Fixing Up Christmas (2021) - full transcript

Known as a "fixer" for difficult clients, a talented party planner must help a young CEO plan the Christmas party of the year to dazzle the mayor and save his company. Wil the "fixer" fix something more than just the company?


Ooh, not yet.

Just going to get you to close
those eyes for me.

Perfect, yep.
Just keep them closed.

It'll be so much better
for the final reveal.

Just trust me.

Oh, okay.

Well uh, did you want some
hot cocoa?

Oh yeah, I'd love some.
That'd be awesome.

Okay, see you in a little bit.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.



I got you, I got you.

That thing is deceptively heavy.


And uh, why was it
in your living room?

Well, everybody keeps
their best holiday décor

for parties in their living room
so it's accessible.

I will have to take
your word for it.


Holly, it looks beautiful
back here.

Thank you.

Yeah, my client is a really
good friend of Eve's

so I'm pulling out all of
the stops for this party.

Promotion still dangling
in the balance, huh?

Holly, I'm so close.

You are the most hardworking,

kind and seriously creative
party planner.

Well, at least in
the Greater Denver Area.

She would be silly
not to give it to you.

Well if I do get that
lead planner position,

then I won't have to beg my best
friend to spend her lunch break

dragging stuff across town
for me.

Well at least I won't have to go
to the gym later.

So win-win.

Speaking of gym,

how did your date go with super
hot trainer Matt?

Uh yeah, I, I didn't go.

Why not?

It's just that I really want
to focus on work right now.

You can't put your life
on hold forever.

It's not forever.

Eve promised that she would
have an answer for me

by the end of the year.

Well then promise me you
will call Matt

as soon as Eve tells you that
you are the new lead planner.

Because those biceps?
Too good to waste.

Stop it.

Okay, you have my word.

Oh shoot.

Um, I gotta run.

Oh, new boss
putting you to work?

Something like that.

See you soon.


Bye, thank you again.

Hi Eve.


Great news.

You have a new client.

Another one?

Uh yes, a huge one.
Pine Architecture?

Oh wait. Pine Architecture.

Uh, my friend Blaire
works there.

I know.

She is the one who referred you
for the job.

When you're all done with Faith
I need you to head down there.

Do you think you can make it
by 3:30?

Uh, sure. Yes.

That shouldn't be a problem.

That is my girl.

Swing by the office on your way
and pick up the brief.

Oh, and there is one condition.

You have to work
with the owner's son.

He wants him involved
in the entire process.

I think he's interested

in getting into events
or something,

I'm not really sure.

But he was very adamant
that he was heavily involved

in all your work.

Yeah, yeah, that's no biggie.

I've had weirder client requests
before, so.

You're crushing it girl.

I can't wait to see what you do
with this party.

Yeah, and...

just before you go.

Anything about the, you know,

the promotion?

I pitched you to
the board today.

Knock this one out of the park
and you're a shoe in.

Great. That's great.
Thank you, Eve.

Of course.
Go get em, kiddo.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Okay. Bye.


Blaire, why didn't you tell me?

It wasn't confirmed.

I was just waiting for it
to be official.

Oh uh, I gotta take this.
See you soon?

Oh okay. Okay,
I'll see you soon.


Afternoon Patsy.


I would love a peppermint mocha
when you get a chance

and also any gift suggestions
you might have.

I'm meeting a new client today.

Oh, how exciting.

We just got some new handmade
ceramics in over on the wall.

Would make a great gift.

That would be perfect.
Thank you.


Oh. Thank you.

It's my duty to serve

the vertically challenged
individuals in my community.

Oh, well I'm glad

you're putting your talents
to good use.

Thank you.

- Oh.
- Oh.

I think you owe me.

Yeah, I think you getting
something down off the top shelf

and me giving you the last of
the best coffee in Denver

aren't quite equal.

I beg to differ.

I really need this
to impress a client.

And I really need that coffee
because it's my favorite.

Oh. That's solid reasoning.


Patsy? Do you have
another shipment

of the Christmas blend
coming in anytime soon?

Oh sorry. That's the last of it
till next Christmas.

Okay. Of course it is.

Listen, I'm sure that you and
my client are totally comparable

and equally admirable recipients
of this incredibly rare coffee.

But how about I play you for it?

Rock paper scissors,
in the spirit of Christmas.

Are you serious?

As a snowstorm.



- Oh dang.
- Yeah.

Best out of three?

I mean it's only fair.



That's what I thought.

Well, you win fair and square.

Don't say I never did anything
for you.

I wouldn't dream of it.

For you, Christmas blend black

and for you, peppermint mocha.

Thank you.

Ooh, bitter.


Oh, they should've been
the other way around.

I am so sorry.

No worries.

I'm still getting used to
this online ordering system.

Hey, online ordering
is the way of the future.

All the local shops
are doing it.

Hmm. Well if the old way works.

Gotta innovate to stay relevant.

Whatever you say.


Thank you.

Thank you, Patsy.
You have a nice day.

Charge it on my account.

Tall guy.

Coffee girl.


Oh, don't worry.
She paid for you.


Merry Christmas.

Hi, how can I help you?


I am here to see Mr. Pine
at 3:30.

Ooh. I got it.

- Hey.
- Hi.

This place is so cool.

I know.

You should come back here
and see the models.

They are stunning.


So I need to finish setting up
for the meeting.

Can I get you anything
while you wait?

Hot cocoa, coffee, tea?

I'm okay.

Okay, well I'll come back
and get you when I'm done.

- Take your coat?
- Oh, thank you.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Okay.


Hey, uh, can you...

What is that?

It's called Christmas spirit.

What, you don't like it?

Hey. Do you have any recent
updates on the design?

Because we need to get that
over to engineering.

When I do you will be
the first to know,

but in the meantime
can you make getting me

the design software
priority numero uno?

Already on it.

Thank you.

Jingle bells, jingle bells...


Yes sir?

Did the model blueprint
get to Theo?

On its way now.


And everything's all squared
away with that party planner?

Uh yeah, yeah.
She's ready to go.

Do you think she'll work well
with Theo?

Holly Green is the kindest,

warmest, hardest working
person I know.

But she takes no nonsense
from no one,

so she'll give Theo
a run for his money.

What bet did you lose?

Oh, you didn't know?

I'm actually Santa Claus

as your office manager.

Now get back to work.

What's this?

For the pitch.

I said digital.

Richard approved it.

What am I supposed
to do with this?

I don't know, build it.

Build it?


Uh, yeah.


Afternoon everyone.
Shall we begin?

As many of you know,

we have put in a bid
to the mayor

to design and build Denver's
new city center.

This would be
Pine Architecture's

first commercial contract

and it would be instrumental in
pushing us into bigger builds.

Now this is just a placeholder

until we get our design
up and running,

but you can see
what I'm going for.

Modern, svelte, the future.

The future of Pine Architecture
is commercial,

and we need to show
Mayor Donahue

that we are a hub of innovation.

What about the Christmas party?

What about it?

Well the Christmas party's
our ace in the hole.

Mayor Donahue attends
every year and...

A Christmas party is not going
to sway Mayor Donahue

into giving us the contract.

I've looked into it
and we are by far

the least technologically
advanced firm.

But as I said, we have an
advantage over the other guys.

Mayor Donahue knows us.

His values align
with our values,

the Christmas party
is as much of a priority

as is the pitch itself.

Which is why I've hired you
a party planner.

- Coffee girl?
- Tall guy?

Hi Holly.

Mr. Pine, I assume.
Nice to meet you.

What are you doing here?

You two know each other.

- Know would be a stretch.
- Sort of...

Uh, Holly Green
with Encore Events.

It's nice to officially
meet you.

Nice to officially meet you,
Miss Green.

And since you are
the son of my client,

these are for you.


Charming how that worked out.

Best coffee in Denver.

So I've heard.

Well um, I think that's enough
for today.

Why don't we get back to work

and let Holly and Theo
get this party started?


- Good luck.
- Thank you.

And then there were two.

Okay, I'm not entirely sure
how this worked out.

Your father sent in a form
and signed a brief.

Oh, so you already have
the brief?

Yeah, I do.


Well, just do whatever it says
in there

and I will be in my office
if you need me.

Oh, but I...

No, uh, I really gotta get back
to this.

Oh, uh yeah.

I think I forgot my coffee.

Well that was a quick meeting.

She already had the briefs,

I know you think a flashy pitch
is the key

to landing this contract,
but that's just not the case.

You need to show Mayor Donahue
why he'd want to work with you.

Of course they want to work
with us, Dad.

Not us, Theo. You.

You need to show him
that you understand,

that your values align with his.

The Christmas party's
the easiest way to do that.

The Christmas party...

Let me make myself very clear.

You'll work with Holly to plan
every aspect of this party,

or I'll remove us from
the running of the contract.

Whoa, that's a little drastic,
don't you think?

I mean I'm happy to help out
if it means that much.

It does.

Okay then.
I'll do it.

You mean like right now,
like right this very second?

Okay then.

I will do it.

I will get that mistletoe.

Holly? Holly?



Did you finish all of that
very important paperwork

that you had in there?

It would seem that I did.

Oh, okay. Good.


I am here to help plan
the party.

Can't be too hard, right?

Just order some fake snow
and call it a day, right?


Have you ever planned a
Christmas party before?

Um, no, but how hard can it be?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I think you're right.

You should let me handle it.


Uh, this Christmas party is
very important to my father,

and maybe I haven't planned a
Christmas party before per se

but I am here to help you
with whatever you need.

Let me know.

So you feel bad about earlier?

Honestly, I am just gutted.

My sincerest condolences
for my unprofessional behavior.


Okay wait...

I am sorry because I was
rude and dismissive

and that was wrong.
I was wrong.

So please accept my apology,

because I do want to make this
the perfect Christmas party.

Okay, but you have
to follow my lead.

You can't just order fake snow

and pick out the first
Christmas tree you find.

- Got it?
- Got it.

Okay. I'll be back tomorrow.

Start helping out.

Why don't you get
some comfortable shoes?

What's wrong with my shoes?

These are comfy.

Have a, have a good day.

Mom? Dad?

We're in here.

Dad, is that cookie
supposed to be you?


What makes you say that?

Hey, how was your event
today, sweetie?

It was great.

And I got a new client.
Pine Architecture.

Where Blaire works!

Yeah. I guess she was the one
that got me the job.

And Eve said that this
one might be the one

that pushes me right
over the edge,

so hopefully the board agrees.

That promotion is way overdue.

Hear, hear.

Thank you.

Hello, hello.
Sorry, I'm late.

Ooh, something smells nice.

What did I miss?

Well, Dad is making
cookie self-portraits

for the neighbors.


What do you think?
Pretty good, huh?

It's a spitting image.


Felix, your parents don't
have any dietary restrictions,

do they?

Well, it would explain why
they never eat my cooking.

But no, they love their gluten
and dairy.


Because the Green family
breakfast for dinner

is full of both.

Felix: Excellent.


Dad, I notice that now
the upstairs hallway

also doesn't have a real floor.


I saw this really cool trick
with tiles

on the internet last week
and thought I'd give it a shot.

So I guess the guest bathroom
is finally done, huh?


No, no, no, no, no.

Yeah, Dad likes to start
a new project

before the current one
is finished.

Aw. I mean,
that's not true.

I did take down the old curtains
before I installed the new ones.


I don't think that counts, dear.

Yeah well.

Don't worry,
it'll all be done by...

Done by Christmas.

What, it will!

Come on. It will.

Uh, Joy?

Is there something you want
to tell us?

What's going on?

We were going to tell you
later tonight, but...

Oh my.

Both: We're pregnant.


Oh my god, this is so exciting.

This is amazing.


This is going to be the
best Christmas gift ever.

Come here.


So, if it's a girl

you're definitely naming it
after me, right?

You know Dad asked me
the same thing.

Oh, of course.


You guys seem really happy.


How did you know that he was
the right one,

like, or that it was
the right time?

Well, I don't know such a thing
as the right time exists.

But Felix is my best friend.

Where I stop, he starts.

He compliments me
in all the best ways.

Are you having second thoughts
about ending things with Nate?


Nate was... great.

You know, perfect even.
Just not perfect for me.

But you know what, I don't even
have time to date right now.

I just, I'm focused
on this promotion.

Once I get it, things slow down,
then I will consider it.

I'll consider it maybe.


I want you to promise me


When love finds you,
you let it in.

Even if it doesn't feel like
the right time,

or it doesn't look exactly
like how you thought.

Promise me you'll
give it a shot.

I promise.


Okay, who's up for
Christmas charades?

- Let's do it.
- Let's do this.

I call these guys.

Glad you feel right at home.




Can you help me with something?

Uh yeah, sure.

Oh, thank you for getting those
floor plans approved so quickly.

Not a problem.

What's it say?

Uh, six feet.



I'm so sorry.

It's tricks,
tricks of the trade.

Hey, Holly.

Hi, Mr. Pine.

What's first on the list today?

I was thinking Christmas tree.

Christmas tree.
My favorite part.

Me too. I promise
I won't disappoint.


Okay, let's measure the space

for the tree so um,
could you hold this?

- Yep.
- Like that, perfect.

- Sorry. Sorry.
- It's okay.

Oh, I got it.
Yeah. I'm good.

- Uh...
- A little higher.



Significantly higher.

Smidge lower.

Mmm, split the difference.

Ten feet. Perfect.

I'm pretty sure no one's going
to notice the actual height

of the Christmas tree, though.

Well, maybe not consciously.

But if it's too small,
it's going to feel sparse.

If it's too big, it's going
to feel overcrowded.

And subconsciously
they're going to feel like

their entire experience
of this party is ruined.

Just get your coat.


Isn't this place magical?

Oh yeah, yep.

But I just know we are going
to find the perfect tree here.

I feel it in my bones.

Whatever you say, boss.

Hey. What's up?

Nothing, it's just I have
a lot going on at the office

with the pitch.

That one looks right, yeah?

No, it's definitely too short.

Also, I need to be able
to hang ornaments,

lights, garland.

Oh yeah.

So if there's so much going on
back at the office,

why was your dad so adamant
about you being involved

in the party planning process?

If you don't mind me asking.

You mean all of your clients
don't make their offspring

participate in your trades?

Yeah, no.

This would be a first for me.

That makes two of us.

So tell me about the pitch.

Well, I put in a bid
to design and build

Denver's new city centre,

but it's just not going
according to plan.

You bit off more than
you could chew?

No, no, no, no.

I think that Pine Architecture
could do very well

in the commercial sphere,

but I feel like going so hard
right out of the gate

on the first contract might not
have been the best idea.

We're just so behind
the other companies.



I don't know.

I mean, those models
that I saw at the office,

those are gorgeous.

My dad actually makes all those.

We hardly do anything digital.

He still mails handwritten
thank you notes.

I think that's sweet.

It is, but we are going to have
to modernize

if we want to move forward.

Which is why I was so resistant
to put so much energy

into this whole Christmas party
planning thing,

because I feel like
it's a distraction

from the real presentation.

Measuring Christmas trees isn't
going to make anyone innovate.

What's wrong with that one?

It's not full enough.

Oh. Right. Of course.

So, do you always put
in this much effort?

Little Christmas parties
are pretty cookie cutter, no?

Well, yep. They can be.

But I strive to make them
more than that.

I want to create an experience
that my client's

going to remember, you know?

Something that evokes an emotion

they can look back on years
later after the event and smile.

Are we getting warmer?

Uh yeah, slightly warmer.
Gotta take your time.

How'd you get into this?
The party planning thing.

Oh, in college I studied

and event management,
and then after winning

a Christmas tree
decorating competition...

Oh, I'm shocked.

I got an internship at
a big firm in New York,

but they only took
on huge clients

and I was lacking that
personal connection

that I feel like makes events
so important.

Like us?


Yeah, I want to create
that personal connection

with someone.

I want to get to know the client

and then make something special
for them.

And I started working for Encore
a couple years ago.

Why are you laughing?

I'm not laughing.

- Oh, you're not?
- No.


- I wouldn't.
- No?


Okay. All right.

Fine. There you go.

Oh, I'm going to-

Don't, don't.

Three, two, one...

Oh my... I am so sorry,
Mayor Donahue.

It's fine, Theo.

No need to apologize.

It's been a long time since
I've had a snowball fight.

Hey, who won?

I did.

She did.

Anthony Donahue.

Hi, nice to meet you.

Pleasure to meet you.

Searching for a tree,
are we Theo?

Yes, sir.

We are for the Christmas party.

Oh, my little Camilla
cannot wait.

She says it's her favorite event
of the year.

All she can talk about is
how excited she is

to see your party.

That is very sweet of her.

We have Holly Green from
Encore Events on the job

so she will not be disappointed.

Oh, and the pitch.

I'm very excited to see
the 3D model of your design.

Don't get me wrong,
love the digital stuff.

There's something magical
about what you

and your father put together.

Uh, I'm sorry.

Is that a Smith Family Farms
keychain from the grand opening?

Absolutely, and every
year since.

It's my family's favorite spot.

Ours too!

We've gotten a tree here
every year for...

- Ten years.
- Ten years.


What a small world.

Best kept secret
in all of Denver.

And we want to keep it that way.


Love to stay, but I have some
Christmas tree shopping

to do myself.

Holly, it was a pleasure
to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

And Theo, please give my best
to your father

and we'll see you both
very soon.


Okay. Your dad was wrong.

The party isn't as important
as the pitch,

it's more important.

And luckily, I found us
the perfect tree.

Holly: Trust me.

The 10 foot tree
is the way to go.

I know what I'm talking about.

Theo: Okay.

Broom hockey.

Hey guys, can we have a turn?

- Okay.
- What are you doing?

Let's play.

I'm wearing a suit.

Care to make it interesting?

How could we possibly do that?

How about for every goal
that I score,

I get to ask you a question?

Okay. But every time
I score a goal...

I get to ask you
a question back.


Three, two, one.



I forgot to warn you, I'm great.

- There you go.
- Thank you, sir.


Favorite Christmas memory.

Decorating the tree with my
family while drinking hot cocoa.

And after we finished,
we'd cozy up by the fire

and my grandpa would read us
all a Christmas story.

- That sounds magical.
- Mmm-hmm.

Three, two, one.

Two, one.

Wow. Two for two.

Thank you sir, what a gentleman.

All right. Favorite
Christmas dessert.

My mom's lemon ginger
ice box cake.

Hands down.

I love lemon ginger
ice box cake.

Have you ever had the one
from Leno's on the corner?

Uh, Leno's is stellar but still
not quite as good as my mom's.

I'm sure.

Three, two, one.


All right. What you got?

Would you ever strike out
on your own?

What do you mean?
Leave Encore?

Yeah. Do your own thing.

Yeah. One day.

I just want to make sure
I have enough experience.

What do you mean?

Well, there's a tier system
at Encore.

You start out as
a junior planner

and you work
with a lead planner.

And there's my position.

You get to work on small
to medium events on your own.

And then there's lead planner,

where you'd have a team
of people that work for you.

Those are the kind of people
that get to do

the grand opening
at the City Center.

I just want to get there
before I leave.

Make sure I'm really ready.

You seem pretty ready to me.

Well, if your Christmas
party goes well,

I might be lead planner
by the end of the year.

Well I think I should end
on a high note,

and we should get hot chocolate.

Hot cocoa sounds amazing.

I'm freezing.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Okay, so we need to book
the rentals, hire the caterers,

secure decor, and most
importantly, pick a theme.

Enter Holly's Christmas
party questionnaire.

It's how I tailor the perfect
party for each client.

Okay, themes.

Isn't the theme Christmas?


But the Christmas genre has
a lot of sub-themes within it.

You know, like Santa's workshop,
winter wonderland,

white elephant, crafting.

The list goes on and on.

You look overwhelmed.

Okay, what does Christmas
mean to you?

Good food, maybe?

Right. All right.
Um, let's try this.


Don't think about it,
just pick the first three

that stand out to you.

What is...

Don't think about it.



Great combination.

So, elegant, featuring snow,
with an element of toys.

Upscale North Pole.

We can mix elegant with fun,
black tie with a playful twist.

That sounds not terrible.

Great. Not terrible is just
a little bit below

what I was aiming for,
but I will take it.

So um, those 3D models.
Those are really cool.

I've actually never done one.

That's my dad's thing.

Well looks like you're going
to have to.

I'm not really the best crafter
that's ever lived.

What? You?


But it sounds right up
your alley.

Yeah, it definitely is.

This one time I was planning
a Christmas party

I couldn't find the right

so I just made them out of
clay and pipe cleaners.

Oh wow.
How did that turn out?

Well, the guests tried to
take them home as party favors,

so I would say it's
a huge success.

Sounds like it.

Well, if you're up for it,

I would like to formally
enlist your help.

I mean, since I am helping you
plan the party,

it's the least you can do.

I'd love to help.

But it has to be perfect.

I think you're being too hard
on yourself.

I heard Mayor Donahue talking
about you and the company.

He's really rooting for you.

And so am I.

Thank you.


Let's get back to elegance.

You're here late.

Just trying to catch up on
everything I missed today.

Taking my advice, are we?

Well uh, I may have run
into Mayor Donahue today

and he may have hinted

that he would like to see
one of our classic models.

- Hmm.
- So you were right.

How did it go with Holly?

Good. Yep. Fine.

She has a very
unconventional way of working.

Is that so?

Yeah, like not in a bad way.

Just... different.

I'll leave you to it.

What is the first thing
elves learn in school?

Uh, algebra?

No, the elfabet.

Oh. Ha, ha.
Very funny.

You come up with that yourself?

You need to work on
your material.

What, says the guy in
a onesie at the office?


This is kind of cute, isn't it?

Uh, North Pole chic.

What was that?

Ah. What?

What, with Nick?


Nothing's going on with Nick.


If you say so.

Hi, Mr. Pine.

Holly, nice to see you.

What's on the docket today?

Actually, I was going
to do a little bit

of Christmas shopping.

Get some North Pole décor.

Theo, I was hoping
you'd come with me.

I would love to.

Great. Okay. Come on.

So, we have a tree topper
and the party favors.

I ordered those lights online,

they should be here
in a couple of days.

We just still need
the ornaments.

I really want to find something
that straddles the line

between elegant and playful.

Easier said than done, I assume?

Hopefully not.

You never know
with these things.

What are you looking at?

Is that the old city center?
Let me see.


Hmm. Looks like it could use
a facelift.

You're an active member
in the Denver community.

And proud of it.

What do you use the space for?

I don't.

Why not?

I think the outdoor space
is sorely underutilized.

I wish they did more, like,
local events out there.

Do you like the building now?

Not particularly.

If it was up to me, I would
hope that it would stand out.

Okay, and how would you do that?

Mmm, add glitter probably.


Yeah. I'm kidding,
I have no idea.

We're missing something.
Focal point.

Yeah. Something
that draws you in.

Did you ever come here
on school...

- School field trips?
- Yeah.

I'm glad it's quiet today,

but man I loved those
when I was a kid.

It was my favorite day
of the year.

Oh, mine too.

I used to buy my parents
Christmas presents

with the money I saved
from school lunch.

Usually I could only afford
an ornament,

but my Dad still puts them
all up on the tree.


My family does
something similar.

We pick one ornament a year
to represent the whole thing,

like a soccer ball
or a graduation cap.

My grandma started it
a long time ago,

and it's a tradition
that I hope to carry on

with my own family someday.

So your Christmas tree
is basically the stories

of all your lives
woven together?


So, which one do you prefer?

That one.

You don't seem so sure.

They look the same.

Yeah, we'll come back to ribbon.

The ornaments are more important
to choose first anyway.

Is that a good gasp
or a bad gasp?

Oh, that's a good gasp!
Those are beautiful.

What do you think?

I would be as bold as to say
they're perfect.

Me too.

We'll take them all.

- Hi.
- Hey.


Oh, no, no, no, no.
I got it.

You got the hot chocolate.

Thank you.

Let's see what you got.

Okay. Here we go.


That was pretty close.


That was worse, all right.

Last one...

I got it... I didn't get it.

I'll, I'll give it a shot.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Okay. So you're good at this.

I guess those years of little
league were good for something.


Oh, for the lady.

Thank you.

Actually, this is for you.


It's just to remember that you
do have everything you need

right inside you there.

And also to remember
that very first year

that you ever planned
a Christmas party.

I don't think I'll be forgetting
this anytime soon.

Because I won.

Right. Time for crafting.


Come on.


Follow me.

There sure is a lot
going on here.

Ooh, pom-poms.

Pom-poms, really?

What's wrong with pom-poms?

They're just kind of boring.

Boring? Pom-poms?

Pom-poms are the best.

Take it back.



Pom-poms, no?

- No, don't like them?
- Hey!

She started it.

I didn't.

Yes, you did.
You totally did.

Are you throwing me
under the bus?


Sorry, we'll clean it up.


I know we're on
a tight schedule,

but I would love to show you
my plans for the pitch.

They're not perfect and I
haven't shown anyone yet, but...

I'd be honored.

What do you think?
I think this will work.

Oh, you're just, oh wow.

See, I actually made mine
look terrible on purpose

so yours would look really good.

Is that how you charm
all the ladies?

It works every time.

Oh, so you are a ladies man?

Just kidding. I actually got out
of a relationship a while ago.

So I've just been
focusing on work.

How about you?


Yeah I, after my
last relationship,

I just decided that I wanted
to just focus on my career.

None of those pesky feelings
getting in the way, right?


Since we're being transparent,
I let you win at broom ball.

Sure you did.

Whatever you have
to tell yourself.

Did it work?

Are you charmed?

Oh, I'm the most charmed.

That's what I thought.

Oh, oh we're going.

Come on you charmer.

My car's just around the corner.

I can give you a ride home.

Oh, I'm actually not going home.
I'm going to my parents.

But it's not far.

Oh no, it's getting dark.
I insist.

Come on.


Okay, so tomorrow we have
to order a garland,

get that North Pole
playlist together

and confirm the numbers
for the caterer.

- Oh.
- Oh.

- Hi Holly.
- Hi Mom.

Uh, this is my client,
Theo Pine.

Theo, this is my mom, Lydia.

- Hey.
- Lovely to meet you.

This is perfect because
you can take Felix's place.

He's stuck at work.

Place for what?

Gingerbread night.


Oh Mom, I'm sure
that Theo has work.

I would love to, Miss Green.

But as long as my boss
says it's okay.

Okay, it's settled.
I'll see you guys inside.

Yeah, my mom takes gingerbread
night very seriously,

just so you're prepared.

Well, of course she does,

because gingerbread night
is very serious business.

That looks nice.

So, you've met mom, Lydia.

This is my dad, Sam,
and my sister, Joy.

- Mr. Green, nice to meet you.
- You too.

- Nice to meet you, Joy.
- Nice to meet you.

The pleasure's all ours,
and don't mind the mess.

Yeah. We're in the middle
of remodeling.

It's a five-year remodel.


Yeah. It's best not
to ask questions.

Dad fancies himself
a DIY home remodeler.

I don't fancy.

- I am.
- I am.

Well, if this is your work,
I'm a fan.

Don't listen to them.

Is something wrong?

Oh no, I'm just making...

A bit of a perfectionist, maybe?

Getting started
is the hardest part.

What's going on there?

I'm adding some dimension.

Dad uh, lives for a little bit
of character.

If you hadn't noticed.


Okay. Here.



That is very cool, Dad.

Yeah. Not bad
for a book editor.

Dad works in publishing.


Publishing pays the bills, but
home renovation fills the soul.

I hope I'm not overstepping,

but I'd be happy to help with
any projects you have Mr. Green.

Growing up on sites, I dare say
I'm a grout master.

I like this guy.

All right, well if
you're coming over,

don't forget to bring
your grout goggles.

What are... grout goggles?

It's best not to ask.

Theo, Holly tells me that
you're about to take over

your family's business.

Yep. Uh, we have an architecture
firm downtown,

but I promise I'm better
at building real houses

than gingerbread ones.

Hey Dad, can you flash
that light one more time?

Yeah. Happy to.

Oh, that would be so cool

if you could do something
like that in the city center.

You know, like a,
like a skylight?

I don't know,
something like that?

Just for that focal point
that you were hoping for.

It's just an idea.

So, thanks again for offering
to help my dad.

Seriously, it was
all my pleasure.

I'm actually really excited.


Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Isn't he a doll?

Yeah. He really is.

Hey Joy, would you come with me?

I've got this video I want
to show you.

It's about how to install
a hot water heater at home.

No, Dad, no! Dad...

No, it's just...

No, come with, bear with me.
It's good to know these things.

Someone's in a good mood.

Because it's the most
wonderful time of the year.

What's this?


Oh, Holly...

Peppermint mocha?

Thank you.

Here, let me grab your coat.


- Oh my hair.
- Oh, sorry.

No worries.

Do you want to have a seat?
I saved you one.


Am I being buttered up?


Okay, I was thinking about
what you were saying last night.

Which was?

About the skylight.

I think you were really
onto something.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

Pitch it to me.

Well, uh, it's not like
fully flushed out yet.

Okay, maybe this was a bad idea.

Come on, it doesn't have
to be perfect.

Just tell me what
you're mulling over.

So, based on
inspiration from you,

I was thinking a raised skylight

with a silhouette
of the Rocky Mountains

and then paying homage
to the Colorado landscape.

That's awesome, like
you're really onto something.


But ooh, ah, what if instead
of a skylight, it's a sun dial,

and then it illuminates
different parts of the mountains

at different times?

That's actually so original and
very unique and totally Denver.


That's, that's great.


Uh, what else is
on the list today?

Uh, I have to make a
North Pole playlist.

Oh. Cool.

And you have to make a model.

How about we make a deal?

I'll help you with the model
if you help me with the list.


Should we get started?

No, not here.

What? Why not?

Because we're being creative.


And this is not
a creative space.

Follow me.

What is this place?

This is my family's
creative space.

This is where my dad keeps
all of his like, DIY stuff,

my mom's crafting.

So all these Christmas
decorations are yours?

Oh, no, no, no. This is just
my back stock.

I keep my favorite ones at
my apartment for easy access.

How do you not run your own
party planning business yet?

I mean, you have everything
you need right here.

Yes. I definitely have
plenty of supplies.

So, let's get started.

Oh, like I said,

I've actually never done this
on my own before.

I have no idea how to use that.

Oh, I haven't either.

So we're on an even
playing field.


Shall we get started?

We shall.

Come have a seat.

Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the Feast of Stephen

When the snow lay round about

Deep and crisp and even

Brightly shone
the moon that night

Though the frost was cruel

When a poor man came in sight

Gathering winter fuel

Take it out

Hither, page,

and stand by me

If thou know it, telling

Yonder peasant, who is he?

Where and what his dwelling?

Sire, he lives a good
league hence

Underneath the mountain

Right against the forest fence

This playlist is looking good.

It is.

I definitely want this song.

What do you think?

Only if you use that
as your grand entrance.


Okay, how many more songs
do we need?

Uh, actually,
just the final one.


Oh, how about this one?

May I?

Thank you.

How about this one?

Yeah, I just think that one's
like a little too like...

Yeah, you're right.

It should be more wind down.

Okay, uh...

I love this song.

Oh, that's my favorite.

One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.


No way. You know how to waltz?

Well actually, technically
what you're doing isn't a waltz.

A waltz is in 3/4.

That's more like a foxtrot
or a rumba, which is in 4/4.

Theo Pine, are you
a ballroom dancer?

I might have taken a class
or two in college.



- Ah!
- You got it.


Okay, ready?

Okay, now out.




- Oh wow.
- Ready for this?

Oh. Well.

And that's how you waltz.


And I think that song
is perfect.

That's a beautiful way
to end an evening.

It is.

Uh, I'm going to get it.


The Christmas decorations and
tree will be ready by tomorrow.



My dad is so excited about
you helping him lay that tile.

He can't stop talking about it.

Well, your dad is a great guy.
I would be happy to do it.

Yeah, he is, he is.


He can also be a
little spirited,

so we should probably
have a code word

in case that gets
to be too much.


Something like,
"Where is Santa's hat?"

No, that's terrible.

How about like, "Who ate
the last sugar cookie?"

- That's, that's worse.
- That's worse, yeah.


Just Rudolph?

Just keep it simple,
just say it like loudly.

Commit to Rudolph.

- Rudolph it is.
- Rudolph it is.


Oh, shoot that's Blaire.

I should get back and
fill her in on the new design.

Is there anything else
you need from me?

No, you're all good.

Okay. I'll just...


I'll just get this for you.


You got it.


See you tomorrow.

Yeah, first thing.


Is it bad?


Theo, it's stunning.

The mayor's going to love this.

Okay, yeah.
Lay it on me.

I know you've got something.

Just one suggestion:

he loves Christmas so much.

Maybe you could add some
Christmas decorations?

Holly, that is genius.

You're just such an amazing...


Hey Theo. Oh, Miss Green.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Holly was just saying that
we should add some festive

decorations to the model
to make it more Christmassy.

A unique and personal touch.
I like it.


Well, the Christmas tree should
be here any minute.

Theo, want to come
get it with me?



Why don't you let the tall guy
do it?

No. I got it. Yeah.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

I don't think you can
even reach the top.


Am I wrong?



I am only relenting because
of decorating efficiency.

That is perfect, thank you.


I hear someone crushed
their first model.

Well it's not perfect, but...

Nothing is perfect.

But you came pretty close.

Thank you.

So I guess that's all
the decorating tonight?



We still have all
of the ornaments.

Oh wow, so we're going
to be here all night.

It's a lot, yeah.

I like that one though.

There are worse ways
to spend an evening.

That's very true.


Wow. Now that is
a Christmas tree.

What are you two doing here?

My computer needed a reboot.

Yeah. It's a good thing
I'm so techie.


You want some help?

Ooh, ornaments.

Do you see what I see?
Should we set them up?

Well if we did, we'd have
to do it in secret.

Ooh, we could like trap them
in an elevator.

Oh, or lock them in an office.

Or what if they like met at
a coffee shop and then like,

reached for the same bag
at the same time?

We can, we can circle
back to that.


You're big on Christmas?

Uh, massive.

Uh, what about you Holls?

What's your favorite
Christmas tradition?


My family does the cutest thing
on Christmas Eve.

We do like, breakfast for dinner
and my mom cooks everything.

Eggs Benedict and bacon,
like anything you want.

- Delicious.
- Yeah.

My family does like
the same thing.

Except we have this big roast,
and then mashed potatoes,

green beans, and then always
my mom's famous

lemon ginger icebox cake.

- Oh, so good.
- So good.

Uh, favorite Christmas movie?
Mine's The Grinch.

What? That's my
favorite movie.

- Really?
- Yeah.

What about you, Theo?

Oh, Miracle on 34th Street.

Ultimate classic.


Uh, Christmas presents
on Christmas Eve

or Christmas morning?

- Christmas Eve.
- Christmas Eve.


- Yeah, okay.
- Maybe we should...

- It's getting... late.
- It's kind of late.

We should check on
the computer program.

Rebooting of course.

Yeah. It's probably rebooted.

For sure. Yeah.
You guys are doing great.

Um, looks fantastic. Festive.

Blaire: Okay.

Nick: See you guys.

They totally have a crush
on each other.

That is it,

or he's just very excited
for his New Year's bonus.

Okay, what's next on the list?

Well, I just have a few things
left in my office,

so tomorrow you're all free.

So I won't see you tomorrow?


But Saturday I would love help
with the load-in.

I'd love to see you Saturday.

I'd be happy to help.


It's just...

I know it's lame, but I thought
we could do it together

because I'm really bad
at decorations.

So I kind of need your help.

I don't know where to put it.

Is this a good spot?
What do you think?

I think that looks great.

I have to get my coat.

Your coat?


- Oh, thanks.
- Okay.



See you Saturday.


Okay, bye.

I think she likes you.

And let's add in
the wagyu beef sliders.

Those are always a hit.

Great, thank you Carl.
You're the best.



Of Taste Catering Carl?


You got him for the PA event?

All the other planners say
that he's booked until February.

Yeah, he's an old friend.

Oh. I gotta say, I am very,
very impressed.

Huge favor to ask.

I need a day-of coordinator

for the charity event
downtown tonight.

Might be good, you know,
get in one more event.

Let the board know
that you're really ready.

If you have the bandwidth.

Yes, of course I do.
I'll squeeze that right in.

Love it.
You are a lifesaver.

I'm going to email you
the deets right now.



Look at that.

She looks just like you, Joy.

We don't even know if
it's a girl yet, Dad.

Oh yes we do.
She's a girl.

Trust me. I know
these things.

Well, for the record
I hope you're right.

I am.

Hey guys, sorry I'm late.


How was it?

Kind of weird, but really cool.

It was amazing.

Oh, my gosh you guys.

Look at that.

She looks just like Joy,
doesn't she?

Oh, that's nice.


Oh, sorry.


Hey, can I swing by the office?

I really want to practice
the pitch one more time

before this afternoon.

It'll be quick, I promise.

Ooh, I'm not at the office
right now.

I'm actually at
my family's house.


Uh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't...

Hi Theo.

Listen, why don't you come on
down and pitch it to all of us?

What was that?

Doing it in front of an audience

will help you get
your nerves out.

That's true.

Well I wouldn't want to impose.

No, no imposition.
Just come on down.

Impose man, impose.

We've got nothing but time.

Are you sure?


The people have spoken.

Okay, uh, I'll be there in 10.



Are you going to tell him?

Tell him what?

That you have a crush on him?

I do not have a crush on him.

Yeah, okay, yeah.

I don't!

Yeah no, we all believe you.

Dad! Don't look at me...

There we go. Put that
right there.


So, whenever you're ready, Theo.

Okay, um, well, as many of
you know,

Pine Architecture has been...

And in closing, the focal
point of the main building

will feature a skylight
that also acts as a sundial

to pay homage to
the Colorado landscape.

Theo, that's fantastic.

You crushed it.

So good.


Thanks guys.

I completely agree.
You're ready.

Stay for some hot cocoa?

I would love to,
but I have to go.


Right, well, next time then.

Oh, yes sir.
Next time.

We will hold you to that.



That was so great.

You don't think it's too simple?

I think sometimes simple
is perfect.

How about you?

About the promotion, I mean.

Oh, uh yeah.

Eve has me filling in for
an event tonight, so...

Oh, another one?


She thought it would be good
for the board to see.

I don't want to speak
out of line,

but is it possible that they're
just stringing you along?

I mean, I've known you
for a week

and you should be running
that company.

I mean, you're so talented
and driven.

I guess what I'm trying to say
is you deserve answers,

and you deserve that promotion.

Just something to check out.


But I should go.

Please tell your family they're
really great and thanks again.

Yeah. They are great.


- Yeah.
- Okay.

Guess I need this.

Yeah, get that. Yeah.

- Okay.
- All right.

Text me when you're done.

I think we're going to have
to bump that up

because I don't want to miss
the deadline, so.

I can definitely get the
electrical plans done by then.

- Okay, great.
- Ooh!

- Woah!
- Here it is.

Man, that looks amazing.

That is beautiful.

It looks awesome man.

Ooh, you know what else
looks awesome?

Is it time?

I think it is.

Wait, time for what?

- Are you ready for this?
- Are you?

- Am I ready?
- Let's do it.


Oh, yeah!

Oh no.
Oh no!

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!

I am so sorry.

No, no, no.
It's not your fault.

It's my fault,
I should've been more careful.


The pitch is in an hour.

What are we going to do?

It's okay.

I will figure something out,

We're just going to go
with plan B.

I'm going to present
the blueprints,

and Blaire, can you make
a digital copy of the model

to give to the mayor
when it's ready?

Yeah, but I definitely can't
do that within the next hour.

That's totally fine.

Um, I will let him know we ran
into a little bit of a snafu

and we'll get him something
before the new year.

Is that enough time?

Absolutely, yeah.
I'll, I'll get on it.

- I'll help you out.
- Thank you.

And thank you everyone
for coming in today

and listening to the pitch.

And is there a model
of your design?

Uh no, not at the moment.

We ran into a little hiccup,

but my digital team will get
a copy to yours

before the new year.

Okay, um...

Well, thank you for your time,

You as well, sir.


How'd it go?

Honestly, I feel pretty good
about what we gave him.

And please thank
your family again

for letting me practice
on them today.

Are you kidding?
They loved it.

Did you explain what happened
with the model?

Well, I didn't want to make
any excuses

so I just told him that we'd get
him a digital copy stat.

And he was okay with that?

We'll see.

Okay. Well I'm just finishing
setting up for the party.

So I will see you first thing
in the morning for load in.

If anything else happens
just let me know, okay?

I will.

Okay, bye.


Oh, Mayor Donahue.
What are you doing here?

I'm on the board and drew the
straw that oversees the setup.

And you have done a beautiful,
beautiful job.

Thank you.

Listen, I have a question
for you.

What's it like working
with Theo?

I know his father Richard
well and trust him deeply,

but Theo's a bit of a wildcard.

Yeah. It's just because he's got
so many ideas.

But his heart's
in the right space.

So you'd trust him
with something as big

as this contract?

If you were to ask me
a week ago,

I would have said no.


Because you know Theo.

No. It's, he's just, he's laser
focused you know?

He's very specific once he gets
an idea in his head

he's just like ooh, you can't
get that thing out of there.

But he's passionate
and kind and smart.

And yes, he's young
and he's eager,

but he's got great vision.

So what I'm trying to say
is yes,

I think that he would be great
for the city center contract.

Okay, good.

Well thank you for your time,
Miss Green.

I'll let you get back to work.

Okay. Enjoy.


Hey kiddo.

I just wanted to
congratulate you

on another gorgeous event
last night.

- Thank you!
- Great job.

Oh, Eve?


I uh, I was just wondering.

Have you heard anything from
the board about my promotion?

Yeah. I, I did not want you
to hear about this today.

You have gone above
and beyond this season,

and you know your work
is fantastic.


But, I, I heard this morning
that the board is going to go

with another candidate.


It's somebody who's been
here longer,

just a little bit more seasoned.

I'm really sorry, Holly.

But you know what?

We're going to try again
next year, okay?

Yeah. Okay.


You know what? No.

I don't want to wait
another year.

I deserve to be running
my own team.

Yes, you do.

We just, we can't give that
to you right now.


Well then, I'm sorry,
but I can't do this anymore.

I'm going to have to quit.


But you need to know, you are
a huge asset to Encore,

and I really wish that I could
give you what you deserve.

As much as I don't want
to see you leave,

you're going to do great
wherever you go.

I mean that.

Thank you.

I will follow through with
the Pine Architecture party

because there's a lot riding
on that.

But after that, I'm going
to have to be done.

I understand.


I am so proud of you.

You are a fantastic
party planner.

You know what? Thank you
for everything, Eve.

Thank you.

Okay. I don't understand.

Receptionist: I'm sorry sir, all
I know is that the mayor's going

in a different direction
at this time.

But he wanted to thank you again
for your efforts.

That doesn't make any sense.
How did this happen?

Well, all I know is that he
mentioned someone named Holly.

I didn't catch everything
he said,

but he made it clear
it was because of her.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Theo, hi.

What did you say?

What? To who?

Mayor Donahue?

Did you say something
to Mayor Donahue?

Back up.
What's going on?

You tell me, Holly.

His office called and told me
we lost the contract.

What? How is that possible?

His assistant said it was

because something you said
to him.

When did you go see the mayor?

I didn't go see him.

I mean, I saw him last night
at a charity event.

And you spoke to him about me?

Uh, he asked me a few questions,

like if I thought you were ready
to handle such a big contract.

And what did you say?

I said when I first met
you that I,

I didn't think that you
were ready.

So you said no,
that I wasn't ready.

No, I said when I first
met you then

I didn't think that
you were ready,

but now that I thought
you were absolutely ready.

Holly, you have known me
for a week.

And he knows that
you've known me for a week,

so how much can a person change
in that short period of time?

Apparently, a lot.

Because you have.

Well that doesn't really matter,
because we lost the contract.

Theo, I'm sorry.
I'm, I'm so sorry.

You know, it's fine.

But I no longer require
your services.

Come on, let me just finish
the party and I can fix this.

It's okay. I will handle
it myself.

Really. I insist.

Holly. What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be getting ready
for the party?

I'm not going.


Because I messed everything up.

- Oh...
- I left Encore today.


It turns out they were never
going to give me that promotion.

So I quit.

And then I messed everything up
with the mayor

and it cost Theo the contract.


First thing's first.

I'm surprised you didn't quit
long before this.

You've been running the show
at that company for years.

You don't have to wait for them
to deem you ready, Holly.

You're too good for that.

Now you can focus on events
that you'd like to create.

And Theo,

I'm sure you didn't mean for him
to lose the contract.

I didn't. I really didn't.

Well, I think you should
get ready,

go to that party,

tell the mayor what you meant,

and then go tell that boy
that you have feelings for him.

Because you do.

It's written all over your face.

I don't, I don't even have
anything to wear.

My dress is at the apartment.

Nonsense. I have the perfect
dress for you.

I was cleaning out the closet
the other day

and look what I found.

It's Grandma's gowns.


I think the red one
would be perfect.

Me too.

Thanks Mom.

I'll go put it on.


Ready for the big night?


Hey, what's wrong?

We're out.


Out of the running
for the contract.

What happened?

I let us down.

Which means my dad's going
to have to go through

with those layoffs.

But I did put in a bid
to develop new homes

in this new development
on the East Side.

But until that goes through...

I'm confused.

I thought you didn't want
to build family homes anymore.

Family homes are what built
this company.

And I want to move
into commercial,

but not if it means losing
what makes us special.


Uh, Nick.

Please don't say anything yet.

I don't want to ruin the night,

Of course.

My lips are sealed, I promise.

Thanks man.

See you out there.

Okay, you guys ready?

Both: Yes.

Oh, Holly.

You look beautiful.


Thanks you guys.

Wait, why are you so dressed up?

Hey, you're not the only one
that gets invited

to fancy Christmas parties
around here.

Okay Dad, touché.


Following your heart is always
the right choice.

Not always the easiest one,
but always the right choice.

Go follow your heart.

Now go enjoy yourself.


Have fun.

Quite the event you
and Miss Green

managed to pull off here today.

Thank you sir.

Is she here?
I haven't seen her.

My family is having a blast.

Your pitch today,
so many great ideas.

I loved the skylight
sundial thing.


That was all Holly.

Actually a lot of that design
was her.

I just had the rough ideas
and she helped me refine them.

So sorry to hear about
your model.

I mean, what I saw of it?


You know you're very lucky
to have someone

like Miss Holly Green
supporting you.

You know that, Theo?

I have to say, Son.

Congratulations are in order.

I'm not going to lie Dad,
this party was all Holly.

Not about that.

I saw you put us in for the bid
for the Hanson community.

You realize those are houses,

I do.

You were right.

Building family homes
where people make memories,

that's what this company
is about.

And I'm sorry that
I was so off-base.

I was just trying to show you
that I deserve to take over

as CEO because I'm good at it,

and not just
because I'm your son.

You did that.

As well as securing
the city center contract.

But that call from
the mayor's office.

I thought we were out
of the running.

That was a mistake.

She called to correct it
this afternoon.

Mayor Donahue did have
some doubts at the beginning,

but you proved him wrong.

And his conversation
with Holly helped immensely.

Gave him that outside

You have so much talent.

You just needed to get out
of your own way.

Working with Holly,

I've seen a different side
of you.

I'm really proud of you.

Where is Holly, anyway?

Oh no.

I told her not to come.

You what?

Because I thought her
conversation with the mayor

cost us the contract.

I didn't know it secured it
for us.

Oh man, I should've known.

Part of leadership is knowing
you're going to make mistakes.

It's how you handle the mistake
that matters most.

You should call her.

She's something special,
that one.

Holly, there you are.
Fantastic party.

Oh! Thank you sir.

Um, actually I wanted to talk
to you about last night.

I'm worried that
I said something

that might have
gotten misconstrued.

No, no. I think I heard you
loud and clear.

You and Theo work
so well together

and now that he's doing
the build,

it makes sense to hire you
to do the opening.


Yes! Yes.

He said he's going to be ready
probably in late summer.


So I'd love to see what
you come up with.


Theo's very lucky to have
someone like you in his corner.

Thank you.

Obviously there's going to be
a lot of other projects

that I want to talk
to you about,

so my office will give you
a call very soon.

Fantastic work.

Thank you.

To you and your kin

We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a happy New Year



Eve will be thrilled.

You secured that promotion, no?

Actually, there
isn't a promotion.

The board decided to go
another way, so I quit.

That's a huge loss for them.

Look Theo, I just, I really want
to say I'm so sorry.

No, no, I'm sorry.

I had the whole situation wrong.

It was because of you
we landed the contract.

- You did?
- Yeah.

And I am so sorry
that I would ever think

you would jeopardize that.

So I hope you accept my apology.

I don't know.

Of course!

You got the contract?
You got the contract!

And it was all because of you.

I couldn't have done it
without you, Holly.

I don't know how to say this.

Holly, you challenge me
and make me laugh,

and you've made me happier than
I ever thought that I could be.

And I know that I'm stubborn...

And a little bit of
a perfectionist.

Yeah, that might be true.

But I've never met anyone
like you.

And you are so kind and
sometimes a little high strung,

but whatever you set out to do,
you can literally accomplish it.

Um, Holly?

I'm falling for you and I can't
imagine life without you.


Holly! You're here.


Yes. I'm here.
You're here?

Oh, I love this song.

Shall we dance?

Well I could never say no
to Mr. Claus.

What do you say?
Do you want to dance?

Of course.

I heard the dance floor
has got some good spring.

It does.

I've been thinking...

you're probably the only person
on earth who's funnier than me.

Wow. Oh Nicholas.

Was that a compliment?

I was just thinking maybe we
could go to dinner sometime?

I wouldn't hate that.

Is that a date?

It's a date.


What are they doing here?

I invited them.

I told you we had a fancy
Christmas party

to go to tonight.


- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

- Hey.
- Hi, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you.

This night turned out
pretty magical, huh?

It sure did.

I would say the memories from
this experience are priceless.

Me too.

And I wanted to tell you
I'm falling for you too.

Merry Christmas everybody!