Feine Spielwaren - Made in USA (1969) - full transcript

Fine Toys - Made In U.S.A

A portrait

and a program

which can be found in the catalogues
of the so-called competitor

with the nice name Aurora, beautifully
phrased along the same lines.

Our approach is meant to
likewise do them justice.

The models that go into production
have been carefully selected,

with the intent to establish
educative values,

as well as furthermore matching
manual labour with mental labour.

We attempt to shape a progressive
way of thinking,

irrespective of the particular model,

in order to provide the model builder
with a realistic atmosphere.


Golden words from the pen of a
U.S. monopoly entrepeneur

which baffle us,

because we're used to these
gentlemen advocating

their class interests with
less gentle approaches.

Well, we'll see.

By the way, the catalogues and
models depicted here

are being distributed by a
company from Munich.

Now then,

the exquisite vintage car

has been taken note of by us,
as a prelude and as in stock.

And this Ferrari Berlinetta

also solely ratifies the solid quality
of the advertised products,

if we want to disregard the tendency

that the handicraft enthusiast gets
offered a striking number of vehicles

whose originals can usually only be
bought by owners of huge equity stakes.

But perhaps it's regarded as
a kind of humanitarian

compensatory satisfaction for
the common man.

And thus we want to accept it.

But when it comes to the next model,
one can have reasonable doubts

if the creation of models of greatest
accuracy in simple assembly sets

is actually the exclusive goal
that the producers pursue.

Because that is not just any tank.

That is, undeniably true
to the original,

the Tiger Tank of the Fascist
armed forces,

along with some...

soldiers that are true to the original.

Let us be clear,

we're showing you the offer of
contemporary American toy companies.

And this offer also includes,

so that nothing with regard to the glory
of German heroes serving imperialism

may be forgotten about,

Baron Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker

from the First World War.

If one were to believe the legends,
this gentleman engaged in warfare

in a similar manner to the virtous hunt.

The fact that no rabbits or
deer were killed,

but Englishmen and Frenchmen,

doesn't bother the
producers of this toy.

Because they want to equally
profit from toys and war.

They got a new production line.

Mr. Lindbergs calls it the only
right one. The American line.

They offer:

The true to the original models of
the most important aircraft types

of the Fascist armed forces.

The aircaft types which turned Warsaw,

Rotterdam and Coventry into
debris and ash.

And which were also lethal
for thousands of Americans.

Appealing models for everyone.

A must-have for any
handicraft enthusiast.

Part of that must-have is
obviously this incarnation

of the Fascist war machinery.

the nightmare of nations that have
been barbarically assaulted,

from Spain to the Soviet Union.

Stuka Ju 87, with a discharge flap
that folds out, as a present

for Peter in Munich and
Jimmy in New York.

And all that today,

almost 25 years after the verdicts
against the war crimes

of the Fascists during
the Nuremberg Trials.

There's no way of denying it,
this line is a very consistent line.

It is being put about by these
fine toy manufacturers,

with half wild and thrilling markets

and million sales.

The super fortress B-29

can release in the playrooms as it
did back then in Dresden.

And in order to closely pass the
educational values on to the buyer,

the town that shall be destroyed
is also being delivered.

And like that the catalogues
consequently continue.

None of the murderous machines
that became infamous

above Korea, Vietnam or the
United Arabic Republic is missing.

And that's how the catalogue
displays the pilots.

Here they don't yet wear
a pajama though.

With their Jaguar they drive
to the Thunderchief

or to the atomic plane Hustler B-52

in order to pursue their
destructive jobs.

That's target-oriented playing,

because what Little Hans learns,
Hans will later be able to apply easily.

That's why on every birthday,
on every Christmas,

in sum: on every occasion, in
Munich and in New York,

fine toys, made in U.S.A.

It should therefore be obvious
whose line is being pursued.

But some considerations regarding the
methologies of the potential

war criminals seem unavoidable.

Within all sections it begins
rather harmlessly.

"Oh Little Dove", "Life at Sea
is Dangerous", etc.

After that the collector's desire gets
directed toward complete series,

and soon they go afloat: the war ships
of the Nazis, admiral Count Spee,

battleship Bismarck U 505.

And their contemporary big brother,
the atomic aircraft carrier Forester,

one of the mightiest war
machines of the U.S. marine.

Death, molded in steel and iron,

advertised in the catalogue as dashing,
breathtaking and dramatic.

And many other ships belonging to
the arsenal of the U.S. battle fleet,

which the Pentagon wants to use
in order to complete

on a large scale what the the
Nazis failed to accomplish:

the gagging and supression of any
form of progress in the world.

What did Lindberg say in his
programmatic statement?

Irrespective of the particular model,

we attempt to shape a progressive
way of thinking.

Indeed, that's just what we had in mind.

And we must at least thank Mr. Lindberg

for defining such accurately what
an American businessman

in the freest country of the free world
means by progress.

With regard to the other offers
in the catalogue though,

no sarcasm or irony would be appropiate.

Here the aim is nothing but the
deformation of the human image,

a planned and shamelessly revealing
dehumanization, starting in the playroom.

Satan's crate.

His goal is destruction.

He's wild and foolish.

It's a delight to build him according to
Lindberg's easy to understand manual.

Big Wheeler.

A terrifying character with cold,
colourful, bloodshot eyes

and a welcoming grin.


the shattered nightmare with
the charcoal pannier.

He will shovel himself
right into your collection.

And you will be proud to own him.

These are original quotes from the same catalogue

with the backpage on which Mr. Lindberg
proclaims his already quoted program.

Can it be any worse? It can be.

Because apparantly the dirtiest fantasies
are being made concrete and thus usable

for the children of the Western world.

Aurora offers: the
Nutty Nose Nipper Machine,

an easily movable instrument

which immediately transforms any
playroom into a torture chamber,

guaranteeing the awakening
of the most primitive instincts.

In that fashion even the toy industry
has to contribute to the suggestion

of brutal role models.

Movie Monsters.

Spawns of perverted sadists' brains.

Known from thousands of Western films,
television and comic publications.

Now likewise available as a model for
the playroom and the display case.

That's catalogue No. 421:

the tortured hunchback of Notre-Dame.

The bloody mummy.

The catalogue of Aurora kindly says:

One can paint it in a fancy way
and have lots of fun with it.

And we apologize to you for this ending.

It's the first time you get to
see something like this

in a film produced in the
German Democratic Republic.

We show it to you because this toy

is also being sold in every decent
toy shop in West Germany,

and because we have to be alert to
the consequences of this systematic

poisoning of human thinking and feeling.

The enemies of mankind
use all available means.

Fine Toys - Made in U.S.A.