Exploited (2022) - full transcript

A college freshman becomes obsessed with the previous owner of his school issued laptop.

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Oh... hey, buddy boo.

Come here, boy.

Come here.

All right.

- Hey, girl.
- Hi, Wrestlerstud.

You look hot today.

- So do you.
- Thanks.

Show me lower.


Thank you, mama.

Gotta be quick.

Whatever you want.

Ooh. Did you save a big load
for me this time?

Just wait and see, baby.

Oh, fuck.

Who's your buddy?
Does he want to join?

What buddy?

The one that
just came in the room.

You scared me.


- Dude.
- What?

Use fucking headphones

if you're gonna watch porn.

I have students texting me.

I didn't know that it
went through the door.

It does when it's open.
Shut it, like this.

I was sh...


Need to get
back in the mood.

Well, where'd your friend go?
Maybe he can help.

Nice try.

Ah, fuck!

Stop! Stop it!

You're gonna kill him!
Stop it! Get off!

Get off of him!

Man, oh, man.
Look at this.

Wish I was going
back to college.

I know.
I know you crushed it.

Yeah. Well,
you can too, you know.

You know it doesn't matter you
didn't do shit in high school,

'cause college chicks are,
like, way more sophisticated.

Dudes too.
Hey, college dudes are, like,

sophisticated, you know?

- I'm here for the education.
- Yeah, I know, Mr. Full Ride.

All I'm trying to say
is college is about

finding out what you want
and going after it.

Jacob. I got it.

I know. I know. You got it.

All right.

Thank you.

Look, Bri-Bri.

Me and Nana,
we're real proud of you, okay?

Now, 15 minutes down the road
if you need anything.

Go get 'em, tiger. Come on!

- Want me to help you?
- Yeah. Just...

- You're a big, strong boy.
- Thanks.

- All right. Let's go.
- I'm good.

Looking good, buddy.

Proud of you, bro.


Hey. Brian Tims?

Hi, welcome to
Starling University.

I'm Chloe, your dorm R.A.

This is Tommy,
my jack-of-all-trades.

Let me get you checked in.

"New Joisey."
The armpit of America.

At least it's only eight miles
away from midtown Manhattan.

Yeah. No one from New Jersey
actually says "Joisey"

in any context,
unless you're from New Jersey

and trying to explain that
people don't say "Joisey."

If you say so.

All right,
this is gonna get you on Wi-Fi.

It's also got some
orientation materials

and some free
student software.


all right, Joisey.
You are in room 213.

- Thanks.
- See you around.

Good luck.

- Oh. I'm sorry.
- Okay.

Erin, where are you?


Hi! How are you?

So good to see you!

No, no, I just arrived.

- Oh, shit.
- I'm... I'm so sorry.

You ever heard of knocking?

Should I leave? I...

Just messing with you, bro.

It's all good.

Um... here,
set your monitor down,

I'll help you
with your bag.


Got a body in there,
or what's up, man?

I just... I brought
a bottle of wine with me.

Ah! Fancy, aren't you?

I'm sorry about that, man.

I'll get you a new one.
I'm Jeremy.

- Brian.
- Nice to meet you.

This is my beautiful
girlfriend, Lexi.

- Hi.
- Brian.

Ah. You must be one of
the lucky freshman

to get a sophomore roommate
to show you the ropes.

I guess so.

All right, well, come on. Let's
let him get settled in peace.

- See you around.
- Thanks.


Speak of the devil.

No, no, Nana, Nana. No, I...

I'm not calling you
the devil. I was...

I was looking at a picture
of you when you called.

Yeah, everything's great.

No, I'm... I'm glad
I saved the money.

Yeah. You know, screw NYU.

Yeah, his name's Jeremy.

He's got a really
pretty girlfriend.

Yeah. Really pretty.


Apparently he, uh,
took over my drawer.

No, Nana, I did not
get a chance to choose

my side of the room.

No. Yeah, that's...
yeah, that's right.

Well, I don't know.
Maybe he's just...

Maybe he's just being an idiot.
I don't know.

Hey, Nana,
I should... I should go

before I break
anything else.

Okay... okay, Nana.

Bye, Nana.

I love you too.

Okay, ciao.

- What's up, bro?
- Yeah, I have a flash drive

that, uh, says it's full, but
when I open it, it looks empty.

Yeah, that happens
if you eject it

before emptying the trash.
Uh, hit command-shift-period

and you should see
the hidden trash folder,

and then you can just delete
whatever's in there.

Oh, okay, cool.
Thanks, that worked.

Yeah, no problem. Peace.


- Pop it for me, baby!
- Oh, my God.

Pop one more for me.

Come on.
Pop one more for me, baby.

One more! One more, baby!

Now smear it
all over your face, boy.

You know what I want next.

I know what you want, master.

I know you want a bit of that.

Huh, master?

Aren't you
forgetting something?

Yeah, I am. I am, master.

This is what I'm missing.

You know exactly
where to stick that.

Oh, yeah. Right there.

Mmm, down here, down here,
baby... master.


Oh, you're very talented,
Mr. Clown.

Happy birthday to me!

Yo! Oh.

Well, Zeta Delta Psi's
throwing a party.

- What's that?
- A frat!

Come on.
There'll be beer, girls, guys.

- What more do you need?
- I don't know.

I might... I might just
hang out, watch a movie.

Bro... bro!

- Yeah.
- Come on, dude!

Let's go, baby!

Zeta Delta Psi, let's go!


- Let's do shots. Here.
- I'm good.

- No, no, no,
don't be such a beeyotch.

- Thanks.
- Cheers.

Shots! Shots! Shots!

You gotta drink it!
Chug! Chug! Chug!

Ha ha!

Yo, Bri-Bri!

This is dope.
College party.

Yeah, it seems more
like a "you" thing.

Yeah, well, it looks like
you're doing just fine.

- Come on, let's dance!
- Hey, I'm Janelle.

This is my brother, Jacob.

I'm security.

Tough guy.

Well, we're stealing him, so...

You look a little old
to be at this party.

- You got weed?
- What?

I'm saying you
got some fucking weed,

'cause I wanna
get fucked up!

That dickwad Jeremy's
into dudes.

I am telling you,
my gaydar is never wrong.

Oh, my God.
Timothy, the tea is boiling!

Your one and only source
into the scandalous lives

of Starling's elite.

XOXO, Gossip Girl!

All tea, all shade,
all lemonade, honey.

Let's just find Janelle.

Who are you checking out?


Who are you checking out?

I thought
I saw someone I knew.

Hey, where's Lexi?

Getting more beer.



Whoops. Sorry.

- What the fuck is your problem?
- Kenny, stop it! He's new here.

Fuck you up, bro!

You're friends with
this fucking loser?

Shut up and kiss me.

You fucked up?

I got a high tolerance.

You gotta shotgun it.

- Shotgun?
- Yeah, you shotgun before?

Bro, I've been shotgunning

since you've been
sucking on your mom's tits.



- At least try it. Here, watch.
- What?

Yo, hold up. Just come here.
Watch, I'll show you.

Whoa. Okay.

Well, I'm gonna go.

No, bro, wait.
Yo, yo, yo, dude,

I don't know who
gave you this shit, but...

Sleep it off, bro.
Drink some water, okay?

It's all good, G.

Yo. Lexi.

It's Tommy, from class.
You all right?


English Lit.
I know you.


You need a ride or
a Lyft or anything?

She's with us.
She needs to drink some water.

- Is she good?
- Yeah, we got her.


It's helping.

Let's go.

Oh, it's too much.

How much did you drink?

I don't even know.

I know that you drank
the same amount as me tonight.

I'm not fucked up.

- Oh?
- I'm fucked up too.



You're a really good guy.


Hey, no.
This way, guys.



Who else would I be?

I've never done this before.



All of you are
thinking the same thing:

Who is this successful woman

and why should we get off
Instagram and listen to

this world-renowned
professor of physics,

and author of three New York
Times bestselling books?

I'll tell you why.

Because I stand
between you and your degree.

There also wouldn't be
Instagram without physics.

Do follow me, though,
I'm trying to get to 500k.

Do you have a pen?


I said, "Do you have a pen?"


I'm coming.

So when we're talking about...

All right, everyone, please.

Let's just try to stay mature,

- Oh.
- Oh, shit.

Sorry. Oh, my gosh.

Shit. What happened
to your laptop?

It slipped off my desk.

Oh, you know what?
There's just really nice guy

from English Lit
who works at tech support.

I can take you over there.

I have to get mine
checked out anyway.

I'll just have
my brother help me.

He's pretty good
with computers.

I kinda don't trust anyone
to go through my files.

Why? What you been
watching on there, huh?

Uh, what do you mean?

Hey, I am...

I owe you big
for last night.

It was... It was no big deal.

Janelle told me some things.

Yeah, well, she...
she was pretty drunk,

so I don't know what
she told you.

How... How drunk was I?

[phone buzzing

Who's blowing you up?

S... Sorry, I gotta get to

Let's go. Same thing, same guy.
Let's go.

Everybody set?


That kid's a freshman walk-on.

I'm sorry, Coach,
I'm just distracted.

Reset. Nice.
That's what I'm talking about.


Can we at least
talk about it?

Why? It's over and done.

Just forget it ever happened.

Um, does Lexi know?

Did you say something to her?

No, I would never. I just...

She mentioned something vague,
that Janelle knew everything.

Janelle doesn't know shit.

She's just some little fucking
slut who's obsessed with Lexi.

I hardly even know her.

Fuck this, man.

You should be all set.

Yo. English Lit?

Hey. Just because
you're cute doesn't mean

I'll let you cut in line.

What does it mean?

Can you help me with this?

It's, like, frozen
in an update or something.

Well, we close soon.

I can get to it
first thing tomorrow.

Is there any way that
you can look at it tonight?

I have a paper due tomorrow.
Pretty, please?

Okay. I'll have a look.

Hmm, your computer
is too old for this update.

That's what's slowing you down.

Can you fix it?

Yeah. No problem.

I don't even know
how it got like this.

Like, I don't even browse
on this thing.

Oh, hey, my boyfriend's here.
Gotta go.

Here you go.

- Is it done?
- Yeah.

Thanks, English Lit.

I was going to see if
you wanted to get dinner.

You have a boyfriend.

Uh, restore is almost done.

Yeah, thanks for lending me
your spare.

Oh, yeah, dude.

WrestlerStud99, what?

You know what?
I don't even wanna know.

It's not mine. It was on
some memory stick I found.

Well, stop putting foreign
sticks into your port, Brian.

I thought it was mine,

but I think
it's my roommate's, okay?

I... The folder was hidden
in the trash,

so I don't even think
he knew about it.

I guess some student
was a webcam performer.

Ugh, you look good.
You look big.

Fucking sexy.

- What the fuck?
- Yeah. The... The guy

on the right is the student.
He's in all of them.

Oh, you're such
a cute little baby.

Who's a little good baby, huh?

are they all like these?

I... I don't know.

I... I only saw a couple.

Dude, the sloth,
are you kidding me?

He's shaking it way too good.

No, it's not.
It's... It's fucking disturbing.

What? Well, Why'd you make
a copy of them, then?

I don't know.
I was curious.

I mean, who was this guy?
What happened to him?

Okay. Okay.
I love a good mystery.

- Yeah.
- Except in our case,

a trail of clues
is a trail of jizz.

Strip naked.

Like what you see?

Yes, show face.

Same time?


Who is that?

What the fuck?


- Bro, bro, bro, come here.
- What?

Dude, wake up.
Come here.

Fuck you, man.
Just stop it!

It's fucking creepy.

Ah! Ah!

- What happened?
- The file got corrupted.

- That's the last one?
- Yeah. I mean, I don't think

the dude's filming anything
after this, he's probably dead.

Should we call the cops?

I mean, this shit happened
a year ago. Right?

- Yeah.
- Anything happen to this kid,

they probably know about it.

Yeah, I guess so.

Can... can you ask your roommate
about this guy?

Then he's gonna know
I went through his stuff.

And he's already pissed at me.

-Okay. Look, I...

I'm sorry.
I... I gotta get home.

Okay, I got a class early.

Yeah, dude. All right.

Love you. Get home safe.

Jeremy. Jeremy. Fuck.

Oh, fuck, Jeremy.

Oh, God.
Oh, I think I'm going to come.

Jeremy, I think
I'm gonna come.

Hey, what's wrong?

I'm just stressed.
I don't know.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

It's not you.

I'll be all right.

Come on.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I... It's...

Let's go.

Guess who made
the guest list?

Get up.
We're going clubbing.

Yeah, rain check.

This essay
isn't gonna write itself.

No, please. Please,
please, please, please.

- Yes?
- All right.


I can't believe you dragged me
out here tonight.

Well, I think
you should dump Jeremy.

Look at all these hot
potentials in here.

They're all daddy types.

I don't want a daddy.

Oh, I don't know about you,
but I could use a sugar daddy.

He just wants
to get to know you better.

Ugh, bullshit.

Oh, thank you.

What do you think?

I think we can do better.


- Oh, my gosh.
- See you later.

- Really?
- Yes.

Whoever can tie the stem
in and out first wins.

And when you lose,
which you will,

you have to suck
your own cock.

I'm waiting.

All right, then.

Ooh. Oh, yeah.


If you
don't do what I say,

you're dead.

Fuck you.
Okay? Fuck you.

What did I tell you?
Leave me alone!


One more, Brian.
You're going to bed.

Hello, Wrestlerstud.

Like my new friend?

I'm your number one fan.

All right,
who are you, man?

Close this chat and I kill
the fucking rabbit.

Fuck you, you psychopath!


Strip naked.

Do it now.

Faster. Faster!

Ar... a'right. What now?

On your knees.

to eat.

I think it's time
for some rabbit stew.

Okay, man. Okay.
Just take it easy.

I'll do anything you want.

Just... Just don't fucking
hurt him, please.

Aww. Too late.

Stop, man! Please!

You fucking bring
him back here right now!

I've done everything
you fucking asked me to do!

Hi, do... do you mind
if I sit in front?

- Uh, what's up, bro?
- You watch the bunny one?

it's fucked up, right?

I wish I'd never
watched that one.

Hey, listen, bro.
It's not really the best time.

I'm going to call you tomorrow.

- Yeah. Sorry.
- All right. I love you.

I got you
some bennies and an Adderall.



How much do I owe you?

I can think of something.

I want you to suck my dick.


Where you going,

You don't
wanna be like Jeremy.

what are you afraid of?

Why are you ignoring me?

- Why are you ignoring me?
- Ah! What the fuck?

Watch where you're going,

- Yeah, dickwad.
- Where are you going?


It's a spider piece.

I'll see you.

Who was that cutie patootie?

It's Tommy.
He's just a friend.

Hey, thanks for ditching me
last night.

- How was your dick appointment?
- Great.

I'm sure it was.

Is there something up
with Jeremy?

- What do you mean?
- Well, the asshole

slut-shamed me on Insta.

Why would he do that?

Wait what?

It was just right here.
It's been deleted.

I think he just
wants you to give him a chance.

I swear there's something off
with him.

I think you're overthinking it.

- I'll see you later.
- Okay.


Hey, do you still have
that original flash drive?

Yeah, it's probably
still in the drawer.

Okay. Cool. Because...
because I was thinking

if we take that original flash
drive, maybe we can do a repair

and get an uncorrupted version
of the latest file.

I don't know, Jacob.
If my roommate

finds out about all this,
he's gonna be pissed.

what are you so worried about?

What's the deal
with you guys anyway?

There's... there's no deal.

I just... I don't wanna create
any problems, that's all.

- What was that?
- What?

- Hey, sonny.
- Holy shit.

Oh, my God, Nana, ca... can
you knock, please, one time?

I don't knock in my own house,
okay? Hey, Bri.

It's Nana, hey.

Hey, we love you.
I'll call you later. Okay.

Oh, and promise me
you're gonna bring that drive.

- Fine.
- Okay. All right.

Do you know who this is?

No. Does he have
any mutual followers?

- Janelle.
- Ah, shocker.

It's probably her.
She's, like, obsessed with you.

Well, I mean,
who wouldn't be?

What the fuck?

Fuck you.

I'm calling the cops.

Call the cops,

and I'll show them this video
of your brother selling drugs.

What's your emergency?

Bring me original drive
or he's dead.



- Jacob.
- Jacob.

Slide the drive
under the door.

The drive, fuck.

Jacob, are you okay?


Sorry, Brian.
He wanted that data.

I still have the folder
on my laptop.

Yeah, there's something
about me...

me repairing that file that
spooked the shit out of him.

- You g... g... get me out.
- I'll help you.

Thank you.
Oh, fuck bro.

- Oh.
- Oh, my gosh.

- My bad.
- I'm so sorry.

You don't have to do that.
It's okay.

Watch where you're going
next time, English Lit.

Oh, my God,
are you okay?

Someone hacked my computer.

I am so sorry.

Why are you sorry?

I never meant for you
to find out like this.

He stole my videos
and posted them.

- What the fuck?
- I'm so sorry.

You fucking taped me
having sex.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Lexi, I'm so sorry.

Lexi, I'm so... I'm sorry.

What the fuck are you doing?

I thought
this is what you wanted.

Dude, I have a girlfriend.

That didn't stop you before.

Yeah. We were... we...


I can't.

Dude, I can't.

Hey, Lexi. Uh...

Uh, me and Brian,
we were, um...

Is this what you wanted
to tell me?

Fuck you. Fuck you.

- Did you set this up?
- No!

You initiated it.

You texted me just now
that you wanted this.

No. I didn't.

I'm going to ask you again.

Did you tell Lexi
to come here?

I haven't said shit to Lexi.

Say it was you.

Don't be fucking stupid.

You wanted it.




Oh, my God.

Who did this to you?

Who did this
to you?


- Stop.
- Sorry.

You should see a doctor.


Brian, you need to,
and then the cops.

- I can't.
- You're calling them or I am.

- Jeremy assaulted you.
- I don't want to.

Okay. Okay.

I think someone hacked
our texts, manipulated us.

It happened to me too.

It has something to do
with the videos I discovered.

What videos?

please call me back.

Please, I...
I just need a chance

to explain
what happened, okay?

I don't know who it is,
but someone's fucking with me.

I... this whole thing is...

is not what you think it is,
okay? I... I just...

I just want to talk, okay?
Please give me a call back.

Okay, baby?
Please. I just want to talk.

Oh, my God,
I know that guy.

- Really?
- Yeah. We had a class together

last year.
Let me find him.

I think he transferred
his senior year.

Here. Caleb Moore.

We studied together sometimes.

I got to call my brother.

What's up?

Oh, my God.
You're beat up too?

Oh, hey.

Look, we found out
who the webcam guy is.

His name is Caleb Moore.

Think he's the one messing with

I could find out.
I mean,

now that we got his name,
I could scrub his Social,

the name of his pet, first
hometown, wherever else I need

to reset his iCloud password
and then...

- download the videos.
- That doesn't sound legal.

Yeah. Well,
neither does

breaking into my house and
beating the shit out of me.

- Fair enough.
- Yeah, um...

Let me work on this and,
and I'll hit you back, alright?

Total eclipses are a freak
of cosmic happenstance.

Ever since the moon was formed
about 4.5 billion years ago,

it's been inching away
from our planet

at a rate of about
1.6 inches per year.

Now, this only happens
when the earth, the sun,

and the moon are perfectly
or very closely aligned

- with the Earth...
- Smear it all over you.

Smear it all
over your body.

Do you like
when I get wet for you?

Your midterms are due Friday.

She's Astronaut 88.

And please don't forget

there is a lunar eclipse
tomorrow night.

I'm sorry you got hacked.

It must be the same person
that hacked me.

Why are they doing it though?

It could be anyone afraid
of those videos getting out.

My brother's still downloading
from Caleb's account.


Hey, Brian.

What do you want?

Uh... I just...

I just want to let you know

I'll be leaving tomorrow
after my meeting.

I'm going to live at home
for the rest of the semester,

so you will have
the room to yourself.

I should leave before
any more bad shit happens.

So, why don't you start now?

- Get the fuck out.
- Janelle.

No, she's right.

I'm sorry for everything.

You don't honestly feel bad
for him, do you?

He assaulted you.
Man the fuck up, Brian.

- Hey, English Lit.
- What's up?


I just wanted to thank
you for the other night.

Don't worry about it.

It's funny,
I could've sworn that

you were going to ask me
something when I was leaving.

Like what?

Something about dinner.

Didn't she say
something about a boyfriend?


I thought you
might be hungry.

Will this be
our dinner date then?

If it is a date,

maybe we should get
the first kiss out of the way.

Uh, here?

Thanks for letting
me stay here last night.

Lexi is still moving
some things out

and I think it's best that
I just give her some space.

It's no problem.

Why is that on?

That's how he knew
I was going over

to Jacob's
the night he was attacked.

Listen, you sick fuck!

You pathetic,
lonely webcam freak,

I have something that
is more powerful than you.

What the fuck?

There he is.

Hey, hey,
snap out of it.

Focus on the mat.
Come up, set the tone.

Gentlemen, shake hands.

Shake hands. Ready?

Penalty Sterling.
One point.

- Take down, illegal slam.
- Damn settle.

You're fucking out, man.

How does it feel,
mother fucker?

- Get the fuck off.
- Listen to my whistle.

And two points take down.

That's what I'm talking about.

Oh, Brian...

Fuck. What the fuck?
Did you do this, motherfucker?

Fucking kill you,

Get off of him.

Fucking kill you,
you motherfucker!


- Jeremy, stop!
- This is what you get

for what
you fucking did to me.

- You asked for it.
- The hell I did.

you're going to kill him.

- Jeremy, stop.
- This is what you get

for what you fucking did
to me.

- You asked for it.
- The hell I did.

you're going to kill him.


- Fuck, Nana, what...
- Give me that.

I told you no guns
in the house.

- Did I tell you?
- Can I just have my gun?

No, clean up your room.
It's a mess.

What is your purpose?
You just annoy me all the time.

You're gonna kill him!

Holy shit.

So this whole thing
is Caleb Moore

getting revenge
on Jeremy for this.

I gotta send to Lexi.

Maybe then she'll see
I was right about Jeremy.

Janelle, the whole school
just saw me giving a blow job.

This isn't our priority
right now.

No disrespect,
but it is for me.


Hey, uh...

Jackie, right?

- How's it going?
- Janelle, shithead.

- What the hell?
- Why the fuck did you drag me

into this?
I know you have my shit.

I think you have me confused
with someone else.

Oh, no.
I know exactly who you are.

I know all about you,
and Jeremy and Dr. Walker.

That shit's in the past.

Then leave it there.

Keep digging,
and see what happens.


You know,
I don't want anything to do

with that repressed
whack job.

So embarrassing.

Alright, alright, maybe it's
not the best way to come out,

but the good ones will
stick with you and I will too.

Thanks, bro, but I'm
more worried about you.

If that footage comes out,
you're going to jail.

Yeah, I know. Uh,
that's on me.

I should have stopped
selling when you told me to.

I want to find out what Jeremy
knows and figure this shit out.

I know, I know.
Look, look, we will, all right?

We'll figure it out.
Don't worry.

Just let me work on this
and call me back later.

What up, slut?

I was just kidding.

You're supposed to call
me a slut too.

That's what makes it funny.
Jesus, Timothy.

That's some kinky shit.


Who's there?

Hold on. I'm coming.

Help. Help.

What's up?
I'm just getting my stuff.

Who's this?

Dude, what the fuck?

Hey, Jeremy.

What the fuck
did you get us into?

It's that piece of shit, Caleb.

because you broke into his room

and you fucking assaulted him.

We saw the webcam recordings.

Get off me.

I don't have time
for this shit.

Just leave me fuck alone.

You're not going anywhere
'til you tell us

what the deal
is with you and Caleb.

I can't.

- What do you mean you can't?
- I can't!

I fucking can't,
you motherfucker.

You know what the fuck
it's like, you fucking bastard!


He raped me.

I never told anyone before.

There was a huge party
after we won the match

and Caleb followed me home.

The room was spinning,

I knew something
was happening to me.

Where the fuck am I...
where the fuck am I?

Who... who?

Who... who... what the fuck...
what the fuck?

Get the fuck off me.

You fucker!
Fuck. Fuck you.

Then I heard another voice
in there.

- Harder.
- Fuck.

- Fuck him harder.
- Fucking you fucking bitch.

Fucking... fuck you, bitch.
Fuck, fuck.

No, no, no.
No, no.

I... I can't...
I can't imagine.

You can't.

Being in a closet,
getting raped.

Hey, I'd want to
beat the shit out of him, too.

Or worse.

You were bottling that up
this whole time.

I'm so sorry.

I should've been
more honest with you...

With you both.

And now that you have,
we can help you.


I'm glad
I... I told you two.

- Is that you?
- What?

- What the hell?
- Oh, my God.


You guys,
we have to save her.

We just knock on the door?

Let's sneak around back,
see if we can find a way in.

I'm going.

I don't see anyone inside.

See that door over there?

Let's go.

Hold on, hold on.

How rich is this woman?

New York Times'
best-seller rich.


Wanna start some shit.
What's up?

Do something!


- What?
- He's playing games with us.



Go get her,
I'm getting this fucker.


Janelle, are you okay?

- You okay?
- I'm so sorry.

We are going to
get you out of here. Okay?

What is this?

Hold it right there.

How many more of you are there?

Just Jeremy.

Oh, and he's fighting
with himself?

You're a liar.

You shouldn't rob a house
in a stand-your-ground state.

We're not robbing you.

You are the kids
who have footage on me.

I don't care for that.
I'm just here for my friend.

You show anyone else?


Jeremy? Jeremy?



Lexi, are you okay?
It's okay.

It's okay. The cops
are on their way. It's okay.

- Hey, what did you do?
- Oh, my God. No.

What the fuck is going on?
Did you kill her?

I'll fucking kill you.

It's okay.

Are you okay? It's okay.

Jeremy, how are you guys?

How is it going?

Pretty good.
Got a little street cred now.

Everyone knows
I'm a bad bitch.

Hey, I'm gonna
go get the room ready, okay?

- See you in a minute.
- I'll see you around.

See you.
You guys are so cute together.

Hey, do you guys want to come
over for a movie tonight?

- What do you have in mind?
- Obviously something

from my impeccable
criterion collection.

Ghost World? Eraserhead?

No, just...
just surprise us.

Will do.
See you tonight.

See you, Chloe.

Hey. It's a little better
than last year huh?


I'm just glad I can
finally be myself now.

We get to stretch out.
Come here.

Hey, surprise.

- Surprise, yeah.
- Nice digs bro.

You guys
didn't have to come by.

Proud of you.

And this one, ah!
He's a doll, he's a doll.

You're both adorable together.

Hey I know you're like
this big wrestler now,

but you better treat him well
or else I'll kick your ass.

Please. You boys
want to eat or what?

- I see how it is. Damn.
- Come on. Yeah. Yeah.

I need some protein,
let's go.

Come here.
Lexi wants a pic.

Hey, Tommy,
are you almost done in there?

I'll be out in a minute, babe.


Did you say something
about a boyfriend?

Hey, Lexi, uh.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

Is there any way that
you can look at it tonight?

I have a paper due tomorrow.

I'll have a look.

Here you go.

- It's done?
- Yeah.

Someone hacked my computer.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, my!

It's okay. It's okay. The cops
are on their way. It's okay.

Hey, what did you do?

What the fuck is going on?
I'll fucking kill you.

Rape him,
and I want to watch.

Fuck him harder.

He likes it, doesn't he?
Fuck him harder.

You okay out there?




No. No.

No. No!!