~ ♪ I'd rather have them ♪ ~

~ ♪ Tell you ♪ ~

~ ♪ It's just as well ♪ ~

~ ♪ The bitch is gone ♪ ~

Grab your sacks!
Get in line now! Move!

Who do you think you are, coming in here?

Guess I'm your roommate.

N... N... No. You can't stay here.

- You can't sleep here right next to me.
- The C.O. says I can.

No... Come here. Come here!

Cortez, come here, goddang it!

Look it.

Girlfriend bring all her stuff in here
like she think she gonna...

- Hey!
- Shit! This is Tampax!

- Stand at attention!
- This is not gonna happen.

Stand at attention!

Mr. Wickwire, in your leisure time...

make out a schedule that rotates head
and shower usage.

Yes, Master Chief.

Anything else we can do
for your celebrity career, Lieutenant?

That'll be all...

You now have exactly one minute to muster!

If even one of you
Van Winkle wanna-bes are late...

I will personally see
none of you sleep for a week!

Let me get this straight:
We're sharing the same fucking head?

Listen, you moron, I am here to stay.

If you don't wanna be in my life,
move out or ring out.

That's it. End of file.

You got one minute
to put your fuckin' clothes on.

- What about the tampons?
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Don't you care about tampons?
- Get over yourself, Slovnik.

- Put your clothes on. Let's go!
- Nice.

« - Here we go.
- Here we go! »

« Pick 'em up! Put 'em down! »

I'll have another one.

Thanks a lot.

Oh, congratulations, Mr. Secretary.

Say hello to the President for me,
will you?

So, what was the deal
you made with the devil?

I mean, DeHaven.

- Oooh.
- Didn't you hear?

Effective immediately,
all vessels in the Navy...

can no longer be referred to as "she."

We're to call it "it."

- Royce, we need a fourth.
- Yes, sir.

- You're it.
- Thank you, sir.

- Hello!
- Congratulations on the new job.

- You'll make a fine...
- Mr. Secretary, sir.

Oh, man.

Not playing down to the abilities
of your superior officer, are you?

No, sir. Snooker's just not my game.

Too many balls on the table.

Distracting, isn't it?
That one pink ball right in the middle.

- Who's got a cigar?
- Didn't know you smoked, sir.

I don't.
I just want to chew the hell out of it.

Uh, "The woman, identity unknown,
is believed to be..."

"the first female candidate for
the elite Navy SEALS training program."

"Her presence could signal a shift
in the military's..."

These were supposed
to have been discreet test cases.

That was the agreement.

Suppose this lady's getting friendly
with the press?

It's DeHaven.

Had to be. She is gonna milk this cow
on all four tits.

In the last two hours my office
has received 14 requests for interviews.

No interviews.
That's the last thing we need.

Where is she in the training, this woman?

We'll have that information
for you before the night's out.

It's my understanding that she just
finished the P.T. phase of her training.

She made it through hell week.

Won't last one week, huh?

So, have you been monitoring
this situation for us, Commander?

No, sir.
I just made some unofficial inquiries.

Well, make it official.

I want a brief back
in my office once a week.

G.I. Jane. Why don't they just get it
over with and call her Joan of Arc?

Your shot, Gary.

Pardon me, sir.
Phone call from Senator DeHaven.

Captain Salem here.

Are you in the habit of lettin'
photographers traipse around your base...

snapping their fill?

These are supposed
to be discreet test cases.

Senator, they stand out
on a public highway

using telephoto lenses.

¦ There is nothin' I can do about it... ¦

¦ unless you want me to infringe ¦
¦ on their civil liberties... ¦

which I'll be glad to do

if you'll just trim
a little fat off the Constitution.

Did you just mouth off to a senior member
of the Senate Arms Committee?

I'll give you points for style,
just nothin' for smarts.

I was just explaining...

From this point forward,
I want all press matters...

coordinated via my office.

Let me handle the R.P.M.

I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna watch
Hayes pull flowers out of his ass...

¦ and take credit for this one. ¦

I'll be sure to pass your request along
to my chain of command.


Now, how's my girl doin', anyway?

You need to know
what it feels like to drown...

in order to avoid panic...

and perhaps gain those few seconds
that just might save your life.

The natural tendency
toward premature panic...

is what makes this such
an effective interrogation technique.

~ ♪ Mama told me not to come ♪ ~

~ ♪ That ain't the way to have fun, no ♪ ~

~ ♪ Uh-uh ♪ ~

Carb 15. Military designator: M4.

Nothing more than a chopped-down version
of the M16 assault rifle.

By taking the proper precautions...

this weapon can be considered

Many techniques have been developed
to seal the muzzle of the weapon.

Nothing, however, surpasses
the technique developed in my time.

- Crazy. Wild. Wild.
- Shut up, Slovnik.

~ ♪ Mama told me not to come ♪ ~

~ ♪ Mama told me not to come ♪ ~

~ ♪ She said, That ain't the way
to have fun, no ♪ ~

Boat six: Wickwire, McCool, Flea,
Cortez, Slovnik and O'Neil.

Oh, come on.

Somebody got a problem
with my organizational skills?

Fine by me, Master Chief.

No problem here, Master Chief.

~ ♪ That ain't the way to have fun, no ♪ ~

~ ♪ That ain't the way to have fun ♪ ~

« Stand by. Prepare to hit the surf. »


Boat four, answer me this:

When I see the sea once more,
will the sea have seen or not seen me?

This will be a graded exercise.

On my mark. Stand by.


- Cortez, done.
- Time!

Weapons on the table.

Is it hot out here, or is it just me?

- Kind of tender?
- It's okay.

Mmm. This?

- A little bit.
- Okay, you can get dressed.

Try to get as much air on those abrasions
on your back as you can.

It's called amenorrhea
when you lose your period.

It's because you drop body fat,

but not at all unusual
for female athletes.

Okay, you got tendinitis
in your right knee...

and, uh, that is standard issue jungle rot
on your left foot.

- Lovely.
- So, you're quite a mess.

Let's fix me up and get me back out there.

- Hey, Jordan!
- Whoa! Ladies!

If I follow you home,
would you have premarital sex with me?

Slovnik! You're barkin' up
the wrong dress.

They ain't your type.

« Shit fire and save matches. »

Goddamn three-ring circus
around here. Shit.

« You trying to be bad? »

« You could be home curled up,
playin' with electrical toys! »

« Go on! »

Lieutenant, why are you doing this?

- Do you ask the men the same question?
- As a matter of fact, I do.

- And what do they say?
- 'Cause I get to blow shit up.

Well, there you go.

On my mark. Stand by!


- O'Neil, done.
- Cortez, done.

Does it work, Lieutenant?

Well done, Lieutenant.

¦ The Navy is still declining ¦
¦ to release the woman's name... ¦

¦ but Senator DeHaven's office ¦
¦ is confirming that G.I. Jane... ¦

¦ has outlasted many of ¦
¦ her male counterparts ¦

¦ in the elite Navy program... ¦

¦ said to be one of the most ¦
¦ grueling anywhere. ¦

¦ Joining us now on Washington Tonight, ¦
¦ for the feminist perspective... ¦

Coxswain, hard a-port!

- Line it up! Move it over!
- Come about!

« Straighten 'er out! »

« - Line 'er up!
- Stay on your line! Get ready! »

« - Whoo!
- Come on! Move aft! »

« Get up there! Let's go, go, go! »


It's like having sex in a car crash!

« Okay, McCool, get up there.
Hoo-yah, baby! »

Come on, O'Neil. Get on up here.

« Let's go. Use your arms! God! »

« Come on, O'Neil! »

Cut her loose!
Let her go!

Well, hoo-yah.
About time we dropped some dead weight.

We don't leave our people behind!

What the hell you waitin' for?
Get with your crew! Get in there!

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, go!
You're swimmin' home!

- Wanna pick 'em back up?
- Let's go home.

Well, this is bullshit.

Now they're hammering me
just because she's in my boat crew.

If you'd kept your mouth shut,

we wouldn't be out here
in the first place.

Had a grandfather wanted to be a Navy man.

He wanted to fire them big guns
off them big-ass battleships.

Navy says to him,

"No. You can only do one thing
on a battleship, son."

"That's cook."

I'm not talkin' about 100 years ago,

I'm talkin' the United States Navy,
middle of World War Two.

You know the reason they gave him?

The reason why they told my grandfather
he couldn't fight for his country?

'Cause Negroes can't see at night.

Bad night vision.

Damn, McCool. That's unbelievable.

Thank God times have changed.

Have they?

So, you see, O'Neil...

I know where you're coming from.

To them you're just the new nigger
on the block, that's all.

- You just moved in a little too early.
- Thanks, man.

« The Israelis tried it. »

« Women in combat. »

Seems the men couldn't get used
to the sight of women blown open.

They'd linger over the wounded females...

often trying to save those
who obviously couldn't be saved...

often to the detriment of the mission.

You were given the Navy Cross, right?

Can I ask what you got it for?

Since it bears on this conversation...

I got it for pulling a 240-pound man
out of a burning tank.

So when a man tries to rescue another man,
he's a hero...

but when he tries to rescue a woman,
he's just gone soft.

Could you have pulled that man clear?

You couldn't even haul

your own body weight
out of the water today.

Permission to get dressed, Master Chief.

Mr. England went out
with a stress fracture.

I'm moving Mr. Wickwire to boat five.
That puts you in charge of six.

Why not McCool?
He's the same rank?

Because you were commissioned
a month earlier.

Makes you senior officer.

Remember, there are no bad crews...

only bad leaders.

« In the more academically
oriented evolution... »

« she's receiving better marks
than most. »

« Plus, she's outlasted
40% of her peers. »

- With dual standards.
- Actually, no, sir.

She's been going head-to-head
with the men for some time now.

So she's lasted eight weeks.
That's wonderful.

Joan of Arc meets Supergirl.

With S.E.R.E. training
coming up next week, sir.

Commander, we'd like to see
more detail in your reports.

Let's include more background information.

Past training reps; medical history;
any grievances she previously filed.


Um, actually, not completely, sir.

Am... Am I being asked to provide
ammunition against this woman...

in case the outcome isn't
what the Navy expects, sir?

Absolutely not. We're simply documenting
as thoroughly as possible...

in the event this turns into
a legal matter.

Don't read anything Machiavellian into it,

I'll try not to, sir.

Take your leave, Commander.

Thank you.

Loganville. Wilmington.
Coronado. Bedsford.

This is deeper than we thought.

Look at Texas.

I count four... No, five bases.

We may not have to suffer
DeHaven much longer.

She stands to lose 6,000 military,
4,000 civilian jobs...

maybe 350 million
in lost revenue per annum.

Re-election's six months off.

The D.O.D.'s put her out of business.


People in Washington are scope-locked
on what's happening down there.

¦ Know how they're talking about you? ¦
I saw a newspaper.

That's the public side.
Privately, it's all being documented.

I mean everything, right down
to your breakfast and bra size.

Why are you telling me this?

Big symbols make big targets, Jordan.

There's a lot of people
who don't want to see you finish.

How about you, Royce?

Do you want to see me finish?

Look, I'm just trying to warn you.
All right?

Get you thinkin' about
where this might be headed in case...

Well, let me just warn you.

I'm gonna go through with this...

and the more everybody fucks with me,
the more I wanna gut it out.

So don't you expect me back anytime soon.

Look, that is not what I want, Jordan.

I mean... Goddamn it.

It is, but it isn't. Do you understand?

Still having a hard time making decisions?

Jordan, just watch your six, okay?

I gotta go, Royce.

¦ Wait a second. Don't... ¦

« Survival, evasion, resistance
and escape. »

« This is it, tadpoles. »

« Your target is inside
an area of five square miles. »

When and if you locate this facility...

you gather up as much intel as possible
within the allotted time frame...

and get the hell outta there.

You will be penalized
for early extraction,

but even more for capture.

Trust me. Welcome to S.E.R.E.

- Get ready! Stand up!
- Stand up! Aye!

- Thirty seconds!
- Thirty seconds! Aye!

First man up. Go!



So, where'd they drop us, L.T.?

At the line of march, 2-1 -0.

And just for shits and giggles,
let's switch to five for tactical traffic.

Maintain casual dialogue
on assigned channels.

Slovnik, take us to 2-1 -0.

Cortez, move out.

Move out.

Let's go.

Four clicks, 2-2-6.

She doesn't have one fuckin' clue
where we're goin'.

Shut up.

Cortez, Slov, you take my left flank.

The rest of us, move back.

Looks like she's right on the money.

I had a busted watch once,
and it was right twice a day.


- Target ahead.
- Belay my last.

New rally point, my location.

McCool, Newberry, right side.

Flea, you come with me.
Let's move out.

¦ Listen up, everybody. ¦
¦ We need film from all angles. ¦

¦ Record weapons, vehicles. ¦
¦ Count bad guys, Get ranks, if visible. ¦

¦ Slov, Cortez, check antenna ¦
¦ for comms capability. ¦

¦ McCool? ¦
There's nothing there, O'Neil.

There are no prisoners,
there are no guards.

Maybe we found this place
a little too easy.

There's nobody there.

¦ Cortez. ¦

McCool. Ten o'clock.
¦ Cortez! ¦

¦ Cortez! ¦

What the hell are you doing?

This is Team Leader to Team Fuck-up.
Knock the grab-ass off.

Get back to your positions.

¦ You're compromising the unit. ¦

- That's an order. Do it now.
- What are these fuckin' clowns doing?

No, Slov.

It's just a souvenir.

No, Slov, not...

What the hell...

« Let's go go go go go go go go
go go go! »

¦ Welcome to summer camp, ¦
¦ boys and girls! ¦

¦ Blessed is he who expected nothing... ¦

¦ for he shall not be disappointed! ¦

Rendezvous rally point.

« Come on! »

« Let's go! Let's go! »

- It snapped.
- Oh, shit.

Move your hand, man.
All right, don't move.

You're only gonna make it worse.

- Oh, Jesus.
- Aah!

Get up. Get up!

Get off me!
I can't fucking breathe!

Get him up.

Flea. Are you all right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
I'm all right. I'm all right.

« Get down! »

« Who's in charge here?
Got any officers here? »

« Got somethin' to say down here? »

- You an officer. Huh?
- Fuck you. Fuck you.

You're too fuckin' ugly
to be an fuckin' officer.

Who's the officer in charge? Huh?

You in charge here?

I am! I am!

Boy, that was stupid.

Oh, fuck. Oh, God.

So you're in charge, huh?

Get him in the cage!

Any other officers here?

Get him in the cage. Move it!

« Third box. »

Wake up, sunshine.

Shut up!

Get up!

- Don't let 'em break you, Flea.
- Take it easy, man!

You know...

I had an apartment this size once.

We're gonna be all right. Right, Wick?

We're gonna make it, right?

I don't know. Last time I didn't.

What happened?

I had a problem with small spaces.

But as you can see, I've...
I've worked that out.

Are you hurt, or are you injured?


Don't let 'em use me against you,
no matter what. Okay?


What the fuck is your problem?

Owww! Aah!

What's your problem?

Are you hurt, Flea, or just injured?

If you're injured,

we'll get you off the island
and get you medical attention.

'Course, you ain't ever
gonna see your crew again.

If you're simply hurt,
we're just gonna carry on.

Which is it, Ensign?

What's it gonna be?

« Aah! Stop! I'm hurt! I'm hurt! »

That's a brave response.
What's it gonna be?

Let's try it again, Flea.

Are you hurt, or are you injured?


- Give it up, man!
- What's it gonna be, Ensign?

Please. Please.

Please don't fuckin' do that anymore.

Where are they?
We'll just let you back in your hole.

He's done.

This one.

« What is your father's name? »

« It's a simple question, Lieutenant. »

« No reason not to answer,
unless you wanna bleed. »

« What is your father's name? »


How 'bout brothers or sisters?
You got any of them?

Dick, Jane and Spot.

You hungry, O'Neil?

What's your favorite food, honey?
Maybe we can get you something to eat.

Green eggs and ham.

"Green eggs and ham."

Why didn't you carry out
your wounded, Lieutenant?

Was he too heavy...

or were you just plain chicken shit?

You're not gettin' anything out of me.

You might as well just
put me back in the cage.

You are in a cage. Right here, right now.

I'm sorry. Am I supposed to be afraid?

Right down to your worthless womb.
This is my island.


What? You got a problem with this, Max?

Then get the fuck outta here!
Get out!

He tell you what was comin' in there?

He didn't tell me shit.

You think we should go easy
on women, Lieutenant?

Do ya?

- Fuck you.
- I'm so glad we agree.

Two fire teams are still in the woods.
Who's gonna give me a fix on 'em?

Anyone can stop this.

Just give me one good piece of intel,
and it ends right here.

Ohhh! Ohh!

- Hang tough.
- Hang in there, O'Neil.

- You got something to tell me?
- Don't do it. Don't do it.

They're gonna kill you, O'Neil!

Ever think about what happens
when you're captured, Lieutenant?

Oh, yeah. Just like the men do.

We practice these things
so you know what to expect.

Should I practice bleeding too?
Would that make me a better soldier?

Couldn't hurt. Not in your case.

This is bullshit.
It's a fuckin' game, O'Neil.

Mr. Newberry! You gonna be chivalrous,
put a stop to this abuse?

- O'Neil, tell him somethin' or I will!
- Don't you tell him shit!


« Get him! Don't let him get up! »

« Come on, get up! Get up! Get up! »

« - Get up, O'Neil! »
- Keep on him! Hit him while he's dazed.

Oh, don't you look pretty.

Don't start somethin' you can't finish.

« - Come on! Get up, O'Neil!
- Get back, O'Neil! »

« - Come on, Jordan.
- Get up. Come on. »

« - Lay low!
- Be tough! »


You're a real fuckin' hero, man.

Guys, I'm savin' her life...

and yours.

Her presence makes us all vulnerable.

I don't want you learning
that inconvenient fact...

under fire.

- Master Chief.
- Lieutenant!

Seek life elsewhere.

Suck my dick!

Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah!

« Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah!
Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! »

« Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah!
Hoo-yah! Hoo-yah! »

« Suck my dick! »

« Suck my dick!
Suck my dick! Suck my dick! »

« - Move out!
- Suck my dick! Suck my dick! »

It was out of line in there.

It ain't gonna happen again.

Yeah, it will.

Maybe not with you
or with these guys or with me.

She's not the problem.

We are.

¦ She just made it ¦
¦ through S.E.R.E. training. ¦

¦ She actually made it. ¦
Goddamn, that girl is good.

¦ Oh, by the way, Newsweek called. ¦

¦ They want to do a cover story ¦
¦ on you and G.I. Jane. ¦

Wonderful news, Peter.

Let's talk about this
when I get back to the office.

Thank you, darling.


Great. They can come take your picture
at the retirement home in Waco.

Five of our bases they wanna close.

D.O.D. tried this trick with Resnik

in California five years ago
and it worked.

He was not re-elected.
You want that to happen in Texas?

Douglas, nothing's final
till you see it on CNN.

There's a reason
they gave you that hit list.

You think they want a horse trade?

I think they're waitin' for your call.


Hi, O'Neil. I would've paid money
to have been there.

- Oh, you heard, huh?
- I think it was on the evening news.

Geez. Just what I need... more P.R.

Listen, a few of us are gonna go over
to the beach.

It's just a barbecue. No big deal.
You wanna come along?

Well, actually,
my crew has invited me out for a drink.

Ooh, progress.

Well, however slow, however painful,
I think they're coming around.

Give me a few minutes.
I'll give you a lift.

Okay. Cool.

« I got the next game! »

« Another round! I got this round. »

- You saw Flea?
- Yeah.

- How's he doin'?
- Think his leg's gonna heal all right.

I don't know about the rest of him.

He went out on medical.
They'll roll him back through.

Yeah, well, they may let him back...

but I don't know if
they'll let him finish.

If they want you out, man,
they'll find a way.

- I'm still here.
- Hoo-yah! Great job.



You know, O'Neil,
I like you better when you drink.

You know, Cortez,
I like you better when I drink.

« Shots are up, fellas! »

« - Hoo-yah, shots!
- Hoo-yah, shots! »

Joe. Yeah. We need a couple more.

Here we go. Everybody's got one?

All right, people.

We've been through a lot of shit.
Here's to the living.

- Who's got the toast?
- I've got one.

Um, you guys remember this one?

Suck my dick!


Just keep it down, all right?

Hey, Jordan, I was, uh, wondering...

if you, um...

You're all right.

« I gotta get out of here. »

~ ♪ In a world of fire ♪ ~

~ ♪ Really wouldn't want us
to fight for them ♪ ~

~ ♪ 'Cause they're not even born ♪ ~

~ ♪ We can't even fight
for ourselves anymore ♪ ~

~ ♪ That's why ♪ ~

Ain't really none of my business,
but I say leave the bastard.

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~

~ ♪ Out the window went
the perfect past ♪ ~

~ ♪ A participle, particle
An atom to smash ♪ ~

~ ♪ And smash and smash and smash
and smash and smash and smash again ♪ ~

~ ♪ Didn't we used
to know ourselves when ♪ ~

~ ♪ Didn't we ever used to be friends ♪ ~

~ ♪ Before a billion years went down
the drain and that's why ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~

Hey, there. Hi.

What happened? Where are the guys?

Well, you know.
I just wasn't into picking up chicks.

Wait a second.

On a real world op,
we always use back-ups.

Two is one, one is none.

- Is that understood?
« - Yeah! »

O'Neil to C.O. office.

O'Neil, the C.O. wants you in his office.

- Hey.
- Lieutenant, they're waiting.

« This is Admiral Gallow
and Lieutenant Burke... »

from the Judge Advocate General's office.

Have a seat, Lieutenant.

I don't know, uh,
a delicate way to say this, Lieutenant...

so I'm not going to try.

Claims have been made that you have, uh...

engaged in fraternization
of the same sex variety.

Specifically that you were...

"seen in public venues"

"with another female officer
at a time and manner..."

"as to suggest conduct
unbecoming an officer."

Sir, is someone suggesting
that I'm a lesbian?

We're not asking if you are, Lieutenant...

and you're not required
to respond even if asked.

This is merely an informal inquiry.

Where did you get these?

The source of these photographs
is also a part of our investigation.

I see. They were sent anonymously.

Sir, I'd like to tell you
that this is completely groundless...

and in no way did anything happen
with Lt. Blondell and myself.

I find this just as distasteful as you,

You will be required...

to cooperate with JAG and N.I.S.

Naturally, you will be given a desk
pending the outcome.

A desk?

Oh, this is...

Captain, obviously someone is trying
to sabotage my training.

You may repeat your training...

at a future date, if cleared.

- I can't go through this shit again.
- Ratchet down, Lieutenant.

I would not choose
to repeat the training, sir...

nor do I care to drive a desk...

pending the outcome
of this malicious allegation.

Now, I respectfully request you keep me
with my crew or you send me packing.

That sounded dangerously
like an ultimatum.

You take it as you will, sir.

Don't worry. It's me they're after.

~ ♪ I remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ Holding on ♪ ~

~ ♪ All them long and lonely nights ♪ ~

~ ♪ I've put you through ♪ ~

~ ♪ Somewhere in there ♪ ~

~ ♪ I'm sure I made you cry ♪ ~

~ ♪ But I can't remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ If we said good-bye ♪ ~


I couldn't get the gas back on.

I guess you've heard.


More than I really wanted to.

There was a time I wanted you to fail...

but it was only
so I could have you close...

and safe...

and all to myself.

But you'd be hell to live with.

I love you.

Okay. Here it is.

- Take a look at these.
- Switch ya.

Now, this was faxed
to the Jag office Tuesday.

Arrived on my desk Wednesday morning.

What do you see?

You see this?

What do you see?

Take a look on the right.

- Shit.
- That's right.

How important is this to you, Jordan?

I'm just asking. I'm just asking.

¦ Bridgeport Naval Base. ¦
Wait. Look at this.

¦ In Tennessee, the board recommends ¦
¦ closing Fort Meyers... ¦

¦ and the Brantwood Air Force Supply Depot. ¦

¦ In Texas, the board is recommending ¦
¦ no closures of military bases. ¦

Last week, five bases in Texas were
on the chopping block. This week, none.

« What does that tell you? »

...in a manner equitable to all states...

while burdening no one state
with economic hardship.

« First and foremost... »

« this commission worked
for the good of the country. »

Of course, we anticipate
some controversy...

« over our recommendations. »

« But we remind everybody...
Senators, Congressmen... »

- Governors alike...
- Uh, excuse me, Mr. Burnham.

Now might be a dandy time for that recess.

Till noon, everyone.

Jordan, I heard what happened...

and I do so very much want
to talk with you...

but now is scarcely the time.

I commend you, Senator.
Those were very nice photos.

Yes, we did have someone taking shots...

but for future publicity purposes.

I see. So how did they end up
in the Navy's hands?

Well, you'll have to ask them that.

If I have to ask anyone again, Senator...

I'll be asking on C-SPAN.

Jordan. Come on.

« Here are the Senator's case notes. »

Let me have it, boys.
Come on. Quickly, quickly.

Close the door.

Jordan, nearly every working day
I'm forced to make decisions...

that would have Solomon himself
shittin' golf balls...

and half of those decisions
are about political survival.

I don't resent that.

So if you've come here lookin' for me
to apologize for keeping alive...

you better pull up a chair,
'cause you're gonna be here for a while.

Tell me you didn't sell me out.

Tell me you didn't sink my whole career
to make you look good.

Those charges will be dismissed.

Your career will go forward,
albeit back here in Washington.

Oh, come on. Don't tell me
you wanted that kind of life.

Squat-pissing in some
third-world jungle...

with some guys looking up your behind.

I wanted the choice.
That's how it's supposed to be.

The truth is, the choice isn't yours,
and it isn't mine.

American families are just not prepared...

to have their daughters
and young mothers in harm's way.

- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do.

Roper, Paris, Gallup, all the polls,
they all come back the same way.

What are you saying?

That a woman's life
is more valuable than a man's?

That a woman's death
is more hurtful than a man's?

No politician can afford to let women
come home in body bags...

especially me.

It was never gonna happen anyway.

Then why the fuck did you start me
on all this in the first place?


I never expected you to do so damn well.
I thought you'd ring out in two weeks.

Bing, bang, it's over, and we're popular.

In Washington...

you don't even need the Ten Commandments
if you're popular.

I wonder what Secretary Hayes
would think about this...

if he was to know how you dealt me away...

for bases, for votes.

What makes you think he doesn't know?

Don't even think about playing politics
with me, little darling.

You'll be up way past your bedtime.

And don't you think that
I will stand idly by...

while anyone smears my good name.

Now, you get those charges voided,
Senator, and you do it today.

Or what?

You like pissed off?

Watch this.

Jordan, you're asking me to unring a bell.
I cannot do that.

I'm not asking.

Think about what you do
before you go in front of cameras

and embarrass yourself.

- You have no proof!
- Accusations seem to be enough.

- You taught me that.
- Jordan!

Hell of a game of brinkmanship you play.

I'm not playing games, Senator.

I gather.

I'll do it.

Somehow, I'll get you back in.

Hey, guys.

Guys, come here. Take a look at this.
Look who's back in town.

Lieutenant. Come here.

I don't know what the hell's been going on
in the last 48 hours.

Frankly, I don't give a shit.

Good to see you too, Master Chief.

Check out who's back, man.

- Mr. Wickwire!
- Yes, Master Chief?

Since the whole world
seems to be awake at 0500...

why don't you get your class
out here and into formation.

Might as well crank it up right now.

All right, Master Chief.
You guys heard him. Let's rock and roll.

- Ready for round two?
- Hoo-yah, Master Chief.

- Ready for me?
- You fuck!

Hey, Newberry, you ever done
one of these...

Operational Readiness Exercises before?

No, Slovnik. Never operated in the Med.

Well, it ain't exactly dangerous,
unless you're caught.

Even though the officials know
we're comin' to test security...

homeboys guarding the power station
don't know shit.

Hey, McCool, remember that guy
that got caught...

settin' charges on the oil platform
years back?

I don't know, man. What?
Thomas? Taylor? I don't know.

Well, he tried to explain
it was just an exercise.

Well, he was talking English and
they was talkin' Arabic. So, you know.

- Did he die in prison or...
- I don't know.

Well, I hope you assholes are
as ready as you think you are.

You girls are so full of shit.
No offense, O'Neil.

Jordan, what do you think about that, huh?

Spending time in some Arab prison.

After six months with you, Slovnik,
I might just fucking volunteer.

¦ Now hear this. Now hear this. ¦

¦ This is the Captain speaking. ¦

¦ We have been directed to break ¦
¦ from training exercises... ¦

¦ and join the battle group ¦
¦ Tango Chaser. ¦

¦ We are proceeding towards ¦
¦ hostile waters. ¦

¦ Department heads make ready ¦
¦ for battle conditions. ¦

¦ That is all. ¦

- Iran or Iraq?
- Libya.

At 0230, A D.O.D. satellite
dropped out of orbit.

Normally, that's not a cause
for such concern...

except this baby decided to drop in
Mr. Gadhafi's backyard.

What's more, I've got
a range of search units...

Task Unit Scorpion...

Already en route to the strike zone.

My problem is that their exit plan
has gone to total shit.

Your C.R.T.'s are the closest unit
with the right capabilities.

Your job would be
to facilitate extraction.

Now, Master Chief, if for one second...

you don't think they're ready
for whatever reason, you speak to me now.

- We'll be fine, sir.
- Excellent.

At present, we are three miles
off the Libyan coast... Here.

Carrier support will remain
within striking distance.

Their call sign is Las Vegas.

Now, your unit is to make
an over-the-beach insertion here...

link up with
the Ranger Recovery Unit Scorpion...

and escort them out
without being detected.

Have the Rangers recovered
the device yet, Skipper?

Satellite power cells have been located.

They're humping 'em out now as we speak.

¦ Scorpion Leader, Scorpion Leader. ¦

¦ This is Las Vegas. ¦

¦ Be advised: extract team under way. ¦

¦ Advise your E.T.A. Over. ¦

Copy, Las Vegas. Copy, Las Vegas.

E.T.A approximately one hour, 20 minutes.

¦ - Over. ¦
¦ - Copy that, Scorpion Leader. ¦

¦ Be advised rendezvous point ¦
¦ of extraction team... ¦

¦ at the following coordinates: ¦
¦ 3-2-1-5, 1-4-8-6. ¦

¦ I say again, 3... ¦

Are we talking the KH family here, sir?
The subhunter satellite?

Go ahead, Lieutenant. Fill us in.

The KH-12 Bravos are nuclear-powered.

The onboard plutonium
is designed to survive re-entry.

Some kind of protective shroud.

The plutonium is, uh, weapons grade.

You know the drill, Master Chief.

- Unfortunately, I do, Skipper.
- Carry on.

Who's not ready?

Inner door dogged.

¦ Understand. ¦
¦ Inner door closed and dogged. ¦

Mark and start.

- Clear. Clear.
- Clear.

Okay. Mr. McCool, set up comms.

Lieutenant, let's go find 'em.

Set up a perimeter.


9-0-1's. Two o'clock.

Got it.

I still hold four.

Holy shit!

Border patrol.
A little ratty-assed, but still.

Yeah, parked right in the middle
of the extract corridor.

I got 25, maybe 30 with mixed weapons...
AK's, SKS's...

a couple RPG's.

Scorpion's gonna need to be redirected.

Mr. Wickwire, come in.

Do you read me, Mr. Wickwire?

- I can't raise the beach. You got 'em?
- Stand by.

Wick, you copy? Wick.

Negative. I'll keep eyes on you.
Fall back, Radio Chaser.

No, Lieutenant. I got the better eyeball.
You go back.

- Chief, I think that I...
- Lieutenant, go.

Roger that.

Wait a minute. Take cover.
Take cover and freeze.

You got a vehicle coming towards you,

¦ coming up the hill. ¦

¦ Stand fast. He might blow right by ya. ¦

Nope, we're not that lucky.

¦ Stay down. ¦

Lieutenant, if this goes down...

¦ make it silent. ¦

¦ Control your breathing. ¦

¦ Comin' at ya. ¦

¦ Twenty-five feet. ¦

He's a big boy.
You're gonna have to take him from behind.

¦ Twenty. ¦

Fifteen. Movin' to your left.

¦ Ten feet. Right behind ya. ¦

¦ He's turned around. ¦

¦ You want me to do it? ¦

I'll do what I have to do,
but it's my call.

¦ Here he comes. ¦

¦ Eight feet... Six. ¦

He's got ya. I'm taking him.

- No.


Clear out. Get back to the beach.

Go! Go!

That's the Chief.

Chaser, this is Chaser Alpha.
Do you read me?

- Comm to Chaser. Do you got 'em?
- Copy that, Chaser.

This is your lucky day, L.T.
Stand by, Chaser.

Hostile activity, this location.

I say again,

¦ this location too hot. ¦

¦ Request you advise ¦
¦ coordinates for new extract. ¦

- Over.
- O'Neil, slow down. Slow down.

¦ Chaser Alpha, loud and clear. ¦

¦ Will relay your traffic ¦
¦ to Las Vegas control. Over. ¦

Also request gunship support
for extraction.

Location to follow. Over.

¦ Roger that, Chaser Alpha. ¦
¦ Will relay priority to Las Vegas. ¦

¦ Give me the coordinates when you got 'em. ¦
¦ We're outta here, guys. ¦

We gotta get those boats out to sea.

If we don't get those boats back
to the extract site, wherever that is...

Scorpion's mission goes down.

Leave one boat with my team.
I'll wait for the Chief.

RPG's. He's fucked.

Sounds like Chief's running a little late.

We gotta go. O'Neil, retrace your tracks.
Cortez, pick up the rear.

- We're going back in there for body parts?
- You're damn right we are.

Do the headwork with me.

If he's on the run, he's not coming back
this way to lead them to us.

Right? Now look here.

If we're here,
and I left the Chief here...

I think he's gonna make
his way southwest...

down this wash and out to sea.

If we hump it, we can get there
and knock out any pursuit.

You work this out with the Chief
ahead of time, O'Neil...

or are you just clairvoyant?

No, but it's what I'd do.

I don't know.
It sounds like a fucking crapshoot.


- What's up?
- Your team, take three boats.

Wait for new extraction location
from Las Vegas.

Roger that.

The rest of us, we're gonna stay,
make sure the Chief gets out.

¦ This is Las Vegas. Message to follow. ¦

¦ New extract at 0-2-6-7-5-2. ¦

¦ I say again, 0-2-6-7-5-2. ¦

¦ Over. ¦
Copy, Las Vegas.

But those boats will be there
this time, correct? Over.

¦ That's a roger. Sorry for the last. ¦

¦ It won't happen again. ¦
¦ This is Las Vegas, out. ¦

Yeah, Scorpion, out.

Let's go.


I think it's perfect
for a parallel ambush.

We can suck them right in.

Yeah. Let's do it.

Wickwire. Come in, Wickwire.

What ya got, Cortez?


O'Neil, it's Wick.

¦ Can you read my mind? ¦

- What do you think?
- I don't see any other way.

¦ There was foliage back to the south that ¦
¦ was good cover, but that's high ground. ¦

I think he'd just be trapped.

¦ I don't know, Wick. Shit. ¦

Well, I see the Chief, and he's got
a boatload of trouble comin' our way.

Boys, let's get ready to rock and roll.

Hold it, guys. Don't get trigger happy.
I got him at 30 yards.

« Keep comin', baby. Keep comin'. »

Come on.

Twenty yards. Come on, Chief.
We're suckin' 'em... We're suckin' 'em in.

Hold 'em up. Hold 'em up.

« - He's hit! He's down! »
- He's hit! Gotta blow it now!

Negative, Slovnik. He's in the kill zone.

Las Vegas, this is Chaser Alpha.
We have heavy, hostile...

« Repeat, immediate extraction. »

« He's hit again! »

« Fire, fire! Fire, fire! Cover him! »

« Fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire, fire! »

« This is Chaser Alpha to Las Vegas!
Come in! »

- McCool, I'm going in!
- Shit! Wick, give her some cover!

- Yah-hoo!
- She made it!

Come on, come on, come on!

Got ya!


« - Newberry, give me smoke! »
- Get him out of here!

- Let's go!
- Whoo-hoo!

Stay down! Stay down!

That's it! Let's fall back!
Fall back! We're finished.

- Your guys?
- Sounds like the right area.


- Over here! Move, move, move!
- Give me a hand!

Let's go! Let's go!
Take the airwaves! Stay down, Chief!

- Break it off!
- Come on! Get in there!

- Four heartbeat!
- Push it! Push it! Push it!

- Six heartbeat!
- I'm looking for an I.V.

I'm trying to find an I.V. here.

He's alive! Give me some room!

- Slovnik, give me some room!
- All aboard!

All bodies in!
Let's get the hell out of Dodge!

What a goat fuck.

- How's the Chief doin'?
- He's all right.

Hey, O'Neil!
I'd go to war with you any day.

I'll never live this one down.

¦ Tango-Niner, are you boys ¦
¦ en route with cargo? Over. ¦

¦ Sundown, this is Team Leader. ¦

¦ We have the cargo safely in hand... ¦

¦ and just tell whoever's listening ¦
¦ that we're coming home. ¦

¦ Tango-Niner out. ¦

- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you, Master Chief.

- Welcome aboard, sir.
- Thank you, Master Chief.

- Welcome aboard, Sergeant.
- Thank you, Master Chief.

Welcome aboard, sir.

Welcome aboard, ma'am.

~ ♪ I remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ Holding on to you ♪ ~

~ ♪ All them long and lonely nights ♪ ~

~ ♪ I've put you through ♪ ~

~ ♪ Somewhere in there ♪ ~

« Welcome to the SEALS C.R.T.
selection program. »

« You have volunteered »

« for the most intensive military training
known to man. »

« Attention! »

« I now turn you over
to my Command Master Chief... »

« John James Urgayle. »

~ ♪ I recall all those nights ♪ ~

« I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself. »

« A bird will fall frozen dead
from a bough... »

« without ever
having felt sorry for itself. »

« Boat crews, stand by your boats! »

« Move your asses! »

~ ♪ Was I just off somewhere ♪ ~

~ ♪ Just to hide ♪ ~

~ ♪ But I can't remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ If we said good-bye ♪ ~

~ ♪ I only miss you here ♪ ~

~ ♪ Every now and then ♪ ~

~ ♪ Like the soft breeze blowing on ♪ ~

~ ♪ Through my curtains ♪ ~

~ ♪ Each November ♪ ~

~ ♪ I break down and cry ♪ ~

~ ♪ But I can't remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ If we said good-bye ♪ ~

~ ♪ I can't remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ If we said good-bye ♪ ~

~ ♪ Ohhh ♪ ~

~ ♪ I can't remember ♪ ~

~ ♪ If we said good-bye ♪ ~

~ ♪ Good-bye ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~

~ ♪ Out the window went
the perfect past ♪ ~

~ ♪ A participle, particle
An atom to smash ♪ ~

~ ♪ And smash and smash and smash
and smash and smash and smash again ♪ ~

~ ♪ Didn't we used
to know ourselves when ♪ ~

~ ♪ Didn't we ever used to be friends ♪ ~

~ ♪ Before a billion years
went down the drain and that's why ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~

~ ♪ Losin' already Losin' everything ♪ ~

~ ♪ We got swastikas
hidden in magazines ♪ ~

~ ♪ Sewed in the label
of your slave-labor clothes ♪ ~

~ ♪ And that's why ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~

~ ♪ Men prove worthy of our fears ♪ ~

~ ♪ Their strength diminishes
more every year ♪ ~

~ ♪ As they side with the enemy
and throw down their spears ♪ ~

~ ♪ Leaving women and children
alone right here to face ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future ♪ ~

~ ♪ That's why ♪ ~

~ ♪ The future is a war ♪ ~