Fast Break (1979) - full transcript

David Greene is a New York basketball enthusiast, who wants to coach. He is then offered the coaching job at a small Nevada college. He brings along some players, who are a bit odd but good. Like Swish who unknown to the rest of the team is a girl. Preacher, who's being sought by some nefarious characters. And D.C., who's a fugitive. And along with some of the students at the college, he turns them into a contender. In order to give the team the respect they deserve and some exposure, Greene schemes to try and get the number 1 team led by Bo Winnegar, to play them. Brian liked to dish to Bob for the easy layup. Kev stole the ball and fed Mel on a breakaway. Reg would guard the paint.

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♪ Hey, my man

♪ Your chance is here

♪ Grab it now

♪ Before it disappears

♪ Lady luck is here today

♪ Move before she runs away

♪ Keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ And go for it

Man: ♪ Don't hang back

♪ For life's too short

♪ Second-guessing

♪ Is a loser's sport

♪ Though your back's
against the wall ♪

♪ Now at least
you've got the ball ♪

♪ Keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ And go for it

♪ Now is not the time

♪ To sit and shiver

♪ No, no, no

♪ Now's the time
to stand ♪

♪ And then deliver

♪ Just pretend that life

♪ Is like a river

♪ And flow with it

♪ Flow with it

♪ You'd better go with it

♪ You'd better
go with it ♪

Both: ♪ Jump right in

♪ You'll feel alive

♪ Take the blows

♪ But know
that you'll survive ♪

♪ Put your marbles
on the line ♪

♪ If you lose,
it ain't a crime ♪

♪ Win or lose,
you got the team ♪

♪ So keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

Both: ♪ And go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Now

Man: No, no.

David: Wait a minute.

You wanna play good basketball,
you got to remember one thing--

your head has got to be
like a sponge.

Hustler: A sponge?

Yeah, a sponge, Hustler.
You got to remember things.

When you do something right,
remember what it was.

And when you
do something wrong,

you got to remember
not to do it wrong anymore.

Can you see anything
I'm doing wrong?

Yeah, Marvin, your passing.

Now, you pass well,
and you're accurate, right?

But you telegraph
every time, Marvin.

We should call you Mr. Morse.
Beep, beep, beep.

It's a joke, Marvin.
Forget about it.

What I'm trying to say
is that your eyes

told me where you were going
every time. Your eyes.

My eyes?

You think that's why
I didn't get recruited

by no college?

No. The rest of your game
is solid.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Sometimes the best
aren't always picked first.

Really? Who wasn't
picked first?

Who? Cousy. How's that?


Bob Cousy.

Bob Cousy?

Who is Bob Cousy?

Who is Bob Cousy?

You guys don't know
who Bob Cousy is?

I never heard of him.

Bob Cousy played college ball
at Holy Cross.

He was drafted by
the Tri-city Blackhawks. Right?

Now, they're not
too thrilled with him,

so they trade him to
the Chicago Stags team.

Now, Chicago folds
before the season starts.

And Boston gets stuck
with this Mr. Cousy,

and they're not too thrilled
with him, either.

He only plays 14 years for them,
averages 18.4 a game,

and is regarded
as the best backcourt man

to ever step on a basketball
court, all right?

My man,
the Incredible Spongeman.

All right, ok.





Janny bananny.

I am home.



How you doin'?

How's every
little thing?

Everything's ok?



Stop it. Stop.

All right, let me tell you
what happened, ok?

You said come home between
7:00 and 7:30, right?

So 6:45, I left the court,
I was on my way home, but...

But what?

But what?
But what?

But I happened to run into
this guy I was in the army with.

I haven't seen him
for 10 years. Eddie. And I--

Eddie Bullshit.

Eddie Bullshit, and I said,
"Eddie, how's your bullshit?"

And he said,
"Fine. How's yours?"

Do you know what that is
over there, David?


Don't get cute.

Do you know what that is
over there?

A phone.
That's right.

You take your little finger,
and you put it in the hole,

and you go around 7 times,
and you call,

and you say you're
gonna be home late.

It's very simple.

You're right. Could we
get back to kissing?

Stop it. You're all sweaty,
and you smell of garlic.

I only had one slice.
Just one slice.

When did you
ever have one slice?

I had 4 slices
and 2 cokes.

Why don't you
go take a shower?


You're hurting me.
Cut it out.

I'm sorry.

You're mad, and you got
a right to be mad, ok?

But let's discuss it
like 2 mature adults, all right?

Mature. A guy spends
half of his waking hours

throwing a ball
into a hoop,

and he talks
about being mature.

Always put me down.

It's amazing to me.
You can remember

who did what to who
on a basketball court,

but you can't remember

to come home in time
for dinner.

Let's look at the mail.

Let's look at the mail.

Uh-oh, dentist. I think
we'll have to pay this guy.

He's starting to get surly.

My tooth hurts.

So go to the dentist.

Hey, I got an answer from
this university I wrote.

Big deal.

"Dear Mr. Greene, I have
studied your application

"with great interest.

is in great need

"of a young and inventive
basketball coach.

"My wife and I will be
in New York City on the 12th.

"Please call us
at the St. Moritz

"to set up an appointment.

"Yours truly, Alton Gutkas,

Cadwallader University."

I got an interview.

You're crazy.
Let me see that.

What's the name
of this school?


Cadwallader. Mmm.

Obviously one of
the top 10 schools

in the country.

Hey, you know,
I write a lot of letters,

and I finally
got an interview.

You don't have to be
so nasty.

I'm sorry.

I just don't want you
to get hurt.

I'm not going to get hurt.

Let's go take a shower.

You wanna take a shower?


All right, come on,
let's go take a shower.

You know, jan, I got
a good feeling about this.

I'm gonna give you
a good feeling.

I'm gonna wash your
Cadwallader for you.

What's the spread on
the Knicks tonight?

Knicks. Uh, the Knicks
are 8-point underdogs.

I like the sonics.

I'll take the Knicks and 8
for 20.

I'll give you 6.

It's 8 points
in the paper.

So bet
with the paper, Henry.

You're getting senile,
you know that?

Hey, Bernice,

6.48 and 1.87
is 8.35, not 7.35.

So where's the pickles?

Got it.

That guy on table 4
with the bad suit,

says the chicken salad
is no good.

Which guy? They all got
bad suits on table 4.

The little one.

Hey, mister. Mister, you
got to eat half a sandwich

to find out it's no good?

I thought it'd get
better. I'm sorry.

Yeah, well,
I'm sorry, too.

I gotta charge you
for the sandwich.

I wouldn't pay a penny.

The chicken salad's

What are you talking about?

I just made it
fresh this morning.

I'll charge you
for half a sandwich.

Can I, uh,
help you, sir?

Could you spare a piece
of bread for a veteran?

You wouldn't
make a habit

of coming in here,
would you?

No, sir.

You promise me. I don't
want to see you in here.

Let me have a knish
for a veteran.

Here, come here,
come here.

Here, take a napkin.
Here you go.

Thank you, sir.
God bless you, sir.

God bless you, too.
Happy Veteran's Day.

Listen, the guys and I
are going to the track.

I'll be back about 5:00.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

I told you I got
an appointment at 4:30.

Oh, yeah.
I'll be back at 4:00.

All right.

You know, Davey, for my sake,
I hope you don't get the job.

Why, thank you, Henry.

Listen, I got to leave 4:05,
whether you're back or not.

I'll be back at 4:04.
Don't hock me, don't hock me.

Excuse me,

I have an appointment
with Mr. Gutkas.

Can you tell me
what room he's in?

On the house phone, sir.

He's expecting me.
My name is David Greene.

Look, the house phone, sir.
They'll take care of you.

Mr. Alton Gutkas, please.

Mr. Gutkas. Hi, how are you?
David Greene.

So, how do you like new--

Ok, I'll be right up.

[Knock on door]

Mr. Greene?

Alton Gutkas.

Nice to meet you.

Hello, how are you?

Uh, buttercup,
he's here.

Great, honey!

Come in.
Sit down.

What are you drinking?


Uh, tomato juice.
Tomato juice.

How did you, uh, first happen
to hear about Cadwallader?

I Grant you, Mr. Gutkas,
a lot of people

have probably never
heard of Cadwallader,

but I've always
found the school

kind of interesting.

Sort of, uh, a gem
in the wilderness.

Yeah, a gem in the--

oh, buttercup, Mr. Greene's
always thought of us

as a "gem in the woods."
You look so pretty.

Oh, thank you.

Buttercup, I'd like you
to meet Mr. David Greene.

David, my bride,
Enid Cadwallader-Gutkas.

Nice to meet you,
Mrs. Gutkas.

That's Cadwallader-Gutkas.

And it's nice
to meet you, too.

Well, buttercup,
what do you think?

for a basketball coach,

I thought there'd be
a little bit more to him.

Uh, what Enid means is
she thought you'd be taller.

Oh, oh.
Well, I jump high.

I love a sense of humor.

He's ethnic, Enid.

Enid never met an ethnic before.
Did you, buttercup?

Well, just a little
bitty gardener once.

Well, I guess you want to
go do your shopping.

We going to talk business.

Ok. Well, it's nice
to have met you.

Nice to have met you,
Mrs. Cadwallader-Gutkas.

Gem in the wilderness,

Let's cut the bullshit.

Nobody ever heard
of Cadwallader.

I never heard of Cadwallader
until I met Enid.

Sit down.

But it's there.
And I am the new president.

And I do not intend
to live my life in obscurity.

I want to make
Cadwallader a name.

Some kind of ball team
would do it.

is too expensive.

is only 5 men.

That's where you
come in.

Thank you.
Why would you pick me?

I liked your letter.

You seemed
to know the game.

You're a student of
John Wooden's style...

And most of all,
I especially like the part

where you said
you'd work for nothing.

I liked that.

Well, you didn't take me
literally at that.

You don't really expect me
to work for nothing, do you?

Well, I'll give you $50
for every game you win.



A game?

When you win.

How many games you
gonna play this year?

Well, we hope to
have 30. Maybe 32.

Wait, wait, Mr. Gutkas,

you say if I win every game,
I'm gonna make $2,000.

$50 a game. Come on.

All right,
make it 60.

Look, I know
it's a long shot,

but I'll give you
room and board,

$60 for every game
you win,

and I'll give you
a regular contract

if you beat
Nevada State.

Nevada State? It's one of
the top 10 teams in the country.

What are you talking about?

That's what
makes it a long shot.

I told you
it was a long shot.

But, uh, the day
you beat Nevada State,

I'll give you
a 3-year contract

at 30,000 a year.
With fringes.

You know, I think
you're as crazy as I am.

But I like your style.

This is guaranteed?
$30,000 a year for 3 years?

I promise.

I just got to
beat Nevada State?


Where do I get my players?

Anywhere you can.

What about scholarships?

Well, we'll give 'em
room and board

and a first-class

for any kid who wants
to play with us.

Some of the best players
I know

have a little problem
with academics.

Not at Cadwallader.
Do you get what I mean?

You got yourself a deal.
All right?

Just to be fair, let's make it
$100 a game, all right?


You got it.

I got the job.

I never thought
that would happen.

I was starting to believe
it would never happen.

When do you start?



Jan, it's gonna
be terrific.

They're gonna give us
our own furnished apartment,

room and board.

The food there
is supposed to be terrific.

And the money, uh...

The money's not great
the first year. Only 2,500.

But all I gotta do is beat
this one team, Nevada State,

and I make $30,000 a year
for 3 years.

I'm not going,


I said I'm not going.


How can we live
on $2,500?

We'll manage.
It's only for one year.

We got money in the bank.

You're not touching
that money.

That money's
for the house.

What do you mean I'm not
gonna touch that money?

I said you're not gonna
touch that money.

It's for the house.

Look, that money
is half mine,

and I'm gonna touch it
whenever I want to touch it.

I was afraid
this was gonna happen.

I don't understand it.
You have a good job.

What do you want
to blow it now for?

Because now is
when I have the opportunity.

You have the opportunity
to ruin a future.

Jan, I want to be
a basketball coach.

Don't you understand that?

When I was coaching
in junior high,

that was the happiest time
of my life.

The kids were 12,
13 years old.

They didn't know what the hell
I was talking about.

But this is what
I want to do.

Well, it's not
what I want to do.

What about me, David?
Don't I count?

Jan, I love you,

more than I've ever
loved anybody.

But I'm going to Nevada.

I'm staying in New York.

[Buzz buzz]

[Buzz buzz buzz]

Who is it?

David: Ma, it's me.

Me, who?

Me, your son.

My son, who?

How many sons
do you have?

Give me your name.

Isn't a voice enough?

Give me your name!

David Benjamin.

Davey, it's past midnight.

Ma, you know, I think
you're getting old.

You're looking

Suspicious, you bet,

with the bums
in the neighborhood.

What was
the fight about?

There was no fight.

Well, what are you doing
with the suitcase?

Look, Ma, Jan and I,

we just came to, like,
an understanding.

Some understanding.
You're here and she's there.

I'll tell you what happened
in the morning,

all right? Good night.

Hey, man, it's a chance
to get an education.

Tomorrow belongs to you.

You got to think
about your future.

Hey, I got my future in the bag.
You know how much money I make?

Yeah, I can tell by
the way you're dressed.

Come on, man. I got to dress
down, or I scare 'em away.

Listen, Leroy,
a pool Hustler's life

is nothing
to look forward to.

There's not a lot
of longevity involved.

I can go on forever.

My act's too cool for
these turkeys. Ha ha.

Yeah. Too cool
for these turkeys.

You better watch out.
These turkeys get smart,

one year, they might
have you for Thanksgiving.

what's happening, Hal?

Get out!
Say what?

Say what?

Get your ass
out of here!

Come on, man.
I'm only looking to play.

Why you talk to me like that?

I don't want
your action here.

I'm gonna see to it

you don't get any action
in New York.

And if you want
any action,

you'd better get on down
to West Virginia.

Aw, come on, man.

Get out! And take that
Puerto Rican with you!

[People singing
gospel music]

Hey, honky,
what are you doing here?

This is my man.

He's here to do a cover story
for Time magazine.

A cover story for Time?


All right.



All right.

Lord have mercy.

Yes, indeed.

Bless you.
Oh, that's beautiful.

All right, bless you.

Bless you.
Bless you.

Bless me.

Bless you.


And sisters.


I come to you this evenin'

a humble messenger
of the grand master....

All right!

The grand master

of the Church
of the Celestial Being.


I say, I say humble
because I am humble.

All right!
All right!



How does he move?

What? How does he move?

You give him a basketball,
he's got more moves

than a hundred-dollar

19 years old.

Right out of the Harlem tenement
and no education.

All right!

That's right, sister.
No education.

But I wears $400 suits...

All right!

And walks around
in $100 shoes,

and I drives a brand-new--

which is parked right
outside the church--

coupe de ville.

Let me hear it from you.



Now, I'm going to tell you
something else,

and then I'm going to
get off this stage.

You know, the rich people

would tell you that poverty
is not a crime.

Ain't that something?

They will actually say
that poverty is not a crime.


And you want to know why
they can tell you that?

Because they ain't got
no poverty. You got it.

That's right.

David: Watch out!

Oh, shit!

You crazy man!
Give me that gun!

Put that thing down, man!
Give me that gun!

Get the car,
bring it around back.

Bring it around back.

The car?

Come on, man,
answer the phone.


what's going on here?

Nothing, mama. Go--go
rustle up some food.

So what kind of food
do these people eat?

The same as us.

Well, maybe not
the same as you.

Come on, I'll help you.
Come on.


Well, are father Celestial's
soldiers gonna guard you?

Father Celestial's

are trying to kill me.

What? I thought
you was his protégé.

I was. Leroy, he's got
this daughter, see...

Hot for my body.

So when I was in Chicago,
I was living at his house.

The chick would
come around to visit

in the middle
of the night.

3:00 in the morning.

A man ain't
thinking at all.

So she's pregnant.

So what? Marry her.

Leroy, you don't
marry God's daughter,

when she's 15.


What do you want
from me? I'm only 19.

I mean, no place
is safe for me, Leroy.

Not here, Chicago,
Los Angeles, Detroit.

Oh, man, his people
are everywhere.

Not everywhere.

Thank you.

Want a coke?

Ever hear of, uh,
Cadwallader University?

No, man, I never
heard--say what?



That's all right.
Nobody has.

[Whistle blows]

[Basketball dribbling]

Hey, what's happening,

Any luck?

Luck? I've been
to 11 places today.

Every kid I coached
in junior high school.

You want to know
what the story is?

4 are in college

2 are in the air force.

One is dead.
One is in jail.

And the rest,
whereabouts unknown.

[Whistle blows]

Don't ever
become a bartender.

Your strong point is not
other people's problems.

Which one is Swish?

The one with the ball...

And a soft touch.

All right!

See what I mean?

All right!


You know, I don't understand
how come this Bobby James

hasn't been snatched up
by some college.

I don't know.

How well do you know him?

Not as well
as I'd like to.

What the hell
does that mean?

He's a drag queen?

No wonder
they call him Swish.

You mean her.


meet Roberta James.


Son of a bitch!

I'm already
going to college.

I start in the fall
at CCNY.

On a basketball


But that's crazy.

You should be
playing basketball.

Oh, really? Who's drafting
females these days?

Nobody'd let me play
with the boys.

I'll let you
play with me.

Shut up, Hustler.

You can play on my team.
How bad do you want it?


Bad enough to register
as Robert James?

This is a real nice block here,
you know that?

Where we going?

Right here.

In here?

Yeah, that's right.
Right here, man.

You know, I'm not recruiting
any rats this year.

They eat too much cheese.

Come on, man,
be cool, all right?

We're really going in here?

Yeah. Come on, now.
Let's go.

What's the matter,
no doorman?

Oh, once you get inside,
it's not that bad.

Come on, man.

Do they have a swimming pool
on the roof?

What's happening, ugly?

What you doing, Leroy?

Hey, all right.

Who's this guy, man?

Hey, relax. He's cool.

Here, I brought you

Who is this, man?

He's a basketball coach,
that's all.

He don't look like
no basketball coach to me.

He sure don't.

Looks to me
more like a pig.

Hey, guys,
I ain't no pig.

Actually, I'm from
the landlord,

and your rent
is overdue.

How you doing?
David Greene.

Hey, man,
get him out of here.

Hey, lighten up, man.

Get him
out of here, man.

Hey, give me
my groceries, man.

Let's go.
Come on.

Hey, you.

You'd better forget
you ever seen this place.

To hell with you,

God, this place
is a memory, D.C.

D.C. D.C. Dacey.

Donald Clarence Dacey.

Morris High School, 1976.

28.7 a game.

148 basketball

turns them all down
and disappears.

Drops out of sight.

D.C. Dacey.

Give the man his groceries.


[People chattering]

David, this is
from the guys at the deli.

Oh, the guys
at the deli.

All right.


It broke their heart.
They bought me something.

Oh, a whistle.

Let's hear it.
Let's hear it.


All right, listen,
I want a fast break.

Hustler, make a cut between
the pickles and the mustard

and dunk it right there
in the coffee pot.

This is--look,
I got to open this next.

Hey, D.C., have some
chopped liver.

Go ahead.
Enjoy yourself.

Billy, you started to smoke?

Miss Zukor,
thank you very much.

Thank you. You always
were a classy lady.

Thank you.

Ma, how you doing, ma?

Fine, fine.

I don't see her.

You don't see her
'cause she's not here.

When she comes,
you'll see her.

You spoke to her?

I spoke, I spoke.

Give her a chance.

I think you should speak
to that big kid dizzy.

D.C. not dizzy, D.C.

Dizzy, D.C.--
what's the difference?


Somebody else would like
some chopped liver.

Like who?
Like me.

Like you?

I think you had
enough chopped liver.

What do you think?

So, Mrs. Greene, what do you
think of your boy?

I think he's crazy--

basketball, Nevada.

He's a good boy, though.

We're going to miss him.

I got one
for you boys.

Who was the first
black player in the NBA?

Oh, wow.

You see that?
You don't know.

Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton.

He played
for the Knicks, 1949.

You boys should know that.
That's your roots.

Say, what was your name?

Arnie Dibber.

Dibber? Uh, Dibber,

who was the first white
ball player

to play in the NBA?


Ah. Got to get
to the roots, boy.

Get down.


I'm getting down.

So, what was that,
about 18 months ago?

Whoo. Shot up.
Look at her.

Excuse me.
Nice seeing you again.



Thanks for coming.

Yeah, well,
your mom said

you're going to be leaving
in the morning.

I couldn't call you.

I had my mother do it.

I feel like a kid.

So, um...

I came by to say so long,

and, uh...

I hope you'll be very happy.

Lottie: Jan.


Hi, mom.

You look pale.
Are you eating?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Come and eat.

Oh, no, you go and eat.
Go ahead.

We'll see you later.
Have something to eat.


You know, maybe
I was dreaming,

but I had this idea
you might show up here

with your luggage

I came here because I don't
want us to be enemies.

That's very nice.

Well, I don't want us
to be just friends.

I mean enemies.

Oh, I got
something for you.

It's a plane ticket.

No, no. You don't have
to use it. Just take it.

It's returnable,

You can get money,
anything you want.

You never can tell.

You could be
driving by an airport,

and all of a sudden,
you get an urge,

and, bing, bong, boom,
you're in Nevada.

Bye, David.

I'm scared.

I'm scared, too.

Hey, how's it look?

It's quiet, man.

D.C.: Hey, man,
any cops?

Come on, relax.

Say, man, my pants
are getting all wrinkled.

The sucker's
taking forever.

Here they come now.

D.C.: What the hell
is that?

Preacher: Ha ha!
Look at that walk.


We got to spend
3 days in a car

with a--with a...

Hey, man, he lays
one hand on me,

I'm going
to deck his ass.




David: Hey, look
at that cow over there.


Hustler: Man,
to hell with the cow.

How we going to play ball
with 4 players, huh?


We're going to manage,
that's how.

Finding 5 players dumb enough
to go to Caberlac--


Let's talk about
why you're here.

Say, let's talk about
why you're here.

Who cares why
anybody's here?

Wait a minute.
Hey, Swish.

Hey, Swish,
don't you talk?

I let my feet run,
not my mouth.

Others: Oh!

I heard that, Swish.
All right.

That's cold. Now,
that was really cold.

Heh heh.

All right.
Lookie here.

The Lord hath rolleth,

but the Preacher man
takes it away.

I hear you.
I heard that.

Give me that.

Say, coach, what's this
Cadwallader place look like?

Are you finished
insulting each other?

There's a brochure
right in there.

Take a look at that.

Yeah. Go ahead.

in mid-America--


Is that mid-America,

What's this place
look like?

Oh, will you
look at that?

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Honky heaven.

Look at that.
Here you go, coach.

Preacher: You want
some of this?

No, thank you.

No, thank you?

Hey, come on, man,
why don't you loosen up?

I mean, get down.

Hey, coach--

Hey, listen--
Hey, listen,

get your fill
of that stuff now,

because once we get
to Cadwallader,

you become athletes,
not junkies, all right?

Yeah, junkies.

Preacher: What've we got
ourselves into this time?

♪ Jump right in

♪ You'll feel alive

♪ Take the blows

♪ But know
that you'll survive ♪

♪ Put your marbles
on the line ♪

♪ If you lose,
it ain't a crime ♪

♪ Win or lose,
you've got the team ♪

♪ So keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ And go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Now, now, now

♪ Now, now, now

♪ Now, now, now

♪ Go for it now

♪ Go for it now

♪ Go for it now

♪ Oh, keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ Now go for it now

♪ Go, go, go, go

Quiet. I think we're being
followed by the police.


Lord, man, they're after me.
Come on, step on it.

Step on what? Are you
kidding? With this car?

How do they know
you in this car, Turkey?

Coach, just drive careful.

Roll down
the goddamn windows!

Get rid of
your marijuana.

How am I going
to do that?

Throw it out the window.

Don't throw it out.
They'll see it.

Lord, man, they're going
to bust us for sure!

Throw it out the window,
will you?

Don't throw it
hide it. Out the window.

D.C.: There ain't
no place to hide it!

Throw it out
the goddamn window!

If you throw it out
the window, they'll spot--

Eat it!

Are you crazy?

Eat it!
All of it?

How much
do you have?

One pound!

Well, goddamn.

Well, eat it,
goddamn it.

Jesus, man.


[Man coughs]

[All gagging]

I'm going to pull over.


I'm pulling over.

Keep driving and eat!

No. I'm going
to pull over right now.

I'm going to pull over.


I'm going to pull over.

Come on,
swallow, swallow.

Scarf it all up.
I'm pulling over.

[Sirens pass]



Welcome to happy hollow.

Hey, it's not that bad.

It's not that bad.
It's just, like,

uh, you know,
um, rustic.

They're here.

Send them in.


Wait a minute.

Put some
black music on.

[Music playing]

The Mills Brothers:
♪ If I didn't care...

You can come in now.

David: Thank you.
Thank you.

Alton, how are you?
Nice to see you again.

Come in, come in.
How are you?

How you been?

Listen, I'd like you
to meet the team

that's going to make
Cadwallader famous.

This is D.C. Dacey.

This is Leroy Monroe.

This is Tommy white,
and this is Bobby James.

Mr. Gutkas.

Well, boys, welcome
to Cadwallader.

I'd like you to meet
Howard Groper.

He's our team manager.

How you doing, Howie?

If you need anything,
you just ask Howard.

Yeah? How about
a new gym?

Oh, don't you worry
about that.

We're getting it

Now, we want you to have
the best we can offer.

Our academic standards
are high.

When you leave here,
you'll have an education

second to none.

Cut out
the "boy" jive.

I mean, this is
a university.

How are we going
to get in?

You're in...


David: What'd I tell you?
What'd I tell you?

Did I tell you that?

I told you, right?
All right.

All right. Howard,

you show them
into their rooms.

If you boys
will follow me...

Well, look, it's
not really that bad.

I mean,

maybe some plants or--

Plants. Now,
that's a good idea.

As a matter of fact, I
even brought some seeds.

Oh, yeah, well, see,

the soil here
is very fertile.

Ok, you guys want
to choose up living squads?

Yeah. Say, Hustler, you want
to shack up with me, man?

I was thinking about
shacking up with Swish.

Preacher: Hey, you got it,
man. I'm with you.

Me and you, Preacher.

On second thought,
I want my own room.

We all want
our own rooms.

Wait a minute.
Time. Listen.

I hate to tell you this.

This school
is very overcrowded.

There is no way.

It is an absolutely
inconceivable fact for you

to have Howard...
Your own--

Do it.

Preacher: Yeah, man.


D.C.: Right.



I'm waiting
until the heat's off,

then I'm getting
the hell out of here.

You going to let coach
build a team

and then
walk out on him?

Hey, man, I got
to look out for myself.

See? That's all
you ever do, D.C.

Son of a bitch!

I'm going
to kick your ass!

I don't take no shit
from no fag!

Nah, Swish
ain't no fag, man.

I've known him
since we were kids.

Well, then he's latent.

Late or early, it don't
make no difference, man.

A fag's a fag.

Ha! I heard that.
Ha ha!

[Swish humming]

We got to find
a fifth man out of that?

Hey, uh,
worse comes to worse,

I'll shave off my beard,
and I'll play.



All right.
Let's find out

what kind of shape
we're in.


good afternoon.

I am Coach Greene.

Hello, Coach Greene.
Hello, Coach Greene.

Ok. Now, these gentlemen

are the new additions
to the team.

I'm sure you heard
about them.

This is Hustler,
this is D.C.,

this is Swish,
and this is Preacher.

Ok, let me have the ball.

Thank you. Let's get
started right away.

You stay on the court,

and you stay
on the court.

Everybody else
to the sideline.

Uh, Hustler, Swish,
stay on the court.

D.C., Preacher,
come on, let's go,

off the court.

Now you guys are going
to play defense.

You set up.
You guys play offense.

Bring the ball down.
Let's see what we got here.



[David blows whistle]

Let me have the ball.

Come on, quick.
Let me have the ball.

What's your name?

It's very important
to always keep your body

in between your man
and the basket.

Now, I know you're looking
for the outside shot,

but don't let him
go in on you.

Keep your body between--
You hear me?

Keep your body between
the man and the basket.

Let's try it again.

Keep your body in between
the man and the basket.

All right.

David: Ok.
Good try, Larry.

You four guys
off the court.

OK. 2 on 2.

You four off.
You, get on the court.

You, get on the court.

Preacher, D.C.,
bring the ball down.

Come on, let's go.
Move it.


Let me have the ball.

Now I want everybody
to pay close attention

to what Preacher
just did,

because you're never
going to see it again.

That was
a demonstration

of Harlem Globetrotter

Man: Whoo!

All right.


Let me have the ball.

When you dribble, Swish,
keep the ball low--

No higher than your knee.

How low can you go?
No higher than your knee.

Not so much fancy stuff.

You, what's
your name? Alec.

come over here. Yes, sir.

I don't know if you're going
to make the team or not,

but if you do, buy a jock.

Let's move it.
Move it.

Come on.

Watch him.

Passing, passing.

Move the ball.
Move the ball.


Hustler, what'd you do?

I dunked the ball.

You hung on the rim!
That's a technical foul!

No hanging on the rim!

[David blows whistle]

Damn, man!

This is basketball,

Sorry, man.

Sorry, my ass. Get
somebody else in there.

Preacher, come here.

You're embarrassing me.
This looks very bad.

This is my first day as coach.
Now go back in there.

Hey, well, he better not
do it again.

Come on, play ball.
Let's go.


Make up your mind what
you're going to do, Hustler.

You mother--

Hey, just cool it.

I don't want to
hurt you. Now back off.

Just relax now.

David: All right.

Hey, hey.
Now back off.

All right,
let him go.

Let him go.

You ok, buddy?

Let him go.
He's ok.

All right, all right.

What's your name, son?

Sam Newton, sir.

Did you play ball
for Cad last year?

No, sir.
I'm a freshman.

A freshman?

Where'd you play
your high school ball?

I played football.

Hey, I believe it.

But cad doesn't have
a football team.

Oh, so you thought
you'd play

a little defensive tackle
out here, huh?

All right, Hustler,
come over here.

Come on. Everything all right
between you two guys?

No hard feelings. An honest
mistake. Restitution,

all right?

Ok, we're going to play
a little 5 on 5,

all right, Sam?

I want you to play with
the 4 boys from New York.

I mean the 4 guys
from New York.

All right, let's get
on the other team...

I want, uh, Larry.

Howard said you wanted
to see us, Coach.

Yeah. You could've
took a shower first.

It wasn't that important.
That's all right.


Krebs, Hollis,

the game of basketball
is not always won and lost

by how good you play.

Frequently, it's about

how bad you can make
the other guy play.

Now, you agree
with that, Hollis?

Good. I'm glad
you agree with that.

Now, once in a while,
it's necessary to use

what you call a little,
um, psychology.

That's where
you two come in.

Jesus, man.

blows whistle]

Aah! Ohh!

All right, all right,
all right.

Hey, man, he tripped me
on purpose!

Sit down!

Sit down,
my ass, man!

You hit him already.
Sit down.

Hollis: Uhh.

Preacher: Sucker.

David: You ok?

You all right?

You're not even
bleeding. It's ok.

It's all right.
It's ok.

Come on, get up. Get up.

Get some air.
Get up. Come on.

Walk around
a little bit.

Let's go. Come on, Hollis,
it's all right.

This was a good job,

You got to learn
how to duck, though.

It's very important.

Good afternoon,
Mrs. Tidwell.

Good afternoon,
Mr. Greene.

Uh, I understand we have
a bit of a problem here.

No, Mr. Greene,
you have a problem.

Donald Clarence Dacey

does not belong
in this university.

Come on. I think you're
overreacting a little bit.

Mr. Greene...

Mr. Greene,
the boy cannot read.

Well, that makes him
an average college student.


I fail to find anything
very amusing in that.

I have had to flunk this boy
on his English midterm.

How bad was it?



Flunking him means
that he won't be able

to play basketball.

Now, I'm sure
Mr. Gutkas

and the whole
Cadwallader family

are going to be
very upset,

because we all realize

what this boy can do
for the university.

Destroy it

Look, Mrs.--

I don't know
about Mr. Gutkas,

but I'm sure that the whole
Cadwallader family

will understand.

Mrs. Tidwell, could I--

Ms. Tidwell.

Ms. Tidwell.




I'm not asking you to do
anything immoral or illegal.

All I'm asking you to do

is give the boy
another chance.

Sports is his life--

you know, the thrill
of victory,

the agony of defeat.

I've never known
the thrill of victory.

Well, this is your chance.
This is your opportunity.

Every time
Donald Clarence Dacey

scores a basket,

you'll know that you were
partially responsible.

I'm afraid that--

Nancy, don't be afraid.

Could we have another
Margarita for the lady?

No, really, please.
I don't drink.

One more.
Just one more.

I'll have
another one later.

One more for her.

Bring her another one.

I'll have one later.

Nancy, what are you
afraid of?

I'm afraid that's
impossible. There's--

nothing's impossible.

Look at yourself, Nancy.

You're a well-educated,

sexual white woman.

You come from
a upper-middle-class background

in Nevada,

but we're talking
about a black kid

from the streets
of New York--


Grew up with crime,

drugs, poverty.

You know what it is
to grow up in a ghetto?

To have your spirit

before it can grow,
before it can blossom?


Nancy, I'm asking you
to be more than an educator.

I'm asking you to be...

A human being--

a caring, feeling,

thinking human being.

His future
is in your hands.


Don't let us down.

[Knock on door]

D.C.: Enter
at your own risk.

Here you go.
Merry Christmas.

Oh, you cleaned up
your room. Very nice.

What is this,

What is this? My friend,
you got one week

to pass your English
exam, that's it.

What are you
talking about?

I couldn't pass that
exam if I had a year.

I had lunch for 2 hours
today with Ms. Tidwell.

That's special detail

so you're going to try
and pass your exam.

Hey, look, I came here
to play basketball,

not get no education.

Look, if you don't
pass this exam,

you don't play
basketball. Simple.

Fine. I don't play

What kind of attitude
is that?

Why do you have an attitude
about everything?

You got an attitude
about this.

You got an--we'll call you
Mr. attitude.

That's going to be
your new name--Mr. attitude.

What if I fail?

If you fail, you fail.

That's the way
of the world. Just try.

All I'm asking you to do
is make an honest effort.

You can't do that
for me?

Will you look
at them books, man?

I couldn't get through
one of them in a week.

Just try!

If there's something
you don't understand,

I'll give you a synopsis.
Now, Swish--

a what?

A synopsis--I'll boil it
down for you

if there's something
you don't understand.

Swish is going
to help you.

Any night you want,
Swish is going to be there.

Oh, no.

Oh, what's wrong
with Swish?

You got an attitude
about Swish now,

attitude about everything.

Mr. attitude--"I don't--"
Swish is an "a" student.

Yeah, well,
that figures.

Yeah, that figures.

Attitude, attitude,

Everything's an att--

I think this is alive.
I just saw it move.

All right, follow me.

Let's do it.
Change pace.

Change speed.
Change direction.

Pace, speed, direction.

Very good, very good.
That's 3 in a row.

Ok, now, in the devil
and Daniel Webster,

which was written by...

Uh, Benet.

Benet. Benet who?
Benet Goodman?

Wait a minute.
I don't know.

Stephen Vincent Benet,
all right?

David: I want
to see a lay-up.

No jump shot.
Left hand.

All right.
Good, good.

Good, good.

All right, let's do it
again. Come on.

Good. No jump shot.

Lay-up, lay-up, lay-up.


"All languages
being imperfect,

it does not follow that
one should change them."

Who said that?

Rick Barry. I don't know
who said that.

Rick Barry? No,
it was Darryl Dawkins.

Who said it?

Voltaire said it.

He sounds
like a faggot.

Everybody sounds
like a faggot to you.

Voltaire said it.

Voltaire, Voltaire,

Above your head.
Beautiful, Hustler.

Give him a good pass.
All right, let's go.

Come on, let's go
there, Larry.

2 hands above your head.
Pass it.

Let's go. Come on,
move that ball.

Here you go.
Sam, 2 hands.

Give him a good pass.
That's it, Sam.

Better. It still stinks,
but it's better.

There you go.

Bacon has been accused

of ordering
what important science?

Physical sciences

as they pertain
to the development of man.

All right. Maybe you get
to shoot a basket or 2.

David: Preacher, watch
the man and the ball.

Don't leave the middle
open, Preacher.

Don't leave the middle open,
'cause this could happen.

Very easy.
That could happen, Preacher.

Describe the essence

of the character
of Gatsby.

D.C.: What?

the essence

of the character
of Gatsby.

You're crazy!

David: Everybody is watching
the man and the ball.

Everybody is watching
the man and the ball.

Everybody's keeping their
eye on the man and the ball.

The man and the ball.

[Player laughs]

Preacher: Keep your eyes
on the man and the ball.

I think we're ready.


I think we're ready.

All right, Mr. Dacey,

please discuss

the differences in style

between Hemingway

and Fitzgerald.

What's the matter with you?

I can't do it, man.

I got these needles and pins
in my hands and feet.

Mr. Greene, I'm afraid
it's a waste of time.

No, no, it's not.

Just don't think about
your hands and your feet.

How don't I think
about it? Huh?

I mean,
how do I do that?

But the key to
Hemingway, you see,

is simplicity
in language.

Uh, like take
the characters

that he deals with.

Like the dude
in, uh...

In the old man
and the sea.

Just hop
into his boat,

go out
looking for tuna,

come back,
he's cool.

But, now,


He deals
with the rich folks,

and rich folks are
a lot more complicated,

you know. I mean,
they are...

Far more hung up.

Less drama in his
work, a lot more...

A lot more

Is that all?

You pass.


All right!

Goddamn it, man,
control yourself!

Don't pull that
jive crap on me!


Goddamn fruit fly.

Go, C.U.!

Show what you can do!

Go, C.U.!

Show what you can do.

No challenge, no rule,

can beat the gold and blue!



[Spectators applauding]

All right, execution.

Let's go!

All right!

All right, down.

Get down, Swish,
get down on the drive!

[Cowbell ringing]

David: Sam,
watch the corner.

All right, rebound.

Get the ball! Fast break!

Fast break! Fast break!

[Coaching continues]

C.U.! [Clap clap]

C.U.! [Clap clap]

C.U.! [Clap clap]

De-fense! [Clap clap]
De-fense! [Clap clap]

[Cheer continues]

Preacher: Let's go.

Try to keep 'em busy.

Swish, watch the ball,
watch the ball!



All right. Sam,
watch the corner.

Personal foul, 31.


5... 4...

3... 2... 1...


We win, you
son of a bitch!

All right!


I feel like a kid
sneaking into the movies.

Yeah, I did that
quite a bit.

I bet you did.

Bo always sits
on this side of the gym.

There's the king.

He looks bigger
on TV, doesn't he?

Oh, well,
he's big, all right.

He just about runs this city
and the whole state.

Move it! Move it!

David: Look
at those guys.

They don't look
so threatening

from up here,
do they, Howard?

If you don't mind me
saying so, Mr. Greene,

getting state
to play Cadwallader

should be about
as easy as getting

the Ohio state buckeyes
to play football

with Radcliffe.

you're 100% right.

That's where you come in.


You. See that man
down there?

That man is the enemy.

I want to know
everything about him.

His fears, his family,
his weaknesses.

I want to know
what he does on Saturday,

what time he goes
to the bathroom.

I want to know
everything about him.

Howie, you understand
what I'm asking you to do?

I thought you'd have
some conception

of what was going on.

Intensity! Come on!

Go, C.U.! Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.! Go, C.U.!

[Cheer continues]


Number 20.

[Tweet tweet]

I'll put your ass down!

Break it up! Break it up!
Come on, you guys--

Back it up!
Come on!

Let me get him, man!

Come on, let's get him!

That's not
necessary, men.

We're leading
by 36 points.

100... 100!

100. 100!





[Knock on door]



We made
the Reno paper.

Let me see it.

"Greene Sparks Cadwallader.

"A new voice is being heard
in basketball circles.

"Cadwallader University,

"which has been
a poor, sick cousin

"in the basketball

"seems to have received
a shot of adrenaline.

"They stand undefeated
after 5 games,

"trouncing their opponents
by as much as 40 points

"and having scored not less
than 100 points every game.

"President Alton Gutkas
has imported

"coach David Greene
from New York,

"and this young man
has fielded a team

"of top 10 caliber.

State university,
take notice."

Howard, we got
their attention.

What do you got for me?

Very professional.
"Winnegar project."

Coach, the man is
as pure as ivory snow.

I checked him out from
the time he was born.

I even tailed him
for a week.

I put a bug
on his telephone.

You what?

You said
he was the enemy.

He has no mistress,
that's for sure.

No one-night stands,
no problems at home.

He does have
one daughter,

so I thought maybe we'd
hire some young stud,

you know, to hit on her,
work that kind of thing.

She's married,
she's got 3 kids,

you know, she's
not having any affairs,

neither is Bo's wife.

I checked her out

You know,
they have been married

for 35 years.

So I thought
what I'd do is

I'd hire some hooker
to hit on Bo,

you know,
but it would cost

a few dollars,
so I thought...

You know, that I
should speak to you.

Mr. Greene?

You put a bug
on his phone?


You want to pay
the money?

No, Howard, I don't
want to pay money

for any hooker.

Howard, you put
a bug on his phone?

Do you want me to keep
on top of it, or...

Yeah, Howard,

no more hookers
or bugs on phones,

but keep on top
of it, all right?

I have some
other things.

Yeah, all right.


what's your major?

Political science.

Coach, your last win

was a pretty easy one
for you.

You think that's going
to benefit you at all

in getting ready
for your next game?

I think everybody
should learn something

from every game,
win or lose.

Uh, well, how do you
feel about State?

I think it would
be a good game,

I think it would
be a close game,

I think it will be
a fair game.

Reporter: I'd love
to see that game.

So would I. All right,
Hustler, let's go.

Sharp cuts there.
Make those cuts sharp.


You both would like
to see that game, coach,

but apparently,
Bo Winnegar wouldn't.

I wouldn't say

that he doesn't want
to see that game.

I would say
that, um...

I understand
the man's position.

He's got one
of the top 10 teams

in the country,
he's got

a tremendous
won-and-lost record.

Now, why jeopardize
that by playing

a bush-league team
like Cadwallader?

his point of view,

it doesn't
make sense.

Coach, are you saying

that Bo Winnegar
is afraid of you?

No, I didn't say
he's afraid of me.

I never said that.
Don't print that,

because every time
I say something,

something else
gets printed.

I said that
I can understand

his position.

Thanks, Coach.

Let me have
the basketball.

Don't he ever
take a shower?

Oh, come on, man,
let's go.

What the hell kind of game
are you playing, Greene?


Come on! You know
what I'm talking about.

Shooting your mouth off
like that

to all those reporters.

Now, wait a minute, Bo.
I happen to have

the highest respect
for you, and if anybody

said anything
other than that,

I'm going to sue them
for libel.

Well, what's this talk
about me being afraid of you?

Bo, I never said that.

You know
how those guys are.

They're trying to get us
into a shooting match.

Well, I don't need it,
and I don't want it.

I got enough headaches
inside my own league.

All right.
Hey, uh... Bo?



I feel funny
saying this,

but you're one
of my idols.

Well, uh, thank you.

You know, even
my style of coaching

comes right out
of your book.


You read my book?

Did I read
your book?

I wouldn't
have got this job

if I didn't read
your book.

Ha ha! Well,
I don't believe it,

but it's a hell
of a good story.

I'd like to meet you

Well, I'd love
to meet you.

It would be
my privilege.

How about, uh...

How about
Saturday night?

Look, we have a game,
and you don't.

Why don't you
come over?

I'm sure Mr. Gutkas
would be happy

to entertain you.

I might take you up
on that.

Put the dwarf on.

"Put the dwarf on"?


Hello, Bo.


Boy, you
are unbelievable.

That dude
still thinks

that he
can whip you.

Hey, that's just what I want
the man to think, you know.

It's funny,

Hello, hello,
hello, hello.

Hey, what's
happening, Coach?

A quarter to 1:00,
that's what's happening.

Well, Coach,
you see,

this gentleman
and myself

just went into business.

This is
the killingest shark

to ever swim
into a poolroom.

I heard that.

What are you doing
with a cigar?

Hey, look, no, coach,

this out. A big shot?

I've been wasting
my time saving souls.

Amen, brother!

It's a quarter to 1:00.
It's 11:15 curfew.

Now got to sleep.

You got classes
in the morning.

Go ahead. Don't let
this happen again.

All right, we'll see you
in the morning.

Yeah. Good night.

Hey, uh, Leroy.


How much money you win?

Uh, I didn't get
a chance

to count it yet.

I got class
in the morning.

I'll see you
later, all right?

Got class in the morning.

Get rid of that cigar!

Are you really the best?

Goddamn, coach, you ought
to learn how to knock.

You going to get
yourself hurt!

Are you really the best
at shooting--

Is he really the best
at shooting pool?

Coach, let me put it
to you this way:

He is to pool

what Dr. J
is to basketball.

You sure?



All right.

All right.

Fool charging into
a room like that--

Get rid of the cigar. What
do you need a cigar for?

Oh, my goodness
oh, man.


Put your hand in his face!

All right. Come on.

David: Let's go.

Pass it to D.C.

D.C., get down there!

Get down there!

What's the matter
with you?

I got your man!

Pick up mine!
Pick up 43!

Come on, D.C.!
D.C., come on!

I'm going to get
on his ass at halftime.

Hold him!
Watch the screen!

Watch the screen!


All right, come on, let's
get in there. Let's go.

Come on, move it.

Hey, is he here yet?

Well, is he coming?

I don't know. The way
you guys are playing,

I hope he never shows up!

Let's go!

Get in there.

Come on, just relax,
all right?

D.C., fight
through the screen!

Howard, leave us
alone for a while.

If Winnegar gets here,

let me know
when he gets here.

What the hell's
the matter with you?

What are you,
stoned or something?

Hey, man, back off.

You smoking dope?

Not bad enough you're
missing the easy lay-ups,

you're not even
hustling out there!

Well, take me out!

He's having an off night.
Leave him alone.

Leave him alone?!

Leave him alone?!

This is a basketball game,
my friend!

This isn't
a group therapy session!

We should be destroying
this goddamn team out there!

We're winning by 8 points!

They got momentum,
they got every--

We could lose this game!

You know why?

He's playing
like a big shit!

And the rest of you
are playing

like little shits!

All right, D.C., listen,

you're having an off night.
Stop shooting so much.

Feed Preacher.
Preacher's hot.

Yeah, I--I'm open
out there, coach.

I mean, set some picks
or something--

Shut up!

Let me coach the team,
all right, Preacher?

Set some picks for him.
He's hot. He's right.

And why aren't you
shooting, Swish?

You got the ball,
you got shots, take 'em!

Don't be Mr. Nice Guy,
passing all the time.

Take those shots
when you got 'em.

And, Sam, you got 3 fouls
on you already.

Watch that. I don't
want you to foul out.

And open up that offense.
Open up the middle.

Let Hustler get the ball.
Feed him.

You're not feeding him

And when you miss a shot,
pound that offensive board!

Pound it! Offensive board,
Hustler! Important!

Man, you putting us
down, you know that?

I'm sorry.

This game happens to be
very important to me.

It's important
to everybody in this room,

so let's do it,
all right?

All right, get a drink of
water, go to the bathroom.

You got a nice gym.

We've just done
the floors.


It looks good.

Man: Bo, how you doing?

Hi there.


Hello, boy.
How are you?


We got a nice seat
for you right over here.

No, no, I'll
sit right here.

Ok, come on. All right.

Let's go! Let's get
out there! Let's go!

Come on, let's
do it. Come on!

All right, let's go.
Get out there.

Bo. How are you?

Hey, how are you, coach?

Thank you for coming.

Here's our man.

Look at that score.

Are you resting
your first-string?

Well, Bo can tell you

it's not nice to
embarrass your opposition.

You mind if I sit down
here on the bench with you?

I don't like
to sit in the stands.

You want to sit
on the bench with me?

We got a nice seat
for you right up there.

You don't want
to sit there?

Sure, go ahead.
Sit on the bench.

Well, what do you think?
Cadwallader's finest.

What'd you do,
empty the ghetto?

I got to get to work.

Get your hands in the air!

Get your hands in the air.

40... 50... 60...

65... 66... 67...

68... 69...



You're a real
human being.

[Disco music playing]

Hey... All right!

Aw, look at Hustler.
Hustler, all right!

Hey, what's

You look good.

Yeah, well, did you
read the memoirs?

He got, uh,
phlebitis of the leg.

The man suffered.
I mean, it's unbelievable.

I went up to the western
white house, you know,

in San clemente,
you know, on the bus tour.

Gave you a good break,
didn't I, Bo?

Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.


I don't know, Bo.

You play an awful
good game of pool.

Thank you.

Thank you. Yeah.

In fact, if you
look on page...

I think it's 47--

How many times do I
have to tell you?

How loud do you
want to hear it?

I'm not interested
in you!

Why don't you
go away?

And then it's like
nobody voted for him.

I mean, he won,
didn't he?

Somebody had to
have voted for him.

So, tell me
something, Bo,

what'd you think
of my team?

You got no bench.

Just one of
your players fouls out,

you're in trouble.
And this kid D.C. Dacey,

he has any talent,
he sure was hiding it.

Well, you know,
he had an off night.

Happens once in a while.

And that white kid
should be playing

linebacker for the rams.

And that kid Swish...

If he isn't gay,
he's on his way.

Well, I'll tell you
something, Bo,

I don't deal
in personalities.

He's a hell
of a shot.

[Shoots ball]

He's a great shot,
but he's got no muscle.

Get his little butt
bounced off the court.

You know, Bo,

you're really
putting down my team.

We won 114-70.
It's not chopped liver.

With that competition?

Baxter's pretty good.
They're 8 and 2.


Tough luck.

8-ball in
the side pocket.

Don't get nervous.

Don't worry.

It's not
an easy shot.

Be careful.

You know, Bo,
I'll tell you something.

If I didn't know what
a gentleman you are,

I'd think I was hustled.

There was a time
I made my room and board

with the pool cue.

So you need my $40?
Am I a millionaire--

[knock knock]

Hey, Leroy!
Come on in here.

I want you to meet
Bo Winnegar.

Say hello
to Leroy Monroe,

my best player.

Hello, Mr. Winnegar.

Leroy, I want
to tell you,

you're one hell
of a good player.

Thank you, sir.

Another game, Dave?

Oh, no. Forget it.

Play friendly,
no money, all right?

It's no fun
if there's no wager.

Uh, could I play
Mr. Winnegar?

I don't take money
from students, son.

Oh. Looked like
it would've been fun.

You really want
to play?

Yeah, definitely, coach.

You know how
to play 8-ball?

Yeah. Sure.

I'll tell you what:

He played
a good game today,

I'll put up his $20.
What do you say?

Take my money?

Rack 'em up.

All right! Solid!

"Rack 'em up."

another $20.


Never figured you
to pass on a party.

Um... I--

I was just
getting some air.

I'm going back now.

You mad at me?

No, I'm not mad at you.

Well, what's the
matter? You afraid

somebody will see us
alone together?

We're not together.

What is this?

We're just talking,
that's all!

I don't bite,
you know.

[Whispering] Hey, man,
will you watch your mouth?!

Somebody hear you
talking like that,

they'll run us both

Oh, now I got to watch
even what I say

to my own teammate!

What are you--what
are you doing, man?


Hey, look,
you're 19 years old.

You walk around here
like a goddamn woman,

you talk like one,

you even got
feelings like one!

Do I lie? Do I cheat?

Am I some kind
of criminal?

Why the hell do you
talk to me this way?

Because you make me

that's why!

You think I'd be interested
in somebody like you?

Will you watch
your mouth?

Well, what do you want
to talk about, basketball?

Hey, man,
I--I got to go.


Hey, come on, Swish.

Hey, look, man, pull
yourself together,

will you?

I got to go.


It's your goddamn bench.
You stay.

You know, he got
more electoral votes

than Humphrey did.

He was an amazing

What are you,

Well, I mean,
I was just trying--

There is nothing
about you

that interests me.

Do you get that?


Another one,
Mr. Winnegar?

How much do I owe you?

How much you owe?
You owe me.


I can't believe it.

I'll have to
write you a check.

I don't want
your check.

But I don't
have the cash.

What do you mean you
don't have the cash?

What's that, a joke?

That's all right, coach.
I don't want your cash.

Well, what do you want?
Want to play basketball

against his team
2 weeks from Saturday?


That's impossible!
You know that.

Hey, Bo, that's
not impossible,

'cause you owe me
almost $5,000.

Tell you
what I'll do.

One more game.

You win,
your debt is clean.

You lose,
you play us

2 weeks
from Saturday.

Rack 'em up.


Let's call
for break.



Son of a bitch!

All right!

You son of a bitch.
You set me up.

All right!

Hey, Bo, I'll see you
2 weeks from Saturday.

[Door closes]

All right!

How do you like that guy
calling me a son of a bitch?

What did I do?

Oh, no!

New York bus
in 2 hours.

Where you going?

New York.

New York.

You don't like the
bus? You gonna walk?

If I have to.

Wait a minute.

Just calm down.

Why are you throwing
away your whole future

to go back to
some condemned building

in New York?

What about everybody
else's future?

What about Preacher?
What about Hustler?

What about me?

Hey, coach...

It's personal.
I'm sorry.

I don't know
what it is, man,

but it's something
real weird.

What the hell is going on?

Tell me!

Let me help you.

Will you tell me?

All right, man.
Do you want 2 fags

on your team?


I think I'm a fag.

Come on.

I'm serious, man! I
never felt this way

in my whole life!

What way?

Look, man,
don't tell anybody.

It's that
goddamn Swish!

Is that what this
whole thing is about,


You find yourself
attracted to Swish.

Find yourself watching
that cute little ass

as it glides down
the court?

You're turned on by Swish.

You want to hug him,
and you want to kiss him.

You're overprotective...

Nothing wrong
with that, D.C.

Oh, no.

Not you, too?

There's nothing wrong
with me,

and there's nothing
wrong with you, either.

Man, when you start
looking at a guy

like you would
at a girl, I mean...


Yeah. Yeah.

But that doesn't apply
when, uh,

when the guy is a girl.




[Knock on door]

Come in.

How are you doing?

All right.

Just wanted to apologize
for the way I treated you.

I really shouldn't have
treated you that way.


Can I sit down?

You're real attractive,
you know that?

I guess I was about 14
when I realized I liked boys.

I think you'd better go.

Hey, come on! You
said you was lonely.

I mean,
I understand that.

I've been lonely
lots of times.

D.C., cool it.
You're out of line.

How about if
I move in with you?


Hey, ok, ok.
If you won't let me

move in with you,
at least let me see you.

We could go off-campus.



Will you get out of here?


I'm crazy
about you, baby.

If you don't get out
of here in 10 seconds,

I'm calling
campus security.

No, don't be
that way, Roberta.

You son of a bitch!

Roberta James.

You know, I was at
the bus station today

ready to leave town
when the man told me?

God, woman, I feel
like I'm born again.


Lord, you're
the cryingest woman

I have ever seen.

You know that?

[Doorbell chimes]

Lottie: Hello, stranger!

Hi, mom.

If I'm still mom,
you're still my daughter.

I'm making some tea.
You want some?

That would be nice.
That would be nice.

All right. Ok.

What do you mean
that's why you're here?

Mom, please
don't get involved.

He sent me this ticket

to go see
this big game in Reno.

It means a lot to him
that I should be there,

and I would like to,
too, but...

I'm 65 years old.

I never been on an airplane
in my whole life.

It scares me.
Would you go with me?

Mom, I can't--

You're not working.
It's on the weekend.

Mom, I'll
tell you what, ok?

I'll drive you
to the airport,

I'm gonna put you
on the plane,

but I cannot go.

Mom, please
be reasonable.

I don't know
what that is anymore.

I used to think I did.


I had a chance once
to go on an airplane.

Me and my husband
were young then,

and his uncle wanted him

to go with him to Los Angeles
and open a business.

Sol wanted to go.

Not me.
I was scared.

In 1945, Los Angeles
was like going to Poland.

Besides, my family was here,
my friends.

So so I said,
"Come on the plane,

just to visit.
See for yourself."

I wouldn't go.

Because I was a strong lady,
he stayed.

I wonder often
what would have happened

if we'd have moved
to Los Angeles.

An easier life?

Would he have lived
an extra day,

another year?

I have one son,
and as much as I love him,

I've always thought
he was a little crazy.

Now I find out
he's a big celebrity.

He wants me
to see for myself.

Ok, Mom.

We'll go.



I can only sign
a couple, ok?

There you go.
I'm late, all right?

the championship.

It was against
Rhode Island.

It was a terrific game.
We scored 43--

Mr. Greene?

I'm officer wedgewood

with the Benson
police department.

Can I talk to you
for a minute?


I hate to be the one
that breaks bad news,

especially on a night
like tonight,

but the New York police

spotted your team's picture
in newswe magazine.

I have a warrant
for D.C.'s arrest.

Now I'm late.
This is the last one, ok?

Here you go.
Here you go.

Here you go.

Holy shit.

All right,
now, wait a minute.

Let's look at this

The man is worried.

He's got a right
to be worried.

We all should be worried.

The cops got men
all over the place.

The guy tries anything,
they're gonna grab him.

he shoots?

Look, why don't we all
go out there and do our jobs

and let the cops do theirs.

You expect

to go out there
on that floor?

Yeah! Say, Hustler,
man, cool it.

Ain't nobody
twistin' my arm.

Yeah, you're
a fool, then.

Say, man,
if Father Celestial

wants me, man,
he's gonna get me.

And it don't
matter where,

and it don't
matter when.

So--so, man,

let's just go
play ball, all right?

Let's play ball.
Let's get out there.

Aren't you worried?

The dude ain't
aimin' at me.

But he knew
Preacher was here.

How long before the cops
know you're here?

For running
a numbers bank?

Hell, they wouldn't go
to New Jersey to pick me up.

Hey, look, stop worrying.


Doesn't matter.

Win or lose,
when this game is over,

I'm Roberta James again.


We better catch up.


Now, this guy, Swish,
he's got no muscle.

Now, work on it.

And that white guy,
Newton, he's a bull.

Get him to foul out.
There's no bench.

How bad do you
want us to whip 'em?


Come on, let's go!

Let's go.

All: State! State!
State! State!

Damn. Sounds like
a goddamn war down there.

Don't worry
about them.

We'll shoot off
our own guns tonight, huh?

State! State! State!

Now get out there!

[Blows whistle]

Crowd: State! State! State!

Bo: Call it, ref!
Call it!

Come on, fellas!
Size-up there!

Let's go!

Play some defense
for a change, will ya?

Hey, don't shoot! No!


[Blows whistle]


What's the matter?

Hey, I thought
the sucker had a gun.

Put your hands up!

Put your hands up!


Get on defense!

That's how to hustle!

Cut it out!

I'm gonna knock you
on your butt.

[Blows whistle]

Charging foul!

David: What? What?
What'd he do?

Wait a minute.

Give me a break.

Spread out!

In the corner, Sam!

Sam, in the corner!

[Blows whistle]
Charging! 22!


They'll do better
in a minute.

I'm sure they will.

Or else I'm not gonna
pass 'em in English.

Man, what's wrong
with you?

Keep your hands
to yourself.

What's the matter
with you?

Keep your hands
to yourself.

All right, come on!
Come on!

Fill the lanes!

Let's go, out there!

Crowd: Hey, hey!
Go, C.U.! Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.! Go, C.U.!

Hey! Go, C.U.!



Time-out. Red.


What the hell's the matter
with you guys?

What do you want
out of us, coach?

D.C. and Newton supposed to be
the weak players out there,

and they're killin' us.

Then start puttin' pressure
on them, you assholes!

Let's go.

All: State!

[Blows whistle]

Foul, 33! 2 shots!

[Blowing whistles]

Break it up!
Break it up!

D.C.: Let me go, man!

Crowd: Go, C.U.!
Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!


Sorry, coach.
I can't do nothing.

It's all right.
No problem.

All right,

I don't have
too much to say.

We're leading
by 4 points.

It's been a pretty good
first half.

I think we got a big
psychological advantage

going into
the second half,

so let's
take advantage of it.

Now, Mr. D.C. Dacey,

you gotta control
your temper.

I'm tellin' you this
as a friend, not as a coach,

because you're
gonna get your ass

kicked out of the game.

They're comin' down
on Swish.

I know they're
comin' down on Swish,

but that's
part of the game,

and he knows it, too.
All right?

Lighten up.

Hey, I gotta do something
to stop that dude beaton.

He's killin' me
on the boards.

Yeah, I was gonna
address myself

to that problem.

Preacher, I'm gonna start
Hollis the second half.

I want beaton
out of the game.

Know what I'm
askin' you to do?

Figured you'd
have some idea.

David: Stay on the man.

Give him a little room.

All right, come on.

This is
for all the marbles.


David: Let's
get that tip!

Let's get
the tip!

Turn up that defense!

There's your man!

Hollis, that's your man!

Stay on him!

That's it!
Now let's keep it moving!

Keep it moving, now!

Hey, Hustler,
where you shootin' from?

Stay on your man, Hollis!

Stay on your man, Hollis!

[Blowing whistles]

He fouled my boy!


Break it up!

Break it up!
Come on!

Get off the court!

You all right, Hollis?

Bo: Wait a minute.

Referee: You're
out of the game!

Hey, wait a minute.
He was provoked.

Coach, he used his fist.
He's out of the game.

Let me see.

Get me a towel.
Get me a towel.

All right. Come on.
Walk it off.

Come on.

We'll get you
to the hospital.

What'd you say?

Called his mother
a dirty nigger.

Part of the game.

A man's jugular vein
is not part of any game.

It's the same as mine.

My nose is
just killin' me.

Go up the middle.


Foul! 2 shots!
You were charging!

Come on, man.
What'd he do?

Hey, ref.
Aw, come on.

all right.

Say, ref,
come on.


Go in there
and do the best you can.

Who do I call
a nigger, coach?

Don't call anybody
a nigger.

Just check in.

Yes, sir.


You played better tonight

than I ever thought
you were capable of.

I tried, coach.
I really tried.

You played your best game
when it counted.

You got nothing
to be ashamed of.

but we could lose.

We never
lost before.

I have.

You don't die from it.

Good game.



Swish, time-out!

[Whistle, horn]

Hey, coach, what'd
you call time-out for?

You're doin' great.
Take a break.

Take a little rest.

You can't believe I told
Hollis to do that, right?

Forget it,
all right?

Listen, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

It was
a shitty thing to do.

I apologize.

Ok. Ok.
It's no problem.

Don't look around.
Just listen to me.

There's a cop here

with a warrant
for your arrest.

He's gonna serve it
as soon as the game's over.

How do you know that?

He told me
before the game.

Oh. You made
a deal with him

so I could play ball.

Why tell me now?

I just thought that you
had the right to know.

Whatever you do
is all right with me.


Get your hands up

on the outside shots,
all right?

Pass the ball
to Hustler.

Let's go.
Come on.

That's more like it.

Now start moving that ball.

Start moving that ball!

All right!

All right, set up.
Set up!

Come on and get movin'
down there, will you?!

You look like
a bunch of idiots!

Where's David?

See him on the thing
by the clock?

Put your glasses on
so you can see him.

He's over there.

Get your hands up!
Get your hands up!

All right!

Look how excited
he is.

Isn't it wonderful?

One time. One time,
make it happen!

Come on, hit it!


All the way!
One more!


D.C.: My ankle!


What's the matter?


Sprained it bad, man.


Get him
to the locker room.

You better
call a doctor.

Nah, nah,
it ain't broke.

It's--I just need
an ice pack.

Coach, is it broken?

No, it ain't broken.

All right, stay between the man
and the ball at all times.

Don't let him get
in front of you!

You listening? Don't let him
get in front of you!

Go ahead.

At least
there's no swelling.

Hey, man, look,
I've had this before.

Why don't--just give me
5 minutes to rest it.

Want me to bandage it?

No, Howard!
Why don't you go out

and watch the game, man?
I'll be all right.

I hope so.

Without you,
we haven't got a chance.

Hell, we got 'em
by 8 points.

That'll last 2 minutes.

Look, I'm sorry.

I just didn't think it would
mean this much to me.

That's it, baby.
That's it.

Keep it all going.

David: Hands up!
Hands up!

Watch him, Larry!
Watch him!

Crowd: Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!

Go, C.U.!

Watch him, Larry.
Watch him.

Watch the pick!

That's it!

Bo: That's great!

That's great!

Ram it right down
their throats!

Uhh! Uhh.

Let's go.

Stay with him, Krebs!

Get over that screen, Swish!

Hustler, help out!

Yeah! All right, baby!

Get goin' back there!

Hey, what do you say, huh?

[Muffled protests]

Here we go!
That's it!

Take a shot!
There you are!

Give it to 'em again!

Send them--ha ha ha!

Hey, how 'bout that, Greene?

How 'bout that, baby?

Thataway to go, baby!

How 'bout that, Greene?
They're goin' now!

Keep it goin'!

Hey, cheer,
will ya, lady?!

Let's go!
Move it! Move it!

Woman: There's D.C.!


It's D.C.


Time! Time!


How's your ankle?

It's great
for basketball,

but that's the only
kind of running

I got a heart for.

Say, D.C.,
how's your ankle, man?

It's all right.

Hey, Preacher,
they got your man.

Are you serious?

He's in
the police car.

All right.
Hey, let's play ball.

Hey, we got 2 minutes
and 59 seconds to go.

Let's do it!
Come on!

[Music over audio]


Time-out, Preacher!

All right, Krebs.
Pressure free throw.

Pressure free throw.
Beautiful. Beautiful.

All right, I wanna go
with C14, all right?

Say, Coach, you wanna
try that I.U. play?

No, no. I wanna
go with C14, all right?

Now, when you take it--

Ain't got the legs
for it, Coach.

That's too risky.
Know what we need?

I know what we need.
We need fresh manpower.

Or something
like that.

What do you mean something
like--where you goin'?

I'll be right back.

What do you mean
you'll be right back?

What does he mean
he'll be right back?

Let's go!

Let's go.

All: State!

Come on,
there's 15 seconds left.

I want the shot taken
with 5 or 6 seconds to go.

Come on, blue!
Let's play ball!

Hey, they're stalling!
They're stalling!

It's a technical foul!

Everybody goes--

He's a transsexual.

He's a goddamn girl.

Preacher: What the hell?

Are those for real?

What you
do that for?

Come on.
Let's play ball.

Let's play ball.

[No audio]

Get that ball!

Shoot! Shoot!



We won! We won!


We're number one!

We're number one!

Number one!

Ma! Ma!


Let me down.

Ma, how you doin'?

Did you see it?

I saw. I saw.

We got here late.

Well, how much--



You wait here.
I'll be right back.

Take your time.

Thank you.

You played one whale
of a ball game.

Thanks a lot.

Listen, I got a little
bad news for you.

I'm Officer Wedgewood,
and I have to arrest you.

Look, it's a first offense,

and I'm sure you'll
only get probation.

Ok. I'm ready.

Good man.

Now, Carl, excuse me.

We can work this all out.

Oh, everything's
taken care of, Alton.

all right.

I got some 100-proof
bourbon up there.

Come on. Let's talk
this whole thing over.

I feel rotten.

Because I should have
been here with you--

No, you should--no.

Why should you be
as crazy as me?

You should
see yourself in there.

I'm so proud of you.

It's obvious this is what--
what you're meant to be.

What about my stomach?

What about
your stomach?

My stomach's killing me.
Look at this.

I've been taking
these things all night.

You can give me one.

David Greene,
I am gonna make you a deal.

You're gonna
make me a deal?

I'm gonna
make you a deal.

What's the deal?

You take care
of your team, yeah.

And I'm gonna take care
of your stomach.

That's not
no. A bad deal.

I got another deal.

Remember when
I first met you?

I had this red
Firebird 450,

used to drive around
crazy all the time.

What if I get
Henry to sponsor me

and I enter
this year's Indy 500?

Crowd: We want Greene!

We want Greene!

They're calling you
in there.

It's basketball
or nothing, huh?

Oh, I definitely don't
wanna lose you again.

All right.


We want Greene!


Syreeta: ♪ Hey, my man

♪ Your chance is here

♪ Grab it now

♪ Before it disappears

♪ Lady luck is here today

♪ Move before
she runs away ♪

♪ Keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ And go for it

Billy Preston:
♪ Don't hang back

♪ For life's too short

♪ Second-guessing
is a loser's sport ♪

♪ Though your back's
against the wall ♪

♪ Now at least
you've got the ball ♪

♪ Keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ And go for it

♪ now is not the time

♪ To sit and shiver

Preston: ♪ Now's
the time to stand ♪

♪ And be delivered

♪ Just pretend
that life ♪

♪ Is like a river

♪ And flow with it

♪ Flow with it

♪ You'd better
go with it ♪

♪ You'd better
go with it ♪

♪ Ohh

♪ Ohh
♪ Ohh

Both: ♪ Jump right in

♪ You'll feel alive

♪ Take the blows

♪ But know that
you'll survive ♪

♪ Put your marbles
on the line ♪

♪ If you lose,
it ain't a crime ♪

♪ Win or lose,
you've got the team ♪

♪ So keep your eye
upon that dream ♪

♪ And go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Go for it

♪ Now, now, now, now

♪ Now, now, now, now

♪ Now

♪ Go for it now

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