Extraction (2020) - full transcript

Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.


- [bullet whizzes]
- [grunts]





- [school bell ringing]
- [indistinct chatter]

[Ovi] I think I'll watch a movie and...

Come on, let's go to my place.
We'll watch a movie.

- It'll be great.
- [Arjun] Come on.

[Sachin] ...inside the school.
And then guess who found him?

- [Arjun] Who?
- [Sachin] Amit sir.

- Oh!
- [laughing]

That's epic! Good!

Go over and tell her who you are.

- Get her one coffee.
- No, I don't have money for it.

I'll pay for the coffee. Hey, hey, listen.

She's looking at you. She's blushing.

She's blushing. Dude, she wants you.

- Go over and talk.
- No, no, no.

- That's Ovi, though.
- Isn't that hilarious?

No! No!

[in Hindi] Where have you been?

[in English] With friends.

[in Hindi] Hasn't your father told you
to come straight home after school?


[Saju in English] Okay.

[playing soft piano music]

[cell phone vibrates]

- [upbeat song playing]
- [indistinct chatter]

Insane night pub. I'm gonna come back.

[band performing]
♪ Can I feel the space ♪

- ♪ Someone from the world ♪
- Hey.

♪ Is coming down to meet me ♪

- ♪ I can feel this... ♪
- [Arjun] Oh!

Hey! What's up? Did you talk to her yet?


Did you talk to her yet?

- No.
- Did he talk to...

Come on, Ovi.
You gotta go talk to her.

Oh, she's smiling.

I know what you need. Come on.

Try it. Take one hit, man, it'll help you.

[indistinct conversation]

[car doors open]

- [officer in Hindi] Having fun tonight?
- [Ovi] Drop it.


Are you guys from inside? Huh?

I think you dropped something, no?

[both] No!


Did you buy this inside?

- No, it's not ours.
- [in English] Chill. Relax.

[in Hindi] It's all good.

You boys are lucky.

You got your whole lives ahead of you.

[yelling and struggling]

[in English] No!

[leader counting in Hindi]

[guard 1 in Hindi] You all leave.

[guard 2] Leave. Move fast.

[in Hindi] I told you,
you dumb motherfucker,

to watch his every move...

...and yet Amir Asif has grabbed my son.

We can negotiate.

This isn't about ransom, Saju.

It's about humiliation.

Go to Dhaka.

And do what?

Steal him back.

I'd need an army, Ovi.

Then hire a fucking army!

What do you think?

You think I can't hurt you from here?

Ovi, please...

You want your son
to see his next birthday?


get mine back.

[in Hindi] Tell Mahajan to pay the ransom
and get his son back.

Why are they getting us involved in this?


There's not enough money.

The NCB have frozen Mahajan's assets.

[in English] I'm all he's got.

You understand?


[in Hindi] There's a man who does
this sort of thing.

His price will be out of Mahajan's reach.

But there's a way I can play this.

It will not be easy.

Do whatever you have to.

[in English] Christ! That is high.

[Koen] It's only 30 meters.

[Rata] Fuckin' high.

- It's fuckin' beautiful, though.
- [Koen] Mmm-hmm.

[Rata] He okay?

[Koen] He's fine.

[Rata] You sure, bruh?
'Cause he looks fuckin' dead.

Quit swearin' all the time.

- So?
- It makes you sound stupid.

Find another fuckin' adjective.

[Tyler chuckles]

Told you he's fine.

[exhales heavily]

[Koen singing indistinctly]

♪ Oh and the night will look back ♪

♪ I'm gonna travel all day all night ♪

- Hold my beer, would you?
- Oh, I gotcha.

- I said hold it. Don't drink it.
- [Koen] I gotcha.

- Christ!
- [Koen laughs]

[dog barks]

Come here, girl.


[Tyler] Make yourself at home.

[chickens clucking]

[water running]

There's a chicken in your bathroom.

Yeah, I like chickens,
except when they shit everywhere.

We landed the whale.

Oh, yeah?

Extraction. Indian kid.

Drug lord's son.

A rival gangster is holding
this kid in Dhaka.

I think Gaspar lives in Dhaka.

Gaspar is out of the game.

Clock's running at 16 hours.
Deadline, Friday, noon.

Proof of life as of six hours ago.

Yeah, I'll take it.


This gangster, Amir Asif,
he holds a massive sway in Dhaka.

You get your hands on this kid,
it's gonna get complicated.

It's always fuckin' complicated, innit?

This was a mistake.

God, Nik, what are you doing here?

[Tyler] Don't bullshit yourself.

No one else is gonna commit
to somethin' this fucked up.

And why would you?

I need the money.

Chickens aren't cheap.

You're hoping
if you spin the chamber enough times,

you're gonna catch a bullet.

Tomorrow morning,
I'll meet you in Fitzroy Crossing.

If you're not sober, don't show up.

What's his name?

Ovi. Ovi Mahajan.

Head on straight, Tyler.

[Yaz] This is our extract.
Ovi Mahajan, 14 years old.

His father, Ovi Mahajan Senior,
is in jail.

So, his people employed us
to get the boy back,

and they refuse to negotiate.

What about our opposition?

[Yaz] Amir Asif.
Dhaka's very own Pablo Escobar.

Biggest drug lord in India
versus biggest drug lord in Bangladesh.

Sounds like some mythic shit.

[Yaz] A lot of bad blood between them.

This is our extraction point.
So, José and Thiago will man a boat,

ferry you and the kid nine miles
down the river to a chopper.

- Any questions?
- How many hostiles on site?

[Yaz] Maybe 20. Okay, clock is ticking.
Let's chop-chop!

[indistinct chatter]

[cell phone ringing]

[Kalam] You see the laundry
across the street?

[Tyler] Yep.

[Kalam] Walk to it.

Now what?

Welcome to Dhaka.

[Kalam in Bengali] Do we look like we muck
around? Give us the money and get lost.

[in Bengali] Show me the proof.




Show me proof.


[in English] You show me the kid's
all right, I tell my people, they pay you.

- Do you under...
- [all laugh]

Fuck... come here. Hey!

Listen, you boys seem
like real busy professionals,

so let's say we cut this shit
and get down to business, yeah?


[gun clicks]

[all laughing]

[in Bengali] Bastard!

Didn't even blink!

[in English] Hey, man,
you're crazy or what?

- There's no magazine in it.
- [Kalam chuckles]

- Boom!
- [men chuckle]

Enough talk.

Let's get to business.

[Ovi] No.

[Kalam in Bengali] Come on, boy!

Show me your face.


[in English] Good night!

[Ovi] No. No.

[Kalam] Now you go.

Tell them. Pay.

If not?

I take this...

stick in his ass and blow his insides out.

[in Bengali] Move it!

Let's go!

[Tyler grunting]

[both grunting]

[bones crack]

[man on TV speaking Bengali]

[knocking on door]

[all clamoring]

[gunshots in distance]

[speaking indistinctly]

[men shouting]

[man yells]

[in Bengali] Hey, you!


[man 2 yells and groans]

[man 3 yells in Bengali]


[man 4 yells in Bengali]






[gun clicks]

[gun resetting]

[gun clicks]

[gun resetting]

[gun clicks]

[gun resetting]

[breathing heavily]

[gun clicks]

[Ovi] No! No! No! No! No!


Who are you?

- Can you walk?
- Yeah.

All right. Put this on.

[Shadek grunts]

- [Shadek exclaims]
- [boy struggling]

No! No, Amir, no! Amir, no! [screams]

[Shadek in Bengali] Swine.

[body thuds]

Sons of bitches.

Anybody feel like they remember now?


[boy squeals]

[Farhad] Wait!

I know...

- I know who took the money.
- Who?

- Sanjib.
- Who's Sanjib?

You just threw him off the roof.


Come here.

What's your name?



You're pretty clever.

Pay attention...

and learn...

that's how you survive.

You need to be smart. Use your wits.

Eh, Farhad?

Cut off two of your fingers.

Any two.


Because the kid who stole from me is dead.

And I'd like a walking reminder

of what happens when you touch my money.

I'd recommend the left hand.

So you can still hold a gun.

[colonel] Amir!

I am talking!

Amir, we lost the kid.


Clever and lucky...

Close the city.

Bridges, trains, airports...

Close everything.

Impossible, Amir.

Make it possible, Colonel,

or you'll lose more than just a finger.


Okay, get out. Let's go.

[Ovi coughing]

Here. Hey.

Kid, you wanna survive,
you do exactly as I say.

Here. Put these on.

Here, eat this. Your blood sugar is low.
That's why you feel like shit.

Twenty-one hundred meters out.
In possession.

[Nik on radio] Copy.
Alpha team is with the boat. In position.

All right. Arms up.

[trunk slams closed]

- [recorder beeps]
- Okay. All right. Name?

Say your name, mate.

Say your bloody name, come on.

- Ovi.
- Last name?


Your birthday?

Twenty-first of January, 2005.

Proceeding to extraction. Let's go.

Satellite's online.
Rake and the kid are en route.

You good?


[Tyler on radio] You guys ready for us?
We're 1,600 meters out.

Ready and waiting.

[Tyler] Copy. See you soon.

- [Tyler on video] Last name?
- Mahajan.

- Your birthday?
- Twenty-first of January, 2005.


[line ringing]

[Yaz] Sending proof of possession.

You have seven minutes
to transfer the funds.

It's G. I'm in position.

[alarm ringing]

[Thiago on radio] There's an alarm
going off in the engine room.

- G, I need you to be my eyes.
- Copy that.

[colonel in Bengali]
Blockades have been set up

on every bridge into and out of Dhaka.

I have teams combing
the Buriganga as we speak.

We'll find them, sir.

I like this one.

Get him a gun. Put his fingers to work.

[police siren buzzing]

[Ovi panting]

[Ovi in English] I... I can't breathe.

- Deep breath, mate. Deep breath.
- [panting]

Yeah, we gotta keep moving. Come on.

[alarm ringing]

Rake's about five minutes from the boat.

Where are we at with the transfer?

Where is it?

- I don't know.
- Well, try it again.

- [grunts]
- [bones crack]

- Nada.
- Fuckin' shit.

Call them back. Tell them they have
60 seconds to make the transfer.

Otherwise they're gonna find a boy's body
floating in the Buriganga.

[ling ringing]

We're getting played.

- Give me verbal.
- [G on radio] G here.


- Thiago?
- Shit.

[Nik on radio] Thiago?

Tyler, something's wrong.
Hold your position.


G, you got the eyes on the boat?

I'm looking at it right now.
Our boys haven't come up yet.

I'm moving in for a closer look.

[in Bengali] Colonel, stand by.
We think we found something.

- Nik, you're gonna wanna see this.
- What is it?


Tyler, two inbound police boats.

- Two hundred meters and closing in fast.
- G?

There's someone else in those woods.

About a hundred meters out
and closing in on your position.

[twig snaps]

Kid... Move fast. Stay low. Go!

[indistinct radio chatter]

They found the boat.

[man in Bengali] We need air support
by the river.

They're in the forest.

Tyler, chopper's inbound.

[helicopter whirring]

[Tyler] Go, go!

[Ovi yelps]


[in Hindi] Ovi, it's Saju!

I'm here to take you home!

- [in English] Saju, I'm here!
- Sit down and shut up!

[helicopter whirring]

[in English]
I need the boy! I won't hurt him!

Okay, when I tell you to, run like hell
or I'm gonna kill you both. Understand?


Okay kid, go!

Go on, kid. Go, go! Go! Come on.

- [Saju] Ovi!
- [Tyler] Move, boy!

- Here, get in the car. Get in the car.
- [Saju] Stop running!

[horn honking]

- [shouts in Bengali]
- [Tyler] Shit!

- [officers shouting]
- [car accelerates]

Come on! Go!

[police sirens wailing]

- [guns firing]
- [Tyler] Get down!

[Ovi] Saju! Help!

Hey! Hey!

Please let me go!
Saju works for my father.

I work for your father.
But something is fucked here.

Saju could have a deal with the men
who grabbed you and send you back to them.

- Then take me to the police.
- The cops are in on it.

Look, if you wanna live,
you have to trust me.

I need eyes. Radio's compromised.
Call my sat.


[Nik on phone] Turn right,
after the bridge.

- [Tyler] How far past the gate?
- What gate?

- Turn right.
- Can't. Bloody truck is in the way.

[Nik] Tyler, on your right.

[police sirens wailing]

[people screaming]

Fuck off!

[horn honking]

[tires screech]

[Nik on phone] Up ahead, make a left.

No, no, no! Left! You just passed it.

[Tyler] For fuck's sake!

Get down!

I'm in survival mode.

- Put your belt on.
- What belt?

Your fucking seat belt.

It's been on.
You drive like you're insane!

[Tyler] Hold tight.

[horn blaring]

- You okay, kid?
- [Ovi] I'm fine.

[Tyler] We gotta move. Go. Up the stairs.

[indistinct clamoring and screaming]

[officer 1 in Bengali] Go, go, go!

[police siren wailing]

[officer 2] This way.

[song playing on speakers]



[whispering] Come on. Come on.


[officers groaning]


[Ovi grunting]

[Ovi struggling]


[Ovi panting]

- [in Bengali] Help! Help! Help!
- [woman exclaims]

[officer yelling indistinctly in Bengali]

- [officer in Bengali] Come here.
- [Ovi groaning]

Come here, you little shit...

[officer screams]

[Tyler] Run, go.

[guns firing]

Get up the stairs. Go. Come on. Move!

[Tyler panting]

[helicopter whirring]

[whispering] Get down.

All right, kid. Do you trust me?

- No.
- Good.

- No!
- [grunts]


Get up, kid.

[song playing on speakers]

Okay! [exclaims]

[dog barking]

[song playing loudly]

Stay on my shoulder, all right?

[both grunting]

[Tyler grunts]

[both yell]

[both grunting and groaning]

[Saju yells]

[horn honking]


[indistinct clamoring]


[Ovi in Hindi] Help me! Let me go!

[in English] Let me go!


[officer in Bengali] Hey,
I am telling you to stop.

Stop there or I will kill you.

[Ovi groaning]

Are you hurt?

[vehicle approaching]

Get in, kid. Come on. Come on!

- You hit him with the truck.
- Yeah.

[Ovi] They're still following us.

[police sirens wailing]

[Tyler] Hold on.

- [tires screeching]
- [horns blaring]

All right, kid.
I need you to slide on over here.

Okay, we're gonna jump on three.
All right?

- What?
- One...

- [Ovi yells]
- [both grunt]

[man in Bengali over radio] The vehicle
crashed. It flipped over and is in flames.

I want to see the bodies.

We're coming.

[Tyler grunting]

- [police sirens wailing]
- [helicopter whirring]

[indistinct clamoring]

- [horn blaring]
- [Saju grunting]

- [horn stops]
- [officer groaning]

[in Bengali] They're still alive.

One is seriously injured.

I want every gun in Dhaka
pointed at this guy.

All right. Close the door.
Close the door.



[breathing heavily]

[Tyler grunts]

[panting and groaning]

Can you give me a hand?

I need eyes. Hold that on there.

Just hook it through there
and then pull it back this way.


[groans loudly]


- Yeah?
- Yeah, I got it.

[exhales heavily]

[cell phone vibrating]


[Nik on phone] Our new friend is Saju Rav.
Ex-Special Forces.

He works for the kid's father.

We were played.

Second transfer never came through.

Mahajan got us to do the heavy lifting,
and he doesn't wanna pay.

What about G?

[Nik] The whole team is dead.


- City's on lockdown. You got cover?
- Yeah.

And the kid?

He's with me.

There's a clearing on east side
of Sultana Kamal Bridge,

just outside the city.
We can send a chopper and get you out.

- How far?
- Four kilometers.

You gotta leave the kid behind, Tyler.



That's not the job.

The job is fucked.

Just find my money, Nik.

[Ovi] Are you gonna
leave me in the street?

Your phone... It's loud.

The only chance
of getting my money is you, mate. So...


I'm like a package then.

Yeah, pretty much.

In brown paper.

What are you doing?


Piano. I play the piano when I'm nervous.

It helps.

My father hates it when I do it.

He thinks of me the same way you do.

More like a thing than a person.

I didn't... I didn't mean it like that.

It's okay.

- [breathing heavily]
- [song playing faintly over speakers]


[in Bengali] How many beds?

- [nose cracks]
- [yells]

[groans loudly]

[cell phone ringing]


[Saju in English] Hey, beautiful.

[Neysa in Hindi] Are you okay?

[Saju in Hindi] Listen to me carefully.

If you don't hear from me
in the next 12 hours...

take the cash and go.


You understand me, right?

[Neysa] I understand.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Just tired.

[in English] I love you.

I love you, too.

Put Aarav on the phone.

[Neysa in Hindi] Aarav,
Papa's on the phone.


[in English] Hello, Papa.

Hey, champ.

[in Hindi] Are you coming home soon?

Yes, it'll be very soon.



When you wake up in the morning.

You help your mother, okay?

Yes, Papa, I will.

[in English] I love you.


I love you too, Papa.



[cell phone vibrating]


[Nik] You got a chopper.
Meet you at the east side of the bridge.

Copy. I'm on the move.

Kid. Kid. Hey, come on.


Get in, go.

Come on, you bastard.

[bike engine revving]

Get out of the car.

Go, go, go, go, go!

- Stay there!
- Yeah.

- [in Bengali] Hey, this guy wants my gun!
- [in Bengali] My ankle is broken!

[boy] Leave my gun.

Leave it!

My friend is gonna shoot you!

Hey! Give me my gun... Give it back!

That's my gun. Give it back to me!

- Give it back or I'll blow you away!
- [Farhad] I will finish you off.

The fuck?



[grunting and yelling]

[in Bengali] Son of a bitch!

I will finish you off! [yells]

[gun cocks]

I'll kill you!

I'll murder you.

- [grunts]
- Piss off!

Fucking shits.

[officer over megaphone]
You are surrounded.

Please surrender to DMP

- or else you will be shot.
- Fuck! Come on. We gotta move.

- [over megaphone in Bengali]
- Shit! Go, go, go, go, go!

[Tyler] All right. Get in.

[Ovi coughing]

[Tyler gagging]

[flies buzzing]

[line ringing]

[Nik] Talk to me.

- Call Gaspar.
- What's going on?

We just got attacked by the Goonies
from hell. We made it about four blocks.

I said get rid of the kid.

I don't give a shit what you said.

We're in the worst smelling sewer
on the planet.

There's about 200 cops over our heads.
Just call Gaspar.

- Tyler, I don't think that's a good idea.
- The guy owes me his life, Nik.

- Tyler, I...
- Call him.

[breathing heavily and groaning]

Your name's Tyler?


I'm Ovi.

Nice to meet ya.

[rats squeaking]

[Hindi rap song playing over stereo]

[Gaspar] Ugh, Jesus Christ!

[Gaspar] Hey, how's it going?

Yeah, better after the shower.

[Tyler grunts]


Good to see you, man.

I appreciate you coming for us.

The hell is wrong with you?
Don't insult me.

- You hungry?
- Yeah.

Hey, how's that kid?

Uh, he's resting.

So, where are we?

We are south of the city center.

I told Nik that an extraction is...
It's not feasible.

Well, you know, the city
is surrounded by rivers.

There are bridges going in and out.

But every one of those bridges currently
is blocked by a roadblock

because you are a very popular individual.

I figure we lie low a couple days,
we let the panic dissipate.

And we'll get you going.
Now, my wife made that.

So, I want you to be very careful
what you say.

Your wife?


And what's that for, the knee?

Yeah, knee, back, shoulder...

Hang on one sec... my knee.
Ow! Oh, God. Oh, it hurts.

Two oughta do it.

[swallows and exhales]

Okay. I gotta go. I gotta go.

I gotta kiss my wife.

But you stay here and rest up.
And I will be back.

It's good to see you, man. I missed you.

[door closes]


[engine revving]

[hip-hop song playing]

[in Bengali] Don't you see I'm eating?

- [Farhad] I had him...
- [Asif] Had who?

The man you want.

I lost him...

near the market.

Tell them to scour the market.

[Shadek] Yes, sir.

- What is this?
- A gift.

When you catch him,

I want to be the one to pull the trigger.

If you let me do that,

I'll give you the other finger!

He made me feel like a fool.

Of course he did.

You're only a kid. Hmm?

Here's some advice, a gift.

Keep your other finger.

Because no matter how badass
you think you are...

there's always a badass
who's bigger than you.

[Tyler exhales heavily]

[Ovi] Tyler.


If you had been killed today,
it would have been my fault.

No, mate. But it would've been my fault.

You don't look like a Tyler.

[chuckles softly]


What do I look like?

A Brad.



Can I ask you something?

It's Rake.

- What's Rake?
- My last name.

That's not what I was going to ask.

That's a strange last name, though.

Isn't that like a gardening tool?

What were you gonna ask me?

If you were always this way.
You know... brave.

I'm not brave, mate.

Of course you are. You rescue people.

Yeah, sometimes.
Sometimes I do other things.

Like killing people?


My father, he kills people, too.

Sometimes, I would sit with him at dinner,
look at him and think,

he just killed somebody else's father
that day.

And I'd feel sick.

You have a family?

I did have me a wife.

Where is she?

I don't know.
I haven't seen her in a long time.


Yeah, a son.

Where is he?

He died a few years ago.

How did he die?


How old was he?


[breath trembling]


I wasn't even there... when he died.

Where were you?

Kandahar, Afghanistan.
It was my third tour.

You were called away?


I left.


Because you couldn't watch?


I told you, mate. I'm not brave.
I'm just...

I'm just the opposite.

You know...

"You drown not by falling into the river,

but by staying submerged in it."

Who told you that?

I read it in a book in school.

[vehicle approaching]

[in Spanish] Estancia Los Chanares.

- [in English] Yes. Yes!
- [chuckles] I don't know...

It's the best dove hunting in Argentina.

Just lie in this pool...
You lie in a pool and they fly around!

[mimics wings flapping]

And you shoot them. [mimics gun firing]

And you sip a Cuba Libre.

I shot my first dove when I was
ten years old. Have I told you this?

- I haven't. Listen.
- I think you have.

No. It was when I was ten years old,
my dad... My dad... The gun backfired,

gave me a black eye,
and my dad laughs at me.

I used to move so quick,
kill those little shits.

Not anymore, though.

It sucks getting old, man. Sucks!

- [loudly] Getting old sucks.
- Shh.

[softly] Sucks!

I think he's asleep.

What a goddamn tragedy, hmm?

That kid is a walking corpse.

Asif will never let him live.

Think the disgrace.

I mean, you get him home. And then, what?
His father's in prison.

There's no way to protect him.

You know what the best thing
you could do?

The best thing you could do, honestly,
would be to go up there right now

and just go put a bullet in his brain.
Make it painless.

'Cause the animals out there,
they're not gonna be... as kind to him.

They like to start with the ears.

Then they cut off
each finger at the joint.

Mate, you're drunk.

I'm talking about mercy, Tyler.

You know how much he's worth?

We're talking about a kid, Gaspar.

We're talking about a gangster's kid.

With a price tag
of ten million on his head.

You need to sober up, mate.

You're a mercenary, right, Tyler?
Why don't you act the mercenary?

Aren't you sick of this life?
'Cause I am and I...

I do not wanna end it playing hero
on some goddamn suicide mission...

What are you doing?
You said you'd help me.

I am helping you. Ten million dollars.

I'll get you to the border
in a couple hours.

It's money in your pocket.
I take care of the body. Painless.

And it's the best that
that kid can hope for.

Did you call someone?

- [groans]
- Who'd you call?

Why are you such a hypocrite? You've got
the blood of a hundred men on your hands...

[grunts] Answer me!

[panting] Put your hands on me?

What'd you do?

Do you know what happens to me
if they find out that I'm helping you?

You know what happens to my wife?

Asif's a friend.

I did some work for him.
We made a deal.

He gets the kid, you get your freedom,
and we both get rich.

What do you want from me?
Walk upstairs and shoot the kid

in the fucking head?

No. No. I'll do it.

Don't do this.

You saved my life once.

Now I'm gonna save yours.

Step aside.

[both grunting]

Come on, Tyler. Stop!



What are we doing, man? Huh?

Come on, stay down.

Stay down.

[Tyler grunts]



Hey, kid.

I know it looks bad. I know it looks bad.


[breathing raggedly]


[breathing stops]


[shakily] I want to go home.

I'll get you home, mate.

I'll get you home.

[cell phone vibrating]

[Tyler] I've got the boy.
I need your help.

[prayer chant playing over speakers]

Stay here.

Just like that?

Yeah, just like that.

I want the boy out of here.
That's all I care about.


'Cause I do.

He was gonna kill my family
if I didn't get his son back.

My people are waiting for him
on the other side

of the Sultana Kamal bridge.

There's two blockades
between here and there.

I'll do my best
to draw them away from both.

You get him to the other side.


See you soon, mate.

[Saju in Hindi] Let's go.

[in English] Come on.

- [indistinct chatter]
- [horns honking]

Do you trust him?

I do.

Seat belt.

[officer 1 in Bengali] Run fast!

[officer 2 in Bengali] Go, go, go!

- [officer 3 shouts]
- Oh, sh...

[indistinct clamoring]

[in Hindi] We'll have to go on foot.

[in Bengali] Any sign of the boy?

[colonel] Not yet.

But we've seen our friend...

the kid must be near.

[officer 1 yelling in Bengali]

[officer 2 in English] Grenade!

[indistinct clamoring]

[man in Hindi] We need to go to India.

You can't go.
I'm telling you, you can't go.

[arguing continues indistinctly]

[in Bengali] Hey! You there!

Hey! Hey, stop!
Don't cross the bridge.

Hey! I'm telling you to stop!

Hey, stop!

- Take his hat off. Let me see his face.
- Huh?

[in Hindi] I don't understand.

[in Bengali] His hat. Take it off.

[in Hindi] Do what he says.

Take off your cap.

[crowd screaming]

[officers shouting]

- [officer 1] Move! Move!
- [officer 2] Go, go, go!

[in English] Stay here.

[woman screams]

[in Bengali] Take two more units
to the bridge.

Two units to the bridge. Hurry!

Bring me my rifle!

[indistinct chatter over radio]

[in English] Stay here. Stay down.
I'm gonna draw them away from you.


[women screaming]

Rake, I need you on the bridge!

Yeah, on my way.

Oh, sh...

[guns firing]

[gunfire in distance]

[officers speaking indistinctly]

[all yelling and grunting]


[yelling and grunting]

[officer struggling]

Where's the kid?

[Saju over radio] In hiding.
About halfway across the bridge.

I'm trying to clear a path.

Yaz, where are you?

Two minutes out.



[gunfire continues in distance]


[officers yelling indistinctly]


Fuck! I'm taking fire.
I'm going... I'm going around.



[screaming in pain]

[men shouting in distance]

- [bullet whizzes]
- [grunts]

[breathing heavily]

You see that helicopter?

I need you to run
as fast as you can for it.

No. Please. Please, get up.

[helicopter whirring]

[Yaz] Bogeys are down.
LZ clear. Two-minute window.


- Please...
- Run.



[gunfire continues]


[helicopter whirring]

[mournful music playing]