Feliz NaviDAD (2020) - full transcript

Single father David is matched with out-of-town musician Sophie on a dating app. Since she is only in town for the holidays, they agree to 'practice-date"--but will they fall in love for real?

[festive orchestral music]

- This is where I grew up--
Pinestar, Arizona--

and it's where I still live.

Yeah, it's got its quirks.

The roof at the dry cleaner's
leaks when it rains.

The Desert Dessert boasts

the best breakfast panini
in town,

but we all know
not to order one.

♪ ♪

It's the people
who make this place.

They're genuine, kind,
and look out for one another.

Our town is small enough
to be close

but big enough
to have a big-box store.

- Gretchen.

- That's my sister, Marisa.

- Happy holidays.
I bought too many.

- A few years ago,
after I lost Isabella,

she moved in with us.

Oof. I don't know
what I'd do without her.

♪ ♪

Pinestar is a great place
to raise a family,

and everyone--
I mean everyone--

comes back home
for the holidays.

- Hi.
- Welcome home.

[handbells playing
"Jingle Bells"]

♪ ♪

- That's my daughter, Noel.

She says I'm
the coolest dad in the world,

and she still thinks that,
by the way,

even though she's a freshman

and has to call me
Principal Morales.

♪ ♪

- All right!

Hey, that was pretty good.
Definitely better.

We're way ahead of schedule,
you guys.

I thought by December,
we'd just be kind of adequate.

But ¿sabes qué?

You guys believe in yourselves.
and that's what's up.

- I really want us to be great
this year

at the Frosty Festival.

My dad will be psyched.

[school bell rings]

- All right, guys,
get out of here.

See you tomorrow.
Good job.

[talking indistinctly]

[school bell rings]

- Principal Morales.

- Finals next week, my man.
Let's be on time.

Work hard and...

both: Take care of each other.

- Principal Morales.
- Coach Jesse.

- I'm not Coach Jesse today.

Today I'm speaking
as Music Teacher Vargas,

and he ain't happy, homes.
- Mm.

I like Coach Jesse better.

He doesn't hit me up for money

like that
substitute music teacher.

- Hey. Well, we need to
find me a replacement, right?

I'm a PE coach, homey.
You know, music ain't my thing.

I mean I like my oldies,
you know,

but I'm not a music conductor.

So maybe today, after school,

we should have a fine arts
department meeting to discuss.

- Sorry, can't.

I have to get
Noel home after school.

Then I have to finish training
for my annual holiday gig.

- [groans]
You're not driving

that Southwest Secure Delivery

again this Christmas, are you?

- Got to bank money
for Noel's college fund.

Plus, I like staying busy.
You know that.

More jobs equal
more money, right?

- Hey, hold on.
Let's talk right here, then.

Look, I really want
our music department

to win against Lakestone
at this year's Frosty Festival.

- No one wins
at the Frosty Festival.

- Whoa, no, no, no, no, no.
Hold on.

It depends
on how you look at it, right?

And I like winning.
I'm good at it.

It's motivating--
you know, when everybody

comes up to you,
"Hey, congratulations,"

or like,
"Yeah, we did it together."

You know?
And I want that for us,

for all of us, for Pinestar.

- You know who wins?

Ciara, who sells
that amazing funnel cake

with the little powdered sugar.

She wins.

- Oh, yeah,
that powdered sugar, homey.

Hey, don't change the subject,
all right?

We need to find me
a replacement,

a real music teacher,

so we could full-on
monster-truck crush it.

You know...
[imitates crunching]

Well, maybe not
that aggressively,

but I want to be at least
as good as they are,

for once.

- [sighs]
Yeah, Noel's really into it.

She wants it to be great, too.

[gentle music]

All right, I'm gonna see
what I can do.

I'm going to try
to find someone, all right?

- Yeah, that's what's up.

That's why you're
the principal.

Looking all good today, too.
Hold on, hold on.


[both laugh]
All right, I'll see you later.

[train whistle blows]

- Remind me why the first thing
you wanted to do

was put the train together?

- Honey, it's just not

until the train is running.

- True, but
even before I unpack?

- Well, yes, it's our--
it's our thing.

The train and the poinsettias.

We got to go get
those poinsettias.

♪ ♪

- I miss Mom.

- Me too.

The winter poinsettias
was her thing,

but over the years,
I've grown to love them.

- Yeah, me too.

I will pick some up for us.

♪ ♪

I just can't believe
it's been over a year

since she's been gone.

- I know, but we still have
all our wonderful memories.

♪ ♪

- And we have
the hideous doorstep reindeer

to remember her by.

- Honey, that reindeer
is all me.


- [laughs]

♪ ♪

- We're all helping with
the Christmas cookies, Noel.

- Well, I'm helping.

I'm finding
the right baking playlist.

["Feliz Navidad"
playing contemplatively]


- Maybe you should have
a signal,

like arm raise
or a little... [whistles]

To say, "Hey, I'm working,
not texting all my friends."

- [laughs] The line between
dorky and hilarious

is tricky, Dad.

- Mm.

- He's been like that
since we were kids.

Only guy in school who wore
sweater vests every day.

- Vests are cool.

They show off the guns
and say I've got style.

- Life vests
protect you from drowning.

Sweater vests protect you
from ever getting a date.

- Ugh.
- [laughs]

- Ooh, I like
this version a lot.

- Bell choir is using
the arrangement

for the Frosty Fest.

Dad, you should stop
by practice tomorrow.

Tío Jesse would let you watch.

- I'm gonna see it
fresh at the festival.

Isn't that more exciting?

- Dad, I'm worried.

Tío Jesse doesn't know
much about music.

- Really?

- I mean, he's trying really
hard at making us good and all,

but we need a pro.

- Tomorrow's my first shift
back at SSD

or else I would,
I swear, mi'ja.

- [scoffs]
From now to New Year,

you're an exhausted space case.

- Exactly.

Holiday deliveries are...

Can't wait till January,
when this is all over.

That's my gift for me.

- Well, don't be so busy
that you miss all the fun.

- Hey, if you guys are
having fun, that's my fun.

[light music]

- Dad, are we poor?

- Hmm?

We're rich... in family.

- And love.

- Eww.
That sounds like we're poor.

- Why are you asking me that?

♪ ♪

- Because you have a job,

and every Christmas
you take on another job.

♪ ♪

- Fine.

I wanted to surprise you,

but since I'm getting
a third-degree,

all the money
from my school job

is for all of this...

and all the money
from my SSD job

is for your college fund.


- Seriously?
That's amazing.

- Yeah, I'm pretty amazing.
- Don't ruin it.

- I love to ruin it.

But, hey, it's not a gift.
It's a loan.

You got to pay me back

once you're
a Supreme Court justice.

- They make $223,500 a year.

With housing costs in D.C.,
that's not a ton of money.

- Well, I don't care how you do
it, but you got to pay me back.

Maybe get a second job,

be the first
Supreme Court justice

that moonlights
as an SSD driver.


- Noel!

- [sighs]

I know some people never find
their true love, but...

I did.

I just got to be thankful
that I had it once.

[gentle music]

- I miss Isabella, too.
She was my best friend.

♪ ♪

- I know.

- ♪ Hark,
the herald angels sing ♪

♪ Glory to the newborn king ♪

[indistinct chatter]

[upbeat vocalizing]

- ♪ All right ♪

- Good, thank you.
All right.

- ♪ All right, all right
- Bye!

♪ ♪

- Bye, bye.
- [laughs]

- ♪ Echoing
their joyous strains ♪

♪ ♪

- ♪ Oh ♪

- [speaking indistinctly]

- ♪ Yeah, yeah-ah-ah ♪

Whoo, ah!

[deep bass vocal]

- ♪ Glo-ah-ah-ah-oh ♪

- Is it possible to have
too much Christmas spirit?

- ♪ Gloria ♪

[engine revving]

- Dad, you want more cookies?

- No, thanks, this works.

- Um, I baked these.

I was going for more
than "this works."

They're Mom's Christmas recipe.

- Sophie, this is not the
"Christmas Cookie Challenge."

Good try.
- Oh, please.

I only get to spoil you
when I'm visiting here.

Plus, the holidays
are just around the corner,

so you kind of have
to have another one.

You can call it my gift.

- Okay.
Maybe just one.

- And would cookie like a visit
from his friend...

♪ 2% Lactaid milk? ♪

- [laughs]
Of course he would.

♪ Fa la-la-la-la... ♪

♪ La-la-la-la ♪

- [laughs]

You have officially put me
in the Christmas spirit.

Oh, look at this.
Vintage 1950s.

Hard to find
in mint condition

because of the tiny pole caps
and the skis.

- Oh, you always said
living with Mom

was like the holidays
all year long.

- It was like
Christmas every day.

Well, we'll be lucky
if we can sell half of this

before you've got
to shuffle off to Buffalo.

- Okay, Phoenix,
I'm shuffling off to Phoenix.

It's only three hours away.

- Yeah, close enough for you
to get here if there's trouble,

but not close enough
for me to just drop by, right?

[knock at door]
- I never said that.

- Well, I did just now,

because I could tell
you were thinking it.

[light intriguing music]

♪ ♪

- Ah, thank goodness
someone's waiting to decorate.


- Hi.
- You need to sign for this.

- Oh, okay.

♪ ♪

All righty.

- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, um, I actually have
some questions.

- Sure, I'm a bit
of a mind reader,

so let me guess.

You're wondering why I'm
not wearing the mesh cap.

♪ ♪

Not my best look.

- Wow. Someone thinks
an awful lot of himself.

- Oh, I bet you say that
to all the delivery men.

- My question--

you scored zero
on mind-reading, by the way.

I'm selling
a lot of items online,

and I'm worried that I'm
gonna run out of boxes,

so I was wondering
if maybe you could help.

- With your whole life?

No, I'm not that guy,
but I can do boxes.

Let me some from the truck.

Zero on the mind-reading, huh?

- You know, it might be
more efficient

if you brought boxes
to the door.

- You're, like,
the first person

to ever ask me for a box.

- That can't be true.

- Why would I make that up?

- To anecdotally prove me wrong

to keep a strong woman down.

- Touché.
Let me get you some boxes.

Besides, you probably want
to see the full uniform

in action.

- [scoffs]

No one's looking
at your uniform.

♪ ♪

- He seems nice.
- [scoffs] What?

- Oh, never mind.

I didn't hear a word
you guys said.


[handbells playing
"O Tannenbaum"]

♪ ♪

- All right.

Now, let's relax
for a second, homeys.

Then we'll hit it again.

- Sounding good, tío Jesse?

- Tío Jesse?

all: That's Mr. Vargas.

- Hey, listen.

Noel's allowed
to call me Jesse, all right?

I've known her since
she was a little chamaca.

But as for the rest of you--

No, I'm just playing.
You could call me Jesse.

- Tío, I know
you want us to shine

at the holiday fest,
and so do all of us,

but we need
more than the bells.

We need an a cappella group

so we can really compete
against Lakestone at the fest.

- She's right.

- I know, Las Bocas Locas.

- Yes.

- I don't know what it means,
but it sounds fun.

And, Noel, you have
such a great voice.

- So do you.
[both laugh]

- All right, perfect.
Now, let's get back in there.

Let's run the song again,
but this time

with a little more cowbell.

- Uh...
we don't have a cowbell.

- Oh, that's what's missing!
I got one right here.

Here, homey, take this.

- No way.
- Yeah, for reals.

All right, Kevin,
now count us in.

- One, two, three.

["O Tannenbaum" playing]

♪ ♪

- And then she sends me back
to the truck

to get extra boxes.

- Hmm.
- Hmm, to mess with you?

- Or to flirt.

- See, that's what I thought.

- And?

Maybe you can invite her
to the Frosty Festival.

- Anyways, your tía told me

that she heard practice
was good today.

- Well, all things you'd know

if you would have snuck
into rehearsal.

Charlotte and I are gonna
kill it.

- I know you are, mi'ja,
and I'm gonna be there

front and center.

- So you kind of maybe
owe me one.

[mischievous music]

Oh, Dad, wow, look what
Pedro on the shelf brought out.

Look at that.

- Little Pedro, all right.

[tender music]

Mom's ornaments.

♪ ♪

You know what?
Let's put them out this year.

- Yes.

♪ ♪

[sighs] I want Noel
to crush it so bad.

Every year, we're basically
the opening act for Lakestone.

Jesse's right.

It'd be great
to get a little respect.

- And some bragging rights.

- We can do it, too,
if I can find a music teacher.

Noel's working so hard.

It means so much to her.

The thing is,
the Lakestone Vocal Locals

are like the
New England Patriots of choirs.

The way things are now,
we don't stand a chance.

- Maybe there will be
a Christmas miracle.

- Mm.


- You look exhausted, bro.

Are you ever gonna tell
Noel the real reason

you take up that delivery job
every Christmas?

- College money.

- The real truth.

I know the holidays
are hard without Isabella.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

- Noel comes first...

And then me if there's
any time left in the day.

Look, taking care of my family,

my students, my teachers--

that's what gets me pumped now.

- How can you take of everybody

if you don't even
take care of you?

- It's called being a parent.

- And you parent Noel by
disappearing into your SSD job

and then showing up
Christmas Eve

with some presents?

- And a college fund.

- Mom and Dad taught us
that Navidad is about family,

being together, being grateful.

That's what we
should be passing on.

Noche Buena, remember?

- Dad had three jobs, Marisa.

- Dad had to do
what he had to do,

but he never missed
time with us during Christmas.

Come on, we both know
Isabella's life insurance

is in a trust.

Noel can go
to any college she wants.

♪ ♪

When are you gonna tell her
the real reason

you take up that delivery job
every Christmas--

that you can't handle

all the sadness you feel
during the holidays?

- Noel doesn't want
to talk about that stuff!

- No, you don't want
to talk about it.

♪ ♪

- Um...

I forgot my phone.

- Noel...


- Here you go.

- Happy holidays, guys.

- Do you really think
we'll be able to sing

by the festival?

- Claro, absolutely.

- Uh, guys?

- ♪ Deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa la-la-la-la,
la-la-la-la ♪

♪ 'Tis the season to be jolly ♪

♪ Fa la-la-la-la,
la-la-la-la ♪

♪ Don we now our gay apparel ♪

♪ Fa-la-la, la-la-la,
la-la-la ♪

♪ Troll the
ancient Yuletide carol ♪

♪ Fa la-la-la-la,
la-la-la-la ♪

- ♪ Fa-la-la ♪

♪ Fa-la-la ♪

♪ Fa-la-la ♪

- ♪ Deck the halls

♪ Deck the halls ♪

♪ Deck the halls... ♪

- Hey, hey, you guys, come on.

Don't look so worried,
all right?

It's just the Vocal Locals.

- Did you hear them?

They sound like angels sent
from actual Heaven,

sent here to save mankind.

- [sighs] You're right.
They do sound like angels.

I almost started reaching
out to them like, "Hey,

just take me there right now
because you have access."

- What?
- No, I'm just playing.

Come on, they're not real
angels, all right?

And you guys are just as good,
maybe even better.

- Mr. Vargas?

Can I go get Noel?

She hasn't come back
from Walt's.

[melancholy music]

- [sighs] That's not why
she's slow getting back.

I know that look.

Looks like something's
on her mind.

♪ ♪

[door bells jingle]

- Evening, David.
- Hey.

♪ ♪

- Uh, the usual?

- Mm, yeah, let's go
with the usual.

- You got it.

- Noel, hey,
I didn't see you there.


Mi'ja, I feel terrible.

- Well, that's
how you should feel.

You should have told me the
truth about your holiday job.

- You're right,
but, honestly,

I'm not sure I knew the truth
until I heard it out loud.

- Why do you even like that?

Winter chip
with gummy worms.

You're a grown-up.

- Do you know this is
what your mom and I did

after dinner
before you were born?

- Yeah, you told me.

Walk up to Walt's
and get a scoop.

- Then we'd run
all the way home.

- To work off the carbs.

Yeah, I've heard this
a million times.

- But what you don't know is,

this isn't even
my favorite flavor.

As a matter of fact,
I don't even really like it.

My favorite is
Granny Smith Apple Pandowdy.

And you're right--
with gummy worms,

it's pretty gross.

[tender music]

Winter Chip was
your mom's holiday favorite.

- Really?

So why the gummy worms?
Gross on top of gross?

- Ah, see, those got
added later.

After you were born,
we'd come up here,

and I'd have you on my chest
in this little baby carrier,

and the ice cream
was too cold for you,

so I'd give you these worms,

and you'd chew on them
and start to giggle.

♪ ♪

- I miss her, too, Dad.

♪ ♪

- I know, mi'ja.

♪ ♪

I'm okay most of the time.

It's just the holidays
kick my butt.

♪ ♪

You're doing so much
better at this than I am.

♪ ♪

- Ms. Valentino
told us in science that...

energy cannot be created
or destroyed.

It can only be changed.

- Okay.

- So, when I think about Mom,

I remember
what Ms. Valentino said.

Mom's not gone.

She's always around.

But now she's
in a different form.

Part of her is here,
her favorite place.

The other part of her
is at home with us.

And all the parts of her
want us to create new memories.

- Wow.
When did you get so smart?

- [scoffs]
I've always been.

You just aren't smart enough
to see how smart I am.

♪ ♪

- Well, I'll come
to your rehearsal.

- No, no, no, no,

you're not getting off
that easy.

You're going to start putting
yourself out there,

like tía Marisa.

- Dating?
No, no, no, no.

I'm not ready for all that.

Besides, it's the holidays.

People are busy
with their own families.

Who's got time for dating?

- Well, then you have
nothing to worry about.

Come on,
let's put you out there.

What did you tell me
when you taught me to swim?

♪ ♪

- You'll never be ready.
You just got to jump in.

- [laughs]

- All right.
A few dates.

- Good.

I may or may have not started
making you a profile

when tía Marisa
signed up for a dating app.

- What?

Look, I'm sorry I wasn't
up-front with you, mi'ja,

but a dating profile--come on.
- You're gonna do it.

- Oh, gosh.

[cheerful music]

♪ ♪

- Well, we finally
have enough boxes,

but they're big,
and the toys are small.

- I know.
I messed that up.

I can own it.

- Well, we're solving it
by stuffing them

with old newspapers.

It was your idea--
it was a good idea, Sophie,

and you're not
letting it set you back.

Oh, wow.

"The Beatles live
at Sun Devil Stadium."

I wonder whatever happened
to those guys.

- Okay, Dad,
we have work to do.

- Excuse me for going slow

so my daughter might stay
through the holidays.

[knock at door]
- Oh.

- All right.

[intriguing music]

- Hi.
- Hi.

- I was in the neighborhood
'cause, well,

that's literally my job,
and I thought I'd check.

Need any more boxes?

- You better believe it.

She got the wrong size
last time.

We need smaller.

♪ ♪

- I need small boxes.

And you're probably gonna think

it's because
I want to watch you run,

and I'm gonna tell you
that I don't.

♪ ♪

Let's just skip to the part
where I fully admit

you are rocking the uniform...

you take the compliment
and go and get me boxes?

♪ ♪

- Merry Christmas to me.
- [laughs]

♪ ♪

Ms. Helen, these are delicious.

- Thank you.
Make yourself comfortable.

- Oh, thank you.
Oh, thank you.

- Moonlighting another
holiday season, principal.

Don't they pay you enough
at Pinestar High?

- I like to keep busy.

- How's the bell choir
coming along?

- Great, and thank you again

for lending the school
the bells.

We're so grateful.

I promise we'll take
good care of them.

- It's my pleasure, David.

I heard Ms. Baron retired.

Who's replacing her?

- Jesse Vargas, for now.

- Baseball Coach Vargas?

- I know.
I'm working on it.

Ah, the kids are so good, too.

I just really need
a legit music teacher.

- All you can do is your best
and maybe a little bit extra.

- You know, my mother used
to say something like that.

You remind me of her,
Ms. Helen.

So positive.

Something special
you ordered here?

- Oh, who knows?

I have a glass of wine
at night.

That way, when I shop online,
I don't remember.

It's kind of like
someone else got me a present.

- Very sweet.
A bit different but clever.

- That's me in a nutshell.
Shall we?

- Hey, we shall.

Okay. Hello.

- Oh!

- A little salsa.
- All right.

- Oh, yeah.
Let's open it up.

- Open up.
- Ha!

Come in for the dip.
- Whoa.

both: Hey!

- Now we go behind the back,
and then we get a spin.

- Spin.
- Spin here.

- Please help me welcome
Pinestar High's grupo nuevo

Las Bocas Locas.

- Pass these out.
- Thank you.

- All right, now let's hit
that big mama bell,

see what we got.

[bell resounds]

And two and three
and four and...

♪ Joy to the world

♪ The Lord has come ♪

♪ Let Earth receive her king ♪

♪ Let every heart ♪

♪ Prepare him room ♪

♪ And Heaven and nature sing ♪

♪ And Heaven and nature sing ♪

♪ And Heaven and Heaven
and nature sing ♪

♪ And Heaven and Heaven ♪

♪ And nature sing ♪


[choir giggling excitedly]

[mischievous music]

♪ ♪

- Mr. Morales?
[gasps] That is you.


Why are you in an SSD uniform?

- I like to stay busy
during the holidays.

- I'm Charlotte's mom,

and she is so excited
to be at Pinestar this year.

- David.
- Of course, David.

You want...

No? No?

Oh, oh, incoming.

Sorry, I'm just--
I'm really, really fun.

Uh, that's what my friends say,
each of them separately.

So it's true.

Anyways, you look like

the type of principal
I wish I had.


- Qualified?

- Yes, that too.

[awkward laughter]

- Hey, girls, that was great.

- How do you know?

- I was watching through
the music room window there.

- Well, bell choir's
getting better,

but the new vocal group
is kind of rugged.

- Well, I better help her
with her bell.


- It's not insured,
so Mom carries it.

- No. That's right.

Well, it was so nice
to meet you, Mr. Morales.



- Got it.

Ah... yes.


Are you trying to set me up
with Charlotte's mom?

- What?
Absolutely not.

What did you think of her?

- I think she's the parent

of one of my students,
so not a possible date.

- Right.

We need to find someone
outside of Pinestar High.

- Or how about we just focus on
the holiday performance, huh?

Yes, thank you.

[goofy voice] "Oh, no, David's
too busy to help decorate."

- And Noel's rehearsing,
so I guess it's all up to me.

- [deep voice]
"Oh, well, good thing

"you're a water-ski instructor
with plenty of time

on your hands in the winter."

- You, you're working hard.

Noel's working hard trying
to make her music group better.

Man, I hope she can find a way
to take that group

to the next level like I'm
about to do with this garland.

- [normal voice]
Hey, can I borrow this?

- Yeah.

[jazzy Christmas music playing]

- And we got
Rudolph's Red Cherry Delight,

for his nose, you see,
and True North Pole.

That's an extra-rich
vanilla flavor

with a whole candy cane on top.



♪ ♪


Merry Christmas.

[music stops]

[door bells jingle]

[early rock music playing]

- [scatting]

- Oh, my.
Hello, Willard.

- I thought you moved.

- Nope, just
staying inside more.

- Oh, I see.

- I'm so sorry
to hear about Mary.

- It's hard to believe
that it's been a year.

But Sophie's here helping me.
I'm doing okay.

- I'm so glad to hear that.

I'm used to being by myself.

But I'm glad your little girl's
visiting you.

♪ ♪

- Having Sophie here,

I'm remembering
to enjoy my moments.

Here you are, a nice moment,

and life's full of them.

- You just have
to watch for them.

- Hmm.

Can I get you
another egg cream?

- Oh.

♪ ♪

- Hi.
- Hello, and sorry.

It got returned.
The letter fell out.

I didn't read anything.
- Because that would be wrong.

- There may have
been some glancing.

- Oh.

- I'm guessing that's not

a mint-condition atomics
with lasso,

but what do I know?

- Hold on, I need a favor.

No, I'm just joking,

but, seriously,
we could use your help.

- First of all, who made him
an expert on mailing stuff?

- Uh, SSD?

[all laugh]

- Oh, I have a package
I need you to send.

- She's great.

- She is.

- Where's the box
with the X on it?

- Now, that's her system,
which isn't great.

She could be a while.

- Not funny, Dad.

- Oh...

- She sounds fun, and I wish
I could stay, but--

- Well, I wish
she could stay forever.

- Dad!
- I'm just kidding.

- See you.

- Wait, wait, I found it.
Ah! Ah!

- Oh.

- It's fine, I got it.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

A little bruised,
a lot embarrassed.

[tender music]

- I got it.
It's safe with me.

- Yeah, okay.

[van door closes]

♪ ♪

- How about responsible, kind,

loves mistletoe
and Christmas movies?

- Mm, it's...

kind of boring
for a dating profile.

- [scoffs] Believe me,
at a certain point in life,

responsible and kind
aren't so boring.

- Okay, I'd go like handsome,
cries at Christmas movies,

and loves huevos rancheros.

- He shouldn't call
himself handsome.

Remember, women think
he's writing it, not us.

- True.


- "Hello. I'm a normal guy.

"If you think that's cool,
let's meet.

"If you don't, all good,
no worries.

Normal is underrated."

That's a good start, Noel.

- I took out the word goofy.
- It kind of captures the charm

and a bit of the horror
that is your dad.

[both laugh]
Profile pic?

- I was thinking
the navy shirt?

- Or the Pendleton?

Or does that say that
I'm a hipster cholo type?

- Yeah, it does.

Yeah, he looks really nice
in the navy shirt.

You know, one day,
when I have a boyfriend,

I hope he wears
a nice navy shirt like that.

- Okay, navy shirt works.
- It does.

[both laugh]
Okay, ready?

[both laugh]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪


- He got a match!
- [squeals]

He got a match.

- He got a match.
- Finally!

- Oh, my God.
- What?


- Ooh!

- What's going on?

- You got a match.

- You!
You got a match!

- Hey, wait.

You're celebrating like you
thought I wouldn't get a match.

[both cheering]

All right, that's good.
Take it easy.

- Eat this before you go
on your lunch date.

- Before.

- You never eat
on a lunch date.

- Say that slower
and really hear it.

- Oof, fail.
I'm so glad you have us.

- "I had a late breakfast.

I'll just have
some coffee, thanks."

Rehearse that.

Here are the options
for your date outfit.

- You go with this shirt.

- He can't wear the same shirt
as his profile pic.

It'll look like
he only has one nice shirt.

- Hello, do I get a vote?

- Sure.

- Red sweater vest.

- You don't get a vote.

- This is your power shirt.

- The navy does make
your eyes glow.

Women like glowy eyes.
- [giggles]

- All right,
I'll wear this shirt.

Thank you, girls.
- Yes.

- Can I see a pic?

- If you saw it,
that's one more thing

for you to trip out on.

- [sighs] all right.

And you swear she's not
a parent of one of my students?

- Yes, we checked.

Text when you're done, okay?

Have fun.

- Bye.

- Oh, they grow up so fast.
[both giggle]

- Okay, kiddo, I'm on it.

- [chuckles]
Thanks, Dad.

It's just a quick errand.
I'll be right back.

- Where to?

- Oh, just a few places,
stupid little things.

- Oh, it's always
the little things, isn't it?

Don't get me started.

Well, how long
until you get back?

- Probably a few hours.

Be prepared to help
with my famous Christmas fudge

upon my return.
- Mm.

- [chuckles]
Love you.

both: Mwah.
- Bye.

- Toy man.
- Come on.

Sophie had to head out
for a minute,

and all these are going

to one collector
who loves anything with robots.

- Okay.

Uh, can I ask you something?

And I hope I'm not being
too forward,

but you seem pretty thrilled
to be selling all these toys.

I don't know how I'd feel
if my daughter came into town

and started selling
all my stuff.

What's your secret
to staying so happy?

- My wife passed away.

[chuckles] That doesn't sound
right, does it?

These are not my toys.
They're Mary's.

She loved them.

- Oh, and they

remind you of her,
so it's okay to let them go?

- Well, the whole house
reminds me of her.

What I'm happy about is that
Sophie's spending time with me.

- But when you're done,
Sophie goes home.

- Yes, but I don't know
if you're keeping track,

but she's not great at this.

The wrong addresses,
mixed-up boxes.

Lucky me.
It could take a while.

- [laughs]
Got it.

Uh, would it be weird if I use
your bathroom real quick?

- Of course you can.

I'll bet you delivery guys
have to go constantly.

- I just need to change.
I'm meeting someone for coffee.

Let me get the clothes
from the truck.

Thank you very much.
- Okay.

- Ah, studying for finals
is intense.

After lunch, I need a break.

- Sure, I get it.
- [chuckles]

I mean, it's so hard to focus
when Christmas is almost here.

Who thought of exams
right before Christmas?

- I know, right?
It's not cool.

We should be wrapping gifts
and eating treats

and eating more treats.

- Exactly.

- Maybe you should talk
to your principal

about changing exams
until after Christmas.

- Right?

Tía, remember Las Posadas?

You and Mom would put out
those candlelit paper bags.

- Luminarias?

- And we would eat posole,
and on Christmas Eve,

Dad would bring
out the reindeer piñata.


- It never ended well
for the reindeer piñata.

- No.

That was fun.

- It was fun.

- Maybe we can bring out
the reindeer piñata this year?

- Yeah.

Maybe we can bring back
that part of the tradition.

[soft music]

- Thank you, tía.

- Go.
Go see Charlotte for a break.

Studying will still be here,

and so will
my traditional borrowing

of your index finger
for all the gift wrapping.

♪ ♪

Come here.

♪ ♪

[mischievous music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, there, not-so-stranger.

- Toy lady.


- Oh, you clean up good.
I'll order us something.

You want to grab a table?

- Oh, I'm sorry.

I'd love to hang out,
but I sort of got a date.

- Okay...

- Yeah, My daughter set up
this dating profile for me,

and I promised
I'd give it a try.

She also made me promise

not to tell the date
I have a daughter

because it might scare her off
before it even gets started.

- Oh.

Mm, you are terrible at this...

But I get why you're confused.
Um, I'm the date.

- You?
- Mm-hmm.

Yes, and I'm scared
of children, so bye.

[both chuckle]

I got you on that one.
I did. Yeah, I did.

Look, I had a late breakfast.
I'm just going to get coffee.

You want something else?

- Hey, I was supposed
to say that.

- Oh, well,
now you don't have to.

- So you picked me, huh?

- Mm-hmm.
Swiped right on my SSD guy.

You do like Christmas movies,
though, right?

- Yes.

- And do you love Harry Styles
and boy bands in general,

or am I on a date
with your daughter?

- Eh, I'm a little more
into classical music.

- Oh.

- Like Bach, Beethoven?
- Stones, Eagles--

- What?
- Who?

- I mean, you said classical,
so I thought you meant--

- Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I meant classic music,

not elevator music.

- Elevator music, uh-huh.

- You know, songs you hear,
like, in an elevator, right?

- Yeah, okay.

Hi. Can we get
two black coffees, please?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

[light music playing]

- [sighs]
All right, so...

you like men in uniform.

- Yeah.

Well, typically the uniform

comes with polite
and well-mannered.

- Lucky you, because you got
charming and funny as a bonus.

- Oh, yeah, uh-huh.

- Look, here's the deal.

You're my first date
in... a while.

- We can tell.

Me too.

I mean, I downloaded the app,

because once I get
back to Phoenix,

I finally got to put myself
out there again.

- Ooh, great.

That takes the pressure off
for both of us.

- Oh, definitely.
- Good.

- I mean, we get points
for just showing up.

- Mm-hmm.
- I saw your picture online.

Same shirt, right?

I was like, "He'd be good
for a dry run."

- I see.

- So, a daughter.

I did not picture my SSD guy
with a family.

- Yeah?

So you were picturing me.

- Maybe.

I'm a bit
of a mind reader myself.

You deliver by day.

By night, you dedicate yourself

to a midnight rec center
b-ball league

for at-risk youth.

- Am I good at it?
- Oh, you're the best.

I mean, you know
all the kids' names,

plus the parents'--
it's a whole thing.

- That's actually not too far
from the truth.

- Wait, really?

- I'm a high-school principal,

and I deliver
during the holidays.

- Oh, well, you're better
than my principal.

He smelled like BENGAY
and wore a back brace.

- Mr. Carruthers
from Lakestone, yes.

He's retired.
You ever hear from him?

- No, but I don't really keep
track of school administrators

who barred me from jazz band

because I played
the French horn.

- Ah, lady French horn player
who lives in Phoenix.

Tell me more.

All right, after Mr. Carruthers
derailed your music career,

what happened next?

- Well, plot-twist time.

I'm first chair horn
for the Phoenix Symphony.

- Ah, classical music, right?

Not just...

- What did you call it,
elevator music?

- I like a good elevator jam
now and then.

- No, you're right.

I mean, classical music
is pretty old-school.

- Hey, vintage, antique.

I just don't know
too much about it,

but I'm willing to learn.

Favorite Christmas song?

- "Santa Claus Is Comin'
To Town," Bruce Springsteen.

- Didn't expect that.

- You?

- "Blue Christmas" by Elvis.

- Classic.
- Yeah.

- Oh, no, that wasn't good.

- No?
Come on.

A little bit?
- No, not very good. No.

[cheerful music]

I wasn't hungry.

Now I'm thinking the coffee
might need a little company.

- Yeah, I'm feeling
pretty wired, too.

- Are you sure it's not
just the amazing conversation

giving you butterflies?

I have that effect on people.

- I'm pretty sure
it's just the coffee.

Besides, this is just
a practice date, right?

- Right.

- You know,
we could've gone to Walt's.

- My dad loves
that ice cream shop.

- Oh, every December,
he comes up

with these special
holiday flavors

like Graham Cracker Truffle

and White Chocolate
Irish Cream.

- Okay, you're making me

- All right,
last year, he did

this Christmas Churro

with condensed milk
and, wait for it,

real cinnamon.

- Oh.
- Hmm.

- They have one that I love
this year

called Granny Smith...
both: Apple Pandowdy.

- Come on,
that's my favorite, too.

Walt's is the best, huh?


- Dad.

Uh, Charlotte and I were just

mailing the Christmas cards.

- Hi, I'm Sophie.

- Sophie,
this is my daughter, Noel,

and her best friend, Charlotte.

- Nice to meet you.

- Sophie is
a professional musician,

and when Noel isn't spying on
people, she also enjoys music.

- Really?
What, do you sing, play?

- Singing is my jam,
but I also play on bell choir.

- But now she's late
for something I like to call,

"I know what you're doing.
Now go home."

- We've actually formed
an a cappella group

for our high school
for the Frosty Fest--

las Bocas Locas.

- Noel is super good.
- Stop.

- Well, it's time to study

something you're not
super good at, ladies.

Bye, mi'ja.
Adiós, Charlotte.

- Well, Noel, if you ever want
to pick my brain,

I'm actually here
visiting my dad.

We could all use a break
from our dads, right?

- Yeah.

- Should I leave you two
alone for a while?

- No, no, I'll see you at home.
Bye, Sophie.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- [laughing]

- [chuckles]
They're cute.

Well, David, after
a good practice date like that,

we're gonna be very prepared
for our real ones.

- More first dates
with other people.

Sounds scary.

- Yeah, which is why
I want to thank you

for being
such a good first one.

- Oh, okay.


I'll see you
on my route, I guess.

- You will.
Bring boxes.

[gentle guitar music]

♪ ♪

- Sophie.
- Yeah?

♪ ♪

- Maybe we can
practice more, too.

- More practice?
I'm in.

- Oh, Sophie!

you know how you said Noel

can pick your brain anytime?

Can I ask you
an incredibly big favor?

- So?

What's the date feedback?

- Well, he agreed to go on
more dates, which is great.

- My mom thinks
your dad's cute.

She also says that I have
to write all my thank-you notes

for my birthday, or I don't get
any Christmas presents.

- Your birthday was in June.

- Yeah.

- All right, guys,
let's hit it again.

[handbells playing
"Joy to the World"]

♪ ♪

What's going on, ese?

- I did it.

I got something that's gonna
make this better,

and like you wanted,
I got a real musician.

- What?
- Yep.

- Yes. Thank you.

That's what I'm saying.
Thank you.

- Take care of my people, man.

Excuse me, Pinestars.

Hey, mi'ja, how's it going?
- It's getting there, I think.

- Well, I have a surprise
that I think will help.


[gentle music]

- Hey, teach.

- Hello, toy lady.

- Dad, what's going on?

- I called in a little backup.

- Because he likes her.

- Because she's a pro.

- I play
for the Phoenix Philharmonic,

and Principal David--
all: It's Principal Morales.

- Principal Morales said
you guys could use my help.

- And she accepted.

And I quit, but to go be

you guys'
number-one fan, right?

So let's go.
Pinestar, you guys got this.

Sí, se puede!
Sí, se puede!

I'm all excited.

- Okay, so no one knows
that the Bocas Locas

are performing yet, right?

- Right.

- Well, I had an idea.

What if we surprise the crowd

and the Vocal Locals
in the bell stop mid-song,

and then the Bocas Locas
emerge from the bells, huh?

- Okay, so, like, a mash-up
but the same song.

- Yeah.
- That could work.

Yeah, that's great.

And you said we have one week?

- Uh-huh.

- Okay, we have one week.
[chuckles] Let's go.

- Let's go, Pinestars.

- Hi, I'm Sophie.
You met me.

- I brought cookies.
- Mmm.

- Ooh, Sophie, from the date.
That's a good sign.

- Well, I asked her to help out
for the festival

for Noel and the kids.

- For Noel.

- And the kids, yes.

- Son, you are sweet.

- Oh, knock it off.

- Well, you are good
at taking care of Noel,

and that's great conversation
for your next date.

- [scoffs] Fine.

I get to see a picture
this time, though.

Let me have
one of these.

- Did you see they're selling
hand-decorated Christmas mugs?

I made the one
with the butterflies on it.

- That's very cool.

- Yeah.

All proceeds go
to the Frosty Fest.

- Nice. The Frosty Fest
is a good cause.

Now, your profile says
you're originally from Sedona,

so what brought you
out here to Pinestar?

- Oof.

I'm guided by energy.


Are you spiritual, David?

- I go to church.

- Mother Earth?

- Mother Mary?

- Yep, that is
what the stones say.

Okay, you're a Libra.
Your lucky number is four.

Scales, air,
strong but sensitive.

Ooh, that's too bad.

- What's too bad?
Those rocks told you all that?

Do they know if the Cardinals

are gonna cover the spread
this weekend?

- Unfortunately, I'm a Cancer,

so this just isn't gonna work
between us.


- You're home early.

- Eh, it was fine.

- What?
Did you make this?

- No, Sophie made that.

- Interesting.

- Mm, seriously, it's a relief
to go on practice dates.

You can eat
all you want during them.

- Maybe you should slow down.
This is only our second one.

You should pretend
to be too nervous to eat,

and then on the next one
totally go for it.

- Nah.

- De nada.

- Oh, my God.

This is amazing.

- The food or the company?

- The food.
Maybe the company.

[both chuckle]

[tender music]

David, are we--

- I know.
Is this...

- [groans]
I don't even live here.

- It's ridiculous to think.

- I know, right?
- Right?

- Gah!

Okay, we do have fun together.
I will give you that.

- Yeah, we do, a lot.

♪ ♪

It's really too bad now.
I mean, I can't move.

Noel and her school,
my job--

it would never work.

- Never, I mean,
not in a million years.

I love my job
and my friends and my condo.

I mean, I'm not moving, so...

- To just practice.
- Fun practice.

- Yes, to fun.

- Salud.
- Salud.

♪ ♪

[guitar strumming gently]

♪ ♪

- I always liked
clown on a motorcycle--

constantly trying
not to fall down.

It's classic Americana.
- [chuckles]

Solid work, Dad.

You know, I was waiting
for the perfect moment.

[soft music]

- Oh, honey.

- I saved some of the toys
I know you liked.

- Oh, Sophie,
that's sweet, dear.

- Um, here's, um...

- Duck on a trike,
checking out the townsfolk.

And who can forget
circus boy on a horse?

- Yeah, that one
always weirds me out.

- Honey, I don't need
any of these.

The only thing I ever wanted
that was your mother's

was the piano.

- You don't even play.

- But my daughter does,

and if she promised
to visit and play it for me,

well, it would make me
a lot more happy

than circus boy on a horse.

- She promises.

I love visiting, Dad.

- And, um, when you visit,
you could see David.

He seems like a nice guy.

- Yeah, actually, he is.

- What was that, buddy?
Is he her new boyfriend?

Oh, that's kind of forward.

You know circus boys--
they love to gossip.

- Yeah, okay.
[knock at door]

- Hey, sorry, I'm early.

- Hi. No worries.
Come on in.

Right this way.

Dad, this is
David's daughter, Noel.

We did music theory
at las Bocas Locas rehearsals.

She coerced me
into private lessons.

- For harmonies.

♪ Feliz Navidad

♪ Feliz Navidad ♪

♪ Feliz Navidad ♪

♪ Próspero año y felicidad ♪

- Yes!

- Bravo.

Oh, my gosh,
you picked that up so fast.

Okay, come here, come here.
Sit down.

Try this.

[plays piano chord]

- [scatting]

[cheerful music]

- So, Laurel-Ann, when you're
not a ski instructor,

what are you into?

- David, I like to do anything

where I can go fast
but, you know,

I still compete and all,
but I love to train.

I mean, you look sporty.

- [laughs] Well, I'm just
a high-school principal

with a very active
15-year-old daughter,

but, yeah, I try to train.

Wait, you compete,
like, in the Olympics?

- Yeah, gold medal, baby.

Just kidding with you, David.

But I'm completely obsessed.

I mean, you know,
it's a passion.

- That's great.

I've recently gotten
into music.

- Oh.
- Classical music, actually.

Been studying
the French horn as of late.

- Why the horn?

- A friend of mine
got me into it.

- That's cool.
Here's what I'm thinking.

Check your clock,
-we go for a little 5
-K run,

get the juices flowing,
little chitchat.

You in?

- I don't think so.
- Ugh.

Principal David,
with your cute French horn,

I really like you,
but this doesn't seem like--

- No, it doesn't, but it was
really nice to meet you.

- You too.
Up top, principal.

Stay golden.

- Oh. Hey.

- Mm.

Noel, hi.

How are you?
Nice to see you.

You're making
a little ice cream run?

- A surprise for my dad.

I'm between Mexican
Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough

and Sugarplum Fairy Horchata.

Both have cinnamon,
and my dad always says,

"Everything's better
with cinnamon," so...


- Well, I might have
a solution for you.

Get both.

- I like it.

[both laugh]

- Hey, Noel, could I ask
you a personal question?

- Yeah.

- Are you okay
with your dad dating?

- I asked him to.

- No, I know.

I mean, now that he is,
are you still okay with it?

- Sophie, no one
can replace my mom.

[tender music]

It would be impossible.
That's how great she was.

- That's exactly
how I feel about my mom.

Yeah, I kind of feel like life
is about moments, you know?

And we're, uh...

We're lucky.

We get to remember
all of the amazing moments

we've had with our moms.

- Yeah.

So I guess I feel okay

about the dating thing

♪ ♪

My dad is that great, too.

He deserves someone
as amazing as my mom,

not to replace her,

but to love him
as much as she did.

- Wow. Well, you're remarkable,
aren't you?

♪ ♪

- [choked]
It's, uh...

on the house.

Merry Christmas.

Here, you too.

Free ice cream is
even more delicious

and has fewer calories.

- [laughs]
- Thank you, Mr. Walt.

- Thank you.

- I know my dad
has fun with you.

- How?

- Because his dates with you

are the only ones
he doesn't tell me about.

["Joy to the World"
playing briskly]

♪ ♪

- Um, bells, you guys
can rest for a second.

Bocas Locas, come with me.

[piano playing softly]

[all humming]

♪ ♪

- ♪ I want to wish
you a Merry Christmas... ♪

- You know what, man?

I don't think my dates
are going so well

'cause I can't stop
thinking about Sophie.

- What do you mean?
That means they're going great.

If anything, you need to stop
going on those other dates.

That'll get you in trouble.
Man, tú sabes.

- You're right, but she doesn't
even live here, man.

That's the problem.

- What?
- Yeah.

All our dates
are practice dates,

not even real ones.

She's good, though, huh?

- Yeah, she's looking
great right now.

- Music, bro.

- Hey, that's what I meant.

All right?
She's giving us a chance.

♪ ♪

all: ♪ I want to wish you
a Merry Christmas ♪

♪ I want to wish you
a Merry Christmas ♪

♪ I want to wish you
a Merry Christmas ♪

♪ From the bottom of my heart

♪ Feliz Navidad ♪

♪ Próspero año y felicidad ♪

♪ Feliz Navidad...

- Um, you said come for dinner,
not come make dinner.

- Smarter than I look, huh?
- Mm...

- These are for Christmas Eve.

- We do this every year.
- Mm-hmm.

- So, Sophie, it's
our family tradition

to make and share tamales,

but it's extra special
when we have guests.

[Sophie chuckles]

- Oh, my mug.

- Oh, yeah?

I bought that
to support the festival.

- Nice.

- All right,
so here's the deal.

This is the masa,

these are the fillings,
and these are the husks.

And it's like
a little assembly line,

and we each do a part.

- Awesome.
Well, I love food.

So I will do the masa.

♪ ♪

- Are you sure?

- It's kind of
the hardest part.

- Oh, well, now I kind of have
to do it,

because I love a challenge.

- You'll be fine.

- Okay, just make sure
you spread the masa

on the smooth side of the husk,
not the rough side.

- Smooth side,
not the rough side.

- You feel it right there.
- Smooth side--okay.

Smooth side,
not the rough side, got it.

[bright music playing]

♪ ♪

- And these are special, too.
These are carne asada tamales.

- Oh.
- Next level.

- It is a lot of meat.
- You got to spread the masa.

- Well, wait, I can't.

- All right, go.
- Okay.


♪ ♪

- This was a little harder
than it looked.

- You are a natural.

- Hey, I bet you're
a good cook.

- Well, I work nights,

so I don't get
a lot of practice for dinner,

but I make a mean brunch.
- Okay.

- [laughs]

[gentle music]

♪ ♪

What's up?

♪ ♪

- Nothing.
It's just...

this is fun.

- Yeah.

- And the other night
at dinner...

- We got carried away, right?

- Right.

- Wow.

- What?
- Nothing.

♪ ♪

- I'm really glad you came.

- Yeah, I am, too.

♪ ♪

- So all of this
has led me here

to good old Pinestar, Arizona.

I'm actually
in a really good place

in my life overall.

I'm excited
about what's next,

and I'm excited
to meet new people,

and I'm excited
to be here with you, David.

Did you get any of that?

- Hmm?
Yes, yes, of course.

Good for you.
You sound great.

[chuckles awkwardly]

- Are you okay?

- [sighs] Honestly, Stacy,
I'm not great.

I shouldn't even be here.

I probably
shouldn't be dating at all.

- They have killer cornbread
and chili here,

and it's my treat,

- I have been doing
all the cooking.

- Yes, you have.
[both chuckle]

♪ ♪

- This whole thing
is my daughter's idea.

Noel thinks it's time
for me to get out there,

and I do, too, but it's not
easy, not for me, anyway.


I didn't plan on being
a single dad.

Raising a teenage daughter
is tough enough.

They grow up so fast.

I also drive
for Southwest Secured Delivery

'cause I got to stay busy
during the holidays

'cause the holidays
are rough for me,

but Noel said, "No, Dad,
you got to get out there,"

so I did, and then I met
this incredible, amazing woman

who lives in Phoenix,

and she plays the French horn
and loves classical music,


I'm so sorry for this.

- It's okay.
Check, please.

[gentle music]

♪ ♪

- Oh, Stacy,
I'm flattered, but--

- Oh, David,
that's not my number.

That's actually the number
to my therapist.

You're gonna be okay.
Just follow your heart.

You'll figure it out.

♪ ♪

[ominous music]

- [humming "Feliz Navidad"]

- Oh. Dad.

- Hey, those robe changes
are sick.

Maybe next time,
a little Velcro

inside the robes, though.
- Yeah.

- I brought you something.

- Aw, metallic origami.
Dad, you shouldn't have.

- You know, I think I may be
done dating for a while.

- There's got to be
someone out there.

- Ah, maybe you're right,

maybe we should just take
our time, huh?

- Yeah.

Okay, so pop quiz.


- Tomorrow?

Ooh, there's
this cool thing called

the Pinestar-Lakestone
Frosty Festival

that could be fun.

Want to check that out?

- Stop.
Be serious.

- Fine, I'm responsible
for picking up

the choir concert gloves
at the dry cleaner's,

and I'm gonna have
plenty of time to do it

after my last shift.
- Cool.

- You're gonna be
great tomorrow, mi'ja.

- [sighs]

- Sophie really helped, huh?

- Yeah, she's awesome.

- She really is.

[tender music]

- Hey, there, teach.

- Principal, and hello.

- Yeah, "hey, there, principal"

just doesn't have
the same ring to it.

- [chuckles]
So Noel told me

you're giving her
private lessons.

- For the show.
Yeah, she's really good.

You should think
about private lessons.

She could get
a music scholarship.

- Well, maybe she can study
with you.

Are you planning
on staying longer?

- Um, actually, here are
the last of the boxes.

- Ah, yeah, look, uh...

I saw you last night,
Sophie, and...

I just want you to know,
that was my last date.

Let me explain.
My sister and my daughter--

- I didn't know you saw me
last night, but it's cool.

I mean, we're not dating, so--

- Oh, I know, I know.
We're practice dating.

But the thing is,

I kind of have grown fond
of our practice dates.

- Yeah, I mean...

- Admit it, we've had
some pretty good dates.

- Maybe.

- Trust me, compared to some
of the dates I've been on,

ours have been great,
but I'm sure you've

been going through
the same thing, too, right?

- Like what?

- Well, you know, nothing
to talk about, no chemistry.

- That sounds awful.

- Right?

What about you,
any hall of shame moments?

- Well, I only went
on the dates with you,

but from the report
you're giving,

you're not really making
a good case for me

to start dating
when I get back home next week.

- Next week?

- David, my work here
is done, right?

The kids are ready
to perform tonight,

and all of Mom's stuff
is gone, so...

- So...

I guess it's Merry Christmas
and see you around?


- Merry Christmas, David.

[melancholy music]

♪ ♪

- How about a coffee
or a walk

or coffee and a walk?

- Now?
- Yeah.

I just got
one more package to deliver,

and I can meet you
at the trailhead

in, say, like, 20 minutes?

♪ ♪

- Yeah.
Yeah, okay, yeah.

- All right.
- [sighs]

♪ ♪

[engine turning over]


You know what this looks like?

- Like nature is
the most perfect

giant Christmas tree lot?

- No, that '80s gymnastics
movie "American Anthem,"

you know, where
the bad-boy gymnast

comes out in the woods,
he's all upset,

he lost his girl, his focus.

I think Nationals
were right around the corner,

or maybe it was the Olympics.

- Never saw it.
I bet he dug deep.

- Oh, yeah.
It was raining.

And for some reason,
there was a bar between trees

that's at regulation Olympic
height, and he just nails it.

- Yes!
Go, bad-boy gymnast.

[both chuckling]

- Oh, is that why
you brought me here?

For inspiration, a little--
- Oh.

- Take that, Lakestone.

- Look at those
little moves, okay, musical.

- Yeah, sliding
on the pine straw.

- You know what?
You're pretty funny.


[sighs] You were so great
with the kids, and...

you and I are...

- Great?

- [sighs]

Sophie, I can't help
how I feel when I'm with you.

[tender music]

- Even though I'm leaving?

- Especially
because you have to leave.

♪ ♪

- Me too.

What you said.

You're amazing, David.

You're kind, funny.

♪ ♪

I'm gonna miss you...

terribly because you're
so ridiculously wonderful,

and I blame you.

- All right, that's on me.

♪ ♪

- [chuckles]


[both laugh]

Oh, Christmas Eve
is always so magical.

- Especially this one.

- It's only 6:00 p.m.

- I know.

6:00 p.m.?

- What?

- 6:00 p.m.

It's 6:00 p.m.
I got to go.

- What, what?

- Noel!
- What's wrong?

David, what's wrong?

- Noel's never going
to forgive me.

Dry cleaner's,
white gloves.

[energetic music]

I put myself first,
and I screwed up.

[engine turning over]
This is a mistake.

♪ ♪

- [scoffs] I don't think
this is a mistake.

[energetic music]

♪ ♪

- Ugh!

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

- Sophie came in...

[whispering indistinctly]

- It's 6:30.
Where is he?

- [sighs] Don't worry.
This isn't weird, all right?

Principal Morales
knows what he's doing.

He's just pumping us up
by being late,

you know,
like, "Ooh, where is he?"

He's making it more fun
by keeping us waiting

till the last minute.

- How is this fun?

- Because I'm a teacher
and I said so.

Look, I'm sorry,
but worst-case scenario,

the bell choir just performs

- Ah, no way in Heaven's
basement, Mr. Vargas.

No gloves, no bells.
They're antiques.

And sweat and skin oil

corrodes the brass
and ruins the sound.

- [sighs]

[cell phone ringing]

- Oh.
Dad, are you close?

- No, I am not.

I screwed up big-time.
I'm sorry, mi'ja.

I didn't get
to the dry cleaner's in time.

Can you play them
without the gloves?

♪ ♪

- That's a no-go.
- All right, don't worry.

I'm gonna figure something out.
I'll see you there.

[energetic music]

♪ ♪

I'm here! I'm here!

Okay, these are
a little different,

but they should work.

All good.

going to be great.

Here you go.
Here you go.

♪ ♪

They're dishwashing gloves.
Will they work?

- I don't know.

What happened?

- I wasn't thinking about you.
I was thinking about me.

And I forgot what was important
long enough to screw it all up.

I'm so sorry, mi'ja.

[melancholy music]

- Even if we could use them,
they're way too big.

- Oh, come on.

- Sorry.

- Uh-oh.


- He didn't make it
to the dry cleaner's on time.

- Okay.

Okay, we get a rock, and we
break some dry cleaner glass.

No one will know it's us.

- What about when they find
all that's missing

is eight pairs of white gloves?

- Ugh.
I'd be a terrible criminal.

♪ ♪

High school is hard.

So is being a dad.
- [sighs]

♪ ♪

- Hey, mi'ja.

I'm sorry again.

- I'm thinking,
what's the big deal really?

- What?

- We can't get so down
about bells or gloves

or Vocal Locals.

Vocal Locals
will always be in our lives.

- Yeah, but I let you down.

- You're my dad.
You can never let me down.

- [scoffs]
Well, I did this time.

♪ ♪

- Remember when I was little

and you and Mom would sing
"Feliz Navidad"?

- You're still little.

- [chuckles] I used to sing
"Feliz Navi-Dad."

♪ ♪

- Yeah.

You used to think
it was about me.

I was your Feliz Navi-Dad.

- You still are.

♪ ♪

So what's the big deal?

We wanted one thing, and we
got a different thing instead.

What does that sound like
to you?

- Energy.

- Yep.

- You can't destroy anything.

It just changes
into something else.

- Pinestar does not need
those bells

to go up on that stage.

- Promise it will be great.

- One way or another.

- All right.

That's my girl.

Come on, let's go get ready.

- [laughing]

[cheers and applause]

- Feliz Navidad, everyone,

and welcome to our very special
Frosty Festival.

You know, we got a lot of fun
in store for you.

We got lots of music,
lots of cookies,

and, of course,
lots of ice cream.

So, if you keep
your ticket stub,

you get a free scoop
of ice cream at Walt's.

Walt's, your friendly
neighborhood ice cream store.

Now, it's Christmas Eve, so
let's get this party started.


- Maybe we should decide
on a signal

or some sort of bird call.


- What are you
talking about, Dad?

- What if I get disoriented
and lost in the crowd?

- I'm pretty sure
once you're an Eagle Scout,

you never forget your training.

- I think that's the Marines.

- Okay, Dad.
See you in a minute.

[indistinct chatter]


- Hi.
Raffle tickets are $2 each.

- Okay, we'll take two.

- Sophie, hey.

- Oh, hi.

Look, I know
it's almost showtime.

I have something
I think will help.

- Come with me.
- Okay.

- [whispering] At this point,
I think we just got to pray,

like, a lot of Hail Marys.

Oh, Sophie.

Sophie, look, I have
to apologize.

I know I ran off,

but I had to get to these kids,
'cause they were--

- Why did you say
I was a mistake?

- What? No, you're not
the mistake.

I'm the mistake.

And then I ruined it
by not getting the gloves,

and now Pinestar is doomed.

- Oh.

Well, maybe
Pinestar's chances

just got a little bit better.

- A gift?
I don't know what to say.

- Just open it, funny guy.

You know, If you let someone
help you every once in a while,

maybe you wouldn't have to
do everything all by yourself.

After you left,
after I got over being hurt,

I remembered my mom
used to have these for people

at her conventions when
they were handling the toys.

- This is amazing.

- [gasps]

[warm music]

♪ ♪

- I don't know how I'm
ever going to repay you.

- Oh, well, Helen mentioned
you're quite the dancer.

Maybe a lesson or two
here or there.

- Right, come on.
Everybody get a pair.

Let's go.
Let's get ready.

- You know you saved Christmas.

- I got lucky.

- What about Phoenix or...

here, driving, practice?

- Okay, one thing
at a time, teach.

Come on.
- Everybody got a pair?

This is what you've been
working towards.

You guys got this!

- Let's bring it in the middle.
Let's bring it in the middle.

Here we go.
On three, "Pinestars."

One, two, three.


- Okay, now for our
time-honored musical finale.

Up first, Lakestone's
High School's Vocal Locals.

[cheers and applause]

[all vocalizing]

- ♪ Dashing through the snow ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ O'er the fields we go ♪

♪ Laughing all the way ♪

♪ Bells on bobtail ring ♪

♪ Making spirits bright ♪

♪ What fun it is
to ride and sing ♪

♪ A sleighing song tonight

♪ Oh, jingle bells,
jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way ♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh

♪ Jingle bells,
jingle bells... ♪

- They're good.

- I know, but don't worry,
mi'ja, we got this.

- ♪ ...to ride and sing
a sleighing song tonight ♪

all: ♪ Jingle bells,
jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way ♪

[cheers and applause]

- [laughs]

Okay, calm down.

Calm down, now.
All right, we got more, folks.

We got lots of acts
for you tonight.

Just sit down.
Come on, kids, let's move.

Let's move.
That's good. Tremendous show.

We got more acts for you.

Come on, let's go.
Let's go.

I can't quiet them.

- [whistles]

Please enjoy Pinestar's version
of "Feliz Navidad."

to Noel's Feliz Navi-Dad.

[cheers and applause]