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Finale (2007) - full transcript

During the 2006 World Cup held in Germany, in the Hamburg borough of St. Pauli begins the bittersweet love story between a 26-year-old actress at the beginning of her careers and a 21-year-old call girl at the end of her marriage.

Germany vs Costa Rica



(Germany vs Poland)

Will there be any action today?
- Hm?

Will there be any action today?

I thought kissing would be some
good action.

Are you serious?

Please, please, please!


So you are just the same?



I know you´re not like that.

Hi! I...

I just wanted to phone to say I
will be a little late.

I´m really sick. I was partying last
night and I...

I´ll be late for half an hour.

"I have to come now.
You have to sign this."

"My lawyer won´t do his job any longer,

... this sheet just has to be send to
the court somehow, so the divorce...

you know by yourself...

I´ll drop by now."

"Just calm down,, I´m on the way!"

"See you."

Get in. Sit down!

You look like shit!



Sign it.

If I would have to sign something,
my lawyer would tell me.

I don´t know why he doesn´t tell.

Maybe there is nothing to sign.

But it´s crucial.

Otherwise, we never get going.

I was the one to bring home the

while you were just partying and
drinking all the time.

I just want the divorce to happen.

But not with this contract.
I was the one who did the working!

You were the one who...

let herself being celebrated all the

Got some water?

I don´t got anything for you.

I´m just glad if you
don´t share the air that I breathe.

I´m not in the mood for a 5 hour
discussion now. Just sign it.

Your lawyer may send your letters to
Berlin. I´m moving next month.

I quit my job.

- Hi! One beer!

(Portugal vs Mexico)

What´s up?

Come in!

This is my flat.
This is the landlord´s room,

but he´ll move to Berlin next month.

These are my rooms. Wanna look?

Thank you Mom!

Oh Mom, you don´t have to worry
about me being lonely on my birthday.

My friends will be here soon with a cake
and we will watch soccer later.

Germany vs Sweden.

Just today of all dates.

No. He didn´t call me..

Yesterday, I was at his flat

But I wasn´t with him, but someone else.

And he saw me....

fucking someone else in his...

in his flat and he just left.

Didn´t say a word.

He observed me in front of the house,

as I was leaving.

Hiding there.

I don´t want a dude, not even an

who won´t get me out of that

Who won´t get me out of it and fuck the
shit out of me until we forget it all.

No matter what we did before.

He never was able to do that.

(Germany vs Sweden)

No, I can´t!
- It´s my birthday!

You won´t get in.
- But if I do, they will win!

They will also win if you look for a
place in the shade over there.

But I wanna cheer for them.
- No way!

- No chance.

Excuse me!
Can I get in?

This is no entrance. It´s too
crowded over there.

It´s my birthday.
- Sorry, that´s no reason.



It never looked so clean at our flat!

I´m working now.

You are working?

I have a date right now.

Party Service.

Oh, Party Service!

Tell me:
Friday it´s Germany vs Argentina,

will you take me there?

But before that, you´ll give me a
nice blowjob, ok?

You´re nuts!

Forget about that, Timo.

That means yes.
- No!

That means yes.

Wait a minute.
- Come...

Who was that bombshell that evening
when I came in?

Sara Lisa!

You only see a scene like that in
animal docs.

She worked at our cafe a s a waitress
for 3 days.

Well, she went to an escort service
after that. No wonder with looks like that.

Well, by accident I met her at the play
Portugal vs Mexico.

But why do you want to know about all

I´m married to her.

What? You´re making this up.

I´d rather do it.

I´ve got this dress for a long time.

My Granny bought it for my 13th

That was 8 years ago.

She thought she´d get in trouble with my
Mom because it showed my breast.

But she did it anyway, because I begged
that much.

Well, Maria Sara, I´d say:
start this Friday!

Sara Lisa!
- Sorry, but...

start on Friday anyway.

Friday don´t fit that well...
- Why?

It´s Germany vs Argentina on Friday.

Oh no! Soccer?

You care for that?
- Yes.

So what about Saturday?

Saturday is great!
- Ok, see you then.

(Germany vs Argentina)

I don´t wanna ask any crucial questions,

but why do take me out 10 min. before
the play? Don´t you wanna watch it?

I have not been to any play before. They
always send me away.

And they always won.


I don´t understand.
- Last time I stood right here,

as the first 2 goals were shot.

Not happening that much...

Nothing can happen, they are just too


You are really on fire today, right?

I liked the play vs Ukraine much better.

Who did you like better?


The play vs Ukraine...

Could you please step aside a little bit?
I can´t see anything.

Come on!

How much is it?
- Both zero.

Who leads?

This is the second half?
- Yes.

(goal for Argentina)

I can see that!

Did they deserve that goal?
- Yes, it was ok.

- Shit!

That was a goal, right?
Was it?



After 2 x 15 min, there will be the
penalty shootout.

(2:1 Germany)


(3:2 Germany)

(German goalie gets the ball)

(4:2 Germany)

(Germany wins, gets to the semi finale)

At first you want it all mega fast,

and now we are waiting for 20 min
for your odd lawyer.

Just give me that sheet, I´ll sign it.

That´s not right, the lawyer has to
be here.

If it´s that important, I should rather
it before I sign.


It´s ok...

Will you take me with you?
- Where?

To the soccer game tomorrow.
The Italians will play.

Versus Ukraine?

Versus Germany!

Let´s better meet after the game.

It´s driving me nuts seeing you taking
care of your hair during the penalty shoots.

Even... little girls don´t do that.

(Germany vs Italy)

I can´t stand it.

Italy will win the world cup, I´ll
tell you.


They just do it better. We look like a
janitor on LSD!

Bla Bla Bla!

Forza Italia!

Let´s phone Sara Lisa´s agency to
book her for after the game.

The looser will pay and she has to wear
that mean red dress like at the first time.

Sure thing!

Only problem is I did that some days

and the boys at her old agency told me
she changed agencies,

and they don´t know to which one.
- We´ll check out the 500 services in town.

Oh no!

(goal for Italy)

(Italy wins)

We lost...

we lost...

He lost!
He pays!

This is so shitty!

This won´t work.
Let´s book another one.

It doesn´t matter at all.

They can do their finale wherever
they like...Paris or Rome.

We wanted to go to Berlin.
- Let´s go to Berlin!

Didn´t you watch the game?
We lost!

Forget about that shitty game.
We don´t have to care.

We are not in the finale, am I supposed
to watch some Italians and...

Frenchmen while they are cheering?

We´re doing our own finale...
- I want them to piss off and drive home!

I don´t want to watch some blokes cheer up
because they will win the world cup.

So what do you want?
- I wanted to win!

Why all this moaning?
- It seems you didn´t suffer!

Game is over!
It´s over!

Yes I know that!
- It was a shitty game.

We lost 2:0!

She´s nuts.

When will finally get rid of HIM?



Hi boys!

You wanted to leave on the 30th!

That was 2 weeks ago.

You know how things work sometimes...
- We didn´t touch a thing.

We thought you´d come back.

I´m going to Berlin.
- That will be your funeral.

Look Timo: everybody is responsible for
his own badluck.

If you want something real bad, but
doing nothing to achieve it.

I could have helped,
just dropping in sometime.

I could have met her.

No prob to meet her,

she´s working as an escort now.

Excuse me!

No prob, I´m from the countryside, too.
That´s were they whistle.

It´s because of the heat.


Wait a minute...

Eyes closed!


Rose flavor.

Any plans for today?

Later on, but now...

How about a little stroll?
- Ok.


I have to change my shoes.
- What happened?

Yesterday I went for a swim and
walked on some glass splinters.


That´s it!

Let´s go to the river.

Take a taxi?
- No way, we don´t need that.

- Ok, let´s go!

Cheers, Sweety!

Which shampoo is this?

I don´t know. The dude I slept with
last night got it in his bathroom.


A couple of them.

Me too, but he´s far away.



Well, that´s something.

But he´s such a horny guy.

What about yours?

As I said, there are a couple of them.

actually, I have a divorce right now.

No way. You are married?

I never would have thought this.
- Wasn´t a good idea either.

When did you marry?
At 19?


We are separated for a year now.

How could someone marry at 19?

If you´re in love...

And if you believe in romance?

Maybe I should marry the Greek guy.

And moving to Greece?

Seeding olives?

Why not?

Do you the time?
I´m in hurry.

Let´s see...

6:30 pm.

Let´s speed up a little.
I have to go.

Oh, my agency called me.

Are you modeling?
- Nope. Party Service.

How is the revenue?
- Way too small.

Oh Stephan, you´re so sweet, but
our affair is over now.

In 2 weeks, I will be in Munich anyway.

Besides, I got too much sun today,

and I drank too much beer this afternoon,

I don´t even know the name of the girl
I met this afternoon.

What was your name this afternoon?
- What?

- Can´t you say one straight sentence?

I love you!

Stephan, it´s over!

Besides, I have to go to my hotel to
learn some text. I have a

casting tomorrow.

You know... you´ll go back to your bar.

And you give these roses to another one.

So I´m a rose merchant now?

You shouldn´t sell them, but give
them away.

Stefan is here?
- No, but he should arrive any minute.

"It´s for my stage act. I jump out of
the cake. I jump out of the cake!"


Thanks for the roses.
- What roses?

The roses Stefan wanted to give you.

From him I also got your phone number,
your name, your profession...

and that you are Stefan´s biggest love.

And what´s your name?

Sara Lisa!

What are you doing?

Call girl, of course!

So come to my place!

Sara Lisa!

See you soon.

Come in, Sara Lisa!

Actually, I ordered a big breasted one.

But I got long legs instead!

I´d like to have those.




You were just great...

The only thing missing is a dick.

What YOU are missing is a dick!

Look here...
That´s me!

The boobs are photoshopped, right?

Not at all!

Maybe the bum is a little photoshopped.

My role in the play is a girl...

who is pretty bourgeoise and comes to
this strip-club,

wanting to be a stripper.


wants to break free from her boring
life she led before,

and she comes in, meeting all these
cleaning women,

um... thinking that is the jury.

She doesn´t know and starts to dance.

And strips...

I´ll do that for you now.

You have to applaud!


Do you know him?
- Nope.

Sure you do!

Don´t recognize me?
From the park!

We danced to some reggae song.

I was pretty loaded then, but now as you
mention it, I can remember that.

So, any plans for tonight?

Want a beer?
- Sure thing.

Get it!

I´ll leave my bags here.
- No prob!

" Boy, come back soon..."

Maybe that´ll be the right dick!

Nope, way too young.

We won´t have to take him home.

We can test him right here.

Way too young...

Let´s go!

If you won´t let me go right now,
I´ll scream!

I´ll call the police.

My cellphone is still in there.

My sunglasses, too.

You can get your phone and glasses later,
now you´ll shut up for 5 minutes!

I don´t wanna hear it!

You want Timo back?

I forgot about him.

We are divorced, it´s over.
Shut up, or I´ll bite off your ear!

Would you really do that?

Sure thing.

You may talk...

but don´t start all that marriage shit

And if you would start with that,

I´ll bite off your dick!

What´s up?

Where are you?
In Berlin, why?

Did you send your ex boss after me?

My ex boss? No, why?


I don´t know what you mean.
But anyhow, I´ll swear!

I made up a scene at his table
in front of all people,

everybody else would have died
with embarrassment,

and he drags me outside, presses me to
a wall and wants to bite off my ear.

I guess we´ll invite him for a
casting soon.

Besides, I´m near your hotel right now.

Shall I come by?

A colleague from Cologne?

I´ll do 2 phone calls and be right

See you Sweety!

You gave away my phone number
privately. Therefore, I quit!

I´ll look for some agency I can trust.

I love you.

We´re not alone.

This colleague of mine is still here,
sitting in the garden.

I forgot about him.

He´s learning some text for an audition

And we´ve got half an hour before
you have to be at the theater.

So why don´t we let him learn his text...

Going upstairs?

To the bed?

I have to go.


To the theater.

I´ll call you up.

Hi Sweety!

Hey, where are you?

Tip toeing...

quietly and secretly in my flat...

which is quite angry at me, because I
her alone for so long.

I´ll just grab that black dress,
from my granny.

You don´t know that one.

I only wear that one for auditions.

Just like now in 30 minutes.

Afterwards, I´ll come to your hotel.


Get the key for the room.

Maybe I´m a little late.

I´ll have drink with a guy from tonight´s

So I´ll check the new agency,

and then I´ll wait for you at the hotel.

But hurry up.

See you Sweety!
- Bye!

How was the show?
- The dream´s dream!

Sadly just 2 more days.

Sometimes when I´m on stage, I imagine
you to be that slut I´m playing,

and sometimes you really are.

Then I´m watching you playing my role.

I get such a kick out of it that I can do
whatever I want with my spectators.

They are without any will.

Let´s go to the Cobra for a beer.

I want to say farewell to Stefan.

Why not to the hotel right away?

Right after that.

Seems to be still closed.
- He will be at home. Let´s go.


We´re coming from the Cobra...

Got anything to drink?
- Nope. Do you?

I want to say farewell. I´m off in 3 days.
- I´ll check if there is anything left.

What do you like?

Sparkling wine!

Nothing left.
All gone!

What do you mean?
- Just as I said: all gone.

- Is that so hard to understand?

I´ll start laughing right now, too...

Want to wreck my nerves?
- Just want to say bye.

You already did.

Look: my pants are dirty, my flat is

what do you think why I´m here like this?

Fuck off! Don´t wreck my nerves!

You don´t want us to fight. I´ll look
if there is anything left in the kitchen...

You just can´t come here and pretending
everything is just funny!

I just can´t believe all this...

How dumb can you get?

- I found something.

Stefan, I found something.
Wanna go with me?

That can´t be.

Come here, I can´t do it alone...


Get out. Anneke, please don´t!!


Sara Lisa?


- Whats´up Sara Lisa?


Now I got you back!
- What?

Don´t say anything.

Me in that situation, I would have
run away.

Not me.

I just had to find a way to get
you to the hotel.

Straight to the wall!

To the wall!



I´ll fuck you back to Stone Age.

It´s not that sensible to give shoes to a
lover which she will use to walk away.

I will not walk away from you.
- True?

You are the one to fly to Munich.
- Right. And what will you do?

I´m going with you.

But not to the gate.
- What do you mean?

We´ll part in the taxi.

I will drive to my agency then.

They want to fire me, because they
couldn´t reach me for 6 days.

Something was really odd today.
- Why?

I don´t know, well...

The show was totally odd. Especially
for the last evening...

The people didn´t like me somehow.
- Didn´t like you, or didn´t like ME?

I don´t know. They even didn´t cheer
at the end applause

I didn´t get just one cheer.

Very strange. All those square people...

I was so angry, I couldn´t laugh
just once during the applause.

Normally, at the last show...
it´s just fantastic,

lots of energy...
and today, I dunno...

That can´t be because of you.


Got a boyfriend in Munich?


Love bite, here!

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