Expiry (2018) - full transcript

Jamie and Sofia Cooper's marriage is on the rocks, when they wake up one morning to find they can no longer touch. How will they save their union?

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Do you know what it's
like to love someone?

It's like no matter
where they are

you can still feel their touch.


You all right?

What if it never happens?

We'll be okay.

How do you know?

I'm trying to be positive.

What else can I do?

We have to keep trying.

I told you, I can't help
if I'm not in the mood.

I'm not having a go.

It'll be fine.

I promise.


You remember?


by lodestone.

A permanent
symbol of our love.


Would it be different
if you could take it off?

Of course not.

I know.

Is that a magnet?

Fancy, isn't it?

I had one when I was a boy.

Oh, sorry.

Crazy to think that it
comes from the earth.

is it you want

to talk about today, Jamie?

Where do I begin?

things not going well?

I don't know.

I mean, no.

Things are okay.

You can
talk about anything

in my office, Jamie.

I love her.

I do everything I
can to make it work.


There are just some things.

Is it to do
with Sofia's nationality?

What do you mean?

If she
knew that she could

become a national citizen
when she married you.

Shouldn't let him
touch you like that.

You think I haven't tried?

How is your husband?

We're fine.

I asked about him.

He's good.


Oh, I like that.

You pregnant yet?

What's it your business?

You seemed awful close
to my husband in there.

You think I want that?

You have to remember

you're only in this country
because of your husband.

I married my husband
because I loved him.


You don't love Neil?

Oh, well.

I think I was married
the last time I checked.

This a holiday?

Come on, you've got
customers to serve.

So, just to recap, you
want to repeat compressions

about 30 times at a rate of
about 120 beats per minute.

Now, has anybody dealt
with this before?


Can I have an assistant?


Great, take a seat.

Now, obviously the patient
would be laying down

at this point, but for
the purposes of the class,

you're gonna be sitting up.

Now, can anybody
tell me what this is?


Yes, that's right.

An AED, an automatic
external defibrillator.

Now, it's set to training mode,

so it won't hurt, I promise.

Now, you just follow the steps.

You remove the pads, and
you attach the wires.

The first pad is located just
under the right collarbone,

above the breast on
the right-hand side.

Obviously, the patient would be

without a shirt at this point,

but that's not the sort of
class we're running here.

And the next pad is
located just on the ribs

on the left-hand side.

And the idea is that
the shock travels

through the heart
instead of over it.

Now, at that point you
turn the machine on.

Shock advised.

And then you make
sure that neither

or anybody else are
touching the patient.

clear of the patient.


Deliver shock now.

Press the orange button now.

And then you press the
button to deliver the shock.

There we go, that
wasn't too bad, was it?

Thanks very much.

Not tonight.

What is it?


Maybe it isn't working.

You're overreacting.

So what is it then?

I'm just tired.



I love you.

Just tell me
what's on your mind.

I just don't feel good

about pregnancy.

All this pressure.

I'm sorry.

Jamie, it isn't you.

Trust me.

I wanna go back.

We've made a life here
together, in the city.

We've got this
place, we're safe.

I'm tired of safe.

union has expired.

You must now find a new
partner to conceive with.

Removal of the band
is not advised.


Morning, you.

What are you doing?

I can't touch you.

union has expired.

You must now find a new
partner to conceive with.

Removal of the band
is not advised.


It's over.


It's a mistake.

There's nothing
wrong with our union.

I'm not safe here anymore.

What do you mean?

I'm not a national
citizen, Jamie.

You've been here five years.

What are they going to do?

Look, we keep it to ourselves
until we can fix it.

Find a new partner
to conceive with.

not gonna happen.

What about last night?

I'm still here.

We'll get through this.

Let's just go to
work and stay calm.

We can't let anyone see
these while they're red.

They'll ask questions.

Then hide it in your sleeve.


How does it work?

a magnet, Sofia.

I know that, but how
does this one work?

Electromagnetic suspension.

It allows any object to
remain at a constant distance.

Like attraction and repulsion?

It's a natural
property in magnetites.

Speaking of attraction,

how are you and your
partner getting along?


I mean, he doesn't
know I'm here, but...

how can I help?

There must be something
you want to talk about.

Nothing too serious.

Mrs. Cooper,
I know this is hard,

but please remember that
this is confidential.


Well, we're trying
to have a baby and...

how is that going?

I wasn't finished.

apologies Sofia, go on.

I love him.

I want to have a
child, but I'm worried.

You know
these things take time.

What if we can't?

Isn't that what's expected?

To have children?

purpose of a union

is just to love
one another, Sofia.

Are you happy?


Yes, I'm happy.

Is that not why
you've married your husband?

Of course.

Are you
also aware that the union

is what keeps you
in this country?

After they closed the borders.

I don't see how
that's relevant.

Do you think
your husband is happy?

What's that supposed to mean?

Now, when somebody's
life is at risk,

we do the best that we can do.

Now, hopefully none
of you will ever have

to face a situation like this,
but that's why we're here.

Just in case.

So the recovery position
is used to ensure

that a person's
airway is kept clear

when they're unconscious.

So I'd like you all
to give it a go.

So if we pair up.

No partner?

Does it look like it?

I'll be the patient.

Okay, so check
for dangers, no danger.

Oh, someone's living
the single life.

Not really.

Do you mind if I
ask you something

after the session today?

No, I've got to
run after this.

It's just a medical question.

Can it
wait till next time?

Yeah, okay.

What have you forgotten?


Excuse me, madam.

How does this work?

It's magnetic.

They repel
each other, no?

You forgot the knife.

Of course.

How long?


You know what happens, right?

Please don't tell
him about this.

Oh, I don't have to.

You'll be gone before long.

What do you mean?

It's expired, hasn't it?

You're an illegal citizen now.

There's a problem, but
we're getting it fixed.

Before long it's
gonna be goodbye house,

goodbye job, goodbye...

My husband and I are living
together and happy, thank you.

And I'm good at my job.

But you don't touch.

Are you happy with that?

Who says we can't touch?

10 days you've got
till they take you.

I don't understand.

Look, I saw it
with my last husband.

They watched him,
they followed him,

then he just disappeared.

I told him he needed to
go and find somebody else.

He didn't listen to me.

I won't let that happen.

You need to meet someone soon.

Must be so easy
for you, right?

Do you think
your husband is happy?

What's that supposed to mean?

Both partners
should be fulfilled

and happy in a union.

I told him sometimes
I'm just not in the mood.

Do you
feel under pressure?

No relationship is perfect.

You're right.

I'm merely suggesting
an aspect of a union.

What's another aspect?

Most couples
have five years now

to have children.

And if they can't?

They have to
try again with someone else.

Things work quicker that way.

What's the matter?

Sorry, I...

I have to go, can I go?

You are free
to leave at any point, Sofia,

but you did request an hour.

Why did you come here?

10 days?

- Where did you hear that?
- Work.

Lucy told me.

Sofia, stop listening to her.

She's trying to bring you down.

I know.

But she said it happened
to her ex husband.

They watched him, followed
him, and then he disappeared.

I don't even know when
they start counting,

what if it's begun?

Well, if it's true,
then we don't have long.

You think I don't see that?

Remember what I
said about our union.

That I'd stay with
you no matter what.


by lodestone.

Are you happy?

You need to stop asking that.

It's a fair question.

Do you think I would have
left my country if I wasn't?

Let's go home.

And do what?

to restore my memory?

Remember, this is
purely confidential.

She wants a child,

but it's not working.

She says it's biological,

but I'm starting to think
it's something else.

might that be?

Like she doesn't want
to sleep with me anymore.

I don't know why I say that.

This could
be a serious issue.

When two people are
not communicating

or fulfilling each
other's needs properly.

It's not about needs.

We're doing fine.

I still love her.

Are you afraid

of what might happen
if you lose her?

What are you doing?

It's not gonna work.

You'll just have
to meet someone else.

What happened to staying
together no matter what?

Maybe it's
not what you want.

What do you mean?

Is it what you want?

Look at me.

Jamie, please look at me.

I know we've had problems.

I want to be with you.

I don't like this.

Seeing you give up like
you don't trust us anymore.

This is out of our hands.

They know what they're doing.

We're not allowed
to love anymore.

If I knew this would happen,
I never would have married.

You don't mean that.

You know what I mean.

This stupid thing.

Do you, Jamie Cooper, take
Sofia Costa in this union,

united by lodestone?

I do.


Hold out your hand.

It's like a magnetic field.

What if they created
it to only work

against another of its kind.

How does that
help us get rid of them?

That's what I'm
trying to figure out.

I know.

I know.

Are you
also aware that the union

is what keeps you
in this country?

Do you fancy a drink?

Can't ignore
customers like that.

He tried to touch me.

Don't be stupid.

You're back on the market now.

You told him.

He was gonna find
out eventually.

I'm not responsible for
your husband's actions.

He was trying to tell me...

You dare talk
about my husband.

We'll both be smiling when
you step out of our lives.

I'm trying to find
a clause about expiry

in our marriage certificate.

What's the hurry?


Out the window.

What am I looking for?

Two men.

Are you sure?

It's happening.

They're coming for me.

Well, how do you
know they're following you?

I saw them after work.

They kept their distance.

I had to stay late, but
they still followed me.

Who are they?

This is exactly what
Lucy told me about.

I won't let them get you.

We have to get out of here.

Well, where exactly?

I don't know.

We can't leave the city.

You'll have to
meet someone else.

Are you giving up?

Well, it is the only way.

We can't be together?

They'll stop following you.

It'll buy us more time.

Do we have another option?

union has expired.

You must now find a new
partner to conceive with.

So we give into
what they want?

Do you trust me?

Are you
afraid of what might happen

if you lose her?

You're suggesting
that I move on.

It is
simply a possibility.

You would be free.

What greater thing in life
is there than freedom?

Well, I wouldn't.


Move on.

There you are.

You were late yesterday.

Neil isn't happy
with you, you know?


Do we need to talk
about something?

I'm sorry I was late.

Everything just
caught up with me.

I know it's hard,

what you're going
through and everything,

but you should see
it as an opportunity.

You know, the single life.

Okay, I'll try.

I can help, you know.

You need to make up for
that hour yesterday.

I can't.

I will tomorrow, I promise.

I've got to meet my husband.

Your husband?

I should get back
to the customers.

So your brain instructs your
stomach to expel the contents

so that the blood and
energy could be spent

protecting those vital organs,
as opposed to your stomach.

That is so perfect.

Yeah, so that's
the way it works.

- Oh, my god.
- Yeah, it's good.

- I know.
- The brain's amazing.

- I know, it's fascinating.
- Hey.


I'll head off then.

Who's your friend?

She had a medical question.

Medical question?

Do we have time for this?

What's your idea?

I can't go back to work.

They found out.

This is too much now.

One of the customers
tried to touch me and...

What are you doing?

I figured if it's

we can overpower it somehow.


No way.

I'll guide
you through it.

I'm not doing this.

I'm doing it.

This is stupid, get up.

Do we have another choice?

Take the machine.

Press the button, and
follow the instructions.

Couldn't it kill you?

It won't.

not touch the patient.


Shock advised.

I love you.


Stay clear of the patient.

Deliver shock now.

Press the orange button now.

did you come here?

What did you mean by my
marriage keeping me safe?

So long
as you are a loving,

procreating couple, you
have nothing to worry about.

Yes, yes, I know.

But what can happen

to couples that don't
work for whatever reason?

Do not trouble
yourself with these questions.

I am here to fix your problems.

Is there anything else you
would like to talk about?

I just want an example.

Like if it doesn't work out,
do they get rid of these?

We would say

that their relationship
has expired.


Like a fish?

It only happens

if both partners' needs
have not been met.


For men?

For both partners.

Are you worried about
something, Sofia?

I'm just wondering why no
one told us about this expiry.

Are you afraid

of what might happen
in the future?


I know I'll never
truly lose him.

How do you mean?

Do you know what
it's like to love?

Why don't
you explain how you see it?

It feels like

no matter where you are

you can always feel their touch.

You're talking
about physical sensation.

More than that.

you are right.

But are you still not
afraid of the consequences

of losing your husband?




It hasn't worked.

It's over.

I'm sorry.

Who was that girl?


We don't have time for this.

How do I look?

So, how long do we get?

Maybe five minutes?

Up to you.

How long have you been single?

Long enough?

How long is enough?

Maybe never.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, sorry,

I just thought I
saw someone outside.


Are you being followed?


I take it you're not
from here, like me.

If I may ask,
where are you from?

The Western States.


And why did you immigrate here?

Your union?


Look, I'm not ready.

I don't wanna rush.

It's okay, it's all
right, don't worry.

Not everybody gets along, right?

How long have they given you?

I'm sorry?

10 days.

They follow you, yes.

Who are you?

I cannot talk here.

Meet me in Central
Car Park, level two,

tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.



I can change this.

Enjoy your night, madam.

Sorry to not be your type.

You're talking
about physical sensation.

More than that.

you are right.

But are you still not afraid

of the consequences of
losing your husband?

What are the consequences?

I can fend for myself.

you have entertained

the possibility of single life.

We all have our fantasies.

It's not a fantasy.

I mean,

it crossed my mind, but
I'm happy with Jamie.

Suppose you
were on your own, though,

for some reason.

I talk about your future,

because it is my utmost
concern at this moment

besides your health
and wellbeing.

So what would happen
if I wasn't married?

As I said, there
is no risk of that happening.

But suppose in an
alternate situation,

that things did not work out,

would you meet someone else?

I don't see how
that's relevant.

- I
- understand your concern,

but this is all
part of my service.

Well, as I'm not in that
situation, I could not say.

I have
another question.

Imagine you were a
fish trapped in a net,

and the only way to free
yourself is to lose your fin.

What would you do?

How did it go?

How do you think?

You met the man
of your dreams.

Don't be stupid.

There must be another way.

Something happened when
I was at the shop, I...

I couldn't touch him.


The man behind the till.

You mean like us?

Like us.

So it's changed?

Well, I think we
destabilized it.

It doesn't help us.

I'm gonna be late
tomorrow night.

Meeting someone?

They just want
me to work late.

What's the point anymore?

I won't quit.

Neither should you.

greater thing in life

is there than freedom?

Well, I wouldn't.


Move on.

Would you
like a drink, Jamie?

Some water?

I'm okay.

you drink often?

I see where this is going.

I'm only
asking a question.

Where would you like this to go?

I'd like your help.

That's why I'm here.

you don't seem

to have given me a chance.

Can I have some water, please?

- I
- sense indecisiveness.

Is this an issue for you?

Oh, I'm very decisive.

Once I've made my mind up about
something, I stick with it.

are not a quitter.

Correct me if I am wrong,

but it takes two people
to maintain heart.

Or you lose trust.

Can I have some water?

Behind you.

In the water dispenser.

When it comes to saving lives,

you just have to do your best.

At least until the
emergency services arrive.

That's why we're
here, for each other.

When you see
someone in distress,

do you choose to ignore
them, or do you run to help?

I want to give
you the confidence

to act quickly and
efficiently to save someone

before it's too late.

Have a great day everyone.

See you soon.

You're getting much better.

You had a
medical question, right?

Yeah, Emily.

How can I help?

Well, I was gonna ask you
the same thing, actually.

What do you mean?

Your union band.

I'm going to the bar
around the corner later on,

so come along if you
wanna finish our chat.

I have a lot going
on at the moment.

It can be hard
losing touch, I know.

But I think I can help.

Look, Sof, I know
I've been a bit hard on you.

A bit.

We live in a
strange world now.

It just messes with your head.

That's no excuse
for being a bitch.


I'm sorry.

Sofia, I need a word.

Out here is fine.

Everything all right?

Not really, no.

You were late the other day,

then you just left
without saying a word.

It's okay.

I quit.

Don't pretend it's
'cause I was late!

It's because of this.

They're gonna take me away,

and you just want
someone to fill my place.

Don't wanna work in your
shitty restaurant anyway.



Is anyone sitting here?

Yeah, you are.

So, how are you single?

I am just fine
on my own, thanks.

And they allow that?

Isn't it up to me?

I'm only 25.

You still act like
you're in a union.

Something like that.

So why are you here then?

I woke up one morning
and couldn't touch my wife.

Couldn't or wouldn't?

I'm serious.

The period for
procreation has expired.

You must find a new
partner to conceive with.

Whoa, why have
you come to me then?

union has expired.

You must now find a new
partner to conceive with.

Removal of the band
is not advised.

I need to get rid of this.

Good luck trying.

You said you could help.

I also said that
you need to move on.

For the glass.

You don't
have much time.

They're following you, but
they don't know what floor.

So how can you help?

I know someone that can
get you out of the city

and take this thing off.

What about my husband?

If you trust him,

you will do the right
thing for the both of you.

What if he follows me?

We only need to fix one band.

So I lie to him.

You already have
by coming here, yes?

Sometimes we must.

I can't leave.

There's no way.

Look, do you have a choice?

They'll be here soon,
you must decide.

So what do I do?

We will find you
tomorrow, go to this address.

Tomorrow's too late.

That's when they come for me.

Then be here first.

They're here.

They will search
the top floor first.

They cannot see us talking here.

Trust yourself.

I got caught up.

I passed by the restaurant.

You weren't there.

Did you follow me?


I met someone.


The man from that night.

He's not a national.

So you
lied to meet some guy

you went on a date with?

Just listen.

His union band, he
could take it off.


Did he show you?

That's what I'm
trying to tell you.

He said he could help.

He said they can get me out
of the city and fix this.

Who's they?

I don't know.

There's a pickup tomorrow.

What, and you're going to go?

What else can we do?

They're here again.

So, will you help me?



Have you got a problem?

Imagine you
were a fish trapped in a net

and the only way to free
yourself is to lose your fin.

What would you do?

Find a way to escape.

So you would
rather risk the pain and fear

of losing something, than
stay comfortable in a net?

Where as long as you did not
move, you would be pain-free.

Are you talking
about my marriage?

I am talking
about a fish, Sofia.

Before it is given
an expiry date.

I miss waking up
and kissing you.


That's it.

How do you know?

It must be.

He said to come here for nine.


They're here, I have to go.

What if it's a trap?

- I'll deal with him.
- Jamie.

I love you.


Can I go back to something?

Go ahead.

You said I wasn't safe.

I do not
recall such a statement.

Is my marriage
keeping me safe?

What are the
consequences of expiry?

I sense
you are worried, Sofia.

Of course I'm worried.

I just want to know what would
happen to me if it expired.

Are you saying
there is a reason for it to?

No, no, I'm just
asking what would happen?

Well, as
you are not originally

a national citizen, the
rules would not apply.

What rules?

Your rights.

I'd like to go now.

are free to leave

whenever you want, Sofia.

Store data.

This union has expired.

Did you say something?

We were
talking about keeping heart.

The union band.

On your wrist.

You remember why you got it?

A symbol of permanence.

Of love.

Everything will be normal
so long as you are in love.

And what if it changes?

You don't have
to worry about that, Jamie.

So long as I trust Sofia,

there's nothing to worry about.


But that's what brought
you here, isn't it?

Because you're worried.

Might I remind you
of confidentiality.

What if the union stops
working for some reason?

If a couple
are really at the end,

they have nothing left
to give each other,

then a decision is made.

So then what happens?

Sofia's husband, right?

Well, ex husband now.

They took her.



I'll talk to you, come on.

Where is she?

She was getting too close
to my husband, all right.

If she's run off somewhere,

then it's not my problem, is it?

10 days.

You told her she had 10
days before they take her.

Don't know what
you're talking about.

Well, where did they take her?

I don't know where Sofia is.

All I know is what happened
to my last husband.

They gave him 10 days.

They watched him, and
then they followed him.

So why didn't they follow you?

'Cause I was born here.

I'm a national citizen.

Well, what did they do to him?

Did they trick him, tell
him they could help?

No, they
came to our house.

It was all really official.

You mean he didn't disappear?

No white van?

It was done formal.

As formal as getting
rid of someone can be.

Come on.

union has expired.

You must now find a new
partner to conceive with.

Removal of the band
is not advised.


I'm sorry, this is my wife.


I need your help.

You've not made the bed.

Not ideal for
bringing a lady back.

They've taken her.


My wife.

No, I get that Jamie.

I mean who's taken her?

When the bands
stopped working,

we didn't know what to do.

Some men started following her.

And then she met this man
who said he could help.

I didn't think it
was a good idea.

The other morning she
left to go and meet him.

There was a van.

I tried to stop them,
but they took her.

What was this van like?


Just white?

Is that it?

I've heard nothing since.


Okay, right, look,
you want my advice?

I'm gonna need
something from you.

I'm not looking for that.

I don't wanna have
sex with you, Jamie.

I wanna be able to
do what you can do.

I wanna destabilize it.

Why do you want
to do this anyway?

You won't be able
to touch anyone.

Yeah, exactly.


This is how I did it.

You've got to be kidding me.

Do you want
to do this or not?

It's not exactly
first aid 101, is it?

You wanted to
know how I did it.

This is the only way I know.

All right, thanks, doctor.

Look, just get on with it, okay?

Analyzing heart rhythm.

Do not touch the patient.

Shock advised.


Stay clear of the patient.

Deliver shock now, press
the orange button now.

Please stop.

Has it worked?

Payback for that

What next?

We leave the city.

I'm not waiting anymore.

So why have you
left it till now?

I was waiting
for the right time.

There are guards on
the edge of town.

Get past them and we've got
a chance of reaching them.

How do we get past them?

We have to get up there first.


They followed us.

They followed you,
it's too late now.

Wait here.

Where are you going?

They can't touch us, remember?

They can.

not touch the patient.


Stay clear of the patient.

Come on, we've
not got much time.

They would have tracked us.

I thought no one
lived out here.

What have
you done to her?

I will tell you,

but right now you
both need my help.

We cannot stay here
long, come, come.

You go first for
helping my friend.

Why couldn't you
help her yourself?

Like Sofia?

Where is she?

Emily had to stay with you

to make sure you were ready.

Ready for what?

Your arm, please?

Trust yourself.


You have disappeared.

How does it work?

These bands,

they were made to
attract each other.

But when they repel,
there's no way

that two objects
can touch until...

Until you take one off.

Thank you.

I knew you'd come.

Your union band.

They have taken this too far.

Leave them on, take them off.

Up to you.

I believe in
freedom, Mr. Cooper.

If people want to commit, let
them commit, but by choice.

Look, we wanna make
sure that people want

to challenge this
system, but in secret.

People like you.

This country
was built on differences.

We can change things.

What if they find out
we can't have children?

Then don't.

Live freely.

And go back?

And face the
things we've run from.

Do you know what
it's like to love someone?

It's like

no matter where they are,

whatever obstacles
are put in your way

you can still feel their touch.