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A story of a legendary battle, where seventeen fearless warriors defend their land against an army of thousands well-trained soldiers. In 13th-century Mongol warrior hordes and their leader, Batu Khan, control most of the known world. As the Mongols move towards Europe they invade the last Russian principality standing in their way. Little do they know, their plans are about to be ruined by a small detachment of heroic strong men led by a mysterious brave warrior. This is a story about courage, endurance and self-sacrifice for the sake of one's country. This is the story of Evpaty the Furious.

In the year Evpaty Kolovrat was born,

Genghis Khan's army defeated the
Russian forces on the Kalka River.

The Horde put the captured Russian
princes and nobles

under a platform at the victory feast
and crushed them to death.

The Russians' spirit couldn't be crushed.

Like other boys, Kolovrat dreamed
of becoming a warrior.

I want to join the prince's guard!

I'm good with a sword,
even two swords at once!

Look, I'll show you!

Here he goes again.

Tie those sticks to millstones
and we'll never be short of flour!

Have mercy on those pine cones!

Come here.

You're very good at swinging
sticks around,

but you should be doing what I
told you to do: watching over Nastya.

Can't you see her horse is
being fussy? Go and help her.

Ratmir, why did you bring your
daughter along hunting with us?

Did you all agree to ask me
the same question?

After her mother died, I don't like
leaving her alone at home,

and forest air is good for her.

- Want to play the whistle?
- No.

You looked like a spinning wheel
with those sticks flying around you.

From now on I'm going to
call you Kolovrat.

We're ambushed!


My whistle...

Hurry back to Ryazan!
Have them send help!

Damn you!

Watch out!


Over here!

Take that! You're welcome!



I'll save you, kid!


Take that!

Come and feel our steel!

Surround them!


Are you insane?!

Back to back!

Calm down now.

See? No blood.
Your wound healed.

It was thirteen years ago.

Thirteen years ago?

Yes. Are you starting to remember?

The Mongols left you for dead,
but you survived and recovered.

Now you're a foreman in
Prince Yury's guard.

- I'm in Prince Yury's guard?
- Yes.

You teach other warriors
how to fight jointly, using tactics.

- I know this place.
- It's your house.

- This is Ryazan.
- We live in Ryazan, yes.

Ever since you were wounded,
upon waking up you forget your past.

But then your memory returns.

Let's see...


- I knew they were here.
- Your children love them.

- Their names are Ivan and...
- and Zhdana.

I nicknamed you Kolovrat, remember?
Now everyone calls you that.


- Yes, your wife.
- Nastya...

Good morning, my love.

Kolovrat, are you awake?

Prince needs us. Some strangers
are approaching the city.

- Is it... Jinxer?
- Yes, it's Jinxer.

You're standing in the way.

Couldn't you shake the snow off
your shoes before stepping in?

Watch you don't spill the water.

Why would I... Ow!
You devil's spawn, you jinxed it.

Yesterday you warned the commander
about the Mongols lurking nearby.

He didn't listen, and now he's panicking.

He wants to fight them in an open field.

That's so stupid!

I say he's old and useless.

If I was in his place, I would've
made wise decisions.

I would've banned fermented drinks, too!

Hello, Evpaty.

Hi, Evpaty.

Come on.

Hello, Prince.


What do you think?

I can't see their flags.
No idea who they are.

We'll burn them! It's the Horde!
Ignite the tar!

We should singe their arses
so others will know to stay away!

You forgot your glove...
Father, is there going to be a war?

Go back home.

Aim well, boys!

Well? Do we shoot?

We wait.

We wait.

They're friends!
They're Bryansk people!

It's Prince of Bryansk with his guards,
arriving for the christening ceremony!

Quiet down, everyone!
Go back to your stations.

I told you there was no
need to panic.

Hey daredevils! Open the gate
and welcome your guests!

"Hand-to-hand combat formation."

Odds and evens, step apart!

Hand-to-hand combat formation.
Make ready!




Look how they fight together as one.
You women should learn from them...

Jab! Chop!


Here come the young
prince and princess.

Yesterday you said you needed it.

Who are you?

Hello, Fyodor!

Why are you late for duty?

Did you forget about the
christening ceremony?

For who?

For my son. You're the
named godfather. Remember?

Have you even seen
the Horde in battle?

I bet I alone could beat
five of your 'strategists'!

The young prince is so dashing!

- If he winks at me, I'll wink back.
- Careful, you might go blind!

Make a shield platform.

Snag his left ankle.

Not so dashing now, is he?

- I lost my footing...
- Like a bull in a slaughterhouse!

To hell with you!

Fyodor, wait...

A true hero beats five men
with one blow.

I'll tell Prince all about
your shenanigans.

Hand-to-hand formation fight.

Jab! Chop!

The Maiden of Dawn
was walking across the skies.

She walked across the skies
gathering stars.

She gathered stars
into her crimson skirt,

And then she poured
the stars into a well.

The well was very deep,
the water very cold.

And the Maiden dropped
her key into the well...

Rrrr, I'm a scary werewolf!

- Daddy!
- Look what I found outside.

It's so cute...

The poor thing woke up
in the midst of winter.

- Little hedgehog...
- Daddy, it's not prickly at all.

I'll give it some milk.
Want to watch it drink?

Yes, we want to watch!

I made you a new whistle.
You lost yours, remember?

Master, I cleaned your clothes!
Do you need anything else done?

We should be going.

Do I make a new whistle
for you every day?

Yes. You declare your love
to me every day, too.

The christening ceremony
will begin soon.

The servant of God Ivan is baptized

in the name of the Father. Amen.

And of the Son. Amen.

And of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Have you united yourself to Christ?

Give Evpaty to me. He deserves
better than being a foreman.

I would make him commander
in Bryansk.

People! People! The Horde is here!

They're two milestones away!


If anyone would come after me,
let him deny himself,

and take up his cross daily
and follow me.

Blessed are those whose
lawless deeds are forgiven,

and whose sins are covered.

Blessed is the man to whom
the Lord will not reckon sin,

and in whose spirit is no deceit.

When I kept silence, my bones
wasted away

through my groaning all the day long.

So many corpses to bury afterwards...

- Open the gate!
- We must escape! Let us out!

Stay back! Nobody leaves the city!

We're not sacrificial animals!
Open the gate and let us escape!

- Erofey, give me some spikes.
- No, you still owe me money.

Stop screaming, you fool!
Hide the children! We must save them!

Prince, I know little about
the art of war,

but I speak on behalf of the
citizens I represent.

We can't fight the Horde
They are too many!

They'll destroy Ryazan...

Should we welcome them
with open arms?


They want tribute. We can pay it
to them in order to avoid war.

We'll be poor, but we'll save the city.
If we can pay our way out, we should.

They're cunning and evil.
We must prepare for battle.

We're outnumbered.

Father, any one of our men
can beat ten Mongols.

Pity we didn't have time to
send messengers for help.

Vasily, take some men and go
to their camp with gifts.

Bargain with them, do whatever -
just bide me some time.

They'll only speak with you.


You mustn't leave the city.

You're right, I'm more needed
here in Ryazan. Fyodor!

You will go with Vasily.
I'll give you the best guards...

- Stay away from the gate!
- Wait!

You alright?

Hey, aren't you a foreman
in Prince's guard?

So what?

Tell them to let me out.

I'm a medicine man. I'll give you
a potion that cures all ailments.

Your wife will be pleased, too... Well?

The city is surrounded.
If you get out you'll perish.

Fellow citizens, I found the
funniest man in all of Ryazan!

Have you seen how many
of them there are?

I've been to the Horde.
I know Batu Khan's ways.

They'll kill everyone!
I have a young wife!

Martha, my sweetheart, my soul!
Can't take my eyes off you!

Open the gate!

And he went to fetch water.

He was a clumsy brute -
he spilled water into his boot.

He hit the bucket with a thud,
and there was a great flood...

Children, your father's back.
Come with me,

I'll tell you more funny verses...

Get your men ready.

You're going to the Mongols'
camp with Fyodor.

Don't be angry, Prince, but...
Order someone else to go with Fyodor.

Have a seat.

I'm not ordering you to go,
I'm asking you.

I can't fully trust neither Fyodor
nor Vasily.

Fyodor is hot-headed and willful.
You're the only one he'd listen to.

As for Vasily, he measures
everything in lucre.

I need to make a deal with Batu Khan.
Or at least win time, a day or two.

We'll make mobile forts.

Talk to me!

- He can't go!
- Nastya...

He can't go! He's got no memory!

When he wakes up he
doesn't remember anything!

He turns furious and starts
crushing everything around him

thinking he's still 13 years old,
still fighting in that battle!

Only Jinxer knows about it
because I told him!

I don't know if his memory
will ever return...

Open the door.

This is unbearable...

Prince, wait.

I'll go with Fyodor.

Sixteen, seventeen...

Put the pot with silver on the bottom
so it doesn't topple over.

- Hello, Titus.
- Hello.

Medicine man, you've been
to the Horde, right?

- You speak their language?
- Not only theirs.

He'll be our translator.

What? I'm a free man, not a serf!

Tell that to the ruler of the
city you live in.

Here, I made some pancakes.

Lada will come with you.
She'll help you remember things...

- I don't need that.
- You do. Don't argue.

Come back soon. I want a new whistle.

Let's go.


Jinxer! Keep an eye on Lada.

You forgot your glove again.

A war?

We'll see.

Do not fornicate...

- Hey, translator.
- What?

- What's the old man saying?
- He's explaining the laws of the Horde.

Do not betray one another.

Disobedience is punished by death.

Why are they laughing?

They're barbarians.

They cook maidens with garlic
and eat them.

God be with us.

Great Khan, ruler of the Great Horde!

Great Khan of the Great Horde!

Prince Yury sends his greetings
and a low bow to the Son of Heaven.

Prince Yuri bows low to the Son of Heaven.

He asks that you accept
this humble offering.

He asked that you accept these gifts.

Sit down and eat, my dear guests.

Have some food.

Try it first.

It's fermented mare's milk.
Don't spit it out, or you'll offend them.

- Don't spit it out.
- Don't spit it out.

- Don't spit it out.
- Don't spit it out.

Great Khan, allow us to ask...

What do you want from
people of Ryazan?

I want nothing from you.
You came here on your own accord.

The Great Khan wants nothing from you.
You came here uninvited.

But I am curious about your people.

He is curious to see what you're like.

Ryazan will be my first Russian city.

Ryazan will be the Great Khan's
first Russian city.

The Russian land needs a ruler.

Your land needs a ruler.

Eat, eat.


Those who kneel before me
will have enough food to eat.

The Great Khan says,

those who kneel before him
will eat well.

I'd rather see you kneel before us.

What did he say?

I didn't hear that. Say again.

What the young prince meant was...

We have this saying,

"Don't cross the bridge
till you come to it."

Do you think I would ever
get down on my knees?

Do you think the Great Khan
would ever kneel before anybody?

I think you will have our land...
only when we're all dead.

Bring the 'immunity charter'.

The Great Khan grants you immunity
from being killed by his warriors.

He wants you to see how
pathetic your flock is

compared to the greatness
of his people.

With this charter, you can travel
freely between the lands of Batu Khan.

No warrior will cause you any harm.

Upon your request, any prince
subservient to the Khan

will give you food, clothes, and a horse.

Don't move a muscle, or they'll kill us.
Don't move a muscle, or they'll kill us.

The damned table is too heavy.
We'll get squashed to death.

I'd rather die fighting.

Let's warn our townsmen.

- Run!
- Run!


Gather here!

Follow me!

Don't fall behind!

Ratmir, hurry!

Form a wedge!

Grab horses!

Don't be scared! We'll escape!

Retreat to the forest!


Let's go!

A true hero beats five men
with one blow.

Take our people away from here.

Kill me instead!
The young prince must live!

He has a baby son!

No need to pursue them.

They have nowhere to go
but the forest.

Get the Horde ready.

Freedom at last! I haven't seen
my daughter in years!

I wonder if she'll recognize me.
Hope she's doing well.

She's my wife.

What? Your wife?

We have two children.

So I'm a grandfather now?
Why are we moving so slow?

Come on, everyone, hurry up!

Kolovrat, we have to build a campfire
or we'll turn to frozen bear food!

We can't stop, we need to get to Ryazan!

We're taking a long way around!

Ryazan is besieged! We need to rest!

We'll break through!


Don't be afraid!

My bear won't harm a Russian.

Here, drink this. You'll sleep like a baby.

To make sleeping potion I use dried
arrow wood berries and hedgehog's liver.

No point sleeping now.
We'll move on at dawn.

You won't make it to Ryazan.

The blizzard will last until
tomorrow night. Drink.

No, I can't.

That's a strange form of penance.
I at least sleep, though on bare ground.

But in the monastery I wore a cilice,
a hair-shirt, as penance...

You know many herbs, right?

Is there an herb that would stop
a man from sleeping?

Maybe. Why?

I'm asking for my brother.
His memory is really bad.

Sometimes, when he wakes up,
he forgets everything...

and takes long to remember.

You're a happy man.

You start your life anew every time,
and the past doesn't trouble you.

God loves you.

Quiet, Nestor! Your shouting
will knock icicles down.

Get ready! Formation!

The map...

Here's your journal. Don't lose it.


Your wound healed.
It was thirteen years ago...

I didn't sleep. Give me my journal.

- I smell smoke.
- A forest fire maybe?

Here, wrap yourself in it.

That's no forest fire.

Have no fear, my boys!
Let's give them a good fight!

The commander is dead!

Father, I will save you!

Daria, run!

Don't go there.

Find and gather survivors.

They are coming
back to finish us off!

Hide the children!

Why would you bother? He'll die anyway.

Who needs a young slave?

Russian warrior...

- We kill him and return to the camp.
- Agreed.

Kill him!

I can see you're good
with two swords now.

What have you done?!
Now the Horde will come back!

They'll want revenge.
We must run!

Go ahead, run!

Leave him alone!

Shut your mouth!

Hide and cover, everyone!

If the Mongols return they
will not spare a soul!

We have nowhere to hide.

The city is burned down.

We'll seek refuge in
neighboring cities.

And when they too are
burned down?

If we don't save our neighbors
we won't live to see spring.

How do we save them?

This is the map I saw
in Batu Khan's tent.

Prince Yury couldn't send
messengers for help, but we will.

The Horde is moving
along the frozen river.

Batu Khan's army is immense.
We must unite against them.

Our messengers will tell princes to
bring their armies to the open field

by the Bald Mountain.

In order to bide them some time...

we'll try to distract the Horde
and make it go after us.

Who knows routes to the cities of
Vladimir, Kolomna, or Murom?

I do.

So do I.

I know a winter route to Kolomna.

What do we do?
What about the children?

Take them to Nestor's cave.

You're going to Vladimir.

You're going to Murom.

- Will you survive the journey?
- I heal like a dog.

When you reach the spot
where the river divides into two

keep right, or the Mongols
will grab you.

They won't. I was born
under a lucky star.

God be with you.

Now let's think how we can
get the Horde to turn around.

I know how.

Water, quick!

Water for the horses!

Make a fire!

Hurry up!

- Herbs?
- Herbs, herbs.

- Will they work?
- Always have. Go on.

Don't be greedy, leave some
for the horses.

I am thirsty too.

Did anyone check the water?

Get up!

Damn you all.

Get to work!

That's demons being cast
out of them.

Jinxer, give me a bow and arrows!

A bow!

Your job was to test all
food and water!

I'll cut your ears off and
feed them to the dogs!

He's over there! Take a dozen
men and capture him alive!

Get moving! We must capture him!

Capture him!

That's some good blade.

Those heathens make good shoes.

Well? Shall we eat, commander?

You'll lead from now on.
You were commander before, so...

He's wounded! He's wounded!
He's wounded! Do something!

Can you breathe?
Somebody do something!

He's asleep. He hasn't slept
in three days.

Tie his hands and watch over him.

He's asleep.

How curious.

My men will bring him here soon.

Get out of my sight.


Holy Mother of God, help
Evpaty defeat the enemy.

Make the Horde go away.

Make it so there are never
any wars on our soil,

so we can return to rebuild
our homes.

And make it so Evpaty can't
take his eyes off me.

Jesus fed 5,000 men with two fish
and five loaves of bread. Hurry up...

- You'll stuff your gob yet.
- Here.


I heard people in Judea eat locusts.

- What an odd bunch.
- I don't know how they do it...

Hey you, come here.

Here, eat. And take some to Evpaty.

It's time to wake him up.
We'll be moving on soon.

Calm down now...
See? No blood.

Your wound healed.
It was thirteen years ago.

We're in the forest now.

You're a foreman in
Prince Yury's guard.

You teach other warriors
how to fight...

- Grab him!
- Wait!

Hold his legs. Just don't break them...

He'll break ours instead.

Tie him tighter!

Evpaty, come to your senses!

- Get her away from here!
- Stupid broad, tagging along...

Remember! Batu Khan burned Ryazan!

We're on his track!

We want the Horde to turn around
and go after us! Remember!

I remember now.

Forgive me, my brothers.

I know the right way to wake you up,
but they say I'm "tagging along".

You're doing everything right.

We must unite our forces
against the Horde.

Evpaty is asking you to
bring the Vladimir army

to the field by the Bald Mountain.

Armies from Murom and Kolomna
will also come.

We'll attack the Horde from
different angles and crush them.

How big is Batu Khan's army?

It's massive, moving along the Oka River
in a column stretching seven miles.

He's telling the truth.

Our scouts saw the Horde, and
counted ten units of 10,000 men.

Prepare to withstand a siege.
Get the commander here.

The man who sent you - who is he?

Evpaty Kolovrat. He was a
foreman in Prince Yury's guard.

A foreman? How big is his army then?

More than two dozen.

Two dozen... thousand?

No, two dozen warriors, but
each one is worth 100 Mongols.

He came here to tell us jokes!

He says we should leave
our city defenseless

and go looking for some
foreman in the forest.

Go where you came from.
God help you.

- He's not just "some foreman".
- Go away.

Get me the commander!

And gather by the Bald Mountain.

I'll give you a fresh horse.

Go back and tell your leader
he won't get help from us.

Fighting the Horde in an
open field... is suicide.

What do I tell Kolovrat?

I need my army here,
protecting my city. Goodbye.

They didn't return.

Damn it! Out of my way!

So I told him

if that is what he wants done...

Hey, what is that you are wearing?

Hey! Freeze!

Oh Eternal Blue Heaven!

Almighty Tengri, protect me
from evil spirits!

Hey, what's the matter?

I saw a ghost!


Forest spirits!

Come on, come on.

Jinxer, here, take some.

No, it's for your face!

What is it?

- Ever seen a will-o'-the-wisp?
- Yeah...

It's for scaring the Mongols.
They're superstitious.

Watch out! Watch out!

Nobody panic!

I swear, I saw it with my own eyes!

They are evil spirits!

What is happening?



I saw a ghost! We're being
attacked by forest spirits!

Let me through.

I swear, I saw forest spirits
with my own eyes.

Great Khan...

Today, the scouts captured a spy.

Are you scared?

I am.

Oh, the look on their faces
when they saw our scarecrow!

A couple more surprises like that,

they'll forget about Vladimir
and go chasing us around!

This is Mongolian wine, called airag.
They make it from mare's milk.

- Leave some for us!
- I bet it tastes vile.

We have a big day tomorrow.
The armies will be arriving.

You think they'll come?

Of course they will.
Do they have a choice?

Calm down now. Your wound healed.
It was thirteen years ago.

You were Prince Yury's foreman.
Now we're in the forest.

We're fighting Batu Khan,
who burned Ryazan.

I'm your wife Lada.

My wife is called Nastya.

I didn't forget.

You're all I have left
to remind me of home.

I heard horses neigh...
in the distance.

- I almost thought help wouldn't come.
- I'll go look. Wait here, keep guard.

Jinxer, help! Over here!

Almighty Tengri...


Surround him!

They drink blood and eat liver -
that's how they multiply.

You know Dalgar? One of the
forest spirits spat snow at him,

and his eyes burst.
Everyone saw that.

Evil spirits will eat us alive
if our khan is weak.

Spirits were scared of Genghis.
He was a truly great khan.


Batu Khan, I served your grandfather
and your father.

I fought wars all my life.

I fought and I won...
but I can't fight with ghosts.

I know it wasn't ghosts who poisoned
our water and invaded our camp.

But I saw it with my own eyes...

You saw what?

That Russian man was alone
in the field.

We surrounded him.

Suddenly, a snowstorm came, and
out of it emerged enormous beasts.

They began ripping our men
into pieces...

and then Russians appeared.

When I was a child, you
told me a riddle:

What's long, black, and
never sleeps?

Remember the answer?

You've gotten old.

The answer is, 'your own shadow'.

The Russians cannot defeat us,
but our own fear can.

I want my warriors to see that
those 'spirits' are ordinary humans.

Humans who are weak.

Turn the army around.

But, Khan... The entire army?

Go now.

Move faster!

Set up a camp!



Unsaddle the horses!


Come! Come!


Move, sons of the asses!

- Are you sure it will help?
- It's the best evil spirit repellent.

Go back home. This war is
not yours to fight - it's ours.


Thank you, monk.

My name is Nestor.

You stayed in my cave and tried
to convince me to take up a sword.

I guess I convinced you.

I came to a thought that
this is a war between our gods.

They have many gods,
while ours is one and only.

I decided that we should
help our Lord win.

I went around villages and
gathered up some people for you.

The men want to know...

Was it really 10 of you
against 10,000 army?

Can you really wield four
swords at once? Show us!

Did you really defeat
40 people alone?

There were fifty of them, not forty.

And there were seven of us. Got it?

Got it.


Give me some water...

Over there... Over there... The Horde...

They're turning the whole army around.

They'll go after us.

They turned around!

They turned around!

They'll keep searching for us
in the forest until next winter!

Why, Lord?

We have a sleigh full of
orphaned children here...

As if we didn't have enough
worries already.

You poor things... You're freezing.

They have no homes to return to,
no relatives left alive.

We all must stick together.

We'll find unravaged land,
build a new city,

raise these children-
and then they'll raise theirs.

We have to have faith.

Time to head into the forest.

What about the children?
They'll freeze to death.

And they'll slow us down, too.

So let's split up: we'll go one way,
and they will go the other.

They'll perish without our protection.

The sleigh is fitted with a sail.

Get it to the river, hoist the sail, and
it'll go faster than the fastest horse.

How much time do we have?

Just enough. The Horde's only
began to turn around.

Get the sleigh ready.

We must hold the line until the
sleigh with children reaches the river.

By then, princes and their armies
should be here.

You'll go with Lada and the children.

Don't argue.

This is the river bend.
The Horde is here.

Cut through the forest to
where the river turns straight.

As soon as you get there,
hoist the sail.

Jinxer, your only duty is
to save the children.

- The sail is very noticeable.
- Hopefully there's wind.

It's always windy on the river.

Does he look like my son?


I won't remember them tomorrow.

But they will never forget you.

Take good care of them.

I will never forget you either...

Work will keep you warm.

Come on, we don't want the princes
to think we were being idle here.

What's taking the Horde so long?
Must be planning some dirty trick.

Look! Look. Look...

Get ready!

What's the day today?

It's Friday.

I can't die on a Friday.

It's Saturday then.

Who made so many of them?

Ha! You want victory,
but the path is too slippery!


Wait, you idiot.


Hurry, Jinxer. We won't hold out
much longer.

We'll have to push
the sleigh through.

Push! Push! Come on! Come on!

Don't stop! Push!


Emelya, grab the wounded!

If I could only have one more
bowl of my mom's chicken soup...

Mom's soup...

My lovely Martha... So beautiful...

Allow me to kill him.

Out of my way!

Seize them!

Seize them!


Make ready!

Hand-to-hand combat formation!

I need rope!

Lord, give us strength.

Hold the line!

On your right!

On your left!

Get in a circle!

Come over here!


Medicine man!

What's wrong?

The knot is frozen solid, and we
have no fire to thaw it out.

We'll breathe on it. Come on,
let's all breathe on the knot.

Breathe on it, breathe.

They're ridiculing us.

Ask them what they want.

The Great Khan wishes
to speak to you!

You are brave warriors!

The Great Khan wants to
know what you want!

We want nothing from you.
You came here uninvited!

But you will all be killed!

So come and kill us!

Bring forth the catapults!

Hurry, hurry!

Work it faster!

Everyone ran, so I ran too.
Everyone fought, so I fought too.

And this morning, before noon...
They'll all die, so I'll die too.

I've never had a
morning like this before.

Watch out for rocks!

Be wary! Disperse!


What are my grandchildren like?
I bet they're beautiful.

They're perfect.

That's wonderful.
We'll see them soon.

The sail.

The sail.

The sail!

The sail!





I remember...

I remember...


I'm not thirteen anymore...

I remember everything, and
I will never forget again.

Russian warrior...

He has immunity charter!

Who is he?

The Great Khan wants
to know who you are.

I am an ordinary Russian warrior.

My name is Evpaty Kolovrat.

Tell him...

The day will come...

and we will prevail.

He says they will defeat us one day.

Take it back.

You might need it.

See? You're kneeling before me.

If this warrior were mine I would
trust him with my very heart!

Give him a burial with all the honors
the greatest warrior hero deserves!

In honor of Kolovrat, Batu Khan had
his warriors build a mound of rocks

taller than the hill Evpaty and
his men fought and died on.

How many of us were there?
We were many.

Everyone who fought the Horde
stood on that hill.

Shoulder to shoulder,
dead and alive.

They're still with us, among our ranks,
continuing the fight for Justice.

Kolovrat's fight for Justice.

I heard there were a
thousand of you.

Maybe a thousand.

Some say five thousand.

Maybe so. Who knows?


Now that's what I call music!