Footfairy (2020) - full transcript

The plot is set in Mumbai, a city of dream and land of opportunities. The psychological crime thriller showcases an intriguing chase between a serial killer with a distinctive fetish and CBI officer named Gulshan. In the serial killer's point of view, the film explores the fugitive's darkest desire for momentary pleasure.

Please pay attention.

The last local for Borivali

is arriving at platform three
at 11:20 p.m…

Next station: Goregaon.

The darkness will creep up behind you
To sting.

Time will outrun you
The morning is still far away.

Only darkness shall stand by you
Till the end.

Accidents lurk at every step.

Waiting to pounce on you.

They'll latch onto you
Even if you try to get away.

Yeah, Harsh?

We found one more.

Okay, I'm coming.

Who found it?

An on-duty lineman.

Anyone touched it yet?

No. You'd given instructions,

so the police informed us directly.

Any footprints?


The bag is of the same size.


The method is similar too.

Once again, he kills her
somewhere else

and dumps the body here
for our convenience.

How sweet of him!

We should personally
thank him for this.

Just wait till we meet him.


Question those people.

Ask them if they saw something.




Ever seen something like this before?

Fourth corpse
in the last four months.

This is bad news for us.

We must locate
the actual crime scene, Harsh.

At any cost.

No, Vivaan.

I don't think we'll find a clue
at the actual crime scene.

He doesn't look like someone
who makes mistakes.

He's too smart.

Murder for him
is not just lust or violence.

It's about possession.
It gives him a high.

Once he realizes his victims

are breathless and
are inching closer to their deaths,

it literally trips him out.

That's exactly when
he'd make a mistake.


And we need to find that mistake.

That's when our investigation
will find a proper direction.

Footprints, hair sample,
we could find anything.

Poor Mishra lost all his hair

in a bid to find the hair samples.

He was left only with samples,
lost all his hair.

What do you think?

You're right.
Mr Mishra was a great investigator.

I think, he'd use Google
for his searches.

"Top ten ways to catch a
serial killer" or something.

Frankly, I'm glad
he was transferred.

Do you think
I don't look that stuff up?

The Internet is down
or else the killer would have been…

- You would've screwed him, right?
- Obviously.

This night is too short
For our long chats.

Why are you so aloof?

This night is too short
For our long chats.

- Hi, Richa.
- Hello.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.



In Delhi, you call it school,

in Mumbai
after tenth grade, it's college.

I'm so sorry. I tend to forget.

Yes, going to college.

Isn't your college opposite
that famous vadapav joint?

Very funny.

- That joint is opposite my college.
- I see.

How will you get there?

A rickshaw to the railway station
and then I'll walk from there.

In this weather, you won't find
a rickshaw. Let me drop you.

No, it's okay.

Hello, Ms Okay.

Everything is okay, okay?

Give me the umbrella.
I'll bring my car around.

How am I looking?

- Good.
- Cool.

This is the fourth murder
by the Strolley Killer.

Local trains are considered
the lifeline of Mumbai.

What measures are the government
taking for their safety?

Or are they just
twiddling their thumbs?

The fourth murder
took place on the Western line

where four million people
commute every day.

Who will take
their responsibility?

Does the government
have an answer?

A senior officer of this department
would often say:

"To understand an artist,

you must look at his
paintings carefully."

But this artist and his paintings…

I just don't understand.

Why does he stuff the corpses
in bags before dumping them?

The killer saws off his victims' feet
and keeps them.

Expecting logic from this guy
is a waste of time.

Did the latest victim
also wear open footwear?

It is not confirmed yet, sir.

But based on the killer's pattern,

I'm sure Rita Madhav must have
worn open footwear.


Apart from the fact that all
the victims traveled by train,

you found any common factors
or connections?

No, sir.
Nothing so far.

None of them knew each other

and there's no common factor.

But this is what
we're trying to crack.

The day we find the common factor…

We'll be very close to catching
this guy.

Vivaan, we have to catch this monster
as early as possible.

Yes, sir.

Even Mishra couldn't find anything.

And you know the pressures.

And I don't want to be
a part of any news debate

where I have to defend myself.

Yes, sir.

Let our actions speak.
I trust you.

- Yes, sir.
- That's why you're here.

- Sir.
- Hmm, Rishabh?

That night,
she left at around 10 p.m.

Her friends said
she always traveled by train.

- What about her family?
- Locals.

She lived with her parents
in Goregaon.

Dad is a banker
and mom, a housewife.

Goregaon Station, 10th August.

Line up the CCTV footage.

Maybe she got off
the train after 10:30.

- Find and you call me immediately, okay?
- Okay, sir.

- Vivaan.
- Huh?

I got a call from the lab.

Did you find something new
or same as before?

I'm afraid, no.

The MO is identical.

No signs of sexual assault
on her body.

The victim has died
due to asphyxiation.

She was deprived of oxy…

Yes, I understand.

Look at her legs.

Her feet were chopped off
by a saw or something.

That's why it's a little uneven.

There are no traces of saliva,

fingerprints, blood or hair
on her body.

That means, same as before.

And the strolley bag?


It's useless.

Let me see.

I'd feel so terrible.

I couldn't imagine the plight
of the victims' families.

They must go through a lot.

Never knew
there would come a day

when I also would have to…

It's fine.

Yeah, you wanted
to ask me something?


Did she make any new friends…

Anything odd about
that relationship?


Rita was a decent girl.

She'd focus on work, had only
a few friends in our neighbourhood.

Do you think that whatever
happened to Rita

- was done by someone she knew?
- No.

Look, we can't confirm anything
right now, Mr Madhav.

We're checking every lead.

If you recall anything,

or if you find out something,
do inform us.

Did Rita ever tell you
that someone was following her

or did she suspect
she was being followed?



I found no leads from
this strolley bag.

It is just like those
other three bags.

There are almost 288
registered stores in Mumbai.

There must be thousands
across Maharashtra.

- If it was bought from another state…
- Forget it.

Once we narrow down
the search criteria,

then we'll waste time on it.
Don't sweat it.

Sir, I found it.

Look at the left corner.

Estimated time of death?

Approximately at midnight.

The footage says 11:35.
Almost half an hour.

The strolley bag was found
almost 100 meters from the station.



- Get all the units.
- Okay.

Rishabh, a little further.

Jadhav, look there.

Look here.

Sir, check this out.

Come here!

Come, sir.

Look at this.

I think this is it.

Of course, this is it.

Okay, so…

The victim's house is almost

two-hundred meters from here
in the east.

Suppose she…

Took this route…

The suspect waited for a while,

attacked her at the right moment.

Then he carried her…

And brought her here.

Right! This is the spot.

And then…

Maybe he took 15 minutes
to chop her feet off.

And then may be he double-checked
if she's dead.

His planning is near perfect,

so he must've hidden
the strolley bag somewhere here.

Look for the
wheel marks of the bag.

- Check it.
- Yes, sir.


So now…

He had to take
the strolley bag to the final spot.

He took the victim there…

And stuffed her in the bag.




The CBI seems to have found new
evidence in the Strolley Killer Case.

Even though the same
hasn't been confirmed,

it is possible
that this evidence

will tilt this case
into a new direction

and the CBI might
catch the perp soon.


Hello, how are you?

I'm fine.
I just have a headache, that's all.


At college.

She didn't even eat breakfast.

- She was running late, so she left.
- I see.

Did you find a cook?

No, you were going
to send someone, right?

Oh damn!

I am getting so forgetful.

- I'll tell you as soon as I find one.
- No problem.

- Please let me know.
- Sure.

- Okay, bye.
- Okay.

Rishabh has something to show you.

Then say it, Rishabh.

Only you have something to say,
not us.

I can neither find a cook
nor a clue to the killer.


I see a strange connection
in this case.

I mean, take a look.

These are the CCTV videos

from stations
for second and third murder.

Look at this man, sir.

In both videos, when the victim
walked past him,

he started following her
like a shadow.

There is more.

This is the first and fourth.

Exactly similar style, sir.

So a similar looking man

got off the train
as an ordinary passenger

and followed the victim.

I'm damn sure, sir,
it's the same guy.

Same height, same built.

What do you think, Vivaan?

Is he the one?

I don't know. What are the odds!

It couldn't have been
a mere coincidence.

Four murders, four men of the same
built, similar khaki pants.

The boot print was
size ten, right?


He is almost 5'11.

Yes, almost.

I think it's him.

It means

he doesn't choose
his victims randomly.

He follows them
and then kills them.


All the victims boarded
the train from Bandra.

Should I check the footage?

Maybe a better shot
while boarding the train?

It's pointless.

He's wearing a cap for a reason.

He knows the angles
of the CCTV cameras.

He won't make the mistake
of showing his face anywhere.

He's too smart.

These khaki pants look
like a taxi driver's uniform.

It could be.

Maybe the killer is a taxi driver.

It's possible.

If he carries a strolley bag,
nobody would suspect him.

Yes, but can a taxi driver
be that smart?

We don't know if a taxi driver
can be that smart,

but the killer is definitely
smart enough

to disguise himself
as a taxi driver and kill.

Send a team to
the Western line stations.

Check if anyone saw something suspicious.

Inquire with every
stall and bar around the area.

Okay, sir.

- Harsh.
- Yes?

Get a list
of all the taxi permits issued

in the past six months
from the union.


- Vivaan.
- Sir.

I got a call from
the Commissioner's office.

Three knives were found in
a taxi driver's bag at a checkpoint.

They were covered in blood.

The cops wanted to stop him,

but he tried to escape.

Where is he now?

Bandra Police Station.

It's being said
that the suspect apprehended

is the Strolley Killer.

He had caused much trouble
for the people of Mumbai.

It's still an ongoing investigation.


Who invited the circus?

Someone tipped them off.

You give a tip
and also receive a tip later.

Get them out of here.

- Kamble, throw them out.
- Sure.

Who caught him?

Constable Jiten Mangley.

- Mangley!
- Yes, sir.

Let's start from the beginning.

It's routine, sir.

It was a routine checkpoint
at Hill Road.

I stopped him and searched his cab.

I found a bag.

I asked him about the contents,
he tried to flee.

So I chased him right away.

I jumped over a divider, chased him
for more than half a mile.

I nabbed him finally.

Where is he now?

In the remand room.

Your name?

Shashikant More, sir.

Why did you try to run?

I'm a poor man.

Those cops…

I mean the officers caught me.

They wanted to search my cab.

I had cannabis in my bag.

I was headed for a delivery.

I tried to flee
because I was scared.


I drive a cab at night.

It doesn't pay much these days.

Then this Uber
and other cab services…

It just ruined my business.

My family lives in a village.

I have kids.

I need money to raise them.

So I moonlight once a while.

And the three knives?

The blood on them…

Those are not mine!
They belong to Arshad.

I told the officer
they weren't mine.

But he didn't listen.

You should check them.

Arshad is from my village.

He is a butcher, sir.

He owns a chicken shop in Ma him.

Sir, if you don't believe me,

come with me. I'll show you.

He went back to the village
and left those knives in my bag.

I'm so damn unlucky.


I'm very poor.

I'm very poor, sir!

Sir, please let me go.

Forgive me.

Check if he's telling the truth.

He's a hustler,
he can't be the Strolley Killer.

Strolley Killer!
Anyway, I hate the name strolley killer.

Oh! Finally!

I thought you'd never show up.

Actually, that's what I thought.

I can't help it.
I can't find a cook.

So I decided to eat home-cooked
meal instead of eating out.

- Oh wow!
- Nobody refuses free drinks, right?

The blood report is here.

The blood on the knife
was of chicken.

I'm so surprised, Harsh.


We even found two witnesses.

He was in his village
at the time of the second murder

and he drove to Virar
at the time of the third.

That's what I like about you.

You follow orders,

but not before checking the facts.


Good! Keeps a check on me, Harsh.

Yes, come.

An is ha.

- Hey, An is ha. So sorry, I'm late.
- Hi, Vivaan.

No problem.
I just finished cooking.

Superb, great.

Vivaan, this is my college friend,


Hi. Vivaan.

- Hi, Devika. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Devika, he is my boss.


Devika is a… PD…

- Pediatrician.
- Yes.

Kids' doctor.

You know, sometimes I wonder how
you passed the bureau exam.

You must have cheated.
Come on, be honest.

- Cheating…
- That's how he married me.


I heard at a seminar

that a particular event
in their lives

acts as a trigger.

That trigger turns these normal
people into the Devil.

For years, researchers have been trying
to find out

what triggers them, as you said

what makes someone
a serial killer or a psychopath.

But there are no concrete answers
so far.

But there's one thing.

All serial killers are psychopathic.

But all psychopaths
are not serial killers.

You know, Vivaan?

Devika is obsessed with stories

- about serial killers.
- What!

- I'm not obsessed, okay?
- Really?

But yes, I'm definitely fascinated.

- Really?
- Yes.

I mean, it is fascinating

that most of these serial killers
look so unassuming, right?

They look normal.

Middle-class, 9 to 5 types.

But when you decipher
their thoughts

that's when you get shocked.

A few days ago, I was telling
someone about Ted Bundy.

I mean,

nobody could look at him
and say he was a necrophiliac.

Having sex with his victims'
dead bodies

until they start decomposing!

You know, there are many
jerks like Ted Bundy.

Have you read about
Jerry Brudos?

- Somewhat similar to our killer. You must be knowing.
- Yeah.

He was also obsessed
with ladies' footwear.

Once, he killed a 19-year-old girl

and chopped off her left leg
for his personal collection.

Before disposing of the body,

he'd cut his victims' right breast

and make a mold out of it
to use it as a paper weight.


Yeah, fascinating, isn't it?

Okay, enough now.

Please exchange numbers, guys.

You can have this intense
conversation elsewhere, okay?

For now,
shall we continue the game?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, sorry.

The next train expected at
platform three…

Yeah, Harsh?

Foot Fairy.

It seems, he also didn't like
the name Strolley Killer.

Who found it?

The slum kids.

They come here to play
every day.

Crime scene?

In a ladies' restroom close by.

There is blood everywhere.

Any footprints?


The floor was wet.

His confidence is growing
by the day.

This time, he didn't even try
to hide the crime scene.

His murder rate is also increasing.

Two this month.

And the month hasn't even ended yet.


Why did he change the pattern
this time?

He didn't change his pattern.

He is being overconfident.

He is bored of dumping bodies
in strolley bags.

Now he's playing games with us.

He's challenging us.

This makes one thing very clear.

He doesn't miss
any piece of news about himself.

In fact…

He'd be collecting news articles.

He waits for the Foot Fairy news
to hit the channels.

He gets high
by dominating his victims

and now he wants to be a celebrity,
to be seen on every news channel.


He's loving it.

Now we must think like him, Harsh.


Mr Deshmukh.

- Yes?
- It is semen.

We are sending
this sample to Delhi

for cross-referencing.

Only they have a DNA database

- of sexual offenders.
- Right. Okay.

- We'll keep in touch.
- Okay, thanks.

Vivaan, do you really think
the semen belongs to the killer?

Honestly, I think this semen

doesn't belong to the killer.

Think about it.

He never even
left a hair strand behind.

Suddenly we found
a tsunami of semen!


A tsunami of semen?


Harsh, you're a funny guy.

A tsunami of semen.

That's a good one.

Look, I'm not sure

if this tsunami of semen,
as you say, belongs to the Foot Fairy.

But let's see!
Let's find out whom it belongs to.

And remember that
one mistake, Harsh.

Mistakes are made
when you're high.

Maybe that's his mistake.


By the way,
it's Vanessa's prayer meeting today.

Vanessa D'Souza,
the first victim.


Hari, come in.

No, sir.


Do you think

he'll show up?

I don't know.

But there's no harm if we try.

There are many cases

where the killer visits their victims.

You know, on special days
like birthdays.

It gives them a sense of power.



Imagine you have a power to
decide who should live or die,

won't you consider yourself God?


He's here, he's here.

- Shit!
- Hurry!

Hari, he's on the run!
He's on the run!

- He's getting away.
- Move!

He's getting away.

Get him!

- Come on!
- Hurry!

This way!

He went that way.

- Wait!
- Hey! Get him!

Cover the back exit!


- Move it!
- Move your vehicle!

Hurry up!

Move it!


Rishabh, check the footprints.

Okay, sir.

Good evening, everyone.

As you all know,

this killer communicated
with us directly.


Called himself the Foot Fairy.

More details will be delivered
by Vivaan Deshmukh.

Assistant Joint Director,
Special Crimes Division.

He took charge of this case
a couple of days ago.

Good evening, everyone.

As you all may know,

we're still investigating this.

So I can't share
all the information with you.

But I can assure you
that we're trying our best.

We found some evidence
that is being evaluated now.

You can help us
find the culprit too.

We've set up a hotline number

that you can call on
to contact us any time of the day.

Our guess is that the killer
has an average built.

He may be 25 to 35 years old.

Approximate height: 5'11.

If you find someone suspicious,

please call the hotline

or you may head to a branch
of Special Crimes Division.

Your safety is our responsibility.

Please stay alert.

We know that the people
of Mumbai consider themselves safe

and we hope to maintain that trust.

Thank you.
Glory to India.

Look at you.
You don't look nervous at all.

- Handling like a pro, huh!
- What rubbish!

I hate media briefings, interviews

or any kind of public speaking.

I hate it!

- Really?
- Yeah.

I thought you got used to it
after the Yamuna River Case.

Okay, tell me.

How's the investigation going?


- Fine?
- Yeah.

You know? This is what everyone
talks about even during breaks.


I think it's become
the favorite topic of the nation.

- You're right.
- Like…

The nation wants to know
who the Foot Fairy is.

The nation wants to know
who the Foot Fairy is!

- Okay.
- I see.

Shh, sorry, sorry.

By the way, do you guys
treat patients at the hospital

or do you kill your time
with gossip out there?

Very funny!

But yes, who doesn't like mysteries?

Okay, tell me.

If a girl has dirty feet…


Do you think he'll attack her?

I'm sorry, dirty means?

- You know? Like dirty. Cracked skin…
- Oh my God!

- Yuck! Stop it!
- Not pedicured, smelly.

- What?
- Gosh! Disgusting!

I've lost my appetite.

Tell me.

Well, you know,
everyone has a secret obsession.

This Foot Fairy could have too.

Just imagine,

he collects his victims' feet.

Only he knows
what goes on in his head.

You think the Foot Fairy
would like my feet?

I mean, you think he'll attack me?

Are my feet pretty enough
for the Foot Fairy?

Are they pretty enough?

No more questions,
this press conference is over.

Thank you for coming.

The food was actually good.

- It was great.
- Yeah.

- It was even better because of you…
- Yeah.

- Is this your car?
- Yes, it is.

I'll see you. Bye.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- See you.
- Take care.

Well, your feet are pretty.

Okay, Star! Get in.

So how is school?

College. Fine.
How's college?

What's going on these days?

It's good.
We're busy with exams.


- All the best. Do well.
- Thank you.

- Did you prepare?
- Yes.

By what time do you get back home?

Mostly by 8 p.m.

After extra lessons, I chill with
my friends for a while

then I catch the 7:12 p.m.
express train.



Mr Deshmukh?

This is Murthy from FSL, Delhi.

Yes, Mr Murthy?

You had sent evidence

item number 566

- 34J56, right?
- Yes.

We found a positive match.

Oh, that's great.

The sample is of Ravi Kale.

Last year,
Mumbai Police arrested him

- for a sexual assault.
- I see.

In October.

Last year.

Do you have his address?

I'm afraid not.

That's okay, I'll find it.

Please email me the report.

I'll do that.

Thank you, Mr Murthy.


Ravi Kale.

We arrested him last year

for sexual assault.

But we didn't find
any evidence against him,

he was released in ten days.

Do you have his latest address?

Yes, I do.

He lives nearby.

Is he there yet?

Not yet, sir.

Okay, okay.

Are you sure he still lives here?

Yes, sir. Hundred percent.

But I am not sure.

About what?

Whether he is
the Foot Fairy or not.

But he fits the profile

based on the sexual charges.

He is well-educated.

His shoe size is 10

and lives close to the crime scene.

Most importantly, his semen
was found near the body.


has your semen

ever ended up somewhere
it shouldn't be?

He's going to the left,
a girl is with him.

Okay, grab him as soon
as he gets out.

He is here.

- Back off!
- Move, move!

Get him!

- From the side!
- Stop!

Catch him!

Turn around.

Why run if you did nothing wrong?

I swear, I did nothing wrong.

I thought he was Afzal's man.

I'd borrowed 300,000 from him.

Now I don't even have a job.
How do I pay him back?

We found your magazine

that had your prints
and your semen.

It was three feet
away from the body.


- Which magazine? What…
- Hey!

Stop this drama.

Confess your crime
or we'll break your bones. Okay?

I did nothing wrong.
What should I confess?

Sir, I'm telling the truth.

I know nothing about a magazine.


Do you remember it now?

You turned this soft cover into
a hard cover and you don't remember?

How can I tell you about this?
I'm embarrassed.

Start talking!
Once I beat the hell out of you,

you will be embarrassed forever.

Get it?

Get it?

Speak up!

Sir, I live in a small house

and my relatives have come over.

I took the magazine to my car

and jerked off a bit…

A bit?

You call this a bit?

I felt relieved.

Then I threw this magazine
near the railway track.

I swear, sir.

Forgive me, sir.
I haven't done anything else.

I'm telling the truth.

What do you think?

Is he telling the truth?

I'm not sure, sir.

Hold him in custody.

Take good care of him.

We might find out something more.

Sir, I feel really bad for him.


Poor man…

He just went out to jerk off

and that shook up his whole life.

Yes, Dr Bhogle?

Yes, Mr Deshmukh.

The handwriting analyst
has confirmed

that the body inscriptions
and the suspect's handwriting

don't match.

Okay, thank you.


He has two strong witnesses.


On the night of the
fifth murder,

he was at
Sai Shakti Bar, Marine drive

and on the night
of the third murder,

he was at Mantra Bar, Andheri East.

We are screwed again!

Back to zero again!

Forget it!

Let's have lunch.

The taxi union has sent a report.

275 permits were issued
in the last six months.

Should we follow up?

Let it be.

The taxi angle is wrong.

But where did we
get this angle from?


- The khaki pants.
- Right.

I own three khaki pants.
You would have too.

Anybody can wear khaki pants.

Yeah, right.

You were right, Harsh.

This semen can't belong to
the Foot Fairy.

We wasted our time.

No, Vivaan.

If I were in your place,
I would've done the same.

As a lead investigator,
you can't overlook any facts.


Don't take so much stress.

What is it?

Why are you looking here?

Eat your food.


We have to find something before
Mr Saleem's patience wears thin.

One more thing, sir.

There is a weird connection
in all the cases.

I mean, it may be
completely irrelevant.

- But…
- Say it.

Okay, sir.

There is a restaurant in Bandra.


All our victims have visited it.

Two weeks before
they were murdered.

And three of them had gone there
two days before their murder.


Why didn't you
tell us this earlier?

You remembered everything
about khaki pants.

Why didn't you say this earlier?

Get the details and send it
to me as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.


I'm going to Thane Jail tomorrow.

The warden wants to see me.

There is a prisoner who wants to
share some information with us.

Shall we?

See if you can find anything.

Anything else?

You want to eat
or to say something?

No, sir.

- Should I get the bill?
- Yes, sir.

Thanks, Vivaan for helping me shop.

My pleasure.

I thought it would be a great
opportunity for me to shop as well.

Why do you look so exhausted?

Didn't you sleep all night?

I just worked all night.

Any breakthrough?

Had we found any clue,
it would've been on the news by now.

I think the media will find
the Foot Fairy before we do.

So I won't get any
confidential information from you.

Like they say, if you tell me,

you'll have to shoot me, right?

Of course.

Is it?

Professional ethic!

Fine, Mr Vivaan Deshmukh.

I won't share my
highly confidential

baby medical files
with you then.

Doctor-patient code. Okay?

I never asked for them.

Not even if you do.

You ask all the questions.

- I see. I ask all the questions?
- Yes.

Okay, fine.

Continue with your shopping.

No, I'm serious.

Ninety percent of the calls
are crank calls.

"I think my neighbour
is the Foot Fairy.

My father-in-law keeps staring
at my feet, he is the Foot Fairy.

My mother-in-law is
the Foot Fairy, arrest her."

Oh God.

It gets so irritating at times.

Sometimes I think the hotline
was a really bad idea.

It's like those crank calls
we'd make as kids.

I must tell you this.

The other day,
a client was telling me

that she doesn't
travel alone at night anymore

and also forbids her daughter.

She also asked her daughter

not to wear heels, stilettos or
any kind of fancy footwear.

Only sneakers.

The foot has to be fully covered.

What's the use of a pedicure then?

No use.

By the way, I'm not
surprised by this.

My friend Aditi

has stopped getting
pedicures from men.

These people don't
even travel by train. I mean,

this man kills people
near the railway station,

but the entire city is terrified.



Yes, Aditi?





Yes, he is here.



Did you solve the case?

Hundred percent,
he'll love the intern.

Aditi, I'll call you later. Okay?

Okay, bye.

What? Which case?

I was just telling you about her
and she called.

She was saying that…

There's a joint in Bandra
named Lock Stock & Burgers.

The owner of that
joint is the Foot Fairy.

And she wants you
to go arrest him.

I think
I've heard this name before.

What name?

The one you were saying,
Lock Stock…

- Lock Stock & Burgers?
- Yeah.

Yes, you might have.

It's a famous joint.

Why does your friend think
that the owner is the Foot Fairy?


She is mad.
Totally crazy.

You know but this man is
obsessed with feet.

For the first time,
I've heard about a man

who goes to a spa this regularly.

And he keeps staring at
other women's feet.

And he advises them
about cracks, moisturizers…

Sea salt scrub
and things like that.

- He advised me once, but I ignored it.
- Is it?

A very knowledgeable guy.

In fact, he is the first man

who only looks at women's feet.

Otherwise you know
where men look.

We will definitely arrest him.

Do you know him?


Are you jealous?



He just looks at feet, right?

Is it?

Wow, very smart, Mr Vivaan Deshmukh.

Having fun?

- Your parcel, sir.
- Oh, that was quick.


By the way, who owns this place?

Sorry, I don't know
who owns this property.

No, not the property.
I mean this restaurant.

Oh! Mr Joshua, sir.

- Mr. Joshua?
- Yeah.

Is he from Mumbai?

No, he is not from Mumbai,

but he's been around
here for months.

But sir, I don't know
much about it.

I mean I'm here since March,

the day this joint was opened.

That's it.

Can I meet him?

As in I want to congratulate him,
you know…

Such a wonderful place,
lovely interiors

such a friendly staff,
quick service.

Thank you, sir, but sorry,
he is out of the city now.

He'll back in a few days.

- He'll meet you next time when you come.
- Okay.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, sir.

- Thank you, visit again, sir.
- Sure, sure.

- Okay.
- Bye, sir.


Do you really think the
restaurant owner is a suspect?

Are you serious?

You aren't joking, right?

Have you seen his Facebook page?

I checked it out last night.

He has liked many pages
related to foot fetish.

Check for yourself.

But Vivaan…

If I like Deepika and
Katrina's Facebook pages,

it doesn't mean

I'll become a suspect
if someone stalks them.

- Come on, I think…
- Harsh, listen to me.

Listen to me, Harsh!

I know it sounds a bit absurd

but I'm sure
we'll find a clue there.

- Vivaan.
- Listen to me.

Joshua came back from Mhapsa, Goa.

Exactly two months before
the first murder.

Later, we've had
a series of murders.

I know, Vivaan, but see…

- Just a minute, listen to me.
- See.

Nothing is common among all
the victims except this restaurant.



Yeah, right?

Check these comments.


"You are seriously a freak.


- Oh!
- Now look at this.

"What sort of a man is so
obsessed with women's feet?"

Tell me something,
do you know somebody…

Who is so obsessed
over women's feet?

I'm sure your answer is 'no', right?

I don't know.

But I seriously doubt it.

I think
we're just wasting our time.

I know your doubts are
always backed by logic, but…

- This is a bit illogical.
- Just trust me on this one.

Just get the details.

Okay, can you do that?

Okay, sir.

You are the boss.

The nearby restaurant?

- The burgers are very famous, try them.
- Really?

You go there regularly?

No, sir.

Why? Don't you like burgers?

No, sir, That's not true.

I used to go there
with my friends…


- The owner, Joshua…
- Yes?

He is our privileged customer.

- Joshua?
- Yes, he comes here regularly.



I stopped going there.

He is a bit weird.

Weird? How?

Whenever he comes here
for a massage, he…

He stares at my feet
in a weird way.

In a bad way.

Once he even tried
touching my feet.

Oh, my God!

He is very strange and weird.

Sir, can I say
something honestly?


Sometimes I think
he is the Foot Fairy.

No, sir, seriously.

I didn't think of it at first.

I've thought about it now.

Whenever there is a murder,

he disappears for
the next three to four days.

How can you be so sure?

Because for those
three to four days,

he neither comes here
nor is he at the restaurant.

He must be working from home.

He must be busy or something.

It doesn't mean that…

No, sir.

I have a friend

who works at his restaurant.

He's my neighbor.

Sometimes we go home together.

Once I just asked him casually.

- Oh!
- I didn't ask him directly.

I wanted some information
about Joshua.

He told me his boss isn't home.

That he is out of station.

Out of station.

Isn't it weird, sir?

It is weird.

- Vivaan.
- Yes.

The girl from
the foot spa was right.

The building watchman couldn't
confirm the date, but he was

sure that our guy goes away
for three to four days.

It has happened for three-four
times during these murders.



I tried to get some information
about him from Mhapsa.

And sir, you won't
believe what I found.


They found two dead girls
within a month.

And both had their legs missing.


But was Joshua there
when these murders took place?

I am not sure
whether he was there

at the time of both the murders.

The second girl was fished out
of the lake behind the church

and Joshua left only a week ago
from there.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.

I called Mhapsa Police Station
to get some information.

Strangely, they recognized
Joshua right away.

He had a girlfriend
named Priya Mihre.

They'd often fight
and she'd call the police.

In fact, sir, on 21st Jan

a complaint was registered
against him.


One second.

Good job.



- Yes.
- Do you have his girlfriend's number?

Yes, sir.

Over here.

Good job, Rishabh.
Well done.

Thank you, sir.


- Hello, Ms. Priya Mihre.
- Yeah?

This is Vivaan Deshmukh,
from CBI, Mumbai.

We need some information
about a man.

We found out
that you know him socially.


Joshua Matthews.

It would help us a lot
if you cooperate with us.

Something wrong with him?

Aren't you in touch with him?

Mr Deshmukh, right?


Forget about me, I say no one
should stay in touch with him.


I don't get it.

What happened?

I don't know if you are
following the news or not,

but a serial killer is on a rampage
in Mumbai.

And Joshua is a suspect?

What do you think?

If he is a suspect,
I won't be surprised.

But how can I help you?

I just need some basic information.

You must know about his foot obsession…
Foot fetish, right?

It's true.

He is a freak.

He is not normal.

I'm so glad I left him.

Ms. Priya, was he ever
abusive with you… physically?

Yes, Mr. Deshmukh,
a lot of times.

In fact, you won't believe it.
The last time I met him,

he slapped me so hard

that I fainted.

And that was it.

I went to the police station,

filed a complaint and left him.

Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that.

Anything else that can
be helpful for us?

Something weird or dangerous?

There's something

that I have shared with
a very few people.

But it has happened to me twice.

It's not normal.
Weird and scary.

What is it?

He tried to suffocate me.


He covered my face with a pillow
while we were laughing.

And he started pressing
it hard, like really hard.

After a point, I couldn't breath.

I started screaming and
retaliating physically.

And only after a point,

He took the pillow away.

Didn't you ask him
why he did so?

I did ask him,
but he started laughing out loud.

He said it was his childhood game.

But trust me, Mr. Deshmukh.

This is not a childhood
game for him.

I could feel him enjoying
suffocating me.

Ms. Priya, may I ask you
a direct question?


As much as you know him,
do you think

can Joshua murder someone?

Oh yes, Mr. Deshmukh.

For sure.

Thank you, Ms. Priya.
Thank you for your help.

Okay, tell me.

Is "Feets" a word?

Ha, ha, very funny.

Yes, ma'am, it's ready.

Smells good.

Vivaan's tasty and delicious
instant noodles with chopsticks.


Thank you.

By the way…

I got a call from my dad.

I see.

We talked about you.

What did you talk about?

That you're handling
the Foot Fairy case.

You're heading a team.


And that, you are not
a typical civilian.


You too have professional ethics
and codes like the military people.

Yes, ma'am.
Professional ethics and codes.

But today, I am going to break
my professional codes and ethics.

Because you deserve to know.

We got our first break
and the credit goes to you.


I didn't get you.

Your friend.

- Yes?
- That restaurant.

Its owner.

His weirdness.


My friend, Aditi.

And the owner? Joshua?

Are you serious?

I mean, is he your suspect or…

Okay, fine.
You can't tell me, but…


This is really screwed up.

Why screwed up?

I mean, you are not telling me now.

Guessing from your calculations,
he is your suspect, right?

What if later they prove him innocent?

I will feel guilty.

You can't suspect a poor man
because I said…

Why are you laughing?

You are taking it too far.

I put this idea into your head.


Firstly, I don't believe in gossip.

I've cross-checked everything.

And secondly, my team
member Rishabh

had already pointed this out.

So, please enjoy Vivaan
special, yummy, tasty

dish and don't give yourself
all the credit.

So it's credit?


One second.


- Hi.
- What's this?

Grandma has prepared
carrot pudding for you.

This is Devika.

And this is Richa.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Is she the same Richa
you often talk about?

Yes, she is the one

whose college is just opposite
the famous vadapav joint…

The same…

Very funny!

Your grandma didn't find me a cook,
so I made Vivaan special.

Would you like to try some?

Sorry, actually I need to
complete my homework.


- Bye. Nice meeting you.
- Bye.

She is so cute.

Isn't she?

These are Joshua's phone records.

His phone was switched off at
the time of the first and fourth murder.

He was near the spot where the second,
third, and the fifth murder took place.

Within the radius of more than
half a mile.

And you still think he is clean?

Not exactly, but it could
also be circumstantial.

Look, you're right to point out

that he had some connection with…

Harsh, I'm telling you.

Whatever clues we've found so far
can't be coincidental.

I like this guy.

He is our prime suspect.

He's a bit weird.

They found two dead girls within a month.

Both the girls had
their feet missing.

…he tried to suffocate me.

He's the first man I know

who looks only at a girl's feet.

His phone was switched off at the time
of the first and fourth murder.

He was near the spot where the second,
third, fifth murder took place.

It's not just a childhood game for him.

I could feel him…

Sometimes I think
he is the Foot Fairy.

He is obsessed with…

Two girls were killed within a month.

No, Vivaan.

How can you expect me

to issue a search warrant
based on these proofs?

The magistrate will file
a case against me.

And you very well know.

These are not even circumstantial.

Could you find only him
in the entire city

who has no previous record?

Sir, you know how unusual
this case is.

The suspects will
also be unusual.

I have a very strong feeling
about this man, so if you…

- Vivaan!
- Please trust me on…

I'm not against you.

Think about it
from my point of view.

There is a panic in Mumbai,
everyone is questioning me.

And I have no answers.

Now you want me to let you pursue
this lead on that basis?

You get something more.

I will try my best
to get you a warrant.

Saleem Sir is right.

We need something substantial.

Or else the media will roast us
even before the court.

But what are we supposed to find?

I mean, we have no direction.

We saw so many
possibilities with this suspect.

The rest were dismissed…




Our burger boy is back in town.

He is at his restaurant right now.

Come on.

Let's say hello
to the Foot Fairy.

Sorry, sir. We're shut for the day.

Joshua Mathews.


Mr Joshua…

She is the one.

"Cappuccino with extra cream,
it's not hot enough."

She complains all the time.

I've seen her here too.

These three…

No, I don't remember.

Are you sure, Mr. Joshua?

Of course, I am sure.

These victims
visited your restaurant

almost a week before
they were murdered.

Isn't that strange?

Strange? I don't know.

Maybe, coincidence
is the right word.


I like this word, coincidence.

Do you know,

two such cases coincidentally,

happened even in Mhapsa
when you were there?


Hold on.

I hope you are not assuming that…

I am the Foot Fairy.

I'm sorry.

I always imagined

that to become a CBI officer,

you need to be intelligent,
have a high IQ, but…

I guess I was wrong.

We have information

that you have a weird
kind of foot fetish.

- Oh God!
- Would you like to elaborate?

If taking extra care of one's feet
is called as fetish…

Look, I think that…

Out of all the body parts
in a girl,

her feet is the most beautiful.

If you want to call it a weird
kind of fetish, so…

Yes, I have a foot fetish.

Look at these dates.

Where were you on these dates?

I don't eat almonds,
so my memory is not that strong.

Give me a day,
I'll give details for each day.

What about those three-four days
when you suddenly disappear?

That's none of your business.

Tell the truth.

Or else it will be my business.
You understand?

I go for trekking.

Why? To destroy all the evidence?

I… I think you're crossing
the line here. Okay?

Crossing the line?

Is this crossing the line?

Please… Please don't do this.
Please stop this.

- Please stop it. Please…
- Is this crossing the line?

I'm warning… Oh, God!

Do you remember this?

This… Please take it away.

- Move it, please…
- And this, look here.

- Take a look. It's your masterpiece.
- Please stop it.

Please stop it!

- Hey, look over here. What's wrong?
- Stop it.

- It's time for you to leave.
- Are you not enjoying now?

- Please stop it.
- All these are your masterpieces.

- You only enjoy while killing them?
- Move this away from me.

- How do you choose your victims?
- Take it away.

- You look at their feet, right?
- Please stop it.

- You must get a sexual high…
- Stop it!

- …when they struggle to breathe…
- Just shut up!

- Shut up!
- And this is your final trophy!

- You saw off their legs and then…
- Stop it!

- Vivaan…
- Mother…

Are you out of your mind?
You want to hit me?

Hit me if you want to!

Then see what happens…

I am not a poor man!

First, find out who I am.

And then come and see me.

Before that, don't you dare
enter my property again.

- Okay…
- Please leave right now!

- Right now!
- Vivaan, relax.

Please come.


What the hell!

You should've let me
punch the bastard!

Punch the bastard!

I should also
let him sue you, right?

We were in his restaurant.

And that too, without a warrant.

Do you remember
what did Mr. Saleem say?

One mistake,
and it will be over.

Didn't you see how he reacted?

He is guilty and that's why…

In fact, most get scared
when they see us.

Maybe you are right.

But only our suspicion
can't send him behind bars.

You get it, don't you?

We set up a trap to catch

an officer
accepting bribe, don't we?

- Right?
- Right.


Then let's set up a trap.

How is that?

We'll let loose a target
for the hunter.

Who will be the prey?

There is someone.

You'll only do what I have
told you to, okay?

Don't worry,
I am here with my entire team.

We'll watch you
and you won't be harmed.

Like I promised,
you will also get 50,000.

I'll also help your brother
get a job

with the Manipur Police.
I'll talk to them.


Don't you want the Foot Fairy
to be caught?

What if someone dear to you
ends up in his suitcase tomorrow?

How will you feel then?

We need to display some courage.

Come on, let's get this bastard.

But sir, why would he attack me?

He could've done that already
if he wanted to.

You don't travel by train,
that's why.

He knows you go home by bus.

He attacks only near the station.

Shakhin, listen…

Don't worry.

You'll be fine.

Just do

whatever I've told you to.
Follow my instructions.

Trust me, okay?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You placed your order?
- Yeah.

- What are you getting, a burger?
- Burger.

I'll send you a kitsch.
It's really good today.

Hey, hi, Shakhin.

- Hello. Good, good.
- How are you?

- How are you?
- I'm perfectly fine.

You didn't visit the spa
for a long time. Not in the city?

I was busy with some work.
I'll come tomorrow.


Hey! That is a lovely anklet.

- Oh! Thank you.
- Very pretty! Where did you buy it from?

- This one? From Midnight Flea Market.
- Okay.

Ma'am, here's your order.

Thank you.

Okay, then see you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- You live in Bandra East, don't you?
- Yes.

I'm on my way to Goregaon.


To see a friend.

She will pick me from the station.

- Traveling by train?
- Yes.

- Alone?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- See you.
- Bye.

Be careful.


Very good, Shakhin, very good.

Don't be afraid.
We are right behind you. Okay?

- Okay.
- Just stick to the plan.


Rishabh, be ready.

- We have already left.
- Okay, sir.

- Is Hari at the exit?
- Yes.

Sir, he is leaving.

No one follows.

I repeat, no one follows. Okay?

Let's get this bastard.

Remember, be normal.

And get off at
Goregaon Station. Okay?

Goregaon Station.

Keep walking. Maybe he is
watching you and act normal.

Stick to the route
I've told you about.

Don't worry,
I am watching you. Okay?


I'm right behind you. Okay?

Shakhin, okay?


Shakhin, okay?


Shakhin is with us.

- Vivaan.
- Yes?

Shakhin is at the exit point.

With Hari and Rishabh.

She is fine.


What's the next move?

He never came.

I don't know.

I don't know.
He must have suspected something.

Did anyone follow her?


Drop her home and keep a watch.

I don't want that bastard
getting to her. Okay?


Hari, drop her home.

I told you, you'd be fine.

Not today, but later…

You'll be fine.

Now, you're under state protection.


I will send the cash home.

I'll also put in a word
for your brother's job.


Don't worry.




What happened?

Why weren't you
answering your phone?

The neighbor's son suddenly
started vomiting…

But what happened?

What is it?

I was so worried.

Vivaan, are you okay?

Am I looking fat here?

It's a really unique idea
to scare me.

Very good.

But you can't get rid of me
so easily.

I wish, it was my idea.

But it's not.

Chill, Vivaan.

Maybe a journalist
pulled this prank on you.

You don't give them an interview
or any information.

You never know, this must be
their way of pissing you off.

And, I am not scared of
that perv Joshua.




Maybe the other day
he went to your home

and so he didn't
show up at the station.

I don't know. My brain
has stopped working.

Hari tracked him that night
after the raid.

Joshua was in his house.

He didn't leave the house
even for a second.

Where is he now?

At the restaurant.

Did you send those photographs
to the lab?

Rishabh has sent them.

But I doubt if we'll find
any prints.


A college student is here.

He says he might've seen
the Foot Fairy.



I couldn't see his face clearly.

He had put on a cap…

The hood of his sweatshirt
covered the cap, so…

Why do you think
he could be the Foot Fairy?

Because you said,

he wore khaki pants
and white sneakers.

That's what he was wearing.

I even saw him getting out
of the station.

- And…
- And?

As he passed by me,

I spotted surgical
gloves in his back pocket.

The fingertips were sticking out.

The color of the gloves?


San deep.

Out of these five, who could be
the one you saw?

Take your time.

Sir, this man.




It could also be him.

I mean, one of these two.

Both look similar.

It could be any of these two.

And what about the other man?

He has been in Thane Jail
for a year, sir.

- Okay.
- Yes.

So it's enough to order
a search warrant and DNA analysis.

Yes, sir.

Want to interrogate him?

No, sir. There's no point.
He is too smart and won't confess.

Whatever you think is right.

But remember one thing, Vivaan.

We need evidence

with which we can connect this man
directly to all the murders.

Yes, sir. I know…

I'll find something,
a murder weapon or something

that links him
to the murder directly.

I will… For sure.

I can't give you more time, Vivaan.

Joshua's lawyer can sue us
for defamation.

And then, you know
the media will tear us apart.

Give up on him,
look for other suspects.

One second.


Okay, thanks.

That was the lab.

The inscription on the body
doesn't match with Joshua's handwriting.

One more thing.

The Foot Fairy is right-handed
and Joshua is left-handed.

Many people are ambidextrous.

Shut up!

Can I ask you something?

You were never that passionate
about any other suspect.

Only Joshua.


You really think
he is the Foot Fairy?

Or you want him to be?

Just to feel less stressful?

You know…

More than any research,

I trust my gut feeling.

It tells me
Joshua is the Foot Fairy.

I can't explain,

but I find something strange
in his eyes

that I can't describe.

Once I understand that…


And God forbid,

What if you are wrong?

There's no chance.

I am sure it's him.

I will have that bastard
in custody before…

Before he harms me?

Don't you worry,
Mr. Vivaan Deshmukh.

And don't forget,
I am an Army child.

See these manicured nails?

If that perv comes any closer,

I will scratch his face off!

Got it?

Got it.


Now, smile.


Should we talk to Mr. Saleem about
police protection for Devika?

No, you know she wouldn't agree.

We spoke yesterday.

She says if she sees that joker
anywhere around her…

She will scratch his…

What happened?


Will you tell me what's wrong?

When we raided Joshua's house,

he was in his boxer shorts.

- So?
- There were scratches on his hands.

I'm sure, they're nail scratches.

The victim would have scratched
him in self–defense.

Yes, but we have already checked.

Nothing was found
under any of the nails.

And the victims who were
handled by the cops before us?

The second victim Seema Bimal…

There's nothing about her nails
in the report.

Maybe she scratched him?

Maybe she didn't.

That's why there is no mention
of it in the report.

But still, it's a protocol, Harsh.

What if this is the mistake
we have made?

Yes. Dr. Bhogle…

I'd like some information
about a case.

Did the lab confirm
that there could be a lapse?

Yes, sir and that's why

we need to exhume the body
to test it again.


Sir, please…

I really need this to catch him.


No, Vivaan.

You don't need this.

You want this.

Final DNA results will be
ready by the day after tomorrow.

Yes, sir.

If Joshua's skin tissues match
with those found under the nails…

No ifs and buts, they will match.


He's under bumper lock surveillance,
isn't he?

Yes. I've also sent
a restraining order.

He can't leave Mumbai
till the results are out.


Mr Saleem…

Thanks for trusting me.

Let me ask Hari.

- Hari…
- Yes, sir?

What's the status?

He is at home, sir.


What happened at the office?
You're wearing a new shirt today?

Sir, don't make fun of me…

You're looking handsome today.

I am here…

Hello. Yeah, Rishabh?


The railway police had called.

Sir, gloves…



Yes, Rishabh.


She was only 15.

Why her? It's not your pattern.

You did it only to exact
revenge upon me, right?

I am going to kill you,
you bastard!

You know what?

It will make no difference to
anyone if you die.

Tell me. Didn't you kill her?

Tell me the truth.
Didn't you kill her?


I killed her.

I killed them all.

All those girls.

Is that what you want to hear?


Are you out of your mind?

Control yourself.

Just watch what I do with you.

Arrest the bastard!

Harsh, arrest the bastard!

DNA result.

It's a mistake.

This report is wrong.
Get it checked again.

Vivaan, get a grip.

Control yourself.

At least, the end was peaceful.

I guess so.

- Is the family okay?
- Yes.

They're not in shock.

I guess, they were expecting it.

They were prepared.

Anyway, say hi to Harsh.

Sure, I will.

Listen, I'll call you from
the airport. Okay?

Okay. Safe flight.

Okay, bye.



How is Bengaluru?

Looks like, it's treating you well.

Not really.

How is your security company doing?

It's good.

You tell me. What's going on
in your life?

What about me?

It's the same.

Only the governments change.

Our work doesn't.

What about Rishabh?

Russia. A special assignment.


And Joshua?

Any news about Joshua?

I don't know.

He must be somewhere.

LSB has shut shop and a new joint
has taken its place.

I don't know the rest.

- Vivaan…
- Yes?

I wanted to say something
for a long time.

But I never got a chance.

I could neither muster the courage
to tell you this.

Tell me.

I hope you didn't feel

that I backed out
at the last minute.

You know, when you resigned,

I should've resigned too.

Don't be stupid, Harsh.

You know,
I didn't want to resign.

But I had no choice.

Joshua's defamation case.

Mr. Saleem had no option.

Since I was
heading this investigation.

It had to be me.

My only regret is…

That the case was closed.

Forget it.

- See you soon.
- Sure.

Please pull over to the left.

The Foot Fairy Case will always
be a successful failure for me.

because we stopped the killings.

But a failure
because we couldn't catch him.


What are you looking at?

Nothing, just looking.

You too?

What do you mean?

Some time ago, a man like you
was standing here.

He was looking over there.

I asked him the same question.

So what did he say?

He told me,

he had kept a red suitcase
over there.

Many years ago.
He came to check on that.

Did you see his face?

What did he look like?

Like you, like any other middle-aged man.

And where did he go?

The darkness will creep up behind you
To sting.

Time will outrun you
The morning is still far away.

Only darkness shall stand by you
Till the end.

Accidents lurk at every step.

Waiting to pounce on you.

They'll latch onto you.

Even if you try to get away.


Time will outrun you
The morning is still far away.

See the blind vortex of dreams.

And the rising smoke
That pricks your eyes.

Everyone will be destroyed.

Oh this killer darkness!

At every step.

Subtitled by Saurabh R Sawant