Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia (2015) - full transcript

Chet, a 29 year old agoraphobic man, is abandoned by his mother, and only friend, leaving him desperate to find a new "anchor" in his life. Maggie, a homeless, alcoholic former Marine, causes a fatal hit and run accident while escaping a rapist. She discovers a safe-haven living with Chet. Agora is the story of two emotionally disabled people, struggling to overcome paralyzing circumstances and move forward in their lives.

(film projector whirring)

(soft, enchanting music)

(dog barking)

- [Jessica] From KXJY in
Sacramento this is In Focus.

I'm Jessica Cortean.

Critics of genetically
modified crops

say they're a possible threat
to health and the environment.

- [Radio Announcer] You may
not wanna hear about it.

It's scary stuff, but this
threat is ugly and real.

It's not going away.

- [Jessica] This is
not a local problem.

This is a national problem.

- [Radio Announcer]
An inspiring fever

is not very difficult
in the United States.

It's a long history
of trying to--

- [Jessica] Coming up: the
Sacramento State student

who's graduating this week.

He was diagnosed with advanced
brain cancer four years ago--

- [Radio Announcer]
Among the chemicals

we're exposed to daily are those
that made plastics pliable.

- [Jessica] In Iraq
and Afghanistan

for many reentry into civilian
life can be challenging.

- [Radio Announcer]
Technology's gonna allow us--

(eerie music)

- Just get in the
bank and just do it.

Just do what you gotta do.

Just get in the frickin'
bank and just do it.

(eerie music)

Quit being such a baby, man!

(eerie music)

(car horn honking)
(dog barking)

(sirens wailing)

(eerie music)

(Chet breathing heavily)

(birds chirping)

- Hey!

(sirens wailing)




Chet, I thought
that was you, man.

- Hey hey, what's up Scott?

- Hey what's with the mask, man?

- Oh, you know just...

It's a bad air quality day.

- Man, it's been a long time no?

Like since high school, huh?

- Mmm, yeah.

- Is the mask for the
arachnephobia thing?

- No no, it's (chuckles)...

It's agoraphobia, actually.

Hey, but I really
gotta get going.

- Okay yeah, yeah.

- Yeah.

Good seeing you though. (grunts)

- Remember when you
graduated, we graduated man

and you were freakin' out?

My aunt thought you were
a special needs student.

Do you remember that? (laughs)

Oh, man.

- Oh hey, you know
a pack of cigarettes

shortens your life span
by 3 1/2 hours, right?

- Yeah no, I'm cuttin' back man.

I'm cuttin' back.

- Really, that's 7,000
chemical compounds

being created by just
burning the thing.

It's really poison
Scott, seriously.

- Alright.

Do you still live with your mom?

Is she okay?

- Yeah.

Don't litter that
cigarette, please.

- Alright.

Friendly, friendly.
- Alright.

(soft music)

- Hello?

Hey, what are you doin'?

Yeah, guess who shut...

Oh shit, hold on a second.

Hey, excuse me.

Excuse me, do you
have any spare change?


- Hey excuse me, do you
have any spare change?

Do you have any spare change?

Do you know what the best
nation in the world is?

- What?

- Dough-nation.

(coins rattling)

- Do you think this is a game?


(girl spitting)

(coins rattling)

- (screams) What the...

Give that back!

- Fetch.

- What the fuck
is wrong with you?

- Really?

- Yeah.


Goddammit, fuckin' bitch!

(horns honking)

(birds chirping)

(suspenseful music)

- [Tracey] Tell
me about your day.

What was big?

- [Chet] Scott was there and
he was really, really annoying.

It was a whole cluster.

- [Tracey] Wow.

You went to the
bank by yourself?

How was it being outside?

- I thought my head
was gonna explode.

- Chet, I think this could
be really good for you.

(baby crying)

(sighs) Sorry.

Send me a text later?

- Okay Trace, kiss
the baby for me.

- Yeah, I will.

Okay, bye.

(horn blaring)

- Ugh!


- We got sideswiped!

They missed us by this much.
- It's insane.

- Yeah the horn is stuck.

The (mumbles) was amazing

That was just crazy.
- Mom, what happened

with the bank?

Why didn't you guys call?

I was waiting all day for you.

- You went to the bank?

That's wonderful Chet,
that's wonderful.

Oh I'm sorry, I thought
it was tomorrow.

Salt Lake's nice, I
think you'll like it.

- Hey, y'all packed?

It's a big day tomorrow.
- No, no!

I can't think.

Why didn't you guys call?

I was waiting all day for you?

- Wait a minute,
you're not packed?

You have to have your
clothes together, honey.

The cleaning crew
was coming tomorrow.

We gotta be outta here, sweetie.

I mean the renter's
coming in a month.

- I can't go with
you guys to Utah.

I can't.

- Wait a minute, I
told you months ago.

You said yes, you agreed.

- I know, I...

I need more time.

It's a big move, can you please

just give me three...

Three more weeks please?

- No, I cannot do that.

I have less than a day, Chet.

You know what I'm gonna do?

You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna return
the renter's check

and you can make it
here on your own.

But you're gonna
have to pay rent.

- No!
- This is gonna be good yes.

This is gonna be good for you.

This will be good for you.

- You okay, Chet?

You want some
water or something?

- What about me?

Who's gonna go to
the supermarket?

What if Meow Meows
has to go to the vet?

- You'll figure it out.

- [Pat] You've got
your disability money.

You're doing some editing.

- That's not the problem.

Mom, can we...



Mom, can we please
talk about this!

- We're gonna take the Hybrid.

You can have the SUV, okay.

That's it, simple.

Right, where are my glasses?

Have you seen my glasses?

- Here you go, buddy.

- Honey, just give us a minute.

It's (mumbles) getting dramatic.

Listen to me.

Listen to me, come on.

Come up here.
(Chet groaning)

Sweetie, look at me.

Look into my eyes.

I am nearly 60 years old
and I have been trapped here

in this house with you
for the last 10 years.

We need to grow, the both of us.

- Do you even know what
I went through today?

Do you want me to die.

I have to stay inside; I
don't have a choice, mom.


- The first 30 days are
gonna be the hardest.

You can do it.

(foreboding music)

- I should have known
you'd pick your new husband

over your son.

I'm so stupid!

So stupid.

- You know that is not true!

You know what you
need to breathe.

Do you wanna meditate?

Because we can
meditate right now.

- No!
- You need to meditate.

- Please don't.

- You know, I can't always be
the wall that protects you.

You gotta learn how
to protect yourself!

(soft music)

- There you go.

- Francis.

- Maggie.

- Ten letter word for
professional liar.

- Who are the top three liars?

- Who are crack dealers, car
salesmen, and the president.

- Aha, there you go.

Try politician.

Hey, I need my van back.

Sharon is on my
ass about that van.

Stop shampooing your hair
in the damn ladies' room.

It's clogging up the drain.

- What's this?

- This is milk thistle.

It's for detoxing
your foul liver.

- Whiskey for fucking me up.

- No!

Your boyfriend, Dr Oz,
swears by that stuff.

Take it.

- What does he say
about your gunt?

- Gunt, what's that?
- Excuse me?

- Nothing now--
- G-U-N-T, gunt!

- Nothing, it's nothing.

- Eat it!
- Lighten up, Francis.

(siren blaring)

(soft, somber music)

(prison door lock buzzing)

- Sorry it's been so long, hon.

- 90 days.

- Where's your wedding ring?

- I had to pawn it.

It's just a ring, babe.

(sighs) It's good to
finally see you, hon.

Are you taking your inositol?

- What's the point?

It doesn't work.

No, screw it.

I'm not taking that.

- Hey brother.

Hey Maggie, how ya doin'?

- Hey Rego.

(Rego and Rick mumbling)

So how ya been, babe?

- Really good.

I found a new public
assistance lawyer

that might take
your case pro bono.

- It's four years now.

I'm the one that's supposed
to be locked up here, not you.

Rego thinks that maybe God
put me on this new path.

- God didn't put you in here.

Two assholes that lied and
testified against you did.

- No, he saved me.

I mean it.

I thought about hurtin' myself.

I thought about
just checkin' out

- Have you talked
to the prison psych?

(Rick laughing)

(muffled background crosstalk)

- [Ann] My God, this
room is so tiny.

You should take my room.

- I know.

I'm not a little kid, mom.

- Okay.

I found these in the trash.

Why aren't you taking your meds?

Does this affect your
ability to have an erection?

- Mom, just don't talk
about my penis, okay?

- Oh now why not?

I used to clean it and you used

to pee on me--
- Mom, please stop talking.

- When I would change you.

Well you did.

- I don't like living
in a fog, okay.

I'm fine, I've got Tracey.

- You have neighbors.

Reach out to them.

- I just want you to be happy.

Just go be happy.

(Ann chuckling)

(Ann singing in
foreign language)

- Okay.

- Oh honey, it'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

(soft, somber music)

(Chet breathing heavily)

(water trickling)

- [Woman On Radio] They
are your loved ones,

neighbors, and friends.

They've served in
Iraq and Afghanistan.

For many, re-entry into civilian
life can be challenging.

- [Man Over Radio]
Jayda Roberts,

an Army Reservist
and case manager,

says that returning vets
miss their service routines.

So Dry Hooch offers vets
different ways to cope.

- [Jayda] What we come home to

is not a very
structured environment

like we're used to.

(birds chirping)
(dog barking)

- Meow Meows.
(cat toy rattling)

Meow Meows.

Meow Meows (sighs).

You better not be outside again.

- [Dr Green] Hi
Chet, Dr Green here.

You missed several sessions now.

This new issue you're developing

with the breathing outside is

really troubling me
and I really think

we need to address your
agoraphobia as well

as this new issue.

Please call my office.

(phone ringing)

- Hey, I was just
thinking about you.

- Hey Tracey.

You wanna come over today?

Just hang out?

You can bring the baby.

It's been months.

Tracey, you there?

- I, I don't know
how to say this.

I feel really bad, but
Roger doesn't want me

to come over there anymore.

He says it's not
safe for the baby.

I told him that was silly.

- He said that?

You kidding me?

Roger went to school with
me since fourth grade.

You guys know me.

- He just thinks you're
depressed and maybe unbalanced.

And I told him
you were my first.

- You told him?

(gurgling water)

(lively country music)

Room for rent.

Cheap rent in
exchange for favors.



(keyboard clicking)

In exchange for personal
assistant services.

Room for rent.

Cheap rent in exchange for
personal assistant services.

So this is the room.

- Yeah, it doesn't look bad.

How much per month is the rent?

- Researching is my
hobby. (chuckles)

Sorry, I'm nervous.

- Oh no, you're fine.

What kind of research do you do?

- The environment.

The poisons we put into
it that are killing us

and all the spraying in
the sky and all this stuff.

Did you refill that?
- Yeah, I recycle.

- Do you know how much
BPA, fluoride and germs

and aluminum that you're
drinking right now?

(Marcella laughing)

- So I get a break
on the rent if I go

to the grocery store,
the post office--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Basically anything that
involves going outside.

We should start a
book club together.

I've got a...

My room is right on the
other side of yours,

so anytime you wanna talk,
you just knock knock.

- Okay.

- That's my living room.

It's really nice; you're
gonna be impressed.

We just got a fireplace
here and the back door.

Personally I think television
destroyed the family unit

and the ability for
people to really connect

and develop deep relationships.

People need to share,
to eat together, talk.

- You're gay, right?

- Um, no.

No, I'm not.

- Well just so we're clear,

I am in a committed

- Chet!

Oh my God, Chet.
- Hey.

Have we met?

- Last time I saw you I
was like eight years old

with buck teeth.

Janice Dmytryk's daughter.

My mom was BFF's with
your mom, remember?

- Valentina?

- Yes. (chuckles)

- Wow. (chuckles)

You grew up really beautiful.

- Pretty lucky, huh?

- So I saw the post online
and I wanted to surprise you.

So I used another name.

Surprise! (laughs)

I love your rock star hair.

It's perfect. (chuckles)

- Thanks, I didn't even wash it.

- Chet and I are
practically cousins.

Are you here for the room too?

- Better watch out for this one.

She looks like jail bait.

- Let me get you an application.

- Oh, awesome.

Can I see the room?

- Yeah yeah, right this way.

- I totally don't mind
running errands or anything.

I can totally drive you.

This one?

Oh perfect!

I can totally drive you to
the mall anytime you like.

- [Chet] Well that's actually
the last place I'd wanna go.

- How are you?
- Good.

(muffled crosstalk)

- (mumbles) Maggie.

- Hey sugar tits.

Hey, what's with the glass?

- Sorry, we're outta stems.

- Okay, you need
to wash them, okay.

Rex knows what kind
of glass to use.

Did Rex even make this?

'Cause a dry Manhattan is 1
1/2 ounce Canadian whiskey,

3/4 oz dry vermouth
and a dash of bitters.

No ice.

- It;' just like the other
seven that you drank.

- No, no it's not.

'Cause if you pour all
these ingredients over ice,

you will not have a Manhattan.

You'll have something else.

It might be tasty, but
it's not a Manhattan.

- It has everything
to do about race.

It's racism.

You know what a scalp is?

- Yeah, I know what a scalp is.

- It's a bloody scalp.

That's what it means, man.

You guys don't get it.

They're disrespecting my skins.

What do you mean your skins?

What does that mean?

- My skins, my brothers. (yells)

- Hey hey, Cochise!

You wanna keep it down?

- (laughs) Hey
Marine, you alright?

- Fan fucking tastic.

Here drink up.
- Oh yeah!


(soft country music)

- What's wrong with your mouth?

- I don't know.

It's either a canker
sore or herpes.

You want me to go down on you?

(Maggie groaning)
(Francis laughing)

You check out that
room for rent?

- Yeah, some teenage little
skank is gonna get it.

Fuck it, I'm fine in the van.

- The van?

You mean my van?

That I need back please, Maggie.

I don't like you sleepin'
on the parking lot anyway.

- If your girlfriend
didn't hate me,

maybe I could rent from you.

(door knocking)

- Hey.
- How are you?

Hey cousin.

- Val, I thought I told you

I need at least a day to decide.

- You would not believe
the day that I've had.

I just thought we had a
real connection you know?

Honestly my grandparents
are driving me crazy.

So is it cool if I stay here
for like a night or two?

Do you have any asprin?

Oh and if you hate me, you can
totally kick me out tomorrow.

- Um.
- Please?

- (stammers) Yeah we can

I guess do a one
night test drive?

- Yeah, no problem.

I will be the perfect roommate.

You'll see.

* I wish you'd stay right here

- Do you need a place to stay?

- Nope.

- Really?

'Cause I heard you
need a place to stay.

Why don't we arm wrestle, huh?

You win, you can stay
at my place tonight.

What'd you say, huh?

(Maggie spitting)

- (chuckles) I like that.

I'm White Eagle.

- His name is Hector and
he's a Cuban from La Puente.

- Half Cuban.

The other half is Lakota.

- Look, Bald Eagle
or whoever you are,

I'm not here to
get fucked, okay?

- Why you so pissed off, huh?

'Cause your husband
is in the joint?

Yeah, I heard.

It must be tough
knowin' your old man

is takin' it up the
ass, huh? (laughs)

Aww, did I hurt your
feelings, soldier girl?

Fuckin' bitch!

(Maggie laughing)
(muffled crosstalk)

You fuckin' bitch!

Let me at her.

Let me fuckin' (mumbles).

(muffled crosstalk)

- Back the fuck up!

- Throw her outta here.

Get off me, man.
- (mumbles) fuck!

- Throw her out, man.

Throw her out.
- Alright.

Look I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry guys, okay?

Look, it was me okay.

Okay look, hey,
I'm buyin' a round.


I'm gonna buy a
round for us, okay.

- You cool?
- Yeah.

(hand smacking)
(White Eagle yelling)


Big lipped bitch!

Little bitch, you call
yourself an Indian.

You motherfucking (mumbles).
- Fuckin' bitch.

- What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Do you wanna get hurt?

Is that it?

- Did you hear what he said?

- I don't care, I
don't give a fuck.

I am done caring,
do you understand?

- Goddammit, throw
her outta here!

- Sit down!
- Get the fuck outta here.

- No, I'm tired of you
treating me like shit.

I'm just good ol' Fran
who's gonna be here for you

no matter what?

Is that the deal?

Well guess what, Maggie.

It works both ways.

- No Frannie, (stammers)
I'm sorry, okay.

- Get the fuck outta my bar.

- So Valentina, I
noticed you wrote down

self-employed on
your application.

- Yeah.

Darn, is that a zit?

Can you see that?
- No I...

I don't see anything.

Val, do you have a job?

- Yeah of course.

Of course.

I mean if you don't like
a little test drive,

it's no problem.

- Look, why don't you
come back tomorrow

and we can talk about
this with your mom.

- You're thinking about

what that snooty lady
said, aren't you?

You can check my ID if you want.


Go ahead.

(yawns) I am absolutely bushed.

I should really get to bed.

Living with my grandmother
and grandfather,

it is absolutely hell.

They treat me like
I'm Cinderella.

When I told them
that I found a place,

they got so mad.

I mean honestly.

It's like my granddad
makes me clean the house

and feed my grandma,
change her old lady diaper.

It is so gross.

No wonder my mom ran away.

Anyway, I really do have
a good part-time job.

I just got started, so your
place is perfect. (chuckles)

We can do it in the
butt if you'd like.

I just wanna stay a virgin
until I get married.

What, we're not really cousins.

- I'm gonna go to bed.

Have a good night.

- Sweet dreams, Chet.

- Yeah, goodnight.

(ominous music)

- Oh this is it.

Look, all the fuckin' tape.

Fucking black fucking
curtains and shit.

Gimme that fuckin' shit.

(mumbles) bitch.

Here bitch.

- Shit, get me in.

- Who's there?

(muffled crosstalk)

(Sam and White Eagle laughing)

- Fuckin' get in here.

- Showtime.
- Get the fuck outta here.

I got a gun.
- Hey.

I'm gonna get you.
- I'm not fuckin' around.

You don't wanna test me.

- Oh I don't wanna test you?

I don't wanna test you?

You don't wanna fucking
test White Eagle!

(grunts) Get me in there!

(car rattling)

- [Sam] Hey, baby.

- [White Eagle] You think
you're fuckin' tough, huh?

(mumbles) something
tough now, huh?

Why don't ya come out here?

Come out here now, huh?

Come out here!

Let me in!

Oorah, oohrah.

Come on, soldier girl.

(grunts) Don't fuckin' test me.

(car door banging loudly)

- [Sam] Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.

(car tires screeching)

(sinister music)

(birds chirping)

- I hope I didn't wake you.

I don't mean to be pushy,
but I was just wondering

if you found someone yet.

- Actually, I'm kinda

still figuring things out.

Kinda doin' a trial period.

- No we're not.

- Val, I told you.

- Why did you let
me stay the night?

That makes no sense.

Were you high?

Now you're trying
to kick me out?

- No, no, I...

Okay, fine.

- [Valentina] Do you
have any Fruit Loops?

- [Chet] No.

- It's nice seeing you again.

Aren't you going to leave?

- No, I don't think so.

(soft guitar music)

- Chet!


- Okay.

This is part of your duties.

These are my fingernails
and toenails.

- What does that have
to do with your disease?

- I don't know.

I get nervous.

I save them.

My mom had to sneak out
the last jar I filled

when I was asleep.

So go ahead.

Take care of these
when I'm asleep.

That's part of the job.

- I am not leaving

and I am not touching
your gross nails.

- You'd better not
piss this guy off.

He might chop you up.

- You're both disgusting.

- I'm sorry.

I hope it didn't freak you out.

- Oh no, no, no.

What do you think?

We gonna do this?

- You sure you wanna
live with an agoraphobic

obsessive weirdo?

- I'm in.


Hey, um, do you
mind if I put my van

in your garage?

I'm having engine trouble.

- Sure, no problem.

- Do you want me to take this

to the dumpster for you?
- No, no, no.

I got it.

- They say that dog
is man's best friend,

but in this story it turns out

that a cat earned that title.

Jessica Gomez of Pasadena

was unloading groceries
from the family car

when she was attacked
by a pit bull.

Apparently Ralphie
the family dog

and Chewy the family cat
were also in the front yard--

- You must be a local
news junkie, huh?

Four, five, six and
11 o'clock news.

- Yeah, I just like
to stay current.

- There's a really great
website I like for news.

It's the only truthful
reporting around.

I'll give you the web address.

Oh, do you think
you could gimme...

This is the shopping
list and some cash.

Do you think you could
go in a day or two?

- Sure, not a problem.

(muffled TV conversation)

- So you're a Marine?

- Yeah, I was a Marine.

- Oh.

- Has anyone ever told you
you look like that actor?

The guy in the movie Mask.

- (chuckles) You think
I look like Jim Carrey?

- No no no, that's The Mask.

Mask was the one with Cher.

She plays a biker chick
and she has a teenage son.

He's got hair like yours
and a fucked up face.

He's deformed.

Sorry, I mean you look like
him like if he wasn't deformed.

- Yeah, yeah, no...

(Chet mumbling)

Yeah you look like no one
deformed or otherwise too.

- [News Reporter] This is Lauren
Casey reporting to you live

from Pasadena for Action 3 News.

(dog barking)

- Thanks for goin' to the store.

- Receipt's in the bag.

Hope you don't mind
me using your stuff.

- No, no problem.

- I like the way you've
got your kitchen organized.

- My mom was a head nurse.

Very organized.

I'm gonna make some
turkey chili tomorrow.

You can have some if you like.

I mean if you wanted to have
dinner with me or on your own,

either way.

- Sure, we can have dinner.

Hey, I hate to ask
but do you mind

if I borrow your SUV tomorrow?

It's my uncle's birthday.

He's in a rest home and
it's a three hour drive.

I'll bring it back
with a full tank.

- Sure, no problem.

- Cool, thanks.

- No no no no no, stop.

Next time you go to
the store could you try

and not get anything
in a plastic container?

- Sure, why?

- Ever hear of BPA?

- No, like HPV?

- No no, see this jar?

Bisphenol A.

Most of the items
at your supermarket

are in containers
that contain BPA.

Basically anything that
stores food and beverages.

It has estrogen mimickers
and is linked to cancer,

diabetes, obesity.

- Hope I don't get tit cancer.

- I don't think you should
come see me any more.

I want a divorce.

It's not fair to you.

Hey, I'm not getting outta here.

I'm not the same.

- Yes, you are.

You're my man.

Nothing will change that.

- Maggie, I almost let
a guy go down on me

after I got released
from solitary.

- Okay?

- Listen, I went a
little crazy in there.

It's like being buried
alive 23 hours a day.

When they released me
back into the gen pop,

I couldn't even talk.

(ominous music)

One night, my cell
mate this jerk Dallas

he thinks I'm asleep.

He gets up in the
middle of the night

and I know what he wants

'cause he's had the hots for
me ever since I got in here.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I wanna hear it.

- I pretend I'm asleep.

He put his hand down my skivvies

and started playing
with my dick a little.

I pretended it was you
and me in bed together.

I started to get hard,

then I realized
what I was doin'.

I jumped up and I
growled somethin' at him.

I scared him shitless.

He goes back to his bed and
I just laid there in the dark

trying not to cry.

I'm disgusting.

You think so too, Maggie.

You think I'm disgusting
too, don't you?

You do.
- I understand it's hard okay?

I don't care if you need to get

licked, sucked or fucked
in here to stay alive.

You're gonna stay...


You need to stay strong.
- You need to remain seated.

- He's a decorated war vet.

- Remain seated!

(Rick laughing)

- You still got it.

You'd break me outta here,
if you could wouldn't you?

- I'll break your neck if you
ever talk like that again.

(soft guitar music)

- [Chet] And then all of a
sudden she runs off with Pat

and she won't even
talk to me now.

Are you sure you're okay?

- Hmm?

It's just...

It's my uncle.

It was hard seein' him.

He just looks older and
I'm just worried about him.

He's changed.

- Change can be good.

- Yeah, I guess.

- Well, it's gotta be rough
living in a rest home.

It's sorta like
prison for old people.

I hear it's pretty common
for old men to escape

and try to go back
to their old lives.

Maybe you can move
him to a better home.

- Maybe.

- Hey, I was thinkin' if you
wanna move into my mom's room.

It's the biggest room, you
can go ahead and do that.

(sniffs) Wait, do
you smell that?

What is it?

It smells like a fart.

(Maggie laughing)

That's so gross.

You gotta see a

(Maggie farting)

Really, come on.

Oh that's so gross.

That's so gross.

(foreboding music)

(wall rumbling)

- Maggie?

(wall knocking)

You okay?

(vacuum whirring loudly)

- Hey.

- Wow, look at you.

You look really nice.

- I look stupid.

It's old.

I got a job interview.

I just wanna make
a good impression.

- Great.

Hey, good luck.

- Yeah, thank you.

(SUV revving)

(inquisitive music)

- So, what happened first?

- Okay, well like I said,
them two bikers come in

and they're yellin'
at the clerk.

They dragged the little
clerk over the counter

and that's when Maggie's
man yells at them bikers

to leave the little clerk alone.

- [Jerry] So Rick Mosey
was in the store already?

- Yup.

That's when this big hairy
biker came at him with a knife.

Six inch, serrated blade.

Starts waving that
thing around in his face

and he says "Fuck off!"

First they attacked the clerk

and then they
attacked her man Rick.

I've seen it.

- Freeze!

Do not move!

Don't even think about moving.


- He had to protect
hisself, so he did.

- So gimme more details.

(Mountain Mike sighing heavily)

- I had to call for air support.

Now, that's the only
thing I could do.

There was nothin' else to do.

We're surrounded
by the oil rigs,

burning oil rigs and the
smoke taking (sighs)...

taking sniper fire in the back.

Oh shit.

I slammed him in the head
with a can of dog food.

- Mike sometimes
confuses things a little.

He was injured in
the first gulf war.

- That's okay.

So Mike, I wanna talk to Maggie.

Can you just step outside
in the hallway for me?

It'll just be a minute.

Take these with ya.

I can't use 'em.

She'll just be a minute.

So that's your big
surprise mystery witness?

I can't help you because you are

obviously lying
for your husband.

- No, no, no I'm not.

- This guy is a fake.
- Nope.

- Yes, he is a fake.
- No he's not, listen--

- I don't have time.

- Listen, the clerk was afraid.

- I'm guessing you met him
at some vet medical facility

or somewhere on the street?

- He lied about Rick
to the cops, okay?

Mountain can free Rick.

- No Mountain can't free anyone.

Mountain doesn't know
what planet he's on.

- For four years I've
tried everything.

- One lie doesn't
justify another,

- I've tried social media,

private investigators, lawyers.

I've drained my savings.

- I don't have time for...

Okay listen, you're
gonna have to go.

- Please, I've borrowed money

that I can't pay back to people.

I didn't know what else to do.

- Shh, here it is.

Your husband is not
getting out of jail.

If you do not move on, this
will destroy your life.

This will destroy you.

(soft soothing music)

- What?

No, that's bullshit.


They cannot do that.


Are you kidding me?

They just had him in solitary.

Is Rick okay?

- Yeah he's fine, he's fine.

He got into some kind of
scuffle with his celly.

- The cocksucker?

What happened, did
he come onto him?

- I don't know what happened.

All I know is there was
a fight over somethin'

and Rick got 45
days in the hole.

- What am I supposed to do?

I can't see him, I can't
talk to him for 45 days.

What am I supposed to do?

- I don't know
Maggie, I don't know.

Everything's gonna be alright.

It's in God's hands now, okay?

- Terrific.

Terrific 'cause he's
doin' a bang-up job.

Look, I gotta go Rego, I
can't take this any more.

This just sucks.

- Everything's gonna be alright.

I'll watch over him in here.

It's gonna be fine.

Just be strong out there,
hang in there okay?

- I gotta go.

(mellow guitar music)

- I thought you might be hungry.

There's some toast and fruit
out here if you want it.

OJ, too.

Well if you get hungry,
the tray's right here.

(door knocking)

Maggie, hey I know you're
going through something.

I've been going
through something for
10 years or longer.

I started getting
anxiety when I was a kid

and I didn't tell
anyone about it.

I started hurting
myself, cutting myself.

I'm just really worried
about you right now

and I don't want you
to hurt yourself.

I'm here and I can listen
if you wanna talk, okay?

Did you hear me?

- Yeah, I heard you.


Thank you, I appreciate that.

- Yeah.

You scared me.

You should try meditation,
I can show you how.

- I don't need to mediate.

I need a drink.

You want a drink?

- You mean a drink drink?

- Yeah, you got anything?

I'm out.

- Well yeah, my mom she left
behind a lot of alcohol.

You can have some.

What do you like?

- Anything.

- Now?

- Here's to staying positive
and testing negative.

(glasses clinking)

What do you think?

- Yeah, I like it.

It's tart.

I like it.

What's that?

- Tequila and triple
sec straight up.

Then we freeze it for later.

It's my signature drink.

- What's it called?

- Nasty Fuckin' Bitch.

- (chuckles) This is weird.

Isn't this weird?

- Slow down.

So why can't you go outside?

- Why do people think?

People think I can't go outside.

I go outside.

I have good days
and I have bad days.

- Well I thought you were
afraid of goin' outside.

- I'm not afraid.

I'm just...

How do I explain it?

You know how some
people get paralyzed

when they have to give a speech?

Well I get these
crushing waves of panic

when I'm out in public or
if I'm preparing to go out.

My safe zone has a

tendency to
fluctuate on its own.

Come on, let's go outside.

- Well now you're cured.

All you needed was some booze.

(Chet chuckling)

(Chet grunting and coughing)

- That's a strong one.

You make me feel safe.

- To me.

- Wow, that's strong.


- Maybe we should save the
rest for tomorrow night.

- Oh, you think I'm drunk?

(Maggie mumbling)

I'm barely buzzed.

- No, you're drunk.

- I'm not drunk, I
weigh more than you.


To Nasty Fuckin' Bitches.

- Hoorah.

He's in for life,
my husband Rick.

- Prison?

That must be hard
for you and him.

- To life.

- L'chaim.

(Chet hurling)

- (groans) I
should've cut you off.

- No, no, this is how I
should feel every day.

Alive with people and just...

(Chet hurling)

(laughs) I think I just
vomited out of my nose.

- I can't believe you
don't have any aspirin.

- I think I vomited
out of my nose.

- Here, come here.

Didn't you ever drink
before in high school?

- No.


My doctor had me on
hardcore shit, man.

Just panic disorder meds.

Stuff made me down
on myself, man.

It took away my boner.

Fuck that, I like booze.

Let's have another shot.

- Cheers.

- That's not a shot.

- Take it, drink it.

- Mmm that tastes
like Halloween.

(Chet hurling)

- Chet, never again.

- Hey Maggie, what's goin' on?

Later, Frannie.
- Alright.

So what, d'you
bring back my van?

- No.

Sorry, I just didn't
wanna risk it.

Guess you heard
about White Eagle?

- Uh, no.

He was in here a
couple days ago.

- He's alive?

- Yeah, he's alive.

Well okay, he rolled in here

on a wheelchair but he's alive.

He's banged up.

Shit, what did you...

You know what?

I don't wanna know.

Just sit down.

- Did the police come?

- No.

- He probably doesn't want me
to tell my side of the story.

- Well when I asked
him what happened,

he told me some bullshit story

about some drunk vatos
ran him over with a car.

Oh, so that was you.

Okay, you know what?

You should stay away.

- Yeah.

About that night--

- Just forget about it.

We'll just move forward, okay?

How are you doin'?

You doin' good?

You look good.

- Thanks.

Yeah, things are okay.

- Good.

- No no Frannie, I can't.

- Jesus, Lord get over yourself.

I'm looking for a
condom, okay? (laughs)


I owe you for your last week.

Take it.

Put it in your pocket.


spend it

on alcohol, okay?

- I won't.


- You're welcome.

Get outta here, devil dog.

- [Radio Announcer]
Could you describe

what was going on with you

and why you wanted
help at the time?

- [Caller] I'm very depressed.

I was always very uncomfortable
in social situations.

Extremely uncomfortable.

- Chet?


You dumped the trash?

- Yeah, no big deal.

- Uh no, when you do
go out to get the mail

or to dump the trash,
it's sprint out

and back in as soon as possible.

Here you all are
casual and shit.


- You going to the market?

- Yeah, you need something else?

- You goin' to the Food
Emporium across town

or the Super City Shopper?

- Food Emporium.

Did you wanna go with me?

- Yeah, I was thinkin' about it.

- Yeah?

Come on, I could
use the company.

- Yeah but I have to create
a video file right now

for a client so maybe next time.

(soft guitar music)

- Maggie, Maggie!

(both chuckling)

- Do you mind me
workin' out here?

- No, no.

Here, it's called Gladiator.

A lot of people think
that's where the idea

for Superman came from.

- Philip Wylie.

Okay thanks, I'll check it out.

- Cool.

- Hey, you ever box?

- No.

- You wanna learn something?

- Hey can we just do
it not in the face?

I don't wanna get
ringworm or anything.

- It's clean, you're
not gonna get ringworm.

- Do you sanitize this
thing after every use?

- Yes, I'm a clean person.

(Maggie grunting)


- Wow this feels like pretty
macho stuff to have on, huh?

(gloves clashing)

- It's just to protect your face

so if somebody
comes at you like--

- No no no!

(chuckles) Ha ha ha, okay.

- I'm just playin'.

Okay, so this is
your proper stance.


Left is your jab, right
hand is your power.

You're gonna put your
left foot forward.

Now you wanna stay strong,
but don't lock your legs.

- Okay.

- Alright, now throw the jab
and your wrist like this.

Snap the wrist.

Snap it.
- Alright.

- Snap it.

- So, why boxing?

- My husband got me into it.


That's pretty macho for a girl.

- One, two.
- One, two.

- There you go, now just
keep repeating that with me.

- Hey, how long
were you in Iraq?

- I did two tours.

You look like a robot,
just relax, relax.

Yeah, yeah, loosen up some.

Relax, be light on your feet.

- Did you ever see
anyone get killed?

- What do you think?

- I don't know, did you?

- Yeah, I saw four
friends get blown to bits

by some lady with a bomb
strapped under her burka.

- I'm sorry I asked.

Were you there when it happened?

- Yup.

It could've been me.

I searched Iraqi
women for explosives.

Those fuckers were sending women

with bombs across checkpoints

and you never knew if
somebody was taped up or not.

Sometimes I wish I was still in.

Right, lemme see that jab again.

You watch any sports
like NFL, MMA?

- Yeah, I watch MLG
Pro-circuit sometimes.

- MLG?

- Major League Gaming.

- I should punch you
in the vag for that.

- Hey, you better not.

- Ooh.

- (laughs) See?

You need to practice your boxing

or somebody's just gonna--
- Okay let's go, let's go.

Oh, you pushed me.

Alright, let's go.

Let's go, you wanna go?
- I got you in the--

- Let's go, I'll
pop you in the head.

- Okay, I was just kidding,
I was just kidding.

I was just kidding.

- (groans) You
look like a retard.

Let's go.

- No no no, don't get serious.

Don't get serious.

I don't want to,
I don't want to.

(soft rock music)

You're ripped.

- I try. (grunts)

- Can't do this.
- I'm used to it, don't worry.

You're doin' good.

(both laughing)

- Get up all the way,
all the way, all the way.

Good job.


(phone beeping)

- Wake up.

You fell asleep.

- I fell asleep?
- Yeah.

- [Radio Announcer] We have
been asking more questions

as a society and the answers
are often extremely disturbing.

There's a whole PR
industry that sanitizes

what we know about our food.

So I needed to
have Mr Genowitz on

to tell us a little bit
about the pork industry

and specifically we're going
to be looking at the story.

(soft rock music)
(muffled lyrics)

- Here you go.


- Hey, what about these?

Found them in the garage.

- Christmas lights?
- Yeah.

Just trust me.

That's you?
- Yeah, that's me.

- You look like a little peanut.

(Chet chuckling)

- That's Valentine's Day.

That's my grandfather.

My first panic attack.

You'll like this one though.

- Oh my God, what are you doing?

- [Chet] That's a
little hotel room show.

- [Maggie] Who's this?

- [Chet] That's my mom and dad.

- She's pretty.
- Yeah.

(Chet grunting)

- What is that?

- Don't know.

- Your back muscles
aren't used to the boxing.

C'mere, c'mere.

(Chet grunting and chuckling)

You like that?

- Uh huh.

- You like that shit
too, don't you? (laughs)

- Hey (laughs), stop!

Come on, stop.

(both laughing)

- You slut. (laughs)

- You. (laughs)

- Tell me more
about your family.

- You tell me.

You never tell me anything.

Where do your parents live?

- (scoffs) My dad ran
off when I was born.

Mom's in Nevada.

Got one sister, Grace.

She's a bitch.

They don't talk to me anymore.

- Why?

- A million reasons?

My mom didn't want me to
join the Marines, strike one.

She didn't want me to
marry Rick, strike two.

Then he went to prison and
I refused to divorce him.

(Maggie's mouth popping)

- Sorry that must be hard.

- Rick's PTSD was getting worse

so I decided not to re-enlist.

Maybe start a family.

- Good hands.

Sleep good tonight.

- You're good.

- I got it.

- Yeah well, goodnight.

- Night.

- [Operator VO] An inmate
from the Chino Men's

Facility is calling.

- Rick?

You out of solitary?

- Yeah babe, it's been 45 days.

Did you forget?

- No no no no no,

I was sleeping.


(Rick coughing)

- Hold on.

- Are you okay?

You're not smoking
again are you?

- Listen babe,
this is important.

Listen to me.

Listen, I've been
praying real hard

since you were here last time

and I remember all
the things you told me

about staying strong
and being strong.

I've been prayin' to
God and guess what babe?

He spoke to me.

He spoke to me through
a guard in solitary.

I was in my cell
and the guard came

to deliver a meal
tray, he opens the slot

and he looks right through it.

He looks right at me and
he says, listen to this.

He says, "The Lord
wants me to let you know

"that everything's
going to be okay.

"That you're on the right path."

Do you believe that?

- Yeah, that sounds great babe.

- Then I got out of solitary
yesterday and I saw Rego.

Rego comes up to me and
Rego says, "Hey, man,"

he goes, "My aunt, she's
got a diner and guess what?

"They're hirin' a new waitress."

It's in town right nearby babe.

So you got a job,
you can come up here.

You can be with me.

Come on, we lost the house.

There's nothin' there for you.

You can come up here.

You'd just be right
here, be near me.

We can file more appeals.

We'll file more appeals
'cause God's with us now.

We can do this.

We can make this work.

We can be strong now.

- [Maggie] Get in.

Took you long enough.

- Sorry.

- Are you okay?

- No, can I help you?

- Listen to this.

The engine sounds funny.

(engine whirring)

- Easy, don't mess up my car.

- Okay, just listen.

- Just sounds like my engine,
I don't hear anything.

- Okay, hold on.

I'm gonna pull forward
just a little bit.

- Just sounds like
you're accelerating.

(engine whirring)




- You've been wanting
to do this, Chet.

I've seen it on you, okay?

Relax, relax.

- You tricked me?

- Look, you're fine okay?

Just breathe.

- I don't want to
breathe out here.

Are you kidding me?

- Look just calm down, relax.

- Don't touch me!


- Just relax!

- I'm getting out of the car.

- Okay yeah good
luck, break a leg.

(eerie music)

- Where are you
taking me right now?

- The mall.

- I am not gonna go to the mall.

I am not gonna go to the mall.

Are you kidding?

I'm not gonna go to the mall.


Pull over, pull over!

- Come on! Get the...

You wanna get us both killed?

Jeez, breathe.

(foreboding music)

- Ooh.
- Dammit, wrong way.

- Well go back then.
- No.

- Please, just go back.
- Jesus, calm down.

- Turn that off!

I'm gonna puke.

I'm gonna puke, I'm gonna
puke, I'm gonna puke.

- Alright, get it
out, get it out.

Alright, I'm stopping,
I'm gonna stop.

There look, okay?

You're fine, just breathe.

(Chet panicking)

- Get it out, there you go.

- I--

- Relax.

You're fine, you're okay.

What are you doing?



Come on, get back in the car.

You're fine Chet, just breathe.


Chet, you okay?


You okay?

Are you gonna talk to me?

Look, I'm sorry okay?

Hey we can try again tomorrow.

- Where are we?

That's the stupidest
thing you could do.

- Look, I'm--
- You're so stupid!

- I said I'm sorry.

- Sorry doesn't fix anything.

- Well I didn't know what this
whole agoraphobia was, okay?

I have the mentality
of the Marines still.

We adapt and overcome.

- Well I didn't fucking enlist.

- I really thought
I could help you.

- No!

You are not a
fucking psychiatrist!

You don't even know anything!

You don't know!

That was dangerous!

What were you thinking, huh?

You're so lucky you're a girl

or I'd beat the shit outta you.

I don't care if you've
been to Iraq or whatever.

I don't care about that.

- I just wanna help you, Chet.

- Well you're not my girlfriend

so I don't need you to fix me.

- You think I wanna be with you?

Be your girlfriend?

Is that what you think?
- I don't know!

What do you want, huh?

A boyfriend?

A fuck buddy?

- Ooh, wow!

Wow wow wow wow wow!

I try to fuckin' help
you, you asshole.

I don't need a fuck buddy,
I have a fucking man.


You know what?

Why would I be with a little
fucking pussy like you

that's afraid of people?

Ooh people and malls and air.

Un-fucking believable.

Oh yeah, you wanna
know somethin'?

Enjoy the atmosphere.

'Cause you know what
the weather bimbo said?

Today's air index
quality's purple.

Very unhealthy.

So you know what, hope
you survive the walk home.

(soft guitar music)

(SUV engine revving)

Move, move!
- Hey, hey!

- I don't care.
- Wait, that's my car!

Are you kidding me?



You're gonna do this.

(Chet breathing heavily)


* There is no one left
here to talk with *

* I'm talking to myself

* Pick up and put
down the receiver *

* I'm talking to myself

* Forever's not a word
you should trust *

* Sunshine national dust

* Forever's not over yet

(birds chirping)

(door knocking)

- [Chet] Maggie, can I come in?


- Just gimme a second.

Yup, you can come in.

- I'm really trying to let
go of my anger right now.

You don't know how hard
that walk home was.

- You gonna kick me out?

If you want me to--

- Would you just shut
up and let me talk?


I know you meant well but you...

I'm sorry for what
I did and said.

- Me too.

I'm starting to forget him.

The last time I saw
him, he changed.

I'm just forgetting him.

His smell.

He like had this smell and


taste when he used to kiss me.

My lips got so sore.

I would get drunk
off his kisses.

- I think I love you.

I know you think it's 'cause
I'm lonely but I'm not.

All this time we've spent
together like a real couple.

I've felt something
from you too.

- I'm gonna visit him tomorrow.

- Oh.

Well he's a lucky guy.

- Ms Mosey, would you
come with me please?

- I didn't have my visit yet.

- Yes ma'am, I know that.

Would you please follow me.

Officer Madison's
goin' to escort you.

- Escort me where?

Cut the shit, what happened?

- [Forrester] Officer
Madison will take you in.

- Please, ma'am.

- How did it happen?

- [Madison] They said
it was from pneumonia.

(soft, somber music)

- I just wanna see him.

- No.

No Ms. Mosey, no.
- I wanna see my husband.

Ms. Mosey, no.

- I wanna see my husband.

- Ms. Mosey, no!
- Get off of me!

- Call for assistance.

Ms. Mosey, no!

- [Maggie] Get off of me!

Rick, Rick, Rick!

- [Forrester] No, no, please!

- Get the fuck off of me!

- I got this.

(engine revving)

(soft guitar music)

(guitar strumming)

- How'd it go?


you okay?

- Everything's gonna be okay.

(Rick coughing)

I need a doctor, you fuck!


- Maggie.

Are you okay?

Hey, whoa.

Hey, what are you doin'?

Hey can you tell me
what's goin' on right now?

Are you okay?

(soft piano music)

(Chet mumbling)

Will you please tell me what's
goin' on with you right now?

* What are you doing here

* My familiar, my familiar

* I thought we parted ways

* But you keep coming
back for more *

* My familiar, my familiar

* My familiar

* You

* You know what I said

* You know that I said

* Get out of my head

* Get out of my head

* Why don't you listen

* I'm

* Through with you

(Chet mumbling)

(foreboding music)

(engine revving)

- [Radio Announcer]
How difficult is it

to pick up that
phone and talk about

hey, I'm having a bad day.

- [Caller] Took me eight years.

So, yeah, it took me eight years

to be able to
actually ask for help.

My doses actually
ended up going down.

There are times when
you're suffering

with mental health issues

and you don't wanna
deal with people.

You don't wanna commit.

(soft vocal music)

* I saw you there in
your hiding place *

* Where you were
scared of being found *

* And the dogs that
chase you down *

(muffled radio chatter)

* And I heard you there
with your lying mouth *

* Tryin' to hide your
flaws in cigarette smoke *

* But I tasted you

(singers humming)

* Ooh survive with me

* Ooh survive with me

* And I walked with you
on that winter night *

* I was the moon
the unblinking eye *

* And you saw me too

(singers humming)

* Ooh survive with me

* Ooh survive with me

(laptop beeping)

- Hey.

- [Ann] Hi, how's it going?

How's Diego working out?

- Oh, he's better than
I thought he'd be.

- [Ann] Sorry.

- No, no.

Yeah, let's just say he's cool.

- Chet Chet, listen to me.

I read something interesting

that Stephen King
said in an interview.

I think it's a
really good analogy--

* I will take your (mumbles)

* I will take them all

- Yeah, I'm listening.

* I will take your (mumbles)

* I will take (mumbles)

* I will take them all

(energetic Celtic music)

(birds chirping)

(soft guitar music)

* I miss the girl that I miss

* That I should have kissed

* Like in some sad movie

* I miss the money I had

* And I'm feelin' bad

* And well wouldn't you be

* Boxes and chairs
on the stairs *

* Don't go up there

* Or you'll be sorry

* And all the snow on the moon

* Will be melting soon

* Why should we worry

* Every little
thing that I say *

* Comes out the wrong way

* In the sculpture garden

* Now I'm calling
you on the phone *

* Pick up if you're home

* I beg your pardon

(country instrumental)