Fuyajô (1998) - full transcript

Kabukicho is a forgotten world. A place where people of different tongues and races meet, where they fight against each other to gain money, power and territory. The struggle which never ...

Alien registration card...


Lin Biao


I'm Taiwanese


Li Bao-zhao. Taiwan

Hey, you! Wait!

Registration card...

I'm Japanese

You're what?

You're Chinese!

He's half-breed

Who knows what he is?

I saw you speaking Chinese

You're not a Japanese

I'm Japanese

Show me your registration


Yes come here

Stay there!

Don't fuck with them

This is Kabukicho, damn it

Wherever they're from,

they drift like leeches into


I'm not Chinese or Japanese

Here they call me a bat...

flying around at night

using my radar to survive


Where are you?

You're late!

My brother needs a visa

Can you get me a passport?

If you've got the cash...

So, Xui-Hong, what's the news?

That's it

Fu-chun's back from Nagoya


He's back here

What did that dumb bastard...

come back for?

Are you sure?

One of Yuan's guys saw him

Which one

Was that?

Sun-chum. What'll you do?

Yuan'll want you to give him


Your Shanghai triad has

lots of excuses to kill me

Why should I pay for what

Fu-chun did?

What would they want

if he'd killed ten men?

He killed our number-two man

Mr. Yuan wants revenge

You two were like brothers

Sun-chun, keep out of here

This is Mr. Yuan's place,

I'll go wherever I like

I told you a year ago

I'd nothing to do with that

That's only we couldn't

beat the truth out of you

Wu Fu-chun is not my brother

He's a former partner

If you want something

hurry up and say so

The boss wants to see you

Tomorrow at 1

There's nowhere you can run

don't forget

Hey, chief Hongkong called

Nobody hit the triactor

at the races there today

That means the Day 3's

up to HK$400 million

That's 6.4 billion yen

You ought to place a bet

with Kenichi, too

Maybe, put down a bet for me

We'll see if you live long

enough to pay off

Here's today's take

And from the girls

for the Hongkong lottery

The New Year's Eve draw

The jackpot could hit HK$30


That's 500 million yen

Thank you

Are you going to run?

I could get you to

the States

The worst thing about


is when you forget them the

second your eyes jerk open

I have a lot of nightmares...

but I don't remember any

I'm worried one day I will

Lately even being with

a woman is a nightmare


Hello... Mr. Ryu?

Mr. Wang said to call you

Mr. Wang from where?

From Mr. Yuan's place

Hello? Hello?

Yeah, I'm still here...

I've got something to sell

I hear you buy anything but

children's organs

What is it?

I'll show it to you

I'll be by the

Furin Building at 2 p. m.



If I'm not there

though, just forget it

What's your name?


Natsumi, huh? There's no

Wang at Mr. Yuan's

See you, Natsumi

Today's lottery bets


Tian-wen, go bring Mr. Ye


I hear Fu-chun's back

from Nagoya

Yuan Cheng-gui wants to

see me this afternoon

Where are you going?

For dim sum

Can you get dim sum

in Shinjuku at this hour?

Don't you want to talk to me

Where's Kenichi, Dad?


How come you never visit

your big sister any more?

I'll do that, Mom...

I'm so glad Tian-wen

hired a chef from Hongkong

Now we'll have decent food


Oh... how've you been?


How's it going?

It's OK

Great look at this

comic book

Xu-rui, come on

Hi, Grandpa

Here's Tian-wen with Mr. Ye

Mr. Ye sorry to drag you in

from Yokoham so early

Nice to see you

Mr. Ye says the older he gets

the more he loves to eat

This way...

Mr. Ye

It's good to see

both your sons

doing so well, Mr. Yang

Well, I may be guardian to

both Kenichi and Tian-wen...

but to them I'm just an

old man who talks too much

There's a Hongkong chef...

at the new Fujian place, too

They're competition

Tian-wen's worried

He's smart. He can hold

his own against anyone

Those Fujian people want to

move here into Shinjuku, too

Be careful

We should serve

Cantonese food

in our Yokohama place, too

Just Taiwanese isn't enough

Chinese come to Japan now

from Beijing, Shanghai...

and even Wenzhou

They all like Cantonese food

Haven't you

talked to him yet?

To hell with it

Just seeing Yuan Cheng-gui

is no big deal

If Yuan and his Shanghai

thugs lay a hand on you...

the old man loses face

Don't worry.

I'm sure he'll help you out

Let's go back to the others

I'm fine here

They're speaking Taiwanese

and I don't understand

That's because you never

bothered to learn

NO, that's because no one

ever bothered to teach me

If I win

the New Year's lottery

in Hongkong...

I'll start a restaurant

in Shibuya, too

Guan-yao call up your friend


Get him to see Kenichi

at noon

Say I asked him to

All right


the rest is up to you

You mean Beijing Cui-hu?

Why are you

mixed up with him?

Come for New Year's dinner

You remember that work

Mr. Ye suggested in Hongkong

Why not think about it again

He mentioned it again today

You could even leave tonight

There'd still be time

Why? What have you heard?

The reason Fu-chun is back

Is that bad for me?

There's a storm brewing

A sacrifice might be needed

Talk to me about Hongkong

after you see Yuan

Kenichi, let's go

to the game center

Listen, will you do

something for me?

Sure! Is it dangerous?

Spy work

Xu-rui Come here

In a minute


Why does the Taiwan group...

suddenly want my help?

I'm not in the Taiwan group

Oh, that's right...

You're mixed

Taiwanese and Japanese

You killed Taiwanese guy

didn't you

You and that guy Wu Fu-chun.

Were hanging out with

all those war orphans kids

that gang of losers

called Dragon

not follow the game to play

Why are you running to me

for help now?

OK, let's hear it.

I'm not here for help

I'm offering a deal

You talk too much

You want to get into

underground banking

You need a Japanese citizen

as a front

I might let you

use me for that

Isn't that something

A half-breed

who deals in his own blood

You piece of shit

You want my help and

you act like it's

making a deal?

What have you got to lose?

OK. Let's say this

looks like a good deal

I'll call Yuan Cheng-gui and

tell him to leave you alive

I wouldn't want to lose out

on a good deal, would I...

Looks like lunch was on you

Or was Cui-hu buying?

How do you like Beijing food

I wonder why everyone thinks

I want to hurt you

Mr. Yang and even Cui-hu

come rushing to your side...

When you first came here

as a student, Mr. Yuan...

you read

The Romance of

The Three Kingdoms

You may remember

it was me who lent it to you

I'm sure you remember that

Everyone says

Ryu Kenichi is very shrewd

It would seem so

In that book you

remind me of Lu-bu

who served three masters

Every tit he sucked

he called Mother

He had to live on

his wits, too

Just like you and

your partner

Wu Fu-chun

You're a busy man, Mr. Yuan

so perhaps you forget...

my partnership

with him ended...

a year before

he killed your man

Yes, that's what you said,

isn't it


Fu-chun's got nothing

to do with me

We split up

Care to see more?

I've had two favorite videos

over the past year...

this one...

and the one of

my man's funeral

You're the only one Fu-chun

can call on in Shinjuku

Bring him to me

by New Years' Eve

That's three days

Then you can go

play mah jong

and enjoy your New Year

Mr. Yuan...

I've compromised enough

We Shanghai people are

too generous for

our own good

I'll do what I can

Oh, your book...

I'm not sure

did I ever return it to you?

What was Natsumi like?

Like a hostess Real pretty

You ought to meet her

OK, enough of that...

She went back to her place

then left right after that

I pretend to make a mistake

and knocked next door

The lady there told me

all about her

She said Natsumi came from

Nagoya four days ago...

and borrowed her phone to

call back there

It's that building... number


Keep this quiet


I'd never been to Nagoya

I didn't even know

how far away it was

What would someone

from Nagoya...

be wanting with me?

Instead of fooling around

about this woman...

I should have been scouring

Shinjuku for Wu Fu-chun

My mission is find

Fu-chun for Yuan

Or have forgotten everything

and simply left town

But I was used to waiting

I'd always been

waiting for something

it was better to

wait inside than out

Who's there?

Don't move

So you're Natsumi...

You wanted to

sell me something...

So you're Mr. Ryu...

I'd given up on you

I was checking. I don't deal

with people I don't know

So you broke into my room?

And with a gun

That's how it goes

Just in case there was

someone bad with you

You could take off

your shoes

We do that in Japan, you know

That's how that goes

If he's big and bad,

I might have to leave

in a hurry through

the window

Hi. I'm Ryu Kenichi

And I'm Sato Natsumi

You're Chinese...

Japanese. Raised in China


Up north. Heilongjiang

Oh, a war orphan's kid...

So what?

You're returned from Taiwan,

aren't you?

Can I have one?

How did you hear about me?

Answer a question

of mine first

You're sure no one name Wang

works for Yuan Cheng-gui?

A lot of guys work for him

There could be a Wang there,

or a Chin

You're not from Shinjuku

Who told you about me?

Wu Fu-chun

I'm from Nagoya.

I'm his girlfriend

What's wrong?

Where is he now?

I don't know

You don't know?

You're his girlfriend.

Why don't you know?

Don't you want to know what

I want to sell you?

Don't change the subject

Wu Fu-chun


I want to sell Wu Fu-chun

I ran away from Nagoua

I came to Shinjuku because

I knew he'd follow me here

I knew there'd be

a price on his head here

I figured

I'd lure him up here...

and sell him to you

You deal in anything but

children's organs, don't you

That's what he said

about you

Got any ideas?

That's where you come in...

isn't it?

I haven't said I'll do it

I'll be back

For now

I had to get away from her

I had the feeling she

already had me on a string

Hi, Kenichi Go on in

Is Tozawa here?

How are you

How are you getting on?

Here's the God of Luck


I'll pay back everything

Have you ever won here?

No, But only the Thais

will give me credit

My Korean friends won't even

let me in their place

How much can you give me?

200,000 yen,

Half up front...

the rest when you finish

What do you want to know?

About Wu Fu-chun

A war orphan's son,

Japanese name Sakamoto Tomio

Came here in 1984 from Jilin

lived in Chiba

That much I know

Yeah, you were partners...

A long time ago

What do you want to know?

He never said

much about his past

especially his family

I'm pretty sure his parents

are still in Chiba

Is he in touch with

them or not?

One more thing...

Who's he been with lately?

Didn't you write an article

about war orphan's kids once

Go to it

OK, I can handle it

I'm in a hurry

By when?

Before I get killed

What happened?

Wu Fu-chun shot up...

the Shanghai Sea

Said he was after a woman

What's going on?

You don't know?

Fu-chun attacked

Yuan's mistress's club

He was after a woman

Yuan's men are after

three people

Wu Fu-chun, his woman... and me

This place is too

near Shinjuku

Where are we going?

Lidabashi. I look after

a client's place there

what's so funny?

I'm just happy... nothing

This is no time to laugh

But you're worried about me

Don't get me wrong

You're my trump card

in this deal, that's all

Oh, really?

Natsumi had lured

Fu-chun to Tokyo...

telling him she was...

in the hands of

88an Cheng-gui

Was a woman capable of that

a card in my hand...

or was I a card in hers?

This is a nice place

Not really finished, though.

We take our shoes off

in Japan, you know


Hey... does the shower work?

Can I take a shower?

Thank you

Papa Yang?

Kenichi? Where are you?

Somewhere Yuan can't find me

He was looking all over

Shinjuku for you

I've calmed things

down a bit


I told him that even you...

wouldn't be stupid

enough to help

Fu-chun attack his club

But you've got to

hand Fu-chun

over to him. Any luck so far?

I'll need money

How much?

Two million

Why do you need that much?

I've looked everywhere

I can think of myself

Now I'll need to hire help

When do you want it?

I'll send a woman

over for it

Then I'm going to disappear

for a while

Good idea

I'm going out.

I'll be right back


The Report shows that

Your Natsumi is a fake

This is the real one

She died in a car crash

It's easy

Her passport remains valid

The woman at your place

buys it

She take out credit cards...

and sets up a new identity

Great. Tell the Colombian to

give you what you want...

and put it on my account


I have to go

I knew you were

capable of anything

but I didn't think

you were that devious


You looked at my wallet and

my passport

We've never dealt before

I'm sure

you'd do the same

Wouldn't you, Sato Natsumi?

So in my room...

did you feel around in

my trunk?

Did you touch my panties...

and get all excited?

What's wrong?

Don't you want me?

Cut it out

Get changed.

I've got a job for you

We're going out?

I just took a shower

I need your help


It's Kenichi

I need a car right away

No, no, not that...

This. But then I'll have to

put on make-up

Do that, then

You haven't asked

why I left Fu-chun

I don't have to ask

No one stays around him

very long. Especially women

But one strange thing...

He's never been

the type to get stupid

over a woman

Day 2:12:23 a. m.

Go straight

for 50 meters to a lane...

called New Center Street

On your right...

is a Chinese medicine store

called Seikando

The owner's an old guy

Tell him Kenichi sent you


Kenichi? Just two days left,

you know

Mr. Yuan is concerned

about you

Kenichi? Where are you?


Fu-chun charged into

the club

yelling and screaming...

The guys tried to stop him

and there were gunshots

Someone knocked me flying

I don't remember much

I think maybe I fainted

When I came to

he was right in front of me

He stuck a gun in my face

and said, Where's my woman?

Who's your woman? I said

I thought he'd shoot me

I fainted again

When I came around

the police were there

I guess he didn't shoot

because we all

used to be friends

Mr. Yang says he calmed down

Yuan Cheng-gui

He didn't calm him down

he made a proposal

A proposal?

They were on the phone

for a long time

They made a deal

Do you know what?

No. Only that something's

ready to happen in Kabukicho

and that Fu-chun

being here could start it

there's a storm brewing

A sacrifice might be needed


That's what Mr. Yang said

Shouldn't you get away?

It's too late

I'm not leaving now

Because of her?

I'll see you later

Who was that?

This is for you

So how was Kabukicho?

Quiet. Just some drunk

wanting to know

You made me dress like this

There's only

Oh, yeah... I took 100,000

You did?

Surely what I have to sell

is worth more than that

That's different

Stop fooling around

Let's get going

I need money to

take care of myself

Give it back

Lend it to me, then

It's 20 per cent interest,

payable in ten days

If that's OK with you...


Oh! There was someone who wa

wanted to see you


You're the third

person today

who's told me to hide

I don't know who else,

but... it's you

I'm thinking of,

elder brother

Give up this yakuza shit

Maybe you can be a straight

businessman, but I can't

And you know why?

Because just like Yuan and

Cui-hu and the rest...

you're living in the past.

You're behind the times

Everybody's going global.

To keep up with the times...

there has to be...

a revolution in Kabukicho

The little guys

will be eliminated

And now Fu-chun shows up

A perfect chance to get rid

of anyone in the way

Don't you get it?

Mr. Ye in Yokohama and the

Fujian group in Ikebukuro...

want to take over Shinjuku

Mr. Ye, with the port

in Yokohama...

controls guns, drugs...

and foreign prostitutes

The Fujian group


in Japanese real estate

Papa Yang will become

Mr. Ye's man in Shinjuku

Little Wen...

I need a favor from you

I want to bring Yuan to your


and turn Fu-chun over to him

I want you to get Papa Yang

to come along as insurance

At my place?

Don't worry

Yuen won't live to make it

into the restaurant

You know I hate stuff

like that

OK. I'll do what I can

But we aren't brothers

any more

And you don't call me

Little Wen any more


You don't have to call me

big brother any more, either

One last thing...

Keep away from that woman

This is Faye Wong... a H.K.

Singer from Beijing

You're really cold

aren't you


Little Wen admires you,

You know

How would you know?

Anyway, nothing good happens

to people who end up with me

Friends, or lovers

So are you afraid for me if

I'm with you?

Or are you afraid of me?

What do you mean?

I don't know these streets...

but I do know that

we're just driving around

Is that because you don't

want to be alone with me?

Don’t waste your time

Hey... did you ever do it in

a car?

Don't you like Faye Wong?

What's this song?

You like it?

My mother had this boyfriend

...a Black pianist

He used to fuck her

to this record

Ah, childhood memories

I like it

Then it's yours

Do me a favor We're going to

be together for a while

Even if you don't mean it,

treat me as your lover

Even for a few days

Whatever you like

Yeah? I'm glad

This can be our song

Whatever you like

To get some food

go home

Here we go



Where are you?

I'm on my way

Get a taxi

Can't I come? No

Hey. Let's go for a drive

Hey, wait

Where you going? Get lost

How are you?

No, how are you? Good

If I said I wanted to kill

Yuan Cheng-gui...

would you lend me a hand?

Let me ask you

something first


You never cared about

any woman before

Who's this woman

you're looking for now?

You know why I had to leave

Shinjuku last year?

You killed Yuan Cheng-gui's

right-hand man

You Know why?

No, I don't

I don't have time

for 20 questions

What's your hurry? Do you

have to go somewhere?

I've been hiding for

three days

I haven't talked to anyone

OK, let's talk

We had to form gangs when we

first got here...

to protect ourselves

from the Japanese kids

That's why I started

the Dragons

I know that

A girl from my home town

in China got gang-raped

One of the guys

who did it was from Shanghai

The girl was only 14

She ended up working as

a bar hostess

She came to me for help

She became my woman

And this guy from Shanghai...

was Yuan's man,

the one you killed...

Three days ago

Xiao-lian phoned,

and said Yuan had her


Xiao-lian My woman

You get her away from Yuan,

then we'll go kill him

It's a good thing

you didn't kill Xui-Hong

She thinks you didn't

because we were partners

I'll kill anyone

who's with Yuan

That shithead

Sun-Chan showed up

I got the hell out of there

I was just about to put a

bullet in Xui-Hong, too

She doesn't know that

She might be able to help

I'll ask her.

Where do I find you?

You know the dragon...


Shinjuku Station, West Exit

Look for the dragon

Look for what?

You'll be surprised

But you still haven't said

you'll help me kill Yuan...

Hello, Kenichi...

I hear you're with a woman

That might not be

such a good idea

Sleep well last night?

I didn't sleep at all

What's wrong?

A nightmare

What about?

I don't remember

You weren't dreaming of

making love to me?

Where'd you go?

I was awake,

so I went shopping

Then I cleaned the place

Finally it looks like

someone lives hare. See?

If I'm your girlfriend, I

must act like it, shouldn't I

Then maybe you should tell

the truth

About what?

You're not Sato Natsumi

What did Fu-chun say?

That you grew up

with him China

That's right

He lived near me

Our mothers were Japanese,

left behind after the war

I met him again here

Is that all?

Then why all the lies?

How can I trust you if you

won't tell me the truth?

When I was small, my mother

and father hit me

And then later

Fu-chaun hit me

Are you going to hit me, too

No, I'm not...

Kenichi, Kenichi

But you're not serious about

killing Fu-chun, are you?

Yes, I am. When I was 12,

he raped me

You happy now?

All the men I've known have

only wanted one thing

But with you, I don't mind

I want to believe you... but

I don't...

Lovers or not

I don't care

I shouldn't have gone into

her room

I shouldn't have opened

her trunk

Kenichi, Kenichi, be gentle

You're not like

the rest of them

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have

compated you to them

I didn't think

it would get so complicated

Can you still do it?

I've never been to

a hot spring

Why don't we forget

everything and go to one?

A hot spring is no big deal

It is to me, even just once

Fu-chun once said...

there are two kinds

of people

The cheaters and the cheated

We'd steal credit cards and

use them at department store

Kids' clothes, mostly

A few days later Xui-Hong

would return them...

and say they didn't fit

No one suspects a housewife

returning baby clothes

Have you ever killed anyone?

Just once


Tian-wen... What?


You're going to use her?

She's Fu-chun's girlfriend

She's the bait

She's how we get to him

So what's the plan?

Tomorrow I call Yuan

I tell him some Malaysians

have got Fu-chun...

and I'll hand him over

somewhere Yuan

will feel safe...

somewhere Yuan

will feel safe

like Tian-wen's restaurant...

at say, 5 p.m.

I need you there

as insurance

so Yuan will come

But really, before Yuan

reaches the restaurant...


steps out and

puts some bullets into him

Think it'll work?

The Shanghai group

won't sit back...

and let us kill

Yuan Cheng-Gui

You know the Shanghai group

is riddled with factions


looking to be

number one himself

Xui-Hong always tell me

the truth

If we give them

Fu-chun's corpse...

they'll make a bit of noise

and that'll be that

You think so?

I'm the one in danger

All you have to be

is a guarantor

Looks like New Year's

Eve dinner

might be a bit late...

How's business?

Very good, thanks

Tian-wen... thanks

Excuse me

Raise up


The wife says you be sure

and come to dinner, too

It's at Tian-wen's,

so you'll be close by

Mr. Ye wants to see you

Looks like fun

Want to come for a drive?

Yes, yes, yes Very nice

Where'd you get her?

She's Fu-chun's girlfriend

His life is in

the hands of you

and Mr. Yang right now

Since you invited me

to be in this little play...

I'd like to study my part

So what's going to happen

in Kabukicho tomorrow?

How can I help

if I don't know?

If it's too late

How can I help?

That's easy.

We give Wu Fu-chun

to Yuan Cheng-gui

You know,

this guy is so mean

Let's ask you

Maybe we'll go somewhere

and I'll show you what

I'm like

we'll see who you prefer...

Him, of course

How will you know that

until you've tried me?

Stop it

OK. Fu-chun's going to

kill Yuan

Good idea

Makes me want to come

in my pants

I'll have this woman someday

You can have her till then

Stop here

Kill that bastard

Wait here

You were gone so long...

I went to the toilet

The toilet?

Not the telephone?

What do you mean?

You don't trust me yet?

I haven't decided to

trust you yet

I don't know anyone in Tokyo

Who would I phone?

Someone wanting information

Where did Cui-hu spring from

just now

Maybe you called him so

you'll be sure of a way out

I don't know his

phone number

Why would I call him?

I hate him

There's always

the phone book...

What are you doing?

If you won't trust me,

what else can I do?

Can you stand up? You OK?

I just went to the toilet

I did something else, too

A guy like you wouldn't know

what day this is...

Happy Valentine's

What's wrong?

Did I blow it again?

Don't you like chocolate?

You want to be a bat,

like me?

Sure I do

Where are we going?

A bat follows its instincts

Then we should play our song

Isn't the owner here?

Are you sure...

We can go in?


If only it would snow...

You can't have everything...

Let's not have sex tonight

Just hold me

Sex was the furthest thing

from my mind...

Day 3:Midnight, Chinese New

Year's Eve

Mr. Yuan...

the Tao Yuan restaurant at 5

Don't bring any more than

two men with you

Too many and things

will get difficult




You eat first. I've got some

thing to do

And call my call phone

in 15 minutes


Just do it. 15 minutes, OK?

Fu-chun Fu-chun

Remember Jiro?

The ex-police inspector...

I'll go wash. Take your time

They'd look all over Shinjuk

and never find you here

The best place to hide

is in plain sight

Well? Did you find

where Xiao-lian is?

Don't worry

Xui-Hong convinced Yuan to

let her take Xiao-lian

Now I can kill the bastard

Without having to worry

Today at 5...

Yuan and two of his

men will pass here

I'm supposed to meet them

at the Tao Yuan restaurant

At 4:45 a boy will come

and give you a sports bag

In it will be a shotgun and

a walkie-talkie

Wait till I tell you


I'm with Fu-chun

Tell him you're at Xui-Hong

and you're all right


You're safe

Don't worry. I'm going to

Kill that son-of-a-bitch

Until then...


She hung up


Anyway, once it's done,

get the hell out of there

I'll bring Xiao-lian to

the cemetery in Takadanobaba

Oh, yeah...

the place we used

in the old days...

Just a minute...

One last thing

Buy a lottery ticket

for tonight's draw

For me... and Xiao-lian

Hello... I'd like the number

for Mistral in Shinjuku...

What the hell are you doing?

Sorry about that...

but who sent you?

Don't be so violent

I wanted you to ask him

I thought you wanted me

to kick him

Tell Mr. Ye I appreciated

his concern,

but I'll be fine

You called Papa Yang

and said

we were there, didn't you

I did what?

No one knew we were in that

coffee shop

But I never thought

he'd have us followed

When you went to pick up

the money, did he say...

you can't trust Kenichi

I'm your insurance

if anything happens

If you knew that, why ask?

So Papa Yang called

Cui-hu yesterday, too


The cheaters and the cheated

We're the side that chests

Think Why were you

able to fool me?

If you can't trust me,

try someone else


the plan won't change

Take care


I'm glad I was in time

I don't die that easily. So?

Fu-chun's father died of

lung cancer five years ago

His mother's on welfare

in Chiba

His elder brother's

in prison for murder

Fu-chun's the next brother

Then there's two girls.

One died at four in China

The younger one's

Japanese name is Machiko...

Fu-lian in Chinese


Her family calls her


She's wilder than

her brother

She ran with a gang in Chiba

did robberies, everything

She had trouble with a guy...

then slept with her eldest

brother so he'd help her

He killed the guy,

went to prison...

So she did the same thing

with Fu-chun

She's the kind

who'll do anything

Rumor has it she

even killed someone

Do you want to kill me?

I didn't think

you'd come back...

That I'd never see you again

No, no...

I'd like to know more about.

Fu-chun's little sister

You found out, hub...

I'll tell you the truth.

If you like.

We've still got some time

When we came to Japan

we couldn't speak Japanese...

We had no money...

Kids picked on us...

I already knew

I was raped by a gang

The leader owned me

He'd give me to other gangs.

...and let

then do what

they liked with me

I couldn't take it

I went to my older brother

I slept with him

He killed three of

them for me...

and went to jail

And then...

Fu-chun came to me...

wanting me to sleep with him

I ran away

when I was 17

Then last year

Fu-chun found me in Nagoya

I swear to you...

it was rape

He moved into my place

took all my money...

He'd hit me...

He even got me pregnant

I was pregnant with

my own brother's baby

I had an abortion

Kenichi... let's run away

Forget everything...

the plan, killing Yuan...

I've got some money

Let's go somewhere...

we don't have to think about

who's betraying who

Let's go now

It's too late, Xiao-lian.

We can't go back now

It's gotten too big. There's

nothing I can do alone

Even if I know it'll fail,

I have to go through with it

Anyway, the place

you want to go...

is only a dream

Get changed. It's time

You kill Fu-chun


Hello? Oh, hello, Mrs. Yang

Fine, thanks

His wife's there, too

There won't be a problem

Mr. Yuan's on line 2

Let's get this over with

and have New Year's dinner

Hey, what's going on?

Tell me

Go away Get lost

Look out

Two strangers at 10 o'clock

Right, I'll do'em all


He's coming


You head for the

meeting place

Yuan's right on time


You're early

I wasn't downstairs...

He says he's happy to be

dining out this New Year's

You're too kind...

Yuan's crossing the street

He's crossing the street now

Can you hear me?


I've been looking for you

What's up

Listen, can you help me?

I want a Hongkong

lottery ticket

Mom, have you seen Xu-rui?

NO. Isn't he with you?

It's 500 million yen


Go on



What are you doing here?

I want to be here

Get going

Eat this



You, too?

Now it all makes sense

I told you to get away,

didn't I?

This was Fu-chun's mess

till you stuck your nose in

Anyway, you're still only

the mistress

Now this guy's the boss

Don't forget, Sun-chun...

you've still got

Qian-Bo to contend with

We'll give him

your body and Fu-chun's

Everything's under control

Just to recap...

Your guys shot Fu-chun...

Who killed Yuan?

Cui-hu's men.

Thanks for bringing

him into it

That's it Papa Yang's taking

Shinjuku from Mr. Ye

Cui-hu joins him...

Without Yuan

the Shanghai group

loses power...

It's like

The Romance of

the Three Kingdoms...

Now I get it!

You want to be boss of

the Shanghai group!

Which makes this guy

the cur who betrays his lord

for a woman

I'm tired of being kept

Mr Yang's going to give me

all the clubs in Kabukicho

Not bad, huh?

So where are we going?

You wanted to kill Fu-chun,

didn't you?

Hey, Can I have a smoke?


Can I get that?

Make it quick

Hello? OK

The lottery's out

What's the number?





Xiao-lian... Xiao-lian...


Do your brother a favor

Send me away

Goodbye... big brother

Go to the Tao Yuan with all

these cops around?

Papa Yang and Mr Ye are

having a meeting

I have to get things

straight for us right now

Let's go back

Already? Let's go


Hi, Kenichi


What's wrong?

Surprised I'm still alive?

I have to talk to

you three gentlemen again

Especially Mr Qian-Bo

the new Shanghai group boss

What happened tonight?

Well, let's say Xui-Hong and

her boyfriend

Sun-chun joined up...

with Wu Fu-chun...

to eliminate their boss,

Yuan Cheng-gui

But they fell out,

shot each other to death...

and now the police get

an anonymous tip from me...

that there are three bodies

at a certain place

What do you think?

That could work

What do you think, Mr Ye?

Mr Ye says that's

fine with him...

but that we'll need

the Shanghai group to agree

Sun-chun was

an ambitious man

The people under him will

confirm that

Let's leave it at

that for now

That settles Kenichi, then

The problem of this woman

is a little more difficult

What problem?

Three days ago

Mr Ye had a phone call from


asking him to find

Wu Fu-chun and

his girlfriend

It seems they robbed

an underground bank there...

killed two of its staff

and stole 60 million yen

Now, if Wu Fu-chun is dead...

then perhaps we might have

this lady return the money

If she can't

this is a serious loss of

face for Mr Ye

He will not be happy

What happened is...

she started this whole thing

She schemed to have

Yuan kill Wu Fu-chun...

so she'd have all the money

This was all about money?

Mr Ye suggests

people be told...

that she put Xui-Hong

and Sun-chun up to it

What if she returned it?

That would only be a start

Where's the money?

I bought a condo

A smart move...

or a stupid one...

If she sold the condo?

Mr Ye says he cannot wait

that long

This must be settled tonight

Then how about this...

Enough of this

Be grateful we've left

you alive

No, wait...

It's Mr Ye who's

behind all of this

He's trying to take over


Mr Ye and Qian-Bo

They had a falling out

and shot each other

And now Yokohama

and Shinjuku are yours,


It's OK

Why didn't you kill Yang?

Someone's got to tell

the police what happened

We might get split up

You take this

How did you know Yang would

kill Qian-Bo?

He was setting Xui-Hong up...

so he'd control

the Shanghai group

And he'd been aiming at Ye's

position for a long time

I got him there

that much faster

That's why he let you go?

He's very smart,

is Papa Yang...

He sure is

He thought you'd

get away from


and show up back here

But you're clever, too,


Imagine! Leaving by the roof

But I'm a smart guy, too

Shall we take a drive?

All this shit

you've stirred up tonight

is a godsend for me

I won't be

Yang's stooge forever

All I was supposed to do

was deliver you two to Yang

Now if I need

a witness about today

to keep Mr Yang honest...

I can have one of you

Just which one of you

isn't going to be

an easy choice

The one I choose has to die,

you see

Dead men tell no tales

It'd be nice to have

a pretty girl to play with...

Can't you just let

the both of us go?

If I do that, he'll just

send someone else to get you

No. One of you dies

and the other goes free

Wouldn't you like

to be with me?

Hands off

You think I didn't know

you had a gun

You're a smart girl.

Think about it

I don't think

you'll shoot me

Kenichi What did I tell you

I told you to give her to me

Go on, Xiao-lian, Shoot

What he says makes sense

Don't think about it

Go on


Great What a climax

Damn That bitch

was really going to

shoot you

She blew her chance

Well, that's how it goes

Sooner or later

she'd kill whoever

ended up with her, you or me

She's bad luck.

That's all it is

Finish her off

I shouldn't have gone

into her room

I shouldn't have

opened her trunk

She was stronger than me

She knew exactly

what she wanted...

and she'd do anything

to get it

Maybe she was

the only way I had...

to get out of

this shithole of Kabukicho


It's snowing...

That's nice

How long did I stand there

holding her?

Did it really snow?

I don't really remember

I vanished from Kabukicho

for a while

Later Cui-hu invited me

to join him

He said I'd become


a completely

cold-blooded animal

And that made me the perfect

partner for him

Two years later,

Mr Yang became

don of the Chinese

mafia in Tokyo

For his 70-Th birthday...

People came from

all over Japan

There was a rumor...

I would appear to

avenge Natsumi

That was wrong

I was there to take

Shinjuku from him

But Natsumi...

who was Natsumi, anyway?