Extraterrestrial (2014) - full transcript

A group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods find themselves terrorized by alien visitors.


Is anyone in there?

Oh, thank God!

Let me in!

Please let me in!

Sorry lady, we just closed.

No, no!


911, state your emergency.

You've got to help me!

They took them!

Took who?

My boys!
Oh God.

We were just here, and they
took them!


I need you to calm down and
give me your location.

Can you look around and tell
me what you see?

There's a gas station, on the

What the fuck?


What the hell's going on?

Well, we're not sure, boss.

This here is a uh...

weird one.

Store clerk here said a woman,
brunette, like 30...

shows up around midnight...

she's acting irate...

banging on the door here and
wants to use the phone.

And then...

Then what?

I think I'll let the boy tell
you himself.

Now, sheriff, I'm not gonna
lie to you...

I've done a lot of hallucinogens
in my day, but...

what I saw last night, that
shit was out of this world.

Straight up.

Nancy McPherson.

Where did you go?

I know, yeah, I won't forget.

In the garage.

Don't worry, I'm using a wide
angle lens.

Never mind.



Mom, I gotta go.

I'm packing.

Mom, I'm getting off the
phone now.

I love you, too.


Mom busting your balls again?

Yeah, she's driving me fucking

Are you sure you want to come
with me?

I could just take the photos
and come home tonight.

No, I'm coming with you and
it's gonna be great.

It's been a brutal semester...

God knows we both deserve some
R and R.

If you say so.

It's gonna be fun.

We can go on a hike, little
small campfire...

look up at the stars.

And then...

I will make you my bitch.

Or I can be your bitch, I can
be your bitch, too...

if you want.

You're already my bitch.

Ugh, dad, what do you want?

Hey, April!

You actually see me over there?

Hey, dad.

Yeah, I can see you.

I can't talk for long, okay?

We're just getting ready to

I still can't believe your
mother's making you go...

all the way out there.

Couldn't she just have gotten
the real estate agent...

to take the damn photos?

I don't know, she said it was
gonna cost too much.

You know mom.

Cheapest woman I ever met.

She's just selling it to
spite me...

you know that right?

As if getting the goddamn house
wasn't enough.

Dad, are you drinking?

It's like eleven in the morning.

You know what they say...

the only cure for a hangover
is to keep it coming.

Dad, seriously.

Slow down.

I worry about you.

Did you catch the game, last

Dad, I really can't talk for
long, we're, like...

almost out the door.

Well, wait, wait.

I uh...

need you to grab some things
for me while you're out there.

Um, two fishing rods in the
garage, and a tackle box.

You'll find it behind the
work bench.

Okay, fishing rods, tackle box.

Got it.

and my shotgun.

The double barrel.

It's in the basement.

If your mother wants that...

she's gonna have to pry it out
of my cold, dead hands.

Got it.

One shotgun, dead hands.

Okay dad, I'm gonna go now, okay?

I love you, I'll talk to you


Okay, how do I turn off...

I feel like I'm seventeen
all over again.

Did your dad find a new job yet?

He's been looking, but he's
not in very good shape.

Jesus, what now?


Yo, bitch!

Are we doing this shit, or what?

We'll be down in a sec, chill.

Well, it's hot as fuck down
here, Kyle...

my balls are sweating like
a motherfucker.

Let's go!

Who is that, is that Seth?

Okay, I probably should have
told you this earlier...

but I might have invited a few
people to come...

with us to the cabin.

Kyle, seriously?


Hey, Mel.

Come on, April, let's do this

Time is money.

I got places to go, people
to see.

It's gonna be fun, I promise.

Oh yeah, hey April, can I come
upstairs real quick?

I gotta take a fat shit.

I so hate you, right now.

Come on, come on!

Seth, watch it!

Watch this shit!

Don't fucking do that again.

Don't be such a fuckin' pussy,

There's nobody on the road!

Oh, fuck.

If he searches us, we're fucked.

I gotta tell you, that is
pretty high on the list...

of stupidest things I've ever
seen in my life.

Yeah, I'm really sorry, officer.

I'm an idiot.

I'm glad you're aware of it.

License and registration.

Yeah, um...

Where you kids headed?

My mom owns a cabin out here.

We're just staying at it, for
the weekend.

Well, we've had some disturbances
around here...

some break-ins, vandalism,
animals being killed.

Obviously, you kids wouldn't
know anything about that...

would you?

No, nothing.

We just got here.

You're just visiting.


See, we get a lot of that.

Kids coming down for the weekend,
getting drunk...

thinking they can do whatever
they want.

I'm here to tell you that's
not the case.

While you're in my town you
best behave...

or, you're gonna have to deal
with me...

and you don't want to do that.

Are we clear?

Yes, sir.

I'm gonna give you a warning.

Thank you.

No more fuckin' around.

Got it?

Yes, thank you.

We're not gonna be a problem.


Remind me to punch you in the
dick, Seth.

Wow, this is amazing!

It's beautiful out here.

Yeah, April, when you said cabin
in the woods...

I thought this was gonna be a
total shithole.

Oh, yeah!

Fuckin' A!

This is what I'm talkin' about!

This is such a trip.

Last time I was here, we were
in middle school.

Yeah, we used to come out here
every summer.

I'm gonna go grab my camera...

hopefully I can get all the
rooms before it gets dark out.

Do you need help?

No, it's ok baby, I got it.

Hey, think fast, fuckhead!

Bottoms up, motherfuckers!

I figured it was coyotes, so I
replaced the whole damn fence.

Now I don't know what to think.

Well, it doesn't look like
coyotes, Rick.

It's too perfect, too clean.

If this keeps up, I'm not
gonna survive the season.

I'm gonna get animal control
down here...

get things cleared up, okay?

You take care.

I'm over here at the Riseman

got another animal mutilation,
same as the others.

Copy that, sheriff.

What the hell is going on in
this town, huh?


Oh my God, I can't believe you
slept with that guy.


He was, like, forty and so guido!

Oh, whatever.

He was hot.

So um...

NYU probably has a pretty good
writing program.

You know, it would probably be
easy to transfer there.

For Kyle.

If he wanted to go with you.

Melanie, I put a lot of thought
into this, okay?

I just don't see it happening.

I don't know...

it's just that there are a lot
of douchebag guys out there...

and Kyle isn't one of them.

You guys are great together.

I know we are, I just...

I don't want to be one of
those girls that marries...

her high school sweetheart and
then pops out three kids...

and wonders what could have been.

Look, all I'm saying is that,
you know...

maybe you should just think
about it a little bit more.


What is it?
What the fuck?

What the fuck's your problem?

Rusty, stop being so aggro.

Fucking Rusty!

Come back here!


Fucking dumb dog.



I think he's back there.



Really, Mel?

Don't be a square.

Come on.


What a shithole.

Fuck, I think he's back there.

Holy shit, Melanie, look.



Thank you, God.
Thank you, God.

Okay, remember, we're here to
find the dog.

What dog?


Mmm, sweet Jesus, it's a miracle!

Melanie, put it down.

Come on.
This is sketch.

It's probably some drug dealer's

Can I just take one bag?


I don't wanna get killed!

Okay, fine.

There you are!

Don't do that again.

Come on, let's go, okay?

Oh my God!

What are you doing on my property?

We weren't trying to steal
anything, I promise!

You're trespassing!

No, no, no, my dog just ran
back here...

and we came back to get him!

Who sent you?

Who sent you?

My parents own a cabin right
down the road!


I know you?

Hell, I haven't seen you...

since you were knee high to
a bait pail.


Your dad and I used to take
you fishing out on the lake!



Sorry for spookin' you guys,
back there...

I don't get many visitors.

I see somebody on my property...

they're usually here lookin'
for trouble.

Is this you?

Oh yeah, a little green behind
the ears, in that one.

So, uh, were you in, like,
Vietnam, or whatever?


'67 through '71.

Brave as shit.

I've seen things...

things your generation just
wouldn't understand.

Hey, what's that thing?


My motion activated thermal
cameras picked this one up...

last week.

What is it?

What do you think it is?

Secret military air craft!

They've been using this whole
area for test flying...

ever since the end of the
Cold War.

Maybe things have been heating up.

Just last night I tracked
one of these babies going...

about 2400 clicks an hour...

it stopped right on a goddamn

did a 180 quicker than any
aircraft known to man.

You had to see it.

No way!


Oh, you guys are so young...

you have no idea what's going
on, out there.

Why should you?

When I was your age...

I thought the world was a good
and fair place.

I've seen some shit since then.

People nowadays live in their

comfortable bubble worlds, and
the people behind the curtain...

want to keep them that way.

The last thing they want is
an informed...

public cable free-thought.



People out there, they think
they're free...

but they couldn't be further
from the truth.

That's why you gotta stay
off the radar.

Keep off the grid.

'Cause they're out there, and
they're watching.

So, um, can I buy some weed?

Of course you can.

So, then, I was like...




and I was, like, freaking out
and I felt super dizzy...

and out of it, and I mean...

I was having a full on panic

in the middle of the club!

All of my friends were totally
like TTYL...

I didn't know what to do.

So, anyway, out of nowhere, he
comes over...

and he's all like hey, are
you alright?

He takes me to his dorm and he
takes care of me all night...

and he gives me water...

and I just knew he was the
right guy for me.

So, yeah, that's how we met.

Wow, that sounds amazing.

I know, right?

Hey, um...

can I talk to you, for a second?

Just, like, upstairs?

Yeah, okay, sure.

Actually, could you close the

Are you okay?

You're acting really weird.

Yeah, no, I'm fine.

Um, so, I, uh...

I don't know how to say this,


Say what?

You know that I care about you
a lot, right?

Yeah, of course I do.

What is it?

Okay, here goes.


April, we know each other inside
and out...

and the last three years have

the best three years of my life.

I love waking up next to you...

and I want to keep waking up
next to you...

for the rest of my life.


What are you doing, Kyle?

April, what do you say?

You want to keep waking up
next to me, too?

Kyle, are you serious?

Is that a yes?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Oh, fuck.

You can't leave me hanging here.

Kyle, I...

I can't.

But, why?

Fuck, I haven't told you this,

I... I didn't want it to be
like this.

I got a job offer in New York.

New York?


When does it start?

The middle of May.

That's like a month away!

When the hell were you gonna
tell me this?

This weekend, but then you
ended up...

inviting a bunch of people,
over here.

That's right in the middle
of the semester...

I can't transfer that quickly.

What, did you not want me to
go with you?

No, Kyle, I didn't say that.

I just...


Oh, my God.

You're breaking up with me.
No, no Kyle, I just...

I don't know if I'm ever gonna
get another opportunity...

like this again.

Oh, I'm such an idiot.

I'm such a fucking idiot.


Kyle, don't walk away.


Let's get this motherfucking
party start...

Fuck off, Seth.

You said no?


That is some cold ass shit.

Welcome to the gayest surprise
party ever!

Not only did the surprise
completely backfire...

but there's no TV, there's no
cell phone service...

and I just got the worst news
that my chick is on the rag.

In this corner we have Kyle...

who has just taken a merciless
beating from April...

and could be out for the count.


Say something for the camera,

Come here, you fuckin' dumb dog.

Oh yeah, gimme this shit.

What are these dirty sluts
up to?

Fuck, I just wish it didn't
have to go down like that.

I fucking care about him.

Are you filming this?

That is some fucked up shit.

I mean really, who says no to
a guy on one knee?

Seth, fuck off.

I just, I'm trying to understand
the situation.

So am I.


I thought we were happy together.

I'm Kyle, remember?

We're in it for the long haul.

Where you go, I go.

He fuckin' loves you, April.


Seth, get the fuck out of here.

I care about you, but...

But, what?

But, what?

I fucking love you, and you
love me.

I don't even think I believe in
the concept of marriage, Kyle.

Look how well it turned out
for my parents...

they can't stand each other!

But you are the one for me.

Kyle, that is just something
we are raised to believe...

that we're supposed to want,

The one, you know?

Like it's some magical fucking

that is going to complete us
and it's crap!

Are you listening to me?

What are you talking about?

I'm saying that at the end
of the day...

we're all just alone in the

April, that is the worst fucking

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck?

Holy shit!

What was that?

Holy fuck!

Oh, my God!

We gotta go!

Leave this shit!
Let's go!

No way, man!

What the fuck, April?



What the hell is that?

Are we really fucking doing
this shit?

Fuck sakes man, I'm too fucking
drunk for this shit, man.

Come on, hurry the fuck up.


Oh my God.

What the hell is that?

It's an airplane, right?

I don't know, maybe man, but
what's with the red light?

I don't fuckin' know, man.


Is that what I think it is?

Oh my God, this is fucked up!

What is this?

I know one thing for sure it's

this is definitely not an airplane!

No way.

This is so light, it's like

Do you think it's a military
thing like Travis was saying?

It has to be.

Okay, seriously, fuck this!

This is not fucking happening!

I'm going back to the car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah baby, I'm
with you.

Yo, yo guys, let's go.

Come on, let's go!


Look at this!

Yo, yo, yo!

Come check this out!

Get over here!

Come on.

Holy shit.

Are those footprints?



Hey, you got the video?

I want to see the video.

I know one thing for sure
it's not...

this is definitely not an

This is so fucked!

I knew this shit was real, man.

That fuckin' Roswell Area 51
shit is true.

No, it's gotta be something else.

Look at it, for Christ's sake!

It's a UFO!
It's a fucking crashed UFO!

I think we should pack our shit...

and get the hell out of here,
you guys.

Let's just drive until we get

and then call someone.

Who the fuck are we gonna call?


They'll think it's a fucking joke.

I don't know, but we can't just
stay here!

You guys!

She's right.

Those footprints...

they were headed in this

Alright, calm down.

Everything is gonna be fine.

You've got to be kidding me!

Okay guys, it's okay.

The power's gone out here, before...

when the weather was this bad.

It's probably just the breaker.

Well, where's the breaker?

Come on, hurry the fuck up.

Alright, where is it?

It's over there.



I think it's the ground line.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.
Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

What the fuck is he barking at?


There's someone in the house!

Yeah, or something.

There's a gun.

There's a gun down here.

It's unloaded.

Oh my God, let me do it.

Who taught you how to do that?

My dad and I used to hunt.

Oh my God.

Oh my God, Rusty!

Come on.

Oh, my God.

Quick, shut it!

Do you see anything?


Is it still in the house?

Oh, shit.

Watch out, watch out, watch out.

Anything up there?

Come on.

You see anything out there?


Whatever was in here, it's
definitely gone now.

Oh, my God.


Did I just hear a gunshot?

Is that blood?

What the fuck is that?


Dude, that's a dead fuckin'

Kyle, it's cold!

Drive faster!

Do you guys realize what we
just saw?

I mean, do you realize what
this means?

I don't care, I don't care.

I just wanna get home.

No, no, no, we gotta come back
in the morning...

and take pictures!

Oh my God, are you fucking
kidding me?

Think about it!
We're gonna be rich!

We're gonna be on TV and shit!

We have proof that life on
another planet exists.

Give it a rest, babe.


Kyle, slow down.


Just drive over it, man.

It's too big to drive over.

Can't you just, like, move it
or something?

Move it?

Look at it.

This thing probably weighs
two tons.

Kyle, look at this!

What did this?

Was it lightening?

This is the only road back
into town.

What're we gonna do?

Well, at least it stopped raining.

What the hell?

Oh, my God!

Jesus Christ, what the fuck
is that?

Get in the car!

What the fuck are you doing?

Come back to the car!

What is she doing?

Let's go!

Oh, my God!

Get in the fucking car!

Oh, my God!


Oh my God, no!

Oh, my God, no!

Sheriff's department.

Open up!


We're finally here, at Echo

it is unbelievably gorgeous...

and it's Matty's first time

One, two, three, go!

I'm gonna catch a fish that's
even bigger than this!

Say hi to grandma!

Hi, grandma!

Oh my God, what is that?

Are you filming this?

Honey, is that a plane?

Matty, what are you doing?

Get back in the camper!

Mom, I can see something up

Oh my God, Matty!


Oh, God.

Anybody there?

Don't hurt me!

Ma'am, I am not going to hurt you.

I'm here to protect you.

8732, I'm over here at Dudney

I am requesting immediate
medical assistance.

10-4 sheriff, we're on our way.

Ma'am, what happened?

Who did this to you?

They took Jeffrey!

They took my Matty!

Took them, where?

Who took them?

Who do you think?

They do tests, experiments.

They want to know everything
about us.

They'll show you things.

Put things in your mind.

Terrible things.


You're safe, now.

They held me down!

I couldn't stop them.

They held me down.

Oh, God.

Oh, shit.

What the fuck?

What the fuck is happening?

What the fuck was that?

They just fucking took her, man!

They just fucking took her!

We are fucking fucked!

We're in the middle of fucking

Seth, calm down.


Just don't touch me, okay?

I said, get the fuck off me!

What the hell is your problem?

Guys, guys, guys!



It's Travis's place.

Come on.
Let's go.

Yo, you sure this guy's cool?

Yeah, he's totally on the level.

Nobody move!

Or, this one will be dead before
he hits the floor!

Travis, please don't hurt him!

It's just me!


What the hell are you doing,
sneaking up on me?

We thought you were dead!

No, no.

I've been sleeping with one
eye open for years.

Yeah? You want to let go of me
then, please!

Oh, I'm sorry, son.

Old habits die hard.

I was watching the dolphins...

and niner's Super Bowl game
and, uh...

must have dozed off.

We didn't mean to scare you,
we just...

didn't know where else to go.

We're in trouble and need help.


Seth, show him the video.


What video?

You're gonna want to add this
one to your collection.

This is definitely not an


I should have known.

See, everyone within the inner
circle knows that...

the US government has had a

with the extraterrestrials,
after since Roswell.

We don't have time for this
conspiracy theory bullshit!

We need to get help!



Let him talk.

What kind of treaty?

Well, the powers that be turn
a blind eye to them...

abducting civilians and doing

the hell it is they do, with

And, in turn, we get to run
around down here...

as if we own the place.

It's a basic simple agreement
with one cardinal rule:

Do not engage.

And you, you engaged.

What do you mean?

Sweetheart, you shot one of them.

Broke the treaty.

Now they're out for blood.

You guys, what does this mean?

It's them.

It's gone, right?

Did it fly over us?

No, they landed.


Landed, what do you mean landed,

Oh, my God.

It's time to move.

Where are we going?

If you guys go that way...

you'll find a path back to
your place.

Wait, aren't you coming with us?

Look, nobody invades my property
without expecting a fight.

I'm American.

It's my right to defend what's
mine, and nobody...

not even little green men...

are gonna take that right
away from me.

Now you go, go on.

Go on.

Come and kiss my ass.

What the hell?

Where are you, you son of a bitch?


So, we want to play hide and
seek, do we?


Got you.

Time to get your friends.

You have to help the others.

What do you mean?

They bring most people back.

Like they did with me.

But not everyone.

There's hundreds of people still
alive, up there.

Some of them have been up there
for years.

Maybe even their whole lives.

You've gotta do something.

It can't be.

I hope the boards hold.

I think we're gonna be alright.

What was that?


Okay, woah, woah, woah.

What do you see?

I can't see anything.

I'm telling you, I can't see

Move, let me see.

What, what!

What is it?

Oh my God, it's right outside
the door!

It's going to get inside!

Oh my God, they're coming!


Get down!

Get on your knees!

Get down!

Don't shoot!

Put it down!

Back up!

Officer, we need your help!

Back up!

Shut up, both of you!

Hands against the wall!


You need to help us!

We didn't do anything, alright?

This is fucking bullshit!


This one's breath smells like
whiskey, sheriff...

and he's belligerent!

You, face me.

We found your car abandoned on
the side of the road.

Do you mind telling me what the
hell is going on....

and why your friend just tried
to kill us?

We were attacked.

We are not safe here!


He isn't talkin' to you!

Cool it, Mitchell.

You said you were attacked.

What happened?

Look, I know that this is gonna
sound crazy, okay...

but we saw something crash in
the woods.

We thought it was a plane, but
it was, like...

this disc shaped craft...

It took our fucking friend.

It was a UFO!

I mean...

it abducted our friend!

And it was a fucking UFO!

It's the truth, I swear!

Listen to me for a second,
listen to me.

There are fucking aliens
everywhere, man!

It was right outside the cabin...

we thought you were one of them!

That's why we shot at you, you
dumb pig.

Why do you think we boarded up
all the windows?

Put your hands against the wall!

Come on!



Are you fucking listening to
this shit, sheriff?

I mean, take a look around.

There's booze and narcotics

You cannot possibly believe
this load of shit.

Sheriff, I bet if we search
the basement...

we'll find us a full-on meth
lab, won't we, you little shit?

We can prove it!

One of them was in the house.

I shot it.

It's in the pool.

Show me.

Both of you.

You stay put.

Go on.


Get up, kid.

Oh, my God.

It was right here, I swear.

It wasn't dead.

You guys have another friend
hiding back there?


It's just us.

I swear.

Get back in the house.


Sheriff's department.

If someone's in there, come out
where I can see you.

Oh, my God.

So, when they took you on board
their space ship...

did they give you one of them...

you know, anal probes?

Oh yeah, very original, you
fucking idiot...

I already told you it was my
girlfriend who got taken...

not me!


You know, you ain't got to go
into outer space to get probed.

You'll be getting plenty of that
in the shower every day...

from a big guy named Mootombo.

Sheriff, you have got to get
a load of this kid's story.

The boys back at the station,
they're gonna love this!


Hey, you with me?

They're tellin' the truth.

You see?
I fucking told you!

You can't be serious.

I mean, common man, these kids
are obviously high as kites...

makin' this shit up!


Alien abductions?

I mean, this is horseshit!

It's because of this, isn't it?

It's been ten years, Alan.

Now, look.

I mean no disrespect, but it
is time to face reality.

She left you.

People have been trying to
convince me...

that she just split town, just
took off with another guy.

People have been saying it
so long...

I almost believed it myself...

but now I know what happened.

What the hell are you talkin'

She would have never done that
to me.

We were in love with each other.

That night I went to bed sleeping
next to her...

and I woke up and she was...

she was gone.

She didn't take any of her
clothes, didn't leave a note.

How could she lock the front
door without taking her keys?

I don't know, but I think you
need to accept the fact...

that she ain't never coming

If it had been her choice,
Mitchell, then I would.

But I don't think she had one,
she was taken from me!

Kidnapped, abducted, whatever
you want to call it...

but goddammit, what happened
to her is what's happening...

to these kids, right now!

And we gotta get 'em outta here.

Woah, what the hell is that?

What the hell is that?

Oh, shit!

Start the damn car!

Woah, woah!

Don't do it!


Shit... shit!

Are you okay?

Get me out of this fucking car!

Get these things off me, man!

Get 'em off, get 'em off!

What the fuck happened?


They made him do it!

They got inside his fucking

and they made him blow his own
fucking brains out!

Oh, shit.

Shit, they're gonna take control
of all of us!

Just stay away from me!

Calm down, okay?

We can't stay here, okay?

We can't stay here 'cause this
shit, this shit...

is not gonna do anything, alright?

We are gonna die, in here.

Give me that cop's gun.


I said give me the fucking gun!

Shut the fuck up, Melanie.

Put the fucking gun down.

Oh, my God!

I'm the one with the gun, so
you listen to me, okay?

Do you understand that, tough guy?


Back the fuck off!

Okay everyone, just calm down,

Okay, just let me think.

Just let me think.

Those fuckers are not gonna get
inside my head.

Just give me a second, alright?

Just, everyone just fucking
calm down.

These fuckers are not gonna
get inside my head, alright?

So, this is what we're gonna do.

We're gonna make a break for
town, you're coming with me...

you get up, you're coming
with me.

You stay put, because this is
your fault.

They want you!

So, if they want you, they can
fucking have you!

You're out of your fucking
mind, Seth!

We're not leaving without her.

Is that right?

Is that right?

Well, to hell with you!

You can all stay here and rot.

Have fun on your fucking

Oh my God, are you okay?



I can see why you didn't want
him to come.

You guys?

What the fuck was that?

What do you want from us?

Get away from the window!

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

We gotta get to the basement!

Go, go, go!

Kyle, let's go!

Kyle, what're you doing?

I'm not letting them get you,

No, Kyle!

Open the fucking door!

No, I'm gonna be okay!

No, Kyle, please don't do this!

Babe, there's no other choice.

I have to, I'm sorry.

You are gonna get out of here...

and you're gonna survive.


What about you?

I'm full of surprises!


Kyle, no!




I'm up here, you motherfuckers!

Up here!

Come on!

Shit! Shit!






Okay, alright.

Who's there?

Who's out there?

Fuck, who's out there?


Fuck you!

You motherfuckers!

Good luck taking me!

You fuck!

Shit! Shit!





No, no, please, you can't take me!

You can't...

You remember when we came
out here...

that summer, before high school

Yeah, it was right before my
parents broke up.

We raided your parents' liquor

and got so drunk.

And your dad took us fishing
the next day...

and I threw up all over the boat.

And you covered for me, you
said I was just sea sick.

We were only on the lake.

That was the best summer ever.

I think I took too many.

No, Mel.

No, Mel, why did you do that?

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I don't want to go up there.

I don't want them to take me.

No, it's okay.

I'm really tired.

I think I'm gonna close my eyes,
for a little while.


No, Mel, no, no!

Please, no!


Wake up!

Mel, wake up!

Don't do this to me!





No, don't go!

Come back.

Please, come back!

Come back!

Come back!

Come back!

No, please!

Come back!

Come get me!

Come get me!

I'm right here, please!

No, please.

I'm sorry, Kyle.

I'm sorry, Kyle.

Oh, oh shit!



Somebody, help!


Oh, my God.


Oh my God, Kyle!

I'm gonna get you out of here!

It's okay.

It's okay.




Oh God, I'm so sorry.

Oh, God.

When you proposed, I should
have said yes...

I was just scared.

Well, I'm not scared anymore.

Because what I said about us
being alone...

I know that's not true.

So, wake up.

Wake up!

You're not dying!

You're not dying!

Wake up, Kyle!

No, wake up, Kyle!

Kyle, wake up!

Wake up!


Kyle, wake up!

Wake up!

Oh my God, it's okay!

Just, breathe!


What are you doing, here?

It's you and me, Kyle, remember?

Where you go, I go.

I didn't mean outer space.

What happened?

I don't know.

You came back for me.

You're fucking crazy, April.

You just realized that now?

Wait, wait, wait.

Do you hear that?

What is that?

It's over there!

Help us!


No, wait!
Wait, wait!

That's the last of them.


Do we know anything, yet?

Intel is still coming in...

but it looks like the storm
caused the crash...

like the one last year, in


Fairly minimal.

Stories are already being

What should we do with the

Same thing we always do.