Exposure 36 (2022) - full transcript

Three days before the world is set to end, a photographer is drawn into New York's criminal underworld after his friend goes missing.

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[low ominous music]

[helicopter rotor whirring]

[sirens wailing]

[people yelling indistinctly]

Good morning, New York.

And a happy Friday to all
you survivors out there,

Streamin' Steve Spears on
the airwaves here.

And I will be broadcasting
live 24/7

for the next three days as we
approach the end of the world.


[gentle music]

Thank you, Cam.

Whatever you want to talk

about feel free to
give me a call

Look, we can talk shit out,
send messages to loved ones

or even just request your
favorite apocalyptic tracks.

How are you holding up?

I need a fucking drink.

Won't do you any good.

This is, of course

unless Hazel calls me.

Hazel, I know you're out there
and I hope you're listening.

Music brought
us together once,

and I know it will again.

I love you, baby.

They say we got three
days left before Mother Nature

turns on us for good,
ending our stay

on Planet Earth
once and for all.

This isn't the universe,
stretching its arms out

and rolling over in bed.

This is the sheets
being stripped

and the mattress
being changed.

We're talking biblical
stuff here, people.

You're a good man.

We got some news to start

you off today. Whether you're
commuting, or evacuating,

or shacked up in your

there are a few things
you should know

on this beautiful
final Friday.

They didn't give me
a goddamn chance.

When they saw
I wasn't playing along

with what they wanted me to,

they cast me
out into the streets.

Wouldn't let us back in.

Well, you're stubborn.

And schizophrenic.

But they didn't know that.

We've all heard about

the hurricanes down south.

The devastation caused
has been absolutely surreal.

Governors in five states
have now declared

a state of emergency
and are enforcing

mandatory evacuation.

Doesn't matter now anyway.

We stood no chance
since we got here.

I shouldn't go to bed
cold and hungry every night.

In a similar story

he overwhelming earthquake
out west last week

has left millions
missing or displaced.

Many considering this to be
the big one

for so many years.

Residents all along the coast
have been left

without food, water
or electricity.

You can check with the U.S.
Environmental Agency's website

for a list of missing persons.

And if you
have any information,

please don't hesitate to call.

These streets are a
goddamn death sentence.

Today marks the first day

of the U.S. border closure.

The president announced
early last week

that the US would halt aid
for asylum seekers.

Where flights have been able
to take off and land safely

airlines are doing
their absolute best

to get people back
to their loved ones.

The President officially
declared that all flights

will be grounded starting
Saturday evening.

I found a roll of film.

[homeless woman]
One last project?

My swan song.

Some local news,

New York Board of Elections
has suspended

any campaign activities
for the upcoming

New York City mayor

A.W. Curry, the restauranteur
and real estate mogul

has had a contentious
relationship with the board

since he announced
his candidacy last year.

When he was asked about
the board's decision,

he spit in
the face of a reporter

and yelled a racial slur
at him.

He's held steady support
in the race.

But does it even matter?

New York officials
have insisted

that people evacuate the city.

Get off the island
of Manhattan, people!

But, if you feel
like sticking around

tune into WWHH for all
your apocalyptic needs.

You'll be the opening picture.

The first
ambassador to a lost past.

"Dear Cameron, thank you
once again...

Consideration for
The New York Journal News.

We regret to inform you that
due to

our current circumstances
we are unable to accept

your photographs
for publication.

We wish you continued
success in--" Fuck.

I've got to go.

[ominous music]

See you around.

[woman] Help!
Somebody help me!

[man] Give me
your bag, bitch!

[woman] Fuck you!
Get off of me!

[man shouting indistinctly]

[muffled struggling]

[camera clicking and whirring]

I'm not gonna ask you again.
Give me the fucking bag.

[woman gasping]

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

[Cam] Here.

Take it.

[camera clicking]

Fucking asshole.

[Cam] Hello?

[woman] You are going
to help me though, right?

Yeah, man. Come on in.

Oh, shit, it's the film guy.


-Cam. It's Cam.
-[Ed] Cam, Cam.

Oh, right, right. Sorry, man.

I'm terrible
with names.

-May I?
-Mm! Mm-hmm.

Of course.

-What happened to him?
-[Ed] Oh, yo.

He just took a big batch
of brown sugar man.

He's out cold.

-That's unfortunate.
-Yo, this is, um...

No, no, you're good. You good.

[Ed] Man, he's pop-tarted
right now, dude.

Uh, just in the middle
of rolling this joint.

I'll finish up, and
then we can do some business.

[man] Remember why
you're doing this.

You'll keep your word?

What happened there?

Oh, yo, dude,

all this bullshit going
on this weekend,

I said to myself,
"What the fuck am I doing?"

You know,
who are these motherfuckers

trying to tell me
when I'm going to die?

I said,
I want control of my end, dude.

I want control.

You know, your life
is truly in your own hands

when you can take it
from yourself.

-Makes sense.
-Anyway, I would have

gone through with it too,

if this motherfucker
didn't show up

and drag my ass
to the hospital.

[camera clicking]

-The fuck, dude?
-Oh, last roll.

Oh. Well, in that case...



[shutter clicking]

[sighs & laughing]


No justice, no freedom, man.

You know, now everyone's
worried about me.

You know, my friends,
little sister is coming

to check up on me, like, I
don't need to be looked after.

I need to be set free.

It's just unbelievable, man.

Sometimes when you
want to be left alone,

people just won't let you be.

Oh, excellent.


Oh, uh...


Uh, yeah, mm-hm.

Jesus Christ, Ed.

Coinage is coinage, brother.

Listen, Ed.

Take care of yourself.

Don't let the world
get the best of you, all right?

Uh-huh. That's
what I'm saying, man.

Go out in control.
Like, full control, baby.

Excuse me. Could I get a light?

Thank you.

Rough day?

The usual. You?

As long as people are around,
I'm okay.

That's one
way of thinking about it.

They'll kill you.

Then we shall perish together.

Enjoy it.

[magical chiming]

[ominous music playing]

[dial tone]

[woman] At the tone, please
record your voice message.

When you are finished
recording you may hang up

or press pound
for more options.

[intercom ringing]

[intercom ringing]

[intercom ringing]

[distorted muffled audio]


[Nick] The most popular man
in New York returns.

-Hey, dude.
-What's up, man? Come on in.

It's good to see you, man.

Dude, it's good to
fucking see you , my man.

I mean, I haven't heard
from you in a little bit.

Yeah, I've been--
I've been holed up,

I haven't been coping
too well with the news.

Yeah, dude, who is?

Like, I'll tell you, I can't--
I can't face the music either.

So how much do you need?

-How much you got?

More than you need.

Dude, everybody wants as much
as they can get right now.

So why don't you
just come in, relax.

-Would you like a beer?
-You got beer?

Yeah, I got beer.

Because I stashed up
before everyone went out.

Oh, my man, my man.

[woman humming]

Oh, hello.

-So, you're Cam?

Nick says
great things about you.


How was
the rest of that cigarette?

Nearly killed me.
Always does.

I'm Katie. I'm Nick's younger

Nice to meet you.
Officially, I guess.

May I?

[camera clicking]

You know, some people
might find that creepy.

taking pictures of
random young women.

[Nick] Where the fuck
did I put it?

Are you a photographer?

Tried to be.

What happened?

Doesn't matter.

Sounds like it matters.

-[Nick] Shit.
-Civility is hard

to maintain
in times like these.

I lost my mentor.

Well, he
doesn't determine whether

you're a photographer or not.

I suppose, but she determines
whether I work or not.

-I could kill her for you.
-I already did.

[Nick] Hey, Katie,
where's the bottle opener?

Where's the...

I hear you carry a lot.

Where do you get it?

I spend too much time in musty
rooms with dubious people.

Ooh, sounds dangerous.

Let me guess.

Rough upbringing.

Mom and dad fought a lot.

So, you came to the
city to try to escape it all,

only to get sucked into
the underground world

of the prescription drug trade,
saving hookers

from abusive
pimps in your free time.

A marked man just trying
to see this whole thing

through to the end.

Always in survival
mode with your enemies

breathing down your neck.


I was raised by my mom
and my two older sisters,

but you'd be surprised
at how similar

those two situations can be.

It sounds like there's
a lot of women in your life.

Any room for me?

Where the fuck did I put it?

So, what's your story?

-I have no story.
-Come on.

Everyone's got something.

Dropped out of school.

Arrived in
New York the other day.

All this talk of the end,
and I figured I'd leave home.

Little did I know that
New York would be running low

on food and supplies
and all that would be left

would be... coffee and
prescription drugs.

Regardless, I left
after class a few weeks ago

and never looked back.

I'm a college dropout too.

-High school.
-[Nick] Oh my God.

[glass clanking]

Fuck! Ah!

Death came early back home.

It was a ghost town
before I left,

and I didn't want to sit around
wallowing in self-pity.



I need other souls to cling to.

Well, sometimes solitude
is the best companion.

Are you saying you
won't be my friend?

What I'm saying is I'm
wondering if

you're implying that Nick
has a soul.

There's something in
everyone worth salvaging.

[Nick] Motherfucker!

Nick, the bottle opener
is in here.

Did you not hear me yelling?

I was yelling for
five fucking minutes.

Oh, Katie. Oh my God.
Oh, it's right there.

Thank you.

[phone buzzing]


[Nick grunting]

The fuck.


Uh, nothing. Um...

So, you guys met?

Hey, Cam, isn't she just,
like a-- like a bundle of joy?

Yeah, man.

So how did you two meet?

We met through
Cam's girlfriend.

-Oh, I'd love to meet her.
-No, it's not really like that.

She already left a while ago.

[Nick] Hey, why don't we,
you know, get down to business?

-Yeah. Let's do that.
-[Nick] Yeah.

Awesome. How much?

-It's 50 a pill.

What about
for the whole bottle?

[Cam] You do not
need the whole bottle.

I do not need the whole bottle.

But I do want the whole bottle.
How much?



[inhaling] Phenomenal.

-[phone buzzing]
-Hey, I'm sorry.

I got to take this.

What else do you have?

I got anything you need
that a doctor prescribes.

But I do not sell
to little girls.

"Little girl," fuck you.

I never had the chance
to be a little girl.

How much will this get me?


Then I'll take enough.

You sure your brother is going
to be all right with this?

[laughing] Don't worry
about my big brother.

I take care of him.
He doesn't take care of me.

Hey, Cam, here you go, my man.
Should all be there.

[mumbled counting]

[Cam] Excellent.

Cam, why don't you stay?
You know, have another beer.

Can't, more customers.

Not a lot of places
have beer right now, man.

Yes, I know.

Too many customers, bro.

I'll walk you out.

Nice meeting you.

I'm sure I'll see you around.

-Hey, Cam?

I was wondering if you could

possibly help me out
with something.


There are these rumors
going around that there

might be a way
out of this mess.

Yo, I don't listen
to rumors anymore.

Yeah. I know. Listen,
it's a community upstate,

and they have a facility that
they are charging a fee for.

You get complete access
to their bunker, I guess.

-It's a bunker.
-A bunker?

Yeah, a bunker. They have a
facility under the surface.

I have half have the money.
Okay, I do.

I just need
a little bit of help.

And if you can help, then me,
you, and Katie,

we can all go together
and just--

just see if it's for real.

Where did
you get the first half?

Why does that matter?

You're coming to me, asking
for my help, for my money.

I'm going to need some details.


Um, a couple guys who
take themselves

way too fucking seriously.

The quicker we get the money,
you know,

the less
likely we'll have to see them.

Do you hear how this sounds?

Look, I'm
not giving you the money.

Okay, if I don't get the money,

I'm going to be up to my neck
in shit.

[Cam] Nick...

-Okay. What about Katie?

What about her?
She's got no place to go.

If I'm gone...

Can't let a girl like that on
her own, man.


Don't do drugs
if you need the money.

I can't help that.

Okay? This is all too much to
fucking handle sometimes.

I need these.

Look, I don't know
if I want to live

if this shit
really hits the fan.

Maybe you
should call your parents.

I don't know where
the fuck they are, man.

They're gone.
They abandoned her.

Fuck, I don't know if
they ever

cared about us in
the first place.

If you want to survive, you
need to get out of the city.

This is the worst place
that you could possibly be.

Now, I'm sorry.

I'm not giving you
the money, bro.

But if you need anything,
you call me. All right?

[tense music]

[loud thumping]

[muffled man and woman
moaning in pleasure]

How long
has this been going on?

Mm, off and on for the
past couple of days.

So how are you?

Business is busy.

I still have a ton of stuff,

so I won't be bothering
you for more.

[Lulu] Eat.

Have you talked to your mom?

Not since Rachel left.

Your sisters? Anybody?

Not since Rachel left.

There's just you.

They've helped
you kick this before, Cam,

they can help you again.

Now you're
done with this place, huh?

Yeah, I figure I just
drive out northwest,

see how far I can get
until he catches up with me.


In the event that this
doesn't end up

the worst-case scenario...

You should have this place.

I always figured you
were a true believer.

I think we're moving toward
something really terrible.


beautiful things can happen

when the reset button gets hit.

Are you a good person?

Tried to be.

I don't think I am.

[Lulu] Cam, you've
got good in your heart.

You're going to be just fine.


You know, one thing
keeps popping into my mind.

It's, uh, from when
I was a kid.

We're at this amusement park.

My dad was still alive.

So my whole family's there.

And I decided to go
and run off by myself.

Most have been gone for hours.

When they found me,
everyone was in a panic.

And it's only the other
day that I thought...

How worried
they must have been.

You know? They thought
they lost their boy.

My dad was furious.

I wonder
what he'd think of me now.

I think he'd be proud
that you're a photographer.

I'm not sure I can take any
more of this shit, you know?

All the fighting.

All the greed.

All the betrayal.

[distant moaning and groaning]

This fucking weather.

[moaning grows louder]

-Shut the fuck up!
-[Lulu] Cam.

Calm the fuck down.

Let those people
live their lives.

Jesus Christ.

Fuck, Cam, give me that.


I know the pessimistic son of a
bitch you can be, all right?

But there's a lot going
on in the world right now

that you
can draw inspiration from.

I know it's not in the news,
but it's there.

And if I can pull some good
from this, maybe you can, too.

All I know is that we
have an expiration date,

and that
expiration date is Monday.

It's only a matter of
time before this place

gets flushed down
the fucking toilet.

Well, maybe I'll stick around

to enjoy this positive attitude
a little longer.

You're right.

Get out of this fucking city.

[magical chiming]


Plan to document what happens?

They found paper
remains in Pompeii.

So, if the negatives survive...

Give the future
something to dig up.

Well, you were always
pretty good at it.

Tried to be.

Yeah, well, I get it.

Yeah, but none
of that matters now.

I'm just going to spend
the next three days

coming to terms with
what my purpose was.

What's that?

You keep them numb
until it's over.

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[phone buzzing]

[Cam's mother]
Cam, it's your mother.

I don't know why you haven't
spoken to me or your sisters

since the news broke,
but we want to see you.

We know you miss Rachel.
We know you're in despair.

If you--

-[sirens blaring]
-[helicopter blades whirring]

[dark, ominous music]

[Cam panting]

[Cam panting]

[Cam gasping]


[gentle music]

[thunder rumbling]

[inaudible conversation]

[inaudible conversation]

[ominous music]

[camera clicking]

[overlapping shouting]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

-[camera clicking]
-[fire crackling]

[camera clicking]

-[camera clicking]
-[sirens blaring]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[phone buzzing]


Hello, Cam?

Yeah. Who's this?

It's Katie, Nick's sister.

Nick's gone.

They-- they broke in
and took him.

[tense music]

[clears throat]

I tried to call the police,

but I couldn't get
through to anyone.

The police are not
going to do anything.

They said they're going
to come back for the money.

They said
they expect me to pay now.

So you called me?

Who is Nick involved with?

I don't know.

He didn't tell me
who they were.

Whose blood?

I cut one of them.


Um, there's--
there's a fresh towel

and, uh, clean water
in the bathroom.

You can go clean yourself up.

[Katie] Never been hit
like that before.

I don't know what
he got himself into,

but Nick fucked with
the wrong people.

You have to help me.


Nick and I haven't seen
each other in a while.

Have you thought about
asking his friends?

-You are his friend.
-You know what I mean.

Would Ed know?

I don't know.

You know these people.

You and Nick run in
the same circles.

I have to find him.

If you won't help me,
I'll do it myself.

I'm sorry. I can't.

No, you're not.

I need a place to stay, then.

I can't stay at Nick's.

I guess I can stay with Ed.

I'm not sure that's the best
place for you right now.

I guess that's not really
your fucking problem, is it?


Ed's it is.

[dial clicking]

[safe unlatching]

[dreamy piano instrumental]

[clears throat]

Don't buy
fucking drugs with it.

Don't give it to Ed.

Use it to get home.

Is this how
you got rid of me?

You're no fucking help.

See you around.



[ominous electronic music]

[lighter clicking]

[sirens wailing]


Katie we'll be okay, all right?

Everything's going to be fine.

Mom and Dad are going
to come back, and then--

and then we'll be fine.
We'll get out and--


And if they
don't come back, then--

then I'll take
you out of the city.

Okay, we'll go.

Everything's going to be okay.

-I promise.

It was too late.

I needed your help.

-I couldn't.
-You could have.

But now I'm gone.

And I've left
my kid sister all alone

and now you're not
even going to help her.

I was there for you.

With Rachel.

I don't...

[sobbing] I-- I don't
know where to start.

Cam, just do me
this one favor? Please?

Hey, man, do you mind?

They got fucking
nothing down there.

[phone buzzing]

[cigarette tapping]


[unnerving sting]


[sighing loudly]

piano instrumental]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[city din]

-Leaving already?
-Ugh, God damn it.

You scared me.

I was going to
call you, but I--

I know you hate goodbyes.

You showed up
just at the right time.

Lu, whose calling card is this?

Where did you get that?

I got a call
from Nick's sister.

She's beat up and he's missing.

Jesus Christ.

I don't want any part of this.

I saw this shit at your house,

you're already
involved in this.

Which means you
know where it came from.

Now, you can
either help me or not.

But either way,
I'm going to find out.

Belongs to a guy named Curry.


He's that slumlord
that's making a run for office.

I don't care
about the politics,

I just want
to know where he is.

I don't want you to get hurt.

If you give these guys trouble
and they want you gone,

they'll stop at nothing
until they see you dead.

This girl has
nothing to do with you, Cam.

Just go home.


Be with your family.


-Yeah, yeah, I got it.

I got it.

Hey, come on,
do it for me, all right?

There is too little time
in life to be so angry.

The universe
is going to keep going

with or without us.

You be safe, right?

I always am.

Hey yo, Lu.

One last shot
to remember you by?

Of course.

[camera clicking]

[engine starting]

See you on
the other side of the universe.

[engine thrumming]

[mysterious music]

[Steve] If you can
provide any information

on the missing persons,
please dial 411

or your local
police department

if they
haven't been suspended.

Still no sign of her yet.

[camera clicking]

You got a light?

-A lighter.

Boom, like that.

Don't slip, all right?

Did you feed the fish?


No, you didn't.

You didn't clean
the fucking tank out.

I got you a dog,
we had to give the dog away.

I got you a cat.
I don't know where that went.

I got you a turtle.

[Dopey] Why do you got
to bring the pets up

all the fucking time?

Good evening, gentlemen.

I couldn't help but
notice that you were smoking.

May I?

Yeah, I got you.

So, you fellows from the city?

Yeah, we're from the city.

I-- I noticed that you are--

You've been sitting
out here for a while.

Well, we're drivers.

Waiting on a passenger.

That's perfect.

You're going to
put them in the back

-with all your trash?
-Here you go.

Who the fuck kind
of fucking wise guy are you?

Here, take these.

Go ahead.

Keep the whole thing.

-No, don't keep--
-Thank you very much.

-You're welcome.

Why did you give
the fucking matches away?

Fuck the matches.
We have a lighter.

I keep the matches,
you know, I collect them.

[Big Man]
I know you collect them.

We have a lighter.

[Dopey] Do you understand
the concept of lighter?

-[Big Man] So what?
-[Dopey] The lighter has fuel.

You have a thousand
different matches in it.

You don't have to strike.

Why do you have
to give everything away?

They're fucking matches, man.

[elevator dinging]

Fucking asshole.

[door creaking]

[suspenseful music]




Guy on couch?

[distant thump]

[tv static]

[music speeds up]

[door creaking]

[music crescendos]

[Cam gasping]

Jesus Christ,
you fucking scared me.


So you decided
to help find your friend then?

Where have you been?

I went to the Brooklyn Bridge
to look for Ed

because he said
he was going to jump.

He called like 45 minutes ago,
saying to meet back here.

Fuck. Fuck.

Quickly, quickly.
Get in the bathroom.

Get in the bathroom. Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Cam, what the hell is going on?

They found you.

They saw you come in here.

They are coming up
the stairs right now.

Just stay in here
until I come and get you.

Stay here.




[camera whirring]

[door rattling]


[camera clicking]

[mixed grunting]

[loud grunting]

Boss wants his fucking money.

You are going
to give it to him.

-[pepper spray hissing]


[thunder roaring]

[Steve] Steve Spears back on
the airwaves here.

continue to encourage

all Manhattan residents
to evacuate the city.

More threats have come in,

suggesting most exit routes

out of the greater New York
area are either at risk

of attack or have
already been compromised.

And many have already been
hurt in the deadly bombing

of the GW bridge.

As New Yorkers, we all know,

if you see something,
say something.

You need to go home.

What home?

My parents left me,
my boyfriend left me.

All I have left is my brother.

[Steve] I just want to
say one more time to my wife.

Hazel, I-- I am not
sure if you're listening,

I know the universe...


They left us
with only one choice.

[chimes ringing]

You don't understand.

We've looked after
each other for our whole lives

and we promised
that we always would.


And finally, I'd like to make

one last statement on
the air before signing off.

Before we face the end...

He said that
he found a place for us to--

to get out of here, to survive.


We're going to
get ourselves killed.

I have nothing left.

I have to find him.

[Steve] But there
is no mysterious enemy.

There is only us.

We are our own enemies.

Go look through history.

Look at the hinge
events and tell me,

was this not our own doing?

-When we had the opportunity,

What actions did we take?

Or was it simply inaction?
And look where we are now.

A direct result of our own
complacency, our indifference.

What's going
to happen tomorrow?

I don't have that answer.

I don't think anyone does.

I had someone.

I had someone too, once.

...building towards this

and we have brought ourselves
into this very moment.

All the choices that...

You know...

...a very specific reason

those decisions
led us directly here.

At the end of the world,
as we've always done.

And not one goddamn
thing you can do about it.

We made this bed.

Now we sleep in it.

But that leaves me
with one choice.

One opportunity
to do the right thing.

So Hazel,
I am coming for you.

I don't know where you are,

but I got a couple
of ideas and I'm coming.

I love you
more than life itself.

So to all
my listeners out there,

I want to thank you for
the many years of support.

All I ever wanted in life
was to play the music I love

for people who
wanted to hear it.

Stay strong, New York.

Be brave, earthlings.

I'll see you
on the other side.

Steve Spears signing off.

[suspenseful electronic music]

These street's
are a death sentence.

[camera clicking]



[floor creaking]


[mysterious music]

We have to find
another place to go.

[blows air]

Take it.

We'll find him.

We'll find him.

Something beautiful
will come out of this mess.

I can't believe
they took my fucking safe.

The money is not good, anyway.

It's not about
the motherfucking money, okay?


That pill you gave me.

No, it will help
calm you down, all right?

Look, Lulu said that
this guy is running for mayor.

So, all we have
to do is figure out

where his campaign
headquarters is

and then we'll
go get some answers.

I shouldn't have taken that.


[banging on door]

[knocking on door]

[rapid knocking on door]


Hey, dude.

I'm Ed.

Yeah, I know.
We've met many, many times.

Oh, dude.




Katie called me,
said she was here.

-Were you followed?

I went in and out
about four apartment buildings

before I came
to this place, so.

-Hey, Katie.

What happened to your friend,

the guy who was
asleep in your house?

He's dead?

Nah, man, worse.

He went back to Jersey.



Speaking of apartments,

would have appreciated it

if you guys
cleaned up after yourselves.

There was blood all
over my bamboo flooring.

Um, actually, Ed,
we were about to head out.

Oh, you are?

Let me tell you something, Sam.

You would not believe the scene
on the bridge yesterday.

The place was
packed with jumpers.

I couldn't even get a taste.

You got a light?

[eerie music]

The truth is, Dan,
there is no goddamn control.

At least not
in this fucking city.

Can't even kill myself.

I want out.

Hey, where are you going?

Fucking bummer, man.

[city din]

[door creaking]

What do you want, little man?

You got any beer?

Draft or bottle?

Are you pouring?

-That's right.
-I'll take a bottle, thanks.



You look lost, stranger.

Uh. Oh, no, I'm just--

I'm looking for
somebody who comes here a lot.

Somebody who comes here.

I'll come
anywhere you want, sugar.

But it's going
to run you about 50 bucks.

Oh. Mm-mm.

No, no, dear God, no.

Ma'am, I'm just
looking for a guy named Curry.

Bothering my regulars?

No, I'm just looking for Curry.

What do you want
with Mr. Curry?

He's got something
that belongs to me.


[bar din]

[bar din]

[camera clicking]

I knew you'd come.

Please, sit.

I need some answers.

Answers to what?

Where's Nick?

Where did you take him?

I need to know.

-What do you mean, who?


Young, privileged white boy.

Yesterday at his
apartment, uptown.

[eerie music]


I've seen you before,
haven't I?

We should do
this again some time.

This was fun.

[door breaks open]

[fast paced music]

You got a lot of fucking
balls showing up here!

You fucked up my friend!

Give me one good reason why

I should not dismember
you right here, right now.

I just want to talk to Curry.

I want to know
what happened to Nick

and I want
my motherfucking safe back.

If I catch you snooping
around here one more time,

I will not hesitate
to dismember you.

[phone ringing]

[automated voice]
At the tone,

please record
your voice message.

When you are
finished recording,

you may hang up or press
pound for more options.


Dad, it's Katie.

I don't know
where you and Mom went

or why we can't find you.

[somber music]


if this is the end,

I just want you to
know that I hope it--

If this is the end,
I hope it comes to you first.

And if it's not, then...

I hope I never
fucking see you again.

[door opening]

Katie, it's me.

Oh, my God, what happened?

Where have you been?

Cam, what the fuck?

Where do you think?

Why did you go without me?

What is this about the safe?


Okay, well, then what
the hell is it about?

Look, I'm getting
out of this fucking city.

Something I should
have done a long time ago.

Oh, my God.

But I stayed so that I could
risk my life looking for Nick.

Nick is my brother,
he's all I have left.

Katie, Nick is dead.

Don't you get it?

That's the only explanation.

Did you see him?

I didn't see shit.

-Okay, so--
-Look, Ed, come on, man.

You can't fucking stay here,
get your fucking lazy ass up.

-Come on.
-Cam, if you didn't see him,

then he might still be alive.
We can--

I don't even know
why I agreed to help you.

Fuck you, Cam.

Fuck me?


Fuck you, all right?

Fuck you.
Come on, Ed, let's go.


Yo, Ed, my dude,
last call, let's go.

[Ed] "Dear world,
you are [indistinct]. Ed"

Oh, shit.

He's dead.

[camera clicking]

Hey, get out.

Get out, you said you wanted
to leave, get the fuck out.


Everyone else is
giving up and now you,

you fucking junkie.

God, I should have
expected it from the one guy

who's given up on everyone
and everything in his life.

You're fucking useless.

No wonder that girl left you.

-It's not even like that.
-Oh, my God.

Just take your shit
and get the fuck out, okay?


[exhales heavily]

[peaceful music]

[camera clicking]

[phone vibrating]

Who is this?

This Cam?

We've got your girl, kid.

It's in your best interest
to come here and pick her up.


She's a pain
in the fucking ass

and if she
doesn't shut up soon,

I'm gonna twist her head
off and eat her organs.

You know where I am.

[fast paced music]

Well, I don't
fucking believe it.

Where's the girl?

Back for more?



Fuck, man.


[door slamming]


[tense music]

I have to know
that my friends are safe.

Nick's dead.

I don't think
he even made it out

of the apartment building.

I think not.

Took him out, threw him
down every single stair

in that building.

I need Katie back.

[pen scratching]


You killed our guy.

Why should
I give her back?

The big guy's friend?

Died in his sleep last night.

She doesn't deserve this.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe she doesn't.


I heard you're a photographer.

-May I see?


Heard you were headstrong, too.

To a fault.


I had a friend telling me
a couple of things about you.

I heard that you
were a corrupt prick.

Well now...

That depends on who you ask.

Where is she?

Be patient, Cam.

Right now, it's you and me.

Oh. And my latest tenants.

They're workers.

They won't stop
until the very end.

[ant clicking]

Respect that.

You've been a real thorn
in my side these past few days.

We just wanted
to get Nick back.

Well, then.

[door opening]

[loud thud]

[glass breaking]

Lulu told me that
your girlfriend killed herself

right in front of you.

She overdosed.

[hits table]

Same shit.

You were there.

A junkie's death
is self-destruction,

no matter how
you want to cut it.

Hear that, little lady?

Your friend here doesn't
have a real good reputation

of keeping
the people around him safe,

does he now?

Wouldn't want these
to get out in public.

Just because
civilization's going to end,

it doesn't mean
that I'm going to.

So, tell me, Cam.

Give me one good
goddamn reason why you

and that poor,
helpless little girl over there

should walk out of here.

[suspenseful music]

[blood squelching]


[fast paced music]

Poor, helpless little girl.

Give me one good goddamn reason

why you should
walk out of here.

Give me back my safe.

The money is mine, kid.

I don't give
a fuck about the money.

Give me back my safe.

All right, then.

I think that can be arranged.

This is what
you're looking for?

[camera clicking]

Thank you.

Come on, Katie.

Let's go.

[door slamming]

[city din]

[eerie emotional music]

[camera clicking]

[camera clicking]

[thunder roaring]

[fast paced electronic music]