Firepower (1979) - full transcript

A merc is hired by the F.B.I. to track down a powerful recluse criminal. A woman is also trying to track him down for her own personal vendetta.

[birds chirping]


- Bye, bye.
- Bye.

Oh, hi Vito.

Be right back.

See you. [Horn honking]

Hey, Vito!


Are you coming to dinner
tomorrow night?

Well I see my brother
all day as it is.

But it's his birthday.

Oh how could I have forgotten?

You forgot. [Chuckles]

- [Woman On Loud Speaker]
Mr. Panker in research three

to the telephone.

Mr. Panker to the
telephone please.

[horn honking]

Phone call for Dr. Wilkinson.

Dr. Wilkinson to the
telephone please.

[explosion booms]

[Adele gasps] [onlookers scream]

[onlookers chattering]

[glass breaking]
[fire crackling]

[fire alarm blaring]

[somber organ music]

[footsteps tapping]

[mourners chattering]

[footsteps tapping]

[gun firing]

[women screaming]

[guns firing]

[woman screams]

[Woman] What happened?

I can't believe it.

[witnesses chattering]

[mourners gasping]

[ominous orchestral music]

[mourners chattering]

[sirens blaring]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[suspenseful jazz music]

[sirens blaring]

[Officer] Goodnight, ma'am.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Mrs. Tasca, we think you
may be in grave danger.

We'd like to have you
somewhere very safe.

[passengers chattering]

[man on loud speaker chattering]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Your husband's research
seems to prove

that millions of dollars
worth of pain killing drugs,

marketed by the Stegner
Corporation were contaminated.

Now, years later, people
who took those drugs

are dying of cancer.

Ivo was eight years
with Stegner chemicals.

[Frank] Mm-hm.

When he left six months
ago he took his proof.

He said if anything
happened to him

I should get the
evidence to you.

Well, we have evidence the
Mafia were paid to kill him.

His brother should have
left retribution to us.

How long do we wait, Mr. Hull,

for you to get Karl Stegner?

He's the third richest
man in the world Mrs. Tasca.

That buys immunity.

We're heavy with evidence,

fraud, over $60 million
worth, tax evasion, bribery.

We were closing in
but he left the States.

And so far no country
will send him back.

You were brave to bring
us these files.

It's our duty to
protect you now.

That's the second
offer of protection

I've had in two days.

Yesterday it was Karl Stegner.



His security chief, Leo Gelhorn,

gave me an air
ticket last night.

He offered sanctuary to me
on the island of Antigua.

Well you know that we
can't help you over there.

Nor can you get the man
[siren blaring]

who murdered my husband.

Here is someone who can.

Uh-huh, Jerry Fanon.

[Adele] Do you know him?

[Frank chuckles]

Yes we used him once years ago

when he was a bounty hunter.

Someone jumped a half
a million dollar bail,

and Fanon got him back.

The agency's had him on
special cases.

He used to do a lot for Sal
Hyman, but he's retired now,

gardening or something.

Un-retire him.

Huh, only Hyman can do that.

Fanon owes him.

[Adele] So ask Hyman.

[reporters shouting]

Now please, a little

Is Mr. Hyman too ill to appear

before the crime commission?

Mr. Hyman's a very sick man.

The justice department
has just handed down

26 indictments
against your client.

Have you any comment?

No comment, please.

The attorney general
yesterday named Sal Hyman,

prime minister of
organized crime.

Can you comment?

[Lawyer] No comment, no comment.

[reporters shouting]

Go ahead, get him.

[reporters chattering]

Hey, what do you think you're...

[reporters chattering]

[Man] What is this?

[siren blaring]

[Sal grunting]

[air hissing]

[Sal gasping]

Very effective, Mr. Hyman.

Mind if we watch, Sal?

Hello Frank.

Hello Sal.

I hear you got some bad
fish you wanna peddle.

It's brotherhood week, Sal.



We give you something,
you give us someone.

[birds chirping] [dog barking]

Some place, Fanon.

You like flowers, Sam?

These are called impatiens.

Hyman wants to see you.

He says it's special, Fanon.

[traffic rumbling]
[horns honking]

[door bell ringing]

Hello Sam.

The gardener made it, Sal.

Jerry my boy.

- [Sal chuckles]
- Hello Sal.

Let's have some breakfast.

Mm, Ming Aralias, huh?

Need a little water.



You turned down a piece
of the club in Vegas.

Yeah, well ya know, can't
grow much in the desert.

I just wanted you to
have something.

- You gave me everything
I wanted: Out.

[Sal] Does the name
Stegner mean anything to you?

Money, oil, airlines.

Tanker fleets, chemicals,
nothing's too big.

Or too dirty.

The Attorney General's
office wants him.

The Securities
Commission wants him.

The Treasury
Department wants him.

He's very wanted.

And very hard to get.

10 days ago I arrive
in the airport.

Those clowns in the
Justice Department,

they cut off my oxygen.

[laughs] Not during
one of you heart attacks?

If I deliver Stegner to them
alive I get a white sheet.

No prosecution.

[Jerry] But they don't
even know what he looks like.

They even say he's in Antigua.

I have to have
somebody I can trust.

Listen Sal, you did me a
favor 15 years ago in Miami

I didn't even have to ask for.

You saved my life.

I'm calling it in now, Jer.

Of course if it's too
much for you...

I'll get Stegner for you.

I don't wanna abuse
this thing we have.

It's a contract.

The fee, a million dollars.


[boat horn bellows]

[recorder clatters]

[boat horn blaring]

A bit theatrical, Sal.

Not anymore than the
big drama you put on

out at the airport, Frank.

He was wired for sound.


We have company, huh?

Don't let it bother ya.

Let me get this
clear in my mind.

If I can deliver
Stegner to officers

of the Attorney General's office

then the indictments
against me will be dropped

and I won't be
hassled or harassed.

That's right.

Make the whole speech, Frank.

- Now hold it, Sal.
- No!

You hold it.

You want Stegner.

You can't get him legally.

You can't pull off a wild stroke

in some foreign country
because of a bad press,

so you come to me, fine.

But I don't play for
a handshake.



If you deliver...

No, hold it, hold it, hold it.

[chuckles] If you deliver
Karl Stegner to law officers

of the Attorney
General's office,

I am authorized to promise you

that the indictments
against you,

Salomon Hyman, will
not be pressed,

and you shall not
suffer harassment.

Okay, Sal?

Jerry Fanon meet Frank Hull.

Del Cooper.

- So you're this special Mr.

Everything we have on
Karl Stegner.

[boat whistle blaring]

This is all I get?

After you've studied
that, you get the movie.

The only known photo
of Karl Stegner

at 20 at a university dance.

He always had a phobia
about being photographed.

[Jerry grunts]

Foreign investigations
against 16 Stegner companies

were bogged down in the '50s.

Suspected bribes to the
United States judges,

congressmen, senators,
some later proven.

[Jerry grunts]

Oil tankers, estimated assets
today top $800 million.

[Jerry whistles]

Six years ago Stegner
left the U.S.A.,

first for this
mansion in England,

and then three years ago

for this closely guarded
house in Antigua.

Efforts to extradite
him have proved useless.

[Jerry grunts]

Associates: Leo Gelhorn,
head of security

and with Stegner since college.

Paul Halpin, secretary
and business advisor.

Harry Calman,
corporation lawyer.

Here, we see Dr. Felix
with Harry Calman.

Dr. Charles Felix, Stegner's
personal physician.

Stegner, has a thromboembolic
heart condition,

subject to blood clotting.

[phone ringing]

All the major press
cuttings on Stegner.

A lot of it is fiction.

Watch out for this man,
he's head of security.

If he thinks you're after
Stegner, you can vanish


And remember, if you
get into trouble,

we'll sell you short.

That's the way I always work.

[radio music blaring]
[radio announcer chattering]

[Jerry knocking]

[radio music blaring]
[radio announcer chattering]

Well, we're lookin' good, Eddie.

I thought you were out of it.

We're back.

Here's your passport.

You'll love it.

Says you're Jerry Fanon.

Where am I goin' with it?

- [Woman On Loud Speaker]
Announcing the arrival

of American Airlines Flight
Number 761 from New York.

Passengers from this
flight are now...

- Mrs. Tasca, this is Mr.

Welcome to Antigua Mrs. Tasca.

- Thank you.
- Mrs. Tasca believes

we had her husband killed.


That's ridiculous.

Who then?

[Leo] Surely you
can't believe a man

of Mr. Stegner's stature
would resort to murder.

Only if his stature
was being threatened.

[Leo] But your husband
presented no threat.

His knowledge of the
contaminated drugs did.

[Leo] Ivo Tasca worked

for Stegner Chemicals
for eight years.

He became obsessed by
this fantasy

that we knowingly distributed
contaminated drugs.

My husband was ready to
expose Stegner.

That's why Don Jenko
was given the contract,

to silence him.

No, Mrs. Tasca.

Don Jenko had an eight
year old son.

The boy was injured in
an automobile accident.

He was given drugs to
ease the pain.

Stegner drugs.

Stegner drugs.

[Adele] Mm-hm.

The boy died of cancer
two weeks ago.

Don Jenko, like your husband,
believed it was the drugs.

He blamed the chief chemist,
Ivo Tasca.

Then when your brother-in-law
gunned Don Jenko down,

it became dangerous for you.

All a tragic misunderstanding.

[Adele chuckles]

Now we wanna protect your life.

Do you think you can?

One thing more, Jerry.

I think you should know
who suggested you for this.

Adele Tasca.

She's in Antigua now.

How does she look?



Good morning.

How is your Mr. Stegner?

People say he doesn't exist.

Well people are usually wrong.

Could you show me around
Stegner's villa, Mr. Halpin?

I sign checks, madame,
I don't open doors.

Tell me Mrs. Tasca, why
are you here?

Why are you really here?

To have you protect my life,
Mr. Halpin.

She could be a danger, Leo.

Perhaps Oscar should remove her.

[Leo] What do you mean
by remove her, Paul?

I think she's quite a threat.

Well, I think she's
quite magnificent.

[suspenseful music]

We're gonna wake some people up.

[cable snaps]

[alarms blaring]

[sirens blaring]

Come on hurry it up, huh?

Four banks left to check.

No we gotta stay here
til we're relieved.


I'll see you later.

Take care.

[slow funk music]

You're gonna hate
yourself in the morning.

[suspenseful music]

[electricity zapping]

You got five minutes.

Didn't anyone ever tell
you it's wrong to steal?

I'm just redistributing
the wealth, man.

[men laugh]

Bridgeport, huh?

Well, I imagine there's a lot

of nice successful people here

with a lot of nice
valuable goods

in that safety deposit vault.

[laughs] Hey how'd you find me?

[Jerry laughs]

I heard you had developed
a green thumb,

was growin' tomatoes somewhere.

I was.

What brought you back?

Got a gig.

For Hyman?


You should've stayed away man.

Could use some help.

Money's thick.

Hey I don't kill people.

It's a grab, Karl Stegner.

Ever hear of him?

Karl Stegner?

Well, my mother's child
never was too bright.

What's the wages?

Think of a number.


You pay expenses. [Jerry laughs]

- [Catlett laughs]
- Done.

I guess I could tell you now.

I would have went for
half that amount.

Well I guess I can tell you now,

I'd have paid twice that amount.

[Catlett] Hey man, aw
it's good to have you back.

[Jerry] Mm-hm.

- [Woman On Loud Speaker]
Announcing the arrival

of British Airways Flight
Number 3 from New York.

British Airways Flight 3 from
New York has just landed.

[soft jazz music]

[camera clicking]

[Desk Clerk] Good afternoon,

Afternoon, Jerry Fanon.

- Yes.
- Beautiful woman, Mrs. Tasca.

Have you been with us before,

No, but I'm glad I came.

[fingers snap]

Room 22.

- I'm Manley Reckford, Mr.

How do you do?

Sal Hyman said to give
you anything you want.


Your man Eddie arrived.

He's just like you.

He's at my house.

I brought you a gray Ford.

You parcel for New York
is behind the back seat.

I want you check on
a man named Dr. Felix.

Find out where he is
and what his habits are.


I want it done softly,
Reckford, softly.

- Mr. Hyman said help you, Mr.

Anything else?

I'll call you if I need you.

Anything at all, Mr. Fanon.

On these islands I'm the man.

Reckford, are you
expecting trouble?

Or are they just a
status symbol?

[Reckford laughs]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[crickets chirping]



- [head thuds]
- Oh!

Oh yeah, watch your head.

[Jerry] Thanks a lot.

How'd it go?

No snags.

Good, listen.

Here's an address,
Manley Reckford.

You see him tomorrow morning.

Who's this Reckford?

Frog who thinks he's a prince.

Runs messages for the families.

So what do I want with him?

I need some shots of
Stegner's villa in close.

Did you bring the camera?

Well Reckford gets you
in in a garbage truck.

Check out these new arrivals.

Norman here checked
out Fanon's bag,

found nothing unusual.

But he did see Manley
Reckford on the beach.

I think we ought to
check him out with Miami.

Yeah do that, Oscar,
then see Reckford.

[sultry jazz music]

Don't say I haven't changed.

It's been 10 years.



Yeah, you've changed.

And don't say for the better.

Where it shows, yeah.

[laughs] Oh Jerry.

You still know what a
woman wants to hear.

[chuckles] What was it
you used to say you wanted?

A nice quiet home in
the country, children?

I would have loved to
have children.

Never happened.

It might have if...

But you married the doctor.

You got your
respectability and security.

Not my fault.

It wasn't your fault.

I just wanted the wrong things,
I guess.

Now you want revenge, huh?





[Jerry laughs]

Will you help me, Jerry, please?

Well you're still very good,

Very, very good.

That little tremor you
get in your voice

when you say, "Help me, Jerry,

Still very dangerous.

Will you get Stegner back?

I've got a contract on him.

Thank you, Jerry.

I'm not doing it for you Adele.

I'm not interested in
your justice.

I'm doing it because I owe
a man a favor, that's all!

[Adele] It doesn't have
to be like this between us.

It doesn't have to be
like anything between us.

You'll get what you want.

I want to help you here.

Go back to New York, Adele.

I don't need your help.

Catlett's all I need.

He's going to go in tomorrow,

and get some shots of
Stegner's villa.


Collecting garbage.

It's what we're down here for,
isn't it?

I won't say thank you again.

[suspenseful music]

Fanon's been talking
to Adele Tasca.

Does he know her?

Didn't seem to when he arrived.

We'll have a line on
Fanon by tomorrow.


I wanna read him loud and clear.

[visitor knocking]

Mr. Gelhorn.

Can we talk?

I just spoke to Fanon.

[Leo] Yes?

His man Catlett has arrived.


Have they decided on
their first move?

Uh-huh, pictures of the villa.

Tomorrow Catlett goes
in with a garbage truck.


Well that's what Fanon said.

My associate, Halpin,
mustn't know anything,

but I'll make sure Fanon
gets all the help he needs.

Well, play it very carefully,

It mustn't look too
easy to Fanon.

He's a shrewd citizen.

By the time you and I
finish with Mr. Fanon,

he won't be able to
find first base

in a first base factory
unless we lead him to it.

And lead him we will.

[suspenseful music]

Miami says that Fanon
is Sal Hyman's man.

Who is this Fanon, Leo?

A new arrival at the hotel.

Manley Reckford was quick
to pay his respects.

Reckford's tongue's
always for sale.

Not this time.

If he's Hyman's man,
he's syndicate.

Nothing to worry us.

I worry about anyone I
can't catalog.

Unless they have a
beautiful body.

What do you mean, Paul?

The Tasca woman, she
could make trouble.

Could she, Leo?

If I think so

I'll correct it.
[garbage truck rattling]

[suspenseful music]

[Catlett] How much
longer we gonna look?

[Jerry] If
Stegner's in the villa

we should find his pills.

[Catlett] Here in
about six weeks.

[Jerry] If isn't
labeled warfarin soda

it'll have a yellow
sediment in it.

[Catlett] You used to
be so much fun.

[horn honks]

[shoppers and
merchants chattering]

[upbeat music]

[shoppers chattering]

[woman laughing]

- Ask.
- Look at the camera.

I wasn't ready, I was moving.

- Good day, good day.
[women chattering]

[fabric ripping]

[chicken clucking]

Is that the woman
from our hotel?

[Woman] Yes it is.


- Help!
- Something wrong

isn't there?

Help me, officer!

[women chattering]

That man attacked me, look.

And grabbed my purse!


[women chattering]

I saw him, I saw him.

- He grabbed you.
- Did he

do that to you?

Hands together, hands together!

[Man] I wasn't doing anything,

I was just guarding her.

I work for Karl Stegner!

[visitor knocking]

[Catlett] Hey, we got company.

Adele, what the hell are
you doing here?

Were you followed?

I got away.

I've been talking to Gelhorn.

From some things he said

I'm beginning to think Stegner
may not be on the island.

Well you may be right.

Who are those two?

The honkey is Oscar
Bailey out of Denver.

He likes to hurt people.

And the black's Lestor
Wallace from Jamaica.

He breaks legs.

When do we move?

Let's run it down.

Stegner's entourage
moves around the world,

trumpets blowing, and
everyone assumes

that Stegner is cocooned
in the middle of it.

He has a serious
thromboembolic condition,

and has to take warfarin soda
in regulated doses everyday.

And no bottles of warfarin soda

in the garbage we got
from the villa.

But we know that he doesn't
make a move without his

private physician Dr.
Charles Felix.

Reckford says that Felix
hasn't been seen

around here in months.

Well it's a cinch if
that doctor cat

isn't there, Stegner
isn't there.

Could be stashed away
in the house,

but we can't get in to find out.

Well if you can't get
in, get everybody out.

Easy lady.

We're just gonna walk
up to the house

and serve everybody an
eviction notice?

Even easier: Burn them out.

Is that what a quiet
life teaches you?

[Adele laughs]

[suspenseful music]

[dog barking]

Bottom one.

Cut it.

[dogs barking]

[Guard] Attack boy.

[suspenseful music]

[dart gun pops]

[dog whimpers]

[dart gun pops] [guard groans]

[dog growling]

[dart gun pops] [dog whimpers]

[match crackles]

[fuse hissing]

[fire whooshes]

[fire crackling]
[men chattering]

This is Karl Stegner's house!

We're on fire and
it's spreading.

Get an engine up here quickly.

I said quickly, dammit.

[extinguishers hissing]
[flames roaring]

[Man] Now let's go.

Come on, get outta here.

[Security Guard] My
monitors are out.

Everything's dead up here.

I'm gettin' out.

[fire crackling]
[men chattering]

[Man] Over here, over here.

[Man] Is anybody else up there?

[Leo] This way.

[Paul] Come on
let's get outside.

Let's go!

[men chattering] [bell dinging]

[firetruck bell blaring]

[flames roaring]

[Man] Get a move on, gotta move!

[Leo] Let's get outta here.

- Gotta break through.
- Into the car.

[Firefighter] Anybody
get those tools?

Let me get those
tools over here!

Get back, get back!

Is anyone injured here?

It's all right,
everything's fine.

[Firefighter] Okay,
move over here.

That's fine, over here.

[firefighters chattering]

Hurry up.

[firefighters chattering]

[fire crackling]

Hurry up.

[dramatic music]

[fire roaring]

[firefighters chattering]

[fire roaring]

[fire roars]

[sultry jazz music]

[Adele] How did it go?

[Jerry] Just like the
fourth of July.

No Stegner.

[Adele] You're positive?

Well there were
three rooms in use

for Gelhorn, Halpin, and Calman.

Now I didn't see Harry Calman,

so he could have been in the car

so people'd think he
was Stegner.

Well, if Stegner's not
in the villa where is he?

They'll be edgy after
tonight, start making mistakes.

That's when we'll find him.

Gelhorn's gonna get mean.

It's 4:30, you'll be missed.

Drop her off somewhere
near the hotel.

You just sit tight 'til
Catlett contacts you.

I'll take the boat around
to the old commercial docks.


Take care of yourself, Fanon.

I only get to see you once
every 12 years.

[soft jazz music]

Well, the rooms in the
north wing are untouched,

we'll still be able
to live here.

But how did it happen?

I've got two dogs and a
man shot with tranquilizers.

Somebody's been clever.

Adele Tesca show up yet?

At five o'clock this
morning at the hotel.

Is she still there?

She was an hour ago.

Bring her here.

All right.

[suspenseful music]

Mr. Halpin wants to see you.

Well tell Mr. Halpin
I'm rather busy.

Please, lady.

Do you think this is worth $8?

[jewelry clattering]
[dramatic music]

Man, you shoulda seen my legs.

[men laugh]

[Man] Jesus.

Look over there.

[dramatic music]

[tires screeching]

We're not alone.

Don't worry,
Fanon's up the road.

He'll see us coming.

[dramatic music]

[horn honks]

[fuse hissing]

[Catlett] Now!

[engine rumbles]
[tires squealing]

[explosion booms]

It just blew up.

I didn't see anyone or
hear anything.

[mumbles], though.

She's down here with her
own private shtarkers.

Whoever that black is
he's not a local for sure.

[nurse muttering]

We're supposed to have
ears all over this island.

Let's shake something out of it.

Find out who that black is.

- [Nurse On Loud Speaker]
Will Dr. Dale Abbott

please report to surgery?

All right now, give
it to me again.

Wait a minute.

We'll get the black and
the Tasca woman.

You want 'em brought back?

They'd just vanish.

Feeding time for the sharks.

[soft orchestral music]

[suspenseful music]

Hope you can cook, lady.

It's been a long time since
I had a home cooked meal.

Of course I can.

[shoe crunches]

[Catlett] Hey, watch
your step here.

[Adele] Yeah.

[knee thuds] Oh!

Who's gonna insure you, Catlett?

[ominous music]

Get the meat and stuff
from the car.

[Lestor] Okay.

These bags are gettin' heavy.

My old man used to say,
"Things can get worse."


Take it to the boat.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[dart gun pops]
[henchman grunts]

Now take good care of that one.

Wait for me at Orange Bay.

[ominous orchestral music]

[fist banging]

[crickets chirping]

Mr. Reckford doesn't
wanna be bothered now.

Let me bother him now.

Where is he?

- [woman screams]
- Fanon!

Are you in business,
Reckford, or are you retired?

I wanna see you and Eddie now.

[Manley] All right, all right.

Jerry, well it's about time man.

Hello Eddie.

Putin on a little
weight aren't ya?

Housebound ya know.

Well that's over.

Here's some spending money.

Eddie goes back to my hotel,
he's me.

You arrange I get a phone
call from Miami

requesting my presence
back there immediately.

Pick Eddie up tomorrow and
take him to the airport.

First, call Dominic
Carbone in Curacao.

Give him that message.

In the morning, Eddie
boards the plane for Miami,

Fanon vanishes.

Gelhorn will have the
airport watched,

so he won't have any
trouble being seen.

- [Woman On Loud Speaker]
British West Indies Airline

announces the departure
of Flight 6 to Miami.

Goodbye Mr. Fanon.

Nice to have had you here.

- [Woman On Loud Speaker]
Passengers should have

their boarding cards ready
and proceed to gate number 12.

Tell Mr. Gelhorn that Fanon

has just boarded a
flight to Miami.

How long we gonna drift?

Well, all the calls
go through a scrambler

right after the
connection is made

so all we get is the location.

Most are obvious
financial centers.

But they called
Willemstad in Curacao,

six times the last four days.

Once right after the fire.

So you still think
Stegner's in Curacao.

Let's ask Lestor.

Bring the barrel.

You like sharks, huh?

You booked the show,
I'm just changing casts.

It was Oscar's idea.

Ask Oscar. [Suspenseful music]

Yeah well Oscar was lucky.

You're bait.

Please, please, don't please.


Well you've got two minutes.

Where's Stegner?

God's truth, I don't know.

Let's fish, Cat.

[ominous orchestral music]

Where is he?

Where's Stegner?

I can't tell you.

I don't know.


[Jerry] He's not in the villa.

No, [mumbles]!

Where is he?

Where? [Lestor gasps]

They say sharks can
smell blood a mile off.

Catlett don't do this to me,

I can see a fin, Lestor.

Looks like you just wasted
your last two minutes on Earth.


I don't know.

Mr. Gelhorn and Mr. Calman
meet somewhere on the weekend.

They say they're going fishing,

but Oscar told me they
see your man.


They don't tell me anything.

Just they going fishing.

Where is he?

Start talking Lestor.

Where is he?

[Lestor moaning]

Where is Stegner?


In Willemstad.

[Lestor moaning]

[soft orchestral music]

Have you heard from Oscar yet?

Has he found them?

Paul, don't ever again send
my people off to get anybody.

You're a business advisor,
I'm security.

Remember that.

I think you made a mistake, Leo.

I told you days ago to
kill that Tasca woman.

Yeah I've always
noticed it's you rich,

soft, pampered people that are
most in love with violence.

You've never experienced it.

You're voyeurs, you
just wanna see it done.

[sultry jazz music]

Scrambled egg sandwiches.


A sky like that
should make a sound,

a brassy, goldy sound.

When we hit Curacao,

go around to the east
side of the island.

Gelhorn is gonna have
the main harbor

at Willemstad Watched so
we can land right here.

We got the harbor and the
airport tightly covered, Leo.

There's no sign of the
woman or Catlett.

Check the hotels?

Done, every new arrival.

Every place that's got
a bed for sale.

[soft jazz music]

[tires crunching]

Mr. Fanon?

I'm from Dominic Carbone.

He got your message.

He asked me to welcome
you to Curacao.

[Dominic] You still take
whiskey, Fanon?


[Dominic] Good.

I didn't see his mouth move.

Been a long time, my friend.

Dominic Carbone meet Catlett.

[Dominic] Pleasure.

[Jerry] And Mrs. Tasca.

- You're very beautiful, Mrs.

Thank you.

And who's that one?

Well I don't want him loose.

Put him somewhere
where he's safe.

May I?

Oh, help yourselves.

Would you care for something,
Mrs. Tasca?

I'm very tired.

I'd really like a bath and rest.

Oh of course.

Would you take Mrs.
Tasca to her room?

Thank you.

[Jerry] So is it all fixed?

Just like you asked me to.

I have three rooms here for you.

Nobody'll know
you're in Curacao.

Do you still have
that sea plane?

It's in a quiet bay on
the east coast, Playa Marta,

and I'll have it ready
to fly when you want it.


I need some money, too.

What about Karl Stegner?

Do you know anything about
him being in Curacao?

[Dominic] People say
he's on Antigua,

but no one sees him.

What about his doctor,
Charles Felix?

He comes in to play
once in a while.

He's got a plantation
just outside Willemstad,

about 20 miles north.

Charlie likes chicken fights.

He breeds them.

Here I'll get his
address for you.

Take a drive up there
this afternoon, Cat.

I want it mapped.

He comes in town
quite regularly.

I'll mark him for ya.

Where does he stay
when he's in town?

The Plaza Hotel.

He's got a suite on
the 14th floor.

Stegner uses it for his
staff here in Curacao.

Mr. Stegner, sir, I
propose we move

the whole entourage from
Antigua to the house in Caracas.

I think Paris would give
us a better press coverage.

I'll book two floors at
the George V.

Do we have the French
government's cooperation?

Oh, definitely. [Chuckles]

Now about this, Catlett, Leo.

We have his dossier
from our police contacts.

He's a thief, one of the best.

What's his connection
with the Tasca woman?

We don't know sir.

Oscar and Lestor were
good together.

To take them out, and
we must assume

that that's what's happened,

would require someone
really dangerous.

You said Catlett was good.

Men are what they do.

He's no killer.

I think we have an
unknown cutting edge.

Governments in my experience,

when they want
something bad enough,

will sup in the devil's house.

What do you think, Dr. Felix?

When I was a boy my
grandfather had a farm

and I used to cut the meadow
grass with a long, long scythe.

But I always kept a
clump of goldenrod

standing near the stream
for the butterflies.

You see, I collected
butterflies in those days.

That goldenrod gathered all
those butterflies in one place.

Oh, it made it so easy.
[blows out air]

So easy.

[visitor knocking]

Who is it?

[Jerry] Room service, ma'am.

Oh. [Chuckles]

A new dress, a new
pair of shoes.

A new pair of stockings.

Listen I don't want
to be ungracious but...

You've been invited

to Dominic Carbone's
casino tonight, so.


I hope they will fit me.

Well if they don't you can use

some of your many
charms and sew.

I'll try.

You've got two hours.


[sultry jazz music]

[ball rattling]

[upbeat soft jazz music]

[gamblers chattering]

He's at the dice table.

Dr. Felix, in a beige
coat and a brown shirt.

Fanon, be discreet.

This is my place.

[gamblers chattering]

[Woman] Where did you come from?

I thought you were in Paris.

[Man] Well, I got back
just last week.

What's that?

I was playing 17.

[Dealer] 17 black.

[Woman] Did you know?

[Man] What's better
than Paris in the spring?

It's only money.

Next time.

Ebony magazine,

what the distinguished
young man is wearing.


It's like a waiter from an
Alabama chicken restaurant.

In a ruffle shirt?

[Jerry laughs] I look delicious.

Felix and Calman are at
the dice table over there.

[chips clicking]

When they leave, keep
'em company.

But watch out, Calman
may recognize your face.

To them we all look alike.

[ball rattling]

Here's the layout of
Felix's plantation.

I think I'll double it.

[Man] I always [mumbles].

[Woman] Yes, well [mumbles].

[ball rattling]

[Dealer] 14 red.


[Jerry laughs]

Here you are, John.

Thank you, sir.

[Dealer] Fair trade,
settle three ways.

[men chattering]

[Adele] How nice, thank you.

[Jerry and Adele laughing]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[Mike] Good evening, sir.

[Dr. Felix] There you are, Mike.

Goodnight, gentlemen.

I like to win occasionally.

Tonight was my turn.


Did I thank you for these?

[sultry jazz music]

Here, let me help you with that.

When I take my earrings
off, I go to bed.

[Jerry chuckles]

[audience applauds]

[Spanish jazz music]


Goodnight, Adele.

[men chattering]

Hey, [mumbles] is good
here, ain't it brothers?

[Group] Yeah! [Chattering]

Yeah, I think I've got some
fresh dollars here somewhere.

[soft jazz music]

[visitor knocking]

It's open, Cat.

Where ya been?

Found a crap game at The Plaza.

There's a funny thing
about cooks and waiters.

They're either dice shooters,
horse players, or drunks.

But there's one thing
they all do is gossip,

mostly to the heavy loser.

I know as much about that hotel

and Stegner's security
arrangements as Mr.

Gelhorn does.

Very good.

[audience applauds]

Picked up another
little tid bit.

Found Felix and Halpin are
goin' to a place called.

La Via tomorrow, cockfight.


Cockfight in La Via?

Don't push that bottle too much.

I want you bright eyed and
clear headed for tomorrow.

[Catlett] Oh what
happened to the fun Fanon?

[window rattling]

You could pick up a
lot of weight

making entrances like that,

[sultry jazz music]

[roosters clucking]

- Come on, come on!
[crowd cheering]

Yeah thanks, brother.

[crowd shouting]

I'll take another $50.

[crowd chattering]

[roosters clucking]

[Paul titters]

[crowd cheering]


I won, Catlett, I won!


- [crowd chattering]
- Oh, hey.

That's it, come on.

[crowd chattering]

Goodbye, Cyril, goodbye.

[donkey braying]

- [upbeat funk music]
- There they are.

All right.

[engine rumbling]

Sounds like they've
taken the bait.

[dramatic music]

Okay, run.

[door bangs] [Paul grunts]

To the car.

Open the door.

Stegner's warfarin pills, huh?

[suspenseful music]

Into the other car, Doctor.

Goodnight, Halpin.

[dart gun pops]

Sleep well.

Get your things.

Dominic'll drive you
to the boat.

Wait for us there.

In case anything should happen

and things should fall apart
and we don't make it back,

you go with Dominic.

You'll be safe with him.

- Yes but...
- Now don't talk.

Just do as I say.

[crowd chattering]

You're on, brother.

[Man] Okay man.

[Man] [mumbles] if
somebody tries to hurt me.

Gimme the gun.

This is a Walther P38
with a silencer on it.

No one will hear you die.

Give me about five minutes.

Then take the service
steps to the first floor,

then the penthouse
elevator on up.

[suspenseful music]

[men chattering]

[guests chattering]

If we see anybody, just
friendly hellos.

Anything else makes me nervous.

[elevator dings]

[elevator clangs]

[twinkling music]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[dart gun pops]
[security guard grunts]

[dart gun pops]
[security guard grunts]

[man shouting in
foreign language]

[elevator dings]

[Dr. Felix grunts]

I've been trying for an hour
to get through to New York.

I don't care.

[Catlett knocking]
if the lines are busy.

This is Gelhorn, now break
in on somebody.

I've gotta have a
line right away.

- [Harry] Lose your keys, Dr.

Harry, this is our thief,

and he has a pistol
uncomfortably against my spine.

Hang up, Gelhorn.

[Man In Gray Suit] How you
gonna play this shot, nigger?

You can't take both of us.

[gun fires]
[man in gray suit grunts]

[Leo] Fanon?

Let's go get Stegner.

On the floor.

Open it.

You wanna be next, Gelhorn?

[dial clicking]

[door buzzing]

What's your price, Mr. Fanon?

I've been bought.

I'll double your offer.


If we have any heroics here,

Stegner will be the first to go.

You heard, Fanon, wait.

The only virtue of the stupid
is they don't live long.

[upbeat traditional music]
[performers chanting]

Harry, call the airport,
have the helicopter ready.

Tagua, come with me.

What are you going to do, Leo?

Fanon's efficient.

He won't expose himself
to a long sea voyage.

That means he's got a
plane waiting somewhere.

[upbeat traditional music]
[performers chanting]

[Jerry] Let's go.

[horn honks]

[tires screech]

[helicopter rumbling]

We've got our men
watching the departure gate.

Get 'em and seal off
the airport.

[Driver] Right.

[suspenseful music]

[Jerry] Delivery day.

Are you all right?


Have you anything to
ease the pain, please?

Yeah, there's some aspirin
down in the first aid kit.

[engine rumbling]

[ominous orchestral music]

[suspenseful music]

That only leaves Playa
Marta, the sea plane base.

I know.

[Man On Dock] Hi Fanon!

See you in Miami.


[helicopter rumbling]

Adele, come on!

[helicopter rumbling]

[gun firing]

[machine gun firing]

[guns firing]
[helicopter rumbling]


[machine gun firing]

[helicopter rumbling]
[gun fires]


Jerry, you go!

I'll be all right.

[gun firing]

[airplane rumbling]

[helicopter rumbling]

[gun firing]

[machine gun firing]

[gun firing]

[boat engine rumbles]

[helicopter rumbling]

[guns firing]

[electricity zapping]

[guns firing]

[helicopter rumbling]

[machine gun firing]

[electricity zapping]

[fire crackling]

[somber orchestral music]

Leo, why?


He was expendable.

I had to make it look good.

[explosion booms]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Firefly, firefly,
subject landing now,

Watson Island Base, Miami.

Repeat, subject landing now.

Let's go.

[Officer] Suspect's sea
plane has come ashore.

Suspect and escort are
leaving sea plane now.

I have offered you more money
than you can count, Fanon,

deposited anywhere in the world.

Dreams, freedom, and power,

Any man who refuses
what you've just refused

is reckless with his future.

Gentlemen, this is Karl Stegner.

He's gonna offer you the world,
so take good care of him.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

There's a vehicle
waiting for ya.

I'll show ya.

[suspenseful music]

- [Woman On Loud Speaker]
Delta Airlines.

You go ahead, I'll
get my things.

[Woman On Loud
Speaker] Please report

to flight administration.

Delta Airlines, [mumbles].

[gun firing]

[tires screeching] [gun firing]

[gun fires] [man groans]

[potatoes rumbling]

[tires screeching] [gun firing]

[man groans]

[guns firing]

[woman crying out]

[officer groans]

[gun firing]

[tires screech]

Delta Airlines,
Captain Ridgeway,

please report to flight

We got trouble, Jerry.

[Jerry] What?

Someone burned Stegner
yesterday out at the airport.

Hull is pointing the
finger at us.

We clean, Sal?

Like virgins, Jerry.

Only you knew he was coming in.

Your people knew.

Stegner's group in Curacao
could've guessed it.

Why should we have hin killed,

He could bruise you you've
done business with him.

Stegner can't put
anything on us.

You look somewhere else
for your killers.

Like where?

A couple of damaged bankers,

at least two state governors,

three senators I can name
and a dozen lobbyists.

Stegner bought up a lot
of slack in his operation.

People right up at the
top could've been hurt

when he unraveled.

Maybe somebody in your
office got patriotic.

We get you to bring him
back so we can kill him?

It scans.

We wanted Karl Stegner
for prosecution.

In my book you delivered
him for burial.

That's how I'll advise
my department.

- Are you all right?
- Migraine.

Have you anything to
ease the pain, please?

Yeah, there's some aspirin

down in the first aid kit.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Has there been an autopsy
on Stegner yet?

[Coroner] The orbital
cavity has been shattered.

There's extensive brain damage.

Doctor, did you find
any other hemorrhaging?

I mean, hemorrhaging not
consistent with the gunshot


Definitely not.

What's this all about, Fanon?

This isn't Stegner.


It's a stand-in.

We've been taken for a
carnival ride.

[Frank] What's going on here?

I'm lost.

What would happen, Doctor,

if a man taking warfarin sodium
took four or five aspirin?

He'd have massive hemorrhaging.

Well Stegner had been
taking warfarin sodium

for three years.

This John Doe took four
aspirin for a migraine

about eight hours
before he was shot.

His body was to be used
as a punctuation mark,

a period, Hull.

Stegner dead, a few daffodils,

pretty soon everyone forgets.

They saw us comin', man.

We've been used.

Do you know who Stegner is?

Who and where.

Well they know you now.

That makes you the fish
in the barrel.

You better go back to
your gardening.

Hull and Cooper will
pick you to pieces, Sal.

I still got my heart attacks.

And I still owe you Stegner.

[phone rings]

What do you need?

Dominic's plane boat's
still in town.

That's all I need.

You got two more
reasons to go now, Fanon.

That was Dominic Carbone.

Your friend Catlett's body
was found burnt with his boat.

Gelhorn has the Tasca
woman, Catlett's dead.

[somber orchestral music]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[horse whinnies]

[knuckles knocking]


What's wrong, dear?


Well you left the
table so abruptly.


Yes, I know, it
seemed to hit you

when we got the news
my unfortunate stand-in

was killed in Miami.

He'd saved you the five million.

The five million he was to get
to serve time instead of you.

Well I tell you, Adele,
I'd grown fond of my double.

[dog barking]

Yes, I truly forget his
tragic accident.

- Accident?
- Yes.

Like Catlett?

My husband?

[dog barking]

I love you, Karl.

I wanted help your
rebirth as Dr. Felix.

I wanted to spend the rest
of my life quietly with you.

[dog barking]

But so much blood.

Did you have to?

Now wait a minute, nothing
is for nothing, Adele.

You know that.

Did you really think
that it would be easy?

Well, no matter.

From now on, my dear,
it will be.

Just like we always spoke of,
you'll see.

[dog barking]

I know, Leo, you heard voices.

You thought there
might be burglars.

I heard words.


What did you hear?

Enough to make me think
perhaps Halpin was right,

right when he said she
could be dangerous.

He doesn't know just
how dangerous.

You realize don't you,
Karl, that beside me

she's the only one who
knows you're Stegner.

[Karl] I wanna think
about that Leo.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[horse hooves clomping]


[Guard] Whoa!

- Who killed Catlett?
[guard grunting]

Who killed Catlett?

[coughing] Gelhorn.

What room is Dr. Felix in?

[guard grunting]

I'll get him anyway.

Where is he?

[guard grunting]

Out the back.

[door creaks]

[guard gurgles]

[gun thuds]

[Karl chuckles]

You know Leo, when I
first met Adele Tasca

I was playing a part, of course.

I was Dr. Felix.

We became friends and
then shortly afterwards

I told her who I really was.

I always remember what she
said to me at that time.

She wasn't thrown or anything.

She just looked at me
and she said,

"You know, Mr. Stegner,
I've always admired men"

"with power and wealth."

That's what she said to me.

Utterly amazing woman.

Utterly amazing woman.

[tractor rumbling]

[guns firing]

[building crashing]

[guns firing]

[man cries out]

[guns firing]

[stairs crashing]

[Karl grunts]

Get up, Stegner.

You're making a
terrible mistake.

No, I'm correcting a mistake.

I should've known when
they didn't blow you

and Catlett away to
save Stegner.

I wouldn't have snatched the
warfarin pills from my hand.

I should have known you
were Stegner then.


You go get Mrs. Tasca.

You rest of you put
your guns on that table

and put your arms straight
out from your shoulders.

You heard him, gentlemen.

Do it.

How badly you want her, Fanon?

Bad enough to kill him

if you don't put that
gun on the table.

Fanon, you do surprise us.

Put those on him.

Why don't you walk
away now Fanon

and stay alive to be
a wealthy man?

No, no, no, I'm going
to deliver you.

You won't stay in jail long.

Men like you never do.

You buy the judges, you
buy the lawyers.

If that doesn't work you
buy the men above them.

So as long as you're
alive there's hope.

[horse whinnies]

[ominous music]

Go to the red Jeep.

Get in.

Do you drive?

I'll try.

Stand on it.

Stand on it!

Yes, I'm trying to.

[gun firing] [horses whinnying]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[Paul] What the hell's going on?

Why does Fanon think Dr.
Felix is Stegner?

Because he is, you idiot.

Why? When?

So he wouldn't have to stay
holed up with you all day.

Fanon's got him for
Christ's sake!

[suspenseful music]

- [Jeep thuds]
- Whoa!

[Adele laughs]

What are you laughing about,

Let's go, come on.

[Adele] It's not easy.

[Jerry] Come on!

Harry, take the helicopter.

- Right.
- Find out where

they are and report in.

Paul, call the police.

Have 'em cut off the roads.

You men seal off the
banana fields.

I don't want any accidents.

Take them, don't start
a shooting war.

[suspenseful music]

[Harry] Calman to base.

I can see them now.

They're going west through
a patch in plantation seven.

We'll keep with them.


[dramatic orchestral music]

[gun firing]

[man cries out]

[Harry] Calman to truck three,

they'll be passing you
in 10 seconds.


[suspenseful orchestral music]

[truck crashing]

[explosion booms]

Helicopter to police
car on Julianna Road.

Suspects are coming up
behind you in a red Jeep.

Follow them and keep
them in sight.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[tires screech]

[horn honking]

[truck crashing]

[siren blaring]

Helicopter to white Jeep,

suspects are turning
towards [mumbles] River.

Keep with them.

[water splashing]

[explosion booms]

[Jeep crashes]

[ominous music]

You all right?

Come on.

Let's go.

[soft suspenseful music]

[fire crackling]

[Karl grunting]

I can't breathe, my chest.

You're not dyin' here, Stegner.

Get up, come on.

My chest. [Breathing heavily]

[horse whinnies]
[ominous orchestral music]

[Karl breathing heavily]
[Jerry grumbling]

[Harry] They're on foot

running through Jacobs
Plantation towards Pigeon Bay.

We've got three horsemen
catching up with them.

[explosion booms]
[dramatic orchestral music]

[horses whinnying]

[suspenseful jazz music]

[Jeep rumbling]

Come on.

This is Jeep number three.

I'm on Pigeon Bay.

I'm approaching the
three of 'em.

He's got a sea plane here.

They're running towards it.

I'm about 100 yards away.

I can catch him...

[explosion booms]

[Leo] Pigeon Bay.

Hold that on him, I'll
untie the plane.


Now darling, now.


Stegner's deep freeze mistress?

Adele Tasca?

Put your hands on your head,

I never trust a man like you,

Every second you're alive
you're a danger.

Get too hot in the
kitchen for ya, huh Stegner?

Had to set up that
poor stand-in.

You bore me.

[gun fires]

[gun firing] [Karl grunting]

Ow, my arm.

Unh-unh, you change
sides too often.

[Jeep rumbling]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Start pumping.

[Adele] Pumping?

[gas splashing]

[gun firing]

[Jerry] Keep pumping.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Will you turn me in, Jerry?

Will you?

No, I owe ya.

[plane rumbling]

[guns firing]

Try for Fanon only!

[guns firing]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[flare gun pops]

[men crying out]

[party goers chattering]

I mean none of us are safe.

If they can get Karl Stegner,
the richest man in the world

for a little thing
like tax evasion.

And fraud, Emily.

I don't care.

It shows that nothing is sacred.

Weren't you out there on
that island where he was?

[Adele] Mm-hm.

Isn't that Harold Everett?

Did you see that
list in Newsweek?

Isn't he the fourth
richest man in the world?

Or is the fifth?

I think it was the fourth.

- Harry, may I introduce Mrs.
Adele Tasca.

Mrs. Tasca, it's a pleasure.

You know, Mr. Everett,
I've always admired men

with power and wealth.

[Harold] Hm.


[Adele and Harold laugh]

It's a pleasure.

[suspenseful jazz music]