For Your Eyes Only (1981) - full transcript

After disposing of a familiar looking face, Bond is sent to recover a communication device, known as an ATAC, which went down with a British Spy ship as it sunk. Bond must hurry though, as the Russians are also out for this device. On his travels, he also meets Melina Havelock, whose parents were brutally murdered. Bond also encounters both Aristotle Kristatos and Milos Colombo. Each of them are accusing the other of having links with with the Russian's. Bond must team up with Melina, solve who the true ally is and find the ATAC before it's too late.

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Mr. Bond, Mr. Bond,
I'm so glad I caught you.

Your office called. They're sending
a helicopter to pick you up.

Some sort of emergency.

It usually is.
Thank you.

Good afternoon, Mr. Bond.

Don't concern yourself
with the pilot.

One of my less useful people.

You are now flying
Remote Control Airways.

Think twice, 007.
It's a long way down.

I've looked forward
to this moment, Mr. Bond.

I intend to enjoy it
to the full.

Really, have you no respect
for the dead?

Good-bye, Mr. Bond.

I trust you had a pleasant...

You are fading
from my picture, Mr. Bond.

But the end
cannot be far away.

Mr. Bond! Mr. Bond!

We can do a deal!

I'll buy you a delicatessen
in stainless steel.


All right, keep your hair on.

Put me down!
Put me down!

Oh, you want to get off?

Mr. Bond!

For your eyes only

Can see me through the night

For your eyes only

I never need to hide

You can see so much in me

So much in me that's new

I never felt till I looked at you

For your eyes only

Only for you

You'll see what no one else can see

Now I'm breakin' free

For your eyes only

Only for you

The love I know you need in me

The fantasy you freed in me

Only for you

For your eyes only

The nights are never cold

You really know me

That's all I need to know

Maybe I'm an open book

Because I know you're mine

But you won't need
to read between the lines

For your eyes only

Only for you

You'll see what no one else can see
'cause now I'm breakin' free

For your eyes only

Only for you

The passions that collide in me

The wild, abandoned side of me

Only for you

For your eyes only

How's it looking topside?

Beautiful day.
Just bringing the nets in.

Fish for supper again.

Decode of Russian satellite data, sir,
on British and American ship positions.

- Verify and advise Admiralty.
- Yes, sir.

- Afternoon, sir.
- Oh, hello, Mac.

My watch.

Where the hell
did that come from?

- What the devil's going on here?
- An unidentified object closing fast.

Destruct ATAC system.

- Yes?
- First Sea Lord and Vice Admiral, sir.

Send them in.

Shocking news, Minister.

I'm afraid we've lost our electronic
surveillance ship, the St. Georges.

We had a routine message
at 1600 hours yesterday...

then nothing.

We sighted floating debris
this morning.

My God, Jack.
How deep is the water there?

Not deep enough, I'm afraid.

Yes, Comrade Secretary.
Off Albania.

The suspected British spy ship
which we have been monitoring.

It suggests that there is a chance
of obtaining...

the ATAC transmitter.

Oh, of course, comrade.
There will be no direct involvement...

but if it comes on the market,
we should not lose...

such a remarkable opportunity.

With that in mind, I've already
contacted our usual friend in Greece.

Down you go. Go on.

Down you go.

Give us a kiss.
Give us a kiss.

I'll give you a nut.
Here you are. Go on.

Come on.

- Your packages, senorita.
- Oh, thank you.


- Thank you, darling.
- Hello, Daddy.

Welcome home, Melina, my darling.

- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.

Your call from Athens
was such a pleasant surprise.

I was lucky to find you.
You left Crete so suddenly.

Ah, yes, I wanted to come back here
and start work on the temple again.

- You between jobs?
- Only for a few days.

- I'll lend a hand if you want.
- Darling, it's beautiful. Thank you.

That's for you,
and pistachios for Max.


a feast for my eyes.

What about the rest of you?

Well, I was going to get
around to that.

You'd better go in.
M's on leave...

and the minister's arrived here
with the chief of staff...

and wants to see you immediately.

- I'll be right back.
- I can hardly wait.

Oh, haven't you forgotten something?

Oh. Well, as M's away...

Ah, there you are, 007.

Minister, Chief of Staff.

Are you aware
of our ATAC system, 007?

ATAC, sir? Automatic Targeting
Attack Communicator.

Uses an ultra-low frequency coded

to order our submarines
to launch ballistic missiles.

Five days ago, our spy ship,
St. Georges was sunk...

in the lonian Sea.

She was equipped with ATAC.

Now, if that transmitter
were to fall into the wrong hands...

it would render our entire
Polaris fleet useless.

- Every order could be countermanded.
- Worse.

Our own submarines could be ordered
to attack our own cities.

Have we begun
a salvage operation, Minister?

An official operation
was out of the question.

The St. Georges was off
the Albanian coast.

We asked Sir Timothy Havelock...

the marine archaeologist,
to secretly locate the wreck.

Before he could send in his report,
he and his wife were killed...

by a Cuban hit man,
Hector Gonzales.

The Greek police were able
to identify Gonzales...

from a description given to them
by Melina, Sir Havelock's daughter.

Operation Undertow.
The information's all here.

Now, Gonzales is at a villa
near Madrid.

Isolate him and apply
the necessary pressure...

to find out who hired him.

A Walther PPK...

standard issue,
British Secret Service.

License to kill.

Or be killed.

Take him away.

Whoever you are, you've outstayed
your welcome. Come on.

- Well, I hope you have a car.
- This way.


- Who are you?
- He killed my parents.

The Havelocks?
I'm sorry.

How did you know
where Gonzales was?

Through a detective agency.
What were you doing there?

I'm afraid we're being

Excuse me.

Take the low road.

Not that low.

You don't mind
if I drive, do you?

Go backwards. Forwards.

I love a drive in the country,
don't you?

Hold tight.

Oh, by the way, we haven't been
properly introduced, Melina.

My name is Bond, James Bond.

Olympic has a flight at 11:00.

It should be safe to go
to the airport now.

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine, really.

Are you going back
to your father's ship?

Yes, I'm continuing his work,
but this business is still unfinished.

- What business?
- The man who paid Gonzales.

The Chinese have a saying:

"Before setting out on revenge,
you first dig two graves. "

I don't expect you to understand.

You're English,
but I'm half Greek.

And Greek women, like Electra...

always avenge their loved ones.

I must go.

You were meant to question Gonzales,
not let Miss Havelock perforate him.

I quite agree, sir.

We'll have to tell the prime minister
Operation Undertow is dead in the water.

She'll have our guts
for garters.

If you care to look again...

at page two, paragraph four
of my report, sir...

you will note that I saw someone
paying off Gonzales.

Now, assuming that that was
for Havelock's murder...

then there's still
a glimmer of hope.

I don't follow.

If we could identify that someone...

Why don't you try
the identigraph?

- Yes, sir.
- Get cracking, 007.


Hello, Q.
Smithers, how's the arm?

Coming along very nicely,
thank you, sir.

Oh, that'll come in handy.

What are you doing here, 007?

- Identigraph, Q.
- This way.

- Stinging in the rain?
- That's not funny, 007.

I see you managed to get the Lotus
back together again.

I disregard these jibes
about our equipment, 007.

I don't suppose you find it funny
in the field.

Indeed, I don't.

This 3-D Visual Identigraph
is still in the experimental stage.

Now, once we get
a composite of the man...

we can find a match by patching
into the photographic files...

of the Surety, Interpol,
CIA, the Mossad.

And the West German police.
You've told me so already five times.

Thank you, 007.

Now describe the person
you wish to identify...

and I'll program the information.

Male Caucasian,
late thirties.

Hair: Fine, light brown.

That's it.

- Parted in the middle.
- Wait a minute.

- Right.
- Eyes.

- A little smaller.
- Uh-huh.

Blue. A little grayer.

That's it. You have it.
Now, nose.

- A nose, not a banana, Q.
- I'm sorry.


Lips fuller.

Mm-hmm. Oops.

No, no, mouth wider.

Thank you.

Thank you, Sharon.

- You can go. I'll lock up.
- Okay.

I reckon we're almost there, Q,
apart from glasses.


- Yeah.
- Octagonal.


That's him.
That's our man.

Right. I'll try
and get a match.


The man we want is
Emile Leopold Locque...

an enforcer
in the Brussels underworld.

He's been convicted
of several...

particularly brutal murders.

He escaped from Namur Prison...

by strangling his psychiatrist.

He has worked for drug syndicates
in Marseilles and Hong Kong.

Now reported working
for Greek smugglers.

The Italian Secret Service think
that he is, at this moment, in Cortina.

I'll instruct Ferrara, our man
in northern Italy, to contact you there.

- Yes, sir.
- And 007, try not to muck it up again.

I'll do my best, sir.

I'll leave you to lock up.
Let me out, will you?

The snow this year
is better at Innsbruck.

But not at St. Moritz.

- Ferrara.
- Bond. James.


I presume London has briefed you.

If Locque's in Cortina,
we'll find him.

I have a reliable Greek contact here,
an Anglophile.

He helped us out last year
on a smuggling operation.

- What's he doing in Cortina?
- He...

Spends a few months a year here
at his chalet.

He's in shipping, insurance,
oil exploration.

Knows everything going on.

Very reliable.

The British gave him the King's Medal
for resistance fighting during the war.

Yes, but can I meet him?

I've set it up. He is waiting for us
at the Olympic ice rink.

- Kristatos. Ari Kristatos.
- Bond. James Bond.

Would you care to join me
in some gluhwein?

That's a very good idea.
Thank you.

Well, gentlemen,
how can I help you?

We'd like some information.

My protege.
A sure winner...

in the next Olympics.

She's completely absorbed
in her skating...

but innocent in the ways
of the world.

The day she wins the gold medal...

will be the greatest in my life.

Bibi, here are some
new admirers for you.

Mr. Bond, Mr. Ferrara,
Bibi Dahl...

and her coach, Jacoba Brink,
once a world-class skater herself.

I've seen Miss Brink skate.

I think the world will soon be seeing
a great deal of your skating too.

Only if she works harder.

- Much harder.
- Oh, Uncle Ari.

Can I stop now?
I'm pooped.

That's for Miss Brink to decide.

Come, Bibi,
another half hour of practice.

Uncle Ari, will you take me
to the biathlon?

Bibi, you know I have to work
this afternoon.

Bibi wants to know
if you would escort her, Mr. Bond.

- I don't think...
- I would feel better...

if there were someone with her.

I'd be delighted.
I'm staying at the Miramonti.


How can I help?

- Do you know this man?
- Yes. Locque.

Columbo's right hand.

Milos Columbo.
His name came up in connection...

with a smuggling operation
last year.

That's the least of his offenses.
Drugs, white slavery, contract murder.

In the Greek underworld,
he in known as "the Dove. "

A very sick joke.

- Where is this Dove?
- Somewhere in Greece, I would guess.

Once we were like brothers.
Now he hates me.

We fought together
in the Greek resistance...

then against the Communists.

After that,
he took a different path.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Kristatos.

My pleasure.
I leave for Corfu soon.

If I get any more information,
I will call Ferrara.

What do you think, Luigi?
Does this "Dove" Columbo...

have the resources
to mount a salvage operation?

Oh, definitely. He runs a fleet of
intercoastal freighters in the Aegean.

I'll ring my office in Milano.
They may have more on him.

- I'll see you later.
- Okay.

Is this the one you mean?

Thank you. I'll take it.
Deliver it to the Hotel Cristalo.

I beg your pardon.

- May I help you?
- Yes, give me a dozen lilies.

Will you?

I'll pick them up later.

Come on, quickly.

Send them to the funeral,
will you?

Slow down. Would you mind telling me
what the devil you're doing in Cortina?

- Your telegram.
- What telegram?

It said you found the man
and to meet you here today.

I didn't send it.

Now, get in.

The station, please.

- Are we leaving?
- Not "we. " You. And now.

You don't tell me
what to do.

Did you find the man
who hired Gonzales?

I'm working on it.

He's here, isn't he?

That's why you're here.
Driver, stop! Go back!

- I'm staying.
- So you can put an arrow in his back?

You do that, and we'll never find out
who or what is behind all this.

It was my parents they killed,
not yours. Let me out. Driver, stop!

Melina, look at me.

You were lucky once,
but they are onto you now.

The telegram, the motorcycles
back there. They prove it.

- Let me handle this.
- You? How are you involved?

All I can tell you is it's something
of vital interest to both our countries.

More important than my parents?

Your father was part of it.

He thought it important enough
to risk his life.

Now, Melina, please trust me.

Go back to the Triaina and wait.

Let me find out what I can here,
then I'll come straight to Corfu.

- I promise you.
- Okay.

I'll go back and wait,
but not for long.

It won't be, I swear.

Don't they have showers
at the ice rink?

How did you get in here?

One of the porters is a fan.

He'll do anything for me,
and I'll do anything for you.

Well, I'm exceedingly
flattered, Bibi...

but you're in training.

That's a laugh. Everybody knows
it builds up muscle tone.

How about building up a little more
muscle tone by putting on your clothes?

Don't you like me?

I think you're wonderful, Bibi...

but I don't think your Uncle Ari
would approve.

Him? He thinks
I'm still a virgin.

Yes, well, you get your clothes on,
and I'll buy you an ice cream.

Shall we?

Don't you ever come up for air?

That's why I'll get the gold medal...
breath control.

Yes, well, you can't lose.

And now, Erich Kriegler...

last year's East European champion.

There's Erich Kriegler.

The East German champion?

Isn't he beautiful?

You know something, Bibi?
You're fickle.

Hey, Erich!

Come on, let's go watch him shoot.

We'll have a drink
at the finish.

Well, Bibi, I'm afraid
I have to leave you.

- No, James, stay with me.
- I have an appointment.

Will you come and say good-bye to me
at the practice rink later?

Please, James, we're going back
to Greece soon.

All right, but if I can't make it...

all I can say is
don't grow up any more.

- Huh?
- The opposite sex won't survive it.

Won't take long.

- Don't play with any of the switches.
- Right.

What took you so long?

I took the scenic route.

Tell me more about your boyfriend,
Erich Kriegler.

He doesn't smoke, he only eats health
foods and he won't even talk to girls.

James, you're jealous.

Of course. What else can you tell me
about my rival for your affections?

They say he's a defector
from East Germany.

It is time
for your rubdown.

I could eat you up alive.

Farewell, Mr. Bond,
but not good-bye.

I'll be finished around 6:00.
Meet me here.

How did you know I was here?

I radio telephoned the Triaina,
and they told me you were coming ashore.

I have to go shopping for the crew.
Come with me, we can talk.

Why not?

Thank you.

I think you may need that.

My father loved the view
from here.

- I can see why.
- We came here often.

- Is Corfu your home?
- No.

My real home's always been
the Triaina, the Greek islands...

Turkey, North Africa...
wherever my father's work took us.

Did he leave any notes?
They could help us.

No, I don't think so.

To tell you the truth...

I haven't had the courage
to go into his study since.

Try not to think about it now.

I'm meeting a man tonight
at the casino who may give us a lead.

You're perspiring, Bunky.



Only half?
Where's your courage, Bunky?

Courage is no match
for an unfriendly shoe, Countess.

Bravo, Bunky.

Lucky night.

The odds favor standing pat.

If you play the odds.

Would you cash these in
for me, please?

Thank you. Excuse me.

Aperitif, please?

Ouzo for me, please.

And a whiskey.

And to eat?

I'll have the prawns,
salad and Bourdetto.

An excellent choice.
I'll have the same.

May I suggest a white wine
from my home place?

If you'll forgive me, that's
a little too scented for my palate.

I prefer the Theotaki Aspro.

After our last meeting,
I am asking myself...

why you want to know about Locque,
Columbo's man.

I know Columbo runs heroin
to be refined here...

before it's sent to England.

So I think I see the answer.

You're from the British Narcotics Board.

Am I right?

Go on.

I wish you luck, my friend.

But I must warn you,
stopping Columbo will be difficult.

He has important connections.
You cannot just arrest him.

Find some different way.

You may have to kill him.

Does this discourage you?

- Just tell me where he is.
- Over there.

With the woman in blue.

We ignore each other,
but I wanted you to see him.

He is a secret partner
in this casino.

But we are perfectly safe.

He will do nothing in his own place.

And the countess?

Lisl, an Austrian.

Expensive mistress.
She sometimes shills for the house.

She bets with other people's money.

But I must warn you,
stopping Columbo will be difficult.

He has important connections.
You cannot just arrest him.

You must find a different way.

You may have to kill him.

Does this discourage you?

Just tell me where he is.

You are a disgusting man.
How dare you talk to me like that?

I will speak to you any way I please.
Sit down.

You're making a spectacle
of yourself.

Get out!

Nothing would please me more.

- This may be an opportunity.
- This may be a trap.

If you play the odds.

As you wish. Take my car.
I'll play a little chemin.

Ask the chauffeur
to come back for me.

Allow me.

May I drive you home?

No, thank you.
I'll take a taxi.

No courage?

Seriously, you may have a job
finding one.

Well, you look like a gentleman.

Why not?

I am the Countess Lisl Von Schlaf.

My name is Bond.

I'm writing a novel
about Greek smugglers. Know any?

Smugglers? How would I know
any smugglers?

I would think that
a lady in your position...

would get to know many things.

I'd be most grateful.

How grateful?


I adore grateful men.

May I call you tomorrow, Countess?

I'm a night person. I have
champagne and oysters in the fridge.

Why not come in for a bite?

I won't need you anymore tonight.

- Cheers.
- Bottoms up.


Me nightie's slipping.

So is your accent, Countess.

- Manchester?
- Close.


It was an amusing performance...

between you and the owner of this.

What exactly did Columbo whisper to you?

That you're a spy.
To find out more about you.

And have you?

Have I ever.

When you're ready to leave,
you can take my car.

That sounds like a dismissal.

I was looking forward to breakfast.

Lisl, come back!

Get in... Ooh!

Goodbye, Countess.


- What should I do with you?
- You cannot just arrest him.

You must find a different way.

You may have to kill him.

- Does this discourage you?
- Huh?

Just tell me where he is.

I'm here, Mr. Bond
of the British Secret Service.

But I'll tell you...

it is Kristatos you want, not me.

He told you about himself.

He's the one
with the powerful connections.

Locque works for him,
not for me.

I smuggle, yes.
I smuggle gold, diamonds...

cigarettes, pistachio nuts...

but no heroin.

Sit down.
That I leave to him...

when he is not too busy
working for Russia...

against my country and yours.

My country awarded him the King's Medal.

Yes, I know.
But other people died for it.

During the fighting in Crete,
he was a double agent.

King's Medal.

I would laugh
if my heart was not so heavy...

about my poor Lisl.

What does Kristatos gain
by setting you up?

Well, I know too much about him.

He wants me out of the way.

By using a British agent
to do his dirty work for him...

your government might
give him another medal.

- Why should I believe you?
- I'll prove it to you tonight.

We'll go together to his warehouse...

in Albania, okay?

If I don't report in by morning...

not only my people, but the entire Greek
police will be down on you...

like a load of bricks.

Don't worry.

By tomorrow,
we'll be good friends.

Let us drink to that.

I'll wait till tomorrow.

You may need this.

I'm a good judge of men.

Mr. Bond, you have
what the Greeks call tha'ros.


So have you, Mr. Columbo.


Santos' drug store.

Watch it.

J.I.M. Diving equipment...

for salvage work
at depths of over 300 feet.

- Raw opium.
- An old smuggler's trick.

Kristatos knows them all.

Get your men out of here.


You left this with Ferrara,
I believe.

Had no head for heights.

Where did the St. Georges sink?

We can't be sure for certain.
We know it was in this vicinity.

Your father was
using the temple as a front.

Kristatos killed your father...

so he wouldn't find
the St. Georges before he did.

How can I help?

Where does your father
keep his daily log?

Daily log.

Father and he were pals for 30 years.
He repeats everything.

- Give us a kiss.
- What's his name?


Thank you.


It's all shorthand.

He used a special kind.
Only I could decipher it.

He made several surveys in Neptune.

- What's Neptune?
- Our two-man submarine.

He saw a diving bell here.

Diving bell?

Oil exploration. Kristatos.

Three days later,
he sighted a wreck in the same area.


That was his last entry.

The day he was killed.

Air would be useless at this depth.
We need a mixture of oxygen and helium.

I have the necessary equipment.

The less people that know,
the better.

I'll give the crew shore leave
except for the mate and two others.

Let's go.

584 feet.

An oxygen-helium mix will give us
eight minutes. We'll have to work fast.

Wouldn't the crew have destroyed
the transmitter?

Only if they'd had the chance
to set the explosive timer.

We have a visitor below.

Conserve your gas supply.
Speak only when necessary.

I hope he was dining alone.

Go back to the sub.

No, no. I'm staying.

That should be the command cabin.


"Main destruct timer...

under lever right of ATAC housing,

by ring main circuit
through anti-handling charger. "

The destruct timer's set
at one minute.

For some reason,
the lever wasn't pulled.

The transmitter
with a thermite charge.

Hold these.

"To bypass trembler switch...

cut wires in following procedure. "



That's it.
Let's get out of here.

James, help!

- James, I won't make it.
- We both will.

Get to the sub.
I'll stall him.

Try and close the CO2.

I'm trying.

Careful, James.
It's 5,000 years old.

Thank you, Mr. Bond.

You have saved us
the trouble of disarming it.

Apostis, take that.

Where are my men?

You will be joining them.

Let the girl go.

We'll double
whatever you're getting.

I never go back on a deal.

It would be bad
for my reputation.

I will deliver it
and return with the money.

The voice of the KGB. Our agreement
was that I designate the meeting place.

After they pay,
I will give them the transmitter.

It must not be let out of your sight.

Nor mine. Where are we going?

We will take the ATAC
to St. Cyril's.

St. Cyril's.
I'll arrange the pickup.

Bind that wound.
We don't want blood in the water yet.


You have shot your last bolt,
Miss Havelock.

Leave their legs free.

They'll make appetizing bait.

I didn't think it
would end like this.

We're not dead yet.

Hold tight.

Turn around. We go again.

Take a deep breath.

Again. Hurry.


Aw, leave him.

Turn. Run them down.

Follow me.

Ahh. The sharks have them.
Make port.

Thank you.


- Give us a kiss.
- Max, not now.

Kristatos is still alive.

And probably headed
to Moscow or Havana by now.

We'll never get him.

Or the ATAC.

ATAC to St. Cyril's.

Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.

That's putting it mildly, 007.

Your signal sent Whitehall into shock.

So far we have managed to locate...

439 St. Cyril's in Greece.

Heaven only knows to which one
Kristatos took the ATAC.

I know a well-informed person
to contact about that, Q.

St. Cyril's, where we used to hide
from the Germans.

Only Kristatos would make an abandoned
monastery his personal retreat.

My friend, I've been studying
this place...

for just such an occasion.

We'll split here, huh?

Your best approach is on the right face,
away from the building.

Then you will have to make towards
the shed on the left...

which houses the basket
and the electronic winch.

It can be operated
only from the shed.

Good luck.

Should have brought more people.

- James is counting on surprise.
- But we are only five men.

And one woman.




Fifty more.

That's the pits! I'm supposed to
be skating in Oslo, in Innsbruck.

Why are we in this creepy place?

Our plans are changed. We are
going to live in Cuba for a few months.

- Cuba!
- You can skate without distractions.

I'll be your audience.

What a drag.
I want to win the gold medal.

We all want that.

I know what you want.

But you're too old for me.
I'm splitting.

- You have poisoned her against me!
- Don't blow your top, Ari.

- Leave her alone.
- I will deal with you...

as I deal with everyone who betrays me.


you're so young.

You must have a sponsor.

I'll find another one.

Go outside and check the guards.

Let me know when the helicopter arrives.

One of Kristatos' killers.

- Aah!
- Shut him up.

Get the door.

Come on, George. Let's go.

Hurry, unless you want me
to go without you.

You know,
I will never leave you.

Your general is late.

Only bad weather would delay him.

Cover the windows.

Let's go.

He's all right. Leave him.

He's all right.


Okay. Let's go.

I'll be with you.


Cover the door!

Where's Kristatos?
And keep your voice down.

We are leaving him.
He mustn't know until we're gone.

We'll help you if you help us.


Where are the guards?

That way.

Wait here.


- Where's Kristatos?
- The other side of the courtyard.

You better stay here.

What have you done to Brink?

- Go back to your room!
- You can go to hell!

Drop it.

- Where's Kristatos?
- He's left with the ATAC.

You're going to pay for it.

You're not as fast
as you used to be.

No, Melina,
that's not the answer.

We'll turn him over
to the Greek police.

Out of my way, James.

All right...

but be prepared to dig
those two graves.

That's detente, comrade.

You don't have it.
I don't have it.

It seems as though Bibi
has a new sponsor.

- How's it going?
- I've patched through...

a high security line
to the satellite.

We can try Bond now.

Good. Are you through to Number 10?

Standing by, sir.

You know what I'd like?

I can't imagine.

A moonlight swim.

007, are you there?

Bond, are you there?

For your eyes only, darling.

- He's there.
- Patch in the prime minister.

I'll get it, Denis.


Mr. Bond on the line,
Prime Minister.

Ah, Mr. Bond...

I wanted to call you personally
to say how pleased...

we all are that your mission
was a success, thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Don't thank me, Mr. Bond.
Your courage and resourcefulness...

are a credit to the nation.

Denis and I look forward
to meeting you.

Meanwhile, if there is anything
I can do for you...

Give us a kiss, give us a kiss.

Well, really, Mr. Bond.

I think we're having
a little trouble with the line, madam.

You idiot.
Get on to him.

007. 007.