Extortion (2017) - full transcript

When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.

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Andy, are you ready?

Get up here.

I'm done with my boat, mom.

We're gonna be
late to the airport.

Please bring your bag down.

I can't find it.

Did you look under your bed?

What are you doing up there?

Babe you got the passports?

Yeah, I got them.

Daddy, daddy look.

Yeah it looks good,
the sail looks great.

You almost got it. That's good.

I checked the weather,
not a drop of rain all week.

I know, that's great. Hello.
Can you take the luggage out?

Honey, can you guys take the
luggage outside, please?

- Andy where's your bag?
- I was saying, he has to...

Andy. Where's your bag, sweetie?

Yeah, I saw the X-ray.

Well, schedule an mri
and let's just wait

to see what the results
of the blood test are

and we'll talk next week, okay?
Email me his results.

Yeah, thank you. All right.

- Daddy.
- Yeah?

Are we gonna go on jet skis?

Because Colin said
he went on a lake

and his dad let him
drive a jet ski.

Six year old Colin rode
a jet ski by himself?

He went 100 miles per hour.

And he also said
that his dad can

kick your ass because
you're a doctor.

First of all do not repeat
bad words after Colin.

Secondly, doctors are pretty
tough, you'd be surprised.

And I highly doubt Colin
rode a jet ski by himself.

Then promise me we
will go together then.

I promise.

Kevin, Andy,
so you're finally leaving.

Lucas, yeah.

Jules found a really
good deal in the Caribbean.

We're gonna spend some
quality time with the family.

That's what vacations are for.

And only because of you, Margie and I were
able to spend our last vacation together.

I know, I know, it's okay,
you don't have to thank me.

By the way Julie mentioned you
can't start the lawnmower again.

I'll tell you what, i could
show you how to fix it.

It's simple,
it'll only take a second.

It's a small engine,
and they're all the same.

I'm... I'm on vacation.

I'm not fixing
anything right now.

Andy your father
can fix a human heart

but he can't fix the lawnmower.

Be careful, some areas are
not very safe out there.

Thanks, Lucas,
I'll keep that in mind.

- Toodle-loo.
- Have a nice week.

Kevin, slip the
concierge a little

something extra
he'll upgrade your room.

Money... that's how
everything works down there.

Okay. Thanks.

Au revoir.

Daddy, what's a concierge?

Daddy, is treasure island real?

Yeah, for sure, hundreds
of years ago pirates

used to hide treasure
on deserted islands.


So no one else could
figure out where they hid it.

Why didn't they keep their treasure
at home with their families?

Pirates don't have,
homes, you know, or families.

If they didn't
have homes or family

why did they need treasure?

That's a good question.

Hey, come here.

What do you think?

It's pretty amazing.

It is pretty good. Yeah.
Welcome. Hi.

May I have your name and
reservation number please?

Kevin Riley.

I don't think I'm really
particularly good at this

but if you were willing
to upgrade our room,

I would be willing to compensate
you, personally, financially.

Certainly, let's see
what we have available.

Thanks, man.

So what do you think
of the honeymoon suite?

It's pretty great,
nice to finally see one.

Come on.
Our honeymoon suite was nice.

I'm sorry our honeymoon suite
did you just say?

Our honeymoon suite was a tiny bed in
the back of an rv on the way to Mexico.

So? That sounds like fun,
it was great.

It was the worst trip
ever, that's what that is.

I thought it was fun.

I know you did. Love you.

- Hi, there.
- Good morning, how are you doing?

- Good, how are you?
- I'm good, I'm good.

How can I help you today? I
want to get a jet ski, please.

Man, yep, I'm sorry
but we're all out for today.

You know the list is full,
so sorry.

Actually, if you can give me your
name I can book you for tomorrow.

No I get it,
i get it, that's cool.

Sir, sir we don't...
Sir, we don't have any jet skis.

Okay, my son,
he's never been on one before

and I swear to you
it's all he talks about.

So if there's anything that
you could do it would be great.

It would mean a lot to me.

I'm not... you know what, I'm not
even supposed to tell you this

but... but you can rent a
motorboat from one of the locals.

A couple of kilometers down
you'll see a bunch of guys

and they have all kinds
of boats, all right?

Hey, mister.

What you got there?

- Five dollar fish.
- No, thanks, nice fish though.

Yo, my friend, you need a boat?

- Yeah.
- Only 300, bro.

- Which one?
- Right there the white one.

Right here, my man.
The fastest boat is right here.

Yeah, right, give me 250.

Three hours for $200.

Give me 250. Come here,
you gonna like it.

Right here, right here come on.
Just give me 250.

Come on, come right here.
- He says 200.

Fun boat, you're gonna love it.

- Go ahead.
- Thanks, man.

- I like this one.
- How you doing, sir?

- I'm good, how are you?
- Fine, this is a good boat, man.

- This is the fastest boat ever, okay?
- Okay.

That engine right
there 60 horsepower.

- Okay.
- It came from a old sport boat.

- All right.
- Just $200 for three hours, cash please.

Thank you very much.
- You need my license?

Get in, come on, no man, i don't
need your license, come on.

Okay. -What you gonna do,
you gonna steal my boat?

Maybe. -You can take it,
I'll get insurance money.

Don't worry, man, just bring it clean and I'm
not gonna charge you a cleaning fee, okay?

So sit down, I'm gonna
show you how it works, okay?

Okay, very simple okay,
put the gear in drive.

And you're gonna put the throttle control
lever up and that's it you're ready to go.

- Okay.
- You got the life vests right there, okay.

And make sure if you got kids
put them on them. - Okay.

And you got a full
tank of gas, be safe.

Now remember if you go swimming,

remember to drop
the anchor, okay?

'Cause when you come back you're not
gonna see the boat again, okay.

Have a good trip.

You can steer it, here we go.

- Babe.
- Yeah?

Where did you find this thing?

Well they didn't have any jet skis
but the good thing is this is safer

and we're all together, right?

I see how it is.

These guys think
they can take us

What do you say we show
them what we can do?

- Buckle up.
- Do it.

Yeah, faster, daddy, faster.

Bet you Colin
never went this fast.

Kevin. Kevin!

- Yeah?
- Slow down.


Babe, listen, I think
we should go back.

We can't even see
the land anymore.

- No.
- Yeah, we got two hours left, come on.

I think it's gonna take us a while
to get back. We should turn around.

All right, you know
what your mom is right.

- Let's turn this baby around and we'll...
- Sorry.

Cruise around closer
to shore, okay?

- No.
- I know, buddy, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to
be a party pooper.

It's safer.

Island, island,
i wanna see the island.

Daddy, treasure island.

I don't think it's a good idea.

Mom, just for a minute,
can we see the island?

What do you say, mom?

It's not every day you get
to see a deserted island.

Why don't we just check it out? And
we'll go home and have lunch after.


Mom, please, please, please?


Yeah, full speed ahead!
Next stop treasure island!

Daddy, look, palm trees.

They're everywhere.


Come here your ears are red.

Dad you think
there's treasure here?

You never know.

You guys wanna take a
walk around the island?

I think I'm gonna sit down and read
for a little bit, you guys go ahead.

All right.

Let's look for a buried treasure.
All right, well, let's do it.

- Get out of here.
- Come on.

You boys have fun.

Let's do it, come on,
let's find some treasure.

What do you think?

Awesome. Let's
go see this thing.

Let's see if we can make
it all the way around.


Whoa, a seashell.

Dad, look.

Wow, that's pretty cool.

Take a look inside,
see if anybody's home.

Hello, darlings.

Look, mom, we found
a cool seashell.

Ooh a conk shell,
it's good luck you know.

- Conk, can you say conk?
- Conk.

Conk shell,
it's good luck, you ready?

- I'm hungry.
- Hungry, too.

Let me help you up.

- Who wants Sushi?
- I want Sushi.

Okay, how about,

what do you say we get
mom a caterpillar roll?

Or a spider roll?

What about a tarantula roll?

What, no those are too hairy,
i don't like those.

How about some,
start with some miso chorizo?

Miso chorizo?

Or some edamame salami?

I don't think
there's a crab there.

Yeah, probably not.
What's going on over there, hon?

We run out of gas?

- No, it's full.
- Okay.

I think that's
supposed to be down.

All right, come on.

Come on, come on.

I mean, anyways
if anything there's...

There's got to be a bunch
of boats around.

There we go.

It's basically a
lawnmower engine.

Fuck, come on, come on.

It won't be much longer, honey.

All right, so how long do you think
before they notice the boat is missing

and they come looking for us?

I don't know if they care
if the boat is missing.

I rented it from a
local and paid in cash.

He doesn't know my name
or where we're staying.

And he wouldn't want to report
his missing boat to the police?

I hope he does.

Look, if it comes down to it,

I'll put on a life vest
and I'll swim back.

You can't swim back, it took us an hour going whatever
miles per hour we were doing to get out here.

Can you even imagine
how far out we are?

I'm gonna keep looking for
boats on the other side.

You okay?

Only battery's dead.

I've been messing with the engine
all morning and it seems fine.

The fuel line's good,
we got fuel.

The engine's just... i
don't know.

I think it's the
battery that's dead.

I went around the island,
i didn't see any water.

I did see a boat
a little while ago.

Mommy, my head hurts
and I'm thirsty.

I know, sweetheart, but you
have to stay out of the sun.

Your father's asked you twice
to stay out of the sun.

It's okay. It's okay.

Hey, chief.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Just like in the pirate stories.

Did you know that when they
used to sail these seas

they would go for weeks
at a time without food?

And they didn't mind because
it was... it was an adventure.

Just like it is for us.

So I want you to do what your mom says
and I want you to stay under that tree

and stay out of the sun and I want
you to think about what you're

gonna tell Colin about your big
adventure on treasure island, okay?


Look, boat, boat.
Come on, boat. Hey!

- Babe, boat, yo.
- Hey!

- Hey, hey!
- Hey, hey!

- Stop.
- Whoo, help!

- Stop!
- Stop, help.

- Help us.
- Hey!

- We need help.
- Whoo, help!

- See us!
- Help, hey!

Look over here!

Hey, whoo!

Hey, come here, it's okay.

There's gonna be plenty more.

That's just one.

A boat is gonna come along
and they're gonna get us okay?

Now in the meantime,
you get under that palm tree.

Stay out of the sun.

What are we gonna do?

Well, we can last a couple
of days without food.

Someone's guaranteed
to come by then.

How long can we
last without water?

I can't believe,
this is actually happening.


I know I've been
too hard on you.

I'm sorry.

Do you really think
we're gonna be okay?

Of course we're gonna be okay.

I will not let us die out here.

That's a promise.


Jules, Jules.

Jules, you got to wake up.

His heart is racing,
he's overcompensating

'cause he can't pump
the blood properly.

Andy, Andy!

Damn it, goddamn it.

Please don't let him die,
we have to do something.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, we have to
get off the island.

We have to get out on the water.

There are boats out there.

Someone is gonna spot us.

If we don't he's not
gonna wake up tomorrow.

None of us will.

Baby, I'm sorry.

I love you.

I love you.

Hello! Help!

Help, help!

Help, help, help!

Help, help, help!

My son and my wife
they need water.

Here, here, wet their lips.

With what?

It's fresh water.


Come here.

Come here.

I got water there.

No, no, put it on her neck,
put it on her neck.

The skin is thin there,
it'll suck in the moisture.

I'm a doctor.

Exactly. Okay.

Now get her wrist,
get her wrist.

Come on, water.

We have water, we've got water.

How long you been out here?

A few days.

- Days?
- Days.

What happened? We're staying at
a resort and I rented this boat

and then the engine
just wouldn't start.

Drifted out to sea and...

But my son I need to
get him to the hospital.

He won't last much longer,

Let me take the kid.

Come on, babe, we're going home.

I'm... I'm Kevin,
this is my wife, Julie.

And I just want to say we're gonna be forever
grateful for what you've done for us.

What is your name?

Listen, man, i want to help you.

I want to save you
and your family, okay?


But I would like
a reward, you know,

a compensation for
saving your lives.

Yes, of course, definitely.

I swear to you
you'll be very happy.

Yeah, but I would like to
agree on the price right now.

Of... of course,
anything you want.

Ten... thousand.

Forty, forty, that's everything
that we have in our savings.

I'll give you $40,000.

How much is your
family's life worth?

I want one million dollars.

I don't... I don't
have a million dollars.

But you're a doctor right?

Yes, I'm a doctor but i
work at a county hospital.

We don't even make
anything like that.

Listen, man,
i have a family, too.

Y'all come down here and
spend $10,000 on one vacation.

That's more than I made this
whole year, for four people.

I need a million
dollars or I'm leaving.

- Make up your mind.
- No, no, you can't leave us.

You can't leave us,
you can't be serious.

We'll die out here.

You said you have a family,
and I've offered you $40,000.

$40,000, isn't that enough?

Not for me. -Wait, don't,
don't, don't, don't.

- Please don't go.
- One million dollars or no deal.

Wait, wait, wait, you can't
leave my family here.

One million
dollars or no deal.

I don't have a million dollars.

My son is six years
old you motherfucker.

You can die here.

Or we can go to town.

Call one of your rich
friends get my money

and your family lives.

I'll get money,
just get us off the island

and I'll get you
a million dollars.

- You sure?
- Yeah.


Wake up.

Where's my... where's my wife,
and my... and my son?

My son?

Back on the island.

Why? We agreed.

Listen to me. We have to go to
the bank and transfer the money.

And then we go back to the island with the
second boat so you can get your family.

But they don't have any water.

They had enough water,
listen carefully.

Think about your family,
your family is on the line.

You do anything stupid your
family's gonna die okay?

- Why are you doing this?
- By the morning they're gonna die.

- Shut the fuck up.
- Don't do anything stupid.

Don't tell the police
or anyone else,

because if you do
i won't tell anyone anything.

I will say this guy is a liar.

Turn around go back, please.

Turn around and go back, please.

I swear to god,
I'll still pay you the money.

Just take me back, please. I swear to
god I'll still give you the money.

I'll give you the money!

Let's make sure you do that.

So I'm in town
and I'm coming right now.

Okay, alright.

Just make sure you text me
the account number right away.


Okay, good.

All right, don't mess with me,
man, I'm on the way right now.



There are thousands
of islands back there.

I am the only one
who knows where your family is.

So don't do anything stupid.

Here, clean up.

Jimmy, it's Kevin.

I'm in a lot of trouble,
i need money today.

I don't even have time to talk about this right now
but you have to do something for me immediately.

I can't tell you right now.
It's about Andy and Julie.

Just wire it.

You have my bank information,
just get it to me.

Put me in with
Dr. zett's office, please.

Can't talk about it right now,
I'm in a bad situation.

What do you mean? Nine zero
five six four nine eight three.

Hello, can you hear me?
I need money.

No, no, no, no, not next week,
it has to be now.

Richard, Richard, Richard,
I've been waiting

on the phone for
you for ten minutes.

Ten minutes I've been
sitting here waiting for you.

No, no, no, no, no,
i cannot wait.

I cannot wait!


Get him on the phone,
get him on the phone!


Lucas, Lucas, it's... it's
Kevin, can you hear me?

Listen, I know that
you always said that

you wanted to repay me
for what I did for Margie.

Well, now's the day.

Take me to the bank.

How can I help you?

I need to check my account.

Can I have your card?

Thank you, Mr. Riley.

Anything else I can
do for you today?

Have a good day.

This wasn't the deal.

You can either take that money
now or you can take nothing!

If you don't take my money,

if you don't tell me where
my wife and my child are,

you're gonna be looking over your
shoulder for the rest of your

short, agonizing, miserable life,
because I'm gonna take your face

and break it in half with my

fucking hands you understand me?

I need to know that
we have a deal.

Transfer it.

Anything else?

Thank you.

- Hello, again.
- Hi.

I want to transfer to
that account number please.

- The whole amount?
- The entire balance.

Sure thing.

Yeah. Wired two minutes ago,
you got it?

Okay, okay, we're good.

Okay, it's good.

Okay, come.

You can follow us in this one.

Hey, why are you locking me in? Okay,
for your own safety and everyone's.

Don't communicate with anyone.

- Open... open the door!
- Listen, listen.

When we get to the
island I will let you out

but first you have
to wait one hour

after we leave, then you leave.

- No, open it up!
- Don't worry.

Hey, hey, I don't know how to
get back, it's gonna be dark!

Okay, Jorge, let's go.

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey! Hey, what are you doing?
Why are you doing this?

I gave you all that money.

I swear on my son's life I will
never tell anyone about this.

You got the money.

What are you doing?

Jorge, back, back, go back!

Back, back.

I will tell you, stay back.


I paid you the money!
I gave you everything I have.

Why are you doing this?

Please just take me
back to my family.

I swear to god
I'll never tell anybody.

How do I know you won't tell your
government? I won't tell anybody, I swear.

You'll tell your government
and they can

look for me and arrest me,
you think I'm stupid?


I'll never tell anybody, please!

Don't let them die!

Don't you let them die!


You've got the money!

Do not leave my
family on that island!


Don't you let them die!

Hey, grab
the lifesaver, grab it.

Pull him in, pull him in now.

Mr. Riley,
detective constable haagen.

We spoke on the phone.

The us embassy
has been notified,

and the us coast guard captain

will guide you through
the rescue plan.

- How's your leg?
- I'll live.

Now we're right here,
and these are the islands

where you most likely made
your initial landfall,

and then you drifted
at sea for at least

one full day and night
more likely going

north northeast following
the prevailing currents.

They move at about four,
four and a half knots.

That potentially takes us out another
150 nautical miles from these islands.

We have an initial
search area.

It's about 2,000 square miles, roughly
the same size as the state of Delaware.

And inside that
search area there are

hundreds of islands and keys.

We can do this, it's just
gonna take some time.

Okay, realistically how long
to search the entire area?

A major search and rescue operation
like this can take weeks.

Weeks? They're gonna be dead
before the sun rises, weeks?

Mr. Riley,
the ships are in preparation

to deploy in about three hours.

And that's gonna
put us at this first

chain of islands
just before dawn.

Don't helicopters have lights?

Yeah, but it's virtually
impossible to spot

two unconscious people
on an unknown island

in the dark,
even with night vision.

There's nothing
we can do right now.

What about the fisherman?

We have to focus on your family and
then we'll find the fisherman.

Why don't we go for
the fisherman right now?

Let's talk alone, please.

How do you suppose
we get this guy?

You don't know his name,

you don't know the
vessel hull number.

I told you on the
phone his name is Jorge.


Mr. Riley, be realistic.

Most likely, Jorge,
is a Cuban migrant.

Most deckhands are immigrant
workers with no records at all.

I bet the fisherman is a migrant
himself, probably Haitian.

- What about the bank?
- We have the video.

We're looking into
the wire transaction

and the receiving account
as we speak.

But this is the Caribbean.

I'm sure you know
that there's a lot

of shady stuff
going on in these banks.

Have you had any arguments
with your wife lately?

Why do you ask?

Does your wife or your son
have life insurance?

Yes, with our credit union.

Where did all the money
from your account come from?

- What difference does it make?
- A big difference.

You rented a boat from a
local man away from the resort.

You don't have a
witness that saw

your wife or your son
get onto that boat.

Days later you show up at a bank

to complete a wire transfer
to an offshore account

accompanied by a
mysterious fisherman.

Mr. Riley,
is there actually a fisherman?

Is it possible that your family
was not on the boat as you said?

Are you serious?

You're wondering if I'm lying?

You're wondering
if I would do something

to harm my six year old son
and my wife?

I don't know who
the fisherman is,

but I know he left my wife
and my son on an island to die.

Right now they are dying
of severe dehydration

and thirst,
unless we go out and save them.

You look exhausted.

You need to get some rest before
the search starts tomorrow.

I'll take you back to the hotel.

We're going to find
your family, Mr. Riley.

We're going to find them.

I have a family, too.

Text me the account number.

There are dozens
of islands back there.

I am the only one who
knows where your family is.

- Damn it.
- Checking out the scores?

Yeah me, too. I tell you, it's the
only thing that keeps me sane.

Family has fun and whatnot
and we go to the beach, and...

But I've been stuck, you know,
with my wife and the kids

in the same hotel room for a
week now, you know what I mean?

Don't get me wrong,
you know, it's a nice place.

I like it here, the family does.

You fish?

Big game fishing,
one of my favorite sports.

I placed third in this one.
You know, I also fish marlin...

What do you do with the
fish after you catch them?

Throw it back in, or sell it.

Who do you sell it to?

Fish suppliers.

Thank you.

Hey, anytime.

Detective, if this guy's a fisherman
then he has to have a buyer.

He's got to have somebody that he sells his fish to
regularly and I think we can track him that way.

Do you know how much resources
it would take to do that?

And if by some miracle we do track
him down through the buyer,

there's no guarantee that the fisherman
will talk in time to save your family.

- I'll make him talk.
- The plan is to search and rescue.

We do not have all the resources
possible so you have to bear with us.

Let me jump in here. Mr.
Riley, let me introduce myself.

I'm Brian sweeney, I'm deputy chief
of mission United States embassy.

- Can I have a word with you?
- We're on the case, okay?

Look, I know the
detective personally.

He's a good man, he's
been around the block.

Let's let him find the
fisherman, all right?

But in the meantime I need
every available resource

out there searching for your
family and that includes you.

You have the 100% cooperation and
backing of the United States embassy.

- Let them do their job.
- Thank you.

- Okay?
- Thank you.

Hey, Mr. Riley.

- Yeah.
- Don't go too far.

They're expecting you
at the base in an hour.

I'm just gonna go up to my
room, I'll be back in a minute.

In an hour, Mr. Riley.

Hey, can I get a taxi?

Right away.


Thank you.

Where to, boss?

Where do fishermen sell
their fish around here?

We can go to the market
if it's still open.

- Let's go.
- All right.

Excuse me, I'm looking for
a couple of fishermen

that may be doing business here,
one is... Haitian.

He's really thin,
he's probably 40 years old,

average height, do you
know somebody like that?

I don't know anybody,
there's this guy named Roger.

He knows all of them.

Maybe you can catch him
at the loading dock.

- He drives a brown Van.
- Thank you. Thanks.

Hey, stop the Van!

Hey, stop!

I'm sorry, man.

I was told that you might be
able to help me with something.

I'm looking for a
couple of fisherman

who probably do business here.

One is Haitian and he's
got a guy he works with.

His name is Jorge, he's latino.
Does the name ring a bell or...?

- No, man.
- What about the boat?

Pretty rusty antennas going...

I been doing this for
30 years, I would know.

No one we deal
with comes to mind.

How do you know those guys
are here at the market?

There are hundreds of boats
and owners all over the islands.

What if I were to hire
somebody like a deckhand,

you know, somebody to work
on my boat for me with me?

You can try the...
The harbor in the morning.

Okay, night fishing. What if i
wanted to hire someone tonight?

How would I do that?

If you are desperate
there's a bar by the harbor.

They all hang out there, easy.

Hey, man.

Guys, excuse me.

Hey, um, I'm looking for a guy
by the name of Jorge.

- Do you by any chance know...
- What do you need?

What do you need?

Deck hand for my boat.

Got a couple of
guys here you know?

No, no, it's okay, I just
want to hire the guy Jorge.

- Do you know him?
- Yeah, that guy, blue shirt.




Detective are there any
leads on the fisherman?

Where are you?

This is starting to look very suspicious.
What are you not telling me?

I cannot just sit on my ass
and wait for the sun to come up.

I need you to tell me
where you are, immediately.

Okay, you know what, you call me if
there's any further developments.

I'm telling you, my friend,
something's going on.

From the first time I saw him
i know something was wrong.


What's up, boss, where to now?

I don't know.

What you looking for, man?

Do you want some girls?

- No, no, girls.
- Okay.

Here, you know what, I'm gonna
give you 100 bucks just to wait.

- No problem, man.
- Where'd you get that scar?

Man, I was cooking some
swordfish and a bone sliced it,

almost cut my finger off.

Where did you get the sutures?

- What?
- Stitches, who fixed you up?

They did it
at the hospital, man.

Which one, how many are there around here?
There's only one.

Excuse me, I have a leg wound

that is showing
signs of infection.

- Please, first door.
- Thank you.


Please, listen to me.

A few days ago, I took a
boat ride with my family.

We got stranded on an
island and a fisherman

asked us for a lot
of money to save us.

He took me back to
the shore and he left

my wife and my child
on the island.

After he received the money
he tried to drown me

and then he just disappeared.

My wife and my son
are still out on that island,

and they have severe
dehydration right now.

The fisherman is Haitian
about 40 years old.

- He's very thin really, really thin.
- Sir, please.

He's average height,
but he's got a deep laceration

on his inner tricep
and the sutures are fresh.

They can't be more
than a week old

and I think that
he got them here.

I need, I need his information.

Look, look, I'm a doctor, too.

Good, then you should know
i can't do that.

I didn't come
here for treatment.

That man is the only person who
knows where my wife and my son are.

- Sorry, sir we can't...
- Listen to me, the only person...

Sir, we can't give out
any patient's information

unless you're a police.

You should know that,
you're a doctor, right?

He'll never talk to the police.

The only person
he's gonna talk to is me.

Look, that's my wife,
that's my wife.

That's us,
that's my wife and my son.

That's my wife and my son.

That man is the only
person who knows

where my wife and my son are.

He's not gonna tell
the police anything.

I need his
information for myself.

- Sorry, sir.
- Please.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

I can't do that but I'm going
to step out for a minute, okay?

Dr. clergen,
we need your assistance.

Dr. clergen,
we need your assistance.

Please dial in at once.

"Miguel kaba."

I got you, you son of a bitch.

I want you to wait here.

A man is going to come with me.

If you don't ask any questions
I'm gonna give you another $100.

Who's this?

I'm looking for Miguel.

Who's this?

I need a man with a boat.

I was told down in the
Marina by some guys

that he's good,
so I want to hire him.

Go away, go away now.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Do not touch my daughter!
I just need to know where Miguel is.

I don't know! -I swear to you, I'm
not gonna hurt your child or you.

I just need to know,
where is Miguel?

I don't know,
i say I don't know!

I know he lives here!

- Get back!
- What about Jorge?

- I don't know.
- Where is Jorge?

I know you know Jorge, where is he? I
don't know, i don't know, I don't know!

Where is he? Where is he?

Gpc 9243.

Take me back there.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Take me back there right
this fucking second.

You kidnapped my
wife and my son!

Fuck you.

- Take me back there!
- Fuck you!

You're fucking taking me back.
You have to take me back there.

Take me back to my family!

Take me back.

Let him go, now, now!


Go back, go back!

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

- Let her go!
- Put that thing down!

How does it feel?

Swear to god somebody's
gonna get hurt!

Put it down!

You put it down!

No, no!

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

I'm gonna kill you.

It's a gruesome
scene at that house.

That was self-defense.

Listen to me,
i have the hull number.

That means we can locate Jorge.

Mr. Riley, you're responsible
for the murder of two people,

including a little girl.

- That was an accident.
- You're hereby

held into custody,
you held her at knife point

before slitting her
father's throat.

No, i... I didn't kill her,
i did not, I'm innocent.

You transferred a
large amount of money

and were implicated in a
double homicide after that.

The fisherman made
me transfer the money.

There's a boat sunk in the sea.

What do you...
What do you think I did?

You think I tried to fake
drown myself in a boat?

Well, it looks like
you were either involved

in a money laundering scheme,

or you paid the fisherman
to get rid of your family

and then you got rid of him.

I'm not talking to you anymore.
I'm not talking...

- I'm talking to him.
- Be my guest.

Listen, I got the number for the boat.
You need to stop talking right now.

All right, this no longer a
missing persons investigation.

This is now a homicide,
you need to get a lawyer.

- Gpc 9243.
- Are you listening to me?

That means we can get to Jorge, we can make
him lead... -Our office can prevent...

Forget Jorge, Mr. Riley,
the search has been called off.

- Okay, the search is over.
- What, why?

Why? Because you're an American citizen who is
in custody and they just think you murdered

two of their nationals,
that's why.

What are you gonna do, you gonna
leave them out there to die?!

It's not what I'm gonna do.

Mr. Riley,
there's nothing I can do.

They no longer believe
that your story is credible

so they are calling
off the search.

Okay, you got to understand that
this is a tourist nation, all right?

They rely heavily on tourists.
I don't give a fuck!

Okay, listen the last thing they
want is a media shit storm that

they think is started by someone
who they consider a murderer.

All right, so just take my

What do you think I'm doing?
Why do you think I'm lying?

You have got to
keep your mouth shut!

What makes you
think I'm lying?

No we went to a hotel, we checked in, my
wife and son, then we went on a ride...

Mr. Riley, I'm trying to help you. And then the fisherman...
I'm trying to help you. -Left my wife and my son...

There's nothing else that i can do
for you, listen. - To die, to die!

My hands are tied. I'm trying to help and
I am going to do... what if you're wrong?

What if you're wrong? It doesn't matter.
Mr. Riley listen to me.

You're gonna have blood
on your hands, man!

Listen to me, you are
under investigation.

You're gonna have two innocent people. You're
about to get transferred, you are gonna

get transferred to a secure facility where
you will receive medical treatment.

Just take him away, please.

Mr. Riley, Mr. Riley calm down.

Jesus Christ!

- Get back, get back.
- I got back.

Get back, uncuff me.

- Uncuff him.
- Get back!


I did not kill that girl!

It was an accident!

And my wife and my son
are out there!

- I... Kevin, I believe you.
- No, you don't.

You follow me...

I'll shoot.

I'll shoot.

He's armed and dangerous.


All units on a high alert.

- Good morning, guys.
- Good morning.

I don't mean to be rude,
I'm just in a real hurry.

- Yes?
- Last night, I was out with a couple guys

and they told me they're going shark fishing
and I've actually never been before

and I kind of missed
them this morning

and I don't know
where their boat is.

So I kind of need to
know where it's docked.

I can't help you without a
last name and a hull number.

Miguel kaba is his name,
and he mentioned

that the hull number
was gpc 9243.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Miguel kaba,
number c-four-four-zero-zero.

- Slip 37, compass king.
- How do I get there?

You have to
take the north ferry,

- it's about an hour from here.
- Thank you.

Wait. Actually, the lease was
terminated on the slip yesterday.

Are you saying that
the boat isn't there?

That's right, man. Sorry, but your
fishing trip might not happen after all.

You know you can rent a boat

from one of the locals
if you want.

is coming, I promise you.

We'll go over everything...

I'll be back in the
office in a couple hours.

United States embassy.

Yes, sir, yes, please hold.

Sir, sir. -This guy is on an
island with limited recourse.

- Sir!
- Get his wife's credit card... what?

It's him, line two.

Mr. Riley.

Jorge has a cell phone.

Mr. Riley you have
got to understand...

The fisherman called Jorge on his
phone when we left the bank.

Being on the run, you are making
your case infinitely harder.

Jorge definitely has a cell phone, so the only
way I'm gonna give myself up is if you...

you trace his calls, you get him,
you bring him to main square

at noon, and you have yourself,
the police and a translator.

That's the only way I'm gonna
give myself up, do you hear me?

Mr. Riley, I promise you, i am gonna do
everything in my power to help you out

but I want you to
do me one favor.

Don't do anything rash, okay?

Mr. Riley?

Mr. ri...


- Haagen.
- You think you can outsmart me?

I told you
i would give myself up

but only if you
let me see Jorge.

If you don't,
you're never gonna catch me.

We called Jorge's number,
whoever picked up got spooked.

The signal disappeared.

If it was Jorge
then he's probably

on his way
off the island for good.

Kevin, I believe you,
but you're wanted for murder.

In order to help you,
i need you to turn yourself in.

Otherwise you're gonna spend
the rest of your life running.




- Jorge!
- What's going on?

Stop the bus, stop,
stop the bus.

Jorge, stop!

Jorge, stop! Jorge!




Jorge, Jorge, stop.

My family, please.

My family!

Familia, familia. Familia!

Please, no...
No policia, no policia.

My family, where is my family?


Get back in your truck.

Move it a few feet forward.

Couple feet,
that's it, that's it.

- Call for help.
- I don't have a phone.

Jorge, Jorge.


Where is my family?

Look, where is my family,
are they here?

Are they here?

Look on this map.

Where is my family?

Which island, which island?

Jorge. Jorge.


You have to look!

You have to look!

Which one?

Is it that one? Or is it
this one, which one is it?

Where's the closest Marina?

I'm taking your truck.

Where's the hospital?

Help me get him in the truck.
Take down the gate.

Hey, hey, you take him
to the hospital.

Drive fast or he's gonna die.


Can you take me to this island?

I'll pay you.

How long will it take us?

I have to take her
to fill up first.

By nightfall, if we're lucky.

All right?

- Guys?
- - What's up, man, how can I help you?

I'll pay you a lot of money if
you take me out to the island.

Nah, man, we're all
right, we're good.

Shit for five grand
I'll take you anywhere, bro.

- Fine.
- You got cash on you right now?

I'll pay you in full tomorrow.

I don't know you like that, man. Get the
fuck out of here, man, with that bullshit.

You hear this dude?
Get in the back, babe.

No, man... you get the fuck out of here.
Yo, calm down, brother.

This is my dad's boat, all right.
Calm down, he's gonna kill me.

Get out! Untie it untie it.

Yeah, he just took my boat.

Nah, some guy just got on with a gun and
took my dad's boat, you don't get it.

He just ran off with it, he pulled a
gun on us. It's a yellow speedboat.

Stolen vessel description.

I repeat, stolen.

Yellow twin engine powerboat.

Suspect is white male, late 30s.

This is harbor patrol.
Shut off the engine.

Shut off your
engine, immediately.

This is harbor patrol.

Shut off your engine,

We will open fire.

This is your last warning.

Engage, engage, engage.




Baby, I'm here.

Okay, let's get you some water.

Just a little. Just a little.

Just take it off my finger,
that's it that's it.

Daddy's here, I'm here.

Come on to daddy,
come on, come on, come on.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, Andy, come on, come on.

Come on, boy, come on,
come on, come on.

Come on, boy, come on, come on.

Come to me, boy, come.

Come to me, come to me.

Come on.
That's it, that's it, that's it.

I'm right here, boy. Good, okay.

That's it my boy
that's it, that-a-boy.

I told you everything
was gonna be okay, chief.

We're going home.

Baby, baby, let's go home.