February's Dog (2022) - full transcript

Working class colleagues stricken by sudden unemployment grapple with anxiety, depression, and isolation as they cope with the reality that the world they knew has changed. When all hope is fading, what will be their salvation?

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Good morning, Southern Alberta.

Rise and shine.

Make sure you bundle up
on the way to work today.

She's a bluebird
Alberta morning

thanks to that
Chinook that rolled in.

Here's one to wake you up,
from The Dudes, it's

“Rocky Mountain Living”.


- Come on, time to get up.

Come on!

I'm going to get coffee,
and you're not getting any.

- Are you going to
have a good breakfast?

Okay, guys,
have a great day.

- Okay, you too.
- Love you.

- Bye, love you.

- [RADIO] We have a few

really fun
community announcements today.

Wes and Donna
Lewis are celebrating

their 50th wedding anniversary
this Saturday.

Friends and family
are invited to celebrate

with them at the high school

All of us here at the station
would like to congratulate

and wish Wes and Donna
all the best and many more

years together in the future.

- We get all the tools there?

- I think so, dude.

It was just these, I think.

- I'll tell you, man,

this year has been brutal.

So glad that sun,
sand, and cold beers await.

I've been counting down to
tropical time since November.

It just never seems to change.

The cold always goes
right through my bones.

- I want to take
George to the coast.

We're going to
do a bit of fishing.

I'll tell you, that halibut
and salmon look amazing.

I'm really looking forward to

fighting some of those fat
bastards with my boy.

- I don't know why on Earth

anyone would want to fight
anything on their vacation.

I mean, we fight the weather,

we fight rusted bolts,

we fight the clock.

You seriously need to learn
to kick back and relax, Nige.

- It's in my blood, I guess.

I love a good fucking
challenge, man.

Man against the ocean,
man against nature.

- That's Artie.

I hate it when that damn thing
rings at the end of the day.

- Rather yours than mine.

I wonder what he wants?

I hope it's nothing pressing.

Well, I know I'm
done for the day.

Ain't nothing keeping me from
the Flames game tonight, man.

Playoff race is on
and the boys are on fire.

Nope. Not happening.

Emily would kill me
if I bailed on her.

Hello, Art.
What do you need?

- [ARTIE] Hey, you guys
get 2118 done today?

If so, I'm impressed, as always.

- Yeah, Artie. 2118's at
85% and back online.

She put up a fight,
but the boys got her built.

- Excellent.

Always good to hear.

Hey, listen,
I know it's Friday and all,

but I got a call
from corporate today.

I'm going to need you guys
to come in

when you finish up in the field.

- Everything alright, Artie?

- Uhh...

This isn't
really phone stuff.

I just need you guys to come in.

It'll only take a minute.

- This better not be one of those

bullshit random drug tests,
because I swear to God,

I got a medical card
and you guys--

- No. Wait...

- Anyways,
it's not a spot piss test.

I really can't do this
right over the phone.

Just head back, okay?

- Yeah, Art. We're all
done for the day.

Let's keep it brief.
Headed to the dome tonight.

- 10-4 on that.

See you when you get here.

- On our way, Art.

- What in the sweaty
fuck do you think that's about?

I can't think of anything
we botched in the field lately.

- I'm with you, man.

Nothing's gone tits up for ages.

I'll bet you someone saw
you speeding through

a fucking school zone
in the company truck.

- One time.

It happened one time
and the sign

was laying in the ditch.

Could have happened
to any of us.

I hope you're right, man.

If I see a piss
truck in front of that office

when I get there, I'm going to
piss on his tires on the way in.

They can wait
for a fresh batch.

Which reminds me,
I think I need to grab

some orange juice
on the way back to the office.

- Yeah, alright.

I'll see you there, bud.

- See you, man.


- Dude,
you should have seen it.

I got Claire
at the grocery store so good.

- Dude, I'm not being funny,
but I've got things on my mind.

I'm fucking worried about this.

Art's never this cryptic.

- Well, the good news
is we're going to

get the low down
real quick, man.

Relax. We got nothing to hide.

- Yeah, you're probably right.
It's probably nothing.

Nothing to hide.

- I just hope you're wrong
about that speeding

in rural school zones.

If I get demoted again,
Emily's going to kill me.

- Yeah, I wouldn't
fucking blame her.



- Is that Dale and Nigel?

- No, it's the government.

You're late on your carbon

We're here
to bust your kneecaps.

- Hey, guys.

I know
this is out of the ordinary.

Grab a seat.

All right,

I'm just going to come out
with it.

Corporate needs cuts.

I've been fighting them
tooth and nail for a month now,

but I've got to let
some guys go.

I mean,
if I say no one more time,

they're just going to
bounce my ass out

and put some 25 year old

yes-man idiot in charge.

- So what you're saying
is it's not a piss test.

- Dale...

You make me think
sometimes it should be.

But it's not.

- So wait, what?

Is it us?

- Yeah.

I can't let Ed or Willie go.

They've been here 15 years.

I just let Nathan in the back
shop go this morning.

Now I have to run the office
and the shop.

This is the stupid shit
that only makes sense

in boardrooms
full of suits and degrees.

You won't be out for long.

You guys know how this works.

Corporate gets jittery,


pulls the trigger early,
and then regrets it.

A couple of months later,

they hire you
back for more money.

It's classic oil field 101, right?

So take those forms
and get them filled out

as soon as possible.

Guarantee we'll get you
back to work before summer.

It's the oil patch.

What's Willie's line?

“It's as up and down
as a whore's nightgown.”

- That's some classic Willie
right there.

- Well,

thanks for letting us know, Art.

I'll keep in touch for sure.

You're a real straight shooter.

Yeah, Art. Don't look so glum.

You just gave us paid vacations.

I know I'm going to tear it up.

Just give me 30 days
notice when you need me, okay?

- I'm sorry, though, guys.

- I'll keep in touch.

You know where I am
if you need a guy.

- Yeah, will do. Will do.

Now, don't go spending

all your money at once,
you know, just in case.

- [DALE] What're you
looking at me for again?

- Can you believe it?

They let us go, man.

What are we going to do now?

This could get bad, Dale.

- It could, but
it ain't going to. Relax, man.

Take your boy out to the coast,

go slay some of those
salmon, and bam!

We'll be right back

here loading up
those work trucks

and heading back out
to the field in no time.

It's all going to work out, man.

- Yeah, it'd break
his heart if I cancelled.



- So nice to finally be home.

- Hey, you are running a bit late.

You better hurry up and
get some of this dinner in you.

We've got to go
in 10 minutes or so.

Battle of Alberta tonight.

It is going to be a total zoo
in there, though.

- Yeah. Sorry, babe.

Artie called us
into the office today.

- Yeah? What'd Arthur want?

I told you that
medical card was bullshit, Dale.

- It wasn't that.

But that's totally
what I was thinking as well.

- So what was up then?

- Well, it wasn't all bad.


Artie gave us the rest of
the spring off, which is great

because now we can spend
more time in Jamaica.

- What do you mean?

He gave you the rest of the
spring off?

I don't get it.

- Well.

He let me and Nigel go today,

but he did promise to hire us
back in three months.

It's just this little bitty dip
in the price of oil

gets the suits
downtown nervous,

makes 'em make stupid decisions.

All I got to do
is fill these forms out, get E.I.

for three months and bam, I'll
be right back out in the field.

Nothing to worry about.

- I mean, yeah,

it just kind of sounds,
you know,

too good to be true.

- Yeah, babe,
it's all going to be great.

We get more time together
like you keep asking for.

We can put more
effort into making

that baby that you want so bad.

- Okay, that part
does sound great.

Oh, and maybe you could start
finishing some of the projects

that you've started around here.

- Whatever keeps my beautiful,
smart, sexy little princess happy.

- You smooth
talking son of a bitch.

How about you just worry about
getting that plate in you

and leave the pillow
talk for later?

If Gaudreau scores one more time
before we make it to our seats,

I am so going to
beat your ass, mister.

- I might not know who's
going to win the game tonight,

but I know who's going to score.


- Asshole...

- I didn't see it coming.

I mean,
we turn up in the morning,

we get our worksheets
for the day,

and then come
the end of the day,

he's giving us our pink slips
and we're fucked off

for three months.

Hey, lovely.

Could you fix us
another one, please.

- Sure, Nige.


- Thanks, babe.

- Sorry, I was eavesdropping.

Did you lose your job today?

- Well, yes, I did, Kate.

Eh, it's all good.
It's all good.

These hands will keep me busy.

You know, a strong mind
and a strong back

keeps a man whole and fulfilled.

You can tell the queen
I said that.

- Oh, I'll have
to write this down.

I'm going to have a lot
to tell her when I see her next.

- Absolutely.

She loves hearing from her
cowboys out here

in the royal majestic edge
of her empire.


- Nigel.

What would we do without you

out here
to show us Her Majesty's way?

- I'm not sure, but I'm sure
it wouldn't be as distinguished.

Well, let's put it this way.

I mean, the Rocky Mountains
wouldn't be as majestic

without Her
Majesty's approval, would they?

- True.

- Well, Nige,

If you're not busy next week,

I have few jobs
that are lagging behind.

I could use your help.

I've had pretty good results
with vets in the past.

What branch of military
were you again?

- You see, my lady?

Ask and the
universe shall provide.

I totally swallowed
the Queen's shilling.

I was an infantryman.

Yeah, sure, Jed.
I'd love to work with you, mate.

What do you got in mind?

- Well, that all depends.

What tools
are you familiar with?

- Oh, I don't know. Pretty much
anything with tires or a trigger.

- How does Tuesday
work for you?

I've got a fence job out of
town that I need to get to.

I can pay you 25 an hour.

It should be a four day job.

But you'll be working with me.

Can you be on site for 830?

- Sounds perfect, man.

I love working out of town.

- Sweet, man.
Do a good job, Nige,

and I promise I'll keep you busy
for the next three months.

I'm so backed up,

I'm scared
I'm going to lose some jobs

before I even get to them.

- You can count on me, mate.

And, it sounds like
a refreshing change

of pace for me.






- Fucking snow.


- What's going on, Nige?

Why are you calling me so early?

- I'm not calling you early.
It's 9:30 in the bloody morning.

Are you still in bed?

- No, I'm not still in bed.

I've been up
for awhile now.

Hmm. Hey, did you see the thing
on the news this morning?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just get yourself sorted
out and I'll meet you at Marv's.

I've been up for ages.

I've already had a smoothie,
I went for a run.

I'm bored out of
my freaking mind.


I'll meet you wherever, bud.
As long as you're buying.

- That sounds like a plan to me.

I'll pick up the breakfast tab.

You pick up the bar tab tonight.

- Bar tab?

We're going out tonight?

What's the occasion?

I mean, I don't even
know what to wear.

- You daft wanker.

Are you telling me
you've forgotten

your best friend
Nigel's birthday today?

Honestly, Dale,
sometimes I wonder if you

really are this mindless
or it's just an act.

- Well, for one,
we used to work together.

And, of course,
I remembered your birthday.

I mean, how can I forget?

It's going to be
a wonderful night

celebrating the birth
of our favorite English cowboy.

Everybody's going to be there.

- Yeah, right. Buttering me up.

Now I know you forgot.

- Oh, hey, you know what?

I bet I can talk
Em into bringing

some of the nurses
out from the hospital.

They're always up for a
good night out.

- You see, I knew you forgot.

I bet you're writing another one
of your bloody lists, aren't you?

I'm so glad that we do not play
hockey on my side of the pond.

I wonder what you'd be like

if the best part of your head
hadn't been smashed out

by playing that violent game.

- Whatever. I'd do it
all over again

If I meant I'd find
Em again. I mean,

I might be a little forgetful,
but it was all worth it.

- Just get showered and
get your ass there, alright?

I'll see you there.


- Hey. Oh my god,

You know you're not
supposed to call me at work

except for emergencies.

- Hey, wait. It is an emergency.


It's Nigel's birthday today,
and I forgot, Em.

Do you think you can sweet talk
any of the nurses you work with

into coming out for
a few drinks tonight at the bar

for his birthday?

- You know what? Yes.

Just because
you asked so nicely,

I can definitely pull together some

of my nursing girls.

Okay, babe. I've really
got to go back to work.

Oh, you lucky guy, you.

Staying in bed this morning.

Oh, I wanted to cuddle
with the cat this morning.

Okay. I love you.
- Love you more.

Have a great day.

- I'll talk to you later.

Bye, babe.

- Damn.

Good old Dale Walters,
comes through again.

This kid is a wagon, folks.

Never count out
the kid from Vermillion

with the million dollar smile.




- There's our legendary
foreign war hero.

Happy birthday, Nigel Loggins.

- Good morning, Dale.

Here's a coffee and a menu.

Top off, Nigel?

- Yeah, I might as well while
you're here. Please, darling.

And I think I'm just going
to have a breakfast special.

- Okay.
- Same for me, thanks.

- Two breakfast specials
coming right up.

Holler if you need me.

- Thanks, man. I tell you, it's
been a really good day so far.

I haven't been for a morning run
since I was in the service.

When we get back out in the field
that's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to go for a run every
morning instead of after work.

- You can do whatever
you want before work.

Just don't be calling me

to join some crack of dawn
jogging club.

- Dude, I really think
you should be doing something.

I'm looking at that shirt.

It's only been two weeks
since we've been laid off,

and that's kind of getting
a little bit tight, you know?

- Absolutely.

Through the chest and shoulders,
because I finally have time

to hit the gym

with all the spare time
we have nowadays.

- Come on, man,
you can barely lift yourself

out of bed, let alone lift
any real weight.

- Just touching up the
beach bod for Jamaica, bud.

- Did you book for a week
or are you going for a month?

I'll tell you, I'm
fucking jealous, man.

I'd love to get up and go
for a jog on the beach

or do a bit of yoga or

maybe get some diving in.

- Yup, that's a great way to screw
up a perfectly good vacation.

Em's the same way.

Dale, get up.

Dale, let's get going.

Dale, we got to go
check this out.

Why can't you guys
just have a beer,

chill out, and relax?

- Sorry, dude. One sec,
I'm getting a text from my mum.

- Oh, how is she doing?

That woman is
nothing like you, Nigel.

She's definitely
the life of the party.

When are you bringing her
back out here anyways?

- She's good, man.
Weather sucks, though.

It's rainy season at the moment,
which is pretty much

every fucking season in England.

I'm hoping to bring her back in
summer, but really, it depends

if Artie comes
through on that plan.

I'm hoping I can
still afford to, man.

But I've got a bone
to pick with you.

Ever since you and Em
got her into trail riding,

that's all I fucking hear
from her. All the time.

- That's all Em.

I had nothing to do with that.

I know she'd choose her
horses over me.

- There you go, guys.

Need anything else?

- No, I think we're good, thanks.

- Okay, well, enjoy.
- Thank you.

- Thanks, dude.

So, what time you going to make it
to the Ironwood tonight, anyway?

And no pussying out,
you limey bastard.

It's your birthday.
We're staying past midnight.

We are doing
shots together tonight.

Probably lots of them.

- None of these fucking prairie...

whatever they're called.

Or brains in a bottle.

Only decent shots of good
whiskey or I'm out, dude.

I'm serious.

- We'll see what
comes up in the moment.

♪ I got a green lawn chair
from the Dollar store ♪

♪ sitting out on my front porch ♪

♪ last week's laundry's
hanging on the line ♪

♪ Might not be much,
but it's what I got ♪

♪ I'm high rollin'
on the corner lot ♪

♪ Welcome to my
home sweet double wide ♪


- Every stable
needs a donkey.

I don't mind.
- Nige!

[ ALL]
- Happy Birthday!

- Oh!

- Happy birthday, bud.

We're going to have fun tonight.

- Course we are are, man.

I appreciate
you putting this together,

even if it was last minute.


- Don't worry about it.

I'm just excited as you are.

Go find your seat.
I got a surprise for you.

- Alright, cheers.

- Look, I know the rules,

but it's a special night.
Just put one on the bar.

- I don't know.

- C'mon, it's Nige's birthday.

Tell you what,

put one on the bar and
go ahead and put two on my tab

if it makes you
feel better about it.

- Alright.

- Who wants to play shooter girl

for our beloved birthday boy?

At his age, who knows
how many more he's going to get?


- Well, I did say whiskey only,
so he's got me there.

- What are you
getting up to? Jesus.

So, this night's gonna go okay.


- Oh my goodness! You're gonna
strangle him with that thing!


- There we go.

We're ready to go.

- Oh, my dear.

Do you mind
giving us a hand?

- Sure.
- We need an expert.

Here comes round one, bud.

Are you ready?

- This is the second time
you have me doing something

I'm not supposed to.

So there better be
a big tip involved.

- Be gentle! Be gentle!

- Chug! Chug! Chug!


- All right, folks. Speech time.

Mr. Nigel Loggins.

I don't know what the queen did

to get your ass
booted off the island,

But I'm sure glad

you made it out to the west
here, to the New World,

and eventually, of course, to

Apex Oil.

Gosh, what, five years ago now?

- Yeah, five and a half years.

Dealing with you crazy Albertans
and your big fancy pickup trucks.

- What's that I saw
in your driveway, Nigel?

Wasn't that a big fancy
pickup truck of your own?

- Ooooooh!

- You've got a point there.

- Ed. Willie. You're up.

- Hey, that's what I call a card.

- You might be able
to read that one, bud.

- Yeah, with my old eyes, eh?

- You need some glasses?

- Best part of
being over the hill...

is not being under it.
Well, that's good.

That's good, yeah.


- Oh, are you guys serious?


That's fantastic.

- Everyone, one more
cheers for Nigel.

- Cheers!

Carry on, everyone.

You guys know
I got your back, right?

- Oh, yeah.
- We know.

- It's just a blip on the radar.

The timing of these
layoffs is always terrible.

- It's all good. It's all good.

I've got the utmost
confidence in you.

- You got my word.

I'll get you guys back in
as fast as I can.

It's the Alberta way, right?

-Yeah, we all know it.

It's the Berta way, boys.

The fuckin' Berta way.


- So we're rolling out.
- Okay.

- Have a great vacation.

- Thanks for everything, Art.

I mean it.
Thanks for everything.

- You. Em.

Take care of this guy.

- Well, somebody's got to.

- Good luck.

Good night, everybody.

Well, Nige, you better
get yourself together, bud.

It's round two.

Ding, ding, ding.

- Woah, woah!

- Come on, take it easy.

- Why don't I just have
another round of wine?


♪ I'll never take you back ♪

♪ Back ♪

♪ I can't believe
you'd even ask ♪



- Wake up, wake up!

It's time to go.

Oh, my goodness.

Airport time, babe!


Come on.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We're going! Come on!

Are you almost ready?
Hurry up!


Come on, get it going.

Jamaia! Woo woo!

Oh my goodness.
So excited!


- Hey, babe.

Are you just about packed?

Remember, it's a one month trip.

We are not moving there.

- How about you just shut
your face hole out there?

I'm not the one that always
has to tell the Border Guard:

"Oh, no, sir."

"I did not, in fact,
pack my own bag."

"My wife did it for me
because I'm

still a child."


- Well, you didn't like anything
I picked out to wear anyway.

So, it's really a win win for me.

Less stuff for me to do.

And I don't have to hear
how much you don't like my shirt

or something.

Babe, have you
seen the travel insurance?

- Yeah, I believe it's in my

bag with your passport,
and your balls.

Did you bother to check
for either of those?

- Oh, sweet.

Just don't get kicked
in the bag, okay?.

That'd really hurt.

- Okay, let me fix all of this.

Why did you pull all
of this apart anyway?

How about you go
do something productive

and take the
luggage to the truck?

- Yeah, babe.
No woman, no cry.

We be headed to Jamaica.

Smoke the good ganja, and...

Holy fuck!

Which ones are we taking?

- How about all
of them, genius?

- Yeah. This isn't so bad.

For a second there I
thought you were totally going

to overdo it again.

- You can't possibly be serious.

You know it's
still February, right?

- Dress for where we going,
not where you are, right?

That's a thing, isn't it?

- Oh, my god, Dale.

- Oh, Em. Can you at least
take one of these?

- Fine.

- This is going to be the
best vacation ever.

Who knows?

Maybe two cultures go to Jamaica
and three come back.

- Okay. Come on,
let's get going.

Get that sexy ass
right out this door.

I'm so not missing our flight.

- Oh, no.

Hey, babe, can you carry me?

I want to have snow
in my sandals again.

- I just need some of my things.

- I said no. Go away.

- I just need to get some
tools from the shed.

If you're mad, just come
outside so we don't have to--

- I don't have time for your shit.

You still owe me money.

- You know,
I would have already been gone

if you'd just let me do this.

You know,
I'm trying to take care of you

and the boys
and make money, right?

- Fuck off.


- Not in front of
the boys, Jed. Man up.



- [RADIO] Still more bad news

for the oil and gas sector
in southern Alberta.

Six more companies
have closed their doors

this month,
adding to mounting problems.

With the orphaned and abandoned
well count climbing,

The Premiere has stated
that the fund for managing

these wells has run out and

will add to the deficit.


- Morning.
- Morning. How are you?

- I'm good, man.
We ready to do this?

- Yeah. Are you?

- Yes, man.

- All right,
let's go do some fencing!

- Yeah!



Well, Nige,

I got to say, you're the best
hand anybody could ask for.

Hell, even in my best year,
of running ten guys and using

300 grand in equipment,
I barely made 100 for myself.

You know how it is, right?

We'll be set to work
the next day

and all of a sudden
the phone rings,

one of the guys
can't make it in.

Then where does
that leave me?

- I know what you mean, dude.
I was so glad

when I got paired
up with Dale after

dealing with my share of flakes.

- You know,

the fact is, I work so much.

Christine's leaving me,
and she's made it so difficult.

I can't even see my boys.

- Fuck, really?

I had no idea, dude. Listen,

If you need anything...

- I'm a big boy, Nige.

I don't need handouts.

- Well, listen, it's
not a handout, dude.

It's a friendly offer.

I know how bad it can get.

I was in the courts
fighting for years

to fucking
get to see my own son.

I know what it's like.

- Listen, man.
You're a good dude.

But I'll figure it out.

We may have to let some guys
go or sell some equipment.

Even cash in the life insurance.

But I'll make sure that my boys
are taken care of.

And even that bitch
that's raising them.

- Life insurance.
You got that, eh?

If I had life insurance,

Mona would have had me have
a fucking convenient accident.


- Convenient accident...

I've never heard it
put that way before.


- Take your hat off.

- Mr. and Mrs. Walters.


- So, how did the lab results
come back?

I've been probably doing
too much reading at work.

I'm a little concerned about

if I'm working out too intensely

or all the caffeine intake,

you know, just shift work.

- Mrs. Walters.

Let me put your mind at ease.

All your lab work is great.

Any initial concerns that we had

for endometriosis

turned out to be disproven
by the exam

and any evidence

of autoimmune disorders

that would trigger
a termination, just not there.

So as far as the coffee
and the shift work goes,

not optimal.

But as far as I can tell
from the results,

I don't think
there's a drastic change needed.

Just monitor it
for your own health risks.

- Okay.

- That's good.

- So it's just more
of a matter of time for us then?

- I don't see any
major issues, honestly.

But I am concerned
about the results

from the questionnaire
from from Dale's lab reports.

I don't know
if there's any physical reasons

contributing to the low
sperm levels.

So I looped back
to the questionnaire

and says here that you quit
smoking about four months ago.

That's good.

Are you winning the battle?

- Oh, absolutely.

Still leading the charge
against lung darts, Doc.

- Good. Well, we'll start seeing

hopefully increased
O2 levels there.

it's just lagging right now.

- I don't know if I'd want
any more oxygen in my blood.

Wouldn't that leave
less room for alcohol?

- Well, that does lead
to my concern,

Mr. Walters. It seems that I
would say that alcohol and stress

could possibly be related
to the lower sperm counts.

And as far as I can see,
you're a

healthy male with no other

reasons to be below
the mid level range.

Are you under any increased
stress currently?

- No, I'd say I'm
less stressed than usual.

Actually, Doc,

I haven't had to get up and go
to work at the crack of dawn

and slave way with my nuts
in a snowbank at -40.

Now, if I could just get
this little angel to lighten

up, well, I'd be on easy street.

- You think this is funny?

Seriously? I've been researching
everything I possibly can

just to see if
there's anything remotely

causing problems here.

You're just going to brush off
what the doctor has to say?

- Didn't realize this
was such a big deal.

- Let me just jump in here,

if I may.

There is no doubt in my mind

that you're going to be
successful here, Mrs. Walters.

Emily, if I may.
Your background in nursing

and your great health,
I'm sure there's no issues here.

And as far as you,

Mr. Walters,
I don't think it's physical.

I think it's situational.

I believe that if you

maybe do some exercising

a little bit more,
get good rest at night.

Get to bed at a decent hour.

Maybe just relax.

If we don't see
any changes in the next, say,

three months or so,

why don't you make
another appointment here

and we'll start monitoring
at that time.

How's that sound, okay?

- It's good.

Thank you.

- Yeah. Thanks, doc.

Appreciate it.

That's good news, isn't it?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Everything is a joke from you.

You lost your job.

You got a low sperm count.

Now we get to practice more.

Yay me. Come on.

You think maybe now that

the doctor's also telling you
you're drinking too much,

you might consider slowing down?

- Em...

I'm sorry.

You're right.

I should have been paying
more attention

to what the doctor was saying.

Listen to me.

You know
you mean the world to me.

And you know I want this baby

just every little bit
as much as you do.

I just got nervous and

felt shame when you're talking
about low sperm count

and then you and the doctor
talk about things

that I don't understand,
and it made me feel dumb.

So I just tried
to lighten it up a bit.

I'm sorry.

I promise I won't do it again.

- Look, I need you.

We need to start

thinking about
more than just ourselves here.


So just don't screw this up.

Smarten up before
I got to kick your ass.

- Yeah.

Yeah, you're right.

I deserve that.

I guess I just never fully
thought about all the changes

and responsibilities are going
to come with having a child.

I guess I'm just

terrified of things
changing between us so much.

I love you with all my heart.

I'm just...

so confused lately.

Since I lost my job
my mind seems to be going

in a million
different directions.


- I'm gonna see Pastor Frank.


He always knows
how to put my mind at ease.

It's been too long, anyway.

- I love you.
- I love you too, babe.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

Okay. Let's drive home.


- Hello Christine.

Before you start yelling,
or hang up,

just listen to me for a second.

It's been four months
since I've seen the boys.

I'd really like
to take them out to dinner,

or maybe take them to the park.

They need their dad.

This is really ridiculous.

I'm getting tired of it.

- Well, I don't think you will

be seeing your boys anytime soon.

And I just sold your business.

- You did what?

- We are out of money, Jed.

What did you expect me to do?

- Without a company,

how do you expect me

to make money for you
and the boys?

You know,

I know you don't care about me

and that's fine.

You just got to focus on
taking care of Will and Pat.

- You have backed me
into a corner here.

- What's done is done.

- I had no other option.

- You make a mess, and once
again I'll take care of it for you.

For christ's sake.


- And you know
what? I've had enough.



- Dale, come in.

Good to see ya. Been awhile.

- Yeah, it has, hasn't it?

Sorry about that.

- Please, sit down.
You want a coffee?

- Oh, you're too kind, Frank.

I don't need to put you out any.

- Oh, it's no trouble at all.

I'll go turn the pot on.

We can take our time.

- Okay.

- So really,

it just feels like, to me, that

everybody's either

ignoring me or
judging me lately.

I mean, it's like everybody
can't wait for me to slip up

and say or do something
so they can swoop in and attack.

Even Emily,

you know, and I love that one
with all my heart, Frank.

But it's like all she does
nowadays is try to find new

and exciting ways to make
me feel like an idiot lately.

- Dale, it's just

the growth stages
of a marriage.

The shine comes off
all that are new.

It's frightening.

Happened to me, too.

I've known you and Emily
for quite a while now,

and I see a strong bond.

I think if you just

close your eyes
and take a deep breath,

you'll find that
closeness again.

- Yeah.

I couldn't
stay mad at that woman.

Not even if I tried.

I mean, let's face it,
I'm pretty lucky to have her.


It's just...

lately, there's just been

this annoying

voice that

keeps telling me
that I'm not worth it.

Then this really gross

feeling in my stomach
that just tells me I'm

just going to screw up
and chase her away.

I don't know where all this
doubt is coming from.

I mean,

I'd run into
a burning barn naked, covered

in cooking oil for that woman.

I just need to get back to work.

And get all this
nonsense off my mind.

- Dale, we all feel that way.

That's the mud
we all trudge through.

A constant battle between

confidence and doubt.

That's why faith
in God is so important.

Have you been praying?

- I'm praying to go back to work.

- Well, that's a good start.

You think there's anything else
that's been holding you back?

You seemed to be having
a pretty good time

at Nigel's birthday.

- Here we go
with the judgment again.

- Dale, I'm not
trying to judge you.

I'm just trying to guide you
as a friend.

- Well...

I wouldn't say I'm an alcoholic.

I just get bored
sitting around the ranch. And...

this nothingness...

this void. I mean,

there's nothing to do

and there's nothing I can do.

I'm just sitting in this

God awful limbo waiting
for other people to do things

so I can get back to work
and have a life again.

And I have no idea
how to explain that to Emily.

I have no idea
how to tell her that.

You know, and we're
trying to save money.

So it's not like
I can go out and do much.

So I feel trapped
and there's this nothingness.

Next thing I know, I got a beer
in hand, and there's six empties

on the floor.

- The devil does dance
in empty pockets, and

idle minds are his playground.

Is there anything
you've been putting off

that you can start
chipping away at?

Even the smallest
thing can help with the boredom.

- Well, you know how it is.

There's always something
to do around the ranch.


Hey, thanks for your time,

You've definitely give me some
good stuff to think about again.

Some stuff that
I forgot, for sure.

But, you know, I've been talking
to Artie lately,

and it sounds like things
are picking back up out at work,

so I should
probably lace ‘em up

and get a few
warm-up laps in before

it's game time again

and I'm caught off guard, right?

- Well,

that's the optimistic Dale
that we all know and love.

You're going to be all right.

You got lots of friends
that have your back.

I'm always here for you.

You know what you got to do.

Now get to it.

- Hey, Frank, I don't know
if you do this or not, but

Emily and I've really been
struggling to have a baby lately.

Any chance you think
you can ask the big guy to maybe

lend us a hand, please?

- No problem at all.

God rejoices in new beginnings.

Of course I'll say a prayer

for you and Emily
to have a child.

- Thanks a lot, Frank.

I really appreciate it.

I'll see you Sunday.

- You bet.


- [RADIO] As unemployment
hits a 30 year high,

thousands are protesting

new government taxes
and regulations that continue

to chase investments
out of the province.



- Artie, it' Dale.
How you been, man?

- Hey, Dale. Not too bad.
How're you keeping?

- Oh, you know.

Swamped with the honeydew list.

Hey, did you get
that email I sent you?

Talked it up like I got
numerous offers coming in.

- Oh, yeah, Yeah,
I passed that on.

Hey, hey, listen,
a hiring freeze is still

in effect, alright?

So it's
going to be a while longer.

But, uh, your email helped.

I think it'll help get skilled
guys like yourself

hired back before farmed out
green hardhats.

- Oh, uh.

I guess that's good news.

Still got lots of E.I.,

still got lots of stuff
to get caught up--.

- Sounds good, Dale.
Go get ‘em, tiger.



- There's my big sexy.

Did you call Arthur today?

When're you headed
back out to work?

- There's the sweetest girl
in the whole wide world.

Yeah, I talked to Artie today.

Shouldn't be much longer.

Said he's making good
headway with corporate.

And that the email you wrote
made a huge difference.

Shouldn't be more than another
three months tops.

Which is good because I forgot

how much stuff there is
to do around here.

- Yeah, I mean, that's great,

because what you're really

saying is that I can add to
the honeydew list

because when there's time,
you know how much I'd reallyl

love that reclaimed table
you promised me?

- Hell yeah, Em.

It's going to look awesome
in the living room.

Great idea.

- Yeah, you think you can
get a full table built before

you get drunk and chop off
an entire bag of fingers?

- Am I detecting some jealousy?

- Yeah, a lot of it.

You wake up late every morning,

you start drinking early.

Come on, Dale.

I'm getting so sick of this.

I've got to get up
and go to work

every single morning while
you're out here living it up.

Did you save any beer for me?

- Oh, shit.

We may have to turn back around
and hit the liquor store.

Oh, and if I call the pizza
place we could hit both

while we're in town.

- Of course we're out of beer.

And you forgot to plan dinner.

Big surprise.

- It was a busy day.

I had tons of
stuff to do. Jesus.

Whatever. I'm so
sick of your drunk shit.

Let's just fucking go.




♪ Blue Sky ♪

♪ Why don't you ♪

♪ Come and take ♪

♪ Blue sky ♪

♪ Why don't you ♪

♪ Come and take me ♪

♪ Blue sky ♪

♪ You once loved ♪

♪ You once loved me ♪

♪ Blue sky ♪

♪ Why don't you ♪

♪ Come and take me ♪

♪ Blue sky ♪

♪ You once loved ♪

♪ You once loved me ♪

♪ It's all I know ♪

♪ It's all I know ♪

♪ It's all I know ♪

♪ It's all I know ♪


♪ It's all I know ♪

♪ It's all I know ♪

♪ It's all I know ♪











- [DALE] It's a good unit.
- Looks good, man.

- It's going to a good home.

- Oh yeah.

- [DALE] Just redid the hydraulics.

Bucket's got all its teeth.
Still has all of is glass.

- Alright, so we're
good here, then?

Yeah. There's the money.

Thank you very much.








- Man what are you doing?

Sorry, we shouldn't
have put that there.

- Sorry. It's just...

- It's okay. I'll put
it back together.

Don't worry about it.

Just try not to knock
anything else over.

Dale, are you sure you're okay?

Just take a breath. It's okay.

It happens all the time.

Don't worry about it.

I thought you were
just kidding around.


- [RADIO] Protests continue
outside the legislature as hundreds

of thousands of unemployed
Albertans grow furious.

- Hey, hey, seriously?
What is this?

- Come on. You know how
this week has been.

- No. It's not even done.

- I am trying.

- No, no, no.

You just need to go home.

- Fine.
- Just go.

- Whatever.

- Looks like you've
had one of those shifts.

- More like one of those weeks.

I didn't even have
time to eat my lunch today.

I gotta go.

And apparently
Jean thinks I should too.

- Well, you should let some of us
girls take some of the shifts.

You're working yourself
to death here.

- Yeah, I would love to, but

unfortunately, I need to pick up
as many shifts as I can

right now.
Everything's on me.

- Well, how about I come over?

We can have a girls night,

bring over
our favorite bottle of wine.


- Wine.


My house. Hot tub.

- Okay. Love you.

- I will call you.

- Okay, sounds good.
Have a good night.

- Yes. Good luck.
- Bye.




- Of course.

There you are on the couch.

You know what? This shit is
getting really fucking old

fast, Dale.

Come on, Come on.

It's been a year of this shir.

Did you, I don't know,
at least make dinner today, Dale?

Or is that my job

just like apparently everything
else is around here these days.

- Jesus Christ. Get off my case.

- Your horses don't feed
themselves on their own,

and the holes they kick and
chew through the fences don't

mend themselves
on their own either.

- Seriously?

You know what?
Fuck this, Dale!


I'm so done with your shit.

It takes five fucking
minutes to feed the horses.

And the hole? The hole was
last fucking week, Dale.

And you know what? Your E.I.?

Your E.I.'s half of what
we need to cover the bills

around here,
don't you know that?

- You don't think I know that?

Fuck this,
I'm going to the shop.

- I'm sorry. I will
buy you a new guitar.

I'm sorry for exploding on you.

I just had a really long day
at work today, Dale.

I'm trying so hard
to be strong for

both of us. Can you just
sit down and have dinner?

Just talk to me, please.


- You know, it's
the weirdest thing.

I've been trying
to get ahold of Jed for days,

and he keeps on
going to voicemail.

It's like he's fallen off the
face of the earth or something.

It's not like him at all.

- You didn't hear?

- Didn't hear what?

- Uh, Nigel...

Jed was working
on some electrical stuff out

at a building by himself and

the property owner hadn't
heard from him for a while.

Nobody had heard anything,
so they went to check on him.

They found his truck
at the front of the building.

But no Jed.

So they went
calling for him and...

- You're telling me

Jed had an accident?

- Yeah.


They found a pair
of old metal pliers with him.

They think that's
what he was using to work

when the power came on somehow.

And he got electrocuted.

- So Jed had
a convenient accident.

- Convenient?

What's so convenient
about getting electrocuted?

- No, no, wait.

That's not what I meant.

It's a poor choice of words.

How's his wife and kids?

Do you know them?

- They were going
through a separation.

You know, Jed,
he didn't tell anyone anything.

Nobody knew.

But I think that's why

he was using old shitty tools
to finish the work.

So that he could make
due and go get his tools back.

Turns out they were
fighting about money

because his company
wasn't doing well at all.

- Yeah, yeah,
I know, I heard, But..

I still can't believe it.

So Jed got
himself electrocuted.

Fuck me...


- Yeah, I don't know.

I've just never seen him
like this before.

It's like he's
lost in a fog.

Every time I try to talk to him,

about anything,
he just drifts away deeper

and I lose him again.

Oh. And if he doesn't
drift away deeper,

he gets so angry
about everything.

- Mm. Really?

- Yeah.

And honestly, it just keeps
getting worse and worse.

I mean, I know he's

trying, and I
understand that it's hard

to find a job right now, but

I don't know.

- I don't know.

I'd probably leave him.
I don't put up with that.

- Well, I'm not
going to do that. I mean,

I still love him so much.

It's just...

I don't know.

I wish that there
was some way for me to

help him get back to how
he was before, you know?

We used to have
so much fun together

and we used to have
the most amazing sex

all the time.

Now it's just,
I don't know, mechanical.

It's like he's
just kind of going through

the motions.

Doesn't even get me
turned on anymore.

- Really? You get turned on?

- Jesus Tamara.

Are you listening to a word
I'm saying?

I'm going through hell
right now.

- So sorry. One second.

Setting this and. Okay.

What were you saying?

- This is exactly what I get
from Dale.

Oh, God.

Emily wants to talk?

Better run away to the shop
and crack a beer.

Just get drunk and sleep
out here tonight.

- He does that? Like,
sleeps out in the shop?

- Yup. And it
totally freaks me out.

I wake up in the house
in the middle of the night,

I'm all alone, and I've got

no idea where he is. It's...

like I can't.

I don't know. He's just...

not in a good place

since he lost his job.

I'm really starting
to worry about him.

I don't know, I just wish
I could get him back.

- I dunno,

my moron of a brother
is going back to work soon.

He was out
for a really long time.

Maybe Dale will
be going out soon.

- Really? Trevor?

He's headed back out?

Maybe things will
get better soon.

I hope.

I mean,

I know all Dale
really needs is to...

feel like he's got
a purpose, you know?.


- Here's your coffee.

- Thank you.
- No problem.


- Fuck me...

I can't believe I said that.

Dale, I had a
fucking hand in this.

I never would have said
what I said

if I thought he was seriously
considering topping himself.

I thought it was a fucking joke.

- Can't beat yourself up, man.

It's tragic.

We all live and die
by our own decisions.

Poor bastard found a loophole.

What are you going to do?

Just another schmuck
down the drain these days.

No one even
seems to care anymore.

- Yeah, I'll get over it.

But it's
going to take some time.

I just need to find some
more work under the table,

take the mind off it.

Maybe I'll swing by
and see his wife and kids.

See if they're doing okay.

I just got to
keep myself busy, man.

If you find any work,
let me know.

Up to my ass in bills.

Sold everything that I can.

Can't even think
of losing the ranch.

It's Em's dream to
leave it to our future kids.

If I could even get that right,

It's all she ever
even talks about anymore.

- Is it that bad? I mean,

I've got some saved
if that can help you out.

- No. No way, man.

I can't take your money.

My dad always says

that's how losers are made.

- It's going to get better, bud.
It has to.

- Yeah.

For who?

- Dale.

Believe me, I have
been through and seen

worse shit than this.

You've got to fucking trust me.

We're going to get through
this, man.

- I can't see it, dude.

The hardest part is,

I don't know how to
tell Em how fucked we are.

Even my check engine
light's been on for a month.

I don't even know if
I'm gonna get home.

I don't even know
if that's a bad thing anymore.

- This is as bad
as it's going to get.

It's going to get better.

You've got to believe
that, dude. You've got to.

Dude, just do me a favor.

Try to keep your
fucking chin up, alright?

- Yeah, man.

- Love you, bro.

-Yo! Hollywood!

What, you don't recognize your
own cousin? What's going on, man?

Mister hard to get a hold of.

- Hey, Jimmy.

Didn't see you there.

Keeping busy.

What brings you down?

- Well, I left you a few messages.

Clearly, you didn't read them.

Just coaching Ty in a hockey

tournament this weekend, man.

Damn, dude, you look like shit.

What, you've been
on a one week bender?

You look like death
at the bottom

of a bottle.

Ever think it's time to,
you know,

give up on that rockstar

lifestyle of yours?

- Just feeling a
little down these days.

Must just be a lingering cold.


how's Ty coming along?

I haven't seen you guys in...


How long?

- Well, you were at my mom's

a couple of months ago.

Hey, you and Em still thinking
of making that baby?

- That's what I'm told.

- Well, listen to me, Hollywood.

I hope you've got some cheddar
up there in the cupboard.

My burn rate
these days is something like

ten grand per month per kid.

But what can you do, man?

I mean, you got to give them
what they want.

You can't break
their little hearts.

I call them 21st century brats.

But what are you gonna do?

- Yeah, yeah, I hear you.

I think Em's trying to pick
up some shifts at the hospital.

I don't know. Oil patch
is kind of slow...

- Listen, man, I don't mean
to be rude, but I gotta roll.

Ty's on the ice in like

45 minutes and somebody's
got to man the bench.

I'll see you soon, right?

- Yeah, man,
I got stuff to do anyway.

Hey, Jimmy, tell your
mom I love her, okay?

- Yeah, for sure, man.

Hey, and listen,
get some rest, alright?

You look like shit,
and I don't want Em to leave you

because you finds out what
kind of a loser you are, alright?

Love you cousin,
I'm out of here.





- Art, it's Nigel.

Listen, I need to know,

am I ever coming back to work?

I've sent you emails,

I've left you messages.

Let me know
what the fuck is going on.

I need to know.

Call me.


- I mean,

I could take on a few more
shifts at the hospital.

This is only temporary, right?

Things will get better.

Dale, come on.

Look, it's going to be okay.

My parents helped us
get caught up.

They totally understand.

You've got a lot of support.

It'll be fine.

We'll get through this.

Dale. Come on, look at me.

It'll be okay.

- It just feels like
this nightmare will never end.

There's no work.

We've run out of money.

And now your parents
know I'm a loser.

- Dale, no one thinks
you're a loser.

It's just...

It's just tough right now.

Look, everyone knows it's
tough out there right now.

Things will get better.

We're going to get through this.

I know we can.

- Okay, sweetie, I love you.

Whatever you say.



- Dale!

- Dale! Come on,
where are you?

Dale, where are you?

Dale? Dale, where are you?

Dale? Where'd you go?



What did you do?


- [RADIO] Yesterday, during a
convention, Alberta's energy

minister told the crowd
that out of work, Albertan

oil workers should seek
jobs in British Columbia.

Today, she's saying
that her statement

is being taken out of context.

Many there interviewed
say they aren't buying it.



- Thank you for gathering
with us here today.

Some have traveled
to great lengths.

Others have shuffled many of

life's commitments
around to be here.

Sometimes in life,
we are called upon short notice

to see to unforeseen events.

Sadly, this is
one of those times.

Tragically, Dale
was taken from us far too soon.

He was full of life.
He loved to laugh.

He was a hard worker.

He always strived to keep us all
in good spirits.

A devoted husband to Emily,
he came to see me

several times for advice
to help ensure

that their love
would be as strong

as the day they
first fell in love.

Dale loved Emily
with all his soul.

These are troubled times.

Dale was no weaker
than any of the rest of us.

He simply lost hope
in a better day.

But better days are
always closer than we think.

When the clouds
have let loose over our heads

and the thunder
claps in our ears

At these times...

we must hold each other dear.

We must all act as shepherds
and keep an eye over our flock.

We must keep our hearts
from growing calluses from the

wear and tear of the storm
currently overhead.

For soon it will be gone
and the sun will shine

with all its glory.

May we all remember
Dale for how he lived,

who he was,

and how he shared
his love with us.

May will never forget, truly,

how carefree of a spirit

he lived to be.

Please bow your
heads and join me

in a moment of silence
and reflection.




- I was gonna tell him
he was gonna be a dad.

If he'd just waited
one more day...

- I'm struggling

to find the right words to say.

Just please promise me you'll
stay with your folks for a bit.

You need that support.


this is the first time
that I've been back here


Since I found him.

- I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm still in shock myself.

If you need anything,

anything at all.

You got my number.

You're not alone.

I'm here.


- Even his smell is fading.

- It's going to be rough,

but things will get better.

I'm not far if you need me.









- [ARTIE] Nigel.

Hey, sorry it took me so long
to get back to you.

Corporate put me
on my ass while

they sorted out their financing.

But, great news.

I can hire you and Dale back.

A little less money,
no benefits to start,

but it's better
than nothing, right?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I can't get
ahold of Dale, though.

Does he have a new number?

- Dale's gone.

His funeral was yesterday.

He hung himself.

- What? Our Dale?

Oh, my God.

I got to go, Art.

I've got to go.



- [OPERATOR] Good morning.
Community Crisis Hotline.

Are you safe where you are?

- I'm not sure.

- Take a deep breath, sir.

I'm here.

Everything is going to be
okay now.

Can I get a first name, please?

- Tommy.

I lost him a few years ago.

Bravest soldier

I ever served with.

Jed. Sweetest guy, he'd give
you the shirt off his own back.

Lost him last year.

Buried my best friend yesterday.

Nicest guy

I've ever met in my life.

They're all gone.

They all...

took their own lives.

- I'm here with you.

You've been through a lot.

Can I get your first name,
please, sir?

I just need you to keep talking

and stay with me, okay?

- My name is Nigel.

And, yes,

I need help. Please.


♪ Carry all this weight ♪

♪ I haven't slept in days ♪

♪ I'd like to talk about it,
but I'm too afraid ♪

♪ Seems I've found my rest
on a bed of nails ♪

♪ Who's coming with me? ♪

♪ One last shot
before I burn it down ♪

♪ Who's coming with me ♪

♪ That's alright,
'll do it myself ♪

♪ This is not the life
I've been dreaming of ♪

♪ Water's cold and dark
I hold my head above ♪

♪ I look for silver linings,
all I see is haze ♪

♪ I find it hard to stand
beside a razor blade ♪

♪ Who's gonna miss me? ♪

♪ I once had love,
but I broke it down ♪

♪ Who's coming with me? ♪

♪ Smoke is hot
when you're burning up ♪