Eye for an Eye (2008) - full transcript

The devious brain behind a heist draws a top police detective, on the eve of his retirement, into an elaborate plot of robbery and revenge.

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Taewon Entertainment presents




Eye for an Eye

We pledge to serve for a just society.

One. Loyal allegiance to our country.

(CLAPPING) Top graduate,
officer Ahn Hyun-min.






Headquarters. Kyung-dong Credit Union.


Director Kwak Kyoung Taek An Gwon Tae.

This was bulletproof, right?

Hey newbie. Yes. Sorry. It's not.

It's not like the movies.
This is just a van.



(REVVING ENGINE) Someone is trailing us.

You like action films, don't you?

Dying to see some real action?

What do you mean sir?

Hey, newbie. Just watch the road.




Headquarters! This is van 7!

Emergency. Suspicious car approaching.

What is your location?

Just passed the intersection
at the Eun-ma apartments.

Requesting backup.

Money transport van in
trouble at Dae-chi road.

G34, copy that. We are on our way.







Hi officer. What's going on?

A car kept trailing us on the main road.

What's the make of the car?

Was it Musso or a Korando?

It was a Musso sir.

Is the money in the transport van? Yes.


Sorry. Have a great day.

(SIRENS) Headquarters. This is vehicle 7.

Cancel the red alarm.






How did the tow truck arrive before us?

We called it. Really?

Hold on.

Wait here.
We ask for your cooperation, sir.

Wrap it up and come to the station.
Yes sir.

May I ask who's in charge?

This is my card.

And he's Captain Baek Sung-Chan. Yes sir.


Eye for an eye. Letter of resignation.

Have a seat.

You want to quit and give a
declaration of conscience, huh?

No, I have a pal who's
doing well in business.

I thought I'd quit being a cop
and run the business with him.

The work is pretty much the same.

What is it?

Catching bug and stuff, sir.

I just need to catch
them once and it's over.

They don't need to come back
to life or get released.


You're here too captain?

Chief, we just got a call
from Dae-chi Station.

A Kyung-dong Credit Union transport
van was robbed of 1.8 million.


But the officers are saying
that our team responded.

And took the van. What?

Under your direction, captain.

Isn't Kyung-dong Kim Hyun-tae's company?

That's right sir. Sorry sir.

I have to put this on hold.







Mix up the cash so that the
serial numbers are out of order.










They tampered with all
the CCTVs in the area sir.


One fake Baek Shun-Chan.

Another fake cop. Two security guards.

And a tow truck driver. That's five.


There are seven conditions for success.

Dream, guts, skills,

wits, ties, looks.

An end.

Having natural born guts and wits,

and also pretty good looks.

But unfortunately,
you don't have the right ties.

Or a dream to live it up in the world.

Starting now, this will be the
tie that brings us great dreams.

There should be no problems
spending ten grand each.

You can do whatever you want,
but meet back here tomorrow at noon.


You need a good ending.

For the dream to become a reality.

(UPBEAT MUSIC) Forgive me lord.
No drinks for offerings.

My birthday. Daddy's coming.



Life's a big party.

I'll rent he place for the night.
How much? What?




Isn't Hyun-min spending his cash?

He's not like us.

Did he ask you to make the passports? Yup.

We're all getting out together, right?

With passports and visas and thousands.

I mean millions.

There's nothing in the world we can't do.


How about a snowball fight?
Loser rolls down the slope naked.


Look! It's Hyun-min.

Kim Hyun-tae also owns the
security company that got robbed.

So he tried to save a few
bucks on a big loss, huh?


Should've had insurance.

Is that all you have to say?

The expensive insurance bills will
come from selling off your wives.

You ignorant sons of bitches.


What's with your heads not working?

Father's last words.


Sir, someone from the
police is here to see you.

Major Oak? Yes sir.

If they don't find the
money, bury them alive.

Right next to their parents who
told them not to use their heads.

Drunk in broad daylight.

Long time no see, Mr. Hong.

One visitor only.


Nice to see you, again.

I didn't think you would be glad to see me.

That depends on why you came.

It's too bad you didn't get insurance.

Nonbanking financial institutions
don't usually get insurance.

It's not like there are guns
on the streets like in the US.

And I am one to trust in
our country's police force.

Though it stabs me in the back at times.

Mind if I chew gum?

I really respect the police.

A petty salary, and having to catch
scumbags to get raises and promotions.

Sometimes you poke the wrong guy
and end up losing everything.

It's a crazy job.
Can't be done without a sense of duty.

What about people who run businesses?

If something goes wrong,
you give out cash to grease some hands.

Then if you make some cash,
you get hit with major taxes.

And if you get unlucky and
the big man upstairs changes,

you got to lobby to get in line.

Businessmen are to be respected.

You tried to charge me for
bribery when I was innocent.

Please work hard to solve this.
Business is slow thanks to you.


Someone's going around using my name.

I wonder if you have any
idea who that would be.


Captain Baek.

What's past is past. Please help me.

You know me.

I pay well when I must.

Who was the red face back then?

A North Korean defector introduced
by the National Security Council.

He was a major in the special forces
and a close guard to Kim Jong-il.

He's got quite a variety of men.

(BUZZING) What's up, Hyung-wook?


Watch your positions girls.


You lead a busy life, Hyung-wook.

Selling gold during the day,
and running a bar at night.

Let's show respect for each
other, shall we, Captain Baek?

No more Hyung-wook. Call me Antonio. Okay.

So what's this big tip you mentioned?

My girls are young.

They can dance here and
get any man they want.

But at our age, they're hard to find.

Even Botox doesn't work well.

Money's the only sure thing in life.

So I'm doing all kinds of things
to support the poor old souls.

Stop rambling and cut to the chase.

I got a call a few days ago
asking if I can buy 600kg.

600kg? Of what? Gold.


Maybe smuggling? Or stolen goods.

Know him well? No.

He's poking around here and there.

I think the stuff's coming in real soon.

I set up my radars all around.

And? Heard some customs
inspectors plotted with cops

to close a big deal and quit
working for the government.

I heard it belongs to Kim Hyun-tae.

Kim Hyun-tae?

Where's it coming in? Jeju Island.

Jeju Island?

Hello Captain. Morning Captain.

What's this? Not sure.

It must've come in this morning.


TO: Captain Baek Sung-Chan.
From Capain Baek Sung-Chan.

The son of a bitch.

Don't tell the chief yet.

Take the boys and go down to Jeju Island.

What about you captain?

I'm scheduled to give a
briefing on the van robbery.

First, see if the goods are there.
Yes Captain.

Good luck. Yes sir.

Jeju International Airport.

You can't come in without a warrant.

Didn't you get it? We sent it.

Search the place. Yes sir.

The warrant is on the way.

I'll have to see it. Whatever.

Official trades. Golf clubs.

Over there! Where? Found it!

Found it! It's really here.



When the gold comes in
through Jeju Airport.

Cho Pil-seung, the freight clerk,
will sneak it out of the warehouse.

Cho Pi-seung, airport warehouse clerk,

airport police officer, Go Dong-min
will see that it passes inspections.

Then Dirty Bones will pick up the
goods at the outer port warehouse.

Dirty Bones-gold smuggler.

Then we put the goods on a boat to Seoul.
A very simple route.

The only problem is whether the police
will let it be delivered or take it.

But since we got them stirred,

they won't want to just
catch the small fries.

What if they still do? Baek won't allow it.

He only goes after the big fish.

He went to Kim Hyun-tae,
that means he saw the bait.

Now, he just has to bite it.


Captain, we located the goods. Okay.

See you in Jeju Island.

Trail them.

Cho Pil-seung.

Go Dong-min.

Long time no see Dirty Bones.

Look at the pants on him.

The belt and his flower shirt.
Really something.


Airport operator?

I left a bag full of explosives
in front of the smoking room.


I've been assigned to this bus. What?

Didn't you get the call? What's going on?



10 minutes to lunch time.
Let's go then. Okay.

Delta 2 guards. Code blue.

Code blue? Explosives. Shit!

Where you going?

They'll get suspicious if I don't show.
Wait here.


What the hell?

Trail him. Go!







Emergency. Come to the lobby, now.

That fool's getting off too.





Back up against it. Okay. Hold on.

(HONKING) What the hell? Move it!

Why are we stopped?

The bus won't move out of the way.

What's with the buses?



What's going on?

Somebody just move.

Let's wrap this up quickly. Okay?

Why are you here?

You told me to come. What? When?

In the text message. What?

Shit. We are fucked.

Shit! Damn it.


It's still there.

Where's Dirty Bones? He's on the way back.

But something must be up.

What now? Doesn't look good.

Let's open it. Get him.


Shit! Get off of me.




Sorry captain. We lost the goods.

Come back to Seoul.

Let's say you were never there. Yes sir.

Stupid idiots. Shit.

Pardon? Ah, refund please.

Here. See you in Seoul.
Stay put. Don't wander off.



Wanted suspects of transport van robbery.

Tell the truth you bastard.
I am! It's true!

You little. It was there and
then it suddenly vanished.

You expect us to believe that shit?

We don't know what the
hell happened either! Damn!

How many times does someone going to
and from work get caught on CCTVs?

Given his company is about 30km away?

70 times.

Our lives are being recorded
without knowing. Scary world.

Now. Let's start from there.

Probably worked out better for us. Shit.

The police already knew about it.

If we had the stuff,
we would have been arrested.

You're happy getting off on weak
evidence, but I'm fucked.

This was my last big gig.
What if they dig up my past man?

Relax. Get in!

What? I said get in.

We have the goods. The goods?

Oh really? Why didn't you say so?

Get in. Let's go.



Follow me.


Shit. What's that smell?

What's with all the mutts?

Dirty mongrels. Shit.

We checked out the passengers
lists around that time.

There are four suspects we found.

This is them, caught on CCTV.
Such amateurs.



Stop right there.

That was around 17:30.

Call Jeju Airport.

But sir. They're long gone.

No. The fingerprints.

Get the prints and send them to forensics.

Four of them got on a plane.

Probably didn't take the goods by plane.

So there's got to be another one.

600kg is a pretty big load.

Only way to transport it is by boat.

Probably wouldn't leave
that job to small fries.

The leader took the goods himself.

That aside.

How'll he sell off that much gold.

Captain Baek.

Did you enjoy your trip to Jeju?

What's up? Nothing much.

Look Hyung-wook.

Oh, I forgot. Antonio.

Think you can play me, bitch?

What are you talking about sir?

Like you don't know, bitch!

It's me, Antonio. I'd never lie to you sir.

I'm the one who gave you the
tip about Jeju, aren't I?

What the fuck is this?


Shit! What's that?

I starved them for a week.
They're famished.

If you want to live, fight them.


Kim Do-soo.

Former combat sports player. Age 33.

Been in and out of jail for violence.

Served time for assaulting
his ex-wife and her lover.

Released a month ago.
His mother is raising his daughter.

We found the rest through CCTV
records and eye witness accounts.

These are ex-cons with
similar track records.

Hwang Min-chul, age 43.

Served time for making
counterfeits of critical documents.

Lost his eyesight during confinement
but luckily had a transplant later.

Next is Cha Young-jae, age 29.

Been in jail 3 times for pick pocketing.
And at last.

Song Yoo-gon, age 27. Expert luxury
car thief. Served three times.

They were all in Seoul prison.

Apart from Kim Do-soo,
they don't have any family.

Inspector Kim?
Get me info on Hwang's donor.

Yes sir.

Let's get started. Yes sir. Yes Captain.

Inspector Park? Yes.

Hwang's good at forging official
documents, right? Yes sir.

If I were their leader,

I'd get Hwang to make fake visas
and escape out of the country.

And if you have a kid,
wouldn't you take her?

Sir. Thanks.

Capain? I found the donor.

Name, Ahn Hyuk-tae, age 67.

He died in May, last year.

A month after Hwang was released.
He has a son.

A son?


Hello. Come out.

Don't look around. Go straight.

Turn right.

Keep walking.


Turn right.

Turn left at your jewelry shop.

Good morning boss. Look straight ahead.

Come out and turn left.

Keep walking.

Now. Turn around. Now.

Put your thumb between your
index and middle fingers.

What? Too hard?

Now, hold it out in front.

Looks like you have followers.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Who is it?

Oh, Captain Baek.

What brings you here?

You son of a bitch.

Come on.

Are you mad because I didn't call you back?


Oh captain. Of course not. Crazy bastard.

You're pissed off, aren't you?

I'm the victim.

(GUNSHOT) The bastards threatened me too.

You silly son of a bitch.

I was just pretending stupid.

Shit. No sensitivity whatsoever.

Why did you give me the tip?

I thought you'd be the one to catch them.


Oh, come on.
If it all works out, you make money.

If it fails, Baek catches the
bastards who threatened you.


Everything's smooth sailing for Antonio.

Isn't that it?

Come on. Hold still.

I'll suck it for you.

Tell me, Antonio. Who's the bastard?

I don't know.


Who's the son of a bitch? I don't know.

I told you everything.

Is the bastard scarier than me?
Is the bastard scarier than me, huh?!



Why are you afraid of him?

Bastards who commit crimes
should be afraid of cops.

(SLAP) Understood.

That son of a bitch will call you again.

If you don't report it to me again,

I'll, I'll,

(SLAP) Understood?


Thou knowest me.

But why do I not know you?

It's me.

When did you say they
were together in jail?

I think it was 2002 to 2003 sir. Thanks.

From 2002 to 2003.

Captain! Captain! Found him. Good.

Ahn Hyuk-tae, the eyes donor.

He ran a trading company
named Jung-woo Corp.

Killed himself after going bankrupt.
And his son?

The son was a warden at Seoul Prison.

He was the suspects' warden.
His name is Ahn. Ahn Hyun-min.

He's got quite the resume.

For an MBA. He studied abroad.
He's the leader.

Min-chul? Are the passengers ready?

I think we need to speed it up a little.

Don't think we have much time left.

Hurry it up please.

Welcome sir. This way.

Please, let us stay here.

You're causing a scene ma'am.

We'd like to help but
there is no other way.

Please, we don't have anywhere else to go.

Please don't tell us to leave.

Please. Hello director Kim. Hello sir.

Please help us sir. Please.

Please save his life. Please.


If you don't have the money, die.


It's a great saying.
If you don't have money, die.

Sir, withdrawing requests
are continuing to increase.

Isn't it cool?
I've always wanted to say that.

The insurance money has been withdrawn.

And the financial supervisory
commission called.

We might be suspended sir.

What's the counter plan? Sorry sir.


Sell your blood or organs to cover it.

You stupid son of a bitch.

Mr. Yoon. Yes sir.

Though we make money like dogs,
let's try to live gracefully, shall we?



Parking lot 3 of Mountain
Bukhan B-45, 11 PM.


A breakdown of all of Kim
Hyun-tae's illegal transactions.

If things get rough,
you wanna leave first? No.

Any false moves and he
will chase me down to hell.

Don't worry.

And good luck with the rest.

Yoon Hyung-Chan.

He was the manager of
accounts a Jung-woo Corp.

He aided in Kim Hyun-tae
taking over Jung-woo Corp.

Kim invested big in Jung-woo Corp.

Then he paid off a prosecutor
and took Ahn's company by force.

And his response to this injustice

Ahn ended up burning himself to death.

His son found out while
studying abroad and returned.

Probably to plot revenge
for his father's death.

And to find accomplices for his revenge.

He became a warden.


He gathered his men one by one
while working in Seoul Prison.

And with the last one,

Kim Do-soo's release.
His revenge against Kim Hyun-tae began.

He gave his father's eyes
to form a team for revenge?

For several years? So elaborately?
Don't the pieces fit?

What do you think Capain? Who? Me?

Hey, inspector Lee?

What code and section is revenge under?

Don't know?

Inspector Kim. Where does it say revenge?

Where is it listed as a crime?

Inspector Park?

Know where revenge is under?

Fuck! Revenge is not a crime!

Find something that's of use to nail them.

Stop wasting time and go get them!






Wait till I get there. Right.

Okay. How'd you find them?


A tip came in through email.

We checked the IP address and
located where it was sent from.

What's the cause of death?

After beatings, attacked by dogs.


Put all the dogs to sleep.

Yes sir. Yes sir.
Inspector Park. Yes, captain.

It's completely empty.












Caller ID restricted.


Think carefully.

Why do you think I chose you?

A sentimental fool, are yah?

Want me to play along?

Imaging every night how
I'll bring Kim down.

Is that it?

It may mean something to you,
but it's nothing but a revenge crime.

Just one of over 7000 cases
I deal with each year.

You got the wrong man, MBA.

It was a mistake leaving clues behind.

Soon, I'll make sure they come for you.

I'll see to it sir. Good.


Why do you think he sent
something like this?

Both cases were planned
to get Kim Hyun-tae.

And he knows that I failed
in putting Kim behind bars.


He's playing a game of chess against Kim.

And trying to use me as a pawn.

Ignorant son of a bitch.

No, he's very smart sir.

Here's the drink you ordered.

Here's the meat. Yes?

The bathroom?

Down that way on the right
at the end of the alley.

Why hello ma'am.

Didn't Do-soo mention me? I'm Ahm Hyun-min.

Say hi boys.

Hi Ma'am, I'm Min-chul. Hello.

This is Young-jae and Yoo-gon.

Hello ma'am.

Okay. Here.

Found it.

Here. That's it, right?

How long will it take?

We both know Do-soo's a man of pride.

So, don't tell him.

Since he's going abroad with his kid.

This is for you. Please take it.

Take it ma'am. Please.

It's not much, please.
Is this your cell phone?

Oh, thank you. Thank you sir.


Hello? Daddy?

Here. My favorite.

It's yummy. Good. Try it.

Where's daddy?


Happy birthday sweetie.
I thought granny was lying again.


Are you okay?

Do-soo. Kim Do-soo.

Sorry I'm late.

Hi, princess. Daddy asked me to
buy this for you. Sorry I'm late.

Take him in.

Oh shit!


I think Kim Hyun-tae's onto us.

Take me with you.


All the papers and passports ready?

Yes. We leave tomorrow.

How long will you keep this up? Huh?

God dammit.

Hello sir.

It's okay. Keep smoking.

So he's using his right to remain silent.

No use sweating it.
We'll get his warrant within 48 hours.

Caught red handed.

Book him for stealing
the cash and the gold.

Add the murders of Go Dong-min,
Cho Pi-seung and Dirty Bones too.

I never killed anyone.

Doesn't matter.

We got three bodies and
we need a killer for them.

Bring in Antonio in the morning.
Ahn will call him for sure.

If he doesn't,
just charge this fool with everything.

Yes captain.

You're fucked. You son of a bitch.

Here sir.

One, two, testing.

One two.

Don't screw up. Thanks.

One, two, one two. Mic test. One two.

Gross. Don't spit on it.

It's him. Answer it.

Hello. It's me.

Why are you calling so late?

I'll give you 100kg for now.

Got the money?

I got good clean checks and cash ready.

Noon. In front of Tae-young building.

Tae-young building?

Careful of being followed.

Let's get all the backup
we can and head out.



Today's your lucky day. Bastard.

If it was me,
I would've beat the shit out of you.

Aren't you going out for lunch?

Later. The investigative team asked me

to do the paperwork for this fool.

Are you here? Where are you?

Stand up and pick up the bag.

Start walking.

See the bench in front? Put the bag there.

Turn around.

Baek Sung-chan's with you, right?

Don't act so awkward.

Do it.

Stop using my name, Ahn Hyun-min.

Hi, Baek Sung-Chan.

Now that we've both been
introduced to each other.

I must say,
I'm tired of playing hide and seek.

Coming out anytime soon?

Sorry, I got to make a stop.

What, a store?
A bottle of water for me then.

Why, you thirsty?

Yeah, after all the shit you fed me.

Everything is going according to the plan?

Run away with the millions. To where?

Hey you! No one ordered all that food!

I told you the investigative
team ordered it.

Why you little.

What? See I told you!

It's time.

Stop jacking around. Why?

Getting nervous with so many people around?


Some bar girls got into a fight
with some men in the streets.

Sit down! Sit down now!

Who are you? You said to sit down.

Let me say just one thing. Shoot.

I'll chase you down to
hell you son of a bitch.


Cut the chit-chat. When are you gonna show?


Getting nervous with so many people around?

Shit! Out of the way! Move!

Son of a bitch.

Let's go. Yes sir.
Copy that. Block that car!

Get in! Go!




This is Captain Baek.

Get me Ahn's location now!



Chasing suspect!

Block off the area.









Where the hell are you? I'm on my way sir.

Phone is ringing off the hook.

With complaints! It's all because of you!

Bring me that resignation letter now.

Sir, I can't quit. Not now.

Don't me with me Baek.
Please sir. Forget it!

No excuses. New parts or used?

All the eggs are cracked
because one rotten one sir.

Just bring the resignation letter.

You want new parts or used?

Whatever shit head. Why you little!

Take Do-soo's family and
Mr. Yoon to the pier by 12.

And tell the boys too. What about you?

I got to finish this.

You're not going to... I'll see you there.

May the lord bless his soul
and give him salvation.

With this holy water,
wash away his pain oh lord.

And strengthen his weak heart.

We pray in the name of
lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Calling Dr. Kim for eyes transplant
for patient Hwang Chul-min.

Please come to the operating room.


Kim's staying at Novotel, right? Yes sir.

Ahn's got unfinished business.

He'll turn up at Kim's.

What if he never shows?

What if he sneaks out through
Incheon port or something?

MBA is so close to getting his
revenge on Kim. He'll show.


It's me, Do-soo.

Is my family with you? Hold on.

It's Do-soo. It's me son.




Everything is quiet here.
There is no one around.

Ahn just got on the elevator.

He's going to the 16th floor.


He got off on the 11th floor.


He got on the service elevator.






He's escaping through the back stairs.
Where does that lead to?

It connects to the hotel's kitchen.







Put the gun down.

No use looking for me.

I'll find you soon. (WHIPPING)




It's recording, right?

Head up!


I got you this time.

If you want to save them,
bring my things to Incheon port.

Go first. What?

What about Min-chul?
He'll go with me later.

You said we'd all leave together.
Don't worry.

Min-chul and I will see you soon.


What the hell?

He's tough, but you'll get him.

Thank you for getting me released.

See you around.

Me too.

Captain. I was ordered
to tell you about Jeju.

By who?

MBA? Hope it's not too late.

You can run but you can't hide, MBA.

You son of a bitch.



This ruins the fun.

What? Turning yourself in?

I'm meeting Kim at luncheon port
with the money and gold at 3 AM.

Catch us both then.


What is this, a joke?

Min-chul and Mr. Yoon are
in Kim's hands right now.

This should be enough to do
whatever you want with Kim.

Why don't you do it yourself? Your way?

I set up the game.
But the last move is yours.

I save Min-chul, and you save your honor.


Haven't heard that word in a while.

But sorry, I don't like
the game you set up for me.

You can still come out shining like
a diamond in someone else's game.

Are you trying to deal your way out?

No, I'm asking for a favor.

For what?

To free Min-chul. There's no reason
for him to die because of me.

I don't have that power.

No. You could do it.

If you wanted.

You son of a bitch!



Son of a bitch.

You could do it.

If you wanted. I save Min-chul.

And you save your honor.



Inspector Park? Yes, captain.

Where are you?


There's a fishing boat and
a barge coming into pier 2.

A black sedan is pulling in.

Block off all escape routes.

Positions everyone!


We must catch them in the act.
Wait for my signal.


Now, show me what's mine.


Let him go first.

Give these men some money.

And they will rip out
an organ if I tell them.

I don't think your head
will be much of a problem.

I'm sick of playing games with you.

I'm leaving this tiny hole.

I'm going to bigger waters.

To play in the big leagues.
Make the switch.

The bastards for my money.

Okay, copy that.

Captain. Yes sir.

Kim's side is on the move.

Lure them over to the barge.

Yes sir.

I knew you'd come.

Throwing it all away for
these sons of bitches.

Take your precious buddy.


Hope the loyalty between
you fools lasts forever.



Since you used up all the cash,

leave the other one to be fair.


Move now!

That way! Yes sir!

Over here!

Over here!



Your job is done.
I'll be sure to pay your family.

When the two Koreans are reunified.




Son of a bitch.







Hey, you two. Hurry up!
Clean this place up. Hurry.

Inspector Park. You finish up here.

Ye sir. Hurry up men.

Go clean up what's left of Kim.

Inspector Kim.

Yes? Bring Ahn over. Yes sir.

You sure sir?

Yeah, I'll take him in.
See you at the station.

Yes sir.


Did he escape from you or
did you let him get away?

Tell me what you think.

You must be happy. To finally get
revenge for your father's death.

Capt. Baek?

Can I ask you something?

Why'd you save me?

Haven't I made you mad enough?

I didn't save you.

I was simply doing a favor.

What favor? To save Min-chul.

Gentle and civil, that's better.

A dog cowers even at the
sight of a tiger's dung.

But there is just one time
when a dog can beat a tiger.

Know when that is?

When the tiger is a cub? No.

When it tries to kill its puppy.

The dog will bite it
with all the life in him.

Makes sense.

Where did you hear that?

From my father.

Got a smoke?



Inspector Park.




What's up Inspector Park?
Where are you sir?

My cell phone battery was dead. What's up?

There's an extra ambulance here.

I guess we're in a trap.

Are you listening sir.

What? Didn't one leave right after me?
There's another one?

Yes sir.

What the hell happened?

What! It's not gold. They're fake.

500kg of gold turned out to be
fake of 600kg that we found.

Only 100kg of the load was gold.

Where's the 500kg of gold?



Damn bastards.




The sons of bitches.




1 year later.

Morning sir. Morning everyone.

This came for you. Thanks.

Mr. Kim? Yes sir.
Did you kill them all yesterday?

At Banpo apartments? Were they termites?

No, red ants.
They were biting the children.

We killed them off clean sir.

Good job.


Greetings captain Baek.

How have you been?

Having fun catching real
bugs instead of human pests?

Fly over. We are waiting for you.

Hope there are no hard feelings
for tricking you back then.

We're enclosing a first time ticket.