Exposed (2011) - full transcript

A young teacher, Emily Bennett, sets out to clear her name after digitally fabricated pornographic photos of her are sent to her students. She soon discovers that this incident is linked to the kidnapping of another young woman and that she is now the kidnapper's next target. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Is anyone out there?

Hello? Can anyone hear me?


Someone help me!

Interesting choice
of angle, gentlemen.

- First rule of
show biz, Ms. B,

give the public what they want.

- And the first rule
of my class, Josh,

is complete the assignment
as instructed or you get an "F".

Come on, you guys.
What is this?

You were supposed
to shoot a game.

- Wait, there was a game?

- Yeah, what do
you call this?

- This is not exactly
what I had in mind.

- So we juiced
it a little.

You know, any loser
can shoot a football game.

What we're doing here,
this is fresh, you know?

This is...
This is outside the box.

This is art.

- I see.

Well, you're gonna
have to forgive me

for being
so uncultured.

I'm disappointed.

- Really?

- Really, guys.

I know you think
this is cool.

And I grant you, you've
done a very slick job.

But when it comes
to visual media,

you really need to
understand the power you hold

in every choice you make.

Just by the angle
you've chosen to shoot,

the subject matter
you're focused on,

you've completely
sexualized these girls.

- But you do understand
these are cheerleaders, right?

- What I understand, Josh,

is that this is grossly
unfair to these girls.

It takes skill and talent and
athleticism to do what they do,

and you've trivialized
all their hard work

and turned it into
a cheap thrill, Josh.

- Come on.

- No, I need you
to understand this.

You see babes.

I see bright,
hard-working young women

who deserve much more
from you than this.

OK, look, guys,

the subject matter
I assigned was football.

I wanna see football, OK?

You wanna suffer for
your art and get an "F",

totally fine,
that's your choice.

But if not, there's
another game this week.

My suggestion is you go and
you do it right this time.


- Hey, Ms. B.
- Hey.

- I was hoping
I could talk to you.

I wanna discuss my project.

- OK. There's nothing
really to discuss.

You can do it again
or you can get an "F",

but it's up to you.

- It's not fair. Do you know
how long we worked on it?

- This wouldn't be a problem
if you'd done the assigned work.

- When am I supposed
to do this?

I already got 2 papers to finish
and midterms to study for.

- OK.

You can have a week extension.
But that's more then fair.

- I shouldn't have
to do it at all.

- All right,
that discussion is over.

Be grateful that I'm
giving you an extension.

You pull a stunt like
this in the real world,

and odds are your boss isn't
gonna be so understanding.

I'm doing you a favour, OK?

Excuse me.

- I'll do you
a favour, bitch.

- I beg your pardon?

Did you have something that
you wanted to say to me?

- Thanks for nothing.

- Help!

In here! Help me!

Is there anybody out there?




- You do realize how seriously
maladjusted that is, don't you?

- Sorry, it can't be helped.

See beautiful woman,
begin salivating,

stop thinking.

- Thinking is
highly overrated.

- What's with dinner?
I thought I was taking you out.

- I had kind of
a stressful day,

so I thought
maybe we'd stay in.

- I have reservations
at Umberto's.

You know how hard--

OK. I guess
staying in could work.

Not that I'm complaining or
anything, I'm just curious.

What brought this
on all of a sudden?

- Do I need a reason?
Can't we just be spontaneous?

- No, spontaneous is good.
I can do spontaneous.

I thought you could.

- Morning. Coffee!

You're a saint.

- It's the least I can do.
Do you have time for breakfast?

- I can't. I gotta swing
by my place to change.

I have to meet up with
Justin for a few hours.

- You do know
it's a Saturday, right?

- I know. I'm sorry.

- Does the word "workaholic"
mean anything to you?

- I'm not a workaholic.
I can quit anytime I want.

But if we want this little
business venture of ours

to be successful, now is
not the time to slack off.

- I don't think you
have it in you to slack off.

Just don't push
yourself too hard.

- Well, I've already
had one failure.

It's not something I wanna
get in the habit of.

- That wasn't your fault.

- Well, you see that's
the thing about failure.

Once you're near it, you know,
the stench sticks with you.

And investors have
a keen sense of smell.

- ... So do I.
I think you smell...


You know, if you moved in,

then you wouldn't have
to go home to change...

and we could
have more time.

- Well, your argument is
very convincing, Ms. Bennett.

Hand me the phone. I'll call
the movers right now.

That's Justin.
- Ignore him.

Go away, Justin.
Go away.

What are you doing,
Justin? Spying on us?

- Where else are you
gonna be this time

on a Saturday morning,

- Sorry, declined.

- What are you doing, Justin?
- It's important.

I mean this is truly,
actually, really important.

Is Andrew there?
I've got great news.

- What's going on?

- Sorry, no good either.

- This...

- Maybe you could
just pay cash?

- Em, can you...

Just hang on.
Give me one--one second.


I, I'm gonna be,
like, 50 cents short.

So I'll catch you next time?

- I can hardly wait.

- Thank you.

It's Warren Morrow.
I just got the call.

We got ourselves
a meeting today.

And since it's the weekend,

it'd be really great
if you could come.

- That is great news.

- What's up?

The key to guys like this

is to show a little attitude.

And why not?
We got the goods, right?

Without us,
they've got squat.

- Aside from, like, 3 billion
in investment capital, you mean?

- Once again, sorry
if we kept you waiting.

- We're running late, folks.

I think we should get started.

- Yeah.

So, will,
Warren be joining us?

- We'll call him
if we need him, OK?

- That's--that's... OK.

- So what sets
the U-Know platform apart,

what distinguishes us
from your standard

user-unfriendly software,

is, um,
a self-screening interface

that quickly adapts to the--

- OK, guys, thank you very much.
I think I get the picture.

but did you wanna see--

- Thank you, Andrew.

- You're a talented
programmer, Andrew.

Shame about Paradigm Systems.

Don't worry, I know
that company went under

because of
poor marketing.

The product you designed
for them was excellent.

I should know.
I bought the patent.

It's currently one
of our bestsellers.

Now, it's not the quality of
the program that concerns me,

it's the necessity.

Which is why I'd like
to hear from Emily.

I understand
you're a teacher.

- That's right. I teach media
studies at Fieldgate High.

- And this program was
your brainchild, I believe?

- Well, it was a collaborative
effort, really.

- Of course.

But it is a platform
specifically designed

for teachers and students,
is it not?

All right then.
Would you use this software?

- OK. Let me ask you this.

Do you remember
how stressful it was

when you were preparing
to take the SATs?

- Don't pitch me, Emily.
Just give it to me straight.

- Yes, I would
use this software.

- Why?

- Because it identifies
areas on the SATs

in which a student
is weakest.

- Aren't there lots of programs
out there that do that?

- There are programs
that give sample tests

and they show a student areas
that they might need help.

Our software is more
like a virtual tutor.

It'll detect a weakness
and then it will generate

a very specific lesson plan
customized to each student.

It also has
the ability to learn.

It processes study habits
and patterns

that might indicate a more
serious learning disability.

It does all this for a fraction
of the cost of a personal tutor.

- Good enough.

Let's have legal
draft a letter of intent.

Let's get
this thing rolling.

I wanna take you to the
trade show next month in Vegas,

see what happens.

So you've got 3 weeks.
- Thank you, Mr. Morrow.

- Not so fast. I wanna make sure
it can do what you say it can.

- Yeah, not a problem.

We can get a few
of Emily's students

to take it
for a test drive.

- I wanna be clear.

If I don't see significant
results, the deal is off.

Any objections?

- None.

- All right. From now on,
just call me Warren.

- Um, Warren,
there is one small thing.

We actually don't have...

- Office space?
- Yeah.

- I'll set you up
right here on premises.

I'll give you
the offices, equipment

and software engineers you need
to get this thing done right.

Unless there's anything else,
I think we're done here.

Welcome aboard.

- Thank you.

- Well...

Yeah, I know.

- You guys, thank you so much
for helping out today.

This is Andrew.
This is Justin.

They'll be
running the tests,

so try and be patient
with them, OK?

- Um, and remember this doesn't
count for anything at school,

so there's no need
to guess or cheat.

Go ahead. You can
begin at any time.

- I just wanna
thank you guys.

We really appreciate
all your help.

- No problem, man.

Anything to help out a teacher
that fine is fine by me.

- You wanna focus, Lewis?
- Yes.

- Morning.

- Hey, Lewis.
- Yeah?

- Isn't Josh supposed
to be doing this with you?

- You didn't hear?

Josh is still pissed

at Ms. B for making
us redo our project.

- That guy is such a loser.

- You guys, these results
might not count for anything,

but your behaviour
still does.

- You're still here!

- Hi, Karen.
- Hey.

- Yes. I've been so busy
working with Andrew

that I'm gonna have to
burn a little midnight oil

to catch up on my classes.

- How's that going?

You're not wealthy enough
to quit here forever yet?

- No. No, not yet.

You know, I don't think
I'd give up teaching though.

I might transfer to
the Riviera, but I would teach.

- Well, let me know if you do.
I'd make an excellent TA.

- I wouldn't have
it any other way.

Don't stay too late.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Hello?



Hey, sweetie, it's me.
I'm just leaving.

I think I'm gonna
call it a day,

but call me when
you get this, OK?

OK, someone mind telling me
what's going on?

- Emily, a word,
if you don't mind?

- These are fakes,
plain and simple.

This is not me! I didn't
pose for these photos.

This is a camera trick
of some kind.

Trust me, with digital
photography nowadays--

- Emily, stop.
I believe you, OK?

I know what an
excellent teacher you are.

I have no doubt that this
is just some kind of prank.

My guess is some kid
you gave a failing grade to

is out to even the score.

But this doesn't
change the fact

that we have
ourselves a problem.

Theses photos have
gone viral, Emily.

I doubt we could find a kid
on campus who hasn't seen them.

- What are you
not telling me?

- I'm not happy about this,

but I'm gonna have
to have a substitute

take over your
classes for a while.

- You're suspending me?

- More like a leave of absence,
pending an investigation.

- But you said yourself,
this is a prank.

- Yes, I did. But school policy
on this is black and white.

It's just until
we figure this out.

Now, this is just as
much for your well-being

as it is for the school.

- I don't believe this.

Do you have any idea
how unfair this is?

- Yes, I do.
It couldn't be more unfair.

But the moment
these pictures went out,

was the moment
my hands were tied.

I'm sorry. I truly am.

There's nothing
I can do about it.

- Finish the chapter, everyone.

Um, I'll be
right back. Emily?

My God! Are you OK?

- Karen, that's not me.

That's not me
in those pictures.

- Of course it isn't.

- Who would do this?
Who would do such a thing?

No, no, no

That doesn't make sense.

We're backpedalling again.

We already
looked at that.

- We gotta go back.

- Hey, what are
you doing here?

- No classes today, Ms. B?

- Can I speak
to you, Andrew?

- Sure, yeah.
- Sorry. It'll just be a minute.

- We got a
deadline here, guys.

- Yeah, OK...

- What's going on?

- Take a look.

- What the hell is this?

- Given that they've
already been circulated

throughout my
entire school,

it turns out this is grounds
for temporary leave of absence,

pending further

- I don't understand.
- Well, it's very simple.

Someone has made an entire
collection of photos

supposedly showing me
half naked.

They're fakes,
but they're really good.

So what I wanna know is,
can we take these somewhere?

Can we get some kind of
professional analysis

and prove that
they're bogus?

- But where'd
they come from?

- I have no idea.

- Well, they're good.

Whoever did this knew
what they were doing.

Did you take a close
look at these?

- No, not really. Why?

- Here, have a look.

You notice anything funny?

On the lower back?

- So let me get this straight,

you're saying that
that's not you,

but it is your face
and your tattoo?

- Yes.

- Tell you what, I'll take them
down to the forensics lab

and let's see what
they come up with.

- Thank you.

- The pictures are fakes,
detective. We know that.

What worries me
is the tattoo.

Whoever did this, how do
they know about that?

- Are you sure you've
never posed nude before?

- I'm sure.

- The two of you
never decided to--

- No.

- What about
an ex-boyfriend?

- You think an ex-boyfriend
could've done this?

- It's a possibility.

At this point, Ms. Bennett,
the laws surrounding

Internet defamation
are still evolving.

While doctoring photographs
isn't a crime in and of itself,

distributing falsified images
with an intent to do harm is.

So why don't we
start with that?

With a list of anyone
who might, you know...

know about your tattoo.


take your time, OK?

I'll be right back.

- Hey...

It's OK.
It's all right.

- No.

It's not OK, Andrew.

- It's Justin.

Warren wants to meet
with us in the morning.

- I thought we should talk.

- I assume this is
about the pictures.

- Justin brought us
up to speed.

- They're fake.

I did not pose
for those pictures.

- We're worried, Emily.

- Justifiably, I think.

- Whether you posed for
those pictures or not,

this could easily turn
into a PR nightmare.

You were gonna be the face
of that new software.

If your credibility is suddenly
called into question,

we could be facing
a disaster.

- Disaster.

- You're right.

I think I should
pull out now

and sign my shares over
to Justin and Andrew.

Whatever. They have
nothing to do with this.

- That's probably
the best thing to do...

for the good of
the company, of course.

- Absolutely not!

This whole project wouldn't
exist without her contribution--

- Excuse me.
Can I continue?

You have to understand that I
have shareholders to report to.

- We filed a police report.

They sent the photos
to a forensic expert.

We should get results
in a few days.

Until then, I guess you're
gonna have to trust me.

- Fine.

We'll continue as planned
until the results come in.

We'll make
a decision then.

- Good idea.

- But make no mistake,

if this is going
to be a problem,

we won't be going
forward with you.

I'm sorry, Emily.
I really am.

It's just business.

- Creepy!

- Yeah.


- You believe this place?

- I don't think we
should be in here.

Come on,
let's just go, OK?

- Come on,
don't be a wuss.

Let's go this way.

- I don't think we
should go in there.

- Whoa! Look at this!

What is it?

- My God!

- Man...

- Is she... dead?

- I don't know.


I think so.

- Hey, you don't
have to do that.

I would've brought
you your stuff.

- I didn't do anything wrong.
I didn't wanna run and hide.

- You're absolutely right.

- I guess that's it.


- Hey, Ms. B,
how you doin'?

Looking for
some fresh meat?

- Ignore him, Emily.
Ignore him.

- I'd be happy to take
some private lessons.

- One more word, Josh,

and you'll have detention
for the rest of senior year.

- It's OK, Karen.
It's OK.

- You guys should be
ashamed of yourselves.

What's happening with
Ms. Bennett simply isn't right.

- Hello?

We need to talk.

- We have a meeting with
Warren in, like, 5 minutes.

- Don't worry this
won't take long.

- What's going on?
- The bank called.

- There were insufficient funds
in the business account

for some cheques
that were issued,

and they're taking the money
out of my personal credit line.

- What?

- Amazing week, you guys.

First, I get
suspended from my job,

then my name gets dragged
through the mud,

and now this?

- What did you do?
- What, you didn't know?

It takes 2 signatures
on a cheque, Andrew.

I haven't signed any.

- I signed a couple
of blank cheques.

You said they were for
normal development costs.

- I put $30,000
into that account.

Do you have any idea
how long it takes

to save that kind of money?

- We all put money
in that account.

I needed an advance.
So what?

- An advance?

- Yes. I have expenses too.
- It's a business account!

You guaranteed me
that that money

would only be used for
developing the product

and that we would make the
decision together as a group.

- She's right, Justin.

You can't go around
making decisions like that

without discussing it
with us first!

- Relax. We close this deal,
we'll get it back 50 times over.

So let's not make
a federal case out of this.

- I don't
believe this. I...

- You guys ready?

- Warren! 100%!

- I'll meet you in
the boardroom. Hi, Emily.

- You have to fix this.
Today, Justin.

- I will.
Don't worry about it.

- Yeah, how you
gonna do that?

Where are you gonna
get that money?

- I'm gonna take care of it.
This isn't the end of the world.

Emily, Emily, just wait.

- What?

- I'm sorry, OK?

It's just,
now is not the time

to start rocking
the boat with Warren.

We discovered a bug
in the software yesterday.

- Why didn't you tell me?

- With what you've been through,
we thought it best not to.

- It's a glitch in the source
code of one of the filters.

Fixing it
won't be a problem.

Finding it in time
for the trade show,

that's what we should all
be concentrating on.

- You should have told me.

- Thanks... so much.

Emily... Emily, wait.

- He's your friend.
You said he could be trusted.

- I know, I know.

- You need to fix this.

- Help!


- Amy, it's OK. It's OK.

Sweetheart, sweetheart...

It's fine. It's me.

- Bryan?

- It's OK. It's me.

It's over. It's over.

It's OK.

It's OK.

- No, it's not.
We need to call the police.

- There's a couple of
officers just outside.

- I need to speak
with them now.

- What?

- The man who did this to me,
he's going after someone else.

- Andrew?


- What can you tell me
about the intruder?

- Like I said,
I couldn't see his face.

It just happened
really quickly.

- Height or build?

- I don't know. Average.

- I contacted your
former boyfriends,

and they all
checked out fine.

So, now I think we should
start looking at students,

coworkers, parents,

anyone you think might have
some kind of a score to settle.

- A score to settle?

It's hard to believe that I
would know someone like that.

- Ms. Bennett,
you're a high-school teacher.

Whether you
believe it or not,

I'm sure there's a student
with something to prove.

- OK, there's Josh,
I guess.

But I just don't think

he'd be involved
in something like this.

- This Josh
have a last name?

- Williams.

- Anyone else
who may come to mind?

- I don't think I know anyone
who's capable of this.

- I understand, but I also
need you to understand.

Doctoring dirty pictures
is one thing,

but breaking into your
house while you're here,

that's something
else entirely.

- What do you mean?

- It's not my intention
to alarm you,

but this is a clear
escalation of aggression.

A crime like this, Ms. Bennett,
typically it's not about sex.

It's about power,
intimidation, control.

- What are you saying?

I'm dealing with
some kind of psycho?

- What I'm saying is
that we don't know.

But we have to
look at everyone.

Now, so far, we haven't found
any signs of forced entry.

You're sure
the door was locked?

- I thought
I locked it.

- Do you keep a spare key
outside somewhere?

- No, I don't.

- OK, so assuming
the door was locked,

who, besides you,
has a key to your place?

- Just Andrew.
That's it.

- What about a landlord or
someone in your family maybe?

- No, I own this house
and my family's in Detroit.

- And just out
of curiosity,

do we know where Andrew
is this evening?

- What are you getting at,

- We have to
look at everyone.

- I know Andrew.
There's just no way.

Why would he do
something like this?

- I'm not saying he did.

But as I'm sure
you can appreciate,

it's my job to consider
every possibility.

- I don't know who did this,
but it wasn't Andrew.

I'm willing to bet
my life on that.

- Emily, Emily...

Are you OK?

What's going on?

- I must've fallen asleep.
I'm sorry.

- What are you
doing here?

- My house got broken
into last night.

- What?

- I needed
a place to crash.

- Are you OK?

- Where were you?

I must have
called you 20 times.

- I'm so sorry.

The battery on my phone died.
I grabbed a bite to eat.

I didn't get home
till late.

- I swung by your
place at 1:00.

- I--I don't remember
what time I got home.

You know what?
To hell with it.

I'm gonna take
the rest of the day off.

After everything
that's happened,

the only thing that matters
is looking after you.

- No, you need to focus
on work right now.

Let's just get
this project finished.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, I'm OK.

I'll call you.

- OK.

- Hello?

- Ms. Bennett,
this is Det. Costa.

I just wanted to follow-up with
you regarding Josh Williams.

-What did you find out?

- He was at the hospital
visiting his dad

at the time
of the break-in.

Um, well,
that's good, I guess.

- At least it narrows down
our list of suspects.

Are you busy right now?

- Um...

Not particularly. Why?

- I was hoping you might
be able to join me

in D.C. this afternoon.

There's someone there
I think you ought to meet.

Emily, this is
Det. Nolan.

She's in charge
of an investigation

I think might be
of interest to us.

- Pleased to
meet you, detective.

- Her name is Amy,

and what she has to say
may be hard to hear.

But for now,
we'll just listen.

- It was a really
terrible week.

Bryan wanted to
take me out to dinner

to get my mind off things,

but he got stuck
in a meeting.

I was about ready to leave,
when just all of a sudden,

it was like the world
started spinning.

I thought it was from
drinking on an empty stomach.

When I got to my car,

it didn't take me long
to figure out

that somebody
had spiked my drink.

After that,
it's just mostly a blur.

- Tell us about
the pictures, Amy.

- It was about a week
before all this happened.

It was awful.

These degrading photos of me

circulated around
my company's email.

- But that was
just the beginning.

I mean, the guy
who did this,

he actually broke
into our house.

Amy was there.

She was doing laundry in
the basement when he broke in.

- Tell them
what happened next.

- He left more
photos behind,

right there on
the kitchen counter

where I couldn't
possibly miss them.

That's how it started,
you know.

Those pictures.

Is that why you're here?

- Yes.

- Do you have them?

- That's my face,

and somehow, he managed
to superimpose my tattoo.

But I promise you,
that's not my body.

- Yeah, I can tell.

- How?

- That last time
that he came to me,

just before he just
left me there to die...

he told me that
it was goodbye

and that he had
found someone new.

It's you, isn't it?

He's coming after you?

- Det. Nolan has given me
what they have so far.

Do you have time
for a coffee?

- Sure.

If it concerns me,
if it concerns my case,

I wanna be
kept in the loop.

- You have to understand,

any information
I share at this point

is strictly confidential.

There's been
a few developments.

First, we found what we think
might be 2 related cases.

Different jurisdictions,

but they're both within
an hour of the city.

- What makes
you think that?

- Same MO
in each case:

photos, break-in,
more photos.

- Are the victims OK?
The girls?

- He seems to be escalating
the level of interaction

with each vic-- girl.

Amy seems to have
gotten the worst of it.

- That's not all.

It turns out they're all
in software design,

in one way or another.

And Amy, we've learned,

temped for several firms
in the business.

- And so you think that
because I'm in software design,

I fit the profile
to a tee?

OK, I get it.

He's coming after me.
What am I supposed to do?

- Between Baltimore
and D.C.,

we've got more than enough
detectives working this case.

I assure you, we're
leaving no stone unturned.

Look, I appreciate this
is a lot to absorb.

But now I have a favour
to ask of you.

I want you to lay low
for a little while.

I don't want you telling
anyone where you are.

- Is that
really necessary?

If we're trying
to catch this guy,

won't that seem
strange to him?

You know,
maybe tip him off?

- Our first priority's
to keep you safe.

I think that's a chance
we have to take.

- Fine.

I can stay with
my friend Karen.

No one would think
to look for me there.

- Thank you.
Give me Karen's address.

I'll have a detail
parked outside

by the time
you get there.

- I need to
swing by my place

and pick up
a few things first.

- Be quick about it.

He's never struck
during the day,

but I don't think we
should take any chances.

- Don't worry.

I don't wanna be there any
longer than I have to be.

- Emily, trust me,
we'll get this guy.

- How come you
didn't tell her?

- Tell her what?

- That Amy used to temp
for Paradigm Systems,

the same company her
2 partners worked for,

not to mention, one of those
partners is her boyfriend.

- Because she's right
about tipping him off.

If our guy is
one of those two

and they find out we made the
connection to Paradigm Systems,

they'll change it up
and look for a new victim.

- I just think you're taking
a big risk using her as bait.

- I think it's our
best chance to catch him.

Hell, I think
it's our only chance.

I think it's
worth the risk.

- I hope you're right.

- Lewis!
What are you doing?

Trying to give me
a heart attack?

- Sorry, Ms. B.
I didn't mean to scare you.

It's just,
I've got something.

It might help
you out, is all.

- Yeah?

- There's been a whole lot
of talk about you at school.

I'm sure it's just

the same old losers
spewing garbage, but...

- Spit it out, Lewis.

- Apparently there's this
website, and you're on it.

I just thought
maybe you should know.

- Josh!

We need to talk!
- I got nothing to say to you.

- I think you have
a lot to say to me.

- Stuff it, bitch. You're
not my teacher anymore.

Wait, you're not
anyone's teacher anymore.

- That's just fine.

You don't wanna talk to me,
you can talk to the police.

They have some
questions for you.

- Look, I'm not
involved, OK?

- Is it true? Is it
true about the website?

- Yeah, but I
didn't create it.

I just forwarded the address
to a few friends.

- Then who did?
- I don't know.

- What are you telling me?

Some stranger just
sent you the address?

- That's exactly
what I'm saying!

It was there
one day in my inbox.

- How'd they
get your email?

- I don't know. I have
hundreds of online friends.

It could've been any of them
or anyone they know.

- Come on, Josh.
I want a name.

- I don't have one, OK?

When I replied to the sender,
my message bounced back.

- Give me the address.

- I don't have one.

It's just a number!
That's all it is.

Look, we're talking
dedicated website, OK?

Only way to know
is to find the number,

then go straight to it.

- So far,
we've accounted for

9 fibre-optic cameras
and 6 mikes,

all fed straight to the Net
using a piggybacked broadband.

Very slick.

This is a camera.
This is a mike.

Pretty high-tech stuff.

- OK, I want you guys to
look at every square inch.

We're looking for
anything and everything.

Fingerprints, hair,
whatever you can get, OK?

- How long has he
been doing this?

- It's hard to say
until we have our computer guys

take a good look
at everything.

We'll find him.

We're working
round the clock on it.

- Hello?
- We have him on the line.

- Ms. B, you there?

- He wants to talk to you.

- Hi there, Ms. B.
How nice of you to join us.

We've been waiting for you.

Not the bathroom cam!
Come on!

What's the matter, lady?
Where's your sense of humour?

Anyway, just wanted
to say goodbye

before they unplug
the office cam.

It's been a slice
and everything,

but all good things
must end, right?

- Why are you
doing this?

- What do ya know?
She speaks!

Good question.

I think the answer has to be,
because I can.

It's the beauty
of cyberspace, you know?

Where else can you be
everywhere and nowhere

all at the same time?

- Wow.

You are really something.

- Please,
don't even bother.

What, you think
you can draw me out?

Maybe let some dipstick cop

whip up some kind
of profile on me?

- No.

I think you're
a sad, pathetic little man

who hides behind his--

- Let me tell you
what I think, bitch!

I think you haven't
even begun to imagine

what I'm gonna do to you.

Those pictures at school,
who cares about those?

They may be fake,
but these ones aren't.

And guess what, sweetheart,
I've got hundreds of them.

You shut this site down,
so what?

Thousands have seen
these pictures so far.

But believe me,
it's not gonna be long

before we're talking millions.

And so it's goodbye, Ms. B.
I'll be seeing you.

And when I say,
"I'll be seeing you,"

I mean,
I'll be seeing you.

- Hey, sorry to
bother you.

- Don't worry
about it. What's up?

- A detective's here.

He's wondering if
he can see you.

- Sure, why not? Everyone else
in the world's seen me already.

What's the difference?

- Hey, it's all
gonna be over soon.

- I hope so,

because I don't know how
much more of this I can take.

- Look who
you're talking to.

If you can take a classroom
full of high-school seniors,

you can pretty much
handle anything.

- Yes, but I can put
them in detention

when they give
me trouble.

- Look on the bright side,

at least now you don't
have to eat cafeteria food.

- True.

Thank you.
I needed that.

Thank you for all your help.
You've been such a lifesaver.

- Don't even.

I wouldn't have it
any other way.

Let's go.

- Yeah.

- Our computer forensics
department determined

that this so-called
Watch Emily

was charging
a subscription fee.

It turns out people
were paying good money

for the privilege
of spying on you.

- This just gets
better and better.

- Well, the good news is,

the techies ran a check
from the site to the Web host.

They managed to track down
where the money was going.

It's a numbered corporation
registered in the Caymans.

Now, there's no way to tell
who owns it, of course,

but here's where we got lucky,
or someone got sloppy.

- I don't really understand
what all that means.

- OK, well, yesterday,
there were 6 transfers wired

from a Cayman account
into 6 accounts in the US.

One of which just
happens to belong

to a Mr. Andrew James Gray.

- I...

I can't believe that.

- That's not all. I haven't
been entirely honest with you.

There's something else
you should know about Andrew.

- I'm listening.

- Amy worked for
Paradigm Systems.

- Andrew and Justin
used to work there.

- Yes, we know.

I realize this is hard
to hear all at once,

but you have to
trust me, Emily.

I'm telling you
for your safety.

- Why don't you
just arrest him then?

- Until we subpoena his bank
statements and prove our theory,

everything's circumstantial.

- Theory? You're basing
all of this on a theory?

- I wouldn't
put you through this

if I thought there was
a chance that we're wrong.

- It's Andrew.
He says he knows you're here.

- Don't let on that you know
until we know what he wants.

- Hey.

- Well, hey, yourself.
You're talking to me.

That's a step
in the right direction.

Are you all right?

I've probably left you
a hundred messages.

- I'm OK.

-I'm worried about you.
You just disappeared.

Why didn't you tell me
you were staying at Karen's?

I had to call, like,
20 people before I found you.


- Um, the police thought
it would be safer

after the break-in.

Andrew, what do you want?

- I wanna see you.
I wanna help.

I wanna be supportive.

- Yeah, I think I just need
some space right now.

- Emily, I don't
know what to say.

I tried to apologize
about the money.

I had no idea Justin was gonna
clean out our bank account.

- I really don't wanna
talk about this right now.

- Look, I'll say it again.
I'm sorry, OK?

- Andrew, it's not
the right time.

- OK. OK, fine. Well,
if I can't talk about us,

can we at least
talk about business?

There are things
we need to discuss,

things you need
to be a part of.

We found the bug.

The software's ready to go.

Warren has asked to meet
with us tonight.

I think he wants
to get things finalized.

Emily, did you hear me?
I'm talking money here.

- I heard you.

- This is everything we've
been working for, isn't it?

- I don't know.

I don't know.

- What?

- There's a meeting tonight.
He wants to talk business.

Can you believe that?

Everything that's happened,

and he wants to
talk about money.

- You don't have
to do this.

- I'm tired
of being scared.

I need to stand up for myself.
I'm gonna go to the meeting.

What's this?

- We can't follow you
inside the building,

so it's just in case
we lose track of you.

He's not gonna try anything
inside the Morrow offices,

and we'll be waiting
right outside.

All units, subject has
entered the building.

Keep this channel clear
and stay sharp.

- Hi, you've reached
Andrew Gray.

Please leave a message.

- Andrew, it's me.

I'm here.
Where are you guys?


- Hey, yourself.

- Um...

Andrew told me that
we had a meeting with Warren.

- I didn't think
you were coming.

- I'm still
a partner, right?

I forgot something in my car.
I'll be right back.

- Emily, wait.

We haven't
had a chance to talk.

I feel bad about what
happened with the money--

- Let's just get
through this meeting

and then we can sort
that out later, OK?

- Hey, Emily,
you forgot your purse!

Emily! Emily, wait!

Emily! Emily!

I think we need
to have a little talk.

Let's go back
to the office.

- I have nothing
to say to you.

- This isn't
what it looks like.

- Yeah? What does
it look like?

- You have no idea
what's going on.

You don't know
what's at stake,

so let's just go
back to the office.

We can talk there.


Emily! Emily!



Emily, come on!


- Emily!
- Warren!

I'm so glad
to see you.

It's Justin!
The whole time.

The pictures,
the website, it was him!

- Calm down.
I'm not following you.

- I have proof.
I'll show you. Come with me.

- Tell me about this proof
you say you found.

- I found a disk
in Justin's bag.

It has pictures and graphics.
It has everything.


- He had this
in his bag?

- Yes.

- Here, drink this.

- Thank you.

- What about Andrew? Do you
think he's involved as well?

- Well, we did
at first, but now...

- Who's "we"?

- The police. They're
downstairs waiting for me.

- Well, then we need to go
talk to them right away.

- I think that's
probably best.

- Come on.


- You OK?

- I don't know.

- Justin, what's going on?

- We got a problem.

- Wait. Where are
we going?

- The parking garage.

I thought it would
be safer if I drove.

- Those are our guys.

What are they up to?

- I don't get it.
It says she's still in there.

- All units, there's movement
at the front entrance.

The subject is still inside.

Nobody goes in
until I give the signal.

- It's the black one
right here.

Are you OK?

- Yeah.

- You knew and you
didn't say anything!

- No...

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I don't know what
the hell's going on,

but I think it's
time we find out.

All units, move in.
I repeat, move in.

- Do you have any idea
what you've done?

Any idea? You idiot!

- Andrew Gray, Justin Reynolds,
stay where you are.

Stay there. Calm down.

Relax. Hey, hey ,hey!

Calm down. Relax.

- If anything happens to her,
I swear to God,

I will kill you!

- Where is she?

Where is Emily?
Where is she?

- I don't know.
I don't know!

- The monitor says
she hasn't moved.

It says she's in the southwest
corner of the 14th floor.

- OK, go.
Take a look.

I want these 2 guys to stay
with me till we figure this out.

- I'm sorry, OK?
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

- Calm.

- Sorry.

- You know what?

I think I should walk.

I think the fresh air's
gonna do me some good.

- I'm not sure that's
such a good idea.

- Yeah?
She's not here.

I found her purse
with the tracking device,

but she's gone.

- She's not here.

- This son of a bitch knew.

You knew she was in danger
and did nothing!

- Enough!

That's not what I care about
right now, so knock it off.

Come on, come on, come on.

- I don't think you should
answer that, do you?

- You knew, but you
didn't say anything?

- I just found out,
like, 2 days ago, OK?

- How'd you learn about it?
- By accident.

I was looking up
coding protocols

in the Morrow Group databank.

I was looking for a solution
to the bug in our code.

And I came across
something that didn't fit.

It's a website design.
So I checked it out.

Next thing I know,
I was staring at Emily.

- This was 2 days ago.
- Why didn't you come to us?

- I wasn't supposed
to be there.

I hacked into
Warren's personal files.

I was worried about
the deal. And I just...

I thought if I could,
you know...

If we held on
for a few more days...

I didn't wanna
blow the deal.

Not to mention,
possibly being arrested.

Look we need this, OK?

Without this, we are done.
We're busted.

I mean, do you
have any idea

how much money we're
talking about here?


- I don't understand.

- Sure you do.
It's easy.

The first time we met,

the first time I looked into
your eyes, I wanted you.

And I always
get what I want.

- Emily?

Emily? Hello?


Yeah. I want you to run
a trace on the last call

that was made to my phone.

No. Do it now, dammit!

- God...

- Tell me, Emily, what is
it that you think you know?

- I think that you are a sick
and twisted bastard.

- I've known worse.

I was gonna let you sweat it out
for a few more days, you know?

But what the hell!
It's always fun to improvise.

I must admit, Ms. B,

I am gonna miss our
intimate moments together.

I like to think
that you secretly knew

I was watching
you all the time.

But now it's time
to take our relationship

to the next level.

- No!

Not gonna happen!

- Yeah?

I have the coordinates
from the cell trace.

- Go ahead.

- The call originated

at the corner of
Harrison and 11th, sir.

- Copy that.
Harrison and 11th.

- Book these two until
we can figure things out.

You two guys come with me.
Let's go.

- What do you think?

Have you gotta rethink your
position here, sweetheart?

- They're gonna find you.

You know that, right?
Someone will find you.

- The cops?
Are you kidding me?


I'll tell you exactly
what they will find.

They're gonna find money

bouncing all over
the damn place.

And when they finally
track it down,

they're gonna find it dumped,
all neat and tidy,

into your sweet little
boyfriend's bank account.

Nice touch,
don't you think?

Change your mind yet?

I, for one,

think you and I would
make an excellent couple.

I don't know how
long it would last,

but believe me,
it'd be exciting.

One sound and
I blow your head off.

- You think you can buy
your way out of this?

- Shut up! Not one word.

- Or what?
You'll shoot me?

- You're damn right I will.

- You do that,
and you will have

the cops down your throat
in one second.

- At least I'll have
the satisfaction

of knowing you're dead.

- At least I'll have

the satisfaction
of taking you with me.

- Emily! Emily!

Get an ambulance!
She's been shot! Go, go!

Stay with me, Emily.

- Hey. How you doing?

- I'm OK.

- I got you these,
but look at this.

Never knew you were
so popular, did you?

You know, the press,
they're all over this.

Even now,

there's a horde of
reporters camped outside.

Is there anything
I can do for you?

- I'll be OK.

- When you're feeling up to it,
I think we should talk.

- Yeah.

I should really work things out
with you and Justin,

but I don't
really feel like

talking about
business right now.

- It's not that.
It's about, um...

Never mind.
We can talk later.

- I'm sorry.

I should have believed you.

- It didn't help that Warren
was trying to set me up.

- I should have
trusted you anyway.

- Anyway, um...

We can talk about
all that stuff,

maybe when
you're feeling better.

I should let you rest.

I just want things
to be like they were

before this all started.

I don't know
if that's possible,

but that's what I want
more than anything.

- Me too.

Vision Globale