Frontera (2018) - full transcript

After their father (public figure and arms dealer to the cartel) passes away, two brothers on the opposite sides of the law are forced to reunite. One struggles to keep his fathers secrets ...

-When’s the wedding
for you two lovebirds?

You’re going to make me the best man,

-Yes. I mean who else?



-This whole fucking town
is burning down around us.

-I did what you asked.

Look at me

because it was the hardest
thing that I ever had to do.

-The hardest thing
you’ve ever had to do?

You’ve never been to war.

The closest you’re ever going to
get to there is across that border.

You’re safe here.

You’ve never had to cross enemy lines
and you never will, thanks to me.

We’re suppliers now.

What the fuck do you know
about sacrifice?

-Been doing it my whole life.

-I don’t need you.
I’m better off by myself.

All you do is fuck things up.

-Fine. I’m gone.

I don’t care, all right.
I don’t care [crosstalk]

-Get out of here.

-Okay. You know what?

Do whatever the fuck
you were going to do with that gun.

-Let me tell you something,
it should have been

you in that hospital, not him, not him.

What the hell did I do?

What did I do?


-Any problems coming through?

-No it was quiet.

-This is the guy they sent me?

-This the guy.

-Hello. Come bearing gifts for me?

-This guy speak any English?

-Not a word.

I told them bilingual how do they expect

living in the States without
speaking the language?

-Hey, hey.

What’s his deal?

-He sent him to help us.

He’s very loyal,
so whatever you need, Joseph.

-I don’t trust this piece of shit.

-I didn’t say translate that,

Get in the car, okay.


-It’s a sad day in the community here,
folks, as we mourn

the passing of local icon and Vietnam
war hero Bradley DuPont Sr.

Leaving behind his
wife Elsa and two sons,

one of which I’m sure
you know very well.

That’s right. It’s a candidate
for mayor Bradley DuPont Jr.

Right now, polling much higher
than incumbent Mayor Richard Ross,

whose numbers have dropped drastically
in the last couple of weeks.

The young candidate
gave his eulogy early

this morning at st. John’s
Catholic church

where he spoke about his father’s legacy
and also the lessons he’s left behind.

-Ever since I was young, I wanted to
be just like my father, a compassionate

individual, someone who served his local
community and fought for his country.

He was my biggest inspiration.

He was my hero.

The last thing he said to me
before he passed was, "Bradley,

keep your family first,
your country second and yourself last."

-Those people can buy that shit.

I won’t.

What was the real last
words he said to you?

-I don’t remember.

A compassionate individual,
someone who served his local community.

-Police Captain Frank Daniels hinted
at his support of Bradley Nippon Jr.

today at a press conference
held at city hall.

Frank spoke briefly about
Bradley’s stint as a public

defender and also
the changes he’s looking at--

-It’s only two more
weeks and it’s official.

-After the current holds
release [crosstalk]-

-I’m so excited.

-- the young candidate has taken a huge

-Me too.

--lead over current Mayor Richard Ross.

-Better work on having that
baby before I become president.

-Bradley Jr. hit the streets
earlier this week speaking to local

citizens about their concerns,
what they believe--

[background noise]

-Mind if I get a cup?

-What, you come here to off me, Frank?


Let me tell you kid, your father gave

me that gun as a gift,
I’ve never even fired it.

I think of it more as my lucky charm.

I thought I’d give it to you.

-It’s a fine gun.

I don’t believe in luck though.

-Sonny, why do you disrespect me?

Fine, forget it.

I remember when you were a little boy,
you and your brother, running

around this place with your toy
guns playing cops and robbers.


What brings you here, Frank?

-What? I can’t just drop
in to say hi to a friend?

-Come on.

-All right,
your brother’s political aspirations

are starting to make
some people very nervous.

If someone were to do an investigation

on you,
would they find anything about me?

-Frank, I’m clean.
There’s nothing to find.

-Good, just keep it that way all right.

Learn for your brother.

Because these,
ain’t no fucking toy guns.

-He was a great man, tough son
of a bitch, toughest I ever knew.

War does that to you.

Listen, Sonny, if you need
anything or if you have anything

you want to tell me,
you know where to find me.


-You’re really going
to tell him tonight?

-We’ll just see how the night goes.

-Sonny, how is it going, amigo?

-Go on, babe, I’ll catch up.

-I thought you were done
with these people?

-I am. Just go on.

-You look pretty, Sara.
It will just be a tiny minute, okay?

-You know what? Fuck off, Joseph.

-[laughs] You hear that, man.
Oh, man, she’s feisty.

-What’s up, Joseph?

just hop in the car we need to talk.

-No, man, I have to head back home.
Why don’t you try the--

-Hop in the car. We need to talk.

-What the fuck is so important?

-Listen, I hate to do this to you right
now, so close to your father’s death.

It really affected me heavily too, man.

Your dad and I we had a done deal.

-It’s the first time I hear about it.

-Were you fucking retired now?

-Everything you and him agreed upon,
it just doesn’t apply to me anymore.


Oh my God, here you go,
you have no idea what’s going on.

-What man,
do people write fucking contracts now?

-Read up.

How is your brother’s
campaign going anyways?

-Listen, man, whatever you had going
with him, died with him.

Do you fucking understand that?

-I should just fucking
shoot you right now man.

You think you can just walk away from
this and play house with your skank?

-This isn’t a good time, man.

-It’s never a good time, man.

My people are expecting
the shipment in the south, okay?

Now, you either give it to us nice

and quietly,
or we go to the next of kin.

I don’t care if I have to burn down
everything you own and care for, man.

I get what I paid for, okay?

Now, you go home and think about
what’s best for your family, okay?

Hey, it was good seeing you man.


-What happened with Joseph out there?

-Don’t worry about it,
it’s my business.

-How do we tell them about the baby?

-Shit, Sara, not now.

-All right.

I’ll go to the store, your mom
asked me to pick up the dessert.

-I’ll go with you.

-No, it’s all right.

Just go back to the table,
and spend some time with your family.

We could talk later.


-You look so much like your father,
How is it going?

I saw you on TV the other day, you spoke
so well and you looked so handsome.

-Didn’t he?

-Dad’s death gave
you some free publicity.

-Sonny, stop that.

-The media want’s to honor the man,
ask me questions,

what do you expect me to do?

-He taught you well.

-Yes, you too.

I heard your deal with those
extracurricular activities.

I’ll probably start getting
questioned about that too.

-Those activities paid for your career.

-I earned my position.

-Is that what you really believe?

-Yes, I do.

-Hey, can I be in one of those CV
spots because I really love the slogan.

-Fuck you, Sonny, I’m not going to sit
here and have you question my integrity.

-That’s enough, both of you.


-You really did inherit dad’s bad side.

-That’s not all I inherited.

-I said enough.

-Sonny, you made your own choices.


-I’m going to go walk my dog.

-All I have left is you boys.

-Ma, I don’t have time for this.

[background noise]

Mom, is there anything
I can do to help out here?

-Yes, talk to your brother.

-Hey, Sonny, wait up.

You know you shouldn’t
be smoking those things.

-Yes, you gave me my first one.

-Good point.

What’s going on?

Are you seriously out of the business?

-I thought so.

Today the fucking voters came out to
prey in what’s left of the old man.

-What are you talking about?

-Dad, he left one last mess
that I got to clean up.

Hey, thanks to you I can’t
do it because I’m under investigation.

-Me? What do I have to do with this?

Why would you be under investigation?

-Somebody’s looking to throw
some dirt your way, what a better

way to find some shit on your
crooked little brother, right?

-Who told you this?

-I still got my contacts.

-Oh, damn it, Sonny.

Every time I try to get this behind me,
something’s got to come up?

-I hate this shit as much as you do,
but I don’t have any other choice.

-I’m done playing big Brother to you.


I’ll make some calls.
I’ll see what I can find out.

You’re not going to fuck up my career.

-You slow roller motherfucker.

-Just ain’t your night, kid.

-Son of a bitch.

[?] me 500 more, man, come on.
You know I’m good for it.

-Evening gentlemen.

-Evening, Briggs.

-Hey, how’s it going?

Careful with this cheating
motherfucker over here.

-The only one cheating you is your wife,


-You sound like my lawyer.


Divorce is almost finalized though,

I don’t know if you hear about that.

-[?] as we give tribute to not just

a local icon,
but a true american war hero.

Tune in tomorrow night
for this new documentary

and Bradley DuPont
detailing-- [crosstalk]

-All that money that man-made,
his youngest

son used to come and play
every now and then.

-Yes, that’s right.
The bald, the two-toned faced--


-Yes, Danny he’s a good
kid what happened to him?

No, you got to be kidding.

-He’s officially listed as missing,
but you remember

that hot-head white boy, Joseph Cole?

-Shit, I sure do.

-He’s practically bragging
to me about it at [?] Sonny

was never the same with him gone,
his father now too.

It’s a fucking shame.

-I knew Danny, went to school with him,
had a little daughter.

Good guy.


I hear you’re not at the paper anymore.

-Place is a joke.

-Why, because they fired you.


-That was a mutual parting of ways.

Working on a major story, something
that paper wouldn’t dare touch.

-About what?

-You mean who?

-No, are you kidding me?

-If I just raise the questions,
people will start connecting the dots.

-You ain’t got no story.
You ain’t got no fucking story.


-I need a favor.

-What’s wrong with you?

Didn’t I tell you to
stay on the ground low?

-Frank look, this is one and done deal.

I’m just trying to tie up loose ends.

-I don’t do charity work and I sure
as shit don’t do pro bono.

I guess we’re both going go get
screwed on this deal. You got me.

-I understand.

-You got me, but here.

Fucking kid, I never could say no
to you and that baby face of yours.


-I’ll give you all
the details when I get them.

-All right.

-Thank you, Frank.

-You got it.

-I got to get going now.

-Yes, you go.


Briggs, I got something
I need you to take care of.



DuPont. [chuckles]

-It’s a few minutes,
just going to take care of business.

I promise I won’t do all of it.

the prodigal son is finally here.

You want some?

-No, I’m good, man.

-Oh, come on.

You finally came to your senses?

Talked to Carlos south of the border,

and he’s really hoping
for you to come through.

-I’m in, man. We’ll throw a little
extra for you, how about that?

-Sonny, you and me we always
do good business, man.

-Nice deal.

As long as you understand that
we don’t have any contact after this.

No more following me to work or waiting

for me outside my home,
that kind of shit.

-Sonny, I’ll be sad to see you go,
but you come through 100%.

Stop squeezing your balls.

I’m a man of my word right, guys?

-Yes, Joseph.

-We’ll coordinate
the drop for tomorrow.

-Sounds like a plan. You don’t
want to stay for the party man?

I got you a girl.

-I’m good, man.
I don’t do business that way.

-That guy is a fucking faggot, man.

-All right,
I got Emilio Alvarez for you.

-Emilio, nice to formally meet you.

-Nice to meet you in person,
Mr. DuPont.

-Sit down. Would you like
anything to drink, water, coffee?

-No, I’m fine.

-Josh, would you give us a minute?

-You sure?

You shut the door behind you. Thank you.

I know you.

Your father owned the hardware
store on Selma Street, right?

He’s a good man, hard worker.

He must be very proud
of you becoming a journalist.

-Not really, but, hey, we must all
choose our own paths, right, Mr. DuPont?

-Please, save the formalities.
Call me Brad.

My associate tells me
you have some urgent

information you wanted
to bring to my attention.

-Mr. Brad,
I was doing some research for an article

I wanted to write about your father,
and I came across several testimonies

and other things that
just didn’t quite add up.

-For example?

-We all know your brother’s
criminal record is well documented.

Drug possession charges,
the DUIs, multiple assault charges.

-That was a very long time ago,
and we worked through it as a family.

-My source tells me about some well
known associates of your brother.

Their records struck me as odd.

There’s Jason Willis who’s currently
serving time for trafficking ammunition,

Joseph Cole, several disturbing charges,
and then there’s Danny Garcia.

He was a close friend
of your brother’s.

-We all know my brother didn’t
surround himself with the best people.

-Danny Garcia was also
working with the ATF.

Since then, he’s gone missing.

-We’re very sorry to hear about that.

He was one of Sonny’s closest friends
for some time, and he’s in our prayers.

-Let’s cut the shit.

I went to high school with some
of these guys, you hear stories.

-You’re here because you heard stories?

-I’ve been following your career
for quite some time now, Mr. DuPont.

That name means something in this town.

I sincerely doubt me writing about
all this would benefit your race.

-I’m sorry,
I don’t understand what you’re getting

at or what you’re trying
to gain from any of this.

-Article like this could make my career,
and it could destroy yours.

For a price, I’m willing to make
all this go away just like Danny.

-You’re here to blackmail me based
on some crazy theories about my brother?


About your father,

I know it all begins with him,
and this is about his legacy.

This is about your family’s legacy.

-You write your little
piece of fiction,

and we’ll tell our side of the story,


I will.

-Hey, where you off to?

-I got art class tonight.

-Oh, yes.
That’s right. You need a ride?

-No, I’m good.
I’m going to catch a bus.


-Where’d you get that? Front yard?

Romantic. Look, I have to go.

-Wait, look, I dealt with it.
It’s done. It’s finished.

-What? Don’t mess with me, Sonny.

-I’m serious.
I just have to go meet with Frank, tie

a few loose ends,
but we’re on the clear.

-Good. That’s great.

-Look, I’m going to be a little late.

-Don’t drink too much.

-I love you.


-All right Skinny,
let’s get the fuck out of here.

Your friend ready?

-Yes. He’s out there with the guns,
street-wise, and shit.

-All right. You get yourself
and Paisa to the safe house [?]

-Come on, let’s go.

-Excuse me, sir.

Who are your voting
for in next month’s election?

-Nobody, man.


-Not interested.

-You’re Bradley DuPont’s brother,
Sonny, right?

-You got the wrong guy, man.

-Hey, look, those bags look heavy,
let me help you with one.

-Hey, what the fuck?

-Hey, I’m just trying to help.



-Who would ever thought I’d
have a DuPont working for me.

-A DuPont.

-I don’t work for anybody, man.
Yes, you moved up some ranks.

-You’re a fucking nobody now.


-Grab the bag.


I’m expecting you have good news for me?

-I’m going.

-You’re doing good. You’re doing good.

Go, go, go, mamacita. Go, go, go.

-Motherfucker. [?] Fuck. Fuck.

-He set me up. Motherfucker set us up.



Wasn’t there another bag?

You left it behind.

-Joseph, come on.
There was bullets everywhere.

I got shot in the fucking leg.

-Oh, that’s fine

-I need to go an ambulance, please.
You got to take me to a hospital.

Come on, Joseph, please.

-No, that doesn’t look that bad.
Let me look at that.

-Fuck. Come on,
you got to take me to an ambulance.

-No, it’s okay.

-Come here, come on.

-No, it’s all right.

-No. I’m bleeding.



-You don’t know the bag.


-Come on, pick up the phone,
pick up the fucking phone.

-Please leave your message.


-Hi, Sara.

[engine revving]

-Why don’t you get out of your
head and be here with me?

-Are you going to do her or what?

It’s Franklin. You know who it is.

Where is she?

-My men responded to an anonymous
tip regarding an arms deal.

Now, when they showed up on the scene,
they were fired upon.

Luckily, no policemen
were shot during the incident,

and we do have one suspect,
Sonny DuPont.

We’ll take it from there.
No more questions.

-Information on the known
whereabouts of Sonny DuPont,

please contact your local authorities.

we have got to get out of here.

-This is really bad, Bradley.

-It was definitely Sonny,
and he was-- [crosstalk]

-I know, turn that off.

-I tried to help him because I’m
a huge supporter of Bradley DuPont.

-Don’t you think that
you should make a couple

of calls and set up
a press conferences?

-Press conference.
Jessica, I’m not thinking

about the fucking campaign right now.

Ma, where Sara?

-I’m calling her right now.

-Tell her, stay where she is,
if you get ahold of her.

Get mom’s stuff in the bedroom.

-She’s not answering.

[engine revving] What is that?

-What now?

-Both of you stay here.
Sit down, stay here.

[engine revving]

-Hey, what’s going on here?
Who are you?

-Got a message from your
little brother Pretty boy.

He packed a little bit light,
so we got to do another exchange, okay.

-What are you talking about, exchange?

[background noise]

-I swear to God, you hurt her.
You won’t see the light of day.

-Give me one fucking
reason not to hurt her.

You have one day to get me my ammo,
one fucking day.

[engine revving]

-My brother has fought addiction
and mental illness for years now.

He had made some great progress.

Unfortunately, our father’s death
might have ignited some past issues.

Our whole family
is devastated by his actions.

We kindly ask the media
to please respect

our privacy during
these difficult times.

-Are you sure you want to do this?

-Do I have a choice?

-All right, I’ll send them in.

-It was quite the coincidence
that I ran into your

brother, Sonny, last night
and at such an unfortunate time.

-What evidence do you have that Sonny
was even there besides your word?

-You’re Bradley DuPont’s brother.
Sonny, right?

-You got the wrong guy, man.

-Hey, look, those bags look heavy.
Let me help you.

-Hey, what the fuck.

-Hey, I’m just trying to help. Relax.

-Turn it off.

How much do you want?


-Thanks Brad. Shit.

Come on,
you don’t want to shoot me right

outside your brother’s office, do you?

-Oh no.
You’re going to drive around the back.

I went through these documents of yours.
Pretty impressive.

Some inconsistencies,
but a good job nonetheless.

-Look, I made a deal with your brother.

All right. The story’s dead.

You don’t have to
worry about me anymore.


-No, bullshit.

-Hey, the fuck are you doing?

-What? I’m just a journalist, all right.
I’m not strapped.

-Well, well, brother.
You’re a DuPont after all.


Here I was about to offer
you something in exchange.

We are going to bargain
for your life after all.

Sonny, wait, just talk to me, all right?

Let’s negotiate. I’ve got skills.
I can do things for you.

-You gather some info
on Joseph but not enough.

You kept focusing on the big fish.

No politicians in his family, right?

Look, obviously you’re good on the streets
or you know the right people.

Either way, I’m not very good
at being invisible at the moment.

-Word on the street is,
the Cartel isn’t very happy with Joseph.

You’re going to look into it for me.

-I don’t have any contacts on the Cartel,
but I can definitely find out.

Do you have any leads, or--?

-People I talk to,
they haven’t heard much, just rumors.

I can’t make a decision
based on rumors.

Look, I’ll tell you what, let’s throw

in what I was going to
offer you originally.

I’m pretty sure at some moment
you spoke to Captain Frank Daniels.

-Frank, yes, sure.
He came by asking me questions about you

and what I saw that night,
but I didn’t tell him anything.

I’ve known him all my life, you know.

Corrupt Police Captain,
how about that for a headline?

-Bull shit, that guy?

-I’ve got tapes.
My father kept them. He was clever.

-What do you mean?

man, you just caught the big fish.

Do we have a deal?



-I understand the situation, Frank,
but it’s not my boy you should be after.

These animals took Sara.

You need to do whatever
you have to do to

make sure that her
and Sonny come back safely.

Do you hear me, Frank?

Yes, he’s here. I don’t know.
You can ask him when you get here.

Okay. Goodbye.

Frank is on his way.
He needs to speak to you.

-What does he want
to speak to me about?

-He wants to get your statement
on the incident with Sara.

-How deep does this go, ma?

Why didn’t you ever say anything?

-To whom? What do you mean?

-To me.

Why would you guys go so far out
of your way to keep so much from me?

-It was your father’s decision.

He wanted something different from you.

He wanted to protect you,
make sure you wouldn’t get implicated.

-I thought Sonny was the rotten apple,
but no,

this entire family tree
is rotten to its core.

Everything he ever tried
to teach me was a lie.

I grew up worshiping a man
who worked for murderers,

who put guns in the hands of murderers.

All his lessons and values,
he is just as

responsible as any of them
that pulled that trigger.

-Your father did everything
for this country.

What did they do for him?

We are all capable of many
things when we’re pushed.

I know you see things only in black
and white, but you know what?

It’s never that simple.

-It is for me.

I would never let anything
like this happen to my family.

-Your family? We are your only family.

The most that we’ve seen
from you lately is your back.

Sonny has been trying to sell his shop.

He is trying to get his life on track.

-Oh, really? Sonny is a fugitive now.

-He must’ve had a good
reason to do what he did.

-I don’t buy it. I’m sick of the lies.


Well, good luck with politics.

I’m sorry, Bradley,
but you should’ve taken this up with

your father and settled this,
but instead, you cut him off.

-Hush, it’s all right.

I think you should come and stay with
me until everything settles down.

I don’t want you to get hurt.

-You need to make sure that
Sonny and Sara don’t get hurt.

-I will, okay? I will.

-Man, your dad and me, play a whole
lot of games on this old table.

Still no word from Sonny, huh?

-No, not yet.

Just I can’t believe it.

-I always knew he was a wild kid,
and now this.

the sooner you find out where he is,

the sooner I can clean
this whole thing up.

You’ve got to let me know, okay?

I just want to protect him,
to make sure he’s safe,

and that he doesn’t do any
more damage to your career.

-Thanks, Frank. I appreciate it.

-It’s the least I can do.
How about your mom?

How is she handling all of this?

-Not so good.

I’m just trying to be here for her,
especially after the threats.

-Yes, those assholes.

I don’t think they’re
going to bother you again.

They’re only trying
to find your brother.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do though,
I’m going to have an officer

posted out front tonight to make
your mom feel more comfortable.

-Great. Good. Thanks. I appreciate it.

-It’s the least I can do.

-Yes, Frank,
well, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

I’m in major damage control right now.

-Yes, I understand.

-I’ll speak with you as soon
as I find something out, okay?

-Sure, kid.



Hey, listen, man.
I really need your help.

-[fist punch]

Do you have to go around
fucking up everything?

Get up, you son of a bitch.

-This was supposed to be
a simple fucking exchange.

-A what?
A simple exchange? You fucking idiot.

They’ve got Sara now, do you know that?

-I know that.
Look, that’s why I’m here.

I’m going to get her back,
but I need your help.

-Oh, what a surprise.
You need my help again.

-Man, would you fucking shut up?

Shut the fuck up
and listen to me for once.

Be my fucking big brother.
Can you do that?

-You’re all over the news.

-Yes, fuck.

-Frank was just here.

-That fucking snake, man.

-What does Frank have to do with this.

-Forget about Frank, okay?
It’s Sara, she’s pregnant.

-Did you hurt her? Did you touch her?

-[laughs] Oh, Sonny. Of course not.
There is no fun to do that.

-I don’t even know what you want, okay?

I already delivered you the bags.

-You did.

You did right before I had my fucking
ass blown up, you piece of shit.

-Look, I had nothing to do with that.

Have you seen the news,
I’m a fucking fugitive right now.

-I need more Macs, Sonny.

That’s the only way I’ll even listen
to your fucking ramblings, man.

-Joseph, okay. Listen, let’s meet.
I’ll bring the mask, you bring Sara.

Is she okay?

-She’s perfectly fine just hanging out.

You meet me at my warehouse
in Fifth in Fairview, okay?

we meet at a place of my choosing.

-I don’t think you understand
the fucking situation, Sonny.

-I want to meet in a public place
where I know that we will be safe.

-You think I’m that fucking stupid,

-It’s the only viable option.

-Well, how about a future
girlfriend and a fucking bullet.

How about that for an option, huh?

Joseph, you have the upper hand here.

I have no cards left to
play and you know it,

but just do this one thing
for me for old time sake.

I just need to make sure that she’s
going to be able to walk away.

-Okay, Sonny. When and where?

-Ludwigs Bar,
Northville [?] Avenue, 5:00 PM.

I’ll have your Macs by then.


-You’re going to wash your hands buddy.

-Do you remember Robby?

-Yes. How you been?

-Good. Good to see.

-Good to see you.

-Right, I want you to come with me.

You and Paisa,
you wait by the car watch that girl.

If anything goes down, I want you to
fucking raid that place. Okay.

Stay ready, go slowly.

-Got you.

What’s going on boss?

-We get done with this little fuck,
I want you to put Paisa on the ground.

I don’t like the way he looks at me.

-Okay, Joseph, relax man.

-I need that fucking ammo, man.

wouldn’t be paying me any other way.

-I got your back brother.

Let’s deal with this and then
we’ll deal with the cartels.

[background conversation]

-You stay back here.
Somebody move you fucking cap

Thanks Sonny, piece of shit.
You set me up?

-I told you this wasn’t
the best of times.

-Fuck, man.

-Where the fuck is my girl?

-She’s in the car.

-Wait, Carlos.


I need you to be quite, all right?

Look everything’s going to be fine.

Joseph is going to go talk to your
boy and then we’ll let you guys go.

All right?

You know, if you were my girl,

I never let anything
like this happen to you.

-I’ve known you for how long, Joseph?

Eight years?

Ever since you start
hanging out with Danny,

yes, things were running
pretty smooth back then.

-We’re catching up right now?
You were never nobody.

You were only hiding
in your daddy shadow.


-Danny grew up with me.
Hell, I knew him since we were six.

We used to go on hunting
trips with me and my father.

You killed him.

At least that was the word
on the street. [chuckles]

You just had to take credit, right?

I was the last one to see him alive,

he had that same stupid look
that you have right now.

-Stop fucking around man.

I don’t want any drama here.
I’ll slang it out for you.

Get up, slowly.

-You never had manners, did you Joseph?

[gun shots]

-Sonny, hey.

[gun shots]

-Sonny, no no no, hey.

-What did you say last time?

That I was a nobody.

I don’t mean that you know what I--

-Shut the fuck up. I’m a Dupont.

I’ve always been a fucking Dupont,
and you’re

just the middle man who
misses his deadlines.

[gun shot]

-Hey, come on.
After everything I’ve done for you.

-Joseph. Give me your gun.

-We don’t have to.

-Shut the fuck up and give me your gun.

-Hey, Sonny.
What the fuck did you tell him?

What the fuck did he tell you man?

-Sonny. No, no no, Sonny.
Sonny, Sonny come back.

Sonny, come on we were brothers man.


-Are you okay, hey. Hang on tight.

Won’t you get-- [crosstalk]

-No, I’m not fucking okay.
You said this was over.

-I’m here now, okay?
We need to get out of here.

-You promised.


[phone ring]


-I got her, she’s fine.

I’ll see you in a bit, okay?


-Bradley, everything all right?

-Frank, I know where he’s headed.

what do you have for me, candidate?

[plays piano]

Is he here?

-You’ve been around ever
since I had a memory.

I could always tell pop,
he didn’t trust you completely.

-Come on, [chuckles] what
are you talking about son?

-They say it takes one to know one.

A couple of two-face guys
pretending to be heroes.

-[laughs] This coming
from a politician?

-You set up my brother.

-Is that what he told you?

-That’s what I know Frank.

-Oh, come on. Then you also know
he’s a thug, and he can’t be trusted.

-I need you to clear his name.

-You know what, that’s impossible.

-Is it?

-Don’t be naive.

I can clear two names, yours and mine
and you know it, candidate, you know it.

Come on, what’s gotten into you?

Aren’t you thinking about your future?

Man, when you’re in office, I’m going
to be able to do so much for you.

Forget about this mayor shit,
governor DuPont, huh?

[chuckles] Governor DuPont, come on.

-Do what I said. Clear our names,
you retire and we walk away from this.

-It sounds to me like a threatening me.

Are you fucking threatening me,
is that the deal here?


Because it sounds like it. Look at you.

You ungrateful little fuck.
You aren’t even elected yet.

You want to play, fine.

Then why don’t I just take
out your whole fucking family?

-Wrong choice.

-All right, kid.

Now let’s see if you got
the guts to pull that

trigger while you’re
looking in my eyes Sonny.

Hey, where are you going?

[footsteps departing]

Cop killer?

You sure you want to
add that to your resume?

-You are no cop.



-Captain Frank Daniels is still wanted

for questioning after
the release of incriminating

audio tapes connecting him and fellow
officers in the string of corruption.

He’s thought to be on the run from

authorities and if
you have any information

on his whereabouts, please contact
your local authorities, thank you.

-Everything taken care of?

-It’s taken care of.

-I tried to make him a deal.
You know that I really did.

-These people don’t change.
It was the only way.

It had to be done.

-It had to be done, okay.

-Hey listen,
I really have to get going.

-Take care of yourself and Sara.
She’s a good girl. Okay?

-Take care of mom, will you?

Hey, listen.

I hope you understand that there’s
a lot of people that are not

going to appreciate the changes
you want to make in office.

Just watch your backs as well.

-Yes, I understand that, okay?

I don’t blame you anymore.

Listen to me, I should have been
there for you and I wasn’t.

I was a selfish prick.

-I understand.

You’re just trying to achieve
something better than this family.

Better than whatever we got.


you know you’re nothing like him.



Hey, sir, they’re ready for you.


-We did it.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

[clears throat]