Force Majeure (2014) - full transcript

A Swedish family travels to the French Alps to enjoy a few days of skiing. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but, during a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche turns everything upside down. With diners fleeing in all directions, mother Ebba calls for her husband Tomas as she tries to protect their children. Tomas, meanwhile, is running for his life... The anticipated disaster failed to occur, and yet the family's world has been shaken to its core, a question mark hanging over their father in particular. Tomas and Ebba's marriage now hangs in the balance as Tomas struggles desperately to reclaim his role as family patriarch. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Hello! Hello, sir.
- Hello.

Like to have your picture taken?

No, maybe tomorrow.

Where do you come from?

From Sweden.

The champion, what's your name?

- Harry.
- Harry... It takes two seconds

Don't worry, it's free.
No problem.

I make you the beauty picture
together. Come on.

Come this way. Here.
It takes just two minutes.

Look this way.
Very nice.

Are you a champion ski?
Yes, you are.

Are you
the world champion, Harry?

Come next to your brother.

Madame, next to your daughter.

And mister, next to your wife.

You stay two minutes.
Look at me this way.

I want a beauty smile together.

Mister, come next to your wife
like this.

Very nice. Look at me...

Stand up together.
One, two, like this.

Smile. Good one.

Another one like this.
Look at me...

Very nice. Another one
like this. One, two...

Very good. Now...

Mister, can you put your arm
like this?

Very good. And together. Can you
put your brother like this?

Put your arm around Harry,
like I'm holding you.

Yes, very good.
Look at me together.

Harry, it's okay for you?
Champion ski!

One, two...
Look at me this way.

Okay, smile.

Very nice.
One more like this.

Another one.

And now, mister,
put your head on your wife.

Head on head together,
put your head on.

Yes, very good.

One, two, one, two... Smile.
Good one!





I'm keeping it open.
They seem all right at home.

- So, you have kids?
- Yes, two girls.

- How old are they?
- Eleven and thirteen.

- You don't bring them along?
- Oh, no...

I'm on a break from them!

We're here because
Tomas has been working so much.

So now he has five days
to focus on his family.

- Right?
- Wow... Good to know.

- Have a great day.
- You, too.

- Hi.
- Vera...

Are you okay? Let's go.

Could you help me?

Did you go to the toilet?

- Hey, I need help!
- Then come along.

Come on, Harry!

- It's nice.
- Yes, this is nice.

The light and everything
is perfect on the pictures.

- Oh, his eyes...
- He's very beautiful.

These are good together.
Like this.

- What's her name?
- Vera.

- And his?
- Harry.

Are you tired? Are you?

Are you tired?

I was so proud of you
on the slopes today.


- Could you grab those?
- Sure.

I got one.

Hey, we're almost there.

No... Not on my skis.

You're an awesome skier.

Tomas, no wonder he's like that,
he hasn't eaten all day.

- Daddy, do we get off here?
- What?

I'm just saying that it's not
strange that he's tired.

Yeah, well what should I say?

- What?
- Are we supposed to get off here?

Yeah, up there.

No, please...

I'm getting off now.

I won't get that.

- Are you checking your phone?
- No, I'm not, actually.


Harry, give me the phone.

Thank you.

- That looks great.
- It really does...

- Thank you.
- Enjoy.

Mine's delicious.

Have some...


Isn't there any parmesan?

What was that?

Wow, check it out, Harry!

- Tomas, isn't that an avalanche?
- Yeah, but it's controlled.

Look at that power!

- Is it safe?
- Sure, they know what they're doing.


- Doesn't look controlled to me.
- Daddy!

It's okay, Harry.



- Tomas!
- Daddy!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

How are you?

Are you okay?

Yeah... Everything's fine.

We're fine.

That's good.

Where's Daddy?

Just sit down, Vera.

Wow, that was...


Are you okay?

They know what they're doing,
but that was...

Here comes the sun.


- Wait, Mom.
- Mommy?!

- Jesus, Ebba, wait!
- Go inside. Go on...

Vera, go on! Inside...


- Harry, go inside.
- What are you doing?!

- Somebody's in here.
- Go on in...

For goodness sake, Harry!
Go inside and let us talk.


You seem irritated.

Well, are you?



Should I be?

No... I don't think so.



Maybe we should go inside.

Oh, hello...


Not much skiing today.

Yes... Later we will...

- Bye-bye.
- Thank you. Bye.


Leave me alone.

Ah, are you angry?

What's up, Harry?

Hi there...

Are you all right?


Hey, talk to me.

Stop it!

You know, we have to talk in private
once in a while too.


- Do you want to talk about--
- Go away!

I know you're angry, but can't we
talk about what happened?

I can see that you're upset, but...

I'm sorry that we...

- Come on...
- Go away!

I'll take that screen away!

Watch your tone of voice!

Go away!

Aren't you listening? Go away!

- You too!
- We're going.

- We'll be back in ten minutes.
- No!

- You're not the boss, Vera.
- Go away!

- Thrown out of our own room?
- Yup...

What are you laughing at?

' Hey...
. Yes?

Right, good...

Great, you're in control.

- Should I catch it?
- Can I try? No, guess not...


- You've never done this before?
- No, Ihaven 't.

- You've been practicing...
- It's my first time, Ipromise.

- Liar.
- N0!

Your nose is getting longer...


- Hello, darling.
- Hi, sweetie.


So, how was your day?

Um... It was fantastic.

I had a great day.

I met this one.
I mean... yeah.

Yeah, I mean we bumped
into each other this morning

at the queue to the lift.

And I guess we were both
longing for someone...

Just kidding.

No, we had a great day.

Good snowboarding
and really nice talks.

You told me
that you're very religious.

- I... didn't say that.
- Yes, you did.

Not that I'm very religious, no.

Yeah, you did.
It's all right.

What's wrong with that?

I told... "this one"
that I'm not an atheist.

Excuse me?
Who the fuck is "this one"?

You said it before.

- Did I?
- Yes, you did.

"I met this one..."

It's a joke.

Anyway... Did you guys
brave the crowds today?


- What did you say?
- "Brave the crowds..."

There were a lot of people
on the mountain today.

So I meant, "Were you brave
enough to get out there?"

Yeah, it was great.

It was great,
we skied all morning...

...and actually,
we went home after lunch,

because we had some
kind of experience, actually.

Well, we were sitting
at the top restaurant,

with this magnificent view...

It's a nice spot.

And they had a...

Yeah, we saw an avalanche.

- An avalanche?
- Really?

No shit!

Yeah, but I mean...

Sorry, it just sounds
very strange

when we say it in English.
"An avalanche."

- What should I say?
- No, it's...

No, anyway... We're sitting
there and it was...

It was, like,
a controlled avalanche.

So, it was...

A controlled avalanche, yeah...

But quite quickly
it grew kind of big.

I've never seen
such a big avalanche.

And it was like...

For a moment it looked
like it would...

- smash into the restaurant.
- Wow.

It was quite shocking.

Yeah, when I talk about it
I still get these goose bumps.

- What did you do?
- There's not much to do.

It was horrifying, actually.

- It scared you?
- Poor thing.

- Kids are all right?
- Yeah, everyone is fine.

You got a bit afraid,

but it wasn't that...

It was controlled and
they know what they're doing...

He got so scared
that he ran away from the table.


No! I did not.

- No, no...
- Come on.

No, no, no...

You ran away from the table.

What? No, I did not.

Yes, you did.

Oh, okay.
No. I did not.

When it came at us, you ran away.

No, I didn't...
I most certainly did not do that.

- Yes.
- No, no, no...

You grabbed your phone
and your gloves,

and ran like hell
away from me and the kids.



I did no such thing.

That's not how I remember it.

- Okay, how do you remember it?
- Not like that, anyway...

You ran away from me and the kids.

Ebba, please. I didn't do that.

Is it even possible
to run in ski boots? Come on!

Yeah, I think we're
still, like...

under the influence from it.

It's kind of shaky.

Can you not run in ski boots?


Can you not run in ski boots?

I mean...

Tomas says you cannot run
in ski boots.

It's ridiculous!

But isn't this a situation
that kind of comes really quick?

How do you know how to react?

You cannot run in ski boots?

Not "run" run... No.

You know,
I haven't skied in years,

so I suppose I'm really not
the person to ask.

Oh shit... This is...

Lovely, lovely.

Shall I take your wine?


What's going on?


This isn't us.
I don't recognize us at all.

- I don't recognize you... or myself.
- I don't recognize you either.

- I don't want it this way.
- No...

I'm still shaking
after that godawful dinner.

- Try to hug me... I need one.
- So do I.

What the...?

I'll turn it off.

A nice big hug, all right.

It's just...

It's so weird that you won't
admit what happened.

What's so weird
about having different versions?

I can't "admit" to your perception,
that's not how I see it.

I really can't relate
to your description.

And the way you tried
to convince everybody at dinner

that your version was...

The important thing is that I don't
want us to be like we were tonight.

Right, it was embarrassing.
It was terrible!

- Shit...
- It's no good...

- That's not us.
- No...

I want us to share the same view...

Are we back to that?
Are we back to "a shared view"?

I think it's good for the kids.
And for us.

- What exactly is your view?
- Listen to me...

If we could agree
that there was an avalanche

and that we were frightened,
but that everything went fine.

I'm totally okay with that.

Is that what you meant? Sorry...

A unified front.

Sure, I'm okay with that.

All right, then.

The two of us experienced
an avalanche.


We're on holiday.
We shouldn't be acting like this.

Let's put all this behind us.

There was an avalanche,

we were terrified,
but everyone's fine.




Do you have the key card?

We have an audience.

Ask for some privacy.

- Can we have some privacy?
- What do you want?

Can we please have some privacy?
We're just having a talk.




- Are you awake?
- Yeah.


Harry... Your other mitten
is out here, over by Daddy.


The other one's over there,
next to Dad.

I was thinking about
skiing all by myself today.


I think I'd like to ski
on my own today.

- Unless that's a problem?
- No, no...

Do I hear a "but"?

No, go ahead.
We'll catch you later.



Mommy wants to ski on her own.

- I don't like that...
- Of course she can.

She can use some "me time."

I'd like to ski on my own too,
if that's possible.

Take my credit card.

No, I'll be fine.

I'll use my own.

Hey, watch out!

Give us some warning
next time, yeah?

Say "bar down" or something.

- You okay, hon?
- Yeah.

Check out the dogs.
And not just the dogs...

Hello, darling.

He's great.

- "Italian stud"?
- Italian stud.

At least he speaks English...

As much as we need.

Well, that's the truth.

You seem to have had a lot of men?

I guess that's right. Yeah...

Do you have an arrangement
with your husband or boyfriend?

No way!

We each take responsibility
for our relationships.

That works out pretty well.


- You look surprised.
- Well, yeah...

Aren't you everjealous?
And what about him?

If he has a good time
with some woman,

why shouldn't I let him have it?

You actually mean that? That you're
happy he's with someone else?

Sure, I'm happy for him.

To a certain extent, I understand.
You're still young and pretty...

But aren't you afraid of being alone,
being left?

Sure, being left is not appealing.

But there are lots of people
who are important in my life,

not just my husband and my children.

I can't go building
my entire self-esteem...

on being a woman in a relationship
or being a mother.

Okay, I get that, but still...

Does it actually work?
Are you sure no one gets hurt?

Are you sure that it doesn't
hurt your children?

I'm just like any other
responsible parent.

I do my best for my kids, trying to
make them feel safe and happy.

I'm convinced
they're doing just fine.

And I'm doing fine,
which is important.


That's the best thing
I can do for them.

Okay. Listen...

You must agree
that building a relationship

with another person,
spending your life together,

getting married, having kids,
that's worth so much more

than tumbling around with "Alberto
Tomba" at some hotel in France?

Can't you agree to that?

Why do I have to choose?
I have both.

I have long-term and
short-term relationships.

It's like a provocation,
you do realize that?

I can't believe it's as easy
as you make it out to be.

Well, I don't know...


- Seriously, Ebba...
- I'm trying to understand.

I'm trying to understand.

This isn't the right place
to discuss this.

- Let's do it some other time.
- Sure...

- Calm down. Cheers.
- Cheers.

Stop, Han')!-

Harry, wait! Hey!

What's going on? What?

What if you fell?

It's really dangerous.

What's that?

Speak up. Tell me what's the matter.

Go on.

Don't mumble.

I'm afraid that
you're going to divorce!

Wait down there, Vera.


Come on, let's go.

Here, feel this...

- No one can see us...
- No.

Two minutes... Come on. Please?

Don't go... Come to Papa!


You've been here before,
right, Fanny?

It's my third season.

But it's the first time
I'm here with Mats.

It's been fun.

We've had a great time.

That's nice.

- How's it been for you guys?
- Well...

It's been...
We've had a fantastic time.

It's been great.
A great place to bring the kids.

The conditions are great,
all this snow...

And I had a day of skiing
on my own too.

- You should have that too.
- I'd like that.

It's wonderful to go
at your own pace and just...

Wouldn't it be nice for you boys
to ski together again?

That would be cool...

It must be ages
since you skied together!

- Right...
- I think you should do it.

Let's see...

How about tomorrow?
I can take the kids.

Don't feel guilty about it.

Well, I was thinking
that this is their vacation.

I'm sorry...

Sorry about that.

I didn't mean
to take control of your vacation.

No problem...

This is delicious.

That's nice...

They said they were
opening a night club.

So I went there
and asked if they were hiring...

I talked to their head bartender,
a guy called Micke.

And he was kind of threatening.

- What do you mean?
- He fronted me...

- He was aggressive?
- Yeah.

He was all like,
"So, ever worked a bar before?"

- And I went, "Yeah..."
- "Are you any good?"

We were...

He kept going on
about their concept...

We were in an avalanche
the other day.

What was that?

I said, we were in an avalanche.

You were actually in it?

Go on...

We're here, so everything's okay.

The thing is...

we were about to have lunch
and had just been served...

when we heard a loud bang.

You hear that all the time
around here. I don't like it,

but Tomas says
it's nothing to worry about.

Anyway, everyone at the restaurant
turns to have a look.

We see the snow start cascading.

And I mean, it's spectacular.

People start taking pictures.
And so do we.

We pose Vera and Harry and snap away.
It's quite... impressive.

Until we realize
that something's wrong,

because this wall of snow
is heading...

straight towards us.

- It's heading towards you?
- That's right.


And it keeps getting bigger
and bigger...

Suddenly, it's clear...

That now something's terribly wrong.

Everybody panics.
They start running and screaming.

It's total chaos.

The wall of snow
is like 50 meters high

and 100 meters wide.
And it's moving so fast...

So I grab Vera and Harry...

And I try to pick them both up.
But I can't.

So I look for Tomas,
to help carry the kids to safety...

And what I see is my husband
grabbing his gloves and his phone...

and running like hell
away from us.

Then everything goes white.

I'm standing there with the kids...

There's this intensity

and these sounds,
like nothing I've ever known.

And I'm thinking that this is...

And I call out to Tomas...

But he's not there.

I don't know how long it all went on.


And then...

there is no avalanche.

That fog closing in on us

was only avalanche smoke.

The actual avalanche came to a stop
before reaching the restaurant.

There I am, clutching my kids,

and suddenly the sky is blue again!

Our lunch is still on the table...

People start coming back...

and realize that there was no
fucking avalanche.

I don't know what to do,
so I sit down and eat.

Then Tomas comes back...

We don't say a thing, just eat.


So now I have a problem...

Here I am in this fancy hotel,
and I'm not happy.

It's no good, I don't like it here.

Tomas, say something!
This is freaking me out!

When... When there's...

In situations like these,
you're not always...

aware of what you do.

You try to survive.

But when you're in survival mode...

He might not be able
to live up to his values.

And all...

Fine, but afterwards
you need to own up to it.

- Admit what you did.
- But didn't...?

What are your thoughts, Tomas ?

It's the third time he asks.
So could you please say something?

What did we say
about flying this indoors?

Jesus Christ...

You've got to say something.

Sorry about that.

That's Tomas' latest toy...


Are you guys OKaY?

Sure, we're fine.

So, should we leave?

Should we go, orjust stick around?

We should...

- They need... therapy.
- Shh, shh.

Sorry about this,
but we couldn't talk about it.

I think it could
be good for you both...

to try and see all this
in a wider context

and in a more forgiving light.

If you look at us human beings...

and animals as well...

the fact is,
that when we are confronted

by an extremely dangerous situation,

it triggers a force in us
called "l want to survive!"

That means you react now!

It's... It's a primitive force
to just escape.

And I believe...

That the "enemy" is
the image we have of heroes.

All those stories about heroes.
And the pressure to be a hero

and do heroic acts
in terrible situations.

But the truth is when reality
is staring you in the face,

and you're afraid to die,
very few of us are heroic.

Just look at the Estonia.

Eight hundred and fifty people
died on board.

Only 137 survived.
And these people...

they trampled on dead bodies.

They knocked down children
and old people.

They did terrible things.

Then they had to live
with what they had done.

But you can't
punish them for those crimes.

I can't identify

with anyone who would
trample on their own kids to survive.


That's not what this is about,
not to me.

My problem is that my natural focus
is on my children.

They're too little
to fend for themselves.

While Tomas'
natural focus is away from us.

But you need to take into account
everything Tomas is.

Everything he's done for you,
how much he loves you and the kids.

He had a split-second reaction.

If a drunk stormed in here
and attacked you with a bottle,

I would have punched him, even though
I'm not violent to my nature.

I'm not a violent man.

But you don't really
know what you would do.

You were terrified when...

I'm going back to the others.


when things like this happen.

I guess we were shocked
that it could happen.

That our perceptions of the situation
are so different...

I didn't realize...

that you saw it like that.

You didn't tell me.

Then could you please
share your experience with us?

But it's...

It's not really relevant
how I perceived it.

Though it's obvious
that the experience

was very dramatic to you.

So you're not on board
with the version Ebba just told us?



I don't share
that interpretation of the events.

I don't.

You are entitled
to your own point of view.

But I don't share it.

We've got it all on film.


It's there, on your phone.
Let's just watch it.

Would you like to see it?

- I think we've had enough.
- No.

- I really...
- I'll go get your phone.

- Obviously, it was scary...
- I understand.

But we're all here.
Harry and Vera are... okay.

I'd like you to see this.
To finish this...

I really need to do this. All right?

- Okay. Go ahead.
- Good.

Are you all going to look...?


Here it comes...

That's us at the table...

You're filming, right?


You can clearly see
someone running away here.

Do you agree?
Do you all agree?

We even hear your boots clattering.

I agree that it looks like
I'm running.


Tomas, maybe you were thinking...

In an avalanche situation,
it's pretty tricky

to get out from under the snow...

So maybe you planned
to go back and dig them out?

Just like when cabin pressure
drops in an airplane,

you learn that parents
should put their masks on first

before they put one on their kids.

So you actually did the right thing
for a situation like this.

That was what
you were thinking, right?

Wasn't it?

- Mm.
- Holy shit...

I wonder how I would react
if you did that to me.


You might have run too,
left your kids behind...

You don't know. No one can be sure
of anything like that.


Well, you might also have run.

But we're talking about
you and Tomas.


Because I think I would react
just like Ebba,

I wouldn't be able to run.

So you mean there's a difference
between men and women?

No... I mean...

Well, like this... You and Tomas
are the same kind of man.

If you compare the two of you
with, say, Filip...

Filip would never run away,

never abandon his family like that.

So Filip, who is 21,
still living with his parents,

and who doesn't have any kids,

that he would defend his family
but I wouldn't?

Hypothetically speaking.

There's a huge difference
between your generation and ours.

Like there's a big difference
between you and your father.

You take on more responsibility for
your kids than his generation did.

So, hypothetically,

it's more probable that Filip,
a skinny little guy,

would protect his family,
compared to me

because I was born in the 70s?

Fanny, I have always
taken care of my family.

I've always made sure that they
were very well taken care of.

- So where are your kids?
- You know that.

And your ex-wife?

- In Oslo.
- Right...

You say you do everything for them,

but she's taking care of them
right now.

While you're on vacation
with a 20-year-old girl.

Is that a problem?

No, but I can see
that your ex might think so.

Third floor.


What's the matter?


Couldn't you just...

Couldn't you just
stop thinking about it?


I'm just wondering what I...

have said or done
to make you think...

You didn't say anything.

You haven't said or done anything.

It was just hypothetical.

I know that you would do anything
to protect your family, I really do.

And I really believe...

you would make an effort
to protect me if anything happened.

Yeah, but...

Just drop it and get some sleep.

Do you mean that, or do you
just want to get some sleep?

Because I mean it.

I do.
So good night, let's get some sleep.

Don't think about it anymore.

No! Please don't talk.

I wasn't going to...

Just close your eyes.

Are your eyes closed?


Hey, what's wrong?

You can't say you didn't mean it,
because you said,

"l wonder what you would have done."

"And it's more likely that you
would run away than Filip."

Filip, for God's sake!

I'm guessing you're drunk and tired

and now you're stuck in some mode,
I don't know what it is.

What if I said to you...

If I said you're the kind of woman...

"Lots of women can't have kids
and I think you're one of them."

"You are a woman
who can't have kids."

"You're not female enough for that."

Okay! Then I'd say,
"That's too bad! Good night!"

What if I said to you...

If I said to you, "l think..."

Hey, listen to me!

If I said to you...

There's nothing on your mind
that you haven't already said.

- But do you understand...
- Jeez, yes!

I get it.

And now...

we'll leave the subject
for tomorrow.

Good night. Let's get some sleep.

I need to know that you trust me.

Don't ignore this,
it's very important to me.

I trust you, okay?

Why are you covering your--

I can't take this seriously anymore.
We've been going on for hours.



I trust you, okay?
Could we please get some sleep?

You're insane...

No wonder your wife wanted a divorce.

What did you say? What did you say?!

What about you?

- Huh?
- Done a lot of skiing lately?

No. In the past few years...

it's mainly been with the family.

It's really bright out...




- Ready?
- Yeah.


It's perfect!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Aren't we going skiing today?


Wake up!

Aren't we going to ski today?

- Ski?
- Yeah.

Yeah, maybe we should...

You smell like wine.

Mommy, can we have ice cream?

Can we have some ice cream?

- I guess...
- Me too!

Hang on - breakfast first.

- We've already had breakfast.
- Yeah, a long time ago.

Yogurt and an egg.

All right, go have some ice cream.

I want chocolate.

Where's my phone?

That was an awesome run!

That was great.

Let's try the other side next.

I don't think I want to ski anymore.


Are you okay?

Can't we just talk instead?

What do you want to talk about?

I'm not sure...


Are you feeling all right?

Maybe you should try screaming?


I spent two years in therapy...

and it didn't do a damn thing.
Then I screamed for five minutes

and felt a hell of a lot better.

It's physical,
something stuck in your body.

I mean it.

Nobody can hear you, so go for it!

I'm supposed to sit here and scream?

On the count of three. One, two, three...

Good. From the depths of your belly!

- One, two, three...
- No, forget it.

Come on!

For real!

Yes. Do it for real!

Damn it!!!

Fucking hell!


Hello, guys...

- Are you having fun?
- What?

- Are you having fun?
- Yeah, sure.

Great place.

Yeah, yeah...

I just came to tell you that
my friend sitting over there...

She thinks you're the most
good-looking man in this bar.

Okay. Thank you.

You're welcome.
Have a good time.

- You too.
- Cheers.

Excuse me,
I had to come back again...


I made a mistake...
She didn't mean you.

She meant someone else,
my friend.

She didn't mean you.

- Okay.
- I'm sorry, it was my fault.

- No, it's fine. Thank you.
- Just have a good time.

Listen, it was my fault.
I'm really sorry for this.

I was actually
pointing at someone else, so...

- Let's go. Take it easy.
- But just... don't worry.

Are they putting me on?

Hey, hey, hey.

- Hello... Are you funny?
- No, no.

Think we're funny? What?

Did we do anything?

- We just came to apologize...
- Yeah, yeah...

Take it easy.

I didn't talk to you!
I didn't fucking talk to you!


Hi, it's me, Tomas.
I'm at the hotel.

Where are you? It's 7:15 pm.

Damn it...

Why are you out here?

Were you inside?

Is something wrong?

I've been looking for you everywhere.
Where were you?

I called. I sent a thousand texts...

We've been here and down at the pool.

Could you hang on, Andrea...

Daddy's in the hallway.

Daddy, there's no network.

- What?
- There's no network.

I see... I'll check it out.





Sure, I understand.

You've been in a relationship
for five years

and you feel like...

playing around.

He understands that, right?

Hang on, I need to talk.

No, continue...

Listen, I'll call you back.
Great. Bye.



Hey, you...

Daddy, it's still not working!

- What isn't?
- The network.

Okay, um...

It's not working.

Do you have to spread your stuff out
all over the place?


Are you coming?

Just pulling on
some leggings first.

Do you have the key card?

You're just pretending.


You're not crying for real.


No, maybe I'm not.


Ebba, Ebba... Come here.

I get it that you're disappointed
in the person who materialized.

I'm really disappointed in him too.

I hate him...

I hate him so damn much.
And I...

I can't forgive the guy...

He's done other stuff
before this, too. He has...

He's lied. He's been unfaithful.
Yes, he confesses.

He cheats at games

when he plays with Harry and Vera.

He's so goddamn pathetic.

And I can't live with him any longer.

I don't want to.

You're not the only victim here.

I'm a victim too!

I'm a bloody victim
of my own instincts!


No, I can't stop...

Please, let's go inside.

Let's go inside.
Shut the fuck up!

Calm down.

Can't you just...

Sit down.


Now you need to pull yourself
together. Look at me...

Look at me.

Breathe. Breathe.

Tomas, please...


Tomas, you'll wake the kids up.

You'll wake the kids.

Good Lord...

Tomas, please calm down.


Don't worry, Harry.
Daddy's just a bit sad.

He'll be fine.

- Mommy?
- Everything will be fine.



What's the matter, Daddy?!

He's sad. It will pass.

What's wrong with him?




- Come on.
- Mommy, come here.

Come here, Mommy.

Come on!

Daddy's sad, that's all.

It will pass.



Are you sure this is safe?

Sure, the run is marked out.

Well, we can't see a thing.

I'll go first and check it out.


Okay, Harry, come on.

Then Vera.
And you go last, Ebba.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

It's a nice run.

But it's foggy and windy,
so stick together.

I'll lead off and you
follow close behind me.

If I stop, I want you
to stop up mountain to me.

I might be stopping
before a dangerous spot.

- Good.
- Good.

Let's go.

- Everybody okay?
- Yeah.

- Take it easy.
- Just follow the sounds.

I'll show how we're
going to get down.


Ebba, can you hear me?
Are you there?



I'm coming, Ebba!


Wait here.


I'm on my way, Ebba. Don't move!

I'm coming!





Here we come!

Mommy and Daddy...

We made it!

- We made it...
- Yeah.


- Need any help?
- I'll be fine.

What's going on?

What's he doing?


Are you okay?


Can you please
drive a little bit more careful?

What's with this guy?

This is insane!

Can't someone else drive?

This is unacceptable!

I want to get out of here,
can you open the doors, please?

Can you open the doors, please?

She's really scared here.
Come on...

It's like a free roller-coaster ride.

- He's nuts!
- Seriously, he can't drive!



Open the doors, please.
I want to get out of here!

Open the doors!

Open the fucking doors! I want
to get out of here. Please!

Get your jacket, Vera.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

Calm down!
Everybody calm down!

Everybody calm down!

Act civilized,
or people will get hurt.

One at a time, please.

Let the women
and children out first.


Everybody, nice and gentle...

Very good.

Very good. Nice and gentle...

Be aware,
going out on the road there.

Are you okay?

It was a good thing,
getting off like that.

Are you okay?

He's unbelievable.

- She's staying.
- What?

She's not getting off.

She's going to stay on the bus?

Jesus, the guy is totally...

So insane.

Driving like a madman...

- So what do we do now?
- I don't know.

That guy can't drive.

That guy? He's driving off...


It was really dangerous.


- Could you carry Vera?
- Are you tired?

- Want a smoke?
- No, thank you.

Actually, can I take one?

- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.

Do you smoke, Daddy?

Yes, I do.