Faraway (2023) - full transcript

Zeynep is unhappy. That's why she flees to a Croatian island, where her deceased mother bought a house long ago. She hopes to find peace and relaxation finally - but she hasn't reckoned with Josip, who still lives on the property.

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Here's the thing with happiness...

No, stop.

I'll start from the beginning.

Just five more minutes.
I've gotta be at work early.


At work?

What? What do you mean?

Someone new is coming in
to learn the ropes,

so I can be at the funeral.

Zey, I have to go to work. Really.


Your mother and I said our goodbyes.

Even if I left with you,
you guys need more time.

No, we don't.
We're totally ready to... leave.

Baba, you just went past the laundry room.


I bring it to you. Should I wash it?

- Ah.
- Ew, no.

- Fia!
- You've spoiled that child.

And all you do is complain!

We need to hurry or we'll be late.



The day we met for the first time.

A Turkish love story like no other.

She looks so happy there.

Like she was ever not happy?


You let her talk to me like that?

And in those clothes of hers...
Like a clown.

She wears this to the funeral
of her grandmother?

You think today is a good day
to pretend you're killing her grandfather?

He drives her crazy sometimes too.

- Yes.
- You see?

See you later.

Come on, you two!
I'll be right back.

No, seriously, you can do this.
Don't worry.

Hey, no.
Mistakes and problems just happen, okay?


You wouldn't believe the things
I served in the past.



Yes. So don't worry, I'll be right there.

The new chef. She got jittery.

She needed moral support.

I haven't heard you laugh like that
in a long time.

Did you want something?


The priest said
we'd have a moment at the grave and...

You know me. I can't stand in front
of all those people and speak like that.

Could you read it?

Yes, of course.

- Will do.
- There... It reads...

"Most of you...

will remember Katarina Bilići
as the wife of Doruk."

- "He, her beloved husband..."
- Hey, don't worry. I'll take care of it.


Okay, then.

So, see you later.

- Mrs. Altin!
- Oh, Mr. Eddelbüttel.

I was hoping to speak to you privately.

I've been holding some papers. For you.

From your mother.

where'd you put it?

It's in Croatian.

I don't know Croatian.






You put out the wrong pants for me.

What do you have there?

Your mother bought a house in Croatia?

She was born there.
It was her money, Baba.

With Mr. Eddelbüttel?

Your mother bought a house
with that Casanova from upstairs!

No! Mom bought the house on her own. Look!

The bank receipt. It cost nearly...

She only asked Mr. Eddelbüttel,
as a lawyer,

to keep the deeds for me until she...


That toy boy!

Toy boy?
The man is 80 and uses a stair lift.

Fia! You're still not ready.

- I am.
- No. Baba's right. You can't go like that.

Whatever you want, but it has to be black.

First this "Mom wanted a Catholic burial."

And now this!

Your mother is a stranger to me.

Don't say that!

She is a stranger to me. Period.

♪ Then I will sing you a song ♪

♪ About 99 red balloons ♪

♪ On their way to the horizon... ♪

That song is annoying.

♪ Then I will sing you a song ♪

♪ About 99 red balloons... ♪

- Can't we just put him in a home?
- Fia, be nice, please.

That was my first concert.

Let's just not talk.

- Why are you always...?
- I thought we had to go.

- My condolences.
- You must miss her dearly.

Miss who? The stranger I married?


An angel.

An angel.

A woman full of secrets.
A double agent.

Baba, stop it. You're scaring people.

My condolences.

- Thank you.
- Did you get hold of Dad?

- Still not picking up.
- Did you try...?

Landline? Am I an idiot?

You think something happened?

My condolences.



I believe you wanted to say a few words.


So, I wanted to say a few words for Mom.

But Ilyas,

my husband...

my husband has the speech!


Is she getting Dad?

Why are you just standing here
in your druggie clothes?

Do something!



- Did you see...
- No, it's really...

Of course I saw it!

- Oh my.
- Zey!

What are you doing here? Shit!

My watch stopped.

Zey, wait a second. Hey!

Zey, I can explain.

That laugh.

Seriously, Ilyas.

Some girl who makes you feel
like a teenager for five minutes

is more important

than being by my side
at my mother's funeral?

Don't say that, Zey. I loved Kata too.

Of course I wanted to be there.
But it was... the time, and I...

Please don't blame Ilyas, okay?


Your mother...
I'm so sorry about your mother.

You must be so sad.

I'm Nora, and I'm new.

And, well,

I was... just overwhelmed.


I'm sure he'd have noticed the time
if I hadn't been there, but...

Usually, I don't cry.

But this was my first time alone
in a kitchen this size.


Now it's my fault
that he wasn't at your mother's funeral.

I am so sorry.


You see?

Can you imagine how exhausting it was?

Oh really? You wanna hear about my day?

Zey, it's not a competition.

If you don't mind, I'll go check
if our new chef wants to continue here.

And we can talk
about the rest later or at home.


Or maybe not.






- Starting route.
- There.

Stay there!

♪ One, two, three, four ♪

♪ Tell me that you love me more ♪


♪ Old teenage hopes
Are alive at your door ♪

♪ Left you with nothing
But they want some more ♪

♪ Oh, uh, oh ♪

♪ You're changing your heart ♪

♪ Oh, uh, oh ♪

♪ You know who you are ♪

♪ Sweetheart, bitter heart ♪

♪ Now I can't tell you apart ♪

♪ Cozy and cold
Put the horse before the cart ♪

♪ Those teenage hopes ♪

♪ Who have tears in their eyes ♪

♪ Too scared to own up to one little lie ♪

♪ Oh, uh, oh ♪

♪ You're changing your heart ♪

♪ Oh, uh, oh ♪

♪ You know who you are ♪

♪ One, two, three, four
Five, six, nine, or ten ♪

♪ Money can't buy you back
The love that you had then ♪

Read the sign!


Free parking over there!



Stop! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Thank you!

Engine broken.

In 300 meters, turn left.

Continue straight.

You have reached your desti...





Don't touch me or I'll scream.

I mean it, I will scream!

What are you wearing?

Who are you?

How did you get in here?

Josip Cega and through the same door
I used for last 45 years.

Please don't say we slept the whole night
in the same bed.


Did you come on a bicycle?



You need something for that...

For sick face.

This house belongs to Katarina Bilići.

How do I even know what's in there?

- You don't.
- I'm fine.

Who is Katarina Bilići to you?



I'm her daughter.

I am sorry for your loss.


Oh hello. Zeynep.

Zeynep Altin.

Yeah. Nice to meet you, Zeynep.


you come to live here, Zeynep?

Actually, I was thinking...

Hold on a minute.
I'm the one who needs answers.

Why were you sleeping in there?

Because I was born in there.

- Žarka.
- But...

But 15 years ago,
things were not so good for my family.

So I had to sell the house.

The lady who bought it told me
on phone that I could live here

until someone come.


- Rent-free?
- Rent-free.

You know that wouldn't hold up in court?

Who wants to take this to court?

I heard that.
What does it mean?

The Germans.

Construction site,
nurses, umbrella...

...big fans of lawyers, contracts.

- How quickly can you move out?
- How quickly can you move in?

Not that it's any of your business,

but I'm here to arrange renting it out
for something like R & B...

- No.
- Airbnb?

- Yes!
- Airbnb?


Airbn... Airbnb.


Stop yelling!

This is my home!
I can do with it what I want.

Home? Ha!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

No, it's not home. What you do...

You do, you... you make beige, dead place...

uh, for sad people to come,

do selfies,
fly off with 30-euro plane ticket.

And you sit in Germany somewhere,
take credit card payment.

Airbnb, Airbnb...


Really, that...

Okay, that's it.


It's time to take your stand-up routine
somewhere else than my garden, Spartacus!


Kind of racist, don't you think?

I'd never... I'm Turkish!


Uh, you speak English, German contract,

Croatian house, but are Turkish.

- Must be very confusing life.
- I'd like you to leave now!

I did leave your garden.


this is mine.

This here, up to this line,

this is mine.

I sold the house, not all of the land.

Oh my God!

I leave for work soon.

Feel free to use water.

You might want to shower.


Don't go so fast.


Darth Vader.

Could barely recognize you
with your clothes on.

Do you always make fun
of people in mourning?


But I'm willing to make exception.

I'm in mourning too
because death of my childhood home.


Face looks better.


I was told I could buy clothes here.

Only souvenir and for children.

But you are unusually short
for adult woman.

This isn't working for me.

Is there someone else who can serve?

Yeah, the owner.

But he's at his granddaughter's birthday.
He will be back in half an hour.


I spotted a property agency at the harbor.

I'll use that half hour wisely
and go inform myself

what changes are needed

to rent out the house.

- Oh Granddad already here.
- Oh new customer!

How nice.

The jury debating "nice."

See you at home.



Come, let's go, honey.


do you think she still loves him?

Are you following me?

Yeah, I work here for 20 years
just to follow you here today.

- Where don't you work?
- Short list.

You can leave now and come back
at 10:00 p.m. when my shift ends.

If only it were that simple.
I'm meeting the property agent.

- Ah...
- Ah...

Mrs. Altin?

Yes, sorry.

My assistant mentioned
it's about Cliff Cottage?

Cliff Cottage.

I will send you waitress
with spray for slimy stain.

You will need it.

I see you've met your neighbor.

Can you imagine?
He names his chickens.


I'm telling you, the man's batshit crazy.

Doesn't care what people think about him.

Get this.

A goat escapes when he's naked.
Josip chases the goat naked.

Even if it does run through a supermarket,
hairdresser, and church at high mass.

- So he... he's the town kook?
- Yes and no.


Everyone loves the goat-fucker.
That's the problem.

All of the locals.

Beats me. He's so...

I don't really know.

Sure of his moral superiority, I guess.

Actually, he's a total asshole!

- Yes! Total asshole.
- Yes!

- Hm.
- Mm.

- Ay!
- But he knew

what he was doing
when he kept that well on his property.

We can look into water delivery
if you can't work something out.

- Hm.
- Renters think

they want a unique experience.

But they mean,

"Where's the espresso maker
and flatscreen?"


My half of the bill.

I don't want to be...

What's the word?

- Beholden.
- Beholden?

- Yes, beholden.
- A strong, independent woman.

- Yes.
- Let's drink to that.


Another one?

- Yes.
- Yes!

♪ Strong ♪

♪ Independent ♪

♪ Woman! ♪

♪ Can you spare me some time? ♪

♪ Then I will sing you a... ♪


Once again from the beginning.

♪ Can you spare me some time? ♪

♪ Then I will sing you a song ♪

♪ About 99 red balloons ♪

♪ On their way to the horizon ♪


Red balloon girl.


You should get out of the road.


It's so much fun here!

It's less so much fun
when a car squash you like a melon.



Try and stand up.





Only one way to do this.





Too much drinking
is not safe for a lady alone.

A lady... alone!

Hold meltdown till home.

Home! It's not my home!

♪ Can you spare me some time? ♪

♪ Then I will sing you a song ♪

Now you!

- You!
- Uh...

♪ 99 red balloons ♪

♪ Da, da-da da, da, da-da-da-da! ♪

If you can do drums,
then you can walk!

No! More! More!


Sorry. Please.

♪ 99 red balloons ♪

♪ On their way to the horizon ♪

♪ 99 red balloons ♪



No, no, no! No more! No more!

You sleep now.

I leave you.

Good night.

Was it though? A good night?

Was it really?

I don't know.

The crap she eats...

Fuck me.


Pull! Help!

Gotta pull!

Hell no.

Tour de France next month.
Better stay ready.

No, it's too tight!

Too tight!

Help, please!

I cannot breathe.

- Okay, okay!
- Help me! Help, please.




You just rip that puppy off!


On behalf of my nation, a big thank you.

What can I say?
Friction. Or, how do you call it?

Spontaneous combustion?

Arson. They call it arson.

Eat more healthy food,
and you will not need scuba suit.

You're a difficult man to like.

Did anyone ever tell you that?



I want you to eat big.

You look good. And you smell good too.

In case you think this is pick-up,
I'm not interested in women.

Oh. Thank God.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not interested in men either.

Life is much more simple

without all that stupid love stuff.

Love is for fools.


Tangy. What is it?

Goat milk butter and sea salt from there.

So good.

Doesn't matter how much you eat,
how round and soft your belly is.

Thank you.

We have a saying in Croatia.

Old hen, good soup.

Wow! You did it again. Thank you.

Josip told me about the list.


From the store, the owner.

He's called Josip?

- It was a popular name when we were born.
- Okay, okay.

He told me
your mother was born on the island,

but you don't know where.

At first,
I thought this had been her home.

No, no.
This was an animal stable at the farm.

And when my family bought it
100 years ago,

we made it into a house.

Your mother,

she wanted door painted blue,
like the sea.

It was her favorite color.


he said you asked for the prices

of generators, stove,
heaters, lamps, air conditioner,


Refrigerator. And?

And you don't need any of these things!

Are you crazy? Don't shout.

Is it crazy to love a perfect house?

Perfect? I mean, it's charming.

But it's not exactly made
a huge journey from a stable to now.

No, don't get me wrong.

It's sweet how you defend the house.
I just don't think you see it clearly!

It could do with more light, for instance.

Typical city person

who does not know
how to survive in the heat.

You need to keep the sun out.

Inside of the house dark,
not bright and shiny.

- Renters today need more...
- Again with the renters!

You said your mother
was born on the island.

You think she left you the house
so you can rent it to strangers?

And you laugh at fr... frigigirator!

And you don't know one word
of your mother's own language.

You are so full of yourself, aren't you?

Mr. I-Have-an-Answer-for-Everything!

You know what?

You're wrong about one thing.
Because this old hen makes no soup!

Fia! Is everything all right?

There's nothing to eat.

What mom laughs when her child is hungry?

One who's been trying
to get hold of you

and is so relieved now
that you are managing great by yourself

and the only thing you're missing is food,
and by the way, you remember Dad?

The guy who always makes you laugh?

He has a restaurant.

And rumor has it they do have food there.


So what?

When are you coming home?

Yeah, well, that...

that all depends
on how everything is going to...

Whatever. We just need the van back
before I leave for uni.

I need to move my stuff.


What's our problem anyway?

My problem is that I need the damn van
that you took off in!

Hey! Where are you going?

Miss Altin is not here!


But if you see Zeynep before I do,

tell her we've had a crazy big bid
for the house!

Do you understand?

Did you hear me?
Lot of money for the house.

All right.

Why did you tell him everything?

What can I say?

He ask what you want. He friend.

You customer.

This no CIA. So I tell him.

Okay. I'm sorry.

Did you manage to find out more
about, you know, delivery dates, prices?

Josip said, order canceled.

Please say you're talking about yourself
in the third person.

Hey! Are you in there?


Who would do something like that?

Who, Josip, who?

Who the hell knows?

My old uncle wants me to ask

if you see anybody strange
in the garden earlier.

If you see someone set fire
to his best underpants,

the ones he keeps for travel
and special occasions.

We know you are in there.

I just saw you a minute ago
through the window.

It's okay.

He doesn't know
you are crazy woman who does this.

She's not here. Let's go.
I can hear the others coming.

He also doesn't speak English.

Oh! Hi. I didn't realize someone was here.

Oh this is the new owner?

She's beautiful.
Ask her if she has seen anybody.

My uncle wants to know
why you make modern our family home

and destroy island heritage?

Well, tell your uncle
I'm not a wealthy woman

and need to help support my family

with the income
from renting out this house,

which his nephew
might have successfully sabotaged

had I not found out
that he had canceled my order at Josip's!

The other Josip.

She says
she lit up the underwear.

- She did it? Ask her why!
- Mm-hmm.

Why did she do it?

He says,

"Every house on the island
has a soul, a history."

"If you can sleep well at night

knowing that you are part of killing that
for future generations,

then okay. Go ahead."

Don't wait till your brother
steals this one from you.

She set the underpants on fire
because she's a pyromaniac.

If you're okay sleeping
outside her door in a tent, then fine.

You heard what I said!

You've told the same stories
for the last 20 years!

♪ I fell in love with you ♪

♪ I fell in love with you ♪

♪ I fell in love with you ♪


What's that?

Lavender and honey, sweet.

Coriander and celery.

Please tell them,

I can't remember
having ever heard something so beautiful.

For me, it would be drunk version
of "99 Red Balloons."

You're such an idiot!


She asked me to tell you
she has never heard anything so beautiful.

Thank you, grazie.

You know, your song, though,

I don't get it.

Why 99?

Why always everything
has to be bigger, more?

If you're gonna circle this back
to the house renovation, then...

No, no, no, no. I'm... I'm serious.

When I was a kid,

we had these movie nights
back at the town hall.

One evening,
they were showing this French movie.

It was about this little boy
whose best friend was a red balloon.

I fell in love with that balloon.
I wanted such a balloon.

My next birthday,
my father stood in the kitchen.

From his pocket,
he take this little piece of red rubber.

Blows it up, bigger and bigger.

It was like magic.

It was his love for me.


What about

"love is for fools"?


What a fool.
What's wrong with you?

Your uncle knows I'm married,

He takes these testosterone pills
for last two years.

He get frisky. That's why I bought this.

When he stays in bed with me inside,
it gets intense.

Come on. Don't do it!

"What I...


"What I remember."

- Okay.
- I'm gonna be sick.


you will be fine. Try not to think on it.

Here, eat.
It will make you feel better. Come.

You're trying to kill me!

I figured, best way to get the house back.


why you are alone
in such a beautiful place?

My husband is very busy at work.

This simple life of yours is good.

I kinda get why you didn't marry.

Oh I did marry.

You have a wife?

She died.

That's terrible.

- I mean, I'm sorry. I just thought that...
- No. It's fine.

She left me for my brother first.

- Kind of take the sting out of the death.
- God, that's... Wow.

He died too. Car accident.

We were divorced, her and me.

They married, moved to the States.



Why you really here without him?

- Truth?
- Truth.

He's overworked.

I'm overworked too, but he never notices.

We live with my father
who used to be his boss.

My mom died.

Our daughter has been angry with me
since she hit puberty,

but adores him.

Which is easy 'cause he's not the one
who ever told her

to do her homework or brush her teeth.

I stop shaving my legs
and finding his jokes funny.

And he laughed with a young woman
who has really white teeth.

More specific than I expected, but...

Seems fixable.

- Do you still love him?
- Do you still miss her?

No, my boat. You first.

I guess I only know
when I see him again or hear his voice.

Something real.

I'm so far away from him here.



That's an insane amount!

No way.


He didn't pass on the message.


I'll get back to you with a decision.


Why didn't you tell me
Conrad came to the house?

This kind of money
could change all of our lives!

You leave your husband
because he's overworked

and laughs with some woman
who has white teeth.

And you think nasty gerbil Conrad's
big money will save you from your sadness?

Conrad's right. You sell yourself
as some kind of moral apostle,

but you're just as much of a gigantic
self-centered bastard as the rest.

So, no second piece of fish?

You go catch your fish!

I go call my husband!

- Can you turn that over?
- Yes.

We have to put the garnishes on.


Yeah, great.

Hold on.



I just wanted to hear your voice.

- I've been worried sick!
- Yeah...

I located you via your phone
or I would've had no idea where you are.

I should've just given us another chance
to talk things through.

You were overworked.

Yeah, wait a second.
Let me go somewhere else.

Zey? Are you feeling better?


Can't we just start over again?

I have great news.

I got a crazy offer for the house.

So I got to thinking,
we could sell the house

and put the money into the restaurant.

Then we could hire more staff,

and then we'd have
more time for each other again.



I think that...

you shouldn't sell the house.

It only started after you left.

I swear.

This isn't about someone else.
It's about us.

Things haven't been great for a while now.
It's not because she's younger.

I don't want you to think that.

It's been so long since the two of us...

What is it? Is your family?

Did something happen?
What? Your husband? What is it?

- How can I switch off location?
- How do you do that?

I don't know
how to turn off the location!


♪ I won't look at you
The same way again... ♪


♪ Some of my joy and then my pain ♪

♪ The need to fuck
And take all my clothes off... ♪


♪ To harden my soul, soft ♪

♪ We shivered, we laughed
You held me down ♪

♪ Then you vanished in front of my eyes ♪

♪ This was all in paradise ♪

♪ I'm such a loser ♪

♪ Can't keep anything ♪

♪ I do whatever for my lover ♪

♪ But he slips
Through my tired hands, ah ♪

♪ I see it's clear we're over ♪

♪ Alone again with demons
And pain whiling ♪

♪ Guess that's why you left my island ♪

♪ It's too rough out here
The island's drowning ♪

♪ So I grabbed to whatever
Was breathing out of the water ♪

♪ You drown first ♪

♪ This is cursed ♪

♪ I wanna feel fine ♪

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ The right won't ♪

Zeynep? I know you are in there.

Okay, I come back.

I leave water and food at the door.

You don't have to see me,

but please eat, drink.

Okay. You drink, I see.

You take the handbag too.

But this morning's old food is still here.

I make you something good now.

Promise to eat.

You should know.

One more day,

then I will kick the door down
and get you.



Zeynep, are you there?
I've been leaving you messages.

I met our crazy goat man Josip yesterday.
He told me you wanted some time alone.

But you know how he says things, right?

Thank God! There you are.

Okay, so listen. No pressure.

But there'll be people
coming to see the house soon.

Not just buyers who are flying in
to look at it before signing.

But surveyors, engineers.

Planning permits for the build.

What the hell are you doing here?

You didn't pass on my messages
as promised.

I don't promise anything.
You, "blah, blah, blah, blah."

I listen, then ignore.

You have no right to block this sale.

I've talked to my lawyers...

What are you doing?


What're you doing?

- Dangerous!
- Stop!

I don't want

to keep the sun out!

I don't care about the heat!






That was hot.

- Yeah, it was... It was crazy.
- Yeah, crazy hot.

Why am I talking to you? Fuck off.

She raised
the worth of this place significantly.

What do you know about worth?
You're shallow and hollow.

- Wanna go back to your goat?
- Better company than you.

Hey, wait! Where are you going?

To get the other Josip
to order me a window.

And to celebrate!

♪ Hey there, let's get away ♪

♪ I sure need a lazy summer day ♪

♪ But oh dear, we've gotta stay ♪

♪ And finish all that we needed to say ♪

♪ Now, darlin', if you fall ♪

♪ I'll be there to hold you ♪

♪ Because I gave you my soul ♪

♪ Long time ago, long time ago ♪

♪ 'Cause you, you are my lonely star ♪

♪ And I'm, I'm your wishing girl ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm, I'm your wishing girl ♪

- That...
- Huh?

...was totally boss bitch.

Boss bitch?

I like that.

- Hm...
- Uh...

- Here you go.
- What are we celebrating?

Letting light in,
being able to breathe.

- Something about bright and shiny?
- Yeah.


It does sound kinda new-age hippie.

No, no.



- Ha!
- Hm-hm.

Not when you say it.

Too authentic.


You know, actually,

it was quite
an emotional thing to witness.

You slamming down that wall.

Okay, Macron. Put Grandma down.

Oh my God!

- That... You absolute asshole!
- No. Don't listen to him.

It's just a pathetic mindfuck
of a lonely old man.

This is so, so embarrassing.

No. So, so wrong.
He 12, you in your fifties.

I am 49!

- Whatever.
- Ignore him.

- And I'm 25, by the way.
- 25?

- Yeah.
- Are you sure? You look so much older.

- Let's call his mother and ask.
- Older?


You getting the bill, then?
Oh yeah, I forgot. You can't!

You're welcome.

If it had gone any further,
you'll be sorry for the rest of your life.

Or not.



Using his name as an actual insult?

Do you even realize
how sexist and offensive that is?

- Pretty on point though, right?
- And Grandma?

Radical measures!
I just stopped worse from happening.

Every other freaking male world leader,
sports star, movie mogul,

Silicon Valley billionaire,
normal dude, they fuck, they fall in love

or marry some babe
25 years younger than them,

and the whole bloody world
pats them on the back.

And Macron falls in love

with this beautiful, bright, feisty,
wonderful woman 25 years older

and the whole world thinks,

"Oh, he must be a closet gay."

You do see how messed up that is?

How small-minded,

how ignorant, how...

I do!

You're right.

I wanted to show you something.

Also tell you something.

And give you something.

How do I know that at least
one of those things isn't your penis?

- You had too much champagne.
- I'm having fun.

- You did not?
- Yeah.

- Naughty. Yeah.
- No!

Next question.

Yeah, just shut up.

- I say nothing.
- But you never do.

What do you want to show me?

First, give you.

You're right.

I play games and...

It's your life.

I can be an asshole sometimes.

This is my gift to you.

Your mother's diary.



Better than penis?

- So much better than penis.
- I have more not-penis.

My uncle,
he went to the same school as your mother.

Here it is.

This was your mother's house.

How much?

How much is bidding war for me
to buy back my home?

One million two hundred thousand.

It's not the house.
It's the land they're interested in.


One more Croatian saying.
Relax, not about all the chicken thing.

Actually, not a saying,

something Croatian author
Téa Obreht wrote.

"Is your heart a sponge or a fist?"

I'm not gonna stand in your way.

My half of the garden,
if you need it for sale, it's yours.

But that's...

About time for me to move on.

And go back to the harbor. It's late.

Um, my bike's there, so...

- We can walk together.
- Yes.

- I can walk you off.
- Mm-hm. Okay.


When you were little,
you would always, with every book,

read the last page first.

You could only ever enjoy a story
if you knew the end.

And although I hope
that you started with the first pages,

with my memories of my father
and our daily outings

on the search for something to eat...

...you probably started here,

with my last entry.

The memory of the day
that these adventures came to an end.

Excuse me.

Eh, can you show me the way...

put... to the monastery?

Just go this way.

Mm-hm. Okay.

The day that I woke up
and my father was gone.

No one explained to me why.

It was just not talked about.

It was only later I learned
that he, like many others,

had left his home to defend our country.

So I climbed
the highest mountain on the island

because I hoped
that I could see my father from up there,

in case he had gotten lost.

I was five years old.

In the evening of the very same day,
my mom and I fled the island.

And when, years later, I met your father,

he understood that I did not need
any more adventures in my life.

He had made it his life's work to ensure
that I would always have a home,

that there would always
be food on our table.

That was the world you were born into,

my beloved Zeynep.

The safe, little world
that your father had created for me.

We never talk about matters of the heart,
you and I.

You have always been a daddy's girl.

So, in case I die without having told you,

I want you to know, I see you.

Day after day, you become less yourself,

less free,
here in this safe, little world of mine.

And by having kept
one last secret from you,

this house, my island,

I could at least keep you
in the dark just once

about how the story truly ends.

I have found my happiness.
I hope that you will find yours.


You look good.

I feel good.




Whatever he wants to say to me,
I don't wanna hear.


He cannot know that I live in a tent.


Don't worry.

It's normal that my brother
doesn't wanna see or speak to me.

Dražen Cega. You must be Mrs. Altin.

Yes, but...

Yeah, sorry.
I came straight from the airport.

Too excited. The contract?

I'm so happy
to be in this old place again.

- Amazing view, isn't it?
- Does Josip know you made the offer?

I tried to speak to him for years.

But this is your house now.

And luckily, you don't have
the same stubborn attachment he has.

There are amazing views
all around the island.

True. But this is the one
I grew up looking at.



What are you doing?

I know it's my brother who buys the house.

Old friend of his
told everyone at the bar.

- I cannot live where Dražen lives.
- So stay.

Josip, I'm not selling.

Turns out it's not the kind of place
you walk away from easily.

I know this.

You said he's dead, car accident.

A bit harsh.

Dead to me. Both of them.

I change the death.

Sometimes it's car crash,

sometimes hang glide accident,

shark attack.

Depends on the mood.

There is something you should know.

Before I met you,

my heart was...

And now?

Can you just...

Žarka, damn idiot.
Get out of here!

- Go on.
- No, I, I, I...

- Now I just feel stupid.
- No, what? No.

You cannot stop now. Your heart felt like?

- Out.
- Sorry.

Oh, thank God for that!

What? Why do everybody think
I have sex with it?

Never say it out loud! Come here.

No, wait.

I don't know what you're expecting,
but I've only had sex

with the same man for the last 30 years.

- And before that...
- There was before that?

Forget I said anything.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I don't know
what fireworks you think will happen,

but I had sex with my wife,
and it was 20 years ago.

Yeah. No, that's good.
You will be happy with anything.

Nicely said. Yeah.

No! That's weird. No one? 20 years?

There were hook-up things
with tourists here and there.

I don't remember, was blind drunk.
Who knows what sex was like?

- Okay. I just wanted to clear that up.
- Yeah.

- Are we ready now?
- Oh totally. Let's do this.

No, wait!

- What?
- So, 20 years ago, she was...


No, that memory's still fresh.

She weighs 200 pounds,
shorter than you, had mustache.

Oh okay.

♪ Once I wanted to be the greatest ♪

♪ No wind or waterfall could stall me ♪

♪ And then came the rush of the flood ♪

♪ Stars at night turned deep to dust ♪

♪ Melt me down... ♪


good morning.


♪ Of grace just in your honor ♪

♪ Lower me down ♪

♪ To culprit south ♪

♪ Make 'em wash a space in town... ♪

The breeze feels so good.

The lady looks so good.

- Mom?
- Mom?


- I think I'm going blind!
- Did you come by yourself?

It's not what it looks like.

It looks like you and some stranger
are sitting naked at the table.

Okay, maybe. But Josip is no stranger.
He lives in the garden.

Well, that's all right, then.


This is a married woman,

Who are you?

- Can I talk to you outside?
- Yes.

Do you want some...

Naked breakfast? Really?

Do you know how traumatizing it is

for a child
to see their mother naked with...

And at your age!

At my age?

Okay, I understand that what you saw

was a big shock for you,

but I hope that one day
the only thing you'll remember...

is how happy I looked today.

Fia, look at me. Look at me!

Do you know how good it felt

to realize that my happiness
is worth as much

as the happiness of the people I love?

Dad has a girlfriend.

I know.

But I also know that's not the reason
you came all this way to see me.

So? Come on, tell me what's going on.

You can't just bail like that, Mom!

First Grandma leaves me
and then you?

After your "right to my happiness" speech,
that makes me look like a giant baby, but...

I'm the one who's leaving.


I go to university.
You stay home. Those are the rules!


- I think you may need a minute.
- Yes.

A café at the harbor has Internet.

I'll go there and download stuff

to make my stay in that room
with a hole in the wall more bearable.

Hole in the wall? What did you expect?
An infinity pool or a flatscreen TV?

- What else?
- Yeah. Take my bike.

Are you all right?

And life goes on.

I just don't know how.


Last night was


- Look, Josip, I don't know...
- It's okay, I understand.

Tomorrow night, Franjo will take the ferry
to stay with my cousin for three weeks.

I'll move to his place.

Thank you.

I'm gonna go for a swim.

Then to work.

Just saying,
Mom looked really happy.

And this Josip guy is pretty hot.

Good thing you have your cute, little Nora
to fill the void where Mom used to be.

♪ Cold bones ♪

♪ Yeah, that's my love ♪

♪ She hides away like a ghost ♪

♪ Ooh, does she know
That we bleed the same? ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

Stop grinning.

You brought one of Grandma's dresses.


- I miss her.
- I miss her too.

This whole love thing
is totally fucked up.

Have you been in love yet?


I think I still am.

What's his name?


What kind of mother laughs
at her child coming out?

Hey, are you that gigolo
who steals another man's wife?

By the way,
I might have told Dad about Josip.

- Ah, the laughing man.
- What?

- No wife who is happy can be stolen.
- Ah, finally, he gets it now.

Stop it!


Is it true you blocked the agreement
between Zeynep and Conrad

worth 1.2 million euros?

Yes, he sweet-talked Zeynep
into saying if she ever sells the house,

then to him.

- For peanuts!
- She said what?

Mr. Innocence didn't know about anything.



Fuck off, Macron.

She was into it.

Who was into what?


- She was drunk, you weasel!
- One gulp of champagne, goat-fucker!

Who had the champagne? Who was into what?

Jesus! Your wife into him.
Follow the plot, moron.

- Oh sorry.
- What, "sorry"?

- Baba! Ilyas!
- I'll show you!

What are you doing here?

Oh, wow! You look beautiful.

- She looks beautiful.
- You had your chance, laughing man.

What? It's my normal laugh!

- So you're Zeynep's father!
- Yes.

Oh, I worked many years in Turkey!

- You did?
- Yes.

And I knew your wife.

She was five years old. I was just four.

Hi! It's Fia.

- Where did you...
- It's okay. She's a lesbian.

- Mom!
- A what?

I know what lesbian is.

- When two women are together, you know...
- Dad!

What? You get me cable TV,
I shouldn't watch?

That saved me some coming-out talks.

You? A lesbian? No way!

I'm bisexual, you dick!

Her too, sleazeball?

What does Dad mean
by "her too"?

Come on!

- Why are you hitting me?
- I'm going to barf.

We didn't have sex!
He just kissed me here. Nothing happened.

Good grief, you're such a drama queen!

- Didn't know you could do it.
- Well, I can.

Thank you all for being here,
but I didn't invite you.

So this is what's going to happen.

We're all gonna calm down.

We'll have a lovely meal together,
and then you leave.

of course this is your home too.

You stay as long as you like. Your choice.

Josip, you said that Franjo
will be taking the late ferry.

Could my father and Ilyas follow him?



The van is parked
in the parking lot at the mainland port.

We can talk before you leave.

I don't understand.
Say all that again in Turkish.

No, Baba.

Fia and I go get the food.

So take a rest.

You will be doing the cooking later.

- Sounds good to me.
- I could live with that, yeah.


Hold on.

Do you know how to do that? Drive a boat?

No. But I've watched someone who does.

I feel safer already.

She's taking the boat.
She doesn't know how to sail.

She's a strong German.
Can do everything.

- She's a Turkish woman.
- Daughter half Croatia.

- What? I don't understand him.
- Probably for the best, really.

The best view
in the whole world.

Were you blind
while you were working in Turkey?

This could take a while.

If you want, I can go buy us some beers.

Yeah, you go. Best idea yet.
Take flashy-pants with you. He can pay.

Why are you telling people
that Lucija and I are dead?

You live in Florida.
What's the difference?

Well, then,
how about some nibbles?

- Hi there.
- Hi.

- Oi, here.
- All right, yeah.

- Whatcha doing?
- Just setting up a table.


You must be freezing.

Actually, I'm not that cold.

- You're cool?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Want my jacket?
- No.

I never took it off.
Not even for a second.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

I did kind of hope so.


- The big boy's spoken.
- Oh.

Where is it?

I think I threw it away.


We'll get you a new one.

Honestly, I don't know about that.

- How do you manage that?
- What?

Finding each other again
after you've lost one another.

You just do it.

Thirty years in the kitchen

and he still doesn't know
how to cut onions.

- Watch out.
- May I?

Go ahead.

Maybe I should have retired earlier
and given Kata a home like this one.

Baba, you gave her love and security.
You were her home.

Well said.

But when I say a home like this,
of course I mean a house in Turkey.

- Of course you mean Turkey.
- What do we do with these?

Most of you here
will remember Katarina Bilići

as the wife of...

Katarina Bilići bought a house.

The woman Katarina.

The quiet magician.

A final act
in a life of seeing without judgment,

living without regrets,

and loving without limits.

For this...

and another

thousand reasons,

I am blessed...

to be my mother's daughter.

To Katarina Bilići!

- My wife.
- I see you, Mom.

And I see me too.

I didn't understand much, but...


Thank you.

♪ Then I will sing you a song ♪

♪ About 99 red balloons ♪

♪ On their way to the horizon ♪

♪ Are you maybe thinking
About me right now? ♪

♪ Then I shall sing you a song ♪

♪ About 99 red balloons ♪

♪ And how this stuff happens
Because if this stuff ♪



♪ 99 red balloons ♪

♪ On their way to the horizon ♪

♪ Were thought to be UFOs from space ♪

♪ Thus a general sent ♪

♪ A flying squadron after them ♪

♪ To raise alarms in case they were ♪

♪ Even though on the horizon
There were only ♪

♪ 99 red balloons... ♪

Excuse me. Thank you.

take care of the house keys.

Keep the house safe and good luck
and be smart and take care.


Am I doing the right thing?

Dad's gonna drive me to Italy

just to meet some girl who probably
doesn't even like me anymore.

If you love her,
she can't be just some girl.

- Fuck yeah.
- She's my Louisa.

♪ Happiness hit her
Like a train on a track... ♪

Here's the thing about happiness...



I'll start from the beginning again.

♪ She hid around corners
And she hid under beds ♪

♪ She killed it with kisses
And from it she fled ♪

♪ With every bubble ♪

♪ She sank with her drink ♪

♪ And washed it away
Down the kitchen sink ♪

♪ The dog days are over ♪

♪ The dog days are done ♪

♪ The horses are coming ♪

♪ So you better run ♪

♪ Run fast for your mother
Run fast for your father ♪

♪ Run for your children
For your sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Leave all your love
And your longing behind ♪

♪ You can't carry it with you
If you want to survive ♪

♪ The dog days are over ♪

♪ The dog days are done ♪

♪ Can you hear the horses? ♪

♪ 'Cause here they come ♪


♪ And I never wanted ♪

♪ Anything from you ♪

♪ Except everything you had ♪

♪ And what was left after that too, oh ♪

♪ Happiness hit her ♪

♪ Like a bullet in the back ♪