Ford v Ferrari (2019) - full transcript

American car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles battle corporate interference and the laws of physics to build a revolutionary race car for Ford in order to defeat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

- Don't fuck around with me!
- Go away!

- Come on, hit me, you pathetic...

Get off me!

- What are you doing?
- Fuck off!

- Adam, get off him right now!
- I told him!

Adam! Stop!

OK, that is enough!

I told him!

Fuck off!

Oh, come on, Adam! Stop it!

Adam, open the door!

What are you doing?

Stop! You just need to calm down!

Oh! Adam!

Adam, open this door.

Adam, we've talked about this.

Adam! Just open the door.

I ain't goin' to one of those places.

Come on. Get in.

How far do you think
you'll get this time?


I've called in a favour.


♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Greatness ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Came into the game ♪

♪ Knew nothing 'bout the game
in which I came into ♪

♪ Thought I had no freedom
cos I never had a chain or two ♪

♪ Roses are red, so I order violets ♪

♪ Man, I'm getting bored,
I'm getting bored of violence ♪

♪ Started smoking that was auto-pilot ♪

♪ I pray to God we multiply
cos we're all divided ♪

And then we arrive
at the penthouse suite.

Did you get your toothbrush?


I'll call you tomorrow.

- We can schedule in a review and...
- Yeah, so it's just temporary, right?

- Let's see where we are in a month.
- I thought you was gonna get me a flat.

I thought you were gonna stay out of
trouble and get yourself a job.

You're not a kid any more.

You lose like that control again,
crack someone at the wrong angle...

It wasn't my fault, Terry.


You got 11 months to go.

Make this work, and you can live
wherever you want.

But you have one more fight...

and we're looking
at secured residential.

♪ Oh, oh, oh... ♪

♪ All my life been a black sheep ♪

♪ All my life been the black keys ♪

♪ True, I never really was a bad breed ♪

♪ Daddy probably rather me a athlete ♪

♪ Man, that nigga move like a taxi ♪

♪ All my life in the back seat ♪

♪ Talk about life, is it that sweet? ♪

♪ All these eyes staring at me ♪

♪ I've been feeling real low, nigga,
low-key ♪

♪ How I break heart,
feel a soul weep ♪

♪ Tattoos on my passport, no sleep ♪

♪ This is what you asked for,
don't weep, don't whinge... ♪

- Change?
- Yeah, pennies.

Use the machine.

Fifties, then.

How's the PhD coming along?

Let me guess.

Reclusive gamer
with a burgeoning weed habit

that he claims chills him out
but really is only fuelling the anxiety

that he's doing fuck all with his life.

Either way, babysitting lonely stoners
ain't part of the job description, so...

I wanna be creative with
an uncharacteristically ratty attitude

that she justifies by the fact that
she works in this dead-end shit-hole

which she claims is a means to an end

but really it's because she doesn't have
the courage or the conviction

to do all the really important things
that she wants to do in her life.

Am I right?

Can I have fifties, please?

Thank you.

Do you know anywhere
I can get some weed?


Yo, Mak! Slaughter just rocked up.
Told him you left early.

Thanks. See you in a bit, yeah?

What did you say your name was?
- I didn't.

Makayla. But everyone calls me Mak.

Adam. Surprised
you didn't know that already.

Yeah, whatever. You do know most of what
you said weren't true, don't you, Adam?


Yes, Mak-a-daily-doo.

Tonight, 7pm. Queensway.

What's that, Slaughter, Ronnie?


You fools need to get yourselves
on Twitter, man.

But then we wouldn't get
to check that fine...

Chill! See yous there, yeah?
Fucking wastemen.


- From round here, then?
- Uh, kind of.


- Not into battlin'?
- Seen some online.

- And?
- It's alright.

Metaphors, punchlines,
multisyllabic rhymes

and young peeps expressing themselves
without the use of violence,

and you think it's just "alright"?

- Yo, Blaze!
- My girl Mak!

This Missy battle is
gonna be fire, you know.

Safe, Mak. Who's this guy then?
Got yourself a little work experience?

Adam, meet Joe, Blaze.

Where's Eve?

Regretting she had a hand
in creating you, bruv.


Ad needs a hook-up.

C'mon, Mak. Think I'm gonna be shottin'
in broad daylight in this vest?

What d'you want?


Hey, don't smoke it all at once, yeah?

- Everything sorted for tonight, yeah?
- All set.


Oi! Get back to work, you two!

Get at me later, yeah?

See you public heroes tonight, yeah?

In a bit.

I gotta bounce.

Uh, sick. Cheers for sorting that.

Oh, forget about it.
Probably underweight anyway.

Pass through tonight if you want.

Your boyfriend be alright with that?

Three, two, one...

Yes, yes, people,
thanks for making it down tonight.

If you are in the building and enjoyed
that last battle,

please can we make some noise?

We got another crazy battle lined up,
so let's get straight into it

with the battler on my right-hand side.
Make some noise for Miss-Quotes!

Battler on my left-hand side,
give it up for my boy Rulez!

We did the coin toss off-camera.
Rulez won the coin toss.

He chose Miss-Quotes to go first.
First round on Miss-Quotes.

So let's go!
- Yes, yes, yes!

♪ This about to be a match,
I got the fire, fuck a dragon ♪

♪ You ain't even ready for me,
your whole crew is laggin' ♪

♪ I should call you Cher Lloyd cos
you're really out here Swagga Jaggin' ♪

♪ You ain't B-A-D ♪

♪ That lil' sperm that made you
didn't even wanna be a D-A-D ♪

♪ This rap ting ain't for you ♪

♪ Best you find yourself a real J-O-B ♪

♪ Cos ain't no girl wanna scrub
like T-L-C. ♪

Give it up, give it up, give it up!

It's the main event,
third and final round.

It's on your boy Word Phyzix.
Make some noise!

♪ "Slaughter" sounds like someone
who'll pull a gun out at high speed ♪

♪ Or fuck you up in a drive-by
when he comes up on the high street ♪

♪ But "Liam"? ♪

♪ "Liam" doesn't sound like someone
that frights me ♪

♪ "Liam" sounds like Liam
is a consultant for IT ♪

♪ And why are you so constantly angry?
It's crazy ♪

♪ You shout and scream so much,
it's like you're having a baby ♪

♪ But we all know that
that won't be happening, matey ♪

♪ Because Makayla
hasn't been banging you lately ♪


♪ She called him up like,
"Oh, yeah, we're breaking up" ♪

♪ he was like, "No, we're not,
I can hear you great, what's up?" ♪

♪ she's like, "No, look,
we're not working out" ♪

♪ he's like, "alright, we'll do
some bicep curls for now" ♪

♪ she's like, "No, listen, you idiot,
our relationship has flatlined" ♪

♪ "You're the worst person
I have ever met by a landslide" ♪

♪ That's when he lost his rep
for being such a bad guy ♪

♪ When he went home and cried ♪

♪ Singing "How Will I Live Without You?"
by LeAnn Rimes. ♪

Give it up, give it up!

Slaughts, it's on you.

♪ Word Phyzix, I knew you was a nerd ♪

♪ Since you used the word "physics" ♪

♪ I didn't need to do any dirt digging
to find out you're a batty man ♪

♪ That likes dirt diggin' ♪

♪ I mean, what kind of shirt is this? ♪

♪ Something from the closet ♪

♪ Of someone that's in the closet
and never has a bird with him ♪

♪ The type of shirt that says
"I like shirt lifting" ♪

♪ In terms of your private school terms ♪

♪ You'd be described
with the term "victim" ♪

♪ The type to do this battle shit
with his friends ♪

♪ But he never comes to the ends
though I could imagine his first visit ♪

♪ Walking up to the chicken spot
on nerve, trying to think ♪

♪ Of the Jamaican phrase to ask
for mayonnaise on his jerk chicken ♪

♪ Odds got me battling
a homo for promo ♪

♪ Fuck that! ♪

♪ I'd tell him stick it up his arse,
but he'd love that ♪

♪ What? Your mum give you
a lickle pocket money? ♪

♪ Yeah? Run that ♪

♪ See I'm in your pockets
cos you put me out of pocket ♪

♪ And I want my fuckin' funds back. ♪

- See you later, girls.
- OK, bye.

- So?
- Don't know what the hype's about.

Whatever, man.
Mr Grinny McGrinnerson.

Yeah, says you.

"Bye, guys, thanks for coming out.
It's gonna be a really good one."

That's my job, motherfucker.

Slaughter was sick though.

Yeah. Only if you're
a fucking backwards ignoramus.

Anyway, I thought his multis
were basic.

Yo, Missy!

That shit was on point, girl.
- Yes!

Props, Mak. Got a bit direct there
in the second, but I thought I took it.

That TLC bar was fire.
Thought you was gonna...

Yo, Mak.

- Lost your blower or what?
- Been busy.

You coming back?

- Ride with us.
- Got my own, thanks.

I wanna talk to you.

Tomorrow, maybe.

- Acting up now, yeah?
- Look, bruv, she said no, alright?

And who the fuck are you?
- Slaughts!

- Not now, Fabrice.
- For fuck's sake, Liam!

Think you can step to man, yeah?

Think she's on you cos she brought you
to watch me battle?

You looked more like Gollum's
stunt double having a Tourette's attack.


Come on.

Whatever. I'm outta here, man.

Fuck you, prick!

Let me guess.

♪ A wanna... wannabe badman
rapping about life on road ♪

♪ When really he's from a nice
neighbourhood and a good postcode ♪

- Jeez!
- Alright.

Out with it.

♪ And if you fight like you perform
then I'm fine out in the open ♪

♪ And bring your matey along
cos Rulez are made to be broken ♪

♪ And I guess you don't have much luck
with the girls coming back ♪

♪ Which is why you won't be seeing
"The Return of the Mak". ♪

- My man got owned!

Man got Slaughtered.

That don't just come out,
you know.

That footage will be everywhere
in a minute, trust me.

Then we gotta fix you a matchup.

- Beginner's luck.
- Whatever, bruv.

You ain't getting the choice.

What can I get you?

Two... banana milkshakes?

Uh, Odds seems cool.

Yeah, man, he's a sick guy.

Me and him used to throw
grime raves in town, ya know?

Used to?

Just became
too much ag with the venues.

Feds kept shutting us down
ten minutes before the acts went on

even when there was no trouble.
696 was killing us.

Just some form that allows
the police to discriminate.

Can't knock his persistence, can you?

To be fair, he ain't all bad.
Well, if you allow all the paranoia.

Oh, and the nutty girls saying
they're pregnant with his kid and shit.

Irony is, he was convinced
I was messing him about

just cos I weren't hanging off him
like some wannabe side bitch.

- Were you?
- No.

That's the trouble round here.

Everybody reckons they know you.


Why'd you swerve my question earlier?

I lived here till I was five.
Then Basildon. Romford.

Grays for three years. Suffolk for two.
And then back here again.

Rahhh, you a Traveller or something?

Foster placements.

You always been in Southend?


That's why we came up with Project B.

Something positive for once.

Not that the Feds or the rest
of the town see it like that.

I think they just see the bravado,
they see the front, know what I mean?

But for me, it's like...
we're a big family,

do you know what I mean?
Me, Odds, like, all of us.

You'll see when
we fix your first matchup

that everyone's so supportive
of anyone who steps in.

They respect it, you know.

Been good chatting.

Just don't put it all in
your first round, yeah?

Good day?

Adam. Can I have a word?

Adam, visitor!

What are you doing here?

Never-ending compliments with you,
ain't it?

Sorry. Er... You wanna come up?

I've got some Mary Berry muffins
in the oven if you'd like some.


Alright, welcome to the Hilton.

It'll do.


- What?
- Makayla, just fucking tell me.

Oh, yeah, that.

We've hooked you up against...


I know nothing about him.

And that...

is why I'm here.

Best way to think about it is in two,
like, categories.

You wanna think
about delivery and content.

Some of the most intelligent people
I've met are battlers.

They're gonna try and throw you off,
get up in your face.

- Can you deal with that?
- Yeah, alright.

Can you keep your composure? I don't know,
I don't think you can.

- Fuck, yeah, I can.
- You just gotta find what you wanna say

and it will be fire, alright?

♪ I'm on that man side, damn right ♪

♪ Doing it myself from a landslide ♪

♪ Stand by, didn't need no help
from no damn guy... ♪

♪ Sittin' in that chair... ♪

♪ Hair's fucked up ♪

♪ Sittin' in that chair... ♪

- I got one, I got one.
- Right.

♪ My boy is wild ♪

♪ Body of a man but the mind of a child ♪

You know what,
read out what "adductor" is.

"Any muscle that moves
one part of the body."

OK, is that what you wanna be
when you step on?

"Adolescent" That's sick!

People will rip you
if your name is bad, trust me.

"Adonis" a handsome young man..."
Oh, no.

What do you mean, "Oh, no"?

♪ Yo, Makayla, that afro is dope ♪

♪ As you can see
you're in man's own home ♪

♪ In my room ♪

♪ I must have been running
through your head like an afro comb ♪

♪ Living large, spitting bars ♪

♪ Hanging round with birds
that drive shitty-arsed cars... ♪

- What? Don't be dissin' Sharon, bruv.
My car is sick.

- Sharon?
- Sharon!

♪ Living large, spitting bars ♪

♪ You've got an ex-boyfriend
that thinks he's hard... ♪

- His name's Slaughter.
- Nah, I didn't ask.

♪ Whoa! Do you like how I'm livin'? ♪

♪ As you can see, I get bare women ♪

♪ Got you up in the Playboy mansion ♪

♪ Southend edition ♪

♪ Featuring mixed-race birds
with alcoholism... ♪

Don't tell anyone I helped you.
Meant to be neutral, you know?

What's this?

No, that's nothing.

Can I?

It's just something my social worker
made me do.

Oh, look how cute you were!

What happened?

Who's this?

Some kid with a fat old mouth.

And him?

Yeah, I pushed him
straight off a bike.

That's, er...


It was good there but she got ill.

This when she gave you up?

Dumped me in care, you mean?

- What's her name?
- Lisa.

She works at this hairdressing place in
town. Was going to go down there.

Probably not a good idea.

I dunno.
Maybe seeing her'd be good to...

What, ease her conscience?
Fucking bet it would be.

No. For you.

Fill in some of these.


I ain't smokin' it in the house, am I?

Calms me down.

Have you thought about
other ways of doing that?

Music? Exercise?
Meditation works for some people.

Look, Adam.

I know you've been moved around a lot
and things haven't worked out.

I'm not going to pretend
to know how that feels.

I'm not going to do the whole Foster
Carer 101 thing, and you don't need...

Terry's gonna get me a flat.

OK, but how about in the meantime,
we try and make the best of this?

She seems nice, Makayla.

Yeah, she's alright.

How long have you been
into rap?

- Always.
- Oh, right.

I'm partial to a spot of Ice-T myself,
when the mood takes me.

Oh, by the way,
condoms are in the bathroom cabinet.

Just top them up.

Nothing worse than running out
when you're on a promise.

They ain't going anywhere
near my barnet, trust me.

If you're not feeling...

- Can I help you?
- Yes, I'm here to see Lisa?

Oh, right. she's just finishing off
her break, but...

Do you want me to take your jacket?

You can come over.

Alright, see you later. Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Just here.

Tea? Coffee?

Well, I'll just let her know
that you're here.

Alright there?


What are we doing for you today then?

Number two, all over.

Fancied a change, huh?

You sure about this, then?

So are you at college or working or...?


What sort of thing?


Come over when you're ready.

C-Call it five.

Forget her, yeah? You got this.

Yo! Can I get Blaze
and Adversary to the pit, please?

Yo, people, thanks for coming out today.

Queensway was getting a little too hot.
Nice to see some new faces.

You're welcome, you're welcome.
You're all welcome.

Yo, Blaze, Adversary! Come!


Three, two, one...

Yes, people, welcome to Project Battle,
coming to you live

from our brand-new secret location!

First battle of the day,
highly anticipated.

You've all seen his video, demolishing
none other than big Slaughts!

Only joking, bro! Making his PB debut,
give it up for Adversary!

His opponent needs
no introduction.

He's been here since the beginning.
Fuck knows how, though, bruv.

Only kidding.
he's the king of one-liners.

Make some noise for Blaze!

It's on, blud, yeah?

Make sure you hit us up on
the socials, subscribe to our channel,

and as always let us know what's on
your minds. That's what it's all about.

We did the coin toss off-cam.

Blaze won the coin toss.
he chose Adversary to go first.

Ads, first round's on you.
Make some noise.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

♪ When Makayla set this up,
I was like, "Yo, she's crazy" ♪

♪ Blaze? Looks more to me
like "Be-lazy" ♪

♪ You go by "Blaze" in the streets ♪

♪ But your real name is Fabrice,
and you stink, bruv ♪

♪ So Febreze is what man spray
when you leave ♪

♪ I've seen you out picking litter
with a few other workers ♪

♪ For you, cleaning graffiti
is a suitable purpose ♪

♪ Cos now the writing's on the wall,
you get removed from the surface ♪

♪ So I guess that I'm the one
doing community service... ♪

You got this, you got this!

♪ So I guess that I'm the one
doing community service ♪

♪ Yo, you ticked me a draw
and you ain't been paid yet ♪

♪ You give out weed
like it's a free taste test ♪

♪ "Please take some,
I've got three eighths left" ♪

♪ I only asked him for a bag of weed ♪

♪ he was like,
"The first one, that's on me" ♪

♪ Then he gave me
an extra 20 grams for free ♪

♪ A lighter, a grinder, and a yearly
subscription to "High Times" magazine ♪


♪ Yo, I checked and in your last battle,
you tried a flip ♪

♪ And you choked,
so you flicked out your phone ♪

♪ Tried to skip through your notes ♪

♪ Did you get the victory? No ♪


♪ What a surprise ♪

♪ Blaze tried to get lit and got smoked. ♪


Alright, Fabrice, I mean Blaze.

It's on you, it's on Blaze.
Make some noise.

You blazin', you blazin', you blazin'.
You blazin'.


♪ You hit the wrong way
and a stop sign ♪

♪ He looks like an emo kid
that got changed into Posh Spice ♪

♪ I know it might appear
I haven't aged since I was nine ♪

♪ But you look like a Catholic student ♪

♪ Caught up in the wrong place
at the wrong time ♪

♪ I was gonna hit you with a bunch
of personal angles ♪

♪ But then I thought "fuck, no"

♪ Because I went online to research you
and you're basically unknown ♪

♪ He either ignores the internet
or don't know how to upload ♪

♪ But either way, I'm gonna hit
this prick with mum jokes ♪

Go on, then.

♪ Your mum, blud ♪

♪ Yo, your mum is so fucking fat ♪

♪ She has a rump steak
in her lunch break ♪

♪ And that opens the floodgates
so she has to go to Subway ♪

♪ She wanted to be a plus-sized model
but she couldn't fit on the runway ♪

♪ And when she drives,
people make room ♪

♪ So she can access the bus lane ♪

♪ Yo, she's a fat-as-fuck dwarf ♪

♪ McDonald's gets scared
when she comes to the front door ♪

♪ She treats getting any food
like it's a blood sport ♪

♪ Next to her I look as skinny
as a Capri-Sun straw ♪

- Yo...
- Yes!

♪ I keep that bitch under my thumb ♪

♪ And she's always looking
for something to fuck ♪

♪ And she'll always take dick
up to her guts ♪

♪ And that's why
your mum's a fucking slut! ♪

Yo, my mum's fucking dead!



Yo, Ads, it's on you.

Say something.

♪ But fuck it,
this man is a huge neek ♪

♪ You're actually too sweet,
your words don't match your actions ♪

♪ You're Bruce Lee, you move like
you're Ice Cube packing the Uzi ♪

♪ But you're less "Fuck the Police"
and more family movies ♪

♪ And I heard through the grapevine
that you went to Sunday school ♪

♪ Did no one tell you hanging out
with nuns ain't cool? ♪

♪ You had a lemonade stand
and a cupcake stall ♪

♪ And you always ate with the dinner
ladies in the lunch break hall ♪

♪ And I heard this as well,
does this ring a bell? ♪

♪ You were reading from the Bible
in front of the class ♪

♪ And you pissed yourself ♪

♪ No, no, he literally pissed himself ♪

♪ Next time you're in Boots
look on a different shelf ♪

♪ Forget shaving cream, go for
Tena ladies in women's health ♪

♪ There was enough
to fill a bottle of Zinfandel ♪

♪ Nah, there was enough to fill
an entire wishing well ♪

♪ Man darted to the toilets
screaming, "I need a little help!" ♪

♪ Leg up on the sink trying to scrub it
with the liquid gel, instant fail. ♪

Yo, man, that was sick.

Oi! What was that?

I won, didn't I?

I can say that shit about her, not him.

They'll have forgotten about it by the end
of the week. It's just words.

No, it ain't.

Stick to the truth, yeah?

Hey, Adversary!

What you sayin'?
Knockin' man's religion, yeah?

Hey, I'm fuckin' with ya!
That shit was dope.

And I'm sorry about, erm...

You know.


Coming Odds and sorts tonight, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Say nothin'.

Trick is to act like you belong, bruv.

You don't wanna be that weird guy
that some chick brought back

against the advice of her mates, yeah?

Yes, people!
Welcome to my humble abode.

Drinks are that way
and pussy is that way.

Enjoy it, blud.

You lot weren't deep
in man's bars, blud.

New kid on the block
handled you, Blaze.

Yo, chill, chill, chill.

It's cos I got onto his mum,
they felt sorry for him.

The new kid.

Need to up the levels, man.

Why are you talking?
Why don't you battle me then?

All of you are shit, that's why.

- Yo, I free-styled most of it.
- Mind how you're talkin'.

I didn't even hit top gear, bruv.

I had this whole other verse
about you giving Makayla

a pencil case on Valentine's.

Fuckin' Mak, man. We was only seven
and she was on it, trust me.

- Mak's gonna get hounded now, you know.
- Boy, I'd hit that in a sec.

He'd hit an icicle face first

if it had a pussy.
Pulse is optional for this guy.

Fuck you. You getting sour
cos your sister likes me.

- Man, why you talkin'?
- You gonna do somethin'?

Alright, sip on that, huh?

- You think I won't knock you down?
- Do something.

Man is gassing!

Who's gassing!

- You waiting?
- Yeah. Been in there a while though.

What do you reckon, shit or sniff?

Both, probably.

You weren't bad tonight.
Seen some shocking try-outs, trust me.

I can't even really remember doing it,
all a bit of a blur.

I did think that bit when you dropped your
pants was a bit weird.

- Do you battle or...?
- What do you think?

Nah, I used to come a lot and then...
just don't so much now.

Wish me luck.

♪ The one that I've
been dreaming of is you ♪

♪ Just a touch away ♪

♪ All I need to do ♪

♪ All I need to say... ♪

Yo! Who the fuck brought you here?

- Makayla.
- Well, it's not Makayla's gaff, is it?

Yo! Everything cool?

Yeah, I was just politely requesting
this kid vacates our gaff.

Nah, man, he's alright, innit?

Stay away from me, yeah?

Whoo! Dude's got no chill.

- Left you a line on the side.
- Hmm. Shit or sniff?

♪ That's not me and it's shutdown ♪

♪ Ring ring pussy, it's shutdown ♪

♪ Fashion week and it's shutdown ♪

We're battling in The Nest, right?

♪ The perfect place, this is the baby
of the bunch versus the bird of prey ♪

♪ I've already heard
every word he sprays ♪

♪ They tried to steal my vision ♪

♪ This ain't a culture, it's my religion ♪

♪ God knows I don't wanna go prison
but if a man wanna try me, trust me... ♪

♪ Why you got a four in your name?
Your girlfriend's a four cos she's plain ♪

♪ Boring and beige,
to smash her I'd have to be half-cut ♪

♪ Like a chainsaw to the waist! ♪

♪ Cos it's shutdown ♪

♪ That's not me and it's shutdown ♪

♪ Ring ring pussy, it's shutdown ♪

♪ Hey, fashion week and it's shutdown ♪

♪ This lady is a tramp
and I can Black Ops you ♪

♪ Give you a new existence,
I'm truly gifted ♪

♪ In this league, there's one I for
every three of you like Medusa's sisters ♪

♪ Gotta throw shade ♪

♪ I'm about to take this brother out
like we was out on a date ♪

♪ Plenty fishes in the sea
but you will always be the bait ♪

♪ I'm the Q-U-double-E-N, this is
MySpace and you ain't in my top ten ♪

♪ The exit's over there,
gather up your little friends ♪

♪ And now I never, ever wanna
see you on this stage again, bitch! ♪

♪ That's not me and it's shutdown ♪

♪ Ring ring pussy, it's shutdown ♪

♪ Fashion week and it's shutdown ♪

We get a good crowd,
they don't give us problems.

- It's cash in your hand.
- Any trouble and you're done.

♪ Boy better know and it's shutdown ♪

♪ And it's shutdown ♪

♪ That's not me and it's shutdown ♪

♪ Ring ring pussy, it's shutdown ♪

♪ Fashion week and it's shutdown ♪

♪ He's in the club talking to guys
like, "Can I buy you a drink?" ♪

♪ Wiping off his chin after emptying
their sacks like recycling bins ♪

♪ So catching the W's unlikely to him ♪

♪ Cos to me...
da-feet's uncomfortable ♪

♪ Never been hiking in Timbs ♪

♪ Another 3-0 and I'm starting
to feel important now ♪

♪ I'm two battles in
and I'm all they fucking talk about ♪

♪ Even the top dogs are pussies
so I'm-a have to call 'em out ♪

♪ If we beef, look, bruv,
we can meet, hook up ♪

♪ But someone's getting butchered
in Slaughter's house! ♪

♪ I told them, blud, I just shutdown ♪

♪ That's not me and it's shutdown ♪

♪ Ring ring pussy, it's shutdown ♪

Mate, I'm buzzing. I could physically
feel every punch landing, like...


Rulez didn't see that coming

and when the fans finished off that
Slaughter bar...

Alright, alright, Cassius.
I get it.

You and Odds did a sick job
opening up that venue.

- Must've taken a load at the door.
- Yeah, we done alright.

Just gotta keep them
and the police sweet now.

Might even be able to upgrade
the old banger.

Oi! Don't be dissing Sharon,
you know. she's sensitive.

Anyway, I'd rather take you back down
the high street, mate.

Yo, I wanted to say thanks.

For what?

Bringing me in when you didn't have to.
helping me out.

Coming hairdresser's with me.

You had the talent.
I just hooked up the battles.

We're gonna be late.

♪ They're watching me
climb to the top ♪

♪ They're probably wanting
to murder me ♪

♪ Actually certainly I put the work in
and they try to tear at me ♪

♪ But I been stormin' since nursery ♪

♪ I don't need jobs, born university ♪

♪ I got these virgins so fucked
they give versity ♪

♪ I've got a huge dream,
so why not just do me? ♪

♪ Hit the whole game
with the round house ♪

♪ Mandem a-call me Bruce Lee ♪

♪ I ain't ate properly for two weeks ♪

♪ Probably should try and get a few Zs ♪

♪ But I don't wanna rest
till they call me the best ♪

♪ And the mandem cats say,
"Who's he?" ♪


Nice. I like that, I like that.

Yo, Odds, just been on
with Contempt from London.

He's on it, bruv. What you saying?
Time to put Project Battle on the map.

- Yeah, what's he want?
- I dunno, his travel and fee and that.

- Work it out with him.
- Alright, cool. I'll think about it.

Yo, it's time to hook it up, now.
If you don't, I will.

How about you battle Ad first?

Squash the beef, build some hype,
then we'll talk about Contempt.

Fuck that.
You know the kid's not on my level.

You owe me.

Slaughts is always ducking battles.

Missy's been trying
to pin him down for time.

Yo, why don't you two battle?

Then I'll get Slaughts to battle
the winner.


She's been on at me
about doing an "on beat" battle.

OK, or I can convince her
to do a cappella.

Nah, nah, nah, nah.

On beat's cool.


You used to be
self-conscious about that.

Anyway, I hear you're making friends.

And there's a...
a girl on the scene, I hear.

What happened to that solicitor,
the Scottish one?

She... We...

Our working lives were not compatible.

Wanna get yourself on Tinder, bruv.

I hear you're a bit
of an online superstar.

It ain't all knives and gangstas, Terry.

No, but it is confrontational.

"I'm gonna do this to you,
you're gonna do this to me."

Ain't punched no one, have I?

People are proper nice.
Like a big family.

That's good.

♪ You're just jealous
cos you can't hang with the youths ♪

♪ Not cos you're old, but because
of those earrings and those shoes ♪

♪ Seen so many urban films,
you think a rapper's sadistic ♪

♪ Reading the same "Daily Mail" ♪

♪ That they're wrapping
the chips with and fish-sticks ♪

♪ All in your head, it's like a big war,
like I'm getting ready ♪

♪ To stab you with this chip fork ♪
- OK, I get it, I think.

♪ Think you're the big man
just cos you take a pension ♪

♪ If you were really my dad,
then maybe I'd pay attention. ♪

Alright, Kanye. Finish your food.

Adam, listen.

Your mum's been in touch.

Anything you wanna tell me?

What were you thinking, mate? Hmm?

There is a way of going
about these things.

Yeah, well, she didn't even
recognise me, did she, so...

She's asked to see you.

Just the one session, initially.
See how it goes.

Question is...

do you want
to try doing this the right way?

OK. Adam, if you're ready.

Good luck.

Hi. Adam.

Do you want to take a seat?

You look... great.

Really well.

Your hair, it... it suits you.

I suggested meeting at the pub
but they weren't having it.

The other day, I...

I mean...

I just...

It was a shock.

I should've handled it better.

How are you finding it, being back?

It's OK.

When did you get into hairdressing?

Four or five years ago.

Did a course at the college.

Worked my way up.

I hear you rap. You're into rapping?

It's battling.

You were always good at words...
even as a kid.

I, um...

applied for letterbox contact.
They said you turned it down.

It just...
It just wasn't the right time.

- I was still getting things together.
- You got things together now?

Getting there.

When I had you, I was
a year younger than you are now.

You had five years.


I was still struggling.

You get help then, don't you?

- That's why I went to social services.
- Why not friends, family?

- At the time, I didn't have any...
- There must've been someone.

Adam. Try to give Lisa
the chance to answer your questions.

Things hadn't been right for a long time,
even before you were born.


after Mum died,
I really didn't cope very well.

It became just you and me
and those same four walls.

I took you out when I could...

down the playground,
to Bobby Jo's for an ice cream.


- Milkshakes.
- Yeah.

We'd take your toy cars
and race them around the table.

Used to chat to everyone in there.

The owner used to call you sir,
do you remember?


It's not because I didn't love you.

It was the hardest thing
I ever had to do.

So why did you?

I wanted better for you.

So you dumped me on the social?

It was meant to be a bit of breathing
space so that when I had you back...

- Had me back?
- Adam. Do you want to take a break?

You left me, Mum.

I had to come and find you
and even then, you turned me away.

I did everything they suggested.

It's just... getting
the right help takes time.

And you were doing
so well with Theresa.

I didn't want Theresa, I wanted you.

I thought I was making
the right decision.

We all did.


Me, the IRO person,
your social worker.

They... They forced you, did they?


No, that's not...

It was my decision.

I just wanted a better life for you.

No, you, you got the better life!
I got dumped on strangers!

- Right!
- You have any idea how it feels

thinking you should be grateful
for living in someone else's home

knowing you're only there to make
someone feel better about themselves

and it's only a matter of time

before they make a call
and you have to do it all over again?

I wish... I wish that you had
given me up at birth!

That way I wouldn't
give a shit about you.

- Adam, let's get some air.
- It was down to you then, yeah?

Adam... Adam!

Don't do this. Come on, mate. Adam!


Hi, it's Mak. If I like ya,
leave a message.

Come on...

Hi, it's Mak. If I like ya,
leave a message.

♪ Bitches know what they're here for ♪

♪ They wanna turn up
but won't fuck, I'm gone ♪

♪ Filled lungs ♪

♪ We all do this as well as we can ♪

♪ This is more than just a minor hobby ♪

♪ In fact, this is life... ♪

Shit, you look how I feel, bruv.
Rough day?

Definitely had better. You?

Uh, woken up at 5:00 by the Portuguese
couple next door having a barney

lost two hours of my life
in the post office

and then burnt my legs out
trying to get this one to sleep

so, you know, horrendous.

I bet The Nest is kicking off tonight.

Fuck knows.
I can't be arsed with them lot.

I thought you was the man of the moment.

The big cheese.
Renegade Master.

I'm sure Makayla still thinks you are.

Do you ever think the world is spinning
in a different direction to you?

Thanks for the invite to the pity party.

I think I stopped expecting things to go
how I thought they would a while ago.

But that's alright.

Keeps it interesting at least.

Stay for a drink?
Why don't you stay at my mum's tonight?

- OK.
- 146.

At least she don't get her looks
from her dad.

He weren't with Makayla at the time,
if that's what you're thinking.

He passed me off
as some crazy slag at first

then claimed he didn't want it
ruining things with her

or that it would make him
an easy target or whatever

and nobody's got the bollocks
to call him out on it.

- But he gives you dough, yeah?
- Fuck, no.

Got no job, no fixed address,
the CSA aren't being much help.

Anyway, it ain't all about the money.

I just hate the idea
that she's gonna grow up

thinking he don't give a fuck about her.

It just means that she's even luckier
to have you.

Turn over.


It's OK.

Adam, stay.

Ooh, I know!

You alright?

You alright?

Ready. Come on, pull.

Go on, then! Ooh, yes!

You're gonna have to do
better than that, come on.

Alright, come on!

Er... So I'll call you.

Yeah. Only if you want.

The horse's name was Wednesday.

- What?
- Yeah.

As I said, I rode into town
on a Sunday...

I think we should go.

I'm gonna go to the car.


- I tried calling you last night.
- Yeah, sorry. My phone died.

Saw my mum yesterday.

Oh, great. How did it go?

Yeah, it was alright.

Is it gonna be awkward for you
if me and Missy...?

I'm neutral, remember?

Should be a great battle though.
Tickets have been flying already.

- Listen, about the other day...
- No, listen, it's OK.

Don't worry about it.

Well, see you later then, yeah?

Yeah. See you later.

You OK?

So you told her to put me in care?

Contact was erratic and deteriorating.

Every time you saw her, you came back
upset and confused and... agitated.

She didn't even say sorry.

- Maybe if it was just her and me...
- I don't think that's a good idea.


Let's see once the dust settles, yeah?

You've been doing really well.

Don't let this derail you, not now.

♪ They said, "Slaughter, don't hurt him" ♪

♪ "That's like picking up
a scrawny old person to Goldberg 'em" ♪

♪ I'm sick of giving battles to pricks
that don't earn it ♪

♪ Say something slick! ♪

- Go on!
- ♪ The jab'll land ♪

♪ And have your nose burst
and leave a hole ♪

♪ Bigger than a wizard's sleeve!
I've got magic hands, bro, I'm so Merlin ♪

♪ I'll catch your mother and grandma
outside their own churches ♪

♪ And snatch both purses,
run to your house ♪

♪ Throw a brick through the window
and the closed curtains ♪

♪ I'll open you up ♪

♪ Have you looking inside yourself
like you're soul searching ♪

♪ But you did this, bro,
yeah, Coerce coerced it! ♪


Yo, Slaughter's just killed it.

- You're up, man.
- Slaughter!

- Bruv, you can back Missy if you want.
- Nah, man, you're my dawg!

♪ Yo, I heard you was a fan of me,
damn, Adam ♪

♪ Sadly you're an orphan
and that's sad to me ♪

♪ But where's the Addams Family? ♪

♪ Damn, Adam, check my strategy ♪

♪ This about to be tragic,
didn't know this was a rap battle ♪

♪ With Missy versus Backstreet ♪

♪ Perhaps he forgot I was in charge
like a battery ♪

♪ This rap scene will swallow you,
leave you where the rats feed ♪

♪ My bars are vermin
so you better get a vaccine, pussy! ♪

♪ Let me clear up some
misinformation about Miss-Quote ♪

♪ This silly little bitch I'm facing ♪

♪ Does she even understand
the risk she's taking? ♪

♪ I just broke Rulez
and now they got me misbehaving ♪

♪ This was a mistake
you misjudged like a mistrial ♪

♪ Calling me out to push my buttons
but you misdialled ♪

♪ If you think Miss leading,
you been misinformed ♪

♪ Mishaps can mishappen
and they're filling out a missing form ♪

♪ What pussy do you know ♪

♪ Apart from Felix,
the one from the TV? ♪

♪ Don't act like you ain't seen it ♪

♪ What the fuck you working with,
a toothpick penis? ♪

♪ You tried to shove it in
and she still didn't feel it ♪

♪ I mean that musta been the peakest ♪

♪ You got the gift to rap
but downstairs is your weakness ♪

♪ This never coulda stayed
between us ♪

♪ It's about time I outlined
all your dirty little secrets. ♪

♪ I don't wanna hear
a word from you, so better listen ♪

♪ No respect for women,
just put my erections in 'em ♪

♪ Fuck a battle,
I'm-a demonstrate a sex position ♪

♪ They'll have to take me out
your body like an exorcism ♪

♪ Fuck this shit, you're an ugly bitch!
You're a feminist? Suck this dick ♪

♪ Rub your clit while I touch your tits ♪

♪ Roleplay, let's make a couple vids ♪

♪ Hi-def, the whole file's
like a hundred gig ♪

Brrrrap! Yes, people, this battle's fire,
ya know?

Who's feeling it?

Hey, yo, Missy, last round.
It's on you.

Let's go...

♪ Yo! You're U-G-L-Y ugly ♪

♪ I just had to spell it out
cos I know you a dummy ♪

♪ Looking so unlucky, like a lost puppy ♪

♪ Couldn't even keep your job,
heard you got fired from Kentucky ♪

♪ Your first battle,
you was dressed like a pauper ♪

♪ Now all you rap about
is violence and torture ♪

♪ Yo, Makayla,
I think you got a stalker ♪

♪ To me you sound
like a low-budget Slaughter ♪

♪ You get applause cos you're clapped,
you're a fraud, that's a fact ♪

♪ I'm bringing death,
I'm-a turn you to a corpse when I rap ♪

♪ Cos that mask that you wear
has got a whole lot of cracks ♪

♪ And that girl that you want
has got a sword to your back ♪

♪ She don't even like you,
she just fucking lied ♪

♪ That's Slaughter's ex, I don't know
why the fuck you even tried ♪

♪ You should be so embarrassed,
if I was you I'd wanna hide ♪

♪ You tried to kiss Makayla
and got "access denied" ♪

♪ I knew this motherfucker was weird ♪

♪ You got the swag of a tramp
that sleeps under the pier ♪

- Yes, Missy!
- ♪ Now lemme get this one thing clear ♪

♪ Losers like you
are just not welcome here ♪

♪ Cos everything's been cringy
since you came in town ♪

♪ And every school you ever been to
you been kicked out ♪

♪ I heard you asked your dinner lady
to get her two tits out ♪

♪ And then she slapped you in your face
and hurled your arse to the ground ♪

♪ Bitch! ♪


Yo, Ads, last round.

It's on you. Let's go.

♪ Yeah, I tried to kiss her
just being blatantly honest ♪

♪ But she blew me off,
just not in the way that I wanted ♪

♪ And I didn't think
Makayla would gossip ♪

♪ But you and her will regret
being snaky, I promise ♪

♪ Yo, everybody from the front
to the background ♪

♪ If you think this chick's suspect
raise your hands now ♪

♪ Keep 'em up if you've seen her
bring a man round ♪

♪ That's exactly how
I'm beating you hands down ♪

♪ I don't believe she said no
to a load of geezers ♪

♪ Her whole demeanour is screaming
she don't wanna hold a penis ♪

♪ I'm exposing her secrets
and now she's going on Cheaters ♪

♪ Men are from Mars
and she's only focused on Venus ♪

♪ It's instinctive
cos it's just in her nature ♪

♪ I witnessed some shit that
caused me discomfort for later ♪

♪ Don't get pissed that I did it,
the kid done you a favour ♪

♪ It's as simple as this,
she's in love with Makayla ♪

- Whoo!
- ♪ Never seen her with a man ♪

♪ Always wondered why
till I seen her in the caff ♪

♪ Mak on the other side ♪

♪ Staring in each other's eyes,
hands on each other's thighs ♪

♪ Mouth fulla baked beans
and belly fulla butterflies ♪

♪ She's the last address
listed on your Uber app ♪

♪ The first thing you think of
in the morning, don't get too attached ♪

♪ So now it all adds up
so you can lose the act ♪

♪ You're a six, she's a nine,
I'll let 'em do the math ♪

♪ I spent so much time on lesbian bars ♪

♪ Cos you spend
so much time in lesbian bars ♪

♪ Now the situation's hairy
like a feminist's arms ♪

♪ Cos you've done it undercover,
that's lesbionage! ♪



What the fuck was that?

It's a battle, Mak.
What do you want me to do?

Not use the shit I told you
in confidence would be a fuckin' start.

And how do I know you didn't
speak to him about us?

I didn't.

- You even hear yourself up there?
- You should've told me.

Fuck all to do with you.

- You led me on.
- Of course you'd think that.

You let me make an idiot of myself.
Then you run and tell her everything.

You know how many people
were in tonight?

How many are gonna see that online?

My mum. Fuck.

You'd have to tell her sooner or later.

It wasn't your decision to make.


She fucking played you as well.

He already knew.

Mak, come on.

All outta luck now, innit, bruv?


Kid's not even worth it.

At least I'm not ashamed of my own kid!


Come here, man, come here!

- Rulez, get the fuck off him!
- Hold him, bro!

- Hey, Slaughter!
- Let go!

- Let him go, man!
- Get off him! Get off him!


Yo, get outta here, man!

Get off him!

Relax yourself, relax yourself! Move!

- He wanted it, man!
- Relax.

Stay back! Move!

I said go, man!

♪ You know a kid like you ♪

♪ Ain't supposed to know ♪

♪ That the world is broken ♪

♪ The sun is frozen... ♪

Tell me what happened.

- Adam?
- It wasn't my fault.

You can't tell Terry.
You know what he'll do.

It's my job, Adam.
I can't keep this to myself.

So you're just giving up.

- No one's giving up.
- You said I could stay!

- You can stay.
- You promised this wouldn't happen.

So you're a liar like everyone else.

Look, when I talk to Terry,
I'll explain...

You never even wanted me to stay.
Terry had to call in a favour, didn't he?

That's not how it was.
I was semi-retired.

Yeah, it is, yeah, it is!

- Come outside, let's have a ciggy.
- No, you can't tell me what to do, Fiona.

- Adam, you need to calm down.
- You are just a sad old bitch

that has to fill the holes in her life
with other people's kids.

- Adam.
- Don't fucking touch me!

It's just a photo.

You can smash
every one of them if you like.

And after you've done,
I'm still gonna be here

and I'm still not gonna give up
on you, Adam.

I meant every single word.


What's wrong with me?

It wasn't your fault.

Come inside.

Let me call someone.

Did you ever even think about me?

Every day.

Give me two secs, yeah?
I'm coming.

Bruv. I thought you was
in lockup tonight, no questions.

Can I stay?

Hey, yo!

What the fuck was that, bruv?

The owner's gone nuts.

- We've lost it. It's done, finished.
- I'm sorry, man.

- Fuck!
- No!


You know how long it's taken us
to build this shit up?

How many people put in their time...
to do something with this shithole?

We had your back.

The train
now arriving at platform three

is the 0507 service
to London Liverpool Street.

I shouldn't have used it.

I shouldn't have told you.

- Look, I know I fucked up.
- Shut it, bruv!

It's a battle rap, I get it.

You was prepared to do
whatever it took. I respect that.

But she don't.

She wants battlin' to be this art form.

She takes every syllable as gospel.

I told her she needs to get a thicker skin

but I guess
that's what makes her... her.


Man runs like a turkey, you know.

We gotta do this. We owe them.


You know, I used to be like you.

Hangin' on every crowd response,
addicted to the win...

thinkin' I was untouchable.

It's not until you've relied
on this shit to eat

you won't know how far you'll go
to avoid a loss.

It's not gonna be
no staged, agreed-limits shit.

I'll go in on you, bro.

No bars held.

You know I don't pull my punches.

♪ Baa baa black sheep rock star rap G ♪

♪ Make enough dough
to own a black card, that's deep ♪

♪ I've been getting real fucking
friendly with the banks, man ♪

♪ And I don't mean Phil card
or Hilary ya asking ♪

♪ P'haps see me up in the vicinity
and flash me ♪

♪ I'm the definition
of definitive and catchy ♪

♪ The only thing that's bigger,
quicker, slicker ♪

♪ More black and more
upper London is a taxi. ♪


I see you all
on a keyboard warrior hype

chatting shit like
I'm ducking battles and that

and usually, man wouldn't give two fucks,
ya get me?

But what happened last night
shouldn't have happened.

So fuck the venue, fuck the stage,
fuck the mics, fuck the beats.

We're taking it back to the streets.

Call up the mandem,
round up the gang

squad up and get yourself
down to the pier today, 4pm.

Slaughter versus Adversary.

It's on!

I should have gone after him,
got him to come back.

There's no getting him to do anything.

- Thank Christ. Adam, come on, mate.
- No, Terry.

- Enough's enough.
- I can't do this.

- We'll discuss this in the car.
- Look, I'm sorry! Yeah?

Look, I lied to you.

I lied to you.
I could've walked away and I didn't.

You can put me in a secure residential,

I won't do anything, I won't try to run
away, but I need to do this first.

- Adam...
- Look, it's not for me!

It's not for me, Terry.


You got this.

So, what...
I guess we should be grateful.

You on it?

- No bars held.
- Ohhh!

Three, two, one...

Yo, yo, yo, people,
thanks for coming out here today.

This is the battle
you've all been hounding me for!

Neither of these
needs any introduction

but on my right-hand side,
let's make some noise for Adversary!

A try-out not so long ago, his rise
up through the ranks has been rapid.

Maybe a bit too quick.

And on my left, the reigning
Project Battle champion...

undefeated in battle rap,

my man, the main man,
give it up for Slaughter!

Undefeated for now!

It's the first round with Slaughter,
make some noise!

- Is everybody ready?
- Yeah!

More to the point,
I need to ask if Adam's ready.


♪ I am the adversary of Adversary ♪

♪ It's different coming
face to face with a legend ♪

♪ When you haven't battled any ♪

♪ I'm the guy that back-handed your head
like the second after you catch a penny ♪

♪ Is it tails?
- Whoo!

♪ Is it tails? No? ♪

♪ No, we know it's the truth ♪

♪ You broken the rules so Rulez
choked you like you choked in the booth ♪

♪ You got dropped for acting volatile,
let's see that cocky smile ♪

♪ After I've broken your tooth ♪

♪ Sounds like I'm roasting
but I'm not in a jokerish mood ♪

♪ I'm just exposing the truth
so this is your new favourite, right? ♪

♪ A guy that won't buy
a single item of clothing ♪

♪ Unless it looks the same as mine ♪

♪ The guy that won't approach a bird
unless he overheard ♪

♪ I already laid the pipe! ♪

Tell him again!

♪ Oh, and now you're the battle rapper? ♪

♪ Don't get me wrong,
that shit you said to Blaze was nice ♪

♪ But between me and you,
if we're speaking truth, erm ♪

♪ How much of that did Makayla write? ♪

♪ You see, real isn't
compatible with fake ♪

♪ And that's what made us fight ♪

♪ See, the makeup lies on the face
of a clown that makes up lies ♪

♪ Didn't your mother raise you right? ♪


♪ Didn't you say she died? ♪

♪ You low-down dirty distasteful guy ♪

♪ Your old dame's alive!
How could you say that line? ♪

♪ Oh, your lovely little mum ♪

♪ She sacrificed a life
of cuddling her son ♪

♪ So she could go slutting in the clubs ♪

♪ Probably took a look at you and run ♪

♪ Cos she didn't want custody
of some ugly little cunt! ♪


♪ Oh, they love it
when Slaughter gets personal ♪

♪ And I wrote this to set them off
cos this is a round for you ♪

♪ Like your mother never was! ♪

- Ohhh!
- Hey!

♪ She didn't give a fuck,
she left you in the system stuck ♪

♪ Hoping a social worker
would fix you up ♪

♪ Just another statistic
put on the district's books ♪

♪ Your mother was
just a young bitch that fucked ♪

♪ That's why she give you up ♪


♪ Can only imagine
how many dicks she sucked ♪

♪ When a stranger picked you up
from swimming club ♪

♪ She was a piece of shit! ♪

♪ She let them take you away
cos she couldn't give you stuff? ♪

♪ Well, my mother was poor too ♪

♪ So I guess we're not
that different, blud ♪

♪ Cos she couldn't give me shit either ♪

♪ But at least she give me love! ♪



Give it up, give it up!

♪ Liam ♪

♪ Fuckin' hell! ♪

♪ Calm down, mate ♪

♪ You are so much aggier than me ♪

♪ It's not exactly
Papa Doc versus B Rabbit, mate ♪

♪ It's a battle on the beach! ♪

♪ Street life? You're at the seaside ♪

♪ Hanging out with teens, yeah ♪

♪ When I'm 40,
you're the man I wanna be ♪

- Ohhh!
- Tell him.

♪ But there's something I need to say,
just lemme talk about it ♪

♪ I said a lot of dumb shit,
I probably should've thought about it ♪

♪ Thanks to me,
Makayla got prematurely outed ♪

♪ So I'm sorry ♪

♪ I shouldn't have taken you
out the closet ♪

♪ Like Slaughter's outfit! ♪

♪ But seriously, but seriously ♪

♪ She took me out my comfort zone
and natural habitat ♪

♪ she gave us our own place
to showcase our talent at ♪

♪ If it wasn't for her, I would've
never got involved with battle rap ♪

♪ But I'd probably have a social life
a job, a girl and a flat ♪

♪ So thanks for that ♪

Yeah, warmin' up now.

♪ And everything he said was true,
my mum's not dead ♪

♪ She just fled the scene
and I started projecting that rejection ♪

♪ Onto everyone I'd ever meet ♪

♪ Waiting for a mother that you know
you'll never see, eventually ♪

♪ Then you reach the point
where you accept defeat ♪


♪ Everything was temporary ♪

♪ Moving house every week,
birthdays she never reached ♪

♪ Crying till I fell asleep
so when I said that she was dead ♪

♪ I meant that she was dead to me! ♪

♪ She was 16 then, I'm 17 now ♪

♪ I couldn't imagine being in that
position, man ♪

♪ She must've gone through hell ♪

♪ When she made that decision,
she had already lost herself ♪

♪ So I know that no matter
how much loss she felt ♪

♪ I now know she was lost as well ♪

Speak it.

♪ Once I'd finished
letting all that anger out ♪

♪ I saw a struggling single mother
with nothing left in her bank account ♪

♪ Living off hand-me-downs,
the black dog hanging round ♪

♪ Was mad about it before
but I think I understand it now ♪

♪ And, of course, Dad had to bounce ♪

♪ Just another little bitch
that couldn't stand his ground ♪

♪ Taking care of your family
should always be paramount ♪

♪ I mean, what kind of a dad
just doesn't hang about? ♪

That's the truth right there.

♪ But I ain't here to talk
about your family business ♪

♪ This ain't "Dragon's Den" ♪

♪ I tried that exposing shit before
so I guess we know how that would end ♪

♪ But I am gonna speak about you
living in a B&Q ♪

♪ Cos these boys
live in a fucking warehouse ♪

♪ Where you can only dream of rooms ♪

♪ No privacy any time you need the loo ♪

♪ Looking over your shoulder
thinking Odds is gonna peek at you ♪

♪ Talk about the cracks
in my foundations? ♪

♪ You got rain seeping
through the leaking roof ♪

♪ No wonder you're so skinny ♪

♪ D'you need some cash
to eat some food? ♪

♪ Put a wig on your head,
turn you upside down ♪

♪ You'd actually be a decent broom ♪

♪ You look like you haven't
had a piece of fruit in a week or two ♪

♪ Work out you need to do,
skin tone, Beetlejuice ♪

♪ No wonder you got a hat on your head,
you have the perfect reason to ♪

♪ You've already lost this battle
and your hairline is retreating too! ♪

♪ So I'm-a hand you over to Missy ♪


- Yes, yes!
- ♪ And let her speak to you. ♪



My brudder. Yeah? Cool.

♪ Slaughter, I just lost
my appetite looking at you ♪

♪ I really fancied
a full English breakfast ♪

♪ Until I saw your hardboiled egghead
and I thought ♪

♪ You just ain't cuttin' it ♪

♪ Word on the road is that
you got a little skinny frankfurter ♪

♪ No one wants to fuck it ♪

♪ I mean, who the hell would want
to fuck a Voldemort lookalike? ♪


♪ And that triangular head shape
you got just ain't lookin' right ♪


Thank you.

It's the truth, innit?

It was never meant to be like this.

I'm sorry.

You don't have to be.

I've gotta...

But we'll talk, yeah?


♪ You're full of shit, get
your mum to change your nappy ♪

♪ You're a dick ♪

♪ You couldn't even keep
your chick happy ♪

♪ So I took your chick,
made her happy ♪

♪ I mean pussy runs the world
and she don't need a papi... ♪

Not bad for a stoner
doing fuck all with his life.

It was just words.

Nah... it wasn't.

♪ Looking for a place called home... ♪

♪ Socks and sliders
everywhere and every day ♪

♪ Full English breakfast
at a caff, not a café ♪

♪ No, no, baby, we don't let
strangers come our way ♪

♪ But you should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ Meet me at Morley's,
best fried chicken is in South ♪

♪ I'll show you gangsters,
don't you go running your mouth ♪

♪ Mopeds are racing
2am outside my house ♪

♪ Oh yeah, it's loud ♪

♪ But come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ Oh, you should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood, my hood ♪

♪ You should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ Yeah, you should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood, my hood ♪

♪ You should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ Barely anyone in school after 15 ♪

♪ We're chasing paper
then Blue Borough should be green ♪

♪ I won't lie,
finding a way out is our dream ♪

♪ But you should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ Top floor of Pepys Estate,
we'll show you our world ♪

♪ That building turns you
to a woman from a girl ♪

♪ No time to stop,
life flashes past you in a whirl ♪

♪ But you should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ On these streets, these streets
in the dark we glow ♪

♪ On these streets, these streets
we're high when it's low ♪

♪ On these streets, these streets
through concrete, flowers grow ♪

♪ In my hood, my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ You should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ I'm from a hood where niggas
made their money then they move ♪

♪ The woman in the Caribbean shop
is always rude ♪

♪ Trying to get a patty
just to complement my food ♪

♪ So why you gotta
tell my friends to move? ♪

♪ No, we gotta balls the food
when we see the Feds spin it ♪

♪ Bare "wah gwan" s
I ain't seen you for a minute ♪

♪ Coming from the land of wings
and chicken fillets where you're from ♪

♪ Might not be able to read
but he can bill it ♪

♪ You can see why that's a problem,
any given problem ♪

♪ Staring in my face?
I'm-a ask you "What's the problem?" ♪

♪ You can be Bane or you can be Robin ♪

♪ But we've had a lot of Dark Knights
living up in Gotham ♪

♪ Man, there's babies having babies,
man, it's crazy up in my hood ♪

♪ Shit's got me praying that I die good ♪

♪ Where we'd rather buy guns
before we buy books ♪

♪ Where they left us in the dark
so we light kush, my hood ♪

♪ There's no place like home ♪

♪ No place like home ♪

♪ Buy me any ticket ♪

♪ I don't wanna go ♪

♪ To a town ♪

♪ Where there's no one like me 'round ♪

♪ Don't take me there or anywhere ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ Oh, oh, no, no, no ♪

♪ On these streets, these streets
in the dark we glow ♪

♪ On these streets, these streets
we're high when it's low ♪

♪ On these streets, these streets
through concrete, flowers grow ♪

♪ In my hood,
my hood, my hood, my hood ♪

♪ You should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ Yeah, you should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood ♪

♪ You should come to my hood,
my hood, my hood. ♪