Exposure (2013) - full transcript

A naive young girl travels to South Beach to become a model, only to find that everything is not as it seems. Her worst nightmares are confirmed as she enters the dark side of the industry and models begin to disappear.

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You know I was pretty once,

before they killed me.

I was on this photo shoot
for Exposure models,

and I never went home.

They were tied up with
this makeup company,

making some kind of rejuvenation cream.

They needed stem cells.

Models were the source.

Yes, sir.

I was killed so that other women

can be beautiful forever

ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.

Nick, is that you?

What are you doing?

Hey, I'm Nikki,

and that's Blain.

We love each other.

We're just two kids trying
to figure out our dreams.

I don't know how things
got this messy, but,

this is where we started.

? Going down to the city

? To meet Ann and Marie

? It's bad luck I keep getting

? Always comes in threes

? All the things she said

? Doesn't make no sense to me

? I cannot concentrate

? On electricity

? She's such a pretty girl

? She's gonna change the world

? Even if it's just for me

? Even if I only see

? Emma Louise

? Someone else

? When she's with me

? It's all I need

? My luck is changing

? I really believe

? That all the things she says

? Doesn't make much sense to me

? I cannot concentrate

? On electricity

? She's such a pretty girl

? She's gonna change the world

? Even if it's just for me

? Even if I only see

? Emma Louise


Hey, how's it goin' buddy?

Come here for a minute.

Major dick action, listen.

We got some girl ended up dead.

I don't know what happened,

but I do know that the
father is very upset

and he's asking questions,

so I need you to do me a favor.

Go down there, act like you're Seth Black

and try and make him happy,

whatever it takes, just don't rub him out,

you got it?

You got it, no problem.


Yes, I did it.

Is it real?

Oh, I can assure you it's real.

Vernon Lapp got the biomolecular stock

and the organic compound to stabilize.

Now, we can clone the
genetic code for results.

So what will
you call the product?

Le Ponce.

You mean as in

the Fountain of Youth?

The very one, Benson.

It's time to celebrate.

To living the dream.

To the dream.

Tell me, when will you begin trials?

Benson, we don't need trials.

We've already tested some
of the pre-stabilized

compound on some individuals.

There's been no negative results,

and besides, the FDA doesn't
monitor health and beauty.

No one's watching us.

Aaron, you have to be careful.

You can't have exposures
to possible lawsuits,

especially if something goes wrong.

Benson, that's why I keep you around.

To keep any potential
liabilities away from us.

Benson, with the Exposure name attached

to this product world-wide,
women around the world

are gonna be lining up outside our door.


We're gonna part of this big dream Aaron.

Benson, Le Ponce is gonna be on the face

of every woman around the world.

This is my billion dollar baby, Benson.

Now, get it done.

I will.

When I make it big as a model,

we'll stay...

we'll stay someplace real nice.

Yeah, I hope so.

At least lemme see if
I can catch the game.

We could put some flowers in here.

You gotta be kidding me.

A developing story.

This local woman has vanished.

Hunting for 19 year old...

One girl who disappeared

from a local bar.

Friends say she

was approached in a mall by a couple

trying to convince her to be a model.

You know this is a
very, very new product.

Since her disappearance,

dozens of other girls in
the area told authorities

they were also approached by a couple

with a similar story.

It's one of the best products
I can ever come out with.

This is bigger, bigger than the Superbowl.

Let me ask you a question.

What would you prefer?

Do you prefer plastic surgery?

Do you prefer getting a facelift?

Someone cutting into
your skin with a scalpel?

Use my cream.

Oh, thank you so much.

Thank you.


Yes, your special delivery just arrived.


I'm so excited to be the first one

who is going to try the
new cream, Le Ponce.

Of course.


I will call you there.



Oh my gosh.

I can't wait.

Le Ponce.

Just what I needed.

Let's see.

You have to work.

Yes, yes.

Bitches, wait.

My life is about to change forever.

here at the
owner of Exposure Model Agency

and Ocean Magazine's
house, Mr. Aaron Levine

to find out about his new campaign.

Now, Mr. Levine, in addition
to the work that you do

at Exposure and the business
with Ocean Magazine,

can you tell us what type of model

will be gracing the cover of this year's

Tenth Anniversary Edition?

Basically, what she'll be promoting.

Can you give us a hint?

As always, we want to
portray health and vitality.

Beauty for everyone.

I get that.

Models are malnourished
and almost dead looking,

but wasn't Exposure's last
campaign the morgue look?


I'm glad you asked me that.

We never wanna portray mortality.

It's all about

staying young, looking good,

living the good life.

I don't care what you say.

I paid him 10 grand.

He told me he knew where she was.

You know these things can
get a little tricky, right?

What the hell do you
mean it wasn't even him?

Deliver to me my daughter.

I'll deliver your daughter.

Don't you worry about it.

I'll deliver your daughter.

And he told me his name was Seth.

Look, I don't care.

No, you listen to me.

You should have killed me, too.


Look, I'll walk right
into that damn agency

with my .44 and I'll
shove it right up his ass.


Captain Alejandro.

Decided we're going to
the Bahamas this morning.

Aye, aye, Mr. Levine.

Ah, excuse me.


I understand.

Got not problem.


We got it.

Listen, nobody cares what
the testing problems are

with the raw stock or the
biomolecular compounds.

Nobody cares what happens at sea.

All they care about is did
we bring the ship home?

Look, we have everything
riding on the launch

of Le Ponce.

If there's no stabilization,

we have no exit strategy.

Do you understand?

Okay, then.

Levine, later.

Mr. Black?

There's a Mr. Joe Blasco on line two.



Did you get the stuff ready
for next week by any chance?



Did you happen to get the storage ready

for next week's Kill Bill shoot?


You're in the middle of a shoot?

Why don't you take five?

Hey, you look fabulous, okay?

Hey, looking good.

Very nice, very nice.

We're tight, hey, let
me ask you a question.

Did you happen to get the
Kill Bill shoot stuff ready...

No, no.

I don't have it ready.

Well, you have the swords, right?

Okay, what about reserving Benihana?

No, no.


Yeah, well, why not?

Can you give me a good explanation?

Because I was at the
shoot as well.

Oh, the vulture?


Which had nothing to
do with this, right?

So, this is what happened.

As soon as I start letting my
top photographer freelance,

suddenly, I become a subordinate.

Well, maybe it's Exposure
that becomes subordinate,

is that what we're talking about here?


I just need to know.

Give me an answer, please.

I want to hear what you have to say.

You know, there was a guy
that I went to jail with once,

when I was in prison a few years back

and every time I would ask him a question

he would give me this stupid look

and then he would try to answer it

with another question, so every time I ask

you something and you
answer me with a question,

I don't know what to do
and that's what called,

what do we call it?

It's called a quagmire.

A quagmire.

You know what that means?

That means it's an ongoing problem

that we don't seem to have a solution for.

So, I think I have a solution.

Come here.

Look at this.

I'm trying to run a
professional corporation here,

and I have assets, you understand?

In assets, I have arrangements,

therefore, we have deadlines to meet.

This is what happens when you
don't listen to instructions.

Now, if you don't like
what's going on here,

and you want me to stop.

Oh, stop, please.

Shut up and listen.

If you want me to stop,
don't say another word.

Stomp your foot one time.


Was that a yes?

Now, go clean yourself up
because you look disgusting.

Just trying to run a clean business.

Welcome to Exposure Models.

Hi, I'm Nikki Smith.

I'm so happy to be here.

I'm sure you are.


Fine, then your 11 o'clock is here

and you asked me to get
you when she arrived.

Get her yourself.

Oh, that's not the problem, Gloria.

That is not why I'm upset.

Do you have any idea why I
might be upset right now?


That was easy.

I'm upset because our new thing

that we've been waiting
on is supposed to be

this person.

This person is supposed to be blonde hair,

blue eyes, five foot four, 110 pounds,

36C, 24-32 and very single.

Well, she's not alone, so do
want to interview her or not?

Oh, gee, well, I don't know.

What do you think?

Give me your expert opinion.

I think you should Seth.

You do?

I do.

Well, I'll trust you then, Gloria.

You should.

Okay, good.

Put her in the conference room.

Aaron and I will have a look.

Hey Seth.

Oh, Aaron, how are you?

How's it going?

Good as always, good.

Doin' okay?



Better than okay.

I'm doing excellent

and you look good.

I like this suit.

Is that the new model Benson recruited?

The one you've been talking about?

That's the one.

Nikki Smith.

She's dazzling.

I can see why you wanted to meet her.


She's gonna be my top girl.

I'm gonna make that girl.

I'm gonna turn her into a star.

That's great, but Seth?

Seth Black.

We have 90 days to
launch the Le Ponce line.


We don't have production stills.


This is big money we're talking about.


I want to be living the dream.

And you are the dream.

You are my dream.

Well, you make it happen, Seth,

because I'm counting on you.

I've got it.

You're done.

You're gonna make billions.

You're gonna own this world.

Do you understand?

You've got the most
powerful cosmetic thing

ever in the history of cosmeticals.

Don't let me down, dude.

I won't let you down.


Mr. Black will be right with you.

Thank you.

Sabrina, got that file?

It's right here.

Thank you.

You must be Nikki.

Nikki Smith.

I am Seth Black.

This is my fiance...

Nikki Nascar.

I like that.

It's like Formula One
Racing but it puts you

in the driver's seat and I like that.

This is my fiance, Blain.


let's see what you've got here.

In our file we have you listed as single.

However, apparently, you
don't look very single to me.

The reason why we needed a single woman

for this job, honey, is because

we're looking for somebody that can

just kind of grab life by

the balls.

We are running a massive campaign,

and we are looking for somebody

that can literally, no strings attached,

at the drop of a dime, pick up and leave

and go wherever we need
anywhere around the world.

Now, that is a very big commitment.

Now, no disrespect in any way to you, bro,

because I'm tellin' you,

I think this girl may
have exactly what we need.

She may have it, but I
just can't give it to her

without that commitment.

It's a big commitment and
not everybody can do it.

You have to be able to drop everything.

No strings attached.

We need a model who can grab the world

by the balls and own it.

Own every moment and I can't have anybody

that's afraid of leaving
their attachments.

My point is, I'm here
to find the right model,

the right face, the right look

for the most important campaign

that we've ever taken on and I believe

that you may have what it takes.

Well, if it's alright with you, Blain,

I would like to take
Nikki in the other room,

introduce her to the photographer,

put her through the test shoot

and we'll see how she does.

Can we do that?

Yes, we can do it.

Nikki, right this way.

Keep your hands to yourself.

That's so sweet.

Haven't been around much lately.

I miss you being here.

Ah, thank you.

As you know, though, our recent project

has me diversifying the company,

but, how are things coming
on your end, Gloria?

Everything's on track.

Business is great, although the heat's on

with the recent news coverage
of the missing models.


Don't worry about the assets of Exposure.

I'm making sure anything
we previously set up

is not gonna be impacted by this.

Gloria, I know you.

You'll sleep better at night
not knowing the particulars.

? Blue skies

? Smilin' at me

? Nothing but blue skies

? Do I see

She is stunning, isn't she?

? When you feel

? You're falling behind

? Everything is twisted in your mind

? You can hear the calling of the night

? Just be thankful

? For time to live

? Again

Come on.

I've got ya.

Mr. Levine is here.

Open the door.

How's the solution coming?

Well, I can't seem to
get the cells to stabilize.

The tissue doesn't seem
to want to regenerate.

It will work, won't it?

Oh, when the biomolecular structure

and the solution come
together at a hundred

degrees Celsius, the
tissue will become alive

and the alive tissue will stabilize

and will make the
solution and the solution

will self-replicate.

Excellent, Bern.

But now I need you to go back to work.

I need results, Bern.

I've gone to the far ends of the earth

to come up with the organic
stock to make this cream.

This is my destiny.

This is my billion dollar idea, Bern.

It's my billion dollar baby.

Make it happen.

I will.

So this it.

This is the complete underbelly
of Exposure fine art.

This is where it all lives and this

right here, this display is literally

what put Exposure models on the map.

It gave us our street cred.

It's the only thing
that made it all happen.

My most brilliant display ever.

It's called the Marionette
Post-Mortem Look.

What do you think?

She looks so real.

Isn't it amazing?

How did you do that?

Well, it's a process.

It's a brand new process.

Never been used before.

I mean, it's very complicated,

but essentially, we spliced and mutated

some genetic cells fusing it with silicone

and animated body parts.

Animatronics, but with cyber skin.

She's saying so much
and she's not even...

You know what?

I don't understand what she's saying.

Well, it's all about what she's

not saying that's important.

Don't speak.



What do you think?

She looks so defeated.

You get it.

You may be an art connoisseur.

It just takes a little time to appreciate

the finer things in life.

Speaking of the finer things in life,

you, Miss Nikki Nascar, are
ready for your big moment.

It's time to make you a star.

But listen, I run this
frickin' town, okay?

Next time I ask you a question,

you answer my frickin' question

or you gonna have so many problems

that you wish you were
back in Cuba with Castro.

Yeah, whatever, take it easy.

You got it?

Yeah, yeah, let go.


Hey, it's me, George.

Hey, there's a detective looking

for Seth Black at the store.

You told me if anybody
comes by to let you know.

Got a nice little thing

for Mr. Detective Orlando, understand?

No, he's outside in the front waiting

for me to come back.

You keep him there, 'cause if you don't,

you're gonna be next, you understand?


George, George, George, George.

Come on and open the door.

I could've sworn that
that prick

it's always 1:30 for me.

Always 1:30 for me.

How are ya, honey?

Okay, look at this.

This is my new model.

You like her?

Her name is Excellent.

All the time.

Okay, pick anything pink.

That's right, pink.

I want all the pink in the store.

More pink.

Buy me all the pink in the store.

I like pink.

It's my favorite color.

Everything pink.

I want everything pink in the store.


Alright, we got one of everything.

I like it.

It's okay.

Oh, it's better than okay.

It's pink.

Ha ha ha.

Okay, put it on my tab.

Very, very good place for this.

You've got great bottle holders.

Put it on your tab?

Put it on my tab.

Thanks, George.

Alright buddy.

Love you like a brother

from another mother.

? I read the book

? But didn't get the joke

? 'cause I watched the
sun drip from the sky

? Like stars on a carpet ride and

? You're in my head

? A half-beat trip

? Sitting on an ocean made of fire

? Like dogs in the rain

? Oh, oh

? Oh, oh

? In the nighttime

? In the night

? In the nighttime

Yes, Aaron.

I am so happy tonight.


The cream works so well.

Oh, well, let's talk about it.

I know that said Rhonda A. use it

but I always want it.

Wait until you see me
after I use the cream.

You won't be able to resist me anymore.


Oh, well.

and I will
give you what you want.

Is that a yes or no?

Because it's not.

I'm gonna go out tonight and
I will give what you want

to someone else.


Is that a yes?



Just get away.

Hey Aaron.

What's up?

How are you?

Good as always.

Nice to see you.

Sit down, please.

We gotta talk about her.

I don't know what she's up to,

but I saw her going
through my stuff today.

Thank you.

It's definitely a
problem, that's all I know.

I don't know what the problem is...

Seth, how many times have I told you

don't mess with the product?

You understand?

You mess with the product one more time,

I'm gonna send you on
assignment, you get that?

You're cute.

So, Aaron, it's an honor to meet you.

They tell me that you're the
publisher of Ocean Magazine?

I am.

Wow, that's incredible.

Such a successful man.

Well, we'd love to stay longer.

We really can't 'cause we
kinda got to get going...

What's the hurry?

I'm just now gettin' to meet you two.

The night is young.

What's the rush?

The party's just getting started.

Stay a while.

Why don't we stay, Seth?

Because you have to pack.

You forget?

You're going to L.A. on Thursday.

I'm going to L.A.

Did you forget?

Did you pack?

Yes, of course.

Are you ready to go?

I'm ready to go.

Good, then let's go.

Come on, let's go, gotta go.

Time to go, let's go.

But Seth, I don't understand.


It's time to go now.

We've gotta hurry.

See ya later.

Now, take care, Aaron bye bye.

Good to see ya as always, Aaron.

Take care.

Make sure you take care
of those girls, now.

They want you.


Think it's funny?

Are you kidding me?

I ask you to deliver me my daughter

and you deliver her to me in an envelope?

Now, I'm gonna deliver you to your family

in a bodybag.

Don't worry.


I need to know where
we're at on that delivery.

We're running behind.

We're on a very, very tight schedule.

You got it.

Okay, just bear in mind that
when I don't get what I need,

you don't get paid, do
we understand each other?

It takes money to make money.


Black out.


I don't care what Seth says.

I'm the one calling the shots.

You got it.

Oh, here we are.

You ready?

What's up man?

I'm always ready to rock.

Bring it.

I like the sound of a
fresh drill in the morning.

Okay, here we go.

Oh, yeah.

Give it to me.

Bring the pain, baby.

I like the pain.

? This cut of love

? Will destroy us

? This cut of love

? Will destroy us

? Will destroy us

? Everybody now

? Will destroy us

There's a problem in number 23.

There's a briefcase there.

Handle it.

Eh, we got no beer left.

You don't need any more.

Ah, we got a little problem.

You got a little problem.

Yeah, what's the problem is...

What's the problem is?

You know what I'm sayin'.

I'm outta brew.

I'm gonna have to get a
refill downstairs, baby.

You're makin' no sense.

You do not need any more.

Oh, yeah, yeah I do.

Do what you want.


Go get yourself some more beer, drunkie.

I want you to sleep because I love you.

Better hurry up.

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

I'm pothead.

What am I gonna do with you?

Hurry up, Blain.


I'll be right back.

You better.

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

You sexy, you sexy, you sexy.

? I'm off to see the wizard

? The wonderful wizard of beer

? I'm off to see him

? I'm off to see him and yeah

? Sometimes things do go wrong

? Could it possibly ever happen to you

? Sometimes things do go wrong yeah




What do you mean?

Is he gonna be okay?


I'm on my way.

I'll be right there.

I'm not Nikki without you.

I'm going home with you.

I can't do this.

Seth Black, bitch.

Sorry, I'll get right back to that.

This is important.

This is Seth Black.

Talk to me.

Nikki Nascar.

Driver's seat.

What's up, girl?

How are you?

Oh, really?

Oh, really?

You work for me now.

I'm Seth Black, bitch.

Don't forget it.

Okay, this is all good news.

Here's what we're gonna do.

I'm gonna have my assistant
take you out shopping.

I want you to go get whatever you want.

Buy a nice outfit for tonight.

Okay, sound good?

Perfect, I'll pick you up at 8:00.

Be ready for me.

Black out.

Okay now, take a look at those shots.

Oh, that's a good one.

I'm excited.

Are you excited?

It's gonna be a good night.

I didn't ask you.

You excited.


Well, good.

Otherwise I'm gonna have to keep smacking

your ass all night.

? Lovebirds singing at the break of day

? Like to let the whole world know

? How does he sing that way

? Spread his wings and fly away

? I got a little mojo of the soul

This one had fakes.

Hey, what are you doing?

For you, Seth.

I'm Seth Black, dammit.

That's a good one.

I said I'm Seth Black, bitch.

I'm Seth Black and I've got tits.

Only you.

I've always wanted
one of these for myself.

I can lick my own titty.

Pretty good.

Doesn't taste bad, either.

You could eat this.

Not bad.

Now it's jellyfish.

Benson, how are we doing?

We're doing fine.

We just need to go over the particulars

of this dirt bag agreement.

No paper, no trail.

I'll give the investors the stock.

Give me the cash.

You know, a gypsy swap.

Everything under the table.

Are you sure about that?

Yes, I'm sure.

We need the money for R & D
to get Le Ponce to market.

There's gonna be a lot
of people lining up here

for this venture and some
that are not too scrupulous.

Yes, but this is a
non-taxable investment.

No paper, no trail, no reporting, no IRS.

I love it, works for me.

Look, Benson, welcome
to the world of wealth,

or as you said, living the dream.

I thought I was insane.

Very nice.

Come on.

Welcome to.

Le Ponce.

Please feel free to
inspect the merchandise.

Any questions afterwards feel free to ask.

Benson, I have a question.

Where are we with the trials?


Look, this is a game changing
product we have here.

It's gonna revolutionize the world.

Who won't want to buy Le Ponce?


No more plastic surgery.

No scalpel.

Now it's all in a cream.

Look, make up your mind.

Buy this product now or
we have other retailers

who are standing in line
just dying to buy Le Ponce.

What do you want to do?


Hey, you.

Wake up, huh?

Hey, wake up.

Yeah, see, here's what we're gonna do now.

I guess you were looking for me

and I guess you found me, didn't ya?


That's right.

You were looking for me, weren't ya?

You were looking for me.

Feel helpless now, don't ya?

A little helpless.

Well, here's what we're gonna
do now that you found me.

First thing I'm gonna do is actually

go and thank you for that
free money you gave me.

Thank you so much.

My God, you are such a great father.

The second thing we're gonna do is

we're going to tell you
that I did deliver you

your daughter as you asked.

delivered and the other thing

is we're going to do is
we're going to deliver you

to your daughter.

You see, I've been X'ed out of this world.

They put a red X on my
face and on my forehead

since I was a kid.

I've never had a father like you,

so here we go, we're going to say hello

to prayers or anything you have to say

our father, who art in
heaven we are gathered

here today to thank this
gentleman right here

for being such a great father.

I have left this planet and
let me tell you something,

good luck on the way to the other side

because I'm already there waiting for you.

You'll never see me but thank you so much

for being such a great
father my dear friend

and hallelujah to you.

Bye bye papa.

Mr. Levine?

Hello, Nikki.

I couldn't possibly
tell you how grateful

I am you meeting me and all.

That's quite alright.

I mean, really.

I know I told you before,
but I love your magazine

and that I followed it for
as long as I can remember.

I mean, it's all I've ever wanted.

I'd kill to be in it.

Huh, really?

I don't think we have
to go quite that far,

but, now that you mention it,

I do have a favor I wanted
to ask you, but before...


But before I ask you,

I have something very
special for you, Nikki.

If you'll allow me.

Well, what is it?

It's a song I wrote for you.

You wrote a song for me?

I did, it's not quite finished.

Come, please come sit.

Well, does it have a name?

It does.

Well, what's the name?

Song to Nikki.

Song to Nikki?

Let me play it for you.

? I been all the way to Africa

? I stayed in Paris, France

? The island of Tahiti

? Oh, those native girls can dance

? I've seen the diamonds of a princess

? And the

Well, I didn't quite
finish the song, Nikki.

I hope you like it so far.

I did like it.

I loved it.

Well, thank you.

And you.

I can't believe you really
wrote a song for me.

I did.

But I did wanna ask you a favor, Nikki.

I'm Seth Black, bitch.

Seth Black in the house.

My new star.

Nikki Nascar.

Seth Black.

Seth Black, bitch.

Seth Black in the house.


? Who is up the rear

? Now you're hard on

? When the moment is bigger than the music

? When it feeds you fear

? For something

? Go bang yourself a who

? All your features pass

? And you see so much more than gold

? Build yourself a hole

? Or a mountain

? You don't need to bend

? To hear me when I scream

Hey, get back here.



Just ship it.

? State of disrepair

? Lingers in the air

You're Nikki Nascar.

You're beautiful.

You're enterprising.

You can do this.

I have total confidence in you.

I know I can.

Most importantly, we haven't
picked a cover girl yet

for next month's Ocean Magazine.

Ocean Magazine?

The cover?

Are you saying what I think you're saying?

I think you know exactly
what I'm saying, Nikki.

But Nikki, about that fake art.

There's a file in his office.

It's the Exposure office.

It's called Oracle.

I mean, I was wondering if,

I want you to get that file for me

without him knowing.

Can you do that?

You're done.

Give me the gun.

Before she gets here.

You want me
to kill her, too, huh?

I don't know about that.

I may wanna take this one myself.

I'm gonna take some real pleasure in this.

You're gonna kill her?

Is there a problem with my voice?

Can you not hear me all the sudden?

Is that somebody at the door?

Now where
would you two be off to?

What's this man?

She just walks into my house?

This is the great Nikki Nascar.

She's the new thing thing.


Interesting, Seth.

I think we have
some things to talk about.

She likes to talk.

She's a good talker.

I think I need a drink.

I see.

Yup, she's tried
talkin' to me a few times.


You boys shoot whisky?

Come here.

What do you want?

Now, listen to me.

She is a very important piece of property

so we're not gonna mess this one up.

Do you understand me?

We've got to play it cool.

I wanna be...


Let's take some shots.

We have to celebrate.

Oh, yeah, hey, you wanna
have one of these drinks?

To my future.


My career.

You are hot as hell.

I mean that, literally.

Oh, that's nice.

That's great.

Okay, we gotta do something.

Let's go.

So, what are we doing?

I just said that.

What are we doing?

I just said that.

I have to go to the bathroom.

I have a little surprise for you guys.

Oh, a surprise!

Oh, I got a surprise
for you, too, honey.

It's a big surprise!

Yeah, uh huh, uh huh.

All these girls I've killed for you.

Every single one of them.

And this?

Don't complain to me.

I don't wanna complain to me.

Shut up.

I'm the guy doing the killing.

I'm Seth Black.
- I'm doing the killing.

I'm Seth Black.

Playing around with this girl, man.

You've got this little
lover thing going on.

Right now.

It's over, it's over.

Shut up.

We're about to kill her.

That sounds great.

That sounds better.

Okay, okay, okay.

Give me a minute.

I got to sit down.

I'm fine.

Don't be stupid.

Nikki Nascar.

Nikki Nascar.

Nikki Nascar, Nikki Nascar.

Great name, Seth.


Need some privacy.

Why does it always come down to this?

Why, why?

I need a vacation.

Just gettin' tired.

Can't deal with this stupid ass broad.

She's taking my soul.

She's taking my soul.

I can't take it.

You got to stop at some point, man.

And I...

You can't take it.

You can't.

You better take care of this.



What is taking so long?

Through the darkness,
we sometimes get light,

and in the light, things start to change.

And that's where this story

takes a whole new turn.

Payback's a bitch

and so am I.

Oh, and the princess arrives.

So nice of you to join us.

Well, let's have a drink.

Nikki Nascar.


Did you boys have a few drinks

while I was gone?

I don't wanna talk about it.

A few drinks, right.

I've seen your little warehouse.

I've seen the models.

I know everything.

I just don't feel like...

You're through.

The little one.

Little ones can make it eh?

Keep laughing.

Nascar! Nascar!

Well, look what we have here.

Thank you.

God, do I have to
take care of everything?

Seth, I want you to understand.

I will no longer be cleaning after you.

It's time to take care of this situation.

And now, gentlemen, it's time

to start my long awaited vacation.


Are you lost boy?

That's why I pay you the big bucks.

Now let's go get that bitch.


Hey Nikki!

Daddy's home.

I know you're in here, Nikki.

I saw the car parked in the lot.


Nikki Nascar.

Nikki Nascar.

Where are you little girl?

Seth Black bitch.

Seth Black is in the house.

Seth Black is in a hissie.

Girl Scout cookies.

Are you there?


Come on!

Get back here!

Get back here you little whore!



Nikki get back here!

Nikki Smith get back here!

Nikki Smith, you get back here!

That's right, you're still Nikki Smith

and that's all you're ever gonna be now.

Nikki Smith, some little white trash,

trailer tramp from North Carolina,

but I got news for you, Nikki Smith.

Nascar bitch.

It's over.

I made you and now I'm gonna take you out.

You're right, Seth.

In the end, it's all
about getting exposure.

Seth, you always miss the obvious.

Didn't you know Aaron's my father?

After all of these years of loyalty

this is how you end it?

Seth, do you remember what I told you

about never looking ahead?

So how do you like this exposure?

Gimme all your lovin'.


Nikki, what's going on?

Is everything alright?

I been trying to reach you for days.

I know.

There's just been so much going on.

I just had a few things to get together.

I'm coming home.

I love you.

Love you too.

I'll see you soon.

Alright, be safe.

? Oh where do you get your air from

? Keep it held in your arms

? Much too long

? Oh where do you get your air from

? Keep it held in your arms

? Much too long

? See the rafters

? That's your disasters

? Safer in bed

? Away from distractions

? It hit once, it hit twice

? No response

? Shook it off with confidence

? Sharpens his knife with nonchalance

? And whispers whispers

? Sail back to sleep

? Just once

? Ordinarily

? There'd be no response

? Sail back to sleep

? Just once

? Ordinarily

? There'd be no response

? Oh

? Time is elapsing

? Country's collapsing

? We're switching it all off

? To gage the reaction

? It hit once

? It hit twice

? No response

? Shook it off with confidence

? Sharpens its knife with nonchalance

? Whispers whispers

? Sail back to sleep

? Just once

? Ordinarily

? There'd be no response

? Sail back to sleep

? Just once

? Ordinarily

? There'd be no response

? Summer's gone

? The race is run for you

? Summer's gone

? Autumn is overdue

? Ah ah ah ah ah