G-Loc (2020) - full transcript

Bran flees the cold, uninhabitable Earth. He hopes to get to Rhea, colonized by humans 582 years ago. Rheans are against new arrivals from Earth. He boards a Rhean spaceship with a cute, feisty Rhean.

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It's been 32 years
since the gate arrived in Earth's orbit,

ancient technology
from unknown source.

It was a wormhole
to a new solar system.

One capable of supporting life.

Probes allowed us to calculate
that, for every year on Earth,

18 would pass on the other side
of the gate.

With the planet on the verge
of a new ice age,

thousands of migrants set off
through to find a new home,

a home they would
eventually call Rhea.

Over the next 16 years,
ships would make the journey,

but most of the human race
stayed on Earth,

until it was clear that they could
no longer live comfortably there.

The mass migration
through the gate began.

The refugee crisis has raged on
for another 288 years,

whilst only 16 more
have passed on Earth.

Refugees continue to leave
humanity's original home,

unaware of the hardships that await them
on the other side of the gate.

Warning. Escape pod is damaged.

Open your eyes, Bran.
You need to wake up.

Warning. Escape pod is damaged.

- Edison...
- Warning. Escape pod is damaged.

Easy. You were injured
in the explosion.

- You may have internal bleeding.
- Warning. Escape pod is damaged.

The Rheans shut us down, huh?

What did you expect?
You didn't listen to me, did you?

I told you, trusting those human
traffickers was a bad idea.

Yeah, all right, enough
with the I told you so's.

Well, I did tell you so.

And now you're drifting through
space and will likely die,

leaving me to chat to your frozen corpse

until the power in this escape pod
runs out and I die too.

So, thank you very much.

- Warning. Escape pod is damaged.
- Any other refugees make it off the ship?

Just you.

Escape pod is damaged.

Okay. We're down to 41 percent,

but that should be enough to get us back
to the Refugee Station.

No. You're down to 12 percent oxygen.
You wouldn't make it.

- I can hold my breath.
- For 13 hours?

What else you got for me?

- You're not gonna like it.
- Try me.

There's a damaged Rhean supply ship
called the Nysa nearby.

It's currently running on auxiliary power,

and if there is anybody on board,
they're not making any radio noise.

- What's wrong with the ship?
- No idea.

But I might be able to get it back online.

Yeah, but if the crew's still alive,
they're gonna give me the death penalty

and just flush me straight out to space
anyway, aren't they?

What, where you'll suffocate?
Just like you will in this escape pod?

When you put it like that,
what are we waiting for?

We're gonna need to accelerate
if we're gonna make it in time.

- How fast we talking?
- G-seven.


You're gonna need to use half the fuel in
the thrusters to fire us towards the Nysa.

It's possible you might have a stroke.

- Oh, nice.
- And then when I tell you to,

you need to flip the ship and fire
the remaining fuel in the thrusters

in the opposite direction
to slow us down.

Otherwise, there's a possibility
that we might explode.


In that bag next to you,
there's an anti-G pen.

If you feel yourself hemorrhaging,
stab yourself in the heart with it.

You're just a bundle of laughs
this morning, aren't you?

- Little higher, actually.
- Will you shut up?

- I was just saying...
- Well, don't.

Al right.

All right, Edison, start the countdown.

Three, two, one.


Warning. Warning.

Communication beacon...
Turn now, Bran.

- Warning. Warning.
- Now!



Warning. Warning.

Warning. Warning.

Warning. Warning. Warning.

No time for that, Bran.

Warning. Warning. G-five.

Warning. Warning. Warning.

And that would have
put a hole where your face is.

Warning. Warning.

You need to flip the ship now.

Warning G-six.


Impact on three.

- G-three.
- Three, two, one.

Docking complete.

They won't grow, Bran.
It's too cold.

I know.

- But poppies were her favorite.
- Mine too.

There you are.

Are you sure you can spare this, Henry?

- Got nothing to trade.
- I know that, lass.

But the truth of the matter is,
there's not much demand for that anymore.

There's so few of us left.

So, if you can use it, you have it.

Maybe build myself a rocket
and head through the gate.

That trip's a rich man's game.

You wouldn't be able
to do it with just that.

I've heard of private junkers
offering cheap rates.

You look hungry.
How are things at the farm?

Nothing's taking anymore.

Wait here.

Henry, I don't know what to say.

Your Dad would have done
the same for my lot

if circumstances had been reversed.

Now you get home
before the roads ice up, hm?

Thank you.

God bless.

You shouldn't have done that.


Shown Jane the supplies that we found.
It's too dangerous.

My daughter used to say, "No change
happens without some sacrifice."

I know what she used to say,
Henry, I was married to her.

Look what happened.

I need to protect Riley now.

The best way you can protect Riley

is by building a better world
for her to live in.

Now, Ellen knew that.
And you never did.

Human beings don't change.

Need to get out of here and head south

before Jane tells everyone
about our stuff.

I thought you were heading north?

One of us will.

But not today.

What do you think
it's like over there?


That's what your mother
used to think, anyway.

That's where we should have
been planting Mum's flowers.

I know.

Do you think she'd be alive right now?

If we had left with everyone else?

Come down here.
I wanna show you something.

At least the gravity drive's
still working.

Oxygen levels are good, too.

All right, buddy.

Can you show me the way
to the med bay?

Let me just check my schematics
for Rhean supply ships.

Yep, it's just as I thought.

I have no clue, seeing as howl have never
been on a Rhean supply ship

and I'm not psychic.

You'll have to find it
the old fashioned way and look.

I'll go old-fashioned
on your ass in a minute.

I'll let your charge go down

and then I'll just think
for myself from now on.

Well, you thinking for yourself
is why we're in this mess.

You sound like Riley.

- Bran?
- Do me a favor and stop talking,

just in case we're not alone
on this thing.

Maybe they'll be friendly.

Rheans never are.

Someone's killed them.

Another crew member?

Who knows?

I can understand Earthlings
killing each other over an air scrubber,

but what excuse do these guys have?

You know, some Rheans believe

that after 600 years of growing up
in less than Earth's gravity...

they don't qualify as human anymore.

They think they're better than us.

You all look the same to me.

We're nothing like them.

This could be interesting.

Just stay on alert.



Bran, I detect some radiation
in this compartment.

- Maybe it's from outside.
- Maybe.

Move away or I shoot.

You speak Earther?

You killed my crew. Why?

I just got here, it wasn't me.

Liar. We take supplies
to the Earther stations,

and this is how you show thanks?

Earther scum!

What is wrong with your ship?

You damaged it.
Tell me what you did.

Wrong again.
Your crew killed each other.

You must have missed it somehow.

Listen, I have been eating
freeze-dried food for the last eight years

so if you're gonna kill me,
just get on with it.

It'll save the authorities
doing it later, anyway.

Yeah, I thought not.

- Don't die before we get to the med bay.
- Oh, I didn't know you cared.

Well, like you said,
who'd charge my battery up?

Obviously, not me if I turn you off.

Oh, that was a good hit.

I thought you Rheans
were supposed to have brittle bones?

Funny Earther making jokes.

Not so funny when I make you
go out the airlock.

Uh, second shelf down.
Three across.

Great. Well, this is just what we need.

- Seems to have been shot.
- Well done, Edison.

You picked the worst ship
in the entire system for us to land on.

You'd just be one more piece
of human debris drifting through the void

- if it wasn't for me.
- Fair point.

What I really wanna know is,
who's our angry friend outside?

What happened
on your ship, Ohsha?

Well, if we're gonna find out,

you need to get to the bridge
and upload me to the ship's mainframe.

- We couldn't just try talking to her?
- Whose side are you on?

- What was that?
- Fire warning. Venting in 30 seconds.

She's flushing the oxygen
out of the corridor. Bitch.

Edison, what's the Rhean symbol
for oxygen?

Is she okay?

She'll live.

Oh, this is nice.
What do we do now?

You need to connect me
into the upload port,

just below the main screen
on the right-hand side.

- No, Bran, your other right.
- Oh.

Do you feel like you're gonna be breaking
into another Al's house?

Not really. Rheans don't use Al systems,
as a general rule.

Their culture's technoskeptic.


They think that's how their ancestors
ruined the Earth,

so they use manual technology
where possible.

Just look at this ship.

If you strip away the Rhean language
and a few medical advancements,

they really haven't come that far
in the last 582 years they've been here.


They really haven't, have they?

Now, Bran the ship's firewall
will fry my device

as soon as the upload is complete.

This could be a one-way trip.

We're gonna have to sort that out later,
all right? Make sure you come back.

Would you miss me?


- What?
- Hey!

Speak up. I can't hear you.
No, I can't hear you,

'cause I'm on the bridge
and you're not.

You're out there.

Oh, you've got anger issues, haven't you?

Which is weird, 'cause you'd think
I'd be the one with anger issues,

what with me living in space
on a shit tin can for the past few years,

when you've been down in your...

with your blue skies
and your clean air on Rhea.

- Don't... touch that.
- What?

- This, yes?
- You don't understand.

- You don't want me to touch it, right?
- No.

You don't want me to touch this button?
Okay, I won't. I won't touch it.

No, I won't, I won't do it, I won't.

- Actually I...
- Hey!

- 'Cause if I push that button...
- Please!

The whole system comes back on
again in the ship, right?

And you don't want
that to happen, do you?

You don't want me to fly your ship
down to Rhea and disappear.

But what gives you the right to decide
where I can and cannot live? Eh?

You know what I think of your planet?

Let me show you. I know I've got one...
I've got one here somewhere...

There it is! Look, I've got
another one in there!

And another one there, look!

Rhea was supposed to be for everyone.

And you keep Earthers the other side
of that blockade like cattle.

You threaten to take out our air
and our food away

unless we behave nicely.

And you shoot down our ships
if we come anywhere near your planet!

Well, I've had enough, all right?

Enough! No more!

Don't do this.

No more.



Look, I'm gonna fly your ship.

Oh, yeah, that's it.
You walk away. Go on.

Go on, you walk away.

Look at this! Edison! Edison!

I really wish you hadn't done that, Bran.


What's he digging for?

I think he's digging for something that he
and your mother worked very hard for.

Talking of which,
how's your project coming on?

It's getting there.
I'm making it for Dad now.

He needs it more than me, I think.

Your mum would be so proud of you.

You really went to town
on hiding that.

Go on then. It's for you.

Where the hell did you get this from?

My coding work paid okay.

Didn't think I was only teaching
you how to do it, did you?

I did everything in cash.
I've been stashing it out in the field.

It's too dangerous
to leave it in the house.

What's it for?

- There's not enough for everyone.
- It's just for you.

We were gonna save up for all of us,
but now that your mum's...

My place is down here with her.

She wouldn't want that.

- I can't leave you both here.
- Yes, you can.

There's nothing but a long and cold winter
here on Earth for us.

But out there, who knows?

Get inside the container.

- Dad, it's just...
- Listen to me.

You hide the money and you
get inside the container. Now.

- What the hell, Edison?
- Exactly what I was thinking.

Why didn't you wait for me
to finish uploading?

Because you didn't tell me to?
Calm down.

Calm down? We're in real shit,
Bran, thanks to you.

- So, you calm up.
- People don't say that.

Well, machines do. So, get over it.

So, come on then. Show me.

You might wanna sit down for this.

This ship has obviously been
shut down for a reason.

Someone has corrupted the nav core

and our ability to steer
this thing is totally gone.

Now the thrusters are firing on full
and can't be deactivated.

Right, so we definitely
have some issues.

That's nothing.
Once we reach the Lighthouse,

we'll head into a slingshot
around its orbit.

Going around a planetoid
at this speed

would accelerate the Nysa
to well over G-LOC.

So that'll probably be
the end of you, Bran.

Besides, if you do make it,
it won't be for long.


Well, if we don't slow down
by this point,

then this ship is on a collision course
with the refugee station.

We'll smash straight through it,
and, at that speed, explode.

Everyone is gonna die, Bran.


Stop! Stop!

Enough, enough.

Enough, get up, sit down.

Stop right there!


You evil sons of bitches.

You're trying to make genocide
look like a ship malfunction, aren't you?

This is you.

Earther plan to make Rheans
look like the bad guys!

How many times
do I have to tell you?

I was not on your ship!


No more Rhean, no more Rhean! Stop!

All right? We only speak Earther
from now on.

Do you understand?

I'll take that as a yes.

Now you tell me what is going on here.

We were on our way
to the Earther station with supplies.

Some of the crew were not happy
with the strange cargo,

but we go anyway.

There was another Earther attempt
to run past the blockade.

- Decker.
- So, the authority told us to wait.

This one's not on the manifest.

So, we wait.

- You asking me?
- Hours go by.

- Yes. Why is it on the ship?
- So, I go to sleep.

I wake to hear...

I was trying to figure out how to fix it

when this Mej'Ha breaks in,
hurts me and then restarts the ship!

Hurt you? She shot at me
and hit me with a pipe!

Because you are a sneaky Earther.
Always... sneaking.

Well, what about what's his face?
Um, Decker?

How did he get into the med pod?

Maybe he took himself there?

Well, there you go then.
I mean, call me Sherlock,

but he's obviously our dirty terrorist!

- You are Sherlock?
- What? No, I'm not... No.

I am Bran Marshall.
This is Edison.

Ohsha Rayner.

I've seen one of those before.

Refugee wore that into the station.

You're doing some kind
of community service, aren't you?


You're a criminal. You were arrested.

And they're making you serve
your time on this ship, aren't they?

What did you do?

Number one Earther killer.

You couldn't fight your way
out of a paper bag.

I don't know this paper bag.

Okay, you two.

Now we're all friends, can we play nicely?

'Cause we have
more immediate problems.

If you wanna live,
you have to work together,

or you're both dead.
And so are a lot of other people.

So how did this engine room
get depressurized?

We were moving the supply containers over,
and I was trying to dock the ship.

And then something went
in my eye and made me look away.

- I'm gonna fix it later.
- Something went in your eye, did it?

- What are you trying to say?
- That you're a shitty pilot.

Why me, huh?
Why not the Earther?

Because if I go out there, you're never
gonna let me back in again. That's why.

Okay. Explain to me again.

We're currently firing at max thrust,

and heading straight
for that debris field.

Normally, that wouldn't be a problem,
except we're going too fast,

and we can't turn to avoid the larger
pieces of junk floating out there.

That debris field is not junk, Edison.

Those are Earther ships
that were shot down by Rheans.

Human beings died.

This ship is equipped
with two manual thrusters,

meant for fine adjustments
in tricky dockings.

They have just enough fuel
to get us through the field in one piece.

Only if you two operate them in unison.

First, you'll need to uncouple them

from their ports in the ship's
engine room, which has a big hole in it.

The room is depressurized,
so keep an eye on your O2 levels.

Oh, and watch out for debris.

The panels are on the back wall
and held down by six screws.

Remove them, and then wait for Bran

to pull the release handle
from the control room.

This will free the thrusters,
and you can come back to the airlock.

Surely if we crash into something,

at least we don't kill
everyone in the refugee station.

No, I'm afraid not, Bran.

We're going so fast that collision would
likely end with a tear in the ship,

which means no more you.

But the Nysa will carry on and head
straight towards the slingshot.

- So this is the only way.
- No problem. I like space.

Well, maybe you would have
more of a problem with space

if you were forced to live in it
like us Earthers.

In, uh, Rhean
that hand gesture means...

Yeah, no, I, uh... I got what it meant.

We're seeing smaller debris activity
coming in fast.

You might wanna hurry up.

That's easy for you to say.

- I've released the first engine.
- Releasing the thruster now.

Ohsha, seriously, we're seeing
a lot of blips on the scanners here.

What's going on? I'm hitting the release,
but nothing's happening.

The handle's frozen.
A coolant leak, I think.

Well... try harder.

Do you wanna come in here
and do it yourself?

Not really.

Now, Earther.

Bran, you need to get back to the airlock.
She's nearly out of oxygen.

Don't do that again, ever.

You're welcome, by the way.

Sorry to interrupt,
but you are both about to die.

Okay, each of these consoles

controls one
of the manual thrusters outside.

And these weren't
exactly designed for this.

You might find holding on,
let's say, difficult.

- Great.
- You have to move the joysticks

in the direction I say
at the exact same time.

If you are out of sync,
you'll send the ship into a spin

and that will probably kill you.

Move the joysticks together,
don't die. Got it.

Okay, we're entering
the main debris field now.

Get ready.

Move right in three, two, one. Now!

Move right again.

Three, two, one, now!

Get up, Earther.

Incoming object. And it's a big one.

- Bran, we need you to get back up.
- I know.

Move left now!

Okay, we are through the debris field.

Who's got weak bones now, huh?

Let me help you.

You're a prisoner, not a doctor.

You're a refugee.
You don't have doctors.

Fair point.

Close your eyes.

And think of somewhere else.

Bran. Henry.

Bit cold out here
for an old man, isn't it?

I'm doing just fine, thank you.

So I hear.

And what can we do for you?

You heard our crops didn't take again.

Aye, I did hear that.

And I hear from my sister

that you've been looking
after your own very well.

We're gonna need you
to hand it all over, I'm afraid.

Please don't make us
take it from you the hard way.


Now this is my land, my home.

My supplies.

What I suggest you do is,
all three of you, get back in the truck.

Please don't think that I want to do this.

But if I do,

my family might have a chance.

Your old man would turn
in his grave if he could see you.

No, he wouldn't.

Because animals dug up
his body and ate it.

I don't even hate them for it.

They did what they had to do to survive.

Now where's that girl of yours, huh?

In there.

Fuck me.

Sorry, but I have to.

- Family?
- Daughter.

She a refugee, too?


I lost my family, too.

- How?
- They were trying to help Earthers.

They were good people.
The government didn't agree.

Are Rheans okay
with that type of thing?

Some of them. Not everyone.

But, you know, people
don't really know about it.

The government blames
Earthers for everything.

They tell me because of Earthers
my father is dead,

my mother is dead,

and they force me to work on this ship.

So Earthers didn't make you do anything,
it was Rheans.

You're putting blame
in all the wrong places.


Why do you wanna go to my world anyway?

I don't.

I wanna live on my world,
but I made a promise to someone,

and what choice do I have, anyway?

It's not what you think it is,
you know.

I know.

But I owe it to her to make a life there.

Well, first you have to live
long enough to get there.

Now we're out of that debris field,

the only thing stopping this ship
from reaching the station is us.

I'm gonna need one of you
to go into the navigation core

and pull out the infected motherboards.

- His turn.
- What?

She's right, it is kind of your turn,

I will get you for this later, Edison.

What do I have to do?

I'll have to go into sleep mode
whilst you do it,

to stop myself from getting damaged,
SO you're on your own.

You'll need to remove each board
from its coolant container

and check to see if it's functioning.

A green light means it's fine.

A red light means you need to unclip
the board and remove it.

There should be three of them in total.

Well, that seems easy enough.

It's very cold in the navigation core.

How cold can it be?

Minus 40. To keep the drives
from overheating.

Ooh! Someone's learning
Rhean now, huh?

Just the best bits.

Is that your space suit?

- Yeah.
- Where'd you get it?

Smugglers gave it to me
just before I ran the blockade.


No, it's all right.
It's... it's a piece of shit.

Very good, Earther.

We'll make a Rhean
out of you in no time.

What's it like down there?
On... on Rhea?



Warm sounds good.

Earthers make your home cold.


How do I look?


You make sure you open this door
when I'm done.

Okay... Bran Marshall.

One down.


Your Earther's getting better.

All day all I hear is Earther.

- What did you do, Decker?
- What I had to.

They gave me no choice.

Why are you doing this?
You're an Earther.

'Cause they cordoned my kids.

Threatened to put 'em back on the station.

Can't let that happen.

If I do this, there won't be a station
to go back to.


Your government.

Nice, easy way
to get rid of the migration problem.

Have an Earther prisoner
fly a ship clean into it.

How could you?

You think I wanna do this?
I have no choice.

You have no idea what it's like
living on that station.

I won't let my kids
go back to that again.

Ohsha. Ohsha.

Ohsha, get me out. I'm done.

I thought you'd be happy.
You hate Earthers.

I saw the look of disgust on your face
when they put you on this ship.

I heard what you and your captain said
about the refugees.

"A waste of good supplies."



Edison, get me out of here!



- Bran.
- I can't believe it.

Is that the compassion
you show for an Earther?



Is he okay?

I think so.

He might lose some bits,
but he will live.

He's not gonna be
very happy about that.

Did it work?

Yeah. He did it.

And once we reset the whole system,

you'll be able to take back
control of the ship.

Reset the system?

Where the hell were you?

- I was busy.
- Yeah, doing what?

- Dealing with Decker.
- Yeah, I might have known

that your Rhean friend
had something to do with this.

He's not Rhean.

He's an Earther?

He's a refugee like you.

He made it to the surface with his family
before they arrested him.

They even threatened to send his family
back to the refugee station, Bran.

Who did?

Your government.

Nice easy way to get rid
of the migration problem.

Have an Earther prisoner
fly a ship clean into it.

What would happen if Rheans found out

that your government
had tried to kill refugees?


We need to get this video
out to everyone in the system.

We will be able to
after a few more repairs.

Good, well, let's get on with that.

- All right, what's next?
- You need to rest, Bran Marshall.

We are gonna be
at the Lighthouse soon,

so there's no time for rest.

But you might have frostbite, Bran.

- So?
- So... something might drop off.

What's next?

Bran, we'll be approaching
the slingshot soon.

There is no way
we'll slow this ship down before then.

Well, we're gonna need some anti-G pens
for sure, especially for her.

You're saving my life now, huh?

In the cargo hold.

- There's a case in there.
- All right, go.

Okay, good. Bran, how you getting on?

Trying to find this case.

Well, hurry up and get back here.
You need to strap in, too.

- Yeah, no shit.
- Now what?

The ship's firewall is preventing us
from rebooting the various systems.

We have to disable it if we're gonna get
this ship up and running again

before we enter the slingshot
around the Lighthouse.

- How long?
- In around three minutes from now.

I can't disable the connection from my end
because the command needed to do so

was embedded in one of the motherboards
Bran had to pull out.

So we have to do it manually.

And I do that by pulling out
one of these wires, right?

Correct. Once you have it,

I can redirect the system controls
to the bridge computer.

Okay, so which wire do I pull out?

- I have no idea.
- Edison, how?

Pull out the wrong wire and who knows
what will happen to the ship.

You have to pull out each wire
and see what it does.

If it's not the right one,
put it back quickly.

Okay. Let's do this.

Not that one.

Bran, two minutes
until the slingshot.

I can't find the damn case.

Never mind, I found 'em!

It's one of these final two.

Judging by all the systems
that have come on and off,

one of these is the firewall
and the other is the life support.

Pull the life support out, and it will
take three minutes to boot back up.

Maybe take a deep breath?

- One minute until slingshot begins.
- Shh.

You did it!

You need to strap in now.

I'm sorry about that. I truly am.

But you know what it's like out there.

I won't let my kids go back to that.

They're never gonna
let us all go down to Rhea.

I've seen how it is.

Heard the lies they tell about us.

The Earthers are gonna rot
on that tin can.

I'm doing them a favor, really.

Please, no, no.

Baby, baby.

Baby... it's okay. It's okay.

It's all right. It's all right.

It's okay. It's all right,
I got you now. I got you.

It's okay, Dad.
I'll see Mum.

- I made you something.
- What?

It's in my pocket.

Thank you, baby.

I was making it when Mum died.

But after she...

I changed it, so it's for you.

I didn't want you to have to make
decisions on your own.

Mum said you were the worst at it.

What's it for?

It's a piece of both of us.

To help you.

Help me do what?

What Mum wanted us to do.

Build a better world.

No, don't go.

No, no... No!

Ohsha, we'll be approaching
over nine G's.

It's very unlikely you're gonna
be awake when that happens,

so I need you to prep the manual reset
of the ship now.

It's Bran's decision, not mine.

He's not here, though,
so I need you to do it.

Do as I say and prep the reset,
but do not hit execute.

The slingshot has already begun,

and the sudden deceleration
would almost certainly kill you both.

You have to do it once you've left
the planetoid's gravity.

- You know what this means, right?
- I do.

Now get ready and try not to die.

I think Bran's grown quite fond of you.

What's going on, Edison?

Bran, I was worried
we'd lost you.

Decker's heading for the bridge.

No, you need to strap in somewhere.

We're about to accelerate to G-three.

You watch Ohsha.
I'll get Decker.


You need to stay awake, Ohsha.

Approaching four G's.






Bran, Ohsha will flat-line
unless you inject her.






A little higher, actually.



...in three, two, one.

Save them.

For a warm planet.

One for each of them.

- Here.
- I don't want it.

I wanna stay here with them.

What do you think that they
would want you to do?

Nothing matters anymore, Henry.

It's all over.


Only those who have lost a child...

can understand the depth
of your despair.

Death is so absolute.

And yet, as long
as we can remember them...

some part of them continues to exist.

You stay here,
you will be dead in six months.

If you leave...

there may be a world up there
where you can make a difference.

And when you do that,

you add significance and meaning

to the lives of all
who made you the man you are.

Let your daughter
have some say in your choice.

Hi, Dad.
I don't know how to start,

but I know losing Mum is gonna
be hard on both of us.

I'll miss all of her advice,
how she kept us both on track.

And I know how much
you relied on her.

Sorry. I don't wanna cry.

I'm trying hard not to, I promise.

So, I've made you something.

I found one of those Edison
personal assistants,

and I've been recoding it,

trying to give it a bit more personality.

I based it off of Mum,

but I think it's come out
a bit more like me.

I've preloaded it with all the things
I think Mum would say if she was with you.

So if you're ever alone,
or feeling lost...

you'll have a friend that loves you
as much as she did.

But please try and listen to it
when it gives you advice,

because I know what you're like.

I love you, Dad.

Hello, Bran.
My name's Edison.

Hi, Edison.

It's nice to meet you.

Where shall we start, then?

Let's build a better world.


You took quite the hit back there.

- My muscles hurt.
- It's the side effects of the anti-G pen.

It stiffens the muscles
in your body

to keep the blood from pooling
in your head and feet.

It saved your life.

No... he did.

I think my bones are broken.

- Which ones?
- All of them?

He's always this dramatic.
Ignore him.

We're still heading
for the refugee station.

Why haven't we slowed down?

We need to reset
the entire ship first.

Right. Well, then
why haven't we done that?

I don't think you understand, Bran.

Edison, what's going on?

Resetting the ship is the only way
to return full control and slow us down.


A full reset wipes the ship's mainframe
back to its original settings.

You'll be deleted.

It's the only way, Bran.

No. No... I can't.

You have to.

Decker was willing to let all this happen

because he couldn't take
any more heartache.

Nothing ever changes
without a bit of sacrifice, Bran.

No, there... there must be another way.

There isn't. This is how we build
a better world.

I've prepared the video link
of Decker's confession for you

and sent it to the transmission console.

It'll be safe from the reset.

As soon as the ship reboots,

it will load automatically
and you just have to hit send.

Everyone will know what the Rhean
government was trying to do here.

Thank you, Edison.

My pleasure.

Look after Bran for me.
He needs it.

I know.

It's time, Bran.

You need to listen to me
and do it now.

You say hello to my family for me.

I will.

Come in, supply ship Nysa.
What the hell was that?

Be prepared to receive
an incoming transmission.

It'll explain everything.

Rheans have been... assholes?

This is for you.


it's not for me.


The case in the cargo hold.
It's a bomb.

- Bomb?
- A nuke.


Decker's plan was to detonate on impact
so there were no survivors.

The gate. We go through.

I'll get the nuke to the airlock.
You fly us through.


Get ready to fly us
out of here double time, Ohsha.

I'm at the airlock.


I'm sorry, Ohsha.

- For what?
- The airlock was damaged.

Decker must have smashed it.

I'm gonna uncouple the pod
from the inside.

No. Bran Marshall, the whole ship
will depressurize.

Everywhere except for the bridge.


Look to your right.

Put that somewhere warm
on Rhea for me, will you?

I want her to see it.

Bran, please.


I'm sorry, Bran.

I was wrong. You're not
a shit pilot after all.

It looks so cold.

I'm sorry.

We've all got a lot to be sorry for.

It's gonna take months
to get this ship to fly again.

Well, then we'd better get to work.

Time over there is... ticking.

How many years has it been
on the other side now?

Fifteen, give or take a few months.

Did you feel like this
when you first went through?

Yeah, I did.

It was just me and Edison, though, then.

Now I have you.

I'm glad.

All systems are online.

This is it.


Second time lucky.

This is beautiful.

I wonder what we're gonna find down there.

It's a call from the surface.

Unknown ship,
this is the Rhean Earth Coalition.

- Please identify yourself.
- Rhean Earth Coalition?

I'm Ohsha Rayner.

We're on a supply ship called the Nysa.
We were...

The Nysa? Holy shit.

We know who you are and what you did.
It's an honor to welcome you home.

We'll send you landing coordinates now.

A lot has changed down here
whilst you've been gone.

I can see that.

We did it.