Expulsion from Paradise (2001) - full transcript

Nothing seems to go right for Rosta, a film director who is shooting a movie called "Paradiso" at a nudist beach. Rosta finds trouble in paradise from day one as he continually clashes with the crew, actors, and his wife.

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I often dream that
I'm not born yet;

that I'm just drifting,
in a state of well-being;

not-knowing, sweet not-knowing...

Well I wake up as a complete idiot too.

Then, as the day unfolds,

I slowly become myself,

or what I refer to as myself.
- So you don't fall asleep as an idiot;

you wake up as an idiot and you fall
asleep as you. Imagine it's vice versa;

it's me waking up, the genius;

now the day slowly unfolds.

There?s the wife, the kids, the work,

a cigarette here, a schnapps shot there,

and I fall asleep as a total cretin,

an idiot and a simpleton.


How are we different from the others?

What will it be?

I'd like a beer.

A coffee for me, please.

What actually is a man?

A God?

Or a Devil?

Devil more likely.

Come on, what?s this nonsense
you?re talking?

Man is, in essence, a good being.

The principle of good does exist.

I, for instance, believe in God.

Come on, you'll get divorced anyway.

Absent is the cross.

People want to live without
suffering, everything painless

and for free, if possible. Right?

Does it matter?

What were you talking about
over here?

What's your opinion? Is
Man a God or a Devil? Good or bad?

Why should I have an opinion?

You all have opinions.
What are they good for?

Nothing here but havoc and opinions.

Cash is what?s most important
in the world. That's my opinion.

- Doctor!
- An opinion worth its weight in gold.

You fools, you wouldn't even be here
if there was no money.

Daddy, please, calm down.

There were civilisations without money
and the people lived well.

- Is there a doctor? - Monkeys were still
here when there was no money.

A doctor!

Please, do you know if there's a doctor?

He's calling you.

Me? Why me? You know how
many doctors there are here?

How very typical.

- I thought you took the oath.
- Yeah? Man, I guess I swore

that I'd get up the first day
of my holiday and start working.

That was the oath, right?

Are you a doctor?

He is.

I beg you, come with me.
We need you urgently.

It's an emergency.

- But where are we going?
- Close-by, to paradise.

Get dressed.

Doctor, please come with me. Quickly!

Where is it? I can?t run anymore
Where are you leading me?

To the nudists. To paradise.
It's just a bit further.

Where were you? Dawdling about?

- Where have you been?
- I?m coming now, fuck it!

- I'm bringing a doctor.
- Are you a doctor? Come on.


Gosh, what are you wearing?

It's the doctor's.

Have a look, doctor.

Have you ever seen something like this?

You really called me to see excrement?

- You don't find it normal either, right?
- If it only had a normal colour.

Well... Is it the first time
it's looked like this?

It's the first time I've seen it.

He usually goes in the woods.

He probably couldn?t hold it this time.

- Whose is it?
- My son?s.

- Is it really human?
- Yes. We saw it

and we?ve been watching
over it ever since.

- Where is he?
- Honza!

Honza! Honza!

Over here, there's a doctor. There!

What did you eat?

Do you think that it?s dangerous doctor?

Does it hurt?
What did he eat, madam?

Honza, tell him what you ate.

Honza, don't cry.
Well madam. What was it?

- It was something red.
- I can see that.

- What was it then?
- It didn't move anymore.

Why are you so calm and composed?
Couldn't you keep an eye on him?

- What could I do? This will drive me mad.
- Don't exaggerate.

This isn?t fun anymore.
I?m going in the water.

What about you?
Standing here and looking?

What if it's an infection?

People, it's an infection!

Tell him not to go in the water please.

Honza, come back!

Tell him not to go in the water please.
What if it's an infection?

- So don't stand around. Do something!
- Will do. Come here!

That's it.

Come here!

Come here Honza!

Don't cry.

Ow! That wasn't mentioned!
I didn't know there would be violence!

He's kicking me! Stop it you rascal!
Ow! Now I?m hurting too!

That's natural.
You're holding him, imprisoning him.

He's defending himself,
acting naturally.

If we all acted naturally
like this child...

We?d kick each other to death!

Please, spare me your opinions.
I want you to act naturally.

If you're happy then be happy,
unaffectedly happy.

Mr. Director, if you?ll allow it,
I?ll pick up from here.

Let's try it.

Kick me!

Kick me!

Like this?

- That hurts.
- Come here.

Don't cry.

Got it?

I guess there was too much sun.
I'd give it another turn.

- Don't cry.
- Come to Mr. Director.

You did well.

- Mum, no!
- Calm down. We'll do it once more.

Just stay here.
Don't be afraid.

Just like you were.

A detail of a crying child's face...

Kick me.

I won't allow that!

This borders on child abuse.

- You're a brute.
- This isn't child abuse.

The director said ?naturally?. The brat
earned one because he kicks like a brat.

Mr. Director, I'll try it once more.

- Let him be!
- What's the matter?!

- I won't hand him over!
- What do you mean?

- Beat your own boy.
- Hey pal, we're acting here.

- We're acting here.
- No!

- Beat your own boy!
- I don't have one pal!

So make yourself one,
then beat him, pal!.

If I had a boy, he wouldn't kick
adults pal!

How do you know if you don't have one?

- We?ll talk about this later!
- You bet!

Come on.

I?m gonna shoot this.

Wait, what's up?
I'm filming alright!

So you're not filming this then?

- A detail of a bastard in motion.
- You didn't shoot it?!

What a beautiful argument,
and he's not shooting!

- I'm getting mad! - Why should I
have shot it? Did he have a part?

Jesus Christ!

- What's up?
- I had a beautiful scene here...

People having a spontaneous argument,
a fucking big scene.

And he's not filming.
Waiting for me to tell him!

There's not enough sun,
and it keeps fucking raining.

You start filming when I say "camera"
and when I say "stop", you stop.

[speaking Russian]
... do it like it is in the scenario...

[speaking Russian]
... your dumb improvisations!

What will become of it if they
follow the script?

A weak story with some
bitter-sweet happy ending

We have an opportunity to get to know
something about Man, about ourselves,

something beautiful, something important.

- And you ?re calling for a story.
- What do you mean weak story"?

You said you liked it when you read it.

You know what? Petr, Igor, do it
by yourselves, I'm out.

[speaking Russian]
... what I want to say is...

I like it!

The dailies are beautiful.

You accuse me of wanting to make
pornography here.

- I don't want pornography.
- Me neither.

I?ve come to terms with the fact
it won?t be pornography.

It will be... different.

But we keep arguing.

We said we won?t argue in front of
these monkeys.

We'll build a castle for a princess
and the princess will be you, ok?

Look at them playing, how lovely.

She keeps talking about him.

You know, she misses her dad.

Come on, he doesn't know her at all.

He left when she was 4 months old.
He just sends the money

Stop. Great.

Sending the money, ok.
Then I'd need a cut

to the child, you know?
To enjoy the child.


Let's have a break.

My God! Isn?t that...?

I think it's that famous actress.

...don't remember her name.

Valerie ?tajnerov?

I heard they got divorced.

Which one is she?

Are those their twins?

I read somewhere that
they?re very fond of each other.

She's got a role in America.

Gentlemen stop taking pictures.
That?s not what you're here for.

Do you think she?ll act with us?

Come on, an actress like that doesn't
need to undress.

I beg your pardon!
What do you mean?

Oh please! It depends how much
they?d pay her.

It?s always about money.

That?s called - how do you
say it in Czech ? ?career?

The wife arrived. A beauty!

Let's continue.

Where did you stop?

Here. Sends money.

The money.

Right, let's redo the last dialogue.

Well, what are you waiting for?

107, third take.

Come on, Zdenek never played with her.
He left when she was 4 months old.

He just sends the money.

Pavel only plays with her
to draw your attention to himself.

Damn, do something with the wasps!

- Quiet.
- Camera.

Come on, Zdenek never played with her.
He left when she was 4 months old.

He just sends the money.

Pavel only plays with her
to draw your attention to himself.

Stop! Damn!

Bloody hell, what now?

To draw your attention to himself"?
What are you saying?

To draw your attention to himself",
that's obvious from the situation.

I'm just saying the lines
from the script.

What's in the scenario? To draw
your attention to himself. " Damn it!

What kind of language is that?

Your attention to himself"?

- Well, if you don't want it there...
- I don't!

Excuse me Mr. Director,
may I talk to you?

Go on.

In private.


In private.

Alright then.
Come on.

We'll have a 10 minute break, ok?


What's up?

- What's up?
- Rosta, I don't want to be a mother.

What? How long have you known?

- That?s not what I mean!
- God, you got me scared.

You promised me romantic roles.

Come on, Lenka,
we don't shoot it chronologically.

You're lying!

What's she doing here?
How come she's here?

Well, she arrived.

- Will she be acting here?
- No she won?t.

You just never give me
any romantic roles!

Stop shouting! The whole
beach can hear you.

- You would be jealous.
- OK then, I'd be jealous.

No, you're afraid she?ll be jealous!

Well, the lady doesn't want
to be the mother.

What can we do? I wanted
the character to be deeper.

There's also a swear word.

Which one?

On page 32.
I won't say it!

What's on page 32?

- Lenka, don't lose your temper.
- No! I won't say it!

- We'll shoot it next week.
- What's on page 32, Lenka?

That he loves the mother?
Or this gonorrhea thing?

I guess she doesn't want to say ?ass?.

I refuse to say it!

I don't care when!

She wants to act but she won't say ?ass?.

Wants to be an artist and won't say ?ass'.

- That's phony scrupulosity.
- I won't say it!

I don't care when! In a week, a month,
a year, I'll never say it!

- She won't say it.
- But you did yesterday, Lenka.

Dopey cow.

She wants to be an artist
and won't say ?ass?.

Rosta, calm down, she'll say it.

She's got one, too!
But won't name it!

Keeps showing it to the whole beach!
To all the morons!

But she won't say it!

Spying again, you swine?!

You asshole!

You bastard! I'll kick your ass!

She did it! She said it!
My little girl!

Go away, damn it!

What are you doing?

The girls are crying.

Well I have to get some rest.

But they looked forward to seeing you.

Go on, girls.
I'll be there in a minute.

- You have to leave everything lying around
- What's up with you?

- What's in your pockets this time?
- God!

Is it so hard to understand
that I need some rest?

Is it so hard?

You always need rest, you know?

And that's the problem.

I need some rest. I need this.
I need that... Me, me, me.

What about the children?
What about the girls?

I feel so unhappy...

- Do you have a cigarette?
- In the jacket

- Do you have a cigarette?
- In the jacket.

- In the jacket
- In the leather coat.

They're not here.

- Next to it then.
- Well, next to it. I'll look...

Next to it.

- Next to what?
- And close the door.

Go to the next room and close the door.

I'll close it.

Go on, go on. You are the disseminators.

You are going to fertilize the earth.
This primal matter.


- Sorry, one more time please.
- ... we know what to do...

Born from the sea, coming from the sea,
fertilizing the earth, the primal matter.

Let's go! Camera!


You're submerging too late.

I want everybody under the water and
then everybody slowly up.

You must be altogether.
I'll say one, two,

under the water, three, four,
and on five you'll come up.

Let's go, one more time.

To the bottom!

What's up this time?

Hang in there please.
We've got tea and booze ready for you.

We'll set a nice fire, please stick it out.

Lenka, are you ready?
You're waiting for Adam.

Please make it quick, I'm cold.
I don?t want Pavel to dawdle.

Pavel, a bit quicker.
You?re looking at her already.


One more time. And you, Lenka, you're waiting
as Eve, waiting for Adam, understood?

Come up with something yourself.

- Nah, that?s like being crucified.
- But she?s got nice nipples in the cold.

Like Venus, or how can I describe it to you?

Well, friends, just a little more patience.
This is the last take.

We all submerge.

Hold out, there's tea waiting for you,
warm coats, we'll take a rest then.

One more time!

Hold your breath and sink!
I don't want to see a single ass!


Stop! Good.

Let's go back once more.

There's no point today.
The water?s freezing.

You're making fools out of us,
we?ll all freeze.

I'm all shrunk.

What?s up?

- What do you mean ?shrunk??
- I'm all shrunk - what do you expect?

It's freezing.

Leave then.



Away where?

Just away.

Stop impeding the shooting.
Go away!

Take him away. Come here!

- But why?
- Away. You don't get it?

Go away. You?re done here.

And we, dear friends, will have one more
take, or we'll end up like this moron.

- Camera, playback!
- Rolling.

This is not the War with the Newts!

So, now Adam is walking nicely to Eve.

Be elegant, you're all wooden.
You're walking like a frozen man.

Nice; do a jump during it.

Good! You're joyful.

Eve stretches out her arms!

Great Lenka!
Don?t fall there!

On your knees now.
You're jerking about!

On your knees. And both look at the sea
from which Pavel came.

You?re looking at the sea,
not looking at me.

You're giving thanks to it.
Giving thanks to the sea.

Embrace each other.

And you'll fall on the sand for me.

Nice and easy now, as if he wanted to start

The leg! Switch the leg.

Nicely done.

No no! Now that's too much. Stop!

- That's too much.
- Well, I can't see well through the glasses.

You're doing well,
but your movements are twitchy.

Lenka, stop being so irritated.

Eve is discovering everything.

Eve is discovering everything for the first
time. Understand? Once more. Let's go.

And the earth moved.

And Adam and Eve are
expelled from Paradise.

Homo Erectus.


Populating the earth.

Girls, listen.

?just as a poet writes?. a classic.
The man has the desire of a disseminator.

The woman has a fertile womb, right?

- A womb?
- What?

What womb?

Don't be scared.
Everything is natural.

It's just the power of nature
hidden in you.

You radiate delight.

You?re a primal force.
You are this primal matter.

Born from the sea, right?

Are we on the same wavelength?

So come on then.
Lie down nicely.

Lie down for me.

Damn, leave them be at the moment.
I?ll arrange them.

We'll arrange everything.

Lie down for me, please.
And you are the sea.

You are the primal force,
from which everything emerges, right?

I'd like to see you,
making slight waves.

You should be a wave, a water surface,
if you get me.

Lightly, I don't want any erotics.

Make these nice waves, don't be scared.

More with the hip. The hip.
Damn, move the hip!

No, not that.

One more time, come on.

Come and start...
Come here! Where are you?

Forget that you are women.
You are matter.

Primal matter.

And making waves, nicely.

I want to be primal matter too.

But you're still too little.

OK then, come over here.


Come here you primal matter.

Come here.

Go in the middle.

Let her lie down.

Lie down, all relaxed.
Primal matter.

That's awful.

Sheer metal everywhere you look.

I don't know how to shoot.
It won't be better today.

How can a man do a proper job

if the human ideal is just to lie around,

to gape.


- But that's what it?s about.
- Well yes, it?s about that as well.

Do you know why that simpleton Igor
always wants just action, action?

Because he wants people to just gape
and not to think about anything.

You know, people aren't interested. Not about
what's happening, nor why it?s happening.

Nor what will happen with the world.

- And it interests you?
- What?

What happens with the world.

Well obviously, that's why
I'm doing this film.

Come on, you don't even care about
your own children.

Calm down, my friends.

He's an egoist.


Oh my God, sorry.


Who?s a fucking egoist?!


Calm down please.

Seems like I can?t even exist anymore.

There you go, that's why
faith is so important.

Because faith is hope
and gives sense to existence.

Rosta, come on, this will be beautiful.

It's more and more evident that
the film being created here is

a fresco about the pathos
of human existence.

Petr, please, spare me this bullshit.

Do you still have that headache?

I do. I do.

Who are those girls?

- Were they here before?
- Yes, from the beginning.

But the brunette is exactly the one
I had in mind.

Exactly the one that we need.

I suspected it straight away Director.

What the hell is this?

Bring me a coffee, thanks.

Man, that's exactly her.

What's up?

Should something be?

- You want that snout straightened?
- No.

- Did you eat yet?
- Huh?

They're serving lunch.

- Where? Really?
- Up there - Up there?

Let's have a meal then.

- What do they have?
- Stuffed peppers and risotto.

May their food not get cold.

Did you read The Naked Ape?

Everybody's doing whatever they want.

Director, this is exactly what
you wanted, isn?t it?

Your coffee.

Two sugar cubes there,
just as you wished.

- I can't see the sugar.
- It?s inside.

- Did you stir it?
- No, I didn't dare to.

- What are you doing?
- Are you ashamed?

No, why?


- Why?
- Because!

You will be freer.

Please, take the child, mother.

I feel free in my pants.

Anyway, I've had enough.

What's up?

What's up? I quit.

Jesus Christ, doctor, you can?t leave.

What if he gets worse?

It?ll be alright, madam.

I must confess I?m not a die-hard nudist.

But the main thing is that you're a doctor.

After all, we're not that orthodox.

We're democrats after all.
Could you have a look at my ass please?

Who cast him?

That should have been done by Lenka.
Who cast you?

The young one.



Who cast him?
It was Lenka's job, wasn?t it?

Yes but we thought, since you said
there were problems with Lenka,

and besides you came up with
that love story of hers...

- Where is she?
- With Pavel.

- Don't worry, they?re rehearsing.
- Where?

They?re working.
I found them a calm place.

Don't worry, director.

This is absolutely safe,
I'll keep an eye on it.

Bring me the brunette from the water.
The brunette.

And all of you, please, keep calm.

Don't look so dumb-founded!

Come on, don't be afraid.

- Mr. Director won't bite you.
- Your name?

- Andrea.
- Andrea, I beg you,

lay down here in the sand, will you?

On your tummy.


Jana, I need a sunburn here
on the left side, OK?

I'm the director.

I know, Mr. Director.

I know you know, Andrea.

Some more. Don't be afraid of it.

Come on, give it to me.

It needs more.

There you go.

Was Lenka not supposed to play the role?

It was supposed to be Lenka.

She was supposed to, but won?t.

It would be against the narrative anyway.
Right Petr?

Besides, she didn't want to say it.

- To say what?
- Well she didn't want to say it.

- To say what?
- To say ?ass?.

You?d be amazed if you saw
the lovely Lenka when she said:

I'll kick your ass you asshole!

He took our pictures, the swine!

No, this isn?t fair.

Wait a minute.

- Sorry but I can't. I just can't.
- Why?

Don?t be cross, I just don?t intend to
mess things up with both of them.

Both of whom?

With the director and your dad.

Everybody knows you're dating him.

Yes, I'm dating my dad.

You're dating the director.

- But I don't...
- You do... Let me go.


I sent you here to rehearse,

but you're rolling on top of each other.

How dare you, you lackey.
Get out of here!

Whatever. I?ll probably have to report
this to Mr. Director.

I told you to rehearse your parts.

Buzz off!

You?ve truly disappointed me.

Do you know who I am?
Do you know who you?re talking to?

I would really love to report
this to Mr. Director.

- Pavel, let's go.
- No, stay here!

Stay here, Pavel! No!

I?ll report this to Mr. Director!

Well buzz off the two of you!

Is it logical that she'd have a child?

Firstly, we?ve already started shooting.

And secondly, why couldn't she
have a child?

It's common nowadays.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Matej, before you turn to other things
- Yes?

Have you organized the playback?

The playback?

Yes, I know about it.

Working on it.
It'll be ready in a moment.

Move it!

After all, it's touching that
children have children.

Sure, she simply fell in love,

got married,

got disappointed. Know what I mean?

Got divorced. Now she'll find the love
of her life, fall in love.

Well, they look good together but
let's hope it won't become real.

My question is,

Who is he anyway?

Isn?t he some sort of Gypsy?

Why couldn?t he be Romani?

I don?t mean it in a racist way, no,

But you know...

Look, you've got 112 naked people
at your disposal.

I'm paying these monkeys.

And you? You're not making use of it.

What do you mean?

Maestro, please, could you sign this
for my granddaughter?

Have you got a pen?


- Go fetch a pen.
- I'll be back later.

I?m saying, we?re heading down a good path.

Rosta is creating a fresco here and
from this background will emerge

the love story.

Two young people, pure in their
nudity, what more do you want?

And that's exactly the problem.

We keep creating some frescos.

and compositions, and the result?


They are naked. They should
roll over each other and drool.

You see? What did I say?

And you're scared, you silly thing

I don't mean them.

In that case, someone else
must take over.

Don?t be angry but I don't do pornography.

- Come on, Rosta.
- Come on, that's...

You don't understand each other.

Igor means a sort of apocalyptic vision.

A kind of Dante's hell.

A differentiation of shapes, right Igor?

Yeah, that's what I mean buddy, precisely...

- What a fool.
- I see that art is being born here.

Dear madam...

I saw your latest movie
at a festival.

You were amazing,

as always.

Why don't you cast the madam here?

That would be such
a beautiful love story.

Our Pavel here...
Children, come here.

Our new talented discovery.

Hello, I'm Pavel.

And an international star.

That'd be a real smash.

And you Lenka,
introduce yourself.

Excuse me.

[Speaking Russian]

Your new discovery?

Well, yes,

my new discovery.

That's the daughter of the producer.

I get it now.

What do you get again?

Two birds with one stone, right?

What will you have?

- The same.
- Wine?

I'm sorry but I need people to
go and see it.

That would be beautiful.
Lovely madam, Rosta,

imagine the beautiful relationship
of those two young people,

and there's the beach. And the mother
of our Lenka arrives for a visit.

And Pavel is hesitating.

Or a sister!

An older sister.

Very good.

Now let's mix it up.

We're running.

Keep running, mixing it up, lovely.

Marriage ceremonies, damn!

Lovely. Brides.

Keep dancing.

Welcome on location.

- What's that?
- Not bad at all, right?


Very well, folks. You did well.

Pavel, very good.
Lenka, very good.

But the machine keeps jerking!

That's because of your fancy ideas!

It's not worth it, is it?

I just don't want it to jerk.

I just want them to be suspended
and levitate beautifully

and abandon all that shallowness;
like yours, Mr. Producer.

But they were flying!

I saw them flying here.

You didn't see them flying!

Calm down, friends.

Let's try one more time.
Calm down. Let's go.

Extraordinary love floats
over an ordinary crowd.

Stop! Wrong.

What are you doing there?

It jerks every time it goes up.

Dad, I've had enough.
I'm thirsty and this keeps jolting.

Bring them over here.

This is bad. Some water please.

You know, I want them to float,

just like angels over the crowd,

and they keep jerking. That?s
the result of your miserly budget.

What miserly budget?

What do you want?

Do you know how much I pay for
all you need and all you invent?

You know how much
a machine like this costs?

I don't care how much it costs.
I want ropes to make them float.

It doesn't matter if it's on the crane.

I want angels.

- Well it can have spiritual dimensions.
- A basket? A spiritual basket?

According to you this
has spiritual dimensions, huh?

I want ropes!


You like his squaw?

Why are you asking?

Two more minutes and that's it.

Where is Matej?

Matej! Matej! Matej!

Mr. Assistant!

Matej, please, take care of it.

We'll start again, OK?

Director, there's a problem,
we've got these two women dancing,

and the fat one has got
sunburnt breasts.

The other one rubs against her,
causing her pain.

Well, use a skinny one then.

You have a skinny one there.

Not her, she would bury us.

Pardon me, that's your daughter.

Sorry, I didn?t recognise her.

I only see her clothed.

You know, she's still a child.

She can't be like you.

So macho.

Macho? You mean mature.


You think I'm old.

Not old; mature.

I prefer older.

[Speaking French]

You don't understand me.

[Speaking French]

- Mature...
- [Speaking French]

Now, we should all dance into the sea!

Now we should all vanish in the foam!

That'll be beautiful!

Get the camera ready, please.
Calm down.

Tarkovsky would be amazed!

[Speaking Russian]


Everybody into the sea!

Fuck off into the foam!

- Into the sea!
- Who's the director here?

Don't look at me!
Move into the sea!

Buzz off!

You're unbelievable.

Tell me, where did you learn this?

You keep asking me
such obvious things.

Seriously, your dad... ripping the megaphone out of my hand...

and directing.

You know, he thinks that if he's got
the dough, he can do anything.

Well, you must understand me then.

I've simply lost my nerves.
So what huh?

I'm going home. I quit.

- The jacket.
- No.

- Damn, give me the jacket.
- No!

- It's just a jacket.
- You can?t leave.

You can't do that.

It's my first film.
You promised it to me!

He can be the director himself.

Why are you saying this? He can't
do it. He can't do anything!

You promised that I'd be cast,
that I'd be an actress.

Would you prefer that I tell him
what you do to me?

Come on, what do I do to you?

That we love each other
and that we do it.

Lenka, look.

Would you really tell him that?

- Would you say this to anybody?
- Why not?

And I'll tell him how long
you've been with me.


Lenka, you know there?s nobody?s
company I enjoy as much as yours.

Lenka, you know that I like you.

That we are happy together.

You know that.

- Are we happy together or not?
- Well, yes.

Me too. I'm happy with you.

Daddy?s a really nice guy.

Tell me you'll finish the filming?
You won't quit, will you?




- Papa?
- Here we are Igor.

Igor, come on.

Come on, stop it.
Nothing happened, really.

Stop making a fool out of me!

As if I didn't know you.
You were hugging.

What are you saying? I'm almost 50.
She's a kid.

- Come on, how old is she?
- 62!

There you go.
Calm down.

You say what you like.

- I don't care.
- Calm down.

We'll sort this out somewhere else.

And by other means.
You'll see!

Please, don't. People are watching.
The kid's missing her mum.

- She's with her all the time!
- Come on, she'd like to...

She's sad that you're not together.
Don't you get it?

I know you don't want to hear it.

Come on Igor, I'm the only one
she can confide in.

She just wants to talk.
Do you understand?

So she just came to see me.
What's wrong with that?

She just came, Igor.
She just comes

and says:

I love my dad.

I love my mum.

I just love them both and hate it when...

And then she started to describe
how you got divorced.

Then she started to cry.

Mr. Director, could you sign this
for me please?

Come on, we've got a serious workplace
debate going here.

You know, she started to describe it all,
how it was, you know;

your divorce and all these things.

What should I do? I let her cry.

Damn. Let her tell me everything,
unburden herself.

What's up?
Igor, my friend.

- I know, it's sad.
- But I still love her.

- She was the best woman
I?ve ever known. - Who?


Of course.

If somebody touches my kid,

I'll kill him.
I swear I'll kill him.

I've got opportunities,
huge opportunities.

I've got friends who'd do
anything for me.

Two vodkas, please.

I'll destroy him.

I'll rip his balls off!

Igor, calm down.

What's up? Any problem?

- Just a misunderstanding.
- No, no

I had the wrong idea about your husband.

I thought that he and my daughter...

He didn't. Just missing her mother.

A simple misunderstanding.

I understand.

My husband is a great psychologist.

Won't be shooting
anything today, director.

How come?

It?ll be raining in half an hour.

How do you know?

- It?s obvious isn?t it?
- Don't contradict Mr. Director.

Build me rails here.

I don't want rails, shoot it by hand.

- Gentlemen, where are you?
- We?re here,

- waiting the whole time. - Director,
how far will we be shooting from?

Don't bother.

A blanket please. The boys are there.
Lenka will be here,

talking to her girlfriends.

- Almost everyone has it like that here.
- Shaven.

Not all. I had a look
at the back part of the beach.

Well those are the older ones. But
the younger ones all have it that way.

- Shaven hair.
- That's the fashion now you know.

Come on now, girls.

And you gentlemen,
freely discussing

your claptrap, right?

Who begins? What are you saying?

I don't care. I'll take
the one that's left.

That's what you say.

- I say: What an idiot.
- Yeah.

Say it to yourself one more time.

I don't care. I'll take
the one that's left.

Boys, how come you're dressed again?

We thought it was "as if" time now.

As if what?

- As if for real. - No, this is a rehearsal.
I'm shooting the rehearsal.

I want to see everything.

We thought we'd undress for real
when you shoot for real.

All natural.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

If there was such a maid,
that would give me,

that would give me
a cradle for my son.

- I don't care. I'll take the one
that's left. - What an idiot.

Pavel, as if you were getting up.

As if you?re going, freely.

- As if you?re greeting her.
- Cheers.

Good. As if smearing it on. Don't open
it, we?ve only got a bit left.

Nice. You like it.
Lenka likes it.

She looks at him.

He looks at her. They almost kiss.

As if... As if. Good.

- A rat met a rat, under the stone.
- Oh man, it's raining.

Camera boys!
An umbrella over the camera, damn!

We're gonna do it in the rain.
Let?s go!


I don't care. I'll take
the one that?s left.

What an idiot!

You have to approach a girl
like that slowly my friend.

Prague style man.

That's just normal.

You must be patient.
It?s not like she?s a waitress;

that all you have to do is glance at
her and, presto, she's in your room.

We better go swimming, guys.

What's up? Where are you
running to guys!?


May I?

Come in then.

I'd like to... I don't want to
disturb you, I just wanted

to ask... It?s so stupid...

Usually, when I'm going to piss?
when I go to have a pee?

when I'm going to urinate, you know,

I feel, not strongly, but still there?
this kind of burning sensation.


Well I'm afraid it's...

You know, it's stupid to say it.

But, if you're a doctor,
I wanted to ask you if

it's not this gentleman's flow.

Gentleman's flow?
Gentleman's flu.

That's it.
If it's not the clap.

When did you last have intercourse?

Like bonking, right?

Like... You wanna know when was
the last time...

The last time.

Well? But don't tell the boys here.

I'm, like, pure.

I had, you know, an opportunity.

I could have a few times, but,
at the last moment, it passed me by.

Like it didn't happen yet.

That... like you know...

You're a virgin.

Well that's why I came here actually.

I thought that I could
pull some women here, but...

You know, I thought there
would be these...

Orgies. Know what I mean?

Like some group thing.

That it'd be a paradise.

But it's a real hell on earth here.

Everybody's behaving as if they
weren?t naked.

I was also afraid to undress
in the beginning, like you.

Then I felt like a dimwit
in my swimming suit.

Sorry, I didn?t mean that as an insult.

Will we still shoot today
if it's raining?

Hello Rosta. What are you
doing here without me?

We're having a debate, miss.


If you really are a virgin as you say...

I guess I'll have to go now.

I just want to tell you that
it's probably not gonorrhea.

You should behave more like a boor.
You're not crass enough.

I don't want to criticize you.
You came up with some good parts.

The thing with the paradise
and the hell, that was nice.

- That was really great.
- What the heck are you talking about?

Anyway, I think we'd have a hard time
getting back to paradise.

The innocence there would somehow
get in the way, you know?

We've got used to sinning.

We like sinning.
The sin became a part of our lives.

Right? We're even proud of some sins.

These are the norms.

For example: the stronger wins.

But why?

Suddenly, man realizes

that in fact, without forbidden fruit,
there?s boredom.

And that, in this counterpoint, we can
find the true meaning of things.

Do you understand now?


You don't understand how
important it is to sin?

For our life? No?

- No. - Don't you know anything
about the loss of innocence?

What matters is the purity of the soul.

Expulsion from paradise?

You like sinning, don't you?

Or do you think you don't sin?

I think I do.

You see. Everybody sins after all.

Franta and Lenka.


Why are you looking at her
as if she was a saintly icon?

She's a normal girl, just like you.

I?m not looking at her
as if she were an icon.

Should I show you how you looked?

He looked at you as if you were
a saintly icon, didn't he?

An idol; a perfection.

I looked in a normal way.


Totally in love.

You like her, don't you?



You do or you don't?

Like... normally.

You like her normally.

Is she a pretty girl?

- You afraid to say that?
- Well, she's a pretty girl, yeah.

I'm saying it. Clearly.

- Hello?
- Hi there.

- It's Igor.
- Hi.

- You sleeping?
- Stop it, I'm not.

So what are you doing? Where are you?

- Still here.
- We have to meet.

We'll sort it out in the afternoon.

- How come in the afternoon?
- In the afternoon!

Or during lunch.

We're going to lunch
with the girls, right?

[Speaking Russian]

We'll talk about it later. Please.

When later? [Speaking Russian]

It would... It might need some more...
how to put it... action!

Or... I mean... soul!

Maybe there should not be so much
talk about this... Gomorrah...

and how do you say...
about this gonorrhea.

You know Rosta... human souls.

Such a nice couple.

Such a beautiful young couple.

And the dailies are beautiful too.

And there's always lots of
talking and sitting.

And in every film, there's lots of talking,
talking, talking. It needs some action.


[Speaking Russian]

[Cursing in Russian]

[Speaking in Russian]

The heels. Yes, the heels. Good.

I'm done!

It's horrible.

I can't take it.

Look, the horse is fed up, too.
Come here.

...they'll see beautiful
young people. And love!

I want some love in that damned film!

Come to me.

The spectators don't care
what the man is like.

Whether he's good or bad.

Everybody knows what he's like.

[Speaking French]


Do you love me?

Don't start again please.

You?ve got a real knack
for destroying everything.


...if I was a young girl,

I wouldn't laze about.

I'd comb my hair prettily.

Paint myself.

I'd look around nicely.

I know an English word or two, as well.

And I'd find myself

an American guy.

And I?d shit on Europe.

That's what I'd do...

...if I truly loved my daddy.

Come on, dad, stop being ridiculous.

It's the end of love.

Though we were filled by passion

this beautiful moment has long

been dead in our hearts.

You rascal! Buzz off!


The asshole is filming us!

Jaruna, my leg.

Sir! Doctor!

That's not...

That's not good.

It's affected.

- That's how Italians behave.
- That's true, it's quite Italian.

It?s overdone.
He's a bad actor.

Igor, that's not an actor.

Why not an actor?
Who's not an actor?

I playing as normal.
We doing so normally.

Doing so normally...

Calm down please.

Me calm.

Me very calm!
Calm, calm, calm and calm!

Go stuffed with your actor.

I'm not acting.

You see? He acts the same way
even when he's not acting

The guy's a madman.

Somebody else must play this part.
Or do you want a madman to do it?

Where is he?



I need somebody else instead of
the Italian guy.

This one?

Come on.


- "How do you do" is what you say.
- How do you do.

Let's have a try.
I'll explain it to you first.

Come with me.

Let's go. As if camera.
As if rolling. As if action.

I'm like acting, right?

That hurts!

- Damn urchin!
- Call a doctor.

- What's her name?
- Jaruna!

- Jaruna!
- Doctor, doctor!

- Calm down, Jiri.
- It hurts.

Doctor, men are like children.

We've been dating for 7 years. If only
he could have children but he can?t.

What do you mean can?t? How can?t I?

Oh my God stop. Wrong.

Better let the madman play it.

Switch him.

But why?

I didn't do anything wrong.

What did I do?
You didn't give me a fair chance.


Why? I want you to explain why.

Why. Always with why.

Nothing but why.

Why is the water salty?
Why is there wind?

Why was it like that before,
now it's like this. Why?

Why don't we love each other?
Why do we love the other one?

Why are we such swines?
That's your whyism.

Go, go, go.

Petr, you know what?
We'll delete the scene. It's no good.


Do I have the right not to answer you?

Well, you do.

But why?

Delete it for fuck's sake.

What a madman.

They should be more dune-like. These are
little hills, as if a child played here.

So you can make discoveries.

There are people here. Then you fly up,

people over there.

What are you doing?

Who do you think you are?

You think you can touch every girl?

You must be insane.

Do you think every girl will obey you?
That you can do what you please?

That you can sleep with every girl?

That they'll want it?

You're all same you artists!

And the directors are the worst!

You cocksure pig!
Macho man!

Give me that blanket!

What are you laughing at?

I'm an actress by the way,
just so you know.

Just when I need the sun
there's no sun.

We just won't do it.
We won't be doing it today.

Well, friends, we?re happy.

Relaxed, just lying about,
and we are well.

Let's give it a working title,

We don?t need anything, goddamnit!

Why are these children...

Calm these children down.

We don?t need anything, and
there are kids bawling.

Stop crying!

We are happy, content, free.

We're in some state of timelessness.

We are like birds, like butterflies.
Like the grass, like this sand.

Thirst doesn?t exist.

There's no thirst in Paradise,
that's why it's Paradise.

There you go, keep rolling around.
Let's roll around.

No sex, no. You're caressing
yourselves blissfully.

That's it.

There are no needs in paradise.

...that, through its own story,
life reveals something about itself;

that it throws down some of
its secrets to us one by one;

that it's standing before us
like a puzzle...

whose meaning
we must interpret.

...that the story... [inaudible]

And now I'm a wolf,

changing into a bear;
A child-eater.

I will eat you now.

Winter hibernation.

The little bear is falling asleep.

The brown bear is falling asleep.

And now I'll be a pack of hyenas.

What are you doing?

Nothing, just playing.

We're playing wolf.

I know.

But we have to
talk at last, please.


Yes, again.

But I don't want to.

As usual.

I guess you'll have to, though.

Man, when will I get my rest?

From us, right?

The bear must take a rest
from the she-bear,

the wolf from the she-wolf,

the dog from the bitch.

Of course.

Come on, what do you want?

Nothing, I just want to solve it.
I can't take it anymore.

What do you want to solve?

Mum, Dad can't right now.
Dad's a wolf.

No, he's a bear.


Come on children.

You'll be playing next door for a while.

I have to talk to Dad.
I'll be right back.

Why are you sending them away?

First you criticise me for not noticing
them, then you yourself send them away.

Let's talk.

What am I to you?

I need to know.
I must know.

Suddenly you're interested.

I didn't leave you, not me.

Well did I?

I need somebody
to communicate with, to talk to.

Of course.

Right, you didn't leave me.

Well, I feel like you're working on it.

Please, leave me alone.


Just to finish the film. Alone.

Do you know what you?re risking?

Fuck, are you blackmailing me?

Damn it, don't you understand
that I need to focus?

I want to investigate the essence.

I want to know what's
the source of it all;

where it stems from;

where all this pain comes from, all
this suffering.

Examine yourself for once!

You're the cause of all the suffering.

Of course.

I'm only human.

Only a human. I need a partner
that can support me;

who loves us;

for whom I have at least
a little respect.

I don't respect you anymore.

You?re so tiny.

I want some one who loves me.
Not an earthworm!

Crawling in mud.

Sure, in the mud.

I'm not a human anymore, I'm a worm.

- You don't hear or see anything.
- Come on, you're ridiculous.

Yes, ridiculous. That's true.

Look at yourself a bit.

Mum, you're crying.

- Why are you crying?
- What did you do to her?

Everyone, let me have some peace
for Christ?s sake.

It might be good if somebody
died in the story.

Him or her?

What if it was the child?

Don?t frighten me with the child.

Or the horse?

Man, dead horses terrify me.

Mr. Director!

I will say something.

You know it's a very interesting film.

I get it.
You have this kind of wonderful?

Maybe you have few self-esteem.
I don't know what to say.

People are the same everywhere

when they do these beautiful things.
Believe me.

I know, people are the same everywhere.

Especially after death.

[speaking Italian]

It must be wonderful there because
nobody's ever returned.

Doctor, please, could we
speak in private?

- Well then...
- Where are you going?

We'll talk later.

Sit down then.

- Go ahead.
- Giorgio and I talked all night long.

You know about the problem we have.

We really would love to have a child.
We?d bring it up well.

It would be OK for Giorgio.

So we agreed that we would
ask for your help.

- I can give you advice, of course.
- No, you don't get what I mean.

We don't want you to give us advice.

We want help, you know, practically.

Well but I...

I'm not a gynaecologist.

What? What did he say?

[Speaking Italian]

You?re making me a little uncomfortable.

You?re such a nice person, educated.
It doesn't really matter, does it?

We'll never see each other again.

You're the ideal father.

Doctor, please, think about it.

After all, you're such a sensitive,

fertile artist.

Where are you? We're waiting here with
the kids. I can't bear it anymore.

- I didn't know where you were.
- Come on then.

God, I didn't know.
I thought you were divorcing.

At least into a test-tube then.

Friends, forget that you are people.

You are worms.

Crawling underneath each other.

Crawling around each other like this.

You don't know where
you're heading.

You don't know what you want and why.

We are worms without a future,

without a past, without memories,

without hope.

You're together,
coexisting without love.

Right. It's apocalyptic.

Dante's hell.

Now you stiffen;

You're dead.

More dead!

Rosta! Rosta!

Man, she's being foolish again.
I don't know what to do with her.

What?s that?

What?s this supposed to mean?


Is this in the scenario?

Well you wanted them to crawl over
each other, that's what they're doing.

It's a universal blight. Right?

At the same time it evokes
piles of corpses...

...in concentration camps.

God, you?ve gone insane.

Concentration camps.

Who's interested in
concentration camps nowadays?

People are not interested!

Maybe not today, but maybe tomorrow.

What tomorrow?

Lenka! Did you make up your mind?

Lenka, why aren?t you riding?

I can't without a saddle.

But Lenka, you can ride without
a saddle. She rides very well.

But not naked!

Lenka, come on, stop causing problems.

Every minute costs dough!

You only care about your money!

It tickles me down there!

What tickles you?

The hair.

- So try it at least.
- I tried already.

So it tickles her down there.

Friends please, can anybody here
ride a horse? A girl.

Me! I?d try it.

- Do you really ride a horse?
- Of course.

Well let's have a look.

You ought to be more than just a double.


Is that it? What did I say?

It was good. We can use it.

They fell down.

They won?t fall further
than to the ground.

Most importantly, both of them fell.


Friends, I'm sorry. It was wonderful.

But I don't have it, if you want to know.

Once again then. Please.

Don't laugh. I just want a symbol
of pure nature.

A symbol of pure love.

I want paradise.

You asshole!

It hurts!

- Please!
- It hurts!

Don't you get it that I'm stressed out?

- I?m sorry.
- It hurts.

- It hurts!
- I?m sorry! Do you get it?

It's simple to say: "Sorry, I'm sorry. "

You know, it's the stress.
I'm alone through it all.

Then you come and start criticizing.

Look, it's the stress.

My poor boy, ill boy.

We?re all weakened.

Our eyes are full of pus.

We don't care about anything.

We don't want to eat.

Whatever we eat, we vomit.

Our hair falls out and turns grey.

Under our tail, a little lump is growing.

Could it be a little tumor?

What do you think, Doctor?


I don't know if I should delete it.
You?re weakened.

You?re declaiming it.
Don't declaim.

Let's do it once more.
You're doing very well.


Take 60.

Our eyes are full of pus.

We don't care about anything.

We don't want to eat.

Whatever we eat, we vomit.

Our hair falls out and turns grey.

Under our tail, a little lump is growing.

Could it be a little tumor?

What do you think, Doctor?

Madam, under our tail,
a little lump is growing.

Could it be a little tumor?

We probably shouldn't have come here.

What's the kid doing there?

Whose kid is it?

Lenka, please, get in there.


Poor boy, what are you missing?

Shoot it!

I can't see into the dog's face.

- We shouldn't have come here.
- Keep looking at her, not at me!

We shouldn't have come here.

It cost us so much money.

- But it's so nice here.
- But it's so nice here.

- At the sea!
- At the sea.

- What's his name?
- Little Viktor. He's old now.

Look, Mirek, this is Viktor.

Look how beautiful his tail is.

We?re ugly and alone.

What if we let the dog croak?

We?re older than Methuselah.

I don't know what to do with her.

She keeps running away.

Ugh! That dog is so disgusting!
I can?t stand mangy old dogs!

One more time.

Ugh! The dog is so disgusting!

I can?t stand mangy old dogs!

Shark! Shark!

All out of the water!



Stay on the mattress!

Shoot it.

Excellent, Igor.
It was good.

That was some action, eh?

You were astonished!


Did you shoot it?

Couldn't you have told us?

It wouldn't have been so spontaneous.

Mr. Director, what are you doing?

Never do something like that again.

Look how my heart is beating.

You murderer.
Now I see you?d do anything!

- Why are you acting crazy?
- Come on, girls.

I don't want the meat.

You have to, at least a bit.
A little piece.

Me neither, I don't want the meat.

You don't have to eat it all.
Just a bit.

If she doesn't want the meat
then she doesn't want it.

So she doesn't want to eat the meat.

They don't want meat, don?t want fish.

They're growing, they
must eat something.

- Girls.
- Enjoy your meal, Mr. Director.

- Thank you.
- Enjoy your meal.

Good evening, Mr. Director.

- Good evening. Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.

Once again, I?m sorry.

The woman must have
heard it from someone.

Heard what?

That we're going to divorce.

Since when have you been
interested in rumours?

So, we're like not going to divorce?

Happy to hear it.

So we're not divorcing.
Why are you talking about it?

Why are you talking about it
in front of the children?

Why are you talking about
it at the table?

Stop rocking the chair.

Cheers my friends.

Jasminka, please, stop kicking me.
What are you doing with your feet?

That's Karlicka.
This is Jasminka.

Sorry then, Jasminka...

Karlicka, sorry, Jasminka.
I?m sorry, I?m sorry to everyone.

Stop kicking me with those feet.
She's doing it on purpose.

- She's not.
- She is. She's kicked me 6 times.

And keeps kicking.

Stop kicking.

If you don't want the meat,
I'll eat it.

- Don't you want the meat?
- She does.

She says she doesn't, so she doesn't.

What a family idyll.
Good evening, nice to see you.

- Good evening.
- Madam.

It's such a pity you can't join us.

A pity. Madam, in the future, no films
without you.

I just wanted to make a suggestion
to your husband. Sine qua non.

Only with you. Only with you.

Well friends, it was hell here.

Now we have a paradise.

And now we're going to try to find the
obscure and primitive side of man.

That animal

which sleeps in every one of us.

Wow, it looks like a child.

Yes, right. Let's be natural.

The saliva?s dripping.

You will eat. Eat!

But how?

- It's burning.
- We have no knives.

We have nothing at all.

How would primitive man do it?

You're hungry! Eat! Good.

Please, don't start eating now.

The roll is at the end,
I need a new one.

They used to have flint back then.

I don't want that. I don't want realism.

I want stylization, you know?

A kind of mosaic.

A child.
Give me a child.

This child here, please.

Smear him with grease for me.

- Mum!
- Don't be scared.

Mum, no.

- Let the child be! - Stop it, madam,
or you won?t get your money.

What a waste. Who would
eat it now?

Smear the lady for me as well.
Here, the gentleman.

Come on everybody.

One after another. We're waiting.
Nice, do it well.

You're not done yet, sorry.
I need to smear you well.

Very good.

Friends, as soon as I say action,

you'll all leap at it, OK?
Not now.

You'll start out quickly. You
get what you tear off for yourself.

Men used to throw only the
left-overs to women and children.

We'll try it, OK?

Women, here.

Children over here.

Children here, women here I say.

Good. And you throw, Matej...
Very well.

What a big bone here.

There you go. Children.

Come here to me.
There you go, catching.

Take it from the ground.

Like this.

But that's enough!

That is disgusting!

How can you let yourself be manipulated
like this? What are you, trained monkeys?

It's good and it's for free.

We get paid for it.

- You?re pigs.
- Come on.

Valerie, don't spoil things here.

If you don't like it here, just go away.

That's true, I really don't
have to look at this.

And you're a real pig my friend.

You're a fine one to talk
about manipulation. You!

Friends, keep it natural, keep
going. We're no shitty realists.

There you go.

And take it from the ground.

People, you're great. Keep stuffing
yourselves for a while.

There's nothing left here.

I didn't get a single piece.

My God, none left. Well then...

Matej, explain it to them,
I don't have the nerves.

Friends, let's "as if" stuff ourselves.

We're not really eating it,
just pretending to.


You had your meal.
Now I'd like to see you lay down.

Sweet digestion.

Inner organs resting.

Relax, you're nicely stuffed.

- Mummy Mummy, somebody's over there.
- My God.

- He wants to kill us.
- Who? Where?

Over there. I don't know who.

- Let's have a look at him.
- My God.

Director, that's the guy
you fired.

You were spying on us.

Wait a minute.

How did you dare to do that?

Mr. Director, take me back.

I'm so alone.

Everyday I have to watch from
so far away how you coexist so nicely.

Nobody talks to me.

Mr. Director, I?m very sorry
to have frightened you.

But loneliness is awful.

Come here. Film him.

Mr. Director...

I promise you, Mr. Director
that I'll never be cold again.

I beg you on my knees, Mr. Director.

Take me back, have mercy, Mr. Director.

- Good. Have you got it?
- Yeah, it's all good.

Well, decide amongst yourselves, then.

I wouldn't pay him for the week
he was not here.

I wouldn't pay him anything at all.

Me neither.

And I?d kill him.

I wouldn't take him either. He creates
problems first and apologizes later.

We can't leave it like this.

I don't have a particular opinion.

I'd let the group decide.

I don't care.

Come on, let's go home instead.

Mr. Director, he?s so sad, take him.

OK, let him stay then.


Thank you, Mr. Director.

Thanks! Thanks! Yeah! Yeah!

If you were / a righteous girl...

This is the end. That's awful.

The monkeys are waiting.

Who's there in the water?

I want a clear water surface!

Why are you nervous?

I just went for a bath. People
are waiting, nothing is happening.

People are waiting and they are paid
for it. Today is a terribly hard day.

What's going on there?

What's up? Matej!

This guy is quite
attractive, this Pavel.

Where did you find him?

We simply needed somebody
who can handle the horses.

And then you needed a pretty girl
whose daddy is a producer.


A good twosome.

You like that Lenka, don't you?

Oh please.

That's not what it?s about.

And what is it about?

About us.

About what we are.

Especially about you.

What you are.

And what am I?

Ambitious, insensitive, arrogant.



Lofty and self-assured.


It's been long since I've...

I knew there were 7 cardinal sins.

You named almost all of them.

You only forgot I am a murderer.

Well who knows?
I don't know everything.

Apparently, you left one family.

Meanwhile you are a...

noble, forgiving, altruistic,


pleasing, thoughtful, intelligent,


actress from Budejovice.

How do you know that?

It's obvious.

And I verified it too, of course.

I've got assistants.

What an insidious beast you are.



We're ready!

Please friends. Action!

Slowly, don't hurry.


Don't hurry! Wait.

Look at that water. It's the element
from which you were born.

You're happy, looking forward
to going home.

Into the water. It is there where
we were made, where we end.

Water, dear friends, this
all-purifying element.

We're all heading to purity.

You're going toward
your freedom. You're free.

Open space ahead of you.

And now the lovers. The beginning
of all. Pavel, go on. The horse!

The spy is coming!

You swine, buzz off!

He'll make this place stink
and dirty it with oil!

You rascal!

Watch out, he's got a gun!

What's wrong?!

He's dead!


What have you done?!

[Speaking Russian]

[Speaking Russian]

Calm down, we're shooting.
Get down. We can see you.

Hide behind the horse!

He's dead.

Igor, we see your legs, God!

Igor, your ass is sticking out, hide it!


He's dead.

He killed the horse!

Damned killer, piss off!

He's not a Czech for sure.

Friends, don't stay here,
he's killed the horse. Get him!

Asshole. You could have killed the girl!

What are you doing there?!

Let him be!

He was not dead?

That's our person! He?s ours!

He's dead!

There?s no point.
He's not alive anymore.

What were you doing?
I kept shouting at you.

That's our cameraman.

I get it!
It was all settled in advance.

He's just playing.
Look, the mare lives.

Of course.

He was filming, he's got a camera,
it was all settled.

He's not filming!
He's not acting!

He... Jesus Christ.

And I was shouting at you.

I purposely didn't tell you anything.

To make you act naturally.

To show what you?re like.

You killed him.

You are murderers!

What's up again?

This is the end.

This is my end.

That's impossible.

Come on, Honza.

Won't his hair ever grow again?

Of course it will. Come to Mum.

Apparently, the beard and nails
keep growing...

at least for a day. I read it.

A day? A week.

Not a week man.
Two-three days, maximum.

Interesting. I didn't know that.

Jesus, put something over it, cover it.

Rosta! Hello!

Can you call the director for me please?

Madam, don?t be cross but we
shouldn't disturb him.

You see, he's having
this little problem.

Oh. A problem. Great.

He always has a problem.
You are also his problem.

My God!

I didn't want...

After all I'm not...

I'm not a murderer.

Are you shooting?

Give it to me!

Go away!

Go away, all of you!

Matej, go away.

When I imagine that the Earth
is flying through space...

...perhaps those people
don't even realize it.