Exquisite Corpse (2021) - full transcript

While her girlfriend is in the hospital in a coma state after find her floating in the bathtub without vital signs, Clara stars on a path of physical and psychological transformation, with the goal of possessing her in some way.

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There’s no way of knowing, madam.

Blanca may stay this way
for a day, a month or years.

It’s important that you stay with her.
That you talk to her.

That you play some music to her.

Many patients that were in a coma

when they wake up, they remember things
their families told them.

What happened to my daughter, doctor?

We don’t know, madam.

We are running some studies
to try and understand the situation.

Plus, she’s lactating.
There’s a chance of pregnancy.

Are you sure?

We’ll know for sure
once the results are in.

But there’s a possibility.

Hi, darling.

How are you feeling?

I don’t know how I feel.
Strange. I don’t understand anything.

Sure, of course.

You didn’t need to come.

It’s good for me to come.
It distracts me.

Yes, you are right.

We were thinking about trying
hair and make-up. You in?

-Yes, great.
-Shall we do it now?

Perfect. Let’s go, Lucho.
Make yourself comfortable.

Is that all right?


Girl, you’ll leave no hair on him.

I’m sorry, Lucho. I don’t know
where my head is at. I’m sorry.

Take a look,
I made this beard for you to see.

It still needs the mustaches
and eyebrows and finishing up the hair.

That’s perfect.

Put some hair gel on it.

And the mustache just a little
bit thinner than the drawing, ok?

-The eyebrows this way?

But hurry, we don’t have
much time, ok?

-Love you.
-Me too.

Did I tell you I’m going
to look after you?

I’m so happy.

My name is Amaia and we are going
to work hard to wake you up.

If you need anything,
I will always be near.


What do you make of this?

How can we explain it has no pulse,
no heart activity,

it’s not breathing but it still
maintains a minimum brain activity?

It’s not working on animals
the way we expected.

We have to try it on someone.

We have to figure out the tachycardia,
the possible cardiac arrests.

It would be ideal if we could produce
a synthetic oxytocin

that’s as efficient as ours.

Want to eat together?

-No, I already made plans with Clara.

Honey, I won’t make it.

You should have told me sooner.
I miss you.





Hello. I’m calling
to get some information.

My name is Blanca Linares.


The number is 800006034.

Yes, I had an test done
some days ago

and I need to know
if I’m pregnant or not.

Because I don’t understand them.

In one week?


How are you?

-Fine. And you?

Rama, can I get two beers?

You know? I didn’t think you’d come.

I thought you were just fucking
with me on the chat.

-Here you go.

Honey, I take my chats
very seriously.

Cheers to that.

Shall we go to my place?

I can’t today.
I have to close up in here.


Hey, stop. Don’t go.

I want to show you something.
Close your eyes, don’t peek.

Slowly, careful. You'll fall.

Where are we?

We are in my room.

Are those the guys
that rent with you?

Yes, those are the ones that didn’t pay.

They are ghosts now.

Like yourself, you are kind of a ghost.

Sure, that’s true.
I’m almost transparent.

You are also kind of
like a rabbit, with those red eyes.

Sure, they are very light blue.

With red pupils.
And my brain is white.

CLARA: Send me a picture of you,
I won’t recognize you.

BLANCA: You cannot not recognize
an albino. Better send your photo.

BLANCA: Pretty. How old are you?
CLARA: Thirty.

BLANCA: You seem younger. See you tonight.
I’ll come by your bar.

CLARA: I’ll be waiting.

ROGER: Good morning!
I wanted to send some love.

ROGER: I had a great time last night.
BLANCA: Yeah, me too. Kisses from the lab.

ROGER: Just so you don’t forget me...

ANDREA: Don’t forget we changed
the class to Thursday.

BLANCA: Yes, sure. Thanks!

Excuse me...

-Are you Blanca Linares’ doctor?

Yes. How may I help you?

I wanted to have some news
about Blanca, about her condition.

And who are you?

I’m her friend.
Her very close friend.

And I’m worried.


She is in a vegetative state.

She’s not aware of herself
or her surroundings.

But how? For how long?

I don’t know how long.
It’s indefinite.

You need to be patient.

Now, if you excuse me,
I have to see other patients.

I need to know if she’s pregnant.

Calm down.

I can only give
that information to her relatives.

And I don’t know who you are.

Now, if you excuse me,
I have people to see.

Look at all the stripes
I have in my hand.

It’s this one.
I’m getting more and more.

I don’t see anything.

You liar, how can you not see them?

I see you, my love.

Come on, explain it to me.
How come you don’t see?


At this distance I see...

I think your nails are black
or maybe brown,

but if we move a bit closer.

I really can’t tell yet.

But now, yes,
I can see they’re black.

It’s the first time anything
like this happens to me.

I don’t know, I feel...

I feel complete.
I don’t need to be with anybody else.


Does this happen to you?
Did it ever happen to you?

I don’t know, I don’t think so.


Hi, honey, how are you?

Sure, I do want to sleep with you

but I wanted to let you know
it won’t be possible.

I’m all tied up. Talk to you later.


-Hello, how are you?
-Fine. And you?

-Fine. See you today?
-Yes, at 9 pm?


Your friend’s got a nice house.

Maillard or Glycosylation,

that’s the name of the reaction
between proteins and carbohydrates

that releases brown pigments.

That’s what makes food
change its color.

Do you always think of
stuff like that when you are cooking?

Everything I do, I think about it.

My heart rate went up
from 60 to 130 bpm.

I released a lot of oxytocin,
that makes me hot.

Everything all right?

Yes, it’s just the alarm clock,
it goes off at the same time every day.

We should think about combining it
with other compounds.

Look at this paper.

With this one we might be able
to have more natural effects.

Less pain and contractions.
More pleasure. Get it?

That’s good.

I want to test it on me.

I would like for you
to do the follow-up and take notes.

Stop that. We already
talked about that.

Fine, don’t worry.
I was just saying.

Hello. Good afternoon,
my name is Blanca Linares.

Yes, how are you?
I called about a week ago,

I asked about a blood test I did.

A pregnancy test, yes.

A beta.

Sure, I hold.

Finally, the Sun came out.

I love the autumn light,
it’s so orange.

The floor is all covered up
with leaves.

We are almost done.
Please wait outside.

There you go.

Who are you looking for?


I haven't seen her for a while.

There, you can come in now.

You look so beautiful.

I will comb you.

I like that,

for you to look at me when I talk to you.

It was always great
when the two of us talked.

Let’s see what they’re feeding you.

It was obvious you weren’t pregnant.

Look how skinny you are.

There’s a message for the misses.
Want me to read it? Fine.

Lucas says:

‘I’m waiting for you.
Are you coming?’

Look at that, she woke up.

This Lucas must be important.

You want me to prepare you?

Shall I dress you?

Better not, just rest a bit.

Where are you?

At the corner near your work.

I’m at the corner. You?

Is there anybody there?

Is there anybody there?

I can’t get in.

If you can tell it’s make-up,
it won’t work.

You taste so good, darling.

And you?

Very good.

Norwegian company.

Filled with Norwegian girls.

I love it that they chose you

because you are so smart.

The conference was easier
than I expected.

I did ok with my English,
they told me they could understand.

What I like about here
is I don’t seem like a freak.

They are all blond and white like me.

The closing party was great.
We danced a lot.

I got so wasted
I don’t remember a thing.

Airport, September 13th.

I miss Andrea.

She relaxes me. She grounds me.

I have a good time.
That whole world transports me.

She explains it to me.

Here in Butho I am also a ghost.

You are pulled by the string
that comes from your sternum.

You slide...

And suddenly our hearts
want to touch each other.

Don’t let the energy
cut off at the wrist.

It flows to the tip of your fingers.

That's it.

You search with your head.

That’s it.

Move every area I touch.

That’s it.

We lower the center.

Bend the knees.

You are pulled by the string
that comes from your sternum.

Follow your partner.

Let’s stop.

Your heart is pulling out.

One side and the other.

That's it.

And hang.

Great, thank you.


Remember this last part.
And also the positions.

See you next week.

So? Did you like it?

-I loved it. I want to start right away.
-Right away?

Okay, let’s see. Come.

-I take these off, right?

Come here.

It's like a bee sting.

Move towards it.


Where you feel it.

That's it.

Breathe it.

I'm not breathing.

Follow it with your breathing.

Now you can do it to me.


I get dizzy.

Okay, then...

And yet it had entered me
without me knowing it.

It had probed my memory

and discovered
my most sensitive spot.

Without help, without a wave,
it went through the hermetic shield

of the station and found me
and took me for its loot.

The first time I applied oxytocin
nothing really happened.

I felt completely normal.
Somewhat renewed.

It’s function is linked
to contact and orgasm.


How come you didn’t warn me?

I asked you, I told you
to do the follow-up.

I didn’t think you meant it.

Now I have to do the follow-up,
you leave me no choice.

Honey, I’ll wait for you at 8
at our bar.

Be ready, this will be
a long night.


Now I get it.

You’re in this state because you
don’t want to talk to me.

You’re feeling guilty, right?

You chose this.

You chose to be this way.

You are doing this on purpose.

Talk to me.

Talk to me!


I’m Blanca.

Blanca? You seem different.

Sorry, my mistake.

No, wait. Stay.

-Want to have something?

Daddy, a beer.

-Everything all right?
-Fine. You?


Do you come here often?

I’m always here.
Some friends work here.

Plus I love this old hotel vibe.

Yes, it’s cool.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a make-up artist.

-Can I ask you a question?

Do you know Blanca?

Yes, I know her.
She’s my girlfriend.

I didn’t know
she was seeing someone.

Don’t worry, I didn’t either.

I saw you on the chat and came.

I like that.


Where are you from?

-From Paraguay?

Come on, say something in Guarani.

What does that mean?

That you are very pretty.

Is this how she used to kiss you?

Not really.



Silver blinding light

In your silken hair

Close your eyes

And sleep on my chest

The morning angels

Are waiting for you to wake

To kiss your tiny hands

And give love to your life

Silver hair

Tiny honey hands

Silver hair

Tiny honey hands

Good morning.

Hello, my love. How are you?

It’s great that it stopped raining.

Such a lovely view from here.

From my room you can’t see anything.

Yes, I’m happy. I started Butho.

You are doing so much better.

I’m sure we will be leaving
this place soon, you know?

Give me your hand.

I’m sorry, Miss,
the patient is too delicate.

I know what she needs.

Yes but I’m the one
who’s in charge here.

Did you fall in love
with her as well?

I think you are confusing me
with someone else.

Are you authorized to be here?
Are you a relative?

Yes, sort of.

What does it matter to you
what my relationship with her is?

I think you’d better go now.

Who’s going to make me? You?

Not exactly, but I will go
down to Reception

and find out if you are
authorized to be here with her.

I’m going to get you
all nice and pretty.

What color do you prefer?
Black or red?

I also think red.

Honey, your nails are all dried up.

Mine are fine.

Keep going.

I feel we are doing great
for the final show.

That's it. Precision in stillness.

And now we are going to make room
for the sprouts.

Precision as well.

In the hands. In the mouth.

That’s it, let others appear.

Take your place and let’s continue.

Now we move over from the cacti
to the nailed butterfly.

Great, that’s it.

You hold yourself
from the string upwards.

Yes, that’s good.

Think if you'd like to join the show.

I ended up all loose.
I had a hard time walking.

I want to try these knots with you!

Chose the one that makes you
the horniest.

I love the second photo.
So strong!

Hello, Lucas. You there?

Yes. It’s late!
What are you doing up?

I just got in. And you?
What were you doing?

I’m in the countryside.
At my house.

I was in Stockholm. It’s beautiful.

When are you coming?

Look at me.

Look at what she did to you.

I’ll get the doctor.
Wait here, please.

How are you doing? All right?

Are you girls ready?

Are you ready?

We did some great work up to here.

We are now solid.

All that’s left is to enjoy.

I love you all.

Where are you?

I got lost. Come look for me
or I’m leaving.

You know where to get off.
What happened to you?

I got lost.

Can you get down
and open the gate?

I broke my shoe.

I’ll get some of yours.
They’re in your bedroom.

I’ve been keeping that for you
for a very long time.

I thought I’d lost it.

These always fitted you very well.

No, don’t take it off.
Leave it.

Can you bring me my cup, please?

I’m not feeling well.
I want to go home.


You just got here.

We haven’t even started playing.

You want to start?


Are you ready?

Aren’t you going to say anything?

What’s so funny?

What if I drop you?

Please let me down.
I can't go on.

I’ll let you go
if you tell me who you are.

All right, then.