Fat Choi Spirit (2002) - full transcript

Centres around a Mahjong master, Andy, and his dealings with his ex-girlfriend, estranged family and a local gang.

So, you're the swindler
who cheats the housewives?

We cheat the housewives.

How does it concern you, Mahjong Warrior?

Those housewives are my friends.

Their business is my business.



-Green Dragon.




Self-draw, Honors,
Big Three Winds, Three Little Dragons.

Three Hidden Kongs, making two pairs.

That brilliant?


Short Hand.


Short of a tile. Two players are out.

There's still me, boy!

You have a Short Hand too.

Why would I have a Short Hand?


I forgot to replenish the Flower tile.

Warrior, can we go for eight-fold?

All right, but stop
swindling the housewives.

That means you're taking away
my source of income.

Don't go too far!

I'll fight you!

We should have agreed to him.

Now we've suffered
more losses, Uncle Fatty.

Is he even human?

In the end, he could even win
with eight and a half pairs.


Thanks, buddies.

You can't park here. Show me your license.

Do you have no house
that you need to sleep on the streets?

What do you do?

-I'm asking you what you do.
-I play mahjong.

Play mahjong? That means you're jobless.

A good-for-nothing.

-What's in that huge bag?

What a huge bag of money.
Did you rob a bank?

Robbing the bank isn't as fun
as playing mahjong.

Warrior, help! We're short of a player!

All right. I'll be there in half an hour!

Can you come faster?

Mrs. Zhao, you're in Stanley.

No need. Mrs. Sou said
she can get here in 15 minutes.


I'll arrive in 14 minutes. Wait for me!

You're going to Stanley in 14 minutes?
Are you going to speed?

Of course not. Move aside.

Five hundred dollars.
Where's the washroom?

-Thanks. Hurry!

What a compulsive gambler.

Takeout. Double egg sandwich,
hot milk tea, less sugar.

-Got it!







-Who ordered takeout?
-Mine! Thanks.

Hey, that's not yours!

Thank you.

Illegal parking!

Mrs. Wong, what's the matter?

I woke up like this.

It's stiff.

Show me your tongue.

Roll your eyes.

It's nothing.

Your eyes aren't yellowish.
Your tongue looks fine.

It's nothing serious. It's just a sprain.






-One bamboo.

I'm winning. One bamboo. Great Winds.

-I steal your win. Chicken Hand.
-Why? How many fold?

What's this? You're despicable.

What are you? You dare to steal my win?

That's so outrageous!

Hey, I can move! It's back to normal.

-That worked.
-I told you it can be cured.

-Can you cure flu, chills and fever?
-Sure. Play until you sweat all over.

-My eyes are dry.

Inadequate secretion of tears.
Play until you cry.

I don't cry easily.

I didn't even cry when my husband died.

No problem.

You indeed don't cry easily.

It took you eight losses to cry.

Most people feel like dying
after two to three losses.

How about the two of you?
Do you feel unwell?

I'm fine, but your medical fees
are quite costly.

Your health is priceless.
It's about time. Let's go.

-Look after your grandchildren. Be good.
-You can leave first.

Fatty is waiting for you at school.
Give it to me.

I need to clean up
or my husband will scold me

-when he's back.
-Let me help you. Go on.

Hurry. What if Fatty is knocked down

-by a car in front of the school? Go!
-Remember to lock the door.

I'll sweep the floor too.

What are you doing? Don't touch my car!

I used to wash the car for you.

We've broken up and that was long ago.

It was your own wishful thinking.

What's so bad about me?

You're a terrible sport.

I won't play mahjong then.

A terrible sport means
you have a bad character.

What's so bad with my character?

Why did you give up the stewardess job
to become a cop?

-To write you tickets.
-You see?

Tell me. Aren't you crazy?

I've changed.

Give me a chance. Let's play a round.

You said the same thing the other time.

But you threw a tantrum
and wanted to beat someone.

-I won't. I swear.

Leave. Just leave. Hurry.

Return the bike. Quit the job.
Are you good at driving?

What happens if you get injured
and you're all by yourself?

Hello. Yes?

Play mahjong? Sure.

Short of a player?

All right. I'll get back to you.


You won't throw a tantrum?

I'll give you a chance.

-What about the bike?

Leave it. You're quitting anyway.

Hey. Hurry.


-Hey, you!

-Don't be so nervous.

-Our bets are small.
-Remove it.

I'm not nervous. Actually...

He said he'll marry me

-if I don't throw a tantrum.
-Your turn.

Marry you?
We're just getting back together.

Doesn't that mean you'll marry me?

I can't move in with you. Think about it.

-I don't know how to explain to my aunts--
-All right.

-Same goes for my uncle and--
-All right!

If you don't throw a tantrum and win,
I'll marry you.

Nine Circles.

Why did you add an extra condition?
It wasn't like that before.

What if my wife loses all my money?

Just play.

You want me not to throw a tantrum
and win at the same time.

It's really difficult.

Miss, you won't throw a tantrum
if you win.

That's right.

I didn't throw a tantrum when I won.

Five Bamboos.

But I've never won when I played with him.

-He'll surely crush me.
-Five Bamboos.

Don't do that.

Three Circles.

Now, I don't have a chance
to Pong nor Chow.

Three Circles.

You're at it again!

You're so bad. What's the use?

You need Characters?

-Here. Five Characters.

You would discard that?

What? Women should help one another.

I thought so too. Three Characters.


What's the tile you need now?

Two Characters? Four Characters?

-Seven Characters?

Nine tiles.

All One Suit or Mixed One Suit?

{\an8}Let me see. Mixed One Suit.

{\an8}Mixed One Suit?

{\an8}That's rare. A Green Dragon.


Here. A wedding gift for you.

Thank you.

Come earlier to my wedding.

-You are quite something.

I have a Short Hand.

That's the retribution.

What is it? Let me see.

No, this tile is yours.

I'm the one who has a Short Hand.

That's right.

-Mahjong. A self-draw. Eight folds.

-What are you looking at?
-Pay up.

-Pay up.
-I can get married now.

Do you intend to do that for every round?

More or less. Just play it by ear.

We would like to pull more tricks.

Heavenly Hand.


You can tell without looking?
Did you manipulate the tiles?

Of course.
I'll manipulate the tiles in every round.

I'll get Heavenly Hand each time!
I can even exchange tiles!

You'd rather cheat than to marry me.

-Am I that annoying?

It's wrong for you to play this way!
That's cheating!

That's the doings of a thief!

It's not my fault!
It's these two stupid bitches' doings.

There you go! I wasn't wrong about you!

You have a bad character.

They were helping you, but you lost
your temper over a small matter.

You turned against them
and called them stupid bitches.

"Bitches" is enough!

"Stupid" is outdated!

No youngsters would say that these days.

Stupid bitch! Tell me!

-Go to hell, both of you! Let's go!

Win more.

Doctor, can she not play mahjong?

She'll recover faster
if she plays mahjong.

I hate playing mahjong.

Your mom has to play
because of her Alzheimer's disease.

You don't have to play.

No, doctor. How about playing cards?

We recommend playing cards to Westerners.

We recommend playing mahjong
to the Chinese.

It's better to play mahjong
for the Chinese.

How about Chinese checkers?

We recommend that for the kids.

But kids don't have Alzheimer's disease.

You can try if you want.




You can't eat that! Mom, be good.
Don't swallow them! Spit them out.



Call your friends
to play mahjong with mom.



-Me. I'll eat it.

If I win, treat me some meatballs.

-When she wins...

I'm already happy just to eat rice.

That's good.

So, I don't get the food or what?

-Mahjong! Thanks.
-You're cheating.

Madam, serve the tea.

Who is this?

You call him a bad son.
Tin Lok calls him a bad brother.

Bad son?

Don't ask. Pretend you didn't have him.

We're hungry. Order food.

What's the number?

Look in the phone book.



"Bad son"?


Bad son, I'm ordering takeout.

A beef fried rice with egg.


-Mom, where are you?
-Don't ask for the address just yet.

I still have more to order.

A beef fried rice with egg.

A steamed rice with beef and poached egg.

Mom, it's me. What's wrong?

Don't interrupt. There's another to order.

One minced beef rice with egg.

That's all.

I've been looking for you for a long time.

Where have you and Tin Lok moved to?

My address is...

I don't remember.

Where's Tin Lok? Who's with you?


Shut up! I lost again!

Fei lost at mahjong. She's very fierce.

Go next door and ask.



There's no one in.

Do you see anyone?
Just randomly ask someone.


Randomly ask someone?

There's no one.

Can you hear me? Hello?

Hello. Are you there?

Sir, can you tell him my address?

Otherwise, I don't know
where he will deliver the food to.

Mom, what's wrong with you?

Don't tell me.

Tell him.


Mom, I'm sorry.

I really am a bad son.

One Bamboo. Can you call?

-You can't?
-I can't.

How about nine Bamboos?

Nine Bamboos?

Nine Bamboos.

Nine Bamboos.

Look carefully.


Three Bamboos?

Three Bamboos?

-Can you?


Look carefully.

Take your time.

I can call!

I can!

Look. Three Bamboos!

I can call! Pay up!

How much?

How much?

I don't know how to count.

Mom, you taught me before.

Think about it.

How much is two-five?

How much is five-one?

How about one-two?

Two-five is 64. Five-one is 128.
One-two is 256. I taught you that.

You just don't remember.

How are you going to
entertain people next time?

Son, you must know how to play mahjong.


Son, I've put you in trouble!

I taught you to play mahjong.

-Now you're a compulsive gambler!

-I'm sorry.
-Mom, I'm not.

Mom, I'm not a compulsive gambler.

Compulsive gambler?

Leave. You're not welcome here.

-Tin Lok.
-Mom doesn't want to see you.

-Listen to me.
-Mom has disowned you.

-Who are you?

Why are you chasing my son away?

Mom, I'm Tin Lok.

Mom has become like this.
Why don't I move back?

You must be trying to take refuge here.

Let me ask you.
Are you still playing mahjong full-time?

I just want to accompany Mom.

How was your exam?

I scored nine As. I'm a top scorer.

University of Hong Kong?

I studied Computer Science in MIT
on a full scholarship.

-You're back and doing IT?
-Of course.

In 1997, I started a computer company.

I even bought a house.

This place? 10,000 per square feet?

It's 12,000 per square feet.

Look how important it is to study.

Tak Wah, please be good.

I could still remember
the tragedy back then.

I remember after you ran away
and left behind a huge debt,

people came to our door
and rang our doorbell.

Three Insolvency officers in suits
showed up.

A security guard with a toothbrush
and toothpaste in his pocket came too.

They put a seal on all the furniture.

They even counted
the number of eggs in the fridge.

They even took the underpants too.

-They walked over and told me...
-Sir, your house has been seized.

-Please leave at once.

Please don't put us
in a difficult situation.

Tin Lok.

Why don't you and Mom stay at my place?

Can it accommodate so many people?


-Get two rooms ready.

It's beautiful!

Mom, these are my friends. Come.


-You're back so soon.
-You're early.

Mom, this is your house from now on.

Fortunately, one of my sons did well.

Fortunately, you studied well
and become successful.

That's why I get to stay in a big house.

I'm very worried about your brother.

He's wasting his life away
and is addicted to gambling.

I wonder if he's begging
or living under a bridge now.

Mom, I've made a fortune.


All right. Entertain your friends.

Fortunately, one of my sons did well.

Fortunately, you studied well
and become successful.

That's why I get to stay in a big house.

I'm very worried about your brother.

He's wasting his life away
and is addicted to gambling.

I wonder if he's begging
or living under a bridge now.

Mom, I feel like dying.

Don't be discouraged.

Just study well and you'll be
as successful as your little brother.


Fortunately, one of my sons did well.


That's right.

We need a genius like you

to design a different kind
of mahjong computer game worldwide.

You graduated
from Mahjong Institute, right?

Sorry, it's Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.

It's fine. 20,000 per month. Can you?

Yes, but I'm not good at playing mahjong.

Well, you need to find Mahjong Master
in Cho Yiu Chuen.

He is proficient in all mahjong games.

But he's a recluse.

You have to show sincerity.

Should I buy oranges or cakes then?

That's so old-fashioned.
Just bring more cash.

Hey, kid. You dare to play
in my territory?

Hey, this is the fool?

That's him.

He's quite good-looking.

-He has a good figure too.
-But he's silly.

Excuse me.

May I know where's the Mahjong Master?

I'm here to ask for his help. Thank you.

That Mahjong Master
doesn't meet just anyone.

It depends on fate.

What kind of fate?

Those who have money.

Japanese yen is not bad,
but the rate is low.

It's best if you have American dollars.

I do have some money.

But Master just went out.

Take a seat.

Let's play a few rounds
while we wait for him.

Sorry, I don't play mahjong.

We're short of a player.
Are you not giving us some due respect?

It's not about that.
It's a matter of principle.

I really don't play mahjong.

Just for a while. It won't bite.

No, it's not about that.

-It's a matter of principle.
-Are you going to sit?

It's not about playing or not.

-It's really a matter of principle.

-It's not about shuffling.
-Just shuffle.

It's a matter of principle.
Do you understand what I'm saying?


It won't take much of your time!

It's not about the time.

-It's indeed a matter of principle.
-Hey, what are you doing?

Ma'am, what a coincidence.

I came to check up on you.
You're such a disappointment.

You can't even get this easy thing done.

No, ma'am. Listen to me.

I hate playing mahjong the most.

If it's such a grievance, just quit then.
I can hire anyone with 20,000 dollars.

Ma'am, listen to me.

I'm not good at it.

-Listen to me.
-Just learn if you don't know.

I'll watch your back.

Is this called Chicken Hand?

Pong. Nine Characters.

-Nine Characters.
-Don't take it. Wait for a self-draw.

It's Nine Characters again.

-I should call.
-No. It's a small win.

-It's a self-draw.
-Discard North.


Nine Circles.

-I'll take it.

Is it still a small win?

You can get All One Suit.

You're lucky. Wait for a self-draw.

It's Nine Circles again. Should I call it?

Sure. What are you waiting for?

Okay. Mahjong.

You're so lucky.

To gain without effort.

Mahjong is a waste of time.

-Eight Bamboos.
-Discard a pair?

Form Thirteen Orphans.

-There are only three tiles.
-Be more ambitious.

We're waiting for One Circle, right?


I have a ready hand.

Sorry, I was too excited.

-You called it.
-That's right.

Don't worry. Let's go for Great Winds.




What is it?

I have a Green Dragon.


Wait for a self-draw, right?

Of course. You're a quick learner.
Very talented.

East? Kong.

South? Kong.

Kong West. Kong North.

A Green Dragon?

I can call it, right?

What is it? Can I call?

I can? Mahjong.

I intend to design a mahjong game.

It will feature rules
from all different countries.

I would like you to be our consultant.


You're a man.
Why do you have such small feet?

-Did you bring cash?
-Yes. Of course.

How about credit cards?

-Seven cards.
-Are they over the limit?

No, Mahjong Master.


Take your seats.

Son, he's very lucky.

He has a good hand.

Randomly draw 13 tiles.


Get to work.

I understand.

The bags and shoulder pats
are to give the opponents some bad luck.

These will make them lose.
Let me take note of that.

Throw the dice.

Hold on.

Cut the tiles.

Cut the tiles?

I get it. It's to mess up
your opponent's hand.

Let me write it down.


Nice tiles.

We're playing Taiwanese mahjong.

The difference with Hong Kong mahjong
is that it has 16 tiles.

Right. So, I'm short of tiles.

You have a Short Hand?

You can't win no matter
how nice your tiles are. You're forfeited.

What did he have in the first round?

All One Suit, Circles.

Four Circles.


All One Suit, Circles.

Pay up.

-Cash. Enough?
-One-shot win.

-How big is the bet?
-Win from Wall.

-Use the cards if it's not enough. Here.
-No Honors, no Flowers, Pure Straight.

-Tile Hog.
-Show sincerity!

Damn! Another good hand!

-It's a good hand. Why are we damned?
-We're playing Japanese mahjong.

The difference with Hong Kong mahjong
is that it has 13 tiles.

Does that mean I have extra tiles?

You have a Long Hand.

It's useless no matter how good
the tiles are. You're forfeited.

What did he have in the second round?

Great Winds, Four Kongs.

White Dragon.


Great Winds, All Kongs. Swipe the cards!

It's over the limit.

I have one. I'll lend you mine.
The interest rate is 40 percent.

They are like swindlers.

Don't talk nonsense.

Show sincerity. Write down the rules.

-Remember how much I borrowed.
-All right.

Hold on.

What are the rules now? How many tiles?

American mahjong, 13 tiles.


The difference is that players can switch
three tiles with each other.


You've got to be kidding.

The dealer has the right
to request for another switch.


I can't breathe!

You're crushing me!

-The shoes don't fit.
-Get people to put on the shoes for him.

Don't take my pants! My glasses!

Sorry, sir.

-Did someone rob you?
-No, I lost money playing mahjong.

-Can you borrow me 11 dollars?
-Of course not.

-Here's two dollars.
-Thank you.

Serves you right.

It's enough. There are six dollars.

Take the bus and leave.
It's dangerous here.

It doesn't work if you're so honest.

Tell them you were robbed.
Address the ladies as pretty girls.

Got it?

No, that's cheating.

I don't do things against my conscience.

Quickly get on the bus.
It's dangerous here.

What about you?

I'll borrow money from others.
Don't bother about me.

Quickly get on the bus. Go.

Sir, please close the door. Thank you.

I'll go to work on time tomorrow.

Sir, I lost money playing mahjong.

Can you borrow me money
so I can take the bus?


Ma'am, why did you come back?

Leave quickly. It's dangerous here.


Use it and take a cab.

Why do you have money?

No need to come to work tomorrow.

Why? What have I done wrong?

This job doesn't exist.
I worked with them to con you.

Why would you con me?
Am I that easily conned?

Honestly, of all the people I've conned,
you're the easiest one.

Don't be silly. Who would hire you
with 20,000 a month?

There was! My first job paid that much.

My last job even paid 30,000.

Why are you in such a plight then?

How would I know? I did nothing wrong.

All I did was buy a house and know you.

Take it. It's your own money.

Miss, sorry. I was cheated.

-Can you borrow me some money? Please.
-Idiot, go away.

Excuse me, sir. I was cheated.

-Can you borrow me some money?
-No, idiot!

What is this?

What kind of world is this?

I could get two dollars
when I said I lost playing mahjong.

I get nothing when I said I was cheated.

I'm not begging. I'll just walk home.

-You stay across.
-I'll swim.

Sir, there's someone from the tax bureau.

I'm the tax officer.
Are you the house owner?

You're now in the tax bureau?
What are you up to?

-To audit you!
-You didn't have to look like that.

Not everyone can carry that hairstyle.

Let me be.

I suspect that
you've committed tax evasion.

Based on the data, you're jobless
but you stay in a big house.

Is this rented or purchased?

It's rented. You handled it for me.

Cut the crap. How much is the rent?

I don't know. It's transferred
automatically by the bank.

It's 257,200 a month plus tax.

Don't you check if the bank
makes extra deduction?

-I don't know these things.
-You just don't care.

Fortunately, I do check from time to time.

Is that a new sofa?

-How much is it?
-It's 98,000 dollars.

For 98,000 dollars?

Can you not throw the money about?

You need to bargain
when you buy furniture.

Where's our love seat?

It's in my room.

How about my favorite cushion?
Did you throw it away?

It's here.

How can you do this?

You let this old lady sit on my cushion.

-It's smelly now.
-She's my mom.

Hi, Auntie. I'm Wing Kei.

I'm Tak Wah's girlfriend.

You're my daughter-in-law?

-Do you know how to play mahjong?

-Play a few rounds with me.
-I know how to, Mother.

Daughter-in-law, be nice to me.
I have Alzheimer's disease.

All right.

Hey, old rules.

You have to marry me if I win
and don't throw a tantrum.

Are you serious?

Will you really agree to that?

She's pretty nice
if she doesn't throw a tantrum.

You'll be my daughter-in-law if you win?

I'll give you some nice tiles.

Thanks, Mother.

One Circle.

I'll give you One Circle.

-Is that not right?

-Two Circles.
-I'll give you Two Circles.

-Wrong again?

-You're killing me.
-No, I'm giving away.

To kill means you're throwing
the same tiles as me.

No, it's giving way.

To kill means I throw the tiles
that you want.

All right. Kill me then.

You'll be pitiful if I do that.

Just kill me. One Circle.

One Circle.

-Wrong again?

Two Circles.

-Two Circles.

Wrong again?

-You're giving way.
-I'm killing you.

You said to kill means
you throw the tiles that I want.

No, that's called giving way.

To kill means to throw
the same tiles as you.

Do you know how to play?

Mother, are you playing dumb or what?

Of course, I'm really dumb.

I'm an old lady.

-Mother, are you playing games?
-Stop calling me that!

Don't think about getting married
into this family!

-Five Circles.

-Seven Bamboos.

-One Circle!



I'll fight you!

-One Circle.

Kong. I'll screw up your Thirteen Orphans.

-I'm not scared of you!
-One Bamboo!

I smell tension.

Tension between mother
and daughter-in-law is inevitable.

-What's going on?

Who flipped the table?

Flipping the table
is the worst behavior in mahjong.

Who flipped the table?

Who flipped the table?

We don't want to cause trouble.

Tell me. Who did it?

I didn't throw a tantrum.

I was tired just now.

So I rested my hand on the table.

But all the strength concentrated
on one side.

I don't why it flipped over.

Why would it go all the way there?

It must be the wind.

No. There are evil spirits.

Forget it.

Forget it.

Can I leave this here?

Put it here.

But you can't let others use it.

All right.

Win more, everyone.

Let's continue playing.

Mom, let's play mahjong.

-Keep it up.
-All right.

What's wrong with him?

It's just a game.

Must you take everything?

You should have left him
some money to take the bus.

It's none of my business.

I can buy some fish balls with the money.

-How to play it?
-One round.

What are the rules?

My brother lost in American mahjong,
so let's play that.

All right.

I like to be the dealer.

It's not necessarily good
to be the dealer.

Switch tiles.

The dealer can discard a tile.

I told you it's not necessarily good
to be the dealer.

But the dealer has the right
to request for another switch.

There's an advantage in being a dealer.

Let's switch.


Told you it's not necessarily good
to the dealer. Discard a tile.

Nine Circles.

Nine Circles.

One Circle.

Nine Circles.

Nine Bamboos.

Nine Circles.

Sorry. No more of it.

I can change to other tiles.







-Kong all you want.

I won't give it to you even if I lose.

One Character.


No one can call.

I have three Four Circles.

How will you call?

Four Circles again?

Five pieces of Four Circles? You cheated!

You'll find out later.

Are you discarding it or not?

Discard Four Circles.

I need to pay everything if I lose.

I'll chop his hand off
if he has a Four Circles.

Self-draw. A Win by Last Catch.

Four Kongs.

Great Winds.

That's great. Get the knife!

Kid, do you know how to play?

Four Circles and Five Circles
can't be made a pair.

This is a Five Circles in disguise.

There's just rice
in the middle of the tile.

Out of nowhere...

Where did the rice come from?

It's still warm.

It's not that hard to get rice
in such a big restaurant.

You're a fathead yourself.

Does wearing red underpants
inside out work?

Not today.

Here's ten dollars for the bus.

I stay nearby.

You can buy some fish balls.

Thank you. Here are your underpants.

He's indeed a great Mahjong Master
respected by all.

What are you doing?

Look here.

Great master? I'll beat you to death!

-Son, forget it.

His pants are torn.
He can't wear it anymore.

Let's go!

I've never seen anyone
who plays as good as him.

I'd be rich if I could learn
some of his skills.

Should I take him as a master?

Damn. You should have told me earlier,
then I wouldn't have beat him.

They are two different things.

He's a great master. He'll understand.
He won't take it to heart.

Son, you should control your temper.

Think it through before
you beat someone next time.

-I got it.

Can you return the money
to that silly kid?


I couldn't win the money back,
but I got your pants.

What are you counting?

I'm counting the amount that I owe you.
I'm writing a receipt for that.

No need. We are brothers.

No, you're paying for everything.
It's better to have a clear account.

How about adding interest?

I have. How about two percent
of the principal?

You're crazy.

Son, this expired juice is quite good.

Drink more if it's good.

We can go for three percent too.

How about counting the juice too?

She's our mom.

I have. She started drinking since noon.
She had three already.

Here. I wrote down what she drank.

La Fite 1982,

-Mouton 1990 and Margaux 1982.

Young Master, someone is here for you.

What happened?

I couldn't get the money back.

I'll give you back my portion.

There should be more.

But I went shopping this afternoon
and bought a lot of things.

Fortunately, I didn't buy the LV bag.

Or there would be only 100 dollars left.

That salesman said that the LV bag
is the last one in stock.

-Pay me back next time.
-All right.

I haven't seen Choi Yi for a while.

Is she angry at what I've done?

She's seeing someone now.

There are guys who like her?

She's pretty good.

What's so good about her?

-The oranges aren't good.
-She's optimistic

and she brings good luck to her partner.

Dad, I suddenly realize that I love her.

Don't do that. You're always like that.

You never want anything
unless it's already taken.


Grab something and leave.

I want to eat fruits.

-What fruits would you like?
-I don't know. I want to eat fruits!

Buy sugarcane.
It helps to relieve the heat.

I don't want such cheap stuff, okay?

Sir, how much is the sugarcane?

Tak Wah.

How did you turn from a compulsive gambler
to a Mahjong Warrior?

After I left home,

I ran into Guanyin when I was helpless
and wandering on the streets.

She gave me a sign.


-But I thought so too.

It must be either Guanyin or Wong Tai Sin
who helped you.

Tin Lok, you believed that?

Tak Wah.

You really thought I believed that?

Be serious. Hurry.

Some people ask, "What's Buddha?"

It's someone who helps you up
when you are at your lowest.

See if you dare to gamble
if you have no money again!

Are you okay?

That's how we started.

She was nice to me.

When I was broke,

she would give her food to me.

-There were new dishes every day.
-What would you like tomorrow?

Pork patty with salted fish.

All right. No problem.

But soon...

I realized something is wrong
with her character.

Go home and tell your mom.

You want pork patty
with salted fish tomorrow. Got it?


But she really loves me very much

-and does things for me.
-Make way.

Make way.

Make way! Go away.

I got it! You'll make a fortune!

Guanyin is giving you Her blessing.


From that day on,
I keep getting good tiles.

The better the tiles, the better I become.

The better my character,
the better my tiles.

The Dragons.

They're my buddies.
They'd come whenever I need them.

The Winds and the Flowers.

They were in my command.
They'd show up at the right time.

They are my buddies.


What happened then?

I got better.

I wanted her to succeed too.

So I sent her to study abroad.

She's good and is quite talented.

But she has a bad behavior.

After she came back to Hong Kong,

we were entangled in the relationship.

We had good times

and bad times.

We kept running in circles.

You asked the questions,
but fell asleep instead.

But she has changed a lot.

She's almost there.


What are you doing?

You told me to change.

This is not what I want.

You had a good figure.

It's too much now.

You're top-heavy now.
You can't even stand properly.

What's the matter?

I lost balance and fell.


Sir, this is bad.
Someone is here to make trouble.

Hey, I'm here for you.

Why are you here?

I'm here to take you as my master.

Is this the right attitude?

What's the right attitude then?

You should at least
buy a packet of oranges.

You want oranges?
I'll buy them for you then.

No need.

Four rounds. I'll take you as my disciple
if you win and don't throw a tantrum.

-Hold it.

I'll marry you.

-Not yet. Here.

I'll make the master's wife mine.

Mahjong. Self-draw.

Everyone, pay up.

-For you to see the doctor...

My mom is old already.

Ma'am, for you to drink tea.

Ma'am, for you to buy candy.

You two are good sports.

Daughter-in-law, I'll give way to you.

-I should.

-Four Characters.

-Thanks, ma'am.
-Call me Mother.

I like you.

That girl with the mop hairstyle
has a flat chest.

She was rude and called me "old lady."

-Seven Characters.

-One Character.


Eight Bamboos.


It's double pay!

It's the last round.

How much did you win? I won twofold.

About that.

It'll be fine if he doesn't get
Thirteen Orphans this round.

Son, discard a tile. You're the dealer.

Is it a Heavenly Hand?

Is it a Heavenly Hand of Thirteen Orphans?

No, it's not that easy. East.







Buddies, what are you doing?



One Circle.

Is it a Win by Last Catch?

Is it a Win by Last Catch
of Thirteen Orphans?

I think it's destiny.
I can't marry you yet.

Master, you swapped the tiles!

Son, how can you make a fool of them?

I didn't.

My buddies don't agree.

You said it's the destiny
and now the buddies.

-Do you even want to marry me?

If so, marry me now.

It's not the time yet.

You're lying!

All these years,
you've never thought of marrying me!

You're just treating me like a fool!

I told you it's not the time yet.

Look at you now.

Of course you can say that.

You have a good hand.

You get whatever tiles you want.

Of course you can say that.

It's not related.

I play the games
regardless of the tiles I get.

All right.

I wish that you'll be dealt
a bad hand from now on.

You won't get to draw the tiles
that you want.

Never to complete a winning hand.

You'll never ever win again.

You'll lose everything in a round

and will never make a comeback.

Don't cry.

Don't shed tears for a liar. Let's go.

Mahjong Warrior.

Let's go.

I can't watch this anymore.

I'll get more juice to drink.

I can smell trouble.

Mahjong! Pay up!

What is this? You dare to win?

Here. Your medical fee.

No, it's not harsh enough.

It's the medical fee for your son.

-The medical fee for your entire family!


What a lousy hand.

Just knock over the tiles then.

Knock over all the tiles. Again.

-Seven Circles.



What's wrong with you?

-You robbed my win?
-That's right.

Throw him overboard!

-Can I?
-Sure. He's just a lackey.

What's wrong with you?
You kept all the good tiles!

What's wrong with you?
How dare you copy my moves?


Hey, I did nothing wrong.

She's enjoying it. Just let her be.

Son, don't do that. I'm your dad.

I've been a loving son.
You want a daughter-in-law too, right?

-Come on, dad.

-Your jump will give the best effect.

Come on.

Twenty, forty, fifty.

-One hundred.


-One Circle.
-Don't call!

Your future will be gone if you call.

Call it.

Why not?

My friends told me
that there's a big boob swindler.

-I wished it wasn't you.
-It's none of your business!

It doesn't concern you anymore.

If you win this, you can never
hold your head up high anymore!

Show him you can.
Thirteen Orphans. Pay up!

-I don't have enough money to pay.
-You may leave first.


Son, that rice--

Don't say it!

Let's see what he can pull off this time.

Draw one for me.

Nine Characters.


Two Bamboos.

Six Characters.


Nine Bamboos.

Nine Characters.


Mixed One Suit, All in Triplets.



-Robbing the Kong.

Thirteen Orphans.

I'll get a cup of tea.

One Circle.

-Mahjong! Earthly Hand!

Three wins!

Stop playing.

Stop playing.

It's almost over. It's the last round.

Stop playing.

We agreed to play four rounds.

Buddies, where are you?




-Four Flowers!

Six Flowers already.


Seven Flowers already.

Eight Flowers.



You're screwed this time.

How many fold?

-Great Winds.

It scared me to death!

He looked prepared.

I'd be screwed if he won forty-fold.

Dad, luckily I won.

It's okay now.

-It scared me to death!
-It's fine now.

Let's see what he has.

He had a lousy hand right from the start.

I wonder what he was thinking.

Mahjong Warrior is out of luck.
He's screwed.

Excuse me, we're Insolvency Officers.



You again?

Yes. What a coincidence.

Sorry, I'm seizing your assets
for the third time.

It's fine. Be my guest.

Get to work.

Sir, someone is here to see the house.

So soon?

Of course. What should we do
if you're gone?

We're here to see you.

How is it?

It's quite nice to see you
hitting rock bottom.

-What are you doing?

Sorry. We're seizing the chairs.

Please put them down.

-I want to rent this place.

The air is nice and it's quiet enough.

There's no one around
when I look out to the sea.

Most importantly, it's yours.

Your house has been seized.
Please leave at once.

You aren't allowed to take anything.

Don't think about coming back here.

Go and sleep under the bridge.

Sir, I forgot to pass you a letter.

Our luck hasn't run out yet!

Our luck hasn't run out yet!

Our luck hasn't run out yet!

Son, what does it say?

Mom, we're moving.

Before I made a fortune,
I applied for public housing.

After waiting for ten years, we've got it!

It's Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate!

That's brilliant!

The bus stop is downstairs,
the subway station is a few steps away.

It's so great.

We'll have many neighbors!

-I enjoy liveliness!
-It'll help with mom's rheumatism.

-Let's see how we should decorate it.

I don't have to do
so much cleaning next time!

Drop the act!

Tak Wah, you're very optimistic.

After winning for years,
a few bad hands don't matter.

Things will get better soon.

Hey, how about you?
How's your job hunting?

It's on hold.

I'm developing a computer mahjong game
with Choi Yi.

All right.

Don't worry.

I'm worried that Mom
isn't used to staying here.

Why not?

I used to sew and make plastic flowers
to raise the both of you.

Sleep earlier or you won't be able
to wake up for school tomorrow.

Mom, the switch is over there.

Where are you going to?


-Hey, ma'am!
-You're a driver now?

Yes. The job gives me freedom.

I can play mahjong
when there are no customers.

Having better luck yet?


Keep it up.


How did you get in?

I broke in. There's no one in.

You cleaned my place again?

Leave it. Who'll notice?

Just clean everything during the year-end.

I wanted to put it in the garbage room.

But the bag broke and it spilled.

So I just left it here.


I've tried to throw as hard as I could,
but the wind blew it back.

I'll clean it up.

Must you be like that?

What now?

I've been cleaning the entire day.
Can't you show some gratitude?

I don't even clean my own place!

It's my fault again?


What do you mean by this?

You're leaving without saying a word?

{\an8}I'm dating that con man.

{\an8}I'm dating that con man.

{\an8}Aren't you mad? Say something.

{\an8}-Wing Kei.
-Don't say it.

{\an8}You'll say that thing
whenever you call my name.

{\an8}We should separate for a while.

Don't hurt me again.

Don't play games with me.

I've suffered enough.

Whatever I do just seems wrong.
I've changed but you don't like it.

Everything is wrong.

What do you want?

Do you love me or not?



When I see you in tears because of me.

You even cleaned my place.
How can I not be moved?

That's when love strikes.

When do you not love me?

When I see you tossing tissues
out the window.

When I find food and garbage
under my sofa.

There are fish bones too.

It attracts the ants.
That's when I don't love you.

When did I do that?

I threw it on the street!

That's wrong too.

-There's only grass there.
-People walk there.

If I don't sweep them under the sofa
or throw on the street,

you'll find it dirty.

Throw in the trash bag
and carry it to the garbage room.

But the bag breaks easily.

Use two bags then. Don't drag. Carry them.

Why are you so picky?

It's my wife we're talking about.
Do you think it's for fun?

It's for a lifetime.

Even if I've changed my behavior,

you wouldn't like me
because I'm a sore loser.

Good character makes a good player.

I'll change. You'll wait for me, right?

Are you going to play mahjong?

-I can choose not to.

I want you to play.

I want to see you play
before we part ways.

What's there to see?

It's nice to see.

You look very charming and professional
when you play.


-What a lousy hand.
-It's fine. A bad hand can still win.

What should I discard?

Anything. Eight Bamboos.


There's a reason it came.

Keep it first.

How can that be?

Let it be.

Knock the tiles over.

Take it easy. Relax.





-Which one?
-I'll lose.

This keeps happening recently.
People keep stealing my wins.

Five Bamboos.

-Mahjong! Four-fold.
-Had I known, I wouldn't discard this.

-It might be worse if we discarded this.
-Damn! Why didn't you discard that?

-I'd get All One Suit, eight-fold.
-Next time.


They're about to call Mahjong.

Which tile should I discard?

Based on the suits,
player one wants these.

Player two wants these.

Player three needs these two.

We'll lose no matter what.

We have to discard anyhow.
Let's think about our move.

Throw the tiles and flip the table.
Grab the chairs and the ashtrays.

-Close our eyes and hit them!
-I'm not asking you to beat them.

Think which tile can minimize our loss.

-All One Suit, eight-fold.

-All One Suit, eight-fold.

This. Mixed One Suit, just four-fold.

Let's take a bet.

Damn it! What kind of tile is this?

Leave it if you think it's a small win.

Damn it! Of course I'll take it.

This kind of tile... It's a pair. Damn!

Damn it!

West! Kong!

Not East! Damn!

It's East!

Damn it!

Damn it! This kind of tile?

That's wise of you.
I've never lost so happily.

Winning doesn't mean happiness.

Playing a good hand
gives the most satisfaction.

-I get it.
-About what?

I understand why
you don't lose your temper.

Bad hands require more patience.

Losing temper is no use.

Remember, good character
makes a good player.

Trust me.

You'll surely marry me
the next time I'm back.

Take care.

Take care.

She's nice.

I didn't say that she isn't.

That's all. I'll get going.

Damn it. Now we're short of a player.

-Keep it up!
-Thank you.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Choi Yi, our luck is back!

What's the good news?

Of course. The Japanese
bought our mahjong game.

They'll host a mahjong tournament
to promote it.

-That's good.
-Tak Wah, join the tournament.

Of course. It's mahjong. What's the prize?

It's a great prize.

Five round-trip tickets to Japan.
Economy class!

Our family can travel together then.

That's great.

There's one extra ticket.

Where's my daughter-in-law?
It's about time she comes home.

Buddies, long time no see.


There are so many participants.

Of course. Look at the prize.

-It's five air tickets.



You're here.

You're really here?

You're rich but you're still joining?

I like the title!

Mahjong Warrior.

I want to win all of your money.

And your house, car, title...

And girl.

-Tak Wah!

Excuse me.

Fortunately, it hasn't begun.
I was afraid I couldn't make it in time.

Did you become a flight attendant again?



I collected many lucky charms for you.

Beads from the Vatican.

Iranian hat.

Nepalese scarf.

I got this in Thailand.

A goat head tribal necklace.

I have 800 million dollars.


Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for participating
in the mahjong tournament.

The rules are simple.

Each player has a set of chips.

The loser will be replaced
by the next player.

The last four players
will enter the final round.

Let the game begin.

Why am I out?


How dare you drag me out?



I want to avenge my son.

Six Bamboos.




I want to avenge my mother-in-law.

One Bamboo.


"I want to avenge my mother-in-law."

I want to avenge my son.

Ma'am, you were here just now.

Was I?

Did I manage to take revenge?

If you did, your daughter-in-law
wouldn't avenge you.

Did she manage to avenge me?


-How can she keep playing?

My mom has Alzheimer's disease. Let's go.

-One Character.

-Five Characters.

-Seven Circles.

-Three Circles.

Nine Circles.

Seven Characters!

Mahjong! All One Suit, All in Triplets.

Well played.


Four Bamboos.

-Three Characters.
-Mahjong! All One Suit.

Well played.

-Six Characters.

Chicken Hand.

Mahjong! Chicken Hand.

Mahjong! Chicken Hand.

Do you need to keep getting that?

I have a lousy hand.
It's good enough to win.

After an intense game,
the final four players have been decided.

Keep it up! I'll marry you if you win!

All right!

Mother, he said yes!

Wait until he wins.
It's such a tough battle.

The rules are simple.

Whoever wins ten-fold first
is the champion.

The Mahjong Warrior.


{\an8}I knew you'd come back if I played well.











I'll finish you in a round!

He has Circles in hand.

I can discard Character tiles.


He has Characters in hand.

I can discard Bamboos.

He has Bamboos in hand.

I can discard Circles.

Eight Circles.

It's safe to discard Eight Bamboos.

It's safe to discard Eight Circles.

It's safe to discard Eight Characters.

Buddies, I'm counting on you.



You're here too.

Bonus tile.

A pair of three.

I knew it's you!

Buddies, thank you.


I should have called Mahjong
earlier with three-fold.


Your buddies are with me.


-Red Dragon.


-Green Dragon.


-White Dragon.

I was so clumsy when I ate.

It's still warm.




Damn it!




Great Winds, Four Kongs.



It's so well played.

Especially in the first round.
You really turned things around.

You deserve the title!

These five air tickets are yours.

Tak Wah!

We can get married now.

We can get married now.

Sir, why did you discard Five Circles?
He clearly had Four Circles.

What were you afraid of?
Does it have anything to do with rice--

That doesn't count! I want another round!

There's no rematch. Whoever wins
ten-fold first is the champion.

My brother won thirty-two-fold.
It's more than enough.

I want to have a duel!

We'll stake everything and the title.

As well as the five air tickets!

Son, stop playing.

He got his luck back.

I want to play.
I want to be the Mahjong Warrior.

-You insist to be the Mahjong Warrior?

I got your bonus tiles.

So do I.

I hate Four Circles.

You're so naughty.

What are you talking about?
Either you take it or leave it.

Nothing else.




If you like Japan, you can have it.

You can have the title too if you want it.

It's just a game.
There's no need to stake everything.

What is it?

What does he have?

Great Winds. Mixed One Suit.
Seven Flowers and it's Earthly Hand!

Forty-fold again?

To return good for evil.

He's indeed a great master.







Green Dragon.

Green Dragon.

Green Dragon.


Everyone is a winner then.

-We are all winners!
-We are all winners!

-We are all winners!
-We are all winners!

Subtitle translation by Angel Choo