Fahrenheit 451 (2018) - full transcript

In a terrifying care-free future, a young man, Guy Montag, whose job as a fireman is to burn all books, questions his actions after meeting a young woman...and begins to rebel against society.

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( music playing )

( man blows )

( match striking )

Female newscaster:
Eels rioted last night in Denver,

demanding medicine,
travel permits,

and full access to the 9.

Twelve Eels were arrested and all
the graffiti was found and burned.

Meanwhile, here in Ohio,

a warehouse full of graffiti
was found outside of Cleveland,

including a rare discovery
of pens and paper...

- Yuxie, MiPhotos.
- Female automated voice: Here ya go, Montag.

Your fans are waiting
on the 9.

Newscaster: Two Firemen
were sent to the hospital

with minor injuries.

Fire Commissioner Nyari
released a statement:

"Our elected officials
will not allow

the happiness
of our great state

to be threatened
by evil Eels.

Our Firemen
will defend our democracy."

Yuxie: Great choice.
You'll look good in those.

Newscaster: And now for
the Happiness Index,

we go to Arthur Link.

( loud chatter )

( Firemen shouting
encouragement )

- ( onlookers groan )
- You like that?

- All: Oh!
- ( Montag grunting )

Montag: Ohh!

Firemen: Oh!


- There she blows.
- Fireman: Yeah, Captain, yeah!

Captain Beatty:
When you have a "why" to fight,

you can bear almost any "how."

I'll give you a "why."
You knocked my tooth out.

You're too pretty, anyway.

Lemme see.

Eh. You can keep it that way.

Everything you lose
comes around in another form.

I'll get the doc
to print me up another one.

Captain Beatty:
Eels are bad.

They're dangerous,

and they want chaos

in your hearts
and your minds.

They want to make you unhappy.

Eels try to upload graffiti

to the Dark 9
before we can burn it.

What should these young
Natives do, Master Trooper?

Stay vivid on the 9.

If you see something,
say something.

Beatty: Eels say we limit
information. Lies!

Master Trooper Montag,

can you read any book
you want on the 9?

Sir, any book, sir.

Yuxie, show us
some classics.

The Bible...

"To the Lighthouse"...

and "Moby Dick."

This is all you need to know.

Anything else
will make you sick, crazy.

And that's why we're here.

To protect you

and to keep you safe
and happy.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir!

Please rise.

Happiness is truth!

Freedom is choice!

Self is strength!

( all jeering, booing )

Don't worry, don't worry,

these are for
training purposes only, OK?

( clacking )

Now, have any of you guys

ever seen one of these
bad things for real?

All: No!

We burned almost every
physical book in the country.

So by the time you guys grow up,
there won't be one book left.

He should probably raise his
hands a little higher, right?

I might miss.

( scattered laughter )

( weapon clicking )

( all cheering )


( siren wails )

- ( siren continues )
- This is not a drill!

We've got Eels on the move!

Man: We got Eels
slipping away!

- Move! Move! Move!
- Montag: Let's ride!

Check all gear!
Let's go, let's go!

Let's go!
This is why we train!

Let's burn, let's burn,
let's burn!

( fire truck horn blowing )

Montag/Beatty: ♪ Down the red-hot valley,
lo! ♪

♪ Down the red-hot valley, lo! ♪

♪ The phantom armies
marching go ♪

♪ The phantom armies
marching go ♪

All: ♪ Salamander, ho!
Salamander, ho! ♪

♪ Ignite the tomes
and burn them bright ♪

♪ Ignite the tomes
and burn them bright ♪

♪ And feel
the Salamander's bite ♪

♪ Feel the Salamander's bite ♪

All: ♪ Salamander, ho!
Salamander, ho! ♪

- Why we do burn?
- For happiness, ain't that right, fellas?

- Salamander!
- All: Ho!

- Fireman: Holy sh...!
- Stone! Grab that hammer, baby!

Fireman 2:
Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Kyle! Jove! Around back!

Have us a good,
old-fashioned barbecue!

Captain wants since Eel soup!
Let's do it, boys!

- Pipemen.
- What do I upload? Wiki pages?

- Shakespeare? Coltrane?
- I gotta get to the servers. Save what you can.

Guys, it's game time.
Y'all know what to do.

Freeze! Don't move!

( indistinct yelling )

- Montag, upstairs!
- I got him!

- Don't make me chase after you!
- Hold him down!

Everybody stay
right where you are!

- ( Montag grunts )
- ( woman squeals )

Hey, drop the cord!

( man grunts, groans )

- ( switchblade clicks )
- Montag: Come on. Yeah.

- Aah! Aaah!
- Hey.

Come on.

( both grunting )

You dream about
hiding from me!

You better wake up
and apologize.

Hey, Captain,
wanna come get some?

Go check the other rooms.

Are you done?

( faint clicking )

( computers humming )

What are you waitin' for?

Waitin' on you.

Good evening, Cleveland,

and welcome
to tonight's fire show.

Captain Beatty
and his Master Trooper Montag

have uncovered Eels
pretending to be Natives.

What punishment would you like
to see here tonight?

Welcome, Natives,

and everybody at home
watchin' on the 9.

Look what we found hiding
in your beautiful neighborhood.

- ( booing, jeering )
- ( woman shouting )

Eels don't deserve freedom,
now, do they?

- All: No!
- We won't let 'em take our jobs

and steal our tax money,
now, will we?

Hell, no! Self is strength!

Happiness is truth!

Guess what time it is?

All: Time to burn
for America again!

- Come on.
- Wait, wait, wait. No, no.

No, no. Wait.

Stone! Reprint.

Yuxie, +10 years.

Identity deletion commencing.

- ( device humming )
- ( man screaming )

( man groaning )

Man: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Delete his identity!

- ( beeping )
- ( whirring )

- Man 1: Ban his travel.
- Man 2: Get that money, too.

Enjoy your new life
as an Eel.

I'm not fire...
I'm fire +100.

I'm molten lava on graffiti.

They call me a walking
incinerator for happiness.

Damn, it's a pleasure to burn!

Everybody watching at home
on the 9, are you ready?

Burn 'em, Montag!

( people shouting )

Man: Take that, Eels!
Take that!

( crowd chattering, cheering )

- ( hums, beeps )
- ( lock clicks )

( beeps )

Beatty: Hey.

You're still high
on kerosene, aren't you?

I can smell it from here.
Let's get goin'.

- Montag: Where we headed?
- Beatty: A little after-hours trip.

You hear from Major Curtis?

( chuckles )

It's happening.
End of the year.

- Oh! I knew it.
- ( Beatty chuckles )

- "Major Beatty."
- Yeah.

I'm gonna miss your
ugly mug around here.

Yeah. You'll finally
become me.

No, no, no.
Not become you.

I'm gonna be Captain
motherfuckin' Montag.

( music playing )

There she is.

Montag: Don't worry,
I'll talk to her this time.

Keep your dick in your pants
and stand guard.

Well, well, well.

I hope you're not
wasting my time tonight.

Your last tip led me to
Boy Scouts with pornos.

Clarisse: Reactivate my fingers
like you said you would.

Beatty: Feed me scraps,
and I'll delete your travel permit.

That's bullshit.
You need me.

How many years
did we restrict you? Six?

After all the tips
I gave you, I should be free.

A beautiful, free rat.

Take a year
off my sentence,

and I'll give you
something you like.

Six months.
But it better be good.

I didn't hear the captain
say you could leave.

( scoffs ) Yeah? How come he
always makes you wait outside

like a little dog, huh?

You're just like Beatty.

I'm not like Beatty.

- Everyone has a master.
- Not me.

You spy on me,
but you never do anything.

- Why do I always make you nervous?
- You don't.

When I see you burning up Eel's lives,
you don't look nervous.

That's because
I'm very good at my job.


Have you ever thought,
even for one second,

why you do what you do?

You should try reading
before burning.

See you around, Montag.


Off limits.

Let's go.
She recommended a spot.

Man: Captain Beatty,
I... I have my permits, sir,

- all one hundred.
- I can't wait to see 'em.

See if you can find me
a new pair of shoes.

( hollow sound )


Well, look what I found.

You guys must think
you're pretty slick.

Beatty: Sit down.
Don't move.

Have they uploaded
to the 9?

Nah. Just this monitor.

Hit "play." Do it.

Let's see what
they have to say.

Before bots and the rise
of automated writing,

we had jobs for journalists...

( static )... someday.

She'd spend weeks,
sometimes months,

investigating a story,

and then she'd publish
a series of articl...

( static )... dreds,
even thousands of words long

on physical paper

and the Internet,
or the 9, today,

which everyone
was free to read.

But nobody was reading anymore,

or they were just glancing
at the headlines

generated by an algorithm...

Thousands of words? Ugh.

In your pathetic time,
were people happy?

No. There were so many
millions of opinions

that our country slid
into the Second Civil War.

Eight million dead,
including my father.

Your father
must have been old enough

to remember a time
when firemen put fires out

instead of starting them.

- Hey!
- Just relax, all right?

Benjamin Franklin,

the founder of our
first fire department,

gave us the right to burn.

Those are lies.

Ben Franklin
did not do that.

After the last
of your generation dies,

so will your words...

your memories...

and the burden
of your fake past.

Female newscaster:
Even in their self-hours,

Captain Beatty
and Master Trooper Montag

keep Cleveland safe.

Let's give them a +100 salute.

Do your part. See something,
say something. Tell Yuxie.

Meanwhile, Firemen
outside of Buffalo, New York,

captured Eels attempting to
cross the border into Canada.

There has been an increase in illegal
migration, and local fire stations...

Beatty: When you become a captain,
you have to know more.

You'll get to read more.

So you've read
entire books.

( grunts )

Yeah, but the Ministry,
of course,

they have complete works,

I don't know.

I suppose when they make me
District Major

they'll throw me
a few more scraps,

but the Ministry's...

How can we see anything but the
fire shadows in the cave...

if we're never allowed
to move our heads?

What does that mean?


You're as impatient as I was
when I was your age.

Yeah. I just wonder
how much my dad knew.

- He was a great Fireman.
- Damn right he was.

- And a friend.
- Fuckin' Eels.

He was a hero.

Same as you'll be,
Guy Montag!

I am a hero.


I am a hero.

♪ Down the red-hot valley,
lo! ♪

♪ The phantom armies
marching go ♪

- There we go!
- ♪ Salamander ho!

♪ Salamander ho!

♪ Ignite the tomes... ♪

Do things yourself!

Keep this sponge alive!

Thus endeth tonight's lesson.

♪ Salamander ho!
Salamander ho! ♪

It's a DD series.

It works. I put in
a new belt myself.

( jazz music playing )

What do you have for me?

There is an abandoned house
out in the woods near Bedford.

It's a drop-off spot
for graffiti.

- Does anyone live there?
- No, I don't think so.

Yuxie, Firemen.

Did we used to put out fires?

That's a classic Eel lie.

And Benjamin Franklin.

Founder of
our first fire department.

What's wrong, Montag?


Your vitals have been off

I'm going to reconfigure
your cocktail

and have new drops delivered.

That's fine.

Yuxie: John, have you used
your drops today?

Yuxie, go dark.

I'm secure now.

( beeps twice )

- ( man talking, indistinct )
- ( baby crying )


Haven't had milk all week.

Sorry, I couldn't find
any cooking oil.

- That's OK.
- Hey, Clarisse?

Be careful
what you're selling.

People are talking.

( recorded classical piano
playing )

( melting solder hissing )

Yuxie, go dark.

I'm secure now, Montag.

( device beeping )

Yuxie: Signal lost.
Entering a black hole.

Set a transponder
so Raven can find us.

- ( beep )
- Montag: Transponder set.

Did Clarisse tell
you about this spot?

( crickets chirping )

( air brakes hiss )

( owl hoots )


Freeman, check around back.

( floorboards creak )


- Jove, Kyle, clear this room!
- Yes, sir.

( clicks )

Beatty: Montag, get that tumor Eel
on her feet.

The rest of you
search the house.

- Now.
- Fireman: Yes, sir.

How many of you are there?

( snap )

How many?

"Grapes of Wrath."

Hmm. Get her up.

You heard the captain.
Up. On your feet.

Beatty: How many more of these
do you have,

Ma Joad?

If you can read,
you can talk.

Play the man, Master Ridley.

We shall this day light such
a candle, by God's grace,

as I trust
shall never be put out.

Captain Beatty!

You're never gonna believe
what we found, sir.

You gotta get up here.

Phelps, keep eyes on her.

This is gonna be the most important
burn the country has ever seen, sir.

Beatty: Go see if Raven
followed the transponder.

- But sir...
- You just heard the captain.

Now move.

A regular damn
Tower Of Babel.

I've only seen something
like this once in my career,

when I was a cadet.

Have you ever seen
a physical book before?


Kafka. A pornographer
and a sexual pervert.

I like that about him.

Have you read that book?

Every Fireman sooner or
later wants to know...

what the Eels know,

what's in all this graffiti
that we burn.

You want to hold it?

Go on.

Before the men come back.

( whispers )
Open it.




Do you want to know
what's inside all these books?


The Eels
want to measure their place

in the universe,

so they turn to these novels

about non-existent people.

Or worse, philosophers.
Look, here's Spinoza.

One expert screaming down
another expert's throat.

"We have free will."
"No, all of our actions are predetermined."

Each one says the opposite,

and a man comes away lost,

feeling more... bestial
and lonely than before.

Now, if you don't
want a person unhappy,

you don't give them two sides
of a question to worry about.

- Just give 'em one.
- Better yet, none.

Ah. See?

"Huck Finn"...

and his "nigger" friend.

The whites knew that you blacks
were offended, so what did we do?

We burned it.

Oh. ( chuckles )

And then "Native Son"
came along,

and the whites didn't appreciate
that one all that much,

so they burned it, too.

Why didn't they like it?

Henry Miller,

The feminists don't approve,

so into the flames they go.

You see, we are not
born equal, Guy,

so we must be made equal
by the fire,

and then... we can be happy.

So, we burn.

Well, let's clear all this
filth out of here and...

get the fire show
started with.

Shall we?

But take one last look.

You may never see
anything like this again.

Your grandchildren won't even
understand what a book is.

Woman: Can you tell us
anything about what's inside?

Nothing that can't burn
at 451 degrees.

And there you have it...

( books thudding )

Beatty: Montag.

Let's get her
out of here.

Come on.

Let's go.

Lady, this whole house
is gonna get torched.

And me, with my books.

Let's go.

Montag, never mind.

Just get over here, please.

Captain, we're just
gonna leave her?

Get over here now.

Look, miss,
you can do what you like,

but you know as well as I do
these books are gonna burn.




The Ministry has wiped out
the word "omnis"

from across the 9.

This coward is not
going to become a martyr

before we find out what the
hell she's shouting about.

Captain Beatty,
perhaps you can explain

why you let this Eel
start a bonfire?

We didn't know she had a match, sir,
and the kerosene...

Major Curtis
spoke highly of you.

I hope I can come
to understand why.

After "Beatty's Barbecue,"
our team reported the word "omnis"

appearing in unusually
high numbers on the Dark 9.

If an Eel is going
to blow herself up for it,

we need to get ahead of it.

Raven: ...the first self-fire
in Ohio's history,

and only the fourth
in the nation.

This marks a new low
in Eel actions

threatening our happiness.

Details about this tumor Eel
are coming in.

She lived alone in the woods,

without Yuxie,
like a wild animal,

and suffered from a +100
mental illness,

a result of extreme exposure
to reading graffiti.


Raven: We will be updating you
as more details come in.


You all right?


Life of a Master Trooper, huh?

Beatty: Montag.

You hesitated tonight
in front of the men.

I know.

But it won't happen

You know, it's my first time
seeing a self-burn, too.

But as far as I'm concerned,

it's just proves
we're doing the right thing.

What was that old lady
talkin' about?

"Master Ridley, play th..."

Well, back when
people still believed in gods,

the Brits burned alive
two Eels at the stake,

Ridley and Latimer,

for praying to a different book
than their queen did.

Before us, people committed
genocides over books,

while others blew themselves up
killing innocent people.

Insanity +100.

But why did she burn herself
for books?

Well, she tried to burn us all,
don't you think?

She didn't say "coward."

She said "omnis."
What is that?

Well, the commissioner won't say
what the Ministry knows,

but I guess we're gonna
have to find out.

Burn me.

- John.
- Go ahead.

Hurry up.
I won't ask twice.

( lighter clicks )

I know you're different
than the other men.

I watched you grow up,

and that's how I know
you feel the same inside as me.


I've been burned so many times

I don't know where my scars
end and my body begins.

( sizzling )

( grunts )

There's no way
you're gonna break.

You're the youngest cadet I ever
accepted into the Youth Fire Brigade.

I raised you.

And one day
you'll be just like me, son.

You won't feel anything
when they burn you.

( closes lighter )

Yuxie, go dark, please.

I'm secure now, Montag.

"I am a sick man.

I am a wicked man.

An unattractive man.

I think my liver hurts."

"I agree that
'two times two is four'

is an excellent thing.

But 'two times two is five'

is something also
a most charming little thing."

- Yuxie: False.
- Yuxie, I said go dark.

We are dark.
It's just me and you.

But that is false.
Two times two can only be four.

What are you doing, Montag?

Are you feeling OK?

Where are you going?

( sensor chimes )

Man: I don't think that old woman
killed herself.

I think they staged it.

It's all fake.

Didn't even bother
to sync her lips this time.

You saw that shit, right?

Yeah, they definitely
murdered her.

Why do you keep
pounding away at it?

Hey. Are you good?

Clarisse, you know
what we're working on.

We need someone
with your connections.

So you tell me when you're
ready to come back to us.

- See you later.
- Be safe.

( dogs barking
in distance )

- What are you? What do you want?
- Hey!

Did Beatty send you?

- No, I just came to talk.
- What do you want?

I want to know
who that old woman was.

I don't know.

She lit herself on fire...
for books.

- Why?
- What do you care?

Because I can still
smell her burning.

- You did that.
- And you told us exactly where to find her.

She didn't say "coward."
She said "omnis."

What is that?

I don't know.

I just want to
show you something.

I took it from her house.

Is this a trap, pipeman?

If anybody
sees me with this...

I'm dead.

( keys jingling )

( lock clicks )

Hey, Clarisse.


( voice in hallway,
indistinct )

She didn't see
who you were.

I shouldn't be here.

Then leave.

( locks click )

Please don't do that.

( inhales deeply )

Can you read that
out loud?


"Even if man were nothing
but a piano key,

even if this were proved to him by
natural science and mathematics,

even then, he will invent
destruction and chaos.

He will invent all kinds of
suffering out of ingratitude

simply to convince himself
that he is a man

and not a piano key.

Hard to understand, right?

The Ministry has been wiping away
language in order to wipe away thought.

There used to be 6,000 languages
in the world.

Today there are fewer than 60.

Why do you think the Ministry wants to
create one universal language on the 9?

For the connection
and happiness of...

all Natives.

During the Second Civil War,
the old tech companies,

they built systems
to predict our thoughts.

Then they became the Ministry,
or the Ministry joined them.

And they sold us
what we wanted,

self and happiness,

which the 9 provides in spades

and what we hired you
to defend... with fire.

You're telling me
people wanted it this way.

The Ministry
didn't do this to us.

We did it to ourselves.

We demanded a world like this.

Let me ask you somethin'.

Benjamin Franklin...

did he start
the first fire department?

Yeah, but to put fires out,

not to start them.

- Beatty told me the opposite.
- I know exactly what Beatty told you.

Maybe he believes that;
maybe he's lying to you.

Maybe when Beatty was young,
he let his fire captain lie to him.

Do you have trouble with
memory? Take a lot of drops?

What about you?
Can you remember your past?


Are you hungry?
I don't have much.

How 'bout your parents?

Can you remember them?

I was raised by Eels to be an Eel,
pretending to be a Native.

We read books, watched films...

everything you burn.

By the time I was a teen,
I wanted to be normal, like you.

So I ran away from home,

got hooked on the 9,
the drops... everything.

I was happy for a while.

Then, you know, life.


I was broke,
so I started selling graffiti.

Didn't know that old woman
would be there.

I had never thought about the people
behind the things that I burn.

I mean, they must have spent
their entire life making things.

And here I come,

in two seconds...
it's gone.

I want to show you something.

( playing harmonica )

( continues playing )


Come on.

Like this?

- ( blows loud note )
- ( both chuckle )

- ( plays softly )
- Here.

Put this one here on top.

Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
Try it.

( plays note with
slight vibrato )

( continues playing )

All the details surrounding
the Omnis are classified,

but the Ministry will include the
public to help smoke it out.

The danger is real
and immediate.

Washington's watching us, boys.

I want your cities
to burn so hot

the commander in chief
can roast marshmallows

all the way
from the White House.

Make it rain kerosene.

( rain pattering )

Beatty: DNA.

The genetic information

found inside
all living organisms.

The Eels have converted
the language of technology

into the the language of DNA.

They've figured out a way
to insert enough graffiti

into this microscopic
speck of DNA

to bury the earth
ten times over.

The Omnis is the collective
consciousness of mankind.

It will be every book,
painting, music, film,

all of history,

everything on the savages'
internet of old...

news, memoirs, facts...

it will be a trillion
person-years of graffiti...

all inside this microscopic
strand of DNA.

Now, the Ministry
believes it is here in Ohio,

and in transit
to scientists in Canada.

We have to find it
before it crosses the border.

Captain, if they succeed...

how will we stop it?

If the Omnis is unleashed,
there will be no way to stop it.

All of humanity's chaotic
knowledge will burst forth

like mosquitoes
spreading malaria...

and the dark countries
will take over.

Even the greatest army
of Firemen

will seem like spitting babies
before the Omnis.

And everything our parents,
our grandparents,

sacrificed in the Second
Civil War will be lost.

We will not let that happen.

We will burn down the city tonight,

- Salamander!
- All: Ho!

- Salamander!
- Ho!

Montag: Eels on the move!
Eels on the move!

This is why we burn!

Beatty: If any of you know
where the Omnis is

and don't talk,
your lives will be burned!

( dogs barking, snarling )

Breaking news.

There is a new threat
to our nation's happiness...

the Omnis.

The Ministry
has not revealed details,

but fire divisions
across Pennsylvania,

Indiana, and Ohio,

are conducting raids,

searching for this new evil.

Get him! Get him!

Omnis! What's that mean to you?
Huh? What's that mean to you?!

Beatty: You're not
doing yourselves any favors.

Tell me where the Omnis is!

Eel: Death to fire!
Real liberty unite!

- Come here!
- ( man groans )

Fireman: Slippery little Eel.
In the truck!

Beatty: They try to say there's
no evidence danger exists.

Well, then show me the evidence
danger doesn't exist.

The truth is,
this danger is real,

the threat is real.

Omnis is real.

Death to fire!

( device whirring )

"To be sure, I myself

just made up
all these words of yours;

this, too,
is from underground.

I've spent forty years
on end there

listening to these words
of yours through a crack.

I thought them up myself

since this was all
that would get thought up."

I will have you

down on this street
before the night is over!

Consequences of silence
will be severe!

Help yourselves
and your neighbors

by telling us what you know!

Not tomorrow,
not the next day, but now!

Montag: "At least I myself
have only recently resolved

to recall some
of my former adventures,

which, till now,
I have always avoided.

Can it be that
you are indeed so gullible

to imagine I will
publish this all?

And, what's more,
give it to you to read?"

- ( man groaning )
- ( bottle shatters )

( panting )

Montag: "Now I want precisely
to make a test.

Is it possible to... to per...

Is it possible to be perfectly
candid with oneself

and not be afraid...
of the whole truth?"

( rain pattering )

Beatty: One of you Eels must know
something about the Omnis.

( whispering ) What if I tell
these people what you do?

What would be worse...

what I do to you,
or what they do to you?

Man: We're all
the same here.

Whatever you do to her,
you do to us.

Is that so?

Fair enough.

( clatter )

- Ohh!
- ( body hits ground )

I am your judge,
and I am your court.

I receive you
when you come,

- and I...
- Ohh!

dismiss you when you go!

- Beatty: Round 'em up!
- Fireman: Get over here.

Round 'em up. Over there!

- Round 'em up.
- ( all shouting )

Come on. Come here.

( Firemen shouting at Eels )

Newscaster: The Ministry
has placed the nation

in a +100 state of security
until the Omnis is found.

Youth Cadets have been
recruited to patrol borders

and search all transit hubs.

Do your duty.
Stay vivid on the 9

and report
all suspicious activity.

- Montag: What are you doing?
- I have to get out of here.

Where you gonna go?

There are people hiding out
at a compound

my family used to know.

Maybe I can help them.

They got checkpoints
all over the place.

You think you can make it?

I have a friend
who knows where they are.

I think he can help me.

Will I see you again?

Fireman: Keep searching
for that Omnis!

- Montag: Get 'em out of here!
- Fireman: Yes, sir.

All clear.
Let's check upstairs.

- ( clatter )
- Man: Shh!

( opens door,
pulls back curtain )

( rain pattering )

Beatty: And how would you explain
your behavior today?

I fucked up.

- I couldn't tell you why.
- Was it the kid?

Eels use kids as decoys
all the time.

No excuse. I know my actions
put you and the men in danger.

What if they had
had the Omnis?

Captain Beatty...

sir, it's been a true honor.


I respectfully ask
that you accept my resignation.

Get that off my desk.

I'm sorry, John.

Do it. Now.

Are you serious?

I just submitted your name
to replace me as captain.

- It's not about that.
- Oh.

So you're willing
to throw away

the sixteen years
that I've invested in you.

I have sixteen years

of the Ministry's shit
in my head.

And I want to know
why we burn.

- I want to decide.
- Ah.

- So you want to prove you exist.
- Yeah, I do.

I got things inside my head
that don't make sense.

Dreams about my dad.

Look, as your
commanding officer,

it is my duty to report you

for letting two Eels
go free today.

And if I do that, you will
be tried for treason.

And there will be nothing
I can do to protect you.

You betray me...

and I will burn you.

And then I will
burn your ashes.

Dreams are a terror, son.
I know.

But it's just your mind
flingin' itself to pieces.

Just stand back
from the centrifuge, OK?

You have a virus.

Go home...

and rest.

Take a hot bath.

And then you report
to work tomorrow.

But don't make me
come get you.

( clears throat )


Hello, John.

Yuxie, get me Fireman Douglas.

Raven: Do your part.
See something, say something.

Tell Yuxie. Together,
we will keep Cleveland...

( tires squeal )

Montag. Get in.

- How'd you find me?
- My friend Gustav...

I'm no friend of his.

Don't look at me.

- Don't fuckin' look at me!
- What's wrong with you?!

You deleted my brother's life,

And you gave him 25 years!
You're scum!

That's enough.

Gustavo: You better be
right about him.

Where we goin'?

To those people at the compound
I told you about.

- They want to see you.
- For what?

- Something about the Omnis.
- Gustavo: Do it, or I will.

You have to put this on.

Who else was with 'em?

Douglas: I don't know, sir.
Axix-Cam picked up Clarisse.

I knew Montag was a rat.
I told you he wasn't pure.

I didn't ask your opinion!

And the next time
I tell you to follow someone,

you crawl into their asshole!

You hear me?!

Report back to the station.

Yes, sir.

This is a problem, John.

Clarisse told us
you stole this.

But when I see you
sitting there,

all I can see is fire.

You must be burning all these books,
and us, in your mind.

Because you are what you are,

and perhaps,
that's all you'll ever be...


This man is just like
his Commandant Beatty.

He's not to be trusted.

Why did you burn books
your whole life?

Because that's all I know.

Deze man is
een stuk stront.

But I want to do
something else.


When I look at that book,

it made me remember
when I was a kid.

Just sittin' by the ocean...

and I was trying to fill
this sieve with sand.

But the faster I poured,
the faster the sand fell through it.

Lookin' at the words
in that book,

I felt like they... they were
passing right through me.

Like my whole life just...

passed right through me.

And that I missed it.

I'm not gonna let
that happen again.

Books are here
to remind us

what fools we can be.

But if we can remember,
if the Omnis can spread,

then maybe we will win.

The disconnected human mind

is the last bastion
against the technological world.

It's the most secure place
to preserve these books.

We're totally off the grid.

No computers, no way for
you to Firemen to track us

or enter our dreams.

Everything safely here.

- You memorized all these books?
- We each memorize one,

and then we become the book.

I am Toni Morrison.
"Song of Solomon."

He's "The Letters of Van Gogh."

She's Chairman Mao,
"The Little Red Book."

She's Rumi, Darwin,
"Anna Karenina."

And she's half of
"A Yellow Sun."

She's still memorizing it.

In fact, you've met
one of us already.

You took this book
from her library.

She was John Steinbeck's
"The Grapes of Wrath"...

now lost to humanity

But maybe from her death
we will gain something.

We haven't seen Clarisse
since she was a teen

when she was here
with her parents.

I believe you were memorizing
"White Teeth."

And she tells us
you want to help.

We have an important task
for you related to the Omnis.

But we have to be sure
about you.

Do you know this man?

Fireman Hester.
Fourth District.

That's right.
He's in the back room, waiting for you.

And you're gonna
have to kill him.

You never told me that.

He's through that door.

A revolution
is not a dinner party.

Good luck.

( door opens, closes )

( switchblade clicks )

( clicks )

( whispers )
They need you, they need you.

Put it down!

Hey, man,
what the fuck is this?

You did it.
It's over.

I'm James Baldwin.

"The Fire Next Time."

( leaves rustling )

This way, please.

There's a young man,

in this barn,

in transit to

a group of scientists
in Canada,

and we need you to escort him

over the border.

His mother was a geneticist
behind the Omnis.

Before she died,
she injected the DNA

into Clifford's pet bird.

- The Omnis is in a bird?
- Yes.

We need you to get
them both to safety.

Woman: Clifford?
There's a man here to see you.

Eight. Tagore, Gitanjali,

and poems by Tagore.

It's number eight.

Has he read all these books?

He's memorized
over 13,000 books.

Pick up a book and test me.

I won't look.
But you'll never win.

Read the title.

- "Remembrance of Things..."
- Remembrance of Things Past."

Marcel Proust, 1927.

3,031 pages, seven volumes,

1,267,069 words.

Open it.

Open it.

Page number... I'll turn around.

No cheating. Page number?

- Page 935.
- 935.

Line 12. Go to line 12.

"So, as long as you distract
your mind from its dreams,

it will not know them
for what they are.

You will always be taken in
by the appearance of things,

because you will not have
grasped their true nature.

If dreaming is dangerous,

then the cure for it
is not to dream less,

but to dream more,
to dream all the time."

Again, test...
test me again.

You'll lose.

Oh, can I show him Lennie?

- Can I?
- Yes.

( chuckling ) Hey.
This is Lennie.

My sturnidae,
from the Latin sturnus.

Medium-sized passerine.
Very gregarious.

Very beautiful.

This is my Lennie.

( bird tweets )

What's up, Lennie?

( chirping )

So, what's the next step?

We need a transponder.

The scientists in Canada

are transmitting a homing signal

that will call to a transponder.

Can you get one
and come back tonight?


What are they gonna do
with the bird?

They're waiting to extract
the DNA with the Omnis,

duplicate it,

and then inject
all other animals

so that knowledge
can spread and multiply.

And cover the world.

You'd better hurry.

( gasps )

( panting )

( alarm wailing )

- ( beeps )
- ( lock clicks )

( beeps )

( beeping )

Master Trooper.

I wasn't expecting
to see you.

- Are you over your sickness?
- Yeah.

You were right.
I just needed to rest.

- I'm feelin' 100 now.
- Beautiful.

- So you're with us.
- Yes, sir.

We need to find the Omnis.
Any leads?

Yuxie, have Fireman Douglas
and his squad report.

Raid time.
I'm ready to gear up.

What does two times two equal?

Excuse me?


Why? What's wrong?

Is that all
you have to say to me?

Of course.

John, just talk to me.
What's goin' on?

I, too, burn with desire.

But I would rather walk with
my brother in the darkness

than go alone in the light.

- Sir.
- Whatever happens tonight, Guy,

you should know I would
rather walk with my brother.

( footsteps approach )

report, please.

Found this
in the locker room, sir.

Beatty: Whose locker
did you find it in?

Nobody's. It was
just on the floor.

Like a dead rat.

Take it!

That's an order.

Go on. Read us
a bedtime story.

- ( lighter clicks )
- Let's burn this shit.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

A special tip came
directly to me tonight.

Might be a good lead
on the Omnis.

But let's finish
this little business first.

Open the book.

Oh, my.
Your pulse is really racing.

Steady now, Montag.
I wouldn't want to burn your hand off.

Now read.
Read to me.

"To go wrong
in one's own way

is better than to go right
in someone else's.

Taking a new step,
uttering a new word...

( snaps lighter shut )

...is what people
fear the most."

All those silly words,

those false promises,
the timeworn philosophies.

It's like chain-smoking,
chapter by chapter.

- Go on. Don't stop reading to me.
- Sir.

Next page!

"Did you think
that one tiny crime...

( lighter clicks )

...would be wiped out
by thousands of good deeds?

That there would be
no punishment?"

A little knowledge
is a dangerous thing.

You read a few lines, and you're
ready to blow up the world,

chop heads off,
destroy authority.

I know.
I've been through it all.

Now, what do you want to do?

I want to burn.



My brother.

Let's burn.

Good evening, Cleveland.

Live outside
Master Trooper Montag's home

where shocking events
are unfolding.

Montag! Do you have anything
to say to your fans?


Something the matter,

You wanted to fly
near the sun.

You burn your damn wings off
and you wonder why.

Go in. I'll give you a minute
to get your house in order.

Go on.

No one is lookin' out
for you now, boy.

Yuxie: Hello, Montag.
This is rather unfortunate.

Some people would like
to see you.

That's quite a collection
of graffiti you have there.

Your fans deserve
an explanation.

These aren't mine.
You set me up!

( footsteps approach )

Welcome, John.
I've been waiting for you.

Yuxie, go dark.

I told you I would burn you
if you betrayed me.

And this...

this is the big dance.

Douglas. Stone.

Yuxie! Let the fire show begin.

Now, you do what
you are trained to do.

All you know how to do.


( panting )

You're not finished.
Go on.

( panting )

Free yourself.

Let's light him up.

Tell your fans
what time it is.

All: It's time to burn
for America again!

Say it, Montag.

- ( crowd jeering )
- Say it!

Spit it out! Come on!

Come on, Captain.

Why did you do this?

- What did you find? Chaos.
- ( clamp clicks )

( device humming )

The Salamander
eats its own tail.

Master Trooper Douglas.

Master Trooper Douglas
reporting, sir.

- Tell us what you saw.
- Montag getting into a car

with Clarisse McClellan
and two known Eels.

Beatty: No wonder you've been
so eloquent lately.

But you're still
the same dog I raised,

just barking
at someone else's command.

Gather a squad,
find Clarisse and the other Eels

- and bring them to me.
- Yes, sir.

- Montag! Stop! Let it go! Drop it!
- Montag: Drop it, Douglas!

Well, that's one way
to win your fans back.

Beatty: Hold fire
till your brother speaks.

- Drop it, Douglas.
- Beatty: Go ahead,

pull the trigger,
let Douglas have it.

- Captain.
- Quiet, Douglas!

Could it be existence
is our exile

and nothingness is our home?

Fire is your home, Montag.

- Burn away.
- No, Captain, please!

What is called
a reason for living is also

an excellent reason
for dying.

( screaming )

( Douglas continues screaming )

Montag, you did it.

You did it.

( panting )


( onlookers scream )

Dear Natives.

Eel Montag,

murderer Montag,

terrorist Montag,

has committed treason
against our nation.

Eyes on Axis-Cam,
eyes on the 9,

and report where
this terrorist is.

Terrorist Montag...
could he have the Omnis?

Stay vivid to find out.

- Montag: Where's Gustavo?
- Clarisse: They arrested him.


( beeps )

- Page 93.
- 93.

"I bequeath myself
to the dirt

to grow from
the grass I love.

If you want me again,
look for me under your boot soles.

You will hardly know who I am
or what I mean,

but I shall be good help
to you nevertheless,

and filter and fiber
your blood.

Failing to fetch me at first,
keep encouraged.

Missing me one place,
search another.

I stop somewhere,
waiting for you."

Yuxie: Found him.
He's heading to this black hole

outside Talay City.

Rerouting for
fastest arrival.

( engine revving )

- ( vehicles approach )
- Clifford, run!

- ( panicked shouting )
- Clifford!

( air brakes hiss )

( all shouting )

( Firemen shouting at Eels )

Male Eel: Get out of here!
Run! Run!

- Toni!
- Fireman: Don't you move!

- Get down!
- Get off of her!

Come on. Get up,
we gotta go.

Come on.

- ( flames whoosh )
- Fireman: Stand still!

Fireman: When I ask you not to move,
that means don't move!

( fire whooshing )

Hey. Clifford.

Hey. Come on.

( bird chirps )

( transponder beeps )

( chirping)

( chirping )



I command you, Montag.


( chirping )

( wings flapping )

( music playing,
no audible scream )

( wings flapping )

( music playing )

( music playing )