Forbidden Love (1977) - full transcript

Seventeen year old boy follows the painful path to discovering that he is transsexual



Hi, dad.

Hurry up, son,
we're short two waiters.


I've received the Viña Real Plata.

Lolita, answer the phone.

What's the matter?

What a mess!
Bad little boy.

You're a big boy now.

You should tell us
before it happens.

Don't worry about it.
Know something?

We all have to piss sometime.

José María, it's very late!
Are you coming?

I have to go.

I'll look after the baby.

I'll change you now.

Two coffees, one whisky.

Hey, honey,
a bottle of wine, please.

Who's the prettiest boy
in the class?

José María!

We want José Maria to cry!

Go get the rest.

You've cut your hair,
but there's no difference.

I'm not going back to school,

They call me names.
They say I'm a queer.

They make drawings
in my books.

What kind of drawings?

I can't explain...

the things they do to me
some days.

It's not your fault
they're a bunch of pigs.

Don't you understand?
To them I'm just a clown.

Like a toy.

It's worse if I try
to be like them.

They say I copy them.

I'd just as soon die.
The sooner the better.

Don't say such stupid things.

Am I what they say I am?

You're better
than all of them together.

Good-looking, intelligent...

and they don't have a sister
who loves them...

like I love you.

It's a pity your husband
couldn't come.

He's very busy.

Yes, but in this case...

My son has always been
very studious.

He is a very good student...

more intelligent
than most of the students.

However, he has certain ways
and attitudes that...

are uncontrollable,
with certain strange tendencies.

Do you mean
my son is not like the others?

No, Madam,
he's not like the others.

Those boys are
at a difficult age.

Children can be very cruel.

I'm sorry, but your son's mannerisms
are a constant...

instigation to the other boys.

I can't jeopardize
the normal development...

of normal boys
due to the fault of only one.

Are you calling my boy abnormal
because he's...

more sensitive than the rest?

I'm sorry I used that word.

If you like, let's say
he's sensitive and delicate.

Perhaps he's too sensitive
and delicate.


I've got another name for that!

José, please!

You work your ass off
to get a status...

something to leave
your children...

and when everything's
going well...

and you're doing fine...

they tell you your son's
a queer...

and they throw him out
so he won't pervert the others.

Don't say that
in front of my boy.

Shut up!
It's all your fault!

You've pampered him
all his life.

You've given him everything.

So the headmaster
told you to...

take him to a psychiatrist...

so they can make
even more fun of us.

And ask: "Do you give him
shots of bull's balls?"

I'll cure you,
or nobody will.

And if I don't cure you,
I'll kill you.

From now on,
you'll work on being a man.

A man, you hear?

Shall I call him?

No, let him finish.
His dad said to make it hard.

He's been working
for 4 hours.

It will make a man out of him.

He seems so delicate,
so fragile.

When your dad comes,
we'll say you've behaved.

But I think your muscles
will never grow.

Come on, go eat.

Hello, you're looking younger
than ever.

Hi, Juan. How's the boy?

Fine, he works hard.

Where is he?

Probably up there,
with his books.

José María, where are you?

Where are you?

He's around back and can't hear you.
Come with me.

He's in for a surprise.

Come give me a hug.

They tell me
you've been working hard.

I've got a surprise for you.

- Get your things.
- Are we going home?

Not yet. Something better.

Can't you guess?

You and me are going
to Barcelona together.

Seventeen years old, wow!

The things I was doing
at your age.

and man to man...

at sixteen I knocked up
a girl from town.

I remember
that my father beat my ass.

But, really,
I think he was happy.

She was ten years
older than me.

José María,
tonight you'll meet a great girl.

Her name's Fanny.

She's beautiful
and can teach you a lot, son.


- Fill it, please.
- Right away, Sir.

Do you have any money?
Of course not.

Here, take this.
Take it and don't be silly.

Tonight you pay
for everything, O.K.?

Want some more?

I want you to be the boss.
And give good tips.

Here are your keys, Sir.

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you, Sir.
- You see?

- We're packed, Sir.
- I'm a friend of Fanny's.

- She's expecting us.
- Of course, Sir.

This is one of our best tables.

If you'd come on your own,
you'd get nowhere.

But your old man
is still a big shot.

- What will you have?
- Whisky. What about you?

Me? A Coke.

- No, whisky. Two whiskies.
- Two whiskies.

That's Fanny.

- Did you like it?
- Yes, it's fun.

It's now 12 midnight,
the hour of Bibi Anderson.

A mystery of nature!

The biological enigma
of our century!

Suspense and flesh...

Your champagne, Sir.

We ordered whisky.

- I'm following orders.
- Whose?

Mine. It's on me.

You're looking as young
as ever.

I'm getting old,
but watch!

You're stealing the show
from the enigma.

- Is this him?
- In person.

You didn't tell me
what a good-looking boy he is.

Chip off the old block.

- Sure he's yours?
- Guaranteed.

Just 17?
He's a good-looking kid.

He might look like a prude,
but he's terrific.

I'll tell you later.

Don't forget he's my boy.

I could eat you all up!

Do you like this?

She dances very well,
but so do you, Miss.

Skip the formalities.
Call me Fanny.

Don't miss this!

Is it stuck on?

The tits are stuck on,
the rest is his own.

I like the old dances better.

Here's to José María.
This is his night.

Come in.

Take off your jacket.

Feeling bad?
You drank too much.

But that was your father's fault.

A young boy like you
shouldn't drink.

Turn the light off, please.

Sure, honey.

Is that better?

I'll get undressed
and lay down next to you.

We'll snuggle up together.

You're real good-looking.

Leave it to Fanny,
and you'll see.

I'll take care of everything.
You'll love this.

You really turn me on, kid.

You'll see how nice it is.

You'll see.

What's wrong, honey?


Leave me alone,
don't touch me!

I don't want you
to touch me!

Shit, what a strange kid!

- Hi, how are you?
- Fine, at least for now.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Juan, thanks.
- See you soon.

José María,
I'll be back within a month.

We'll have a second shot
at Barcelona.

But if there's a repeat performance...

I swear to God
I'll kick your ass in!

- Adela, is that you?
- What is it?

Something's burning in the kitchen.
Go take a look.

- Hurry up.
- All right.

Can I help you?

Shall we sit down?

Would you like a drink?


My name is Alvaro.
What's yours?

Can't you speak?

I bet you've run away from home.

Fine, we won't mention that.

You're looking for
a place to stay.

And you want me to help you.

Just as a friend, of course.


Give me the paper.

All these are too expensive.

I don't like this one either.

I think you should
come home with me.

You're not going to say no,
are you?

Are you coming?

You're not.

This one sounds pretty good.
We could call them up.

Here it is.
Want me to go with you?

All right, I'll come back later.

But, will you speak to me
next time?

I'm coming!

That must be some salesman.

I'm coming!

I'm coming!

Don't be so impatient.
What is it?

Is María José in?

María José. Tell her I'm here.

There's no María José
living here.

Are you sure?

Of course, I know
who lives in my own house.

How strange.
I brought her here this morning.

Well, this is the first time
I've seen you.

Well, I didn't come
right to the door.

Go look for her somewhere else.
Good day.

José María Alsina Piera,
17 years old, 5'5"...

110 lbs. If anyone knows
his whereabouts...

please contact his family.

Dear dad. Dear mom and dad.

Sorry I haven't written sooner.
Please forgive me.

I know I did wrong
and am willing to return.

There's no need
to look for me.

But it's better for everyone,
including myself...

if I stay here.
I think I could start a new life here.

So you can see
I'm not hiding anything from you...

I'm sending you my address.
Tell me what to do.

Your loving son.

I've found a job.

I'm sorry.
I'll have to pull one out.

I'll have to examine it
under the microscope.

The trouble seems to be
in the roots.

Paquita, will you take care
of this lady?

Yes, that's fine.

Well, what do you think?

Yes, that's just fine.

That's very good.

Hurry up, José María.
A surprise for you!

A surprise?

You have a visitor.

- I wasn't expecting anyone.
- That's why it's a surprise.

- How are you?
- Fine. I've missed you.

Me too. I've though a lot
of you and the baby.

We were so worried,
until we got your letter.


How did dad take it?

He was furious.
He wanted to call the police...

- but we convinced him.
- What does he say now?

Now, nothing.
He hardly talks.

He says you don't even exist.

Now he doesn't even mention you.

It's better that way.

He worries too much
about what people think.

I'm surprised
he let you come.

I said I was going shopping...

but I think they knew.

This is from mom.

She thought you'd need it.

I'm getting by,
but it'll help.

You seem to be so much more...

You seem to be
much more mature.

- Where do you work?
- At a hairdresser's.

Don't laugh,
I've really learned a lot.

I even have my own customers.
Want me to show you?

Come sit over here.

The folks won't recognize you.

Later, we'll go out.

Order for me.
I'll be right back.

Don't be long.

- Where's the bathroom?
- Straight ahead.

Two almond shakes, please.

Don't shout, silly.

Is that really you?

Keep your voice down.
It's me, José María.

But, now, I'm María José.

You're very...

Very pretty, right?

I think we've got an admirer.

Who, him?

- Let's dance.
- Sure.

I'm tired.
Let's have a drink.

- Like to dance?
- Think you're cute, huh?


Have a nice time?

Yes, Doña Pilar.
Thanks for everything.

Good night, sleep well.

The old woman is a bit nosy,
isn't she?

No, she's all right.
She has a boyfriend.

What, at her age?

He's older than she is.

If they don't hurry,
it'll be a cemetery wedding.

Must I undress in front of you?

I'll turn my back.

I've finished.

Give me a kiss.

Lie down beside me.

Have you often gone dancing
dressed like that?

Two or three times.

I've never had
such a good time.

How pretty you looked
and how well you danced.

Even I began to think
you were a girl.

Then, suddenly, back to reality.

I don't know what to say.

I wish you really were a girl.

Tell me something.

What do you feel
when you're dancing with a guy?

I don't know.
I suppose the same as you do.

You can't feel the same.
I'm a woman.

I also feel like a woman.

- But you're not.
- Then, what am I?

Lolita, please.

Calm down.

I lied to you.

Father sent me.

What can I tell him?

No rollers, understand?

Make it smooth, light and lose.

- Miss Bibi.
- What a surprise.

I get out in the sun
once a year.

- I leave you in good hands.
- I'm sure.

Do you know who she is?

It's Bibi Anderson,
the nightclub performer.

They say she's a man.

Wouldn't you like
your hair a little darker?

I don't like dyes.

It's not a dye,
it's a new treatment.

How long have you
been working here?

Two months.

I never saw you before.
What's your name?

I saw your show once.
It was wonderful.

The Starlets Show?

Madam, can I give you
some advice on you hair?

- Yes, but don't call me Madam.
- Excuse me, Miss.

Miss either.
Call me Bibi.

- Thank you.
- What is your advice?

You should dry you hair
with a towel only.

Hair dryers ruin your hair.

- If you want...
- Go on.

You've got beautiful hair,
it's so natural.

But it can be improved.

You'll look like Hedy Lamar.

I don't know why
I go to the beach, I don't swim.

Here we are again...

with your favourite Sunday program.

And it's your favourite
for many reasons.

Because, after all the fatigues
of the week...

with all our housework
and all our difficulties...

It is only fair for us
to have a few minutes to ourselves.

The house is silent
and the children are asleep.

He's dreaming
with the victory of his favourite team.

Everything is quiet and at ease...

precisely because today,
of all days, is Sunday.

Now is the time
to begin our most intimate chat.

Today we'll take part
in a very important matter.

In our health and, of course,
our beauty.

You have to take good care of it,
my dear friends.

First of all, you must relax
so as to be able to meditate.

What have I done this week?

What have I not done?
And, why not?

Due to a lack of time?
Or was I not in the mood?

- Say you love me, again.
- Words, you know I do.

I know, but I like to hear those words.

I want you.

Hold me tight.


I feel so secure in your arms.

It's like being in a temple.

Did you see that?
There's a woman in the house.

Didn't you say the boy
who lives here is queer?

Quiet, he'll hear you.

I told you it was too early
to come home.

Are you in there?

Yes. What is it, Doña Pilar?

We heard something
and didn't know if it was you.

There's no one else here.

Well, we're going to the movies.
We won't be late.

I'm going out too.

He dresses up like a woman?

Keep your voice down.

I wouldn't have that
in my house.

Let's go or he'll stay in there
all night.

The whole neighbourhood
must know by now.

You didn't.

I was waiting for you.

How did you know
I'd come?

I know everything about you.

What do you know?

Let's dance.

- Don't you like me?
- Of course I do.

Fine, say it.
Say it a million times.

I feel so secure in your arms.

It's like being in a temple.

Nobody's ever said that to me before.

Come on, make up your mind.
I know a place, a love nest.

- No, I can't.
- Why not?

I'm scared,
scared you won't like me.

Don't be silly.
I'm crazy about you.

I've been waiting here for you
for two weeks.

I don't know
how to tell you this.

Whatever it is, just tell me.

I'm not exactly a woman.

Don't be silly, I knew that.

You knew?

You couldn't fool anybody.

Really? I thought...

Come on, say yes.
I'll be very careful.

No, not today.

You knew?


All right, tomorrow.

José María, you're hurting me!

I'm sorry, Bibi.

Is anything wrong,
or do you want me to leave?

No, I'm always pleased
to see you come in.

Bibi, can I ask you something?

Go ahead, maybe I can answer you.

Have you ever been with a man?

So that's it.
Haven't you?

I've never even thought about it,

Until "he" appeared, right?

Yes, but I'm scared.

How did you meet him?

- I danced with him.
- And what else?

Nothing. I like him
and I think he likes me.

And today we've got a date.

José María, you're crazy.
But, that's only natural.

Want my advice?
Don't keep that date.

I know what I'm talking about.

What's the matter?

- I thought you were a cop.
- I'm a professional driver.

I was training
and didn't have time to change.

You look so huge
dressed like that.

You're looking very pretty today.

It suits you,
but you really scared me.

That was nothing.

Know what it's like
to ride at 150 KPH?

The manager's a friend of mine.
There's nobody here.

Are you sure?

Of course.

Be careful.

This way.

Go on in.

I'm afraid. Are you sure
you know what you want?

I'm crazy about you.

But, I don't know anything.

I imagine a lot,
but I know nothing.

I don't know how to do it.

Don't be silly. It's simple.

Come on, let's go.

Don't be impatient.

It's not the Ritz, but...

- Thanks.
- You shouldn't thank me.

I'd do anything for you,
anything you like.

Close the door.

I'm trembling too.

We men are also afraid of virginity.


A man doesn't have
many opportunities like this.

And, although it's important...

I told you I wasn't a woman.
You thought...?

Then, what are you?

You lousy queer!

Can't you hear me?

Is anything wrong?

Answer me.

Can't you hear me?

What made you do such a thing?
Oh, I know...

Your boyfriend
turned out to be an animal.

We both know how bitter
life can be...

but you shouldn't take
things so hard.

You're so pale!

I'm so glad you've come.

Today I'm leaving for London,
with 25 cases.

But I'll be back in a month.

And you'll be back with 35.

I had to see you before I go.

I want you to promise
you'll never do it again.

- Say it. "I promise."
- I promise.

From now on
I'll look after you, O.K.?

If you're really sure
you don't want "it..."

there's a better way of doing it.
A doctor.

I'll take care of the financial details.

We'll talk about it
when I get back.

Are you happy now?
Come on, smile!

That's it.

I'm very grateful, Bibi...

but I'm going back to my family.

For good.

How is everyone?

We're all fine.

We're very busy, as usual.

Lolita couldn't come,
she's busy at the hotel.

Your father's in Gerona.

What grief you gave us all.

I'm sorry, mom.

It's been hell on earth.

Son, please try not to cause
any more trouble.

Don't worry, mom.
Everything will be fine.

Don't be upset
'cause dad's not here.

Lolita talked to him
and he seems to understand.

But don't expect to see him
with his arms open.

Thank you.

José María, are you sure
you want to stay with us?

All I ask you is to not cause
any more problems.

Lolita says it's not your fault,
all right?

Maybe she's right.
I'll make an effort.

But no more nonsense.

No more double life.
You'll live as we do.

You'll lead a decent life.

You'll have plenty of work.

Close the door.

So, you're still at it.

Get dressed!

Forget that!

I want to see you as a woman.

Go on!

With all this,
I'll make you look stunning.

I was a little crazy,
but had good taste.

Look at this.

It was a present from Juan, in 1944.

See how slim I was in those days?

María José, you're wrong.

I think you need heavier makeup.

You'll look older and more like a woman.

Get rid of this wig.
I'll find a better one.

Sorry, we're not open yet.

I'm a friend of Miss Anderson.
Tell her José María's here.

Bibi, someone to see you.
José María, she says.

- Bibi, get in place, please.
- Wait a minute.

Is that really you?

What have you done to yourself?

It was all Doña Pilar's idea.
It's too much, huh?

Why haven't you come
to see me all this time?

As I told you,
I've been back home, and...

I asked for you at the hairdresser's.

I never went back.
They probably don't want me.

- Are you out of work?
- Oh, I'll find something.

I think.

Where's Durand?

- Half an hour break.
- We'll never get finished.

Does anyone know
where Durand is?

In his office.
He's just received a love letter.

Look what I brought you.
I look after your interests.

The boy I talked to you about.

Isn't he fabulous?

What's your name?

He was in hospital,
tried to cut off his balls.

- But he didn't succeed.
- What can you do?

What do you mean,
what can he do?

Are you crazy?

Well, he looks fine.
He can work here.

Did Bibi tell you your job?

- Yes.
- Are you sure?

- You'll be a waitress.
- For the moment!

You're on a trial basis,
and then we'll see.

If you've any friends like yourself,
bring them.

We need a couple more.
Is rehearsal over?

- Will he start tomorrow?
- Yes, go talk to Carlos.

Yes, boss, but first,
back to rehearsal.

He acts tougher than he really is.

Bibi, you're invited to dinner...

and your girlfriend too.


It's gone!

Now I'm a woman.
Remember that trip to London?

I really went to Casablanca.
And that's it.


It's fantastic.

I keep looking at it.
I can't believe it myself.

All I had to do before
was to show my prick off.

Now I've got to prove
I'm talented.

Are you really happy?

This is what I wanted,
to be like other women.

Bibi, there's 10 of us waiting.
Hurry up.

I'm coming.

Look what they want me to wear.
They're crazy.

Hurry up, or forget learning to dance.

She's up to something.
That's why we're here.

Let's dance.

- You and me?
- Why not?

At Miss Anderson's request, a Tango.

- How was that?
- Fine, very good.

Just "very good"?
Don't you know any better words?

They applauded you, didn't they?

- And without rehearsing.
- It happens at times.

What do you think of her?
Say she's wonderful!

Go on, say it, say "she's wonderful!"

- She's wonderful.
- That's the way!

- Bibi, come dance with us.
- Why not?

You could become the star of our show.


You could become a spectacular woman.

You could learn to sing and dance
like a woman.

Or even better than a woman like Bibi.

I don't know.

Think about it.
Take your time.

What I promise
is more than just dressing up.

You'll have to go through
a grueling schedule.

You'll have to wipe out
all masculine mentality.

I don't have any.

I want to be a woman.
I feel like a woman.

They don't know I've had an operation.

- Here's to Diana d'Arcy.
- To who?

María José is Diana d'Arcy.

I'll never be exactly like a woman.

We've only just started.
Cry, but keep at it.

I can't go on.
I'm fed up!

Say: "I'll go on until
I look like a woman."

I'll go on until I look like a woman.

Say it with more feeling!

I'll go on...

I'm fed up!

I want to be a woman.

Relax until 4.
I'll pick you up for rehearsal.

What's wrong?

Will I have to show "it"?

Up to now, no one has asked you to.

But someday, you will.

No one's going to force you.

If I refuse,
you'll have wasted time and money.

I don't want to show it,
I want to forget it.

So, it's up to you
if you want to go on with this.

I myself wonder.

Wonder as much as you want but,
yes, it's worth it.

Now go home
and get as much rest as you can.

- What's for lunch?
- Creamed spinach.

Again? Who do you think I am, Popeye?

I'm only following the doctor's orders.

You must put more weight on.

Look. It's delicious.

- Have you eaten?
- No, not yet.

Eat with me.
Popeye's tired of ceremonies.

But you're not Popeye,
you're Olive Oil!

Sit down with Olive Oil, the Sailorman.

Be a good "sailorgirl."

Doña Pilar, don't get me upset.
Sit down!

All right, Miss, you're the boss.

Don't call me "Miss,"
even as a joke.

Do you think I'm going mad?

You're not going mad.

Of course not.
Of poets and madmen...

we all have a little.

Forget about that.

Tell me the truth.
Am I going mad?

What would drive you mad?

All that rubbish they make me take.

That rubbish is working miracles.

The main thing is still there.

I don't want to be a freak,
just a real woman.

Not an enigma, like Bibi was.

I'll be sincere with you.

Though you were unlucky
to be born "that way..."

you've been fortunate
in other ways.

Mr. Durand gave you this apartment.

Now you look like
what you are, or are not.

Take advantage of your luck.

I just want to be a woman
and have children.

That's impossible, and you know it.

Aren't you going
to eat your spinach?

I've got a beautiful steak
ready for you.

That's one of the things
I cook the best.

Can I ask you something?

Is there anything
between Bibi and Durand?

Not what you're thinking.

How do you know
what I'm thinking?

You think
they're sleeping together.

You're hateful.

What's the matter?


I can't dance with these stilts.

Let me take my shoes off!

This dance calls for these stilts.

You're just afraid.

Calm down.

Let's do it again.

Sorry, Margot,
let's see if I can do it this time.

Don't say a thing.

Make no comments.

Not even I know...

...what I am.

What happened...

isn't easy.

What I was before...

what I am now.

Can't you see?

Am I or not...

a woman?

Who has and knows
all that you know?

And I can give you
whatever you want.

But, hush...

if you do know.

Hush, if you know...

...what I really am.


to be at the same time...

what I was before...

what I finally am.

Take a good look
at what I really am.

Who, who do you think I am?

I consider this only the first lesson...

but you were perfect.


Go ahead, don't worry about me.

Bibi, I was just so excited.

I came to toast to your success.

After all, I discovered you.

Bibi, I'll always be grateful for that.

I brought only two glasses.

I've got to go.

Don't go, I'm leaving.
Let's have a drink.

You don't mind using the same glass?
I would.

Here's to two bastards
who've fooled me all along.

I've got nothing to do with Bibi,
nor with you.

Wake up, María José.

- It's very late.
- What time is it?

- It's after 4.
- What a headache!

Here, take these.

You shouldn't drink so much...

specially when you're on these drugs.

Has Durand called?

What did he say?
Is he coming for dinner?

I'll tell you later.
Here, take this.

You're lying to me...

so I'll take all this rubbish!

Know what I'm going to do
with this crap?

Maybe a cunt
will grow on the floor.

Why should I have to take care
of a stupid girl?

Stupid? Because I'm in love with a man?

A man like Durand!

A man you could never please.

He wouldn't go for a bag like you.
He kissed me.

He kissed you!
What do you call kissing?

It was real, and Bibi knew it, too.

Forget your silly dreams.
Here, take this.

But I know it was real.

Who is it?

It's me. I want to talk to you.

We've nothing to talk about. I'll go...

see you when you show
your "thing" in public.

Let's see if they grow
a little more, honey...

or should I say sonny?

Who set this joke up?

Nobody, it just happened.

I want you to get rid of Fanny.

Fanny? Why?

It was her fault,
she flirted with that drunk.

You're wrong,
Fanny was trying to help you.

You should have just gone along with it.

You've still got a lot to learn.

So, it was all my fault?

Take it easy, don't get so upset.

I'm changing the show.

You could start 8 or 10 days later.

Take a vacation on the beach
and, please, stop drinking.

If you think I'm drunk,
you're mistaken.

And if you want to get rid of me,
say so.

I'm fed up with you
and all this crap.

Will you turn the bar light out,
Mr. Durand?

Yes, I'll attend to it.

- Good night.
- Good night.


No, Mr. Durand.

Quite a bit lately.

The bottle, get the bottle!

Yes, the bottle!

Get the bottle out!

Oh, you men!
You don't understand women!

- Or a little girl like me.
- Not everyone.

- Give me the bottle.
- Here you go.

Here, have a drink.

Have you finished crying?
Then, listen.

You're nothing
but a shitty transvestite.

From now on I'm going to treat you
like one.

Get this straight!
You can't miss a show.

And understand this
once and for all.

I'll never think of you as a woman.

You have a contract.
Don't forget it.

Tomorrow, show up for work on time.

A "little thing" I've got...

is my greatest treasure.

It's given great pleasure...

to all who've seen it.

My "little thing's" mine,
you'll never find it.

I've got it well covered.

No one can steal it.

My "little thing"...

so small, so pretty.

You want it, my love,
my "little thing"?

Maybe, maybe,
I'll show it to you, maybe.

Everyone's looking for it...

but nobody'll find it.

Only those I favour...

witness its behaviour.

It's a freckle I've got...

right next to my heart.

Nobody can have it.

I'm keeping it for my love.

My "little thing", no!

Do you really want to see
my "little thing"?

Great, better than Bibi was.

Why aren't they applauding?

They're stunned.
Tomorrow we'll put a stooge in.

What is it?

You must forgive me,
I was very hard on you.

Later I could have kick myself.

I wondered why I did it,
and I don't know.

I hated to see you
in those surroundings.

Now I know I was really committed.

I didn't want to accept it,
didn't want it to happen.

I still don't want to happen
what has already happened.

Shall I go on?

I don't want to lose you.

I want you to be mine...

entirely. Do you accept?

We've given you a shot
of sodium Pentothal.

Try to let your thoughts flow freely.

Remember, this test is purely voluntary.

Why do you like
to dress like a woman?

Dressed as a woman
I feel more self-assured.

Do you remember
the first time you did it?

How did it happen?

At a Mardi Gras party.

What drove you to dress up
like a woman?

My sister suggested changing clothes...

she as a man, me as a woman.

Did the experience give you pleasure?


Try to explain what you felt.

More self-assured.
I liked that.

I could stop pretending.

Have you ever had sex with a woman?


Not even as a child,
not even in games?

No, none I can remember.

Tell me something
about your childhood...

about your wanting to be a woman.

About my childhood?

- Miss Alsina is here.
- Have her come in.

Sit down, please.

Dr. Volpini has sent me
your report and analysis.

There's no reason
why you can't have the operation.

But first, I must warn you.

About what?

Would you prefer I tell you without...?

Her husband.

All right.

Unless you are deceiving us...

unless our methods
are completely erroneous...

you're not homosexual.

There is proof of your femininity...

and no evidence of your desiring...

your masculine genitals.

But, once I pick the scalpel up
and operate you...

if you've deceived me,
or yourself...

or even if there's been no deception...

if you, or we, have made a mistake...

there's no turning back.

You can never become
what you were again.

It's your decision.

I want my body to be a woman's body.

Now you'll see
what we are going to do to you.

These diagrams show
the surgical process to...

create an artificial vagina.
The obvious...

limits of the operation
are the elimination of...

the masculine genitals
and formation...

of a functioning vagina.

Reproductive functions
cannot be obtained.

The surgeon makes a circular...

Incision at the base of the penis.

The testicles are extracted,
the seminal...

cords being cut
at the height of the pubis.

The inner part of the penis is lifted...

cutting the enveloping skin free.

The penis is cut
at the level of the gland...

and the pubis,
leaving the urethra free.

The central perineum tendon,
located between...

the anus and the genitals,
is removed...

to create a cavity
between the prostrate...

and the rectum,
to a depth of 7 cms.

The skin of the penis,
still with its...

tube-like shape,
is turned inside out...

and inserted in the new cavity.

This heals quickly,
and is a functioning vagina.

The foreskin becomes
the inner labia, and the...

scrotum the outer labia.

The surgeon takes exquisite care...

in this delicate operation...

so that the new sexual organs
may settle in place.

In due course,
they may also be stimulated so that...

normal sexual practices
may be carried out...

by the new woman.

It's all gone very well.

Is it all over, the operation?

- Am I a woman now?
- Relax, don't talk.

I dreamed I died,
now that I'm a woman.

You're alive and you're a woman.

You've always been a woman.

Six months later,
María José experienced her first orgasm.