Faces in the Crowd (2011) - full transcript

The elementary school teacher Anna Marchant lives with her boyfriend Bryce in a nice apartment and every now and then she meets her best friends Francine and Nina to drink and talk. When Anna is crossing a bridge to meet Bryce, she sees an infamous serial-killer killing a woman. Anna runs but she is attacked by the killer and she falls off the bridge and hits her head. Anna stays in coma for a week and when she awakes, she learns that she has brain damage followed by Prosopagnosia, a disorder of face perception where the ability to recognize faces is impaired, while the ability to recognize other objects may be relatively intact. The police detective Sam Kerrest unsuccessfully tries to force Anna to remember the face of the serial-killer. Now the serial-killer knows that Anna has seen his face, but she is incapable of even recognizing Bryce and her close friends.

[soft music]

[alarm clock beeping]

[beeping continues]

[beeping stops]


Have we met somewhere before?
M m-hm, I don't think so.

M m.


Very late, Anna. You put
the alarm back again.

[shower running]

Stautenmeyer is calling into
the office this morning.

We're gonna talk to them
about making me partner.

Wow. That's amazing.

Yeah, you're gonna have to work on
being a little more corporate.

Yeah, work on this.
Jesus! Not funny.

Ha ha.

I n other news, the serial killer
now known as Tearjerk Jack...

continues to spread terror
across the East Side.

Police have verified the discovery
of a fifth victim...

in the early hours this morning.

We will continue to follow the
story for you as develop--

Shouldn't you be handing out gold
stars instead of earning yellow

ribbons on FarmVille?

I was just checking pre-delays
in the subway.

What do you think?

I like it a little rough
, but I guess...

[German accent] M r. Stautenmeyer
likes his men a little different.

No, he does like it smooth.

[woman over P.A.] Next stop.

"A chance encounter with a
mysterious stranger...

could be a bridge to new
exciting opportunities."

Wow, that looks like modern art.

It's a little Picasso we've
got going over here.

(Anna) Whoa.
Oh, no. It's so not a big deal.

Why don't we get a sponge from over
there and clean it up, okay?

All right.

[children's muffled laughter]

Okay, got it.
[laughing] Woo! Woo!

I got you.

Oh, no, you got me.
Oh, no, you got me.

Hello. I am here to pick up--
Robert. He's in the sandpit.

Oh, you're good. I don't know
how you tell them apart.

[cell phone rings]

(woman) Hi, Supernanny. Any hunklicious
divorcée to report...

or are you too busy potty-training
their offspring?

You're so bad. I'm still
on the clock, you know.

So, are you coming today?

Yeah, it's Tuesday, right?
You bet your ass I am.

No, I'd rather drink the calories.
M m, six-and-a-half.

Not too bad. I would say seven.

Look left to the bar. Quick.

Ten out of ten. Not too shabby.
Not too shabby at all.

I wouldn't kick him out of
bed for eating crackers.

Or anything else.
Does that matter?

Okay. So, I wanna know how was
Justin Timberlake last week?

Hm. Had a few drinks.
Went back to his--

Need I elaborate?

I had more fun with
a broken vibrator.

Does it ever get tiring
, being a slut?

I'll tell you one thing
you never get tired of.

That moment when you wake
up and for a second...

you have no idea where you are or who
the hell the guy is next to you.

I live for that stuff.

I guess it complicates things
a little bit less, right?

I mean, sometimes with Bryce--

No, enough with Bryce.

If you're done with him
, just hand him over.

Come on, girls. Big smiles.
Just think in three months...

we will be sipping those dirty
martinis on Laguna Beach.

Hey, guys, I was-- I wanted
to tell you, but, um...

I don't think I'm gonna be
able to make it this year.

It's sacred.

It's a ritual.

I know. It's just Bryce wants
to take us to Vegas...

to celebrate our first
year and stuff.

He's so gonna pop the question.

Okay, listen, we just
moved in together.

And what are you waiting
for? Get dumped for some

skanky-ass cheerleader?

If he pulls out a ring, you
should snatch it, girl.

Thank you.

You know, once you've squeezed
out a couple of rug-rats...

you'll fix up some money pit and
slide contentedly into senility.

Francine, for a second there...
I forgot why you're still single.

[whispering] Oh, my
God, you guys.

Mister "Ten-Out-of-Ten" over there
is totally checking me out.

Oh, well, no sense in letting
him go to waste.

Another drink.

Yeah, I know, it's cool. I
mean, he's not hot at all.

I mean, he's certainly
not my type.

Excuse me, between my
nose and my rack...

which do you think I should
get done first?

Major alcoholic. She's got
problems. Come on.

I'm sorry. Wilcox and
Third, please.

Get in. I'll drive you home.

It's okay. Unlike some people
I know, I can walk.

(taxi driver) Are you
getting in or what?

Hey, ma'am, look out!

Hey, check it out.

[man and woman moaning]

[woman laughing]
[woman's sharp groan]

[man sobbing]
[loud sobbing]

[cell phone rings]


[shouting] No!


(Bryce) Anna? Anna!

(Nina) Will she be okay?

(Bryce) Somebody tell me. They ran
all the tests again this morning.

[mixed voices]

(Francine) Look, she's waking up.

Anna, can you hear me?

- Hey, chica, we're here.
- Are you okay?

Who are you?
Anna, it's me. It's Bryce.

[groans] Oh, my head.
You're fine.

My head hurts.

Nothing is broken. You are
a blue-eyed miracle, kid.

Don't. Don't touch me.

Who are you?
It's us, chica.

Hey, don't you recognize us?

Anna? You've been unconscious
for over a week.

Doctor. He's not Bryce.
It's okay, Anna. Calm down.

I's not him. It's not
Bryce. I know Bryce.

Anna, you just need to relax.
You need some rest.

You got a nasty bump on your head.
It's all right, Anna.

Please, l-l don't need that.

Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!

Anna! Anna, wait.
She's confused.

[muffled] Do you think she's okay?

It's okay.

(Bryce) Anna, sweetheart.
(doctor) Open the door.

Anna, it's me.
Okay. Okay.

Sh, sh.

[muffled sob]

Take a close look at this, please.

And this one?
Is that the same face you see?

Both photos are of the same man.

What you are experiencing are
symptoms of prosopagnosia.

Sorry, proso-what?
Prosopagnosia or face blindness.

It-it's an impairment in
face perception...

caused by a lesion on
the temporal lobe.

It's this part of the brain that
allows us in a nanosecond...

to compare someone's face with all
of the faces stored in our memory.

You wanna dumb it down
a little bit, Doc?

Every time you look at
someone's face...

it's as if you've never seen them
before. Even someone close to you.

Even your own reflection.

However, confirmed cases of
prosopagnosia are extremely rare.

Anna is probably suffering
a slight cerebral shock.

If the symptoms persist, you'll need
to see another specialist...

for a second opinion.

Twenty-dollar words for stuff...

they know nothing about.
Psychiatrists for ya.

I had the place cleaned
for when you came back.

Thank you.

You know, I really thought I
was gonna lose you there.

Come here.

So, are you getting used
to my new looks?

Are they an improvement at least?
Yeah, I mean... no.

Y-you look great.
You see? It's not all bad.

It'll pass.

And everything will go back
to the way that it was.

Hey, at least some things
never change.

[phone rings]
Oh, that'll be your dad.

He's been calling non-stop on some
crackly line from Argentina.

Hello. Uh, no.

I just brought her home.
No, I understand but--

If you want.
Okay, I'll bring her in.

All right.

Everything okay?


Who was that?

It was just the police. Some detective.
He keeps calling.

He wants to take your
statement. Now.

Guess you put a pretty
good fight, huh?

How do you know that?
I called your cell.

On the bridge, remember?
I heard things.

I'm the one who called the police.


(detective) Any more internal memos
end up in the Tribune...

I'll personally tear the son
of a bitch a new ass hole.

M iss Marchant, correct?
How's the head?

You're the boyfriend?
Yeah. Bryce.

I'm Kerrest. This way.

Watch your step.
Oh, I'm so sorry.

Oh, don't go in. Just sign this
before you do anything.

Oh, you're wearing that
pretty blue tie.

Thank you.
[cell phone siren ringtone]

Would you change this goddamn
cell phone ring?

Why don't you just figure it out
yourself, you freaking loser.

A pasta bracelet. It's all
we found on the bridge.

No bag, no phone. Are you sure
they didn't fall with you?

I'm gonna ask you not to cancel
your cell phone contract.

The asshole's probably not stupid
enough to use it, but you never know.

So you really think that it's him?

He killed, raped, and wept
over the corpse. You

must know how he works.

He's been front page news
for six months now.

They even have a snappy
name for him.

Tearjerk Jack.

So, are you gonna protect her?
This, my friend...

is what we have to wade through just
to request police protection.

Twenty of these get dumped on the
Chief's desk every morning.

Cops parked outside your house
24/7 scarfing doughnuts.

Strictly 911 territory.

He's got my papers. He's
got my address.

And he's not stupid enough to
go after the one person who

can recognize him, right?

Look... [clears throat]

I'm sorry you had to meet
this year's whackjob.

You wanna feel safe?
Help me catch the son of a bitch.

What do you got for me here?

Thirty-five, forty, tall, dark?

I'm not letting you out of here until
you give me more than this.

Did you or did you
not see his face?

Yes, I did.
Good. We're getting somewhere.

Here. Look these over carefully.
Take your time.

This is bullshit! Miss Marchant,
you haven't even

looked at half of these.

I can't remember his face,
okay? Since the accident--

Anna, just--sh.

She just got out of the hospital
. She needs rest.

Rest? You go tell that to
the six women whose throat

he cut from ear to ear!

I apologize if I'm rattling
your cage...

but I'd rather the next time we meet
you weren't lying on a slab.

I can't recognize faces anymore.
Do you understand?

Since the accident I--

That-that man could be right in front
of me and I wouldn't know it.

Please, don't waste your time
trying to scare me...

because I am. I already am.

Call the hospital.
They'll explain.

(man) Hey, Nicky.

Lanyon, I've been trying to reach
you for the last two hours.

Man, it's Wednesday.
Nicholas. No cell.

Guess who just woke
up and walked in?

Anna Marchant.

Dammit, not a diet Pepsi.

So, what's the story?
You got any leads?

Can we talk?

So, this face blindness...
is it temporary or permanent?

They have no freaking idea.

You think it's funny?

Well, she's the only one
who's seen him, and she can't

recognize anybody?

You gotta admit it's
pretty far out.

How's the kid doing?

He still hasn't uttered a word.

We have no lead, no I D. Jorgensen
in forensics...

even pushed a trace on
the tear sample...

through the Feds' DNA
database. Nada.

The guy is a freaking ghost.

You're the mind reader with
the fancy diploma.

You know what I think?

The guy has to kill women
to be able to touch them

. Well, that's sad.
The melancholy killer theory?

I mean, come on. You gotta
give me more than that.

He weeps because his sexual compulsions
disgust him. He--

he only kills so they won't
see him as he truly is.

Anna Marchant saw him.

Yeah, and she-she survived
. I think he's gonna be

really interested in her.

Let me head down the Mission
. Have another crack at that

hobo who fished her out.

Good luck. We got nothing out
of him but sea shanties.


[water running]


[muffled shriek]

[birds chirping]

Hey, there.
Have we met somewhere before?

[softly] Hey.

[whispers] I'm sorry.
It was just a bad dream.

Hey, it's okay.

Look, they need me at the
office this morning but--

Now, if you want, I can--
No, it's okay. I'm--

I'm fine.
Are you sure?

You gave me quite a ride, old boy.

Why weren't you down
at the Mission?

It's dirty there.

Might not be the Savoy
but at least it's safe.

Anything could happen
to you down here.

And what do you care, huh?

I got some questions and this time
I really need the answers.

(Anna's father) The soonest I
can get out is on Tuesday's

red eye from Buenos Aires.

Look, I'll take you to dinner.
I'll spoil you rotten.

Well, that sounds great.
You know what?

Why don't you come meet me at school?
I start back on Wednesday.

Okay, any delays I'll call you.

Can you call me on Bryce's Blackberry?
Do you have that number?

I have it, I have it.
Now listen...

I wish I could've been
there for you.

It's okay, Dad. I love you
, okay? I'll see you then.

I love you, too, Snowflake. Bye.




It's us, chica. Open up!

Hi, Sleeping Beauty.
Know who we are this time?

Oh, yeah. I mean, absolutely.

I was just really zoned
out last time.

I mean, I'm--
really fine.

Well, look. You made
the front page.

You're famous, bebe.

God, I got away.
[reads murmuring]

Oh, my God.

I n heaven there's no beer. Let's
drink it all right here.

I n heaven there's no beer. Let's
drink it all right here!

Look who's back. Hello, handsome.
You feel like remembering?

There's a two-six in
it for ya. Right?

Oh. I'll call you.
Or I'll text you.


Martinis at 11 a. m.
It's almost midnight in Shanghai.

Just drink up.

[gasps] Nina, you did not
just post that pic.

I look squinty. No, no, deleto.
I don't think so!

Por favor.

[whispering] I'll be right back.
Okay, chica.

[singing] Hello.

What do you want now?

[clears throat]
Do you see anything?

[British accent] No.

Just reminds me of Europe After
the Rain by Max Ernst.

I'm sorry?

So, what was I supposed
to see exactly?

Well, l-l-l guess if I really
have, uh, proso--


Well, you tell me.

Can you or can you not
see people's faces?

Well, of course I can
see people's faces.

It's just that they keep
changing all the time.

So, you have the answer
to your question.

Cinnamon candy?

But there must be some sort of
treatment. Medication or--


Face blindness isn't something you
just catch, M iss Marchant.

It's something you lose.

What are you telling me?

That I'm gonna be stuck
like this forever?

You're gonna have to get used to
people's faces changing...

as soon as you lose sight of them.
Out of a thousand faces...

one might miraculously linger.

Thank you so much.


Faces are the bar code
of the human race.

Ever since mankind
went tribal...

we're constantly looking at
each other's faces...

trying to decide whether they're
friends, foes or lovers.

Don't underestimate the seriousness
of your condition, M iss Marchant.

[alarm clock beeping]

[beeping stops]

I don't wanna be late for school.

Okay, everybody. Um, can l-can
I get some quiet, please?


so today, uh, we are going
to play a new type of game.

And we get to wear stickers!

And it's gonna be superfun.

Fun, fun, fun.

So when I call your name...

I want you to come up to
my desk one by one...

starting with Caroline Beasley.
Now, for this game to work...

I need you to wear the sticker
all day long...

and don't take it off.
Do you understand?

Yes, M iss Marchant.

Does everybody understand? Please,
keep your stickers on all day.

Charlotte Canton.
[children shouting]

Stop. You guys, settle
down. Please.

I didn't do anything!

I need you to turn around I
need to see your stickers.

Hi. I'm here for my daughter.
Your daughter. Uh--

Sandra. Sandra. Uh, Sandra.

Miss, Miss. Miss, I need to go pee.

Okay, sweetie, go pee.

I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of a
rush. Where's my daughter?

Sorry. Uh, Sandra. Sandra?
Miss, Sandra left with her daddy.

Left with her dad.

You let her go with my ex-husband?
Are you insane?

I told you not to let her
go with my ex-husband!

I have full custody! What
time did they go?

Was he with somebody? I need to
know if he was with somebody.

That is really, really important.
[children making noise]

[noise increases]

Shut up!

[school bell rings]

I have trouble concentrating
on names, that's all.

But it will pass. I mean
, it will pass.

I n the meantime...

how are you gonna watch the
children in the yard?

Or during swimming classes?
With your stickers?

[sighs] Anna, you're
my best teacher.

But I'm gonna have to suspend
you. I'm sorry.

If you're better by September,
I'll see what I can do.

"Be wary of appearances...

and an unexpected invitation
to dinner."

[sirens wailing]

Carotid artery and the larynx are
severed, just like the others.

Looks like a match.
Missed him by minutes.

[cell phone ringing]

He's here. He's here
with me right now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. What's going on?

I'm on the subway. And
the bag I lost...

he put it right on the
seat in front of me.

Hold on. You saw him?

No, but there-there was somebody
watching me outside the school.

Maybe he followed me
into the train.

The bag, you sure it's yours?
Of course I'm sure.

I might not know people's faces,
but I know my own damn handbag.

All right. So, the guy you
saw, what's he look like?

How the hell should I know?

It could be any goddamn
one of them.

You gotta help me out
here, all right?

I can't shut down a whole subway
just for a handbag.

[nervous voice] Um, okay.

He was wearing an orange shirt,
a bright orange shirt.

Orange shirt. Thank you.
Where are you exactly?

Line four, going to Harlin Street.

You need to listen to me. Whatever
you do, you stay on that train.

Make sure that people are
around you. I'm gonna--


[whispers] Hello?
[phone off the hook]


[woman over P.A.] Those connecting
to line two, this is your exit.

Make sure where you go.


[alarm goes off]

You stay away from me. Stay away!
What's going on?

Don't move, buddy. Stay
where you are.

What the hell is going on here?

Anna, you told me to
meet you after work.

I see you running down into the subway.
What the hell is going on here?

Just stand still, sir.

For God's sake, Snowflake. Why
are you so scared of me?

Let go.

Oh, Daddy.
[sobbing] I'm so sorry.

Oh, Daddy.
Sweetie, it's all right.

It's all right. I'm okay.
[phone ringing]

Hey, it's Anna and Bryce. We're not
home. Please leave a message. Bye.

Hi, Snowflake. Look, I'm
back at the airport.

Listen to me.

You have to tell Bryce
about your condition.

You can't just ignore it.





[doorbell chimes]

M iss Marchant! Hello!

I just wanted to tell
you. Oh, God.

Everything you said...

you were right.

When I was 16...
I had two passions in life.

Horse-back riding and opera.

I dreamt of being the next Callas.

Until the horse threw me head-first
into a brick wall.

The accident left me deaf...

and I had to rule out
an operatic career.

You're deaf?

Oh, yes, as a post. I have
to read your lips to know

what you're saying.

But I can still hear Wagner.

I just have to close
my eyes and listen.

And you too are going to
have to learn...

to find your inner music.

Everyone always goes on about
sight, hearing, smell.

But there's another sense.
A hidden one.

The Japanese call it "muga."

It's the sense that allows
you to walk...

without having to think about putting
one foot in front of the other.

You lose this sense...

and you will become like some
of my other patients.

Socially paralyzed...

withdrawing from the world into
the safety of isolation.

That's a tempting option.

[whispering] No, I don't want
that. I wanna live normally.

Every day people are going
to resent you...

for not recognizing who they are.

They'll call you rude, forgetful
, stupid, liar.

Now, are you willing
to fight back...

with all your might?

To try and try again without losing
heart, without giving an inch?



Then let's get to work.
Allow me to introduce you...

to Mike...

and Maggie.

Hard to tell apart at first
sight, aren't they?

Take a closer look.

Maggie is a little paler,
don't you think?

Oh, and look. She
had this scar...

on her forehead.
You see?

It gets more complicated when
you have to pick M ike and

Maggie out at a party...
among all the other guests.


You're going to learn to focus on
distinctive markers in people.

A mole, a tattoo, their gait.

Anything that stands out that makes
it easier to identify that person.


What's the first thing you look
at in a man, after his face?

My friends and I look at his butt.

Well, what else is
there to look at?


Paler in complexion, small
scar on the forehead.

That's Maggie.


♫ A thousand faces ♫
♫ Looking in All directions ♫

♫ Leading me To something ♫
♫ I can never see ♫

♫ Why do you think I come here ♫
♫ Why do you think I come round ♫

[screeching] Hi.

So, what's this earth-shattering
thing you have to tell us?


The reservation's for seven. Do
you want me to come pick you up?

No, I think I'll meet you there.


I'll see you later then.

[cell phones ring]


Wait. You--

You recognized me! Holy crap, can we
call off the straightjacket now?

Oh, thank God.

I couldn't take another wacko
freak-out every time

I tried to kiss you.

So, this--this doesn't
change anymore, right?

You can-you can really
recognize me?

Yes, I do.

What are you talking about?
You don't recognize me?

I'm your best friend.

I do. With your unique
hair cut...

and the red skirt you always wear
when you're trying to get some.

It's fine. But, oh, God, I just--

When-when-when people are
wearing the same clothes

or uniforms, forget it.
They all have the same face to me.

What about Bryce? How
is he taking this?

[whispers] Oh, God.

He thinks that I'm adjusting.
I told him that I recognized him.

Please, promise me you
won't tell him.

You're lying to him?

I cannot lose him.
Do you understand?

He's the only thing I have left.

(Nina) Hold it right there.

You mean you get to bang a
new guy every night...

without ever cheating
on your boyfriend?

That's like a dream come true.

Another drink.

Take one step. Immerse

in people's gestures,
their mannerisms.

Watch them until their bodies
become a melody.

Hum it, hum it, until you can sing
it at the top of your voice.

Use all your resilience, Anna...

but whatever happens, don't
let the music stop.

(man) Hiya.
Oh. Hey. How's it going?

Didn't expect to see you here.

Well... it's nice to see you.

I'm sorry, I don't remember
your name.

That's odd.

I, uh...

usually leave a strong
impression on women.

Okay. Well, see you later.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's the rush, huh?

Things are just getting

(clerk) Hello. Can I help
you with anything?

Come on, make an effort.

You know who I am.

Officer. Officer, that
man over there.

He's standing right next
to the newsstand.

What are you saying?
That man over--

Never mind.

I am not letting--

Excuse me. Detective
Kerrest, please.

Hold on.
I'm gonna check if he's here.


Seen any more killers
on public transport?

Just don't move.
What are you doing?

I need to check something.
Can you stay there? Please.

I won't move.

Oh, my God!

I recognize your face. I recognize
your face. It's still your face.

Me? You recognize me?


It's the first face I recognize
since the incident.

Do you think that means something?
I don't know.

[whispers] I don't know.

Hey. Any word from the DA?
Oh. Am I interrupting something?

Are you okay?

M iss Marchant, allow me
to introduce Eric Lanyon

, our star pitcher...

ace profiler and all-round
swell guy.

They say it takes a warped mind to
get into a psychopath's head...

but I'm okay. Really.
Nicky had another nosebleed.

It's nice to meet you.
You, too. What brings you here?

I saw the papers.

I wanna know everything there
is to know about this man.

You're talking to the right guy.
Lanyon knows everything...

about our friendly neighborhood

I betcha can't pinch a
pen from Lydia's desk.

I don't know if he really
tried to kill you.

He has an odd way for asking
about dinner and a movie.

What he's saying is that maybe he
reacted out of self-defense.

Forgive me, M iss Marchant.

If he really wanted to kill you
once you left hospital...

we wouldn't be standing
here talking about it.

I wanna help catch this guy.

No. I'm not gonna--

I'm not gonna recognize his face
like that. I need to see them.

I n front of me.
I guess it's worth a shot.

I'd have to run to catch
the D.A. right now.

Very nice to meet you.

So, what's your colleague's theory?

He thinks you made quite an
impression on the freak.

Watched him do his thing
and walked away.

What do you think?

About a year ago when Homicide turned
up the first victim...

Lanyon insisted he had the
hallmark of a sociopath.

We didn't agree. We thought it was
a one off, a crime of passion.

Six months later, another
dead woman showed up.

She had an 8-year-old son who...

found her on the bedroom floor
with her throat cut.

Now he sees the kid every
chance he gets.

I've learned to keep my mouth shut
and trust what Lanyon says.


(Lanyon) Come on, you can drop
the freaking Snow White act.

You've all been here before.
Got a light?

There's no smoking here.
Come on, get in.

All right, stand in line
and look straight ahead.

Step it up.

They're all known offenders
that match your statement.

We're waiting on papers to
run DNA checks on 'em.

They're all yours.

How are we doing in here?

[whispering] Do you think they could
move around a little bit?

All right, we've seen enough
of your ugly mugs. I want

you to walk around.

Anybody who slacks up gets
a night in a cell.

I just need to see their gestures,
their- their-their movements.

I know it sounds crazy but--

If you want to host a dance
class, it's fine with me.

I said move your asses.
Now, get to it.

[whispering] It's not any of them.

Are you sure?

At least we tried.

I'm really sorry.

l-l wanted to help.


Good luck with the investigation.

Sam! Bad news.

M ulgrew won't go for the
witness protection you requested

for Anna Marchant.

After the subway blowout and
the line-up on top...

they don't think she's
100 % compos mentis.

It's absolute bullshit. She's
the only witness we've

got, for God's sake.
We need to up our game here.

Organize another line-up, manana.

Come on. We can't bring in
every perp in the city...

hoping she'll recognize the
inside leg of his trousers!

I guess that'll give you a good
excuse to see her again.

What did you say?

Come on, buddy. You
know what I mean.

One, she has a boyfriend. Two,
there's nothing between us.

Three, even if there was, I swear,
if you mention this to anybody,

I will kick your ass.

It's highly unethical and possibly
illegal for a police officer...

to fraternize with a key witness.
Whoa. It's that bad?

Screw it.

I mean, seriously, can you picture
the two of us together...

arm in arm at the police ball?
Why not?

I always thought you looked rather
fetching in uniform.

Happy birthday, chica.
Thank you.

Quick, quick. Look, look.

A twelve out of ten.
Twelve out of ten.

[excitedly] He's totally
checking me out!

So that's what you do on
your girls' nights out?

Well, no, not me. No,
just-just, um--

(Nina) Everybody's dancing tonight.

Even you, Bryce.
[techno music]


I'm gonna go get us a drink.

Did you see that? Totally on me.
Where is he?

Okay, okay, back up.
Give her a chance.

Okay, what do I do?
Just act natural, okay?

Okay? Go, go, go.


[whispers] Okay, okay.

Hey, there you are.
What took you so long?

Which one is mine?

Oh, God. You know I
don't like champagne.

Oh, yeah.

What did they put in your drink?

No, no, no, no. Please, please.

Let me see your notebook.
Let me see it.

God, Bryce, it's just so--
I'm-l'm so sorry.

You lied to me.

I'm just as much a stranger
as everyone else.

Was it me you were seeing
when we had sex?

Answer me. Was it me
you were seeing?

I'm so, so sorry.
Look, this face blind shit.

I can't deal with it anymore.

Find yourself another
jerk to wear a tie.


[cell phone rings]

(man) Happy birthday, Anna.

Who is this?
Didn't my number show up?

You really look drop dread
gorgeous tonight, Anna.

I know your face. I've
seen you before.

You don't know my face. You
don't know anyone's face.

If I changed my shirt, you couldn't
tell me from your own father.

You're the only one I don't
need to hide from, Anna.

No, no, that wasn't me. But
maybe I'm that guy there, to

your right. To your right.

No, to your right, Anna! Listen
to what I'm saying!

Please don't do this.
You saw me doing those things.

No one has ever seen me before.

You're the only one that can stop
me, Anna, so make it happen!

Or I'll have to make you smile.
Smile from ear to ear.

Please, don't do this!
Such a pretty smile...

it will make me cry.
I'm calling the police.

Go ahead. I have to go anyway. Your
friend's growing impatient.




Francine. Francine!
What the hell?

Nina. Nina!

Anna? What's happening?
Anna, Anna, what's happening?

He's here. He just called me from
my phone. Where's Francine?

She was dancing with M r. "1
2-Out-of-10" just a moment ago.

We have to find her. We have
to find her. He's here.

All right, I'll call the police.

Oh, my God. Nina.

[alarm goes off, people shouting]

(Nina) Anna.


[sirens wailing]

Set up a perimeter
and comb the area.

I'll deal with the paperwork.
[toilet flushing]

Okay. You got me. I confess.

Come on, you're one scratch away
from a perfect DNA match.


What is violet, striped, bloody
and floating in the crapper?

She wanted to get married
to anyone.

Why didn't he pick me?

The man she was dancing
with, did you...

see his face?
No. Only from behind.

Can you describe him to me?

I'll get somebody to take you home.

[whispers] Oh, Nina.
We'll meet tomorrow.

Here. You take care
of yourself, chica.

Your boyfriend is not
answering his phone.

We're still trying to
get a hold of him.

[clears throat]

You said you argued.
What was that about?

He found out that, uh...

I was faking him.

[door opening]

You're standing on Bryce's jacket.

[whispers] Sorry.

It's my phone.

He called me on that phone
before Francine--

Is that the jacket Bryce was
wearing this evening?

Yes, but--
[whispering] No, it's not Bryce.

I know him.

Besides, he called me that
night I was on the bridge.

That's a little trick we're gonna
have to ask him about.

Lanyon. Kerrest.

No. He's gone, but guess
what we just looked in.

So, let me get this straight.

He strings us for a year,
and bingo...

we get all this juicy evidence
in one night?

I'll chew on that once we get a
DNA sample on this Bryce guy.

I just put out a warrant
for his arrest.

Until then...

I'm not letting her out
of my sight, okay?

I want her totally insulated.

I'll talk to the D.A.
about the tie.

I won't get anything before Monday.
You know the drill.

I'll have her back Monday morning.

Do you trust me?

Let's pack your things. We're
heading out of town.

[boat horn honking]

Rosemary. How are you?

Everyone knows you?

Everyone knows everyone
on Koel Island. Hey.

(man) Good morning.

Just one doctor, one ATM, one mail
box. It really is another world.

Where are the other children?
That's the whole school.

Mrs. Hayworth. She teaches
all the grades together.

She must be 103 by now.

You went there?
M m-hm.

Didn't turn out too bad...
till you had to play football.

They've arrested Bryce.
He denies everything.

He says someone must have slipped
the phone into his pocket.

We'll know soon enough.
They're testing his DNA against

the tear sample.


Thank you.
How are you holding up?

I don't know.

It's not just that people's
faces have changed.

It's like...

I had to wait...

until I didn't recognize myself
to know who I really am.

Close your eyes.

That's how you looked when I first
saw you at the hospital.

Please, don't open them just yet.

I got a call when they
brought you in.

You were out cold. I looked
down at you like I look down

at Jane Does every day.

[whispers] I don't know.

It's like I knew you.

Even though I'd never
seen your face.

I know it sounds kinda wacko.

As wacko as not recognizing
your own father.

I can do wacko.


[muffled voice] Anna.


Calm down, Anna, it's
okay. It's me.

Anna, it's me, Kerrest.

Don't you recognize me anymore?

You've shaved?


Anything that makes the face stand
out, makes it easier to identify.

Oh, God, I was such a fool.
[gasping] Don't.

Don't you get it?
It's not you.

It's just a trick of my
screwed up brain!

You're nothing special.

You're just another face.

[sighing] No.

[whispers] It's you.

It's still you.

[whispers] It's still you.
[cell phone rings]

Hey, Lanyon.

And they're absolutely sure?
I'll talk to you later.

The DNA is negative.
Bryce is not the killer.

[clears throat and chuckles]

Next time you have a
bad dream, I'll--

I'll just leave you to it.
My dreams.

I can recognize faces in my dreams.

(Dr. Langenkamp) Hypnotism
is like a carnival mirror.

It distorts the truth as
much as reveals it.

Or it could have devastating
consequences on your psyche.

That's a risk I'm willing to take.

[clears throat]
On the count of three...

I want you to close your eyes...
and travel back in your memories.

You can rewind...
pause, fast forward as you wish.

I'm counting to three now.



Anna, I want you to go back...
to the moment before your fall.

[muffled voices]

Is there anybody there with you?
His face is--

It's hazy.
[muffled screams]

I can't make out his features.
Her impairment is causing a block.

I can't get through it.
Not even with hypnosis.

She knows.
She knows who she is.

Anna? I want you to fuse the
hazy impression...

with your attacker's face.

Can you tell me if you've
seen him before?

On the street.
Near your home.


[echoing] Hiya.

[muffled voice]

Ask her if she saw him the
night he killed Francine.

Slow the hell down. I
can't read your lips.

The evening of her birthday.

Anna, was he there
at your birthday?


Anna, did you see him through the
two-way mirror in the line-up?

Yes. He's behind the mirror.

Who? Who, Anna? Who's
behind the mirror?

Anna, who is it?

I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know.

[snaps fingers]


Anna, what is it?
He kissed me.

Oh, God.
Oh, God, he kissed me.

Anna, are you all right?
It's okay.

Lydia, I need warrants on all six
perps from the last line-up.

I want 'em now.

Make yourself at home. No one
knows you're here. I'll

call you when we get 'em.
Be careful.

Once all this is over...

I'm gonna take you back
to Koel Island.

You promise?
I promise.

(Lanyon) What about the DNA?

The tests came back negative.
Four out of six.

None of them is our guy, Sam.
We're just jerking off here.

Fine, go ahead. Flush your
career if you want.

You know what I think? I think
you and Tearjerk Jack have

something in common.

You're both in love with her,
and that's the only reason

she's still alive.

- You coming or not?
- I'm gonna check on something.

(Anna) "The lovers. It's
too late to turn back.

It's time to make the
right choice."

[cell phone rings]

Hey, it's Anna. Bryce called
and he wants to meet up and...

and I guess I just owe
him that. So, anyway.

The address of where I'll be--

[muffled voices]

Hello, Anna.
It's me.

I know.

Only a one-armed man could tie
a knot worse than you.


I caught a cold when I was in the
detention cell, believe it or not.

[sirens wailing]

Hey, I'm taking this
scumbag with me.

Come on.

Watch your head.

Look, I--
I've acted like a total asshole.

And-and not just the
other evening.

[clears throat]
For a long time now.

And I'm sorry.

Excuse me.
Here's your drinks.

Bryce, you know I don't
like champagne.

I thought it felt right.

Tickets to Vegas.

And after I squeeze out
a couple rug-rats...

we'll buy some old money
pit and...

slide contentedly off
into senility.

Oh, God. Bryce, l-l tried.

I really did.

Every time your face kept changing
, I tried so hard.

And you know what I found out?

That the way you look or don't
look each morning, it really

wouldn't matter...

if I truly loved you.

Uh, I--

I really didn't expect this...
after getting your text message.

I'm sorry, I'll be right back.

[water running]

[sirens wailing]

Hey, has anybody seen
my cell phone?



We have to get out of here.
We've been set up.

I think he's here.

Yo, Columbo. You got a light?

[text message ringtone]

[voice mail] Five new messages.

Hey, it's Anna. Bryce called
and he wants to meet up.

And I guess I just owe him that.
Anyway, the address where I'll be--

Shit, shit, shit, shit!
[tires screech]

It's Kerrest. Leave a message.
Hi, it's Anna. I can't get--

Thanks for letting me smoke, man.

Relaxed. Not like that pig who
took my smoke at the line-up.

You should've smacked that prick.
No smoking.

(Anna) He's behind the mirror.

Come on, you're one scratch away
from a perfect DNA match.

I learned to keep my mouth shut
and trust what Lanyon says.

(Dr. Langenkamp) Whatever
happens, Anna...

don't let the music stop.


Kiss me.


Think, Lydia. Lanyon was at
the line-up. He had access

to all the evidence.

The kid was the perfect smokescreen
. It all fits.

No, screw the backup.
We don't have--

Anna! Anna, wait!

Hey, man, where are you going?

Grey shirt. Black jacket.

Look out!
(Kerrest) Anna! Anna!

Lanyon, drop it.

Drop the gun, shithead. It's me. Don't
listen to him. He's Lanyon.

I'm Kerrest.
Anna, run!

Stay right there. Drop the gun.
You drop it.


Where are you?

Anna, it's me.

Anna! Make sure you stay hidden.

Backup's gonna be here.


First, there's a bloody kid...

who sees me off his mother. You
think he'll tell someone?

No. Not a single peep in a year.
The traumatized little fucker.

And then there's you, Anna.

You saw me crying when that's--

[shouting] That's not allowed.
It wa-it was a miracle.

You lost all the other
faces because of it.


Oh, no, no, no, you're not doing
your little diving act again.

Goddammit, Anna.

The safety catch.

This, Anna, is why I like
blades so much.

(Kerrest) Anna!


[softly] Anna.

Don't move! I mean it.
It's me, Anna.

If we stay here, we'll make
one hell of a target.

Now, give me back my gun.
Stay where you are. I mean it.

Anna, on-on Koel Island...

there's a school with
half a dozen pupils.

You recognize me now?

What did you promise me before
you left? What did you say?

Very good. I could have told Lanyon
about the weekend...

but that's something only
I can know, right?


Look out!

I knew...

you were the one...
who'd end this shit.

Give me the gun.

[whispers] Here.



I guess...
you will never take her...

to the police ball.

Oh, no.

Oh, God.

Oh, God, no, no.
No, no.

Please, don't-don't move.

Don't move, please.
I'm fine. Seriously, I'm fine.

[whispers] Don't leave me.
Please, don't leave me.

You can't leave me.
Oh, God.

[low whispering] Sh, don't move.

You'll find someone else.
You'll see.

You'll find someone else.

You don't have the
right to leave me.

I love you.

I know you don't.

I'm just another face
in the crowd.


[whispers] Don't leave.
Stay with me.


Don't leave me!
Don't go!

Oh, no, no, no. Please, don't go.

[sirens wailing]

(Anna) I live here now.

The school board accepted
my transfer request.

[muffled voice]

I can identify each of
my pupils perfectly.

As well as the handful of people who
live here in the off season.

Nina comes to see me
from time to time.

She's still single.


I'm just taking it one
step at a time.

Sometimes I see a face...

and for a second it's like
I see him again.

It's the only way I can keep
his face in my memory.

(little girl) Mommy!
But when I look into her face...

whatever it was that let him
get through to me...

he passed it on to her.

And just when I thought I'd
lost everything...

I found a face.

One face...
in which I can always read...


♫ Closer ♫
♫ I can see you closer ♫

♫ Wanna see you closer ♫
♫ To me ♫

♫ A thousand faces ♫
♫ Looking in All directions ♫

♫ Lead me To something ♫
♫ I can never see ♫

♫ Why do you Think I come here ♫
♫ Why do you Think I come round ♫

♫ Why do you Think I come here ♫
♫ Why do you Think I come round ♫

♫ And when You leave me ♫
♫ I can see You leaving ♫

♫ Want you To stay here ♫
♫ I can't take This feeling ♫

♫ Wanna feel You closer ♫
♫ I can't take it ♫

♫ The truth Is lost in ♫
♫ A thousand faces ♫

♫ Leave me ♫
♫ Won't you need me ♫

♫ Won't you Need me tonight ♫
♫ A thousand faces ♫

♫ Look in All directions ♫
♫ Lead me to something ♫

♫ I can never find ♫
♫ Why do you think I come here ♫

♫ Why do you think I come round ♫
♫ Why do you think I come here ♫

♫ Why do you think I come round ♫
♫ When you leave me ♫

♫ I can see You leaving ♫
♫ Won't you stay here ♫

♫ Can't take This feeling ♫
♫ Wanna feel You closer ♫

♫ I can take it ♫
♫ The truth Is lost in ♫

♫ A thousand faces ♫
♫ And when You leave me ♫

♫ I can see You leaving ♫
♫ Won't you Stay here ♫

♫ Can't take This feeling ♫
♫ Wanna feel You closer ♫

♫ I can't take it ♫
♫ The truth Is lost in ♫

♫ A thousand faces ♫