Fauve (2018) - full transcript

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer...

Open up!

Open up!
You are such a pussy!

Are you stuck?
- Open up, you pussy!

Are you stuck?
- Stop it!

What's the score?
- 2 to 1 for you.

- 2 to 1, you heard me!

At least you admit it.
- Fuck you!

It's out of 6,
and I'm still ahead.

Things are looking good for me.

Oh yeah?
First one to laugh is dead.

You lost again!
2 to 2!

I'll get you back!

Are you too much
of a sissy to climb up?

Oh man, what's that?

I don’t know, but it’s 3 to 2!

Come down
or I'll throw rocks at you.

Bring on the rocks!

OK, OK...
We're even, I'm coming down.

You fell down?

Are you OK?


4 to 3, man!

Don't move!
- Shut up.

There's a fox over there!
- No, shut up.

I'm telling you, it's a fox!
- No!

Look! It's a fox! Look at it!
- Shut up!

There's nothing there.
- There was a fox,

you should have listened to me!

Ah that sucks!

Hey, I have a question for you.

Can you eat fox?

-You're so annoying.

Right, you're a bit of a hippie.

- A vegetarian.

Anyway, meat's not good for you, OK?
- Then why does everyone eat it?

Because people
don't care what they eat.

You’re just repeating what
your parents say.

Anyways, you're not even able
to kill an animal yourself to eat it.

For sure, I’ve hunted
with my dad.

Bullshit! You never see your dad.
- I do too!

Plus I already killed a
squirrel with my BB gun.

Did you eat it?

- I could have but
I didn't feel like it.

Yeah, like I believe you.

Hang on a second.

Hey, take my stick.

Yo man, look at this!

It's mental!
Look how fucked-up it is!


Did you hear that?
It went...

Oh yeah!

Man, what is this! Fuck!

Think he followed us?

- I don’t think so,
I don't hear anything.

Anyway, I got here first.

It's 5 to 3.

One more point and I win!

Come touch this, it's cool.

I’ve no time to
waste for this.

You're disgusting!

What the fuck!
What is this?

Man, I’m stuck!

Yeah, you're just
trying to catch up to me.

No, seriously, I'm stuck.
Come help me.

Piss off!

Victory! Victory, man!

Three points ahead.

OK, I'm coming.

Who's winning?

It's disgusting!
What is it?


I'm stuck in the middle!
You were on the side!

You look like a five-year-old
kid in a sandbox!

Help me!
I'm serious!

Well come towards me.

-I can't, I'm stuck!

Hang on, I'm coming.

I can't grab it,
my hands are stuck!

Do something!

Do something!

Help me!
Hurry up!

- I’m sinking!
- Do something!

-I’m sinking!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

I'll go get help.

Don't leave!

- No!
Don't leave, Tyler!






Are you OK?

Do you need help?

You can get in if you want.
I can take you anywhere.

Come on, get in.
I'll drive you back.

Come in!

What's your name?

Where do you live?



Ok honey, put
on your seatbelt.

You knew you weren’t
going the right way?

Why were you so far away, alone?

You were lost?

Who's your dad?



-Take your time.

My friend...

Your friend?



Wait for me a second.