Fade to Black (1980) - full transcript

Shy, lonely Eric Binford delivers film cassettes and film-related supplies in Los Angeles for a living. But he really exists only to watch movies and immense himself in fantasies about cinematic characters and stars. Frequently bullied and betrayed, Eric comforts himself by pretending to be one of the many tough heroes and villains who have captivated him from the silver screen. However, his sanity takes a turn for the worse and he launches grotesque murders all patterned after characters and incidents from his beloved movies. He becomes known as the Celluloid Killer, one of the most horrifying murderers the city has ever known.

I've always been your friend.

Sure. You taught us how
to cheat, steal, and kill.

And then, you lammed out on us.

Yeah, if it hadn't been for you,

we might have been on the level.

Sure. We might have been
ding dings on a streetcar.

There ain't no one here but him.

I thought so.

Why, you dirty

again. Tuesday at 5:00.

I've already got that one.

"Dracula's Daughter."


I can't make that one.

"The Big Sleep" is on
at the same time.

Chandler and Hawks.
There's a combination.

They just don't make these kind
of movies anymore.

I've got to see it again.

Bogart in that bookstore.

What are you talking about?

He had plenty more coming.

- What are you going to do?
- "Reefer Madness" on 52.

I've seen that twice.

I think that's
enough of that one.


That's the one.

"99 River Street"
with John Payne.

I don't want to die.

I should tape that one.

So you don't want to die.

Don't you remember you and Matt?

How you used to be just kids,
and we were friends?

I'll do anything for you
from now on.

Ain't you got a heart, boy?

Don't you remember
how I used to play to you?

Didn't I always
stick up for you?

I ain't got this coming.

I ain't a bad fellow, really

Tommy... Tommy, don't.
Ain't you got a heart?

Get over there.

I want that dough.

You can't bring in one,
bring in the other.

- Eric?
- I'll bring you both.

Leave it to me, kid.


Come on, Matt.

Shake a leg.

Well, look here.

Mr. Smart fell asleep

with his nose
buried in the screen again.

That one-eyed monster
is gonna wreck his eyes,

much less soften his brain.

You spend all
your time daydreaming,

watching those silly movies.

I didn't ask you for any lip.

I asked you if you had a drink.

I know, Tom, but...

There you go with that
wishing stuff again.

I wish you was a wishing well,

so that I could tie a bucket
to you, and sick you.

Good morning.

Have you looked
at yourself lately?

You look like hell.

Stop making those faces.

Let me tell you something...
If you don't listen to me

and start taking care
of yourself,

you'll never reach 30.

When I took you in

after your sweet mother died
giving birth to you,

I had no idea
you would be such a trial.

Your mother was beautiful.
She was a great talent.

Hollywood was at her feet.

Important men were
begging to marry her.

Then, she met your father,
that bastard.

It was the end
of our dance team.

You know...

I was a fine dancer. The best.

Yeah, I know, Ma.

You were the greatest
dancer ever.


And you... you made me
leave that party.

Little bellyacher.

If it weren't for you,
I'd still have my legs.

I didn't ask the sitter to call.

I was sick. Shut up!

I was 4 years old. I said "Shut up"!

You're worthless,
just like your father was.

Yeah, I know.

I wish you'd eat your breakfast
the way you devour those tapes.

Brain food is what you need,
not escapist trash.

You know, you talk too much.

One of these days, you're gonna
eat those words, Stella.

Wipe that smirk off your face.

That grapefruit is a tonic.

It provides vitamin C
without the acid.

Listen to me for a change.

Now where are you going?

Sit back down,
and eat your breakfast.

You can't go to work
on an empty stomach.

Have a nice day...


Why don't you live in the real
world, with the rest of us?

No, thanks.
If you're so smart, Stella,

tell me what James Cagney's
name was in "White Heat."

I don't know,
and I don't give a damn.

Arthur Cody Jarrett. That's who.

Stop filling your head
with all that useless trivia.

Top of the world, Ma.

I'm not your mother.

It's Aunt Stella, Bird Brain.

This place...

reminds me of
"The Big House," 1930.

Broderick Crawford,
Lynne Cheney Jr.,

Charles Bronson.

"Man got man in cages
without reason."

Eric, Berger
wants those slotted.

Sid, what the hell
are you talking about?

Now, look, those ads were
delivered yesterday afternoon.

Come on, cut it out.

Look, my kid delivered them
at two o'clock.

Alright, Sid. Okay.

Just pay your bill, and we'll
deliver you another batch.

Hey, look, mistakes happen.

Okay, Sid.
That's fine with me...

you schmuck.

Binford, you're a fuck-up!

You didn't deliver to Sid Fine
yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Berger, I told you that
the one sheets weren't ready.


And you're late again, huh?

Now, you deliver this stuff.

And your late time is coming
out of your paycheck.

That's if you last a week.

Now, get out of here.

Mr. Berger, could I have
a couple of dollars, please?

A couple of bucks? What for?

I have to put some gas
in the vespa.

What the hell are
you talking about?
The vespa's already gassed up.


it's not.
And I lost the petty cash.

You lost the petty...

I am trying to run
a business, here.

It's also coming out
of your paycheck.

Now, please, get out of
my life, will you?!

Here's a list of
the juvenile offenders

you're going to meet first.

A bunch of real beauties.

Should all be locked up, but the
judge handed them over to you.

Well, by giving them jobs to pay
back their debt to society

makes a hell of a lot more sense

than jailing them
at the taxpayer's expense,

wouldn't you say? Bullshit.

Captain, they're still waiting
for you at roll call.

I'll prove that to you. Alright, Rogers,
I'll be right there.

Okay. What?

I said I'll prove it to you.

Listen, I'm required
to give you some space,

and you've got about six months
to make this whole thing work.

Now, how do you plan
on doing that?

First of all,
by gaining their trust.

Oh. I like that. I like that.

Gain their confidence,
and we nail them

with the information
you get, right?

No way, Gallagher.

My material
is strictly confidential.

Anne, you want to
come in here, please?

You know, Moriarty,
for an Irishman,

you've got a real thick skull.

Anne Oshenbull, Dr. Moriarty.

How do you do?

I've heard a lot about you.

Never mind. Never mind.

Just show him to his office,
will you?

Oh, incidentally, Irish,

we're a little short
on parking space.

That's okay, Captain.
I ride a bike.

Oh, Jesus.

A conservation kook
on top of everything.

Are you another cop that doesn't
believe in my program?

I don't know enough
about it yet.

Well, at least you're willing
to give me a chance...

Which is more than Gallagher.

Gallagher's alright.

He's just trying to be
a tougher cop than his dad was.

Yeah? What happened to his dad?

He got shot to death by some
doped up kid in a dark alley.

Well, here's your new home.

It used to be the drunk tank.

Not exactly a place to counsel
San Francisco housewives, is it?

How did you know about that?

Oh, I know everything
about you, Dr. Moriarty.

It's all in his file.

Anything incriminating?

No. No. The FBI finally closed
their political file on you,

but your personal file
was fascinating.

Oh, yeah? What did it say?

Well, let's just say that it was
definitely interesting enough

for me to want to meet you.

Now, here you are...

in the flesh.

Marilyn, first it was
the Scarsdale diet,

and now it's jogging.

You get into every fad.

When in Rome.

Besides, I've got to
get in shape.

I'll never be a model
with these thighs.

Oh, not that again.

Listen, I want to be somebody.

I want to get treated
with a little respect for once.

Well, you've got a lot of guys.

Oh, sure... when their
girlfriends are out of town.

Well, at least you have
an interesting job.


Handing out roller skates...
A fate only worse than death.

Everyone back home in Australia

would think I was
a big slop, or something.

Oh, look. Would you stop
worrying about it?

I've had enough.

I'm hungry.

Let's pig out.

Here he is.

Hey, Binford,
settle this, will you?

What was the fat man's name
in "The Maltese Falcon"?

That's easy. Okay, okay. What is it?

What do you give me? Hey, come on, man.

We ain't got all day.
What was it.

It's Kasper Gutman.


I got one for you guys...

Only it's gonna
cost you money this time.

Yeah? What's the bet?


I know that film
backwards and forwards.

I've seen it 50 times.

Great. Only you got to come up
with the answer in 48 hours,

or you pay me 20 bucks each.

Alright. No sweat.

What do we get
if we get it right?

I'll give you $50.

I think it's a trick.

No, no, no. Wait. Wait.

Only no fair looking at the
print or reading the script

in the meantime.

Hey, you know I know the film
better than anybody.

Are you sure this isn't
a sucker bet, Binford?

There's no tricks.

The answer's in the film.

So, put up or shut up.

It's a deal.

It's a lot of dough,
but it's a deal.

What was Rick's full name?

You mean Rick who owns the cafe?

No.The Bogart character?

Yeah. It's a cinch.

Wait a minute. I got it
on the end of my tongue.


Take your time, Richie.

Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

I know it like
I know my own name.

Hey, forget it, man.
Binford is...

He's sick in the head.

He's, like, retarded
or something.

We made a bet, right? Yeah. Yeah.

Forget it. A bet's a bet.
He's gonna pay us.

He's certainly
a low-class production.

Yeah, he's a space case,
or something.

He's a real asshole.

How about the usual, Eric?

Two chocolate doughnuts,
hot dog with the works,

fries, large Coke?

You know, I went to high school
with this girl

who looked exactly like
Lauren Turner.

I always sort of felt like
she looked down on me.

Well, anyway, she went to
Hollywood to be a big star.

What happened to her?

She killed herself because
she didn't make it big.


That won't happen to me.

Don't worry.

Yeah, well, it better not.

Okay, look. No more advice.

As of this minute,
you're on your own.

Are you an actress?

No.It's amazing.

You look exactly like...

We know. We know.
Everybody says that.

I'm sorry.

I just wanted to meet you.

I'm a great admirer.


I'm Marilyn O'Connor.

What are you doing?

Cut it out.

He's kind of cute.

What was the name of the movie

that Tom Ewell took you to see
in "Seven Year Itch"?

I forgot.

Is it famous?

It's a horror movie.

Um... let me think.

Don't encourage him.

I'll give you a clue.

He was green and slimy.

Oh, my God.


"The Werewolf."

Now, you're just guessing

Who the hell cares?

It was "Creature From
the Black Lagoon."


Now you've hurt his feelings.



Hey, how did you know that?

That's great.

I go to a lot of movies.

It's my thing.


I love movies.

Could you give me
a lift back to work?

Are you serious?

Just watch me.

I have two wheels, not for.


Bye, Stacy.

Keep the change.

I'll catch you later.

You know, I once went to three
movies every day for a year,

and I never missed once.

You're lucky.

In my town
in the Australian outback,

this man would come out
in a truck,

and show the same two movies
over and over again.

What were they?

"Mary Poppins"
and "The Sound of Music."

You're a big
Julie Andrews fan, huh?

The only overdose of Julie.

Well, someday, I'm gonna own
my own movie theater,

and I'm gonna show whatever
film I want, whenever I want.

And you can come.

Where do you live?

In Venice.

With your parents?

Uh, well, sort of.
Not really. No.

Do you stay in touch
with your folks much?

I never knew mine.

My father was a drover.

That's a sheepherder, isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah. That's right.
How'd you know that?

I saw it in "The Sundowners"
with Robert Mitchum.

Oh, thanks. You're darling.


See you in the movies.



How about tonight?

Sure. Where?

Ships, Westwood,
at eight o'clock.


What movie will we see?

That's a surprise.

Oh. Bye.


Wow, baby!

I said, "Hey, baby."

I could never get that one.

Boy, that wore me out.

The damage
to buildings and human life

is estimated in the millions.

I saw the explosion
just disintegrated in the air.

Look at this clown.

Kind of reminds me of Gallagher.

Gallagher is an okay guy.

He just doesn't agree
with your methods.

That's all.

Yeah, well, that's easy
for you to say, Annie,

you know, you're you're a cop.

I'm not a cop.
He won't listen to me.

To him, I'm some throwback
to the hippie wars,

But people hate anything
that's different.

Listen, I had a partner,
and he refused to get

in the patrol car with me
because I'm a woman.

You know what he said?
He said that he didn't join

the Snatch Squad.

Snatch Squad, eh? Yeah.

Has a real ring to it.

Why did you join the force?

For the money.


I joined you because,
listen, it's like you said,

you know, up last week,

a girl in San Diego
picked a rifle up.

She killed her neighbors,
and claimed she saw it on TV.

That's what I'm talking about.

How about the teenager
who stabbed his friend 22 times,

and said it wasn't like
on television.

The knife only went in
a little ways.

A couple was shot and killed,
causing a two-car collision

at the central off ramp
of the Glendale Freeway.

It just bugs me.

I'm obsessed with the subject,
and it freaks me out,

because we're planting
these crazy images

inside of these
children's heads.

Please stay tuned
for "Stagecoach,"

starring John Wayne.

Do you really use this thing?


and San Diego counties,.

The weather outlook
for tomorrow is clear.

It makes a big bang.

...dropping to a low of 69.

A fifth-stage smog alert
is predicted for most of...

I never fucked a cop before.

We're out of quarters again.

I'm sorry.
But there's this long line

of freaked out New Yorkers
at the taco stand,

acting like they never saw
a burrito before.

God, I could have killed them.

Hi, Marilyn. How are you doing?

Okay. How are you?

Good. - Oh, Marilyn.

A special delivery package
came for you.

I put it under the counter.



It must be from a wealthy fan.

Oh, yeah. Big spender.

Those are selling
for 2 bucks on the pier.

No wonder you're jealous.

I love it.

Is that any way
to treat a soldier?

But I'm telling you, Chief.

Never give a sucker
and even break

and always keep an eye on a pal.

Remember that.

Well, you're looking
res elegant.

Thanks, my dear.

You even cleaned up your room.

Are you sure you feel alright?

Certainly, my dear.

I have a most important date

with a most important
young lady.

I'm Greta Garbo
if you're Cary Grant.

You're absolutely correct,
my dear.

Absolutely correct.

Who is this young lady?

Miss Marilyn Monroe.

Sorry, darling...

must dash.


Aunt Stella.

...may I have a small loan

at the usual rate of interest,

On one condition...
That you come straight home

right after the movie.

I want my back rub tonight.

They tell me the dreams
reveal quite a bit

about a person's inner secrets.

Oh, no. I have these
horrible nightmares

about losing my makeup.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

I had a dream about

photographing Marilyn Monroe
last night.

How'd it go?

I don't know. The proofs haven't
been developed yet.

I'm starved.

- Excuse me.
- What time?

Uh, it's about nine o'clock.

Thank you.Sure.

Where is she, Hoppy?

What do you say we
go over to my studio?

It's just around the corner.

Do you mind if we
have some dessert?

No. You can have
anything you want.

Marilyn, I...

Excuse me. Hi.

I'm sorry.

I thought you were
somebody else.

Excuse me,
did you see a blond girl

about my height, uh,
looking for somebody?

She has big red lips
and real blond hair.

I forgot. I was supposed to meet
this guy in Westwood hours ago.

Come on.

Look, I've got to go.

What's the matter?
Don't you like men?

Don't flatter yourself.

Excuse me.

Do you know what time
the next bus is, please?

I ain't waiting for no bus.

I'm working.

Work at night, huh?
Where do you work?

Where are you headed? Shut up,
will you, numb nuts?

I'm trying to hitch
a ride on my back.

Get it?

I have 10 bucks.

What about me?

10 bucks?

For what? Cat food?

Get lost.

I hope you freeze
your balls off...

If you got any.

Go to hell.

You think a squealer
can get away from me?


You know what I do to squealers?

I let them have it in the belly,

so they can roll around
for along time,

thinking it over.

You're worse than cancer,

telling me they're coming back.

You lying old hag.


Come out of there!

Let me go.

If you don't open up,
I'm going to use the key.

Eric, you're hopeless.
What is this?

You can't stay in here forever.

This isn't a charity ward.

Either you go to work, to eat,

or you can find yourself
another place to live.

This is my vile,
watching movies again,

and spending all your money
on films!

Jesus Christ!

I'm sorry.

I said I'm sorry.

Look at this place.

This room is a disgrace.

Eric, come in here now!

Damn thing.

Eric, get in here, now.

Get in here right now!


Eric, I have had it.

I want you to get rid
of all this junk.

Do you hear me?

Move it. You ruined it.

You ruin everything.

I said "Move it"!

Move it!

I can't stop the chair.

Eric! Eric!

Eric, I can't stop the chair!

Eric! Eric!

20th Century Fox Presents
"Kiss of Death,"

starring Victor Mature,
Brian Donlevy, Colleen Gray...

...with Richard Windmark...

Taylor Holmes...

Howard Smith...

...Karl Malden.

- What do we do?
- I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Stella Binford
led a life of piety

and quiet Christian charity
that touched all who knew her,

generous to a fault,
both to her friends,

loved ones, and to her church.

We commit her spirit
to the Almighty,

and pray for her
eternal salvation,

that her wondrous soul
may find peace in Heaven

as it did on earth. Amen.

I'm sorry, Eric,
but there was just no room

next to Miss Monroe's crypt.

But that's where
I wanted her, Reverend.

Well, there are
other nice sites.

Thank you. Come. Come.

Walk with me.

Now, here are the ashes.

Why don't you take them home?

Live with them
for a couple of days.

There's no hurry.

You have plenty of time
to decide...

Say, till Friday, okay?

I really have got to go,

because I've got to service
another funeral.

I have a christening,
and I have a wedding.

In fact, it's a double ceremony.

But if there's anything
that you need, my boy,

you call me, okay?

But preferably before six.

Oh, Eric,
I'll see you tomorrow, now,

at your aunt's memorial service.


I don't believe in God.

Well, God still
believes in you, Eric.

Here's to your good health...

...Aunt Stella.

Oh! Eric, you're still here.

I thought maybe you'd move
because of your aunt's...

You know, the name change.

And listen, I'm really sorry.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

The name is Jarrett.

Got it? Cody Jarrett.

Strange bird.

Watch this.



Drunk again.

Drinking alone.

I only wanted your autograph.

Listen to
the children of the night.

What lovely music they make.

I believe we've met before,
my child.

What's your act, anyway?

Uh, not that I care.

Are you engaged this evening?

Uh, yeah. Yeah.

As a matter of fact,
I'm late to another appointment.

But maybe some other time.

Hey, there's Binford.

Let's get on his case.
- Sure. good deal.

Hey, Binford,
take a look at this.

- Leave him alone.
- So what?

Paper says
there was 100 Draculas

at the marathon last night.

Where were you?

Were you there?

Huh? Huh?

What are you gonna do,
you little baby?

He does nothing.

You little shithead.

Come on, man, let's make it.

We're late.

Hey, you guys.

You owe me 40 bucks

For what? The "Casablanca" bet.

Remember? Rick's last name?

No, Eric, we still
have time for that.

- Yeah, till tomorrow.
- Tomorrow was last week.

I want my money.

Eric, forget it.
What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?
You creep.

Eric, you keep...
You keep messing with me,

and I'm gonna kick your ass.

Besides, Binford,
anything you know

ain't worth the price
of admission.

You didn't know what Adolf
Hitler's favorite movie was.

"Broadway Melody."
I bet you didn't know that.

And what about "Cry of Battle"
and "War is Hell"?

Where were they playing, huh?

At the Texas theater
where they caught Oswald

the day he shot Kennedy.

I bet you didn't know that.

It was a double bill, you...


Why, El Toro ain't been
this side of the border

in five years.

Here comes Bill Cassidy.

What's going on, here?

You're headed for trouble,
and I'm stringing along.

This is something personal,
Johnny. I got a job to do.

You win the piggy.

- How much is this one?
- Two balls for 50¢.

I'll be right back. - Oh. Sure.

This is great. Let's play this.

Hey, man, I don't want to play
these games all night.

Don't you want to get laid? Sure.

This place is.
Let's go check it out.

That's what you said
about this place, you know?

You gonna bust my chops
all night long?

I'm not gonna bust your chops.

But, you know,
that's what she said.

The night is young. Let's do it.

Give me that thing. We ain't
gonna pick nothing up

with all this shit.

What did you do that for?

That's what I'd like
to do to Binford.

The guy really bothers me.

Hey, Jack, where you hiding
all the pussy, man?

Las Vegas.
I lived there for four years.

Las Vegas. We ain't gonna
go to Las Vegas.

I feel like a moron
carrying this damn teddy bear

up and down this pier.

Keep it, man.
The broads eat that shit up.

If they eat this shit up,

then why don't you
carry it for a while? Okay?

What's that noise, anyway?

Oh, my gosh.

Looks like somebody's
celebrating Halloween

a little early this year, huh?

Hey, no, man,
that's William Boyd.

Friend of yours?

No. This is the famous
Hopalong Cassidy, right?

I think he's calling you out.

Hopalong Cassidy.

Oh, look at this.

You want to play games?

This is some toy
you got here, Hoppy.

Make your move, hombre.

Oh, I think he's crazy.

You want to go a round?


Start dancing, cowboy.

Hey, come on, man.
What are you doing?

Come on, Richie. He's crazy.

Come on. Richie, Come on.

What you doing?
Are you nuts, man?

Say your prayers.

Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. I'm sorry.

What? Why?
What are you doing, man?

Take it easy. Please.

On your knees.

- What are you doing?
- Both knees.

I didn't do anything to you.

Why are you doing this?

How does it feel, now, Richie?


You think the cops suspect me of
killing Richie,

even though I was
his best friend?

Cops are paid to suspect
everybody and catch no one.

Gallagher is just
another flatfoot.

What about that Moriarty
character, and his test?

It's just a bunch
of stupid questions.

They even had Mr. Berger
in here last night,

and he's a nervous wreck.

And he's got to go
to the hospital next week

for his operation.

What operation? A bypass operation?

His heart's worse, man.

I didn't think he had one.

How are they gonna find
Ricky's killer?


if you can't identify him,
who can?

See you.

You know, that Binford kid
was a little strange.

Yeah? He seemed harmless enough.


What the hell
are you trying to pull?

We questioned all those
CFS employees

very carefully...
Normal police procedure.

Now, who the hell gave you
the authority to test them?

I cooked up this questionnaire
to help flush out a suspect.

Flush? That's exactly
the right word.

For the way I'm feeling
about your actions.

For your information,
this is the only real

fucking piece of evidence
that we have.

I don't agreeCaptain Gallagher,

Moriarty's really
got something, here.

Three of them tested red...
Eric Binford,

Maria Valdez, Herman.

Maria Valdez, the broad
in the shipping department,

is a killer?
Oh, that's terrific.

Thank you very much, Sherlock.

Also, the newspapers think
there is a link

between the Dracula murder
and this cowboy caper.

One of the victims was a stock
boy in an advertising firm,

the other a hooker.
Now, where's the connection?

It's obvious. We've got to stop
this killer from further...

We? When the hell did you
join the police force?

Just trying to help out,

Listen, I don't need your psycho
test to help me find a killer.

And just in case
you didn't notice,

nobody's asking for your help,

so knock it off.

Captain, I know
the human mind...

Especially the sick ones.

Well, fuck the mind, okay?

Keep your nose
out of police business.

I can't stand stupidity.


Just tell him to call me.

Hop in, fella.

I'll check with you later.

Thanks a lot.

Where you headed?

Venice, near the pier.

This is beautiful.

This an Auburn?

Yeah. What year?


Are all these scripts yours?

Yeah. I used to be an actor.

Now, I'm producing.

I'm in the film business, too.


I have this idea for a movie.

You wouldn't be interested,
would you?

Sure. Maybe I can help you.


You are the Gary Bially,
aren't you?


You produced
"The Big Ripoff," right?

Yep. I do four pictures a year.

Keep it.

Listen, this idea for my movie,

It's sort of like an early '50's
Sam Fuller piece, you know?

Kind of a story
about these two crooks,

and they break out of jail,

and they join up with
this carnival of convicts.

What's it called?

"Alabama and the 40 Thieves."

Not bad, kid.

Tell me more.

Well, I thought maybe we could
do it in black and white,

you know, and you could get
Peter Bogdanovich do it.

And I get some
great ideas on casting.

Mr. Bially, listen,
right here is fine.

You know something, kid?

You've got a real feel for film.

Look, Eric, I have to come
to my next screening.

Really? Yeah.

Call me at the studio sometime.

Jesus. Well, thanks.

Sure. Don't mention it.

Thanks a lot.

Oh. I'll call you.

Thank you. You bet.


Aunt Stella, it's our lucky day.

We finally made it.

I just met this producer,

and he liked my idea
for the movie,

and he's gonna do it.

And we're gonna be rich.

And we're not gonna have to
worry about a thing.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

We finally made it, Ma.

And it hurts.

It hurts bad, Ma.


What room are you in?

What are you talking about?

Did you know, when this was
the Hollywood Studio Club,

that Gale Storm,
and Sharon Tate,

and then Marilyn Monroe
all lived in room 334.

Give me a break.

Bet you didn't know that, huh?

Kenneth Anger would love
the Boulevard today...

Hollywood Babylon on parade.


Did you ever Marilyn Monroe
coming out of the Brown Derby?

She's been dead for years, man.

You're wrong.

What are you talking about?

I said you're wrong.

She's alive, like you and I!

She's dead!
She's dead, you jerk!

Look, Eric, you've been here
for over an hour.

Are you gonna
buy anything or not?

You've got most of these anyway.

I'll Just take these.

Pay up front.

Eric, watch your money?

He's on his way.

You've got to believe me,

he is coming to Hattenfield.

Because I know him.

I'm his doctor.

You must be ready for him.

If you don't, it's your funeral.

Hello, beauty.

I'm sorry, Marilyn.

What the hell is the matter
with you, Binford?

I could have you arrested
for stealing company property.

I needed wheels...
And something to do.

Oh, I see. That's an answer.

Why don't you buy a car
with the insurance money
your aunt left you?

That's none of your business.

You keep your Goddamn
hands off me.

You know, I've been hearing
all kinds of things

about you, lately, Binford.

You mean like my wedding?

Now that is one I haven't heard.

I can't picture the creature
who'd want to marry you.

Tell me,
who is this unlucky girl?

She's a famous actress.

And who might
this famous actress be?

Marilyn Monroe.

Oh, shit.
Hand over the keys, Binford.

The name's Cody, got me.

Oh, snap out of it, punk.

Your name is not Cody.

Cody Jarrett.
And don't ever forget it.

Get your Goddamn hands off me,
and get the hell out of here.

You're fired. Too late. I quit.

Okay. So, where do you
think you're going?

Out of my way.

This is my place of business.

You're not going inside.

Mr. Berger...

my posters are valuable
originals, and I want them

Well, you forget them.

'Cause anything inside
belongs to me.

It might help to pay
for some of your screw-ups.

Nobody pushes Cody around.

You'll be sorry, Bid Ed.

You get off my property,
you little jerk.

Who needs you?

This is the best thing
that could have happened to me.

Why, you rotten son of a bitch.

I'll have your ass for this!

Your ass, you hear me?

You little bastard.

Rotten little bastard.

Where do you get
your Goddamn nerve?

Who does he think he is?

Who the hell
does he think he is?

Mr. Berger, sir.

Jesus Christ, Sam.

You scared the shit out of me.

Could I go out
for some coffee, sir?

I'll only be a minute.Yeah.
Alright. Go ahead.

You better get me a cup, too.

You want cream and sugar?

No. Make it black.

I'm gonna be here half the night

correcting these invoices
that Binford lost up.

Yes, sir.

And Sam.

For God's sakes, wear a bell.

Sam, you still here?

Is anything working
right around here?

Is anybody there?

Control yourself, Berger.

God damn it,
get ahold of yourself.


Is anybody there?

Damn stock boys.

No lights in here, either.

What the hell's going on
in this place anyway?

God almighty.

Huh. Sam.

But instead, let's get to
the hot news for the viewers.

I love your new film, Gary.

Well, that's really nice
coming from you, Eve.

I'll tell you,
it was a tough film to make.

And we got mixed reviews,
but I'm very proud of it.

So, how do you get that special
chemistry in your films, Gary?

They're all so distinctive.

Well, I think you just
have to have a feel for it.

And I think I have that feeling.

You just have to have
a gut instinct.

That's great.

Now, what's next
on your breakneck schedule?

Oh, I'm glad you
asked me that, Eve.

It's a real departure for me...

A grassroots story called
"Alabama and the 40 Thieves."

That sounds fascinating.

Now, when your ideas come from,
if you don't mind my asking.

Well, in different ways

This time... let me see.

I was feeling kind of down,

and I went out and bought
a 1934 Auburn speedster car.

A car?

Oh, yeah.

And it just flashed on me
when I was driving home

after a meeting
with Dick and David.

You know, as a matter of fact...

How time flies.

Gary, thank you so much
for coming,

and sharing
your insights with us.

My pleasure, Eve.

This is Eve Christopher,
thanking you for watching.

And remember, Hollywood,
I love you.

How'd it go? Oh,
they'll love it in Chicago.

Phone for you, Mr. Bially.

It sounds urgent. - Right.

Go ahead, Gary. Lunch tomorrow.

Sure. Sushi.



Oh, hi. Is this Gary Bially?

- Yeah, - It's Eric Binford...

"Alabama and the 40 Thieves."

You must be mistaken, friend.
I've never heard of you.

You picked me up hitchhiking.

I gave you the whole idea
from my movie.

Now, firstly, son,
I never pick up hitchhikers.

And secondly, we never
accept outside material.

Look, you said that
I ought to call you.

Look, I'm sorry, pal.

I'd love to help you,
but I can't.


Bye, now. Take care.

Yeah, bye.

Mr. Bially.

Please deposit ¢25 for overtime.

Great Big Ed.

You know why they call him that?

'Cause his ideas are big.

Someday, he's gonna get
a really big one about me.

It'll be his last.

Oh, you shouldn't have. really.

Make a wish.Okay.

It feels like shoes.

I need them.

Gucci. Fantastic.

Oh, 9 1/2. Well, that's alright.

I can exchange them. No problem.

Come on, sweetheart.

You got work to do.

"Happy birthday to you from us.

Is there something very special

that you'd like
your day to bring?

Well, here's a wish
right from the heart

for just that very thing.
Happiness always."

Oh, that's great. Really.

I hope I have it.




Happy birthday, sucka.

A real live birthday card.

Shit. Which one of your jokers
is responsible for this?

That's great.

Bob? Kim?

That's too, too much.

Everybody out.

That's it. That's pretty good.

Hey, who hired you, huh?

Never mind that.

Stay put, big shot.

Hey, uh, I think you're carrying
this gag a little too far.

Sure. It's gonna be
a lot of laughs.

Try this on for size.

Jesus Christ.

What do you want from me?

Not much from you,
you dirty rat.

In fact, nothing at all.

Who are you?



You remember.

You're somebody.

Wait. You're making
a big mistake.

I could do a lot for you.

But not for long, Mister.

You've got nice pipes, pal.

Drop by the club sometime.

Maybe I can do something
for you.

God, these people around here
have all got brain damage.

You brought us down here.

Oh, well, it's good to go
shopping here,

at his favorite hangout, huh?

Hey, this is cute.

Oh, Marilyn, you don't need
another t-shirt.

You've got enough
for three baseball teams.

Just 'cause you invest all
your money in gold and silver

doesn't mean that I have
to dress like an orphan.

Okay, suit yourself.


Look at these photos.

There are wild.

They're by the same guy that
wants me for this modeling job.

What job?

His secretary called me
at the skate shop,

and said that they
wanted a model

that looked like Marilyn Monroe.

Ah. When?

Tonight. Mm-hmm.

Well, you're not going alone.

Good guess, honey.
You've got a car, and I don't.

Marilyn, you're one of a kind.

You said you're my best friend.

Alright, I'll go with you.
We'll check it out.

There's a lot of phony
photographers, you know?

Sounds quite legit,
if you ask me.

You're so naive.


I wonder what the prize is
for these things.

I think we got
ourselves a real whacko, here.

Captain, listen to me.
Binford is not crazy.

He's a victim of a society.

Believe me. Oh, that's beautiful.

The man runs around in a Dracula
and a mummy outfit

killing people, but he's okay.
Oh, geez.

Captain Gallagher, most of
his stuff's been moved out.

But we found these pictures
and this.

May I see those, please? What for?

It's police business

All film-related, yes?


Anne, why don't you bag these?
I'll take a look at them later.

Yeah, okay.Alright. Let's wrap it up, here.

Why do you think he covered up
the street sign with this?

99 River Street,

You can damn well be sure it has
something to do with the movies.

Alright, now, look at this.

Why do you suppose Binford
changed his name to Jarrett?

Here. Yeah, this is it.

Blow-up Photo Studio.

Hey, look at that funny old car.

These must be props.

"C. Jarrett." Is this the place?

"To enter, press asterisk,
pull open door."


What a layout.

Maybe this guy's legit
after all.

Of course he is.

All these high-fashion
photographers sleep all day.

They work all night.
Do I look alright?

Yeah. You look great.
I'll pick you up later.

Do you have to go now?
Can't you stay a minute?

You'll be alright.

Thanks for the lift.Bye.

Bye. Good luck.

I'll need it.

Jerry my shift has
been over for hours.

Can't we stop for a while?

Every cop in the city is looking
for Binford's Packard.

No way. I'm not gonna let
Gallagher beat us.

How do you do?

So good of you to come
on such short notice,

Miss Marina.

I did some research
at the academy.

You know what I found out?

"Cody Jarrett" was Cagney's
name in "White Heat."

My name is Marilyn O'Connor.

And who are you?

I am the regent of Carpathia,
prince of Hungary.


Why no cause for alarm, my dear.

For tonight, we shall recreate
"The Prince and the Showgirl."

You know, Gallagher and I
found out something, too.

Stella Binford was Eric's
mother, not his aunt.

It seems that she got knocked up

back when a scandal like that
could ruin her dance career.

You know, she never
told Eric the truth.


Binford never had a chance.
Poor little weasel.

Most amusing.

The time... 1911.

This city... London.

We are destined to meet.

You are the beautiful
American showgirl,

and I...

am but a lonely prince.

At first, I resist you.

But fate takes a hand.

But I know who you really are.

Why is there
so much traffic tonight?

743, all units,
unconfirmed sighting

of a 1934 Packard.

Proceed to 190 Warton Drive.

- That's right around here.
- I know a shortcut.

Eric Binford, where are you?

Who is that?

Wake up.

It's over.

Jerry, what the hell
do you think you're doing?

Drop it.


Stop right now.

You're Eric Binford.

We can help you, Eric.


Binford, you're out
of your fucking mind!

Who the hell is Eric Binford?

Come on. You and
your Goddamn therapy?

Get me to the car.

Okay. Get up. Lean on me.

Oh, my leg.

Are you gonna be alright?

Yes. Yes. Fine.

Why do you think they're
on Hollywood Boulevard?

Because his whole life
is a movie.

There he is.

Binford, hold it!

Gallagher is gonna be here
in three minutes.

He's ordered us to wait.

Jesus Christ, Anne,
why didn't you give me a chance

to get ahold of him first?

God damn it!


Eric Binford,
let me talk with you.

I don't need to talk to you.

Please let her go.

Forget it. She's mine.

Eric, trust me. I'm a friend.

I know all about you now.

You don't know nothing, see?

You're nothing
but a stinking copper.

I own this place.

And nobody...
Nobody takes Cody alive.

No. No. No.

You don't need this anymore.

Run, lady! Run!

Where is he? Inside.

Everybody in position?

Fine. Now, listen to me.

Nobody fires
unless he fires first.

You understand?

You finally got the slimy
bastard cornered, right?

Captain, listen.
No matter what he is,

try and remember he's only
a sick kid who needs help.

That's what I'm here for...
To help him.

You can't kill Binford
in cold blood.

We're not gonna do that.
But if he fires on anyone,

you'll be the first
to feel his pulse.

He's there.

Get them back!

Eric! Give yourself up!

get the hell out of there!

Get out of there!

This is it.

This is Hollywood.

Look at those ants down there!

You little!

You don't know your own minds!

You can't touch me.

Not now.

What are you doing?
Didn't you hear what...?

They don't even know
how to shoot.

You can't take
Cody Jarrett alive.

Don't you know that?

You can't take Cody alive.

Please, come with me.

There's still something more
I got to do.

Here's to us.

Top of the world.

We was gonna be together,

Just take these.

This is my story.

This is Arthur Cody Jarrett,
and this is my story.


You can't keep them waiting.

Nobody waits for me.

Exactly where the hell
is he now?

There he is.

Eric, there's still time!

He points that weapon this way,
you hit him.

You understand? You hear me?

He points that thing, hit him.

Gallagher... Shut up!

Give me a chance.

I'm ready now, Ma.

I'm Cody Jarrett, remember?

I'm the duke.

The man of 1,000 faces.

The prince of darkness.

I'm the thin man.

I'm Little Caesar.

I'm the man

I made it, Ma!

I finally made it, Ma.

Top of the world!

Top of the world.