Five Star Stories (1989) - full transcript

The Joker five-star system is under Emperor Amaterasu. Mecha pilot Ladios must save his co-pilot, Fatima-class female android Lachesis, from one of many warlords, who oppose Amaterasu. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
The cluster calendar of 2988

Easter, Wester, Southand
and North.

In these four solar systems
of the Joker Star Cluster

are found many
different nations.

Mortar Headd is a powerful
battle weapon.

A Headd Liner is the pilot
of a Mortar Headd.

Fatima are the facilitators of war,
serving the Mortar Headds.

Fatima are a form of artificial life
and a female android.

Fatima are born as a bridge for Headd Liners
to control Mortar Headds.

They were especially bred
for the purpose.

However, blood flows through
their veins.

They are exact images of
normal females.





Hello, Lachesis.

Can you hear me Doubleipshyon?

Sorry, Lachesis.

You are the last one to awaken.

Will you also curse me
like Atropos?

Do you still retain your love
for that man?

If that is still the case,
you will suffer forever.

It will take time for your face and
body to return to normal.

Please forgive me for making
you like a monster.

No, it is what I wanted, Father.

Father, what of my sister?



Dr. Ballanche!
Show yourself!

Yes, Litra.
I shall go, anyway.

Lord Amaterasu.

Aisha, I shall go to Addler.

To see the new Fatima?

Yes, exactly.

You stay here.

What the hell!

I've lost control!

Oh, no!

I'm totally lost.

I was almost there.


Of course,
it's that season now.

Who'd have thought
I'd find a goddess here!

What happened to you, miss?


Sorry about that.
I didn't think.

Sorry, I thought
you were a girl.

What's your name?

Sopp, Ladios Sopp.

Sopp, you say?

I've heard that name before.
Ah, well.

I'm Voards Viewlard.
I'm a Headd Liner.

You are?

Yes, that's why I'm headed out to Bastogne.

What a coincidence,
I'm going there, too.

Going to see Fatima, are you?

To see what?

The android Dr. Ballanche made.

He will reveal the Fatimas
in five days from now.

Is that where you're going, Sir Voards?


That ship is headed there, too.

Everyone's so excited.

There'll be King CO-LUS III, from Juno.

And King Collet from Both.

And besides that,

Emperor Amaterasu
from Delta Belune.

It's an extraordinary gathering,
eh Sopp?

Sounds great.

I'll miss you, Sopp.

Thanks, you saved my life.

I'll be staying at the Lord's place.
Come and visit.


You're late, Sopp.

You're covered in dust.

Same as always.
The test failed.

Well, you're so stubborn.

Whatever. Anyway,
why did you call me here?

You know Lord Juba?

The new governor, isn't he?

Originally a merchant.
I've only heard bad things.

Let's go to the factory.

Brings back memories, eh?
It's been more than 10 years.

Lachesis and Clotho have matured.

They're both being taken to Lord Juba.

How about Atropos?

She matured a year ago.
She's gone now.

You let her go?


Juba treats them as his playthings.

Lachesis and Clotho, too.

He won't say while everyone is there,

but he intends to keep
them for himself.

If they cannot find masters
at the preview,

the rules say Lord Juba will have them.

That's the end of them.

Don't worry.
Many Headd Liners will be there.

They'll be paired off
with Headd Liners.

Not this time.

Their minds are not controlled.


Their emotions are even
in excess of a human.

That means...

I need you to protect them.

I'm dying. This is the last favour
I can ask of you.

Will you, Sopp?

No way.
I'm not much good with women.



Sopp, listen to this.

I will become your bride.

You will become my master.

I can't?

That's right.

It's been over 10 years, Lachesis.

So many people.
The castle must be packed.


What's that?

Look at the size of it!

It's Bel Kreel!

It's Emperor Amaterasu
of Delta Belune.

The preview will be fantastic!

A Mortar Headd meister, you say?

Yes, sir.
Ladios Sopp by name.

Come forward.

Well, aren't you a pretty one, eh?

I hear you're a meister
of the Mortar Headd.

Why are you here?

So many things here are
of interest to me.

In your United Rent,
Lord Juba.

Well, well.
You're a smart one.

Are you a natural?

Yes, I've had no work done
on my face nor my body.



Why didn't you tell me?

You're the famous Ladios Sopp.

Sorry if I managed to offend you.

No need to be formal.
Just call me Sopp.

A meister is far inferior to a Headd Liner.

Is that right?
Then call me Viewlard.

So tell me, you're not wearing
a formal suit?

I wouldn't be seen dead in one!

Thank you.

What are you here for, Sopp?

Juba's a pervert, you know.

Does that mean you are one, too?

Thanks for the advice,
but don't worry.

I will do what I have to do.
I will continue as I am.

Really? Well, okay.

The Emperor Amaterasu!

Delta Belune's God of Light!

Amaterasu Dis Grand Eaighdas Greens IV!

Sorry, Aisha...

Fantastic! Look at how beautiful he is!

And those four behind him.

The Mirage Knights?

You know of them?

Just rumours.

The strongest Headd Liners
in the entire star cluster.

Like the gods of death!

Enough of this.
Will you come and see my Mortar Headd?


Clotho, there's something
I must tell you.

Was the Mortar Headd in your Carrier?

Yes, I managed to do it.

This is my Bulunge.

Wow, that's fantastic.

You know who made it?

May I?

Go ahead.

It's a Kallamity model.

It's modified from
a basic 2417 model.

In Count Cortar's colours.

Yes! Well done!

Over here!

Chase her!

What's all the commotion?

A Fatima has escaped!

Don't harm her!


A Fatima escaping?
Hey, Sopp!

Such an impulsive young fellow!

Sopp, get in!

Listen Clotho,
you must escape.

It's your only chance.

Go to Dr. Morard's in Betoruka.

Don't worry about me.

I'll stay here for the viewing.

You must escape.

Find yourself a good master.


She's fast, I can't see her.

I have a question.

Do you know this Fatima?

Yes, I do.

Okay, leave it to me.

A Fatima!

Well, isn't she a beauty?

She must be a lost Fatima.

I bet she's looking for a master.

In that case,
we'll take care of her.

What's that for?!

Where are you going, my pretty?

I'm trying to find
Dr. Morard's place.

Oh, Dr. Morard?
I know him very well.

Why don't we escort you
over there?

Sopp! I'll go this way.


No, don't!

Stop fighting, will you?

Oh, you're a beauty!

We'll be your masters.

Won't we?

What are you up to?

Who in hell are you?

It ain't your concern.

He's a Headd Liner!

So what? Get him!

Damn it!

Don't move!


She's just fainted.

Thanks for helping me out.

Sorry to interfere.

Not at all. Thank you.

Is her name Clotho?


So she's a runaway?

For some reason she escaped
from the upcoming preview.

It appears she's far too emotional.


Who are you?

I am CO-LUS, a Knight of Juno,
my young Fatima.

CO-LUS III? A king?

That's right.

You were lucky.



I wanted to...

...escape to this gentleman's care.

If your majesty wishes.

But what of the preview?

Sire, she has not been subjected
to mind-control.

I thought as much.
Earlier she used the word ''master.''

As if she was talking to someone else.

It's as if she was talking
to the CO-LUS' ancestry.

My Lord.

Will that hidden man
please show himself?


I'm Voards Viewlard.
Pleased to meet you, sire.

I have been sent here
by United Rent to scout.

So what do we do with this girl?

She should really be sent back
for the preview.

But she doesn't want
to go back there.

Perhaps it's best
if she just disappears.

Does your United Rent agree to this?

Yes sire.

But that's forbidden.

I realise that.

I see...

I shall take her.


Look, Mirage Knights!

Maybe it's best if you
disappeared, Sopp.

If it isn't King CO-LUS III.

So you found our Fatima.

Thanks for saving us the trouble.

Please hand her over to us.

Just a moment, Sir Pejoit.

Despite the earlier trouble
with Clotho,

she wishes to go with King CO-LUS.

What's this?

That's right.
We four witnessed it.

But that can't be...

I'm afraid we must insist.

It may be a rare case,

but according to all our traditions

the word of three knights is law.

Well, yes, of course.
But please don't tell anyone.

If possible, please stay with her
until the preview is over.

Of course, otherwise you're in trouble.

Well, King CO-LUS,
if you'll excuse us.

So you left her with him?

Yes, sire.

Fool! That means they must
know my plan!

They didn't appear to be
working together.

How would you know?

At least I get my hands on Lachesis.
She won't escape.

Yes, that's right!
What happened to Decors and Torrora?

What are my nephews doing?

They're useless!

I can't?

Thinking about Lachesis?

No, I'm just star-gazing.


Thank you all for coming here today.
Please take a good look.

This is my Mortar Headd, Helmine.

Made by the famous Dr. Starm.

It's the best in the universe.

My nephews, Torrora and Decors.

They're aboard Devoncha and Barunsha.

Also made by Dr. Starm.

He wasn't born a Headd Liner.
He's a merchant.

He adopted those nephews.

That Helmine doesn't
require a Headd Liner.

How do you know?

His Fatima is an Eetoramuru.


The non-human looking Fatima,
is that what you mean?

You know a lot.



They're so clumsy.

Is that right?

What do you say, everyone?

Since we're all here, anyway,

can we see a battle
of the Mortar Headds?

Good idea!

Yes, let's!

Yes, I think everyone here is aware.

The Fatima Clotho now
belongs to King CO-LUS.

Your highness, can we see
how good she is in a Mortar Headd?

No! I don't want to.

I'm scared of Mortar Headds!

Oh my God!

Did I hear that wrong?

King CO-LUS' Fatima

is refusing to control a Mortar Headd?

That's very strange.

Please be so good as to order her,
King CO-LUS.

You can choose either
Devoncha or Barunsha.

I'm sorry, I must refuse.

Well, well, how strange.
Did you all hear that?

The mighty King CO-LUS refusing to fight?

Have I done something to
offend the good king?

Sorry, no.
That's not the case.

You don't wish to show
the power of your Fatima.

Excuse my rudeness.

How dare he insult the king!

Aren't they just the most magnificent Mortar Headds?

Oh, my.
The Emperor Amaterasu!

It would be a waste...

to risk damaging such Mortar Headds.

Simply looking at them is sufficient.

Thank you for your kind words.

To receive praise from the Emperor

is such a wonderful thing.

That's a relief.

He's a great ruler.

Hey, Sopp.
What's going on here?

What a heavy Mortar Headd this is.

Are you there, Sopp?

Viewlard, I'll show you something interesting.



You don't see many around these days.

This Eetoramuru is probably
a Fatima in natural form.

They won't fight over these, will they?

Its sole function is to
take control of the Mortar Headd.

They don't dream.

No need to even give them a name.



Go away!

Sopp has come for me!

Lachesis, there are limits
to my patience.

If you refuse my advances,

Dr. Ballanche will be
in serious trouble.

Do you understand me?

Don't run away,
my sweet little bird.

You're free until the preview ends.

Do as you please.

Is that what keeps you going?


Are you thinking about Lachesis?


I'm not saying you should love Lachesis.

You can find someone else worthy of her.

Like Clotho did.

That's not what Lachesis wants.

But perhaps that's the best choice for her.

You mean she'd be unhappy with me?

That's her decision.

I'm leaving.

I shall post Mirage Knights
for tomorrow's preview.

You can show yourself.

You knew I was there?

You've been following me.

Wasn't that the Emperor?


Just who are you?

I am Ladios Sopp.
So who are you?

I am Voards Viewlard.

That's fine with me.

Let's leave it at that.

Listen, Sopp.

Why do they say Amaterasu
hates Fatimas?

Who knows?

But why?
Why is that?

You're so cold.

Stop touching me.

I hate drunks.

Eh, what's that?

You're drunk, too.
Your face is red.

No way!

Nah, it's red, red.

Bright red!

Darling Sopp!

I said stop it!

Listen, Sopp.

What now?

I have many good friends
who I can call on.


Sopp, I made this for you.

It smells beautiful, thank you.

You shouldn't be so selfish.

I made one for you, too.

Thank you, Princess.

Clotho also made one for me?

They like you very much.

This is the last time
they can be free.

Once they emerge from the capsules,
they'll be adult Fatima.

Why do you say that?
I hate the thought!

They're just as human as we are.

They shouldn't have to die
in battle.

They're not just tools of war.

I shall make a Mortar Headd that
doesn't need Fatima.

You can become my master.

I can't?

Of course. I'll do it for you.


I have one more favour to ask of you.

What is it?

You make Mortar Headds, don't you?

I want a beautiful golden
Mortar Headd that

will last for thousands of years.

Then I can marry you
in front of the Mortar Headd.

A golden one?

Yes, I shall pray for that
while I'm in the capsule.

You will be aboard that
the Knight of Gold

when you come to claim me as your bride.

I don't think I can do that, Lachesis.

Why do you hesitate?


You can take Lachesis away now.

I know.

But you're afraid, aren't you?

Me? Afraid?

No, not afraid of Lachesis.

You're afraid of what
fate will bring.

Afraid of our fate?
No, I'm not.

Deep down in your heart
you know you are.

Because you are not human.

You know everything.

The fate of not just Delta Belune,
but of all four solar systems.

You have a duty to perform.

With Lachesis, not alone.

I understand your fears.

No, you're wrong!

She's wrong.

Will the press please gather inside.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am pleased to parade the Fatima for you.

But first, Sir Voards Viewlard,
the official witness, will speak.

I am charged with witnessing
these proceedings.

I am to ensure that all is correct.

After interviews, the Fatima

will choose which master to serve.

In case a Fatima does not
choose a master,

she will be held over until
the next preview.

Those with the right
to claim a Fatima.

will not make protest should she

choose someone else as a master.

Then let us begin
the preview of the Fatima!

I present the Fatima!

Dr. Ballanche's construct,

Well done, Dr. Ballanche!

She looks so real.

She looks almost human.


You are running away.


It is true, you are incapable
of loving anyone.

You're wrong...

No, you are proving to be
a perfect monster.

You enjoy toying with others' souls.


I loved you despite everything.

No, wait!

Is she alright?


Your attention, please.

Let us hear this Fatima speak.

Choose your master, Lachesis.

What? You're saying
you do not choose anyone?

Well, well, that is indeed
bad luck for you all.

But you can all try again next time.

Do not take offence.

Therefore, I shall take charge
of this Fatima...

until the next scheduled preview.


Come, Lachesis.


That's forbidden!

He must be at least a Headd Liner!

She needs a dose of mind-control!

Arrest them!

Sorry I'm late, Lachesis.

Let's escape, come on.


Everyone, let them pass!

Sister dear!


You will not pass this point.
Begone with you!

Hold on tight.

My nephews!


Get the Air Dolly. I'll never let them escape!

Bring Ballanche here.


They're going to use their biggest ship.


I'll go, too. Get my Mortar Headd.


Should you leave now?


There is no one in the castle now.

It's a perfect chance to
show the evil of Juba.

King CO-LUS.

Aren't you the ruler of this land?

Isn't that right, President Mission Rouath?

In that case, I shall go inside.

My regards to Miss. Megaella.

Let's start by arresting
those in the palace.


Seems like everyone
knows about me.

They're my sisters, aren't they?


I can see the Air Dolly.

How far away?


In 10 minutes. 25 seconds.

What do you want here?

You know exactly what I want.

Neither Lachesis nor Clotho

have had mind-control.

Arrest him!

Oh my God!

Don't run.
I am your opponent.

That cannot harm me.

It won't work, Sopp.
You can't escape from me!

Lachesis ran off with Sopp.

Is that so?

I knew that this would happen.

It was fated to happen.

I knew that one day it would
come to pass.

I've lost my one true love.

I am sorry, Aisha.

Aren't they so foolish?

Of all places to escape to.


It was here, wasn't it?

I was in a broken-down transport

that crashed here.

After much testing.
I finally made it this far.

That's how I met the president
of the land.

It's time you made your appearance.

What's that?

What on earth?!

How did it get here?

It's a golden...

...golden Mortar Headd.

You know how to control it,

I do.

Be careful, I can't operate it.

I understand.

It only looks strong.



My poor Devoncha!

This is becoming very interesting.


The monster!

You will use the buster cannon!

It's too close, sir.

It's the only weapon that
can bring him down.


Master, I detect a buster cannon.

So what?
We have one, too.

It's a cut-down version of
a buster launcher.

And it's hard to aim
and very unstable.

It may even blow back.

Beware of an overload.

I understand.

Lowering aim.

Energy is accelerating,
rifling is in motion.

I'll handle the timing,
you take the shot.

Roger that.

A hit!

A buster cannon!


At last you decided to join Lachesis,
the god of light.

From today, Lachesis will replace me.
Take good care of her.

Farewell my wife of days long gone.

You have been waiting a long time.


What is it?

No one can stop it.
Now, a new age of history dawns.

I remember...

My name is...

Gibih Lachesis Fannatic
B Amaterasu Guriess.

I wished that this would
all come to pass, Father.

It is my duty to capture
the floating threads on a wheel,

and ensure they work for good.

If I neglect my duty for
but one day, mayhem will ensue.

My master will hold
the threads of life.

But still...

still I have to...

Yes, my master.

And it came to pass that
Lachesis was married to Amaterasu,

in the cluster calendar of 2988,

on the planet Addler
in the pentagon constellation.

Only they were present
for the rite.

In the same year, Juba Bardaim was
dismissed by the minister

for all his evil work.

To replace Lord Juba and restore justice.
they reappointed Lord Waghtlmar.

This was imparted to a gathering
of the people

by the 14th president Mission Rouath.

Also known by the name Voards Viewlard.

History began anew.

It was to lead the four solar systems to war.

The beginning of the saddest of fates.

Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos

were possessed of great power

and their legends have just begun.

Moshimo kotobano nai jidainara

Motto umaku mitsumeru no ni

Ima wa kazeno muki ga kawarutabi

Toki no nagare modoka shiino

If this is an age of no words

I would be able to take a better look at you

At this moment, each time the wind changes its direction

The flow of time makes me impatient

Ameno asaniwa niji wo watatte

Yofuke wa miku zuki no yumi hiite

atsui omoiwo todoketai noni

Anata no hitomi wa

In the rainy morning I walk over the rainbow

And in the midst of the night I pull the bow of the crescent moon

just to deliver my warm affections for you

Your eyes are

So far away, hateshinai

yume wo utsusuyo mabataki no sezu

So far away, saa koeyou

anata no atowo tsuite yukukara

So far away, they reflect

the boundless dreams without a blind

So far away, go reach beyond

because I am right after you

Mou hitorideiru jiyuunante

hoshikunai futarinara

I no longer want the freedom of being alone

if the two of us are together