Eye for an Eye (2019) - full transcript

A drug dealer looking for rest. A nurse looking for revenge. A crossroads where no one is safe.

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Don't do this to me! Fuck!

The dockyard!
We hid it in the dockyard!

-Come on, motherfucker!
-It wasn't my fault, man!

Padin, it's not my fault!

Padin, I swear! Let me go!

Padin, please, let me go!

-Shut the fuck up!

No! Don't leave me here! Fuck!

Squeeze tight.



Pull me towards you.


You can get dressed now.

You can help him, if you like.

He's out.

It's Kike.

Where are you?

Getting some air, what the fuck...?

Listen, I've got a thing here...
How can I tell you?


I eventually got the "crab", but...

the problem nowis...

what to do with the "spider crab".
Do you get the situation?

-I get it.
-Right. So...?

If the "spider crab's" leg is broken,
what do you think?

I see where you're going.

He's coming.

Dad, you did fucking great.

Santiago says they'll send you
home for sure.

-I'm not going home.
-Yeah, you are!

They already think
you're more dead than alive.

Oh, they finished the job.

We put in non-slip shower

in the big room downstairs,
with wheelchair access.

You'll live like a king.

If I get out,
I'm going to the home.

What are you saying, Dad?
Why the home?

Because I fucking feel like it.

Padin! No!



-Very good.

-If there's anything, you...
-I'll tell you, sure.

You have good hands.


We can keep doing this
after the pregnancy, right?

But at home and less public.

-Sorry, sorry.

Always gently,

no sudden movements.

The proper pressure,
as if we were spreading butter.

But butter
just out of the refrigerator.

Apply pressure without fear,
giving it to her.


Come on, apply pressure.

That's it.


-Looks like it's true.

That pregnant women are gorgeous.

Ciao, I'll pick you up later.

-No. I'll sort it out.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

Mario, how does Orlando sound?

Like the brand of tomatoes?

The other day Mariano, today Orlando...
We can get a better name, no?

I keep thinking,
but you don't like any of them.

You'll think of something. Relax.

One more. Marcial, just one.

-Do you want to kill me? Slut!

Marcial, come here.

Come here. What's wrong?

-This slut wants to poison me!
-Don't talk like that. It's ugly.

How about if you let
Raquel give you lunch,

I'll take you out later for a smoke?



-That's it.
-There you go.

Nice, huh?

With his memory, by the time he finishes,
he'll have forgotten about the smoke.

My memory's bad,
but my hearing is fine!


-Go on.

Mario, we may have an admission.


The man's sure,
but the family's not keen.

-Why? Is it the money?
-No, that's not the problem.

-Mercedes, please.

They'd rather have him at home.
It's a delicate matter.


It's Antonio Padin.

-The druglord?

Wasn't he in prison?

Yes. He has a degenerative disease.

They're sending him home,
but he wants to come here.

I suppose the medical attention
puts him at ease.

But he can buy
all the care he wants.

-He's got money.
-Maybe he doesn't want it taken away.

He wouldn't be the first
to choose the home

before his kids drive him mad
trying to make him sign things.

Won't we have trouble with
the families of the residents?

-I don't think so.
-Well, you know best.

When is he being admitted?

My ass you've got it sorted.

Dad, Kike sees it, I see it,
the Colombians see it.

-Shit, maybe you're wrong.
-I don't want any Chinese.

Like it or not, they're there.

If they don't work with us,
they will with other people.

Kike's right, times change.
Now they have the money.

If we don't grab this chance,
we're assholes.

They don't know the area
or have any contacts.

We just give the Colombians
the money up front.

And if the Chinese blow it,
who answers for it? Who?

-You answer to the Colombians.
-Like fuck we do!

We need an answer from you.
Are you in or out?

-Not one dime.
-Not one dime, eh?

-Fucking old man!
-Kike, take it easy.

-I get so wound up!
-What did I say? Chill!

What are you looking at?
Fucking old man!

You were jailed for buying a house
with more bathrooms than a palace.

That's why you got caught.
So don't give me sermons now.

Hello. How are you?

I wanted to introduce you to Mario,
our head of nursing.

Nice to meetyou.
Who's coming to live here?

Him, the one in the foul mood.

With your permission,
I'll show him around the "hotel".


‘Bye, Dad.

You'll see, Mario has
a great way about him.

Meanwhile, we can talk
about the operating conditions.


Let's change the exercise.

We turn, rotate forearms and...

thumb in, thumb out.


Like we were picking a pocket.
Like this, thieving.

Moving better already, eh, Antonio?

Don't get mad, I'm kidding.
Come on, other hand, again.

Thumb in, thumb out.



Very good! See that?

Your hand's much more flexible.
And we've been at it for two minutes?

I'm not saying you'll play baseball
in a week, but it can improve.

We were waiting in the office.

This is our rehabilitation room,

will all kinds of exercise gear.

-Mercedes, got a moment?

Stay with them a moment.

I'll be right back, Antonio.

Here are the heated pools
for psychomotricity, if you want...


Dad, this time we're going ahead
with or without you, you hear?

But you know the doors to
the house are always open.

-Don't let me find out, eh?

One harsh word or lack
of respect for my father,

and I come here and raise hell.



-I saw Rosa today.
-Oh, yeah? How is she?

Fucked. You know they fired her
from the insurance firm?

-How come?
-Why do you think?

..Galician drug trafficking...

Why go on strike? That's illegal.

Sure, but she's not permanent.
They just won't renew her contract.

-She should report them.
-That's what I said.

If they hire a replacement,
she can win.

Sure, but she's so nice...

..were neighbors of this man,

known as the boss
of the Padin clan.

We got these answers

on the exit from prison
for health reasons

of the historic druglord.

No way, because of him
a lot of people died.

He should be in prison
for the rest of his days.

It's bad because people
do their full sentence

for minor crimes sometimes...

My legs are like an elephant's.

-What are you looking for?
-Nothing, tomorrow's weather.

Good morning, Antonio.

It's breakfast time.
I'll help you wash and we'll go down.

Not now, go away.

-C'mon, Antonio, let's go.
-Get the fuck out of here!

Excuse me.
Somebody a sleepyhead?

Well, that's alright.
We'll take it slow.

Everyone is different.

And you see it all here, Antonio.

A lot of people pass through,
very fucked up people.

Like you and much worse.

I've known some
who just stay in bed

until in the end...

But it's not easy
putting your feet on the ground

when you know
it'll get worse every day.

That's why some prefer this:
living here, among strangers

with people who don't care about you,

who never knew you
when things were going well,

when you were king of the hill.

Better a little indifference than pity

or sorrow, right?

But that doesn't mean

you can't still enjoy some things.

Like a walk in the garden
on this sunny day.

What do you think?
Shall we try?

You can't say we don't have
a beautiful garden.

Where are you from, Antonio?

-And you?
-Me? From Cambados.

Then cut the bullshit,
you know who I am.

Shit! You're not the mayor?

Let's check today's menu.

A delicious zucchini puree.

It'll restore our energy
after that walk.

Shall I show you a trick?

We lean our elbow on the table...

and calmly break...

the rules of good manners.

Come on, like this.

Little by little, inside.


So there are no slip-ups.

-Is it good?
-It's cold.

A little cold, yes.

There we go.

Thank you.

That's what we're here for.


Hi, honey.
Listen, we've got a mess here.

The usual, an old guy had a turn.

I'll be late. Can you get me
and we'll go straight there?

Right, big kiss.

Fuck, you scared me, man!

-Sorry. You got something?
-Just for myself.

No, this is for you.
I got mine in the bar.

Hey, I know you, man.

Yeah, buddy.
I remember your face.

But you were dead!

You were dead!

I'll put the medication in the vein

So as not to tax your throat, okay?

Until you get better.

Good night, mayor.

-Sorry, honey.

I got tied up with one of the old guys,
I couldn't get out sooner.

-Did you bring me clothes?
-Yes, in the back.

-Are you shivering?
-Yes. It's nothing.

Start it up, your parents
will be at the restaurant.

You're not going to
tell me what's wrong?

It'snothing, honey,
I'll shake it off.

-Well... it's work.

The old guy you just dealt with?

What do you know about him?

Nothing, you just mentioned him.

Is he really sick?


Yes, it's just that...

we think we can control
everything and...

in the end we're nothing.

A bunch of liquids that
leak out everywhere, just shit.

Come here.

Come here.

-Do you feel it?

-Do you feel it move?

Feeling better?

Much better.

Fuck, sorry.

Go ahead.


Yeah, yeah, perfect.

Fucking great, man.

Sure, sure.
Yes, we can, sure.

No sweat, no sweat.

-Don't touch them!


Thanks a lot.

Ciao. Thank you. Ciao.


We've got it in the bag.
But it has to be now.

Go for it.

Up, up, up! Come on!


Come on, come on!

Up, up, up, up!

Amparito, don't cheat.
I can see you, Amparo.

Up, up, up!

Arms up! Up!

-Up, up, up!


Goal, goal, goal!

So, do they treat you right here
or do we sort them out?

-What do you want?
-What do we want, he says.

What else, Dad?

To see how you are.


Anything else?


If you've changed your mind,
you've still got time.

Sure. Sure.

Sure. And then?

Are you in or not?

The Colombians are funding us,
no payment until the Chinese pay us.

Rojas is advancing us
the merchandise. He trusts us.

-Does he trust me?
-Yes, Dad.

Rojas trusts you and us,
he's known us all his life.

Who do you think he was
talking to while you were inside?


Rojas thinks I'm in on this.


He would never fund
the merchandise with you.

Look at him, cracking up.

We're here worried about you
and you laugh in our faces.

Is that it?

Then fuck you,
you fucking old bastard!

-Kike, Kike...

Close the door!

Well, at least you're livelier.

That's good.

Dad, I know you don't have
much faith in me,

but this time I've got
a good hand.

And I had a great fucking teacher.

You didn't learn shit.

Look, this is the head.

Here's the profile,
forehead, nose, mouth...

-He's got a big ol' head.
-Well, he or she.

Do you want to know the sex?

-Yes, right?

It's a boy.


-Are you sure?

Go up to the monitor,
you'll see better.

Look, here's the stomach,

the umbilical vein, gallbladder,

and here, between his legs,

the scrotum and the penis.

Here's the heart.
Do you want to hear it?


What's wrong? You spaced out.

-You're knocked out, eh Mario?

Is that it? You just realized
that this is serious, eh?


You really are knocked out.
Lie down here, it's fine.

Okay, don't crack up.

Didn't you hear? It's all fine.

Yes, I heard. It's all great.

15, 16,

17, 18, 19...


-How are we doing?

Fucking great.

-Yeah, right. Got the "rice"?
-Yeah, yeah, no problem.

Get it here fast,
the water's boiling.

When I'm there, I'll all you.


Hands on your head, on the van.
Take it easy. Feet together.

What a stink.
Son of a bitch.

-Got a shank there?
-I got nothing, man.

Mrs. Kong.


Subject on the move, confirmed.
Go ahead.

You have authorization.

Let's go!

Let's go, let's go.

Hey man!

-Hold it!

Hands on your head!

Tonio, Tono!

Okay, okay!


Come on, hurry up!

What's wrong?

Holy shit!


Stop! Stop!

So, Marcial for now...?

We're keeping up sensory stimuli,
a couple of sessions a week.

It seems to calm him down.
He's less aggressive.

Okay, let's go to Antonio Padin.

How's he doing?

I think he's more than acclimatized.

He seems comfortable,
he has routines...

I don't know long he'll be here.

Is he that bad?

He's less and less intelligible,
he finds it hard to move, swallow...

So quickly?

Cognitively he's alright,
but it's harder for him to speak.

The paralysis is affecting
his vocal cords386
00:43:13,875 --> 00:43:17,458
and we're teaching him to use
an image book to express himself.

I spoke the doctor he had
in the hospital yesterday...

and outlined the case.
He wasn't really surprised.

He basically said to
not let the old man suffer.

I see Antonio developing

an intense dependence on Mario.

You must be exhausted.

And right now too.
Julia must be...7 months?

-6 and a half.
-From what you're saying,

it sounds like much the same time.

Andrés, don't say that,
it's like the two things were related.

Let's go.

There you go.






-Antonio, Antonio...
-Antonio, are you alright?

It's alright. We're here.
Take it easy.

This time you've really
busted his balls.

But they don't have anything that
can't be taken apart in court.

-It's all circumstantial.
-Good, fucking great.

-Anything on the Chinese woman?
-No, not on her.

But I did get news on the Colombian.

He's out of danger
and to be transferred to jail.

Holy shit!

Relax, all we have to do
is pay his bail.

But I warn you, it'll be steep.

When they set it, I'll tell you,
we pay it and Kike's out.

I don't know if we can pay it,

I don't know.
We put a lot on the line.

I've known your dad a long time.

He always has money.

The old man's not in on this.

-He wasn't in on it.

Fucking Chinese.

They took everything.

Everything, you hear?
Merchandise, money, everything.425
00:47:12,708 --> 00:47:14,500
Now Rojas wants his part.

But the main thing is
to get Kike out, you hear?

If they transfer the Colombian
to the same jail, he may have trouble.

We need to pay that bail, and fast.

We agree on that.

He's your son, damn it.
Fucking say something.

Fuck you.

-What are you listening to?

Just my stuff.

-What are you listening to?
-Nothing, nothing.

Leave me he. No.


-I caught you.
-Not one joke about Julio. Please.

-Always a reason to live...
-What? You like it?

..and to fight.

Works remain, people go.

Others that come
will carry them on,

life goes on the same.

Always a reason to live

and to fight...

How are you?

-You gotta get me outta here.
-What happened?

You gotta get me outta here.

It's full of Colombians and they've got
the director eating out of their hands.

Relax, I'll talk to that fucker.

Talk, Toho? Forget talking!

The fucker just wants money,
don't you get that?

Tonio, I'm fucked, man.

-And Sanchez gets here tomorrow.
-Sanchez? Are you sure?

Don't you get it? We're fucked!

Unless we pay Rojas,
they'll cut off my balls.

And yours.

Don't think you're safer out there
than I am in here.

You got me?


Let me talk to him again.

-l'll talk to him again...

You talked to him and he said no?

Listen, the old man wants
to teach us a lesson, you hear?

But it can be fixed.


Yesterday I pissed myself.


I pissed myself.

I thought they were coming
for me, to my cell.

And I lost it, man.

I lost it.

Hey, Kike.

You can't touch him, sir.

-What did you say?
-Physical contact is prohibited.

-Did you hand him something?
-Are you kidding?

-Show me your hands, please.
-He didn't give me nothin'!

I did want to give him something.

-Sit down.
-I wanted to give him affection,

but for some reason
you don't want me to.

It's all fine. You don't get
any affection at home,

Fine, you like treating inmates
like animals, right?

Then watch it outside,
someone could sort you out.

I'll get you out, you hear?

I'll talk to the old man
and get you out. Hang in there.

That'll do.

Good morning. Can I help you?

Excuse me. Sir. Sir!

I'm going to do the shopping.


Do I do the shopping
or come get you?

But you'll have to wait
a few minutes...

Okay, big kiss. Ciao.

I was fucking freezing!

I don't know what
this is about, but...

Look straight ahead, nurse.

No need to go into details,
but my father has to come home.

And since he listens to you,
you're going to convince him.

Do you get what I'm saying?

You're a fucking great nurse.

I saw how the old folks love you.

Maybe they'll cough up
something in their wills.

I'm not wrong, am I?

I don't care if they take turns
writing you into their wills

while they suck you off.

You're not getting shit
from the Padins, got it?

-I swear, I don't want anything...
-Look, smartass!

You're gonna convince
the old guy come back.


Understood, nurse?

Or do I have to explain it
to your wife too?

She's pregnant, right?

-Is she pregnant or not?
-You think so?

Sure. Fucking answer me,
I'm asking you question!

So, have they told you
if it's a boy ora girl?

As long as it's healthy, right?
That's what matters.

get this piece of shit out of the car.

-Tono, I know that guy.
-Him? From where?

He'd come to the bar for "horse".
Years ago, but it's him.

-He doesn't look like a junkie.
-I'm telling you, he used.


I hope you have a good excuse
for leaving me stranded.

The least you could do,
if you can't pick me up,

is call me, not leave a voicemail.

Are you comfortable?

Great, because I'm going to
tell you a bit about my life, Antonio.


This is my brother.

I didn't tell you about him, did I?

His name was Sergio.

He died of an overdose
25 years ago.

Is that a look of pity?

You don't feel sorry for him?

You feel sorry for junkies?

I thought drug dealers
were vaccinated against that.

He was 26

when he shot up this garbage
you sell for the first time.

It's sure been a long time
since that, Antonio.

But I swear...

that since that day something
inside me stopped working.

Only... only recently,

with my son on the way,

I started thinking that,
maybe... maybe...

maybe this time...

I could leave all that shit
behind me...

and do like Julia says:

turn the page...

and move on.

I was doing that...

until one day you appeared
at that door...

and bam!

Like a sledgehammer.

They say that at first
the feeling is fucking great.

But you know that better than I do.

You have to be careful
of the amounts, true.

But don't worry,
I've got it under control.

You know who injected
my brother at the end,

when he could barely stand?

Can you guess?

My brother was
very grateful to you.

To you and your family.

"Don't mess with the skipper”.

He'd say that to everyone
when your name came up.

It was a fucking sweet deal:

the dose he needed

and in exchange he sold
your shit to other poor souls.

All fucking great until
he became... a rag.

And with AIDS.

Then he was no good
even for errands.

Look on the bright side, Antonio.

Thanks to me you'll die sooner...

and suffer less from your disease.

Because I didn't tell you, but...

for ages now you've been
off your medication.

And the inability to swallow
and the stomach pains?


That foul-tasting stuff I put
in your food is bleach, Antonio.

Now relax and try to enjoy it.

Today I put in a bit more
to celebrate his birthday.

Good night, mayor.

We need to discuss
when to fit it in, okay?

Hello, Mario.

I'll talk to you later, okay?

Did Andrés call to tell you
he wasn't coming?

No, he didn't say anything to me.

We were to meet half an hour ago
to go over some reports.

-Did you call him at home?
-Yes, but no answer.

If you see him,
drag by the ear to my office.

What's all this about?

Shut up... and listen.

Aren't you a doctor?

When I was little and didn't
want to go to the doctor,

my mother told me
you were there to help.

And I've come for that,
for your help.

-What do you want?
-I want my father at home.

I want a document in which
you make it clear that he's nuts.

Or whatever, I'll leave
the scientific term up to you.

-You did all the book-learning.
-Get out of my house!

-Sit the fuck down!
-Xepas, relax, relax.

Sometimes I don't make myself clear,
so I like to give second chances.

But on the third,
my friend has a few ways

of making you see reason,
ipso facto.

-I'm calling the police!

Where you you think you're going?

Fucking hell, Xepas.

Fucking hell!

I can't take any more.
Cut out the music, man!

Cut out the fucking...!

What's that, Kike?

Have you said hello from me?

-Mouth shut.

-Shut up, motherfucker.
-No, no, no!

Shut up, we're gonna
make you eat shit.

C'mon, let's go.

-Shit-eater! Asshole!

-No, no, no!
-Eat shit.

-Get up.
-What's wrong, Kikino?

-We'll pay you, I swear!
-Shut up, motherfucker.

Out of respect for your father,

Rojas is giving you a week
to give back that money, Kiki.

We're gonna pay, man!
We're gonna pay, I swear!

Didn't they teach you to wash
your mug of that shit you talk?

Didn't they teach you?

Pay up, motherfucker!
Pay up, you fuck!

-Gonna pay up?

Now you talk to me?

What do you want?

Let's see.

I don't understand, Antonio.
What do you want?

A blanket?



Didn't you want a blanket?

What do you want?

We're going to be here an hour.



Okay, then...

Lamp? Closet?


-Mario's here now.
-What happened?

I thought he wanted a blanket,
but he says "closet", "closet"...

-I'll switch him for your friend Marcial.
-Right, from bad to worse.

You tell me what he wanted.

Right, I'll leave you.

‘Bye, Antonio.

What do you want?
What do you want?

To make me overdo it
with the sedative? Is that it?



-You look pretty.
-Yes, pretty as a cow.

He's going to be big.
Are you looking for Mario?

We have an ultrasound.
Have you seen him?

I left him with Antonio.
Shall I tell him?

No need. I'll go.

Hi, how are you?

-Hi. Do you know where Mario is?
-Maybe out in the garden.

Antonio and Mario are always
together, like boyfriends.

-He mentioned him. Is he that bad?
-It doesn't look good.

But he's so obsessed
with your husband.

It's fine by me.

The less I deal with
those people, the better.

In the end the old man
isn't causing so many problems.

The sons are the worst.
And now the younger one's in jail,

it goes without saying.

-He's in jail?
-Yes, the younger Padin.

Didn't you see them nab him?
It was on the TV and everything.

That's Antonio Padin?

Julia! Are you feeling bad?

Mario! Hurry, it's Julia!

Kike, what's wrong?
What did they do to you?


Who did this to you? Was it...?
Who did this to you?

Was it Sanchez?

Fuck that fucking Colombian!

I swear I'll have his balls!
Il kill him,

you hear? I'll kill him!

Tono, get the money. Please.


Relax, honey, we're here.
We're here.

The operating theater's almost ready.

You have to wait here.

The nurse will be here soon
to settle you in.

Mario, what are you doing?

-What are you doing?
-I'm not doing anything, honey.

-There's nothing...
-Don't lie to me.

Good afternoon.

Hello, how are you?

Julia Otero Cebrian, right?

"Julia". Hey, my namesake.

How are you?
Are you very hot?

Yes, here.

I'm going to check your vital signs,

blood pressure, temperature...

-Yes, it's me.

Hi. Sorry to bother you now,
but I needed to check something.

I'm Ana Gonzalez and I'm filing in
for Dr. Lozano at the home.

-Andrés hasn't turned up?
-No, not yet.

I was checking the chart
of a patient, Antonio Padin,

and I don't understand
some details.

There's a medication
for blood pressure...

Yes, Enalpril.

The scheduled does is very high,
but his pressure is skyrocketing.

It's a mistake, true.

Andrés, Dr. Lozano,

withdrew it temporarily
because I think it interfered with

the specific medication
set out by the hospital.

That must be why

his pressure shot up above normal.

-Yes, my mistake.

Since we were waiting for
Dr. Lozano's indications...

In any case, I should've
put on record

that he's been off that medication
for a few days. My mistake.

Don't worry, I'll see to it.
I won't bother you any more.

-Thanks a lot.

Hello, Antonio.
I'm Ana, I'm a doctor

and I'm filling in for Andrés.
How do you feel?

-He seems to like you.


No, Antonio. No, no...
I don't understand you.

Mario says he communicates with this.


We're going to put it on.
Okay? A little.

How is it, too tight?

No? It doesn't hurt?

Okay, this is better.

-How are you, Julia?

I fell asleep.

Yes, you were so exhausted
we had to give you something.

You can fold it over, okay?

Does it bother you?

-Where's my husband?
-He left.

An urgent work thing...

and since you were relaxed...



We're going to talk about that...

Yes, I heard last night.


Excuse me.

I was talking to the police.

-They came about Andrés.

It's very strange.

I don't know
what could've happened to him.

And your wife?

Her contractions stopped
and if they don't come back

they'll induce it tonight.

-Is that the doctor...?
-Oh, right. I'll introduce you.


-Come here a moment, please.
-Yes. What is it?

-l'm Mario, we spoke on the phone.
-Yes, that's right.

But you didn't need to come.

I wanted to make sure
Antonio was alright.

Antonio and Mario
have a special relationship.

She's already become
quite close to him.


-Excuse me.

Fine, thank you.

-He was in great pain...
-Can we speak in your office?

-Of course, come with me.
-He wanted to talk.

-Ana, please, can you come?

Yes, of course.

-I hope the birth goes well.

-Go to the hospital.
-Do it!

Who was that man?

In the suit,
what was he doing here?

Is it about your son?

Do you want to see
your shitty son?

And you want to fuck me.

Do you want to fuck me?

We'll see who fucks whom.

With this amount you go
to "the other side". You decide.

Will you tell me
what that man said?

You think you just
go to fucking sleep?

No, Antonio,
an overdoes is fucking agony.

Fucking agony.


you have to come back. Now.
Do you hear me?

Mario, I'm begging you.
Please. Mario...

Sweet dreams, mayor.

He's exhausted.

He made a huge effort
to communicate.

I suppose if you were there
it would've been much easier.

Yes, new people upset him.

-And who was that man?

-The one with Antonio before.
-Oh, a notary.

-A notary?
-He's with Mercedes now.

He needs a report that the patient
is in right mind.

He asked me,
but I've only seen him once.

I'd have to...
It's not my place.

No, that's for sure.

Dr. Lozano left a report.
And Antonio's son came along

-mad as hell.
-Yes, that sounds familiar.793
01:18:06,042 --> 01:18:08,500
So everything's okay.

Now II'm worried about the old man.

I think he should be transferred
to a hospital.

You're here?
Has mini-Mario been born?

No, mini-Mario seems
to be teasing us.

-I think he wants to stay inside.
-Congrats again, Mario.

Ana, Antonio's samples are
ready for the lab.

There's nobody there now,
but they come out early tomorrow.

Thanks, Sofia.

Mercedes is right,
you're addicted to it.

-Kind of. I'm running off.
-A big kiss Julia.

-Anything you need, you know.
-Yes, I'll tell her.

We had a meeting the next day...

..and he didn't turn up,

which was the day that...

There's something I didn't tell you.

I killed him.

I killed my brother.

He was under 30 kilos
and has almost no voice.

He begged me constantly

to finish him off once and for all.

And I did.

The "fix" took us away.

Both of us.

I always thought that when
the time came, I'd be happy.

But it's not like that.

I just want this over with.

Good night, mayor.

Rojas... Rojas, stop.
Listen to me.

Listen to me, Rojas.

I'm close, I swear.
I've almost got it.

Stop fucking with me, Rojas!
What the fuck do I do in two days?!

Right... right...

Look, I'm fucking sick
of your fucking threats, you hear?

Fuck you, you bastard.
Yeah, you heard me. Fuck you.

Then fucking kill us
and get this over with!

Fuck you, motherfucker!

Fuck you, motherfucker!


Son of a bitch.

Where did you get to,
you son of a bitch?


No answer.

You wanna play?
Let's fucking play!


Stop the car, you bastard!



A bit more, a bit more.

Come on, push hard.
Keep going, keep going...

Great. Keep going, keep going...

A bit more, a bit more.

Rest, rest a little. Rest.


Come on, breathe.

Keep going, keep going...


Come on, very good. Keep going.

Keep going, keep going...

Take another deep breath.

Right, relax. Very good.

Come on, come on. Very good.

Come on, We've got him.
We've got him. He's here.

What do we call him?


Fuck! Don't fucking touch me!

Don't fucking touch me!
Don't touch me, you fuck!

What the fuck are you
looking at? What?

Don't touch me. I'm going.
I'm going, I'm going.

I'm going, I'm going.

-Hold on.

We saw each other at the home,
but we didn't say hello.

-Oh, the notary.
-Alfredo Matas.

Sorry to approach you
at this time, but...

I thought it was a good time
to make first contact in person.

First contact? With me?

-Good morning, Enrique.
-What's up?

-What's this guy doing here?
-We need him present.

You wanna fuck me over?

Mr. Padin had trouble
expressing himself,

but in my meeting with him
his message was Clear.

So I can attest that
this document has full validity.

Due to Mr. Padin's
special circumstances,

he suggested that I record
my agreement with him.

Here's the pendrive
with the recording.

And in the folder you'll find
a certificate of capacity

signed by Dr. Andrés Lozano Botana
that declares

that Mr. Padin's state of health
did not affect his mental faculties.

For all these reasons,
this will has full validity.


We proceed to the reading of
the will drafted by me, the notary,

in line with the will expressed
and approved in writing by Mr. Padin,

as you will see in the video.

"Constituted in the Argentos residence
in this city, at 8:26 pm

on June 23rd, 2018,

before me is Antonio Padin Salgado,
with National ID N°...


I proceed now to only read
the substantive clauses of the will.

"First, Antonio Padin Salgado
expresses his wish

that on his passing
the following clauses are to be met.

It states as overall heir
of all his goods and rights

the first descendant
of Mario Vilas Pifeiro,

Head of Nursing
at the Argentos Home.

Second, he leaves to his sons
Antonio and Enrique Padin Hermida

only that which corresponds
to them by law."

I don't know if you have
any questions.

I swear, I didn't know anything.

I can refuse it, can't I?

-You're a son of a bitch!
-If you were the heir, yes.

In this case, only your son
can reject it.

You'll have a lot to explain
to that son of yours.


You asked for it, man.
All by yourself.

Son of a bitch!
Fucking son of a bitch!

No slip-ups.

Good. Ciao.

Man, suck my dick.

No, no, no...!