Exhibit #8 (2022) - full transcript

When Bosnian-born Aisha and cameraman Elias team up to shoot a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of Aisha's brother, they cross paths with another film crew, who are creating an even more sinister narrative.

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[pulsing electronic music]

[projector whirring]

[static crackling]

[ominous instrumental music]

[footsteps crunching on leaves]

[man humming faintly]

[indistinct talking]


[speaking indistinctly in Dutch]

[cameraman speaking in Dutch]

[man screaming]

[speaking in Spanish]

Good morning. It's a rainy day,
but not for me.

For me, actually,
the sun is shining in my heart.

[speaking in Spanish]

You know why?
I will tell you why.

I have such
an exciting news today.

Because after weeks and weeks
of standstill it's time.

You know what?
We are shooting today.

Let me show you.

Look at
this sweetheart over here.

♪ Telelucha ♪

You like it? Yes?! Yes?!

And what about this one? Ah!
You did not know that, eh?

We are going to do
some drone time, too.

So, we are meeting
with this girl Aisha.

When I heard about her story,
I immediately reached out to her

and she has agreed for me
to help her document it.

Her story is
a really great one to tell.

Obviously it is not great.

The story about her brother is
such an important one to tell.

So, off we go.
We're going to meet Aisha.



-Hey, Elias!


[Elias] I-- I'm sorry, I--

-Flat? I am sorry, I don't...
-Come on.

My Dutch is really bad,

I don't live here for so long,
so... I don't speak Dutch.

Just a few words.

[train rumbling]

How are you going to edit
if you don't speak Dutch?

I was wondering...
Maybe in English?

Do everything in English?

Yeah. Is that a problem?

[Aisha laughs]

If that's good with you?

Eh... Yes.

-Yes, why not.

Meanwhile you can teach me
some new words.


No, it's no problem.

Hello, nice to meet you.

I'm sorry?


-We have to go.

Oh... You...?

-She's not your grandmother?

She's my neighbor.

She's been alone,
so I take care of her a bit.

You know?
I just help her out.

This is my place. Come on.

I thought it
was your grandmother.

No. [laughs]

-Is it yours, all this stuff?
-No, it is rentals.

I am going to hide
your microphone a little.

-Because otherwise...

I am ready. How about you?

I am super ready!
No, of course not.

I'm a bit nervous. I'm sorry.

I'm a bit bad on camera.

Oh no,
that's what everyone says.

You just relax
and we will take it from there.

Okay. Um...

Maybe we should take
a coffee break.

-Just sugar, a little.


When Adin and I arrived here
we were alone.

I was four.

And he was 13.

[Elias] I imagine you hardly
have any memories of him.

[Aisha] No,
I do remember some things.

Yes, I have some memories.

I remember him taking me
to the forest.

And I also remember him reading
to me from these Dutch books...

that they gave us.

And him telling me what he
thought the stories were about.

Because neither of us could
understand them

or read Dutch, you know?

He was sweet.

[solemn music]

He was funny, too.

We were in a shelter
for almost two years.

And, um...

We were about to be adopted.

A couple of weeks before,

He, uh...

He disappeared.

He just vanished?



You know,
I am always thinking where he is

and what he is doing.

And if he is alive or...

He is always in the...

The back of my mind, you know?

[Elias] That looks good.

I am still putting in
the final touches, but...

Many people
have already seen it.

-Oh, wow.

You never know...

[traffic din]

-[Aisha] It's good?

-Can you see the camera?
-No. Absolutely not.

-[Aisha] Are you sure?
-I'm sure.

It's perfect.
You can see almost everything.

-This is good footage.

-Are you excited?
-I am a bit nervous.

-I am fine.
-They won't see anything.

[Aisha] Okay, but I wouldn't
get my hopes up.

I've been here
many times before, you know?

Mind your step.


There haven't been
any new developments,

I'm afraid, Ms. Divas.


But are you going
to find out what happened?

Are you still doing
anything about it?

The thing is... Yeah...

The problem with
these people is that...

They, um...

almost always go into crime.

Another possibility could be
that he just went back to, eh...

Where are you guys from?

I am from Bosnia.

Well, that he just went back
to Bosnia.

But we obviously don't have any
jurisdiction there, so, yes...

Well, that isn't really our
country's responsibility, is it?

Okay. Well, okay.

-Thanks for the information.
-No problem.

Thank you.

-All right. Well...

-[Elias] This is it?
-[Aisha] Yes.

-[Elias] This is it?
-[Aisha] Yes, let's go.

[Elias] This is it?

-[Elias] That was so fucked up.

I mean, it doesn't always seem
super important to them...

when I ask them about Adin.

"Not this country's

If this was
some Dutch kid called Hans

or some shit like that
and he disappeared overnight...

it would be a national trauma.

[FaceTime notification ringing]

-Hello, hello.
-[Aisha] Hey, Karl.

This is Elias,
the film maker I told you about.

-Hello, Mr. Den Akker.
-Hi, nice to meet you, Elias.

-Please call me Karl.
-Okay. Hi, Karl.

I sent you a message,

because I work at
the Wilgenburg Refugee

where you and your brother
used to stay.

Oh! Wow... Okay.

Your story really moved me,
you know.


Elias, I understand you are
making a documentary on Adin?

Yes, sir, that is the plan.


I used to be
a photographer myself.

Oh, wow. What kind?

I was a war photographer.

I have been out of the game
for a long time, though.

But it helps me connect
to many of the people

that come through here.

I have seen
some of what they have seen.

I still feel like
I can do something good.


-That's nice. That's great.

So you are aware
of the quest we are on?

Yes. I've already spoken
to my boss, Robert Duikman.

He is the director
of the centre.

He would like to invite you
to come by if you like.

[Karl] Always welcome.




Yeah, this is fantastic.


-This is really great, Aisha.
-Yeah, I will think about it.

What is there to think about?

I don't know. It's just, eh...

I've never been back
to that place.



You cannot really avoid...

you know,
going back to that place

to go look for your brother.

[tense music]

[Elias] Are you all right?

[Aisha] I don't know.

I haven't talked about this
for a long time.

It's just, for years I couldn't
stop thinking about Adin.

But that made me feel
so empty inside, you know?

I forced myself to...

just give up hope.

I just couldn't live like that.

And now it's all coming back?

[Aisha] Not just him.

It's all of it.

The escape, the centre...

I just have so little memories
of that place.

It's so weird.

Like I was there only for hours
instead of years.

Maybe I forgot those things
for a reason.

All right,
Elias here for Telelucha...

[speaking in Spanish]

Listen guys, I have some
very sad news for you guys.

Because, well, I haven't spoken
to Aisha in a couple of days.

Not since she has not agreed

to come with
the invitation from Karl.

It's a pity, because
it's such an important search

and I guess,
well, guys, the project is off.

No, it's not!

Oh my god.

-How are you, Aisha?
-I'm good.

-You are such a great actor.
-Thank you.


-You drive, I shoot?

All right.

Perfect! All right, let's go.

[car rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

Do you remember Maddie McCann?

[Elias] The little girl
that went missing?

[Aisha] Yeah, exactly.

-In Portugal.
-Yeah, I remember.

She was big news.

[Aisha] Everyone in the world
knew her face.

On TV every day.
In every newspaper.

But it's how
it should always be, right?

With every kid
that just disappears like that.

[Elias] Yeah.

[Aisha] I think I probably
remember Maddie's face...

better than I remember Adin's.

[Elias] Did they ever find her?

[Aisha] No.


So much stuff.

Let's go.


There is no food.

She brings us some food.

[clock ticking]

[ominous music]

[dog barking in distance]

[camera beeps]

[static crackling]

Of course I'm scared, Elias.

I am scared something
horrible happened to Adin.


Sometimes I think...

Maybe Adin didn't disappear.

Maybe he just left.

Because he wanted
a life for himself.

Maybe he just abandoned me.

That idea scares me the most,
you know?

[Elias] I'm really sorry
about this happening to you.

I think you are really brave.

[Aisha] Thanks.

[camera buzzing and crackling]

[eerie music]

[camera shutter flashes]

[car rumbling]

[button beeping]

Hello? Aisha Dinev here.

We come for Karl den Akker.

[door buzzing]

-[Aisha] Hey.
-Hello. How are you?

-Nice to meet you.

-[Elias] Nice to meet you.
-[Aisha] Yeah.

You can shoot whatever you like.

The management will have to see
the final cut...

and be able
to make objections. Okay?


I am sure they will be minimal.
So, don't you worry.

This is the Wilgenburg Refugee
Centre, where I work as a, uh...

-Yes! As a janitor.

Here are the people sleeping.

[woman speaking
foreign language]

[Aisha] What?

-[Elias] Is that Bosnian?
-I am so very sorry.

But I also should have
mentioned that

we need to get
some kind of permission...

before we talk to
the guests here.

Silence, please.
Come on, let's go.

-[Elias] What did she say?
-I really don't know.

I don't understand her.

[eerie music]

Did you recognize it here?

[Aisha] No. Not really.

I guess what I remember
is what it felt like.

Or how it just didn't feel
like anything, you know?

I don't know, it's a bit
hard to explain, but...

[Elias] Actually, it's not
so difficult to understand.

It was very similar
for me, so...

Sometimes it's still
hard to believe that I am...

really here now.

You know?


After you've talked to Robert

there will be plenty of time
for us to explore the centre.

So, if you just wait here
for a bit.

[Aisha] Okay. Yeah.



[boy screaming]

[Robert] Easy, kid!


[Aisha] Sorry.

[Robert] He's okay.

So, hi. I'm Robert.

I run this safe haven.

We try to keep everything
calm and quiet,

but sometimes
it can be a bit hectic.

-Is he okay?
-Yes, he's okay. He's okay.

He is with Karl. Come on.

The people that come
through here, they, uh...

they need stable conditions.

After all they've been through.

They can go anywhere?


Yes. Yes, of course.
We are not a prison.

That's a very
important privilege.

But they don't always
come back, though?

When they go somewhere?


Shall we go outside?

Yes, okay.

And, um... What about the kids?


Yeah, the other kids
that go missing.



When minors leave, we have
the policy to inform the police.

Yes, but when I asked
the police about Adin...



Uh, my brother. Adin Dinev.

We came here together,

but he has been missing
basically ever since.



[Robert clearing throat]

-This is your brother?

[Robert] Mm.


I'm sorry.

-Like I said, a police matter.
-You don't remember him?

I'm sorry.


Okay. Thank you.

[Elias] So you are saying
you are sorry to hear it

and that's it?

Like I said,
We are not a prison.

Everyone is free to vanish
if they please.

[Elias] What if it was your son
that would just vanish.

Would you assume
he just packed up and left?

After going through hell
coming here in the first place?

That's bullshit. You're lying.


[Elias] Okay what?

-End of discussion.
-[Elias] End of discussion.

So you're seriously
not going to talk to us?

You recognize him.

Is something wrong?

-Yes, he is a liar.

-Come on, outside.

-You recognize him. I saw it.
-Keep your distance.

I would really
keep your distance.

Or you are going
to make me vanish?

-[Robert growling]
-[Elias] No, no, no!

[Elias] Easy, I'm going.


[Elias swearing in Spanish]

-[Elias] Where's my camera?
-[Aisha] Here.

-[Elias] You have it?
-[Aisha] Yeah.

Is it all right?

-Are you okay?
-[Aisha] Yeah. You?

-Is the camera okay?
-Yes. I don't know.

You know he bit me!

What the fuck, Elias.


What? He bit me!

I hope the asshole guard
didn't break the skin.

Do I have blood?
Do I have blood?

[swearing in Spanish]

He has the mic.
He's still mic'd.

Come. Aisha, come, please.

Come. He is still talking.

-He's mic'd.
-Give it to me.

-Could you listen?

What is he saying?

[Robert speaking indistinctly]

They're talking about us.

[Aisha] About Adin.

[Elias] Come on!

Where are you?

Yes, I've got him.

Look, look, look, look, look!

[Aisha] Okay, Marcussen.
We need to look for him.

-[Aisha] Who is he talking to?

-[Aisha] Okay.
-[Elias] Asshole.

[Aisha] Marcussen,
we need to look for him.

[Elias] Anything?
-Yeah, one hit.

-It's from the local newspaper.
-What does it say?

He was arrested
because he may have had

something to do
with the missing people in town.

-[Elias] Weird looking guy.
-I know, man.

-[Elias] This was in '99?
-Yes, that is what it says.

Never heard of any Marcussen.

No one ever told me
anything about this.


He literally died the next day,
July 10, 1999.

Jesus! Really?


Marcussen, yeah.

Just a weird kid
that became a weird man.

But harmless.

One day, one of our officers,
he's out in the woods.

And he runs into Marcussen
acting all weird and stuff.

And he was covering
some hole in the ground.

So we take him back
to the station

to find out
what he was doing out there.

But he won't say a word.

We send some guys

and they just find
his dead dog buried right there.

In the forest.

So false alarm.

But then we go tell him
he can go home.

And we find
the poor guy hanging.

I guess he couldn't live
without that dog. Right?

[Elias] Would it be possible
to see the paperwork?

I wish, I wish.
Uh, big fire here in '05,

-it destroyed all of that.
-That is terrible.


Oh, hey. This wouldn't have
anything to do with that yugo

that went missing back then,
would it?

-[Elias] Yugo?
-You mean my brother?

Look, I pulled this
from the archives for you.

We had it up when he vanished.

So, um, yeah, it might trigger
some folks' memories.

[Aisha] Adin.

[Elias] Are you okay?

[Elias] "That yugo"?

-[Elias] Yugo.

What the policewoman said.

-About Adin.
-Oh, that.

How do you feel about that?
You could have said something.

What's the point?
She helped us, didn't she?

[Elias] You need to stand up.

Call these people out.

Why? We need these people
to work with us.

That doesn't matter.

You shouldn't let
that stuff slide.

I just don't like
confronting people, okay.

[Elias] So learn.

[Aisha scoffs]

[Elias] Thank you.

[clock ticking]

[suspenseful music]

[door creaking]

[drone buzzing]

-[Elias] No! No.
-[Aisha] What?

-[Elias] It crashed.
-[Aisha] What?

-It crashed. It...
-What happened?

I don't know. A bird or some...

A bird or something.

[Aisha] Okay.


Just give me.
I am going to look for it.

Wait here.

[ominous music]

[Aisha] Did you find it?

[Elias] No! The GPS is off.

It is really weird,
because it is almost impossible.

Even with a crash like that
it is impossible.

-[Aisha] I am sorry.
-They better not have broke it.

If anyone...

Jesus, man, it's a rental.

[phone ringing]

[Aisha] Hey, Karl,
Aisha and Elias here.

We really wanted to say sorry
for all the fuss today.

[Karl] Don't worry.

I understand this is all
very sensitive to you.

Elias is standing in front of me
and he also apologizes.

[Elias] Hey, Mr. Den Akker.
Sorry for today.

Call me Karl, Elias.
Call me Karl.

-Sorry, Karl, for today.
-I'm so sorry.

We really hope we didn't
get you into trouble, Karl.

-Don't worry about me, please.

-[Karl] Listen.

I would still like to help you.

I am on your side, so to speak.

It is very important to me
that you know that.

Um, we were
actually wondering if

you knew anything about
Andreas Marcussen.

[Karl] Why?

Uh, we just found
an old article about him

from the local newspaper here.

It just seems like a lead.

The police told us about
the fire in the station...

that destroyed all the paperwork
they had on him.

[tense music]

[Karl] They told you that?

[Karl on phone in video]
They told you that?


[Karl sighing]

[Karl] Let's meet somewhere.

No camera. Please.


[Elias] Let's get the GoPro.

[suspenseful music]

-Here he is.
-Yes, it's on?

-[Elias] Let's do it.

[Karl] Guys, um...

I don't want to get you
into trouble.

[Elias] There was a fire,
wasn't there?

There was.

I just don't think

they lost all the evidence
they had on Marcussen.

Again, I don't want
to make trouble here, but...

I do have to warn you.

[Aisha] What?

-[Elias] Why?
-[Karl] Not everybody here

can be trusted
to tell the truth.

[Elias] Like Robert, you mean?

[Karl] Look...

I am not sure what happened.

But the officer you spoke to...

told me those files were stolen.

Before the fire.

She once told me...

she strongly suspected Robert.

[Elias] Okay. You ready?


-[Elias] Let's go.

Hello? No, sorry.

My name is Aisha Dinev
and, um...

Elias, you are freaking me out.

Do you really think
this is necessary?

Just do it.

My name is Aisha Dinev

and the one that's filming me
is Elias Fernandez.

We are investigating
the disappearance

of my brother, Adin Dinev,
25 years ago.

We are about to enter
the house of Robert Duikman.

[Elias] Here.

[Elias] You know this is
a bad idea, right?


[Elias] What do we do
if we get caught?

You know we fit the profile.

The police will be very happy
with that.

If we get caught, I will tell
them it was my idea.

Okay? I swear.

[Elias] I don't think
that would make a difference.


Take this.

[objects clattering]

[tense music]

-Is he gone?
-[Elias] Yeah.

-Yeah. He's gone, he's gone.

[Elias] Okay, let's go.

[door creaking]

[Aisha] Just keep looking.


[Elias] What?

[Aisha] This is not a book.

[Elias] Holy shit.

-Come on, let's go.

[Elias] What?

[Aisha] Wow, wow.

-What the hell?
-[Elias] Oh my god.

[eerie music]

[Elias] Aisha.

I really, really think
it's time to go.

-Is that blood?
-[Elias] Where?

Come on.

We got what we were looking for,

You got it.

Can we go?


[Aisha] What the fuck, Robert?

[Elias] Aisha, please.

Please, Aisha,
come on, let's go.

[Aisha panting]

-[Elias] Go!
-[Aisha] I'm going! I'm going!

[Elias] Go! Go!

I can't believe
we just did that.

-[Elias] Holy shit.
-[Aisha] Right?

-No, no, look straight ahead.

-Don't look, just drive.

Holy fuck, that was Robert.

In the car. That was Robert.

I swear to you.

I swear to you
it was him in the car.

-It was Robert!
-Are you sure?

Maybe he has, like, a...

like a silent alarm or something
in his fucking room.

[Aisha] Shall we see it?

Yeah, let's see it.

[Aisha] It doesn't feel
like paperwork.

[Elias] A tape.

It's a tape.

[Elias] Where are we going
to get a VHS player?

[shop bell ringing]

[soft rock playing faintly]

-[Elias] Jesus.
-[Aisha] Oh.

-[Elias] Hello.
-[Aisha] Hello.

I see dead people walking around
like regular people.

They don't know they're dead.

Sixth Sense.


Why are you filming here?

We are actually filming
a documentary.

Hello. Hi. A documentary.

-Sounds interesting.

And we're working
with some archive footage

and we're in need of
a VHS player.

-And a video recorder.

[Elias] Do you have
any for sale?

No, I don't.

Not many demands
for VHS players these days.

Oh, you don't have
a video recorder?

-I just saw an, um...

How do you say it? Um...

-You saw a remote control.
-Yeah, yeah.

We have remote controls,
but not for this video recorder.

We don't have video recorders.

That's okay. It's too bad.

Too bad.

Next time.

Okay, day three.

A man who bit me

and who films who knows what
in his secret room

steals police evidence
from the so-called innocent guy.

Why would he do that?

You know
I have one at home, you know.

-A VHS player.

-You want to go back?
-Aren't you

-a little freaked out?

Aren't you just
a little freaked out?

I am freaked out,
but we're here now.

We have to do it now.

To be honest,
once we leave this place

I am never coming back.

All right, what do you suggest?

[Aisha] We've heard
how they talk to him

when we're not there.

He's the janitor.
He does not know anything.

[Elias] No, we don't know
the first thing about him.

We don't know if he is
a good person or a bad person.

[Aisha] Okay,
but he only wants to help.

Just let the man help.

-What's the problem?
-[Elias] He is a serious risk.

[Aisha] Okay,
so what do you suggest?

We have been to Robert's place.
We broke in.

We went to the police,
to the asylum.

-We are running out of options.
-Yeah, all right.

Okay, we go there, yeah,
we ask him for the VHS player.

Yeah? We take it back here
and we do not tell him

what it is for.
Absolutely not.


Yeah, I agree.

Good. Thank you.

[Elias] Ju--

-You are impossible.


-Okay, here.
-Thank you.


-Come in.
-[Aisha] Thank you.

-Don't mind the mess, please.


[Elias] Did you make these,

-[Karl] Yes.
-[Elias] They are beautiful.

[Karl] Thank you.

[Elias] So why...

Why did you quit?

You know...

It's better to be here.

You sleep at night.

So. Where should we set up
the interview?

Over there is the best light,
I think. Right?

[Aisha] Okay.

So, did you find any more
information on your brother?

Um... Yeah, we are still trying
to figure out some things

-about the Marcussen case.
-Just a minute, please, guys.

-Yeah, rolling.

Uh, Karl, I need to ask you...

Can you think of any reason

Robert might
have stolen evidence?

Did you find anything?

[ominous music]

-What do you mean?

Robert sent me this.

Not a very clever thing
to do, guys.

Did you find anything?


We found this.

We're searching for
a VHS player.

Do you have one?

No, I don't.

Eh, stop. Elias, eh...

-[Elias] Sure.
-[Karl] Just wait here.

-I'll be right back.
-[Elias] Sure.

[Karl coughs]

Where is he going?

[Elias] I'm still rolling.


Should we run?

I don't know.

What if he is
making a phone call?

I told you not
to fucking tell him.

[Karl] You know, as a janitor

you know every
little corner of a place,

making your rounds every day.

You even know
where people try to hide stuff.

What are you saying?

I am saying
that these are my keys.

[camera glitching]

-[man 1 groaning]
-[man 2] Hey.

[woman 1] Oh.

And, eh...

Let's welcome
the ladies and gentlemen...

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
on the live stream.

We are very happy
that you are here with us.

Because it's
a very special evening.

And we have got
a very special guest.





This is Elias.

[people chuckling]

And Elias is a triple treat.

He is a very good
camera operator.

-He is...
-Please stop.

...a star.

And he edited the film!

For free!



[Robert shushing]


-Please help me.

you are not the star.

You are the best friend
of the star.

And that means, for you...

-No, no, no, no, no!

[muffled screaming]

[Robert exhaling]

[laughing maniacally]



For you...

it's a wrap.

[people laughing and clapping]


[computer rebooting]

And technology is on
our side again.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Let it roll!

[fast-forwarding sounds]

[Aisha] Elias!

[Elias groaning]

[rewinding sounds]

You even know
where people try to hide stuff.

What are you saying?

I am saying
that these are my keys...

and I lost them.


This one is for the back door.

This one
is to put off the alarm.

This one is of Robert's office.

And this is the one he doesn't
even know that I have.

[suspenseful music]

[keys jangling]

[Elias] I-- I don't know, Karl.

Why would you do this for us?

To be perfectly honest
with you...

I know something isn't right.

I just don't know what.

[Elias, whispering] Okay.

-Are you ready?
-[Aisha] Yeah.

-[Elias] Yeah?
-[Aisha] You?

-[Elias] Definitely not.
-Okay, let's go.

[Elias whispering indistinctly]


Oh, Jesus.


[Aisha] Yes.

[Elias] What is it?

I thought I heard something.


Okay, come on.

[Elias] Oh, fuck.

-[Aisha] Shit.

[Elias] Let's just look for it.


[door creaking]

[tense music]

[Aisha] Look!

[Elias] A case.



Okay. Look at this.

This looks more like it.

-[Aisha] Elias?

[Aisha] We can redial this.
We can see who he talked to.

[phone dialing]

-[Aisha] No.
-[phone beeping]

-[Elias] I found the file.
-[Aisha] We have to go.

[Elias] It's him.
I found Adin.

I found Adin Dinev. I found him!

-This is him, right?
-[Aisha gasps]

[Elias] It's him.

Okay, wait. Just take it.

Wait for me.

[crackling camera
audio glitching]

[ominous music]

[Aisha] Oh, my god.

Here. This one is for you.
I have one too.

It's a USB stick.
It has everything on it.

Everything we filmed. Okay?

Put it in your pocket.
Don't lose it.

[Aisha] There have been
so many missing cases since '99.

Whatever happened
when Marcussen died,

it just didn't stop.

Look at this woman.

-Look at this picture.

-We have her on tape, right?
-It's the woman from the centre.

-Look at the date.

That's the day of the interview.

Yeah. After she spoke to us,
she's been missing. Shit.

[people chattering on video]

[Aisha] Yeah.

Right here.

[speaking foreign language]

It's her.

What language is that even?

-Do you have Google Translate?
-[Aisha] Yeah.

Okay, play it back.

[woman speaking
foreign language]

[Google Translate]
Child, listen to me.

Run away. Disappear.
It's dangerous here.

[eerie music]

Run away. Disappear.
It's dangerous here.

Run away. Disappear.
It's dangerous here.

She tried to warn us.

Okay, we have to go.
We have to go now.


[Aisha sniffling]

-Did you have a nice stay?
-Yes. Thank you.

I have your receipt over here.

-Here you go.

[Elias] Let's go. Bye.

Bye. Drive careful.

-Hi. Did you forget something?

-The car won't start.
-Oh no. What is wrong?

Is there some kind of mechanic
in town? Someone quick?

-His shop is closed.
-Maybe a taxi company?

There is a bus.
It only goes twice a day.

Only once now, if you're lucky.

-You can make it.

It's right over there.

-Okay. Thank you.

-Good luck.

[Aisha] How much longer?

[Elias] 13 minutes.

[electronic notification]

The GPS is back on.

What? You mean your drone
is working again?

[Elias] It's here.
It's like 500 meters.

[Aisha] Are you serious?

It's there.

It's right there.

Okay. So... What?

Elias! Are you going in?

It's 4 minutes to get it,
4 minutes to come back...

and then 4 minutes to spare.
So we have time.

Come on. If you want to stay,
stay. I am going to get it.

It has footage. It's important.

8 minutes to spare.

Elias! Wait!

[unsettling music]


[Elias] It is somewhere
around here.

Keep looking.


Someone's there.

Who is it?

[Aisha] It's Karl.

Who is he talking to?

[faint conversation]

[Aisha gasps]

[Aisha] No.

-That was Karl.
-Let's go.

-We have to go help him!
-No, the bus is leaving now.

No, he's my friend.
I have to go help him.

[Elias] We call the police.

[Aisha] No, no,
the police is in on it!

What are you talking about.

[Elias] Okay,
we will call the real police.

-When we get home.

-We have to go now.
-No, no, no.

[Aisha] No. Fuck.

-Shall we go!

Elias, think of the film!

Okay? Think of what
you already filmed.

This is dangerous.

Aisha, I want to go home.

I just want to go home.

I thought the truth
was so important, right?

[music fades]

-It's on?
-It's on.

Okay. Okay.

[car idling]

[car approaching]

Let's go.

That's them. Let's go.

[both panting]

[Elias] Look.

Look at that.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Can you see something?

Wait, wait, wait.




Don't stop filming.

[Elias, repeating]
Don't stop filming.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Aisha] Don't...

[lights flickering on]

Oh, no. It's your drone.

[Elias] Shit.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.

It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.

[Aisha] Shit.

[gasping emotionally]


[gulping fearfully]

[Elias] Wait.
Wait for me. Wait for me.

-[Aisha whimpering]
-[Elias] Wait for me.

[door creaking]

[Aisha gasping]

[Aisha] Karl!

[Elias] Go see.
Go see if he is alive.

[Aisha] Karl.


[Elias] Just pull him here.

[Aisha] Karl.

[Aisha sobbing]

[Elias] Wake up, buddy.

-Come on.
-[Aisha] Fuck.

[Elias] Wake up, Karl.

Why am I doing this?

What am I doing?

[Elias muttering indistinctly]

[Aisha crying]

Aisha, do you have the tape?

-Come on, do you have the tape?

Give it.

[man humming on tape]

[indistinct chatter in Dutch]

That's Adin.

[Aisha sobbing]

[Elias speaking indistinctly]

[chattering in Dutch]



It is him.

[girl chattering in Dutch]

[Adin screaming]

[man on tape growling]

Sorry, I really...

Come on, we should go.
Please, come on.

Please, Aisha.

[Aisha exclaims]

[Aisha exclaims in horror]

[muffled gasp]


[Elias] Aisha, don't.



No, no, no!

No! No!

No, don't!

[Elias panting]

[Adin on tape] No, no, no!

[Aisha gasping breathlessly]

[Adin choking]

[Aisha sobbing]

[Aisha whimpering]

[static buzzing]

[Aisha gasping]

[Aisha crying]

[Aisha panting]



[Elias grunting,
panting heavily]

[Aisha panting]

[Elias] The police!

I need the police.

[Aisha gasping for breath]

[Elias] Oh, my god.

Just send somebody, okay.


[Aisha whimpering]

Help! Help!

Help, help, help!


[Aisha wailing]
Oh, no...

[woman speaking Dutch]

[Aisha] No!



Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

[insect buzzing]

[static crackling]

[tape stops]


My star. [chuckling]




[Aisha screaming]

[muffled screaming,
Karl chuckling]

And cut!



Karl den Akker!

Our director has done it again!

I have never seen
anything like this.

[Karl] Thank you.

I must say...

I couldn't have done it without

my friends and family
here in town.

I think Anja deserves
a round of applause.


As well as Rick!

What a perfect performance!

Yes, but as we will agree...

There is one man
who deserves our applause

more than any other.

Our dear friend,
Mr. Andreas Marcussen!

[clapping and cheering]

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's clear that my legacy
will not die with me.

I would like to meet the star.

[door creaking]

[Karl humming]

[Aisha screaming muffledly]

[Aisha] Elias!




[chattering in Dutch]

[Karl] Here we go.


[Aisha yelling]

[Karl screams]

[people screaming,
glass shattering]

[tense music]

[people screaming
and shouting in Dutch]

[muffled screaming and shouting]

[wailing and shouting]

[fire crackling]

[chaotic shouting and sobbing]

Ms. Dinev.

I understand you have prepared
a statement.

Please proceed.

Thank you.

My name is Aisha Dinev.

In reference
to what you have just watched...

exhibit number 8...

I would like to say
a few things.

As you have now seen...

I am responsible
for the death of nine people.

And there is no doubt
whether I am guilty or not.

It didn't bring back Elias.

And it didn't bring back
my brother.

But I do believe my crime,
for which I am here today...

may have saved the lives
of countless others.

But I know from experience

that sometimes when
you don't do what is needed

nobody else will.

Instead, people will allow us
to disappear.

Because they simply look away.

Thank you.

Today, in the infamous

Wilgenburg bloodbath

suspect Aisha Dinev
finally broke her silence.

Aisha Dinev confessed
to numerous accounts of

after a closed screening of
the much-hyped evidence video

that has been referred to
as exhibit #8.

If anything, today's statement
made one thing clear:

Sentenced or not,
Aisha Dinev won't forget.

She is still, and will remain,
hell-bent on destroying

any and all snuff communities

that are possibly
still out there.

Despite her obvious guilt,

Dinev has become
a media sensation.

Sparking thousands
to voice their outrage...

over the severe charges
she faces.

Many feel her part
has overshadowed

the actual horror that
took place in Wilgenburg...

[tense electronic music]

[music fades]

["The Sun" by Anne-Fay]

♪ I believe in a God
but don't have a religion ♪

♪ Pickin' a side,
so much feels hidden ♪

♪ Pieces of past,
religion division ♪

♪ Interpretation,
mistakes are a given ♪

♪ Books full of rules
too much exclusion ♪

♪ God feels so private,
with just us two vibin' ♪

♪ My prayer is mine,
is how I align ♪

♪ Inside my mind,
clouds under clear sky ♪

♪ The sun, the sun,
burns on my tongue ♪

♪ This place, this place,
must overcome ♪

♪ Obey, obey,
future is none ♪

♪ Run, run,
future is gone ♪


♪ You lost your name,
you lost your love ♪

♪ You're so far gone ♪

♪ You lost your thoughts,
you lost your heart ♪

♪ You don't belong ♪

♪ The sun, the sun,
burns on my tongue ♪

♪ This place, this place,
must overcome ♪

♪ Obey, obey,
future is none ♪

♪ Run, run,
future is gone ♪

♪ Ayo, ayo,
this upon y'all ♪

♪ Saul, call Saul,
right takes its toll ♪

♪ Burn, burn,
in comes the fall ♪

♪ I am your judge,
this is my ball ♪

♪ My hands, my hands,
I feel so numb ♪

♪ My mind, my mind,
so fucking gone ♪

♪ A light a light,
please give me some ♪

♪ Fuck this place up,
burn this bitch down ♪