Exterminator 2 (1984) - full transcript

The flamethrower-wielding vigilante John Eastland returns to rid New York City of a drug lord and his gang.

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take anything you want.

Leave us alone.

I don't remember giving you
no appointment to talk, bitch.

Man, you remember me
giving her an appointment?

No. I don't remember
nothing about that.

Give her a little reminder

that she should like...

not talk, unless

I'd like to tell her
she should.


- Irma!
- Papa!

Because you make me
look like a fool, asshole.



What the fuck?


Yo, Spider, cops.

No witnesses.

Let's get out of here.

Who the fuck are you?

Fuck him. Fuck him.

Recent events around the city

are leading the authorities
to surmise

that the outlaw hero vigilante,

nicknamed by the media,

The Exterminator, has returned.

Dude, check it out. It's him.

It's about that motherfucker
that fried Stitch and Max.

According to police,

at least three suspects
were involved in a robbery

at the Five Star Liquor store

on 118th Street and 1st Avenue.

The owners were killed.

An unconfirmed report states

that a person in an army uniform

with a steel mask,

confronted the suspects
in the alley

and incinerated two of them

with a flamethrower.

It's the same guy, I tell you.

It must've been
that fucking Exterminator.

I don't like that shit.

Guys like that are freakos.

There's a bunch of sick bastards

running around these days.

What the fuck
is an exterminator, anyway?

Some asshole who comes
to your house and kills roaches.

Everybody knows that.

What the fuck?

- Your brother's here.
- What?

Your brother's here.

Hey, X,

you know that liquor store job
from last night?

What about it?

Some motherfucker
with a flamethrower

-burned Stitch and Max.
- What?

They got burned up, I saw it.
Some guy set them on fire.

Me and Red Rat got away.

Somebody with a flamethrower
destroyed two of my people?

It was weird.
I never saw anything like it.

This guy came out of nowhere,
like some fucking ghost

-with a fucking flamethrower.
- What did he look like?

He's wearing a mask,
a big metal mask.

I couldn't tell who it was.

It was like he knew we were
there, and he was waiting.

All right.


is a girl named Caroline,

she dances here,
is she working tonight?

Yeah, she'll be out in a minute.

Give me a beer, will you?

Sure, right away.

Let me see the paper,
will you, Kenny?


What do you think about that?

You got time
to think about that.

I'm looking for a job.

Yeah, everybody
needs work.



I'm just gonna
straighten this up.

I didn't expect
anybody to come up.

Maybe I should,
uh, go.

No. Stay.

I don't want you to go.

I don't really wanna go.

Then, stay.

Stitch and Max...

...died for nothing.

They died because
they were born in the streets.

Papers call them animals,

or maybe they're right,
maybe we--

maybe we all are animals.

But look
where they make us live.


We're gonna change all that.

We're not gonna move
from the streets.

We're gonna take
over the streets.


We're gonna sneak up
behind the man

and take what's rightfully ours.

This is a new era,
a new time.


No more petty theft.

No more liquor stores.


half a million dollars,

an armored car.

- Yeah.
- Whoo-hoo!

- Yeah, yeah.
- Power!


That's what
this is about, power.

That money will buy us
enough magic powder

to cover the streets
like a blizzard.


A blizzard of power.


And that's only
the beginning.

- Yeah.
- We will establish a new order.

This city is ours.

- Yeah.
- Let's take it.

- I am declaring war.
- Yeah.

My destiny and yours

is to fight
for what should be ours.

-And to die if we must...
- Ours.

- In the pursuit of that cause.
- It's ours.

I am the messiah,

and you are my warriors.

- I like that. I like that.

we should take what I want,

and I want everything.

All of it. All of it.

- Including this Exterminator.
- Let's do it.

The blood of the city
flows from our veins.

We are the children
of the streets,

who have grown up

to control the very streets
that pounded us down

along with the filth
and the garbage

- that ran in its gutters.
- Yeah.

- Let's take it.
- We set fire to the streets.

- They're gonna burn.
- Everything will burn.

- We will build it up again.

- Yeah.
- And we will control it.


Think of it, my brothers,

- feel the power...
- I feel that.

...that we all have
when we are together.

Feel the power surge
through your bodies.

- Yeah.
- Surging.

- Our bodies.
- Yeah.

- Together we are all powerful.
- Yes.

And together,
together I will rule.


I will rule.

I will rule!

Step at it.

Get out.

Let me have him, X.

You've got it.

Come to papa, motherfucker.

No, no.

Come on, come on.

Move back.


This is the police.

Drop your weapons
and stay where you are.


Oh, shit.


Holy shit.

Oh, man.
Check that shit out.

That is crazy.

Oh, shit. Let's go, man.

Shit. They're ripping off
the armored car.


Let's go. Move, move.

Come on, you maggots!

What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?



What are you guys doing?

Hey. Please!




Please, please.



What are you doing?

Keep a look-out, Spider.


What are you doing?






somebody help!


No, please stop.

What are you--?
What are you gonna do?

Please, let me go.

I'm saying it.

Please let me go.


You're insane.

This is crazy, man.

You're all crazy.

Please let me go.

This is insane, man.

Don't do this.

Please let me go.


I beg!

Please let me go!



Stop! Stop!

Oh, no. No.


Who's there?

Is anybody there?

Oh, no!


Hey, Frank, here.

You know, you're gonna make me
a hungry man.

Hey, you didn't like it
yesterday, did you?

Steak tomorrow.

Looking for a date, honey, hmm?

I ain't that hungry.

Hey, Be Gee.

Slow down, Be Gee.


You new here?

Just move in?

You know, don't be embarrassed,
my man.

This is an up-and-coming

Go ahead, man,
knock yourself out.

No, I don't
never drink on duty.


Spare change, sir?

Sorry, I'm busted.

Bull, man.

You dude's carrying
a $1,200 Rolex...

You wanna sell it?

Oh, you wanna buy it?

One hundred dollars.

Two hundred.

Sold, man.

Get yourself
some more jewelry, Jack.

Yes, my man.

Hey, John, it's me, Be Gee.

Get over here!

Hey, Mother, look what Daddy

brought home for dinner, baby.
Ha ha!

Yeah, let me get it on there
for you, you know what I mean?

Come on. Jump in.

Hey, Bee Gee.

How you been, John?

Why complain?

All right, John.
How's it going?

Where you headed?

Not really sure.

You're welcome
to ride along with me

for a while if you wanna.

Yeah, sure.

Jesus Christ, Tony,
what is this?

It's cool, boss. It's cool.

This is ridiculous.

Fifty years and I never dealt

with any of this
penny-ante crap.

Times have changed.

Welcome, gentlemen.

Here's the money.

When do I get my drugs?

In good time.

This is my time.

Don't worry. It's okay.

I'm not worried. I'm careful.

I'm surprised.

I thought you would have
brought more assistants.

I brought enough.

Seven guards?


An advance.

I don't need advances.

One more thing.

- You've got your deal.
- One more thing...

This, um...

this Exterminator
who goes around...

burning people,

killed my brother.

Any information...

Sorry about your brother.

I'll bring you a sample
of the goods tomorrow.

I'll let you know when and how.

Oh, yeah.

He's good.

You got it, brother, you got it.

I need a guinea pig
to test this on.

Those dog tags
you're wearing,

must bring back some memories.


Why are you wearing them?

Because the war's
still going on.

- Hey.
- It wasn't a while.

Help me. Somebody, help.

- Help her.
- Somebody help.

Hey, hey!

Let me..

Let me go!

Leave me alone!

Just take me home.

Let me go, you're hurting me.

What are you doing to me?

The power.

Please let me go!


Don't hurt me, please.

Please. No, no, no!

If this stuff is good,

can I have her after?

With this powder,
I control the streets.

Good. Next we set up
a meeting with them,

then we wipe out
all competition.

You did well, my friend.

Hey, you looking for a job, huh?

Yeah, maybe,
but this wasn't exactly

what I had in mind.

Hey, look, now this ain't bad.

You're your own boss.

Nobody calling shots for you,
but yourself.

So what do you say,
you want a job?

All right. I'll give it a shot
and see what happens.

Okay. All right.

Come on, man. Let's go.
Let's celebrate.

You know a place?

Yeah, I do.
I'm not sure if it's open.

We can go by and take a look.


Where are you gonna park
this thing?

Anywhere I want to.

Hold on.

I guess they're open.

Oh, yeah.

You guys
got a membership?

It's nice having a party, huh?


Excuse me.


Excuse me.

Oh, we're fine.

Hey, my man.

John, I want you
to meet two ladies.

Sunlight and Sunbright,
all right.

Whoa, we got to go.



I got a job now, sort of.

I'm glad.

Couple coming through, oh.

Hey, do I get
an introduction or not? Huh?

Come on, come on,
this is the all-star Gee.

Bring it down.
Be Gee here.


Nice. Nice view.

Let me see...

Come on, John.

I'm really not much
of a dancer, you know.

I'll do better than that.
Let's go out and have breakfast.

Come on, all of us.

- Yeah?
- I'm starved.

Good night, see you later.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- Take care. Good-bye.
-All right.

Come on, let's go, let's go.

Hey, barkeep,
let me have my stuff.

Hey, hold on, y'all.

Oh, hey,
did you guys drive here?

Yeah, we drove here.

Well, yeah, we drove.

- Is this it?
- Oh, no, not exactly.

Oh, no, no,
we gave him the night off.

Tonight, we taking
the limousine,

the real one,

right over here.

What's this?

It's a garbage truck.

And it ain't just
any garbage truck,

this is Mack.
Don't laugh at her.

You gonna hurt her feelings.
It's still a good ride.

- Your new job?
- Yeah.

I think so, yeah.


Hey, Be Gee.

- BG.
- Yeah, that's right, BG.

BG, Be Gee.

That's me.
Hey, jump on in, y'all.

Come on. Let's go.

Well, it's different.

It's different.

First time for everything,
you know what I mean?

Easy now.

Okay. It's great.

- Do you like it?
- Yeah.

All right.

Do you ever
drive this thing?

Hold on to your hat.

Just don't hit it...

Here we go.
Where we going?

Empire restaurant.

Hey, there's
something for everybody.

The bar is still open.


Hey look, I wanna make a toast
to partnership...

and friendship.



And there's something else
I've been wanting to say to you.

Well, scratch
the Empire restaurant.

Hey, look, I ate there
last night, anyway.

The food ain't no good,

the coffee's cold,

the eggs are stale.

I mean, forget it.
I ain't hungry, no way.

What are you doing?

Three is a crowd, partner.

Hey, where you going, Be Gee?

Hey, I'll see you
at the place in the morning.

Don't be late, huh?

Drive it yourself!

I don't know.

Do you know how to drive?

Move, move.

I don't have a great deal
of experience with this.

Six months ago,
I came to New York.

Broadway seems about
as far away as ever.

Oh, no, no.
It's right over there.

I wish it were that easy.

Hey, look. It's
that garbage truck

that ran over
the armored car.

Let's get the mother.

There it goes.

We have to stay close.

All right, let's get it.
Come on, move your ass.

Let me out of there.

You're a Broadway dancer,
what are you doing working here?

What a Broadway dancer does

when she can't dance
on Broadway.

I'm gonna dance on Broadway.

And I'm gonna work for Bennett,

and I'm gonna work for Fosse.

Who are they?

The best.

No, you are.

That's the one.

Cops. Come on.

Okay. Out.

That was
the most beautiful dancing

I've ever seen. No one
has ever danced that great.

I mean, that was beautiful.
I love that.

Oh, that was wonderful.

Look, you're getting
a standing ovation here.

The crowd-- the crowds
are on their feet.

It was wonderful.
I know this girl.

I know this girl right here.

- Did you like it?
- It was great.

- Are you kidding?
- Did you like it?

That was--
that was incredible.

It was terrific.
I mean, I love all that...

- There's a lot more.
- I got you an apple.

Oh, I'll eat it after the...

There's a lot more
I can show you,

but see, I don't wanna get
too tired before the audition,

but I think
it's a heavy ballet show.

So I think they're gonna
wanna see--

I mean, the stuff I do
in the club, you know,

I do that. I can do that,

but this is the stuff
that I learned

since I was a kid.

What'd you think?

You are the most wonderful
dancer on the face of the earth.

- No.
- That was great.

That was great. I love it.
I love it. I love it.

- It was great. It was great.
- I think they're gonna love it.

We got to go...
I'm gonna love it.

What time is it? Is it late?
Really late?



Carol, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

Let's go.

Let's go on. Here.

- I got this?
- Yeah.

- Oh, thanks.
- Oh, yeah.

-All right.
- Go on.







- Johnny!
- Hey, this way!

Central, send an ambulance
to the Sheep Meadow

on an injured female.

Stay with her.

There still may be some swelling

and inflammation still
aggravating that condition.

Did you-- did you know
that she was a dancer?

I'm sorry to hear about that.

- She's a dancer.
- Well, she'll need all

the support you can give her.

Hey, still here.

Come on in how.

Close your eyes,
close your eyes.

Open them.

Huh? What do you think, huh?

It's still the same apartment.

Same apartment--
same apartment, she said.

She said
it's the same apartment.

What, are you kidding?

We spent two days here,
two days of cleaning.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Look at these floors.

I did the floors.
I know you did the windows.

- Right, you did the windows.
- Thank you.

Hey, who watered
the plants, huh?

I watered all the plants,
we went shopping,

I got some fruit juice,
I got some of that herb tea

that you like, you know,
that organic stuff, huh?

Where'd you like me
to put the roses?

Roses, roses, over here...
the vase.

We got some fresh fruit
too, huh?

We got some apples,
pears, oranges, huh?

A regular health food store
around here, huh?

Well, what do you think?

Come on, look around.
Look around. This is home.

How do you like it, huh?

- Do you miss it?
- Excuse me-- Excuse me.

Is anybody gonna talk
about the artwork here?

Anybody notice this,
by any chance, huh?

Did you see this, huh?
This color, this detail, huh?

I got a picture of the artist.

You got to get
the picture of the artist.

Well, hey, come on.

Come on.

All right. Hey, hey.
This is a party.

This is a celebration
we got going here.


It's gonna be all right.

She's gonna make it.

God, man.

This is a tough one.

Look, if you need me
for anything,

you wanna talk or something,

let me know, all right?

So, what is it you
wanna talk about?

I'm not really sure.

- Bartender.
- Oh.

What you drinking, John?

Let me just have
some scotch, huh?

- No ice.
- You got it.

It's good. It's good.

It just seems
any time I've ever get...

close to somebody,
they get hurt.

You're thinking too much, man.

I'm thinking...

I've been all
through this before,

just innocent people
getting hurt.

No matter what you think,
no matter what you say,

there's nothing you can do
about what happened to Caroline.

Maybe and maybe not.

- Yes.
- Okay.

Reported mugging
in alleyway, 119th

and 21st and 2nd.


Look at this shit, man.

$13 and some change?

This fucking broad.

This watch ain't nothing
to brag about,

it's a phony Cartier!

Let's go.

Did you see the look on her face

when you put it
through her?

- Damn, that was good.
- Yeah.

I like it when their faces
go crazy like that.

Like they think
the world has gone psycho

and there's no way out?

There's nothing you can do

about what happened to Caroline.

Maybe, maybe not.

This, uh, Exterminator?

Going around torching?

He killed my brother
and my brother.

Hey X, you know that liquor
store job from last night?

This motherfucker
with a flamethrower

burned Stitch and Max.

They got burned up, torched.

Some guy set them on fire,
me and Red Rat got away.

It was weird.
I never saw anything like it.

This guy came out of nowhere,
like some fucking ghost

with a fucking flamethrower,
he was wearing a mask.

Big metal mask,
I couldn't tell you who it was.

It was like he knew we were
there and he's just waiting.

And side, yeah, that's good.

Up, side, side.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

I can sit up by myself.

That's enough for today, huh?
You're doing good, huh?

You did a lot better
than yesterday, huh?

How 'bout a few minutes
leg exercises, alright?

You ready?

Up, extend, and down.

Up, extend, and down.
Up, extend, and down.

Hey, John, I don't wanna do
this anymore.

Okay, what do you say
we do a little toe work,

a little footwork and that'll be
it for the day, huh?


All right, you're on your own.

Let's go, let's concentrate.

Go on, do it.

I'm doing it.

There we go.
You got a little movement, huh?

That's terrific.

Let's just move up
into the ankle now, huh?

Let's just try it
with the ankle.

Come on, same thing,
just concentrate.

I can't, you know
I can't do that.

It's just a matter of time
and patience.

- Come on, that's it.
- Why are you doing this?

Why do you keep pushing me?

Because you're going
to learn how to walk again.

I am not going to learn
how to walk again.

I'm gonna learn
how to limp again.

- All right. You're just...
- You don't understand.

-...you're just overtired.
- You don't understand.

-All right, this is enough...
- I'm a dancer.

That's what I do. I dance.
See? See?

Do you wanna get on the bed
or the wheelchair?

I don't wanna get
in the wheelchair,

and I don't wanna get
in the bed.

I don't want to get in the bed.

Just go away.

Go away.

Go, I don't wanna see you!

Get away!

Get away from me,
get out of here!

Go away!

Go away!

Look, is there anything
that I can do?


There's nothing
anybody can do here.


Remember what you said
in the bar?

Well, I thought about it...

and there is something
else I wanna do.

Been saving that just
for this kind of occasion.

That's all we need.

Take a look over there.

It looks like some garbage
needs to be removed.

I got an idea,
I'm a pull over here.

Hey, you fucking punks.

Come on, come on.

Come on, motherfucker.

Come on.

Let's get out of here.

Turn around, move.

Don't go too fast. I didn't ask
you to look at me, did I?

That's good, that's good,
that's real good.

You stay right there.

Now, get up.

Where are your friends, huh?

Where are your friends, huh?
Where are they?

Where are your friends?

I don't remember.
I don't remember.

- You don't remember?
- I don't remember.

He don't remember.

He don't remember
where his friends are at.

This is gonna make it more
comfortable for you.

You're gonna
have a place to sit

and try to remember where
your friends are, all right?

Get in!

You don't hear me?
Maybe you hear that.

Get in the truck.

Get in the truck.
Get in.

Do you hear me?
I said get in.

- How do I get in?
- Move.

Get in, put your head in.
Get in the truck!

I said, get in!

- You guys are crazy.
- I'm crazy? I'm crazy?

Come on.
I ain't crazy, but I'm mad!

Do you hear me? I am mad!

- Do you hear that?
- Yes!

And you tell me--
you tell me one last time

where your friends are.

I can't tell you,
they'll kill me.

You can't tell me?
You can't tell me?

He says he can't tell me.

The truck is still hungry.

Where's he going?
Where's he going?

He's gonna make it more
comfortable for you to sit.

Just think about
where your friends are.

All right, Be Gee.

Let me out!

Let me out!


Stop it!



Okay! Okay, okay!

They're on-- they're
on Pier 3 in Brooklyn.

The big drug deal's going down.

And you can't get them,
they'll kill you.

They'll kill you
before you can...

Pier 3, Brooklyn, right?

You're sure you're not lying
to me, right?

- I'm not lying.
-All right, Be Gee!

He was good enough
to tell us where they are.

I'm not lying, man.
I'm not lying.

Just let me out of the truck.

Just let me out of the truck,

Oh, come on, I told you
what you wanted to know.

I told you! I told you!

Let me out! Let me out!

Let's go.

Are you ready for this?

I've been ready.

Come on, man. Let's go.

Let me out!

I told you!

he's just gonna count it.

Half a million dollars.

Tony, go show them
what they bought.

That's weighed to
the thousandth of a gram.

Go on, taste it.

You street boys
are really growing up.

I am the streets.

If you say so.

Just so long
as the streets stay in power.

Next, I take over the city.

You're a little
too late for that.

There. Over there.

That bag, that's got to be it.

I got to get it.

- I have to get it.
- Go get it.

I'm gonna die.

Just get it.

Be Gee!

Listen, you got yourself
the truck.

Shit. Eyes.

I didn't know.

I should've been with you guys.

But you weren't, were you?

I couldn't.

Those guys
in the garbage truck,

they caught us in the park.

Monster and Luke
got away, but...

they threw me
in the back of the truck.

They crushed me, man.

You were the only one
that could've told them

about the buy on the pier.


I swear,
I didn't say anything.

Don't lie to me.

I came here because I know
something that you don't know.

That's why I came.

What don't I know?

The guy in the garbage truck,

and the guy
with the flamethrower,

it's the same guy!



They were doing some very weird
things to that garbage truck.

When I got out,
I saw the flamethrower.

He's the Exterminator.

He's the guy
that wasted your brother!

That's why I'm here.

I done good, huh?

Done good, done good.

Look out. Look out.


Right there.

This is flour.

Where's my drug?

Let's check them out.

You want to play a game?

You're a killer, Johnny,

just like me.

We're both killers.

How do you like being hunted
like an animal, Johnny?

How do you like being
the animal, Exterminator?

He who lives by the sword...

Dies by the sword!

I could accept that, Johnny.

Can you accept that?

Are you ready to die?

You want to clean up
the streets?

I am the streets.

What are you hiding from,
masked man?

What's the matter?

Do I make you nervous?

Are we too much alike?

You killed my brother, Johnny.

I'm gonna have to kill you.

I'm coming after you, Johnny.

That mask...

won't hide you
from the truth, Johnny.

We're all animals...

and we all must die.

The only question is when...

and how.