Extracted (2012) - full transcript

A scientist who has invented a technology to construct virtual realities from people's memories finds himself in a perilous situation, after he reluctantly allows it to be used for a purpose he never imagined.

I'm sorry.

Tom, it is time for your daily reminder.

Begin when you like

My name is Tom Jacobs.

Born November 12, 1972.

My parents are Mark and Judith.

My wife is Abby.

I would do anything to hear her
to say my name right now.

I am a prisoner in my own creation.

I'm bored again, Minnie.
- What would you like to do now,Tom?

- Let's go some place else.
- Locating.. six minutes to render

So what now? I mean he's in,right?

This is it.
He was completely blown away, Birdie.

I am not living in that fuckin garage any more.
No more scrounging for grant money.

Remember when I first asked you out?
I said, "trust me, one day I'm gonna pay off"

- And then you told me you had a boyfriend.
- I never said that.

- Yeah you did
- No, I didn't

- What is this?
- Open it.

- We can't afford this.
- Not yet.

We will.

I want you to wear it tonight.

I want you to be there with me.

Both of you.

- Five minutes left,Tom.
- So, we have an offer.

- That's fantastic.
- Let's not get too excited.

They need to know how accurate the machine is.
For instance, how do we handle false memories?

The machine acts like a synapse polygraph.
It can tell the difference between real and fake.

The line gets blurry when it comes to
brainwashing. but I got a way around that

If the person has been brainwashed and they
have a latent memory..that brainwashing taken place

So hypnosis, or call it programming...I don't know..
bad people drilling things into your head..

The machine cross checks for those moments
first and if it doesn't find them then..memory is real

So listen, client has an idea.
Very simply put,

What if you could go into
other people's memories?

- What would be the point of that?
- What do you want? the possiblities?

going into a kid's memory to find out if he
had been abused. going into an Alzheimer's patient...

I'm glad we're redefining the machine's function.

Richard, I was clear about what I wanted.

I'm just saying. You know,
you could do that,right?

No, it's irrelevant! You're my rep, go sell
my machine I wanted, not something else.

I tried, ok, I pitched it..
This was the idea they threw back.

- Who..who threw this back?
- Everyone.

You are not gonna get the kind of money you want
unless you're willing to compromise a little bit..

But hey.. you wanna just help people
you can do that for free.

What was the offer?

- It's unethical.

- Birdie, it's just a presentation
- You built this machine to help post trauma..

- It's not gonna change anything, it still can do that.
- And they are just gonna let you call the shots?

- To get what I have? Of course..of course they will..
- This is how it starts..

We're drowning in debt and we're about to
start a family, so what do you want me to do?

- We'll get by
- I don't deserve to just get by

three minutes to render.

I come bearing money.

That gonna be enough to get you started?

Yeah,enough..yeah that's gonna be enough

- Yeah,listen,Richard...I wanna know who this investor is?
- Someone who knows its potential..

Listen,remember the end of the day
you own the rights, you have control.

Now he has a couple
questions about the changes..

The machine I used seemed to work fine.
Why build a whole other one?

General upgrades. The current program
requires that an outsider should get you around..

I want you to be able to go anywhere you
want to go once you're inside on your own.

- So I emerge inside the memory...
- Richard, can you hear me?

- Yeah...Tom, I can hear you.
- is that how it works?

No, not exactly..we need to
be able to sort through the memories.

So we're creating a virtual command center inside
the mind of the patient..starting point, somewhere to go

- Alright, starting zone..What's it gonna look like?
- How about this place?

- this house?
- Yes, just as a place holder, until we get something more involved

- more interesting, is that what you mean?
- Yeah

Alright...ok,I'll start capturing it..

- We're gonna need a voice.
- I'll do it.

- Why don't we give it a little flair?

You know, maybe hire an actress?
They'd like that. I'd like it.

- you don't think my voice has flair?
- No.

- How was that one?
- Works for me, let's just move on to the Z's and then we're done.

How is it looking?

- Stunning
- talking about the voice, lover boy.

Right, that too.

Your memory is ready, Tom.

Your memory is ready, Tom.
- Let's go.

So I'm in the starting point and
I find the memory I wanna go to

- And I'm there? As simple as that?
- As simple as that.

- How far can you go inside the memory?
- As far as the memory will allow.

Temporary borders pop up when you are at the memory's edge..
A fence that you can't get past..Shouldn't have to,anyway..

This entire world is an amalgamation of things that actually exist.
And things that the machine randomly generates..

anything from everyday items to people.

And as for you..you'll leave no lasting impression in this world.
So you aren't even there.

- Ok,one last question, how do we get out?
- you just express.

Ok, what if something goes wrong?

We're working on it.

- Minnie?
- Yes, Tom
- Self destruct, please

Self destructing in five, four...

three, two, one.

Goodbye Tom.

Self destruct has failed, Tom.
I must remind you, I am not evil.

Shall I diagnose it again?

- How long have I been trapped here, Minnie?
- Four years, two months, two days.

You ready?

I don't know if I have a life beyond this place

I don't know if anyone knows I exist.


Babe, it's Richard.


- Tomorrow night?
- We were supposed to have another six weeks, Tom.

Yeah, well, there's been some changes.. apparently window
on investment's closing they need a presentation right now.

There's a laundry list of things we haven't tested...
there are still place holders in there for God's sake

- Unfamiliar faces.
- Use yourself.

- Ok, what about photos, pictures..
- Details, just fill them in with something, anything.

Alright, but I'm objecting, on the record, and saying
we should have at least another month for testing it.

- Well, your objection is noted.
- Now let's get to work.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Wait up for me, birdie..

- Ok, so where do you want this?
- oh..just put it down there.

What is this?

- Who is your investor?
- It's complicated.

Complicated. Well then uncomplicate it, Richard.
Who the hell is the investor?

Arthur Kennison, Department of Corrections.

You see, the idea is you go into
the memories of an accused man..

- see if he did the crime or not. Assured culpability.
- Is it something he'd volunteer for?

No, if it works, it'd be mandatory.

Bravo on the fucking 180 pal
I can pack in ten minutes.

- You sign my fucking checks.
- I trusted you.

- You knew who the client was all along and you kept your mouth shut for six months.
- I told you it's someone who sees potential.

That's not a lie.

- I am trying to give you a chance.
- Bullshit, you're giving yourself a chance.

Okay, maybe I want a chance..
maybe an opportunity for something great.

Now you got to understand something.
You're not the only one working on this.

You're the first but how long does that last?

Yeah, I have a vision for this thing,
this is not it...it's not it!

It's not about your vision.
It's about control.

Yeah...you wanna see if you think you could
take these people's money with no consequence?

How long have you been working on
this thing, man, huh? Think about that.

Think about your family, Tom.

Mr. Jacobs?

Are we gonna do this?

Let's begin.

- Who we're entering?
- We picked him up a few weeks ago.

His name is Anthony Willis.

Son of some two-bit-retired
mob middle man.

- What'd he do?
- kid's a verifiable junkie.

One day he's at home shooting-up... gets a text
from his girlfriend, drives over to her sister's house

and kills her, allegedly.
Says he blacked out.

You make sense of this guy's mind...
and you'll have my attention.

- Did you force him to come here?
- Forced? No, he jumped at the chance of volunteer.

He's a perfect guinea pig.
Willing and expendable.

seems like a super guy.

Just a sedative.

Whole process won't hurt a bit.

Maybe not for me.

It's a wild ride up there.

Just give it a few seconds.

- So why put 'em out?
- Sedating him will help keep things stable.

We're just about ready.
I'm gonna need those details.

If the program works
you should tell me what happened, no?

We're looking for an exact memory
among millions. I'm gonna need something.

Alright, I'll buy it.

Kid's case file.

An anonymuous tip came in, someone saw his pick up truck
pull over by the bridge near the murder scene around 2 a.m.

About an hour after we estimated she died.

We searched the area and found
the murder weapon.... with his prints.

Let's get started.

Alright, good luck.

Tom, can you hear me?

Tom, can you hear me?

Tom, can you hear me?

I can hear you.
Minnie, can you hear me?

Welcome Tom. My name is Minnie.
What would you like to do?

- Minnie, put up everything I see on the main screen.
- As you wish Tom.

- Coming through, crystal clear.
- Good.

Minnie, locate memories with the following
descriptions: Adrienne, murder, Regan.

One memory found with these specifics.

Take me there, Minnie.

I'm in.

Adrienne, open up.

- That doesn't look familiar.
- The place holders, the machine will fill in the gaps.

How long..till it shows something...

I'm sorry.

- Minnie what percentage of this memory is real.
- Processing.

Background authenticity acounts for 17%.

Sweet, but not abnormal for that crime,
What about his actions?

- 95%
- 95

it's extremely solid for memory.

Dad...Dad, something bad happened.

The memory has ended, Tom.

hm...that's how we pieced it together.

Kid took a methadone hit to calm down,
called dad, left the scene and ditched the gun.

So, he was lying about not remembering?

He may not consciously remember it
Long blackouts aren't unusual for addicts.

To me, it explains why he is
convinced he's innocent.

I got to say I'm very impressed,Tom.

Hey Gary, get me out of here.

Goodbye, Tom.

- What the hell?
- Welcome, Tom. What would you like to do now?

Gary, I'm back in the hub.

That's weird.
Let's try it again.

Goodbye, Tom. Welcome, Tom.
What would you like to do now?

- It didn't work.
- What is going on?

- What the fuck is happenning?
- The extraction isn't working.

Just fix it. Fix it.

This is some kind of miscommunication.
He's working on it.

Tom, just put the whole thing away,
let's figure this out later?

- Alright..No "I told you so"s when I get out.
- hmh..like hell!

- Minnie, self destruct.
- Are you sure?

Self destructing.. in five, four, three, two...

Goodbye, Tom.

- When does he wake up?
- It should be now. It's self destructed.

The chip comes apart as it disintegrates
in the blood stream. Yeah, it's gone.

So why is he still out?

Tom, can you hear me?

Tom, can you hear me?

- You're just not listening to me.
- I didn't do it.

You were shooting-up.
You took the gun from her hand and you blew...

- Look, Anthony.
- I didn't do this

You've been spinning our wheels
for three days.. Confess it already.

You took the gun and you put it to
her head and you fucking blew it.

You got visitors.

Hey, Dad.

- You look thin. Been eating?
- Yeah, you know.

I wanted to drop this off.
Cleared out the attic, found some pictures.


They started a carpentry class here last week.

I've been going to that.
It's really interesting.

I could see myself doing that.

- You look really thin.
- Yeah, you said that already, Dad.

I'm not using it...if that's what you think. They're cracking
down.. Kenny won't even slip it in there anymore.

That's what you say, Anthony...

- Here we go...what are you doing?
- Satisfied?

Don't. You curb that attitude with me, boy.
Your job in here is to clean up.

I did it.

- Don't you fuck it up
- I give you my word.

doesn't that mean anything?

Not to me.

It's always good talking to you, Dad.

Just sit.

- Dad, how do I get him to sit?
- I told you, Anthony, repetiton.

If you want that dog to sit you gotta push
his ass down while you keep repeating it.


Hey boy,.. give me the 9/16ths

- That's a 5/8.
- That's a 5/8.



You know, we got to think about
buying your mama's birthday a present.

- a car?
- a car?

- Yeah.
- Are you crazy?

- Hey Minnie, how many times have I been in this memory?
- 430 times.

430 times.

Well, must be the allure of music

- What is the date out there anyway?
- July 15.

July 15..shit..we missed the fireworks.

Tomorrow we're gonna have to track down
some sort of celeberatory event.

a picnic, a barbecue?
What do you think?

- I do not understand the query, Tom.
- Of course not.

I'd like that, though....I'd like that


Anthony, I told you a hundred times that dog
is dumb as shit. Go get your old man a beer..

Minnie, what the hell was that?
He looked right at me. He saw me.

- That's not possible.
- Don't tell me it's impossible, he saw me.

Anthony,look at me....look at me

Thank you, my boy.

Am I going crazy here, Minnie?
He saw me. I know he did.

Your theory is implausible.

Start the memory over
Start from right before he asked for the beer.


Anthony, I told you a hundred times that dog
is dumb as shit. Go get your old man a beer..

Anthony, look at me. Can you see me?

Thank you, my boy.

He was looking at me, Minnie. I know he was.
He was looking right at me.

The process has been
repeated three times.

Your theory does not seem plausible.

Now what was it that was so special
about that particular memory?

What was so special
about that specific time?

Minnie, what time was it when
I claimed that Anthony spotted me?

I can not verify the precise time
that memory took place.

No, the real time in reality.

The time was 4:15, July 15.

I want you to show me the memory of
what Anthony was doing at that exact time.

scanning short-term memory.


He's seeing me right now, isn't he?

Lights out in five minutes.

He was thinking about that memory.

He was thinking about that memory
at the same time that I was in it.

An active memory.
That's how he saw me, Minnie.

- I can not verify your theory, Tom.
- You don't have to verify it.


We need to meet him again.

Minnie, I need to see the
memory he thinks of the most.

I can not locate memories
by frequency of access.

Alright, what about a discusion of frequency..
any mentions of things he can't stop thinking about..

..therapy session, confessional..


I think about it all the time.

I was hanging out with a friend of mine.

A part-time dealer, name Eric Lowe.
A real loose character.

Take me to this memory, Minnie.

I was desperate for a fix...

And I needed some cash and I had only
one place I knew I could get it.

How much longer we
gotta wait here, huh?

I got this truck back to my brother,
he's gonna knock the fucking shit out of me.

- There he goes.
- Are you sure he's got it with 'em?

He's coming from his bookie.

- What the fuck is that?
- You gonna jack him with a shoe?

- Give it to me.

- Fuck off.
- Give it to me!

Take it.

- Fuckin asshole.
- Easy, boss.

Let's fuckin do it.

- The money...c'mon..hand it over
- Do you know who you're fucking with?

No, why don't you tell me who I'm fucking with?

Don't make me cut you open, old man.

- What the fuck are you doing?
- What the fuck are you doing?

I want to see your face, I want to see your
face before I blow it off, you dumb fuck!



That day haunts me.

How low, you know, I sunk....

Then I start thinking about Adrienne.

What kind of person I can be when I'm
controlled by the things I'm controlled by?

Despite the evidence, my history.
The cops, my own father.

I can't see myself doing it.
Not to her.

Nobody can see that but me.

Fuck, if that's not agony..

- I didn't earn it.
- I'm giving it to you, because I want you to earn it.

Consider this, a contribution to the 'new' you.

You've reached the end of this memory,
Tom. What would you like to do now?

We wait here.

Keep repeating this memory,
until he shows up.

- Hey, Minnie, how long have I been here?
- Two weeks, Tom.

You see me.

You see me, don't you?

You recognize me? My name is Tom..
Tom Jacobs. Do you remember me?

- C'mon, look at me...Minnie, you're seeing this...am I hallucinating?
- Yes, Tom.

He can hear me. C'mon.. speak to me, You can
hear me. I know you can. C'mon..speak to me.

- What d'you say?
- Enough.

- What? Talk to me, what d'you say?
- I said enough.

What the hell's matter with you?

What would you like to do now, Tom?

We keep waiting.

Welcome back.

- Can you hear me?
- Yeah.

Good...good. That's great.

It is very important that you understand
everything that I'm about to say.

I have been trapped in here for over four years..

My wife's name is Abby Jacobs.

I can still remember her last number.

If you want me outta here, Anthony,
then I need you to call her and tell her where I am.

No, she's..she's not gonna believe you, so I'm
gonna tell you everything you need to say to her.

And If we get cut off, then all you gotta do is
just think of this place...I'll be here..waiting.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I just got lost in my thoughts for a second..

Yeah...look..em..I hope you
don't take this the wrong way..

But this is our third date, you know..
Maybe it's just a misfire..

No..no, I've just had a bit of a day.

Are you with me?

You know what?
Let's reschedule..

I would check in it at work..
and I will give you a call.

- Alright?
- That'd be great..


- Is this Abby Jacobs?
- ah yes, this is.

My name is Anthony Willis.

Can I help you?

I spoke to your husband.


Hey,look..if you're trying to be funny, maybe
we can get the police in on this little joke.

Your father died of a
stroke when you were 23.

Tom was your boyfriend at the time.

You told him you couldn't bear watch your father
be put in a box, so you ran off to the beach.

And Tom showed up and you
told him to go but he wouldn't..

You hid under blankets and he talked
to you until the sun went down.

2 in the morning,
that's where he asked you.

And you told him he had the
worst timing you've ever seen.

And you asked him why
he'd ever want a nut like you

And he said he'd take whatever
he can get, as long as it was you.

Even the smallest fragment..
would be enough

I saw the whole conversation.

I can see everything you do seconds
after you do it in the short term memory.

She believed you.

Which means that she's gonna
come down here to see you.

there's still, a few things
I need you to tell her.

I think I know what went wrong
that day and how to fix it.

Look, Anthony, I know
everything about you.

You played soccer as a kid.
You were..named after your uncle.

A friend gave you your first Vicodin,
when you were just 14 years old.

I've seen the best
and the worst of you.

I've seen your crimes.

But I've also seen regret.

This is your chance
to do the right thing.

Will you help me?

You think I want you
roaming around in here?

Look, I want to believe you.
I do.

Maybe there's another way
to explain what you know.

So I have a question.

If you can really speak to him,
you should be able to answer me.

What do you want to know?

His nickname for me.

- Ma'am, you got five minutes.
- Thank you.

Are you still there?

I can't just speak to him.

We have a place where we meet.

I'm sure he's watching this memory
right now, is about to give me an answer.

- He can see all of this?
- Yes, he can see anything I can see.

This is his daughter, Donna.

- Take me to the meeting place, Minnie.
- Locating.

- Can you see him or not?
- I don't see him yet.

- I don't know what I'm doing here.
- Wait.

If you are trying to make a fool
out of me, you succeeded.

Wait, just give me a second.


He calls you Birdie.

I can live in that memory forever.

Alright, write this down.

If I'm still here, that means, that
the chip is still physically inside you.

My guess is a malfunction during
the self-destruct damaged the chip.

- I've looked, though, it was gone.
- Not all of it according to Tom.

So, why didn't it
come up on the reader?

The reader traces the chip by the
metallic elements that comprise them.

Chips of my prototype
are made of silicon.

The.. new chips were upgraded to
monocrystalline, that's why it didn't read it.

In all the rush, I never
reprogrammed the damn reader.

It would have taken me minutes.

- It's not your fault.
- So what now?

I got clearance to get Tom
out of the hospital.

Right, but what about Anthony?

- It's Richard.
- It's Richard?

He still has an in with the Department
of Corrections. He said he'd help.

Yeah, Abby, it's Richard.

Listen, I just spoke with him.

He's not going forward.

- I couldn't get him to budge.
- What does that mean, that it's over?

- No, I said I couldn't get him to budge.
- I do not understand.

I'm saying even I have my priorities.
I'm gonna send you his information.

- Mr. Kennison?
- There's nothing I can do, I'm sorry.

Now you corner him, Abby.. nobody is gonna
fight for your husband the way you will.

You know, I got a ranch nearby..

I guess I can put in for a prison transfer...

have him sequestered there overnight,
get a few guards who won't talk.

If I was properly motivated.

What does that mean?

The machine, Mrs. Jacobs.

How about you sign it over to me?

I understand this might be
a difficult decision for you.

Well, then you know nothing about me.

Get it done.

I gotta be honest.

It's kinda hard being comfortable
knowing you maybe watching.

If you get out, you got to promise
to keep a few things quiet.

I mean, it gets kind of lonely
in this cell, sometimes.

I don't want people judging me.

You know what?
I hate this fucking place.

How about we pick another spot?

- Come on you big baby, come with me..
- Nobody's stopping you.

OK, So you're just gonna
sit around and do nothing?

Maybe I just wanna sit here,
and watch you.


Last chance.

Come on, you big baby..

Get in..

Took you long enough.

Nice place.

Only weekend getaway we got.

I think we've been going out
for about four months, by this point.

Have you been here before?

That's hard to tell.

Line kind of got blurry. Not sure what's
mine and what's yours anymore...

This one's definitely mine.

This is a...

better place.

you remember the last time, we met?

You said it wouldn't hurt, but...

..it's been hurting ever since...

Why did you built this thing, man?

I don't know anymore...

Think I was gonna help people.

Let them revisit the past,
deal with their traumas..

Make the world a better place.

Clich?, huh?

Somewhere along the way
I kind of lost my focus.

It became less about what I put in to it
and more about what I got out of it.

You regret it?

Every day.

Can't change the past.

But, hey,..maybe that's
your next invention?

I'd buy a ticket.

I'm leaving tonight.

- They are taking me out of this place.
- Just like that?

Where the hell are you going?

They're gonna hold me up
some place for the procedure.

They say it's all painless.

Just a...computers and
machines doing most of the work.

So I just got to be there for the night
and I'm out the next day.

If he tries anything, we're in earshot.

And then what?

- A transfer to another prison.
- Wonderful.

- That's just fucking great.
- This guy needs my help.

I've told you years ago, Anthony,
not to volunteer for this program.

- I was trying to prove my innocence.
- Your innocence?

That night you called me,
you told me everything.

You may not remember, but I do.

Dad,...Dad, something bad happened.

I had to get you a ride to
pick up your sorry ass...

Had to watch my own
son OD in the back seat...

while I cleaned up his fucking mess.

I kept my mouth shut
to the cops for you.

You know you're doing just fine right where you are.
And now they're taking you to God knows where.

- I'm not gonna start up again.
- Don't show me your bullshit, Anthony

All it takes is one slip up, one corrupt system,
and you are back to your old habits.

I'm trying to do a good thing.

You haven't done a good
thing in your entire life.

And now you're all angry, aren't you?

And I'm such a bad father,
because I don't believe you.

Well I pulled your ass out of the fire more times
than I can remember. But I'm done now, Anthony.

You may hate me.. but everything
I've done, I've done for you.

- You really still believe you're innocent?
- I do.

Prove it.

He was right.

So what's this thing?

This is what I need to build.
Every chip has a source frequency.

And this will send us a signal every quarter
of a second, to retrieve that frequency.

Once we lock on the Tom's signal,
we're gonna need you...

to tell us, what memory he's in.

And tell him to stay there. We'll filter
that memory through the console.

bring Tom's body in
and make the swap.

- Are you sure it's gonna work?
- Well, Richard, your guess is as good as mine...

- and it's the best we got.
- How long?

We'll start within the hour, whole process
shouldn't take more than four hours, total.

Actually, it may take
a bit longer than that.

- What do you mean?
- You need me.

So I've got a request for Tom.
I know he'd probably see this.

So, Tom... I feel I've been more than
accommodating, wouldn't you agree?

I have something I want from you.

I want to find out of what
happened the night of the murder

I saw what happened.
You killed your girlfriend.

There's something else from that night. Something that
the cops shrugged off as me trying to save my own ass.

I want to prove myself.
I want to prove them wrong.

- We do not have time for this.
- Well make time!

I wanna make sure he's listening first.
I wanna make sure he's on board.

So Tom...

I'll be waiting to hear your response.

You lied to me. You want me in
here for the rest of your life?

- You killed her, isn't that enough?
- I've done horrible things but I'm no killer.

Why start with her.

I don't know, she broke up with you..you were on a bender..or
maybe you're fucked up, you got angry, you let her have it..

- Maybe...maybe...I thought you could see everything.
- I could see actions, not emotions.

Then all you're seeing is a fucking picture book.
You don't know how I feel, what she meant to me.

You can't bluff me, Anthony.
You're no angel.

Every time you got angry, everytime you swung after a
few drinks, everytime you threatened someone, I saw that.

- And those are actions.
- So who doesn't have skeletons in their closet?

All you know is my history, not me.
I know my suffering.

Really, what part of yourself do you know?
Because there's the guy I'm talking to, right now...

..and then there's the guy
with a needle in his arm

The cops think you did it, your father
thinks you did it, fuck..I think you did it

So what? we're all wrong?
The evidence is wrong? I'm wrong?

You did it, Anthony.
So what's the point?

The point is there's something else that
happened that night.

An incident with another man, I wanna fill
in the gaps and I want to find out who he is.

Chasing down a random memory,
is a needle in a haystack.

I'll tell you everything I can remember,
I'll guide you through it.

Anthony, even if someone else was there,
the fact remains that you killed her.

Not accidentaly.
Not in self-defense.

- When the ends are this grusome, do the means really matter?
- They matter to me.

D'you think there wouldn't be
a price for your freedom, Tom?

I guess I thought I was
dealing with a decent man.

Well, we all make
mistakes now, don't we?

Now, I maybe a guinea
pig to people like you...

but from here on you're gonna do what I say,
because I'm your only chance of going home.

Until the morning before
you're transferred.

If you want my help, you help me first.

Yeah, Abbey, there's been a
slight delay. No cause for alarm.

- Tom's there?
- Yeah, he got here about an hour ago.

- Good..ok..just sit tight, and.. I'll call you when it clears up here.
- Okay

Let's begin.

Tell me about Adrienne.

Anything you can.

We were together for two years.

She wasn't exactly a piece
of cake from the start.

Fucked up home life.
Suicide attempt at 16.

We met, I got her started
into the harder stuff.

At first..we were just messing around

But then she...she became
everything to me.

And I wanted to pull us back because
we were killing each other, you know.

But she couldn't pull back.

No matter how hard I tried,
I couldn't help her.

Then one day she just left.
Didn't say why.

Didn't take my calls.

And I went into a downward spiral.

And next time I saw her, she was dead.

We got a signal.

Now we're just waiting on you two.
The clock is ticking.

You said something else
happenned that night

Tell me everything you can remember.

Minnie, get ready to locate these.

I remember waking up in the tub after
hearing a large crash, like glass shattering.

I had a bottle of pills by
me and Adrienne's gun.

My head's throbbing.
Don't know how long I've been out.

The place's new to me.

I remember pictures on the mantle.

In the guest bedroom there was a couch.. TV,
don't remember what was on.

And on the bookshelf, an alarm clock.
I heard a noise. Turned around.


Didn't even have enough
time to pull my gun.

Minnie, bring up the attacker.

Place holders.

Place holders everywhere. The memory is only
5% accurate. It's impossible to know the context.

You don't remember who you saw.
You can't even remember the area.

But the memory is real?

Yeah, it's real.

Then you gotta keep digging.

Meet me there.

- You just look again.
- I looked three times

You woke up in the generic bathroom. There are place
holders right down to the products, and the magazines..

..the attacker is a dead end.

There is just not enough.
What do you want me to do?

I don't remember
mentioning any magazines.

Doesn't matter that you didn't
mention them.They were there.

You remember them, you just
don't remember the type.

That's the thing, now that you mention it,
I do remember the type. They were skin mags.

No, no, I would've noticed that. They were generic.
You're confused with another memory.

Am I?

Minnie, how accurate is this photo?


Memory triggers. Mnemonics.
They teach you these in grade school.

You have a seven course meal.
You don't remember any of it.

But if I tell you had steak, that might
trigger you to remember you had potatoes..

..the memory unravels. Door starts to
open. All it takes is this tiny little trigger.

No, Anthony, it's not enough for me to decipher your thoughts
from a distance. I need you to share them with me.

We have to do this together.

So you sit here and you focus.

Anthony, I'm gonna tell you everything I see
and I need you to give me something back.

It's all in there.
I'm just gonna bring it to your attention.

The first thing is...

This wasn't a skin mag.
What was it, Anthony?

It was an Ink mag.

The rest of them were Ink mags too.

That's right. Good.

I think something else just opened up.
It's a.. purple bottle?

Perfume bottle. There were perfume
bottles all over the bath counter

Good..good. The rug, Anthony, tell me
about the rug. What color was it?

- It's red, I think...or orange.
- No, it was red.

Red..that's right..the towels
are red too. Red and black.

- What about the picture frame?
- A drawing...a train.

Shower curtain. That was the first
thing I saw..it was odd..

It was a.. had weird pattern on it.


That's right. The whole bathroom's
pristine. And it all matched.

You're remembering.
Let's see what else you remember.

- Minnie, keep me updated on percentages.
- Memory, 25% accurate.

Anthony, there's something else here. The photos
in the hallway. There's one...It's a drawing.


35% accurate.

- Anthony, that's not all you remember? There's a whole room in here now.
- There is a pink blanket on the couch.

pictures on the walls. A hat.
A coffee table with a book on it.

- By the book there's a wall. there's a bookshelf. The TV is on.
- There's cartoons playing.

Anthony, the clock keeps changing time.

What time is it, Anthony?

- Come on, Anthony. Think. What time is it?
- 1:35.

Minnie, reset this memory.

Now, Anthony, if you can
remember all these little things...

I know you can remember the big one.

Why was he at her house?

I wish I knew. But the memory is authentic.

And the time. 1.35. That's what
the cop estimated when she died.

- What if he did it? He was there.
- Anthony, I saw you do it.

- Yeah, maybe you're wrong.
- I'm not wrong.

Now I did my part, it's time to
keep up your end of the bargain.

Tell Garrett, that I'll be waiting
for him at our meeting spot.

A deal is a deal.

I gotta take a leak.

Can I bum one of those?

Toss the gun! Toss it!

Keys! Give me the keys!

Anthony, think this through.
They're gonna come after you.

If you get killed, you kill Tom.

Come on, Anthony. Where are you?

I'm coming

Holly shit!

- When did you get out?
- Not too long ago.

Come in.

Fucking forever, man.

Want a little 'pick me up'?
It's on the house.

Very funny, asshole.

You were at Adrienne's house that night.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Now, tell me you weren't at her
sister's house the night she died.

- Look who's memory's coming back..
- Why did you kill her?

- You are fucking crazy.
- Don't you fucking lie to me!

I didn't fucking kill her.

I was there but I didn't do anything.

I walked into her room,
she was dead already.

I heard footsteps and I hid..
and I saw you..with a gun.

I panicked, I hit you.

The cops never questioned me. You never
pointed me out. What the fuck was I supposed to do?

- Why were you at her house?
- What do you think?

She never shacked up with you.

Oh really?

Why you look so shocked?

I mean, you got her started.
It's your fault, she had to come to me.

What do you mean she
had to come to you?

We had a sort of arrangement.

I kept her fixed, she
gave me what I needed.

That's why she broke it off with you.

She really wanted to tell you.

But you know what I think?

I think you drove over
her house that night.

Just a fucked up mess.

I think she told you everything.

And you blew her away for it.

I'm sorry.

Don't move.

Give me the gun.

All this for a girl.

I thought we were friends, man.

What do you wanna do now?

- Call the cops.
- Can't bring the cops here, man.

Damn..you know, he's right.

What the hell..


If it makes you feel any better,
she really, really wanted to stop. She did.

The problem was..
I got strung out on her.

I told her, if she ever broke our deal...

I'd put a bullet in her head.

So thanks for doing my
dirty work for me, Anthony.

Minnie, locate everything
that's happening right now.

My name is Minnie. What would you like to do?

I said, locate everything
that's happening right now.


- Subject compromised.
- Why'd you do it?

I was so close.

I was right there.

System breakdown...

Talk to me, you coward!

Look at me!

You gotta get me out of here, Anthony.
Something's wrong with Minnie.

You promised me.

What you gonna do now?

Look at me. What you gonna do now?

I'm going to do what
in my best interests.

- Your prototype still works, right?
- Yeah.

I can go back to your apartment with your
wife. She can do it if you explain it to me.

Tell me everything.
Let's get this done.

Begin Extraction...

- Ok..Ok..it's done. Tell me what to do.
- He said he would be waiting for me.

Pull it out on my signal.

Can you see him,yet?

- I lost him.
- What do you mean you lost him.

I don't see him.
Tom, where did you go?

- Why am I here, Minnie?
- I do not understand. Filtering...

Don't filter, Minnie.
I need to go to another memory.

- Are you positive?
- Anthony, stay with me, okay?

Minnie, I need to go to one
more memory. Take me now!

What would you like to do, Tom?

- This is his daughter, Donna.
- I can live in that memory forever.

I know where he's going.

You've arrived.

Come on, Tom.

Anthony, come here..
you stay with me, okay?

Welcome, Tom. My name is Minnie.
What would you like to do?

Anthony, come here. Look at me
right now. Tell me what you want me do.

Come on, Tom.

Anthony, tell me what to do.

Took you long enough

Goodbye, Tom.

- Can you take it from here?
- You got some place to be?

Last chance.

My name is Tom Jacobs.

Born on November 12, 1972.

My parents are Mark and Judith.
My wife's name is Abbey.

I would give anything to hear her
say my name again.

My father was in the war.

He didn't believe in psychology...

or post-traumatic stress.

He used to say that
war is like going to the beach.

You gotta come back
home with some sand.

This was his 15th birthday.

Rex. I remember this dog so well.
It feels like it was mine.

It was a show dog
that was given to me.

Rex was a show dog?
What are you talking about?

you couldn't even teach the dog to sit. He crapped
all over the house. He chewed off the furniture.

- You sound like my kid.
- What are you talking about?

I gave him away because another trainer
made me a great offer.

I told Anthony, Rex was acting up, when
he was at school, shittin' all over the place.

You tell a kid something enough times,
he'll believe it.

This dog was misbehaving.
Anthony saw it. I saw it.

Anthony didn't see shit.
Rex was a great dog.

Are you sure you remember?

Are you?

- I'll get another beer. You want one?
- No, I'm good, thanks.

- Dad, how do I get him to sit?
- I told you, Anthony, repetition.

You tell a kid something
enough times, he'll believe it.

Anthony, I told you a hundred
times that dog is dumb as shit.

The line gets blurry..when it comes to
brainwashing, but I got a way around that.

So what constitutes brainwashing?
Hypnosis, call it programming.

Can it be really defined? Bad people drilling things
into your head. It's not that obvious..,maybe...

..maybe his dog wasn't stupid. Maybe Anthony
was just conditioned to believe he was.

Good boy.

There are thousands of ways
to manipulate someone.

Some as innocent..
as a father talking to a son.

If Anthony could've been convinced to that,
what else could he have been convinced of?

- The cops mapping it out that he did it...
- Look at what you did.

- To his father's disappointment.
- I give you my word. Does that mean anything?

- What else could you believe to be true?
- I'm sorry.

I can't be in your life anymore..

I'm sorry.

An anonymuous tip came in, someone saw
his pick up truck pull over by the bridge...

near the murder scene, around 2am.

You were the anonymous tip.

- It was you who wrote the letter, wasn't it?
- What the hell are you talking about?

Don't play games with me.

You set him up, so what do you know?

- Don't matter now.
- It matters. It matters to me.

Anthony called you that night.
What did he tell you?

Yeah, he called me...
babbling incoherently..

Sounded like another lie.
These addicts...they lie..that's what they do

- How could you? It was your own kid.
- He was out of control.

- So you were what? protecting yourself?
- I was protecting him.

The way he was going, his addiction. It was only a matter of
time before he was found face down in an alley somewhere.

So when he woke up the next morning
and told me he didn't remember anything...

that's when I made my
decision and I set him up.

You know I came out of the joint, clean.

Do you have a kid?

- Yeah.
- What would you have done?

A guilt is a powerful thing, that
compounds, becomes an obsession.

And you have a choice..
you can either wallow in it, or....

..you can change.

I think in her case she felt
like she couldn't do either.

Experimental project moves forward.

What if he actually convince
these people it works?

I do not know why I let you up.
old habits die hard, I guess.

I understand.

How's that one?

Sometimes you just need
to hear a familiar voice.