Fist of Honor (1993) - full transcript

A martial-arts boxer working as a debt collector gets involved in a feud between rival Mafia families in L.A. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

I told you the
bitch was no good.

This is not smart, Tommy.

I know how you feel.

But, but the truce is
what-- it's almost--

only two hours away.

The Maluccis and the Diamonds
finally reached an agreement.

You know Uncle Dino
would not like this.

Don't worry about
Uncle Dino, huh.

He'd do the same if it were him.

Come on, you're crazy.

Don't worry about it!

You're going to
screw up this truce,

that's what you're going to do.

Hi, Johnny.


Boy, I'm gonna love this.


Right to the moon, Alice!

Maybe we should check
with Uncle Dino first.

Hey what's with you
and Uncle Dino, huh?

With all due respect.

Maybe it's not his
fault. Maybe it's hers.

You know, Lips?

You're right.


What the fuck?

Oh, Rosie, am I too
late for the party?

Hello, Tommy.

Hey, Casanova.

Where are you going?


Tommy, be cool.

Don't worry, I'm cool.

Johnny Malucci,
I'd like you to meet

my husband, Tommy Bones.

Tommy Diamond?!

Of the-- of the Diamonds?!

That's me, baby.

In the flesh.

Don't worry, Johnny.

He won't kill you.

There's a lot of things
he can't do and pull

his trigger is one of them.

Oh what, am I'm married
to comedian over here?


Johnny M., what
would you do to a guy

if you found him in bed
with your wife, huh?

What would you do?

What would you do?!

Hey, I ain't
married, all right?

Come on, I ain't got all night
over here, Johnny, I'm hungry.

I want to go get some dinner.

What would you do?

What would you do?!

I'd blow his head off.


Not me.




Hey Tommy, you're crazy!


Johnny, come back here.

I ain't got no beef with you.



Hell of a way
to start a truce.

Ain't it, though?


(SINGING) "L" is for
the way you look at me.

"O" is for the only one I see.

"V" is very, very extraordinary.

"E" is even more than
anyone that you adore.

And love is all that
I can give to you.

Love is more than
just a game for two.

Two in love can make it.

Take my heart but
please don't break it.

Love was made for me and you.


(SINGING) is for the way you
look-- you're looking at me.

And "O" is for the
only one I see.

"V" is very, very extraordinary.

Now "E" is even more than any,
any, anyone that you adore.

And love is all I'm
gonna give to you.

Oh, love is more than
just a game for two.

Two in love can make it.

Take my heart but please
don't you break it cuz

love was made for me and you.

I said that love was
made for me and you.

Don't you know that love
was made for me and you.




BOBBY: Louie!

LOUIE: Hey, buongiorno, Bobby.

Try some of these cannelloni.

All right.

TOMMY: Oh, Vinnie!

What do we got?

Come on over here.

I love this.

C'mere, Vinnie, what do we have?

Oh, Thomas, this is
the sauce for tonight.

Taste this.
- I love this.

Is it good?

You make the greatest.

Oh Jimmy!

This guy makes the
greatest sauce.

Yeah, he's terrific.

Tell Uncle Dino it was true.

And I took care of everything.

I took care of "everything."


Stay here.

I'm home.



What took you so long?

You missed dinner.

I got a call before I left.

Cousin Johnny was murdered
a half an hour ago.

Tommy Bones' wife was found
dead in Johnny's apartment.

On the night of our
truce Dino has to draw

blood at the last minute.

Adultery should not have
a place in our business.

You couldn't wait one more hour.

You're going to have to
answer for Johnny Malucci.


I don't understand, I
didn't order anything.

I just found out, boss.

It was Tommy Bones.

Seems like his wife
wasn't boning Bones,

she was boning Johnny.

Well where's Tommy now?

We saw him in the kitchen.

It's great, man.

I'm telling you, gotta
get me this recipe.

I will, I will.

Hey, Uncle Dino.

This sauce is great, man.

Why don't you tell him to
give me the recipe, huh?

Tommy, you broke the truce.

You made a big mistake when
you killed Johnny Malucci.

Scumbag deserved it.

Don't worry about it.

Guy was banging my wife,
what was I supposed to do?

Sit down and do a rosary
with him or something?

You're going to have
to face the consequences.

Look, Dino, what are you
going to do to me, huh?

Are you going to
shoot me or something?


Are you going to
kill me, Uncle Dino?



He is.


I sincerely hope
you'll accept my apology.


Let's cut the cake.

VICTOR: This is the
beginning of a new beginning.

The Malucci family
and the Diamond family

have always had
their differences.

But tonight, we come in
friendship to raise our glass

and equally divide our city.

As our agreement, I equally
divide our city in half.



Buona fortuna.

Buona fortuna.

What does buona fortuna mean?

It means good fortune.

That's nice.

It's nice it it lasts.

Look at them.

See how Dino holds that knife?

He's just dying to
stick it in Malucci

and gut him like a sea bass.

That was my last number.

I'm really tired.

Can we go home now?

Sure, baby.

Let me finish my beer
and we'll be outta here.

DINO: And now,
ladies and gentlemen,

since we have nothing to fight
about anymore the Diamonds

would like to challenge
the Maluccis, one on one,

just for the sake of the action.


We never talk
about a challenge.

Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, well
you can always refuse.

No, no.

We accept.

BOBBY: Hey, Fist.

Dino wants you.

Sorry, Bobby, we
were just leaving.

Fine, you can tell that to
Dino because I'm not gonna.

Colum, are we gonna go, or
are you going to stay here?

FIST: Baby, I gotta see
what Mr. Diamond wants.

I'll be right back.


I told you I need you tonight.

Let's fight.

You got it, Sammy.

No problem.

DINO: Ladies and gentlemen,
all bets that are handled,

even money across the board.

To my left, representing
the Diamond family,

a one-time heavy weight
contender and three time Golden

Glove champ, Colum
"Fist" Sullivan.


To my right, of the South
Side of the train tracks

representing the Malucci
family, and one-time heavyweight

contender, Jackson Spikes.

One black guy in the whole
joint and it's Malucci's boy.

He's a member of
the Malucci family.

FRANKIE: What was that?

What'd you say, Tucchi?

I said which Malucci
is he related to?

Is that your mother's side of
the family, or your father's?

FRANKIE: Hey, uh, hey
Tucchi, what part of Italy

is the Irishman from?

Hey, at least he can
ride in front of the bus,

you understand.


You know something, Tucchi?

You got a big, big
mouth, you fat bastard.

Marone, Frankie Pop
just called Tucchi fat.


Think he's going to shoot him?

I think he's gonna shoot him.

All right.

Know what I'm gonna do?

I'm going to put up 5
grand on my brother.

- Your brother?
- Yeah.

Make it 10 grand, prick.

Go ahead.

Make it 10 and I won't kill you.

Hey, all right.

Go ahead.

Put it up, let me
see your money.

Come on, you fat bastard.
Let me see the money.

Anthony, give me the--
where's the roll?

Hey, Anthony.


BOBBY: Think they bought it?

DINO: Are you kidding?

I don't think that they ever
saw a man get shot before.

When I shook hands with
him he was trembling.

Eh, that Tommy Bones, I
never liked him anyway.

He always thought he'd make
a great sacrificial lamb.

Come on.

Now for sure they'll
believe the truce.

And when the time is right?

He's a dead man.

I don't want half the cake.

I want the whole cake.


Come on, hit him
for christ-- hit him!


Thataway, Fist.





DINO: Come on!

Come on!

Hit him!

Nail him, nail him!


Come on!

Get up.

Get up!


Come on, Fist.
Finish him!

He's finished!

He ain't getting up.

What do you mean,
ain't getting up?

He ain't getting up.

Go ahead, show him your piece.





Here's your boy, Dino.

Right here!


TUCCHI: Beautiful, Fist!


My champ!

My champ!


Get up, will ya please?

That fucking nigger
just cost me 10 grand.

You did it!

You did it!


You did good!

You did good.

My champ, my champ!

I love this guy.

I love this guy!

GINA: Now hold it
there for 5 minutes.

FIST: It's cold.

GINA: It should
be cold, it's ice.


Now, you should thank me.

I'm always here to pick
up the pieces for you.

Someday I'm not
going to be here,

then what are you going to do?

Why do you do this for them?

I got a real job with
them, I flight for fun.

Oh, this looks like real fun.

And it's not a real job.

Some guy doesn't pay for
Dino, so you go and hit him?

I never hit anybody
unless they hit me.

'Scuse me.

You borrow money from a bank,
you got to pay it back, right?

Go ahead, rationalize.

If you don't pay it back
they send some bank guy out.

He calls you 10 times
a day, he threatens

to take your car, your
home, threatens your family.

It causes some people
jump off of a building.


I think a few pops in
the old bread basket

is better than
taking a big leap.

So you consider
yourself a banker.


No, I know what I am.

I just want you to
think of me as a banker

so we can stop
all this nonsense.

I'm a fighter.

It's all I know is fighting.

My daddy told the neighbors
not when I took my first steps

but when I threw my first punch.

I think I caught him with a
right while he was burping me.


So on the outside I'm tough.

But the inside I'm just
toasted marshmallows.

That's why I love you so much.

I just don't want those
insides to turn to steel.


GINA: Colum?

FIST: Mm hmm?

GINA: Are you asleep?

There's somewhere staring at
us out on the fire escape.

Oh don't worry.

That's that little girl I
told you about upstairs, Alex.

I'll be right back.

I'll get my pants.



Can't you sleep?

Will you teach
me how to fight?

Not tonight.

Ooh, ooh.

Where'd you get that?

Where'd you get yours?


Me too.

I'm going to teach
you to defend yourself.

But not tonight.

Well will you teach
me better than you

so I don't end up with
another black eye like you?

I'm going to teach
you better than me.

When I learn good, I'm
going to beat up my stepfather

when he hits me and my mom.

Are you my friend?

What do you think, huh?

What do you think?

You know I'm your friend.

Are you mine?

Always, Fist.

You don't mind if I
call you Fist, do you?


I'm proud, coming from you.

Now I want you to relax, I
want you to get up there,

and I want you to get some rest.

'Cause all good fighters
have to have his--

her-- her rest.

Good night.

Gimme this, right here.
Come on.

Come on.


Eh, come on, eh.

Get off me.

Go home.

You're gonna make such
a good father some day.

Just hope you live to be one.

I don't want you end up
dead in an alley some night.

I won't.

I'm Irish.

They'd never let
me get that close.

Guys like me and Jackson
Spikes were hired muscle.

We're safe.

We're not important.

They won't hurt us.


Oh, Jackson, Jackson.

You really disappointed me.

I'm sorry.

I did my best.

I did my best.

You best wasn't good enough.



Let's go get
this piece of shit.

FIST: Tight fist.
That's it, that's it.


Tight fist.

Go ahead.

Relax your shoulder.

Good, good.

OK one more big one.

Pop it in there.


He's down, he's down.

That's great.

That's a great first day.

Don't we get to
drink raw eggs now?

Raw eggs?
I hate raw eggs.

But I will scramble you some up.
But not raw.

Naw, I'm not hungry.

But I'll watch.

Let's go.

Hup, hup, what, hup, here he
comes in for the [INAUDIBLE]

First a little cooking music.

You're so funny.

I know.

Who's in here?


My grandma used to make a
clown face on my grapefruit.

She'd do it with a
little strawberry,

and little orange slices.

She'd say, "if food is fun
then the kids will always eat."

You know what?

I'm not my grandma.

My stepfather's awake.

I guess you got to go, huh?


I guess so.

One day I'm going
to take that cane

and I'm gonna whack him
in the head with it.

You better call me
first before you do that.

Will I see you
tomorrow morning?

You'll see me.

I'll be right here.

You call me if
you need anything.

Go on.

Get out of here.

VICTOR: My doctor says
these are fattening.

I say, I pay you lots of money.

I don't want to hear no
shit what I can't eat.

You don't want to eat
salami, a cup of Cola?

Then charge more and
tell me it's good for me.

SAMMY: Dad, he was just telling
you that so you can stick

around for a couple of years.

Your grandfather,
may he rest in peace.

I know.

He used to have a cognac
and a cigar for breakfast.

Every day.

And salami at night.

Not at night,
right at bedtime.

He hid it in his nightstand.

Oh, the room smelled beautiful.

When he died your grandmother--

I know, Pop.

She left it up there with a
loaf of bread for 10 years

hoping he would come
back for a slice.

Now that's love.

Relax for a little while, OK?

I'll see ya tonight.

How you doing, Victor?

Hello, Victor.

I understand you
wanted to see us.


I just wanted to make
sure that everyone

knows that we gave our word.

I want this truce with
the Diamonds to last.

Even if they push a
little, I want no action.

I want it To last
for Sammy's sake.

I want things to be easier
for him when I'm gone.

Whatever you say, Victor.

Yeah, Yeah, Sure, Victor.

You ain't going to get
any trouble from us.


Morning, Mr. Diamond.

You were great
last night, Fist.

Made us look strong.

I just don't like hurting
people, Mr. Diamond.

Well, a man's got to
do what he's good at.

I mean, that's the
way God wants it.

That's why he makes you
good at what you do.

Short list today.

Keep an eye on
that Paul Glowacki.

He's behind six months
and he's talking shit.

And tell that football
coach, that Jenkins

this is his last chance.

He's in this for 50 grand.

What a loser.

He doesn't even know what
his own team's going to win.

Oh, how's Gina?

She's fine, she's just fine.

I don't know what that
beautiful Italian girl

sees in that jerk.




BOBBY: So I'm minding
my own business, right?

And I'm putting pepperonis
on half the pizza, you know?

I mean I'm 14 years old
and the same size I am now.

So this nigger junky comes in
and the guy pulls out a blade,


And he doesn't say anything.

He's like Helen Keller,
this black mute, right?

He's standing there
staring at me, spaced out,

not doing nothing.

So I figure the guy's gotta to
be on Mars before breakfast.

So I say, OK, I'm going to
start a conversation, right?

So I say, look, you don't need
a knife, what are you doing?

We sell pizza by the slice.


BOBBY: Nothing, right?

He's still doing Helen
Keller, like you.


BOBBY: OK, so I'm
thinking, what the hell

is this guy going to do?

So I said, OK, he's not
going to make a move,

so I'm gonna make a move.


Two ladels of Fra Diavolo
marinara right in his eyes,

jump on a table,
whack the knife out

of his hand with a
10-slice metal pizza tray.


Over the head with a cast
iron Sicilian pizza tray.

He goes down.

By the time the
cops come up, I'm

like stuffing calzones in his
throat, you know what I mean?

I mean, 15 years
later, the coroner

is still pumping
the [INAUDIBLE] out

of this nigger prick's belly.

Hey, Johnson, how are you doing?

All right?

One of these days, Bobby.

DINO: One of these
days you will be dead.

And they'll have to
pay for another cop's

children's college.


All right, come on, come on.

What do you got for me?

You truce with Malucci
has the brass more

concerned than when you people
were killing each other.

They are all second guessing.

No one knows what to expect.

Well what the hell
is there to expect?

Except peace and harmony?

If something were to
happen to break that truce,

I'm going to have to
have a fall guy, someone

responsible for the action.

I understand.

Now this is what I
want you to do for me.

I want you to keep me informed
of all the Malucci action.

God forbid anything should
happen to the truce,

I'll give you a Barabbas.

OK, guys, listen up!

20 high steps, right now.

Let's go.

Let's go


Hey who the hell are you?

Name's Sullivan.

Mr. Diamond sent me.

Hey listen, I told your boss
I never wanted to see you guys

around here, and I mean it.

Coach, I can't leave
here empty handed.

Evidently you don't
understand what I said.

This is my field.

And I want you off my field.

You hear what I said?

Get off my field, man.


COACH: That's enough.

OK come on, get out of here.

Come on.



GINA: How's it going?

Come on in.

I can't give you boxing
lessons, but I sure

can give you makeup lessons.

Is your name Glowacki?

No, no, no.

I'm not him.

Try him over there.

Mr. Glowacki.

Dave, Dave Glowacki.

Who wants to know?

Name's Sullivan.

I represent Diamond collection.

All right, tough
guy, what do you want?

You gonna break my bones?

You gonna cut my throat?

You bring your
pocketful of nickels?

Oh yeah, I heard about you guys.
I paid the loan.

The interest is too high.

And my brother,
he agrees with me.

So here's a message to take
back to that wop son of a bitch.

Hit him, Nicky!

Hit him!

Come on, Nick!

All right, come on!

Hey, Dave.

I work for Mr. Diamond
and you and I talked.

And you're going to
pay $2,000 a week.

At the end of the month,
you're going to come up

with an additional $20 grand.

If you don't do either
of these two things

he's got to send somebody else.

Believe me, you'd rather
be dealing with me.

GINA: Keep your eyes shut.

I want to see.

No, not yet.

Keep them shut.


Now look.

I never thought I
could be so pretty.

Is that why Fist love you,
because you're pretty?

I hope it's more than that.

Here you go, Jimmy.

It's from the Polish
guy, the uh...



He's going to be fine, but the
football coach didn't work out.

That's OK, you did good.

Forget about that football guy.

We'll see you tomorrow.

Load up, Bobby.

We're gonna teach this
coach some new plays.

Why does Fist
always get beat up?

Believe it or not,
Fist always wins.

You should see the other guy.

Now he gets beat up.



We thought you might want to
share some of the money you

collected from Pablo.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

See, the money belongs
to Mr. Dino Diamond.

Screw Mr. Dino Diamond.


All right, all right.

Leave this chump alone.

All right, man.

Look at that green.

Nice job.

How much you got there, man?



OK, second session now.

Let's go, let's go.

Like the fourth quarter, boys.



Everybody outta here!
Let's go!


Come on, come on.

Let's go.

No time left on the clock.



FRANKIE POP: Victor ain't
gonna make a fucking move.

The cocksuckers

are happy with the truce.

sense of competition.


So what do you want from me?

favor for a favor.

Malucci's got Sammy in line.

DINO: That's the
way it should be.

He ain't going to
make a move either.

Worser than the old man.

Much worse.

This is why we, Frankie Pop--

And Eddie the Zipper
can make things happen.

Happen for who?

FRANKIE POP: For a man
as loyal as Dino Diamond.

I'm listening.

The truce ain't broken.

Nothing happens.

Nothing happens.


But if the truce is
broken, without a victim

knowing about it, somebody
is bound to retaliate.

I'm still listening.

All right, this
is what we gonna do.

We're going to step in
Bobby Underly's turf,

as if Victor gave the order.

We'll take Victor out
to dinner one night,

you tell your man to
prepare to strike back.

The truce has been broken,
and you kill Victor.

We take out that piece
of shit Sammy, too.

And for this, we take
one third of the city.

We give you two.

That's a generous offer.

Why are you doing this?

For years they've
been buying second homes

and driving around
in fancy cars.

We do all the humping.

They get all the benefits.

Gentlemen, you've got a deal.

My first present will be
Victor's car for your loyalty.


DINO: You can consider
that a gift from me to you,

for your loyalty.

Nice, Dino.

Thank you, Dino.



Monte is the name,
three card Monte.

Pick a card, any card.

$10 a card.

If my whore don't bring
in no dough, I have to.

How about that one?



Oh shit.

You lose again.

Thank you.

Please come back tomorrow.

Let's go, Sophie.


C'mere, now!


Can we talk now, Monty?

I don't have much to say.

Except this!


I'm getting sick
of this, Monty.

You got my money?
- Fist!

I don't have any money!

I don't have your money!


Pull me up, Fist!

Where's that money, huh?

I ain't got any money, Fist!

Come on, Fist!

Pull me up.

I don't have any money.

Give me something.

Pull me up, just pull me up.
I don't have any money.

I don't --


FIST: Give me something now.


I don't have any money.

Pull me up, Fist.

Pull me up, Fist.


OK, I got a couple hundred.

Next week maybe more.

Now pull me up, Fist.

Now you're being smart.

BOBBY: So Waiting
this guy, right?

I hit him with two ladles of my
Fra Diavolo right in the eyes.

I whacked the
knife from his hand

with a 10-slice
metal pizza tray,

bang over the head
with a cast iron

Sicilian pizza
tray and one, two,

three calzones down the shoot.


Good, I'm glad
somebody laughs.

So what do you want?

A dime on the Giants minus
three, Broncos plus six, right?

You got it, Bob.

What the fuck.

You scare my
business away, huh?

What are you doing
on my side of town?

And the Helen Keller.

Look, tell you what.

How about some
coffee, all right?

Some cappuccino, it's my treat.

I'll buy it, all right?

It's a nice place down
the block, we can go,

four cubes, everything is
fine, come on, let's go.

Down the street.

I think you should go
down the street, Bobby.

I have no reason to
go down the street

unless you go down the
street with me, all right?

I think you should go
down the street, Bobby.

Look, do you want
cappuccino or not?

OK, then I have no reason
to leave my corner.

What is this, all right?

I didn't invite him.

I try to be nice.

Didn't I try to be nice?

Didn't I?

Maybe you on my corner
for a little while

is OK but I can't have you and
Frankie Pop at the same time.


Hey, green eyes.

This does not concern you.

Oh yeah?

Two guys beating up on one
little guy does concern me.

This is business, Sullivan.

Now you stay out
of the dirty end.

You always been a
clean kid, I like that.

Don't get involved.

I'm only for what's fair, Zip.

Forget it, Irishman.

Didn't your father never
tell ya nothing's fair?

Naw, I never knew my father.


That ain't fair.


GINA: Look, Dino, I'm
asking you for old times.

I love the guy.

I don't want to
see him get hurt.

DINO: You know, you
had everything with me.

Tell the truth.

Why did you break my heart?

Dino, nobody
breaks your heart.


Oh, I should have married
you when I had the chance.

Do I still have a chance?

You never had a chance.

The Italian girl in
love with the mick.

All right, let's say
that I do you this favor.

I'm not saying that I
will, but let's say I do.

What is in it for me?


What happened?

What the hell is going on?

Eddie Z. and Frankie Pop.

But I didn't leave
my corner, Dino.

- Dino, they're on of line.
- All right, all right.


Take it easy.

Maybe it was just
a misunderstanding.

FIST: Gina, what
are you doing here?

I was looking for you.

DINO: Oh, hey, sweetie.


Give me 10 of those
raffle tickets

for the St. Anthony's church.
Who knows?

Maybe I'll win a Cadillac.


All right, Tuch.

Get him cleaned up, will ya?

Fist, you did a nice job.

Here, here.

Take the afternoon off.

Go ahead, I'll see you Monday.


You coming, Gina?

Of course she's
coming, come on, you two.

Get the hell out of here.

It's a beautiful day out, enjoy.


I want you to find out what
Malucci is doing tonight.


DINO: You know
Melucci's like Columbus,

he couldn't read a map either.


Yeah, Columbus
discovered America

because of his inaccuracy.

Malucci is going to
lose his life for his.

This is the opening that
I've been waiting for.

GINA: You don't understand.

I grew up with these guys.

They're very dangerous.

I don't want you around them.

They're reasonable men.

You heard Dino.

Yeah, I heard Dino.

I also know Dino.

How well do you know Dino?

Well enough not to trust him.

You ever do anything with him?

Nothing happened.



First you say nothing,
now you say when.

Yeah, when?


Today you weren't
selling raffle tickets.

I asked him to fire you.


The hell you thinking about?
I'm a fighter.

I fight.
That's what I do.

I'm a fighter.

Another family
challenges me, I fight.

The hell you thinking about?


Do you open your eyes?

Do you know Diamond
doesn't settle

anything with a fist fight?

He only starts things that way.

- You're wrong.
- No.

You're wrong.
- No.

Dino's my friend.

EDDIE: All right, I'll admit it.

All right?

The first time I met him,
I was scared as shit.


The Pope?

EDDIE: Man, the Pope,
I met him five times.

It's the same old shit, right?

You bow down, you kiss
the ring, he spritzes

you in the face with a water.

I'm talking about Frank.

You met him.

You met Frank.

MALUCCI: I took him
backstage when he was 10.

The look in his
eyes, right Eddie?


MALUCCI: He opened with "Mack
the Knife" and closed with--

EDDIE: With "Summer Wind."

--"Summer Wind that night.

Was that his birthday?

No, no, it was
the 31st time we saw

him was his birthday, right?

MALUCCI: Hey, where you going?

FRANKIE: I was going
to the bathroom.

MALUCCI: And you're going
to come back to the table

and shoot me.


What was that
supposed to mean?

MALUCCI: The movie.

That guy blows the
veal parmigiana

out of the guy's throat.


MALUCCI: Hey, hey, where's
your sense of humor tonight?


MALUCCI: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Go on, sit, sit, sit, sit.

Go ahead.

All right, it's a quick one.

It's the night he took me up
and brought me on the stage.

Oh, I love this one.

EDDIE: All right, listen.

I'm sitting ringside
at Caesar's, right?

Newton's up there doing
his schtick, right?

He's playing the
trombone, the saxophone,

the tambourine, and drums.

He picks up a guitar.

He comes up to the
microphone and says,

"You guys ain't
seen nothing yet."

So I yell out, "I know!"

The whole fucking place turns
around and looks at me, right?

Hey, Newton, too, right?


I coulda been butt naked,
Central Park, during rush hour.

No more eyes woulda been on me.

It's true.

I was there.

I coulda killed ya that night.


FRANKIE: I can't believe it.

Can I go to the bathroom now?

EDDIE: Take a piss on it!

to the bathroom now?

All right.

MALUCCI: You can
go to the bathroom.

FRANKIE: Thanks.

I can't believe it.

What a schmuck, huh?

Yeah, we're over at
Sarantino's over here.

We just ordered desert.

He's at Sarantino's
Four of them.

They just got desert.


Say a prayer, Vic.


I hope you've got
good news for me.

I have good news.


Detective Mike Johnson.

I'm looking for Sammy Malucci.

Hi, kid.

Can I come in?

What you have to say, you
can say from where you stand.

All right.

Have it your way.

Your old man's dead.

Victor Malucci died
just before midnight,

outside of Sarantino's.

Four men were killed, and
your father's car exploded.

You're in charge now, kid.

By the way, I got a lead
on the guy responsible.

We should have an
arrest by Monday.



You OK?

My father taught me
that business is business.

And this is our business.

My father lived beyond my
mother, and now he's with her.

He didn't have to bury
any of his children,

and he lived a full life.

We will find his
murderer, and in his death

he shall see his revenge.

He shall see his revenge.


I came to apologize.

Ain't nothing to apologize if
you hadn't done anything wrong.

Well then i came to make up.

I don't the house in the
stream, and the kids,

I don't want anything
unless you're in it with me.

Hey, hey.

You ready for a surprise?



Sorry about that.

I don't have a checking
account but it's all there.

What kind of work are
you in, Mr. Sullivan?

He is a banker.

A banker.

Without a checking account.

The world is a colorful
place, isn't it.

When you plan on
breaking ground?

Oh, as soon as we
get our next 50 grand.

Enjoy Enjoy.

It's a pleasure
meeting you, Mrs. Fist.

Um, not yet.

But soon.

Very soon, soon.

Where's the kitchen gonna be?

Are you gonna cook?


I want to put one of those
plant windows in there.

Well whatever my
hands can build for you,

I'm gonna give it to you.

We're gonna put a
fireplace right here,

and it's gonna be on
both sides of the room.

Where's the bedroom gonna be?

Bedroom's gonna
be right there.

No, I think the bedroom
should be right over there.

That way we can get the
sunrise in the morning.

You can wake up every
day with a mile.

Right there?

If we build it there then we can
watch the sunset from our bed.

No, I think we should watch
the sunset from our pool.

Our pool?

Yeah, we gotta have a pool.

FIST: Gotta have a pool?

Gotta have a pool.

GINA: I don't need
rooms, or a pool.

If you pitched a
tent right here,

I'd be the happiest
woman in the world.

As long as I'd be with you.

Well, a tent and a pool, then.

Gotta have a pool.

Gotta have a pool.

Baby, just one more year.

We'll get all this
Dino garbage behind us.



I promise.

Let's start over.

Let's meet again.

Let's pretend that
it's a different end.

Let's start again.


I'm not here cleaning your
change from the streets.

Now you listen.

DINO: No, you listen.

You work for me,
your work for my men.

My men are the
extension of my arm

and you show them respect
the way you show me respect.

Are you listening?

I'm listening.

You got something
to say, say it.

You don't got nothing to say,
then get the hell out of here.

Malucci was liked.

Someone has to answer for it.

I'm here for an answer.

Are you saying I'm not liked?

I didn't say that.

Then what are you saying?

I'm saying Malucci rid

of drugs in the school yards.

He cleaned this
neighborhood up so good you

can eat off the damn pavement.

He coached Little League,
gave to the VFW post.

His hands were dirty clean.

Now you broke the
truce in the worst way.

I need a body.

I'll take it, Dino.

What am I gonna do, 5 maybe?

I'll take it.

Step inside.

No, no Jimmy.

I need you with me.

Let's meet again.

Let's pretend --

I give you that Irish
guy, Fist Sullivan.

It look better
if he was Italian.

But I don't give a rat's
ass if he's Chinese.

Just give me someone
with a murder weapon.



Get Johnny to take Fist
over to the warehouse.

Tell him we have a
challenger from a group

of wise guys from Vegas.

They've questioned our
strength and I'm calling on him

to defend the family honor.

But the other men think
it's a regular fight.

You know, the less
people know, the better.

During the fight Tucchi
will go to Fist's

apartment, plant the evidence,
and then you call me.

By the time Fist gets home,
he will be in handcuffs.

That son of a bitch.


Hello, Gina.

Your timing was always perfect.

Why Colum?

Why not some other punk?

Maybe this was Dino's
way of getting you back.

Colum is not
going to go to jail.

I'm going to tell the
whole world about Dino

Diamond and his dead bodies.

I'm sorry, Gina.

I can't give you that chance.

What, is this all he's got?

Come on, come on, come on.



WISE GUY: That's it,
pay it up, come on.

DINO: Hey, Tuch.

Tuch, come on.

You all right?


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

You all right?
You did good.

You did good, Tuch.

I'm proud of you.

I mean you did what
had to be done.

What the hell, I should have
had her killed a long time ago.

You know what I'm saying?


You all right?

Hey, congratulations, Fist.

DINO: You were great, kid.

The fight was great.

Because you're a champ.

You're the best.


And this is for you.

That's what I call
an honest day's pay.

Go ahead, go home,
get some rest.

You deserve it.

Thanks, Mr. Diamond.





You are under arrest for the
murders of Eddie Falcone,

Salvador Tacchi, Anthony
Torga, Frankie Pop, Victor

Malucci, and Gina Bacchi.

Cuff him.

POLICE OFFICER: All right, Fist.

Put'em behind your back.

Hold it, you son of a bitch!

Colum "Fist" Sullivan, you
have the right to an attorney.

You have the right to keep
your drunken Irish mouth shut.

Anything you say
can and will be used

against you in a court of law.

I love these cases.

Open and shut.

If you can't afford an
attorney, one will be provided

to you by our generous state.

FIST: Gina.



WAITER: Padrone,
[INAUDIBLE] paella for you.



Boss, this chef make
this just for you.

Come on, mangia.


Hey, Tuch.

What's the matter?

Your jaw hurting?

You can't eat solid food?





I'm only kidding.,
I am only kidding.


Look at it this way.

Figure you're on a diet.

You're too fat anyway, you
should lose some weight.


Now what's happening?

Word on the street is nothing.


I don't like nothing.

Nah, they're not
gonna retaliate.

I've known Sammy since
he was in diapers.

He ain't no threat.

He still wets his bed.

WAITER: Come on, mangiata,
please, mangiata.

So what do we do?

We wait on Sammy.

Oh, hey Tuch?

Aren't you gonna eat something?





Back up!

Step in, come on!

Step in, esse!

Like a kid's
first day in school,

you have to answer
the class bully.

That's our bully.




Hey, hey, shit motherfuck--

If we strike back now,
there'll be an all out war.

The city and the rest of
the families will blame us.

I'd like to advise
against any retaliation.


LOUIE: It was our move
that triggered the attack.

Eddie the Zipper, that
scumbag, should have

never moved on Diamond turf.

If he didn't, your father
would still be alive .

LOUIE: But Eddie did.

And your father Victor
Malucci is dead.

We played right in the
Dino Diamond's hands.

It's clear now.

That assassination of
Tommy Bones to call it

even was just a move
to get us to trust him.

He's praying we make a mistake.

And we did.

So what do you want to do?

What have you learned?

That moulinyan,
Johnson, who just

happens to be in
Diamond's coat pocket,

he arrested that Irish fighter.

Colum "Fist" Sullivan.

He charged him with the
murder of your father

and his girlfriend, Gina Bacchi.

They found her dead
in his own apartment.

Didn't that used to
be Dino's girl, no?

Years ago.

She was about 15.

But that only lasted
a couple of years.

Then Dino brought
Sullivan around.

Three months later,
she's in love.

It's an obvious setup.

Fist was always clean.

Never got his hands dirty.

Did you know him?

A little bit.

From the old gym.

We'd talk.


What do you want to do?

Let's get a
message to Sullivan.

Tell him we know
who killed his girl.

You get an attorney on the case.

Use someone from
outside the family.

I don't care what it costs.

I want you to get him out of
prison as quick as he went in.

And when you bring him out
you bring him right to me.

Together, Sammy Malucci
and Colum Sullivan

will avenge the death
of their loved ones.

The way a man kills is the
way a man should be killed.

With fists and fire.

It was too easy last time.

So we decided to
double our odds.


LOUIE: Fist.

How ya doing.

FIST: Doing great, Louie.

LOUIE: I'm sorry.

FIST: Yeah me too.

LOUIE: Listen.

Sammy wants to talk to you.

FIST: Nah.

I don't want to get involved.

You're already involved.

Now Sammy is fair.

He just wants justice
for him and for you.

Now listen to me.

You're going to
be out by morning.

Our L have already arranged it.

So Louie, what's
this going to cost

me, another five
years in my life

in some jail on the outside?

Just a meeting.

That's all you
owe Sammy Malucci.

If you don't like
what he has to say,

he'll walk you to the door.



Hi, friend.

Hey, friend.

You sleeping OK?

Yeah, I know.

It hurts.

I miss Gina.

I saw him.

I'm sorry.

I'm getting outta
here tomorrow.

You want to help me out?

SAMMY: Fist.

My father, although he
chose this business,

he was always a fair man.

Can I get you another drink?

FIST: Sure.

Thank you.

The press loved my father.

The authorities needed
a diamond in the rough

to avoid bad press
and an all out war.


Being Irish, and expendable,
Dino through you to the sharks.

Why Gina?

An accident?


You know that had a past.


They may have had a past, but
Dino and I, we got a future.

We both have an
interest in Mr. Diamond.

FIST: All I need to
know is who killed Gina.

That's it.

I'll tell you what.

I'll set up a match
with the Diamond family.

You be my fighter.

When the time is right,
I'll take out Dino,

and you'll get your killer.

For this service I'll
pay you $250,000.

You got a deal.

Mr. Sullivan, I think it would
be safer if you stayed here.

No, I got a few
things I gotta do.

Thanks, Sammy.


Louie, this is going
to take some time.

Get me Angelo.


I was on the fire escape.

He was laughing.

He put a-- he put a piece
of metal on that fit

onto his knuckles.

He kept hitting her.

Hitting her.

I should have done something.

Screamed, anything.


I couldn't move.

FIST: It's OK.

If you'd tried anything he
would have killed you, too.

I couldn't do anything.

Well, now you
can do something.

You come with me.

And you show me this, this
person who killed her.

You point him out to me.

Can you do that?

Will you do that?




ALEX: Yeah.

Alex, let's get
the hell out of here.

I'm taking you to a safe place.


What do ya say?



I'll be able to sleep tonight.


Get me a fighter.

The young Mr. Malucci wants
to settle things the way

they started.

Our warehouse.

One on one.

Just for the action.

We're onlye going to
get one chance at this.

We must be precise,
we must be accurate.

We'll be at Dino
Diamond's warehouse.

His men know every
inch of the place.

When I give you the head move,
you fly back behind his men,

take care of what has to
be taken care of there,

and that night we'll avenge
the death of my father.

I understand, boss.


DINO: How about a drink to
start off the festivities?

No thanks.

I'm really not thirsty.

Let's start.

Oh ho ho ho.

A real businessman.

Maybe we could learn something.

Nah, nah.
Come on.

Let's go, let's go.

SAMMY: Here's half a million.

And total control of
the city for five years.

You can refuse.

No, no.

Let's play.

The only thing is I
hope and pray that you

got yourself a good fighter.

Because if you don't,
you're going to be

out of business for five years.

SAMMY: What's the matter, Dino?

You look like you just
saw a friendly ghost.

Hello, Mr. Diamond.


You look good.

All right, Bobby.

Bring in our guy.


BOBBY: Let's go.

DINO: Come on.
Give them the rules.

All right.

You guys know the rules, right?

There aren't any.

Anything shy of bullets goes.

I want you guys to do the best
you can stay in the building.

The man alive at
the end, he wins.

All right, let's start.


SAMMY: Thatta boy, hit him!

Come on!

Come on!

Get up, get up.

What the hell is this?

Hey, what is this?

BOBBY: Dino Diamond.

It's time to answer
for my father.


You want a job?

Got to go with
the winning team.

What do you need, boss?

Get me a chair.

The rest you can split this up.

Just walk out quietly.

Take a five year vacation.

And remember, the
Maluccis believe

in sharing their wealth.

Tie him up.

I shoulda known.

I shoulda known.

Surrounded by idiots.

I don't like explosions, Dino.

I like a slow burn.

In the name of my father,
Victor Michael Malucci,

I send you back to your maker.

DINO: What are
you talking about?

Where you sent him.

It's done.

TUCCHI: Nice work, boss.

I couldn't have done
it better myself.

FIST: That's right, Tucchi.

You'd rather kill women.

It was you.

Oh, it was you, Tucchi.

Sammy, you believe this guy?

It was you.

Wasn't it.

Admit it.

I'll give the order.

I did it.

I did it.


He's all yours.

This one's for Gina.

SAMMY: Goodbye, Tuch.


Think we'll have
it ready by supper?

Kitchen plant box and
pool or I'm not your friend.


[SINGING] "L" is for
the way you look at me.

"O" is for the only one I see.

"V" Is very, very extraordinary.

"E" is even more than anyone
that you adore and love

is all that I can give to you.

Love is more than
just a game for two.

Two in love can make it.

Take my heart but
please don't break it.

Love was made for me and you.

"L" is for the way you
look-- you're looking at me.

And "O" is for the
only one I see.

"V" is very, very extraordinary.

Now "E" is even more than
any, any, any, anyone

that you adore.

And love is all I'm
gonna give to you.

Oh, love is more than
just a game for two.

Two in love can make it.

Take my heart but please
don't you break it cuz

love was made for me and you.

I said that love was
made for me and you.

Don't you know that love
was made for me and you.