Express Raja (2016) - full transcript

The film starts with Raju's (Sharwanand) attempt to steal a puppy from a guarded woman as his uncle (Prabhas Seenu) and Sapthagiri become his team willingly and reluctantly, respectively. Moments after running away from the scene in a ramshackle van, Raju stars narrating his life days before the incident. After coming to Hyderabad with Prabhas Seenu, Raju fell in love with Amulya (Surbhi), the future fiance of Kesava Reddy (played by Harish Uttaman). His hatred towards dogs makes him impulsively hand over Amulya's puppy to dog cullers and this threatens to lead to their break-up. It is now up to Raju to trace that dog and in the process, he faces obstacles from a whole range of funny characters and Kesava Reddy, the one major character with no comic side. The director of 'Venkatadri Express' fame has done a fairly good job in telling and executing a not-so-novel idea with doses of fun. The first half establishes the incident and the second half is more about delineating the dog-stealing incident more elaborately through occasional revisiting. Besides it is also about Sapthagiri, Urvashi, Shakalaka Shankar, Supreet, Dhanraj and Supreet doing their bit to add to the comedy of errors and confusion. Raju and Amulya continue to achieve success in their mission slowly and steadily, and it all ends with the hero, hitherto regarded as an irresponsible son by his father, becoming a real-life hero. In so far as writing a screenplay that doesn't complicate matters for the audience, this film steals a march. More than the curious turns in Raju's life, the idiocy of characters keeps the entertainment quotient up. Sapthagiri makes it a laugh riot in every scene he is seen. Prabhas Seenu complements his efforts. Urvashi is one talented yesteryear actress who has the potential to re-invent herself through well-written roles like it was the case in Size Zero. In this film, she is quite watchable both as a power-hungry mother of a villainous son and someone who loses her memory and turns into Vasantha Kokila's Sridevi. As character after character turns out to have a stake in the dog, the audience looks forward to a routine denouement. The climax doesn't have the scale or imagination to be worthy of being talked about. It would have been interesting if the hero was shown to have actively worked towards preventing the dog from falling into the hands of Supreet or Harish Uttaman, revealing what he did to ensure that in the climax. By showing Dhanraj as instrumental in making Sharwa a hero, the climax was robbed of excitement, although a smile on the face is certain. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
He is “Inumu” He basically is a thief.
Wherever he sees iron would cut it and sells in Kgs.

The only film he saw for
most of the times is “Iron man”.

The only song he likes is

There is no relation to him
with this story,

but he can be seen anywhere going ahead
and can turn the story.

Hey Giri
Yes brother, tell me

Time has come for us to write some pages
in the history of crime.

Is it required to lose life for the pages bro?
Leave me bro, I will go.

Bloody waste fellow!

Is it to leave now that we worked
for the whole night?

What to understand bro?
I never did such a big risk in life. I will leave bro.

Will you leave even if I say to give this
bag to your brother in law?

Bro, do not go for such a big thing.

Whatever may happen, I will be here.
It is all God’s grace now.

Tell me son in law
-You remember what and how to do, right?

I will follow the plan as it as once the girl comes out.
Why is so much mess and Police here?

Bro, may be our matter is out

We got to risk, though it is out.

What if by chance that girl does not come out?
-Then we will go in and kidnap her.

Bro, that is more dangerous.
You do not take such decisions.

We will wait for five minutes more.
For my sake, please bro.

Hey, that girl is coming. Get ready.

Bro, there is even the gun man.

It would become a big risk.
Listen to me at least now.

Security means there would be the gun man
and not a post man.

I would say only one thing to you both,
target should not miss.

He won't listen to anyone.
(Oh God, save me)

Hey Srinu, go on.


Are you done breakfast.

You bloody.

It's burning..

Why did you put chilly powder on me??
Who are you??

Anybody please come

Don't do that, Listen to me

Hey, move faster

Hey, move faster

Hey, Start the vehicle soon..
Ya ya i'm on it.

- Make it soon, Move
- ya ya i'm trying.

Idiot, drive looking in the front.

Thank God, I expected not to fall out alive.
Oh no, It is biting dude.

Give it once, I will kiss that cutie.

Srisri said not to look cheap at a puppy,
match stick or a piece of soap.

Similarly, do not look cheap at me
for stealing a puppy.

He is number one in Vizag. Do you why,
he being so had to steal a puppy?

It seems you called me

I need the list of all vagabonds from Vizag.
How much time would that take?

Sir, I have a doubt. Any CI coming new would
ask for the list of thieves, murderers and goons.

But why are you asking so sir?

The one wandering without any work is more
dangerous than that wandering with avenge in this society.

If revenge spoils only him, the one without
any work would spoil ten people around him

Crime rate would automatically
come down if such fellows are controlled.

Raja, where would these be at this time?


Police, who always come after everything is over
would come in the middle when we are drinking dude.

How about our drink now dude?

Expecting such problems, I have set a guy to
supply drink even at the middle of the night.

Super uncle...

Son-in law, Take this.

there will be a number of Nani working
as a bearer in bar.

If you call him and inform our address,
he would do road delivery similar to door delivery.

Hey Nani, we urgently need drink,
write the order.

We need 3 full Whiskey,
fish fry for my munching.

Give your order dudes.

Hey our special dish, quail fry

Hey, how much more time dude?
-If I hit on your face

Hey bloody rascal, how much more time?

If you are not here in the next five minutes,
we will not look for any other munching in drink,

but would eat you up. Make it soon

Be cool Dude.

What cool ?

This watch is from germany, Is it working??

Hey, looks like Nani fellow has come
- Finally he's here

What is that, Nani is coming with a stick
instead of covers?

Hey dude, he looks like your father.

What is he doing here at this time?

Give the phone.

Son in law, you ruined me.
It was not Nani you called, but my father.

Is it? Has it happened so?

Sorry dude, I could not differentiate Nani
and father in the drink. See you tomorrow.

Hey dude, hey!

Bloody, do you call your father
and ask to bring the drink?

Have you brought dad?

Yes, I brought it.
- Don't beat me dad

it is a great thing to start
an NGO on the name of “Spandana”

and get the poor kids operated to
the hearts, Surya sir.

This is all the inspiration given by you. We could collect
35 crores till date with the help of good people like you.

We are doing all arrangements for the
operations on the childrens day collecting 15 crores more

and we need your help for that sir.

Here uncle, I am contributing by even
cancelling my matinee movie. Spend it carefully.

I'm tired of this daily donations.

Who is this boy sir?

It seems I need to do some good work
for introducing me as his son,

In fact, whatever I do from the time
I get up in the morning are those.

For example, yesterday
-Calling me in the night and scolding

Who is that bloody?

Oh no, uncle is it you? When did you come?
Come and sit uncle.

Mom, uncle has come, bring coffee.

Enough of your over action dear.

Sir, your son called me yesterday night,

and asked to bring quail fry
for munching along with drink.

Daddy, you are saying the order wrongly. It was me
who ordered quail fry and son in law is ordered fish fry.

A clarity again in this

ow would they change sir?

hey say those as sons who put
father out of hell,

but what can these showing hell
to father while alive be said.

I think a good son
What a command on language son in law?

Dear, do not mistake me for saying like this.
Do you know how many has your father helped? Similarly

Please do not pull me into
this service uncle.

Is it how you speak with the elders?

What if not mom? I do not even know how to pay the
power bill in E seva, what I can I do social service?

What bro?
-Yes bro

Are you Raja and Srinu?
CI sir has asked to bring you.

do you know why have I called you here?

Tell fast sir,
it is getting late for office.

Yes sir, it is become a habit to go punctual to office,
even if we do not brush.

Bloody, do not say stories.
Your entire life stories are in this file.

When we did a survey of all the vagabonds of Vizag,
yours is the first name and second was yours.

We can felicitate the guy
who did the survey sir, it is perfect.

Hey, see and learn from him.
See how tensed is he as his name is in the list.

I am not feeling for that sir.
Why are you tensed then?

If at all it comes, I should be the number one from
the waste fellows in the city, but how can he be?

I am feeling for that sir.

What is your greatness dude?

I did Engineering for 6 years
and you were out just for five years.

I can have four beers bottoms up,
can you drink?

I was caught four times in drunk and drive
and you were caught only twice.

Ok, you were caught. We too will be caught from today.

What will you be caught?

Shut up idiots. Have you got
any Nobel Prize to scold each other?

Bloody, you are roaming so free,
why do you not go for some job?

Why will we not do sir, when someone gives?

Hey, I have already informed
to a friend of mine in Hyderabad.

You have got a job in his software company.
30,000 salary per month.

Thirty thousand?

Many thanks sir. We are unable
to bear the scoldings at home.

We cannot forget your help in lifetime sir.

I have a doubt.
For what are you doing all this?

We are seeing many kids dying with
heart problems having no money for operation.

Surya sir has founded this
Spandana trust for avoiding that from now.

Let us sound our heartbeat through
this Spandana and give life to those kids.

Your father was my senior in College.
We learnt from his sincerity and simplicity.

I do not like his son to be so.
Give this cheque to your father.

Go and do the job sincerely.

We will enjoy for three days and climb
the Hyderabad bus.

Hello, if I see you tomorrow in Vizag I myself
will encounter you. Today night is your journey.

Wow, great

Still, why does my dad say to serve easily
like taking a selfie? Oh no!

We are leaving to Hyderabad as all these
would not be there, right son in law?

Do you remember 30, 000 salary.

We can swim daily in drink.
Ok dude, do you know how to swim?

If it is drink I will jump even
if I do not know swimming.

Bloody, look for another bus.

Why dude, bus is fine right?

I would travel with an idiot like you
but never with a dog. Look for another bus.

Still, what is your problem with dogs?

That is a tragic story.

I enjoy listening to stories while traveling.
Tell if there is a good story son in law. Please, please.

Ok, I will tell.

When God changed the lives of all,
a Dog has changed my life.

Look there

Those were the days of my 5th class.
Those also were the days mischief was budding in me.

Whatever mischief I do, used to give
a build up as good boy at home.

All used to believe.

Dad who always brought something along
while coming home,

has that day brought an injured dog home.

Naming it as Viswas,
he put food for it in the plate.

After giving it that name,
it started making me get caught.

Bloody idiot, do you steal?
Please, do not hit me.

Yes hubby

Are eggs at home?
No hubby

Here, there are many in your son’s
progress report. Use them.

Bloody idiot, zeroes in all the subjects.

It’s work is to bark
and your work is to study.

It is doing its work correctly, but you?
At least see to it and learn, take.

This is my elder son.
What about him?

My waste son.

Either that dog or me should
be in the house.

Please open the door

I could not withstand that day dude.

Next day, on the name of walking I took the
dog and left it in the borders of the village

Knowing that, do you know how many
areas had my dad got searched for that dog?

Thus, I hate a dog.

Son in law, when I asked you to
say a story for enjoying the journey,

do you say it like I get a fever?

Hyderabad is come, get down.

Son in law, looks like our
life would take a turning point.

good turn or bad turn?
Good turn if you are in control.

Excuse me sir,
will you buy the dictionary?

Dictionary? What is that?

Oh, you do not know its meaning, right sir.
You can search that in this.

Hey, keep searching that aside
and you first search for another job.

Why sir, will you do my job?

Bloody, why do I need to do such a job?
My salary is 30, 000.

Do you cheat me? I will not leave you,
tell the account.

who is this like Aadhar card for beauty?

Uncle, you do not stop. RR is great,
continue as it is.

Is selling dictionaries too a job?
I would have died hanging, if I was in your place.

Hey son in law!

Ok for me,
but my son in law hates such jobs a lot.

What dude?
Will you buy a dictionary sir?

Hey son in law, what are you doing?

Excuse me
Will you buy?


No please, thank you

Oh no, looks like time has come
for life to take a bad turn.

Hey son in law, it is time for office,
Let us go, come

Hey, go man

Hey, I am calling you

Are you following me? What do you want?


I said no, right? Please

What is this selling dictionaries
cheaply son in law?

It does not look good going late to office
on the first day itself. Move.

Uncle, look how cute is that girl. I feel like
asking a boon at God for the first time in life dude.

What? For all these dictionaries to be
sold out fast?

No idiot,
for that girl to get flat fast for me.

Hi baby, there is our lodge by name “Samtripti” nearby.
Unlimited satisfaction, will you come?

God has given the boon uncle,
catch the book.

Hey dude, it is not even 10 minutes since we stepped
in the city. Is such an action episode required?

Yes, required dude.

she is moving man.

How much is the dictionary?
500 madam

Oh no, no change madam

you would be here, right?
I will come tomorrow and take it.

Why would we be here,
do we not have office?

We would be here, right dude?
Yes, we would be here.

No problem, come and take it tomorrow.

Hey, babe is coming towards us dude.

Get in babe we shall go.
Have I not said, unlimited satisfaction?

What do you say, Come on
Tell me

Dude, it is like I have seen Vijaya Shanti
movie on road instead of theatre.

She has hit so badly dude.

Even guts are high for that girl along
with glamour dude.

Anything can be done for her and I will do.

Hai, Hai pinny

Silky, what are you doing dear? Silky

Why have you bought dictionary,
there is already one at home.

When a batch over acted on road,
I hit them badly with this dictionary.

Ammu, I do not know whether time is changed or not.
I am looking for your matches, stay calmly at home.

They wanted to see me as heir in
politics after him.

But I have not heard. I am now understanding
how important money, status and power are.

So, my son in law should minimum be
an MLA. Remember this.

Sir, now you leave it to me.
I will take care of it.

Let's go...

Before someone love and cheats you,
marry the guy dad sees. You would be happy.

the guy to cheat me has still not born.

Aunty, you are cheated.
There are no pages of “O” words in this dictionary.

Leaving out the AC rooms there at office,

why are you selling dictionaries
here like a waste fellow dude?

Dude, that girl would be hurt coming
for me if I am not here.

If at all she comes would be for that 500,
but not you.

Bloody, elders said to love any job
that we do.

elders said to love any job that we do.

Carry on, love that girl and the work.
I will go and die.

Here is the rope.

What is this?

You said it is better to die than to do such
jobs right? Come on die.

Hi guys, I am Gates… Billgates

Billgates? Who is this drama artist?

he is our boss.

My aim is to become as big as Bill Gates,
whatever may be the business.

I will now show you the demo how to sell
dictionaries smartly.

How did I sell?

sir.. sir.. sir.. sir.. sir..
plz sir.. plz sir..

it is not like selling, but like begging.

Hey, shut up dude.

You are a celebrity in sales men sir.

You be selling.
I will go and visit another centre.

Please don't come again sir.

It would be great having a smoke now dude.
I understood and will not go. You go.

Will you go or will you carry even my bag?
I will go

Lucida Grande

Where is..


will you take if there is a hole in the note I give?
I will take whatever you give madam.

You may take, but I will not.

There were no words related to “O” in the
dictionary you sold yesterday.

Do you cheat customers like this?

Give me the 500 you should give me
yesterday first.

Oh my God, no words of “O”?

Too much,

I too cannot bear cheating like you.
Just a minute.

Manager Sir, you come here urgently.

What is your name madam?


That is to write the complaint madam.

Still, I will not tell.

At least tell the gender, male or female?

Oh sorry, you are a female right?


Boss, come here once.

What sir?

Boss, do you know Mukesh?

I know Satish and Mahesh.
Who is this Mukesh?

He too is a guy like you. Do you know,
he is died because of such bad habits?

Oh no..

Not only you die, but why do you take
people like us along with you by smoking?

Remember one thing, if you burn a cigarette
now, it would burn you in future.

I am done, you go now.
I will give it up sir.

Bloody fools smoke as if the ancient
men have invented fire just to light a cigarette.

I hate smoking.

Dude, cigarette from now is a luxury for us.

Rates have shot up very high and thus
I bought the beedi bundle.

Though it is smelling a bit bad, we shall
continue only this from now. Take it, oh no!

What is the problem?

Sir, actually

Are you the manager?

Do you not check letters and pages before selling?
Are you gone blind?

I do not need this dictionary,
give me my money back please.

Sorry madam,

Our rules will not agree to return the money.
If required we will replace the dictionary.


Lucida Grande

Why do you keep quiet when that
girl is scolding so?

It is beautiful when she is scolding sir.

I felt would have been better
if she had scolded for another one hour.

Why not, it was me who she scolded right?

We are tired for the day,
we will go and take rest.

Sir, I beg you. Please buy one dictionary sir.
Please sir, buy one dictionary. I beg you sir.

Hey sleep bloody. Huh, this is another rascal.

Idiots!! Take it out son in law.

I am very tired..

All are sleeping. I can happily drink now.

You are sleeping, right?

Like the dogs waking up smelling thieves,
we all woke up smelling the drink.

Bloody, have I said not to talk about
Dogs at me?

Hey, why do you hate Dogs?

Please no sir, he will tell a nasty flashback.
You cannot bear listening to that.

Why now sir, I will tell later.
Pour the drink sir.

Your work is good..

From which drought place have
you come. You drank it raw.

Drink means you should sip slowly
and finish the full bottle.

Is this any metro project to
finish slowly, this is drink sir.

Is anything there for munching?

Arrange for a country chicken sir.
Only that is less now.

Oh shit..

You seem to snatch even from the beggars.

I feel frightened to carry that bag tomorrow.
It is even coming in dreams as a nightmare.

But I am waiting for tomorrow and
to meet my girl.

No words of “E” in this, bloody idiot.


No words of “I” in this, bloody idiot.


“U” words missing.

“V” letter words

When i sais him to buy dictionary,
He sais"sorry i don't know english".



you are superb in making Chutney.

Thank you sir..

Where did you learn?
In Nellore sir

Nellore guys are super in anything.

Oh my God, these are my dictionary papers.
Who gave you these?

That brother gave them sir.


Oh no, what are these

Some waste papers, leave it sir

Do you thing I do not know which are waste
and which are torn papers?

Why have you done this?

Nobody is being when a dictionary is
so bulk sir. Thus I brought down the size,

abridged version.

This version is good dude. At least
our bags would get down in weight.

You shut up and you tell me.

To meet that girl daily sir.

Why to meet that girl daily?

You do not know anything else than
business sir. It is love.

You should propose if it is love,
but should not tear papers like this.

I have already proposed.

And how ?

No words of “L” today.

Every day one letter is missing, why so?

I too am not understanding that. What all letter
pages have missed till now, tell me.

O, E, L, V,I,U

I fear all my dictionaries
would become tissue papers in

his shop, by the time she
understands that you proposed her.

You do not worry sir. I have a strong confidence that
the girl has good brain along with beauty and courage.

As per my calculation, she should
have understood by now.

Dude, she understood.

I need to speak in piracy with that girl,
you leave.

Hey, I am telling with the experience of selling hundreds
of dictionaries, it is privacy and not piracy.

Both are done secretly,
not much a difference.

Whose idea is this?
It's me..

I expected such a bloody brain would be you.

Thank you.

Hello, I am not praising to feel shy.
I hate those playing such cheap tricks.

I thought it a printing mistake when
letters missed,

but I now understood that it happened
because of your character mistake.

Madam, our guy is different but is
24 caret gold in terms of character.

Thanks Dude..

If so melt and make a chain.

Look, I cannot imagine such a cheater and
liar as my lover. Understood?

Dude, leave some for me too.


they give “Drinking is injurious” here as
and when they see a liquor bottle, right?


Then why do they not give “girls are d
anger for life” when a girl is shown?

You do not feel bad dude,
forget it with this.

How can I?

It seems, she cannot imagine
a liar like me as her lover.

I do not understand whether she told
this for a rhyme or to take my life?

Whatever but she told correctly,
right dude?

You Black dog..

Dude, without even seeing me as elder
your manhandling is gone high these days.

Why do you not give at least a sip for
hitting me now?

Excuse me, my friend there..

Be in our house till the course finishes,
no problem.


Will you hit when asked to come to the lodge?
I am asking to come now, hit.

How dare you to beat him??

Hit me..hit..

Boys are fighting in fat.
Where is the location?


I will Kill you..

Oh dude
Son in law

My heroine dude..

Hey don't leave her..

Boss, catch her like that.
Else she would leave again.

I got to speak for some time
about my future.

What, will you kill if left? Listen,

What i am saying ?

like everything has a process,
even love has a process Ammu.

That process includes

Son in law, I will leave now.
Why dude?

You are trying to tell something in
English. That will not finish sooner.

I will leave to room and come tomorrow
morning having breakfast getting fresh.

Let us see whether that finish by then.

Is it so dude?
Then what?

You will not give me a sip and do not say the matter.
Why is this now as a loss again?

Ok, I will tell in telugu language..

Look Ammu, they should comment
and you should tell me feeling bad.

I need to bash them all up.
Instead of all these,

if you directly hit them and go when they
comment you, when shall I make you flat?

Where the scope at all to make you flat?

I like you very much.

How much means,
hey dude!

Have I ever caught books either in school or college?
No, never

I sold dictionaries daily for her.
This is true sister

Oh no, tears are rolling down the eyes dude.
Drink heavily then like that..

It is the pain,

Hope you understood my pain. It is your wish now.
Leave her now brothers, leave her.

Hey, shall we catch when you say
and again leave when you ask to?

What are you thinking about us, bloody?

I am already frustrated as she is not loving me.
If you mess with me now

Oh, is it?


What bloody,
looks like you are expecting something?

In general they say punch dialogues at the end, right?
If you say that, we shall go on for the fight.

After hitting so hard, punch will
not be in the dialogue dude.

Dude..take care of him.. go.

Hello, why are you going without
saying anything?

You asked how to me make me flat, right?


Give up your drinking.

This one?

What are you hiding?

Hey, I saw it. Show me.

Why did you tear only “too” pages? Ok, wait

So sweet..

Ok, Then

Raja would be waiting. Go fast
and tell this matter, come on.

Why are you crying baby?

Silky is missing aunty.
Have you not tied the chain?

one minute. I will just call you back.

What a pleasant sounds are these?
Whatever we give is less to these Corporation guys.


Ask them to celebrate.

Hello sir.

take all the dogs. take them all.
Ok sir.

Hey, catch that one. Come on.

Why did you hide here dear, To escape?

I will not leave you so easily.
Stay there so for a minute.

The expression of your fear is great dear.

Be like that.



Where do you hide? You know your mistake?
It is to be born as a dog.

Be safe at least in the next birth being
born as some other animal


See you sir..

Kill them..don't leave..

We gave you 100, right?
he doesn't leave them.

Hey Ammu, When did you come ?

What happend ?
What have you done?

Oh that? I hate dogs.

Either a dog or those who call them by names like Rocky,
Snoopy or Chimpu in love, I get bad irritation.

Are you a human?

I thought great about you. But I did not
know that you are such a psycho and sadist.

What is your problem bloody? What have they
done to you? They are poor animals.

They just know to love. Their love is pure.
That is called pure love.

Hey, are you understanding what you are speaking?
It is a bloody waste saying to you.

You are irritated with dog and those
who love them, right?Listen to me now.

It is the same irritation I have on you.
I hate you.

What happend ?

Aunty, will they kill Silky?

Nothing will happen to Silky.
Do not cry baby.

By mistake, is that your dog?

When it was almost a happy ending,
why have done so dude?

What happy ending?

See for yourself


Son in law, like a snake effect existing in astrology,
I doubt you have some dog effect in your life.

What doubt, it is true.

Only villain I have from childhood is
this dog breed.

No use delaying, let us move on.

Move on.

Boss, where is the dog I just gave?

That girl too asked the same.
I said to have killed it.

That girl would never speak to me in life.

What sir, a love matter?

Yes boss.

Because of you taking that dog’s life,
my fellow will lose the girl he loves deeply.

I am saying as you said love, do not say
to anyone else. I may lose my job.

We kill if they are stray or mad dogs.
Such breed dogs, we sell for some money.

We sold it for a thousand on our way back.
Tell me where is it dude?

I never thought to step in to such a
shop in my life dude.

Welcome sir, welcome to the joy of dogs

Any dog in the world is available here.
Pay and take.

First, see whether it is here or not dude

Sir’s anxiety says he is big dog lover.

Not a dog lover, but came for lover’s dog.

Hey dude, it is here.
Is it the dog of same company?

Company? They say company for cars,

but breed for dogs and people like you.
Did you understand or shall I say again?

Bad time, even a guy selling dogs is
preaching us.

Dude, my stopped heart is beating again.

Excuse me,
I have said already to pay and take.

Take off your hand.

Hey, go and bring chain, biscuits
and all along with the dog.

Why did you give him so much money dude?

Hey, if you ask me which is great among
money and love, I would say love is great

I would say money is great.
What is this?

These are what you get for your money.

For the dog to come?
You should put 75, 000 in my hands.

75, 000?

Pay and take!

This is actually our dog sir.

I do not know all that. I will not give the dog to you,
even if a rupee is less from 75, 000.

If you still make a mess here, remember
that SI too is our customer.

What is the position there now?

It is her birthday in 3 days.
She planned a lot,

but you ruined everything.

Son in law, when I begged falling in feet, he promised
not to sell that for the next two days.

We urgently need money now.
Who would give us dude?

75, 000? You sold just one dictionary
after you joined the job.

That too 10 dictionaries loss for
that dictionaries.

When I am worried here thinking how to
recover that loss, you want 75,000 again?

Sir, if you do this help,
our fellow gets a family.

You mean, shall I become a beggar for him
to get a family?

Ok, sell these dictionaries fast and
I will arrange for the money.

Sir, this is not any movie for all these
dictionaries to be sold by the time song finishes.

Move dude,
let us earn with these dictionaries.

How dude?

Dear girls, your position in this country is very bad.

You have no safety in any state.
You should safeguard yourselves.

Do you want to know what to do for that?
You should buy these dictionaries.

Poor guy, son in law is not knowing
what to do in the frustration.

This will not just be useful to see
meanings, but will also be useful as a weapon.

What is he saying??
That is what even i'm thinking..

One minute, Mr Srinu come here.


Now you think me as a girl and
attack on me.

Come on.


Who all want to hit, please come

Sir, here is the money
What, have you sold all? How?

You go along with him tomorrow
and know the secret sir.

Come on enjoy dude
Oh no!

What sir, have you earned well?

More than the happiness of earning the money,
I am unable to bear the pain of these hitting.

Will dictionaries be sold so?

Do you know the reason for breaking
the heads of these two?

This dictionary and that too a
girl has hit.

Do you know the reason behind
breaking hands of these two?

Same dictionary and again the same girl.

Do you know the reason for everything
to be broken for him?


Here is the 75,000 you asked for.

Thank you sir.

Sir, tea biscuits sir

It would be good if that pet shop
is opened fast.

You disturbed a great dream idiot. Get out.

What son in law, a romance?

We have still not bought the dog. You do not go into
dreams and songs unnecessarily son in law, please.

How much more time dude?
Shop in the eye sight and cash full of bag,

what else we need dude? Now
nobody can separate me and that girl.

The problem coming up when we feel everything is happy,
will be called a twist. The twist now in the story is

Singing song..

Hey you, bloody!

Hi guys, my name is Saptagiri and
I am from Punganur.

Wherever there is pollution,
I will be there.

I am very happy today, because
marriage of my sister is fixed.

I want to give a good party on this occasion.

Drink as many tea and samosa you want to.
Bill is on me, ok have them.

Brother..thank you.

Boss, are you hurt by any chance?

I am the guy who had more hits
than idly in life bro.

Still, nothing would happen to me even
if I fall from the 6th floor in this happy moment.

I will be like a fresh vegetable.
Anyways thanks for helping me.

Both of you should come to my sister’s marriage for sure.
We will come.

Ok, how should I go to Durgam Cheuvu
from here bro?

Pay and take.

I paid.
Go and get.

Idiot has died unable to count

Pay and take

What is your nonsense again man?

There are some papers in this,
but no money.

Papers, what is he talking?

Hey, that Giri fellow has stolen our bag.
What about our money then?

It is cold pinching me and
the heart is travelled towards you

Bloody, what is this beat here? Have you
come so far to have this camp fire?

Oh no bro, this is not a camp fire,
but the fire in a brother.

I will do my sister’s marriage grandly.

Idiot, you do whatever you want to.
Where is our bag you stole at the cafe?

Your bag? What is me robbing your bag?

You think I cannot find out when you change
the bags saying to have tea and samosa for free?

You mean my bag?
It is here

where is our bag?

May be the bags have changed
when we fell down in the café

Bloody, why are you looking at the fire
when I am asking for my bag?

Nothing bro, thinking it as my bag
I burnt it. Give my bag, I should burn it.

You bloody, you have burnt 75, 000
rupees into ashes.

What is this bloody fellow,
why did you want to burn your bag?

I said you right bro that my sister’s marriage is in a week.
Some rascal wrote love letters to her.

As marriage would stop if those fall in the eyes of my
brother in law, I brought them here and am burning bro

Please give that bag, I will burn it.

Give 75, 000 rupees first and then
either you burn or bury it, your wish.

What are you threatening me,
what will you do if I do not give?

Simple, I will distribute these love
letters in your sister’s marriage.

Please sir, do not go for that.

I have no money even to pay the dowry
to my brother in law. What would I give, my foot.

Ask anything else other than money,
I will help.

Son in law, shall we sell this van?

Thanks bro, you are one among those
late fellows who said this as a van.

Who would say it a van for its condition
other than you?

You will not get even 10, 000 by selling it,
where would you keep that?

What shall we do son in law
Take out the vehicle first..

bloody! We shall think on the way.

My life has become a taxi

Sunakanadam pet shop,

is the dog 75,000? Give me that 75, 000 and
I will be behind you swinging the tail.

Sir, you waited these many days.
Just wait till evening and with the money

Sir, where is the dog?

Just before you came, a rich man and his
daughter liked it, paid and took it.

Do you know their address sir?

They said some place in Banjara hills.
Go man, I have a lots of work to do.

I think they would be shocked to
the surprise I give now.

Come on bro,
I will leave if you give my bag.

Bloody, have I not said will
not give the bag till I get the dog?

it is found, right?

it is..

Here bro, If you take this dog and give it
to sister it would be great.

Will she not come running, catch you
and give continuous kisses?

Shall we sit in the vehicle once?

Wow, I think a great felicitation liking
my idea. No thanks.

It is somewhat similar.

Beware of dogs

Here is the dog we want.
Bring it carefully.

This man again, does not know at what
time to call. I will switch it off,

Bro, please bro. At least say all the best,
I will get courage.

Why will we say all the best even after
knowing that you will not come back, waste.

Oh no, what is not coming back? I am going.

Do you not want the bag?

My sister’s marriage has come to my death.

Bro, one minute bro

-Shirt should not get folded bro.


Do you think this is a hundred rupees
shirt like yours?

Branded shirt,
Please give the respect to my shirt.

Buddy, Throw him.

Brother ...

I pray to you, I jumped as they asked me to jump.
Why are you like this? I beg you, please leave me

We found it dude

Oh blood..

Oh no, that is not a dog bro.
It is like to have born crossing a dog and a bear.

It plucked away my leg muscle.

I beg you bro, I am like dying.
Take me to the hospital and get me an injection done bro.

What happened?

Dog bit him.

Are you into mood?

Why did you mess with the dog?


Do you think he is dead bro?

There is no chance to die.
There are still many to jump.

Leave me...Leave me...

Brother help me...

Bro, I beg you.
Three dogs are pulling every part of mine.

See whether our dog is in them.

I am losing life a side
and what is this doubt now bro? Oh God,

I am frightened even to look down,
Pull me bro.


You think I am human or anything else,
What is that injection bloody?

You dog faced lady, it is not like you injected
but like stabbing with a rod.

Paining bro, paining

What is this Armani shirt bloody?
It is become like a beggar’s shirt.

Bro, I understood one thing. A human roaming
for a dog and dying is called dog’s death.

No brother in the world would have faced so
many troubles for his sister’s marriage.

I have no more patience.

Even our patience is out carrying you.

Bloody, so many troubles in loving a girl?

Hey dude, it is caught greatly like finding
a full bottle on a dry day.

Have I not said,
you are lucky guy son in law.

I know

You said correctly bro.
I will start if you give my bag.

Where will you go? This bag is to you,
only if that dog in the balcony comes to me.


What going, have you seen there
how big is the current fencing?

Suppose if I fall on that, I will be down
like a crow under shock and die.


I beg you, leave me bro.
Shut up and listen to me.

Why are you here Snoopy?


What ?

Son in law, some girl has come.

Come let us sleep.
We should go for jogging in the morning.

Shall I get on the duty early in
the morning bro?

You caught it.

Why has the vehicle stopped, Giri?

Nothing bro. As it is a down, I stopped
the engine myself thinking it a waste of petrol

Idiot, because of such foolish work that me instead of
buying the dog royally had to steal it.

Hit him..
You bloody idiot.

What is that look, will you hit me?

If I can hit you, why would I get hit so much by you
from yesterday? Tell me where to go?


Many many happy returns of the day.

Thank you


I will never do anything again
in life that would suffer you.

Actually, I had a dream that you
would hug me by giving this.

Is a hug there in reality or not?

I need to say you one thing first.

- What??

Wait, I will just be back.

Ok, I will stay.

Have you come from photo studio?

We are paying so much money,

suppose photos of my daughter’s engagement
that happened yesterday does not come well,

tell your owner that I will collect the
entire amount back.

Has engagement of your daughter
taken place yesterday?

Are you the boy from photo studio or not?

Leave that sir,

has engagement of your daughter
really taken place?

It happened grandly.

Has Ammu said ok for the engagement?

She said ok for engagement.
She also said ok for the marriage to happen.

Who are you to ask that man?


Where would he be gone?

Here is your bag dude,

Bro, I do not want it now. There is still
half an hour time for the bad time to go.

I will bath with Nirma soap
by then and come

I have not expected her to do so bro.

Hu, do not feel sad son in law.
All these girls are like this.

They watch Arundhati film with one and
Arundhati star with another. Take it easy.

Who is this..

Where is my dog bloody, say?

His name is british

He keep moving among money bundles from
the time he wake up till he sleeps

But, not even a single rupee is
his from that.

First time, when a few crores were becoming his own,
do you know how did Raja ruin his plan?

So, cute

Dad, I want this puppy.


Sir, another customer has bargained
this for 75, 000 already sir.

Why coffee now,
we already finished our lunch.

Hey bloody, put on your machine.

Not just 75, 000 but I will give a lakh rupees
for the happiness of my daughter.

I want this.

Thank you dad

It is so cute right?
- Ya ya

you go home with your mom, baby.
I have a small work and will be back finishing that.


This is so small,
will this be 75 crores worth?

Definitely, this has a great value in the
International market.

Even the thieves would pay you 75 crores
if you sell.

Total 75 crores, it is in the car.

We are from I.T

We got information that you
have black money

Come on, search the house.

Snoopy, Come on..

We found only five lach rupees.
If you show the proper accounts and pay tax for this,

you will get back your money. Sign here.

Bro, we are cheated. I expected milk man
and paper boy to come in the morning.

But have not expected IT guys to come bro.

They are taking away all the money.
Please forgive me bro.

Hey bloody machine!

Sir, you are very great sir.

Just five lakhs getting caught in the house
of binami British? You managed greatly sir.

Hey Machine

Take out that machine

Hey, we can live like a beggar also but
not as a binami to one.

The situation is like we cannot spend though
huge money is seen in front of the eyes.

Thus I have planned so.

Now our boss thinks that
IT people took away all the money.

He will sit calm as it is the black money.

I will take that diamond and
go away abroad.

Daddy, someone is running away
stealing our snoopy.

Dad, they went this way

They hit our gunman and took snoopy away

We need to hide this not visible
to the IT people

Where can it be safe? Nobody would
get a doubt keeping in its belt

Be careful, it is 75 crores. Ok!

I am asking you bloody, where is my dog?
Will you tell or shall I shoot?

Sir, killing a human for a dog is to much

Bloody, I do not know all that.
Where is my dog?

Why do you bark like a dog sir?

If you just aim your gun

Son in law, gun is on my head. Are these
punches required in such time? Control yourself.

Will you not let me show the heroism
at least in one scene, dude?

Bloody, stop your discussions.
That is not an ordinary dog, but it is a diamond.

you are doing comedy sir,
what is dog a diamond?

It is diamond like dog,
will you at least tell now or not?

Sir, he has gifted that dog to his girlfriend.

What?? Move on guys
..Come on move

Wow, wonderful! It is been a long
time since I had such a great bath.

If you give me my bag now

Oh no, why are so many people here
with these beards and guns?

Have you messed with anyone
by the time I took my bath or what?

Why for me, I will take my bag and leave.
My fate, bloody!


Hey, who are you?

I am just a sufferer bro.
I have no relation with those guys.

If you just blink your eyes for a second,
I will never be seen in your life.

I promise you.

Yes sir, we have no relation with that fellow.
-Wow, I love you bro. Kiss you, bye!

But, he is an expert in catching
the dogs sir.

He is the guy who caught your dog too.

Hey, kill this guy first.

Where have they gone?

One minute brother,

Bloody, why these bad times and all for you
instead of leaving when asked to leave? Bloody fate,

Come on put it.
You are doing your duty well bro.

Come, if your friend is bored,
she should play some game

but not play like this with human lives

Whose house has madam gone to ruin now?

What are you talking?
Where had you been?

Do you know how many times
has she called you from yesterday?

Why, for inviting to her marriage?

No idiot, to ask you for marrying her.

Ammu’s parents forcibly got her engaged to some fellow
yesterday and have even fixed the marriage tomorrow.

No problem even if marriage is done.
She should have a dog with her, right? Where is that?

Get out bloody, when we are talking seriously here,
you say a dog and fox in between.

Where is the marriage?

In Nellore.

Sir come on, we will go fast to Nellore
and bring the dog.

When did he go so fast?
- He goes immediately after saying Nellore.

Hey, do not shake the legs.
I get irritated.

This is not called shaking bro,
it is called shivering.

Why fear dude, enjoy this journey happily.

What can we enjoy bro?

It is like sitting among the dogs which
may bite any time. What can we enjoy again?

Bloody what is that,
I heard saying some dog.

oh nothing bro, I am praying that
you should find your dog.

Yes, pray! That dog is very important
for me because


That is a diamond, a diamond like dog.
I heard when you were saying in the room.

Hey, what is there in that bag?


Nothing means there is something.

Give that bag here.
- I am saying nothing, right?

Give it here
There is nothing brother

Give it dude

My bad luck..

My dear
Will become food if you are hungry

Will become Bisleri bottle
if you get thirsty

Will become a tissue if you catch a cold
But I will become an issue to your brother

My dear, hen lays eggs
For a boat to move a handle is needed

We both should get on to the bed

We shall remove the blockage
named your brother

Now will be cut and falling
down is your head

How dare are you to write
love letters to my sister, bloody?

Is it your sister?
- Yes bloody

Brother in law

Idiot. Do not call me
brother in law once again.

what do people call lovers brother
as brother in law

If I had known this matter earlier,
I would have burnt you instead of those letters.

I will kill you
I will not leave you, bloody

Bloody, stop that

Dude, Was that you who wrote that poetry?
- Yes

Where had you hidden this
poetic emotion all these days?

Thank you son in law. Do not know why but,
poetic emotion overflows seeing his sister.

But you said that girl would be beautiful.
But, I am getting a doubt now looking at this fellow.

No son in law. She would not be ugly
like this fellow, she is like my mother in law.

Oh, then ok

Bro, give me the gun in your hands.
Or stop the vehicle to a side near the Dhaba.

Why at the Dhaba?

Bloody fellow, I am too angry to kill this fellow.
I have no energy to kill.

I will have a full meals
and put a full stop to his life.

From now i wont talk to you guys
i am british brothers party

What bloody, looks like to eat up the
whole Dhaba if allowed?

Go on, eat

hubby, baby is been crying for Snoopy.
Where are you?

I am in search of that only.
I will be at home by tomorrow morning.


I will not eat, you have it.

Phone is ringing, bloody deaf idiot.
Hey bloody, phone is ringing.

Oh no, I forgot my hearing machine in the car.
If I do not lift the phone, my boss would scold me badly.

Ok, do one thing.
You listen and say what he said to me.

What did sir say?

That is,
he said to order a biryani for him.

Chicken Biryani?

Yes, both of you split it and eat well
It will taste good if its chill.

Brother, can I sit here?

Someone has just said no talking with us.

He said not at all with me.

No talks with you even now bloody.

I said as my brain was gone bro.
Forgive me, I too am in your party from now.

Do you know what did I hear
just now in the phone?

Hey machine, once we find the dog,
take these three and that girl into that forest and kill.

What is he like a Psycho, son in law?

I just used these like transport for
meeting Ammu fast dude.

We have anyway come close to Nellore,
let us jump off now.

how, how can we jump off?

Come sir, biryani is getting cold. Have it.

Biryani? Who said it bloody?


Are all three getting at once?

Go, bloody fellows.

I am not getting even if I want to,
in the fear bro.

Shut up and do what I said, bloody

Hey, what is that discussion there?

Nothing bro,

I am saying when he is asking
how much more long to Nellore.

Bloody fellow, tie that towel first.


Lets go..

Son in law, We are lucky
here is the vehicle get in

Sir, they are escaping in the van.

We should catch them by the time they
reach Nellore. Ask for the vehicles to come.

Drive it fast

Come on drive

Drive it, drive brother in law
I am driving, dont tense me

I will hit you with my slipper if vehicle
stops in the down rascal, drive on

Sorry bro, it became a habit. I am sorry.

Who is he brother he is meditating
in middle of the road

why do you want it shut up and go

Oh no sir, where shall we go now?

What do I know, is Nellore
my in laws place or what?

Hey, why have you brought to Badvel?

Sir i dont know

75 crores, Yah!

Bloody idiot, firing so for every small thing,
he is made me lose both my ears.

Thank God, we escaped. Son in law,
finally we reached Nellore.

Hey dude, Ammu on phone.
Stop the vehicle, bloody

I will, I will stop.

Yes Ammu, tell me

Raja, where did you go when
I asked you to stay back?

Sorry dear, it was a mistake.

I love you Ammu.

I love you too.

Where are you now?

In Kesava Reddy’s house. I am frightened, they are
making arrangements here for the marriage.

how many ever arrangements they make,
your marriage will be done only with me.

That is not so easy.
That Kesava Reddy is a dangerous fellow.

how much ever dangerous he is, I will hit him
and take you. You do not be any tensed.

Catch him

I was in tension thinking where to search and
how to kill him and how long would it take.

You are greatly caught, idiot.

He and his friends are the reason for my
mother to be like this.

Kill all of them and come home guys.
- ok brother

Take out the vehicle.

Like a pupa changes to butterfly,
every rowdy changes into a politician

is what believed by Veerabhadramma.

Her dream is to somehow see
her son Kesava Reddy as an MLA.

Do you know how was the fear born because of
Raja that the dream would remain as a dream?

Oh my, as me and Sridevi look alike they used to call me
as Nellore Sridevi those days.

Oh sister!

I was always Sridevi from
Vasantha Kokila film.

Leave that mom, what are this
matches all of a sudden?

Hey Kesava, it is not enough
just dreaming to become an MLA.

You need to take every step cleverly.

You should not even breathe without a use.
That is politics.

Tell a bit clear to understand mom.

The girl you are going to marry is the
granddaughter of Nellore ex-MLA Raghava Reddy.

Affection on him in the public has
still not come down.

We have the notes but no votes.

If you marry her, you would become
MLA with a record majority.

- I will become a Minister. You are super, mom

How is the girl, son?

She is like the gift box packed with
one lakh votes mom.

What is the boy saying madam?

He is asking when the marriage is.

You know that my son is the would be MLA.
Even the election date is nearing.

We have not many traditions.
If we agree with full heart, that is the engagement for us.

If you say ok, it is ok from us too.

If so, we will have the
marriage in two days.

So early means,
what about the arrangements?

You do not need any arrangements.
Start immediately to Nellore.

Marriage is at our house.

What son?
- Ok mom.

What Subbu?
Super sister.

When we gave you the money as
you are the trust President,

it is wrong saying to
use that now for elections madam.

Operations would be stalled
and kids would die now if that money is not there.

Oh no, look Surya sir!

Who are we to change the fate written
by Lord Brahma?

Still, population of the country would
come down by stopping these operations.

That too is a service to nation, right?

Well said sister.

I will not leave this matter.

I will call for a press meet
and inform the public how bad you are.

I will send you to jail. Oh God!

I do not know whether you can listen or not.
Know one thing, if you can listen.

I cannot bear anyone saying
anything to my mom.

Hey Kesava, I know how much you like me dear.

But in politics, you can do backstabbing
but not stabbing and shooting directly like this.

Hey Subbu!

From now, it is your responsibility to take
care that neither him nor any of our guys

do any murders or other things.

Yes sister.

Look Commissioner
Yes madam.

He ran away with the trust money.

Divert the case on the name of
investigation till the election is over.

Fine madam.

Hey, call him first and arrange
to bring 75 crores.

He is calling mom. Tell me

Bro, unexpected thing has happened. I expected
milk man or paper boy early in the morning.

But, I have not expected the IT people to
come bro. They have taken all the amount bro.

Bloody, drive looking in the front.


Mom, mom!

No, I am very much frightened about injection. I will cry.
Nothing would happen madam, just bear a bit.

What is this mom? You roaming with axes
and swords fearing for an injection?

Who are you bloody?
Me mom, your son.

My son? I am still in 6th class and
not married yet.

Where is Subramanyam? Subramanyam!

Here is Subramanyam, mom.

Have you recognised him?

Hey, looks like mom recognised you.
Yes bro.

Subramanyam is not this fellow.
My Subramanyam is a small puppy. This is a piglet.


I can understand now

Watching Vasantha Kokila film repeatedly,
she has become

A mad Cuckoo.

I will not leave those who made my mom
go mad. Come on move to Nellore.

He and his friends are the reason
for my mom going mad.≈

Kill all of them and come home.
You start the vehicle.

Leave us bloody!

I am in the tension of my girlfriend’s
marriage and who are you all boss?

One says a dog and the other says mom.
Give some clarity before killing boss.

Bloody, our sister is gone mad because of
the accident made by you and your friends.

That means, was the vehicle that went
opposite in the morning was of them?

Brother in law!
Tell bloody

What if they know that you
were the driver?- No!

why is she being mad because of us?

Why have you come to Nellore?

My girlfriend Ammu boss,
I came to take her back with me.

is what believed by Veerabhadramma.


Hey, take this money and that girl
and live happily going away somewhere.

If you are seen in these surroundings
from tomorrow…


What is your name bro?

To name my son after you in future.

Subramanyam, they call me Subbu with love.

Thank you Subbu.
Ok bro.

Come on guys.
Bloody mad rascal

Sir, good morning sir.

That Spandana trust Surya fellow has
run away taking all the money.

I feel hand of that school teacher
Rammurthy too is in that scam.

No sir, he is a very good man and
very sincere sir.

Look, Government is giving you salary
to catch the culprits,

but not to give conduct certificates
for them.

Bring him first and interrogate.

Ok sir.

Where were you all this time dude?

I was observing from the van son in law?
What, how they kill me?

Where is that fellow?

What is this get up dude?

Kesava Reddy would kill me if he knows that I was the
driver and thus I changed my get up.

Am I not looking handsome?

Leave it.
Hey, these crows..

Let us first go to the address given by

Come brother, come.

Where do we search for them in Nellore sir?

He said his girlfriend has marriage
with someone, right?


So, we shall search not just the marriage halls
but all the houses having marriages in Nellore.

I came to know that you are marrying the
granddaughter of Raghavaiah.

Public would surely vote for you.

It is a waste now for
my brother even to go for nomination.

What if marriage does not take place,
it is a waste for you to file nomination boss.

Nobody can stop this marriage.

That means the guy who just wanted to kill me
and now marrying Ammu, is one and the same.

Why is he become rigid like the statue
on tank bund?

Hey Giri!- Stop son in law,
I will call him.

Brother in law!

You will have it if you call me so,
bloody get out.

You pushed me into the houses with dogs till
now and now into the house with lions

I cannot, I am leaving.

Hey bloody, that is Photoshop.

We have to believe some
looking at the cut outs.

Why did he run away like that dude?

Anybody should run away spending some
time with you. What is the plan now?

You will be ready starting the vehicle
and I would go in kicking the gate.

I will kick one on that Kesava Reddy
and bring that girl with me.

I will get married in Vizag
and this is the plan.

When I am an example for friendship,
you are the example for selfishness bloody.

You forgot about me in the whole plan,

shall I beg here when you
go and marry in Vizag?

Ok, do not feel. Plan change!

You will be ready starting the vehicle
and I would go in kicking the gate.

I will kick one on that Kesava Reddy
and bring that girl with me.

I will make that Giri agree for marriage
and we both will get married in Vizag.

How is this plan?

Now, you too are the example for friendship
along with me, son in law.

Plan is great, start now. Come on go.

- Go.

All this is the greatness of my mother.

She is made me with no one to
come in competition.

Yes bro

Where is Subramanyam? Subramanyam!

But she is finally become like this.
Yes bro!

Have you killed him or not?

No bro

Bloody, being so many
what is this not doing him anything?

Bro, Bro

Bro! Has sister not said to do
anything till elections are over?

It seems that fellow has come to
run away with a girl named Ammu.

He will never again be seen here bro.

It is important that you become an MLA
and that is the aim of even sister.

If seen, he is dead in my hands.

He always calls me in the wrong time,

Will he cut my phone? Bloody,
I will tell now.

Bloody fellow, now at this time.
Sir, tell me.

Where have you been bloody?
That Raja is cutting my phone.

We are at the house of Nellore Kesava Reddy.
What are you doing there, bloody?

Sir, do not shout. Our guy is gone in
and if caught would have a marriage.


Yes man, he is like that
and getting married in my absence.

That is not the marriage you are thinking sir.
Whatever it is, but a marriage is a marriage.

I am coming to Nellore, bye.

is what believed by Veerabhadramma.

Sir, sir

Bloody fellow, never listens completely.

Hey Ammu...

How did you come?
Nobody has seen you, right?

None knows that I came other
than you and that.

Hey Subramanyam!
Who is that?

Wow, are you right here?

Come dude, come let us play.

Has she gone?
Tell me once.


I love you said before over phone.

I just said in the phone, right?

Only your words can be heard saying in the phone.
Your expressions will not be seen, right?

No expression you are expecting
would come now in my tension.

Only we both are here, come on tell.

There is still 10 minutes time for the
bus to start, Let me have a full meal by then.

Looks like the marriage of some orphans.

Who’s relative are you?

The bride

I am from the groom’s side.
Hey, what is on the top?

Bloody, will you not put food
in the marriage? Who is there?

Thank God, we can start if the curry comes in now.


Why has this bloody fellow come even here?

There he is sir.

Are you a human or a devil?
Will you not let me eat in peace?

I have not still had sweet, Wada
or even put the curry.

Will you kill me so fast, bloody?
Where is Hyderabad and where is Nellore?

So much bloody chase for that idiotic dog?

You have 100 Kg of fat but not even
one gram of brain. You mad idiot.

Bloody, who is mad? I do not want the dog,
but the 75 crore worth diamond in its belt.

75 crores?
75 crores?

What are you saying bro,
what is that diamond and the story?

What is he thinking sir?

Promise!- Promise, bloody!

As you said to give 20 persent share in that diamond,
I will show you where that dog is. Ok?

Yes, high five!
Ok, high five!

It is been so long since she is gone in,
why is she not coming?


Will you leave Silky or not?

I will not leave my Subramanyam.

Oh bloody!


It is sure, I would get caught to
Kesava Reddy today.

Is this trouble needed at this time?
Come, let us go.

It is needed.- Oh no!

Give me.
I will not give

Madam, I do not know who you are.
This dog is ours. Leave it madam please.

Madam, I do not know who you are.
This is not Silky, but my Subramanyam.

Leave it.
Oh God, she is killed me.

Leave it.

Ammu! Decide whether
I am important to you or that dog.

You both are important to me. Leave it.

Bloody life, is it the same importance
for me and the dog?

Leave it bloody.
I will not leave.



Both of you need the dog, right?- Yes

Will you come with us?
I will stay wherever my Subramanyam is there.

Come, come. You move.

What happened bloody, that
British fellow is not lifting my phone.

Hey, why has the power gone?
Switch on the generator.

Move on. Come on Ammu
Who is she giving a wrong entry?

Hey Srinu, start the vehicle.
Come on start.

This is the girl you loved right?
Who is this lady?

Mother of Kesava Reddy.

Not mother, I am still in 6th class.
This is my Subramanyam.

Why did you bring her dude?
I had to bring her.

That is what, why?

Hey, it is not any felicitation to
remember repeatedly. It is an insult dude.

There is our puppy.

Hey start the vehicle

Start the vehicle fast.

Ok madam.
It is become like a sharing auto.

Why do you stop it, come on move it?

I need money to become MLA.


I do not know all that.

I do not know.

Son in law.

Have you seen Ammu?


Who is Ammu?

Oh, you do not know that.
We call Amulya as Ammu at home.

Oh no, is Ammu and Amulya the same?

They call Amulya as Ammu at home?
I am gone, my God.

I do not know anything bro.

Why is this fellow come again son in law?
Hey, throw out everything in the van first



Hey, what?

Throwing out means not there,
they should fall on their faces.

Bloody, you do not even have the brains
of at least that mad women.

Sorry son in law, see now.

Sir, she looks like Veerabhadramma,
mother of Kesava Reddy.

Oh, you too know that Kesava Reddy?
We know him better than you, bloody move on.

Hey, give it to me or else I will bite.

Hey leave. Leave it dude.- Oh no!

I gave it great.
You are super madam.

Hey, catch the hands tightly, do not leave.
Do not leave.

who are you bloody?

See, who is inside.

Hey you bloody mad rascal.

You should ask like this standing to
a side on the road if you want a lift.

You should not stand blocking
the road like this. Bloody idiot!

I too was saying that boss. You should ask like
this for lift, but should not get the vehicle itself.

I am the boss to Dhanalaxmi dance
troupe in loss.

God has shown a path to us at
a time we were almost dying.

But do you know how we came to know

because of this rascal that the length
of that way is 35 Km?

My dearest artistes,

you all know well how bad is the situations
without programmes and money?

From two months, no plate full food
and peaceful sleep.

Even if we wanted to live somehow,
we do not know any other work than to dance.

I thought of speaking for an hour putting
a meeting, but am not able to in the hunger.

Thus, I came to a decision.
What is that?

I sold of everything and
bought two bottles.

Wow Brandy! Boss,
put even the other bottle, let us start.

What is this boss,
a foreign brand whisky?

Not whisky, but poison.

Oh no, we will die by drinking it boss
We are to drink for dying itself.

Oh, is it?

Those having respect on my decision
can mix both and drink.

Those who does not have can drink
Brandy and leave.

We are born as artistes and
let us die as artistes.

Mix both and serve. I am ready boss

I too am ready!

Hey before drinking, let us pray that God
to give us birth again as recording dance artistes.

Yes dear god, give us birth so.
Even then we will lose so and have poison again.

Your head will be broken, do what is said.

No, why is it happened so guys?

Where did this stone come from?
- No idea boss.

Oh no, bloody!

Hey, look someone has come.

Hey Sankar, here is the
advance to give programme in Kavali.

Take the rest there.
Why are you looking like that?

Programme is tonight. Start immediately

Hey Vijayasanti!
Hey, super.

This is not an ordinary stone guys,
God has sent this as he does not want us to die.

It is a messenger of God.

Bring the van under mortgage.
Let us go to Kavali.

God, see to that we get no obstacles on the way.
Similarly, the programme should become a big hit.

Hey idiot, God has fallen down.
Stop the vehicle.

Ok bro!

Hey God, forgive us.
God has fallen down guys.

Oh my God, where are you?
Here guys, search here.

Where is the God?
Hey bloody, come on search.

Hey go search,
Brother i found.

It's a normal stone, You idiot.

Son in law, we are lucky.
There is the vehicle.

Come on move, fast bloody.

Bloody drunkard, God is right here.

Hey, we found God.- Is it?

Bro, we lost the van.

You bloody rascal,
how much more shall we walk?

It would have been better to die taking that poison.
We would escaped this walk.

If we had not filled the diesel spending money,
we would have gone in auto or van. Oh my God!

This bloody Vijayashanti,
never leaves the mirror.- Hey go!

I cannot any more.

Yes boss, I cannot.
Nageswara Rao

No way!- Rama Rao!

Hey Rama Rao, what happened?

Hey, God will surely get that fellow stealing
our van caught. He will then have in my hands.

Bro, there is our van.

Hey, catch the hands tight.
Yes, hold tightly.

Nobody should fear.
First, you do not fear.

Oh, is this vehicle yours?
Why, any doubt?

We walked for 35 Km. Both slippers and
knees wore off because of you.

Take it light thinking you walked
to Tirumala, boss!

We get goodwill walking to Tirumala.
It is tiredness when we walk at other places.

All of you get down the vehicle first.

Love matter boss, there is a chase from back.
They would kill if we get caught.

Do I look an idiot? Killings are in
Kurnool, but not in Nellore.

People live in peace here.
Oh no!

That is why,
you should listen to the elders.

Come on drive fast, they are going.
Bloody, why are you slowing down?

Why did it stop?

What happened bloody? See
whether engine heated up or tyre got punctured?

Ok brother.
All are fine sir.

Brother, vehicle is not stopped
because of engine getting heated or tyre puncture.

I stopped it thinking waste of petrol
as it is a down.

Is this any share auto to stop
the engine bloody?

Do not beat me, I stop the vehicle when
a down comes and it is my habit.

Hey British!

Oh no, Kesava Reddy!

He does not know that I am the reason behind
his mother getting mad, why should I fear?

What are you here, bloody?

I came to meet you bro. But, by then seeing
someone kidnapping mother, I am chasing.

Hey, why to lie saying mom and all.
If you say for the dog, he too would search, right?

What Kesava, what do you say?

Anyway, glad to meet you. I am

Who is this fellow?

My brother’s son bro, a bit mad.

Hey do not frame relations and try
to reduce the shares, I will not accept.

Have I not said bro. a bit mad?

They did a big mistake by taking
the girl along with mom.

I will not kill normally,
come on get in the vehicle.

Boss, drive a bit fast.
We have the programme in Kavali.

What programme now man?

Do not say so boss, we will not have food,
if we do not do that.

Ok, I will think about it.

Bloody, as if this van is his own

Why does the auditor say
it was just 5 lachs caught by the IT people?

What 5 lachs bro, they had taken total
75 crores before my eyes. Do not believe them at all.

I will know the exact amount
by morning, British.

I should escape with the diamond,
by the time he gets to know the matter.

I have a small doubt. Is it with the money you
stole from him that you bought that diamond?

Thank God, I did not expect you to
understand the matter so fast.

Please do not speak about that diamond
dog before this fellow. I beg you.

I will not talk, but increase my share
by 20 persent more.

I am telling then.


Are you the dance troupe owner?
Yes sir.

Why are you so late?
Public is into abusing there.

See bloody, how am I being scolded
because of you guys?

Get ready fast. If you are late now,
they would hit even me with eggs along with you.

I will make it. Hey!

Hey, day to dance and show
our talent to the world has come. Get up!

Making us walk round the world, how if
you say to show our talent now bro? I cannot bro.

Hey Rama Rao, at least you get up.

Boss, I need a labour even to lift
my leg now. I cannot boss.

Hey Sobhan Babu, at least you get up
and save our prestige.

Bro, what need now is not prestige but a
bed. Oh no!

Hey, baby Vijayashanti!
I cannot.

Oh God, what to do now?

Mother, I beg you please keep quiet.

What happened dude?
What to say?

Entire troupe is tired out because
of what you did.

That manager looks to sacrifice me instead of
the goat if we do not do the programme now.

What shall I say?
What to say if you ask so?

Oh no, they even started the song there.
Bloody fellows!

Oh God, you should do something
and get me out of this trouble now.

Hey, what is that dude?
Pub of the poor sir.

Seeing all this, I feel our olden glory
would come back sir.

Sir, you both look like the hero
and heroine.

If you dance for a good duet,
my programme would become a super hit sir.

Me and dance, no way.

Hey Ammu!
Sir, it is a promise on me if you do not make her dance.

Please sir..
Ok, wait.

I will go conceive her and come.


not conceive but convince.

Bloody, you want our dance performance
there or your knowledge show here?

I need dance performance sir.
Go then.

Get out bloody.


Bro, it is me, Samba.
Mother is dancing here in the Kavali festival celebrations.

What is mother and dancing? Are you drunk?

No bro, she is really dancing.
Believe me bro.

I am coming bloody.

That poor fellow was troubled a lot for us.
Let us try once.

What to try? Shall I dance before
such a big crowd? I am frightened.

Ok, leave it.

Hello, why do you say leave it?
Will you not request me?

Request you?

Yes, boyfriend means should request.
We, girls will only then be impressed.

They will agree for anything.
Come on start.

My darling, my cutie!

come on move.

Bro, mother!

Oh no, dog is not here with this
mad lady means

it would be roaming somewhere here.
Go and search. It should be somewhere.

Brother in law, when have you come?

Bloody blacky, this is the last time you
should be saying me brother in law.

I am in that British party now. Look there,
Kesava Reddy fellow is coming there.

Move aside.
Your matter is finished now.

Move on dude.

Go brother.

Who are you bloody?
Are a human or an animal?

Give money or whistle when a dance is done,
but should not get on to the stage like this.

Get out!

Hey, come on play the song.

Sridevi, keep all this aside and
come into mood now.

Bloody, what is that look with that stare?

Bloody, I have no dates of Sridevi
and brought her from Bombay.

Do not get me irritated,
I will beat you up. Get out bloody.

Oh no!

Hey, have you seen any small puppy?

I am worried not finding my wife and bloody,
you come and say puppy? Get out.

Hey Subbu,

take mother from here first.

Come sister, we will go.
Where is my Subramanyam?

I am Subramanyam, sister.
Come on.

You come sister, we will go.

What, a love story?

Love stories may have good success rate in movies,
but is very less in real life.

Because, he is now going to die in my hands.
Bloody, leave me.

Bro, is it required now?
Just think once bro, MLA!


bloody, I am forgiving you
and will forget all you have done.

Leave this girl.

Life is more important than her.
Remember this. Go!

What you said is correct boss,
life is very important.

I never took life serious from
my childhood.

But I am taking it now.

Because, that girl is my life.

I will take away that girl, even if you take her now.
That is for sure boss.

You be mentally fixed for that.

Hey ..

I cannot bear any more. My ego will not agree,
even if he lives for a second more.

Hey bloody, who pushed me?
Hey, get up dude.

Where are they?

She should become my wife, if I have to become MLA.
Go and search bloody.

Hey, stop it bloody.
No, I will not agree. I want the puppy, I want it.

What are you doing here?

You are happy Kesava to find your mad mother.
Should we not find our puppy?

That is what bro, mother is
searching for the puppy right?

Do not irritate me and get into the car.

Hey move on, he may get a doubt.

Value of 75 crores will be known,
if you hard earn it.

You are speaking as if you hard earned it bloody?
I will tell it then, Kesava!

No, no! Hey, I will increase your share
by 20% more.

20 day before, 20 yeaterday
and 20 now and that is a total of 60, ok? Hey Kesava!

What again bloody?
I called just for fun. Move on.

I will find out where that Surya is.
Till then go somewhere leaving Vizag sir.

Are you saying me to escape?

That is, if I take you to the station,

all the people who treated you as good all
these days would say you as a bad man.

All does not need to know whether we are good or bad sir.
It is enough if our inner soul knows that.

Sir, all these are the words that
exists in books.

Those in books are not in life
and those in life are not written in books.

No time sir, please start now.

What he is saying too is for our good hubby.
Let us go to our Raja for some days.

Instead of going to the son without responsibility,
it is respectful for me to be going to jail.

Hey son in law!

What man?
There in the TV…

Wait, I am coming.

Come here.
What happened dude?


Million dollar question is where is Surya now
who escaped with the total of 75 crores?

He was the person, who came
the day before to your house, right?

Yes dude

We respected that Surya fellow like God.
But, we never expected him to cheat like this.

We are not understanding
what is our baby’s situation now?

Police are investigating as to
who all are more in this scam.

I did not expect him to do so dude.
Not knowing whom to believe and whom not to.

Son in law!

Sir, there was a girl here. Where is she
Someone had just come and taken her by force.

Shit.. move.


move on dude.

Hey, you go that side.




Bro, we found the girl. We are nearby
and coming there bro.


it seems the girl is found.

You and your girl, bloody. First ask whether
the girl has the puppy in her hands or not.

If I hear about puppy again from his mouth,
I will not even see that he is your relative.

Ok bro.
I will push all the bullets in his mouth.

What shall we now son in law.
Wait bloody

It is dirtied all my dress, bloody.

Why are you here?

While going for a programme in Kotappakonda,
we stopped here to give your belonging.

What is that?

What? Hey Sobhan Babu,
bring that animal artiste.

Stop man, we ourselves are roaming
for food and how can we feed it Pedigree.

That is why..

Bloody, I am having to wander on highways because of you
instead of happily marrying and going for honeymoon.

I am leaving you without scolding for
the facility of the censor people.

I do not know what I would do to you,
if I see you again before my eyes.

Go, get out. That is all.

Is it gone or not?
It is gone son in law, cool.

Boss, here.
Why is he so irritated with dogs?

I beg you, this is the climax and if you ask him now,
he would say till tomorrow morning.

Is it required for us?

Come bloody!

What? Do you feel that you are beautiful?
You are the granddaughter of Raghava Reddy.

This mad public would vote by saying name of that old man.
You are still alive for that reason.

Kesava Reddy, I thought you as a respectable person
to give my daughter. Do you behave so bad?


Bloody, you thought to give your daughter
for enjoying the status of father in law to MLA.

Did you really want to give your
daughter thinking me respected person?

Go and get ready, go.

Bloody, puppy is neither with Kesava Reddy’s
mother nor with this girl.

That means it would be with that fellow.
Call him once, I will tell.

Come, come out. Come on call him.

Ok, call him.

Bloody, where is my dog?

This guy again for my death, bloody!
You are calling me saying puppy, what is in it bloody?

That is all immaterial for you.
You bloody,

you did a big mistake by hiding the diamond in belt.
You are again doing a mistake by not telling him that.

Wait, I beg you. Let me talk to him.

Look Boss, I am Giri speaking.
Do you have the dog with you?

Have you even gone mad about
dog along with him?

Do you think our British fellow is any mad
dog to wander around you saying dog?

That is not an ordinary dog bro,
a diamond dog.

What is a diamond dog?

Because there is a diamond worth
75 crores in its neck.

At the same time, go and say even
to that Kesava Reddy fellow.

Then we will be gone.
You wait, I know it.

Why is this Giri talking madly?
Bro, have you heard or not.

Ok, let me have a guess hit.

Hey, give the phone to him.

Here, he wants to talk. He may ask for share and
I will not accept if you touch my percentage.

What bloody, you too want a share?

I do not need any of your share.
If you want your diamond, I want my girlfriend.

Hey, he is asking to bring that girl.
Give it here, I will talk.

Look boss, not just the girl but
we will even bring her grandmother.

What is the guarantee that you have the dog?
Make it speak once.

You mad fellow, how will the dog speak?
Correct, ok make it bark once.

Hey, bark once like a dog.

Why is the dog saying bro in law instead of saying Bow?

You and your bloody doubts, it barked correct
but you heard it wrong.

Ok, we will call after an hour.

We will hand over the girl
and you are handing over dog to us.

Is the deal ok?
Ok deal dude.

It is me who should set the deal,
right bloody?

Oh, Ego has shot up.
What matters who sets the deal?

First think of how to get the
girl out from here, come on baby.

Go and bring it dude?

That dog.

Is that any human to be calm if you scold?

It is an animal. Its ego got hurt and it is gone.

Is it gone?
Yes, it is gone.

Hey, now that is my future dudes.
Go and search, it would be somewhere here.

How much is in its neck, 75000?

Not thousands but crores bloody.

Hey, go and search first.

This is the girl’s room, all the best.

Hey British, it is sure to bring that
girl either you say or not.

But my share which is 60 should
become 80 now. Think of it.

Why is that rest 20, you take even that.

Looks like he felt bad. Do I look so bad,
that 20 is yours and you take it.celebrate the festival

Let us go.

Have you frightened?
Are you frightened?

Where is my Subramanyam?

If you ask again about Subramanyam,
I will press your neck and kill.

Subramanyam is not there and will not come.
We have total rights on him.

We will take him once we find.
Has this mad lady understood or not?

Sorry dude, it seems this is not the
girl’s room and is up there.

I will tell if I see that mad lady again.

Bro, will anything happen if a human bites?

Nothing dude.
Oh, looks like you are habituated.

Let us leave before anyone sees us, come.

Wow, these girls will not have the interest any
other thing like they have in running away bro.

My baby, come on, we shall leave.


I did a mistake dear.

We need you to be happy than these
prestige and all.

Do not worry about us.

You go carefully.

Come on!
Move on faster.

You will move from here only
if you give me my Subramanyam.

Do you want Subramanyam?

Just wait.

Show your brow.


Bloody, what have you done?

This is called brow treatment in Renigunta.
Mad baby will not get up for five minutes.

Come on, follow me.

Yes, follow. Come on, come.

Come on, come.

What do you think of Kesava Reddy?
He is like burning Sun, Great tree!

Hey, what are you doing here?

Nothing bro, I am saying great
about your greatness.

How can I repay you British, Thanks dude.

No problem if it is delayed, praise me well.
Ok bro..

I will see to that nobody
disturbs you here,

Ok bro.


Hey bro, this is the first time you
are using it, right?

What ?
Your brain.

To hell with your shy feeling.
Sir, come sir.

Come on move.

Hey Subbu!

Come sir, come.
Faster, fast.

Move on!
Bye baby

Subramanyam, hey Subramanyam!

I am not understanding whether
she is calling the dog or me. What?

That British is taking away the girl,

Can you not see that I am in
an important work, you mad lady?

Do not irritate, go to a side and play.
Oh no!

I understood with your hit
sister that you are back again.

Bro, Mummy returns!



I am very happy that you are back to normal
by marriage time mother.

How will marriage take place
without the girl, you mad idiot?

What are you saying mother?

Sister I came to know where are they.
I just got the call.

Marriage will take place to the time
we thought of.

I am not understanding why that
British fellow took the girl, mother.

He would say himself if you keep the
knife on his neck,

come on.
Move guys.

Hold on!

What, are you going to the station for
picking me up?

I have come, keep the car in side.

Who are you?

Gates, Bill Gates!

If the bride groom inside is a fan,
I am his switch.

I am the remote if he is the TV.

Do you know who the groom is?

Our Raja.

We are going to him, get into the vehicle.

Bloody, we will come to the cotton mill in two minutes.
Girl only when you give the dog. Remember this.


Where is it man, Silky!
Where are you dear, Silky!


Aunty, have you seen any dog?

Hey bloody, stop.
Hey, did you see it?

No bro.

Hey, did you see it?
No bro.

Go and search first.

Why did you not find if you search?
Go and search bloody.


Hey drunkard idiot, look for it.
We shall find it.

Hey drunkard idiot, look for it.
We shall find it.

We shall find it.

Have you found it?
No bro


Where is it, where? Yes!
Hey go..

Have you seen?
No, not found boss.

Where are you, bloody Silky?

It was a mistake for me to make you
innocent get into the Municipality van.

It was my mistake to drive you away,
when you came with love to me.

I will apologise to you and
your whole breed.

Please be seen.

I, you and Ammu will live happily.

Be seen Silky, please.

Son in law!
What dude?

Look there.

Hey Silky!
You are lucky son in law.

Hey Silky dude.



Get down bloody!
No I will not.


There will be that black fellow and he would
call me brother in law and I get irritated.

Still, we should not go for such
silly deals, we are billionaires.

That small rowdy British fellow will
take care of such.

Who, our sir?
Yes, that fellow.

I actually thought of killing all
once I find the dog.

But, I am happy seeing you like this

Whenever you have any problem,
do not forget that British is there.

See you.

What about my silky then?
You do not be tensed. I will get Silky.

We finally did it.

I was frightened whether we would be dead in
Kesava Reddy’s hands not getting this diamond.

The tension he gave us for two days will not
be gone unless I scold him badly.

Call him once.

Is it?
Yes bro,

we are billionaires and should not fear to
poor fellow like that Kesava Reddy.

Wait, I will connect to him.

Talk, come on talk.

No sir

Where are you bloody?
Why have you taken the girl?

Bloody, she is like an emblem of innocence.

You are like a relative of vulture.

Is there any meaning in a marriage
for you both?

Raja is the husband to be for that girl.
You forget about her now.

Do not shout idiot.
Shall I tell you another matter?

IT people have not taken your 75 crores.

I stole that.

Hey, Kesava Reddy this is me,
son of British’s brother.

You said me mad whenever
I spoke about the dog, right?

In fact there is the diamond worth 75
crores in the belt of that dog.

Hey, shall I tell you another bonus point?
I am the reason for your mother to go mad.

It was me who drove that van.

Hey, I had given Renigunta brow
treatment to her before I came.

Is she alive or have you lifted
her dead body?

Bloody, I may even leave that British,
but you will be dead in my hands.

Hey man, a poor should never
tell punch dialogues.

Keep the phone and have curd rice. Bye!

This is not a puppy, but a sweet.
Wait, Wait.

this is a bad time. If you see now even
diamond becomes coal. I will tell you, wait.

Bro, bad time is over. Now you
take out the diamond from the dog’s belt.

Hey diamond!

Hey, there is no belt in its neck. v

What? No diamond? See properly.

Saying not to want the share,
that Raja has taken away the full diamond.

Will he cheat so much by making us believe?
I will somehow get my share.

Come on reverse the vehicle.

What is going back? You said all truths to
Kesava Reddy till now and scolded him badly.

If we are caught to him, we cannot even
identify our dead bodies if shown to us.

He would kill like that.

Hubby, have you found the dog or not?

I found only that, I am coming.

What more to do now? Me, my van
and the pollution. Go on.

Tell mom!

Hey, they have arrested father

Hey, wait for a minute.

Mom, nothing will happen to father.
I am here. I am starting immediately.

You heard it, right? I need to go home urgently.
Finalise our matter at the earliest.

Who are you bloody?

Why have you all come into my life?

I was ready setting everything to
become an MLA.

When I thought of marrying her for popularity, she giving
me a hand got ready to run away with you.

That bloody Giri has made my mother go mad,
who planned my political career with care.

When I got 75 crores by killing that Surya
and kept it for election expenses,

our British fellow has taken that.

My target now is not to become MLA,

but to kill you all badly.

You looting money of poor kids operations
will become a criminal, but not an MLA.

Poor man who lived saying service
there is in jail now being arrested.

I too have now fixed for one thing.

That is to make you sit in jail for lifelong,
who wanted to sit in Assembly for five years.

Hey Kesava, I did a mistake by saying
no murders till the election is over.

I want to kill that fellow and
sip his blood.

Oh no, was it with her that
I danced in the night?

I now understood one thing.
Any mother would grow his kids saying morals.

But, you grew him teaching filthy
language and has thus become so.

Bloody, will you say my mother?



What happened sister? Sister!


What happened sister? Sister!
Mom, what happened?

Mom, get up.

Sorry mom, it missed him and hit you.
Nothing happened to you, right? Mother!

Where is my Subramanyam? Subramanyam!

Subramanyam! Where is my Subramanyam?
Bro, sister is again back to Vasantha Kokila.


Where is my Subramanyam?

I said many times till now that
Surya is not of that type of a man.

Sir, he would have not run away.
Something has happened somewhere sir.

Why will he say by asking so smoothly?
He should be

Stop sir.

This is the 75 crores that you think
Surya sir has taken and ran away sir.

He has not run away. That Nellore Kesava Reddy
and Veerabhadramma have killed him

They killed him?
Yes, what I am saying is true.

You will know who else are involved
by doing an enquiry sir.

Seeing this situation, I remember
a story heard in my childhood sir.

It seems a kid wrote letter to God saying to be in
problems and wanting 1000 rupees urgently.

As the letter had address of God,
a post man read that letter.

Feeling pity on that kid, he sent 900
with him to the kid by money order.

Kid receiving the money has written
another letter to God.

He wrote, God you sent me 1000
with pity on me

but the postman took 100 from it
and somehow punish that postman.

The kid’s was innocence in that story.
Here, you should decide what is yours.

It is fine if you do not recognise good,
but do not insult like this.

Because there are very few good
people in this world. You come father.


I thought he was wandering without any job.

But, by saving lives of so many
kids he is become a great person.

Love you Raja.

Who is this boy sir?

My son.

Raja, all the operations done today are a success.

Is it dad, super!

Where are you?
In our Srinu’s marriage.

I will not wash. I will not
wash the feet of that black fellow.

You bloody rascal.
Come on brother in law.

The feet I wanted to cut, now
I am having to wash the same feet.

Stop son, as per the tradition you have
to wash the feet of brother in law.

Take the water son. Come on wash them.

Brother in law, I kept the feet
comfortable for you. Wash them now.

Not water bloody,
I will wash them with acid.

Why do you not give ten thousand?

I will arrange for a programme with
my dance troupe and make the marriage grand.

If I had got that diamond not you
but would have called in Shakira to shake.

I missed the chance.

Ok, when have you stolen that diamond?

I had not stolen that.

When I was getting into Vizag bus after
my fight with Kesava Reddy,

Not there bloody, here.


I have just seen you searching for the dog.

It was me who stole its belt.
Are you thinking why the robber is back instead of leaving?

There was this glass piece in that.

Other than iron, nothing else in
the world is important to me.

Thanks boss.

Hit dude


Hey you hit.



Hey you hit hard.


What is this brother? How much ever
we hit sister, she is not getting normal?

Hey you hit hard.


Doctor, what to do now?
I too am not understanding that.

If we know where exactly she was hit,
we too can hit at the same spot and make her normal.

She was hit in Nellore, right?

I remember that guy saying some brow treatment, Doctor.

Brow treatment? I never heard
of such treatment in my long service.

Who is that great fellow giving that treatment?