Faces in the Dark (1960) - full transcript

Businessman and inventor Richard Hammond is determined to develop and market the perfect light-bulb. In a freak lab accident he is blinded and suffers a partial breakdown. His wife, partner...

Subtitles by Nostromo

-Good morning Mrs Hammond
-Good morning

-Good morning Mrs Hammond

And tell the Board they maybe great(?)
but not God Almighty even in this industry

Doing them good to find out

Christiane,wait inside,will you
I'll see you in a minute

Mr Hammond have you followed
the resources you need,men,machines

and money

I know what's needed and
it's not your help,thank you

You don't seem to realize that
the big organization like us..

I don't give a damn how big you are

I don't care if you offered me
directorship and 10000 shares

I'm going to develop the Apollo globe
and market it and I'll do it on my own

If it ever fails it was a good invention

Don't think any more meetings
will be necessary gentlemen

Mr Merton will show you out

You're making a big mistake,Richard

At least that's what I think

You've thought of anything
David,it's the first time

Richard I want to talk to you

I'm sorry I didn't get home last
night I was held up I'm very busy

I didn't want to come here but it seems
the only place where I can talk to you

Now if you're angry


We'd set it up the Apollo
tests,Sir,you ordered but


But as I told you the waver(?)
density hasn't been checked

I'll be over right away

I must insist there I can't
take responsibility

Look I'm wanted in the lab

I suggest we have lunch in half an hour

-Miss Hopkins
-Richard this is important

I want to settle it now

What is so important?

Yes Sir?

Have these copied and sent
out this afternoon

The enclosures are in the file

-Yes Sir

-OK I'm sorry darling


Oh David entertain Christiane will you

I should be in the laboratory
for the next half hour

See you at lunch

-Drink Christiane?
-No thank you

If he goes ahead with the Apollo on his own

He'll break the firm and we'll suffer

Not only him

I've tried to make him see sense

But of course I'm only his
partner he doesn't listen to me

We have a lot in common

Anything wrong?

You tell Richard that I'm
not staying for lunch


-Things worse than usual?
-I've had enough

I'm going to leave him

You mean it this time?

Yes,I made up my mind

And if I were you I do the
same before it's too late


His vision is completely
destroyed Mrs Hammond

Is there anything else
I should know about?

Severe concussion with no
apparent damage to the brain

Only time will tell

You must keep him calm no excitement


Richard,can you hear me?

Stay with me

I feel better when you're here

Of course I'll stay

They say I'm



Feel so tired Christiane

You must rest for a long time

No it's a fight

I have always fought

I shall fight now

Two dots above

One bottom left MEN men

Even men

One dot above two underneath

like a small L

It's not an L

Now what word would that make?

Passed the place,damned


Oh,you've broken the vase

Who put it on my desk?

I did

I thought you'd like some
flowers in the room

You might have told me

I'm sorry

I must know exactly what
ever it is in this room

I count on that

What's that noise?

I'm picking up the broken glass

A little to your left,darling

I got a lighter here

You do that very well now

I've got a check for
you to sign for Harrods


The car here yet?

I told Clem to have the car
here by 11 it must be that by now

It's five minutes to that's
what you wanted for

-I'm going to the factory

You're not strong enough to go yet

I must find out what's going on

Six months wasted in hospital

Time the Apollo bulb was on the market

Dr Palmer says you must take it easy

Well I promised to go down
to Cornwall for a month haven't I?

-Yes a month maybe more

I'm perfectly fit

I'll be back at work with
the beginning of September

Come in

-Car is here,Sir
-Right with you Clem

Richard please don't go

Now look,Chris let's get this
straight once and for all

I am NOT helpless I'm not the type to

settle down at basket weaving
thank you very much

All I'm saying is that in your condition

It would help if you didn't go on all
the time about my condition

I'm not a complete wreck

You're not holding anything
back from are you?

Are you?

You're so much harder on
yourself than anybody else

I want to know if there's
anything Dr. Palmer told you

That I don't know

No,certainly not is just that you
need more rest that's all

And I don't think that you
ought to go to the factory

It's no good arguing
with me Chris I have to go

Very well

That's here Sir

Wait here,Clem

Keep trying I want speak
to him most urgently


What are you doing here?

I could ask you the same
question couldn't I?

I only meant I didn't expect to see you

I'm not dead you know I'm coming back

Of course you are

I'm sure you haven’t been
idle all this time David

I know my own desk thank you

What's the position with the Apollo bulb?

The Apollo? We're working on it


What's the maximum glass temperature?

-It's in the file

Let's have it

-I'll get Miss Hopkins
-I can do it

-Miss Hopkins

Bring in the Apollo file please

What are you nervous about?


Are you rarely determined
to go ahead with the Apollo?

You're damned right I am

I don't tend to spend six more months

going over ifs and buts and maybes

It's not fair to suggest that
I've done nothing your absence

Oh Mr Hammond

It's all right Miss Hopkins

It's so good just to see you here again,Sir

-Thank you
-That'll be all Miss Hopkins

No Miss Hopkins you can tell foreman

I'll be down to check on
the lab before I go

-It's all right

It's not going to go off
my face a second time

Yes Sir

Richard listen to me

We haven't the equipment or the finance

to manufacture and
promote this bulb properly

-We are too small
-You're too small you mean?

-Not me
-We simply can't

afford it the banks on my knickers

I don't give a damn about the
banks I know what I'm doing

Good heavens man we've got
a bulb brighter than fluorescent

double the light of anything on the market

And we can we retail it at the same price

-But the groups..
-We'll launching a huge campaign

Take time on TV thousands of posters

The works

I'll tell you we'd be
cutting our own throats

I'll tell you to shut up because
you don't understand

You're a coward David a coward

Richard what is that?

-Can I help?
-I don't know

-Got some pills in
-You want some water?-No thanks

You see Dr Palmer was right

You've got to take it easy

Nonsense just a dizzy
spell I'll be all right

I'm glad you're going to have
that month in Cornwall anyway

For go and rest somewhere it
might as well be in my own place

Know every inch of it

-Then your call from Dr Palmer is through

Cancel it,please

-But Mr Merton you said
-I said cancel it

Dr Palmer?

Yes,purely personal matter I
I haven't been feeling too well lately

-Nothing serious
-I see

Let's get down to the lab

You can start seeing the
publicity people tomorrow

Report to me in Cornwall over the weekend

If Dr Palmer thinks you're fit enough

How are the mighty fallen ?


You might have come to see me in hospital


Did you really want me
to visit you in hospital?

No I didn't

Wish you didn't see me now

Like this

Those glasses suit you

You look like a president
traveling incognito

Max,tell me the truth

Am I badly scarred?

Of course not

As a matter of fact you
look better than I feel

Yeah I'm sure you didn't come here

just to check on my appearance

No I came to borrow money as usual

-are you surprised
-There's a little blonde in Brighton

-who's costing me
-subsidized another affair of yours

-Is that it?
-Why not?

Is not that what an elder brother is for?

Don't you have a job now playing
piano in some night club,brother

I have but regular hours bore me

-Can't you stick at anything?
-Yes whiskey and women

Damned you made me feel better anyway

How much do you want this time?

Can wait until I visit you in Cornwall

Oh Christiane you are going
to invite me down aren't you?

Of course you must come down,Max

We're very pleased to see you

They are ready to leave darling

It'll be nice to stay at white house again

You know this painting is
one of David's better efforts

Nonsense trees are all wrong

You've got to allow him
some artistic license

You flying down as usual?

I don't see any reason
for giving up the plane

because I can't fly myself

Clem is a first-rate pilot

How is he behaving?

Clem's alright he learned his lesson

when he was kicked out of the Air Force

Come in

The car is ready,Madam

-We'll be right out Janet
-Janet -Sir?

If you any messages to give give them to me

I'm only blind not deaf and dumb

Yes Sir

Don't be hard on her Richard
she's quite pretty

She doesn't know her place

Perhaps I could show it to her

Really Max

I don't see why you had to get
rid of Mary while I was in hospital

She was getting too old

She'd been with us for years

It was up to me to decide if she had to go

-Come to the airfield with us,Max
-Sorry old boy

I've got a date

-You're gonna get bored in Cornwall
-I don't know

Perhaps not

What's the delay Clem why don't we start?

Just waiting for the light
from the control center

-What's the weather?
-Not bad

Clem wouldn't fly if there was any risk

Better have one of those pills now,darling

-I don't want any pills

All right

All set

Should be over the church now

following the line of the canal

Your memory is very good

My memory can still see

Almost all I've got now ,almost


Richard,darling,Richard wake up we're here

You've been speaking
like a baby all the way

There's none of you

really happy except when I'm asleep

Damned,forgot there were three steps

Hey,let me do that

Nothing's changed darling
everything is exactly as it used to be



This line is dead

I know darling I had it disconnected

I was just gonna call the factory

That's why I had it
disconnected I didn't ant..

Will you get on to the post office
and have it connected up again

At once

Very well

Where's my chair?

Just where it always

A little to your right

You see

You won't have any difficulty
finding your way round

It's good to be back

Silly about that step wasn't it?


Darling what on earth are you doing?

I'm putting the plug for my razor

You're looking on the
wrong side of the basin

Here let me do it

Here you are

I could have sworn it was the other side

Darling,why on earth do
you where a plug is?

It's not the plug

I can either think my I think
my memories playing me tricks

Richard please don't talk like that

After all you never even slept in
this room before the accident

I came to ask

if you'd like to go for a drive

It's lovely outside

Now everybody in the village
staring at me,no thank you

Richard how often do I have to tell you

that you are not badly scared

You don't have to hide
your face behind glasses

Wish I could believe it Chris

People seem frightened of me

-That girl,Janet for instance
-You are not ugly I swear it

Maybe not to you

Look I'll be down in a minute

but I really don't feel up
to a drive thank you

That's all right darling

Oh Sally

No there's a good puss

Well well well

What have you being up to?

-Good Morning Mr Hammond
-Good Morning,Janet

You're a good puss,nice
puss aren't you Sally yeah

Remember me don't you?

What have been doing to you,Sally,
you're all skin and bone



This cat

What's it like? What color is it

-It's not black?

-No,Sir just a normal tabby
-Lost his tail hasn't it?


Get out of here,I don't want
that cat believe I am a dead

Stupid girl

Just seeing her chasing
Sally across the garden


The cat from the village shop

Sure it was Sally?

-Alright now I saw the cat

Will you please tell Mrs. Hammond what

sort of a cat you were chasing

-It was a tabby cat Madam
-Don't be absurd of course it was Sally

Sally was black and there was
certainly nothing wrong with the tail

-That'll be all Janet
-Yes Madam

Sally was run over the day before we came

I didn't want you to know so when I

saw the other cat I
-Lied to spare my feelings

Rather strong way of expressing it

Let's say you distorted the truth a little

As one does with people who are gravely ill

Only I'm not gravely ill and
I don't need to be humored


I hoped I wouldn't have to tell you this

but you must understand why I don't want

you to hurry back to work

After the explosion we were
terribly worried

more than you know

for a while the doctors thought

Well they were afraid you might be

affected mentally

Just what did they decide

You're not thank God

At least Dr Palmer thinks that given care


He said that I should never contradict you

Everything around you was to be

exactly as you expected it to be

Exactly as it had been before

Pour me a scotch will you?

Not too much water

It's a pity you didn't warn Janet

She could have told me
that cat was black and I'd

have swallowed any explanation
about a missing tail


You've got to try and
understand what it's like for me

My world has changed it's black
it's a world voices and smells

I don't want to be made a fool of,Chris

I didn't mean to do that

I need your eyes

You see what frightens me is
there's no longer any difference

between true and false

Almost I thought that cat
was Sally it was Sally

if I can't be sure of you
it's the end of everything

You've got to promise
never to lie to me again

Even to please me

I promise

Here we are,the roses let
me see if I can remember

Red ones in the middle

white at the end

Red ones on the archway

Now which shall I have?

A red one

-Oh,Good morning,Mr Hammond
-Not bad eh,Clem

Blind man who can pick a red rose

But white,Sir

Rubbish roses on the archway are red

It's white Sir


Could have sworn they were red

Anything that matters Mr Hammond

Certainly is,this car

Why would the garage bill
50 pounds last month?

Mrs Hammond mentioned it this morning

Car's hardly been running

But it cant have been

- as much as that
-But it was

Never had a bill as big as that
when I could see what was going on

Are you calling me a thief Mr Hammond?

Nobody is calling you anything yet ,Clem

Just think you ought to watch your step

Now look Mr Hammond I'm not a complete fool

We both know what would happen to me

if I got into trouble with the police again

I'm warning you that's all

I may be blind but I still want to know

everything that's going on around here

Maybe there others you should warn first

That's enough in future I want to know

everything that's done to the
car and the plane,understand?

-I'll see that you know,Sir

Richard darling it's Max


He must have shortened his
engagements at the club

Or they cut it sort more likely

Well,you don't look

-very pleased to see me
-Of course I am

Just surprised that's all

Well I thought

by now you'd both be bored to death of

the simple life

-So here I am
-Broken and unemployed I expect?

As usual

The old place hasn't changed a bit

Oh I better hurry if I'm going
to meet David at the station

David? Coming today is he?

What fun

See Max to his room,darling

I'll ask Janet to set
another place for dinner


Thank you

Are we afford(?) to doing some painting
while I arrived here,Christiane?

Still life David

Or from the figure?

Thank you Janet

I wonder if she's as good in the
pantry as she is in the kitchen

Can't you ever think of anything but sex?

Can you?

You'd better keep away from Janet,Max

Are you afraid she might
not fall for my fatal charm?

I don't want to lose a good maid

just to satisfy your vanity

Besides Clem has already got his eye on her


Now there would be an interesting item

Jilted chauffeur assaults maid jaded lover

David,I thought you came down here to
discuss some business with Richard

I did but we can leave it till the morning

Oh no now would be fine

-I got all the papers next door

Feels like we're in for a
storm I'm sweating like a pig

Nonsense there's no warmer than usual

Got my briefcase over here

First of all I've got the
orders for the new

equipment for your to sign

Here they are

Have you got a pen?

I've got my own pen

In sign here


What darling?

I could have swear I smelled

-Where do I sign?

The agents say they were quite pleased with

the slogan I suggested for Apollo

"Invite the sun into your home"

What's the matter with it?

Max is right,dull as ditch water

Perhaps Max can suggest something better

He's always full of ideas

What about "there shall be no
other lights before me"

There was darkness on the face of the deep

and Hammond said "let there be light"

and there was light

and Hammond saw the light and it was good

That's enough Max

Actually I'm all for you in
this fight,Richard

I'd like nothing better than
to see you kick hell

out of your competitors

Is there anything I can do to help ?

Well if we ever need a pianist
at the works I've no doubt

Richard we'll get in touch with you

I don't know I could always knock you out

a good TV commercial

How about this

Max,I think you might leave so they can get

that business settled

Well if you must get rid of me

I think I'll run down to the village
and see what's happening

I already know what's happening here

-Good night all
-Good night max

A bit tight every night running after every

little tramp he meets is
he never going grow up?

Why shouldn't he enjoy himself
while he got the chance

He won't have the chance much
longer if it goes on the way he is

You know what the doctor said

about his heart

The way you talk you think we all
have one foot in the grave

What if you don't follow the doctors order

No,Christiane bad for Richard he's tired

Wide awake actually we have
not done the brass touch yet

All right I'll leave you to it

-Good night darling
-Good night-Don't stay up too late

-I won't
-Good night,David

Good night

Let's go outside David

-It'll be cooler
-All right

Never known it so warm down here

All right now then

I want a full weekly

report on Apollo all details you understand

Difficult I hardly expected you

would let me get on with her by myself

Let's not go on about that
again not tonight please

The smell again wish I could place it

Yeah I can place that all right

Why do you have to suck
those revolting things?

Look here Richard I'm not a child

I'm not your employee I'm your partner

All right all right let's get on with it

what else you've got to tell me

I want to ask you for the last time

And it is the last time I promise you

to give up the Apollo

You're really frightened aren't you David ?

Very well I'll make you a promise

I'll give you full responsibility
for all decisions

at the factory from
now on in everything

Except the Apollo

Damn it there's lots of things
you can do better than me

Routine or established things

Thank you

There's a letter here and
I haven't told you about

More threats?

Just listen to it will you and
then make up your mind

Pines, it's pine trees

That's what I can smell,
pine trees,I'm certain of it

Can't you smell them David?

I'm not sure

You must be able to smell them too

-It's hardly important
-Well of course it is

You know as well as I do there aren't

any pine trees around here not for miles

Well then I can't be pines can it?

Must be just something
else for the similar smell

Now you mention it I believe
I can smell something

Don't try and humor me,David

I'm mistaken that's all there is to it

What did Dr Palmer say to
you that day in the office?

You were supposed to watch
me for signs of insanity?

It was a purely personal matter

I told you that

I didn't believe did I?

Look are you ready to listen to this letter

Take your idiotic letters to the lawyer

What the devil you think
we pay him for anyway

Tell him to threaten back

And for my decision

I've made it can't you get it in
your thick skull?

I've made up my mind I know

what I'm doing

Very well

Good Night

You can tell Dr Palmer for
me he's a bloody fool

There is nothing that matter with me

Who's there?

Just going to bed,Mr Hammond,Good night,Sir

Clem has he been told to watch me too

Perhaps the doctors were right

Maybe my mind has been affected

How else could I have
smelled so distinctively

something that wasn't there

My throat's parched

Our peaches should be out

Tree just here near the bottom of the steps

It can't have vanished
I planted it there myself

With my hands can they be mistaken too?

It was there I know it

Oh God,don't let me go mad

Please don't let me go mad

Good morning Mr. Hammond

Well have you come to join me?

I've already eaten

Don't talk to me about food it's
black coffee for me this morning

I think they must mix the local brew
with strontium-90

You don't look too good yourself

I didn't sleep too well

What is it?


Max,do you think my brain could have

been damaged by the explosion?

Nonsense Richard

If there was anything
wrong with me mentally

if I was slowly going out of my mind

I'd want you to tell me when

and it'd be terrible not knowing

You'll be well soon get back to the factory

Your employees are probably

dreading it already

It's not as easy as

I thought it would be

-Tell me
-All sorts of things

Strange things my memory senses hearing

smelling even touching

things that are wrong that can't be wrong

Next last night I went out to the garden

-Oh God
-What is it?What's wrong?Max

Nothing,it's nothing I'm all right

-I'll go and call the others
-No,no,no it's gone now

Too many late nights I suppose

What were you going to tell me Richard?

Well forget about it,
it's you I'm worried about

You need a specialist

I'll get Christiane to call Dr Palmer

Not for me thank you very much

I wouldn't let Palmer

What's wrong with
Palmer don't you trust him?

Well yes of course

Well you know how I feel about doctors

Any doctor

They're ready to leave,
David, Richard is coming with us

-This whether I find it suffocating

A drive will do you good

-That's excellent,David
-What is?

Another painting of the house,darling

It's very good

Most unusual

I haven't finished it yet I've had
trouble with these shadows here

You underestimate your talents,David

The peach tree looks very real anyhow

Peach tree?

Yes,the tree you planted
don't you remember?

Yes,there are three peaches
on it just right for eating I should say

Purple peaches how original

Richard has always been fond of peaches


-Are you all right?
-I've got a headache

I don't think I'll come after all

But we don't have to go,darling

You go without me I'll be all right

-Are you sure?

Richard would you like me to stay with you

Damn it all I want to be alone

What the hell do I have to
do to make you understand

All right


-Who's that?

I didn't hear the car come back

-Where are the others?
-I didn't go

Not my idea of a wild outing

You mean they sent you back to watch me?

As a matter of fact I
still don't feel too well

Doesn't usually stop you from going out

Actually I wanted to
talk to you alone about

-Money I suppose

Go ahead and help
yourself the checkbooks in the desk


-How much do you want
-100 quid will see me through

Another of your so-called
actress friends no doubts

No debutante this time

She wears blue jeans
and works in a coffee bar

I'm heading up in the world

It's a pity you can't act your age

Instead of treating every girl you meet

as a challenge

Will you sign the check or
do we start with a lecture?

Hey take it go ahead and kill yourself

It's my life I'm getting rid of

-Your are on my money
-That's right

You make it I spend it

The division of labor in the Hammond family

-It's not funny Max
-No it's not funny

But it's the way you've
always wanted it isn't it?

You've never taken me seriously

Not for a moment

When I tried to join the company
you laughed in my face

What you in the business you've never

done an honest day's work in your life

Well have you ?

No maybe I haven't

Maybe I've been too busy living

Living for both of us

While you've given yourself
body and soul to the factory

You mean you've been behaving
like an irresponsible adolescent

You call that a living

And you've done your best
to keep me that way

No one has enjoyed hearing
about it more than you

I thought being blind might change
you make you a human being

Make you realize things that you

didn't before things that really matter

but you let the world make a fool of you

You make a fool of me too


Maybe I'm not so blind or so foolish

How much did you write on that check,Max?

Was it one hundred or two
or five just how much can

you make a blind man pay

No Richard there are times
when I hate your guts

-What's the matter with Max darling,
-Anything wrong,Richard?

Just Max wanting money again

He told me he hated me

What about you David

And how you feel too?

And don't be afraid to
tell me David Max wasn't

I can't hurt you you know I'm blind


How about your Christiane?

What does it feel like to be chained to
a blind man for the rest of your life?

Would be better if the explosion
killed me wouldn't it ?

-Wouldn't it?
-Stop it Richard

Going to my room



Who's there?

Who is it?

What do you want?

I know you're there

Are you after money?

But for God's sake say something

Hey puss

Come on

Come on puss I won't hurt you

You know what they say,don't you?

Only cats and blind men can see in the dark


Max are you there?

-Oh Mr. Hammond you're up early,Sir
-Clem,have you seen my brother?

Yes,Sir, I think he went out,Sir

Well, his bed hasn't not been
slept in.Where did he go?

I don't know,Sir

Come in

Good morning,darling,
I'm at the dressing table


I'm,I'm sorry about yesterday

You know I didn't mean
what I said don't you?

I understand

Just that sometimes I feel so frustrated


and the row I've been having with Max

Where is he Chris? I must talk to him


He didn't sleep in his room last night

Has he got some girl down in the village?

-Max is gone

-Gone? Where?
-Back to town

Probably because of what
I said to him, I don't believe it


You'll have to know sooner or later

But please keep calm

There was an incident last night

Clem found Max with Janet

Max and that girl?

You're not really surprised are you?

You know what Max is like

I thought there was going to be a fight

Clem wanted to call you down

But I wouldn't hear of it

I had quite a job to persuade
him not to give notice

My brother dismissed so
my chauffeur can remain

Max knew he was in the wrong

He couldn't face seeing you
so he took his things and left

He must be brought back at once

-It's no use Richard
-David can fetch him back

But darl..


I'm in here just finishing my breakfast

I want to get back to
town as soon as possible

Christiane has just been
telling me about Max


I want him brought back here

-Is that wise?
-My own brother

I wasn't even informed or consulted

One way or another we thought
it better you shouldn't know

-You thought it better
-Yes I did

You can get in touch with him as soon as

you get to town and ask
him to come back here

I have a great many things to do,Richard

-You'll do as you're told
-I'm not a messenger boy

Very well

Perhaps as a friend

You'll be kind enough to
ask Max to come back here

Please David

Since it means so much
to you I'll do what I can

I'll wire you when I contact him

Thank you

Not at all

I'd better go and pack


No it's Janet,Sir

-Mrs Hammond back from the village yet ?
-No,Sir not yet

What bell is that?

Bell Sir?

You can hear them it can't you?

Sounds like a church bell listen

No I can't hear anything,Sir

Excuse me there's a
telegram just come for you

Read it

-Now I said read it
-It's from Mr. Merton,Sir


Contacted Max

What a time took him three days to do it

Anything more

Promise visit you next week
will be, will be with you soon

Regards David

What's the matter Janet?

You afraid of my brother?

Oh no,Sir

Just what happened between you two?

Now you needn't be afraid
to tell me the truth

Oh nothing,Sir,I swear it

He was a nice man I mean he I mean

It's that bell again

-Surely you can hear it
-No,Sir,I can't hear anything

Sir,excuse me

What's the matter with
the girl,was a nice man

Anybody would think he was dead

There is a bell tolling

I'm not imagining it

Funeral bell

Funeral bell?

You're sure he suspected nothing

No,Madam, I told him
I couldn't hear the bell

-Shall I put it away?

In the wardrobe I'll get rid of it later

That'll be all,Janet

Where's Mr Hammond?

I think he's still downstairs Madam


-You can leave now Janet



Oh Richard I just seen a telegram

from David isn't it good news

I'm surprised David wasted
the money sending it

But but you told him to

I've asked you before not to lie to me

What do you mean?

Max is dead

Isn't he?

Yes,how did you know?

I found your hat felt the veil

You forgot about the bells

I heard it

Funeral bell

We meant to tell you later

but I was afraid the shock

might be too much for you

You see

How well I'm taking it no hysteria

No breakdown

Now tell me how did he die?

Tell me

There was a quarrel in
the kitchen just as I told you

In the middle of it Max
went into a fit of coughing

Far worse than anything we known before

David went down to the
village to get the doctor

He came as fast as he
could but it was too late

There was nothing we could do

Why wasn't I told?

Please forgive us Richard
we did what we thought was best

If Dr Palmer had been here
I'm sure he would have agreed

You even send someone up to
my room to make sure that I didn't get out

-Yes Clem
-I didn't imagine it

Weren't people surprised
I didn't attend the funeral?

They understood

Things we could have done

Things we should have done

I spoke to him about Palmer

Doctors he said

-Oh,why didn't I insist

No one knew how ill he really was

If it hadn't happened it
would have come the

next month or the month after darling

There's no one now but you



I'm going for a drive

Is Mrs.Hammond coming to,Sir?

I'm going alone

Any particular direction,Sir?

Turn left at the gates,towards the village

Nice day,Sir


Drive me to the cemetery,Clem

I'm going to visit my brother's grave

Step up here,Sir

Straight in front of you

They put up a temporary cross

I didn't touch him that night,Sir

I didn't know about his heart

You didn't kill him,Clem,
he's been killing himself for years

Fetch me some flowers

But the grave is covered
with them already,Sir

Fetch some flowers I said have
you been ordered not to leave me?

No,Sir but I can

Get some at once

Very good,Sir

23rd February

Max was born in April!

Can't be wrong equals level five letters

This is got ??

This is my birthday


My name

The flowers,Sir




Where's Mrs. Hammond?

In her room,Sir

I think she's dressing for dinner

I think she..


What's the matter
darling you don't look well?

You don't expect a dead
man to look well,do you?

What do you mean?

I've just been to the cemetery

You forgot I could read with these

Max is buried there isn't he?

But it's my name on the cross

What does it feel like to
be a widow a rich widow

All those papers I signed all those checks

Everything made out to you isn't it?

You and David even Max he must have known

He died too soon to get his share

Let me go

I think you've both been very clever

You've taken everything from me

including my life but I'm not dead

You'll have to adjust that won't you?

It shouldn't be too difficult now

There'll be no questions no one to know

But what are you waiting
for why don't kill me

You fool I'll tell you why we did it

To save you're living out the

rest of your life in a mental home

It's not true I don't believe it

Dr Palmer should have told
you what he told me

then you'd believe me

They wanted to put you away

They said you might become
dangerous but I wouldn't let them

I love you far too much to let you spend

the rest of your life in
one of those places

Max knew what I was doing

and he agreed with me

I want to take care of you myself

Nobody can be feared that's what I want

For your sake

Of course we had to take the business over

but that would have come
to me anyhow as soon as

You were incapable

In the meantime I must have money
to look after you to keep you what needed

Oh if you only knew what
agonies I've been through

I don't think I could

have gone on much longer
keeping it from you

Everything was so clear a minute ago

Nothing matters anymore

All I ask is that you trust me

If only I could

Tell me you too


Tell me that you trust me

I trust you


Dinner's ready darling

I've got a surprise for you

David's here

He just arrived will you
come down right away?


They must kill me now because I know

If they let me escape I could tell

someone about the grave

How will it come

Sudden blow from behind


Something more subtle poison


I found a new burgundy
at Fotherskill the other day

I brought some for you to try

I think you'll find it's got a flavor

on its own

Taste it Richard

I've lost my taste for wine

Strange thing but color
makes all the difference to taste

When you can't see a thing

I'll serve the hors d'ouevre

What's the matter where's Janet?

I gave her the night off

She's gone to the cinema with Clem I think

Clem too?

Really darling I think we can
do without them for one night

Yes of course

You know this is really delicious,Richard

You don't know what you are missing

I'll give you some mayonnaise
I made it exactly the way you like it

There's plenty of mustard

-Not for me thank you

-What's the matter?

Why aren't you eating?

I intend to I just don't
like mayonnaise that's all

I think there's too much
mustard even for me

I have mine without
mayonnaise,thank you

I'm sorry darling I get you another plate

-I'll get it
-But Richard

Don't fuss ,Christiane,
I like doing things myself

Anything that matters Richard?

We were getting quite worried about you

Thought I heard someone outside

You're imagining things old man

Of course I am

Dr Palmer told you to
expect that didn't he?

One of the symptoms of my illness

No need to get excited,Richard

Doctors aren't infallible
they may have made a mistake

Perhaps they're not the only ones,David

What do you mean by that?

David,David you must listen to reason


All right,Richard,we
mustn't keep Christiane waiting


You forgot that plate

I'm worried about you Richard

You haven't eaten a thing

Just like a woman

Why did you eat too little
why did you eat too much

I wish I had someone to worry about me

Here's your coffee

-Anything that matters?

Just thinking that a man in my position


I'm sorry what did you say?

Like ???


I'm glad I've been thinking

it all over and it's a relief to me you

and David feel the great weights been

lifted off my back

Yes I'll do it

Both so,so capable

Just learning to appreciate how

I should be grateful to be alive
the explosion could easily have killed me

and what what does money matter to me

As long as I'm taken care of

Christiane,it hasn't been easy for you

I don't think that I don't know

Or appreciate

You need a rest

I was thinking perhaps you'd
leave me with a nurse for a while

to get away and see your family perhaps

Do you good

What do you say?

I wouldn't dream of leaving you

Of course she wouldn't Richard

Tell me,David

You're gonna settle with the group

I take it you will

The end of Apollo

Last ambition

Better drink the coffee
Richard,before it gets too cold

Coffee? Of course

The group won't suppress the Apollo,Richard

They'll go ahead
with the manufacturer

And we'll get a share of the
profit,that's what you want isn't it?

Richard ! Never mind darling
I'll get you another cup

Don't bother I don't want any

Call if you want anything,Richard

I must get out of here get to the village

Tell people I'm alive

I'll be safe


I should have reached the
village can't be the wrong road

Can't be

Help me help me someone

Bon Jour Monsieur,
comment vous sante?

What's happening where am I?

Vous ete Anglais? Il est Anglais

Why are you speaking French?

Bonjour Monsieur

-Comment Va t il?
-Il est Anglais,Docteur

Il est aveugle(blind)

Good Morning,Sir,how do you do

Doctor,I must talk to you

My name is Richard Hammond

There's been a plot to murder me

Excusez moi je Ne comprends

Why are you all speaking French?

Where am I?

Where am I?

Where? Hopital a Francheville


-In France?

en France

Welcome to France

-How did I?
-ll faut Que vous mangez


No,no,telephone,I must telephone the police


-Sans doutes a ces amies
-Bien sur

Votre femme a deja advertis

She telephoned me your wife

No,no not my wife not my wife

Elle ma explique de la suite de la
accident vouz ete aveugle et vous rester aci

Il est fou

Fou? Mad? No I'm not mad

You mustn't believe that

I'm not mad,I'm not mad

Your wife comes cest apres midi

This afternoon


Si no vous Ne pas quitte la hopital

Laisson tranquille

-Je Le examine plus tard


Hopital Saint Therese

Bonjour Madame Blanchard,no,
Le docteur est Ne pas ici aujurdhui

Demain a trois heures vendra


-Telephone ,please

-Un moment,Monsieur
-Telephone ,please

Mais Monsieur quest Que vous faites?

Telephone give me that phone

Help me,help me does
anybody here speak English

-Quest qui passe?
-Il est fou,il est peu detraquer

Let me go,you idiots

I've got something important to say

Ces Anglais un peu fou

No,no,no don't you understand
they'll kill me

Get somebody who can understand

The police now listen to me listen to me

We listen,Monsieur tell me more

My wife and partner pretended I was mad

Clem and Janet believed
it even my own brother

thought they were trying to help that's

why they let them bring me to France to

keep me out of an asylum

You know what that really brought me here

so I'd be cut off from everyone at home

so that I could disappear when they

wanted me to,no one would know so they

could take everything I possessed

You understand don't you?

Oui Monsieur


Don't send me to sleep,not yet

There's more to explain

I never suspected it

You see they found a house here in France

And made me believe it was
my own house in Cornwall

They had plenty of time after the accident

To alter it and make it
similar,even the garden

It's not difficult to fool a blind man

Max's death gave them the
chance to get rid of me altogether

You must tell the police

Get hold of Clem,he'll help me
when he knows the truth

Thank you, thank you for listening

I can sleep now

I'm so relieved,so grateful very grateful

Does he speak English?

No but I told the doctor

what the terrible damage after
the explosion affected his mind

You'll be careful

Darling they've come to take you home

Everything will be all right now

You really had us worried,Richard

I'm sure I did

Must have been very nerve-racking for you

Make certain I don't
escape again won't you?

I think we ought to go,Christiane

Nous allons partir a toute de suite,Docteur

-Enleve a la voiture

You can sit with me in the back,darling

-A la derriere


-Is Clem here?
-No,David is driving

Clem's run out has he?


I'll sit in the front with David

-Au revoir Docteur
-Au revoir Monsieur

Au revoir Docteur

With madame get better soon get better

Listen to me both of you

You don't have to kill me

I promise to keep my mouth shut

I won't cause any trouble

-Shut up
-Not so fast David

You are frightened,aren't you David?

It's not gonna be easy is it?

Look I'm legally dead already

What if I give you my word I've
never gone back on my word,have I David?

For God's sake shut up

Christiane,you should be satisfied

You've got your revenge haven't you?

Got the man you think you're in love with

You got my money and the factory

-Isn't that enough?
-Be careful David

Answer me can't you?

Say something

Say something do you

All right to hell with you both

Where are you?

To the left

Richard I can't reach




Subtitles Nostromo