Expulsion (2017) - full transcript

This graphic horror centers around Sister Judith Armour, a cancer stricken nun who is struggling with her faith. She is also the sole survivor of an exorcism that went terribly wrong and resulted in multiple lives violently ending. She recalls her horrific story (via flashbacks) to two police detectives fixated on finding out the truth.

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[upbeat techno music]

[bell dinging]

[uplifting techno music]

[eerie buzzing]




[eerie music]

[knife thudding]

[tense music]

- If we stabilize it.


Manual energy flow.

[keyboard clacking]

Here goes nothing.

[remote clicking]

[machine buzzing]

[remote clicking]

[remote beeping]

[sparks popping]

[remote beeping]

Oh, man.

[heavy breathing]


[phone ringing]

- [Vince] Yeah?

- Vince, hey,
you're never gonna--

- [Vince] You know what time
it is? Dude, it's like--

- I know, I know it's late.

How fast can you get here?

[dramatic music]

[knocking at door]

- You interrupted a
perfectly good card game.

- Come on man, this is big.

- Are you wearing pink too?
- It's orange.

- All right, all right, show me.


- I did it.

- Did what?


Scott, you're not supposed
to run anything without me,

that's our rule.

- Yeah, yeah, I know.

Listen, I pushed the magnetic
fields past 11 Teslas,

and stabilized the
proton trajectory.

I was able to beat

the 13 teraelectronvolt
record exponentially.

- Hello?

Two people present
for all experiments.

Blow up the world is an actual
theoretical possibility.

We don't know if this thing
is an unwieldy microwave

or a black hole
planet destroyer.

Two people.

- Actually, we know now.

Look for yourself.

I've used four
sensors to measure

gravity and atmospheric pressure

at four points in the room.

Look at those spikes, Vince.

It's four and a half seconds.

- Is this real?

Scott, is this really real?

- It's really real.

- Really real?

Like, you're not messing
with me at all in this?

- We did it.


- You're sure you're
not messing with me?

- We did it.

- Let's power this bad
boy up, I wanna see it.

- That's the problem, that was
the four and a half seconds.

- Not enough power.

- It created a tear, but
it was too much heat.

The power we had stored
wasn't enough to keep it open

and stable, much less
investigate it safely.

- Four and a half seconds.

We gotta find a
sustainable power source

that can keep this
thing open longer.

- Did you use my coordinates?

- 4.994.
- And a whole bunch of zeroes?

- And a whole bunch of zeroes.

- What did you see?

- [Scott] This room.


- What if we find dinosaurs?

Scott, everyone's
gonna want one.

No more trash cans.

You have one of these
in your kitchen,

you just throw your
garbage through.

- Probably just stretched
every law of physics

beyond its known limitation,

and your first thoughts are
dinosaurs and waste management?

- Just admit that
you're curious too.


- When do we tell
Cicero Market Tech?

They have deep pockets,

and a hunger for
this sort of thing.

They can fund us.

I'm thinking money Scott.


We can't, not yet.

We need to show we can open
this thing and keep it stable.

We need to get a blue core
battery from them first.

[tense music]

You want to steal a top secret

cryonic battery from Cicero?

From our place of employment?

The very batteries we
are using on a project

that we are actually
being paid to work on?

Nevermind if they even notice,

it's only like 12 batteries
exist in the entire world.

- Yes.

[Vincent groans]

Cryonic batteries
are designed to power

an entire cryogenic
pod bay for a century.

- Yeah, and keeping people
frozen for a long time

is a far cry from
smashing God particles

to create doorways
to other dimensions!

- Which we just
said, by the way.

- This is so cool.

- We can't go any
further without them.

- [Vince] Okay.

I might have an idea.

I think Lennon may have
already lifted one.

- Lennon?


- Who knows why.

But he may have sort of
bragged about having one once.

- He's been weird lately.

- Yeah, no kidding.

But if he has one.

- It's not stealing if
it's already stolen.

- Hi there, friends, and
welcome to The Daily Do.

Thank you for spending
just four minutes

of your day with me and
hopefully I can help

make your lives a little easier.

On today's episode,
I'm gonna show you

a few tricks on how to
remove ants from your home

without any poisons or sprays.

This is particularly beneficial.



- Did I just mess up your video?

- Yeah, it's okay.

You running late?

- Yeah, I'm about to be.

- How late were you and
Vince up last night?

- Well.

I think we did it.

- Can you show me?

- Tonight.

After work, maybe, I
need one more thing.

Love you.

- [Margail] Love you.

- Cicero Market Technologies

is not only the
best in the world,

We're the only ones breaking
these scientific barriers.

Our reputation always makes sure

that we come to market first.

So please, give me a time-frame

and make it aggressive.

- The problem is time.

Until we can successfully
put somebody under ice

for longer than 96 days,
we'll never truly know

what damage the
cryo process causes.

- Dr. Normus.

We hired you to
create a long-term

storage environment
for our clients.

If you had done your job
correctly from the beginning,

there wouldn't be
any safety concerns.

- We're still
trying to find a way

to safely take measurements
from the inside, so that.

- What about the trials?

- Sir, results are
within parameters.

But again, nothing's made it
past the 96-day threshold yet.

- Tell me why.

- Because after 96 days,

they can't remember
their own names.

- The preservation
units themselves

are being damaged
by the process.

We need more time.

- When?

- Two years.

- Dr. Lennon, do you agree?

- Shit!

So close.

What was your
question, Miss Fanning?

- Do you agree with
Scott's estimation

of this taking one to two years
before we can go to market?

- Scott's right.

We can spend a year figuring out

the measuring logarithms,
but the hardware as it is now

can't survive the freeze.

We already know that.

Priority one may be to
keep the client stable,

but that won't matter if we
can't monitor from the inside.

- Do you need
additional resources?

- One of those really
expensive espresso machines

in the lounge
would be fantastic.

- Are we disrupting
your day, Dr. Lennon,

because I fail to
find the humor here.

- I'm making a point.

Throwing more money
at this won't cause

the necessary technological
changes to just appear.

The time it takes is
the time it takes.

And you don't pay me to rush.

- I'm beginning to question
why we pay you at all.

- Because I'm Bob Lennon.

And the only effectual
cryotician in the world

who speaks English.

If you want to go
public now, fine.

But tell NASA and your
billionaire clients

that you can put
someone in cryo-stasis,

but after three months they
may, I don't know, die.

- Put that on a brochure.

- Fine.

You have one year.

But I'm growing very impatient.

Dr. Lennon.

I'm really beginning to question

the importance of
your role here.

- The other divisions
are years behind us.

I'm your golden goose.

Cicero will be first.

- You have no idea how
easily you can be replaced.

- All right, listen.

You guys are all brilliant.

Give us results.

Thank you, Dr. Lennon.

- [Lennon] My pleasure.

- Gentlemen.

Is there anything
you'd like to add?

- No, sir.

- What's Project Milestone?

- Where'd you hear this name?

- Overheard someone.

- There are no other projects
that require your attention

except the one
you're currently on.

Thank you, gentlemen.

- You know they need
to steal from us.

- Of course I know that.

But it has to be this way.

And it has to be them.

- It's always them.

[eerie music]

- You sure this
is Lennon's place?

- Pretty sure.

I was here like two nights
ago. We play poker on Tuesdays.

- Lennon?

He hates gambling.

He hates people.

- He changed his mind?

- Something changed.

If you two are so chummy,

why don't you just
ask him for the thing?

- Hell no!

He's got a crazy short fuse.

He's like the world's
scariest math teacher.

Hey Lennon, you know that
thing that you stole from work?

Can I have it?

- I can't believe
we're doing this.

- Not stealing if
it's already stolen.

- You know that's not
actually true, right?

- Think you can hurry
that up a little bit?


[spray misting]

So you were James
Bond in another life?

[tense music]

Is that real money?

What, you're a hotshot
card player now, too?

- [Vince] You check that side.

- [Scott] Come on, where is it?

Why does he have the blueprints
for a Large Hadron Collider?

- How pissed do
you think he'll be

when he finds out we've
that we scaled that down

to fifty feet in your garage?

- I don't think he'll
be very pissed at all.

- Ha.

Got it.

Why the fuck does he have that?

- These are all the parts
to a particle accelerator.

Why would he have this?

Did you tell him what
we're working on?

- Me?
No, did you?

- No of course not, Vince.
What the hell is going on?

[far off coughing]

[gunshot firing]

[Lennon groaning]

[Lennon gasping]

- [Masked Man] You
stupid son of a bitch.

You brought this upon yourself.

[Lennon groaning]

- No wait, where are you going?

- [Vince] He's gone.

- You don't know that.

- He's gone, come on.

Come on.

- Oh God, they took him.

He killed a man.

He killed him, and we
didn't do anything.

- He had a gun.

- We could have done
something, we didn't know that.

- He had a gun!

- What the hell's
going on, Vince?

- We have what we
need, let's go.

We were never here.

- Whoa, are you serious?

We can't.

We gotta call the police.

- And explain what first?

The breaking and entering, or
the glowing fucking battery?

- Unbelievable.

Why would they take his body?

- We need to go.



[car beeping]

[birds chirping]

- Hey.

- You look tired, babe.

- Yeah, I didn't sleep too well.

- Is everything okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, we kinda had a setback.

- I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Stargate's got nothing on you.

- Stargate goes to
different worlds, babe.

Theoretically, this will take us

to different versions
of the same world.

- [laughing] Nerd.

So I have to do a night
video shoot tonight.

I'm gonna explain snipe hunting.

So don't wait up.

- [Vince] Scott.

Have you heard anything?

- I haven't heard anything.
Have you heard anything?

- I haven't heard anything.

Why haven't you heard anything?

- Gentlemen!

Good, you're both here.

Dr. Lennon would
like to talk with you

in the conference room.

- Oh, boys!

I wanted to apologize
for my behavior yesterday

in front of Miss Fanning,

and the head of
this establishment.

It was very unprofessional.

- Do you accept Dr.
Lennon's apology?

- Yeah, of course.

- No problem.

- Great.

With that unpleasantness
out of the way,

then we can all
get back to work.


- Keep up the good work, guys.

We'll figure this out just yet.

- What the hell?

Are we slipping into The
Twilight Zone or something here?

- We saw it happen.


We saw it.

- Bet your ass we did.

- Maybe last night was a trick

to mess with us for breaking in.

- I don't know.

- Let's hope this works.

- Going deeper
into the weirdness.

Why not?

[air whooshing from hatch]

[hatch cranking]

- Coordinates?

- Locked, 4.994%
ordinary matter.

- And a whole bunch of zeroes?

- And a whole bunch of zeroes.

- [Scott] Energy level?

- 77 teraelectronvolts.

[tense instrumental music]

- Let's make history.

[remote clicking]

[sparks buzzing]

Open it more.

[remote clicking]

- You really did it.

- We really did it.

- How long will it stay open?

- With the cryonic
battery, who knows?

Maybe forever.

Okay. Gravity readings,
do you have any decay?

[keyboard clacking]

- Nothing.

It's like the door
isn't even there.

How is it the same?

Infinite possibilities,
and we dial into a mirror.

- I wanna cross over.

- I don't think we should.

- [Scott] What?

- Not there.

- Why not?

- It's the same.

Doesn't that bother you?

- Bother me how?

We just smashed particles
faster than anyone, ever.

We ripped open space and time.

- Scott, it's the same!

Your room, your garage,
your test dummy.

Same room and same
dummy means same us.

A trillion, trillion,
trillion times a gazillion

possibilities with every
microscopic change,

and we just happen
to dial into the one

that could have our
damn doppelgangers?

- They were your coordinates.

- [Vince] And I was wrong.

- No, Vince, this one's perfect.

What happens if we
choose to open a doorway

that's 4.994% with
1,000 zeroes after it,

but a one at the very end,
instead of another zero?

And that leads us to some
Earth that's long gone,

and we turn Arizona into
a literal black hole.

- You know as well as I do
that we would need an extreme,

like 1% or 10% gravity
and comparative matter

before we find an Earth that's
populated by sand people!

- That's why this one's perfect.

We hit a home run
in our first at-bat.

Vince, look.

Between Lennon dying, and
then not dying, and now this,

it's been a crazy few days.
All right, we'll figure it out.

- Don't open it
again without me.


- Right.
- Right?

- Got it!

Won't open it without you.

- This is a nice surprise.

I thought you'd
be in the garage.

- We need to talk.

- What happened?

Did someone die?

[crickets chirping]

So why didn't you
call the police?

- Yeah, they're usually letting
people off with warnings

for breaking and
entering nowadays.

It doesn't matter, 'cause
apparently he's alive and fine.

- This is so bizarre, Scott.

I mean, it's gotta be
some kind of a trick.

Do you think he's just
messing with you guys?

- I don't know.

Maybe we're not meant
to understand it.

- But the particle
accelerator works?

Like, for real?

- [Scott] Yeah.

- I'm so proud of you!

When do I get to see it?

- Soon.

Vincent needs to be here.

- I knew you could do it.

You're gonna find out, like,
what makes the universe tick.

I bet the Lennon at work today

is like a double
from the other side.

[eerie music]

[tense music]

[suspenseful music]

[sparks buzzing]

[remote clicking]

[tense music]

[wind whooshing]

[light switch clicking]

- [Other Scott] Don't let
that door close behind you.

- I wasn't planning on it.

- [Other Scott]
Have you discovered

the Expulsion Theory yet?

- Wow.

No, the what?

- Yeah.

As in two objects
of the same matter

can't exist on the same side.

If that doorway to your
matterverse closes behind you,

with both of us here,

one of us goes, "Poof!"

It's a toss of the
dice which one of us

takes the long trip goodbye.

Still not sure where they
go, but it looks painful.

- Wow.

This is overwhelming.

- Yeah, I've heard that before.

Bet you're wondering about
that dummy over there.

Never really found
much use for it,

but we all seem to
buy the same dummy.

I bought one, because I
figured with endless universes

and endless variables,
a constant would

What'd you name it?

- What?

- [Other Scott] The
dummy, Jimmy or Johnny?

- Oh, Jay.

I named it Jay.

I guess I thought I
would throw it through

before I just walked
through on my own.

- Very curious.

The names have always been.

- I'm sorry, did you
say, "All of us"?

- This isn't our first
time together, Scott.

No, not the first time for
you in another version of us.

36 Scotts have all traveled
through space and time,

and into my workshop.

You're 37.

So forgive my lack
of enthusiasm,

but I think even God stopped
being surprised after a while.

- I never cared much for tea.

- I didn't make it for you.

[slurping tea]

What's your matter variable?

- Five, a bunch of
zeroes, nine, seven

as far as I was able to tell.

I'm sorry, why do all
of us come here to you?

- There's an immeasurable number

of universes out there, Scottie.

A different world for
every different person,

for every different outcome.

So if you take an
immeasurable number of people

and ask them to
all choose a number

between one and a million,
eventually you'll get enough

to choose the same
number, right?

And so far, 37 Scotts
have all lived lives

that lead to this machine,
to this point in time,

to the exact 4.994%
ordinary matter.

And a bunch of zeroes.

- Have you ever crossed over?

- No.

You can touch me, Scott.

Like I said,
expulsion only happens

when that doorway closes,

in which case, you
and I would be in

for one hell of a pickle.

- You had your own machine.

- I did.


Couldn't create a
sustainable power source.

Speaking of which,
you have any more

of those cryonic batteries?

- How do you know about that?

- It's not my first rodeo.

- Well no, I only have the one,

and it's being used to
power the doorway right now.

- Only one.

It's a shame.

Although, I wonder if
you could get another one

from Cicero before
it's too late.

- What do you mean?

- Cicero stole my
machine, Scott.

They manipulated it.

Bastardized it.

They gained too much
power too quickly,

and it was too much to control.

They're responsible
for the worst

man-made disaster of all time.

Countless people died.

Everyone in Cicero is
gone, I'm all that's left.

Even Vincent's gone.

- Vincent?

No, that's impossible.

How could they
steal my technology?

- You ever heard of
Project Milestone?

- Only rumors, whispers.

- Scott.

Project Milestone is you.

- No.

That's impossible.

- I guarantee it.

If your universe is
anything like mine,

they've been watching you for
a long time, studying you.

Waiting for you to succeed.

They did the same to me.

You're more special
than you know.

- What are you trying to say?

- Your machine is the only one

that can create a stable path.

They wanna use it to
connect everything,

like some master pathway.

But not just two worlds, Scott.

All of them.


Project Milestone is
you leading Cicero

to a singularity in which
they control the multiverse.

- How do you know all this?

- Just watch yourself, Scottie.

These people you work
for turned a quarter

of my United States
into no man's land.

They tried here once
and they failed,

and now you're on the clock.

Be careful who you trust.

- This is a lot to take in.

I need to talk to
my wife and Vince.

- Your wife?

- [Scott] Listen, this has
been beyond amazing, thank you.

- But you will come back.

- I'll be back.

- [Other Scott] You always do.

[remote clicking]

[phone ringing]

- [Vince] This is
Vince, leave a message.

- Vince. Hey, call me back
when you get this, all right?

We need to chat.

Just call me back.

- Hello, Scott.

No partner in crime?

How is the family?

It's Margaret?

Margail, isn't it?

She's such a sweetheart.

- I really should
get back to work.

- You really should.

- Hello!

- Hi there.

- Just out enjoying my walk.

- I can see that.

You live nearby?

- Why, yes.

- Oh, I haven't seen you before.

Have you just moved in?

- That's a very fancy
camera you have there.

- Yeah, it's not great,

but it works for me.

I just make videos
and teach people

how to do odd jobs
around the house.

- And what does
your husband make?

- He works at Cicero
Market Technologies.

- Oh, that's a very large
company, like Haliburton.

- Something like that, yeah.

- Can he protect you?

- Excuse me?

- You're a beautiful woman.

He should be able
to protect you.

- It's been great
chatting with you,

I really gotta get
back to work here.

Will I be seeing you around?

- Oh yes.


I'll keep an eye out for you!

- Oh, shit.

[dramatic music]

[metal clanking]

[suspenseful music]

[gunshot firing]

- It doesn't have
to be this way.

- [Masked Man] I don't
want to kill you.

I wanted you to see how
easily someone could have.

- Just let me go back.

- [Masked Man] There is no back.


- What do you mean?

- [Masked Man] Cicero.

They keep trying, and
they keep screwing up.

You keep screwing up, and
now worlds are disappearing.

They're gone.

You have to stop him, Vincent.

- Who?

- [Masked Man] Scott.

You have to stop him
before he kills everyone.

[portal buzzing]

- [Vince] What the
hell is going on?

- Do you think that
is what I think it is?

- Looks an awful lot like a bug.

[shoe smacking]

Well, whatever it is,
it's not working anymore.

- Someone has planted a
bug in our house, Scott.

Someone is listening to us.

- Did you check the
rest of the house?

- Of course I did.

I looked everywhere.

Maybe it's just the one?

Do you think Vincent would have
like a scanner or something

that looks for bugs, like on TV?

- He might, but.

- [Margail] But what?

- He didn't show
up to work today,

and I can't get ahold of him.

What the hell is
going on, Scott?

Why would someone
wanna spy on us?

- I may have an idea.

There's someone I
want you to meet, but.

Honey, you might
wanna prepare yourself

for a bit of a shock.

[remote clicking]

[machine buzzing]

- Oh, shit!

- Is that safe?

- Margail, it's really you.

After all this time,
it's really you.

You look just like her.

- You look just like him.

- Scott.

- Yes, Scottie?

- How many times
have you guys talked?

- Only once.

Vincent doesn't know yet.

- You did this alone?

- I was feeling adventurous.

- Just the one?

- [Scott] Unfortunately, yes.

- Is there one of
me on your side?

- Sadly, no.

My Margail passed away
when we were teenagers.

I never thought
I'd see you again.

- What happened to her?

- She was sick.

That's how I originally
chose my career path

with Cicero Market Technologies.

I thought that if
I could find a way

to slow down or freeze
time, I could come up

with the exact timeframe
I needed to find a cure.

I didn't want anyone to go
through what she went through.

- [Margail] I'm so sorry.

- You're the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.

- Flattered, I mean.

That's flattering.

- Scott, we need to talk
to you about Cicero.

- So you two have been
together this whole time?

- Scott, you said Cicero
was following you?

- Yes, spies and
electronic eavesdropping.

- We've found something strange.

We think it's some sort
of listening device.

- Well, if you found
one, it's one of many.

Has anyone acted
strangely around you?

- No.

- Yes.

A man.

- What?


- Today, an old man
talked to me out front.

He asked me if I felt safe.

- That's them, I'm sorry.

All I can tell you is,

watch yourselves.

Don't trust anyone.

Not even Vincent.

- I trust Vincent with my life.

- You may have to.

You smell good.

- Perhaps that's
enough for one night.

- Perhaps.

- We appreciate it.

This has been bizarre,
and scary, and incredible.

- Margail.

If I could close that
magical door behind me

and stay here with
you forever, I would.

You're the loveliest
creature I've ever seen.


- Soon.

- I'll hold you to that.

[Margail sighs]

- Wow.

You did it.


So we're just keeping
up appearances.

You're not gonna confront
Cicero about this?

- Still no word from Vincent.

I'm starting to get
real worried, babe.

- Scott, I've been
thinking about this,

and maybe it's time to
consider that this whole thing

is just beyond our control.

- No, no, no, no.

No, we can't stop now.

Think of all the
technological applications.

No more landfills, no more
running out of resources.

- Okay, so you wanna
run a oil pipeline

through a portal to
an alternate reality?

- That's not exactly
what I meant.

- It's not exactly
what I meant either.

But I mean, people
are spying on us.

There's another Scott.

I mean, he is definitely
freaking me out

the more I think about it,
and he's definitely not you,

regardless of the similarity.

- Nature versus
nurture, I guess.

Technically, though,
we are the same DNA.

- Yeah, well technically,
he still freaks me out.

All of this does.

- I know, babe.

[suspenseful music]


I don't know why he
thinks Cicero will

- Maybe they really
do wanna build

an oil pipeline through it.

- No, they could
buy the IP from us

and turn it into a gold mine.

Now, when this goes public,

everyone's gonna wanna see it.

- Unless they have a
reason to keep it secret.

Okay Scott, enough with the
unlimited resources bullshit.

What's the real reason you're
so obsessed with this thing?

What's going on?

[somber music]

- I never told
you how Sean died.

- Yeah, you did.

I thought it was a car accident.

- No, this project.

It gives us a chance to go back.

- I don't understand.

- My grandpa collected
World War II era weapons.

Pistols, rifles, such.

I remember when I
was a little boy,

my mom spanked my
butt so hard one time

when I left the
cabinet unlocked.

Yeah, I was six years old.

I knew they were dangerous,
but I wanted to have fun.

I left it unlocked.

Sean was four years old.

He wanted to play too.

That's how my brother died.

The whole idea of this project
of smashing God particles

and creating doorways
into other dimensions.

If there's infinite
worlds out there,

then there's a different world
for every different outcome,

for every different person.

Maybe there's a world
where I didn't do that.

I want that world, Margail.

[phone vibrating]

- [Margail] I'm so sorry.

- Vince?

We've been trying to reach.


Yeah, yeah, no.

I'll be right out, two minutes.

That was Vince.

He sounded really weird.

I gotta go.

- Go ahead, go talk to him.

Get to work.

I guess we'll just take
this one day at a time.

- Hey.

- I didn't wanna risk using a
cellphone if I didn't have to.

- What happened?

- You're never gonna believe me.

- I was about to
say the same thing.

- Well, I was shot at
and held at gunpoint

by a man who used
what sure as hell

looked like a portable
version of our technology

to zip out of existence
right in front of me.

Oh, and this was
right after he told me

that you're going
to murder the world.

And my left eyelid has not
stopped fucking twitching since.

- He said I was
gonna kill people?

Are you sure?

- Yes, I'm fucking sure!

He said that you and
Cicero did something,

and worlds are disappearing.

As in more than one.

- Could we have caused a
decimating ripple in space time?

How do we know this guy knows
what he's talking about?

- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's question the
credibility of the man

who conjured a portal
right in front of me.

Oh also, forgot to tel you.

I also found in
Lennon's rock garden,

because that makes sense.

There was a stack
of Cicero papers

with the design for our
particle accelerator,

and a blueprint for your house.

- You serious?

- Yes I'm fucking serious.

- Damn it.

- I thought we'd
have enough time,

but apparently
they already know.

- A portable doorway.

- Yeah, it was like.

Like this light stick he
just tossed on the ground,

and there was the door,
and then there wasn't.

I tried to pick it
up, but it was cold,

and then it was just gone.

Scott, when it was open,
it was just like ours.

I think a little pee came out.

- The other Scott
said that Cicero was--

- Wait, wait, what?



Scott who?

- Oh yeah, it gets better/worse.

I met a Scott from the other
side when I opened the portal.

Listen, Margail found
a listening device

- They really are
watching us, aren't they?

- We have to go back to work,
and keep up appearances.

- [Vince] We need to slow down.

- Cicero spent over
a billion dollars

getting us to
freeze sick people.

Why would they have any
interest in alternate universes?

- Maybe they're the ones
keeping up appearances.

- Maybe freezing people
and waking them up

in the future is plan B.

- Scott, I need
you to promise me.

Don't open the door
again without me, okay?

Things are clearly
getting out of hand.

- No, agreed.

Cicero's gonna
watch us so closely.

We gotta be extra
careful opening a

beyond space and
time in my garage.

Words I never thought
I'd say out loud.

[Vince chuckling]

Did someone really shoot at you?

- Yep.

- Man.

- Yep.

[car engine whirring]

[Margail sighing]

[suspenseful music]

[remote buzzing and beeping]

[machines buzzing]

[dramatic music]

[suspenseful music]

- [Margail] You came back.

- I wanted to see you.

- Oh, I see.

- I can feel it.

- How soon?

- Well, day one of pretending
everything's normal, check.

- Scott, I've been thinking.

That guy at Lennon's rock garden

went out of his way
to make a point.

He could have killed me,

but instead he decided
to warn me, warn us,

about you.

- So you don't trust me now?

- Maybe he didn't mean you, you.

From here on out, I have to
be present for everything.


- Yeah, already agreed.

- Yeah, yeah, I
know, I know, but.

I'll come back later tonight,

we'll open it one
last time, and then,

who knows?

- You're not saying we sell it?

Shut it down?

- [Vince] I don't know, man.

- I don't know either,
Vince, but I know that

this is our baby.

All right, well look, I'll
catch you tonight, all right?

- [Vince] Okay, see you later.
- Be safe.

- Well, hello.

- Hi.
- Hi.

So, I have an idea for a video,

and I'm gonna go check out
the lighting at the dog park.

So if it works, I
may be home late.

- Yeah, just be careful.

Things are uncertain right now.

- [Margail] I will.

- Have you noticed
anything new lately?

- Yeah, that's the thing.

It's like Vince, Margail
and I are being followed.

I don't know what to do.

- How is Margail?

She's quite the one
to behold, Scott.

You should hang on to her.

- Scott, I think things are
starting to escalate over here.

- The love of your life dying

can really shape
a person, Scott.

- I'm sorry you had
to experience that.

- I like you, Scottie.

This is more contact than
I've had with the others.

Our relationships have always
been somewhat abbreviated.

- Scott, I don't know if it
was one of those watchers

from Cicero, or what, but
somebody followed Vince

and shot at him, and then
disappeared in what he said

looked like a portable
version of our doorway.

- Portable?


- He said something about
other worlds are disappearing.

- Like mine.

All the way?

- I guess.

- No.

No, they wouldn't make
that mistake again.

- Well, says the person
who's met 37 versions of us.

- You don't keep
very good notes,

so they can't track you down.

- No, it's too dangerous to
leave too much information.

Somehow I've always
known just to keep

the important stuff right here.

Should I be worried?

About interrogation?

Will they show aggression?

- No.

No, they won't
hurt you, not yet.

But they will become bolder.

Once they're certain
of your success,

they'll come out from hiding.

Any day now.

- Why wait?

- You can't think of them
as a corporation, Scott.

That's a false identity.

A $32 billion fake ID.

No, the money, stocks,
employees, it's all

a means to an end.

What they want is to ascend.

- Ascend?

To God?

- They wanna control everything.

Think of that kind of power.

If any world doesn't comply,
they just shut 'em off.

Expel them from existence.

It's trans-human garbage theory.

They wanna become one,
physically and spiritually,

with the universe, with God.

Turn themselves into cosmos.

- All of this for
religious fanaticism?

- Not religion, Scott.


Think about it.

You can push a button, and
end up in any universe.

Maybe somewhere down
the line is heaven.

Or hell.

Make no mistake, they'll
come out from hiding.

They'll make themselves known,

and they will manipulate
every Scott in every universe

'til they get what they want.

Right now that's you.

- [Scott] I think
I'm gonna be sick.

- Bet you feel like
you just got off

the Witch's Wheel
at the county fair.

- You felt it.

- That's the doorway.

The gravity has its effects,
you'll get used to it.

- Scott, I hope you
understand if after tonight

I choose not to pursue
this any further.

[tense beating music]

- He can't keep her from me.

I hope you understand if I
won't pursue it any further.


[boxes rustling]

- [Vince] Hey.

Are you sure?

- One more time.

Collect any final data we can.

- And then?

Where is he?

- He's usually waiting.

- That's comforting.

- Scott!

Let's go.

- Whoa, Scott, hang on.

Are you sure you wanna
sneak in like this?

Is it safe?

- [Scott] It's not
the first house

we've broken into this week.

- Yeah, and someone
died that time.

Sort of.

- You're just mad 'cause
we didn't find dinosaurs.

Where is he?

- [Vince] He's like you,
but really disorganized.

- [Scott] Scott?

- I'm starting to have a
bad feeling about this.

- You know scientists
achieve greatness

at their own
personal risk, right?

They're willing to sacrifice.

- I let you go first, didn't I?

- You're in another dimension.

Aren't you at least
a little excited?

[boxes rustling]

- Exciting isn't the word I
would choose to describe it.

What did he tell
you about Margail?

His Margail from this side?

- [Scott] She died when
they were teenagers.

- This is our photo.

This was taken two years ago.

- What did he say about her?

What exactly did he tell you?

- [Scott] What?

- What did he say?

- He said she got sick and died

when they were teenagers, Vince.

- Nothing specific?
Sick from what?

- I didn't ask.

[boxes rustling]

- But why would he have this

if she died years
before it was taken?

- [Vince] Because he lied.

- There must 40 or 50
cryonic batteries in here.

- My guess would be 36.

- Well, Cicero doesn't
even have this many.

How could he have this?

- We need to go.


[box rustling]

- [Scott] They're all dead.

- Come on!

Scott, come on.

- What was that?

And why would he
lie about Margail?

- It's not safe
to go back there.

- They're your
coordinates, Vince.

- I know!

I know.

- Why do I feel like there's
something more to this?

- [Margail] Hey.

You still up, babers?

- Yeah.

- [Margail] What are you doing?

- I'm just thinking.

How was the shoot?

- It was great.

You okay?

- Yeah, yeah.

- You coming to bed?

- [Scott] I'll be
there in a little bit.

- Okay.

[suspenseful music]

[Scott whistling]

[Scott humming]

- Hey, babe!

How was it?

Excuse me, ma'am, I think
you're in the wrong house.

- I'm supposed to
ask you nicely.

- Ask me what?

- May I have a cup of sugar?

- Maybe you should
go to the store.

- Will you give us what we ask?

- I don't know what you want.

- Yes, you do.

- What happens when
you get what you want?

- I'll make you a cake.

- Are you gonna kill me?

[knife thumping]

[jogger screaming]

- [Other Scott] Come on, Scott!

- What are you doing?

- [Other Scott] Shut up!

- [Jogger] Oh my god!

[jogger screaming]

Release me!

- Wait your turn, sweetheart.

- Scott, what are
you doing here?

- Saving your life.

She was gonna kill you.

- You don't know that.

- Ask her yourself.

I told you Cicero
was gonna get bolder.

The question is, which
Cicero does she work for?

- Scott, she needs
an ambulance, now!

- No, what she needs

is salvation.

Is that what I think it is?

- No!

No, no, no, no!

That's mine!

[sparks buzzing]

Give it back!

- I'll take that as a yes.
- What is that thing?


- She's not from here.

And that was only
a matter of time.

This device is a cluster of
tiny accelerated particles

acting as a tether when
combined with a foreign object.

It makes her invisible.

- A tether?

- Follow me here, Scott.

When a foreign
object, such as her.

[jogger screaming]

Has this on, they get to
coexist without an open doorway,

with no risk of expulsion.

Thank you.

- Wait, wait.

Two of her can exist in our
universe at the same time?

- Bingo, Scottie.

My guess is this world
was a one-way ticket.

Cicero needed him to open the
portal again, didn't they?

- How long have you
been following me?

- It doesn't matter now.

All that matters is
that I have this.

And that doorway
is the only thing

keeping your horrible
odds of survival at bay.

Who will the universe expel?


Or the other version of
you, out in the world

and completely
oblivious to the fact

that they currently have a
50/50 chance of survival.

How fun.

[jogger yelling]

Flip the switch, Scott.

- No!

No, no.

- We can't do that.

- Flip the switch, Scott,
she's getting away.

- No.


This isn't right, Scott!

- No!


[jogger screaming]

Help me, please!

- [Scott] You killed her!

- [Other Scott] I'm
disappointed I you, Scottie.

- Why are you here?

- Why are any of us here, Scott?

- I didn't open
that doorway, Scott,

how did you cross
over on your own?

- You better take a
kinder tone with me.

I didn't have to save you.

- That picture of you and
Margail, you lied to me.

- That doesn't sound
like gratitude.

- How are you so calm?

I'm gonna open this door,

and you're gonna go back
to your side for good.

- [Other Scott] Or what?

- Or I'll rip that new
toy out of your hand

and we'll see who the
universe likes more.

- That hurts, Scott.

But I know you.

I've known many of you.

And if there's two things
I've learned it's that one,

you wouldn't risk
expulsion on a coin toss.

That much pain,
those kind of odds.

And two,

the universe always chooses me.

Oh, so you cross
over all willy-nilly,

and now that the shoe's
on the other foot

you got such a problem, huh?

- You're not right, Scott.

You killed that woman.

You enjoyed it.

- She deserved it.

- This is the end for us, Scott.

You're gonna go back over,

and I'm gonna unmake
this damn machine.

- No, you won't.

I know you won't,
because I wouldn't.

- Go.

- Give Margail my love.

- You stay the
hell away from her.

What have we done?

[birds chirping]

- Well, this is some
secret agent shit.

- I don't think
anywhere is safe.

- Did something happen?

- Yeah.

Some woman, I guess
she worked for Cicero,

came into my house,

and then other Scott
appeared and killed her.

- Wait, what?

- He was able to open the
doorway from his side.

I don't know how, but
now he's got some device

that looks like
pedometer that allows him

to exist on both sides.

- How did he know she was there?

The woman?

How did he know you
were in trouble?

- He can see us.

Once the doorway was opened,

if the two universes share
a tangential connection--

- Like a connected thread
between each universe?

- Then he can use the quantum
and gravimetric frequencies

to generate an image?

- Like a
trans-dimensional X-ray.

- God, he could see us.


- Hey you.

I got home like 20 minutes
ago, where were you?

- Doesn't matter
now, you're okay.

You were right, babe.

With everything you've been
through, this is my fault.

I could do this forever.

- What's gotten into you?

- I just love you so much.

- I love you too, Scott.

- Say it again.

- I love you, Scott.

- I could look at you forever.

- Someone's in a mood.

- I am.

I've missed you.

- Yeah, these last few hours

have been pretty
rough for me too.

Are you not going
into work today?

- What if I never go back?

- Can you grab my phone for me?

- Leave it.

I don't want any interruptions.

[Margail chuckling]

- You're acting kinda weird.

- Why did we never have kids?

- You want kids?

Scott, are you okay?

- Hindsight's always
20/20 I guess.

- It's not too late.

We can still talk about
having kids if you want.

- Run away with me.

Right now.

- Now?

- Just go!

Don't tell anyone, pack
a few things and leave.

What do you say?

Be dangerous with me.

- [Margail] That
sounds outrageous.

- Well, be outrageous with me.

- [Margail] But aren't you
ignoring the obvious, Scott?

- And what's that?

- That I know my husband,

and you, asshole, are not him.

[suspenseful music]

- I know this is
out of the blue.

I guess it's a
little weird, huh?

I just been thinking
so much lately about--

- No, no, no, sorry.

Do not move any
closer, I swear to God.


- What are you doing?

Babe, it's me.

I know this is spontaneous,
but we don't have to live

every part of our lives
according to some detailed plan.

We can just get away!

- So is that your plan?

You wanna just get
away, and play house?

- Yes.

We need this.

- Don't come any closer!

- You know you're
really starting to

- Let's see how well you do
with a knife in your chest.

- Is that your plan?

Think this is a movie?

If you wanna stab me, you
gotta do it right here.

Between the ribs.

And you better kill me
with the first blow,

'cause if you don't, I'm
liable to get very angry!

- [Scott] Margail!

[other Scott groaning]

- [Vince] Oh, shit.

- That's the sternum!

Hey, Scott.

I was just talking to our wife.


Hi Vincent

- Hello Scott.

- It's you, isn't it?

- I should say the same to you.

- Surprise.

- What's he talking
about, Vince?

- It's what I was afraid of.

- Afraid of getting caught.

Tell me Vince,

did you even consider the
life of the other Vincent

who really lived here?

Or was that an
equitable risk for you?

- [Scott] Vince?

- He's not your Vincent.

- [Scott] How long?

- Two years.

I'm sorry, Scott.

- Vincent!

- I did what I had
to do to survive.

He killed everyone at Cicero.

He would have killed me
too if I hadn't escaped.

- You lied to us for two years?

You led us to him!

- No, Scott!

- We used your coordinates.

- Scott, you're my friend,
that's why I stayed.

I never thought
he would find us.

And those coordinates,
that wasn't his world.

It's just where he was hiding.

- Wasn't your world, either.

- Scott, he killed Margail.

- I should have killed you
while I had the chance!

- You're mad.

- No, you let this happen.

You could have dismantled that
portal at any time, but no!

You were curious.


I've done this 36 times.

36 bright-eyed, curious Scotts
have all come to see me!

You know what I did each time?

I smiled.

I conversed.

And then I killed every
single one of 'em,

and took their stupid batteries.

It's an annoyingly
limited resource, Vince.

And then I would travel
from doorway to doorway

looking for one where my
Margail was still alive.

But then all the power died.

I wasn't hiding, Vince.

I was stuck.

So I decided to wait

for another powder-white,
curious Scott to come see me.

But you gave me something
so much more valuable.

You gave me a world where not
only is my love still alive,

but she loves me.


Oh girl.

I think you might have hit
something important after all.

- How many people have you
killed since I ran from you?

- Only myself, over and over.

- No.

Someone warned us.

- That's what it meant.

You've been changing
constants in every universe,

and leaving a trail
of dead worlds.

- No.

Don't you get it, Scott?

It doesn't matter.

None of it matters!

You wanna talk
about dead worlds?

Look at me!

My world is dead!

Why did I deserve that?

Why does your life
get to be so perfect?

- We need to get him
back to his universe now,

and shut it down for good.

- I think that's
probably enough.

- Shit, I should've
saw that coming.

- Let's take a walk, shall we?

[suspenseful music]

Roll call, everyone here?


You know, Scott.

Margail saved your life.

That first night you
came into my world,

I would have killed you.

But you said something
intriguing, you said, "My wife."

That's when I decided to watch.

To learn.

- You wanted to replace me?

- [Other Scott]
It's not too late.

- I would rather die.

- Everyone's a critic, Vince.

- What are you going
to do, asshole?

- Oh yeah, 'cause
I'm the one who lied

to my friend for
two years, right?

- You're a psychopath.

- It's neither here nor there.

- Story of our lives.

- And I suppose I'll go
back to my adopted world

at the 4.994 and
a bunch of zeroes.

Yada, yada.

Seems to be a constant
among many Scott's.

So I think I belong there.

And I will find
you again, Margail.

And next time it'll be perfect.

On your knees.


Get down on your knees!


- I won't let you hurt her.

- Brave words for a dead man.

[punch smacking]

[Margail screaming]

[banging and thudding]

I should kill you right now!

You know, Margail.

I don't know why you
love him so much.

He's a prick.

Why don't you love me?

- Scott.

Just give me the gun.

Give me the gun, baby.

We can go somewhere together
and talk about this.

- You'll do that for me?

You'll give me another chance?

- I was too quick to
judge, I see that now.

Just let me have the gun
before someone else gets hurt.

I'll go with you
wherever you want.

[Margail yelling]

- Did you really think
I would fall for that?

A for effort, though.

- Scott.

How do scientists
achieve greatness?


- [Scott] Vince, no!

[tense music]


[remote clicking]

- Who will it be, Scott?

Who will the universe expel?

Let go, I can't hang on.

- This is my world, Scott.

- I knew you were special.

- I've been waiting for
you for a very long time.

Your trail of death ends here.

[knife thudding]

Listen to me very carefully.

If, when that doorway closes,

the universe decides to
expel him instead of you,

take that thing,
destroy it, burn it.

I don't care, just
get rid of it.

- Wait!

There's so many of us
out there, what can I do?

- The right thing.

I'm taking care of the
ones who don't listen.

You're different, Scott.

Do as I say and
destroy that thing,

or I'll come back
and kill you myself.

I'll always love
you, sweetheart.

- Okay.

- Scott?

- Don't be me.

Come on, don't be me.

- Scott.

Are you okay, Scott?

- Don't be me.

Don't be me!

- Scott, are you okay?

- Don't be me.

Guess who just
dismantled the portal.

Tell your people to stay
the hell away from me.

And you.

Take whatever universe
you came from,

and shove it up your ass.

- We can't stay here.

- Wait, Scott!


If you rebuild it, we can
give you anything you want.

[wind gusting]

[Vincent gasping]

[upbeat music]

- Shit.

- We don't have time for this.

I'm me, you're you.

All right, get over it.

- What is this place?

- It's what every world will
look like if we don't stop it.

- Stop what?

- The end of all creation.

You coming?

[upbeat music]

[children laughing]

[doorbell ringing]

- Next time, girls.

[dramatic music]