Full Moon Scimitar (1979) - full transcript

Inspired from a famous martial arts tale, a young swordsman becomes obsessed with sword supremacy and challenges another kung fu master, where everything begins.

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Oh, the Full Moon Scimitar...

The full moon, the smooth scimitar

the moon would become crescent

the scimitar would face many challenges.

The full moon, the smooth scimitar

the moon knows my heart's desire.

The scimitar would join two loving hearts.

Tears drop as the wind laments.

Success draws lovers apart.

Love will soon be forgotten;
the wife abandoned!

The full moon, the smooth scimitar

the moon comes full circle,
gone is enmity and hatred.

The scimitar dispels evil...

The scimitar dispels evil...


You're too kind.

Almost half of the great martial artists

are defeated by him.

Guess who he would challenge next.

I hear it would be

the best fighter of the Wu
Dang called Liu Ruo Song.

"Zhang Song Villa"

Who is Ding Peng?

Ding Peng.

He is merely a security chief's son.

No one knows where he has learnt

the deadly technique called Shooting Star.

He has defeated Sung Yang Swordsman,

head of the Iron Sword Clan

and Bao Ding Swordsman in the last 6 months.

Of late I have heard that he is the

most popular hero in the martial arts world.

I wonder what he wants with me.

It's obvious.

You are the chief of Wu Dang.

If he defeats you

he'll top the martial arts world.

He seeks to defeat me? Where is he?

Xiang Si Forest.


What is it?

Save me.

She's there, get her.

What are you doing?

What do you think? To get
our woman of course.

No, please, they are robbers.

They robbed me and want to rape me.

Fear not, as long as I am here

nobody dares touch you.

Such insolence.

Let's go.

Who are you?

You want to know who I am

I too am eager to know who you are.

Alright then.

Take the gold hairpin to the Lee residence

and you will know.

Please follow me, sir.

Please wait here.

Do you know who I am?


What? It's you.

Yes, it's me.

Please come in.


Why have you asked me to come here?

To repay you for saving my life

but I was worried you might not come

that's why I did this.


Master Ding, if someone saves your life

what would you do to thank him?

What do you suggest?

There is only one way.

In such a case

I'll give myself to him.

Where's my sword manual?

"Zhang Song Villa"


Master Ding, you really are a young hero.

You flatter me.

There are heroes from
every clan gathered here.

If you win this fight

your name will rank supreme.

Please show me some mercy then.

I have heard your famous
technique is the Shooting Star.

But how come you haven't

used it yet?!

That's because I haven't
fathomed your strength.

Besides, I don't want to defeat you yet.

Shooting Star...

So deadly...

Master Ding.

Was that the Shooting Star?

When have you seen it?

Otherwise you couldn't
have thwarted my attack.

Who taught you this technique?

My dad.

Where's your dad?

He has passed away.

That's strange.

Masters, hero Ding says

he inherited the Shooting
Star from his family.

However it greatly ensembles the

technique I invented, as documented in the

Qing Song Sword Manual.

Do you have the manual?

Of course.

My father stumbled onto this by chance

and he gave it to me when he died

but I lost it along the way.


Liu Fu, ask madam to take out my manual.

Madam, please.

What? Your wife?

Dear, the manual.

Thank you.

Is this the technique?

That's it.

That's right then.

Now the matter is clear.

This page was lost from
the manual ten years ago

and we only found it recently.

Master Ding's father

must have stolen my manual.

Later he'd have practised in secret

and passed it on to his son.

No, my father didn't steal it from you.

She stole it from me.

What are you doing?

Hero Ding you must be mistaken.

We haven't even met

how could I have stolen from you?


If I messed with you

I would be promiscuous

and you would be guilty of fornication.


What? What would you say...

Master Ding, I thought

you were a rising star.

But you are merely the son of a thief.

Dad, on your deathbed

you asked me to glorify your name

such that people would know

our Ding family has a remarkable son.

But I am useless.

What is this place?

Not bad if I could die here.

Why would you want to die?

Who are you?

July the fifteenth is a day of the ghosts

I have come from hell.

What? You're a ghost?

Fox ghost.

Fox ghost?

What place is this?

This is where man and God meet.

God will turn into a human here

and for a mortal, the other way around.

What are you laughing at?

Because I have come to the right place

I want to be a ghost.

What? Why do you want to
die at such young age?

Why should I tell you?

What's your name?

Why do you want to know?

When you die and become a ghost

we might see each other often

so that's why I want to know your name.

So tell me your name first

I am Qing Qing.

Qing Qing.

Qing Qing.

I am Ding Peng.

Alright, return the sword to me and leave.

Why do you want me to go?

A dying person would not look good.

Why are you still looking at me?

I haven't seen anyone die

would you let me?

What's there to look at?

I know a kind of death
that's interesting to watch.

There is a flower called
the Oblivion in here.

When one eats it

the person's all cares
will sink into oblivion

and die slowly.

This is an interesting way to die.

Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?

Who wants to kill me?

Only two people are

eligible to be killed by me.


One is her.

Is that a scimitar in your floral basket?

How did you know that?

So this is the scimitar

I've searched it for twenty years

at last I've found it.

Kid, you want to die

I am really... dying.

No, that fellow's Deadly Palm

only hit you unconscious.

Grand dad has cleared your pressure points

so you should be okay now.

What is this place?

A place where nobody would come

a ghostly place.


No human comes here

this place is separated
from the secular world.

Anyone coming here can never
return to the living world.

They are not human

they are like me, a fox.

You seem to regret it.

No, I wanted to die

why would I regret?


let him recuperate here.

You are awake.

This is a beautiful place, you live here?


This place was originally my aunt's.

- Who is she?
- Look.

"Listening to the Spring rain
in a small attic all night"

It's said that when my aunt was young

she went to the human world with the scimitar

and fell in love with a great kung fu hero.

But being from different
worlds they had to part.

On the night they separated

they sat in the rain till dawn.

While parting, the young hero used

his inner powers and wrote on the scimitar

these characters.

And hence when the aunt
returned she wrote these

words everywhere.

Then what happened?

Then she waited here

hoping to see him once.

She eventually died last year.

The hero never came?

Didn't my grand dad say so that

this place is totally
detached from the human world

why would any person come here?

One day when you are gone

I don't think even you'd ever return.

Would you?

No, I wouldn't

but I wouldn't leave here.

Is it love? Or could it be termed as fate?

A human and a fox shielded from the world.

Every man has passions and desires.

Ding Peng is a man after all.

One day he would go back.

No, he won't.

Your parents died early
and you're all I've got

I can't keep you with me
the rest of your life

forget it, nobody knows
what the future will bring.

If what I guess is right

it would be your destiny.

Then you do endorse their marriage?

In the secular world

I have never seen a
beautiful place like this.


You always carry it with
you when you go out, why?

It's a present from grand dad

but he doesn't allow me to use it.


Because anyone who sees
the scimitar drawn out

is sure to die.

What a deadly sword!

Here, catch it.

You want to practise in secret?

Could I?

It's mine and I'm yours

so why not?

This is "scimitar catching the cicada".

This is the "Full Moon returning the pearl".

Lethal Scimitar.

This move is called "Double
moon pierces the rainbow".

Great technique.

But, the user must be sincere

because the scimitar has its own spirit.

If the user has evil thoughts

he'll never perfect the art.

Try it and see if you have evil thoughts.

This scimitar.

"Listening to the Spring rain
in a small attic all night"

Ding Peng...

I'm here.

Haven't you practised enough all day?

Right, Qing Qing.

How has my practice been?

Not bad, you're better than me.

What if I returned to the human world?

Then you will be invincible.

What's the matter?

Nothing, I feel it's a shame.

Man prides himself because
all along his aspirations

but presently...

you still ponder over Liu Ruo Song's matter.

I was framed by him

and the guilt wouldn't be
absolved my whole life.

Qing Qing, let's go to the human world.

After I have had my revenge I'll return.

Is revenge that important?

When my father died

he wanted me to glorify my ancestors

this is for my late father.

Qing Qing, please just help me this once.

You humans

have much regard for fame and glory

but I fear grand dad would not allow it.

We could sneak out.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

We're here to skin you alive.

The scimitar.

Did you think your petty skills

could beat me?

This is fox territory.

Today I only kill foxes,
not humans. Be on your way.

Why should I leave?

You're young and capable

go back to the living world

and you'll rank supreme.

This sort of fame

doesn't just come to anybody.

Well? Go now if you want to go

before I change my mind and kill you.

If you want to kill her, kill me first.

Grand dad?

Yes, it's me.

When you married

I knew this day would come.

Ding Peng is a man after all;

But I had to know

if he really loves you

before I could let you leave with him.

Here are two boxes of jewellery

for your use.

Thank you.

Full Moon Villa?

Yes, after you left home half a year ago

they started building it.

The master is mysterious

no one has seen him.


The Full Moon Villa has sent an invitation

for you to go and have a drink tomorrow.

What's the name of the master?

Ding Peng.

Pardon? Ding Peng?

Thank you for coming.

Master Lau is here.


Master Ding, we haven't met for a while.

Why have you brought the coffin?

What's happening?

The Full Moon Villa is
meeting its neighbours today.

Guess you must be at the wrong place.

Absolutely not.

This coffin is not
necessarily for dead people.

Just fill it with jewellery and treasure

and you won't be carried out in it.

It won't be carried out empty after all.

It's a new way to rob.

Where did the pine shoots come from?

I have jewellery and treasure

but even if I consent.

The one up there wouldn't agree.

Pine shoots...

Who dares to ambush me?
Come out if you have guts.

Big brother.

Let me show them what we're capable of.


Your big brother didn't want
this coffin removed empty;

Now that someone's in it

you could move it.



Those scumbags just now

bothered you

I am sorry for that.

No big deal...

Master Lau.

There's unfinished business between us.

Next month is the Lunar Mid-January Festival

I'd like to invite you to my home for a chat

and ascertain as to

from where was the Shooting
Star technique inherited.

That Ding Peng?

That's him.

Strange, I never thought

a poor kid like him

could suddenly be so rich.

And he hinted he'll come after you.

Come after me?

Why doesn't he come now and be done with it?

Why build a big house

in front of ours?

What does he have in mind?

It's hard to tell what he has in mind.

How could we know

what an alive human being has in mind?

For someone dead it'd be different though.

Right, when someone's dead

he wouldn't have ideas.

But it won't be easy to want him dead now.

It won't be easy but not too
difficult either I'd say.

Do you still remember Xiao Song?

You mean Song Zhong?

Yes, Death by Sword Song Zhong.

You are Song Zhong?

Yes, I am Song Zhong, death by Sword.

Why have you brought us six together?

Because I have received money from six people

who want you all dead

I gathered you all here

to save time.

What a boast, I'll teach you a lesson.

Tastes no good.

Who are you?

These two cases of gold are for you.


How did you get in here?

The wind blew me in.

What do you want?

For the gold given to me

I'll kill somebody.

What a nerve.

Who are you?

Let me deal with him.

Don't kill me...

I won't kill you. You're already a dead man.



What is it?

A coffin jumped in by itself.


Song Zhong is dead?

No, I have not died.

Who said I died?

Did you kill Ding Peng?

Ding Peng...

He is Qing Qing's husband.

Qing Qing's here...

Don't come near...

Song Zhong, you haven't died yet.

There's no Qing Qing here.

Song Zhong...

Miss Qing Qing, spare me please

I have already died, don't kill me again.

Have mercy.

Song Zhong...

I know... you said

you'll not let me go if you saw me again.

Alright, I'll go and kill myself.

Right, I also want to tell you

you'd better run.

Qing Qing said she'll be here tomorrow

and slaughter you all.

Slaughter you all...



There are many dead rats in the kitchen.

Come and look, quick.

What happen?

The wine has all been spoilt.

It stinks...

What are you doing?

Someone stole our clothes.


He must know about Song Zhong

and has come to take revenge.

Damn, of all time

the thunder should come now.

Is this their doing too?

Nonsense, how could this be?

Did you think he was a fairy?

Shut up

I am really frightened.

Nuisance, shut up, go to sleep.

What about you?

I'll sit here

I want to see what they could do to me.

Ke Xiao...

Ke Xiao...

Ke Xiao...

Ke Xiao.

How did I get to sleep on the tree?

They must have immobilized you

and carried you out.

Let's get out of here quickly.

Let's go, quick.



Where do you think you're going?

Don't go.

Let me go.

You are from hell

you want to take my life.

Ke Xiao...

Ke Xiao...

Even couples in times of
danger, go separate ways.


Who are you?

I am a beautiful woman.

I am behind you.

Where? Where are you?

Aren't you afraid you might
be mesmerised by me?

Alright, I'll appear to you.

Am I beautiful?

Have you seen enough?

You are...

I am here to save you.

In this world

I am the only one who
could deal with Qing Qing.

But she is a ghost.

So am I.

What? You are a ghost too?

Right, only a human could deal with a human

and a ghost with a ghost.

Would you like to see

how I'll deal with Qing Qing?


Follow me.

What is this place?

A dilapidated hall

where fox ghosts gather.

What? Fox ghost?

She's coming, hide behind and don't come out.

Qing Qing...

You have the guts to come here.

I didn't think you'd come here either.

Of course, I want to kill you.

Stop talking and grab your sword.


you still remember what
happened a thousand years ago?


If you hadn't stolen my potion

I would have achieved spiritual
progress 500 years ago

would I have to wait till now?

So they had a grudge because of the potion.

Your kung fu is really good.

You now understand why I saved you.

My only enemy is Qing Qing

precisely because she wants to kill you

I have saved you.

Two days after when I fight with Ding Peng.

Could you help me again?

Of course.

"Full Moon Villa"

If I remember correctly

today will determine which of us wins.

Lunar Mid-January Festival.


This duel

will be judged

by masters of the martial
arts world I invited.

You seem confident.

This is...

This is my new wife.

Would you be

using the Shooting Star
technique you stole as before

or have you stolen other techniques?

I am not using the sword this time

but the scimitar.

Fear not

use the techniques I taught
you yesterday to attack him

I'll help you from behind.

Brother Lau, your kung fu has improved a lot

your swordsmanship is deadly.

You're too kind...

What next?

Challenge him officially,
limited to ten moves.

Opponent drops his weapons
and have his clothes damaged.

The loser has to admit as a bastard

and loses his whole residence.


If he loses everything is finished.

Right, I hereby

challenge Ding Peng to a duel officially

in front of all senior masters.

Ten exchanges are the basis of the duel

the opponent must drop his weapons

and have his clothes damaged.

The loser, for whole life

must admit he's a bastard

and loses the whole residence.

Are you really that confident?

I wouldn't have come otherwise.

Alright, let all be witness then

and see who is the bastard.

First move

second exchange

third exchange

fourth exchange.

Lan Lan, why haven't you
used magic to help me yet.

I've to see his moves
before I deal a deadly blow.

Go quickly.

The fifth exchange.

He's lost his clothes.

That was the sixth exchange.

The seventh exchange.

The next is the eighth

and your sword would be gone.

Two more moves, would you
need your wife to help you.

Lan Lan, what are you waiting for?

What are you up to?

You are mad again, he is mad again

I was a prostitute with Moon Heung Yuen.

He looked me up suddenly one day

and wanted me to be his wife

in fact at that time

he was a cuckold.

Then he wanted me to dress up as a heroine

and come here to see him fight.

He said he'll kill master
Ding in three moves.

Don't you think he's nuts?

Don't move

I thought

Ron Song is a great swordsman

he is in fact a mad man.

So you...

What about us?

Two years ago I was also
defeated by this trick.

The ninth and tenth moves.

You've good manners indeed!

You've lost and still got to kneel to me.

Lan Lan, you...

I suppose you want to know

what this is all about

I tell you frankly.

This is a trap by Ding Peng and Qing Qing

she paid me to set you up in your home

then to put on a show at
the dilapidated temple.

You fell for it and
embarrassed yourself here.

Your pupil at your service.

What? You regard me as your teacher?


You can't take him as your pupil.

Why not?

It is out of his good intention.

Just think.

The greatest swordsman

the leader of Wu Dang is my student

I am so proud.

You once said when you left

you came back to avenge your shame

and take back your glory.

You also said the world is cold

and you wanted to return.

No, Qing Qing

I only saw one side of the human world.

There are indeed good people in the world.

Look, these people here today are not bad.

They are totally different from what I was.

As long as I love you

it doesn't matter where we are.

This is a glamorous place

and is packed with people

they live like kings.

Everything is better than
living in the mountains.

He is a regular here.

The son of Loong Moon's chief.

He just returned from the border.

Loong Moon clan is the
greatest in the martial world.

This place has been booked for the night.


Yes... no...

Yes or no, speak.

What difference will it make?

You have to go anyway.


Because the girl Tsui Hung is mine.

As long as I am here

I don't want to see anyone.

Teacher, stop, you can't hurt him.


Haven't you seen the iron
medal he is carrying?

This is an icon of immunity given by

the sixteen clans.

His father has done great deeds

in the martial arts world.

If the owner of the badge is harmed

he will be the enemy

of the sixteen clans

and would surely die within 7 days.

Says who?

The third master of the Mighty Sword Villa.

He is the master of all.

I heard this long before I returned.

You have risen quickly in
the martial arts world

but then your efforts

would be useless because everyone acknowledge

third master is the best.

What do you want?

I want to kill you because
you dare not kill me.

Tell third master

I'll look for him in 7 days.

He is known as a saint

and they say

he is No.1 in the martial arts world

why do you look for him?

Precisely because he is the best.


Because I deem

I should be the best.

You have changed.

Don't you think you are too arrogant?


With kung fu like mine

they say I should be the leader of all

with my current status

they say I should rule
the martial arts world.

But then I haven't done this

am I not humble enough?

Why do you still look for third master?

Because being in the martial arts world

I have to know

if he or I am the best.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth going this way

for empty fame? And...

You are a nuisance.

Do you know

how important fame is to human beings

not being one yourself?

You are not human

so you'll never understand.

Do you appreciate how I feel about

getting everything I want.

They have to listen to me

and agree with me on everything.

Just think;

With me like this

could I accommodate someone
as 3rd master in my world?

Immunity badge my ass.

As long as I have the scimitar

see who could defeat me.


Yonder shore is the Mighty Sword Villa?


That's where you'll be
crowned the best of the best.

What are those people gathered
on the shore looking at?

They are here to look at you and pay respects

besides, with your status today

dare they not come?


Who is she?

She is daughter of the
wealthiest family of Nan Gong

her name is Nan Gong Fen Yan.

She has come out of admiration for you.

This is a toast from our lady

wishing you every success
and to achieve great fame.

Thank you.

If I return triumphant

I will notify you straight away.

Thank you.

With your level of kung fu

you should be invincible

I'll await you here with a feast.

Thank you.

See you later.

"House of Swords"

This is a place for my master's practice

please have tea outside

I am not a guest

I am here to fight with your master.

My master would not fight
with anyone anymore.

Is this coming from you or your master.

From me naturally.

You are not the master

and what you say is not valid.

If it does not count

and as such it is rubbish.

Step down.

Who are you?

Ding Peng.

So you are the

famous Ding Peng causing
all the current noise.

You flatter me.

Right, what are your names?

Here only the master and squire

have names, others don't.

This place is for storing swords

not duels.

Then why are you clasping
swords in your hands.

They are not swords.

Man is the sword.

We're called Sword's Slaves.

Sword's Slave?

Our duty is to keep out intruders.

Please leave at once.

What if I don't?

Then you'll be forced out.

This Eighteenth formation is not bad

but wait till you see the
power of the scimitar.

Rainbow Scimitar.

Thank you.

You live up to your fame.

Please come in.

Of all martial artists

you are the only one who could

thwart the formation.

Really? Thank you.

When they use the swords

they apply their hearts, not hands.

You are ambitious

and your sword follows your heart's desire.

Using one's heart is the
highest form of martial arts.

Please sit.

Sorry, there are only two cushions here.

Do you know why I invited you in?


I want to ask you if your

scimitar has 7 characters on it?

Listening to Spring rain
in a small attic all night.

How did you know that?

Actually I need not ask

there's only one scimitar in the world.

You've seen it?

This is not our issue today.

Right, you want to have a duel with me

but I have not held a sword in 20 years.

Besides, the sword at the Mighty Sword Villa

is at the bottom of the lake after the

duel with Yin.

Yes, but the name of the
Mighty Sword Villa sill exists

that's why I've come here.

How old are you?

Twenty three.

You're very young

and as yet still place too
much importance on fame.

What will you do if you defeat me?

What if I lose?

The best fighter in the martial arts world

may not be the best fighter in the world

because many have departed.

Your skills have attained

the highest level

but you are still human

and so you pursue fame and
are a slave of the sword.

Have you ever thought

what you'd become if

you were without the scimitar?


You'll have nothing

you'll be reduced to being

a commoner like the ones
who brought you here.

But you said just now

the sword might have been
lost but my name still exists

that is to say though I am without a sword

the sword's spirit is in me

I have attained the highest level.

A sword is not a sword,
and I am not what I am.

Young man, I have no sword

to fight with you

nor do I have the reason.

It'll be up to you advise
them if you have won or not

in any case no one knows
what's happened here.

But real victory and defeat lies inside you

not by what you say.

Teacher, what is the result?

I have won.

Thank you.


Master Ding, sorry you had to see me home.

It's alright.

The night is damp and robbers abound.

It's best I saw you home.

Help... save me.

What's the matter?

Someone over there killed
all six of my brothers

and he's coming this way.

You killed these six people?

Yes, we live by killing and robbing

and we met earlier at Full Moon Villa.


Run... quickly.

Don't run...

Miss Nan Gong

you are all alone now.

What? You haven't died?

Not only that, but my brothers have not died.

This is a trap set by our brother.


Our aim is to abduct
Miss Nan Gong

and ask your dad for a ransom.

You underestimated me.

When you were dying I held your hand

and felt your pulse beating.

So I knew it was a set-up.


Let me toast you

for saving my daughter's life.

Thank you, please.


I heard you defeated

third master at the Mighty Sword Villa.

It seems that the best of the best

should be your title now.

You're right.

Master Ding is really a young hero.


About the favour I asked of you...

I know.

Master Ding

you are now the best martial artist

in the martial arts world.

In terms of power

none equals

the Nan Gong family.

If your two families could
be united by marriage

it would be a grand event.

You mean to say...

I am the go-between representing Nan Gong.

Master Ding, I have only one daughter

and we owe you her life.

If you are willing to accept her

I pledge everything of 108
sub-clans in 18 provinces

and those of the 36 societies as her dowry.

You would not only be the best by then

but you could become

the king of the martial arts world.

But I...


Don't let this opportunity go.

One's aim in life is either fame or money.

Now you can have both

after you marry her

you could immediately be the
leader of martial world

and become king.

Besides, she's a beauty.

But what about Qing Qing...

Qing Qing, I still love you

but I am only human

and you're a fox.

Just think

I would be a leader

and by then if people knew my wife

is a fox spirit

I could be embarrassed.

When we first met

you knew I am not human.

Yes, but then

I did not have this position

I know you love me.

Would you have me embarrassed
in front of everyone?

Why don't you move back to the mountain first

and I'll look you up when I have time.

Why do I have to move back to the mountains?

Because you need this
place to get married with

that Nan Gong lady.

You love her a lot?

No, I still love you

but she has a family which

could support me as leader
of the martial arts world

and she could be presented to the world

however if you don't like it you could stay

I'll build her another house.

No, I'll go.

Ding Peng, you'll die soon.

Lau Fu...

When will my teacher the
Invincible Eagle arrive?

I hear the best fighters of the 16 schools

have arrived at the lake side.

In about 3 days

they'll be at that place.

Mr Suen, because Ding Peng has injured you

the sixteen schools are offended.

They are all after Ding Peng now.

You could have your revenge soon

of cutting off your arm soon.

Invincible Eagle, my respects.


Have all the schools arrived?



Let's go and get Ding Peng now.

Listening to the Spring rain
in a small attic all night.

Who are you?

You are...

I live here.

Who wrote these characters?

Why do you ask?

I once wrote them

on a scimitar.

So you are that young hero.

Unfortunately you are late

my aunt died a few years ago.

Old friends have departed,
an empty house remains.

Bid farewell on a rainy night.

Old sorrows flow endlessly as the river.

My sadness is like the clouds.

You attend the former reunion now.

The place is still pretty
but who will appreciate it!

May I ask...

Aunt and me are both lovelorn

I felt strange

that the scimitar should end
up in Ding Peng's hands.

He is the father of the child?

Not anymore.

He is the new star of the martial arts world

son-in-law of the Nan Gong family.

Quick... the guests are here.

As per Ron Song the sixteen
schools are on their way

they might be coming to congratulate me

that's why we need a good
place to entertain our guests.


I little expect our family

would have such a distinguished son-in-law.

Master, someone outside wants to see you.

Why have you come here?

I came to tell you
Qing Qing raised a son for you

and is waiting in the hills for you.

When did third master

start meddling with

these petty matters?

A hero should never

be an ungrateful person

I fear you will regret it one day.

You dare speak nonsense here.

Who do you think you are?

Do you really want to have a taste

of the deadly scimitar?

There must be a reason for a
sword to become invincible.

With people like you

even the most treasured sword

shall become like scrap iron.

Bring the best sword to third master.


What for?

I don't want to kill an unarmed man.


Thanks, no need.

Evil cannot win over good,
that's the law of nature

even with thousands of swords

you can't defeat my righteous spirit.

Bull shit.

Ding Peng, are you mad?

What if I am?

Wait, I've come here

to speak a few words with Ding Peng.

That's none of your business.

You needn't fight

I am taking this scimitar away

because you are unworthy of it.

Simply nuts.

With the skill I have

do I care for that scimitar?

Master, the sixteen schools are all here.

Straighten my clothes.

We are honoured by your presence.


I wonder what I could do

for you all?

You are mistaken, they're here to

avenge the damage done to my immunity badge.

Injuring me infers challenging
the whole martial world.

The Invincible Eagle

has come to adjudicate the case.

What do you want then?

I want to see how good you are.

Father-in-law, please send the men from
all the divisions to deal with them.

Master Nan Gong

for our old friendship's sake

I will not pursue this matter with you

if you are smart you'd better leave.

Or else

you'll taste the deadly

onslaught of the sixteen schools

and me.

Father-in-law you can't leave.

Dad, you must save him, I love him.

That's your lookout but it's
my life that's at stake.

Let go.

Father-in-law... Dad...

Go and save yourself first.

Father-in-law, Fen Yan

Ron Song, please gather

all your friends here

to avenge for your teacher.

My teacher? He's here

I tell you frankly

I have arranged for the

sixteen schools to seek revenge today.


To take revenge on you.


To kill his kind

would be to smear dirt on one's sword.

Get out if you want to live.

Teacher, why don't you kill him?

Because I have use for him.

Qing Qing where are you?

Qing Qing...

Qing Qing.

Qing Qing...

As I expected

the Evil Clan still exists.

Black Evil Clan?

20 years ago righteous heroes

tried to kill evil in the Black Evil Lake

but they escaped

we haven't heard of them since.

The others thought they were all dead

only I tracked them down

I then heard my pupil say
Ding Peng had an invincible scimitar

which led me to think

20 years ago I too was injured

by a scimitar of the Evil
clan's Tung Fang Bu Bai

which was also invincible.

So I let you escape

in the hope you would find them.

So you're not a fox

I belong to the evil clan

but I pretended to be a
fox to escape killing.

You admit it.

Get his sword.



Where's your grand dad?

They left long ago.

Get the old rogue and settle our score.

You're late unfortunately.

My grand dad left six months ago.

Don't worry.

"Let justice rule"

What I've owed people, I'll
surely return it in person.

Invincible Eagle

20 years ago when we fought

both our only child died.

We should be even.

Could you still be chasing me for 20 years

for a scar on your face?

You are a plague to the martial arts world.

Every righteous hero ought to

rid you off.

You put it in a nice way.

It's actually you who is after fame.

Qing Qing, Invincible Eagle

when I became a leader I
have since become good

and have not done anything bad.

Besides I have been a hermit

for the last 20 years.

Could I be a plague to others?

You are still the Black Evil Clan.

Teacher, take care.

Give me the baby.

Everyone, stop

I'll kill the baby

if whoever moves.

Drop your weapons

I forgot to say one thing.

If you all die he would still die

because we must ensure we get rid of him.

Stop, are you a human being?

No, he isn't

he is a beast in disguise.

Who are you? Where are you?

Third master?

Commoners focus on hatred and neglect love

why can't you let your hatred go

and live in peace?

The Black Evil Clan kill people for no reason

there'll be no peace as
long as they still exist.

You must be wrong

they have been living as hermits for 20 years

and have never used any weapons.

And to kill them

you have already killed many wrong people

in the last 20 years.

You are in fact the

cold blooded murderer.

Besides, your pupil is treacherous

and wants to kill even this baby

he is in fact the scum bag.

So it seems

we should discern who are
the really evil ones.

Xie Xiao Feng, who are you

to lecture me

I only want to

ask you to live and let live

and turn your quarrels into peace.

Ask my sword first.

Liu Ruo Song.

Time to settle our score.

Teacher, I am your pupil

how would I dare to fight with you.

Ding Peng.

Qing Qing, are you alright?


The ones who killed many people

in the martial world are those scumbags and

hypocrites like him.

Guess it's the inborn nature of everyone.

One often does all sorts of things for glory.

Only some manage to conceal it

and some don't.