Fantastic Girls (2015) - full transcript

Two teenagers' memories of 1980. A girl moves from Tokyo to Okayama. She is new to the area and her school. She cannot make friends in her class. She likes illustrating and drawing and works on a manga in which she is the romantic and main protagonist. When a popular class-mate notices her talent she encourages the new girl to continue and complete the manga. The two girls draw closer until one day an event separates them. It is thirty years later and the girl has become a professional manga artist. She receives a letter inviting her to a class reunion. She is going to meet her old classmate.

(How do I tell Hideho-kun I'm moving...?)

♫ TGS! TGS! TGS! ♫

♫ TGS is always with you! ♫

♫ TGS! TGS! TGS! ♫

♫ Is always with you... TGS! ♫

Hidorin's Late Night Radio!

Okay, here we go.

Three hours dedicated to the
insomniac youth of Japan,

beginning at midnight!

Do you know what time it is?

Hurry up and go to sleep!

I just can't sleep, so I thought I'd study.

Even though you haven't
gotten your books yet?

What a hard worker you are!

There's nothing wrong with drawing comics,

but you're going to a
really elite school now.

So make sure you're not late.

Got it?

But then I stopped being able to move,

so I took a taxi on the way home.

Feel free to copy me!

Now let's play a request.

From Ayu-chan
"I-Love-Hideho", in Okayama...

- Good evening, Hirorin-san!
- No way!

I always listen while I draw
pictures of my boyfriend, Hideho-kun.

Thank you!

Help me, Hirorin!

I've transferred from Tokyo to a high
school in Okayama, and I'm really worried.

And Momoe-chan's retiring in October,
which makes things even worse!

But as a fan of hers, I have to support
her marrying her beloved Tomokazu, right?

I have a boyfriend I love
too, so I know how she feels.

But he's in Kobe and I'm in
Okayama, so I can't see him often.

And so I offer this song to that cool Rock
'n' Roller at Kobe University, Hideho-kun!

Momoe Yamaguchi's...

Rock'n' Roll Widow!

♫ A rock n' roller in it for the fame ♫

♫ Your motives aren't exactly pure ♫

♫ You're always walking around, ♫

♫ with pretty blonde
groupies by your side ♫

Hurry up! Get ready!

♫ Being a nitpicker in the songs ♫

♫ Acting like some kind of
superstar, but something's off ♫

♫ You're cool cool cool cool cool cool ♫

♫ And meanwhile you procrastinate ♫

♫ Rock'n'roll widow ♫

♫ Rock'n'roll widow ♫

♫ Cut it out! I'm not your mama ♫

♪ Rock'n' roll widow ♪

♪ Rock'n' roll... ♪

(Fantastic Girls)

- Hello, everyone. Hello.
- Hello!

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Where it will go this bus?

Hey, you.


If you're sitting down and sleeping,
you must be a new student, right?

And not from one of our affiliate schools.

That thing you're wearing makes it obvious.

Mentor Kajiro's Lesson!

"We find our joy in helping others."

Now stand up.


Go ahead. Please sit.

Are you new?

- Yes.
- Me too!

You're off to a bad start, huh?

Yuko Senpai and Mariko Senpai
are so cool, aren't they?

You saw.

Students at Shirasagi Girls' High School, you
see, don't sit down on the way to school.

Especially during the morning and
evenings when it gets crowded.

You're not from one of the affiliate
schools, so you didn't know that, did you?

Is that a school rule?

Is that a school rule?

Are you from Tokyo?

Yes, why?


But that's no good.


Good morning!

Oh! Good morning!

Good morning!

Good morning.

(Okayama Shirasagi Girls' High)

Good morning.

(The year of the resurrection)

(Class Z, 1st floor)

Look at her. So strange.

Everyone, sit at the seat
with your name on it.

You there. With the green!

It's true that our school's symbol is a
dark blue uniform with a green ribbon.

However, on important days like the first and
last day of school, we wear white ribbons.

We've upheld that tradition
since the school's founding.

It was in the manual you were
given when you came, right?

I'm sorry.

(Misao Tsukumo)

This is Class Z, and I'll be your teacher.

My name is Misao Tsukumo.

Class Z is the special elite class,
and there is only one per grade.

You will not be changing
classrooms, either.

Everyone in this room will be spending

their three years in high school together.

We will not only be teach you
academics, but also etiquette.

And I want you to know in
advance that we'll be very tough.

Is that understood?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Louder!

Yes, ma'am.

You'd better be ready,
because there'll be no mercy!

Stand up!

(Misao Tsukumo, 7th of April)

All of you, repeat after me.

Mentor Kajiro's lessons!

When you go to sleep,
say: "Tomorrow's the day!"

When you go to sleep,
say: "Tomorrow's the day!"

When you wake up, say: "Today's the day!"

When you wake up, say: "Today's the day!"

Let's give a look.

Let's go.



Hey, Green-chan! I heard
you came from Tokyo.

That's right.

"Fantastic" Green smells like the city. (T/N:
"Deeree" a way of Okayama's people speaking)

- That's right.
- Let me see.


What does fantastic mean, exactly?

Fantastic means "awesome", Green-chan!

Green-chan! Green-chan! Green-chan!

Green-chan! Green-chan! Yay!

You can't take it off!

Nice weather.

When the weather's nice,

the little sparrows sure love to chirp.

You. What's your name?

Ayuko Sasaoka.

I'm Takemi Akimoto.

Midori-chan. Midori-chan. (T/N: Midori
means "green" but also a person's name)

- Midori-chan!
- Yes?

Fix her up around here.


Midori-chan, is your name?


That's the first nickname
I was given in high school.

Is it?

- What?
- How is it?

Yeah, it's cute.

- Stop it!
- Thank you.

That lead to me living only for my work,

and this is the result!

I'm single.

You were spacing out a
little back there, right?

What were you thinking about?

Stuff that happened a long time ago.

Memories of your first love?

That's such a great smile!


I suppose you could call it a first love.

It's Hideho-kun!

How did you know that?

Because I'm your biggest fan!

Your first love has to be
Hideho-kun from Fantastic Girls!

No way. You read that?

Of course!

Oh, wow...

What's with you?

Okay! I've got a good shot of it.

It's out of print and hard to find now,

but 20 years ago, I read Fantastic Girls,

and decided I wanted to
be in the comic business.

Twenty years ago?

How old are you?

I would've been in 3rd grade.

It had a huge impact on my life!

A high school drama where two
friends fight over a rock singer,

and in the end, make up.

That's a true story, right?


Ayumi, Hideho-kun's lover,

is definitely based on you, right?

Right? Right?

Well... maybe, I guess.

Can you smile a little more?

But I definitely prefer

Ayumi's friend, Takami.

Ayumi's cute, and so awkward.

But Takami's this beautiful,
mature girl with a shadowy aura.

When Ayumi becomes Takami's friend,

that's pretty standard
for girls' comics, right?

But Takami falls in love with
Ayumi's boyfriend, Hideho.

When she can't contain
her feelings anymore,

she tells Ayumi how she feels about Hideho,

and it puts stress on
their friendship, but...

It's so cool when Takami lets
Ayumi have him in the end.

Takami choses her friendship
with Ayumi over her love.

(We'll be together forever.)

I can't believe that really happened.

You've led an amazing life, ma'am.

Your school years, especially.

Do you think something
like that really happened?


I'm so sorry!

I got so excited, I forgot myself.

Oh... uh... sorry.


I don't know how to say this, but...

You know?

It's one of those things in your
past that you want to forget.


You mean it's just too embarrassing?

I don't know if it's embarrassing, but...

Well... you know.


It would be sad if you forgot them.

The Ayumi and Takami in Fantastic Girls.

I was obsessed with
them back then, and I...

Oh, I'm sorry.


Thank you.

Thanks to you, I was able to decide.

I apologize for the sudden letter.

I am a teacher at your alma mater,

Shirasagi Girls' High in Okayama.

My name is Tsurumi Ogiwara.

Right now, you are the person
my students most admire.

And so I'd like to ask

if you would come give a speech

on the anniversary of
the school's foundation.

Our staff, students, and alumni are all

eagerly awaiting your arrival.

120th Founding Anniversary
Committee Member,

Tsurumi Ogiwara.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

As you wish.

- Welcome.
- Welcome here.

Hello. I'm Ayuko Sasaoka.

Here, thank you.

Hello, everyone. I'm an
alumna of this school-

No way!

No way! Oh, wow...

It's been a long time. How are you doing?

This is Mizuno. Do you remember me?

Of course, I know you're
a comic artist now.

My daughter's a huge fan.

If you're coming to the
founding anniversary,

we're all looking forward
to having a reunion.


Do you remember Takemi Akimoto,
who transferred to Hiroshima?

She's planning on coming
to the reunion as well.

Multi-ride passes are now available.

Simply speak to the driver as you leave.

The next stop is Shiroshita.

We will be arriving in Shiroshita.

I'm the one who loves you more than
anyone in the world, Hideho-kun.

I'll say the exact same thing to you, Ayu.

I'm the one who loves you
more than anyone in the world.

Hey, what are you doing? Fantastic Sasaoka.


I don't have any confidence in myself.

I always wonder if I'm good enough.

There are all these really

pretty grown-up girls around you.

At the concert, that beautiful girl
who's the head of your fan club

said she loves you more
than anyone in the world.

And? What did you say back?





I'm the one who loves Hideho-kun
more than anyone in the world.

I'll say the exact same thing to you, Ayu.

I'm the one who loves you
more than anyone in the world.

Um... I've got a new friend
I want to introduce you too.

To be precise, she's
not a friend yet, but...

What's she like?

She's pretty as Momoe-chan,
and a big sister type.

But I still can't even really talk to her.

I'd like to meet her.

Your friends are very important to me, too.




What are you doing?

Go eat, quickly!


It's cute. It's cute.

♪ I'll give you the most important thing ♪

♪ A girls has to give ♪

That's fantastically exciting.

Hurry up!

What are you doing?

99's doing a surprise inspection!

- I'm going on ahead.
- Wait a second.

You pass.

Okay, you pass.

Okay, you pass. Next.

Okay, you pass.

Shinoyama-san, hold it.

You've folded it up a little too much.

It's 10 centimeters above your knee!

Fix it.


- Hurry!
- Okay...

15 centimeters below the knee.
You cut 10 cm, then.

I'll write a note for your mother.
Be sure to take it home.

- Okay...
- Okay, next.

Pass. Next.

- Pass.
- She got me...

Come on, there was no way
you'd get away with that.

Green-chan is such a
fantastic teacher's pet.

I fantastically had no idea
they did inspections like this.

You're still using our fantastic wrong.

Oh, it's Takemi-chan.

She's got the longest
skirt in the whole grade.

Totally wrong.

You can tell she used to be a punk.

What? Is that true?

Don't use half-assed Okayama dialect.

She lives alone with her mom.
Her dad's not there, they say.

And her dad's an American soldier.

She's a "hafu"?
(T/N: half Japanese and half non-Japanese)

Her hair's a little brown, right?
And her eye color, too.

Now that you mention it...

Pass. Next.

I thought it was weird.

She's clearly taller than any of
us, and she's got longer legs...

And those curvy hips!

I doubt her curves have
anything to do with it.


Okay, pass. Next!

Well done.

Thank you.


Okay, pass. Next.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning, Fantastic Sasaoka.

Fantastic Sasaoka?

(Patience comes first! Never give up)

Endurance is the most important thing!
Never give up!

Endurance is the most important thing!
Never give up!

How did you do that?

Fold it back in the right spot, then sew it
so you can't see the threads from the front.

Well done.

Did your mom do it?

My mom's busy with work.

I do all the sewing myself.

How did you know there'd be
a surprise inspection today?

There was one right after the year
started for our winter uniforms, right?

I figured the next one would be
right after we switched uniforms.

Anyway, your legs are so long, Takemi-chan!

There's so much space below your knees,
your skirt doesn't even seem long.

I can tell you're a Ha-

Hey, teach me how to sew like that.


They say Takemi-chan's
mom works at a snack bar.

Did you see her?

That's the rumor.

And Takemi-chan works
there at night, I guess.

That's why she can't be in any clubs.

And they say she's not a virgin anymore.

Fantastic Sasaoka!


You're the only one here, right? Come here.

Um... I'm not done cleaning.

You've cleaned enough, right?
Just come here.

Sit down.

This ribbon's a mess.

You're ironing the whole thing, right?

Don't do that. Instead...

fold it 10 cm from the edges,

and then iron like this.

That'll heat it up so it
gets a nice yellowish color.


You're tying it wrong, too.

All the girls from the affiliate
schools say it's cooler to tie it

so the edges are a little
shorter than regulation.

But I think it's cooler when
it's about 12 cm, a little long.

It waves when the wind blows.



There you go.

And your bag, too.

Put it here.

A fat bag like this is no good.

What are you putting in here?

Textbooks, obviously. Why?

Put 'em in your locker.

But when I'm doing my
homework, I need them...

You can just take what
you need home with you.

Look at my bag.

It's totally flat.

Yup. Cool, huh?

You steam it in the bath and flatten it.

Locker. Locker. Locker...

Locker... locker...

Take home. Locker.


- Did you draw this?
- Yeah.

Wow! It's really well done!

You like Momoe-chan?

Momoe-chan is great, isn't she?

She's retiring, isn't she?


You should take her home, right?

Here. That's all you need for today.

Put the rest in your locker.

Thanks, Takemi-chan!

Hideho-kun, I got to talk
to Takemi-chan today.

The classmate I told you about!

She was a lot nicer than I thought,

and she was pretty even up close,

and she smelled so good.

That's enough talking
about your friend, Ayu.

I want to kiss you.

But it's still light out,
and I'm wearing my uniform.

I've got great self-control, huh?

See you.

Take care coming back home.

What are you doing, Fantastic Sasaoka?


I was just thinking that the
wind on this bridge feels good.

Is your house around here?

No... It's in Houkanchou.

That's the other way!

What are you doing standing around here?

- A date, isn't it?
- Of course not! Of course...

You don't need to hide it. You
were seeing Hideho-kun, right?

How did you know?

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Did I tell you?

No, no. I didn't tell anybody. So why? Why?

Hold on! Calm down!

(The Story of Ayu and Hideo)
I knew it! Why do you have this?

When we were emptying out
our bags, it got mixed up.

No way...

I knew I had to give it back right away,

but it was fantastically
interesting, so I read it.

I'm sorry!

It was interesting?


You said it was fantastically interesting?

It was fantastically interesting.

That's the first long story I've ever done.

It's not done yet, though.

What? There's more?

Wanna read it?

Hideho-kun is so cool! I'm in love!



Does Hideho-kun really exist?

I knew it.

He's based on a real person, huh?

At the start of part 1,

it says, This is a true story, right?

I thought that wasn't true at first,

but as I read it I started
to think it might be.

Why did you think so?

The feelings you have for
Hideho-kun seemed so real.

You can't write something
like that unless it's real.

Even after I read it,

I couldn't stop wondering what
happened to them after that.

How's it going for you two?



How far have you gotten?

How far?

You and Hideho-kun...

Like first or second base...

None of that stuff! Not yet!

Yeah, I'm sure. It's too soon for you.

Not really...

I'm close.

Are you?

Then if you get to first base...

tell me first, okay?

Promise me, Ayu!


And... Someday,

let me meet him, too.


Let you meet him?

It's fine, right?

Yeah. Okay.


Rock, paper, scissors!


It's Fantastic Sasaoka.

- Good morning, Fantastic Sasaoka.
- Good morning.

Why's your ribbon so long?
It's all messed up.

Really. It's too long, Fantastic Sasaoka.

It's cooler if it's 3 cm
shorter than the school rules.

Good morning! Ayu.



It's fantastically great.

Your ribbons match?

Yes. We're the Fantastic Girls!

What's that?

What are the Fantastic Girls?

What? What is this?

It's a secret!

♪ Don't be stupid ♪

♪ It's your fault ♪

♪ Wait a second. Play back, play back ♪

♪ What you just said. Play back!
Play back ♪

♪ Don't be stupid ♪

♫ It's your fault... ♫

It's so nice!


Good morning!

- Don't run on campus!
- Of course, ma'am.

♪ Play back, play back... ♪

It's mine.

Get ready.




Way to go! That was fantastically cool!

I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Hey, know the difference between
a sea cucumber and a sea cow?


Come on!

It's whether you can eat it or not.

I'm amazed you knew that.

So which can you eat,
and which can't you eat?

(Gift Store)

- Did you get it?
- What do you think?

Hey, did you buy "The Other
Side of Goodbye" already?

Yeah, but I haven't listened to it yet.

It's kind of sad.

You're such a wimp, Ayu.


Okay, I'll listen to it with you.


Okay, see you tomorrow.

We can hang out some more, right?

I'm going home for today.
My place is right there.

Okay, I'll go too.

Let's go listen to Momoe-chan!

Right now?

But my mom...

You can't?

Why? I want to spend more time with you!


We can hang out a bit more.

Since you're such a wimp.

Yeah, right.

Okay, let's go charge the castle!

Try to keep up, slowpoke!

Hey, don't be in such a hurry!




Hideho-kun is so cool.

He's a thug, but he's so kind,
and sensitive and loyal...

Is he really like that?

The real one isn't quite that great.

Like how?

He'll screw up and put
sauce on his baked fish,

or bring his mom's umbrella when it
rains, so it's covered in flowers.

That stuff just makes him
seem more wonderfully human.

A while ago he asked if
I'd seen his sunglasses

when they were right on his head!


When I hear you talk about him, I feel
like I'm going to fall in love with him.


If I did fall in love with Hideho-kun...
would that be bad?


If a pretty girl like you went after him,

I think he'd forget about me and
fall totally in love with you.

Really? Hey, Ayu, do you
really, really think that?

I'm lying!

Hideho-kun's in love with me!

Dummy, that was a joke.
Don't take it seriously.

You know I'd never take
my best friend's man.

I know that.

You guys have to stay true to each other,

and then get married
like Momoe and Tomokazu.


I never imagined that.

Make sure you invite me to the wedding!

It's a promise, okay?

Okay, I promise.

What should I wear?

A kimono or a dress?

Which do you think Hideho-kun likes more?

I'm so excited just thinking about it!

You're obviously trying to steal
the groom on his wedding day.

Don't worry.

I'm the biggest supporter of your love.

Your happiness is my happiness.


But... for right now...

you don't care if I fall in
love with Hideho-kun, right?




Kohinata Sensei? We've
been waiting for you.

I am Tsurumi Ogiwara from
Shirasagi Girls' High.

Thank you for inviting me.

It's an honor to meet you.

This way.

Everybody's waiting.


Say your class, seat number, and name.


Class Z.

My seat number...


Ayuko Sasaoka.

Very well.

We will now perform the inspection.

One step forward.


One more to the right.


What is this...

Good. You pass.

Teacher Tsukumo?

Thanks for coming. Welcome back.

Our very own 99, Misao Tsukumo,

is currently the school's principal.


My granddaughter just came
to the school this year.

Class Z, 1st floor. Same as you used to be.

She's actually my daughter's classmate.

No way...



- Akko!
- Ayu!

No way...


How are you guys all doing?

- Play back!
- Play back!

Takemi-chan's not here?

Right, right... You're
looking for her, aren't you?

I can guess why.

She's a monster, in a way.

That's right. A monster.
She's different from us.

Teacher Takemi.

Teacher Takemi?

No way.

- You're kidding me.
- That's right.

Your intuition's as terrible as ever,

Fantastic Sasaoka.

- Takemi-chan?
- You're all messed up.

You forgot the face of
the other Fantastic Girl?

Why are you calling
yourself Tsurumi Ogiwara?

Of course, my name changed when I married.

And where did Tsurumi come from?

From Tsurumi Bridge?

That's right!

Teacher Ogiwara is our
most popular teacher.

I see...

Way to go, Takemi-chan.

Ogiwara is also the one
doing most of the work

for tomorrow's ceremony.

It looks a lot like the walls
at Okayama Castle, doesn't it?

I never thought you'd be a
teacher at Shirasagi, Takemi-chan.

It was my dream to be a teacher.

I had no idea.

You've gotten so fantastic grown up.

You're the pride of the school.

Welcome back.

I missed you, Ayu.

Hey, we're going to have a toast!

Let's go toast.

Remember this place?

You used to love these.

I still do.

I had some yesterday.

Chi-ko hasn't changed a bit, has she?

Those two are really funny.

Remember how they used to...

Here you are.

Thank you.

Wow, this is great.

- Here you are.
- Let's eat.


You know what they say about dessert...

it goes in a different stomach.


This is so good. It's great.

It really is.

It seems like a dream now

that I rode that to school
every day for three years.

I come here from Kurashiki,
so I still ride every day.

Your husband's parents' home is there?

He's a teacher, too.

He used to teach math at a
prefectural technical school,

but he died.

Three years ago. From a stroke.

He was a fantastic great guy.

Not what he looked like.

He was too good for me.

I can't have children, but
he loved me so much anyway.

And we got married.

You know...

I was born

with a bad heart.

I was just fine when I was little, but,

my body started getting bigger
all of a sudden in middle school.

And my heart couldn't keep up.


I kept meaning to tell you...

But I didn't have the courage.

I really wanted to go to
the old Don Quijote today,

but it closed ten years ago.

Ever since the bubble burst,

a lot of the good old places have closed.

I see.

I'm sorry.

What's wrong?


I'm sorry.

All of a sudden, my chest started aching.

Was the chapter about their date not good?

That's not it.

Not at all.

I'm soaked!

Oh no!


I need a favor.


Let me meet Hideho-kun.


Next time I see him, I'll ask.

I'm really in love with him.

I love him so much...

When I meet him, I want to show him this.

I'm sorry.


Why did you... do that?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!


It's my fault!

Why? It's my fault!



Hey, Ayu...

I'm going to ask you once, seriously.

So I want you to answer me
seriously, just this once.

There was no Hideho-kun, was there?

There wasn't.

He only existed in my mind,

as my ideal boyfriend.

- He was just my imagination.
- Enough.

You liar.

We're both liars.

But you know...

I really believed he existed then.

I was really in love with him.

So were you, right?

I loved him.

I felt like he was always watching me.

So I lived the best life I could.

Me too.

It was a fantastic great dream.


Hey... are you really okay? Living
at your husband's old home...

You're worried about my position
in the family as his wife?

Well, sure.

My mom died when I was in college.

My husband died three years ago.

And now I'm really all alone.

I don't have any other home, though.

You really loved your husband, didn't you?

Almost as much as Hideho-kun.

No, no. You're doing it wrong.

- Like this?
- Yes.

Here. Fresh eel tempura,
just caught this morning.

You really don't need to worry about it.

Mom, you made too much.
We can't eat all this.

Your friend, the great comic
artist, was nice enough to visit.

We need to give her this much, at least.

Maybe I'll invite myself to dinner, too.

- Sensei, here you are.
- Oh, thank you.

She talks about you all the time.

You're her best friend, and
the pride of the school.

Sorry, he's a little drunk and
saying things he shouldn't.

What things?

You're welcome in our home. Right, mom?

Here you are.

All right, ma'am?

I know.

Let's all have a toast.

Pour some sake for your mother.

- What are you doing?
- We'll have sake for the toast.

Come on, come on.

- Here.
- Okay.


Oh, that's enough!

Takemi, you lead.


Okay... welcome to our home, Ayu.




This is so good!

Isn't this nice? Enjoy yourself.

Have some more.

- Maybe I will.
- Okay.

I don't know... am I
wearing this thing right?

That kimono looks good on you.

Thank you.

Sit down, Fantastic Sasaoka.

Shut your mouth.

I want to hear all the things
about you I don't know.

There are a lot of lousy men in Tokyo.

If I got started, it'd take
more than a single night.

Fantastic, I bet!

Actually, you've gotta be up
early tomorrow for work, right?

Misao Sensei was worried.

I'll be fine until the Founding
Anniversary ends in two days.

I was the one who came up
with the idea for your speech.

I'm going to make it
happen even if it kills me.

Even if it kills you? You're exaggerating.

I know that. I'm going to survive.

You're soaked.

(Medical prescription)

After I take a bath, it always gets red.

It was hard back then.

They told me if I didn't have surgery,

I wouldn't live to see thirty.


worked really hard so I
could have that surgery.

She said there was a famous doctor at
a university hospital in Hiroshima.


I was still scared, I think.


I wondered if I was
going to leave this world

before I had a chance to meet
a great guy like Hideho-kun.

And then I just stopped caring.


I didn't have the courage
to slit my wrists.

The most I could do was carve the
name of the boy I loved into my skin.

Sorry to tell you this after all this time.

I don't want you to get sad.

Because these scars and this body...

they're all part of me.

So is this...

Thanks to this scar,

I've been able to survive this long.

I was able...

to see you again.

I'm sorry.


Where does it live?

Hold on.


Sit, boy. Sit.

Sit. Sit.

Come on, sit.

You can sit, right?

Come on, sit. Sit.

Good boy, good boy.



You figured it out.

Come on, this way.

You're spilling it.

Was it always this small?

You there, mademoiselle.
(T/N: "lady" in french)

Mademoiselle? Hey!

Mademoiselle? Hey!


You're the only mademoiselle around, right?

- Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Stop, come on... uh...

Would you tell me your first name?

Oh, Ayuko. Ayu-tan!

Okay! Okay!

All right.

♫ To make you give up all your dreams ♫

♫ I'm gonna treat you right
and you will be okay ♫

♫ Looking brighter ♫

♫ I want to see you smile again ♫

♫ I want to see you love again, yeah ♫

♫ (Can't stop believing) And castles
in the air (we want the future) ♫

♫ your dreams are waiting
there (can't stop believing) ♫

♫ And castles in the air ♫

♫ Now I'm by your side
(can't stop believing) ♫

And done.


No need to pay me for this.
You can have it, Ayu-tan.

You can have it, okay?

In exchange, um... the shop...

I've gotta go.

I'm gonna use the restroom
on 1st Street, okay?

I've gotta go.

So um... Watch the shop!

And watch the money!


That was The Futures, with
"The Sexy Wave of Love".

In news, yesterday Momoe
Yamaguchi's final concert

was held at the Nippon Budoukan.

The moment that white microphone
was placed on the stage,

it was the end of an era.

I wasn't ready to hear her say goodbye.

And I'm sure all of Japan agreed with me.

Who are you sharing this sadness with?

Listen to this with someone special.
Momoe Yamaguchi's last song...

"The Other Side of Goodbye".

There's no George.

George? Like George Harrison.


Oh, if you don't have one can you make one?

I'm just watching the shop...

Part-time job?

Not really... It just kind of happened.

Are you a Shirasagi girl?

Yes... why?

You're from Tokyo, right?

Huh? How could you tell?

The way you talk. I'm
from Tokyo too, you see.

- Where in Tokyo?
- Koganei.

No way! I'm from Kunitachi!

Still, for a girl from
a rich school like that

to be watching a shop
on the filthy ground...

You're pretty interesting, huh?

Hey, boy.

Sorry my shop's on the filthy ground.

Gimmie your name.


He was looking for a George.

Oh? Your name's George Suzuki?

No... Jun Suzuki.

Jun, like in Junko Sakurada...

No, no. You're George. From
now on, I'll call you George.

Oh no...

Looks like George fell
in love with Ayu-tan.

No, we just met!

Ayu-tan here and I have
known each other for years.

Huh? Are you joking? We just met!

I can be the cupid for your
budding relationship, if you want?

But only if you buy one of these.

Don't be silly.

Please make me one.


G-E-O-R-G-E. How much?

Five hundred yen.

- Okay, here.
- Thanks.

♫ I thought that you
were going out tonight ♫

♫ The moon was high and
love was snow like ♫

♫ You must be having such a crazy time ♫

♫ I have to tell you but before you find ♫

♫ Stop up in the mountain baby,
stop twisting your brain ♫

♫ I'm willing to see you pay ghost train ♫

George and Ayu-tan.

Just a second.


Good morning, Ayu.

Good morning.

I'm sorry about what happened.

About my arm.

There's nothing to apologize for.

No, I want to apologize!

I'll be waiting at Don
Quijote when school's over.

You'll come, right?

Something was wrong with me.

I fell too much in love with Hideho-kun.

I almost lost sight of

what's most important to me.

But you know...

When I saw how sad you were, I realized...

The most important person to me is you.

I love you.

I forgot that I'd fallen in
love with the boy you loved.

I'm really sorry.


It doesn't bother me.

Really? You're really not mad?

You don't hate me?

I'm glad.

Then... will you still...

let me read about the romance
between Ayu and Hideho-kun?

Thank you, Ayu.


You've got stuff to do, right?

Sorry to drag you here.

I'll be going, then.

See you tomorrow.

Hey, George.

When I was your age,

I had hopes and dreams, you know?

And I had a girl I was in love with.

But you know...

I just couldn't tell her I liked her.

Do you think it's easiest to say
that stuff on their birthday?

That's pretty standard.

But what's better...

there's one day where the
mood really builds up.

When is that?

- Christmas Eve!
- I knew it!

Right? It's perfect for it.

And the place you do it is important, too.

Where would be good?

- I know one good place.
- Where is it?

The clock tower in Omote-chou, right?

It's right past that.

♫ Oh baby, please, my one and only ♫

♫ I say goodbye to feeling lonely ♫

♫ For eternity ♫

♫ You and I ♫

♫ I have waited long to meet you ♫

♫ I have prayed so long to meet you ♫

♫ I can hardly recognize my life before ♫

♫ It's a mystery ♫

♫ I have waited long to meet you ♫

♫ I have prayed so long to meet you ♫

♫ I can hardly recognize my life before ♫

♫ You have opened every door ♫

Where did you get it?

Where did you get it?

My aunt bought it for me in London.

My aunt bought it for me in London.

It's a Scottish sweater.

It's a Scottish sweater.

That looks good on you.

That looks good on you.

How long did she stay in London?

How long did she stay in London?

She stayed there for four days.

She stayed there for four days.

What other countries did she go?

What other countries did she go?

She went to Germany, France, and Spain.

She went to Germany, France, and Spain.

Did she go to Italy?


Leave it to me! That's
the thing I'm best at.

I knew it. So that's it, huh?

Love is blind, huh?

But you know, Hideho'-kuns hands
are smaller than I thought.

You think?

What's with you?

I'm helping you out here.

I fantastic want to read the rest
of the comic, but I'm holding it in.

Oh, the comic...

Sorry. I haven't had time.


Once that's done...

Would you let me try them on
before you give them to Hideho-kun?


It's like holding hands with him.

I'm sorry, Takemi-chan. Um, listen-

You're so stingy.

You'd get mad if I asked you to let me
hold the real Hideho-kun's hands, right?

I'm going to just hold hands
with him indirectly instead.


I see.


Really? All right!

Now, then... I guess it's time...

to start knitting a certain
somebody's Christmas present.

Do you have somebody to
give it too, Takemi-chan?

(I want to keep spending
time with you. Ayuko)

(12/24 (Wednesday))

Ayu, let me see those mittens!

Wow, the wrapping's so cute!

Hey, let me try them on!

You promised me, right?

I've already wrapped them up.

I'll rewrap them later!


I can't open them anymore.

You promised me that you'd let
me hold hands with him like this!

I didn't say that!

You just said that on your own!

You're right...

I just said it on my own.

What should I do?


There's something...

I want to tell Takemi-chan.

There's something... I have to tell Ayu.

Takemi-chan, are you okay?

Don't worry about it.

It's just a little fight.

I want you to listen to me.

Okay, Ayu?

Takemi-chan... will you listen to me?

I fell in love with a boy.

Not Hideho-kun. A boy my own age.

He's not handsome like Hideho,
and he can't play the guitar.

He's just a normal boy, really.

But... I love his smile.

And also...

His hands are so warm.



There's something I have
to tell you right now.

Right now...



Um, I...

Just remembering the warmth of his hands...

makes me want to cry, somehow.

It makes my whole chest squeeze up.


Wow. You knitted these yourself, huh?

Can I try them on?


They're perfect.

How did you know how big my hands are?

Are they warm?

Yeah. They're warm.

Put your hands here.

And you'll understand how warm they are.

Ayu-chan, I...

I'm... in love with you.


What are you doing?

Are you okay? Do you know her?

This looks like a muffler...

What's wrong?

I'm sorry!

Merry Christmas, Hideho-kun and Ayu.

The white muffler is for Ayu.

The black muffler is for Hideho-kun.

I'm giving you these as
a sign of my friendship.

I'll always love Hideho-kun from afar.

And Ayu will always be my friend.

I hope you stay together forever and ever.


Ayuko? You're going to the
school closing ceremony, right?

Come on, don't make me worry.

Hey! Make sure you eat your breakfast!


Okay, good work.

Thank you.

I told you so many times that
overwork is your biggest enemy.


I always make you worry.

At least you realized you weren't
doing well and came here yourself.

You look better after
a day at the hospital.

You've been dealing with
this illness for a long time.

You need to learn how to
take care of yourself.

Right, right.

You're exactly right, Mori-san.

Sorry for always being so annoying.


Do I need to stay lying down for today?

What is wrong with you?

But I'm sure you could at
least listen to the speech.

I'll go ask the doctor.


- Oh, hello.
- Hello there.

- Doctor.
- Yes?

- It's about Ogiwara-san...
- Yes?

She's stable now, would it be
all right for her to leave?

It should be fine.

Also, she wants to go to a speech...

She'll be seated during the speech,
so it should be okay, right?

It'll be fine, I think.

So her next examination...

- Driver.
- Yes?

I'm sorry, could you stop for a moment?

Yes, ma'am.


Hey, are you okay?

You didn't come for two days.
We were so worried!

She's been by herself ever since Christmas.

She won't talk to anyone.

Did something happen with you two?


Attention. Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Bow.

Be seated.

Everyone's here today, yes?

This is the last day of
the second trimester.

I have a sad goodbye to
share with everyone today.

Takemi-san Akimoto, come to the front.

Akimoto-san will be moving to Hiroshima.

This is her last day here.

What? Why?


Quiet. Okay, Akimoto.

I wasn't here long...

But spending time with you all,

it was fantastically fun.


No matter where I go...


No matter where I go,

this city is my hometown.

Some day, I promise I'll come back.

If I do... I think we'll meet again.

Do you go to Shirasagi?

Yes... why?

They've redone the uniforms.

The ribbon's the same.

I think Shirasagi's had these
uniforms since I was born.

What are you doing here? It's
the school's founding day, right?

Some stuff... happened.

I see.

Stuff happens, yeah.

As long as you're alive...

You're a weird old lady, huh?

Old lady, huh?

I got in a fight.

With a friend.

It just felt really... permanent.

Like she's not my friend anymore.

So why are you here?

I always used to meet her here.

Hey, would you like to
go to Shirasagi with me?

I'm on my way there.

I can give you a ride.


Why? It's a lot faster than walking.

I'll go on my own.

I see.

You'll go on your own, huh?


I'll go on my own, too!

That outfit makes it look like
you're going to a funeral.

You look better this way.
It's fantastic pretty.

But this is the white ribbon you
wear on important days, right?

It's fine.

I'll wear this like always.

- It's turning yellow.
- What?

It's cooler this way.

It was fantastic hard to
get it to look this way.


Sorry I'm late.

What's wrong?

Where's Takemi-chan?

(Commemorative Lecture for the 120th anniversary
of the founding of Shirasagi Girls' High School)

Ladies of Shirasagi Girls' High,

I am Ayuko Kohinata, an
alumni of this school.

Thirty years ago,

I met a very dear friend here,

and said goodbye to her here.


Thanks to you bringing me here for
the school founding anniversary,

I was able to see that person

who I thought I'd never meet again.


Please let me tell you about her and I.

When I was 16 years old,

I had a huge fight with her.


I said goodbye to her

without ever being able to make up.


played sick and stayed home from school

and wrote a comic

to share the feelings I
couldn't express myself.

I wanted her to read it before
our friendship was gone forever.


I just couldn't give it to her.

After school,

I waited for her at the
place we always met.

(Note book)


What are you doing, Fantastic Sasaoka?

I don't know why...

But I thought if I came here one last time,

I'd find you and Hideho-kun.


there's something I want to show you.

- This comic-
- Here.

I borrowed it from you for a long time.

I'm giving it back to you.
I don't need it anymore.


I received a lot of dreams and
hope from you and Hideho-kun.


Nothing scares me anymore.

No! Take these!

- I don't want them!
- Take them!

I don't want them!

Hideho-kun's gone...

He's right here.

You're giving this to me?

You gave us both those mufflers, right?

This is me paying you back.

Okay... I'm going.


I'll be going, too.

You go first!

No, you go first!

Don't follow me!

I'm going on my own.

That's my line.

I'm going on my own, too.




I wanted to tell her
how I felt face to face.


I wanted to yell it!


I wanted to say, "Wait!"

So now...

Right now...

There's just one thing I
want to say to all of you.


Before you lose them...

Call your friend's name...

As loud...

as you can!


♫ It's you who taught me ♫

♫ that even the stars that shine ♫

♫ from hundred thousands light years away ♫

♫ still have their finite lifespan ♫

♫ It's you who told me ♫

♫ that this single flower that blooms ♫

♫ in every season ♫

♫ has infinite life force ♫

♫ Last song for you ♫

♫ Last song for you ♫

♫ I'm leaving, but I can't promise you... ♫

♫ Last song for you ♫

♫ Last song for you ♫

♫ ... when or if we will ever meet again ♫


♫ Your touch ♫

♫ that melted my heart, your kiss... ♫

♫ Your warmth, ♫

♫ your everything... ♫

♫ I will never ♫

♫ forget it ♫

♫ Please ♫

♫ don't look back ♫

♫ Thank you for your kindness ♫

♫ Thank you for your tenderness ♫

♫ Thank you for your smile ♫

♫ Thank you for your love ♫

♫ Thank you for everything, ♫

♫ instead of saying goodbye ♫

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♫ This town where I met you ♫

♫ Even if the scenery changes a bit ♫

♫ I can recognize the sky ♫

♫ that was watching over me ♫

♫ At that time we were still ♫

♫ chatting innocently ♫

♫ I was confident that ♫

♫ this moment would last forever ♫

♫ Someday, even when time passes ♫

♫ and we become old ♫

♫ Don't lose important things ♫

♫ Like the love I feel for you ♫

♫ Our laughs together after school ♫

♫ That smile I can engrave it on my chest ♫

♫ The two of us looked like we
were reflected in the setting sun ♫

♫ Goodbye, see you again ♫

♫ Little flowers ♫

♫ are blossom in the alley ♫

♫ I wish I could be stronger ♫

♫ and kind ♫

♫ The road I walked with you ♫

♫ I'm walking it alone ♫

♫ but I won't forget ♫

♫ If I can go back to that day right away ♫

♫ I would remember ♫

♫ the palm of your hand ♫

♫ The two of us are dreaming ♫

♫ under the night sky ♫

♫ I believe that there are unforgettable, ♫

♫ funny ♫

♫ and endless things ♫

♫ Our laughs together after school ♫

♫ That smile I can engrave it on my chest ♫

♫ The two of us looked like we
were reflected in the setting sun ♫

♫ But I can't go back to hold your hand ♫

♫ I would remember ♫

♫ the palm of your hand ♫

♫ The two of us are dreaming
under the night sky ♫

♫ Goodbye, see you again ♫