Fright Night Part 2 (1988) - full transcript

Three years after killing the vampire in the original, Charlie has started to believe it was all his imagination and starts to forget that vampires truly exist - until four strangers lead by Regina, a noted actress, arrive at Peter Vincent's house and start to have an unhealthy interest in Charlie, Peter, and Charlie's new girlfriend Alex. It becomes clear that Regina is Jerry's (the vampire in the original film) sister, and she is determined to get revenge on the friends and plans to turn Charlie into a vampire - so that he can face his punishment for all eternity.

Finally we knocked in all the
windows and sunlight came streaming in

and there was a huge explosion...

That was it.

All right, Charles. What really happened?

Jerry Dandridge was a serial killer,
a cult worshipper, kidnapper...

He abducted my girlfriend Amy
and my friend Ed Thompson

and this triggered a defense-mechanism in my brain
which caused me to imagine he was a vampire.

And WAS Jerry Dandridge a vampire?

No, there's no such thing.

How do you know?

Because vampires don't exist.

- Kinda hard to leave, I mean three years...
- Is a lot of therapy.

- Charles, what are you feeling right now?
- A little scared.

- Scared? Of vampires?
- No, of running into Peter Vincent.

- Because you both thought you saw the same thing.
- I know group hypnosis is powerful stuff...

He killed your best friend, maybe in self-defense,
but you still have ambivalent feelings towards him.

We certainly got over that.

He's called a few times, I never
called him back, maybe I should.

- It's silly.
- We're all silly, Charles.

Go see the guy, get it over with.
Remember, his fears can't possibly hurt you

can they?

Good evening.

Now, I know what you're saying.
"It's only a movie, right?"

Wrong! Evil is powerful.
Monsters are real.

The forces of darkness are at
work everywhere.

I know, I have gazed into the jaws of the
beast. I have felt it's claws at my throat.

I have seen his burning eyes,
smelt his wrenching breath.

Where's the script, where's the damn...
He's impossible!

He throws the scripts away, Mel.

- Alex, this may get a little weird.
- All our dates are weird, Charlie.

And now, onto tonight's feature.
In which, unfortunately, I do not appear.

And let's go to commercial.
Thanks, Peter! 60 seconds! Stand by.

Thank you very much.


It's so good to see you again.

- Peter, I'm sorry I didn't return your calls.
- I understand, you had to put all that behind you.

Does she know about...

About... the vampires, Mr. Vincent?
Sorry, couldn't help but overhear.

And yes, I know. Charlie has told
me all about... "the vampires".

Course he has.
"Forewarned is forearmed..."

"to the unending task of conquering the
forces of evil, wherever they might appear."

I said to the man: "This is
supposed to retract"... but it didn't.

So you see, I almost stabbed
him right through the heart.

My dear girl, the very best story is
the one Charlie's already told you.

No, thank you.

The things that we saw.
You wouldn't believe half of it.

- No I probably wouldn't, Mr. Vincent.
- To those days. Gone, but not forgotten.

Come on, my dear!

Please, forgive me for... rambling on in
such a way... but it comes as you get older.

Thanks very much, but no thanks.

Well "The Fearless Vampire Killer"...
Sorry I put you through that.

He's very sweet... and very eccentric.

- Think I should've let him have it, the truth?
- I think you handled it beautifully... spared his feelings.

He really believes in
vampires though, doesn't he?

Let me show you something I believe in.

I'll be right back.

- Oh, you want me to go with you?
- What for?

Well, I... just thought you would
be a little jittery, that's all.

- Don't do that.
- Come on, let's get outta here.

What is it, Charlie? Is something wrong?
Because if there is, you can talk to me.

No, let's just go, okay?

- Come here.
- Charlie, I think I better warn you: I have a 7 o'clock class tomorrow.

People actually go to school at 7 in the
morning? Idiotic, insane, un-American.

It's Behavior 1 on 1, and I have to get up early
and study for the quiz, and I'm not exactly Acing.

Oh no, B-poor baby.

Good night, Charlie!


- What are you gonna...
- I said, good night!

Jeez, Cheryl, why don't you pull down the
shades? Someone could be out there, you know.

Oh, man!

You're supposed to bite her on the neck.



All right:
1. There are no vampires.

2. There's a rational explanation for this.

3. That was very rude.
4. She's incredibly beautiful.

5. There are no vampires.

- You're not Charlie.
- Yes I am. Charlie Brewster.

But not Charlie Cassidy.

Sorry to wake you, I must've had
the wrong dormitory.


- Do you have a light?
- Sure!

- Come in!
- Thanks.

You mind if I smoke?

Not at all, please do.

God, thanks.

I could kill for a cup of coffee.

Will Instant be all right?

I drink a lot of this during finals,
you know. Gotta stay up all night.

- You remind me of someone.
- Who? Charlie Cassidy?

No, that's my cousin. The one I'm talking
had a mouth like yours. Good lips.

And he knew how to use them.

Do you know how to use your lips, Charlie?

- I wanna talk to you.
- Alex!

Charlie? You're white as a sheet.

I wanna talk to you too. I'm very
sorry, I don't know what came over me.

- You didn't seem like yourself at all.
- I wasn't.

Well, after gotten over being mad at you...

- I got worried.
- Please forgive me.

- What?
- Nothing. Just a nightmare.

It's silly.

You thought I was a vampire,
didn't you, Charlie?

I guess I'm not really over it.

Well, it still has the ability
to scare you. That's for sure.

Can I have a bite?




You got a lot of guts
crawling into my bed, Miss Young.

Well, I still got my clothes on, Mr.

That is a subject I would like to take up
with you on a more... appropriate time.

My clothes?


Charles, I hope I won't disappoint
you when I say that this is quite normal.

The more we focus on a stimulating object

the more likely we are to review
that object in your sub-conscious, OK?

She just seemed so real.
She was right there.

In your dreams, Charles. This was someone
you saw in a dark lobby last night.

You say she was very seductive and that you
were more than a little attracted to her.

Yeah, I guess so.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Now look... I have something to
knock out those dreams for a while.

Just say no, I understand.

Why don't you get some exercise?
Go bowling.


Bowling? Bowling alone?

Doctors orders, pal.

I felt kind of stupid at first,
but you know it's really fun.

- You wanna roll a few?
- I don't think so.

Suit yourself.

- Kind of bright in here for you, stud?
- As a matter of fact, yes.

Doc's right, though. I feel a lot better
than I did before. I'm just so sleepy.

- Shoot! I had a surprise, but I don't think that you're in any shape to go.
- Go where?

Civic Symphony. Front row center... Mahler.

Oh my God! The pain!

All right, buddy.

No-no. I'd love to go.
I wouldn't wanna miss old Gustav.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'll take a nap before class and pick you up, what time?

I have to get to work. so let's say 8?

- Brewster!
- Richie, what time is it?

7:45, didn't you have a
class this afternoon?

7:45! Good gracious! I've
been asleep for 6 hours!

- Can I borrow this tie?
- 6 years of college and you still don't own a tie?

No! No! The black knit you can
borrow, not the blue silk.

Take the blue silk, then.
Who are you trying to impress tonight?

Art women, Bohemian Bodies!

Thanks, pal!

No. You gotta be kidding!


What are you DOING?
This is ridiculous.

Excuse me.
Would you happen to have an extra ticket?

- I would be happy to buy it from you.
- I guess you're in luck.

Guess you're right.

This is not a dream.

This is not a dream!

This is not a dream!

- Charlie?
- Peter, it's happening again.

Then she looked at me, Peter.
I swear to God, she was smiling.

- Oh yes... well, uh... this certainly does require some thought.
- Please, there is no time to think.

Oh yes Charlie, there is time.
Look at the time!

- If they are what you say they are...
- If?

You don't believe me?
You of all people?

- Or is it just that you're scared?
- That hurt, Charlie.

I didn't say I didn't believe you.
I live here.

I can hardly go breaking into my neighbors'
apartment, accusing them of being vampires

- if in fact what you saw was...
- What? Was in fact what?

- Ooh, was in fact uh... something that appeared to be
what you say you saw - You sound just like my shrink!

A friend of mine is in trouble. I'm not gonna let this
happen again and I'm going there with or without you.

And do you mind if I borrow these?


- You got crucifix, how about holy water, garlic?
- Yes, yes, Charlie.

- Fools rush in... I hope you exercise some restrain for my sake...
- If you're so sceptical, then why did you change into that?

Let's not get carried away guys, all right?

It's a party.

I know what it looks like,
but don't let your guard down.

- There he is!
- Who?

That's him on the couch.

Look how pale he is.

- Richie.
- Brewster, WHAT are you doing here?

I know you're in trouble.
I wanna help.

- I could use a Perrier.
- I'll get it.

You can do something about this,
I know exactly what you're going through.

Look, I've been drinking too much, okay?

- I'm not an alcoholic, I don't need a sermon.
- I wasn't talking about...

My good man, would you be so kind...

- Errrm... it...
- It's the wrong thing to do, Brewster.

- I'm sorry I was wrong. I owe you an apology.
- No, don't be silly. You had a good reason for feeling the way you did.

- Such a thing simply couldn't happen twice, Charlie.
- Yeah, let's get outta here.

So soon?

- Do you mind...
- Of course not.

Will you do any performances
while you're in town?

Here and there, nothing formal.
I'm mainly here on personal business.

- So, you're an actress?
- Performance-artist.

He thought maybe I was the real thing,
I'd take that as a compliment.

Astonishing! Absolutely astonishing!

I'm Regine.

Enjoy the party.

She's a performance-artist.
Now there's a logical explanation.

Oh my god, Alex!

You'll have to get closer than that. Over the centuries,
one develops a bit of tolerance for some of the trappings.

What do you want?

Let's talk about blood, Mr. Vincent.
It's very precious to me.

Jerry Dandridge was a 1000 years old,
when you spilled his blood.

He was my brother, Mr. Vincent.

Your punishment won't be as
severe as Charlie Brewster's.

You came reluctantly, didn't you?

You're a coward, aren't you?

But you will pay, Mr. Vincent.

You'll pay.

Daylight... I must wait for
morning, broad daylight.

How 'bout that classical music?
Tits, huh?

I don't think he likes you.

That's cool. I don't like him either.

That's more like it, dude.

I really appreciate you walking me home.

No offense, but your boyfriend gotta be a
weenie, standing up a dynamite-girl like you.

You're sweet.
Good night, Louie.

Good night.

You're supposed to bite
her on the neck, asshole.

I'm not thirsty right now, man.



What the hell is going on here?
What's happening to me?

I'm sorry. The last couple of
days I've felt so strange.

Me too.
Maybe it's the full moon, Charlie.

I can't sleep.
I can't concentrate in class.

Look at the time. I should have
been at the library 20 minutes ago.

Maybe we are falling in l...

I came to college to become a
clinical psychiatrist, Charlie.

Mel! Vampires!
We gotta get on the air.

Peter, check it, this routine is pass?. It's Stale
City. The show needed some fissaz, some juice.

I'm not talking about the show, I'm...
My set...

- What is happening to my set?
- OK, no more games. You're fired!

- Fire me? You can't fire me! Fright Night is my show!
- Not anymore.

- Oh, no!
- Perfect, huh?

Can't you see that this
is just what she wants?

Mel, please! you gotta
help me stop her, please!

Will you shut up and listen to me? If I ever, EVER see
you here again I'm having you arrested and put away!

You got that?
Mr. "Fearless Vampire Killer"?

And so... I got scared and went to see Peter, and of
course there was a rational explanation for everything.

- I mean, I knew that all along...
- Maybe your sub-conscious just didn't wanna go out with me.

Maybe it was a culture-shock
and I was a little intimidated...

Fear of culture, Charlie?

That might also explain your
fascination with low-grade melodramas.

I am so proud of you.

- And it's very hard to explore your feelings...
- Hey, wait a minute... What do you mean by low-grade melodramas?

- I mean "Bloodsuckers From Beyond".
- Have you seen that movie?

- No, but...
- Then you don't know what you're talking about, do you?

God it makes me mad when people do that!
I mean, you're encoded, Alex!

There happens to be some great literature
from the field. Have you ever read "Dracula"?

It's a great book, Alex! A great book!

See, there I go again.

- I didn't know you were so passionate about it.
- There are other subjects I'm far more passionate about.

- Have dinner with me!
- I have GOT to study!

I'll bring you dinner in the library.
I'll bring my books.

I'll study. You'll be an inspiration to me.
Come on, let's try it just once?

Charlie! I'm so glad I found you both.
I've been looking for you all over.

- Peter?
- I'm petrified, I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

You were right.
It IS happening again.

Peter, what we saw last night was an act by a
performance-artist, that's all it was, Peter. An act!

She didn't cast any reflection.

Peter, that's just part of her act.

That is not true! Think of what happened
before, what we've been through together!

I think you're wasting your breath, Mr.

Peter, listen to me.

There are no vampires.

I warned you.

I warned you.

All natural ingredients. Made the tomato-sauce
fresh this morning. None of that canned crap.

Freshly riven Parmesan Romano.
No lean sausages and...

- OK, You convinced me.
- Baked with no nitrates in it.

Organic artichoke arts.
Oh yeah, and my special ingredient:

A whole ball of garlic on each pizza.

Doctor's isn't in today. Sorry.

A senior at Tri-City Community College was found dead
this morning in a cemetery just outside of town.

No details are available at this time.
However, the police suspect foul play.

Richard Green, a Business and
Accountant major, was 22 years old.

Any information regarding the case
is being withheld by the authorities.

Come on, Peter!

Surumopsus... angustacollus.

- You scared me to death.
- Sorry. You look great scared.

- It's too quiet here in the night... kinda spooky.
- Yeah, I think we're the only ones here as a matter of fact.

- Louie, I'd like to talk, but it's not the right time.
- The boyfriend is coming, right? He is really a lucky guy!

- Listen, I really gotta get back to my...
- Tell you what I'm gonna do?

I come back through here around 9, and if this lucky guy
stands you up again, let me buy you a cup of coffee?

- Deal?
- OK, but he IS coming. You don't have to waste your time...


- So, you nailed her?
- Relax, man. This is getting very interesting.

Very romantic.
I'm having a date with her tonight.

See, good old Louie hasn't forgotten
the joys of good. old-fashioned sex, OK?

Hey, that's the boyfriend.

Hey! I gotta take him out so I can
take HER out, you know what I mean?

He's not yours.
You might amuse yourself some other way.

- Bowling perhaps?
- Bowling?

- Oh no you don't! We're all through for today.
- You can say that again, partner.

Dracula? You're reading Dracula?

- A great book, Charlie. A truly great book!
- You read that whole book since we talked this afternoon?

All of a sudden I feel like I know you a little
bit better. I love your taste in literature...

and I'm sorry about
myself this afternoon.

- Yeah?
- Beer.


There's something I wanted to tell you,
but I don't remember what it was.

- Something important.
- Well, it'll come back to you.

Here you go!

You gotta play to win, Bossy.
Never fall behind, man.

You should always try to... pull ahead!

Hey man! It's just a joke, man.
Just a joke!

One final touch.

- I could live without the television, Charlie.
- Our guest of honor, Johann Sebastian.

- "Feel Harmonic", via satellite, Channel 28.
- I'm impressed.

Fright Night?
Where's Peter?

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen,
we have a special treat for you.

The celebration of a very special,
very unique talent.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the
new host of "Fright Night: Regine!"

- I know I've seen your face somewhere, what do you do?
- Vampire killer...

Say what?

- Vampire killer.
- Come on, man. What do you do?

What is the matter with you friend?
Are you hard of hearing?

I... kill... VAMPIRES.

- How does she do that?
- Special make-up.

Hey, that was interesting.

- What is it?
- I feel kind of faint.

I'll get you some water.

I'll be right back.

- Hi there.
- I've got kind of an emergency right now.

- You're hurting my arm.
- Oooh, it makes your face look real pretty.

- Tough chick.
- Charlie!

Charlie? He's coming, isn't he?

- What's the problem?
- No problem, dude. I'm just getting to know your girlfriend a little bit better.

Is that all right with you?

Come on, dude. It's party time.

That was not... group... hypnosis!

Ok, Miss Regine,
Coming out of commercial in: 5... 4... 3...

- The roses! If you never had read the book...
- I would never have known.

How can this be happening, Charlie?
This is not possible.

There's got to be a logical
explanation for all of this.

Welcome to "Fright Night".

And remember, like my predecessor
"The Fearless Vampire Killer" used to say:

"The forces of darkness are everywhere."

Wait a minute...

No, no! Don't stop me! Get her!
No, let go off me! You don't understand!

She's a vampire!

Come on.

Please, listen to me. They are here!
The future of the world depends on you.

God that's tragic.
I grew up watching him.

It's like he's stuck in one of his own movies.
What can we do with him? State Hospital?

- Hour after hour, saying the same thing - Mr. Vincent.
We really care. We just want to help you get better.

Get better...? Look, if you really want to help just go out there,
catch the vampires and bring them here so that I can kill them.

- Ok, Mr. Vincent. Have it your way.
- State Hospital.

State Hosp...? No! Oh, no, no, no, I'm as sane as you
are! You are doing something you're gonna regret!

All right, son. You can go.

- Alexandra?
- Oh doctor! Thank you so much for coming.

- I didn't know who else to call...
- It looks like you got yourself into a lot of trouble.

There's so much to explain.
I don't even know where to begin.

- We wanna post bail for Charles Brewster.
- I'm afraid you're a little late, Miss.

- Somebody beat you to it.
- Who?

Can't give you a name, but I can tell
you, she sure wasn't from around here.

We got to find Peter Vincent right away.

Late again, Miss.

- Back off!
- You're Peter Vincent.

The famous vampire killer.
You're a star! Everybody!

What are you doing here?

I am after a vampire, my friend.

A real vampire.
Not like those fantasy ones but these...

- Idiots, they don't believe you, do they?
- No.

- No, they think you're a wacko, just like the rest of us.
- You're right.

Well, they're the ones who are crazy, man!
I believe you, Mr. Vincent.

I believe you.

I'm sorry, doctor.
I know how far-fetched this must sound.

Getting someone released from
State Hospital isn't a small matter.

As an aspiring professional, you know what kind
of compromising position this could put me in?

You're generating a lot of anxiety for yourself,
Alex. Why don't you do some deep breathing?



I don't think there's a train.

I think you've been under
tremendous stress lately.

What you need is a nice, long, rest.

That hurts.

This feels terrible.

It's my experience that you
didn't PUSH quite hard enough!

I don't suppose you had
the strength, Alexandra!

Never mind.
I know some of what you're feeling

and it's important for
you to experience that.

I'll take care of it myself.

I think I got it.

You may go.

- Yeah?
- I need to see Peter Vincent,

he's just been admitted.

Come back tomorrow.
All the doctors have gone home.

You must let me in!
This is a matter of life and death.

I'm Mr. Vincent's doctor.

- You here for the movie?
- What?

The Peter Vincent-movie. He's gotta get
out of here, so he can kill the vampire.

- Where's the doctor?
- I'm the doctor.

And I'm Smokey the Bear, honey.

Don't mess with me, lady.

I've had 10, that's 10 full sessions
in Ingleburg today.

At lunch I talked a jumper down from
the bell-tower at City Hall.

I have got a patient,
who's in the wrong hospital.

Now I'm gonna get grief from you
because I still look like a teenager?

I got some ID, you want some?
What do you need?

AMA-card? National Association of
Clinical psychiatrists ID-number?

"Diners Club."

Nurse, while I check the patient, I would
appreciate it if you got his transfer papers ready?

- Doctor, this is highly irregular.
- Just do it!

Hello, doctor.

I'm not happy that you'd lie to me.

Everybody's a crook.
Everybody's a crook.

Talk to me, talk to me, Lover Boy.

OK, Mr. Vincent.
You can go kill your vampire now.

We meet friends at the strangest of places.

- Mr. Vincent.
- Call me Peter.

Do you think Charlie is...

All right?

I don't know, my dear.

It IS war.

We must prepare.

- Now, we need holy water.
- Holy water?

- Communion wipers.
- Communion wipers?

You mean this stuff kills vampires?
Am I gonna go to Hell for this?

I'm only borrowing this. I promise.

Soon, you'll taste blood
for the first time.

Soon, you'll be one of us.

You know why I've done this to you,
Charlie Brewster?

Because as soon as you'll get immortal,
you'll live forever...

and it's forever that I'll torture you.

All right.

This was from "Scream for your Supper".

"Blood-feast on Broadway".


Oooh... it's from "Jaws of the Vampire".

"Beast of Budapest",
"Fangs of Fear".

"Carnage Castle".
Oh, they don't make them like that anymore.

No, we forgot the rope.

This is from "Creatures of Carpathia".

What are we doing?
I can not dangle from a rope like Tarzan.

But if we don't try...

I don't think that this
is a very good idea.



It's me.


- But you're dead.
- Yep.

Just came fresh from the morgue
just to be here tonight.

It's great you're joining us, Charlie.

- How could this have happened?
- I know Regine is pissed at you, but...

she has a great sense of humor.
It'll blow over.

- Like some hot tea?
- No, thank you.

In time, eventually, I don't
wanna eat or drink anything.

- Suppose I'll miss that.
- Richie...

why weren't there any
puncture wounds in your neck?

What, at the party?
Make-up... piece of cake.



Well, I thought you might...


This little piggy... went to the market.

You better hang on!

This little piggy went...

Bullseye, dude.

This way.

Welcome to "Fright Night".

Are you thirsty, Charlie?

Come kiss me.

No, Charlie!

Charlie, please listen to me...

It's time.

Charlie, don't do this.


Charlie, I love you.


Did you hear me, Charlie Brewster?
I said I love you.

- She's running from the dawn.
- Sounds like she's ripping that thing apart.

Yeah, ripping up the floor.
She wants to go down.

Down where, Charlie?

Her coffin...

at the bottom, I remember now.
At the bottom.

We've got to hurry.
Someone has to go down there.


- We'll wait till the sun gets higher.
- Then it will be too late.

Sunlight will kill me.

I'll have to follow her.

I gotta go down and cut her off.
You close in from the top.

- You can't face her alone.
- You go with him, I'll take care of this end. Now go.

Go on.

Back, you damned hell-spawn!

Alex? Alex!

Come on, Charlie.

You didn't think I would
let go that easy, did you?

Very naughty, Charlie.
That coffin was may hundreds of years old.

You've destroyed it for me.

One mustn't get too attached
to material things.

Besides. there plenty of other places
to hang my hat. You just don't know.

Convenient access to miles of tunnels.

Looks like your friend's given up.

Bye, "Fearless Vampire Killer".

Time to go.

That's right.

Come on.

- And I held on as tightly as I could,
keeping her in the lights.

Until finally she went up in smoke.

You know the rest.

Yes, I certainly do know the rest.

Only, who am I gonna tell it to?

That's right, me.
I'll believe you.

No rational explanation required.

- Charlie?
- Mmm?

What if there are more of them out there?

"Forewarned is forearmed",
as Peter says.

We'll go on with our lives.
Duly fortified.

We'll rent an apartment together.

Maybe get married,
Maybe... make some babies.

Maybe buy a farm.
I'll get a mule.

I'll buy a banjo...

Takes practice, you know.

What, playing the banjo?

Making babies.