Family Pictures (2019) - full transcript

Sylvie and Maggie are strangers living on opposite coasts, leading very similar lives with husbands that travel for work too much and daughters about to leave the nest. But when their ...

[kissing sounds]


You're making it hard to focus.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I can't wait.

I need a nibble now.


I'm worried my proportions
are off.


Well, they feel perfect to me.

[whispers] What if Eve
comes back in?

[whispers] I locked the door.

Oh my God, that's
so premeditated.

I like to plan ahead.

I want to make hot oven
mitt love to my wife.



Nice swing, Maggie.

I think I'm in the bunker.

Better grab your beach towel,

Looks like you're spending
the afternoon in the sand.

It happens when you don't
take a mulligan

on every shot.

No one expects you to get all
the fine points of the game.

We all know you didn't
grow up playing in...

where was it again, Missouri?




Anyhow, looks like you're going
to be on this hole a while.

Mind if we play through?

Actually, I do mind.

I've got to get going since the
GGA luncheon is next weekend.

Maybe you forgot since you're
not hosting it this year.

I have tons to do.

Oh, don't overthink it, Mags.

A couple cases of Chardonnay
and everyone will be happy.

Keep those clubs away from me.

[doorknob rattles]



Oh, uh...

Hey, Eve.

Hey, Dad.

Uh, the pool party ended
so early?

Uh, no.

I was...

[phone vibrates]

I was just cold.

What's the matter honey,
you sick?

No, I'm fine Mom, really.

Did you have fun?

Actually, yeah.

I met this really cool
sophomore girl from NYU

and she invited me to an
orientation party there.

A party in New York?

Yeah, I need to check out
the social scene.

You haven't even gotten in yet.

I know, in case I do.

You're not going to a party
in New York alone.

It'll be fine, I'll stay
with the girls.

There's gonna be other
freshmen there.

Eve, you're not going to NYU.

Get that idea out of your head.

Why not?

Because it's 3,000 miles away.

USC is right here, okay?

It's a real college campus,

Football games and...

Woah, have you met me?

If I have to go to another
kegger and watch frat boys

flexing in their cars, I would
rather kill myself.

Hey, don't say that!!!

Don't get sucked in.

She's just being dramatic,
she'll get over it.

Yeah, but maybe we should
just let her go.

You're always in New York
for work,

you can check in on her.

I'm in New York enough to know
that Eve's not ready for it.

There's like a thousand bars in
a four-block radius around NYU.

Yeah, well you and I both know
you only need one bar

if you're gonna have a problem.

She's looking a little thin.

Do you think she's backsliding?

I think we oughta keep
an eye on it,

and that'll be easier
if she's closer to home.

[phone vibrates]

Sorry, I... I have to...

[phone vibrates]

Hey. Yes.

[whispers] You don't

[whispered mumbling]

It's fine, I'll handle it.

I'll handle it.

[gas ignition clicking]

Loving the in-home styling,

We can relax,
have some champagne.

Ah, fills the nights
when the hubby's away.

Besides, salons can be
so "Real Housewife-y."

I'm happy to pay extra

to not have Ruthie Dunbar
gossip about my extensions.

I mean, I'm trying, but all she
sees is a grasping hick

who grew up in a double-wide.

But I will get my chance to play
through with this luncheon.

[light knocking]


Not now, Buck.

But Dad's not here, I need help
with my math quiz.

This is my time, Buck.

Your dad will be home tomorrow.

And close the door please.

Thanks sweetie.



It's going to be beautiful.

Kids, your father's home.


Hi, honey, I missed you.

Hey hon.


How was your trip?

A few issues,
nothing I couldn't handle.

Oh, nice hair.

Hey Dad!

Hey bud.

You wanna shoot
some hoops?



Hey sweetie.

No, no, no, let him have
some lunch first, please.

No, no, no, it's okay.

Come on. Show
me what you got.

I am loved.


(Sylvie) I am enough.

Okay, Mamacita.

Let's do another call.



Hi Kourtney.

Hi, Sophie Hathaway
from Oceanside Essence.

Checking in to see how you're
enjoying your starter kit.


We decided not to use it.

Okay, well if you change
your mind,

you know, check out our website.

No, thank you, Kourtney.



I got in... to NYU!

[screaming excitedly]



This is amazing.

So, can I go to New York
for the orientation party?

It's this weekend, Mom.

Eve, you heard
what your dad said.

Yeah, but I hadn't gotten
in then.

You really wanna go?

Yes, and it's only
for the weekend,

and I feel like I deserve
a reward

after all the hard work
it took.

The SATs, the ACTs, and
I found a cheap ticket.

Okay, all right,
Madame Debate Team.

All right.

I'll tell your dad.

Thank you, thank you...

I love you too.


Thank you.


Yes, I understand that.

But we had this conversation.

I told you this kind
of business...

I'm waiting to show
you something.

How long are you gonna be
in your office?

Uh, yeah, just a sec.

[whispers] Look,
I'm getting the money.

[phone rings]

I just, I need a little
more time.

[phone vibrates]

[whispers] I'm getting
the money.

Mark Hathaway,
leave a message.

Mark, Honey.

I let Eve go to New York.

It really means a lot to her
and I hope you're not mad.

No, that won't be necessary.

I will be in LA next week.

You'll get your money.


Fine. Yes.

Yes. I will.


Finally, come look.

The party planner sent me
a picture.


What's the budget on this thing?

My budget is whatever it takes
to make Ruthie Dunbar

feel like a loser, and raise
money for at-risk teens.

Okay, yes, both good causes.

But um, do we need all this?

You've been travelling

I know that means
a lot of sales.

Nobody can resist you.



You know there's nothing
I wouldn't give

for you and the kids,
but we need to cut back.

No, not for this month.

This is too important.

The GGA luncheon's gonna be
held at our house.

I'm hosting.

This is a really big first
for us.

Yes sir, that's right.

That means you're gonna be

right there beside me
eating lunch. Got it?

Got it.

Did that taste like collagen?

Eh, a little bit.


No, I'm sorry.

My... my head is in my work.

I'm about as sexy
as an adjustable

standing desk right now.

I'm gonna put it
in your planner

'cause we're getting close
to two months.

Well, I'm glad
you're on top of it.

Someone has to be
on top of someone.

(Eve) Hi Mom, I just landed
in New York.

I'm super excited and I'll keep you posted, I promise.

I love you.

[electronic music]

First you, um, cut
the edges off.

And then, a um,
willy-size hole.

You pray it's bigger than this.

And then you....

You squeeze,
and then you slurp.



So, is this what sex positive
looks like at NYU?

Looks like grapefruit
abuse to me.


That grapefruit has like

three different kinds
of herpes by now.


Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only
prude in the pack.



I'm Grace.

I'm Eve.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

I am so excited
that you're coming.

There you go.

Thank you.

Well, Grace's home early.
It's only 10:00.

Yeah, she said she was going
to bring a friend home.

Okay, bye.

Wait, no, that grapefruit thing
was actually ridiculous.

But, here we are.

[phone dialing]

Mom, Dad, I'm back.

[phone ringing]



My residence.

As soon as possible.

To the airport.

Hey, uh...

It's nice to meet you.

I'm busy, sorry.

She's doing a fundraiser.


[whispers] Please
tell the driver to wait

down at the end
of the driveway.

I have never seen a house
like this before.


And downstairs
is a rec room

where we have a pool table
and stuff.

Oh, you shoot pool?

Yeah, I love pool.

My dad and I play,
he taught me, like,

every trick in the book.

Mine too.

Wait, really?

He actually taught me
to do a jump shot.

No way! I'm so good
at those.

Just so you two know,

you sound like the biggest
nerds in rec room history.


Yeah, just so you know.

And this is my brother,

-Hi. Nice to meet you.

I love sleepovers.

This is going to be
so much fun.

Wait, are you planning
on rushing?


You have to join Alpha Phi.


I don't even really know
what those are.

Wait, really?


So much fun.

Literally changes your
college experience.


And we can just sleep
in here.

I'll just grab you, like...
pyjamas or something.

Oh, thank you.

Thanks for letting me stay.

Of course.

Oh, algebra.

That was... yeah.

Oh my gosh, me too.

I was studying for life
for NYU.

You know, this is really
important to me.

And where did you sleep
last night?

Because I looked for you in
the entire house and I woke up

and I could tell that you
hadn't slept in the bed.

Mark, where are you?!

If you left me to deal
with this party by myself,

I'm gonna kill you.

I need your chequebook,

I have no idea where it is,

and the truck is gonna be here,

and I need to know where
to tell them to park.

[elegant piano music]

Hi, how are you?

Thank you for coming.


Thank you for coming.

There's my girl.

There you are.


Clink to you.

[glasses clink]

Crushed it.

Mm, you think?

Hells yeah.

Even Ruthie is on her
third lobster grilled cheese.


Yes, I'm counting.


So, where's Mark?

Ugh, work trip.
Per usual.


Hope she gags
on that sandwich.

Me too.


Okay, if you get
this in...


You're still losing!


You need to catch up.

I'm done.

No, what? What are you
talking about?

We got some purloined
party food.

Oh, thanks.


One thing I know about mom is,
she knows how to order caterin'.

Mm, these are so good.


Oh, these are cute.

Your family photos
are a J Crew catalogue.

Horseback riding, skiing.

We like sports with helmets.


Check out that one where
we're sailing in Cape Cod.

That uh, really shows off
my six pack.



Yes. It does.


Oh my God.

Is that your...


Woah, are you okay?


My... my dad is in your picture.

Woah, what... what are
you talking about?


Okay, you're joking, right?

No, look, he's my dad.

[panicked breathing]

[glass clinking]

Thank you everyone for attending
the annual GGAs luncheon.

This year, we will make
an even bigger impact

thanks to the money
raised today.

[polite applause]

Now I have to give thanks to
our hostess who went all out.

Please give it up
for Maggie...


I need to talk to my mom...

Excuse me.

What is it, are you hurt?


It's Dad.

What about Dad?

He has another family.

[whispers] What are
you talking about?

My friend from LA, Eve,
saw photos

and she recognized him,

Because he's her dad too.

She has pictures of him
on her phone.

[whispers furiously]
This is the worst thing that
you've ever done, Grace Marie.

I am so sorry
for turning this

into an awkward
teen angst moment.


Grace, please go inside.

We are ready for dessert!

[furiously] No, you don't
believe me.

Look at the pictures, okay?
It's true.

Get that phone away from me.

What is wrong with you?

I mean, you bring home some
rando from California

who sees this house,

the way we live and she concocts
some absurd story

about how her father
is your father?

I mean, did you see her shoes?
She's jealous.

You're sabotaging my luncheon.

That's what you care about?

[whispers] Go inside, please.

This is why he's never home!

[laughs exasperatedly]
Oh God.


Maggie Hathaway.

[weak applause]

All right!

Hey, hey!

Hi, excuse me.

What are you doing?

I'm collecting on a default
of payment.

You're a collection agency?

Also a Porsche and Mercedes.

Okay, ha!

We, yeah, we... we don't have
either of those cars,

so you have the wrong house.

Well, is this the Mark Hathaway

Yeah, it... it is,
but he's not here,

he's out of town.

They're always out of town.

Well, I'm telling you
this seriously,

this is a mistake.

Mmkay, let's find out.


I need these two in a medium.

I so don't care about
the luncheon, you know?

At least I sent them home
with goodie bags full of gossip.

You like that?

Not bad.

How's Grace doing?

Crying endlessly, I need a
lifejacket to go in her room.

Do you have a house
in Greenwich, Connecticut?


Seems like the vehicles
are registered there.

No, just... all I have...
is right here.

I have this cottage here
in LA.

That's all I have.


Are you Miss Margaret Hathaway?

Did it actually look like Mark?

I don't know.

You didn't even look
at the phone.

Hell no.

I'm Sylvie.

You're not Margaret.

No, I'm Sylvie Hathaway.

Here, do you wanna see
my driver's license?

Uh, sorry, Ms. Hathaway,
your credit card was declined.


Try it again.

I did.


Yeah, you see,
this is a mistake.

Yeah, I don't get it.

All right, bring it up.

Wait, what are you doing?

I just explained to you that
I'm not Margaret Hathaway.

Try it again.

The bank also said that I
can't give it back to you.

You realize that I was gonna
spend $1,500 here.

[phone vibrates]

What's up, Buck?

There are some men at the house.

They're taking Dad's car.

They said it's default
of payment.

Okay, I'll be right there.

Everything okay?


Hi Mom.

I caught an earlier flight.


I thought you were
back tomorrow.

You should've called.
I would've picked you up.

How was New York?

It was good.

Are you okay?




[water pouring]

Eve. Honey, I know
your secret.

You do?

Mom, I'm sorry.

Oh, I don't want you
to be sorry.

I just, I wish you hadn't kept
it to yourself.

I was going to tell
you, but...

How'd you find out?

I was putting away laundry
in your closet

and I found the wrappers.

This... this isn't about
my eating.

I know it's hard.

I made an appointment
with Doctor Urman.

I don't need your shrink.

I was eating fine
in New York, until...

What? Until what, babe?

Ugh. Nothing.

It's okay to need help.

It is.

People relapse.

Believe me, I know.


You don't understand.

What? What? What
don't I understand?


Go away! I don't want
to talk to you!


It's hard, but we're going
to get through this.

But we... we cannot pretend
that it's not happening.

And the... the first step
to recovery is...

is admitting that
you have a prob...

You can't fix this with
your 12 steps, Mom.


Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm saying everything wrong.

But that's not what
I'm trying to do, and I'm...

I just want you
to know that I...

I'm here for you,
and so is Dad.

I don't have a dad.

Wait is this what this is about?
Your dad not being here?

[door slams]

[phone ringing]

It's Mark Hathaway,
leave a message.

Mark, I'm really stressed out.

I'm just...

So Eve is ba... backsliding,

and I try to have a talk
with her and...

and of course I think I just...
I just made everything worse.

Mark, honey, I don't understand
why you've gone MIA,

but I need you to call back
right now and tell her

that this is a lie so
that this insane asylum

that we're living in
can go back to normal.

I just, I'm trying so hard
right now

not to buy a bottle of vodka.

I just really need you
to call me back.

I need you to call back
right now.

I love you.

I'm done.

Who the hell is
Margaret Hathaway?

Margaret Hathaway.
Greenwich, Connecticut.

[mouse clicking]

Welcome to the Country Club.
This is so ridiculous.


Oh my...



He has another family.
Oh, my God.


Oh my God!



[photo clatters on floor]


[phone rings]


This is Margaret Hathaway.

I'm looking for my husband.

You're Mark's...


Yes, I am.

And I've learned so are you.

How long have you been married?

I've been married to Mark
for 10 years.

But your daughter who came
to my house is 18.

Uh, no, Eve isn't Mark's
biological daughter.

Wait, what do you...
what do you mean?

My daughter was at your house?

She befriended my daughter
at a party.

I... thought she told you.

I assumed that's how you knew.

[whispers] Oh God.

That's what Eve
was talking about.

Well, I'm... I'm calling
because I'm looking for Mark.

Is he there?

No, he's not.

He's not here.

I'm actually looking
for him, too.

I... I thought he was with you.

No, he isn't answering
my calls,

and he seems to
have disappeared.

Well, something
is definitely wrong.

There was a... a repo guy
here looking for...

some fancy cars.

They took his, uh, motorcycle.

Did you suspect?



Did you?

No, but it seems
very obvious now.

He would disappear,
and I'd worry,

and then he would show up
acting like nothing was wrong.

"Got stuck at a sales

Yeah, I... I've heard that one.

Or, he couldn't call because
he left his phone on the plane. on the plane.

I never questioned anything.

You can't question him.

He makes you feel paranoid
and hysterical.

He said I had separation


Oh my God.


Hello? Hello?

You gotta be kidding me.

Kidding me.

Spinning sucks.

You don't go anywhere.

They can't take the TV
from my room.

Oh yes, they can.


You have to do something.

Can't you see I'm sick?

Okay, you gotta get dressed
and deal!


Do you even care what's
going to happen to us?

This is a joke.

I'm going to Denise Floods.

Her mom is letting
me live with her.

Oh, I'm sure she can't wait
to tell everybody

Maggie Hathaway's
kid's moving out.


That's all you care about.

No wonder dad left.

That is so not cool.


How could he have
kept something

so huge from us for so long?

What are we even going
to do without Dad?

I'll find him.

But right now, we have to think
about you.

And we have to get
you into treatment.

I don't want to go, and
we can't even afford it.

You have to go.

I don't want to, and who's going
to even take care of you?

Honey, please don't say that.

All I care about is getting you
better right now.

And I will find the money.

I have a plan.

But first, I need to meet
this other woman.

Is Margaret here?




You're prettier than I pictured.

You're richer than I pictured.

My whole house could fit
in that bathroom.


I can't believe Mark
had all this.

He made us watch every penny.

What are you doing here?

You weren't answering
my calls.

How does that translate
to "please come visit me?"

Leave me alone.

What do you want from me?

Mark is gone.

Everything is gone.

My daughter Eve suffers
from bulimia.

I had to put her in a clinic.

I need money, I was hoping
I could borrow some.



Are you high?

Not high enough.

I still see you.

Where are those pills?

I know I hid a back-up bottle
here somewhere.

Margaret, you don't need that,

Just... breathe.

Oh, don't feed me
that LA hippie shit.

I'm breathing.

Everyone who's not dead is
by definition "breathing."


Numbing out isn't going
to fix anything,

and right now, we need
to fix things.

I need to find Mark,
'cause we need to find out

what's going on with the money.

Sure, sweetheart.

Let's just see what happens
when he comes home for dinner.

I'll be here breathing.

Where are those pills?


Is that where you keep
your pills?

My kids hate this game.


Oh, my... Do you think

that you have this
under control?

That you think this is
just for now?

This is a slippery road,
and I know,

because I've been down it.


Come on, you have kids.

And you don't get to quit.

They're better off without me.
I'm a massive mom fail.

Moms fail...

And we try harder,
and then we fail harder,

but we don't quit.


Come on.

Let's go.

Where are we gonna go?

To the bank.

But first the shower.

Come on.

Mrs. Hathaway.


Thanks for meeting
on such short notice.

Mark's river rafting
in Yosemite.

No cell service.

No trouble.

We've also been trying
to reach him.

Well, in the meantime, I'm in
a little bit of a cash crunch,

and I need to get some
cash flow flowing.

I've got to pay the housekeeper.

Unfortunately, Maggie,
it's not that simple.

Why not?

Here is where you're at.

$750,000.00, that's good.

I want to make a withdrawal,
I'm giving a loan to a friend.

Maggie, that's what you owe.

Owe who?

The bank.

Mark extended
his line of credit.

Well, liquidate funds.

Or the IRA, or hell,
the college fund.

Do whatever the hell
you need to do,

I need cash to get by.

Mark already liquidated them.

I... I... I have no assets?

All I have left is the house?

Actually, there is a lien on the
house from the second mortgage.

Are you kidding me?

You knew he was in that much
debt and...

and you loaned him
all of that money?

How... All of our money?

He... he said we were getting
him through a shortfall.

He's very convincing,
you know.

And now the federal authorities

have blocked the accounts.


Who's this?

How could you, Dave!
You're my neighbour.



No, Maggie, wait.


I mean, I have nothing.

Well, join the club.

What am I gonna do?

If I look at a bank statement,
my vision blurs.

I mean, he handled
all of the finances.

I have, I have a staff,
I have cheques to write.

I don't even... I... I don't
even have bananas in the house,

what am I supposed to do,
rob a supermarket?

This is the worst thing that's
ever happened to me in my life.

I mean, how can I even move if
I don't have a house to sell?

I've got the kids' tuition.

I've got Grace going to NYU.

You can always have an internet
sale to sell all your things.

We don't do internet sales
in Greenwich.

We do like, closet sales,

but that's for wives
who've been dumped.

I could never recover
from that.

I mean, even if Mark
came back.

Well, I'm sorry,
I don't understand

caring so much about
what people think about you.

If I had anything I would hawk
it in a second.

I'm sorry, good luck, Maggie.

Wait, Sylvie, please.

Please don't go.

I'm gonna need your help.


To sell all the things
that my husband bought you?

Your husband?

We can share, okay?

If we do this right,
we can make enough

to cover the rest of
Grace's semester,

and to finish Eve's treatment.



I've always loved this bracelet.

How much are you asking for it?

That is 10,000.


I was thinking more like 4.

We got it for 15,
I'm not going below 8.

It was my push present
for Buck.

Mark always went big
on the push presents.

Well, I didn't think you'd be
pricing things quite so high.

You have to lower the prices

if you want to unload
all these things, okay?

You're clinging.

They know what it's worth,

they want the conquest
more than the stuff.

They want to humiliate me.

I know I used to be them...

Well, whatever gets you one step
closer to paying for tuition.

What is he doing here?

It was like pulling teeth,
but I got Ruthie

to come up to 6,500 if
you throw in the golf clubs.

You should probably take it.

Why would Ruthie want my clubs?
Ruthie has customized clubs.

I don't know.

Are you using Ruthie as a beard
to buy my bracelet for yourself?

Laura, are you ripping me off?

I'm trying to not embarrass you
any more than you already are.

What is it?

The FBI is looking for Mark.

[whispers] For what?

For fraud and embezzlement.

Dave gave me this for you.

It's a deed to a property
in upstate New York,

and it's in your name.

I didn't know about a property.

The keys are inside.

Do you think he's hiding
out up there?

You can have the bracelet
and the clubs,

but I need to borrow your car.

This is the property?

Yes, this is the property.

Oh, God!

Be careful.

Does anybody live here?

I don't know.

[lock clicking]

Well, I can see why the bank
didn't seize it.

I can't even imagine Mark
walking in here.

He's so allergic to dust.

Oh, Mark got me this painting
two Christmases ago.

I didn't really like it
at first,

I look so... Stepford.

I was going to say "innocent."

Look, there's files out.

Maybe there's some clue on
what happened to his business.

Oh God, it might as well be
written in Korean.

Well, it was.

That's where he had
his manufacturing.

This was a waste.


Did you cook for Mark a lot?

Yeah, all the time.


I tend to organize meals
from Super Suppers.



No, it's just... Mark always
wanted a real dinner.

Does that make
you the real wife,

because you made
the real dinners?

FYI, he liked Super Suppers
because it was zero points.

He was dieting?

He scanned every barcode.

Well, maybe he just felt more
comfortable with me

indulging his appetite.

Well, maybe he felt more
comfortable with me

indulging his neurotic need
to be under 185 pounds.

But he liked his bourbon, I'm
guessing that didn't change.

He didn't drink with me.

I find it hard to believe
that Mark could be married

to somebody he
couldn't drink with.

I had some problems
with alcohol

and it was because of him

or thanks to him that I found
the will to quit.

That's it... you don't
want to hear this,

it's too much information.

TMI is the foundation
of our relationship, so...

Go ahead.

My first husband died suddenly.

He was hit by a car on his bike.

Eve was just a baby,
and... and I was a baby too,

and I went from having a family
to being incredibly lonely.

So, I started drinking
all the time.

Just sipping booze out of
my water bottle all day.

One day I went to the beach
with, uh, Eve,

and my water bottle,
and I passed out in the chair.

And I woke up to screams
and people shouting, and...

Eve was being carried away
by a riptide.

Oh my God, that's terrible.

And I was too drunk
to swim out after her.

I just saw her little head
bobbing until she disappeared.

Until this surfer dude
pulled her to shore.

And I will never forget the
image of the most handsome guy

dripping wet in his pink bathing
suit with whales on them,

handing me back my daughter.

Mark rescued Eve.


Then he saved me.

I bought him those trunks
with the whales.

It's so good that we're...
that we're airing it out,

that we're processing it,
you know?

Because maybe this'll help us
move into a new chapter.

I... I like the old chapter,

the one where I had a husband
and was rich.

Really, did you?

Because you look possessed.

I think I look pretty.

The dog is cute.


I'm itchy in here.

Could you do a pastel omelet?


What's that made out of,
Easter eggs?


Never mind.

Could I get a pair over easy
on a raft with two logs?

You got it.

And for you?

I'm good, thank you.

What the heck is that?

On toast with sausages.

My mother waitressed at a
place like this her whole life,

so I speak diner.

We're short right now, hon,
if you wanna apply.

No thanks.

This is the fate I spent
my life escaping.

My mother was a miserable

She hated her job,
she hated her life,

and frankly,
she hated me.

And I've been scared of
becoming her my whole life.

So Mark saved you too, huh?

Yeah, I guess he did.

And in return, I built him
a beautiful life,

gorgeous house,
two great kids,

and this is what I have
to show for it, so.

You have to go back to Greenwich
with the kids.

Grace is going to be at school.

She doesn't, she doesn't want
to talk to me anymore.

And Buck, I mean, I'm sure
he doesn't want

to move with me
into some dump.

I mean, where would
I take him anyway?

Why didn't they take
your house, too?

I don't have a house.

I have a rent controlled
cottage in LA.

What about the cabin?

You could live in the cabin.

You live in the cabin.

I would live in the cabin.

I think the cabin
has a lot of potential.

But I... no, I have to be in LA
with Eve for her treatment.

And I have enough
for a few months now.

Thanks to you.

♪ These days I'm having
trouble dreamin' ♪

♪ Can't keep my feet
on solid ground. ♪

(Sylvie) Hey Maggie, just called
to wish you luck today.

And remember,
you're not moving out,

you're moving on.

♪ And I turn to you ♪

(Maggie) Thanks for
your message.

I ran out of rooms to decorate
in that house anyway.

And this will certainly
be a challenge.

And I'm not going to be cringe-y
and tell you to breathe...

but breathe.

♪ Would you help me now
to see ♪

♪ That I'm far from forgotten. ♪

(Maggie) How is Eve dealing
with the clinic?

(Sylvie) She hates it,
but she's getting better.

I know that's totally weird,

but you're the only person
I want to talk to these days.

(Maggie) I feel the same way.

You're the only one
who understands

what I'm going through.

♪ But you'll never
leave my side. ♪

♪ When I can't lift my eyes
to heaven ♪

Give me a double order

of chicken fried special
for takeout, please.

Sorry, 86 on the chicken.

What, you're out?

We still got fish sticks.

My table doesn't want
fish sticks.

Maggie, every Tuesday,
at the end of your shift,

you ask for a takeout
of chicken.

There's no one
in your section.

I know it's for you.

So do you still have chicken,
or not?

We do, but I'd like
to hear you say it.

Say what exactly?

You like my specials.

I'd like to get
into his specials.

You've been working here
for a couple months now,

and you've never said
anything nice.

That's why you get
the tiniest of tips.


You need to learn to be nice.

You can't admit that
you like anything here.

But you do.

You love my cooking.

It's fried chicken, it's not
going to get a Michelin star.

Which you're not getting
till you say something.

Okay, God, I, I, I like
your handwriting

on the specials board.

It's... optimistic
how your Gs go up.

Thank you.

So does that mean you'll have
a drink with me?


You look like you
could use one.

Quinn, I look like the mother
of a high school student

and a college student

who's got loans bigger
than the national debt

who doesn't talk to me anymore,

and I don't have time
for a drink.

Got that, thus the urgent
need for the takeout box

of fried chicken, which you're
not getting till you say yes.

Plus, look, I don't have
a bikini wax,

a pedicure, a roots touch-up,
or underwear that doesn't come

from a big box store, all of
which are required for me

to have a drink with a man.

Even with you.

All right if I take that
as a yes...

Or not?

[loud noise]

[dog barking in the distance]


[stairs creaking]

[lock clicking]

[lock jiggling]



I'm sorry, Sylvie, I...
I'm sorry I didn't, uh...

I don't have anywhere
else to go.

Uh... I'm in trouble.

[phone ringing]


[whispers] Maggie,
he's here.



Mark? What is he doing there?

He looks terrible.

He looks like he hasn't taken
a shower in days, he's...

Sylvie, you have
to call the police.

[whispers] I'm terrified.

I don't know if I can.

Sylvie, dial 911.

You cannot let him
hide out in your house.

If you let him stay there,
you'll be an accomplice.

Yeah, but if I call the police,
then I'm gonna be the one

responsible for putting him
in prison.

I will dial... I will dial 911.

What is your address?



1421 Brenwick Avenue.

Okay, is that Venice?

Shit, he just bolted.

Are you sure?

Yeah. I am.

What do you think he wanted?

I don't know.

Yeah, I, I've, I, I, I,
I gotta go, okay?

Sylvie, wait!


You can't stay here, Mark.

Why would you even come back
after what you did?

What, did you think that I
just... would just take you in?

I don't want to drag
you into this, Sylvie.

That's why I've been
on the street.

Stop it, stop it,
stop it, okay?!

I just, I just got off
the phone with Maggie.



We became friends

After you disappeared.

And I know everything.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I never meant to cause
any of you all this pain.

I did everything I did just so
we could afford to be together.


You lied to me.

I know.

You know? No, you don't know.

You lied.

Our entire relationship,
you lied to me.

No, you... you have to go.

[phone ringing]

Hi, this is Sylvie.

Please leave a message...

Something's wrong.

You have a warrant against you.

I could go to jail, who's
going to take care of Eve?

Have you ever once thought about
how this is even affecting her?

Just one night.

And if you, if you help me
get to New York,

then I can arrange everything.

I will take care of you
and Eve.

I will make everything okay.

How could you possibly make it
all okay after what you've done?

I trusted you
with my whole heart.

You were my whole life.

I wanted to tell you
so many times...


Oh, but I was in too deep.

I... I married too young,

you have to believe
that I loved you.

I mean you can't pretend to
have this life that we've got.

You can stay for one night
on the couch.

I hate you for what
you did to us,

and I hate... I hate
missing you.

[phone rings]

[whispers] Pick up.

[phone rings]

Hi, this is...

S'up, buttercup?


No. Nothing.

Could you cover for me
tomorrow, do you think?

Why, you got something planned?

Not yet, but I'm working
on it.

Okay, I got your back.

You owe me.


[knocking at door]


What are you doing here?

Buck went to see Grace
for the weekend,

so I used up my old miles
and took the first flight out.

You know, I wanted to come

and make sure you were okay,
after last night.

That's great...

And to be here, you know,
in case he comes back.

You didn't have to do that,
it wasn't necessary.

Oh, you know what they say
about rats.

They follow their old trails

until you plug up
those holes.

Nice place.
It's adorable.

Sylvie, am I interrupting?

Did you get some last night,


This is so screwed up
on so many levels.

Maggie, this is not
what it looks like.

He slept on the couch.

I knew something was off when we
spoke on the phone last night.

You know, I was actually
worried about you.

I thought maybe he was
intimidating you.

So I got here very early
this morning,

and that's when I saw him
in the window.

And you.

Like the perfect couple.

I mean, I couldn't believe it,
so I just...

sat there, debating.

Debating what?

If I should call the cops.

No, you're not gonna do that,
Maggie, there's not...

I'm not talking to you,
son of a bitch.

Or did you forget who I am?

I'm not Sylvie,
I'm the other one,

the one who'll never
forgive you.


What did you think I was
gonna do, Mark?

Did you even think about
the fact that you left us

with nothing?

No money, no clue, no concern
for any of the damage

and humiliation you created?

We couldn't even
buy groceries.

And all this time,
I'm thinking, why?

Why? Why would you do that?

And I know why.

'Cause you didn't have the balls
to look me in the face

and tell me you were screwing
this hemp doormat.

Excuse me?

Shut up!

[police sirens]

Oh, my God.

You called the cops.

Well, so much for debating.

I guess you're not the only
actor in the family.

Mr. Hathaway.

You have elected to not
have representation.

But you have a statement?

Yes, Your Honour.

I, uh, I'm not here
to defend myself.

I'm guilty.

I'm looking for leniency
from the court.

I would also like the court
to recognize

that I have been
a devoted father,

and supported these two families
with a full heart.

I met my first wife
when I was very young,

and I made a terrible mistake.

What are you mad at me for?

You didn't even apologize.


I have nothing
to apologize for.

How about for harbouring
our fugitive husband,

or lying to me, or...
or betraying me?

I didn't tell you, because
I knew you would do

exactly what you did.

And now he's gone for
I don't know how long.

Does that make you happy?

Yes. That's where he belongs.

Well, it doesn't make me happy.

That's because you're
a broken person, Sylvie.

That's why Mark scooped you up
in the first place,

because you're low hanging fruit
to feed his giant ego.

And you, Maggie?
What... what are you?

You are shallow.
You are vindictive.

And all you care about
is revenge.

He should pay for what he did.

He screwed over everyone
he ever met, or screwed.

Because you pressured him!

You needed to whitewash
all that trailer park.

It was never enough.

I shared my money with you
after you took my whole life.

My husband, my house,
my kids.

Oh, I don't think I get
the credit for that, Maggie.

I think you did
a pretty good job

of losing your kids yourself.

And your daughter ended up
in that clinic

because she had such a
strong, supportive mother

she felt that she could
count on?

Don't go there.

Or because her mother is
an emotional cripple

who let her only daughter drown

and used her pathetic story
to steal my husband.

I don't know how you can
even live with yourself.

[toilet flushes]

Mark Hathaway, please rise.

You have been found guilty of
three counts of embezzlement,

grand larceny, and fraud.

And sentenced to two years.

[gavel slams]

♪ I don't need a reason ♪

♪ Take me away ♪

♪ I don't need a reason ♪

♪ 'I know you'll
wait for me ♪

♪ We might bend
but we don't break ♪

Hey, hon.

What's up with all the boxes?

I've made silver level.

More product to sell.

You wanna help me unpack
some of these boxes?

Carrying boxes and going
to community college.

All my life's dreams
have come true.

Eve, if you keep your grades up
and your weight steady,

you can always try for New York
next semester.

They are holding your place.

Can we not talk about this now?

[whispers] Okay.


You're here?


What brings you upstate?

Uh, we were just
visiting Bennington.

How are you doing?

Are you okay?

I have a job, Laura.
Not cancer.

I'm fine.

I'm uh, I'm haunted by
what happened at the sale.

I was a terrible friend.

It's hard to dispute that.

I should make it right.

And uh, do you have
any GF buns?


Gluten free?


Megs, how long have you
lived up here?

Just um, think of it
as a big tip.

I've lived up here
long enough to know

that I'm not taking your money,

So why don't you eat your burger
on a regular bun,

or you can GF yourself.

You have to do
what the doctor says

otherwise you'll have
to go back to rehab.

[phone chimes]

What is it, Mom?

It's your dad.

He's getting out early.

Good behaviour.

Well, that's, that's great.

I mean, he can come back...

No, like I can't see him.

I... I don't want to be
with him anymore.

Wait, what?
I get that.

But he could come back
and visit sometime.

I don't... I don't think
that's a good idea.

[sighs in disbelief]

What is he gonna do
without anyone?

This is not about his
problems anymore.

It's not.

It's about you and me.

Us getting our lives together.

Oh yeah, and going back
to rehab?

I am not going
back there anymore.

Who was that?

Someone I used to know.

Will a fried chicken special
make it any better?


But a drink would.

[breathing heavily]


I'm sorry I lost it.

Can we talk?


Mom, I know you
only want to help,

but I don't want
your help anymore.

I hate seeing you work so
hard and waste it all on me.

I'm not worth it.

My friends are crossing
the country by car

and I'm catching
a ride to New York.

Don't worry about me.

[laughs under breath]

Don't judge me.

[bass heavy dance music]

Hey guys.

Oh my gosh, I've been looking
for you everywhere.

Yeah, no, this party is insane.

It's packed and...





What... what are you
doing here?

[drunkenly] I knew I'd run
into you.

It's like old times,
but not.

[laughs uncomfortably]

Hey, do you remember
when we were,

like, two prudes.

Yeah, yeah, I do.

Meet my friend Killington.


This is my sister Grace.

She's a sister from another
mother and father, factually.

Did you know that Dad
is coming back into town?

Yeah, okay, and
so is Santa Claus.

All right? You're wasted.

Mmm. Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

No, no, no, no, no, he is.
He is.

He's, he... he got out early
because he was helping

with the library or something,

Did you talk to him?

Yeah. I went to go see him.


I mean it's, it's really sad.

He like... I gave him money
so he could come to New York.

He's supposed to call me.

He hasn't yet, but I know
that he will, Grace.


Woah, easy Eve.


Wait, Eve? I don't think
you should-- Eve!



Oh, jeez.

Okay, no, you know what?

She's fine.

Here's what we're going
to do, okay?

We are gonna take you,
we're gonna take you home.


Yes, yes.

Let's see your dorm!

Okay. Killington.

Let's just get you out,
just a few more steps.

No more Killington.

Please, please, please.
Yes, yes.

Guys, excuse me,
can you let me through?

All right, I need you to walk.

No, no, no, no.


All right, great, fries,
coming right up.

Table nine's losing
their hard-on

for goat cheese scramble.

You wanna give me a hand
with that?

[phone rings]


Hey Mom.

Are you okay?

My friend, she ran away
from home,

and now she's sick.

What is going on with her?
What's wrong?

We went to a party last night
and she drank way too much,

and she's passed out,

and now she's just been
sleeping all day.

Okay, you need to call
her parents.

Do you have her phone?

I called her mom,
she's not answering.

My friend... it's...


Mom, it's Eve.

Sylvie's Eve?

I keep hoping that
she'll wake up,

but she just won't.

I don't know what's wrong.

Okay, where are you?

I'm at my dorm.

I'm coming right now.

My daughter has an emergency.
I'll call you later.

[phone rings]


Hi, this is Sylvie.

Please leave a message
after the...


Sylvie, it's Maggie.

Don't hang up.

It's about Eve.

She needs your help.

Eve doesn't want my help.

Sylvie, you sound weird.

What's wrong with you?
Are you okay?

I'm fine, okay, I'm fine.
Not that you care.

Sylvie, are you drunk?

Oh Jesus, this is a problem.

It's not your problem.

[phone rings]

Hi, this is Sylvie.

Please leave a message
after the tone.

Sylvie, if you're not
gonna pick up,

you need to listen to me.

Eve is with Grace in New York,
and she is sick.

I'm heading down to the city
right now,

but I am not her mother.

She needs you.

I'm gonna keep texting you
until you sober up,

do you hear me?

Sylvie, this is the beach all
over again with Eve drowning.

But this time,
there is no Mark.

There's just you.

Mom, I called 911.

I didn't know what to do,
but she's not doing good.

How long has she been
like this?

Since last night.

But she just went so still,
so I thought I should call.

She's freezing cold.

What did you guys do
last night?

I don't know what she did,
but she was really drunk.

Did she do drugs?

What? No! I...

Tell me the truth.

I don't know what she
did Mom...

She's having a seizure.

Oh my God... Mom!

Hold her still.
Hold her still!

I don't...

Where are these guys,
did you call 911?

I don't know. Yeah, they're
on their way!

[breathing heavily]

She stopped!

What do I do now?

Mom, she doesn't have a pulse.

Oh God, Eve!

Um, uh, we have to do CPR.

Remember your
lifeguard training.

No, but I've never really
done it on a person...

You can do it right now.
You can do it right now,

Grace, you can do it right now.

Okay. Get her to the floor.

Be gentle.

Okay. Mom, I don't really know
what I'm doing?

Come on, Grace, just do it.

[panicked breathing]

Come on, Eve.

You have to do it harder.

Do it harder, Grace!

Come on.

Come on, Eve.

Oh God.

[crying] Wake up!

Come on!

Keep doing it.


Come on!

Mom, it's not working,
I don't know.

Don't stop this, don't stop!
Keep going!

Oh my God, Eve.

You did it, you did it.

You brought her back.

Oh my God, you brought
her back.

You brought her back.

[sirens wailing in the distance]

(PA) Dr. Benson to radiology.
Dr. Benson to radiology.

She has bradycardia, which is a
slower than normal heart rate.

Essentially, her body's shutting
down from dehydration.

Now we're giving her fluids,

but she is at risk of
another cardiac arrest so...

we wait and watch.


It's gonna be okay.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I'm sorry about Dad.

I'm sorry I blamed you.

I'm sorry Grace.

I am so very sorry.

[both crying]

I love you, Mom.

I love you so much.


I talked to the doctor
in the taxi,

and he said if you hadn't
gotten there...

You would've done
the same for me.

The doctor said all we can do
is wait.

[whispers] We've been praying.



Can you stay?

[whispers] Sylvie, I'm so sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

But you need to know

that I didn't sleep
with Mark that night.

When he went to prison

I was hanging on
by a thread.

Because there's always been
this void.

When my husband died,
I filled it with booze,

and then... when
I stopped drinking,

I filled it with Mark.

And I wasn't going to let you
take that away from me.

And when Eve ran away...

I swear that if she makes it,
that I will show her...

I will show her
that she's enough.

That we are enough.

Hey, there's something
that I want to tell you.

Remember that Mark left
those files at the cabin

about his business?



So, I did a self-taught
accounting class,

and I learned how to analyze
those invoices

and bank statements,
and you know what?


There's money missing.

What? How so?

In his profit and
loss statements,

he claims that the company
was operating in a deficit,

but that's not true.

A year ago, you couldn't read
a credit card statement.

I think Mark was making
a profit.

He was making all these cash
payments to a Hayden Shipping.

Hayden is my maiden name.

Buck! How'd you get here?

I... took the bus.


How is she?

We don't know yet.

Hey, sweetie.

How much profit?

$3 million twenty-seven
thousand give or take.



Mrs. Hathaway.


Eve's awake.

You can go see her now.

But she's had renal failure.

She's going to need dialysis,
and she's going to need it soon.

Hey. Hi, baby.

Where's Dad?

Is he here?

He's not here, but we're gonna
get you better.

We're going to get you
on dialysis.

Dad didn't show.


She talked to Dad.


She visited him in jail
before he got out.

They were supposed to meet.


I don't know.

[weakly] The cabin.

He said he'd take me
on vacation at his cabin.

But he's not coming, Mom.

You're right.

He's a liar.

Shh, it's okay.

You don't worry about that.

You just get better, okay?

I really want to get better,

I know you do.

I know you do.

I can't afford dialysis,
so if there's money,

we need to find it now.

I know.

Right before Mark got arrested,

he told me that he would
take care of me

when he got back from
New York, so maybe...

maybe that money is
at the cabin.

Where no feds could
ever find it

because the cabin
was under my name.

We should get out there
before he does.

I can't. I have to stay
with Eve.

I'll stay with her.

I can take care of my sister.

You think we beat him here?

I think we did.


This looks a hell of a lot
better than it did before.

I call it Roche Bobois
meets hillbilly.

I don't know where
the money is.

I mean, I've scrubbed
every corner and cabinet
of this place,

and the only thing green
I've seen is mold.

I just, I don't think
the money's here.

It could be anywhere.

I mean, it could be in
an offshore account,

if it even exists.

Why would he come back here?

I don't know,
but if he does,

we could always
zip tie him to the bed

and torture him until he
tells us where the money is.


That's so tempting.


So tempting.

I have something to tell you.

I'm scared to ask.
What is it?

I got some.


That hunky cook
from the diner?


We had hot, unwaxed
hipster sex.


And it was spectacular.

What is hipster sex?

That's amazing.

Don't act so surprised.

I... I'm not surprised,

I just, I just thought you were
hung up on your old life.

I mean, you won't even get rid
of that creepy painting.

I hate that painting too.

I hate it.

I mean, I look insane.

Finally, you admit it.

You look a million times better.

Why in God's name did I even
keep this painting?

'Cause you liked the old chapter

where you were rich
and you had a husband.


Okay, what are you doing?

I am ending this chapter.


Oh, my God!

Let me try.

Please, please let me try!



Get her, get her!


What is it?

Oh my God.

What is it?

Oh my God!
What is that?

[screaming and laughing]

The money was there!

Oh my God!

I've never seen
so much money.

Look at all this money!

We're loaded!

We're rich!

You were right!

[screaming excitedly]




Uh, you... you live here?

No house, remember?

What are you doing here?

Same boat.

You know, I just needed
somewhere to gather my thoughts,

take a breath,
figure out what's next.

There was a painting
in that room.

Um, where is it?

Oh, the portrait?

I thought that was very sweet
that you had kept it,

but I... I took it down.

Oh... No, I... I like it,

I still like it.

Where is it?

I burnt it.


You did what?

Cut the crap, Mark.

We found the money.

It's a little over $3 million.

I think it's fair that we divide
it in three ways.

But then who pays for what?

Are we splitting
Eve's treatment?

Yeah, or...

College tuitions?

Or are you just gonna pay
for those?

Shouldn't I have a say?

Since I'm the one
that earned the money?

You? You earned it?

No, you stole it, Mark.

You're a thief.

You take and you take.

And you take.

[bag rustles]

Could you help me with this?


To be honest, it doesn't seem
fair that I'm paying for half,

out of my one third.

Ooh, you should've thought
of that

before you decided to have
two wives.

What she said,

because you really should be
paying for all of it.

You know what?

Forget it.

You're not getting a penny.

You're lucky we didn't call
your parole officer.

I guess I'm a pretty lucky guy.

Not so lucky.

You get the couch.

C'mon, c'mon.


Can't start the car
without this.

Oh, you lied again.


You are so predictable.

You... you are.

I mean, did... did you even
care about Eve?

Of course I do.

I have every intention of paying
for her...

You always have
the best intentions,

until you do the worst
imaginable thing.

You send me the bill, I will
pay for everything,

I swear.

Oh, sure.


You... you are never
gonna change.

Come with me.

You know I love you.

You are my real wife.

Consider that a divorce.

We're making the decisions now,
and we're doling out the scraps.

You can't just take
all the money.

This is for your ticket
to who-the-hell-cares.

And this, this is for
your year's rent.

And this is for the time you
think of calling us

for money or anything else.

That's your going away money,

If you go away in the next
90 seconds.

Or else what?

Or else I call the cops.

You're going away, and
it's our decision this time.

[upbeat music]

♪ You've been on this road
too long ♪

♪ Hearing music but
it's not your song ♪

♪ Wanna scream but
your voice is gone ♪

♪ Days trapped inside
your head ♪

♪ Can't look up 'coz
your world is down ♪

♪ Walk a mile staring
at the ground ♪

♪ All alone inside the crowd ♪

♪ Letting pockets
hold your hand ♪

♪ But the sun is always
there to shine ♪

♪ The clouds block out
the sky ♪

♪ Oh hold on ♪

♪ Just once more day ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I know you'll
find a way ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ You've got stars
in your eyes ♪

♪ So let's paint the sky ♪

♪ Oh hold on ♪

♪ Just one more time ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ I'll be your reason why ♪

♪ Hold on ♪

♪ You've got stars
in your eyes ♪

♪ So let's paint the sky ♪

♪ It's time to start
remembering dreams ♪

♪ Lift your eyes,
see the things unseen ♪

♪ Remember who you wanna be ♪

♪ Let the light
hit your eyes ♪

♪ Let out the beauty
that's been trapped inside ♪

♪ Let 'em know you
not gonna hide ♪

♪ Head up
arms open wide, ♪

♪ spread your wings
and fly ♪

♪ But the sun is always
there to shine ♪

♪ The clouds own
the sky ♪

♪ Oh hold on ♪

♪ Oh hold on ♪

♪ Oh hold on ♪

♪ You've got stars
in your eyes ♪

♪ So let's paint the sky ♪

♪ So let's paint the sky ♪