Firefly (2013) - full transcript

Tells the story of Huat, an ordinary uncle who dresses up as a superhero to fight crime. Firefly becomes an icon in the city when he successfully saves many people from being victims of crime. His success is not attributed because of his skills, but due to pure luck. Firefly soon meets a group of vigilantes who has real skills but who is brutal in carrying out their crime fighting mission.

The charge of the accused of him murdering his family with intent will now be overturned

Due to the accused's state of mind

With this, the court has decided to place the accused in the mental institution

To be observed by psychiatrist and will not be sent to jail

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Firefly is on news again.

He saves another person.

His news appear on most of the newspapers.

He is on the TV news as well.

Huat ah! One cup please.

Boss! A lot of customers order AH HUAT White Coffee lately.

Boss, three cups of Ah Huat White Coffee please!

You are right.


Only a few packs left.

Better call now to order more Ah Huat White Coffee.

Quickly go.

Hold on.

You go wash toilet.

Let me serve the customers instead.

Huat ah! It's hot!

Huat ah!

May your wishes come true.

Here you go.

Firefly is very capable.

That's true.

Heard that he can fly like Superman.

I heard that he is six feet tall.

Then he must be very handsome.

Then he must be very manly too!

What do you think you are doing!?

I have no appetite anymore.

You are so gross.

Please move away.

Yes, I'm the one they are referring to.

Your one and only helpful hero.



Sir, help me!

There are 2 men who are chasing after me!

Please help me.

I can't help you, sorry

I'm sorry.

Please don't come near me.

Go on... run if you can.


Don't come near me.

Don't touch me, go away.

Wei, don't disturb her.

I've just spent 15 minutes to climb up, now I have to climb back down again.

Go away.

Go away.

Let her go.

Or else, I'll beat you both.

What's the time now? Wearing like this at this hour?

Don't look like Batman nor Superman.

Which kind of "man" are you?

I'm none of the so called "Man".

Don't be scared when I tell you who I really am.

I'm the hero who likes to help and save people.

I'm Firefly!

You heard his name before?

Maybe... maybe not.

Uncle, I never heard of this name.

But I know there are a lof of Firefllies in Kuala Selangor.



There is a cockroach on your finger!

Cockroach! Cockroach!

It's gone.

It flies to his head!

Don't hit me anymore.

No more cockroach.

You are right, it's gone.

It's still there.


Inside his hair, and it's still moving.

Oh yes, I see it now.

It's gone.

Girl, I've just saved you...

Not even a thank you.


Take my sticker.

Take it, don't be scared.

Stick on your shoulder.

I give to the one whom I saved as a souvenior sometimes.

Remember, I'm Firefly.

I don't fly.

But I fly a little once in a while if the wind is strong.

Take all. You can stick yourself, goodbye.

Sadly, nowadays the youngsters are not appreciative...

So tired.

So tired right, dad?

How many times must I tell you?

Don't climb up like this.

Do you even know how old are you now?

Fifty only.

And then?

And then what?

You are not young anymore, so stop climbing up this way.

It's very dangerous ok?

You think I like to climb up this way and don't just use the door?

I'm worried other people may find out that I live here... I have lots of fans you know?

Then it'll be very troublesome.

You seriously doing this?

At first, I thought you only wanted to have some fun, so I designed this costume for you...

When are you going to stop all these superhero thing?

Have you forgotten how your mum died?

That's why I need...

to help people in need.

Mum is no longer here with us...

That's why I can't let anything happen to you...

Do not worry.

I can take care myself.

If you know how to take care of yourself then I would not have been worried for you everyday.

You spoilt brat, why you always bully daddy?

What bully?

Can't you respect him as your dad?

Then have you respect me as your sister?

You both behave the same.

Always don't listen to my advice.

Are you going to take responsibility if anything happens to dad?

There are doctors and hospitals for such purpose.

Can you stop nagging dad for doing what he loves?

The doctor in hospital is needed to diagnose your narcissism sickness.

I'm not narcissistic, there is nothing wrong if I admire myself.

Look at yourself, you are so fat that you can be made into many Char Siew Pao!

Not cha siew pao... actually is big XL pao enough for all the people in the world.

Your thin bones can be used to make guitar.

Fatty you!

What are you trying to do?

I want to help out!

It's none of our business.

I left my wallet in the van, I go to take now.

You wait for me here.

Dear members of the media, good morning.

Today, I am going to make the official announcement...

Our A Corp power plant will start operations in two months time.

I have heard that there are a lot of complaints about the safety issue of our power plant.

But don't worry, our power plant is very safe.

I've consulted a professor from Gogoland University.

His report regarding the safety issue is very positive.

According to his report...

Our power plant is even safer than your risk crossing the road.

Any questions?

The pretty lady in yellow shirt...

Chou Tong, regarding the power plant causing serious polution to the environment...

And the possiblity of causing serious health issues to surrounding residents...

How do you explain to this issue...

We use latest technology...

Don't worry...

Actually I wanted to live nearby the power plant too if I got the chance.

You know why?

There's some kind of energy there...

Oh yes, it's positive energy!

The nearby residents...

They can come and hang around the plant...

Take photo, BBQ, and even picnic...

No problem with me...

Is there anymore questions?

Ah, no more questions... Good...


Four patients escaped from the asylum this afternoon.

The four patients are in poses a danger to themselves

and the people who may come across them.

Police urge the public to take precaution and to be alert of them.

Yes, the lady standing beside me is now safe and sound...

It's all because of Firefly

Miss, can you give us a description of Firefly?

Hope that you can help us to know more about Firefly.

Actually he is quite fat.

You mean he can fly?

Firefly really is an extraordinary person.

He has the ability to fly.

So did you have a good look at him?

Actually he is quite old.

You mean he is very mature and attractive.

Even young girls also can't resist Firefly's attractiveness.

Last question.

How did Firefly defeated the thugs?

It's all because he was lucky.

That's right, you are able to get Firefly's assistance...

Is all because of luck.

Ever since Firefly appears in our society...

We can all live peacefully.

Firefly, you are the best!

Live reporting from Fanny...

Big Miao, what are you doing?

Firefly news again! When are you going to stop all this nonsense?

Look at your big tummy.

Still want to act like a superhero? You think you are still 18?

I know I'm old, you don't have to remind me all the time.

If I don't remind you all the time, will you still remember?

Hey spoilt brat! He is your dad!

Can't you talk in a nicer way?

As if you are talking in a very nice way now.

I'm your big sister, where is your manners?

Aiyo, can you both stop the quarrel please!

Think of a solution instead.

You think yourself then.

Get a personal assistant will do.

Good idea.

Dad, I support you.

Ok, feel free to go and find, see who is dumb enough to do all these with you.

Dad, you have my full support.

Let's do this then.

You are both crazy!

This commercial is good.

A lot of customers order this white coffee now in our shop.

The fat girl in the commercial looks like you.

Dad, I have your gene, I'm so pretty, while she's ugly!

The more I see, the more she looks like you.

Didn't I just say that she is ugly!

Three robbers was found dead at the backline Bangsar early this morning.

Please contact the local police station if you have any information.

Why so hot today?

What are you trying to do?

Mark Goh, you said hot.

Stupid, this is my style, quickly get someone to repair the air conditioner.

Hi, Mr Maihamdan, welcome.

How many times I've told you, my name is MA-HEN-DRAN.

OK... Maihamdan

Don't worry, I have a good news, my stocks are all class-A stock.

Remember to transfer money to my bank account in Switzerland.

Switzerland? You don't have local bank account?

Switzerland bank is international bank, it's very safe.

Remember, you can't afford to miss the deadline.

Mr Maihamdan, my line is good line, not dead-line

Alan, please send them off

When are you going to pay back the loan?

I don't have money. No money?

Give us your daughter if you don't have money to pay.

This bunch of bad thugs always bully innocent people.

You're welcome. I'm just doing what I should.

Thanks for your coconut.

I said thanks for your coconut.

I-can't-hear-you, come up please.

You are Firefly!

I'm one of your fans!

Really? Good, then you join me.

Join you to do what?

You just follow what I do.

But we don't really know each other yet.

We'll get to know each other sooner or later.

Look, what is that?

Made it in time for this.

Who is it?

How did you know that I stay here?

I followed you just now, but you don't even realize. This is dangerous!

Anyone follow you while you are following me?


Quickly come in.

Let's have a sit, this cartoon show is good.

Any drink?

Quickly tell me what drink you want.

Plain water will do.

Plain water also need to think so long.

How's the cartoon story so far?

Got ghost.


Cartoon also got ghost?

No, there - there - ghost

Oh, that's my daughter.

Why? My daughter is ugly is it?

They are my daughters.

Big Miao and Small Miao

Hi, Big Miao and Small Miao

Eh, I'm Small Miao, she's Big Miao.

Her size is like this last time, her size is like that last time.

Who is he.

He is Han, my new personal assistant.

What personal assistant?

You promised me to let me find a personal assistant to protect me.

I also gave him a codename, Little Dragonfly.

Little Dragonfly, such a good name.

Suddenly I feel like I have a good mood.

I'll cook supper, you stay and eat ok?

You sure your food is safe to eat?

You eat trash all this time is it?

Actually I'm already full by looking at you.


No manners, stay back to eat, I want to watch TV first.

Hey spoilt brat move aside.

You are so fat.

They always quarrel.

The meat I cook is very tender.

Because I use my "love" to cook.

Actually I'm a vegetarian.

Never try never know, once you try, you never let go.

Eat more.

I have enough of you, you are so fat that tsunami can't splash you away.

At least I have tsunami...

You are so thin that the water in the drain is enough to splash you away.

I'm full already.

Come, I bring you to see my superhero vehicle.

It's all your fault.

It's so exciting to punish those criminals.

I feel that I'm so cool doing this...

What do you think?

Boss, when are we going for our next mission?


This is our first mission together, don't fail me.

Help, got molester, rapist!

What are you talking about?

You both have been following me for a while, what a pervert rapist!

Come on, who want to molest you, we are here to protect you.

Protect me for what? Help! Got rapist!

It'll be great if we have a reliable informant.

What informant?

What do you think of Fanny?

The reporter in the TV? Not bad.

Let's take photo together, I'm sure a lot of our fans will 'like' us.

Comeďź1, 2, 3.

Why are you following me?

Actually both of us need you.


You too, pervert!

What so funny? Funny

Uncle, my name is Fanny, not Funny, do you watch TV?

Yes, I do.

So why follow me?

Actually we need you to become our informant.


I tell you a secret, you don't panic.

I'm Firefly.


How can you be Firefly?

Go over to console her, or hug her maybe, go...

What are you doing?

There is an aedes mosquito.

Yes got mosquito.

Ok, I'll help you because you are Firefly.

Although you are not as macho as I thought.

It doesn't mean only macho people can be Firefly.

Stop talking nonsense.

I know that Mark Goh will have an illegal transaction at Shah Alam Industry area tonight.

You meant the Mark Goh, who is one of the most powerful crime lord in KL?

Then let's go get prepared now.

Aiya, it's still very early.

Not early at all. I need at least three hours to wear my costume.

And it takes another few hours for my super motorbike to reach the destination.

Am I right?

Then what are we waiting for, let's go.

Wipe your eyes ok?

Alan, how is our stock?

Very good, all class-A stock.

Class-F, F U lah!

Complain to the supplier.

Ok, I call him now.

See how many people are there.

How many?



Let's go then.

So many people you said four only?

You fight them first, go.

You, go.

Boss, are you alright?

Hit them.

Kick him.

One punch to him.

Did you see a fat and short man walk pass here?

I saw him went to that side.

Why are you so slow?

It's already very fast.

I settled 3 person just now.

Tie them all up, and call the police.

Hold on.

Help me to stick my sticker.

Each person one sticker.

Seems like one person is missing from here...

Class-F, F-F-F...

A massacre happened in Shah Alam industrial area an hour ago.

It is believed to be done by a man called Black Hornet.

And the man behind me is the only survivor of the massacre.

Four of them suddenly appear from nowhere...

one of them calls himself Black Hornet.

What happened then?

They killed all our men.

He wants justice to prevail and to kill everyone involved in crime.

They are not human, they are demon.

Who is this Black Hornet?

Is he doing the right thing?

And who will be the next victim?

Stay tune with us for more news on Black Hornet.

Reporting from Fanny.

All my brothers,

you guys died horribly.

I want to take revenge! Alan,

Go catch the green short man.

No, our men are killed by the Black Hornet.

I don't care, they are the same gang.

Faster go, stupid.

Only myself?

Try to find some new men, stupid.

How to find?

You come over

Think yourself.

Ok, I go now.

All my brothers.

Come, follow me.

I furnish you with pretty clothes, including a place to stay.

I provide you with good food too.

Why are you trying to run away?

I want to go home.

Now, you scratch your own face with this.

So you won't be able to get business for us any longer.

Then you may go home and it's easier for me to explain to the boss.

Who are you guys?

Miss, you may go home now.

Don't kill me.

I'll give you anything you want.

Really? You'll give me anything I want?

Yes, anything.

I want your life.

What you want my life for?

I only work for others.

Work for others?

So who is your boss then?

My boss is not here.

Where can I find him?

I can tell you,

But you promise me, don't kill me ok.

Don't kill you...


I promise.

Don't tell him that I'm the one who give you this.

Thanks for your cooperation.

You've promised that you won't kill me.


You do it.


Firefly hairpin?

Remember... I'm your Firefly.

Who turned off my music?

Dad, why are you still listening to old fashion song like this?

You know this song right...

Your mum and I love this song very much.

That's right, you've interrupted my mood too.

Go on dreaming.

How about you?

I have emotion unlike you.

I don't want to talk to someone like you.

Spoilt brat, looking for a fight is it?

You come back here!

You come out now.

Han, come over here.

You hold on.

You can talk now.

You guys saw Black Hornet news?

He has killed many people.

You have to think of a way to stop him.

Remember ok? Bye.

What should we do now?

We have to create a scenario, to get him out.

How now

I have a good figure, whatever posing I do is nicer than yours.

Look at your figure...

Aeroplane land also will crash for sure.

Oh, your airport is even worse.

Aeroplane also don't know want to land at the front or at the back.

You - you - you - you

What are you looking at?

Eh, I'm your dad, why can't I look at you two quarelling?

We are trying to think of a good idea... You guys only know how to quarrel.

We act out a crime scene, to lure Black Hornet out.

You be the hero, and you be come the heroine.

Me? I'm not interested.

Dad, I sacrifice myself, I'll be the heroine.

Ok then, seems like you are the only the option.

You molest her at the beginning of the scene.

What, I molest her? Or she molest me?


Just do as I say.

Brother Titus.

Who are you?


Serve you well!

Help me!

Titus, where do you want to go?

I've been searching for you for quite some time.

Let's enjoy the fresh air.

Oh my god, it's disgusting...

It's a humiliation to KL, let's leave fast!

Are you ready?

My hero.

Why you keep on vomiting? Let's get ready.

No... Don't come near me!

I'm not married yet...

This is my first time too.

Don't chase me!

It's end of the road!

No, no


Can this even lure Black Hornet out??


Let's do this quick!

We have to be more serious.

If not, he won't come


What are you waiting for?

Can you be more serious!

Please be serious!


Dad, we need more time, or else he won't come.

I said enough.

We have yet to kiss!

Kiss your head!

Go home.

Are you alright?

Wait for me, it's so funny.

This is my daughter's first acting, quite good too.

I find you a prettier and hotter girl next time ok?

Seems like Black Hornet did not fall for our trick.

Let's not wait any longer.

Aren't you looking for me?

So you're Black Hornet.

I am...

He is not worth the title.

Then you are?

So who is the real Black Hornet?

So you are Black Hornet.

Why are you killing innocent people?


You are telling me these kind of people are innocent?

What kind of hero are you.

I'm a hero that likes to help people.

I help good people all the time.

But you are different, you kill people.

The people I kill are all criminals.

They don't deserve to live in this world.

You should thank me instead.

I-Firefly, will teach you a lesson tonight.

Dragonfly, you go.

What a dumb move.


Let me handle him.

This sissy...

Sissy also have to hit.


Don't waste any time, Noname.


Go go!

Hit him.

Are you ok?

Firefly? Your capability is just like a bug.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, it's normal!

How? Let's come for a rematch tomorrow if you dare.

Let's go home.

Why? You want me to carry you back is it?

Walk yourself!

Firefly, can you say something to the audiences?


I like to help people in need.

When I am free, I will go and donate blood...

I'll also go to old folks home and orphanage.

I also love to lead old people cross the road.

Firefly, can you repeat what you said in English?

Yes, of course.

I like to save people.

I like to help people.

Sometimes, if I'm free, I'll donate blood

I like to visit orphanage and old folks home.

I also like to carry beautiful lady cross the road.

Firefly, do you think your action causes any danger...

And may be against the law?

Prawn(udang)? I like prawn the most

Prawn is nutritious and delicious, I like.

Chou Tong, what is your opinion on Firefly and Black Hornet?

This two group of people? They like to dress horribly.

Try to scare ghost?

But the crime rate has decrease since their appearance.

What do you think?

Let me tell you.

Kuala Lumpur is a very safe country.

Sorry, not country, it's place.

This two group of people are trying to mess things up here.

Trying to be superhero?

If they want to help the society...

They can learn from me.

Just a week ago...

I established five orphanage home...

And I also established seventeen oldfolks home.

Just learn from me if they want to help the society.

Still want to dress up like a superhero? They think they are still kids?

Chou Tong, can we take a photo of you?


Having supper in your own shop? I thought we are going somewhere else.

It's the same, it's supper too.

The food here is tasty and free of charge.

It's expensive if you eat elsewhere.

I obtained some information about Black Hornet.

Black Hornet's real name is Cheah Ling Feng.

He was a scientist.

But three years ago...

He went mad and killed his own wife and son.

And burned down his own house.

He was then locked in the high risk mental asylum.


No wonder he looks a bit crazy to me.

Wait a minute.

Let me snap photo and upload on facebook.

We need to share good food information with others.

Can I eat now? Yes.

Firefly just uploaded some new photos on his fanpage.

What photo? You have a look yourself.

It looks very familiar.

Quickly give a call to our boss.

Boss, we've found him.

Delicious? Yes...

I got to go now.

Han, send Funny back.

Let's go.

Big Miao, it's not safe to be out late at night.

I'm Firefly's daughter...

I can take care of myself.

So you are Firefly.

I'm not Firefly.

I also didn't want to believe, but your own fanpage post is the one that revealed your identity.

Mark Goh wants to invite you for supper.

You tell him I've just eaten.

Just eaten!?


Chase after them!

Let me go.

Let me go.

What is all this noise at this hour!? People need to sleep ok!

Grab the fat one too.

Don't touch me.

Big Miao once said tsunami also won't be able to splash me away.

It's true!

So troublesome.

I think she can't even fit into our car. Forget about her then.

Let my daughter go!

Daddy... Big Miao

Little Dragonfly!

Why did you invite me here for supper?

Supper? Dream on.

Where is my daughter?

What miao?

Are you looking for cat?

Why don't you look after yourself first.

Can't believe that the famous Firefly...

is actually an old uncle.

What's wrong with an old uncle being a hero?

If you dare to touch my daughter, even just a piece of her hair strand...

See what I'll do to you...

What? What can you do!?

Try to hit me again if you dare...

So what if I hit you again?

Try one more time if you dare!

I hit you some more, so what?

Why you bring me here?

I ask you

Why did you do that?

You asked me, what did I do?

I ask you why did you do that

What did I do?

I asked you why did you do that!

What exactly did I do!!??

I didn't do anything!

You kidnap me here for what?

You don't understand mandarin is it?

Then I speak to you in English.

I ask... you why did you do that?

What... I don't know what are you talking about?

You don't act stupid.

I will let you know...


You will take responsibility for what you have done.

What the... I really don't know what you are talking about!

Don't understand?

Your handphone is ringing.

Mr Hamdan.

Phone signal here is not that good.

Whack you.

According to my informant...

This is the place.

What informant? Only the police have informants...

Reporters don't have, don't simply say...

I have my own fans ok.

Please be serious, let's go in.

This place is huge, how are we going to locate them?

Follow the voice...


Please stop talking and listen carefully.

Big Miao

Big Miao, where are you?

Small Miao, you guys are here.

Release me.

It's locked.

Let me hit this.

Don't simply hit.

Leave me here, go find Big Miao first.


We go there first

Let's try that side.

You both go first.

Be careful.

Big Miao...

Should call this name instead

Spoilt brat...

Quickly untie me.

Go go go

You guys are back.

Big Miao, are you alright?

I'm ok.

It's good to hear that.

Quickly help dad.

We can't open this without the key.

Quickly think of a solution.

Let's try look for the key.

Mark Goh, how?

That side only 1 person, very easy.

All of you go to that side and settle him.

I recognise you.

You are the reporter in TV.

Why do you stand beside the killer?

He is not a killer, he's our dad.

Yes, dad.

He is not a killer.

He is the hero, Firefly.

He did not kill your men.

He's not the killer?

Then all me men died automatically?


It could be that you didn't provide meal to your men

that's why they died.

I don't care.

I want to seek vengeance for my men tonight.

How? He wants to seek vengeance.

Small Miao

Did you see that?


It's huge.




Want to take my key, dream on.

My coat.

You can take my key...

But not my coat.

We will exchange the key with your coat.

The key.

Take it.

Found the key!

Let's go, Little Dragonfly.

Although we are not born on the same year, same month and same day

But we can die together on the same date.

Why are you saying all this? Let's go

You guys go first.

Mark Goh, are you alright?

You people!

There's a emergency case here!

Where did you all go?

We went out for supper.

Eat your head!

Do you know that I almost die?

The fatty cat sat on me just now.

Ok, let's go then.

Go where?

Go clinic, you said you almost died right.

You stupid son of monkey.

Usually hero dies first you know.


I want you to die in KL!

All my men, go!

What happen?

Didn't pay electricity bill again?

What happen?



Who are you?

What are you doing?

Kiddo, no need to thank me.

I'll handle him for you.

Let's go.

Help me.

Why are you standing there?

Hero is suppose to save people you know?

What type of hero are you!?

Boss, it's painful.


Those gangster don't even know the proper way to tie people...

My whole body is in pain now!

He asked us to leave first just now...

And till now he is not back yet...

Dad, will I become a widow?

What nonsense are you talking about?

I'm in pain now and you don't even bother...

Only worry bout him...

But you are already in a safe place now...

Dad, here is Ah Huat White Coffee...

Thank you.

Still in pain?

Strange, the pain has disappeared.

This white coffee is really cool.



Mark Goh has been captured by Black Hornet.

Wake up.

Wake up now.

Where am I?

Who are you, why you take me here?

You release me, I give you money.

Speak in Chinese!

You meant my English is not good is it?

Do you know that I studied my English in British?




You are finished this time.

Boss, this uncle is so childish.

Why you take me here?

I don't know you.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

You must have mistaken me for someone else.

Let me go.

Let me remind you then.

The incident that happens between us...

It happened on Christmas eve.

I'm so sorry.

On the 1st and 15th of each month...

I will go to the temple to pray for your wife and son.

I promise you, from today onwards...

I'll become vegetarian.

Pardon me.

Please don't kill me.

Why are you crying?

I won't kill you...

not now

Call your good friend now.

Invite his whole family...

To attend your Christmas party.

If they don't want to come, how?

Then it's meaningless for me to keep you alive right?

Chou Tong

I am organising a Chritsmas party.

Will you attend?

Christmas party? Wait a minute...

I thought it's snowing in KL now.

You are so stingy

And now you want to organize party? Are you ok?

We have to celebrate and relax sometimes.

I'm sorry, I'm not free, please don't disturb me.

I've arranged a special prize for you from lucky draw.

There's lucky draw too, you've changed a lot

It's a big prize

You'll be surprised.

Do come with your whole family too!

Please reserve three seats for me then.

Let me know the venue and exact time soon.

Talk to you later... goodbye.

Funny, you saw the news?

A lot of reporters disappeared in one night.

Do you know who did this?

I don't know, the police are still investigating.

You have to be alert too.

Ok, I will.


Everyone get closer.

Why you kidnap all of us here?

The reason we invite you...

Is to witness an important scandalous news.

Please make sure it's a valuable news.

Our time is very valuable.



Take out your mobile phone.

Put into this bag.

What if we don't want to?

Thank you.

Dad, your mobile phone is ringing.

Don't simply put your mobile phone.

Funny, where are you?

We are at...


We're at Lala Paradise.

We are the good guys.

We invited your daughter here to cover news only.

Why did you reveal our location to him?

Where got!

Let's go.

Where are you going?

Both of you don't come along, it's dangerous.

You don't come along, it's dangerous.

You don't...

What are you doing?

Just a dinner, please don't over react.

Wait outside.

Mark Goh, Merry Christmas.

You are still wearing the same coat after all this years.

Don't you feel hot?

This is my style.

Only four of us?

Of course not, this is VIP room.

Only for you... Very Important People.

Others are at different room.

What's the video camera for?

I want to make event video for tonight.

Event video? You are stingy as always

Don't even want to hire a photographer

The economy is not doing well

Daddy, I want to go to toilet

Ok, mummy bring you there

This is the place

What plan we have?

What plan

I ask you come along is to help me

After I go in later

I'll blow whistle if anything happen

Then you'll need to come in to help me, ok

What is this dish

It's turkey

Turkey? It doesn't look like it?

It's so tiny

It's import from Africa

It's Africa turkey

It's true, there's not much food in Africa usually

Enjoy your dinner

Who is this, he looks ugly

He is part time waitor, out of budget

I lost my appetite already

Go away

He is more ugly than this turkey

What is happening

Who are you?

Chou Tong

You don't recognise me after all these years...

it's normal

When we first met

is at my science laboratory

Darling, I just recall

You forgot to turn off the gas

Let's go home

Sit down...

Why are you in such a hurry

Today is Christmas, we should gather and chit chat a bit


What is your name?

I'm Lun Lun

Lun Lun

Chou Tong

Please tell Lun Lun

How we knew each other

What are you talking about?

I've told you not to come along

I never listen to you all this while

Dad went in from the front door

We go in through the back door

Go go go

I go now, you go home

This uncle is a professor

He used to help daddy

Worked in power plant as researcher

And then


There is a slight misunderstanding between us

A very small matter


You blame on him

He is the one who did all this

I follow your instruction

You don't blame everything on me

I ask you eat shit, why don't you eat then

You are the master mind

I work for you only

I ask you to go die now, will you

It's enough!

You both want to save lives

Pass through me first then

I can handle all by myself

You go first

Please go

Go to where?

I want to be with you here

You help dad, go now

You ok to be alone here? Fatty

Go, I'm cool with it

You be careful then

Tell the truth

Tell the truth of the power plant

Actually the power plant is safe

The biggest problem is...

The drail is stuck a little only

Everything is alright


Ok, I tell

Actually the radiation of the power plant is very high

How did you fake the report

I hired a professor from Gogoland University...

to fake the report for me

He's Mark Goh's friend, he introduced to me

He even gave me half price discount

You should look for him, I have nothing to do with this

Why did you kill my whole family?

At first, I asked Mark Goh to threaten you family

But he killed your family in the end

I never thought of it

You better tell the truth

Ok, I tell

It's all because of me

I'm the one who command Mark Goh to do so

But you can't blame me for all this

Just because you don't mind your own business

It's not because you want to expose me

I won't treat you like this

I have told what I should and shouldn't have to tell

Are you satisfied now?

They are innocent, please let them go

Ok, just exchange two lives with your two lives

Don't kill me!


I'm not beaten by my dad since small

You wait a minute

It's you again

Why you want to rescue them

It's me for sure

Can't you see my whole suit

I like to help and save people

I'm helping people too

Law can't punish this two idiots

What's worng with me to do it?

You are doing right, but you are sinful

Let God to decide what to do with this two idiots

God is helpless

Don't you know this?

God is watching us, He knows what are we doing

What are you doing now, God will know

Why, hands itchy?

Want to fight?

I'm not scared of you?

You'll see

You are doom!


Where have you been?

I went to toilet

Toilet? I'm helpless here!

See you soon

You hit my armpit too!

In this circumstances, pretend to be dead is the best solution

Like this also can?

I can't lose then

Old man, where are you?

Old man

Where is my dad

Why are you here?

I'm here to help you both

Quickly look for my dad

It's dangerous here, please leave

I'm sorry, I take revenge for you

How am I suppose to get someone to marry me with all the scars

You want to get married too?

I think it's harder than a pig climb a tree!

You - fatty - pig

You can say that I am fat

But you can't say I am a pig!

Oh no!

Oh my, I kick wrongly!

You quickly leave!

What are you still lying there!

You let go of me, old man!

I finally realized

Firefly represents bravery, positivity, and always doing the right thing

Firefly also represents selflessness.

We shall keep it

With such courage, anyone can be Firefly.

The day, Firefly is fighting with Black Hornet

It's so exciting

You want to listen?


Let me tell you now

Firefly use a cup of teh O

He managed to defeat Noname successfully

Where is your manner, I'm telling story here!

Go to the back if you don't want to listen

Take it together with you, mop the floor and wash the cup too

Where did I stop?

Defeat noname

Defeat them all!!!!