Five Million Dollar Life (2019) - full transcript

Takatsuki Mirai suffered from a life threatening disease when he was young. Through donations and the compassion of acquaintances and strangers his life was turned around. On the down side he is consistently under the spotlight and, as a schoolboy, finds it hard to cope. When he decides for suicide solution a message arrives asking for the money back. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
"I live a worthless life."

It will only take a few
minutes of your time.

Can you listen to my story?


Maybe more than
just a few minutes.

Do you know

how much money each person needs to spend
from the moment they are born until they die?

The average consumption expenditure
of the Japanese is approximately

JPY 210 million.


how much money can
a person earn during their lifetime?

The average wealth earned by
Japanese individuals is approximately

JPY 230 million.

In other words,

people need to spend their entire
lives earning enough wealth to survive.

Once they have earned enough,

they die.

If one's entire life is about constantly adding or
subtracting value to oneself or reducing it to zero,

then my life has been
high difficulty from the

very beginning.

Maybe you should just

forget it.

You've already worked hard enough.

It's today, right?

I saw it on the news
this morning at 6 o'clock.

You're amazing.

You participate in that
special program every year.

It's already the tenth year, right?

This year is the eleventh year.

Teacher, I'm so moved.

You were just
a little kid back then,

working hard to survive.

Your courage also inspired me.

I participated in the
fundraising event back then.

Thank you, teacher.

Let me make some
modifications first.

Hey, I heard about this person.


Thank you, thank you.

Come here.

What's wrong?

Wait a moment,
this is for you.

Thanks, Auntie.

You're so noisy.


Stop playing around and come help.

Here, take this.

Thanks, Uncle.

That guy is getting
dumber as he grows up.

Why don't you learn
from others more?

Right, Mirai?

You're too kind.


Oh, Yamamoto,
you're here.

The thing you wanted has arrived.

The kid's father is on the right.

(I hope everyone who knows me disappears.)

Excuse me.

It's all set.

Long time no see,
it's finally back.

I apologize for making
you wait for so long.

Thank you. So, Mirai
will be on TV today, right?

You actually remembered.

Of course,
I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you.

It's all thanks to everyone's care.

Sorry to bother
you all of a sudden.

I've been wanting
to talk to you, Senpai.

I saw you on TV before
and thought you were amazing.

I've been reflecting
on what I've done.

Did I scare you?


Don't you think
death is a great thing?


Because both your past
and future will be glorified.

If you want to live,
you'll occasionally be despised by people.

But if you die,
won't you be remembered by others?

I was thinking about ending it all today.


Is it too heavy for you?

It's not that it's heavy,

but i met you.

I wonder if you'll get angry
at me or something.

Because you understand
the importance of life.

Sorry, I need to take this call.


What are you still doing outside?
Hurry back home.

I'm a bit confused.
A classmate suddenly wanted to talk to me.

You can't get along with
someone like that, can you?

I just saw the two
of you walking together.

Anyway, come back soon.
We can't start without the main character.


I'm sorry I'm a little late.

Thank you for coming.

Long time no see.

I'm here to bother
you again this time.

Not at all.
Please, go ahead.

Everyone here is your lifesaver,
you know.

I know.

Sorry, I have something to attend to.
I have to leave.

It's okay, it's okay.


I can still understand.


Saying things like being
glorified after death.

Thank you.

I'll be leaving now.

Born with a heart condition,
a living being who almost left this world.

Received a heart transplant and subsequent
in the United States for a total of eleven years.

This program focuses on this little life.

It's a program that
documents the miracle of birth.

When Mirai Taketsuki
was only six years old,

he was diagnosed with
a severe heart condition.

The only way for Mirai to survive.

was to pay a high cost
and go overseas for organ transplantation.

Mirai's mother, Marie Taketsuki, ultimately decided
to take him to the United States for a heart transplant surgery.

Then, local caring citizens spontaneously
formed a charity rescue association.

Hoping to save his life no matter what.

My child is also actively participating
in fundraising activities to help Mirai.

After everyone's efforts, the amount
raised reached a staggering 500 million yen.

The surgery went smoothly,
and healthy and lively Mirai returned.

After returning home, Mirai said...

From now on, I want to repay
these people who helped me.

I want to become a useful person in society.

Now, Mirai is already
a high school student.

He has a very
ambitious goal in his heart.

To become a doctor.

Because he thinks of many people
with the same illness as him.

Good morning, Mirai.

Good morning.

You've learned up to this point, right?

You studied with
your mother, didn't you?

I'm lying to you.

It would be better for your life to end.
From Kiyomaru.

What do you mean?
Who are you?

I'm the person watching TV right now.
From Kiyomaru.

Acting like a good child is disgusting, it's all like a
lie, doctors and such. That's great, a sincere child, it's touching.

So adorable, just my type. Are they fooling the
audience? Today's TV program is really boring.

Look here.

No need to worry
about that kind of thing.

Me and everyone else know.

Know what?

Know how obedient
of a child you are.

Go inside.

Everyone has given him life.

And they're still warmly
protecting him like this.

Such a tremendous favor.

Me and my child will remember
and repay it throughout our lives.

It's nothing, really.

Don't worry about it.

Thank you, everyone.

I also want to end it.

Hey, Mirai,
why don't you say a few words?

No need, really.

What are you saying?
This gathering was organized for you.

Come on, come on.

Thank you all for attending
this gathering today.

First of all, thank you, everyone.

I still have to go to the
hospital for regular check-ups.

But my daily life
is not greatly affected.

I'm really happy to be able to
see everyone like this every year.

The summer vacation starts tomorrow.

Next year, I will also face
the university entrance exam.

I want to wholeheartedly
devote myself to studying.

Although I'm not sure if
I can eventually get into my ideal university,

I will do my best to get into
a national university in the surrounding area,

so as not to burden
my mother too much.

But even though
studying is very important,

this year I will also help
out at the summer festival.

One of the joys of summer is

the watermelon we get
at the summer festival.

I've been thinking for a long time.

about ending this life.

That's great.

Eat well, study well.

I understand.

My life is hypocritical.

In fact, I'm just an ordinary
person with no special talents.

Perhaps I'm even more empty
and worthless than an ordinary person.

I never thought I could
repay that 500 million yen.

I wanted to end this kind
of life a long time ago.

But I will never say such a thing.

But I will never say such a thing.

I am weak

I don't have the courage to betray
my mother and the people who have helped me.

For this guy,

You actually spent 500 million yen.

Thank you, everyone.

From now on, I will definitely

continue to disappoint everyone.

The more I live like this,
the more it reveals

how empty i am.

How worthless.

So, before that,

I want to end my life.

To fulfill the promise with the most
important person, and then I will die.

Kiyomaru, thank you for giving
me an opportunity. Goodbye.

There's no use stopping.

Don't indulge yourself.




You don't really
want to die, do you?

Do you think I would
rush to call the police?

If that happened, your mom would
come running to save you, holding you tightly.

Your mom would be really upset.
How pitiful.

What does this guy mean?

It's true.
I didn't think of calling the police.


You don't even have
the right to die, you know.

Do you know

that on average, Japanese people spend
about 210 million yen from birth to death?

And they earn about 230 million yen.

In other words, in order to survive, you have to
spend my entire life earning money, and then you can die.

What does that mean?

Still don't understand?

You already have a debt of
500 million yen in your life.

But it's not my fault.
It's not like I wanted to get sick.

Are you dumb?

Who would willingly take on a debt?

Nevertheless, everyone still struggles
to survive in order to repay their debts.

So, what do you want me to do?

Go earn 500 million yen.

Pay off your debt and then die.

I want to get off at that stop.

I understand.
I'll earn 500 million yen and then die.

Calling me dumb...

(Part-time job, daily pay, high school student)

I must earn 500 million yen.

1,000 yen per hour.

In other words,

If I work eight hours
a day without rest,



171 years.

If I win the lottery,
even if I'm underage,

we will give the prize
money to your guardian.

Then I'd rather not.

Good luck to you.

what's wrong?
Can't you do it?

Guests under 18 can
only stay until 10 p.m.

Sorry, but underage guests need their
guardian's consent to stay overnight.

I'm not underage.

Sorry, are you Mirai?

I saw you on TV.

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm here.

Mirai, where are you?

(I've left home. Don't look for me anymore.)

what are you doing?

What does it mean to embark on a journey?
Are you going on a trip?

Embarking on a journey is
different from traveling.

as long as you're okay.

I thought you were
concerned about that girl.

Mom is really worried about you.

Who is that girl?

Oh, right. It's the girl who
was with you before.

What happened?

Did she jump off a building?

Did she commit suicide?

No, her life wasn't in danger.

Anyway, come back quickly.

Where are you now?

Mom is coming to pick you up.

Mom's Mirai is no longer here.


It's more accurate to say
He never existed from the beginning.

What are you talking about?

Mom, I can't get into medical school.

Are you worried about tuition?
Don't worry about it.

Don't spend money on me anymore.

I don't really want to be a doctor.

Then what do you want
to do in the future?

I don't know.

I've never thought

about what kind of person I want to become
or what I want to do.


But now, for the first time in my life,
I have something I want to do.

So, don't hinder me.

How nice, it's raining.

Raindrops fall freely from the sky,

The water needed for survival,

Falls for free from the heavens.

It feels like the rain is saying...

"Keep living."

But who is it speaking to?

Who could it be?

Have you Read it?

It's really interesting,
isn't it?

Let's read it together.

Oh, wait a moment.

Is there an ATM nearby?

No, there isn't.


You, even if you forget your wallet,
you wouldn't forget your phone, right?

There will definitely come a day.

You think it's good to
be prepared in advance.

Here you go.

You can only use it in emergencies.

Hey, young man.

Do you need it?
One hundred yen for a pack.

I think I have some money.

No need,
you can take it.


It's fine.

Thank you.

Wishing you the best
on your runaway journey.

Oh, by the way...

I know the only place where you can hide
from the rain overnight without spending money.

Come on in, come on in.

Sorry for the intrusion.

A perfect welcome.

It's clean, isn't it?


I picked up this trash that
someone else threw away.

Do you like reading?

Since I threw away my favorite book when
I was a child, I haven't read much.

You mean those adult books?

No, just a regular book called
"Night on the Galactic Railroad."

It had a scene where a child died,
so my mom made me throw it away.

Let's eat something.

I don't have money right now.

It's alright,

it's free.

Discarded food from the store.


Expired, you know.

But it's not easy to get now.

Have some.

But I'm already full.

Don't force yourself.

Your phone is out of battery.

Even if you jumped
from the second floor,

if you don't do it the right way,
you won't die.

Is it okay for you to say that to me?

If you jump off a few more floors,

you'll die in a daze.

Speaking of being in a daze...

You have quite the courage to
run away from home when you're broke.

It's not that I can't
withdraw money from the bank.

You have savings?


It's not exactly savings.

It's an account my mom opened
for me when I was born.

It had about 300,000 yen for
New Year's money and such.


Isn't your mom doing well?

This is my blanket.

It's okay, I'm used to it.

Thank you.

Hey kid,
when is your birthday?

September 5th.

You have to go back home before that.


Because it's your birthday,
a day to be grateful to your mother.

Whenever I hear preaching,
I feel like drinking.

Tomorrow, I'll buy some
alcohol as a thank-you gift.

Silly kid, you can't use the money
your mom saved for you to buy alcohol.


Take this.

Even though it might just be garbage.

Can you give it to me?

I'm underage, even if I win,
I can't claim the prize.

Even if I don't win,
I'll keep it as a memento.

If you're at a loss,
go to the park tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock.

I'll introduce you to Hibara.

He'll arrange something for you.


This agent will introduce
you to part-time work.

I'm too old for that.

With your determination,
you'll find a job soon. I'll help you with that.

Why are you so kind to me

when you don't get
anything in return?

Well, at the convenience store,
there were many umbrellas too, right?

I thought you were going to steal one,

but instead, you spent all
the money from your wallet to

buy one from me.

I really like people like you.

Taking care of someone
I appreciate makes me happy.

That's the benefit you give me.

(I'm going to sell something,
remember to eat breakfast.)

This one is specifically for me.


(Thank you.)

Miss chiharu.

I saw it on TV.

He seems really impressive.

I saw it too.

The child is so adorable,
and now they've grown so much.

they've grown up.

How old is he?

I think he's around 16 or 17 now.

And he wants to become a doctor.

Are you okay?


write it yourself.

Go ahead.

Here you go.

It's okay to have a newcomer, right?

Hold it.

You're so annoying.

Hey, push it over there.

What are you doing, you jerk?

You're such a useless person.

Why is there only one in the cart?
You idiot.

Don't slack off.

Even though you're useless,
if you don't eat, you won't have energy.


What are you so happy about?



(Today's earnings + 300,000 savings)

Hey kid,
don't come to work next time.

I'm going drinking.
Good luck, everyone.

No drinking under the age of 20.



Looks like you got scammed, right?

Your savings, your savings.

It was around 300,000, right?

I heard it all.

After all,
the walls are thin.

Is it 0905?
Your password.

You wanted to say, "I'm amazing," right?

Because someone asked
you for your birthday,

You silly fool,

you honestly answered.

Oh no, buying alcohol is not allowed.

Are you still underage?

What a joke.

What a joke.

What a joke.

I hate money, even 300,000.

Stop it.

Stop it!

Stop it!

You broke the wall.

What a joke.

If you wanted money,
you should've told me.

As long as you tell me you want money,

I'll also ask Uncle.

Why is this kid so enthusiastic again?

Could it be because
he bought new shoes?

I told you not to come next time.

I'll work hard today.

Working hard won't do you any good.


It's useless.

Here's the extra for you.

Run, you little brat!

Run faster!

Why are you fooling around?
Run faster!

Announcement: Due to hospital visiting hours,
visiting hours today will end at 5 p.m.

If you jump down,
you won't see the updates for One Piece anymore.

What's going on?

Kosho's mother said...

Because Kosho is kind-hearted,
he committed suicide.

Because he kind-hearted,
she doesn't want to torment her mother anymore.

Those are all lies.

Adults deceive themselves.

When they're extremely
sad and regretful,

They deceive themselves
to get through it.


To keep on living.

I've also thought

about jumping from here.


What will happen after death?

You'll embark on a journey.

A journey?

You can come and go freely,
whether in the sky or here.

But suicide is not allowed.

Those who cut off their own lives

Will be trapped in the same place
and can't embark on the journey.


Promise me,

no matter who dies first,

The person who remains has
to tell the one who's alive

The ending of One Piece.

How do I tell you?

Shout it out loud to the sky.

Even if you can't hear it,
You've gone to a distant place after death.

And the sky is so vast.

That's true.

Let's meet here then.

We agree.

On the day when the final chapter comes out,
whether we're alive or dead,

Let's meet here.


Don't die,
please don't die.

you mustn't die, okay?

I don't want to die either.

Listen to the raindrops
falling from the sky,

They're saying to keep on living.

What are you doing?

Don't misunderstand.

What are you doing?

you misunderstood.

Don't run.

Please, stop.

Please, stop.

(Welcome inexperienced newcomers)

(Accommodation Room: Didi Bear)

(No sexual activities allowed)

Today's Didi Bear is Lovely Jun.



I'm sorry.

What's going on?
Was there no pre-job training here?

I'm sorry.

How old are you?

17 years old.

17 years old.

Do your parents
know you work here?

Why are you doing this?

Because I want money.

Is it because your family is poor?

What does your dad do?

When I was very young,

He suddenly left.


Mom said he ran away.

Run away from what?

Run away from me.

I said, although your dad
running away is pretty lousy,

Your mom isn't a good person either,
she told you that, right?

You're crying, huh?

I'm sorry.

No sexual activities allowed here.

Everyone does it anyway.


you know, I'm too carefree.

I say or do whatever comes to mind.

I think it's good the way you are.

It's not good at all.

There are things
you shouldn't say or do.

So you always end up
hurting others and yourself.

I'm tired of being despised
and feeling lonely.

So I pay someone to accompany me.

But even then,
I'm despised and fall into loneliness again.

Actually, I know

I'm the one causing my own loneliness.

I'm leaving.

Go ahead.


Have sex.

Even though this scar of mine
is prominent and looks scary,

There's really nothing to be afraid of.



I've only done it with VR.


This is my first time
with a real person.

Please teach me if there's
anything I need to improve.

You can keep it.

Save your first time
for someone you like.

Do you have someone you like?

I did.

In the past tense, huh?

Because she might be dead.

We were both hospitalized
in the same hospital before.

After I went to the United States
for surgery and came back,

The nurse said she had been
discharged after being cured.

Maybe they really got
cured and discharged.

I know it's a lie.

Several similar incidents
have happened before.

I spoke carelessly again.

I'm sorry.

I kept asking non-stop.

Thank you.

But you must feel lonely.

My name is Kanako.

Miss Kanako.

It's okay, I'm used to it.

Loneliness is my normal state.

Aren't you the same?

Everyone is lonely.

Your mother too.

Your father might be as well.

But occasionally,
things like this happen, right?

So, it's okay.

You pay for your
hospital expenses yourself.

Me, myself?

Did you hear what she just said?

Isn't that considered abuse?

It's better if you didn't hear it.

Please go ahead.

Lovely, it's time.


(Keep it a secret from everyone in the store.)

Miss Kanako.

No way.

I wasn't crying because
I was sad just now.

I always remember
what my mom said.

My dad abandoned me.

But you told me,

Your mother told you
he wasn't a good person.

So I'm glad you said that to me.

You and I are completely different.

I've been too ashamed
to talk about it until now.

So my loneliness is also self-inflicted.

That's why this time
I want to honestly tell you.

Miss Kanako,
I'm truly grateful to you.

Goodbye, Virgin.

Are you still a virgin?

Why didn't you say so earlier?

Let's take a photo
and have a laugh.

You wanted to make money, right?

After that, he started ignoring my calls.

So, I came to find you.

You've had conversations
with him before, right?

I thought maybe you know something.

Seniors have said to do
what you want to do.

It's better not to disturb him.

But it's been two weeks already.

No communication at all
during these two weeks.

Don't you believe in your own son?

But he's still just a child.

When will a child grow up
and become an adult?

When they can earn
money on their own?

Didi Bear, keep going!

You have to work hard, okay?

Is there a train service on June 4th?


The division of the reward.

This amount...

Because it was the agreed
price with the other party.

Is it that much?
30,000 yuan?


It's 3,000 yuan, right? Yeah.

You're quite interesting.

Wait, I can't do it.

I'm feeling a bit lacking in confidence.

Sorry, please wait a moment.

No problem,
take your time.

That's not what I meant.

I don't think my first
time is worth 300,000.

Don't get me wrong.

Your value isn't determined by you.

How should I put it?

It's more like you can't decide.

How much would you
spend to buy this lighter?

Around 500 yen.

I bought it for 1.5 million.

That's how it is.

What do you mean,
that's how it is?

It's over, contact me.

That's not how it is.

Welcome to the new world.

(I'm Takatsuki. Are you doing okay?)

You've worked hard.


I'll give you 120,000 out of
the 4 parts of 300,000.

Does "64 open" mean
you get 6 and I get 4?

What do you mean?

Are you going back to the store?

Yes, they assigned me a dormitory.

I see.

Then, goodbye.

May I ask...

I won't give you a ride back,
I'm not a taxi.

No, really.

Thank you.

I mean...

You don't have to thank me.

I took 60% of the reward.

But if it was just me,
I wouldn't even get 40%.

Speaking like that will keep you
exploited for a lifetime.

Oh, by the way, here you go.

There's a ramen shop
right in front of that corner.

It expires today,
so go ahead and use it.

Enjoy your ramen.

Here I go.

(Your mom came to my house.)

(She said if she can't reach you by tomorrow,
she'll report to the police. It's better to give her a call.)

(Senior, after you do what you want to do,
this time I'll also go die properly.)

(Why do you want to die?)

(Because I don't believe there's
any value in being alive.)

(Aren't you valuable to anyone?)
Next, we have breaking news.

A report has just been filed against a "sleeping companion"
service shop that coerces minors into providing sexual services.

This morning, police conducted a raid at a sleeping
companion shop called Didi Bear in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Due to suspicions of violating labor standards and the customs business law, the police conducted an investigation into the shop.

According to the
Metropolitan Police Department,

the shop not only had underage males as sleeping companions but also used the pretext of special services to engage in sexual activities.

The arrested suspect, Takanuma Taku, the shop owner,
denies the allegations during police questioning.

The Metropolitan Police Department
will continue to investigate.

Next news.


I lost my job.

Sorry for leaving you alone yesterday.

No, you saved me.
It was fortunate.

Thankfully, we went to eat ramen,
so I wasn't caught.

It wasn't a coincidence.

I reported it to the police.

That shop always
gets busy at that time.

If you were betrayed,
it would feel disgusting, including for me.

It would be considered justice.

Should we stop?

How much money?

Let's split it 64-40,
with 60 million each.

I'll do it.

But this time,
it's 60 for me, 40 for you.

If someone suddenly quits,

it would be troublesome for you, right?

Tsuzuki, we've been waiting.

I appreciate your
continuous support. Thank you.

Here's a newcomer.

This job...

Aren't you just thinking
it's about cleaning?

How can you earn
60 million that way?

Is this a murder scene?

It's forced suicide.


If people find out about this,
it will be troublesome.

Someone spent millions trying to
destroy all the evidence.

How delightful.

Get changed and
start working with this.

Handle this.

It takes a long time
to clean it properly.

Be careful with this,
don't get it in your eyes.

In order to remove the bloodstains,
this is highly acidic.

Are you listening?


I heard it's a debt of 20 million.


Just because of 20 million,
they committed suicide along with their family.

How foolish.

Spirits are enraged.


have you been in contact with Mirai lately?

No, never.
Not even recently.

Is that so?

Okay then,
sorry for bothering you.

Is something wrong with him?

Seems like he's embarked on a journey.

A journey?

Do you know the difference between
going on a journey and going on a trip?

Traveling to a desired place is a trip,

while leaving this place for somewhere
far away is a journey, right?


So that's how it is.

Can you not tell your
parents about this?


Why, though?

Then I'll go first.

If you have any other jobs,
please keep me in mind.

You shouldn't do it.

People like you shouldn't get
involved with people like me.

Go find a job properly.

Go to a convenience store or
a family restaurant or something.

But then it would take me 171 years
to earn 500 million yen.

500 million yen?

What's that?

Someone told me

to earn 500 million yen and then die.

That person is interesting.

(Looking at the sky)

(Sorry, I'm fine.)

500 yen for the exam.

Are you worried about money,
young man?

500 million yen is a lot, isn't it?

It's like carrying a cross.

You're really working hard,
I understand.

But your mother works
harder than you, right?

Don't you see people like this?

They go to restaurants relying on
handouts and get beaten up.

Such things happen frequently,
don't they?

You're restrained no matter what you do.

I understand too well.

Sorry, what did you say?

Is it signed?

It's signed.

Do you have an ID?

Sorry, but we need to confirm it formally.

Sorry for the wait.
Which customer is it?

Give it to him,
give it to him.

Hurry up and eat.

What kind of part-time job is it?

Go to the agency for the details,
and eat quickly.

This way, this way.

Yes, and there's also an older sister.

That's right.


And the other party
expressed willingness to settle.

Don't mention it.
Those weren't my words.

Don't use violence,

Mom, please give me the money.

You said you would save me.

It's okay, Mom.

(That's great, it's working well.)
Mom, your child is doing fine.

From this point on,

you go to the exchange site alone.

Get the money and
contact us, understand?

Once we trust you,
we'll return it to you.

Even if you run away from home,

if you forget to contact your mom,
she'll be sad, right?

I understand.

Don't worry, as long as you work hard,
we'll be reasonable.

I'm really sorry for causing you trouble.

It must be tough to earn this money.

Endure various hardships and heartaches.

It's nothing,
we're sorry for causing you trouble.

You've caused trouble for me as well.

I'm truly sorry.

Thank you for helping my son.

It's really troublesome.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

What should we
do about the child?

As a mother,
enduring various things,

bowing and scraping
to people in society.

Raise a few billion.

What should the child
do in that case?

Endure the same,
bow and scrape the same.

Do we have to say
thank you and sorry for a lifetime?

Wait, where's my son?

This is a scam.

Don't you know?

By installing an app on your phone,
it becomes a listening device.

(Looking ahead, good luck.)

(High Moon, First Choice:
Medical School, National University)

You can bury anyone here.

Save me, I'm begging you.

Save me, I'm begging you.

Save me, I'm begging you.

Save me, I'm begging you.

So you're still alive,
no wonder.

Wait for me in the car.

Not this one,
it's over there.

Not this one.

I'm so tired.

Did you kill them all?

Why would I kill someone?

You're really interesting.

How did you know I was here?

I called you and found out.

Although the call went through,
there was no response.

I overheard them saying
they want to bury you or something.

Give me your phone.

Your phone has been
installed with strange software.

Now everything will be fine.

Oh, by the way, take this too.

If you don't need it,
make sure to completely dispose of it.

(Name: Yushiba Runta)
This is...

Why are you so good to me?


I have always received
care from everyone.

In this world, there are
good people and bad people.

There are those who
want to be kind to others.

And there are those
who are not like that.

You are someone who
survives by receiving care from others.


Will I not be able
to see you anymore?

Do you want to meet?

Yes, I want to.

Then next time,
come find me yourself.

It's been 171 years, right?

I'll be waiting for you.

What are you doing holding that?

Why are you holding it like that?


you understand, don't you?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Is this okay?

It's fine.

I'm starting now.

Are you only eating this much?
Eat more.

I'll give you some too.

(Account balance: 703,324 yen)

Toru, are you here to perform on stage?

I'm sorry.


Apologizing for everything shows
how weak your character is.

I apologized because
I felt sorry for you.


I've always felt sorry for you.

I know you hate me.

You say I have a bad temper.

What did you say?

What's wrong?

You've changed so much, huh?

Is that so?

By the way, why did you
suddenly embark on a journey?

Why, you ask?

I would have gone
home before my birthday,

I see.

I always wanted
to be sick like you.

I had that thought.

What do you mean?

I'm sorry.

Toru, you performed
there last year, right?

As I thought,
I still hate you.

You must burn this.

Remember the old lady who almost fell
victim to a scam? You returned the money to her.

Do you remember?

I remember.

She contacted the police saying that the boy
might be the one who received a heart transplant on TV.

She wanted to thank you sincerely.

No, it's not worth thanking.

This way, please.


It's so good to see you alive.


Are you tired?

I'm sorry.

Mom, did you know?

In this world, there are good
people and bad people.


There are those who
want to be kind to others.

And there are those
who are not like that.

I am someone who survives
by receiving care from others.

What are you talking about?

Thank you.


Thank you for making me
into this kind of person.

Thank you.

Let's go eat something delicious.
Are you hungry?

Why didn't you come to find me?

I withdrew all your savings.

How have you been
getting by all this time?

Wait a moment.

What did you say about savings?

I'm sorry, I thought you would
immediately come home if you ran out of money.

So I withdrew all the money from your passbook,
300,000 yen in your account.



It's good to see you.

Someone asked me
to give this book to you.

I was just about to go see him.

Don't you know?

He's dead.

He was killed.

Rumors on the street say
he won a big prize and was very happy.

People on the street heard about it,

But in the end, the police
investigation couldn't find the reward.

That's not true.

He didn't take my money.

Uncle didn't take my money.

What's it got to do with me?

You're the one who told me.

Uncle couldn't possibly take my money,

But you said those things to me.

What's it got to do with me?

It's all your fault.

You believed in me yourself.

Just believe in him,
that's all.

Then you should have
told me at the time,

Uncle couldn't do such a thing,
believe in him.


Even if I didn't win the lottery,
I would keep it as a memento.

I really like someone like you.
That's the benefit to me.

In the future, I want to repay
the kindness of those who have helped me.

Become someone remarkable.

I don't want everyone to think,

I spent 500 million yen for this guy.

Don't you think death is great?

Someone told me to earn
500 million yen and then die.

I have 500 million yen now.

It's in the coin locker in front of
the Minamigawa Station.

The password is 0905.

I'm sorry for giving it
to you without permission.


Want some food?

It's a waste if you don't eat.

Oh, you prefer red bean bread,
don't you?

I'm sorry, Asuka.

I couldn't keep our promise.

(A 500 Million Yen Life)

You're kidding, right?

Why are you here?

Don't get carried away,
it's disgusting.

(To Mirai, From Sister Asuka)

Akira, I'm counting on you.

After I embark on my journey,

Will he still want to jump off the roof?

Please protect him.

On the day One Piece ends,

Go to the rooftop of the hospital.

Chat with Mirai.

Tell him the ending is very interesting.

Mirai will definitely come.

Then please tell him
about some ongoing manga.

Even if it's not manga.

Tell him something
that will make Mirai happy.

Sister, are you okay?

I'm fine.

Although I don't care
about your affairs at all,

But this was sister's
first and last wish.

In the future, I want to repay the kindness of
those who have helped me and become someone remarkable.

After that,
I saw you on TV every year.

I searched and
thought it might be you.

(All the people who
know me should disappear)

To all the people who
have helped me in this world,

It's my turn to help you now.

I think this is my only way to repay.

(Ending your life would be better)

I don't think you can
earn 500 million yen.

I feel like you'll never die.

What you're doing is against the rules.

Didn't I tell you to
earn money by yourself?

And One Piece
hasn't ended yet.

Then how should I repay
this 500 million yen?

Don't rely on others.

Figure it out yourself.

Explore on your own.

How would I know?

Me too.

I'm also...

I'm also exploring.

I will explore.

After I explore, I'll go die.


Sorry, there's one more
thing I have to do.

I'll be back home before my birthday.

Okay, I'll wait for you.

(I ran away, sorry, the first time
in my life being chased by the police)

(I like Miss Kana's smile)

(The senior who made
me rush and take photos)

(Instantly getting enough nutrition)

(I guessed the price right)

(Long time no see)

(Mirai, keep it up.)

Mirai is really making progress.

(I live a worthless life.)

Can I take a few minutes of
your time to listen to my story?

Maybe it'll take more
than just a few minutes.

Do you know

how much money each person spends from
the moment they are born until they die?